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My daily joy... my Ford Focus!

2014 Ford Focus Titanium

I love my 2014 Ford Focus! I bought it used and came from a SUV to this and was a little afraid it would be too small for large grocery runs but I've yet to be dissatisfied! I've been able to fit $423.17 of groceries, all bags, in the back plus 4 cases of water, a new laundry basket, microwave in its new box, and a stick vacuum in it all in one trip with no problem and there was still PLENTY of space for a large suitcase and then some! Yes, I forgot I had this car when I was shopping! Lol but after that day I've never worried again about how much I could get in it! Anyway, besides space, this car is comfortable and has everything you could ask for in a vehicle and all at your fingertips. I especially like the fact that the lock/unlock button for the doors is on the front dash panel so you or the passenger can reach it. It's all upfront! Heating/cooling is at your fingertips or on screen. There are many different positions for the driver's seat: up, down, forward, back. If you can't see out of this car and be comfortable you'll never find a car! The gas mileage is GREAT! I only fill up once a week and I drive everywhere and sit in traffic 30+ mins both ways to work. I'm in love with the fact that it doesn't have a gas cap! It's amazing that the door to it seals it up and is so much faster at gas stations! Love it! This vehicle handles like I dream too! I just got rid of my Cadillac SRX and you couldn't trade me another car for my Ford Focus! I'm in love! Buy yourself one and you'll experience my daily joy!

- Patricia S

Manual's make driving a novel experience every time.

2014 Ford Focus

The only issue I have with my car is that when I got it had 78, 000 miles on it. I got my car in 2017, it was only 3 years old, but that is not ford's fault. I love my car because it is a manual. Driving a manual is always an experience. The reason I bought a new vehicle was because my last one was having so many problems. My last car was a 2002 Ford Escape and it would break down every 3 months. I have had my Focus for 1. 5 years now and I have yet to have any problems where it has failed me. I recently bought new tires and had to change my transmission fluid (I just reached 95, 000 miles). The only thing about the Escape I miss, that the Focus does not have, is the 4 wheel drive. I have yet to drive it home, so I do not know how it does in the snow. One of my favorite features on my Focus is the heated seats. It makes my driving in cold mornings a lot more comfortable. Overall my experience so far has been very pleasing. I would by a second Focus in the future. I really like the ones with the hatchbacks and the newer models are very sleek. Another feature that my 2014 Focus has, that I really enjoy, is the bluetooth and sync capabilities. It makes driving long distances more enjoyable. However, recently I have noticed a slight issue with the windshield wipers, they freeze every now and then. This might be because I recently swapped them out.

- Lee Anna B

The Ford Focus is both reliable and comfortable.

2014 Ford Focus

Some of the things I like about my car are that it gets great gas mileage and is very reliable - it has never broken down in the almost 5 years I have owned it, even after I have driven it across the country multiple times. In addition it has heated seats (as part of the winter package) which come in handy during the colder months. I have also never had an issue driving in the snow, even without winter tires. The Bluetooth features are also very useful, especially with the new hands-free driving laws here in Georgia. I also like that my side mirrors have blind spot mirrors on them for increased visibility. The back seats are also fairly roomy for a small car and it is small enough to fit into tight spots but also large enough to comfortably fit all my friends as well as our luggage in the trunk. I also like that my car alerts me when the tire pressure is low and has a display above the steering wheel showing the current miles per gallon, trip information, vehicle information, and estimated miles left in the gas tank, as well as other things. Recently, though, it has had some transmission issues and it does not accelerate nearly as quickly or smoothly as it used to. I took it in to get fixed about a year ago and it was fine for a little while but the issues have started coming back. Other than that I love my car!

- Haley B

Very disappointing. I will definitely not look at Ford vehicles for my next car.

2014 Ford Focus Titanium

I was excited When I bought the car. The fuel mileage was great and it seemed to run perfect. Within a few weeks, I began to notice a 'jerk' when I was accelerating after stopping. My husband thought it was the transmission. Sure enough, when we called, we were told that my model car was known for its transmission problems. Apparently this was a known fact that no one thought to share with us BEFORE we made the purchase. My fuel mileage has dropped drastically from average 40 mpg to average 27 mpg. No one can or will tell me why this happened. I have serviced the car regularly. I have roughly 65,000 miles on the car and have put at least four sets of good quality tires on it. The inside area of the back driver's side tire wears a lot faster than anywhere else. I was told it needed to be balanced. I have taken and had it balanced two or three times and it has not improved. The 'miles to empty' feature does not give you much warning either. The light comes on around 30 miles to empty and you might make it 10 miles before it leaves you out of gas on the side of the road. There are no air conditioner vents for the back seat which is a BIG problem. I will never buy another car without back seat vents! I have been very disappointed in my Ford Focus. I definitely will look elsewhere for my next car.

- Judy H

Great vehicle but known transmission issues.

2014 Ford Focus

While I love my car, it fits me well as a petite woman. The car is comfortable and drives well with a little road noise. The hatchback area is large enough to hold several 40lb bags of soil or mulch plus other items. With the two seats folded down you could even fit an adult sized bike back there (you do have to leave the hatch open but secured down). I have gotten over 40 mpg on the highway and usually average 27. 4 mpg around town. I bought this vehicle used 2 years ago. The only downside I can tell you about this vehicle is the dual clutch transmission needs to have clutch packs installed at least once a year. I do not put many miles on my car, probably less than 10k so someone else may need to have these clutch packs replaced more often. While the service is currently under warranty I plan on selling my vehicle before it goes out of warranty as I have heard the replacement costs are very expensive out of warranty. You will know when you need this work done to your transmission because the car will balk and slip upon acceleration. The Ford service department has told me this car was built to be driven hard which is not my style. Bottom line, if they ever get this transmission issue figured out this would be a great car.

- Susan H

Great reliable car that is built for heavy use

2014 Ford Focus Base

Problems: A few recalls one for the door latch and one for the gas gage, the automatic engine sometimes stutters when you drive on the interstate for awhile and then go back to driving on city roads. Both of the recalls were fixed for free at a Ford dealership, which is extremely easy and accessible! Performance: Great Performance! I love my car it has driven me all of the US and I have not had huge problems with it that can't be easily fixed Reliability: Extremely Reliable. My parents got me this car because it is so reliable Comfort: Very comfortable for all riders. Driver seat is perfect for long trips on your back and many places to rest arms while driving long distances. Back seat is spacious as well as the passenger seat! Trunk is also huge and easily able to fill with many items. I have used this car to move me into two houses and it has helped make for less trips! Features: The radio is great, I do wish I had Sirius XM. I also love the bluetooth options. I have had some trouble with getting my hands free to call people, but my sister has the same car and has no trouble, so I am guessing it is my phone settings!

- Allison H

Full of Problems Since Day 1

2014 Ford Focus SE

My 2014 Ford Focus has been nothing but a problem since I first bought it in 2014. The transmission has 'skipped' and not shifted in time since the day it came in. At first I was told by the dealer that this is normal until the car learns your driving habits, but it is now 5 years later and I'm still having the same problem. There's is a recall on the transmission that apparently has 'no Ford-approved fix' meaning that my local dealership refuses to fix it. On top of this recall, there are also several others including doors that will spontaneously unlock/open while driving and a fuel tank that will suction in on itself, both of which are incredibly dangerous. While this car is full of problems, I will say that the features are nice. I like having Sync and the ability to link my phone to the car via Bluetooth for hands-free calling and Spotify/Pandora/gps. The seats are fairly comfortable even on long car trips and the hatchback trunk has plenty of space. These good features, however, do not outweigh the fact that the car is almost undrivable because of the transmission problems and constant check engine lights.

- Katherine G

Keeping my child safe with my ford focus.

2014 Ford Focus SE

The only negative issues I have had with my focus happened due to recalls that I was informed of by mail. The dealership worked on my car expeditiously. Other than that I have had no problems with my car. The fact that there has been three recalls since I bought it three years is a concern to me. I may think about that the next time I am in the market to buy another vehicle. I love the features on my car. There are many but the two I love the most are being able to charge my phone and sync it to my car so I can talk, text, and receive messages all from a touch on my steering wheel. The other feature I love so much is the mykey. My daughter drove my car every day while living at home. I could program her key to have special safety aspects like not being able to listen to radio if her seatbelt is not on. That is very important to me. One of the features I do not like is manual seat adjustments. I feel my car is a new enough model for that. I also wish the seats were a little more comfortable. My car has never broken down. It is the perfect size for me as I am only 5'1'. All in all I am very happy with my ford focus.

- Stacy H

Ford Focus -- reliable and dependable vehicle.

2014 Ford Focus

I have had my 2014 Ford Focus for about three years now, and it still drives like new. The transmission that I have is described as a manual transmission that will shift automatically. I did experience an issue a year ago, where my transmission needed to be "reprogrammed". One of the ways this is caused is by having more than one individual drive the vehicle. Frankly, I wasn't handling my vehicle with care at the time. Since having the reprogramming repair, the car drives excellent! It has really comfortable seats (non-leather), fast auto-defrost, and heating/ac, and the gas mileage is the best--as I am able to get about 26 mpg. This vehicle is perfect for those just beginning to drive, as it is a really small vehicle, and you seem to have a great amount of control. Other features includes: Sirius XM radio subscription, and Bluetooth. You can also program the vehicle to show you the distance per trip, and how many miles you have until you are out of gas. I would definitely upgrade to the 2019 Ford Focus, as I do trust the Ford brand, and haven't had any major problems with my vehicle.

- Vanessa B

Easy to drive, love my hatchback Focus se upgraded model.

2014 Ford Focus

The transmission had to be replaced recently, 4 years into having the vehicle. Luckily t had an extended warranty from afore because this was an issue they keep about. Thankfully I didn't have to pay for that. Otherwise I do enjoy my car especially with that transmission fixed. I tested quite a few Ford Focus vehicles, all used. I hated most because the dash was not like the one I got that was super upgraded. It has a navigation system. The seats are pleather. It has awesome black rims and a subwoofer. The previous owner must have gotten it with the upgrades. Also black interior. The other ones I test drove were the ugly tan interior with tan cloth seats. I have the Focus se hatchback which has lots of room in the trunk. Negative note the back seat passengers have low leg room. Especially if someone in the front is tall then the legroom in the back is compromised. I would give up about two inches of trunk space for an extra 2 inches of legroom for back seat passengers.

- Susan S

Positives for owning a ford focus well made vehicle with excellent gas mileage.

2014 Ford Focus SE

Low maintenance, rarely requires any than routine check ups. Runs well on major freeways [San Francisco] easy to pass or change lanes and keep up with the flow of traffic white color good appearance hatchback with extra carrying capacity for larger shopping trips. Seats passengers comfortable with ample leg room and space to move in car excellent gas mileage greater than 30 miles per gallon has the power to easily go up mountain highways passes of eight thousand feet. Bluetooth very helpful for cell phones will traveling good stereo system to relax while listening to CDs or radio nice system of telling you on the front seat panel of need for gas in miles that can be driven, miles driven, computer alerts driver to any difficulty with car such s tire low or other problems that may require mechanical intervention, front wheel drive does allow for some driving in compact snow and ice situation very steady with little sliding.

- Mary Y

Fast and preppy but poor transmission and cheap materials are a problem.

2014 Ford Focus SE

4 Recalls completed. Very low initial entry price. Week transmission that causes jolts and grinding sounds, but Ford has extended the warranty to 150K. Great on gas mileage (34 MPG city/ highway) preppy, and fast acceleration. Back seat not suitable for adults over 6' (will have to bend their legs) Minor other problems/quirks like the clock not working (you have to remove and put back in the fuse) to get it to work and the back seats fail to latch so every time you have to make a hard stop, the back seats recline (when nobody is sitting of them of course) Not recommended for long distance travel due to transmission overheating, but Ok for commutes/errands. Easy to use info-radio-and Sync controls to your cell phone. Easy handling and quiet interior for its class. Cardboard/felt interior back hatch cover is of poor quality and must be removed to store large items in back.

- Daniel M

Ford focus hatchback 2014

2014 Ford Focus S

The only problems I have had with this car are the gas gage, door latches, and power steering. This car is great on gas mileage when you have to travel for work or school. The back seats can be folded to where the trunk space is more spacious. The seats do not fold flat down so there is an angle when putting stuff on top of the folded seats. Car has a speaker Bluetooth that is easy to set up to receive calls or text messages. Bad part about this is if you allow it to have access to your text messages it will disrupt your music or whatever is playing on your speakers until the notification is removed. Love having a hatchback truck because I can sit in my trunk space when doing outdoor activities. Since having the car I have only had to replace the battery one time since having the car. All around a great car minus the car problems and wishing it was a higher vehicle.

- Cheyenne H

2014 Ford Focus Hatchback: seems like a great car but has bad transmission problems

2014 Ford Focus

I own a Ford Focus Hatchback. I like the car because it's really good on gas. It had really low miles when I bought it and was a great price.However, the transmission had to be replaced only a few days after purchasing. It was used when I bought it but was only 3 years old and already the transmission was going out. So I got it replaced with the warranty, no out of pocket, that was about a year ago. About six months ago the transmission started to slip again and now my car is no longer under warranty. So if/when I have to replace the transmission again I will have to pay for it myself. After doing some research, this car has a special transmission that has a reputation of going out. If I could chose over again, I would not have chosen to purchase this car even with the low miles. It's only at 44k now and about to have a third transmission...

- Lauren B

Faulty transmission in the Ford Focus.

2014 Ford Focus

The 2014 Ford Focus has a special transmission that is both standard and automatic (at least that is what a mechanic tried explaining to me). This causes the car to stutter when accelerating. I noticed this problem weeks after purchasing the vehicle and it has gotten worse since then. I also do not like the steering in my car; I have rented and driven 4 or 5 other vehicles since purchasing my car, and I notice the steering on those vehicles is much smoother. As far as comfort, I would say my car is less comfortable than most of the other vehicles I have driven in the past few years. I feel I made a mistake purchasing the Ford Focus without doing the proper research/test driving. As a lesson learned, I will definitely be doing more research before purchasing my next vehicle. I doubt it will be a ford.

- Sarah F

Reliable, comfortable, and efficient car

2014 Ford Focus SE

My Ford Focus receives good gas mileage (roughly 28 miles per gallon with city driving), is easy to maintain, is comfortable and has newer features. Problems have occurred regarding manufacturer recalls including my back passenger door handle no longer closing due to a malfunction in the latch (which resulted in having to have someone ride in the backseat while holding the door closed in order to drive it to the dealer for a replacement latch) as well as malfunctions with the shifter (it should be noted I have an automatic vehicle) which resulted in lagged shifting and a vibration in the car while driving. This had to be replaced twice; however since then I have had no additional problems and the car has served my purposes well including out of state highway driving and a daily 30 minute commute.

- Mollie P

Comfortable car with limited trunk space.

2014 Ford Focus

The car had a horrible shutter for about the first year I owned it, but after a recall they were able to fix the problem, which was great. The trunk is pretty small but the back 2 seats fold down to make more space. Just not ideal for people in the backseat and needing trunk space. The Sync doesn't always work well but it hasn't bothered me much. The gas mileage is great and I like the way the car drives. I really find driving the car to be comfortable. The seat is nice and adjusts well. The only problem is that the air conditioner hits you directly at your feet and/or your face so your middle section doesn't get good airflow and during the summer it can get warm. I love the touch screen and the seat warmers. The auto start is amazing during winter! I am really happy with the car.

