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It is a comfortable, smooth-riding vehicle that has plenty of trunk space.

I absolutely love my Ford Taurus. It is incredibly comfortable and easy to drive. The trunk is huge, and it is perfect for big grocery trips. My car is a little bit older so I do not have an Audio jack which is unfortunate, but I make do with the radio and CDs. It rides very well, especially with new tires. The only problem I have ever had with it was the heat/air conditioning acting up. One of the hoses needs to be cleaned about every six months because it gets clogged. As long as that is done, I do not have a problem with the heat or the air conditioning. The interior of the car is cloth, which I find nice. It does not get hot when the sun is on it, which makes driving it during the summer so easy. The steering wheel and shifter does get very hot, so I bought a steering wheel cover and that alleviates the problem with the steering wheel. There is not really a solution for the shifter, but I do not usually have my hands on it long enough for it to bother me.

- Courtney M

I love my car. It runs smooth and is cute red.

My vehicle is a 2003 Ford Taurus. It's a red four door and an automatic gear shift on the right of the steering wheel. I bought it at about 1200 with the book value around 5000. I have owned the car for about 3 years and put about 3000 worth of work into it. I have put on new ball bearings and strut. Have put in a new fuel pump and alternator. I have purchased and changed out two new batteries. Have had about 3 realignments done and purchased two new sets of all season and than winter tires. I have a rust spot underneath the rear left door and the front right window doesn't roll down. I have changed the spark plug and the entire window button piece but something is not connected so the window doesn't pull down. All of the other windows work. I had done oil changes and gas treatments along with buying an air gauge for the tires.

- Sarah O

Comfort and space are the best features of my car in my opinion.

I bought my Taurus used and it had very low miles on it. I wanted a 4 door car that was big enough for my family and it ended up being perfect. We all ride comfortably regardless of how far we are going. I have never had anyone complain about being uncomfortable in my car. It is very roomy and the seats are soft. The heat warms us up very quickly in the winter and the air keeps us all cool in the summer. One of my favorite things about the car is the amount of trunk space it has. I have never had a problem fitting everything I need to take on a trip or have never run out of space when loading up groceries at the store. I love the color which seems to change with the lighting, sometimes beige or tan and has been called light green in the right light.

- Pam A

Seriously read this first.

Had to replace fuel pump twice now since owning it in 2005. Replaced a/c compressor once. Brakes been exceptional as I only had to replace once. Gets average mpg. 16-18 on highway could be better. However does have problems when it is exceptionally hot in the summertime, whereas the engine will turn over but will not stay started. It dies out right away. No mechanic has been able to figure out the problem as it never seems to duplicate for them when they have it. Solution that I gave come up with is just let it set for 30-40 minutes then it usually starts right up, as if nothing ever happened. Either that or start it and keep foot on the gas. While at the same on the brake and use two feet all the while keeping a steady light pressure on the gas.

- Elaine G

The 3.0 liter 6 cylinder flex fuel over head valve engine or the ( Vulcan Engine ) has not only been very reliable but easy and affordable to work on. Strong engine

My car is actually a 2003 Mercury Sable but that wasn't an option to choose from but I'm positive is absolutely identicle to the Ford Taurus. Now this model has a few engine options including the 24 valve dual overhead cam or the Duratec Motor but mine is the 3.0 liter 6 cylinder over head valve or the Vulcan Motor. Very reliable and low maintenance is an assurance with both options. Front wheel drive, 4 door with power windows and door locks as well as a sleek stereo and digital display. Mine has almost 200,000 miles on the original engine and transmission with little having to be replaced. Very affordable and comfortable for the daily driver or long trips.

- Shawn E

Great lower lumbar support. Seats.

I have had air conditioning problem. With my car over the years. I also had a spark plug issues with my car also over the years. I love my car it is extremely comfortable ride with my back conditions. It has been a reliable vehicle. For the most part other than the spark plug & air conditioning issues. The leather seats are so comfortable & the lumbar support is a plus and it is very roomy car with a large trunk which. Is also very convenient also it has been a very good vehicle for me. It is a very overall great performance vehicle. It drives very nicely & straight on the road no issues with steering problems at all with it over the years.

