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Ford f-250. Super duty. Hauling without stalling.

Our Ford f-250 super duty is tough. Their slogan. Built Ford tough. Is the truth. Our truck can pull a trailer with a backhoe on it, up a steep incline with full power. There is no lag! It is so roomy, we can sleep comfortably with our legs stretched out, my husband in the front and me in the cab lying down. Now, the only dislike I have, is that there is no 4 wheel drive. And we enjoy off-roading. But simply put, this truck was made for hauling'! And hauling' without stalling', is what this Ford f-250 super duty does.

- Michele A

6.0 psd. Big engine big power.

This is the best truck I have ever owned in terms of performance and reliability. It is a XL model so creature comforts are at a minimum. The truck tows and halls every day and the 6.0L powerstroke has never had a single issue. This truck is very easy to work on but if you take care of it the truck will last forever. I plan to have it the rest of my life. Fuel mileage is around 18 mpg My only complaint is the XL model does not have cruise control.

- Bill B

The power and roominess of my beast.

I don't any issues with this beast of a truck. It is rather large but easy to handle. Comfortable to ride in, with a lot of legroom front and back. My passengers don't even bump elbows. I am a country girl so I love my trucks. It has the power to pull whatever it needs to. Go mudding and just flip the 4x4 switch and you're ready to play. Take it through the carwash and your ready to drive it to church. Love my truck.

- Sherry S

It is great for pulling heavy loads and easy to have the turbo upgraded.

It is a roomy vehicle. The backseat has plenty of room. It was upgraded when we bought it. It had an aftermarket turbo added to it for easier pulling. We have had nothing but issues out of the turbo. The air bag sensor has also went out, which is very annoying due to the 7 beeps every few minutes. There really haven't been any major issues with the truck as far as issues from the factory.

- Alyssa L

2004 F250 Super Duty. Built to last forever!

This truck has more power than anyone could ever need. I have an 8 inch lift kit and 38 inch tires but rides any other care of the road. The bigger frame in the front is what I looked for when I was buying this vehicle. I recommend trying to get a diesel if you can. I could not find one that was not overly priced for the miles that it had on it. These fords are made to last.

- Tyler R

My truck has braved snow, sleet and ice and I always felt safe.

I can honestly say that I have had only a few issues with my truck. The third spark plug came out and it only cost me 100. 00 to fix it myself. That included the spark plug and the tool I needs. I have replaced the air censors and a starter solenoid. My truck has 190, 000 miles! If I ever need to get a newer truck it will be another ford!

- Lorraine C

Beautiful interior and exterior. Diesel engine purrs like a cat.

The problems I have had are normal wear and tear on my truck... sensors, alternator, brakes, etc. Mine is 6.0 diesel that still runs great. Engine has 245,000 miles. The body and interior are tip top shape. The seats are saddle leather and hold up really well. The room is expensive. Lots of leg and arm room.

- Joe W

This 6. 0 power stroke can make a very high amount of horsepower and torque.

I have a 2004 f25 6. 0 power stroke diesel, it has lots of power, but it has issue Because the manufacture tried to make it to fast and did not stress test the motor well enough. And sensor location is horrible making it very for the owner to fix/replace it them self. But when working correctly I love the truck.

- Ryan C

I love my old gas v8 f250.

This thing is a tank. I have the v8 not the v10 and it does not get great mileage but it can pull a trailer with a skid steer on it no problem with a gas engine. It is old enough to still do some work on, I change my own oil do ball joints and fuel pumps without needing a degree in computer science.

- Chris W

F250 is powerful although awkward.

The turning radius is very poor, making it difficult for city driving. The gas mileage (diesel) is also poor although probably better in newer models. The towing capacity is very good, I see no need to get an F350 although I likely will. I have a long bed which is very convenient for hauling hay.

- Karen J

Great, powerful truck that works well in rough terrain, or for hauling trailers, etc..

I love the power and towing and hauling capacity of this truck, but since I have 2 small children, putting them in and out of their carseats is a challenge. And there just isn't space in the backseat. But it's great to have a full bed to haul things in, and 4 wheel drive during inclement weather.

- Tessa A

04 F250 Super Duty 4 wheel drive

My '04 6.0 has been amazing. Unlike most, only issues have been maintenance issues as it's older. Passenger side Injectors got done last year, all new glow plugs, oil leak fixed. AC compressor went out this summer, easy fix. Love the smooth ride for the year. Easy to handle in all terrains.

- Marissa B

Excellent truck, comfortable, easy ride, hauls excellent.

Excellent truck hauls anything, has been all over US and Mexico. Has had no major issues with it at all. Has room for all family. When hauling have had no issues with 16 foot enclosed trailer. Easy to work on and keep maintenance up. 8 foot bed hauls anything I need to. I love it.

- Dennis S

Big truck with lots of room inside and out

The vehicle I own was bought used. The problems it had when I bought it were minimal, mostly just fixes needed due to wear and tear of the vehicle. I love the height, how it drives, and the mass amount of space it has not only in the truck bed, but inside the truck as well.

- Elsie M

2004 Ford F-250 6.0 lariat

I'm in love with my super duty, it's got plenty of torque and power to do anything I've ever needed it to. It's been super reliable. Other than regular maintenance, and preventative actions to the motor the trucks been amazing. I couldn't be more happy.

- Logan P

It runs well as long as it is maintained and I take care of the maintenance every year.

I like my truck very much. It pulls our fifth wheel camper. It travels back and forth between South Dakota and Florida twice a year. I dislike how expensive diesel gas is to use. I maintain my truck every year for the long trips.