- Rachele C

Require specialty tires making the price double to get new tires.

2014 Ford Focus

I had a couple recalls done on it, one being the transmission problem and 2 others that I am not sure exactly was wrong. I also have one recall for the door latch that the dealership that works on my car, never has in stock. So I get tons of water in my passenger side back door, where I have my car seat for my two year old. When it rains the water gets in so bad! And when the dealership orders the recall part, they tell me it will take about 3 months to get the part in. That was about 4 months ago, and still haven't received a phone call. Also I guess the tires on my car call for a special size, which makes it twice as expensive as regular tires, which are already expensive! So I am not looking forward to that high bill. But all and all I like my car and it is very fitting for my lifestyle.

- Autumn M

It gets great gas mileage.

2014 Ford Focus

The 2014 Ford Focus se is getting 34. 3 mpg mostly highway. This is the best it is gotten since we bought it December 26, 2013. It has had a lot of issues with a transmission component called the clutch assembly. This component has been replaced a least 6 times. We had an oil leak that cost almost $1000 to repair. The weather stripping around the driver’s door has been replaced 3 times. There is plenty of legroom if you are sitting in the front seat. If you are sitting in the back seat there is 0 legroom unless the person in front of you is short. It is difficult to get in and out of the back seat. The trunk design is horrible because we can not fit anything with any depth into the trunk. Overall, if we had to do it over we would have stuck with the 2010. Ford Focus or the Ford Escape.

- Marcia W

It has all basic necessities with overwhelming add ons.

2014 Ford Focus

My vehicle is very reliable. I have not had any issues with it. It is comfortable and it heats up pretty quickly during the winter. The heated seats are extremely nice and heat up faster than the car. I love the Bluetooth feature because I can play music from phone without any chords and I can answer my phone even if it is in my bag. It does everything that I really need it to do. I have driven it long distances without any problems, but typically I drive it short distances to and from work. It is very affordable in terms of gas and maintenance. I also appreciate that I can see how soon I will need to get gas in terms of miles. The only quirk is that sometimes it will seem to drop abruptly and then when I get in the car again, the miles until I will be empty is higher.

- Jessica V

Looks good; inside and out. Leather seats that are heated, sunroof. Good mpg.

2014 Ford Focus

It lacks power, it's a cheaper made car, with cheaper parts and more plastic. You can hear road noise and air and other noises while driving the car. So far it has been an okay car for driving around, by no means high end. It has some good qualities like, sunroof, leather seats and heated, and it's not a bad looking car. Has Sirius radio and CD player, powered windows and locks. It is a standard which I prefer over automatic. It is front wheel drive only, very light car, does not do well in snow, very low to the ground. The up keep on the parts on it are fairly cheap and easy to replace and fix yourself with a little time. The average mpg is 30. 5 to the gallon. I would recommend this car if your looking to get into a car quick and cheap and to save a little money.

- Morgan N

My ford focus: a reliable, sleek, sporty, everyday car.

2014 Ford Focus Titanium

The thing I love most about my car is the e85 gas. It really makes my long commutes more worth it and my gas lasts longer. I also love the heated seats, the my-ford touch system, and of course the look of the car. It is a very reliable car and has a good size trunk for packing and large loads. I have never had any problems with the engine or anything else in the car. I feel the hatchback is a very sporty look, and makes the car look different than other cars. The my-ford touch system is super easy to control, and have iHeartRadio installed for those that have a membership. The car all together is user friendly and it is easy to get use to. The hands free voice command is also very nice, I still haven't figured out everything it can do!

- Brae D

Focus have great gas mileage!

2014 Ford Focus

Focus has great gas mileage and has been perfect for me driving across two states as often as I do. In the four years I have had the vehicle, I have had minimal issues. The only concern I have is when I take off from a stoplight, the car does seem to go right away. Ford keeps saying it is just because the car has a manual transmission in an automatic car(which explains the great gas mileage). The only other problem I had is the lug nuts were hard for triple a or others to take off due to odd size. Triple a stated it might just be the lug nuts had caps on them. I am not sure whether that is a feature on sports edition which is what I purchased or whether all Focus have them. Overall, I have been happy with my Focus.

- Bonnie F

Love the focus, 2014 has defect.

2014 Ford Focus Titanium

Ford has always been a brand I have trusted. I love my focus. I also love the maintenance care and warranty that came with me vehicle. There is one issue with my specific year, the 2014 has a shifting defect. The car has a dual automatic clutch, which means as you speed up and shift gears, the computer in the car is shifting for you, using the clutch. However, the car does not shift properly and burns up the clutch every 40ish thousand miles and I have to take it in to get it replaced. Ford always pays for it since it is a problem with that year make. If I had done more research and found this out prior to buying the car, I would have bought a different year. But I would have stayed with the focus, I love it.

- Whitney C

Fantastic commuter car! Sleek design and smooth ride.

2014 Ford Focus SE

Really reliable car. Brakes very well, steers smoothly. I love all the tech in my car. Bluetooth connection is very easy to work with. My car has a sunroof that makes the car feel very spacious and open. The overall design of the car (interior and exterior) is very sleek and modern. Gas mileage is perfect for a everyday driving, and long trips. The car is comfortable and the ride is very smooth. The only negative to the car is it has a problem with shifting just when you accelerate from being completely stopped. It's a problem with the engine design. I had my car looked at from the Ford dealership and they assured me it is not damaging the engine whatsoever. Other than that problem, I love my Ford Focus.

- Rachel A

The Ford Focus: Trunk Space of a Fan, Feel of a Ferrari

2014 Ford Focus SE

My vehicle drives extremely smoothly. It feels great to drive and has just enough torque power to make it feel like a sports car. It has leather seats on the interior, and a well circulating air conditioning system. It does sometimes have engine roughness and problems that have been relatively expensive to fix, but for the most part the car is extremely reliable. For me, it gets about 27 miles per gallon, which has been incredible. To fill it all the way up will give you about 420 miles to empty, and it has never costed me anything over 30 dollars total. I would highly recommend the ford focus to anyone interested in a safe and reliable car that has the trunk-space of a van but drives like a sports car.

- Noah C

Love my focus. Reliable day in and day out.

2014 Ford Focus SE

My 2014 ford focus se sedan has got to be the most reliable car I have ever owned. I have had it for going on 2 years and have not experienced any major problems aside from brake lights being at. The only issues I have saw is that when accelerating from being at a red light or stop sign there can be a shaky feeling when once started. It is an extremely smooth ride as well as having a really sporty and luxurious look while being a financially friendly vehicle. I have leather interior which is extremely easy to clean. Sound system is phenomenal (I use the stock stereo and speakers.) Very affordable, very reliable, very good gas mileage, there is no better car on the market in this price bracket.

- Austin H

The best part is that it tells you how many miles 'til the car is on e.

2014 Ford Focus

I love my Ford Focus. It is really good on gas and it is Bluetooth which is a great feature. It is a compact car so it is really great for young adults maybe even teens. The only problem that I have had with my car is a transmission malfunction which was solved by restarting the computer. It is a very common car and the older Ford Focus last a long time. On a scale from 1 to 5 I rate my Ford Focus a 4 because I love everything about it except the part about the transmission malfunction. I would recommend my car to other people especially people with only one child or young people or maybe even older adults. I plan on keeping my car for as long as it will last which I hope is a very long time.

- Sequoia L

Happy ford focus owner with dependable and economical transportation.

2014 Ford Focus SE

Easy controls, very responsive, handles well, and holds to the road. Gets very good gas mileage and, so far, have had no costs other than regular maintenance such as oil change, tires, tire rotation, etc. . The only issues I have had are concerning the installed media programs linking smart phones, bluetooth and the like. I am totally clueless about such things. Really do not want or need them but have occasionally (and unknowingly) accidentally hit or activated something and messages, calls, or alerts have come through my radio. I then get my granddaughter to undo whatever it is and we're back to normal. Would rather not have all that stuff but it came on the car. Not a big deal!

- Patty D

The greatest gas mileage. Ever!!

2014 Ford Focus

I just absolutely love my vehicle! I have had not one problem or issue with this vehicle other then something that was my fault, I ran over a nail. Ugh! Personally I would give this vehicle a ten star rating. Now, with that being said I find my vehicle to be very reliable. It has never had to go to the shop for anything! It is comfortable, (I have leather seats), even on long drives. The vehicle drives smooth. It is affordable, and looks nice. My most loved feature is the great gas mileage, even driving through the Ozark mountains I get 33 mpg. I do wish that I had a touch screen with navigation however, my phone works just fine and is compatible through USB port and Bluetooth.

- Melissa A

How fun it is to drive the Focus ST with that feeling of the solid hookup with the manual transmission. The hill holder on the brakes is perfect.

2014 Ford Focus

I bought this Ford Focus ST because it was a great compromise between gas mileage (as an everyday driver) and enough power to "get out of its own way". I like the handling of the car and the fact that it comes with a manual transmission. Less to go wrong that way. No power seats either for less to go wrong. The braking is great. I like to buy these types of cars because they tend to handle and brake better than the run-of-the-mill cars. When it comes to complaints I have to grouse about the torque steer problem. I've heard that the new Honda Type R has pretty much solved that problem. What happened to Ford. Now I hear that Ford is abandoning its car line. Bummer.

- Gary P

Ford Focus - good looks, not as great transmission

2014 Ford Focus SE

Overall, I have loved my Ford focus. The most important thing to me is gas mileage and safety, which Ford does a pretty good job at. I also like for my car to look unique and like 'me.' So many cars look the same nowadays. My car is bright blue and it's very pretty. I still have several people say, wow that's a good looking car. It gets good gas mileage and sits higher than some cars. However, I have had some problems with it. This model changed to a dual-clutch transmission and I've had issues with a transmission on and off. The car doesn't have as much power and doesn't have the new amenities like a backup camera or Lane assist, which I would really like in the future.

- Melanie B

Stylish, fast, reliable commuter vehicle

2014 Ford Focus SE

I have had no major issues with my vehicle since purchasing it used at 38,000 miles. The interior is very comfortable and the car is the perfect size for commuting and parking efficiently. The outside is stylish and attractive, and I often think about how happy I am with my purchase when I go to get in my car. Mine is black and the shimmer is the paint is perfect on a sunny day, yet the interior does not get as hot as I would have expected for a black car. The AC and heat both are excellent, and the car features a few unique things like the interior lights on the doors and floor that can be changed to a bunch of different colors. I love this car!

- Katie P

Ford Focus - Small and buggy but works for a family on a budget

2014 Ford Focus

Our Ford Focus meets the needs of our family fairly well and fit within our budget at the time of purchase. It is small, but we still fit two car seats in the back and go on weekend trips with some luggage. We have had problems with the transmission and have gone through several steps to repair which were all covered under a recall. We also have issues with the stereo and controls on the steering wheel, but are unsure if this has to do with how the car was manufactured or if it has to do with an accident it was in involving a deer before we bought it. We plan to spend more the next time we buy a vehicle, but it was a good choice at that time.

- Olivia M

Get the scoop on the Ford Focus.

2014 Ford Focus

The car is great on gas. It does not take much money to fill the tank all the way up. It makes for great traveling or using for long distances. However, it is a very small car, so it is not a great family car. Especially if you have a 6 foot 3 teenager. Trust me; they have a hard time fitting in the back seat. I have also seen quite a bit of mechanical failure since I have had the car. Especially around the wheel areas. Like I said, it is a good car for a couple people to travel a short distance, because the fuel costs are so great. Just keep in mind before purchasing one of these, you are not going to have passengers very often.

- Crystal C

Ford Focus-sporty and dependable.

2014 Ford Focus

I love my Ford Focus titanium hatchback. It has features such as back up camera, Bluetooth controls for phone, Audio and climate control and navigation. It has leather seats. I like the hatchback because you can put the back seats down to carry bigger items or for lots of shopping. It has a non skid sensor. Even while driving on ice and snow I have never skidded or lost control. My car also has a sunroof which is nice to use on warm sunny days. The gas mileage is excellent. I average about 30/mpg in town and close to 40 on the freeway. The only drawback is it will only hold 4 adults comfortably, or 5, if one is a small child.

- Deborah S

Ford Focus: Great Handling and GREAT Mileage

2014 Ford Focus SE

For the most part, I really like my 2014 Ford Focus. It handles great! Has lots of 'guts' when accelerating. Takes corners well. And, it's a comfortable ride. Oh--it also gets GREAT gas mileage, which is the reason--as a commuter--I purchased it. On average I get about 35-37 mpg! There are only two items that have made me question my purchase of this vehicle: first its lack of good storage space for items up front, and second (and so much more important) the defective clutch that was found to be in this year/make/model. Luckily, Ford paid to have it switched out, and added a short warranty for those items.

- Lori G

Great small car for close commutes.

2014 Ford Focus

The vehicle is great for a couple, but wouldn't necessarily recommend for people with kids or dogs because it is very small. The car is not very powerful, but gets you where you need to go. Would recommend getting an upgraded package as the base model is really nothing special. I find the seats are comfortable, but the fabric holds in smell a lot. There is no sunglasses holder, which is a small inconvenience, but still annoying at times. The sound system is fairly decent and the Bluetooth features are nice. Performance wise the car has experienced some issues with sputtering and skipping gears that can be frustrating.

- Ash N

Reliable and comfortable, but not much acceleration

2014 Ford Focus

My car has been very reliable since I bought it used with 11,000 miles on it. I haven't had any mechanical issues and have been taking it for maintenance regularly. I like the "infotainment" system in it, though the speakers could be nicer. The car is comfortable and feels spacious inside despite being a small car (I'm 5'11" and my husband is 6'1" and we've used it for road trips). I like that it's compact but that comes with the inconvenience of a small trunk and seats that don't fold completely flat. It doesn't have the acceleration of my last car, but let's be honest: that makes me a safer driver anyway!

- Megan k

Ford Focus: Affordable, dependable, family friendly

2014 Ford Focus SE

My Ford Focus is one of the most reliable cars I have ever owned. It gets really good gas mileage, which is a bis plus for commuters and travelers. Traveling about an hour a day I only have to fill up once, sometimes twice a week. I have had zero mechanical problems and the car lets me know well ahead of time when I need to put air in the tires or get an oil change. The interior is very comfortable for larger people and is great with car seats. It doesn't get up and go as fast as I would like with the AC on, but that is really the only complaint. This is a very safe, dependable, gas saving family car.

- Cassandra Y

2014 Ford Focus, Great Gas MPG and Space for a Smaller Car

2014 Ford Focus Base

Frequent problems, sometimes stalls, air conditioning does not work 100% of the time. Many problems with engine/ignition of the car, brakes and car make weird noises after a while. The good part is that it has lasted me a long time, has never broken down on me and gets me where I need to go. Great gas mileage and feature where it shows you how many miles until empty. Very roomy for a sedan, lots of trunk space available and multiple cup holders and an adequate arm rest. Radio is a bit difficult to use but I was able to get a hang of it. Windshield wipers in a weird position as well as hazard lights.

- Abigail M

It is black, with quite the sizeable trunk.

2014 Ford Focus

I haven't had my vehicle for very long so I haven't had a whole lot of time to develop feelings about it, but the car is it a bit on the small side interior wise. The driver's seat and the area where your feet sit is a bit small, granted I am a bigger guy but I have shorter legs and they still come up to high and hit the sides of the dash and door. The air conditioning is also a little too weak for Florida summer weather, but other than that the vehicle drives very smoothly and the seats fabric is very comfortable. And despite it being a small car, it has plenty of room for casual/utility use.