- Rhonda T

All of my cars have been Taurus'.

I love the size of the cabin. I enjoy the benefit of the dual visors. I have had the car since 2004 and, although I have not always been in a position to afford proper maintenance, it has served me well. It has had the check engine light on almost the entire time I have owned it. It is been checked by many mechanics, who could not find the cause. The biggest problem I have with the car is that the driver seat electricals are out, and I have been told the cost would be prohibitive, to fix it, allowing me to properly adjust the seat position again. This is my 3rd Taurus, and when I must, I would prefer to replace it with another Taurus.

- Mary D

That despite the current issues it has, which is in the process of getting fixed, it's very reliable.

I like that it's roomy and comfortable, and has great gas mileage, and that I got it for a good price that I paid at once, so it's paid for without having a car pavement. I also like that despite the issues it has, they are things I can get fixed for not too much and it'll be reliable and safe again. Even with It's issues, as long as I check the oil and coolant, it gets me where I need to go reliably. What I dislike is that the AC/heater doesn't work (it's missing a valve cover I'm having a hard time finding) and it needs some work on a radiator hose and with burning oil.

- Michelle L

Keep up with general maintenance and it will be a great car.

I got the car second hand about two years ago. It had some immediate repairs but nothing too costly. It has been a very reliable car for me. It gets around 22-25 miles to the gallon, so with regular trips I find myself filling up around once a month. Everything under the hood is easy for someone who knows almost nothing about cars to identify to replace the oil, brake fluid, antifreeze, and windshield wiper fluid. Mine is a lovely dark gray color. It has six seat belts, soft seats, and very few blind spots. It is a luxury sedan and generally very smooth on the road.

- Samantha T

This is a short summary of my vehicle which includes some very special features.

I love my vehicle because the engine is sound, it is very dependable have had the vehicle for about 2 years and have only replaced the battery and put new tires on it, which is why I say that it is very reliable the interior of the car is soft and comfortable although from looking at it from the outside you would be surprised just how roomy it is. It has amazing features such as power windows, locks and also offers a am FM radio, and a CD player. You would be surprised also how roomy the trunk is and has also a hidden spot under the carpet for your spare tire,

- Gina B

Hardworking, reliable, comfortable.

My Ford Taurus is a hard worker. I put a lot of miles on it driving for work and it has not failed me much during that time. With my car I can drive a while and will not be uncomfortable. The seats are soft and more like a bucket which is not the best for someone who is short like me but that is not the cars fault. The only thing I have had to replace has been the alternator but like I said it is an older model and I bought it used anyways. If you want a vehicle that will not let you down and would be a great car for young drivers, this is the car for you.

- Mikayla F

The 2003 Ford Taurus is safe, comfortable, dependable.

The Ford Taurus is comfortable, supremely adjustable, easy to drive and reliable. I have never had a problem adjusting to driving the car, even parallel parking in the city of Chicago. It's interior is comfortable and incredibly versatile, with a huge trunk and a fantastically adjustable drivers seat. The ashtray, lighter, and power mirrors are all absolute luxuries I use daily. The car is so nimble for its size and sturdy, plus has great gas mileage for its age and has aged incredibly well. I love that car and have no desire for anything newer.

- Roday D

Keep up with all the normal maintenance.

My Ford Taurus constantly has an engine light on. I have taken it in time and time again and no one can seem to tell me the issue. Every issue on the vehicle leads to another issue. Once I had a leak, got the leak fixed and than was told it had yet another leak. No matter how much work I put into the vehicle it never rides smooth. I have had to replace tire after tire and even now after getting new ones I am in need of a wheel alignment which has now caused issues with the tires recently purchased.

- Sade T

Structural and operational longevity'.

In a word, I like the simple practicality in looks and functionality. I have owned the vehicle--bought new--since 2003 and hope to continue driving it into the future. I have 'babied' it and have been rewarded with operational and structural longevity; minimal issues--save primarily for maintenance costs--what one might expect throughout the course of a vehicle. 'no major problems or repair costs and, to my knowledge, no extensive recalls. Moreover, I have always been comfortable in the car.

