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I would recommend this car for anyone who travels and to be comfortable.

All together my car is a great car. Amazing gas mileage for long distance, which is perfect because I do drive a lot. The Bluetooth feature is amazing, works well. However, because it is Bluetooth is does sometimes lags especially when skipping songs on your playlists. Other features that are also awesome is the screen that shows how many miles until empty which really helps. . And the screen could also show your speed digitally which is good for those people who have a hard time reading a speedometer. The talk feature works well, have not had any issues with that. Now comfort, the front seat has decent room comfortable for traveling. But the back could have been a little bigger. To put three people in the back they are really squished. Also for those who has kids after the car seats are in then it is a tight squeeze. The side mirrors do have the blind spot mirror on the mirror which I am thankful for. Definitely easier transferring lanes without the fear on not seeing someone next to you. Another good feature would be you can pump your driver seat up or down depending on how you or short you are and the same with the steering wheel, you can move up or down. The trunk is a decent size no complaints there. Which two of the back seats do fold down which adds more room for the trunk. The floor mats snap in the front seats which helps so dirt does not slide underneath. There is a cruise control setting also. The radio is good. The speakers get loud and so does the bass which is one of the things I looked for when looking for a car, have to have a good radio. Now my one problem I have had with my car from day one is my car shakes. And only when you are stopped and then go. For some reason when I accelerate no matter how fast or slow I go my car shakes. Sometimes it is a little shake and sometimes it is a bigger shake. Now it does not do it all the time but most of the time it does. But I have talked to people with the same car and it does it to them also. But it is just annoying because it shouldn't do that. All together I love my car. It is high tech it rides so smooth and only one issue out of everything.

- Hope W

Don't waste your time or money

This car has been very frustrating. I noticed issues with the transmission almost immediately after purchasing it. Slipping, racing and lurching forward unexpectedly. After a struggle to arrange for it to be looked at by the Ford dealership, I was told by one of the mechanics that it was basically pointless to have it repaired, because the manufacturer had designed this car with a manual transmission in a car that is supposed to be automatic. They 'reset' the computer, allegedly, and that was it. A few weeks later, it began having the same issues again, and this time, a deep grinding/scraping sound could be heard whenever I accelerated. After another lengthy struggle to arrange an appointment with a Ford mechanic, I was told that the computer had been 'reset' again, and to just make sure that I 'babied' the car in the future, making sure not to accelerate or stop too quickly. Very frustrating. Right now I am having the same issues again, and I am looking at what options I have under Florida's Lemon Law. Aside from the transmission issues, the car is too small for my needs, which I guess is my fault for purchasing. The SE edition is very basic, with cloth seats, manual seat adjustment, and surprisingly for a 2017, a CD player. I do enjoy the rear back-up camera. The upholstery feels cheap and stains easily.

- Kara C

2017 Ford Focus - worth the buy

Haven't had any issues with the car. Have had several Focus in the past. A good size for a commuter car - I drive approximately 55 miles each way every day, and it's been good. Comfortable ride, good sound system to keep me entertained. The new feature of the cell phone syncing with the vehicle's sound system, so that you can talk over the phone hands-free is fantastic! Same with sound control - phone and radio volume can be controlled by thumb on the steering wheel. Back seat can lay down to allow large objects to be carried through the trunk space. (Or to allow easier access to items packed in the very front of the trunk, instead of emptying trunk to reach them.) Spare tire 'donut' (not a full-sized spare) is a bit of a pain - I wish there were space to have a regular size spare, but workable. Carrying a better, heavier-duty jack and a normal lug-wrench is a good idea - the ones included with the car are usable (just), but a lot easier with the normal-sized.

- Gerald M

Family Car That Is Not Family Friendly

The car is reliable and sturdy. I appreciate the ease of use. The black leather interior in mine is actually very nice. I also like the hatchback aspect for loading groceries. The functioning of everything is satisfactory and I would recommend the car to someone else. However, I would think twice before buying this car again because of the lack of overall space. Children are not well-accommodated in the small backseat, nor are the car seats a great fit. Additionally, I am not keen on the lack of legroom in the front. It is uncomfortable seating particularly due to the close proximity of the dashboard and surrounding features such as the doors and middle console/cup holders. Mostly, I don't have any qualms with the manufacturing or functioning as much. I wish I would have researched the tendency for this car to not accommodate a lot of aspects of having a growing family.

- Jessica F

It is compact but spacious.

I have the basic model so my rear windows are manual, and there is no cruise control, which is disappointing. There is, however, a back up camera, and the sound system is pretty good, there is Bluetooth. It is reliable. The transmission has its problems, so it takes a while to get into gear at times and makes a lot of noise as it does. It is pretty comfortable and has worked well for me so far. I recently drove from san Diego to Chicago and back and had no problems, and was still decently comfortable considering there were four people and our luggage inside. The trunk is very spacious. There is no center console or arm rest in the basic model, though, which brings down the comfort.

- Molly S

Come check out this 2017 Ford Focus!

I have a black Ford Focus year 2017. Back seats go down, Creates great space in the back for luggage. It's an automatic, 2 WHL drive. Has cruise control for road trips, settings to see how many MPH your going, temperatures, miles on the car etc. let's you know you need gas and how many miles you have left till you run out( starts at a 50 mile mark) great on gas! Takes $30 to fill the tank and $20 to fill it up from a half a tank. The heater and the AC works great only downside is it causes the gas to run low faster. The stereo has Bluetooth, a backup camera, and connects to your phone so you can talk safely on the phone while driving.

- Shirley T

Drives smooth, great gas saver!

It's a very reliable vehicle. I haven't had any problems with it. I love everything about it except the small little screen for the radio. I love it's Bluetooth connection because it doesn't cut out or is difficult like other vehicles I've had. I love the smooth driving of my car. I love the safety features it has. Brakes aren't too sensitive but aren't too heavy, it's the perfect drive. I use it to commute to school and work. It really is a gas saver as well. Great car for college students or even high Schoolers. It's very flexible. It can be for a small family or a single person looking for an everyday commuting car.

- Natalia T

Slick and classy and it's a gold color with tinted windows.

This vehicle is good for a family with maybe 2 young children or college student or a couple without children. I like that the driver's seat you can pump up to heighten yourself which gives you more comfort. You also have airbags in front and back which you have a choice to cut off. Some parents will be able to turn off due to the weight of their child. My husband has taken a few road trips and mileage is great. The front seats do lay back and the trunk has a pull emergency in case of emergencies. Besides that just remember it's good for younger family, college students and older couples.

- Mary M

Fun fast car with a lot of unfortunate quality issues.

Pros: Fast, fun, can shred tires, handles great, makes driving enjoyable, sync system with Apple carplay is great, looks great, get a lot of compliments while driving. Cons: Recall on the head gasket, infotainment system glitches out and needs to be reset, I have had to replace the driver seat mount bracket 3 times, a bolt was loose in the rear hatch door and rattles around, wheels are overly expensive to replace on the vehicle, turning radius of the vehicle is horrible and makes me look bad when I am trying to park, overall fit and finish and quality of the car is lacking.

- Jeff T

Why I love my 2017 Ford Focus.

My 2017 Ford Focus is a great car! Unfortunately the model I purchased does not have cruise control, but I have gotten her to that. It has a back up camera, which I love! I have always hated backing up and this camera helps out a lot. It gets great gas mileage, right now I think I am getting about 29 miles or gallon; I mostly drive in the city, so if I drove highway it would probably be higher. It also has 911 assist. I love his feature since I now have a son. If my phone is connects by Bluetooth then whenever I am in any sort of wreck, it alert first responders of my location!

- Caitlin L

The perfect sports commuter

My Ford Focus ST has been the perfect middle ground between a commuting car and a sports car. It is tame, Comfortable, and most importantly fuel efficient while driving your commute. When you finally get a chance to open the car up on some back roads you will be pleasantly surprised at the refined power and response that the car can deliver. The perfect daily driver but at the same time loads of fun for a weekend on the mountain. The cars has never failed in getting me where I need to go in style and comfort and never failed to put a smile on my face when I need it to.

- Brandon B

Ford Focus: The Car for Everyone

The ford focus is a very reliable car, that was a great first purchase for a younger driver. It was reliable in both cold and warmer months, allowing students the ability to get around town, go to school, and get to work. The comfort levels were very high, as the seats were very nice and let passengers and drivers alike relax during the many rides over the years. Finally, I believe that the performance of the car was outstanding, especially for first time drivers. While the car was not extremely fast, it had enough juice to be used in almost any situation.

- Bill P

My vehicle is a white 2017 ford focus.

My vehicle has very little problems but there are some I can pick out. One problem is that whenever I accelerate my car shakes or rattles a little bit but I think that is because I accelerate too quickly. Other than that, there are no problems. The performance of the car is overall great. It is smooth while driving, very easy to steer and the audio quality of the radio is spectacular. The interior is also very comfortable, my white 2017 ford focus is all black on the inside with fabric seats and roll down windows in the back. The overall interior.

- Eva E

It is built Ford tough so you know this car is great all around.

My Ford Focus is a dependable car. It is nice having a reliable car that I don't have to worry about having issues with. The car is also comfortable. It is a smaller car but has enough space for me and my family, and we fit comfortably. My Ford Focus is great on gas as well, which is a huge plus. It is nice going to the gas station and only using spending $20-$30 to fill up the tank and I can drive for miles! I like the touch screen very much, it is easy to see and very functional. Having the latest technology is a must in this day and age!

- Katie R

Good performance, bad room

Only problem is comfort. It is not suitable for tall people. The back seats have little to know room and to make room the driver and passenger have no room. Sizing is an issue. The trunk has plenty of room. In terms of performance, the vehicle drivers smoothly. I have no complaints regarding performance. The fuel efficiency and technology on the vehicle are very helpful. However, a down side is the passenger seat not having automatic control seats. It's heated but doesn't have automatic control which is odd.

- Ben T

Focus on my Focus, step into my world

The car I drive which is a ford focus has a recall that was issued but they haven't done anything to fix the issue. I love my car don't get me wrong but I think it could be more gas efficient. I feel as if I go to the gas station every three to four days. Granted I do have a nice commute to work and home (about 20 miles ). But it doesn't take much to fill up so I don't mind. Overall the design is sleek. I get a lot of compliments. I do wish there was more space for comfortability.