- Logan F

Ford's PowerShift Dual-Clutch transmission is garbage

2014 Ford Focus SE

The best aspects of the car are the fuel efficiency (average of 35 mpg highway and city) and the fact that it can take Flex Fuel. The major issues with this car all revolve around the Ford PowerShift Dual Clutch automatic transmission. After owning the car for about 6 months, the car started to have an issue with the transmission shuddering while accelerating from a complete stop. This problem is even worse when attempting to drive in rush hour traffic that is at a slow start and stop. Transmission issues aside, the Ford Focus has been a great little car with reasonable maintenance costs

- Aaron D

Goes great through snow that I did not think it could go through.

2014 Ford Focus S

Car has been really reliable. Performs well. I have problem with a clutch but did not have to pay for it. Was covered by warranty. Is good on gas receiving 400-450 miles per tank. Is quite comfortable in front seats. Is a little lacking in space for legs in the back. Has features commonly found in other cars like auto lights, wipers with intermittent features. Plenty of trunk space, trunk opening button inside of car and on key.. Have only owned for 9 months so am sure will have features I have not used yet. Is great in snow and has driven through snow I did not think would get through.

- Barbara W

Nice car for small families.

2014 Ford Focus SE

2014 Ford Focus SE is a great first time car not so much a car for two huge child car seats, the back seat is small and crowded. Other than that the car runs great I personally have not had any issues with it at all. It has Bluetooth accessibility which makes listening to my own music or taking an important phone call easier. A great feature Is the car won't let you access the Bluetooth while driving so in order to connect a phone you need to be stopped. The trunk is huge and can fit multiple big boxes or even a huge child safety seat definitely a huge plus for growing families.

- Taylor W

The recall ford experience.

2014 Ford Focus SE

For the 2014 ford focus trim levels such as the se. Had a few recall parts. And it almost cost my life before getting it fixed by the dealership. For example while I was driving in normal traffic, when I took my foot off the gas pedal the rpms would drop and the whole car would shut off and all the red warnings sign would pop up. My car would be coasting in that particular speed and I would have to find the nearest shoulder lane to pull over and put my car back into park and then start the vehicle back up. Besides that the ford focus is a great car to get around in.

- Ronald C

My car gets amazing gas mileage.

2014 Ford Focus SE

I love the gas mileage but my car is just too small for my growing family now. It has what's known or said to be a dual transmission so it stutters a lot when leaving stop signs or stop lights. I love using E85 gasoline because it's cheap but I hate how fast my car goes through it. I have very nice lighting, my seats are heated, and my kids love how fast my car cools down on the hot sunny days. My tires and rims are very nice but my back tires are and odd size and sometimes hard to find at tire companies. My car has to have synthetic oil so it becomes very costly.

- Carson A

Fun and sporty, but with major transmission issues.

2014 Ford Focus SE

This is a sporty car and drives as such. It is comfortable for its size and with good space in the back for hatchback models. The huge issue I have had with it is a continual problem with the transmission and transmission control module. It is a manual transmission that is done without automatically without a clutch and is self learning based on the drivers habit. However, it often fails and creates safety issues. There is no settled solution for this issue according to ford and has created a lot of safety issues while accelerating for myself and my wife.

- nick H

Comfortable and Affordable Vehicle

2014 Ford Focus SE

My vehicle is small yet comfortable. The Bluetooth feature is awesome, as I am able to talk on the phone hands free and listen to my music. The braking feature is awesome as well; it adjusts to the pressure of your braking pattern. However, I did encounter problems with my air conditioner leaking, which in turn caused my carpets to get severely soaked in water. Also, the back door on the passenger side does not open or shut as easily as it should. Overall, it is a decent car and it so good on gas that it makes for a very affordable vehicle to own.

- L J

Bad transmission and electrical issues.

2014 Ford Focus

The transmission is terrible, I have had to have it repaired multiple times already. I have had to replace the clutch, get a new transmission control module and now it is not working at the moment. I was driving down the road going about 50mph when the car just all the sudden stopped and everything powered down. None of the lights on the dash came on anymore, once I got it in park, I could not get it out, not even to put it in neutral to move it. The battery is brand new so it must be an electrical issue. It is too new to have this many problems.

- Ashley B

A fun, economical car to drive.

2014 Ford Focus

This is a fun car to drive! Although it is thought of as an economy car, it rides very well. The seats are comfortable and the road noise is minimal compared to other cars in this price range. Even now it still gets good gas mileage, especially on trips. I live in New England on a dirt road and after 4 years there is no signs of any rust even started. Folding down the back seat allows me to fit bigger things in the car. If you get the hatchback version you could fit even more. The car handles well and you can zip around quite easily.

- Betty N

After initial issue with transmission overall a good car

2014 Ford Focus SE

Transmission problems with the modulator we'll skip or kind of Shake on start off also had a few other issues bearings went out right away and there was a few other items on recall on this vehicle the car is easy to drive I'm very comfortable and I like the way it looks just not sure it's the best car as far as transmission and reliability I have been using it to drive for Rideshare Lyft and haven't had any recent issues with the car has 76000 miles on it still going pretty good but that is after we did do the transmission modulator

- Susan L

The mpg is probably the best features. I.

2014 Ford Focus

The car is a great car to have if bought new, I think any car used honestly will have problems. But, I love the mpg it has great mileage and I have traveled to an array of places and saved a ton of money on gas. It is also good size, nothing huge but its cozy. I personally am not a fan of Ford anymore, but I do think this car has done really well for me. I also love how it has Bluetooth capabilities, and everything is automatic which is also nice. The four doors make it way easy to maneuver around, and there is a lot of trunk space.

- Katie M

It can tell you if anything is wrong the second something happens

2014 Ford Focus S

I really enjoy my car. It comes with some pretty good features such as it can give you a car health review to let you know if anything is wrong with your car. It can also tell you everything is wrong on the little screen provided it's been really useful and has helped me avoid a lot of problems which was great. The Bluetooth was a little tricky to start up at first but I figured it out and now it's all I ever use. You can easily set your phone on there and make it the primary phone so it will always connect when you start your car.

- Roland M

Before buying this car, I would suggest that people research the transmissions, as they are different than other vehicles.

2014 Ford Focus

It's a nice car; however, there are problems with the transmission. There currently is a settlement on the cars due to the transmissions having problems. There are many features I like about the car. I previously had an older Ford Focus, which didn't have transmission issues so I decided to get a newer one because it's nicer. The bluetooth features and heated seats are great. If the transmission didn't have issues, I would rate this car 5/5. The only other thing I dislike about this car is that the seats aren't very comfortable.

- kay f

Ford focus- needs improvement.

2014 Ford Focus SE

My ford focus is reliable, but has had a few issues. My transmission has always had issues (I.E. When I am stopped and start driving the transmission makes it very bumpy and not a smooth transition). Also my tie rod broke when I was driving once, which has also been an issue with other focuses as well. Other than those few issues, I have owned my car for four years and have enjoyed it. I love how my car is small and compact and has great gas mileage! Overall, the focus has been dependable for me, but also has room for improvement.

- Emily G

A consumers review of a ford focus.

2014 Ford Focus Base

The problems I had in this model of vehicle was very minimal and it is good on gas mileage. The cons of this car is that is not good if you have a family. It is ideal for a single person and a passenger. It is very comfortable. The interior is very durable so you can eat in the car and it not show. The features such as the radio,a/c, heat is very easy to use. It is clear and concise. One could find where everything is. The one feature that does stand out is the front wheel drive. The vehicle can get around very good in snow.

- Rae J

Problems, but covered under warranty.

2014 Ford Focus SE

I financed my car from a dealership in December of 2017. After a year I had to take it to a Ford dealership to get 2 recalls fixed involving the gas tank and a latch on the hatchback, as well as get the clutch replaced. However, this was all under warranty and I didn't have to pay out of pocket for any of it. The seats started fading from the sun. They are nice seats, but uncomfortable in hot weather. My favorite feature is the light palette. I can change the color of the inside lights and the brightness or intensity.

- Michelle Q

Terrific gas mileage. Great ride and easy to maintain.

2014 Ford Focus

The car is small. It drives well. It gets great gas mileage. 40 miles per gallon. We love the dependability. It is sort of hard to get in and out of. The car is really compact. Not a lot of legroom in the back seat. The radio and sound system are fantastic. This car would be great for any college student or couple. Even a couple with a child. It's a four-door automatic. Low mileage and great body. Easy to maintain. Has a lifetime warranty or 100,000 miles. Great purchase. Very dependable and economic vehicle.

- Barbara M

It gets great gas mileage in town and on the highway.

2014 Ford Focus

My Focus gets great gas mileage. It runs well but it has been recalled for a problem with the TCM (transmission control module) that I have had to take in to have replaced 3 times now. I am scheduled to take it in for a 4th. Other than that it runs very well. It has a great stereo system including sirius XM. I love the Microsoft Sync! It comes in handy when I receive a phone call. I can talk hands free and not worry about being pulled over for talking on my cell phone. All over, it's a great little car!

- Karen A

The Ford focus is a fantastic car.

2014 Ford Focus

I love driving the Ford focus. I am a bigger guy, and even I feel comfortable in the seats. It handles well, feels very easy to operate, and comes with some fantastic trim packages. The hatchback allows for great access for groceries, sports equipment, and adds a lot of space. The only thing that has been a bit of an issue is the 4 cylinder engine. I do a lot of city driving, and sometimes it struggles getting up to speed. This is a very minor complaint, and overall I would recommend the car to anyone.

- Joseph L

2014 Ford Focus Transmission issues.

2014 Ford Focus SE

I bought the 2014 Ford Focus SE from the dealer while there was an active recall on the defective dual clutch transmission. I was not notified of this until I had taken it in to be repaired, which at that time I was also told I would have to come out of pocket for the costs. I had to conduct my own research to find that my particular year/make/model was under a Class Action Lawsuit due to the very circumstances I found myself in. I'm still dealing with trying to get Ford to buy back my vehicle.

- Michael B

Overall an excellent car, but you will have transmission issues.

2014 Ford Focus

I love my Ford Focus hatchback, from the spirited engine to the well-designed interior, to the functionality it provides for me. On the negative, the Powershift transmission in this vehicle has a design flaw where the clutch fails prematurely. I've already had to replace the clutch TWICE and it's under 50,000 miles. Ford has extended the warranty for the transmission due to the flaws, but it's disappointing that one engineering flaw has damaged the reputation of this otherwise exceptional car.

- Joe M

Good gas mileage worth getting used to dual clutch transmission

2014 Ford Focus SE

My Focus is a hatchback, so it has a lot of hauling space despite being a compact car. The gas mileage is very good. It's comfortable, but a bit low to the ground and can be difficult to get in if you're tall. Although it's an automatic transmission, it uses something called a dual clutch, and if you're not used to driving in manual transmission cars it can be a bit unnerving at first. Occasionally it feels a bit like it's jerking upon acceleration. Overall a solid car if maintained well.

- Melissa B

Ford Focus great car for the price.

2014 Ford Focus

Overall I like my car. It drives great on the interstate, but in town driving, when you are stopping and starting the car it sometimes buck and jerks. I read that this car has transmission problems. I haven't taken it to be checked. It has good gas mileage. I like the Bluetooth for the phone and the remote start. These are nice features. The trunk does not have quite as much room as my previous model Focus. I am comfortable driving this car hence that is why I bought a second one.

- Terry W

This car is loaded with driver friendly features.

2014 Ford Focus

Gas mileage is over 30 mpg. Easy to handle. Easy to park. The automatic transmission is actually a manual transmission that shifts without using a clutch pedal, but it still cycles through the gears and sometimes makes noise if you fail to brake completely at a stop. This happens most often when starting on a hill. The glove compartment is huge. There is an USB outlet on the center console where you can charge your phone or other devices. The side view mirrors are easily adjusted.

- Kathleen Y

Good car but lots of recalls.

2014 Ford Focus S

We have really enjoyed our Ford Focus but we have had several problems with recalls and other small maintenance issues since we have owned the car. We have had 5 recalls in total on this car since we bought it in 2014, 3 of them in the last year. Ford has been fairly good about getting the problems fixed but we had to wait over 3 months to get the last few fixed and it will take about 3 days to get them fixed. Overall we enjoy our car and would consider buying a Ford Focus again.

- Dakota P

Fun to drive with good gas mileage.

2014 Ford Focus

The 2014 Ford Focus is a fun car to drive. The seats are comfortable and the gas and steering are pretty responsive. I get good gas mileage. I like that it will tell you how many more miles you can go before you run out of gas. My six foot son is not too comfortable in the back seat, but fits ok as long as we are not going more than about an hour. I did not get the hatchback; that would hold more. But when you fold down the back seats you can fit a fair amount of stuff in there.

- Betty N

The Ford Focus is a wonderful

2014 Ford Focus SE

The Ford Focus is a great car. I have used it to transport from school to work, and it is always reliable. I have not had a single problem with the car in the 5 years on owning it. I love the bluetooth option that allows me to be hands free while answering calls or changing the song. The notifications when the car needs an oil change, low on fuel, and low tire pressure are all wonderful. I always know ahead of time when I need to fix something. In all, it is a wonderful car.

- Olivia Meuse M

Comes with built in light strips with an adjustable knob to change to any color.

2014 Ford Focus SE

The only things that bother me about this car is that when you stop your car, then drive again, the car shakes. I heard it is because it is considered a 'sporty' car so it wants to give you the feel that you are in a fast car. Other than that the car is amazing! Very comfortable black leather seats, extremely reliable, (I have been on e several times with 3 miles left and it never broke down). The car also comes with lights that you can change colors on. It's awesome!

- Kayla L

Don't Buy This Car New or Used!

2014 Ford Focus Base

My Ford has had transmission problems from day one! It constantly feels like it is going to stall. The Bluetooth always cuts out and won't restart unless I turn my car off and back on. Try that on the highway! Plus, it performed terribly in any weather conditions. The windshield always fogs up and I have to either open my window in negative degrees OR put the defroster on full blast and start sweating. Imagine both these options in the heat and the cold temperatures!

- Kathryn P

2014 Ford Focus: Great run around car for the money

2014 Ford Focus SE

Great gas mileage and a great little commuter car. Has serious transmission problems that Ford has acknowledged and fixed in newer models. The car lurches like a mule when shifting in lower gears. Highway mileage is exceptionally-41 MPG and maintenance is minor and easy. This car is a great run-around little workhorse you can always count on at a reasonable price point. I intend to replace it with a similar Ford product when this current car has done it's duty.

- Ann E

Ford Focus: the car for anyone.

2014 Ford Focus

The car had a slight slip in transmission sometimes but very gas efficient. The car is easy to maintain. It had simple technology inside but no navigation. Car doors gave cruise control, automatic windows, and its Bluetooth enabled so you can connect your cell phone. It does not have dual climate so the driver controls the atmosphere. It is very comfortable with cloth seats. The car is a mid range office car so it is very affordable for almost anybody's budget.

- Hayden B

Great, car with a few quirks.