- William S

My first car review EVER: A learning experience

It's an old vehicle that is probably not too much in demand. I really don't know what I can say about it. There really isn't anything special about it and if there was at the time when I bought it, which was not long after it came out, I do not know what it would have been. It's white and doesn't get that got during the summer, that's about all that I can think of that is special about it. By today's standards it's features are pretty outdated and obsolete I would think.

- Brad B

2003 Ford Taurus, my everyday driver until the transmission failed.

I traded a 98 Dakota to my son in law for this 2003 Ford Taurus in 2015. I liked this car very much. It gets decent gas mileage in town, about 17-20 mpg. The driver's seat electronically adjusts so I can get comfortable. The thing about this car is it is popular for the transmission to mess up around 80,000 miles, and mine did at 83,000 miles. I have not yet been able to afford to get it fixed. I do believe that it is definitely worth repairing. It has been a good car.

- Janice P

The Taurus has a big motor. Thus takes quite a bit of fuel for everyday running.

I have not had my Taurus but 5 months. I can speculate on much, however I will say, interior wise the Taurus is pretty cool! The front 2 seats, is actually 3, (optional) cause the center seat folds down nicely to make extra storage/ or cup holders! :) the car is a ses and has the v6, the biggest motor offered, so it drinks an awful lot of gas! The motor is clean, mine has a throttle issue, but has had several owners. I give it 4 out of 5 stars!

- Ginger S

There are two different engines for this vehicle.

My 2003 Ford Taurus se 3. 0l V6 is a fairly nice car. It has been very reliable and has a pleasant driving experience. There is plenty of power for it is engine type, and gets reasonably decent fuel economy. The interior is comfortable, however fairly basic. This vehicle is generally easy to work on, which I have done quite a bit in the way of regular maintenance and such. Overall this is a great car for the money.

- Kris Q

It is oversized for a regular sedan.

The brakes wore out very quickly considering I am not a fast driver and the previous owner wasn't a teenager. . . It is a pretty comfortable car but often feels oversized and boat-like. It has been very reliable for a while now but at the same time it is a car that needs more upkeep than you might think for a little Ford Taurus. Overall a good car but as an owner for a while now it is definitely time for a change.

- James G

I give my car a high 6. I like that is a big car. Do not use that much gas.

I have a reliable car, it is a 2003 Ford Taurus ses. I have a air conditioner problem it is doesn't work. It feels like it wants to turn off. It also smells like gas and oil. But so far it runs good on the interstate I have been back and forth with the car. It is a smooth drive before whatever had happened when it turned off out of nowhere. I had to wait to for it to cool down to turn it back on.

- Valerie S

2003 Ford Taurus - good/bad

My Ford Taurus is a reliable car. It is spacious and drives pretty well. One of the problems I have is an alignment involves all 4 tires, so any problems involve all the tires. Additionally, the car burns oil quickly and there is no meter or warning light in the car to notify me that my oil is running low, so I have to remember to check my oil periodically to ensure my care is still driveable.

- Katie B

People have been known to say that fords are found on road dead, for a reason.

Vacuum line problems. Severe rust on the bottom parts of the front 2 doors, so bad to the point that one side completely fell off one the passengers side. We have had severe brake and rotor problems to the point where they have broken apart in our wheel well. Oil has also made its way into the vacuum lines. We are not sure how and how messed up the car is. It will not hold an idle.

- Kira L

My car is in great mechanical shape.

My ford Taurus has been very reliable. It is 16 years old and in the 5 years I have owned it I may have spent 600.00 in repairs. Please keep in mind I didn't have to spend anything until recently and at this time it has over 180000 miles on it. My car is from mi. So it has quite a bit of rust. I will have to replace it due to the rust before I will for mechanical reasons.

- Richard V

2003 silver Ford Taurus. Very reliable car, good to use as a student vehicle.

Problems- squeaks loudly while driving, but quiets down the more you drive it. Can be fixed, the vehicle is just older. Performance- drives fairly well and smooth. Has power locks. Reliability- good, would trust on long road trips. Gets better gas mileage the more you drive it on freeways and highways. Comfort- amazing, so comfy and ac works great. drives very well.

- Sadie M

Best reliable car I have ever own.