- Charron C

The best car I've ever owned

This is a wonderful reliable car, although compact which may not be ideal for very tall people (I'm 5'3'). Heated leather seats and lumbar adjustment available for driver make it comfortable for traveling long distances or for people with back pain. I love the hatchback-I can fill it up with people and gear, or put all the seats down to make room for moving large items or car camping! Lots of get up and go with average fuel consumption of 30-35 miles per gallon on the highway.

- Carmen M

Safe, reliable, and affordable.

This is a perfect family car. The cost is low and budget friendly. Gas mileage is excellent and with gas prices being as high as they are it really helps. I have been in two accidents in my Focus one where I was hit from behind and the other car (Toyota) took way more damage than the Focus. The other accident I hit a deer and a tree, came out perfectly fine no injuries and the car was completely repairable. Great car all the way around. Safe, reliable, and affordable.

- Justin S

Positive aspects of the 2017 Ford Focus.

My vehicle is very good on gas, I only have to fill my tank maybe 2 times a month, and when I do it only costs $20-$25. The seats in the car are very comfortable and the car has a very good sound system. The car is sleek and is a good size for someone who does not have children or has to drive many passengers, as the backseat is tight. The air conditioning and heating system is also very good, as it takes only a few minutes to get the air very hot or very cold.

- Victoria B

Great car, decent size, great on gas, smooth driving, nice interior.

It's a pretty good car, I would say better for beginner drivers since the inside is a tad bit small but maybe that's a personal preference. But it's great on gas, it looks nice, the driving is smooth. It hasn't randomly broke down but we have had to replace the battery since it was previously pre owned. The seats are comfortable and the price wasn't too shabby. I would for sure recommend this car to beginners or even a small family would be perfect.

- Tiffany A

Overall is comfortable, roomy and safe

my car has no problems so far, the only thing I dislike about my car is that the seats are not electronically moved (have to uses lever) when trying to recline back. It drives nice, fast, smooth and I always feel safe driving in the rain, snow, highway etc. my favorite part of the car is it's capability to haul things and the amount of room for storage. I have a hatchback so I am able to lay my seats down if I have larger things to transport.

- Heather A

Windows that work after engine turned off.

So far no problems. I appreciate the warnings about gas level and tire pressure, information about gas mileage. Unlike in previous cars I drove, I love electric windows that still work for several minutes after the car engine turned off. Very happy with this car, except chosen color (white) because I cannot find it easily in large parking lots, however black handles are helpful. Reliability is crucial, and so far I have no complaints.

- Anastasia M

Heated seats Heated steering wheel Large screen USB Sunroof leather Good on gas

The sleek and gas saving Ford Focus is a win for car shoppers. The Titanium has many great features you could even find in a luxury car. The sunroof, heated seats and steering wheel, large and colorful screen, beautiful leather, and so much more. This car is a very affordable price for any type of car shopper. The one thing that it lacks is power. It does not have the giddy-up go as something more powerful. But, it is a great car!

- Jennifer C

In all, it's not a bad vehicle. It drives well and does great on gas.

The car runs smoothly, in two years I haven't had any issues with it as far as it runs. Its meh when it comes to driving in the snow though. It's too lightweight and slides way too easily. Personally, I wish the vehicle was a little roomier. The backseat has hardly and space and the seats feel a little small when going on trips. Also, there are certain things like automatic start that I'm surprised it doesn't come stock with.

- Rebekah J

Functional vehicle for starting out.

My family really enjoys our Ford Focus. The price was reasonable. The gas mileage is also great. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone seeking a reliable vehicle to drive to and from work. The only negative thing I have to say about it is the foot space in the back seat area. Please consider this when purchasing this car. I would totally recommend this for front seat driver and passengers with small kids. Maybe car seats.

- Heidi J

2017 Ford Focus se excellent vehicle.

The Ford Focus essay but I own is an excellent car that is excellent on gas and I was how has plenty of power drives very well only had to keep up with the routine maintenance such as oil change tire rotation have not had any problems out of it I'll take it out on two or three different vacations excellent riding car plenty of room inside plenty of room in the trunk to store things I highly recommend this car for anyone.

- Darl W

It is really good on gas mileage and you can tell how much gas you use.

I love my car because it is very reliable. It gets me back and forth from my college which is a half hour drive there and back. The only thing I do not like is that it has a thing that shuts the car off when you completely depress the brakes and restarts your car when you let off the brakes. It worries me that it is hard on the starter. Other than that my car has been absolutely flawless and I have no other complaints.

- Olivia O

Ford focus, pros and cons.

Comfort even after moving seat forward and up, the seat is too low. It is supposed to move up more but does not. I have to sit on a cushion just to see where I am going. Not so with same model other years. Also, the car sputters while driving from time to time. The light knob is not comfortable to turn. I do like the air conditioner, it cools quickly. Trunk space is huge for this class of car. The ride is comfortable.

- Donna H

Ford Focus: A great car with even better features

My car has many good features, including Apple CarPlay and a sunroof. I really enjoy the rims as well because the color scheme really fits well with my silver car. The CarPlay is a great feature because it not only works with iPhones, but androids as well! You can use navigation and listen to your music hands free which is great for safety. Plus it uses all your phone features like texting and phone calls

- Tommy V

Small engine that is great for high gas mileage 2017 ford focus.

Small engine, makes noises when engine is off. It does well on gas. Not much room as it is a very small vehicle. The car does have a nice feature that prevents unwanted things in the gas tank. There is no gasoline cap. And you do have to keep up with a special tool to add gas if you ever run out of gasoline. Otherwise this is a good car. But if you have a large family I would look for something larger.

- Ashley S

I love my focus! Stylish, safe, efficient, and roomy.

Even though it appears small on the outside, this car is so roomy! I drive for Lyft and I've had multiple passengers comment on how comfortable they are in the back seat. The trunk fits quite a bit of storage, as well. I love how smooth the car drives. Also- the computer display is quick and efficient in notifying me if there are issues with the vehicle. I feel safe and stylish in my Ford Focus.

- Jenna P

Ford Focus - best and worst.

It drives terrible in snow. Besides that it is comfortable, gets good gas mileage, and has been a reliable car. I have had to replace the battery in the car. however, that was mostly likely due to the battery getting drained by winter weather as it was very cold around that time it broke down. Very happy with my car- it is got a large trunk and even the backseat is large enough to comfortably fit 3.

- Amanda E

2017 Ford Focus Love Hate Relationship

My ford focus has quite a bit of room in it and is the perfect size for a couple. My struggle is there isn't really any room for a car seat in the backseat and that can be a pain. I have noticed that occasionally my car will vibrate and stall a little bit which should not be happening because it is new and only have 30,000 miles on it. This can be a pain and I'm hoping ford can figure out the issue.

- Kate S

Its technology and how that technology enables you to take better care of the car (it alerts me when I need an oil change, have low tire pressure, etc.).

This is the first car I've ever purchased, so I don't have much to compare it to, but I love it. My only dislike is that it has manual windows in the back rather than automatic. Other than that I am very happy with it. I enjoy the Bluetooth capability as well as the electronic display which shows my speed, whether or not my headlights are on, gives me important information about maintenance, etc.

- Alyssa G

Most exquisite car I've driven

I have no issues with my 2017 Ford Focus. I have plenty of room throughout my car and it's very easy to clean out when I do end up with a lot of stuff in my car. My Bluetooth system in my car has always worked perfectly and never given me in trouble, it's by far my favorite feature. It also gets amazing gas mileage. 32 miles to the gallon is amazing since I live about 35 minutes from my college.

- Kathryn C

Rear camera, satellite radio, Bluetooth phone, different plug in for phone

I love the quality of my car so far, had it for 2 years and only had to get oil changes. The car seats are good material, I love that my car has a big screen for those who want to backup and need to see more. The way my car rides and help you with the speed so you don't over do it. The satellite radio is great. I do wish it had GPS that will help with me traveling instead of me using my phone

- Raven P

2017 Ford Focus should consider comfortability room issues.

I have had to have maintenance on the transmission twice and it only has 30, 000 miles. The back seat is extremely small there is zero leg room even for a child. The car is not really suitable for road trips however gas mileage is fairly good. The Bluetooth features and backup camera or nice provided seat warmers would be also very useful considering the heater is not as warm as it could be.

- Amanda B

My perfect ride in size, and comfort, and mileage.

The Ford Focus is great on gas and for a 4 cylinder it has a turbo for great pickup. It has a large hatchback trunk and the 4 door has good legroom. It rides smooth and keeps out road noise. The Sirius radio is great and the ability to answer phone n listen to text message through the radio helps while driving. The seats are comfortable for travel and arm room is perfect as well as leg room.

- Cathy G

My first car ever and it is a ford focus.

My vehicle does not have that many problems it jerks when I am pulling off to fast but other than that I love my first car. The performance is great and it is really reliable it is a great car for a teenager. If you are a really tall muscular person then that is not the car for you it is too small my brother is that and more but he loves to drive it as well. The back up camera is perfect.

- Brenda W

The fabulous 2017 Ford Focus.

I bought this car because it is a Ford model. It is very reliable and dependable. I sometimes have to drive distances due to work and I love the mileage per gallon that it gets. I also love that I can sync my phone to the radio so I can have hands free conversations. I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone who is in the market for another car. Its comfortable and easy to drive.

- Kat V

Great little car, lots of features.

The 2017 ford focus has great features inside as well as a nice sleek exterior appearance. The radio system is great and has a Bluetooth connection option that I use daily. Gas mileage is pretty decent, my average is around 27-28 MPG and only about $30-$35 to fill the tank. It has a fast acceleration which makes merging a breeze. It is a great little car, I would recommend to anyone.

- Hope C

Great on gas with room for the whole family

My focus gets great gas mileage!!with its fuel saving transmission it automatically puts your car in the proper gear to use the most sufficient amount of fuel. It has plenty of room to seat 5 comfortably..large trunk space for groceries or luggage. And very affordable it's a GREAT car the price anybody looking for a new car I would recommend them to at least consider a Ford Focus

- David C

Spacious, comfortable , great drive

I love my car, I never have to worry about it breaking down or having to bring it to the mechanic. Also ford is always making sure to contact me when it's time for maintenance or oil Change. Very good car plenty of trunk space and very uncomfortable seats. Only Complaint would be the fact that the GPS system is no longer supported so can't use it. But other than that it's great.

- Rat G

Voice activated call / text for safer driving. No hands on talking.

The 2017 Ford Focus is wonderful car! It gets amazing gas mileage, about 22mpg. I usually fill it every 2 weeks. Comfy & sporty. I have had my car for about a year now & have not had one issue with the car. Such a reliable vehicle & the best one I have ever owned. It has Bluetooth and that allows your phone to connect to the car for safety while making calls or answering calls.

