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Good truck if that is what you need.

My f250 is reliable and suited for its intended application, eg. Towing, hauling, general work vehicle. The fuel mileage is not good for commuting and it is generally quite uncomfortable and noisy. I have no complaints with how it drives with the exception of the steering gear. The steering feels loose and the turning radius is comparable to the moon's orbital path around the earth. 3 point turns do not exist, unless it is being attempted in a pasture. You can forget about u-turns completely. I am told there is an issue with the head studs stretching over time in the 6 liter engine but I have not yet encountered this issue, though my truck still has relatively low mileage for its age (less than 100k miles).

- Brad H

In 14 years your only costs are maintenance.

This is a fleet vehicle I use as a construction contractor. Other than standard maintenance costs, I have never had mechanical problems. The truck I have includes an 8' bed which is immeasurably helpful as many material lengths are 8 feet. The extended cab with half doors can accommodate 3 adults comfortably or 4 uncomfortably. Keep in mind this is not a cruising truck. The frame is much sturdier than say the Chevy s-10 so it is a rougher ride. My truck sits pretty high so you have greater field of vision when driving. Also, you can practically sit Indian-style under it to change the oil. One downside is it averages about 11 mpg city.

- Quin C

It is a great 4 wheel drive vehicle.

2005 Dodge heavy duty truck is the best truck that I have ever owned it is reliable and gets up and goes there is not any place I haven't been able to get out of a good reliable truck. The only downfall on this is that this vehicle requires 2 batteries and if one of them goes out you need to replace him both otherwise you'll get stranded because the good battery was the bed battery will start pulling from the good battery and eventually both of them will go out.

- Robert N

The f-250 super duty is an all round great truck, with limitless features.

I really appreciate the style & comfortability that comes with the f-250 super duty. It is a strong truck it is lasted 359, 000, 000 miles pulling a trailer the whole time. I have learned that if you take care of them they will take care of you. If y’all are looking for a vehicle that is pretty easy to get parts for, easier to move around while working on mechanically then this is the truck to get. Plus it has so much power you will not regret it.

- Hunter O

It will outlast a regular vehicle. I've never had a vehicle with more than 200,000 miles

I love having the room or space with a truck. I enjoy having the bed where I carry materials or luggage . Only complaint would be that FORD knew about the issues/problems with the 6.0 liter and did not stand behind their vehicle I spent a lot of money fixing over the years. Overall I am still happy with my truck. Happy having a diesel but feel the price should be less than regular gasoline

- Tim S

The 6. 0 Powerstroke diesel.

Well I mean I love diesels, and when we bought it, it was lifted on big tires, had the stack and it is a 6. 0 Powerstroke so it was screaming all the time lol. But overall it is a single cab so it is not for a family. And the 6. 0 While they make great noise are not that great of engines, but it drives very nice, it would make a good work truck. It has a nice look to it. Very nice truck.

- Sarah S

Proper maintenance is the key to this trucks longevity.

The truck has a commanding view of the road and has proven to be quite comfortable over long trips. Without weight, the truck does have a stiffer suspension, but settles down when you make it work. Reliability has been ok. Issues can get expensive. Finding an honest knowledgeable mechanic is the key. When the truck is running well it can handle any work you need to accomplish.

- Rob D

The most interesting feature of my Truck is it's Engine with now almost 500 HP ! (was 325HP stock)

My Truck is equipped with the 6.0L Powerstroke Turbo Diesel Engine. The biggest problem with the engine is the weak cylinder head bolts, the EGR system, the oil cooler and the high pressure oil rail o-rings. If all these issues were addressed then the truck will be considered "bulletproofed" and they sure are an amazing daily driver

- Julian K

It�s amazing. I love it. It�s a 10/10. I completely recommend it.

My vehicle is really good for hard jobs, or big outside jobs, it helps very much in carrying things or picking then up. I would totally recommend it to many of yall. It is pretty spacious and I really like it. I don't really have any problems with it, the air just doesn't work but aside from that I totally recommend it.