I have own this taros for 14 years and have had only minor problem mostly from wear and tear. I have own other tauruses and also was as pleased with them. However, you must replace the started with makers model or you will be replacing them often. If you live in northern states a garage is nice as after 12 year in the winter weather I lost a chunk of running board.

- ClAudia M

Big guy friendly, and very roomy.

It is a good car not any major problems to write about. I have only replaced the alt the past 3 years, and tires. It has run pretty smooth. The brakes once so far in less than 100, 000 miles. Good car, very reliable, used it for Uber for awhile. Gas mileage is good, about 25 mpg and fit a big guy like me very well. Cannot say that about a lot of cars.

- Steve C

Dependable, reliable, 2003 Ford Taurus.

My vehicle is a smooth, quiet running little car. Its air and heat works well. My Ford Taurus is a reliable little vehicle. I have drove it to Florida from Kentucky and back with no problems. Just like any car its had its problems such as needing a starter, wheel bearing, new brakes, and a rotor. A big plus to the 2003 Ford Taurus is gas mileage.

- Barbara H

Good visibility we like larger windows and able to see out all of the windows.

A station wagon and lots of room, but not a high profile vehicle that causes problems with wind and icy roads. Has had electrical problems with the doors, cracked cooling storage, other problems. . We keep fixing it because we like the windows and visibility as well as we like station wagons. Good mileage, starts in winter. . .

- Susan A

Ford Taurus: reliable with some minor issues.

Body does not hold up, engine problems, and easily rusting. Seats are very comfortable, however. I have gone 145,000 and it is still working fine for me. A few years ago I had an issue when my heater stopped working, but haven't had an issue since it was fixed the one time. Larger trunk and inside compared to the Chevy sonic.

- Carrie D

My car and what it means to my life.

Very comfortable. Needs better gas mileage, which might be due to the miles on the car. It is dark red in color which is nice. Stereo system is very good for that car which is very quiet to the road noise. It has basically been very reliable so far with some small problems that really are not due to the car itself but me.

- Rod E

The 2003 Ford Taurus is a trustworthy vehicle

What I like about the 2003 Ford Taurus that I drive is the fact that it has lasted this long. There's been many repairs and a lot of maintenance however the engine is still running great. What I don't like about my car is the amount of gasoline it consumes/burns because of the engine that it has...it takes a lot of money.

- Tammy M

Great, dependable family vehicle!!

I haven't had any major problems with my car, other than the normal wear and tear issues. This car has a very comfortable spacious riding capacity. The fuel efficiency is incredible. This car is very dependable for around town or long trips. It's a great family car with plenty of storage space for shopping or traveling.

- Vic B

It is cheap and holds up well.

The paint is peeling probably because of the Texas sun and its age. For how old it is it is held up remarkably well. But it is getting squeaky and is starting to have problems starting, which I do not think are battery related. It is at 144k miles and I am hoping it'll last to 150k before I start looking for a new one.

- Kate S

Love ford taurus . Reliable, comfortable ride. Mileage great,

I bought my Taurus used with just one owner and only 63,000 miles on it. The back seat has a lot of legroom. It is equipped with a CD player that is wonderful sounding. It gets great gas mileage, roomy, and no rust being a New York vehicle no rust is a huge matter. The ride is very smooth and it is a very reliable car.

- Sheila M

Good, clean, well-maintained car with low mileage.

My car may be old but it has been well-maintained over the years. There is very little surface rust and the frame is stable. The paint is not oxidized at all either. The interior is very clean also. I will continue to drive this vehicle until something major breaks that is going to cost me more than the car is worth.

- Michelle P

The 2003 Ford Taurus is not a good vehicle.

This car is awful. It has broken down and stranded me so any times. The a/c doesn't work so its extremely uncomfortable. We have had to replace the starter 3 times, the alternator, the fuel pump, catalytic converters, and a much more. The tires have blown out many times, and the brakes burn through really fast.

- Michelle L

It has trouble starting with an old batter during Minnesota winters.

It is a very comfortable car that drives very smoothly along gravel roads. It was very reliable before the battery got to old for Minnesota now it has some troubles starting in the winter time. It is fairly strong for a two wheel car. It does not have any amazing features but relatively good heater and ac.

- Chase N

Its reliable gets good gas mileage and the only other negative is that its low.