- Leah D

The 2017 Ford Focus is a comfortable, reliable, and family friendly vehicle.

My Ford Focus drives very well. It's smooth on the road and super quiet. It has a good sound system and many options for comfort. It is very roomy in the front and has a good trunk size. I would like more leg space in the back seats. The seats are comfortable and the interior is very current and chic. I would like a bigger screen on the dash. Overall, it's a great car.

- Savannah E

Amazing performance for a great price!

I absolutely love this car. The gas mileage is great and doesn't cost a fortune every time I need to fill up. It is comfy, sleek, and up-to-date. The hands-free Bluetooth option works amazingly, I never have any troubles getting it to work for me. There is also a surprising amount of room in the front and back, which you wouldn't expect from such a compact vehicle.

- Christy S

Great investment, especially if you drive a lot

My family used to own a Focus SE it was a 2014 and I enjoyed the great gas mileage it got so I decided to get my own. The titanium is great with all the features it has including the back up camera. The gas mileage is amazing I get nearly 400 miles per full tank (32 mpg) I use it for road trips a lot and I can get from Provo UT to Las Vegas on barely over one tank.

- Kiki L

Good interior. Problems with the gas pedal.

I love the look and feel of my vehicle. I love how its interior is black and although I wish it was leather. Because the material of my seats make me slip easily. I also have a problem with the gas pedal. Whenever I push on the gas to drive forward. It starts to jerk and skip a little. Its weird. But my cat is automatic. So I don't understand why it would do that.

- Veronica P

Incredible value for an incredible car.

I have only had my ford focus for a few days but I absolutely love it. It is an incredibly smooth ride and I love all the features. It has Bluetooth which is a huge upgrade from my previous car. It feels incredibly safe driving down the road and is a very sturdy car. I also just love the look of the car. I have an se hatchback and it has a unique look that I love.

- Rachel B

ST2 issues but still a 4.5/5

A couple recalls and a little sluggish off the line but it's a blast to drive and will put you back in your seat when you step on it. Love the recaros and sync. Reliability, maintenance, and miles per gallon are pretty good for a hatch. Could offer more for the driver such as heated seats, extra interior lights, better trim, etc. lots of plastic but a great car.

- Pat D

This is a really great economy vehicle.

At this point I find the car to be extremely reliable, the performance is excellent, the gas mileage is superb. I have absolutely nothing but great things to say about this car. It runs smoothly and the features that comes with the car such as being able to answer my phone through the car, attached the car Bluetooth to my music playlist all excellent features.

- Debbie D

Cheap, nice and fun to drive!

I own the for Focus sty and absolutely love it. We had to go with the lowest model because of the seats. The seats in the higher models are racing seats and were to tight to me to fit in. Although it is the base model, it still has very nice features including a backup camera. The seats are very comfortable and the interior is very nice for an affordable car.

- Dominic D

That you will not be disappointed by nearly everything in the vehicle. It is fantastic, but if you're a larger person, this car will not be a comfortable ride.

I love the gas mileage. It is excellent on gas. I also love the trunk space, it surprisingly is very big for a little car. I love the safety features and how easy it is to drive. My only complaint is there is not a lot of legroom in the back or for someone who is tall. I am pretty shirt so that is fine for me but my husband and teenage son have difficulty.

- Lizzy H

The car is good on miles it saves me money. It was key lock wish is a plus.

The car is good, I just want some other car that has technology in the car not just the basic. What I like about the is that is small and it saves me gas. I only have to put gas once a week. This card that I have now it probably one of the best cars that I can get that will save me gas money which is good I guess. But I am not completely satisfied with it.

- Liliana L

Nice car for a first vehicle

This is a nice beginner car. There are plenty of modern features but not so many that the buyer would be overwhelmed. The Bluetooth system is nice. It connects quickly and picks up where you left off on the audio. There is plenty of trunk space. The interior of the car is on the smaller side but still plenty of room to be comfortable. Overall, a nice car.

- Holly S

Decent car, but for the money you could get something with better gas mileage

My car has been reliable in the two years I have had it however, it has exhibited the same problems that previous Ford Focus Models have had with the transmission stalling. I have experienced this with my Focus and had to have clutch replaced with brand new car. It gets decent gas mileage, but for the money I think I can get a better car for less money.

- Jordan B

My vehicle is very comfortable and a good size, I only wish I had gotten a different model as I prefer a sunroof. I like that my vehicle has the all weather package with heated seats and steering wheel. It has Bluetooth capability which is really nice because it allows me to play music in my phone through my car and helps when I am using my phones GPS.

- Mikayla W

The fuel efficient technologically advanced Ford Focus.

A four-cylinder car with a reliable engine. The gas mileage is very nice. The performance is not as strong as you would come to expect and today’s calls. Love the radio with the Bluetooth interactive all around good car. I do like the unique nature of the gas tank because you do not need to use a gas cap. I have never seen that on a vehicle before.

- Jason T

Ford Focus - Great Car for the Price

The Focus is a great little car. It's very fuel efficient . It has a lot of little features that I didn't think I would use such as the automatic power off when you're idling. One downside is that the design of the car is such that when you are driving on the highway and have more than 1 window down it creates a very loud noise that is very annoying.

- Krista B

Love my car but not after a snow storm.

I love how even though it is small it still has some pep - in it is step. It is very good on gas mileage. The one thing I do not like about it is that even though it is good driving in the snow it is not good getting out of a parking spot/ area when it snows. I think it is because it has a low, front end so it gets stuck and needs to be pushed out.

- Kathie M

My ford focus and the reason I like it.

I enjoy driving my 2017 ford focus sedan. I have a white exterior and all black interior and love the way it looks. I find it easy to drive and user friendly for all its features and enjoy the backup camera and Bluetooth features the most. I like that the oil used is synthetic so there is longer in between oil changes, but wish it didn't cost more.

- Tanya S

Drives fine, the interior is not well made.

Gets me where I need to go semi comfortably but after 6000 miles I had to take it in for repairs and it still keeps having problems. The sync screen goes out intermittently, the dashboard lights died so I had to take it in. Every piece of plastic and metal in the cabin is loose so driving without the music turned up is a chorus of creaks and groans

- Nick K

Best first car! Please look into it you will not regret it

Is efficient, great gas mileage, and very spacious. Is good for going on long trips, has great features like my model is a hatchback so you're able to see better in my opinion. This is the perfect car for beginners it comes with a camera that allows you to see better when your backing up. Make sure that when you buy you get the lifetime guarantee!

- Sonya A

Ford Focus brief overview.

So far no problems gets great gas mileage and for the price has tons of features. May not have everything technically. It is not the most comfortable car but for the limited amount of driving I do to and from work it is good. The engine is smaller so the performance and power is not there but I guess this is what you get for a great gas mileage.

- Stephen K

Ford Focus 2017: Good Car, Good Price

This car was bought used from a dealership, super low mileage. It drives well has a touchy brake system and fairly tight steering. The media console is a like tricky to get used to but not bad. There is currently a recall for this vehicle due to an issue where the car will stall if not above a half tank of gas and the power steering won't work.

- Cassie H

It doesn't have motor seats or heating seats.

I don't like how small the car is. Also after getting the car I had engine problems right off the bat. Once that was fixed a few months later someone more went wrong with it. I have gotten a few calls about recalls as well. It is definitely not what I thought I would be getting when I bought the car. I also do no like how small it is either

- Jacqueline L

smooth riding and good control very neat radio and Bluetooth

It rides very smooth and has good control over bumps and potholes. The seats and care comfortable but if you're sitting the back seats you're not able to feel AC very well or at all. The radio system is very good and connects well with Bluetooth. I don't know if this is just my car but the brakes are very sensitive and have broken a lot.

- Madison M

Ford Focus honest review.

My current vehicle is the first car I have purchased on my own. The car is small enough to provide maneuverability but roomy enough to comfortably fit 5 people. It is incredibly reliable and comes with very reassuring safety features. It features Bluetooth connection as well as voice commands making communications from within very safe.

- Kaitlyn L

Good gas mileage and looks good

I really like the fact that compared to other vehicles out there the Ford Focus in particular is one of my favorite makes and models of all times because the vehicle is very good on gas. I also like the color very much and is very comfortable although a little tight in the back seat specially if is 4 adults traveling out on a road trip

- Olga M

2017 ford focus se highlights.

No problems with the vehicle. The small and compact size makes it easier to drive and saves on gas money. I only spend $25 to fill my tank up for the week! This car does really well in the snow too. I only wish it were a bit flashier. The appearance of the car while nice, seems plain and average. A luxury car is the only thing missing.

- Rebekah J

The car is the perfect size for a first time family starting out

The ford focus is an amazing car. It is very roomy which is wonderful if you have a family. The trunk has a lot of space for everything you need. The car isn't too small and it's not too big either. The only problem with the car is we recently received a recall for a glitch in the transmission and haven't heard from ford about it.

- Olivia W

The vehicle is reliable, consistent, and the rear camera is great.

The vehicle has been reliable. There was a recall, but the repairs were done in a few hours at the dealership. I have had absolutely nothing break down in the vehicle. The performance and engine have been consistent. The rear camera is helpful when backing out. The seats are comfortable, and I like the sync feature for my phone.

- Davidson B

Ford focus. Comfortable car with lots of room

My vehicle is a ford focus. It's very fuel efficient. It's a pretty comfortable car to drive. I like the radio and CD player. The back up camera is helpful too. I do not like how it was advertised to have built in GPS when you actually have to plug your phone into the GPS to use it. The car handles very nice and has good speed.

- Lynn J

Great daily driver. No frills and great features.

Well, when it had 2500 miles on it, the radiator hose fell off and it overheated. Other than that, it has been a good car. It is a little boring to drive and is basic transportation to work. Now it has started where it disconnects Bluetooth and you have to reconnect to it and it is fine. I have not had any other issues so far.

- Jon J

Sync,911 assist, number of airbags. No problem in passing lane. Very efficient.

I love my focus. It gets 30 miles a gallon on an average. It is stylish and comfortable. Has good trunk size. As a 5 person family we can get somewhere all together. The handling is like no other. Then to top it all off I have an onboard sync system that will read my text messages to me. Air bags all around makes me feel safe.

- Benjamin A

The ford focus of 2017. The everyday car.