2014 Ford Focus

Very comfortable vehicle, which is one major reason I chose to purchase it. Sturdy, yet comfortable interior. Very good on gas, averaging 34 mpg. Sputters some when progressing after any pause, and this tends to worry others who drive or borrow the vehicle, but is derived from the manual engine. I have had some issues with the sync music program, as it has trouble connecting to my phone. Ultimately a good vehicle and typically a great value for what you pay.

- July V

Small, but good for single family.

2014 Ford Focus SE

It gets me where I need to go, gets about 33.5 gallon of gas per mile. It does hesitate, the transmission, but there have been no recalls. That has seemed to be the only problem of this year of the focus. It's good for a single person or with 1 or 2 kids. It is good size for me 5'8, any taller people seem to have a hard time getting in and out of the car. However if you're looking for a reasonable, lower priced newer vehicle the focus is a great car for you.

- Shannon F

Great MPG horrible stereo

2014 Ford Focus ST

It is a decent car for the price tag. The small four cylinder motor helps the driver get close to 30 miles per gallon highway. The one thing I really dislike about the base model is the stereo system. The stock speakers provided by Ford are of the lowest quality. Overall, it's a good cheap car that is reliable. Nothing fancy, however, it will get the job done. I recommend this car to a first time driver. It's not to fast so it's a good car to learn on.

- Lane W

Good ride overall, some issues present.

2014 Ford Focus SE

The vehicle is comfortable and has a decent amount of space for the size. The Bluetooth system is a nice addition, although mine stopped working about 6 months ago. I have tried the 'free' fixes, but nothing has worked and I do not have the money currently to pay for it to be fixed. The car drives nice, besides 'shaking' when going from stop to start at a red light or stop sign. The car has nice features, such as heated seats and USB charging port.

- Emily R

Ford Focus se fantastic car!

2014 Ford Focus

Its small and compact which makes it easy to drive for me. The fuel economy is great as well at 35 mpg. The seats are comfortable and my model came with Bluetooth as well as fog lights. It's also a very sporty and stylish little car with a lot of trunk space. It also comes with the standard Ford electronic dash to show you your fuel economy, miles on trip, and all over notifications. I have had no problems with it whatsoever since I bought it.

- Carmen S

Ford Focus: Skippy Stuttering Transmission

2014 Ford Focus SE

The focus has a stutter issue with the transmission that occurs more often in cold conditions or on a 1/4 tank of gas or lower. The wiper fluid tank was cracked when bought and leaks when filled 1/2 way or more. The seats are cloth which I prefer to leather but is not as nice looking. There are seat heaters that are reliable and heat up in 5 mins or less. The heat in the car however does not work very well during the winter but the ac works fine.

- Morgan M

Great car, works really well if you like smaller cars. Gives great mileage.

2014 Ford Focus

I am a college student, this car is pretty small. I think it is the right size for me. It has good mileage and I can get decent parking most times. Sometimes when I accelerate my car hesitates. That is really annoying we took it in to get it fixed and they said they did, but it still does that. Like it will hesitate after I try to go after a red light. I can move the car forward but it like jumps. Other than that though, I really enjoy my car.

- Marie R

Why you should buy a Ford Focus se.

2014 Ford Focus

I have a Ford Focus se, I do love my car but there are things that could be better. The motor is a v4 so speed and acceleration is not of high quality. The front seats do not have lumbar spine support so on long trips it can sometimes become uncomfortable. It is something small that may not bother most but the power lock button is on the radio front panel and that positioning drives me crazy and is an inconvenience when leaving the car.

- Fawn L

2014 Ford Focus: Good for the family

2014 Ford Focus SE

The Ford Focus is pretty reliable, but only after some factory defects were fixed (the major one being that the doors wouldn't lock and close correctly). The gas mileage on the car is very good, and has been known to be able to travel long distances without before having to put in gas. As far as comfort, I'd say that the car is pretty standard as far as comfort, but there is quite a bit of room to stretch out as compared to other cars.

- Jennifer V

Ford Focus: Short and Reliable

2014 Ford Focus SE

Problems: It's too close to the ground, so it hits things in the road and also will scrape on the gravel in the gravel roads. The air does not really go to the backseat well. My Ford Focus is very reliable and performs well. I love the miles per gallon and all the extra features. Bluetooth is a big deal to me, I spend a lot of time on the road driving to campus and back home so being able to call someone or listen to music is so nice.

- Rae K

Shuddering engine -- but tiny and handy.

2014 Ford Focus

The engine shudders when you drive from a standstill/lower speed and increase. Which is very apparent when driving in the city. The freeway is fine and I love everything else about my car aside from that slightly worrying detail. The car is fairly comfortable and is extremely useful for moving items from place to place. My car is often borrowed from my boyfriend to store his mountain bike. Plus it is tiny enough to park anywhere!

- Taylor B

Ford Focus nice family car comfortable.

2014 Ford Focus

My Ford Focus is very comfortable, perfect size sits 4 comfortably 5 ok. Love backup camera it helps. Have a sunroof that nice. Has a nice music system plus Sirius XM radio. Love no key start long as keys are with you and unlock door long as you have keys that's a safety net for me. No looking for keys when you come out. Drives and handle good, easy to park. Experience with Ford Focus is very positive, enjoying owning this car.

- Teresa M

Ford took care of the issues.

2014 Ford Focus SE

I love how good on gas my Ford is. I also love that it has 6 speakers I think my car is plenty loud when listening to music. I wish it was a bit more spacious in the back my Car is perfect for 4 people but 5 people can be overcrowded. When I first got the car it would do a terrible shuddering when I would go to pull away from a stop sign or a traffic light, ford under my warranty fixed the issue and she drives like a dream now

- Sean H

Experience with My Ford. Over all I am happy.

2014 Ford Focus Base

I wish it handled better in deep snow, I should have bought something that weighed more. I enjoy driving it in normal weather but it does have a hard time dealing in deep snow or slush. Other than that I am satisfied with it and its performance. It seems to do well on mileage for long trips and has not been hard to maintain. I have never owned a Ford product this was my first one and I would buy a Ford again in the future

- Nancy E

Be sure to check the year it was made to make sure it doesn't have a clutch.

2014 Ford Focus

I like my Focus enough. She's been mostly reliable though I did just have to get the clutch replaced. I have been comfortable doing long drives (5+ hours) and the heated seats are nice in the winter (optional feature). I have found the stereo to be a little more complicated than necessary but with time I figured it out. The Bluetooth has worked really well, I've never had someone say it sounded like I was in a fish bowl.

- Sheila S

Ford Focus - the several issues you may experience

2014 Ford Focus S

My car has had many transmission problems. So far, it only has about 68,000 miles on it, and the whole transmission has already needed to be replaced. Also, my radio does not work at all. The computer system in my car often glitches and causes the date and time to be off. Often, the gas gauge does not read correctly. I do get good gas mileage, and Ford is very good about covering the transmission issues with warranties.

- Megan J

Nothing special, but nothing horrible either.

2014 Ford Focus SE

The bad: there have been several recalls for this car, including problems with the transmission and the passenger door. My car struggles to accelerate without shaking, which can feel jarring and is pretty annoying. It doesn't drive great in the snow. The Sync feature is pretty clunky and doesn't always work. The passenger side door sticks and has since day one. The good: it gets great gas mileage. Drives pretty well.

- Courtney L

Ford focus 2014: not the best band for your buck.

2014 Ford Focus SE

It is a great car and it has a lot of power. The only problem with my vehicle is that it was recalled due to problems with the transmission. But my vehicle is still under factory warranty so luckily the dealership is going to fix my problems as soon as the parts come in. Another flaw with my vehicle is that it does not have a back up navigation screen as with other vehicles that were manufactured during the same year.

- Jessica S

Fusion is great on gas and over all a very good and economically friendly car.

2014 Ford Focus

It's a great car that has all the nice updated tech and hands free devices which really helps you to drive safe and it is great on gas as well and very comfy so far I have not had any problems minus a broken handle thing that's on the inside and the seats stain very easy and it is next to impossible to clean them up and it does make a weird sound every time I put gas in it but that does not hinder the drive at all.

- Morgan G

Mom car to the fullest. It's a good car to get you back and forth.

2014 Ford Focus

I would say my Ford focus is overall a good to and from car. But as far as performance not the best. It takes off extremely slow. Getting onto the highway is a nightmare feels like the engine is going to explode. My car was on recall for the transmission 2 times. Then another time for the doors. I am used to driving Honda's. So as far as the way the car looks and drives I am used to something completely different.

- Melissa D

Great for two people, but no more than that.

2014 Ford Focus

The drivers seat sits lower than I would like, not much room for passengers in the back seat. It has great power for a 4 cylinder car and there is a lot of room in the trunk. It has a 4 speed automatic transmission, which has had a recall on it for transmission slipping. It is a great car for two people, but too small for anything more than that. I would say it is not big enough to have my two black labs in it!

- Deb L

The leather interior and sports car look are my favorite parts

2014 Ford Focus SE

I absolutely love the car, but it constantly shakes when shifting from first to second. That's my only real problem with the car. The dealership said it's too mild to be able to do anything about. And my friend who owns a 2012 focus told me that the car is trying to be the most fuel efficient. The shake is something I have gotten used to but sometimes are worse than others. But 10/10 would recommend to anyone.

- Kari M

I love the technology where my phone is tied into the car.

2014 Ford Focus

The turn radius is not great. It cannot make real tight turns. It is really tough to see out the back window when backing up. You have to be able to use your mirrors. Which I found to be difficult. The lights turn on automatically but they do not always come on when they should. Like in low rainy daylight. When you put them on manually they do not shut off on their own and that is tough. Easy to leave them on.

- Kim K

Ford focus se pros and cons.

2014 Ford Focus SE

I like the way my car looks. It has a sporty look to it. I also like the color, it is gray and has black and red leather seats. The car drives nicely but I have had multiple issues with the transmission. The transmission has had several recalls and sometimes the car shakes due to these problems. This car has been very reliable. It is never left me on the side of the road and I have has it for about four years.

- Erin B

Purchasing Ford cars is a risk

2014 Ford Focus SE

Three recalls since I purchased brand new. Has no Power when going uphill. Car jerks and two years ago while I'm traffic, message comes on asking to turn engine off for engine to cool. Ford admitted this make has problems, it runs off a computer. Ford issue letters to all customers that if any future problems come up they will fix it until car reaches a certain amount of miles, Ford stop making this model.

- Anna C

The gas mileage is great.

2014 Ford Focus

The Ford Focus is a very dependable vehicle. We purchased brand new and have never had any mechanical defects. It has enough get up and go to pass vehicles with ease. We love the gas mileage the most. We get over 40 miles per gallon for three seasons and anywhere from 37 to 40 in the winter months. The only down side with this vehicle is when it snows it does not get the traction a bigger car would get.

- Patti D

Snazzy 2014 Ford Focus se w/ flex fuel.

2014 Ford Focus

My Ford Focus se is a lot more roomy than what I imagined. It has a huge trunk that opens to the back seat. The back seats can lay flat for easy transporting. The radio/cd/mp3 player is awesome with features like option to hear radio in front only, or entire car. It also has plenty of cup holders in each door as well as the center console. Gas mileage is awesome with 37 on highway and 27 in the city.

- Rebekah N

I'm not a very big person, but even I feel like this is a tiny car!

2014 Ford Focus SE

This car is TINY! So far we have had issues with the horn not working but on the whole it has been pretty reliable. We got it used as a leased vehicle with very few miles on it. We also got a great bargain with a wonderful insurance package. With the given options, this car was basically our only choice but I really wish we could afford something bigger. This car hinders is from growing our family!

- Bekah D

This car isn't exceptional but it is good enough.

2014 Ford Focus S

It's a bit small and cramped especially for back seat passengers. It also has difficulty quickly shifting into high speeds from a stand still resulting in a jerking movement or shuttering. On the other hand it will get you where you need to go and it has yet to break down. It also allows you to connect your phone to the car which is really nice especially for getting calls or listening to music.

- Tori S

It is computerized so it can tell you what's wrong with the vehicle, unlike older non computerized vehicles.

2014 Ford Focus

I like that the vehicle is computerized so it can tell me if something is wrong. But on the downside of that, some of the programmed things get annoying. Like always having to be buckled to listen to the radio. I also don't like that the parking lights are always on and there is no way to turn them off. But I like the gas mileage it can have so I will use it until I need a bigger vehicle.

- kimberly p

AMAZING, Affordable, and RELIABLE

2014 Ford Focus SE

My 2014 Ford Focus Hatchback is a comfortable ride that offers Bluetooth accessory and low drive mode. The only issue was for that year there was a callback on the transmission but we had it fixed and it drives perfectly! This car is great on long road trips and gets around 33-36 miles per gallon with a 12 gallon tank... very affordable for a college student driving three hours to get home!

- Jacob H

Low quality car and not dependable.

2014 Ford Focus

There are transmission problems with the clutches in it and have had it in the garage 3 times for it. When they go bad your car shakes when pulling out. Also having issues with blower for the air and heat. It will be blowing on high and all of a sudden it will kick down like it is blowing in low setting and then kick back to the high setting for blowing. Car is very uncomfortable as well.

- Valerie V

Rocket ship with five doors.

2014 Ford Focus ST

My focus is amazing. It's purple with blackish gray rims. Looks sick with dark tint. The engine has intense power at all ranges. It pulls like crazy and who can't forget about the turbo and that wonderful pfft noise. The interior is comfortable. I opted for leather which adds the perfect accent and aroma. The touch screen SYNC is amazing. Works flawlessly. Car is quiet and so powerful.

- Michael B

The SYNC feature is great!

2014 Ford Focus Base

I have had no mechanical issues at all. The one thing I have had trouble with is how low the car is. I pulled to the side of the road to take a phone call and when I got back on the road the front piece of the car drug on the edge of the road and came loose. I had to use duct tape and gorilla glue to be able to drive it to get fixed. The car has been very reliable and comfortable.

- Stephanie B

2014 Ford Focus - used; chrome color with skylight.

2014 Ford Focus

My car sputters sometimes when I push on the gas from a stopped position. I like the Bluetooth features. I find that I rarely use the skylight so it is pointless. There is enough room in the trunk/backseat. It is comfortable. Mild blind spots. The seats are adjustable forward and back and up and down. I wish there were more arm rests and better cup holders in the back seat.

- Julie C

It has a shimmy or stutter and shakes. For this reason, I wouldn't buy one again

2014 Ford Focus

I love the ease of handling and it fits well into fairly tight spaces. I also love the roominess of it. It holds a lot of stuff and has decent foot room for the passengers in the back seats...I hate however the "hiccup" it has when you need to step on the gas. The jerking and hesitation make it very annoying. When we trade off vehicles, this will be the reason for trading it off.

- Mynique M

Smooth, Sleek, and Satisfactory!

2014 Ford Focus S

This is one of the most amazing cars that I have ever gotten. I highly recommend everyone to buy a Ford Focus. The drive is very smooth and the seats are very comfortable. The E-Brake is one of the best features for me because it is so easy to use. So, if there is any car that should be apart of the options for cars it should be the Ford Focus, even if it is not the 2014 model.

- Nina C

Ford Focus: comfortable but reliable?

2014 Ford Focus

I bought this car in 2014 seeking reliable transportation. This vehicle is a comfortable 4-door sedan, but the biggest trouble I have had has been with the transmission. This car has been into an automotive shop 5+ times. There were statements from professionals saying that this year/make/model has been problematic with their transmissions but there has been no recall on them.

- Lindsey K

The 2014 Ford focus has an internal clutch issue.