I like that my car runs smoothly and has yet to fail me. Love that everything works including the air conditioner. I love how fast it accelerates and I love most of all that it was given to me by my aunt who unfortunately is not with us anymore. No complaints other then an abs issue that is now resolved.

- Brittany R

Great car for a person going to and from work with not a lot of traveling involved. Pretty decent gas mileage

ford taurus is dependable car. I do like the look but to me there is not enough room in the front seats. The car ride not bad but very bumpy at times. the trunk is an odd shape and hard to get things long in there like my skis. Gas mileage is not bad. overall not a bad car just not what I need at my age.

- cyn r

I like the lights on the bottom of the rear view mirrors.

Well my car overheats and leaks antifreeze. The battery cable is loose which causes me to require a jump whenever I need to drive it. Sometimes the interior lights come on without anyone touching it. Windshield wiper fluid does not work. When I go over 60 mph my car suddenly starts to lose acceleration.

- Ella T

My ford Taurus is a very smooth driving car.

A problem that I have run into is needing to have the tires aligned. Once I start driving 70 mph the steering wheel starts to shake. It is a very reliable car. It is very comfortable. I like the carpeted seats. I love that there is enough room for six people in my car, with the extra seat in the front.

- Jessica B

It drives well and has aged well. One of it is best features is the paint.

The problems I have had with my Taurus are: ac and a squeal in the engine that we cannot trace or fix. The performance is fair for a car that old. It starts every day is very comfortable to drive and the moon roof is my favorite feature. I would definitely buy another Taurus. Its aged but reliable.

- Mary Beth L

2003 Ford Taurus SES is the best car I've ever had! Reliable & comfortable.

My car is good on gas, dependable, rides comfortably & has more than enough room in it for 4 big people to be comfortable. It handles easy & runs super smooth. I got it used but it is the nicest car I have ever had. It is power everything. Very reliable even with a few issues. I love my car!

- Tammy E

In my car I have seat covers that are black leather with diamonds and my steering wheel is white with diamonds. I also have cheetah print rugs.

I brought my car from a mechanic. I had one earlier just like it but the make year was 1999 instead of 2003. The same thing was wrong with it: blown head gasket but the mechanic already fixed it with my recent, so I was glad that it was already fixed and it was a more recent year. So I bought it.

- Brieana E

I want a new car but this car gets me to point a & b.

It is a used car so it came with some minor problems just want something new. It is missing both mirrors on both side of the car! It has dents on the driver side and takes a long time to get hot and to excel on the freeway. The radio is not loud enough and the gas runs out in the car way to fast.

- Constance S

Runs well and does not require a lot of service.

Like: it has more power than any other car I have owned; a sunroof, wing on the back; it is black and I feel cool driving it!.. Dislike: it has electrical issues, sometimes windows go up and sometimes they do not; sometimes the locks work and sometimes they do not; and atrocious gas mileage..

- Alice B

Just a simple car for a simple girl.

I do not judge based on certain brands. I have had recent issues with replacing the alternator but it has a lot of miles and drives well. It is very good as far as gas mileage goes. I drive between 3 towns on a daily basis and do not have issues. Mine is standard with no CD player or sunroof.

- April M

Heat works well but it is a piece of junk.

The car has lots of engine issues. I had to replace starter and battery. It is a gas guzzler; it takes $40 to fill and I am putting gas in multiple times a week. Cylinder one and two misfire often and it rusts easily. The wiring in doors going (windows take a while before they'll roll down).

- Harley L

Easy to repair and reliable past my expectations.

This is an older model of course but it is an easy car to fix for yourself. I have had this car a few years and only time I have taken the car to the mechanic was just out of convenience. The car still runs great has minor issues that are normal maintenance really and is very reliable still.

- Aaron S

It's a one hundredth anniversary edition.

It's been a good car. . . Its a 2003 with low mileage. I've had only minor repair until recently when my air conditioning went out. Two of my electric windows don't work and the brake light stays on. It doesn't get the best gas mileage. These things can be expected for a 15 year old car.

- Cary S

The pros and cons of buying a ford Taurus.