This car is great on gas runs smooth and quiet. Its has a lot of futures that helps with driving. It have a lot of safety futures. Love the fact that it lets me know even when my tire pressure is low. Ot has a setting where you can have our spend in two different ways. It has feature to where you can use your phone hands free.

- Selina W

It is a basic car. Literally just to get you from point A to point B.

This car has a manual transmission with slow and laggy performance. Otherwise the focus is good on gas and a great commuter - this was a cheap vehicle to begin with. Lots of road noise on the freeway especially as well as rattle and rather loose plastic interior. The depreciation and resale value on this vehicle is abysmal.

- Bailey J

My brand new car issues. It's a lemon in my book.

I love my car. Gives me freedom. Only had it 2 yrs and the clutch broke and ford even with warranty wouldn't replace until it got really bad. Then there's already a few recalls. So much for a new reliable car. But I do love it and would buy another one. I'd just be more careful and try to get it fully checked better and.

- Tracy G

Great car for the city and country.

No problems at all. Great on gas and has great pickup on the open roads. It is also compact enough to park and drive in the city. I really like the seats, they are very comfortable and the trunk is great and has a ton of room for storage. I really love my car, I am definitely interested in buying it when my lease is up.

- Linda P

Great fuel economy and moderately smooth ride.

Problem with the fuel filter. Shutters at take off. Also shutters at times when in park. On the upside. It comfortably seats my family and I. Enough space in the hatch to fit my fishing poles and other various equipment. It is extremely good on gas. Bluetooth comes in handy when listening to music and answering calls.

- Tanner L

That it is very comfortable to drive.

I love the color of my car. It is this ever-changing silver, a light green color that looks more silver at night. I also love that it goes for so long on the road without me having to stop for gas all the time. However, this is also something I dislike about my vehicle because it is not eco-friendly with it using gas.

- Michellee R

The most important thing about my car is that it is a smooth ride.

I love the touch screen stereo system. I love the leather heated seats. I love that it takes regular gasoline & e85 gasoline and runs well on either. My only complaint is that the vehicles powered seat button stopped working before it had even 2000 miles on it and I have to take it to find out why it is not working.

- Brittany D

Safety. Previous model saved my life.

I like that the price was reasonable, the gas mileage is competitive, and that the digital interface is intuitive but not too distracting. There is not much "storage" space up front to put items that I'd like to have at the ready, and the backseat seating space is small (though I rarely have passengers in the back).

- Leah L

This is the first car that every time I get in it I know I am about to have fun!

I've had my focus rs for 7 months and it's been fantastic the performance is awesome but the cornering is even better there have been no problems so far I can say enough about it. Anyone looking for a performance car under $50.000 that has the performance of a $150.000 car then you can't go wrong with the focus rs.

- Wayne T

The amazing not-so-fully loaded Ford Focus!

The car I drive is a 4-door vehicle. The seats are relatively comfortable. The two back windows are hand crank, which is disappointing. There is no cruise control. I purchased the car new, and I have not had any problems in the year I have owned it. So, as long as you are not expecting much, you will love this car!

- Kristin S

Awesome car but transmission problems.

I was so excited to drive off with my brand new Ford Focus. I love the car and the trim. The features are amazing and my rims are awesome. But after a few weeks of driving it, the problems began. As soon as I drive off from anywhere the transmission feels weird. It lags. That's the only thing that disappoints me.

- Thelma B

The best thing that he has is the autopilot. So you put the miles you want to go.

It has a control panel that makes guiding much easier. You just put the miles you want to go and that is it. In a matter of technology it is super easy and practical. About the gasoline it is better to throw it premium and she'll because it was thrown from the 7 eleven and towards a noise like the transmission.

- Alexandra R

This car is just perfect for my needs.

Runs great, no problems handles good on the road, easy to park, the 4 doors are easy to get in and out seats are comfortable and there heated, color is dark black,, back seats are comfortable, sound system is very good tires wearer is fairly good, gas mileage is very good, seat belts are easily put on and off.

- Raymond M

Perfect 4 door sedan & beautiful car.

Super sharp looking exterior, runs excellent, incredible sound system with trunk subwoofer, has touch screen, custom ambient lighting which is one of my favorite features can use GPS on touch screen with mobile device, quiet exhaust, great gas mileage (about 35 mpg), nice looking interior, very comfortable.

- lean W

Go electric with no regrets.

It is electric! Added recharge unit to the garage. We can drive about 110 miles before needing a new charge (less if I keep my lead foot off the pedal, lol). Extremely comfortable to ride and drive. We had a 2012 before this, and the only thing we miss on the '17 is automatic dimming mirrors. Great vehicle.

- Julie S

2017 Ford Focus good and bad feelings.

Performance is ok just doesn't have some of the options I would like to have on it. I just got it out of shop for a clutch issues but runs fine now and gets excellent gas mileage. The comfort is good for 2 people not a car to travel with for more then 2 or 3 people. My overall feeling of this car is good.

- Melissa A

It is solid, with a build quality that exceeds it is price.

Like: the recur bucket seats keep me in place when cornering hard. The dash layout is great, with both a touch screen and knobs. The peppy engine in the street provides tons of fun working through the gears even during daily driving. Dislike: the Ford synch system does not support very many Bluetooth apps.

- Gamble M

Focus RS 2017. Black with black rims. Blue secondary color, red interior lights

I have a Ford focus RS. The car is my first sports car and it's very enjoyable. I would however appreciate that there were an option to have someone teach me how to drive manual. Not just the basics but how to effectively downshift. Also it would be nice to have winter tires included with the car purchase.

- Zachary J

2017 Ford Focus: an affordable gem.

The 2017 Ford Focus hatchback is a reliable, well-made and fuel efficient car. It has a great amount of legroom and space in the front seat and a good size hatch. The design looks good and the air conditioning and heat are excellent. The media center controls are easily at hand. Cruise control works well.

- Victor P

Plenty of room and leg space

I really love my car it's comfortable and fits my family which is especially important because me and my dad are very tall and need lots of legroom. I love that it has a Bluetooth radio because I really don't like listening to the radio. And the backseat has lots of room for my baby brothers booster seat

- Ebony C

Reliable and comfortable, this car is worth it!

The recall for the engine is the only issue I have had with this car. Otherwise I love it. Power seats, moonroof, Bluetooth enabled are all nice options. Previously I had a 2014 model and it feels like something was changed on the suspension as the car rides stiffer than it did before (this is positive).

- Kayla B

If I ever need more room in the trunk, the back seats go down.

There was a recall, but got it fixed. I love my small 4dr hatchback silver Ford Focus. Good on gas and gets me to where I'm going. I love all the features. Power windows and locks. I can hook up my phone and listen to music and make calls. I can even control the radio and calls on my steering wheel.

- Kelly B

No complaints here with the vehicle it really is an awesome car.

I have had no issues out of this vehicle. Unless you count my husband thinking its a race car lol. It is a Focus st 6 speed it does go pretty fast quick. I do have children so maybe I could have used more space but have taking this car on vacation with 2 children and 2 adults and its not unbearable.

- Amanda M

Great car for the Young Adults of the World.

It's a great car with fantastic gas mileage. It's a compact model, which works for my bustling city environment. I got it in white, a color I find pleasing to the eyes. Great for driving, but not as good for hauling or moving. Definitely a young adult car, don't know how I'd recommend for children.

- Christopher W

This vehicle has been great for me so far.

I have not had any issues with this vehicle. I have had it for two years and do not drive much and still have 8000 miles on it. I love the black interior. The vehicle rides smoothly. I do wish that there was more charging area for the back seat passengers since there is two USB ports in the front.

- Tracy W

It's reliable, does what it needs to

I like that it takes me from point A to point B without any issues, gas mileage is good, nothing seems to break, reliable in general. dislike are that it lets in outside noise a little more than i like and in terms of options, I'd like a navigation system / android auto / apple carplay installed

- Will N

Economic, easy and comfortable.

Great on gas. It rides smooth and is a perfect size for what I need. Features satellite radio, CD player and Bluetooth capabilities. Love the mirror lights and other standard features. It has plenty of space and lots of trunk room. It came with strong tires and pumping gas is efficient and easy.

- Tracy H

Easy safe driving for beginners.

The only real complaint that I have is the gas mileage is not the best. Other than that I have no bad things to say it's a great ride, good size very safe and love the camera to reverse it helps with your blind spots. Gives you a warning if your about to hit an object with it is built in sensor.

- Joanna V

Cool car, simplistic, gas saver

It is alright ' it does the job it is supposed to do. I would recommend it as it is clean and efficient. It isn't the fanciest car but it is good enough. Honestly, if you are looking for a car a Ford Focus is a great vehicle. Doesn't have a ton of room for car seats but you can fit two in there.

- Mike L

Review of winter driving for ford focus.

My car is great in gas mileage but in terms of terrain my only complaint is that winter drive is not up to standard and it does tend to get stuck. With the help of new tires or winter tires the issue is improved but not resolved. Otherwise for what it is the car is very great and performs well.

- Allie F

Ford focus se hatchback 2017.

No push to start, so in the winter it is super cold and takes forever to heat up. It is just the perfect size for me and what I need for my job. Good on gas. So major problems yet. Easy to use and easy steering. Hard to drive up icy hills, does not get much traction. Easy to move out of danger.

- Bree G

Great car, just not cool enough for me.

No problems, it is just not sporty enough for me. A granny car. I used to have a Mustang convertible and this car is nowhere near as cool. But I can go 60mph on a 45mph road and not attract attention so I guess that is good, right? It is a clean and nice looking car, it is just not that cool.

- Kelli S

Ford Focus is perfect for small families.

Nothing wrong with it, I love it, drives good morning and night, mirrors are perfect and Bluetooth speaker work excellent, I recommend the car, go to your nearest Ford dealership and buy a new Ford Focus, I cannot say enough about my little car, the car driving on the highway is perfect also.

- Brandon L

My 2017 Ford Focus Hatchback

I get 34 mpg and it's mainly driven to work, which is 100 miles round trip. It is comfortable and zippy. I love the style and color (Ruby Red). The only thing I don't like is that there is not much room in back for passengers. I have the hatchback model, which is more stylish and convenient.

- Aaron H

Loving my car like is the best.

It's really comfort. I use it all the time is my main car. Has leather seats and is so nice like no other what can I say people should definitely get a car like in the ford focus is a great one. Okay what deals I am supposed to say, go check it out it has plenty space nd is one of the best.

- sara G

Ford focus vehicle review.