2014 Ford Focus

The only complaint I have about my 2014 Ford focus is the internal clutch. I have had to get it re-programmed 3 times. The internal clutch would sometimes make the car feel as if it was going to stall out. This is an issue Ford knew they had, and made it so that it would be replaced for the life of the car. Other than that, the drive is nice and I love how small the car feels.

- Angela R

Transmission problems on Focus

2014 Ford Focus SE

Have had numerous transmission problems. Clutch repaired 9 times. Breaking again and fighting with Ford to fix it because it's not covered by warranty anymore. Now there is a problem with radio it quit working too. Ford doesn't want to fix it even though they have the report on how many times it's been done. The trunk flies up you have to put your hand on it when you open it.

- Patricia R

Fantastic responsive performance with plenty of power.

2014 Ford Focus S

I have had no issues at all. I bought this car (the rs model) because of it is manual transmission and its overall performance as a true hot hatch. I have been happy with the mileage and delighted with the performance and reliability. I just got my first set of new front brakes at 83,000 miles. I have had no other major repairs in the almost 6 years that I have owned the car.

- Susie H

Good gas mileage, comfortable hatchback.

2014 Ford Focus

I find the 2014 Ford Focus reliable and comfortable. I have the heated seat which are awesome. The sync feature makes phones call and Bluetooth connectivity in general very smooth. It does sit a bit low, so when it snows it is very hard to get out. The gas mileage is great I regularly average 32-34 mpg, mostly highway. The hatchback is great and the rear seat folds very flat.

- Audrey B

Ford Focus 2014 review, dealing with the recall and problems of the car.

2014 Ford Focus SE

There was a recall on it that was a huge thing! Apparently it dealt with the engine and that the car could've turned off in the middle of driving, just stop. This was the only problem I have had so far but, it was fixed and I didn't have to pay for it because of the recall. Sometimes the car takes a second to go when stepping on the gas. Other than that, this is a great car!

- Samantha T

�Bluetooth audio !!� I wish I could change my settings with a push of a button

2014 Ford Focus SE

I wish there was I could access my Bluetooth with the buttons on my radio not just voice activation, I actually just got the car and one of the wipers stopped working the fuse box could be arranged or explained in a way that makes it easier for the owner to change any fuses that have blown or check if the fuse is blown. Everything else is suitable my gas mileage is wonderful

- Ruth W

Review of 2014 Ford Focus se hatchback.

2014 Ford Focus

The car has had quite a bit of mechanical problems, particularly with the transmission, that have not been fixed with multiple check ups. Occasionally, it will have a continued revving sound after accelerating. Overall, it has had pretty consistent gas mileage of around 31 combined and the sport interior is rather comfortable since leather seats get too hot for my liking.

- Erik M

2014 baby blue Ford Focus.

2014 Ford Focus

My car has performed really well. The gas pedal gets a little touchy at times, but other then that it is a really nice car. It is very fuel efficient which is fantastic when it comes to money. The car also has Bluetooth which is fantastic as well because the new phones that only have one port makes me be able to charge my phone as well as listen to my music through the car.

- Zachary A

Seriously amazing gas mileage and plenty of room for a smaller vehicle.

2014 Ford Focus

I absolutely love the size, gas mileage, trunk space, and look of the vehicle. However, there has been quite a bit of warranty work done on it in the few years I have had it. That's very discouraging and you lose faith in the reliability of your vehicle when there is so much wrong with it. Especially so if it is not caused by the driver or the way the vehicle is being used.


The st has enough power to go and it is good enough to keep up with cars of today.

2014 Ford Focus

Recall issues and the rear doors seem to collect water after it rains. Problem the scariest part was the engine splice recall which causes the car to shut down on you if you are driving. I didn't have a problem with it, but I was aware that my 1st gen had this problem. Overall the car is great depending if you bought the 2nd generation st. Less issues unlike the first.

- Arthur Y

Life changing and amazing vehicle!

2014 Ford Focus

I absolutely love this car. It is not too small, but not too big. I bought my car used with 40, 000 miles on it and it works great. It is very smooth driving and safe. It is very high tech and the Bluetooth connection is great. The sync feature of this car is. My absolute favorite. It is a safe way to call someone without having to use your hands. Very safe and great car.

- Bobby P

My voice is a four door car. It is a dark grey color with new tires.

2014 Ford Focus SE

The vehicle problems that I have had was where my car engine didn't want to start. I was working fine one day and randomly stopped working the next. It took one full day to fix the problem of the car engine in order for the car to start working again. Another problem was one of the rear doors, the hatch broke on its own and it happened to be a major recall about the car.

- Ariana M

The transmission stutters from a stop and trunk wiring is poorly designed.

2014 Ford Focus

The 2014 Ford Focus is a good overall vehicle. Only problems are the transmission and poor wire routing in the trunk. The transmission stutters from a stop and gets worse the longer you drive it. The trunk wiring was poorly designed and routed. A 180 deg turn in wiring near the right hinge caused two wires to break affecting the reverse lights and trunk mechanism.

- Brett T

Perfect size car, fuel efficient.

2014 Ford Focus SE

This vehicle is absolutely amazing. It is the perfect size for my little family. It gets at least 28 mpg which is a big plus considering we travel frequently. My only issue with this vehicle is that after 2 months of being able to connect to the Bluetooth, the Bluetooth stopped playing audio music from my phone. The calling worked fine still but the music wouldn't play.

- Kia H

Ford Focus's back cam makes it an easy car to drive

2014 Ford Focus

Problems: Air conditioner was faulty when I first bought it but it's now fixed. The car also jerks a bit , or stutters, when accelerating after stopping. Reliability: It's never spontaneously turned off on me, I feel safe driving it. Comfort: The seats are spacious and adjust. Features: The most important one is the back/rear camera. It makes it so much easier to park.

- Julia B

Ford Focus - I suggest buying something different

2014 Ford Focus

The Ford Focus has many problems. I bought my car brand new in 2014. The first week I had it, the car started sputtering as if transmission was going out. I called ford and had them to fix it. It did not fix the problem and since then I have had the same problem fixed 4 times. My car still sputters. My brake lights also don't work and no one can seem to figure out why.

- Zylie M

There is a class action lawsuit against Ford Focus for certain years.

2014 Ford Focus

My vehicle is comfortable and drives nicely for the most part, but sometimes I feel like my car struggles to get into a gear and/or it kind of slams into gear and jerks the car. This maybe a result in my car being part of a class action lawsuit that has to do with the transmission, but when I brought my vehicle to Ford to be checked out they said it was perfectly fine.

- Mackenzie D

Pros and cons of a 2014 Ford Focus titanium hatchback.

2014 Ford Focus

Roomy inside, has all the nice features like a fabulous sound system, Bluetooth, good interior lighting, comfortable, easy to park. Draw back on this vehicle is slow acceleration, if you press too fast on the gas pedal, the transmission will not shift, must ease into it, and car will shudder if pressed too quickly. Once the car is going, can handle top speeds easily.

- Nancy C

Why I enjoy driving my Ford Focus.

2014 Ford Focus SE

I love the gas mileage, I get around 34 miles to the gallon. There are two things that I dislike about my car. One is the transmission is a dry transmission and has torn up several times. The other is that there is no heat or air in the backseat and it gets really hot back there. It has a beautiful body style and leather seats. It is a very nice car for a couple.

- Connie L

The Ford Focus is an amazing family car.

2014 Ford Focus

My car is at 88, 000 miles and is running like new, wish that it had a more sportier flow to it. But the sound system and the way it drives is great. This car is a great family car! The hatchbacks make the car have an even better feel, that is the one I have and I just love it. It is super cheap for what you are getting. And it is a Ford so it will run forever!

- Hannah B

The dual clutch tends to malfunction.

2014 Ford Focus

My car is a nice compact sedan. It is the perfect size for someone who wants a small car, but does not want to feel like they're driving a sardine can. However, the Focus de has issues with the dual clutch system. After a few months it begins to malfunction and the car begins to shake violently when shifting gears, and getting it fixed tends to take several days.

- Amanda M

I like the hatchback feature. It gives me a lot of room for traveling

2014 Ford Focus SE

The vehicle had some recalls that were quickly shared with me and fixed very quickly. None of the recalls were a safety hazard. The vehicle is reliable and very comfortable. For a 4 cylinder vehicle the get up and go is as quick as any other vehicle. One of the recalls was due to the float in the gas tank not reading correctly and that was corrected very quickly.

- Laura G

Ford Focus - reliable, comfortable, modern, a sportier yet stylish design.

2014 Ford Focus

My Ford Focus is very easy to drive and easy to use. However, it can jumpstart much like a standard/manual car, rather than an automatic., and its air conditioner/heating system are very slow and do not last long temperature-wise. These are really the only problems - it is comfortable, reliable, and allows me to listen to music through the Bluetooth audio setup.

- Elizabeth S

Wife's car: ford focus 2014.

2014 Ford Focus Base

There was a problem with the clutch assembly that really made me angry. Other than that it has worked well. The interior is nice, and the car runs very smoothly. Since we had the clutch assembly replaced, the car is in very good running condition. There was also a recall that went out on the car, which I thought would help with the clutch problem, but it didn't.

- James D

Ford focus - my ruby red queen!

2014 Ford Focus SE

I love this car. It is perfect for my needs and it has been perfectly reliable. I love the gas mileage and the features of Bluetooth and other media connections. It is perfect if you are looking for a car to meet all the basic needs. We have taken it on long road trips, and we make short commutes to work every day. I have yet to have a problem and I love my car!

- Savanna H

It doesn't consume too much gas!

2014 Ford Focus SE

Our vehicle still runs smoothly knowing that we've own it for almost 5 years now. It is reliable, safe and we've used it for long drives for many times already. What I love about this car is that it doesn't consume too much gas. The only thing I don't like is that it lacks space at the back if you have a baby. But to sum it up, I recommend this car to everyone!

- Joan B

Quick daily driver with all the creature comforts

2014 Ford Focus ST

The car is great If you enjoy a reliable car that can be a weekend vehicle as well. Transmission is fun as well as reliable. It's not for someone looking for great gas mileage and a super comfortable car as those both lack. This car also comes with summer only tires so a winter set is a must. Overall the car has done me no wrong and I would recommend to anyone

- John L

My vehicle is not your average focus hatchback

2014 Ford Focus

My vehicle is a focus st, I enjoy the vehicle because being a automotive technician and enthusiast of vehicles, I have done some modifications to the vehicle to make it 300 wheel horsepower, and 375 torque. The car is very practical for the point in my life that I'm at so it really fits me well all around. Practical, fun to drive and easy to work on or modify.

- Bryant L

I am currently working on changing the color to an iridescent white

2014 Ford Focus SE

While I do love my car, I have recently found out that the rattling that it does is because it have a dual shift engine. So between 1st and 2nd gear it has a weird rumble. I'm glad to know nothing is wrong with the car, it's just annoying to deal with. Also when I'm driving, the inside moves and creates noise. It's not a completely smooth ride in that regard.

- Alicia B

It's a fun car that gets pretty decent fuel mileage.

2014 Ford Focus

The hatchback has a lot more room than you would think by just looking at it. It's relatively fuel efficient, has had zero mechanical issues and it's fun to drive. It's a zippy little car. The only complaint is the normal operation of the transmission results in a little bit of a jittery start from a dead stop on occasion. Otherwise it's a top notch vehicle.

- Steve W

My Ford Focus Review - Spacious for Singles

2014 Ford Focus SE

My Ford Focus is very reliable and is quite economical. It is perfect for someone who is single and doesn't need a lot of space within their vehicle. It appears small but it is actually very roomy. I love the fact the truck has a little handy cover so people can't see your belongings. It gives me peace of mind when I can't get things out of my car at night.

- Christie M

Quick sporty reliable comfy.

2014 Ford Focus

Just enough horsepower with the turbo. Pretty good on gas. Get about 26 miles per gallon. Rides very smooth on side roads and highway. Pretty good in the snow because it is front wheel drive. Great sounds stem. Comfortable seats in the front and back. Not a lot of trunk space. It is roomy enough for infant car seats but not very roomy with larger car seats.

- Ashley M

It�s white, has leather seats which is a plus. I connect my phone to Bluetooth

2014 Ford Focus SE

Gets pretty good gas mileage and very reliable. Has a recall for the transmission, it stutters when accelerating occasionally. I've had it for 2 years and I drive many miles and nothing has gone wrong so far. The breaks are very touchy which I don't like very much. The car is overall great and has given me very few problems. The body of the car is nice too

- Madison B

It gets very good gas mileage, which is a big plus.

2014 Ford Focus

I enjoy my car. Although, I have had it for a few years now and when I am accelerating it will shake a little bit. I got it new so I am not used to it having any issues like this, but it holds up pretty well considering I drive a lot more than the average consumer. I definitely would like something a bit more luxury but it will do for a couple more years.

- Mackenzie B

Violent shaking on my 2014 ford focus

2014 Ford Focus SE

The car shakes quite a bit upon take off or when switching to 2nd gear. Additionally their have been transmission recalls and a recall currently that has no solution at the moment and may cause me to stall in traffic. When taken to the ford dealership they kept saying they could not duplicate my symptoms 3 times therefore there was nothing they could do.

- George P

Ford focus transmission scare.

2014 Ford Focus S

My ford focus has been through 3 different transmissions due to recalls and the faulty transmissions that were made for this vehicle. It is an automatic transmission that acts like a manual transmission and I can feel it shifting gears when I am driving. This is my second focus and I expected better, since my former 2003 focus drove better than this one.

- Emily H

Reliable car with good standard features.

2014 Ford Focus SE

This vehicle is incredibly reliable and has great fuel economy. It does have some problems with getting to a good speed in a decent amount of time, and sometimes has problems with the door locks. I have had this car for about 3 years, and have had minimal problems with it. The maintenance has been very easy, and it holds up well if it is taken care of.

- Holly T

The focus is a great vehicle for gas mileage and has the SYNC feature.

2014 Ford Focus SE

The Bluetooth sync is very handy for using map apps and streaming iTunes in my car. It's also great for hands free phone usage. However, there are only 28 thousand miles on my car and the transmission slips and shifts high and hard, there have been many recalls on it, and it's not comfortable to drive long distances, and that's what I use it most for.

- Katie O

Overall this is a pretty reliable car but extremely costly when it comes to the maintenance of the car depending on what needs to be repaired. Especially when it comes to things that the warranty won't cover.

2014 Ford Focus

Pros to having this car is that it's sleek, comfortable, clean in the inside and out will get you from point A to point B. The down side to having the car is sometime when switching gear the car will tend to Starter/shake. Another issues I have had with this car was that one of the sensor went bad and cost 1500 to replace since it was out of warranty.

- Jochebed L

Ford car is the greatest I love.

2014 Ford Focus Base

This a real good car I love ford never have any problem always get me to point a or b without any problems so I love this car company that makes it and the staff that put it together so this is a real good car and company so this a real good car and it been around for years so it will be around for more years to come so I do not no what else to say.

- Tyrone Y

Great economical car for commuters or single drivers.

2014 Ford Focus

Car is reliable and has a high MPG rating. Sound system is good and SYNC technology is very convenient. There is a decent amount of audible road noise and the transmission has its issues from time to time. I would recommend it for commuters but may not be comfortable or have necessary features to be a family car or to be used in long-distance trips.


His name is Leonard and he is amazing.