My car is roomy. With proper care it runs great. I have had a few issues with it like gas mileage when I was running behind on getting the oil change. My catalytic converters have recently stopped up as well. That is not a cheap fix, but I hear there are ways around getting it fixed.

- Jessica R

Car has a sunroof perfect for a nice sunny day or a starry night sky.

My car is automatic with a sunroof, and power windows. It is in okay condition. There is just around the wheel wells and under the driver and passenger doors. Runs okay but needs a battery, and to be put on a diagnostic tester to find out why check engine light won't go off. As is.

- Kira N

Ford is the best in Texas.

The engine light stays on and the air conditioner needs antifreeze again and the car uses a lot of oil. The brakes are about to go out again and it appears as it wants to stall whenever I stop at a red light the power windows in back only go halfway down which I do not like.

- Robert S

It has power steering power windows and seats air conditioning good heat.

My car is dependable and good transportation very few problems power everything. Very reliable and I love the freedom of my car. My car travels short distances and long I am the second owner and I am happy I bought and it is paid off. I own it outright very low maintenance.

- John D

It's a well oiled machine and reliable.

My car does not have any problems with it at all never has had any problems. don't think the last owner had any problems with it either. Its a solid car and runs good. Fords are well built machines and I have always liked Fords. Ford is the way to go when buying a good car.

- Gerald S

Love my 2003 Ford Taurus ses.

I have had no major problems with my used car. It is very comfortable even with long drives. Plenty of room and truck space. I really like my tinted windows since the visor does not come down low enough for me. The stereo has good sound. Love the design inside and outside.

- Karen M

Ford Taurus 2003. Bought it brand new 15 years ago.

Has always been good, but did have to replace transmission. Bought it brand new. I do feel safe in it. Also, light comes on saying door is open when it is not. Sometimes, the top overhead light stays and doors won't lock due to it thinking the door is open. Very annoying.

- Jennifer S

A poor choice of vehicles.

Does not run well. It runs very rough and the engine and transmission feel like it is going to fall out of it. The vehicle does not handle very well in snow and ice. The check engine light will not go on. The code indicates a bad coil pack which I replaced to no avail.

- Richard F

That if you buy a Ford you will have to use a Ford dealership for a lot of the repairs because only they have specific tools for certain things that you might have to have repaired.

I don't like that any major repair has to be done only by a Ford dealership, so they can charge outrageous prices. I don't like shifter on the steering column. I don't like the doors lock automatically once you start driving. I like the nice interior material.

- Marlene S

A fantastic and wonderful vehicle.

The only problem I have had with this car is the brake pads, I have has them replaced once. Outside of that it is a wonderfully reliable car. The only 2 annoyances with it are: -the small visor mirrors fell off -the glow of the shifter has completely faded.

- John Z

Great space and room for all family needs.

It needs a lot of maintenance and upkeep but it is easy for your own family to fix if you have someone who can repair cars. Love the size and space. Great trunk room and nice let room as well. 6 seats for all the family. Great on gas too. Adjusts to height.

- Selina C

Ford limits where you can get repair work done on their vehicles.

I like that it has a v6 engine. I like the automatic windows and nice interior. I dislike that whenever I need a repair that is significant Ford makes it hard for a person to go to your favorite mechanic, that you are forced to go to a Ford dealership.

- Marlene M

My vehicle is a blue Ford Taurus, its not that small but it's also not that big.

I used to love my car, but recently everything that could possibly go wrong is going wrong. I've spent so much money trying to repair my car. I believe my main problem is that the owner before I bought was pretty rough on the car whenever they had it.

- Callie P

Reliable sturdy low maintenance.

Good vehicle reliable still drives well low maintenance cheap on gas roomy over 14 years old and only had to replace transmission recently ac works all power locks and windows radio all still original and working overall has been a great car to me.

- Kim A

That I maintain it well with regular maintenance and it's dependable

I like that my car is in very good condition for a car that's 15 years old. The inside is almost like new. It gets me where I need to go, including out of town trips. My main dislike is it has a little paint corrosion from the high Louisiana heat.

- Marisha B

The good little car with a weak part

Good car overall (roominess, driveability). Has been a reliable car, until the transmission failed. Unfortunately this turns out to be the biggest complaint. A weak torque convertor in the automatic seems to take most of the blame for this issue.