The ford focus is good on gas and is reliable. I have only experienced one problem which was with the gear shift, although that probably was because someone didn't have their foot on the break while changing gears, this is now fixed. Other than that it runs very smooth and is easy to drive.

- Rachael S

Good car minus the jump when I need to accelerate.

I recently received a recall letter, waiting for a second letter with the location I need to take my car in to be fixed. My car jumps a little when I need to speed up, which is annoying. I have to step down hard on the gas pedal to go. I like the way the car looks but it is not good on gas.

- Stefanie M

Grey Ford Focus with beautiful interior.

I love it. Absolutely no problems. It runs and drive beautifully. It performs the way it is supposed to. It is very reliable. It is very comfortable and compact. Lots of trunk room. The seats move nicely and the radio works good. The color of it is very nice too. Very beautiful grey color.

- Lindsay Q

Our vehicle has lights in the door handles that change color.

This car is really reliable and good on gas! We've had only one recall since having the vehicle and the problem was fixed. The only downfall is that the size of the vehicle is not made for larger families. My husband and I have a very hard time with having three car seats in our back seat.

- Kayla B

Red Ford Focus features and info

Ford always has recalls on parts but other than that the car is great. Fuel efficient and has lots of room for multiple passengers. Come son an array of colors and mine cake with a sunroof and subwoofer. Bluetooth hands free system to keep your eyes on the road and great features overall.

- Kaila P

It has a very interesting sport mode that makes it easy to drive up hills.

This is a very small car. There is not much storage space inside to put personal things. The sport mode is great for highways and hills. I have not had any problems with the performance so far. I bought the car at 15,000 miles, and it is now at 150,000. No problems with engine or anything.

- Brooklyn J

About my great Ford Focus.

My vehicle is reliable. I have had very little issues. It gets good gas mileage and runs well. The features are great including a back up camera and Bluetooth audio. It is overall a comfortable smooth ride. It gets me 80 miles every day that I work and I trust it to get me there no issue.

- Ashley R

Reliable car. This car is perfect for anyone looking for something comfortable

My vehicle is great! I love it because it has Bluetooth connectivity, backup camera, and shows me how many miles I have when I fill up with gas, the digital speed limit I am going, and was not crazy expensive! I would recommend this car to anyone who is looking for something comfortable.

- Madison C

Mediocre sedan for the cost

Multiple transmission issues with an automatic dry clutch, no leg room in rear, barely enough leg room in front, sufficient amount of trunk space, very little accessible drink holders, best backup camera than any other car I've driven and sync is very handy because I drive for a living

- Vanessa S

It's the only modern car I've ever driven.

I had an older Ford Focus and it worked well with the exception of a laggy transmission, but the newer ford focus has a smooth transmission. It gets great gas mileage and I've never had to do any maintenance. It's overall a good car with no problems and actually kind of affordable too.

- Noah S

Fuel efficient 2017 Ford Focus se.

My 2017 Ford Focus is a very reliable form of transportation. The gas mileage is excellent especially with traveling long distances. It is a low maintenance vehicle. This is a sedan style standard car with built in satellite radio, automatic doors & mirrors. The radio sound is great.

- Harold C

A car for anybody and everybody.

My vehicle has no problems, the performance is exceptional, car is beyond reliable, comfortable and has all the latest features such as reverse camera, Sirius radio and much more. I highly recommend the 2017 Ford Focus to any buyer, it is definitely a great daily driver for everyone.

- Ashley M

Ford focus rundown of favorite features. This review overviews the titanium.

The focus has lots of features. It is fully loaded with heated seats and steering wheel, touchscreen navigation, sync hands free system, and leather. The vehicle is very comfortable and has lots of room for a small car. The car handles very well and is fast enough for a daily driver.

- Paul J

Great mileage but small space in back.

The reliability is great and the gas mileage is one of the best I have had in years. There is not much leg room in the back for kids and they do complain a lot about that. There is only one cup holder in back as well. The vents for heating and ac do not get the back very well either.

- Faith M

Ford Focus Hatchback simply but perfect for a family of four

Reliable for a family of four. Has good trunk space. Comfortable automatic 4 cyl not a gas guzzler. Drive smoothly. Rear view camera . LCD touch screen radio. Automatic seats, window and mirror. Stereo system is decent, wish it had navigation. Had to purchase privacy cover for trunk.

- Lady S

Nice fuel efficient vehicle. Turbo sounds amazing. Gauges and interior is extremely nice and easy to clean. Over all great car

I have the st package on my focus and I absolutely love it. It gets great fuel economy and really gets up and goes. I'd say the only con to the car is that the recaro seats are a bit small. I'm 5'6" and 130 lbs and its snuffed around me. So for fuller people that might be a problem.

- Zackery W

My car can beat up your car! It has Bluetooth that syncs to my phone so that is awesome and something I have never had before!

I like that my car is reliable. I have only had older cars and this one is like new. I don't have to worry about breaking down or having problems. I don't like the color because it was the only one they had at the dealership. It is a very good car and I like all the features it has!

- Joseph A

Just about how the windshield collects a lot of salt in the winter time due to the angle of it. Other than that it's a well worth purchase

The car is super nice and handles well in the snow and all types of conditions. My only complaint would be about the windshield angle. Due to its increased angle it collects salt easy in the winter time. Other than that the car was a great purchase and is cheap to do maintenance on

- Rachel D

The ford focus is a small SUV. It has two rows and a large trunk.

I absolutely love my ford focus. It has great trunk space for me to fit my double stroller. It also has plenty of space for two large car seats in the back seats with plenty of space up front. It is also super easy to put down the back seats in order to have more space for storage.

- Chelsea S

Focus on my review Ford you will not regret it.

It is a really great car I love the hatchback and fuel efficiently. Great in safety looks sportier in white. Never have had major troubles with the motor or trans motion plenty of legroom for all my passengers great trunk space radio is sold four USB ports in the entire car plenty.

- Kara E

Compact affordable sedan that drives like a luxury sports car.

I love my car. It's compact with wide comfortable seats. I'm has plenty of legroom. Super fuel efficient and for a small car, it has a pretty good punch. It accelerates super good. The body style is sporty and looks great on me. I highly recommend it. I believe FORD'S are awesome!

- Mariana G

The rear view camera is amazing.

The ford fusion is a great reliable car. I love it. I have the technology package. I love the rear view camera. Everything is pretty good. Great gas mileage. Very quiet car. Great sound system for it being stock. It's great. I recommend it for anyone. I normally am not a ford guy.

- Mike D

Amazing vehicle, will always recommend.

This is a great family car, or it would even be great as a daily driver it drives amazing and has wonderful gas mileage. You can even change the interior lights with several color options on the menu. Will recommend always. It even has a spacious trunk for all your shopping hauls!

- Jeannette B

The Ford Focus: a great choice.

The Ford Focus is a very reliable, safe, fuel efficient, and fun vehicle to drive. Virtually, maintenance free and easy to care for this car. I would recommend this as a first car or a replacement car for anyone. It is very easy to drive and is great on gas and maintenance costs.

- Robert O

Ford Focus sedan interior room and gas mileage.

My car has no pick up especially going up hills. It has minimal leg room in the front and no leg room for passengers in the back seat. The trunk has a lot of room but I have hit my head on the lid twice putting groceries in it. The good news is it gets great gas mileage. 32 mpg.

- Terry P

Worst vehicle I have ever purchased.

Worst vehicle I could have ever purchased. The transmission is slipping and has been worked on already, my loan is $10k upside down with nothing to show for it, and it is extremely uncomfortable during long drives. These does not come with any special features except Bluetooth.

- Lana K

The best part about the car is the screen for the radio and music.

I have had no problems with my Focus. It's super reliable, gets great mileage, looks sleek, and is super spacious. It's great for long distance travel, and I never have to worry about breaking down. My family and I use it for all family outings and really enjoy riding together.

- Kayla T

Never again will I own a ford.

Shutters at takeoffs. Car is great so far other than that. My daughter has one that has been nothing but a headache hers is a 2016 model... Will not own another ford after this one. Her car goes dead and will not crank... Dealership says she is out of gas. She had half a tank.

- Angie P

Comfortable ride in front seat.

Very comfortable to drive. Controls for climate and radio are convenient. Hand holds to help entering and exiting front seat are not helpful. Interior fabric is very nice. Water beads up and does not soak in immediately. Front window defroster works well. Easy to turn on a/c.

- Susan N

Great little car, that will save you on gas money!

Great little car. Great on gas. Roomy inside. Great for everyday errands. Economical on gas. Haven't had any problems with it so far. Would buy this car again if I was out looking for a vehicle. Easy to maneuver, easy to see all angles USB ports, good radio, good running car.

- Wendy M

Smooth riding comfort machine

My car rides really well. It is very comfortable. I get good gas mileage about 25 mpg around town 33 highway. It has a back up camera which is helpful. You can pop the trunk using the key fob which is helpful when you are carrying a bunch of stuff. No problems with it so far

- Bonnie T

It is really good. That is where it is.

I love the car because it gets the best gas mileage. The car also is available in a number of colors and is great for taking on family trips. It is cheap to refill the gas tank as well. There is more to this car that meets the eye. I do not think I have ever had a better car.

- Jason P

Easy maintenance and fun driving.

I love my Focus. This is my first new Focus, but I have owned 2 others and was completely satisfied with the performance of both. I really like the ease of using controls while driving. I am an individual owner and usually alone but have plenty of room for 2 or 3 passengers.

- Margi P

It gets really good mileage

The stuttering, it shakes back and forth when you stop at a light or a stop sign and then press the gas to go it like shakes back and forth before it goes. As I have learned it is the center deviation that is off other than that I absolutely love this car, it has been great!

- Mackenzie B

Great fuel saving compact car.

We love our Ford Focus 2017. The mileage is great. It is a good travel vehicle. Very reliable & compact. The added feature of a review camera is great for seeing everything behind u, while backing out. One of the things that would make it better would be a larger back seat.

- Yolanda C

Great little car, Ford should not discontinue.

Amazing car. Affordable, fuel efficient and stylish. It's a little tight if you are tall. The color is a cool and classy charcoal grey with metallic flakes. Bought it with 18 miles on it and have no problems mechanically or otherwise. It fits my budget and financial plans.

- Luis Z

I love the way the interior is set up. Everything is sleek and well placed

The price was right. It is extremely gas efficient, a full tank last almost two weeks. Transmission was rough, so we had to get the clutch repaired. Glad it was still under warranty. Ford came through and fixed it to our expectations. We have not had any other issues.