- larry G

crew cab long box ford f350 dually 6.0 diesel

I initially had to spend a lot of money on the vehicle which I knew from market research before the purchase. After the initial purchase and work was done I would now trust to take this truck anywhere in the country on a whim.

- Chase T

Very reliable well built, the best truck you will ever own.

Very reliable and well built. It is running strong with almost 250000 miles. The only dislike is the stereo system isn't well designed. I need to replace again, I will not do original equipment this time.

- Bob S

Super Duty Compartment Truck

Runs well and I haven't had any trouble out of it so far. There are 6 lockable compartments on the back of the truck and a bench, leather front seat. The only bad thing is it doesn't handle bumpy roads well.

- Leslie S

GREAT TRUCK F250 Powerstroke Diesel

it runs great the ac blows cold, and the heater gets hot, great brakes systems, on the front and back seats are comfy and the truck is reliable for us to use on farm work

- Elizabeth A

My 2004 Silver F-250 is still running strong.

My silver Ford Super Duty F-250 is a must have because I use it very often now that I have property. It has proved to be very reliable in towing horses, and equipment.

- victor b

It is a diesel truck. It needs to be warmed up before traveling.

I like the size, the power, the towing capacity, the hauling capacity. I dislike the interior, it is pretty basic. I dislike there is no ac working in it right now.

- Mitch A

How spacious it is with plenty of legroom for teen boys.

Very dependable, strong enough to pull what needs pulling. I've owned this since 2004 and other than basic maintenance It's only needed to be worked on once.

- Gil V

Its mine and no one can touch it without my permission.

The truck does not get good mileage there for we spend a lot of money in gas for it. The drive side window does not roll down. It is nice for hauling things.

- Sarah F

Good truck for the first 10 years of its life. After that, just trade it in.

Good truck overall; but due to Northern Rust worm, crappy brake system and ridiculously feeble tailgate, we need to replace our sooner than later.

- Bronwyn B

It's an awesome, sturdy truck that will treat you well if you do the same to it

I love the look of it and the way it handles unsafe driving conditions. I wish it had better gas efficiency and didn't need maintenance as often.

- Chris B

2004 ford f250 super duty crew cab

I really love my truck. We have owned it for about 11 years. And have not had any major problems with it. It is very comfortable to travel in .

- Marilyn B

The power rear window I love it and use it all the time. My dogs love it also

I like the size the space in the crew cab is nice. I love the power rear window. I like the backup beeping. I dislike the power pedal riser

- Tami F

Always owned a Ford vehicle it is great.

I love everything about this vehicle I have owned it since it was new and it has never give me a bit of a problem I keep it maintained.

- Patsy A

Suited for small family. Not bad on gas.

Strong, good ride can see well I have room to haul things. Only a single cab, it has high mileage l need to put money in it 'soon.

- Peter W

It has a nice back up camera.

I like the fact I can haul my camper.. I do not have any complaints.. The gas mileage could be better.... Stretched cab and 4x4.

- Byron S

4x4 is so important to have. You never know when you are going to need to use it, be it fallen trees or in the snow!

I hate that it gets terrible fuel mileage, but I love that I can go almost anywhere (provided I can turn this sucker around)

- Marlene p

04 6.0 powerstroke diesel.

I love my truck runs great I drive it everyday I use it at work to haul equipment and I use it after work for personal use

- Aaron D

Its heavy duty and can haul heavy loads. It also uses a lot of diesel fuel.

Older vehicle and parts are starting to fail on it. Other than that, it's been very reliable and an efficient work truck.

- J F

Ford 6.0 Diesel aka the 6.UhOh

Ford 6.0 Diesel has nothing but problems and should have been fully recalled. FICM, HPOP, Turbo, and EGR cooler all fail.

- Justin E

2004 Ford Super Duty Review

My truck is older and has over 200,000 miles on it and I still love it. It runs great and I have minimal issues with it!

- Brittany D

That I have not done anything but routine maintenance on it since I bought it.

It runs great. It can pull anything out of anything in 4 wheel drive. It can take me almost anywhere. It is a workhorse.

- Julia B

Gas mileage is horrible. The towing capacity is great.

I like the towing capabilities of the truck. I like the styling of the truck. I dislike the miles per gallon.

- Jacob S

The 6.0 engine has problems.

Like the comfort. Like the room. Do not like the fuel economy. Like the towing capacity and cargo capacity.

- Roger Y

Lots of legroom very reliable.

Lots of legroom great performance doesn't get very good gas mileage but its a truck so what do you expect.

- Deb T

Buy a ford truck, they last and last

love my big truck. It looks good and runs good. I have had very little work done on it. It is dependable.

- jerry m

It is a dependable workhorse rain, snow or shine it performs well on the ranch

I love everything about this truck-the power, towing ability, my only complaint is the turning radius.

- Marie S

I can haul a lot and it is diesel I really like that. And it has lots of room

I would really like to get the battery light to stay off . Instead of coming on and off all the time .

- Brian S

It's paid off and still looks good.

It's been a good means of transportation. It's payed off . No major dents or problems.

- Robert C

My four door pick up is roomy enough to fit my family. The back seat has an aftermarket lay down bed that is handy. The full size bed allows me to carry a lot of groceries and feed sacks. I love the four wheel drive, as we live rural and deal a lot with mud and snow. I also pull trailers full of hay out of the field: I use four low for that. The interior feels comfortable. The CD player doesn't work. The hood is a little long. It looks nice and I am proud to drive it.

The Ford crew cab is spacious, works hard, but dresses up nicely.

- Ruth M

The f250 has everything you need in a vehicle. Very convenient and comfortable. It can do everything you want from a truck.

You can haul very heavy loads without any problems

- Miguel C