- A R

The truck's extended bed works great for hauling lumber, hay, etc.

Safe and comfortable ride, overall. Being a diesel, repairs can be rather costly, though. Still, the extended bed and cab, and reliability of the F-250 Powerstroke truck have made this a great vehicle for both, farm duties and general transportation to and from work, as well as, for personal trips.

- Chris H

Rides like a tank in disguise.

The brake calipers on this 2005 f-250 are terrible. I had to replace all of them and some twice. It rides rough as a tank. Instead of this truck having removable rotors, it has a permanent drum rotors in the front. You have to remove the drum to have your rotors turned. It has been reliable otherwise.

- Herb D

Ride that is comfortable and great on the road. Even on less than perfect roads.

High to step up too. Really nice 4*4 can easily manpower over snow. Has stick shift. Interior really comfortable and back of seat maneuvers to go forward so you can put necessary things back there while not compromising your personal space. Adequate space between road and undercharge. Really nice.

- Rose B

Be prepared to spend a lot money on engine repairs, upkeep is expensive.

I have a 05 f350 I like the style Its a strong durable truck nice interior only thing is I absolutely hate the motor. Its a 6. 0 diesel and I have almost spent what it would cost to replace the entire motor just in repairs and things going bad other than the garbage of a motor the truck is great.

- Justin S

My 2005 ford 6.0 super duty.

My 2005 f250 super duty with the 6.0 is a great running truck, I have owned it from day one and have pulled a 5th wheel camper over the USA camping and used it as a work truck also with no problems, just have to keep maintenance on it up to date. And you will have no problems.

- Eddie R

Runs great, for a older model, love it during the summer when it cranks and go.

Love it, although in the winter it gives me problems, like it will not start, of course it is diesel so it does that,I have to warm it up longer than a gas one would. It also takes in a lot of diesel,cost a lot to fix one minor issue of anything, other than that I love it.

- Amanda L

2005 ford f250 is a great family truck!

Reliable. Fires up every time. Very comfortable driving. Quiet cab. The suspension is very quiet and durable. Stock sound system is clean and consistent sound. The exhaust is quiet. Motor pulls hard and smooth. Nothing more needed out of a truck. Great for a family.

- Corey P

The Ford 250 is a great truck, can haul just about anything you put into it.

My Honda fit is mostly driven by my husband. We haven't had any trouble with it and it runs like a top. Our Ford truck runs well and we haven't had any trouble with it either. The only drawback that the truck has is it is so tall it is hard to get in and out.

- Linda B

It would probably crush any other car in an accident, so watch out.

I feel like I am in a hate-love relationship with this truck. It is super big and therefore comfortable. It fits 6 with no hassle at all. Also, the ac and heat work wonders however, it absolutely guzzles gas and is extremely hard to park.

- Amelia T

It is child proof, a very safe vehicle.

It's rough and tough and I own it, my truck is durable, reliable and I have a bed to lay in at the drive in movies. I do not have to speed in it and other drivers are intimidated by the size of my truck so they move to make room for me.

- Lillian N

That it is a diesel, it can haul heavy equipment and that it seats six people.

I like that it is a diesel and that it has an eight foot bed. I dislike that I have had a lot of work done on it in the short time that I have owned it. I like that it is a dually and it can tow the things that I need it too.

- William E

My truck is an Ford f250 but it's actually a gas engine.

I love my truck. The only issue I have, is that it has the 5. 4 liter triton engine which is notorious for having issues such as exploding spark plug and poor oil pumps. Other than that I really enjoy my truck.

- Nikki S

it cost money to keep a diesel running.

I like the power of having a diesel I like having four wheel drive ,I hate the cost of oil changes and ive had to replace all body to frame bushings,repair all door mechanisms,replace oil and egr cooler.

- roger F

It is trustworthy, and dependable.

Gas mileage is wonderful, its durable, and it's a good size. It is great for long trips because of the roominess, and quiet engine. It is also easy to maintain, and is great for carrying heavy loads.