2014 Ford Focus

My car is a blue Ford Focus hatchback. He is very roomy and though I bought him used, he was very well maintained. The windows can be difficult for short drivers to check (blind spot), but that's only an issue if I have a short friend drive. My only complaint is that sometimes when accelerating, the engine will really work and the car will rattle.

- Jessica k

Watch recalls on automatics for the internal clutch

2014 Ford Focus S

Too many recalls. Internal clutch on automatic replaced 3 times car starts shuddering at take off with hesitation and while you are driving has also revved my rpms up like I am in neutral and pressing on the gas pedal. Also had a recall on door catch as well as one on the gas tank. If it didn't have all this the car is nice for a small vehicle

- Melissa G

Ford focus: family-friendly vehicle.

2014 Ford Focus

My ford focus is such a nice, reliable, family-friendly car. Its performance is really great for the price, very customizable, and comfortable to ride in. It drives very nicely, and I love the Bluetooth radio system. It has very nice features, such as the radio, and controls. For the price, it is a very reliable vehicle and is worth every penny.

- Caitlin G

This car is reliable but definitely not for a family

2014 Ford Focus S

It has been a mostly reliable car. There has been a handful of recalls on the car that I have brought in to have fixed. Never had problems with tongue underneath the hood. I've only had problems with the stereo and tire sensors. If you have more than one child the car is a little cramped because the back seat is pretty small with two car seats.

- Alyssa F

2014 Ford Focus review: comfortable and easy.

2014 Ford Focus SE

Comfortable to be in and drive, compact enough to be easy to drive but spacious enough to transport things, too many recall issues and a stutter when driving. Not too complicated, but has Bluetooth and controls via steering for easy use and hands-free calling which I love. Miles per gallon is great, basic maintenance has been easy to deal with.

- Meagan H

A great first car with wonderful features.

2014 Ford Focus

I really enjoy driving my Ford Focus because it is so easy to drive, I love the navigation features as well as the size of the car. I wish there was more room in the back for passengers because it is a tight fit. As well as it is hard to put a lot of things into the car because it is smaller. But it is the perfect size for someone's first car.

- Madison M

Vehicle has great performance. Great mileage.

2014 Ford Focus

Ford Focus is a small and comfy car, if you are taller than 6 foot, you feel like a giant in it. The car is reliable with great mileage. The seat could be more comfortable. When it is really hot out it does not feel like the air is blowing well because the vents are in odd places. The features include heated seats, Bluetooth, phone, and voice.

- Sara S

Has Bluetooth audio! Hands free.

2014 Ford Focus SE

Transmission went out twice. Thankfully it was covered under extended warranty. I still have issues with the u belt. The warranty only lasts for 60,000 miles I believe. Would not recommend a 2010-2015 focus, or fiesta. As these cars come with the transmission issues. Unfortunately I did not do enough research. Will never buy a ford car again.

- Mel S

It has a faulty transmission.

2014 Ford Focus

I like the car's looks and the interior. It's easy to drive. I am so disappointed and frustrated that the transmission has some kind shudder and problem that has been worked on dozens of times and not fixed. Ford has issued us s ten year warranty for it but it is annoying to have to keep having it readjusted. I will never buy a focus again.

- Carrie B

It's a good looking, inexpensive car and not a gas guzzler.

2014 Ford Focus

I like its small size and that it's a four door. I like that it does not consume a lot of gas. I do not like that it often chugs when I start up after having stopped at a red light. I had been driving a focus before this one and did not have this problem and basically bought this one without even looking at other cars. I'd not do that again.

- mary f

Drives great-beware of repairs

2014 Ford Focus SE

I like the car. It drives smoothly and gets pretty decent gas mileage. However, every time we have tried to do simple home repairs on it (change the battery, change a tire, etc) we have had more problems than it's worth. The lugnuts have an ongoing lawsuit because they don't fit standard tire irons. Overall, it's fine, just not the greatest.

- Bobbie G

The car is very economical, and good on gas.

2014 Ford Focus

I am about six feet tall and the drivers seat is just too small for me to sit in comfortably while having friends riding in the back. In addition, the car has a problem with the transmission and jolts every time that i accelerate. Lastly, it is good on gas however it doesn't have a gas tank that will take you as far as other vehicles may go.

- Andrew S

Lock button is in the middle of the console and not on the side doors.

2014 Ford Focus

I love my car. It is reliable, durable, and has treated me well for the past 3 years. The seating is comfortable, and I enjoy the fact that there's Bluetooth available. It comes in handy when trying to call people while driving without touching the phone. She does, however, have horrible transmission issues, which are common among her type.

- Abigail H

Ford Focus; Fun and Economical Transportation

2014 Ford Focus SE

The Focus is very fun to drive and gets great gas mileage. It has also been a very reliable vehicle. Aside from a few standard vehicle maintenance items like new tires and a new battery, the cost of ownership has been very low. The only drawback is it doesn't get around very well if there is more than a few inches of snow on the road.

- Todd S

Ford Focus hatchback has much more room than original

2014 Ford Focus SE

The model year of car has had a recall on the engine although I've had no problems with it. Although compact, has enough space for a small family. Gas mileage is upwards 29 mpg even in the city. Low to the ground so people with apartment speed bumps or lots of road damage should be wary with this model as it can cause frame damage easier.

- Dallas F

Bad clutch and infotainment.

2014 Ford Focus SE

Computerized clutch is glitchy, I didn't realize what it was when I bought it. I would not buy this car again. The back seat is t comfortable for kids who cannot reach the floor with their feet if the front seats are pushed back most of the way. Infotainment system is lacking. Fine for when it came out, but does not support android auto.

- Mike W

It scores very high on safety ratings when tested it is number one.

2014 Ford Focus

I love the Ford Focus. The car is very sporty on the outside. It is has nice comfortable seats. The interior design is very pleasing. The hatchback is roomy. The Focus gets good gas mileage. The transmission is not great; sometimes feels like it has trouble finding gears. The car is a great value and very safe. I would highly recommend.

- Christine T

to many recalls to frequently.

2014 Ford Focus

There are a lot of recalls that happen pretty often. We had one on the transmission, one on the door locks, and one on the clutch. My car is in the shop pretty frequently but Its not the worst car. I like the look of my car, it is sleek and the interior is nice and practical. I get pretty good gas mileage, around 35 a gallon on average.

- Corinne E

Sensitive sensory from the Ford Focus.

2014 Ford Focus

It has sensors for your oil change, breaks, wheel pressure, and light fixture. The comfort is great for a total of 5 people including the driver. The windshield is slightly brittle, as I have chipped the window twice being on the freeway. The Bluetooth feature is great however the volume needs to be raised when synced with your device.

- Lisa Z

Ford focus: comfortable, excellent mpg, terrible transmission.

2014 Ford Focus SE

This vehicle has great gas mileage and offers a relatively smooth ride. The interior is comfortable, but not luxurious by any means. My main issue with the vehicle is the transmission. It uses the dual clutch transmission which means it shifts rough, gets stuck in a gear, and just overall is not as smooth as an automatic, should be.

- Ryan D

They should know that it is great on gas.

2014 Ford Focus

My car is the perfect size for a single person that does not have children. It is comfortable, there are heated seats, and air conditioning. The leather seats are very nice. The problem is that when you press the gas right away it can sometimes slightly stall which I heard is a problem among a few Ford cars. Overall, I like the car.

- Elizabeth C

it has a very good pick up and go to it

2014 Ford Focus

I love the way my car is made on the inside and the outside.It's a very easy to handle car and has a very good pick up and go to it.the ac is especially cold although it does burn quite a bit more gas it with on.all in all it is a very good quality car for the money and I expect to receive a lot more years of great service from it.

- bonnie B

It works, even with all the recalls and issues.

2014 Ford Focus Titanium

The car is nice and comfortable, but there's been some recalls and other issues that are a bit concerning. The backup camera doesn't work sometimes and they were unable to find/fix the issue, which was an inconvenience. Maintenance is easy and it makes hauling stuff easier. It has leather interior that makes it easy to keep clean.

- Alex C

Good car but, does have issues with recall

2014 Ford Focus SE

Recalls are not good! Ford always has some recalls so that is sad. But, I like how the car rides. I can transport a lot in the car when you pack well! It is easy to use system and it works well.I wish there was a backup camera but, there is a new model with a backup camera but it isn't a big issue. Overall, the car is a good one!

- Chloe A

Recalls are not good for reviews.

2014 Ford Focus

It is really good on gas and easy to drive/park. However, there has been a couple of recalls on it. One being the control module that I had to take in twice. The other the door latches just breaking. We were driving when the passenger rear door opened(very scary). If not for the recall issues this would be a really great car!

- Jennifer A

It is a hatchback so that gives me extra space

2014 Ford Focus

A couple of months after I purchased my car we had to have the cluck fixed. We found out there was a recall. I have had it repaired 3 times. Also 6 months after buying the car the paint on the hood started bubbling ford would do nothing and dealer would do nothing about repainting it. I am very upset about those two problems.

- Theresa F

It is a good car for a young driver:

2014 Ford Focus SE

It has a faulty transmission, the horn has trouble sometimes, the gas gauge is starting to mess up and the doors don't always lock properly. It's an okay car for a first vehicle'as it has been for me. It's also very good on gas. As long as you keep it up; oil change, keep gas in it, take care of it, it's an okay everyday car.

- L B

It's nice to put grocery bags in the trunk because nothing slips or slides around.

2014 Ford Focus

My car is very small and low to the ground. So if it rains or snows I have to stop at a light I need really hit the gas to get the car moving but then I just end up shooting out and have to hit my breaks right after. But if I have money to shell out for snow tires it is not as bad but it is still really easy to lose control.

- Jayden B

The transmission slips in 2nd gear.

2014 Ford Focus

The transmission slips in second gear. So anytime you get to about 20mph the car shutters and jerks forward. I took it to the dealership and they said that was normal for the focus. My sister in law has a 2013 focus and hers does the same thing. Other than that I really like the vehicle. But this issue is extremely annoying.

- Ashley P

Great gas mileage and all around fun to drive.

2014 Ford Focus

Transmission problems due to the clutch. If Ford would live up to replacing it for free it’d be a great car. They decided to put a clutch in an automatic transmission. There is a class action lawsuit about it. What I'd like to see is Ford fix it for the life of the car or buy car back and replace with newer or better car.

- Troy H

It gets great gas mileage, has more room compared to the Chevy Cruze.

2014 Ford Focus

My car is great for someone who is looking to get great gas mileage, on average I get about 35-40 mpg. It is a small car that does not provide a lot of legroom for passengers. Recently been having some transmission issues and radio cutting out which could be wiring issue. Overall it's a decent car for long distance drivers

- Jennifer W

Ford Is Bamboozling Its Customers.

2014 Ford Focus SE

I paid for this vehicle in full the day I got it. Come to find out, it has a recalled transmission that Ford will fix every 6 months but won't replace. The car shutters when I accelerate, the transmission lags and sticks and there are several other problems I've ran into, but nonetheless...I am unhappy with this vehicle.

- Jeremy M

Great car for work travel.

2014 Ford Focus

Very reliable and very good on gas, very comfortable and fun to drive!! Not much space in the back seat area but lots of truck room! Drives like a 5 speed so you can accelerate very quickly but can also stop quickly too if needed! Very sporty feeling car but a very partial car to use for traveling back and forth to work!

- Dianne B

It has great gas mileage, is reliable, and is easy to maintain.

2014 Ford Focus

I love the fact that I get good gas mileage. I'm able to get 40 mpg on the highway and usually 35 around town. I also like the fact that the maintenance is pretty easy for it, and I like the Bluetooth as well. The only thing I don't like is the ride could be smoother and these models tends to have transmission problems.

- Drew W

Transmission is bad Tires always go flat Car kind of sucks do not buy a ford

2014 Ford Focus SE

My car was perfectly fine when I first bought it. After a little accident from hitting a gas pump my car has had many problems sense. While everything on the car has been fixed issues still are happening. Mostly my transmission, every time I push on the gas to go fast the car will stall a little and be a little jerky.

- Taylor T

Mediocre, but gets you from point A to point B.

2014 Ford Focus

Have always had transmission issues. Ford extended the warranty to 7 years/150k miles for the transmission. Overheating problems once and had issues with the brakes after only 12k miles. Check engine light was on for a while. Car has had many things go wrong with it. Decent and comfortable car, but expect maintenance.

- Andrew J

Ford focus is an unsafe car

2014 Ford Focus S

It had 10 recalls within my 5 years of owning it. Many issues with this car and recalls. It may be affordable but is safety really worth the risk. Main issues are with the transmission which is terrifying because that is a major part of the engine. The car may seem worth it but needs so much work is it really worth it

- Kris D

Nice looking and fun to drive.

2014 Ford Focus

This car is very easy to drive because of size and performance. The look and style of the car is appealing. It has numerous features including phone syncing and GPS. Only problem is transmission is a little rough and complaints have initiated a class action lawsuit. Ford has responded with a warranty to cover repairs.

- Diane D

My car is a lot of fun to drive!

2014 Ford Focus

It is a four door hatchback with a manual transmission, and I absolutely love that as that type of transmission is not commonplace. It provides good mileage and is good looking. It is not a premium vehicle but it works perfectly for me. My only dislike would be that it has limited room in the hatch, but that is minor.

- Kathleen s

It is alright if you get lucky, but I have had to shovel money into the bcm.

2014 Ford Focus Base

This car has had an off and on problem with the body control module for years. There is a leak somewhere that has not been able to detect the origin of. The leak is causing water to get in and fry the body control module. The pump for the washer fluid has also already given out and had to be replaced. Bad in the snow.

- Will L

Dual clutch for Ford Focus.

2014 Ford Focus

It has a dual clutch transmission which I am not a fan of. It hesitated at stops and when accelerating. The more weight there is the car, the more it seems to happen. I have had to have the clutch replaced before my car was at 40, 000 miles. Disappointing since I had only had the car four months before that happened.

- Mandy M

Great car but needs some work!

2014 Ford Focus SE

I have had my car for a year and a half now and have had three recalls on it. My radio also doesn't work anymore, not sure why, also one of the recalls was for the transmission that is now slipping. I think it worked better before the changed it out. Now I have to deal with screeching radio and slipping transmission.

- Kristina L

My car black /had a different paint then most w/ sparkling glitter in the paint

2014 Ford Focus SE

Really reliable, never had any problems with my car. Even in a wreck it has been made durable. The Ford Focus has been my traveling car and really reliable. It was my car and felt great in it even driving it was the best as well. It showed how many miles I had left in my car what I need for gas. Great for road trips

- Cristina N

Reliable car choice with good mpg

2014 Ford Focus SE

Been great so far 84,000 miles. Trunk popped open in the beginning. But it is reliable. Good gas mileage at 31 mpg. It get city and highway. Some issues with ford's sync technology, it just isn't as good ad I would expect. Easy to clean. My husband feels that it's too small for men, and especially the back seat.

- Julie E

Car gets great gas mileage.

2014 Ford Focus

The car has a quirky transmission, which is a bit annoying at times. On the positive side it gets great gas mileage, and I can travel 1000 miles with 3 fill ups. The seats are a bit still, and uncomfortable for long trips. I suggest if you are taking a long trip that you get out and stretch every few hundred miles.

- Jen B

Ford Focus review highlight.

