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The exceptional performance of my mustang outweigh any issue I've had.

First I'll start with problems. Early on I had issues with the gas tank cap/door. The sensor wouldn't sense that it was closed and the indicator light would always warn me that it was open when it was not. The dealership gave me a little funnel that seemed to do the trick so it wasn't too much of an issue when it came time for inspection. Another issue that happened early on was the seat dials. I don't know if it's the battery or the wiring but that also went out within the first 2/3 years. My seat would not move up anymore which made it difficult to reach the pedals. The last thing was the tire pressure sensor always going off and I still don't know why it is so sensitive. Performance wise it's amazing! I love the sensitivity with the pedals and how smooth it feels driving. It is also surprisingly wonderful with gas mileage. The comfortability of the car is nice as well. I love the leather and the bucket type seat of the driver and passenger sides. However the back is a little uncomfortable. I don't think those need to be a bucket type since it's kind of cramped back there anyway. The trunk space is very generous for such a compact coupe. The tires they come with are incredible I have hardly had any problems with them! The convenience of the Bluetooth system is awesome and provides more comfort in my driving experience. Although, I wish it wouldn't automatically connect to my phone and assume that's what I want. Maybe if there were a switch to turn that feature off, it would help. I love how easy it is to change the light colors inside the car. My friends always have a blast with it. Overall, I adore my mustang and think the performance and gas mileage as well as style, outweigh the little issues I had in the beginning!

- Claudia C

2011 Ford Mustang Convertible: Wonderful and reliable

I love my 2011 Ford Mustang! It gets decent miles per gallon with gas which is important to me as I live about three hours from my family. I also love the turning radius that it has. The easy and sharp turning makes driving very easy. The car in general is an easy driving car as well. One thing that someone might have to get used to if switching to a Mustang would be the long nose of the car. I love it and it does not bother me but when my friends drive my car the long front end makes them nervous as they fear they might hit something when turning or parking, etc. I think comfort-wise that it is good. I as the driver am very comfortable but since Mustangs have small back seats, anyone sitting in the back have no leg room and are often very cramped. So if you are considering purchasing a Mustang and have to drive multiple people around often then I would not recommend this car. My Mustang has proven to be very reliable. I have had the same car for 6 years and have had no trouble with it! Overall, I think the Mustang is a very reliable car and a great investment as well as a vehicle that drives wonderfully. It is amazing for first time drivers or seasoned veterans. I recommend it.

- Kate S

2011 5.0 Mustang Reliability.

I love my mustang. Always have. However I feel like it is not always reliable. It feels like it's one thing after another with that car. It has 135,000 miles on it despite only being 8 years old. The motor had to be replaced because it was the first year of the new engine in the mustang and there were mistakes in it. Something with the timing belt I believe. The AC system had to be totally redone. There's a few smaller things. It feels like to me it's just a matter of time before the next big and expensive repair needs to be done on it. I do love it though. It's fun to drive, it accelerates quick. The seats are comfortable including the back seats. I also don't like the gas mileage, but that's what you get when you have a muscle car.

- Jordan P

The convertible top is the highlight of this car!

I have really enjoyed my 2011 Ford mustang! I maintain oil changes regularly and haven't had any major mechanical issues. The front is roomy and comfortable. The back seats are comfortable, but very little foot/leg room. Difficult for long drives for persons in back of car. Trunk is very roomy. I have carried many large items when the top is down, including a full grown Christmas tree! The car has 2 car Charger outlets and AUX connection which are very convenient. The top is so easy to use with just a touch of a button! The convertible Ford Mustang is very stylish and drives great! I am a true believer in this car!!

- Kathy H

California edition mustang, but as a v6!

My Ford mustang has gotten me through thick and thin and has lasted with nearly no problems for years. There have never been any major problems, such as engine or exhaust problems, and any problems that have occurred were easily fixed. Nearly all of the leather in the car has lasted impeccably, except for the leather wrapped steering wheel, which is a little rough. My only complain is the draw blind on the glass top has a bad propensity to get stuck off its tracks, and because it is an older model, the dealership would refuse to fix it if it were to break again.

- Josh B

Awesome vehicle, I have nothing bad to say about it. Get constant comments on it.

I love this car. Bought it used with low miles and it has been the best vehicle I have owned. It performs like a true muscle car. Quick enough to get in and out of traffic. It is very comfortable, even in the back seat. I own a convertible and there is more than enough room in the backseat, for tall people, when the top is up. The only mechanical issue I have had was the sensor light malfunctioned once, but the dealer was able to fix it at no cost, due to warranty. And I love the light kit for the floorboards, the shaker stereo also sounds awesome.