- Mildred O

2017 A much improved model.

This vehicle gets great gas mileage, especially on the highway as do most. The backup mirror is a plus as an added safety feature. I owned a 2015 Focus and traded it because of the transmission. This one is much better! It drives much more smoothly and has better pick up.

- Karen D

I do love the sunroof, the size of the console screen, and the gas mileage.

Overall, the car is pretty great - the only trouble I've faced is sometimes, it takes a few seconds to pick up speed and the dash console acts up at times. I end up having to turn off the car completely off and opening the door to 'reset' the screen and it usually works.

- Tiffany B

It looks like a luxury vehicle and pergos like one

It runs very well. I haven't had any problems it's very reliable. It performs at a high standard. It's quiet and smooth it very comfortable. It gets great highway speed as long I keep up the yearly checks. Tire pressure has never been a problem. Great miles to the gallon

- Michele H

Very fun car to drive around!

The 2017 Focus st is a wonderful car for anyone who wants a manual hatchback. There has been plenty of room for our car seats and transporting our dogs to the vet. The interior is comfortable and the car is fast! It is a very fun car to drive. The stability is fantastic.

- Mary G

Not impressed with ford as much as initially thought.

I like my car based on gas mileage/ a nice little car to go from place to place. My boyfriend recently got a Camry and the quality does not even compare. My car feels cramped compared and the seats do not clean well. I wish the inside were more durable and it was larger.

- Janelle G

That it is an affordable luxury vehicle,,.

What I like is the gas mileage.. I also like that the trunk is big.. I do not like hitting my head on the truck lid when I am trying to load groceries.. What I do not like is it does not have much leg room.. I also do not like the way it handles on our mountain curves..

- Terry P

I need a change from ford.

For a new car, transmission seems to be an issue and it definitely should not be. It should not rattle or make noises when I accelerate. I always buy fords (this would be my third one) and this will be the last time. It is comfortable and sleek, I appreciate that much.

- Anna R

Really good car. Nice color Good in gasoline Good in highway

None so far. It is been a good car for me. I use it to go work and home but it is really good to drive in the highway. It is really good in gasoline. I love the color. It is very cute and nice. Very quiet inside. I have a sunroof and I like to keep it open for summer.

- Irene T

Great small car with great extras for the price!

Great gas mileage, nice, smooth ride. Many extras, including backup camera. It has a larger back seat compared to other cars its size. Air & heat work great. Lower payments for a nice car. It does have slow pick up to go or pass. It does not have a great sound system.

- Amy W

Its okay, its a family car and saves gas.

It is okay. It drives me where I need to go and is good on gas. It has a review camera. It's a nice car, it drives fine. Happy, small family car, its a family car and is cute, pretty, little, small, black fast needs space, pretty, small, black, family, car, saves gas.

- Dawn R

Love my Ford Focus Very nice car

Had to go in for recall fixes. Other than that works great. Perfect car. I have the hatchback version, and it allows me to do a lot of hauling of stuff to the local dump, grocery shopping. It has four doors and is comfortable one for adults are in the car for a ride

- Debbie B

My ford focus hatchback is my favorite car!

I have had no problems with my vehicle! Super comfortable and handles really well! The only downside is it is small! Speakers are amazing! It gets nice and warm fast in the winter and cold in the summer! You can hook up your phone to the radio and play your own music!

- Courtney S

Comfy and economical vehicle.

It runs well, has great gas mileage, roomy inside. Great features - sync for your phone. Very comfortable I think for the rare long drives I take. Trunk is a little small, and has no inside arm rests for front seat, which are the only two drawbacks I have for the car.

- Kathy M

Ford focus is a great car for a new driver.

Ford focus is a automatic manual car, which means the engine works like the manual car and when you accelerate the car shifts dramatically backward. The car has 6 shifts, however, the acceleration speed is slow. But, nevertheless, it is still a good car for starters.

- Brian L

Ford Focus 2017 review good.

It's a good vehicle all around. It has good mileage and it runs on gas. It also has steering and Bluetooth capabilities. The seats are comfy and I have space to move around, I can also communicate via the cars speakers and stuff and I like the smell of the interior.

- Alvaro G

Great vehicle and roomy great for a family car.

The only problems I have had so far are some electrical other then that smooth ride and great on gas I love the space of the vehicle and comfortable seats pretty color the performance is good you can go fast but I never seem to go over the speed limit very quickly.

- Rachel O

2017 ford. Focus hatchback. . . An excellent value.

2017 Ford Focus rides well and has a roomy front seating area for both driver and passenger. The car is quite fuel efficient and has a well-built and solid feel. The available colors are attractive. . . The safety ratings are good and the reliability is excellent.

- Robert P

It�s a good car for someone who is just starting out

Good for someone who doesn't have or hasn't started a family yet, meaning it's not very spacious. Sometimes it doesn't like to accelerate even though I am pushing on the gas pedal, it kind of just lags until take off. Other than that the cars performance it great

- Jennifer A

Basic, low mileage vehicle.

Sometimes it hesitates to take off but overall, the car is very reliable and gets great mileage. Very reasonable with gas especially since gas seems to keep going up. It is perfect for people who are looking for a basic car to get to and from work or road trips.

- Christina C

Its newer and stylish with lots of awesome features.

It's a very comfortable car great gas mileage tells me my average mpg tells me how many miles till empty tells me when my oil needs to be changed and if one of my tires is low. Great radio everything from radio Sirius ex and Bluetooth I love all of its features.

- Alyssa C

Few facts on my ford focus.

I love this car, passenger seat it uncomfortable on road trips though because it does not have as many options as the driver seat. The trunk is large and it had a full size spare tire. I don't use the sunroof as often, but the mechanism for it has never failed.

- Monica W

Small and noisy, but economically and technologically advanced vehicle.

I do not like the harsh sounds that it makes due to what I assume is the transmission and the clutch and it is really small. However, the shape is cute and I really like the gas mileage and color. I also like the technology and that it can connect to my phone.

- Meg R

Transmission issues with the Ford Focus models.

Have problems with the radio. It has a lot of static. I love the color of my car. I know several people have had problems with the transmission. I had a 2012 that had transmission issues. My daughter has a 2016 and is having transmission problems with her car.

- Angie P

My car is pretty reliable.

I love the car, the gas mileage for one is superb. I would have liked it to be a little bigger though. I also very much love the features that comes with the car. I have had the car now, a little over a year and have had no mechanical problems with it so far.

- Debbie D

This car is reliable, and for every mile I pour into this thing, it gives the same performance day in and day out.

The most important feature of my vehicle is it's reliability. It gets great gas mileage, which is important because I have a lengthy commute. One complaint, which might just be a drawback of sedans is the trunk space. It really limits what a family can bring.

- Brian H

Ford Focus is a Small sized Car

My Ford Focus is overall a decent car, however, I feel like there is not nearly enough space for my passengers to sit comfortably. If you are a small person like myself, it's no issue. But if you are tall, you can barely fit in the front or back seat easily.

- Darian J

Ford Focus - a good utilitarian vehicle

No problems. It's easy to drive and the mileage is good. I would like it to have had power seats. The cruise control is easy to use and I would recommend this car to anyone who wants a good looking utilitarian vehicle. I would buy it again if given a choice.

- Tom J

Drives great just small inside

It's a great car. Drives smooth but made small. I've had no problems or issues. Up to date. Has cruise control and mileage is digital. Powered Windows. All the comfort and leisure you need. Only had thing is the dash is made big so leaves you feeling cramped

- Season S

Focus RS is a very quick and agile car which maintains a beautiful style

Great performance. Very stylish and comfortable to drive. Launching the car is a blast. The interior is suede and leather with Recaro racing seats. The car is a 6 speed manual making 350 HP and 350 Torque, powered by an all wheel drive transmission. Very fun

- Andrew N

It gets about 40 miles per gallon highway

I love my car it's cute and gets amazing gas mileage. Very eco friendly is small but still has a lot of room! Four door with a big trunk and it's an automatic. Has Bluetooth that you can hook up with your phone and it also tells you the speed and temperature

- Christina W

2017 Ford Focus titanium is awesome.

I like the titanium version very much. Heated leather seats, steering wheel. The touchscreen is great, and the sound system is amazing. My only complaint is that the car shudders a little when slowly accelerating from a stop. The brakes are awesome as well.

- Jeffrey J

The ford focus 2017 review.

It has some problems getting up and going but it is very comfortable. It is also has very good gas mileage. It gets warm in the summer due to the fact that it is black. It is nice and small. Sometimes too small for my taller husband. It is nice and compact.

- Jessica L

Good travel car for small family.

Seats do not adjust well, but good gas mileage and features. Which there was an armrest/cup holder that folds down in the back. Good sound system and navigation. I really like the navigation screen size. I wish I had more storage options and bigger trunk.

- Jen R

I love the amount of mileage I get to get to the gallon.

My vehicle is perfect size for my child and I. It runs smoothly and I have not had many problem with it. The only problem is it isn't made for the winter time. I live off of a hill and my car could not make it up the hill during the winter when it snowed.

- Ann A

Start/stop function on Ford Focus

The vehicle is comfy and reliable. However sometimes the vehicle revs too high when I hit the gas pedal even a little. Also the start/stop option should be able to be turned off permanently instead of having to turn it off every time you turn the car on.

- Savannah P

Overall it is a good fit.

I really enjoy this car because it seems like a perfect fit for myself. Larger cars tend to intimidate me, but the Focus is a perfect size. The speed can be an issue, though, because it picks up speed very fast and that's my only concern when driving it.

- Devon K

Great performance and comfort for the price.

My Focus has quick acceleration, superb handling, and relatively good gas mileage. It has a heated steering wheel in addition to the two heated front seats which is a neat feature. The sunroof is a great feature especially when living close to the beach.

- James B

It�s a great little commuter car!

The dual clutch makes it kind of gutless when pushing on the accelerator at first, but after a couple seconds, it can really get up and go! I love the apple car play, heated steering wheel and seats, backup camera, remote start, and Wi-Fi availability.

- Sydney H

It�s an awesome car you won't regret it!

It's a super reliable. I feel like I'm driving a sports car at times. Everything is awesome in the car. I love taking my family in it. I would definitely recommend this car to other people who are looking for a new car. It's an awesome car. Go buy one

- Noah C

How a 2017 Ford focus is a great car

My car is good for long drive. I go to college far from home and what I do like about my care is that I do not have to worry about the long drive to go visit my family because my is somewhat new and I save gas and working on my car is not super hard.

- Rene A

Why I really love and appreciate my Ford Focus.