2014 Ford Focus

People have transmission problems with these cars. When driving off sometimes the car with jump like the engine is going to fall out from under the car. It is definitely not a family car. Family of four and we are regretting buying such a small car. Besides that issue the car runs fine and does really good on gas.

- Haley G

My vehicle gets great gas mileage. It rides great.

2014 Ford Focus Titanium

It shudders when you get stuck in traffic and having to stop and go a lot. Other than that I have not had many problems. I get great gas mileage. I have gotten up to about 40 mpg on the interstate. I wish that it sat up off the ground a little more. The back seat does not have a lot of legroom but rides very well.

- Victoria J

Lackluster unsatisfactory Focus.

2014 Ford Focus

Have had numerous issues with transmission in the last year. Dealership also not very helpful in terms of correcting or diagnosing problems. Not shifting properly and often computer sensors malfunction. Fair gas mileage but disappointed only had car for four years and already having constant maintenance issues.

- Julia N

Put too much work into saving cars gas and not enough work into the rest.

2014 Ford Focus

A lot of problems we have found with the car. When you accelerate it seems like it is struggling to move and keeps shaking. Car radio randomly stopped working but all other buttons on and around the radio work just fine. Seems like they put most of their work into making the car a very gas saving car which it is.

- Asia B

2014 ford focus has met my expectations.

2014 Ford Focus S

My ford focus has been a reliable vehicle with few issues. It is a compact car with a clean look. This car is affordable and works perfectly for me, as I do not have a family of my own. I did receive information about a recall on ford focus engines, which unfortunately decreased my satisfaction with the vehicle.

- Alexis K

The perfect compact car that has the comforts of a luxury car

2014 Ford Focus SE

Several transmission recalls fuel pumps door and hatch back latches Other than the recalls its an awesome good gas mileage and very comfortable for long road trips. I love my car. The Bluetooth calling and GPS is so helpful Easy to read immediate notification of any vehicle issues The cost was very reasonable

- Tammy W

Smooth riding car! Comfortable to ride.

2014 Ford Focus S

I really enjoy my car. Performance wise it gets me where I need to go and I didn't have any problems. I've had a few recalls but I've gotten them taken care of. My car is VERY reliable. The only thing I don't like about the car is it doesn't have backseat air vents so that's frustrating with my child sitting RF.

- A P

Ford Focus amazing gas mileage, I got it up to 42 mpg once and that's pretty great.

2014 Ford Focus

The transmission slips a lot, other than that it is a good car. Great gas mileage, the features are nice as well. Has Bluetooth, touch screen navigation and other controls like that. There are heated seats in the front which I also really like and use all the time. There's a sunroof which is also a nice feature.

- Hannah Y

Ford focus: style and reliability.

2014 Ford Focus SE

We are mostly very happy with the focus. It was quite an adjustment going to a much smaller car from a Chevy impala. Acceleration is excellent, and we are really enjoying all the computer type readouts. I do miss more handy open 'compartments' for things you like to keep close in the car; not much room for that.

- Jan W

It is reliable, I have not had any problems in the 4 years I have owned it.

2014 Ford Focus

This is a good solid vehicle. Comfortable and easy to maintain. One feature I don't like is the steering wheel. a the center of the lower half is a triangular shape that makes it difficult to place your hands on the bottom portion of the steering wheel. I like that the vehicle does not have a lot of road noise.

- Sandra P

fuel economy. The car is very easy to drive and very economical to own.

2014 Ford Focus

the car is roomy inside it is up to date with the technology at offers such as GPS. I get excellent gas mileage 35 City 40 Highway. I'm happy that it is a Ford an American company. I purposely picked for because they were the only American company that didn't require a bailout from the United States government.

- Roberta O

How good the gas mileage is.

2014 Ford Focus

I like the good gas mileage. Also, it is very comfortable to ride in or drive. It has a good sound system and air conditioning. The trunk is a good size for all our needs, i like that you can set the lights to come on automatically as needed, and that i can sync my phone to the sound system. I have no dislikes.

- Pat L

Ford Focus handles like a dream.

2014 Ford Focus

The Ford Focus has good handling and maneuvering capabilities. I have owned my car for four years and have had minimal problems with it. I like that the car has Bluetooth and USB hookups. My Focus comes with cruise control which is nice on my long commute to work. I also like that it gets very good gas mileage.

- Kira B

My Ford Focus is great if you want a small car good on gas.

2014 Ford Focus SE

When you push on the accelerator it's like it shifting gears, the seats are hard hurt after driving long hours, gas is good on highway. The radio picks up all Bluetooth signals around and it's a hassle to have to set up your phone every time I get in car have to tell everyone to turn off their phones Bluetooth.

- Norma T

Great little daily commuter

2014 Ford Focus S

The car serves me well. Other 2014 Focus' have had transmission issues which this particular has managed to avoid. The engine had enough power to make a fun daily commute. The car is an excellent daily driver however I'm not sure I would take it for trips longer than 1.5-2 hrs. I have had no reliability issue.

- Sean M

Great features on this car.

2014 Ford Focus Titanium

I just bought this car last December, so I have not had any performance or reliability issues thus far. I like all the features on the car so far and love the way it drives and handles. I like the remote start, push button ignition, sunroof, premiums sound system and heated seats are great for the cold winter.

- Marc O

It looks super cool and has gotten me everywhere I need to go without fail.

2014 Ford Focus

It is a silver Ford Focus. I like how smooth it seems to ride and the mileage has been excellent. It has gotten me all over the state. If there is anything negative, it is that the windshield wipers never seem to work 100%. I also get random error messages, but it is a fair price to pay all things considered.

- Matt P

The best compact car in America.

2014 Ford Focus SE

Very reliable, great gas mileage and the performance is excellent pick up speed entering highway. Great compact car. Have great features XM radio, can hook up your phone, great stereo system whether you're listening to radio, CD or satellite. Great car for students or those who are concerned with gas mileage.

- Cynthia T

The vehicle is very cool and I.

2014 Ford Focus

Sometimes the brakes do not work and it scares me because I feel like I am going to crash and it also has to go into the shop slot for some reason but I think it will be ok once I get it fixed again and I really hope it all works out in the end because I do like that car. It's just kind of scary if you know.

- Danielle P

Poor transmission build. No other complaints other than the transmission.

2014 Ford Focus S

Several recalls on the transmission/transmission parts since purchase. Does not speed up quickly, which makes me nervous when I need to zip quickly through a turn onto a busy street, or through a roundabout. The inside features are all great, but the repeated recalls on the transmission make me very nervous.

- Erin M

There's nothing particularly special about my car.

2014 Ford Focus SE

The only problem I have with my car is the tires lose air occasionally. But that's probably the same with all cars. I love my car. It's simple and reliable. I love the fact that I can pull the seat up as close as I need it to be and I'm able to adjust the height to where I need it too. It's comfortable too.

- Stephanie J

Poor performance, poor quality, always issues, from the day I bought it.

2014 Ford Focus SE

Mechanical problems, computer chip problems, shifting is delayed due to computer trying to save gas. I am considering not buying a ford after this car. Quality of the cars have gone down, but the technology involved has gone down. I will look elsewhere next so I don't have to know how to code to fix my car.

- Collin S

It could use more room behind the front seats.

2014 Ford Focus

It is a hatchback but I cannot seem to figure out if my back seats fold down so I can have more cargo room in the back. I also have very little leg space in the back seat for passengers. It does get good gas mileage. The car notifies you upon starting if your oil needs changed which I thought was very cool.

- Carol M

Great but can buck a bit.

2014 Ford Focus SE

Great car, good gas mileage, 2nd focus I've owned, reliable. They only thing is it will sometimes stutter and buck it's the coils that need to be either replaced or switched around. I'm told it's just a default in the focus's. Other than that it's great, you get use to it and it doesn't happen that much.

- Alexis P

I would never have anyone I know buy this car

2014 Ford Focus SE

There is a recall on the transmission and the door latches. Those are both very important. The doors can open at any time and the transmission is the most important part. The back seat is very small and hardly any leg room. The front windshield always has a reflection of the dashboard and it's hard to see

- Lupe R

A great car for the money.

2014 Ford Focus SE

It is a great car for the money. Fuel economy is good and the interior quality seems nicer than the price would suggest. It is fun to drive and has more power than the other cars in its class when I was shopping. My only complaint is the dual clutch automatic transmission, which takes time to get used to.

- James D

Good gas mileage and roomy for a small vehicle. It does blow through brakes tho. We have replaced brakes twice and car only has 80000. That's 3 sets of brakes. Unusual in my eyes

2014 Ford Focus

It is a good little car. Our biggest complaint is regarding the transmission. We have had it fixed twice and it still jerks, jumps and shudders. We will not fix again because we have been told that we will have to pay $1500 to do so even though it is a known problem with a lawsuit attached. Not happy

- Lisa G

Focus has transmission problems that are involved in a lawsuit.

2014 Ford Focus

The car has been great except for transmission problems, which have been documented. It has never left me stranded and they fix the problem when I take it in. Needs to go to shop now because of shifting hesitation at take-off. It is fun to travel in and gets great gas mileage. About 36 miles mpg average.

- Mike W

It's great for driving in cities or busy areas

2014 Ford Focus S

Lots of recalls on this car and Ford will not cover them. My clutch has been replaced three times and under 90000 miles which is unacceptable. The handling on the car is really good but that's only because it's so small, there is little trunk room and little head room in the cockpit. Would not recommend

- David V

Some years/models have recalls so if it drives weird, take it into a dealer.

2014 Ford Focus

I just recently took it in to a Ford dealer to have my transmission fixed and before then, it drove poorly.. After having it fixed it is driven amazing and it is like a completely new car.. If it is driving like it should be, its an amazing car and if it's not, you should have it checked for a recall..

- Kathleen A

I love the lights in the vehicle because they can change colors on the inside.

2014 Ford Focus SE

I love my 2014 Ford Focus, it drives great. I've had to get the clutch replaced on it and that would've cost me a lot of not for the warranty. Other than that I haven't had any problems and I love it so far. The people at the Ford dealership were very respectful and helpful with finding my new vehicle.

- Haley E

I am honestly not sure that it has an interesting detail.

2014 Ford Focus

It sometimes shakes which I have taken it in for and there was a recall for a door part. It also is smaller than I would like. The mesh seating is not ideal because it gets dog hair caught in it frequently. I do like the electrical features inside but sometimes the voice command gets my words confused.

- Brie B

Small four door car that I would strongly recommend a single woman with no kids

2014 Ford Focus SE

It's a nice vehicle I just don't like the fact that it's a automatic and has a clutch on it. Nice vehicle if you don't have any kids. Small car and great on gas. Rides smoothly just have to make sure you keep it up to par like you are supposed to. Great car to take out of town to get some mileage on it

- dawn J

Good car too many mechanical issues

2014 Ford Focus SE

I Loved my focus at first. The auto/manual transmission clutch has been replaced multiple times in 3 years and then the radio failed and now does not work. Good car for gas mileage but not worth the hassle of all the mechanical issues. I wish I would have thought about this purchase prior to getting it

- Jen A

Overall a nice car. Nice and sleek.

2014 Ford Focus S

Transmission sucks. It's reliable and a great car. Drives nice besides transmission. The interior is nice; I appreciate the colors. It's a sedan, but it's roomy. There's no pull down middle thing in the backseat, but I don't mind. There are cup holders in the doors of the backseat. The trunk is roomy.

- Jasmine K

Love my titanium Focus...

2014 Ford Focus Titanium

Known transmission and faulty dry clutch system. All in all love the car though. Good on gas. Usually get about 330 miles per tank and usually takes 9 gallons to fill. Fun to drive and very reliable. I also love the sound system that comes stock in the titanium. With built in sub and amplifier.

- Joseph B

Great gas mileage, too many issues

2014 Ford Focus SE

The 2014 Ford Focus has had a lot of recalls. It also has a transmission issue that causes my car to jerk when I press the gas pedal. Sometimes this issue makes it hard when pulling out into traffic because it can be dangerous. The positive points are that it get good gas mileage and is cheap to fuel.

- Michelle S

Cruise control, hands free phone options. Power windows.

2014 Ford Focus Base

Focus is a small car, good for small places. Great car for young adults. The compact aspect of vehicle is a negative for taller adults or larger sized adults. The cargo space also is less desirable. Due to the compactness of the vehicle would not be the vehicle for a young family with young children.

- Tina Lay M

Good gas mileage on road and on highway

2014 Ford Focus SE

Transmission problem in my car. Just bought it used over a year or two ago. It is a reliable car just this issue itself is very expensive to fix. Right now I just don't have the money to get a new car so I'm fixing it for now. Other than that I really do like this vehicle. It gets awesome gas mileage

- Rylee R

2014 Ford Focus is a great car!

2014 Ford Focus

This car is great on gas and reliable. I have driven to California and Tennessee and back numerous times with no problems. It is comfortable and hooked up with Sirius radio. Beautiful interior and great ac and power locks. My son loves the room he has in the back as well. Would definitely recommend!

- Kiri F

Automatic lights, trunk release button on the keyless entry fob.

2014 Ford Focus SE

Car works well most of the time, but stutters when I take off from a full stop. I think it might be a transmission or fuel pump issue. Also the back door was replaced with the same door, but from a different year focus. Now the dashboard always says the door is open. Even when it is definitely shut.

- Michael K

It was a fun sporty car to drive.

2014 Ford Focus

I drive a 2014 Focus st. It is a front wheel drive car and only comes in manual. It is a fun sporty car that come with 250 stock horsepower. It gets really good highway mpg and okay city. The inside is very nice and comfortable. It comes with Bluetooth and GPS. The car drives and handles very well.

- Reid C

Ford Focus Hatchback issues.

2014 Ford Focus Titanium

Very reliable. There is a transmission issue which was a recall. It continues to be an issue when hitting the gas from a stop - creates a jerky motion in lower gears. Otherwise the car has been good. Gas mileage is 39-40. I was disappointed that the back seat does not lie flat when folded down.

- Ashley O

Silver 2014 Ford Focus SE Hatchback

2014 Ford Focus SE

It's a good reliable car. One problem with the car is that is acts like it's going to stall. The manufacturer said it's normal in these cars but it is still very jerky. The seats are very comfortable and good on long car rides. Very good on gas. The hatchback is very convenient with a lot of space.

- Pierson C

Safe, Reliable, Not a good family car

2014 Ford Focus S

The car is very reliable and safe, but will occasionally vibrate while accelerating. The car has had a few recalls, which has been a little annoying. Overall, it is easy to keep clean and gets great gas mileage. It is not a great family car, or good for car seats, but great if you don't have kids.

- Lauren M

Ford Focus 2014: Particularly Average

2014 Ford Focus Base

It's a modern, automatic transmission. It has lots of plastic, and no aesthetic quality, but it runs fine. You can't change the transmission fluid without lifting the car. I wouldn't recommend for hands-on people. Other than that, it is average. This particular model has several parts with recalls

- Zachary M

Perfect for a shorty like me.

2014 Ford Focus

It is perfect in terms of comfort for short people like myself. It is not too big or compact. Being five foot three inches, I often have the problem of being too close to the wheel, but I do not in the Ford Focus. There are decent sized blind spots, but the blind spot mirrors eliminate that issue.

- Alexa W

I like ease in parking due to size.

2014 Ford Focus

I like my Ford Focus. It is real reliable. Seats are not as comfortable as I would like. Lots of road noise. Good gas mileage. Seats 4 comfortably. I have taken it on long trips. Mileage has been better in the last year. Lots of room in trunk for luggage. Easy to keep clean since it is gray color.