- Mary M

2001 Mustang Convertible is a great investment.

I purchased this car in 2011 with 23,000 miles. I have never had any mechanical issues with this car in 8 years therefore I give reliability and performance a 100%. Comfort level is not great on long road trips but understand this car was not made for that. Since it is a 2011 it doesn't have the latest technology but has Bluetooth, USB ports and has Sirius radio access. With a subscription. Power everything. Obviously I thoroughly enjoy driving and owning this car as I have had it as my primary car for just over 8 years.

- Tara B

A modern vintage classic!

I love driving my mustang, it has a vintage style but the performance of a new car. It is sporty and reliable, with 310 horsepower but still fuel efficient. Road trips in this car are great. After owning this car for 7 yrs. I still continue to get compliments on it is look and condition. With over 120, 000 miles on it, it is still as dependable and fun to drive as ever. This the second mustang I have owned and I'd probably own another withheld improvements I have seen made to the latest models.

- Scott J

Ford Mustang review. 2011 and newer.

I like the maximum features on the 2011 mustangs especially because it has Microsoft connected and I have the model with the Shaker stereo in it. And Bluetooth features. It has no problems with fuel mileage and on the interstate you can't really ask for a better ride. Excellent cruise control and exceptional fuel mileage. I strongly recommend the Ford mustangs no matter what model or style you choose.

- Eric W

I love my 6 cylinder mustang.

I have had a few problems with my car within the year of owning it but nothing too bad, small oil leak and coolant leak but nothing major. I love the ride of this car it is very comfortable and the seats are great. It is very reliable as I have had no major issues with it yet. It is not the best on gas but I knew that when purchasing. It has great sound to it and is pretty powerful for a v6.

- Hanna S

2011 white ford mustang v6.

So far I have been lucky and have not had many problems out of my vehicle. Owned it for 2 years and only performed regular maintenance so far which is with any vehicle. I do get recall letters in the mail about the passenger airbag but have yet to fix it because I normally leave it turned off as I rarely have passengers. Very nice car for the price and very close horsepower as the gts.

- Brandy N

Customize it! "Diana's ride" is on the side and in the back.

There is very little leg room in the back seat. The body style is a bit retro and I added some graphics to customize it. My first name is on each door, of the two-doors, and a star burst was added in the back with my first name on that also. My car is torch red. There was a car identical to mine when I first bought it, but with the new changes, there is not another one like it.

- Diana L

Not just any mechanic can work on this car.

I've always loved Mustangs, this is my 3rd.This one has upgraded interior and incredible sound system for being factory. It gets great gas mileage and handles just how I like to drive. It's however used and has high mileage and already has issues with overheating in these east Texas summers. It also has an alignment issue that causes tires to rub and wear quicker than normal.

- Ryan L

Supercharged 5.2L V8 700 horsepower

Supercharged 5.2L V8 700 horsepower it's a very fun car to drive. Why? Because it's fast and very exciting. If you ever driven a sports car you'll understand what I mean. This car does 0-60 in like 2 seconds and it's super fast. Although if you know ford (the manufacture) you'll know this car is great for a short period of time before it starts having problems

- Isaac Z

2011 ford mustang - love this car.

The performance of this car is great. However, I moved across the country and had to drive my car. Since then, it has not quite been the same. That being said, it was a great car for a 32 hour drive and I was not uncomfortable during any of it. The backseat can be a problem if you have more than one person accompanying you but it is normally not an issue.

- Britney H

My 2011 Ford Mustang is a beautiful sapphire blue, and has an immaculate interior.

My vehicle is a sapphire blue 2011 Ford Mustang that i bought as a Certified Used vehicle from a dealership. It only has 55,000 miles on it, and runs beautifully. It is a quiet, smooth ride and performs like a dream. Other than a few scratches and minor knicks, this amazing vehicle has no issues and is incredibly reliable. I couldn't ask for a better car.

- Sherri A

Slow down ford, if it is not broke don't fix it.

I feel as if Ford is trying to “reinvent the wheel “ with a lot of things. I recently got a flat and couldn't fix it because of some caps that they place on the lug nuts. I have also been throwing a code for months because this car wasn't designed with a gas cap so now small debris is getting into the tank. All unnecessary upgrades.

- Brent J

For mustang is no longer a sports car.. It limps.

The dealership was horrible the car has had the most recalls of any car I have ever owned or driven. Ford was once a great company now is a shell of its former self. Worst car ever that does not deserve the title of "sports" car because it is just a piece of junk that wants to be a sports car. I wish I had my old Mitsubishi gt3000.

- Ann S

Love hate love of my Ford Mustang GT

So far my passenger side strut has gone bad multiple times. Traction control has been having issues, I have a severe knocking sound in the center of my console when air or heat is turned on. OS sensor is failing, the liner in the trunk is missing and has caused the trunk to not seal. The reverse camera does not work

- David C

2011 mustang gt: aging black beauty.