I love how easy it is to park. For a little car it does have a lot of pick up. Like that it is four doors. The horn does not sound like a wimpy little horn. I really enjoy that it has fog lights. They come in very handy especially, when it is snowing.

- Kathie T

Awesome standard features

It came with a backup camera. The car is small enough I can usually make sharp turns that other cars can't. It also gets great gas mileage. I have had it for almost two years now and it has never given me a problem. It has Bluetooth standard as well.

- Nicole M

The technology is very modern.

My Ford focus is the absolute best car I have owned, it gets amazing gas mileage and I can always rely on it to get me where I need to go. The seats are comfortable, technology inside is amazing and there’s plenty of room! I love my Ford focus!

- Haley W

The most important thing for others to know about my car is that it is a very good vehicle that can meet the needs of the average person.

I like my vehicle for the most part as it is worth the price. I wish that it had a navigation system instead of just the bluetooth. The back up camera screen in the car could be a little larger. Overall though, I've been very pleased with it.

- Tanya V

It is a good value for the money.

I like the size of the vehicle and the gas mileage. I am very satisfied with the amount of get up and go it has for a smaller engine. I am not as satisfied with how small the opening is of the trunk. It is hard to fit a box in the trunk.

- Stephanie S

Sporty economy vehicle that is great for commuting

The Ford Focus is a great fuel efficient economy car. I have the SEL which has many upgraded features such as a larger entertainment screen and apple carplay and android auto. It has a comfortable ride and comfortable interior.

- Stephen P

great performance and also a lot of technology too, I find it very complex and also with a lot of concept too, for me, all this is very important.

I have a car that usually does not have a lot of problems, they are economical and well reserved cars, it has a lot of performance and a lot of technology involved too, I think it is better development and also more complexity.

- john m

Fantastic gas mileage! I get 35 mpg

I love the gas mileage. I get 35 mpg. It drives great during the winter. I don't hate the size but I wish it was a little larger or had more trunk space. Built in gps would b nice also. Car is easy to maintain maintenance on.

- Erica P

it has a security system in it so if you would try to break in my alarm would go off

a few things i like about my car is the seats the driving features the seats a very comfortable to me things i don't like is how much force u have to use to put it in gear also i don't like the middle seat in the back .

- layla j

An interesting detail is that it does extremely well with miles per gallon.

I love all of the features and I love the exterior and interior design. The car is very reliable I have had no issues and it is very good on gas mileage as well. It is very roomy. I would highly recommend this model.

- Michele S

It is a very dependable, safe vehicle.

I love that I am the first owner of the vehicle. I really enjoy the touch screen radio and Bluetooth technology. It is definitely a step up from my previous car. However I do wish this one was a little more spacious.

- Thatcher C

Others should know that this car sometimes has the option to come as a hybrid as I was explained to. This could be a very cost saving perk.

I like that my vehicle is great on gas and easy to handle. It is a great car to use for city transportation. There is very limited space in the back seat specifically if the front seats are pushed back all the way.

- Sarah P

Great gas mileage!!! People that travel interstate or even local frequently will have great use of the gas.

My car gets great gas mileage and is big enough for myself. The downside is for taller people this car is small. Also, the interior is rather basic and no real thrills. It does have a backup camera which is a plus.

- Amy E

Fast economy car with no problems.

I has no problems very reliable. No performance issues. They taught me about the technological advances. Love the black interior. 100,000 mile guarantee from my dealer. Very much worth the money. I really love it.

- Russel E

It is just a car. I needed it for a vehicle. I am not fond of all the bells & whistles!

My vehicle is nice. I like it has everything I need & it is a smooth ride & has get up & go. I hate that it is too advanced. I do not need a back up camera,etc. I want a more basic car with a more basic price.

- Haley H

Quick review of 2017 Ford Focus SE Sedan.

Manual transmission Ford Fusion. It gets great gas mileage and has some nice features like bluetooth audio and cruise control. It is mainly used as a daily driver to and from work and is perfect for that.

- Nick M

This car has great gas mileage.

It is a great car with excellent gas mileage. I have the sel model so it has great interior features. It is quicker than your average car which makes it very fun, especially while using sport mode.

- Dylan S

Overall very good sedan style car that is dependable and easy on gas.

Like the fuel efficiency. It drives really nice. Very affordable. Only thing I don't like is there isn't a lot of room in the back for passengers but that's what you get when you buy a smaller car

- Matt N

It is not comfortable to drive.

The moonroof cover has melted black stuff all over it from inside the roof. The seats are very uncomfortable on long drives. The gas mileage is not as stated. The factory battery lasted 1 year.

- Michelle J

Its comfy, sporty, and responsible. Aside from the few minor issues I mentioned earlier, it's been rock solid reliable.

Its comfy, good on gas, and has nice cargo room. They Sync system however is fickle, Android Auto has connection issues, and like most Fords with the DDC Trans, it shifts hard in slow traffic.

- Bryan M

It's a great car for a great price and it has a lot of the little things that matter in a day to day setting.

I like the car because it is not only practical but it is sporty and fun. I have had cars like it in the past and have not had any issues with them. Overall good and reliable cars.

- John H

Could always use more leg room.

The Focus is a reasonably priced car that is an around-town workhorse. Although the tilt steering wheel provides the legroom that I need, that is generally not the case in many cars.


If you are short the mirrors are huge and often block your view.

I love the power I have, the Ford sync is great, love the front seats. I hate the rear seats, the turbo lag, that I have to fold down the second row to fit my mom's wheelchair in.

- Heather P

It is fun and strong and reliable.

I like it because it is small, sporty and has great gas mileage. I also love the body style and my hubs. There really is not anything I dislike about my car, affordable and cute.

- Pamela C

Ford may not be the top-ranked car in the class, but it is worth. The below-average price means it's also a solid value.

Ford is a good car. It delivers a smooth ride and capable handling, and while the base engine feels a little underpowered. The interior looks good. The seats are comfortable.

- Peter B

The Ford Focus is good on gas and does well on highways.

I love my car so far, they only thing is it has no extra features or anything. Just Bluetooth your phone to make calls. It gets your were you need and great gas mileage.

- Jackey D

The car stops running when you are at a stop sign or a stop light.

I like that it is small.. It is very economical, saves on gas and oil.. It has good take off speed.. I like that you can use cruise control and that also saves on gas..

- Gloria S

Focus is a great compact car

I have not any problems with the car. I get better gas mileage then the sticker states-about 35 mpg mixed over 40 mpg on the highway. Quiet interior and good ride.

- Craig B

Great car - low maintenance - great mileage.

Ford Focus is an excellent car. Great on gas, small yet roomy= comfortable 0- great car. Never had any major problems - car is very durable - no major maintenance.

- Nancy W

Small car that gets really good gas mileage and runs really well.

We have owned our car for about 7 months and it gets really good gas mileage and runs well. It is a little short on leg room, but I'm not very tall so it's okay.

- Laurie C

It has minimal features but gets me where I am going.

I bought it brand new. I like it because it's good on gas. My dislikes are that it's smaller than I thought at first, not enough leg room for back sit passengers.

- Joseph S

It's american made. It's a ford car and kind of fun. but it is a cheaper car and known for engine problems. the turbo is already pretty much maxed out from factory

i like that we can fit more in it than our mustangs, and that It's turbo charged. i don't like that it doesn't get that much greater gas mileage for a 4 cylinder

- jess C

It is electric. It's got a nice body style and can go 120 miles without needing a charge. Feels like a sports car.

My Ford Focus is electric. I love how fast and smooth it rides. I also enjoy not having to pay for gas and saving on harmful emissions. It is a great little car.

- Susan M

Ford Focus - Focusing on good mileage.

There are no issues with this car. Drives well. Good mileage. Hatchback trunk - with a removable cover. The back seats do not lay down as flat as I would like.

- John W

What my car means to me okay.

I love my car, it is nice and clean and have had no problems, I do like the technology and all the safety equipment that is on them, these days. Works for me.

- Michael H

Focus is fantastic and fine.

The Ford Focus is small yet comfortable. It is good on gas. It is also an affordable vehicle, while still having many features that more expensive cars have.

- Grace L

That it is mine. I chose it and it's gotten me through a lot.

Love the back up camera and the gas mileage I get with it. Has great pick up, handling and acceleration. Negative is that in mountains could use more power.

- Karen D

The Ford Focus All Electric Car is the smoothest driving car on the market.

IT is an all Electric Car. I tis the smoothest best driving car I have ever driven. It has also cut down on my fuel costs and has saved me a lot of money.

- Brandon D

Great gas mileage, have had no mechanical problems ever.

Love the size of it, easy to hand and gets fabulous gas mileage. No complaints, this is the third Focus I have owned and never had any problems with them.

- kay b

That they can save money by purchasing this vehicle.

I like how fuel efficient my car is. I enjoy it's interior layout; it's very comfy. It's an all around utilitarian vehicle and I'd recommend it to anyone.

- Shadow M

My focus it gets great gas mileage.

It is compact, comfortable, stylish and gets great gas mileage and I am very happy with the color. I cannot think of even on thing I dislike about my car.

- Judy P

Smooth and easy drive and ride.

Ford Focus is great - roomy/sunroof/all the electronic bells & whistles. Big trunk - enough phone charges for multiple people. Pretty good gas mileage

- Katie C

Number one every year, style, dynamic, engine.

I love the turbo and the sporty ness of the vehicle. I love the color and I love the seats. I love the looks of my car. Complaints is the cheap interior.

- Caleb C

The gas mileage and functions of the car.

I love my car. It is reliable and drives well. In addition, I get good gas mileage. I drive a lot for my job and only have to fill up about once a week.

- Madison E

It is a newer model and it is small so it does not have that much space in it.

I like that my vehicle is newer and that it is a smaller car. I dislike the color of my car and I also dislike that it does now have seat heaters in it.

- Alexis D

I think the most important thing is that it is great on gas.

I like the color, the way it looks. I like that it is great on gas. My dislikes are no leg room in the back. Very small on the inside. Needs more space.

- Melanie R

The great gas mileage ant the dependability. It is affordable to repair

The Focus gets great gas mileage. It is very dependable and easy to maintain. It does have annoying squeaks and rattles. Overall happy with vehicle.

- Michael C

No cruise feature is crazy for a 2017 car.

Love the details in the car. As far as technology goes it is amazing but the fact that the car doesn't hold the cruise feature is a little ridiculous.

- Elizabeth T

The interior is great and pretty.