- Tammy T

Love my old truck! Such a pleasure to not have to worry.

I absolutely love my truck! such a workhorse & comfortable. 4x4 works great. Never been stuck. Have used it to haul 5th wheel from Texas, up thru to Colorado, Utah, Arizona & then New Mexico.

- melinda g

The engine is very unreliable and i've had the motor rebuilt around 4 times

2005 ford f350 6.0 diesel, i like the style of the truck it handles good gas isnt to bad, the only thing i hate and would keep me from getting it again is the engine is horrible.

- justin s

Like all cars, keep up with basic maintenance, and they will last you a lifetime.

Very comfortable, roomy interior. I work on and restore cars, and it has plenty of power for towing them around. I have owned it for several years, and it has never let me down.

- Eric K

Very reliable and cost effective.

I love my truck, it just costs me a lot to maintain. I have a 5.4l v8 triton motor, and it goes through a lot of gas. It also needs some cosmetic work but nothing too bad.

- Nicole S

When the truck is running well, it is a work horse and really comfortable to drive.

I love the truck except for the problems associated with the diesel engine. The 6.0 powerstroke engine is great when it functions properly. Repairs can get expensive.

- Rob D

Put the key in it and drive.

It is the best work truck I have ever had because all you have to do is drive it. . Ian a hvac service technician and I work on air conditioners not my work truck.

- Ben J

Having a bigger vehicle makes it more likely of coming out of an accident alive.

I like how big the vehicle is. I am not happy about it not having cruise control. My vehicle has other emergency strobes which I like for safety reasons.

- Jacqueline L

My truck is my life I treat it as if it's my baby

My truck allows me to haul stuff when moving or helping other move and great to go on family vacation with for all the room to keep stuff in box

- Kaleb m

Gas mileage is very low, otherwise it is a great truck!

My Ford f250 super duty truck sits very high and pulls like a team of oxen, the only drawback to my truck is that the gas mileage is very low!

- Martin H

Oil changes need to be done every 2 months.

I love a big truck and it has 4 wheel drive so it gets me through anything and everything. The only thing I dislike is the price of diesel.

- Melissa R

Amazing power stroke 6.0 diesel

I own a 6.0 turbo diesel known for haven't problems my truck has been bulletproofed and runs excellent by far best truck I have ever had

- Andrew L

Buy a truck like this if you need to tow heavy equipment.

I enjoy that I can haul and tow whatever I want. It has the strength I need. I do not like how hard it can be to find a spot to park.

- Dev C

That it belches black smoke out of it.

I had it lifted and new tires put on it, new exhaust system with a controller attached. Also there is a navigation system included.

- Colin J

It is a diesel so therefore does not run on gas. It is a large truck and takes up more room.

I love my truck. I love the room it has. The ease with which it goes down the road. Most of all I love it's towing ability.

- Colleen K

Dependability is off the charts. I've used it in a heavy duty way.

Very dependable. We have driven it for thousands of miles and with regular maintenance the vehicle is still driving well.

- Ian B

It has a dual cab, for people and a lot of my tools.

I loved the power that it has with a loaded bed and able to pull a trailer. Quiet and cold A/C. I disliked the color.

- Dominique P

It's dependable and will last for years!

I love my Ford. They are dependable and I can heal most anything. It runs for a long time and It's what I need!

- Keith M

Best vehicle I have ever owned.

I've all this has been the best truck that I have ever purchased. It will go and haul anything that I need.

- Dan C

Miles per gallon, condition, how easy is to drive and park, and price.

It's a good truck. Gets me around dependable. Some electric issues. Just wish I could afFord a newer one.

- Lana S

Reliable, easy to drive, comfortable, good looking

As long as you maintain it, it will run forever. It's got a squeaky belt, but i'm changing it tomorrow

- Jessica H

It is heavy duty for hauling, etc.

It is a very dependable high quality vehicle. It is heavy duty and very durable.

- matthew h