The 2011 Ford mustang gt is a joy to drive overall. The biggest issue I have had with the vehicle happens to be the front left strut. My gt is a manual wit none of the bells and whistles added in; just cloth seats, a working ac, and a decent radio that I never turn on. The classic mustang gt rumble is wonderful.

- Ryan B

My vehicle is a black beauty and flies like the horse that it is named after.

I have a 2011 v8 gt black mustang coupe 2dr. I love the way my vehicle hugs the road and handle the curves. I love the speed I can get up to in it without pushing hard at all on the gas pedal. I love the factory radio and the little space for passengers. I added exhaust pipes and the sound is even better.

- Lynda K

5. 0 —nothing else will do!

I love this car. It has the 5. 0 coyote motor in it and it really moves! I have the 6 speed manual transmission and it really gives you the sports car experience. Leather seats and awesome stereo system. Has USB ports which are helpful in charging the phone. Also has sync which keeps phone calls hands free.

- Lynda L

Great warm weather and vacation car.

I have the 2011 Mustang convertible that has performed great for me. The only major problem was in the air conditioning duct system that would have a loud clicking noise when turning on . That was fixed with one trip to the dealership. Other than that no major problems and just scheduled maintenance.

- Ralph L

The power of the gas pedal to pick your spot to merge in traffic on the highway.

I love how dependable the car is, never had any problems or issues. I love everything about this car. I love the shaker stereo, really puts listening to music to a whole new level. Comfort is great, however blind spots are terrible, have to paying attention to traffic in all mirrors when driving.

- Lisa M

Because I have the premium version of my car, I am able to choose from a number of options of colors to set for the lights on the dashboard as well as the lights along the inside of my car.

My Ford Mustang is really dependable and reliable. When driving I always have a smooth trip especially on bumpy roads. The interior of the car, being that it is leather, provides you with a comfortable ride when driving. Also, the power seats allow you to adjust your seat in different ways.

- Grant E

Love the California special comes with a different front air dam and fog lights.

I ordered my car in 2010.. 2011 mustang gt/cs California special with the panoramic roof. The cs package came with special badging and brakes. The audio system was a shaker 1000 with the subwoofers mounted in a box in the trunk. The factory ride is great and handles well on the track.

- A D

2011 v6 mustang is by far the best car you can own. Definitely an eye catcher.

I have not had any problems with my car. Drive stability is amazing. Seats are very comfy, the power that comes from the car is amazing and I have never loved a body style more than I have on this mustang. The lights on the inside being able to be customized is my favorite part.

- Sierra P

Grabber blue mustang convertible.

I am very pleased with my mustang's performance, reliability and comfort. Only problems have been recalls for the airbags and another problem which was fixed at the dealership for no cost. It is a very fun car to drive and fits my personality. I am very pleased with my purchase.

- Tracer W

Fun car to drive! Head-turner! You will love this car.

Excellent performance, reliability and comfort. Literally no car breakdowns in the 8 years that I have owned it. Rides well. Was rated 8.8/10 by us news and world report. Gas mileage is great also. Mpg: up to 19 city / 31 highway 5.0 l v8. I am extremely happy with the car.

- Raymond H

Smooth ride; long lasting

I have only had minimal problems with the car that started well after 100,000 miles. The cooling system needed a repair and a master cylinder needed to be replaced. Drives very smoothly. The headrests are positioned at an odd angle, but I've gotten used to it.

- Ali G

A spare tire would be better.

Good, reliable car, no problems, except I wish there was a real spare tire. I had a flat tire at work several years ago, and it was too bad for the tire kit; I had to have it towed to a tire shop.

- Kathy B

This car is very good in terms of fuel economy.

I dislike that it has no built in navigation and no satellite radio.. It also has poor sight lines for backing up. That is where a backup camera would be great. My Mustang is a convertible..

- Ruth C

That the Ford Mustang's are well built cars and are very durable.

First of all I have no complaints. I have owned my car for seven years and it still runs perfectly. I have always liked Mustangs and I want to keep this one as long as possible.

- Robert P

For mustangs are not a fun car they are cheaply made and have tons of recalls.

It handles speed bumps horribly. It has been the most recalled vehicle I have ever had and it is not nearly as sporty or as smooth driving as my old gt300sl. I hate ford.

- Ann S

As good as new after 85000 miles!

It is a great looking car and still runs like new after 85,000 miles on it. It is very durable and I have never had any issues with it. It is also great on gas mileage!

- Robert K

Its convertible and does not have much horsepower.