- Kathy A

Very good cheap small car.

2014 Ford Focus

Car will have transmission problems at high mileage. It runs reliably and has surprisingly quick and smooth acceleration. The seats are fairly comfortable, but taller people will have trouble fitting in the back seat. Trunk space is definitely on the smaller side, but 2 golf bags will fit inside.

- Nicholas N

Really good deal for the price, an excellent value!.

2014 Ford Focus

What I dislike about the Ford focus 2014 is that it has a recall on the transmission. Approximately every 12000 miles the computer in charge of shifting the gears loses its synchronization ability, and this causes damages to the cars clutch. What I like is its high miles per gallons performance.

- Miguel P

The black pearl: the good, the bad and the ugly.

2014 Ford Focus

I drive a black 2014 Ford Focus. The car itself is really great on gas and great for traveling long distance. However, there are often recalls on things in my car. The Bluetooth connection is not always the best and sometimes the "clutch" on my automatic car does not shift correctly all the time.

- Kayla R

Transmission faulty and has been known to cause serious accidents

2014 Ford Focus

It's reliable because I have taken care of it. Performance is not that great as the transmission has been known to cause serious problems, mine only include rough shifting through gears. Not comfortable for someone with lower back problems. It has basic features that are just... well... basic...

- Dustin F

My car is perfect for one person to drive for everyday activities.

2014 Ford Focus

I like the heated seats. I like the bluetooth and voice activated media and calling. I dislike how touchy the gear stick is, I often accidentally put it in low instead of drive without noticing. I also dislike the amount of legroom in the back, my tall friends can barely stand to sit back there.

- Abigail B

2014 Ford Focus basic. Spacious, smooth driving. Excellent small family vehicle.

2014 Ford Focus Base

My vehicle is great! Drives very smooth, and the air conditioning is beyond what one would expect from a vehicle. I enjoy the SYNC Bluetooth and the sound system is decent for stock. The only issue I would express is a slight stutter in the gas pedal, but the car works amazingly other than that.

- Misty H

This car is very comfortable and convenient, with very modern technology.

2014 Ford Focus

My beautiful white vehicle is only problem is its pick up and go. This cozy car is a little slow to get started. However, the modern technology, soft comfort and other nice features are great. Also, this car is very easy to get around and to go run errands as well as cart around small children.

- Elana S

My car is a great car for someone who drives quite a bit!

2014 Ford Focus

I like that my car gets good gas mileage, is safe for me to drive, and can fit into small spaces. I do not like that my car does not have a lot of legroom in the back, and that I cannot easily get to my battery. Overall though being petite I do enjoy having a car I can clean off when it snows!.

- Kaitlyn L

That it has the transmission issue.

2014 Ford Focus

I really like my Ford Focus hatchback, but it does have an ongoing transmission flaw that is in Focus models of that year. The clutch has to be replaced about every 1 1/2 years, but at least Ford gave me a 10 year warranty on it so I don't have to pay for it. Otherwise it is a great little car.

- Mary C

The gas mileage is amazing and so worth it being small car.

2014 Ford Focus

The only thing that is a known issue with this car is that it tends to have transmission issues that our dealer has been gracious enough to tend to. It also has a tendency to eat rear tires because of the suspension in the rear of the car. I love the gas mileage though. Road mileage is amazing.

- Joyce P

Has some issues but overall good vehicle.

2014 Ford Focus SE

Vehicle does not really have much for space. The clutch went out at only a year old, the air conditioner leaked all through the passenger side leaving 3 inches of water under the seats and carpet, also in the first year of having it. It is great as far as gas mileage and everything else goes.

- Abbie M

Comfortable drive, hatchback a must

2014 Ford Focus SE

Has had trouble solved by recalls, such as transmission and door locking mechanism but is very comfortable and the hatchback model makes the car far more spacious than it looks. Good mileage and pretty reliable, other than the problems solved by the recalls haven't had any issues with it yet

- Anna G

This car is very economical!

2014 Ford Focus

My car performs great. Very pleased with the features in the car such as the ease of using controls. Like the way it handles on the road. It could be a little bigger inside especially in the back seat. But gets great gas mileage. I haven't had any mechanical trouble at all with this vehicle.

- Billy B

Would be a superior car for the money if ford hadn't built a piece of trash CVT.

2014 Ford Focus SE

Transmission problems. 5 clutch replacements in an automatic transmission. Multiple reprogramming of the transmission control module. These have been under warranty vehicle has 50,000. Door lock recall, transmission slips and reeves. Other than these problems the vehicle has been a good car.

- Jim Z

My 2014 Ford focus. Love it

2014 Ford Focus SE

Great little run around, gas mileage is good transmission was a little funny when I first got the car but overall I love the car. Great for shorter people to drive daughter is 4 10' she can see and safely drive the focus. I would recommend this car to anyone wanting something small and safe

- Elizabeth T

Poor performance in the snow.

2014 Ford Focus Titanium

Not a good car in the snow. I gotten stuck in not very deep snow. I also wish it got better gas mileage. I have had to have the window motor replaced on the drivers side. Very expensive. I like the size but going back to the snow issue it would be better if it wasn't so close to the ground.

- Julie R

2014 Ford Focus: a reliable vehicle.

2014 Ford Focus

I enjoy the small size of my car. I feel very safe driving. The seats are comfortable. One of my favorite features is the color changing lights. My trunk is able to store everything I need for road trips. I get the best gas mileage among my friends. My car is a beautiful shade of dark blue.

- Ali T

Sporty car that is economical.

2014 Ford Focus

I love the look and style of my car. The gas mileage it gets is great. The interior, and all its features, work perfectly for me. The problem with this car is the transmission. This model year, and others, are known for this problem. If it were not for this issue, the car would be perfect.

- Lisa D

The Ford Focus Hatchback SE is a great compact car.

2014 Ford Focus SE

I love my little Hatchback. It's cute, fuel efficient, and decently roomy for a compact car. It has nice storage in the trunk and I've never had to take it in for a problem. It has always performed wonderfully. I would definitely recommend this car to anyone looking for something reliable.

- Bran B

I think it is a good buy for anyone.

2014 Ford Focus Base

I like the ford focus because it has good gas mileage and seems to run smoothly. It runs well and has all the basic features one needs to have in your automobile. The costs to repair or fix your car are generally cheaper than most automobiles and the fact it is made in the USA is good too.

- Bob B

2014 Ford Focus handles well but transmission has issues.

2014 Ford Focus

I love the way my car handles on the highway and it's fuel economy. My issue with it is the transmission jerks when starting off. It also shifts slowly from first to second. I have taken it to the dealer several times, but am always told it is within specs and this is not a safety concern.

- Donna D

Transmission issues is a major problem.

2014 Ford Focus SE

The transmission slips all the time causing it to jerk forward. It gets really good gas mileage about 35 miles per gallon. I love the way it handles it does not veer to the left or right. It does have an oil leak already and I have used full synthetic oil regularly since I bought the car.

- Austin C

Gas mileage is the best I have ever seen in a car.

2014 Ford Focus SE

Front passenger side tire goes flat a lot, transmission slips when taking off, but that is not all ford focuses just mine, overall it is a very nice car, not ideal for the winter but very smooth driving car, nice features, great looking and safe car, and has absolutely great gas mileage!

- Trisha R

Gas efficient, small and cute, affordable, not ideal in bad weather.

2014 Ford Focus SE

It is not very comfortable and it makes weird noises and is terrible in rain and snow, but it is cute and has been reliable so far. The features are great as far as I am concerned. All I need is a CD player and a way to connect my phone so as to stream music, and that is what my car has.

- Tabatha M

Perfect everyday car and would be a great first car option for teenagers.

2014 Ford Focus

All the features are great for the size and type of car. Had an issue with the traction control but was fixed due to a recall. Gas mileage is great. The interior has held up nicely. No rips or tears. I plan on handing my car down to my son as his first vehicle within the next few months.

- Jessica M

Almost a great car for the money, but the shaking is a deal breaker.

2014 Ford Focus SE

Recall on clutch/transmission. Shakes when you accelerate. Very dangerous when trying to speed up w traffic. Biggest drawback to this car and I would not purchase again, support for recall terrible from ford. Gas mileage is good, comfortable interior, cost of maintenance is good as well.

- Lauren P

Great car! Transmission issues.

2014 Ford Focus SE

The car itself is okay for me I have transmission issues and radio issues, I've heard there's a lot of 2014 models with these issues. My favorite part about the Ford Focus SE is the interior it's all leather, not bad with driving it's smooth. Would definitely upgrade when the time comes!

- Jen Miller L

Great car for a small family minor issues

2014 Ford Focus SE

Love that's it's great on gas, pretty spacious for cargo once the back seats are down. We did have some transmission issues that were covered by ford and well as some gear changing issues. The car is really loud, we bought some top notch tires hoping it would fix the issue but it didn't

- Daisy P

The ford focus se worth the price. The ford focus se is a great economy car.

2014 Ford Focus SE

My . Focus is royal blue 4 door with hatch, heated black leather seats and a moonroof. The car is front wheel drive and drives very good in the snow. I would highly recommend the ford focus. It also came with sync so my smartphone is compatible. It has enough room to seat 4 comfortably.

- Lisa R

Transmission is standard.

2014 Ford Focus SE

Problem with the this car is that it is a standard transmission. Love the seats and, mirrors are good. Radio sound clear, and a/c is nice and cool. The thing right now we are having problems because of the transmission. It stalls most of the time. When it hits 60 mph it starts to stall.

- Joanna A

Great first time car, will last long.

2014 Ford Focus

Transmission is touchy, tires keep getting slow leaks, a/c only works when it wants to during the summer, gas/mile counter does not calculate properly when tank is full. Great mileage, great heater, great durability, easy to replace parts, dealership/repair sites are everywhere locally.

- Kayla S

Ford Focus 2014 hatchback.

2014 Ford Focus

The gas mileage is great with this car. The most unnerving problem is that it rattles when we accelerate. It has been recalled, and the transmission completely replaced. The comfort level is great, especially for someone like myself. I am short, 4'11" and am comfortable driving the car.

- Cathy R

2014 Ford Focus: Basic, Reliable, Affordable

2014 Ford Focus

I am at 45,000 miles and have had no major issues with my car. Couple flat tires and routine maintenance. I get about 30-31 mpg and it isn't crazy to fill my tank. The entertainment center is pretty bad, but otherwise the car is reliable, comfortable, and has not been a huge money suck.

- Carolyn C

Not great. Transmission replaced four times in four years

2014 Ford Focus S

transmission has gone bad 4 times already. Several recalls have been issued. I even tried to lemon law and could not because too many of these vehicles have been lemon lawed already. It is a sporty fun vehicle; it is not a reliable one. It is not very comfortable for long drives either.

- Linsey B

They should know that the transmission tends to be a bit faulty.

2014 Ford Focus

The car is great for driving. It feels like you are in complete control of the vehicle. It can also speed up when necessary. The Bluetooth features are very helpful for "no hand" calls and the controls on the steering wheel make it easy to control everything without getting distracted.

- Leticia B

I really like the overall performance of the car. Gets me where I need to go

2014 Ford Focus

I have had problem with my computer. My gas mileage and gas Gauge have been off. When I bought the car I thought everything was all right. But I've had some trouble with my screen not coming on as soon as I start my car and problems with the screen not showing the correct information

- Megan W

Fun and easy to drive with useful features.

2014 Ford Focus

Love the car. Easy and fun to drive. Has many useful features that add comfort and convenience. The performance is good for a smaller car with one issue and that is the transmission tends to cause jerky starts. Ford gave owners of my model year an extended warranty on the transmission.

- Diane L

Great price, great gas mileage, and great safety features.

2014 Ford Focus

I love how it looks and how it feels when driving. I like a lot of the features, but some of the stuff doesn't work properly and the dealership s can't seem to fix it. Although it was a great deal and good price there are some things that I thought were standard but apparently are not.

- Morgan S

I like how the sites are not leather but this jersey material.

2014 Ford Focus

The tires are expensive however, the tires do not last long because they made out of cheap material. This car is not made for some who is over the average height in the us. This car is also not kid-friendly at all. This car should be recommended to someone who is very small and single.

- Tra S

It gets wonderful gas Mileage. Is a good family car plenty if room in the hatch.

2014 Ford Focus SE

The car is mechanically sound. We actually got this car because our Lexus motor blew in 3 weeks of owning it. And this car has run wonderfully and gets amazing gas mileage.we have travelled out of state and no problems. I enjoy the car. My only complaint is how low to the ground it is.

- Michelle H

The Ford Focus is an amazing vehicle for the price.

2014 Ford Focus SE

I have only had one issue with the car which was a result of a recall for the possibility of the car shutting down. This was easily repaired at the dealership. I very much enjoy the gas mileage and the seats are extremely comfortable. The car did extremely well in the winter months.

- Jill F

An American Car That Delivers

2014 Ford Focus Base

Great mileage and good handling. Very reliable and an extremely good value for the price. Good room and trunk space. Good sound. CD player is good and there are numerous features that are unexpected for this type of vehicle. This car is a really good component for the Ford line

- Randy W

Why one should get the sport Focus.

2014 Ford Focus

Just spectacular on gas. It is a perfect size for my family and I. We would not trade it for the world. Going on long or short trips, it feels like we are driving on a cloud. We also get the sporty feeling of a 4 cylinder car that we need. Plus the payments to own it, is so worth it.

- Ricardo C

The gas mileage is consistently over 40 mpg and the stereo system is very user friendly.

2014 Ford Focus

One of my biggest complaints is that within the first two years there was a recall on part of the transmission that caused my car to shut itself off while on the freeway. This was very terrifying for me. I like the gas mileage that it gets because I predominately do distance driving.

- Skylar J

Black car that has a delay after driving it for a long time.

2014 Ford Focus

I really loved my car when I first got it but after a couple of months it would have trouble getting going after I stopped and the front end shakes when turn and when stopping and then going again. This doesn't happen all the time only after I have driven my car for more than 45 min.

- Martha L

Sleek, affordable, reliable

2014 Ford Focus SE

Has a great stereo/sound system! Comfortable fabric seats, and a surprising amount of legroom. The air conditioning and heat work perfectly. There was a recall on my vehicle that would cause it to randomly stop running, but my vehicle personally has not done that. Great gas mileage!

- Hannah M

Great family vehicle with great mileage.

2014 Ford Focus S

I am very happy with the car. It has Bluetooth capability and hands free talking. It runs well. Gets great mileage. Not sure of the exact amount. The vehicle has 4 doors and is very spacious. Only thing I had an issue with is the seat belt breaking but it was covered under warranty.

- Jessica O

This car gets really great gas mileage.

2014 Ford Focus

I have had a few problems with my car so far including a leaking water pump and shuttering in the transmission. But I drive it a lot so problems are expected. Other than that it is a great car that gets excellent gas mileage (usually around 42 mpg on highways and 38 mpg in traffic).

- Anne B

Focus on focus. Once you own one you will continue to earn one.

2014 Ford Focus SE

An economical car which can handle traffic in the city and on the highways. It does not take a lot of gas to fill her up. It looks good and handles very well. It is the third ford I owned. I just sold my 2007 focus which looks new to this day. I like the dependable drive of a focus.

- ED S

Lovely features of the vehicle.