- Lee G

It has the potential to be a great car, once Ford figures out the repair kinks.

The size is very accommodating for the amount of room that I need in a vehicle. The ride is smooth and amazing. The car is great....as long as it is running! I have had nothing but problems after the transmission went out on me without warning.


It seems to be a pretty dependable car that gets me where I need to go

Had this car for 15 years without any major repairs it has over 140000 miles and I use it to drive around town. I have a 2013 Honda Ridgeline that I use when I take trips to NY It has about 31000 miles and sits in the garage most of the time.

- David S

The most important thing people should know about my car is that it is faster than it looks with a V6 engine. But it does go through gas faster because of it.

I like that it's a wagon so I have more room for my son and dogs. But I dislike how it looks and it has a lot issues, like the heater core went out in it, the door panels keep falling off and it shimmies when on or getting off the interstate.

- Lindsay O

There are alot of my model cars that are being sold used for a reasonable price. It is a good car for a first time driver, college student or someone with a low income.

I bought my car used in 2012, ever since I have purchased my care it has broken down each year. While this car is great on gas mileage, it seems to be a money pit when it comes to yearly large repairs, in addition to regular maintenance.

- Ann R

2003 ford taurus my opinion review

I have had problems with the gas tank leaking,as well as minor issues like windshield wiper fluid pump and windows not rolling down. Window issue was just a fuse. I wish it had a better computer system to alert you of malfunctions

- Evetta P

Comfortable and reliable, but bulky

It's reliable, I can do most of the repairs myself, and it's really comfortable for long car rides because it's larger and rides smoothly. However, the turning radius isn't great and it makes it difficult to maneuver in cities.

- Janine E

Good secondary vehicle for family.

It runs well great air conditioning for this Arizona heat. It is also good on gas. Lots of trunk space. I am planning on buying a secondary vehicle in the next few months and I will be keeping this vehicle as a backup vehicle.

- Angela J

The Ford Taurus is still very reliable after 15 years.

The car is 15 years old and over 150, 000 miles but still very reliable. It is performance is still good and it is still a comfortable ride. The mpg is good. I only refill for gas once a week (I drive about 20 miles a day).

- Diane W

It's dependable and gets me where I need to go. It gets fairly good gas mileage and because it's made in America, the parts are not very expensive when it does need repairs.

It has been very reliable. I keep up regular maintenance on it and have had to have very few repairs made. It still runs well. I don't like the color of the car and the cloth seat covers are hard to keep clean.

- Judy M

It's a great car with lots of extras inside unlike most average vehicles.

Nice car. Comfortable with leather seats and gets good gas mileage. Lots of room in the interior and the back seat folds down to extend the trunk space. Lots of extras on the inside including power everything.

- Robert A

I love the car cause I felt comfortable in it at one point.

Well my car has a computer problem which makes it constantly accelerating and using gas. And the a.c. doesn't work. The motor in the driver seat has decided not to work anymore. I have to use a pillow to drive

- Ritne H

The 2003 Ford Taurus has a reliable reputation and for the most part, it has been, but I'm concerned about the gas mileage.

I like the simplicity of the controls. I like that it has a pleasant appearance and a large trunk. It fits me and my three kids nicely. I've recently discovered that the gas mileage is less than desirable.

- Hilary H

It had that dent in the door when we got it.

I dislike the size and the amount of gas it takes to run. I like the fact it was very cheap to buy. It is a pretty good car, and I hope it keeps going for many more years without serious issues or costs.

- Rebecca T

It'd dependable enough to be a daily driver. I've had very few repairs that couldn't be done same day.

I like how I can do most of the maintenance myself with relative ease. I like how durable it has been for the last 11 years, I've owned it. I dislike how easily the rear suspensions seems to have failed.

- Randall A

It's a relatively reliable car for my family.

It's been serving my family very well for the past 5 years. It has good gas mileage. It has a large trunk. The backseat can be folded. Spacious leg room. It's old car and the AC doesn't really work well.

- ilmi L

It has run for a long time and been very reliable. After 15 years it is starting to have problems.