I really love the smooth drive it has. Sometimes I don't appreciate the way the wheels react when its raining it seems to hydroplane easier than any car I've drove.

- Zachary S

The most important thing one should know about the mustang coupe is how bad the gas mileage is. Horrible. Equal to a truck.

Good car, the only thing I don't like is how cheap the parts are and easily they break. My car is 7 years old and I'm having to work on it like it's 15 years old.

- Mason F

It's not worth the price , way too expensive. You will have fun but that's it.

My car is very uncomfortable, it's not good for going long distances. It's super fast , and super cool. But it cost too much money to look the way it does.

- Kenne P

That is what a lifelong dream for me to own this unique car

I love the sleek look and the custom paint. There is nothing I dislike about it. my only complaint is the age because I really love my car!

- Charles A

It is very roomy and nice for long travels.

No complaints, regular maintenance costs like spare parts, are more and dealership charges hefty inspection charges for a small diagnostic.

- Krishna S

It gets great gas mileage for sporty looking car.

Have had some transmission issues and it hesitated a times. Mostly the car has been fantastic. Would by another one in a minute for sure.

- Michele H

It's a lot of fun to drive! I get excited still to this day every time I turn the key over!

I love my vehicle! It's fast, it's fun, and it's sporty. It fits my personality to a tee! It's the only type of vehicle I like to drive!

- Sarah P

Its fast, powerful, & pretty

I love the convertible top, the speed, & stereo. I hate the specialty tires, but to replace them would cost more than I want to spend.

- Lynn C

It's a convertible and has some nice pick up speed.

It's had good performance. However, it had had a few mechanical issues and the upholstery is starting to fall apart. Great car, though.

- Sean Z

Convertible top faded and cracked after only a couple of years.

My main complaint is the convertible top didnt last. Second complaint is the paint is easily chipped. Love the power and the features.

- rick a

My car runs pretty smoothly.

My car is wonderful! I love the engine power and how it moves. I do not like that it is a base model and does not have certain things.

- Rachel K

It is a hardy car and durable

It's fast and very easy to maneuver. It's not good for snow and it is a rear wheel drive. The mileage suck but it sure is a sexy car

- Mick T

Black v6 coupe, nothing special

Impulse buy, don't like the 2 door cars. Very difficult to have with a kid. I've had a few issues with recalls & motor problems.

- Leslie M

It is dependable and fun to drive; however, it is not a family car.

It is fun to drive. It is stylish and sporty with premium appointments. The gas mileage is good & the maintenance cost is low.

- tom s

It is worth the money to buy a car and enjoy it long term.

I enjoy the way it handles the road. I love the color. I don't like that it is put together cheaper than the mid-90's models.

- Heather N

It's a very fast car and it is very dependable and can get you anywhere

I love that its a mustang because they are my favorite. I love that it goes fast. I love the color of it. No complaints at all

- danielle o

My mustang review in a nutshell

It has been a great car to zip around in and feel a bit sporty while playing a lower price than most performance vehicles.

- Kyle S

It has great speed and great dependability

I like my car because it is dependable and reliable. It gets me to where I need to go and it is sporty and fun to drive

- Adam G

Reliable and Fun to Drive

Super reliable vehicle. I have had this car for 7 years and never had a problem with performance. Also fun to drive!

- Leah K

It's fast as looks and sounds cool. It has a V8 engine and gets 24 - 26 mpg

Love it! It has style, speed and comfort! Not designed to carry a lot, but what you do carry you look cool doing it.

- Lisa W

It gets great gas mileage.

I do not dislike anything about my Mustang.. I love the way it looks and drives, I love that it is a convertible.

- Judy M

It is a convertible and drives amazingly.

I do not like how little the mpg is and how often I have to fill up. I love how it looks, runs, and drives.

- Andrea B

Shelby they are awesome cars

It is a 2011 Shelby and she is awesome you like a sports car the Mustang in the Shelby's are the way to go

- Vickie W

Fast And Furious. Best First Car.

I love being able to speed in it and it still be smooth. I don't like how easily the brakes wear out.

- Mark B

reliability and safety of the vehicle, other than that i'm really dont know i don't ever buy a car without someone helping me

i love because its sporty but dislike it because there is no room to haul anything or to fit my dogs

- Lori K

Comfortable ride with a lot of power and great handling.

Nice ride with a lot of power. Convertible top is great. Could be a little better on gas though.

- Eric P

It's fun. It's fast. It has very good handling for a car it's size.

I have not complaints about my car. The only complaint I have was self inflicted

- Chris D

the gas mileage is much better than people would expect

Sporty, looks good, gets decent gas mileage and is made in america

- Joe T

Muscle car. Handles like a dream. You need to try it out

Love how it handles. Love driving it. Love it's power

- Lori M