I like the luxury but it has a lot of issues. I have had to take it into the shop about 3 times. The clutch went out on it before it hit 50k miles.

- Jessica H

It's a great value and very affordable. It is very dependable and we love it's space and versatility.

I love how it drives and handles. I love the comfort and gas mileage. It's very affordable on gas mileage also. The insurance is affordable also.

- Brian B

It has very good gas mileage.

I like the onboard GPS and new electronic features. I also like the steering wheel controls. I have no dislikes other than the plastic hub caps.

- Post A

The Ford Focus has a lot of blind spots that I was not expecting when I bought the car

My car is very comfortable to ride in and to drive in. It is great on gas and I have not had any engine or transmission problems with it so far.

- Dianna L

The car has good control and I like the camera on the back of the car.

I like the gas mileage. I don't like the air conditioner control. I like the size of the car. I like the trunk of the car. It's decently priced.

- Amy S

It is safe and drives and handles very well.

Very comfortable and safe driving. The seats are comfortable and the car is roomy enough to even lay down in the backside if you need to rest.

- Linda K

The car is the best on fuel efficiency and looks great

It's a great car the hatch back is really recommended instead of the coupe. White is the sportier looking color to get the car in runs smooth

- Kara E

Great backup camera, spacious interior

The back up camera is great, I don't like the size, and the cup holder could be bigger. I love the mirrors, but it could use cool functions.

- Winston P

It is good value for the price

It is easy to drive, reasonably comfortable, and meets all my needs. I wish it got better gas mileage, but overall I am pretty satisfied.

- David F

Very reliable and great on gas

It's a great small car. Great price too. Has Bluetooth features. Very good on gas just has a lot of miles due to being my primary vehicle.

- Terra M

I like to keep it clean and neat.

I enjoy how small and compact it is. It has great safety ratings. However, the transmission lags quite a bit when taking off from a stop.

- Ella M

It is dependable and fuel efficient. I consider it basic transportation.

The family vehicle is a 4 cylinder 4 door car. So far, it has been dependable, but I miss the acceleration I had with my prior vehicles.

- Russell W

That it's a fun car for someone that needs a reliable car.

I love that it has a backup camera. Satellite radio. I don't not like that the back up camera does not have beeping sounds when I back up

- Becky N

Very nice Car it very good on gas Milages

It is a very nice car it runs very smoothly. The features are very detailed. I love driving it. I would recommended this cars to others.

- Marilyn J

Ac, radio, adjustable seat height.

I love my car. It gets me to work, dr appts, and where ever else I may need to go, fits all 3 kids in it perfect and plenty of legroom.

- Lauren G

I love my Ford Focus we 2017. It's great on gas.

I love my car. It's a really pretty color and it is great on gas mileage. It has had a transmission problem one time that I had fixed.

- Tonya S

The ford focus st is fast.

I love the stair is fun to drive. The car will get up and go because of the manual and turbo. I hope to have this car for a long time.

- Jeannita K

My 2017 Ford Focus is the color blue.

My vehicle is a 2017 Ford Focus. The color of my 2017 Ford Focus is blue. The interior is black leather. It has 15,000 miles on it.

- David M

Great gas mileage, great design

I really enjoy my car because it gets great gas mileage. I am currently getting approximately 29 mpg and it saves me a lot of money.

- Lauren S

It is a good car and is very safe.

Very comfortable, lots of good features and a very safe driving vehicle. Lots of room in car for passengers and good trunk space.

- Honda A

The Ford Focus is very dependable and you can't beat the price.

I like the size of the vehicle, not too big or too small. No complaints about any of the Ford cars I've owned, past and current.

- Cheryl T

My car is reliable and drives well.

I like the size and color of my car. I enjoy the gas mileage the car gets. After switching I realized I didn't need a big car.

- Kelley L

This car has great gas mileage. I drive a lot and typically only have to fill up once a week.

I have had this car for a year and I've had no problems it is reliable. I love the heated seats and that I don't need a gas cap.

- Brittany M

It is compact but efficient in usage. It looks great

I have owned a focus prior to and upgraded to this one. I love the hatchback. Love the gas mileage. The look and feel of it.

- Megan H

One the best cars I have ever own is what they should know

Very countable ride I never seen any problems with it yet and I've put 50000 miles on my car and it still runs like a dream

- Corey L

It gets about 26 mpg city and 33 mpg highway.

I like the size and available options, however I regret not getting the navigation. Nothing else I dislike about the focus.

- Cheryl T

2017 Ford focus an excellent vehicle.

It is a great car. Very reliable with no issues at all after driving for 8, 000 miles and 14 months. I recommend this car.

- Jamie L

It drives nice and gets good gas mileage.

The car is too small. I should have gotten something else. It is fairly easy to park. I does not have much pick up and go.

- Lyn C

It is economical and fun to drive. It makes you feel like you are driving a sports car.

It has an awesome sound system. It is compact and fun to drive. It is great on gas mileage and it is a beautiful color!!

- Regina A

Reliable, good gas mileage, and easy to drive.

I love the gas mileage. It look small and sporty. I hate it is low clearance in the snow. I get stuck every time it snows.

- Kathie M

I is not for a growing family. My daughter is 5'11" and if she is in the front and my 8 yr old granddaughter sits behind her they both do not fit comfortably.

I am use to larger cars but that is all i could get. I have a growing family and in a yr or so I will need a larger car.

- Haydee B

It is a very dependable car.

Like gas mileage and dislike small size I need more room for my dogs and groceries. But I do like the price of the car.

- Stephanie N

It makes a great commute car.

It is fashionable and rides smoothly. It is fun to drive. It has decent cargo space. I dislike the smaller back seat.

- Tina E

It had great gas mileage and it has awesome new technology

I don't like the color it's a boring charcoal gray but love the gas economy and the size is perfect for a single girl

- Gaby B

it fits my lifestyle and my mood

i like that it has a rear view camera.i like it great on gas.i like the color black in a car,i like just enough room.

- frank m

The car is economical to own, comfortable and reliable..

The car is economical and good on gas. The car is very reliable. The car is comfortable and represents a good value.

- Pete f

Technical is great. I have no problems with the vehicle to complain about.

I love my vehicle. Nothing is wrong. The sunroof is great. Service at Ford is great. The technical is working great.

- Lisa A

It is safe. I got rear ended a few months ago. Other car was totaled, my car and passengers were fine.

I like the style and features of my car. It has four doors which is great with 2 children. I feel safe in the car.

- Molly W

That I absolutely love it! It's awesome!

I love the size & shape of the vehicle. It's sleek & sporty. It doesn't look cheap, but it's a very affordable car.

- Robert Z

It's good value for the price.

I like that it gets decent gas mileage and has heated seats. I do not like that it has a clutch shuddering problem.

- Aaron T

Ford Fusion and why I like it.

It is a very fuel efficient vehicle; it runs smooths. But the computer in the engine sometimes gives me an issue.

- Mary Rose M

It is comfortable, economic and look nice.

I like the feeling of a small car and comfort at the same time. Do not like that it is not an AWD. No power seat.

- Sonia O

I like it and the features I use. It has nice mileage and reliability with all the sensors that help me get the most out of my car.

I really like having cruise control. It's also a nice soft gold color. The Bluetooth is invaluable to me as well.

- clarissa l

Dependable car that doesn't cost a fortune. Easy to drive.

Runs well. Doesn't get the gas mileage that was advertised. Comfortable seats. Good air conditioning. Moonroof.

- Bunny A

Reliable vehicle with good features

Sometimes the transmission sticks a little. Overall a good car. Has a sync system for my phone to play my music.

- Jason K

i love how you can control it rather than just using automatic mode

i love the automobile because it has safety standards and it built to last a lifetime when taking well care of

- phi w

The quality of the car is reliable. No more breakdowns on the side of the road.

My Ford Focus delivers a reliable way of transportation. It is very dependable. It provides the luxury I need.

- Jan D

Family friendly and safe and eco friendly

Gas doesn't last and pretty small needs to be a little bigger . Love the speed and color and reliability good

- Kim K

Small but comfortable car.

It is not as fast as I wanted. It has enough room for my whole family, and I would say it is very comfortable.

- Alex P

the brand and the comfort that it offers

I am totally happy with my current car because the brand gives me safety, comfort and innovation, I love ford


A great car I would recommend to buy, which is better for people with limited income and I advise them

The car is great, fairly compact and comfortable and meets the needs of the family but the car is expensive

- Eugene B

Ford Focus is an amazing car

Car is very reliable. It is very spacious even with a car seat in the back plenty of room. Car runs good.

- Cassandra S

The transmission is known to go out in the car.

Ford focus are known for there transmission to go out. That is my only complaint. Overall I love the car.

- Zach C

The backup camera is super reliable.

I love that my Focus has a backup camera, that it isn't bulky, and that it fits my car seat like a champ!

- Maria E

Nice little car. Great on gas

Has backup camera. Like it, drives nice, just a little small. Trunk has decent amount of storage for size

- Kim H

Working performance vehicle

II have no problems with my vehicle since my vehicle is still new. Everything is working just fantastic.

- Annie D

Affordable, good gas mileage.

Pretty comfortable, good back seat and trunk space, easy handling, have trouble with lights staying on.

- Hannah L

Ford Focus, good for your wallet.

Fuel efficient, comfortable, inexpensive. I enjoy driving by gas stations, with 42 miles per gallon.

- William F

Extremely safe and easily drivable in all occasions and environments

Safe, good mileage, maintenance is minimal, comfortable riding for driver and passengers, well-built

- Janet S

This vehicle has the convenient backup camera.

The 2017 Ford Focus is very reliable and gets very good gas mileage a about 27-28 miles per gallon.

- Alexandra I

It gets great gas mileage. It has a big trunk, I can program my phone to it for hands free calls.

Easy on gas & easy to park. Having trouble with it coasting backward on hill. Shop didn't fix it.

- Ruth J

It's a perfect daily driver. The perfect combination of fun to drive and practicality.

Quick, fun to drive. Great transmission, lots of torque. Hatchback for practicality. Looks great.

- Mike M

It is a ford and gets great gas mileage around town

Great gas mileage. Good to running around and cheap to drive to work. Plenty of trunk space.

- dot b

It is very reliable and inexpensive to drive. I use the car to get around town for less.

I think that I would prefer a fancy car with luxury finish. The car has economic finishes

- Priscilla a

it gets great gas mileage in the city and on the highway

It gets good gas mileage It has great air conditioning small but not too small looks nice

- Laura S