It's old but still runs. It is a station wagon so it holds whatever I need it to. Holds my entire family. Been very happy with it but it is starting to have costly issues that I can't afford to fix.

- Pj J

It is paid for & does the job!!! What car I drive is not the most important thing in my life right now

It gets me where I need to go. It doesn't look that great but gets by. For the age of the car, I really don't have many problems with it like you would think. It is good on gas & has good "get up & go"

- Kim R

It is a 2003 and has over 100,000 miles on it; however, it still runs well.

I like the style and size of my car. It is getting older and is having a few issues. It doesn't have a compass and I wish it did. The air works great. The heat is beginning to not work as well.


It gets be to where I need to be.

I like that it is a standard car that is good on gas and gets me to where I need to be. I also like the interior design of the seating. I dislike the age of the car, and the lack of AUX cord.

- First Name T

Its cute!! It has great control around curves, and I love the style.

I like that it is reliable. I do not like that it has rust. It could get better gas mileage. It does need some repairs that affect the tires but it is still drivable. Gets me from a to b.

- Josh L

It is reliable and affordable.

It runs good and is comfortable to ride in but it is a little to large for my liking. It is reliable and easy to take care of but is getting older and will probably start needing work.

- Elizabeth W

It has great cargo room and seats eight passengers.

I like that it is a station wagon. I do not like that it is getting older and needs work and the company no longer makes some of the parts for it. I can't replace it with a new model.

- Carole M

The size of the car is very adequate for the use of a student like myself, and the gas mileage is not bad

It runs well, gets me from point a to point b, but it certainly is not an ideal ride. it had had many issues with the braking system. Apart from that, it is a good car that runs well

- Noah S

It's long lasting as long as it's maintained properly.

Best car I've ever had. It's reliable for the most part and I love the features it has like the keyless entry, sunroof and the electric windows. I could use some heated seats though.

- Tiffany G

Comfortable car and easy to handle.

It is a very comfortable car. It drives beautifully and is easy to handle. One thing that I do not like is the stereo set up. You have to buy a whole set up and not just the stereo.

- Wesley S

Um, my car's not the best but it works.

Wasn't very expensive since we got it used. Has better fuel mileage than our other vehicles. A/C works wonderfully. Wish it had a usb slot and a rear view camera but it works as is.

- Michael S

The Taurus is reliable and great quality for Its price.

I love the safety features in my car. It is mid size but has lots of room for passengers and cargo. I like that parts are usually easy to find and maintenance costs are fairly low.

- Tina J

Great gas mileage, great get up and go. Easy to drive

It's really a good car for that first car owner.it does have great heating and cooling. The power windows and locks. Power brakes. Wonderful radio with speakers plus a CD player.

- Debra W

This car has a lot of mechanical issues and a lot of miles on it.

My car is a 2003 Ford Taurus SE and has over 280,000 miles on it and I have been pouring lots and lots of money into car repairs since I bought the car a little over a year ago

- Greg P

People need to make sure that the sunroof is closed all the way after use.

I love having 4 doors. I believe that 2 doors can be inconvenient for transport. I really love that my Taurus has a sunroof. Also, I love not having to manually unlock my door.

- Katie C

My Ford Taurus is old but gets me from point A to point B.

Its old has wear and tear issues. Uses gas like crazy, too low, the mechanical problems are from wear and tear but because of its size it can fit in tight parking spaces.

- Angie G

The a/c is always working.

I like that I haven't really had to spend much to maintain it since I have had it. I dislike the mileage it gets in the city. I like the mileage it gets on the highways.

- Joanne S

It runs really well. This is a vehicle you can depend on. I would recommend it to anyone.

I like that the vehicle is dependable. It's not too complicated so i can work on it myself. It can be expensive to maintain. Other than that I really like this vehicle.

- Chris P

My car is very reliable. Best part is the spaciousness it provides.

Car works great. Bought it used from someone who had it it's whole life. Transmission slips a little bit now. But it's in very good shape for it's age. Well maintained.

- Melissa P

It's noisy. The belt pulleys squeal so it can be heard coming a couple of blocks away.

It's reliable. Daily commute of 50 miles a day through construction zones. No Air conditioning, but the heat works. Radio works. Lighter is used as a charging station.

- Melissa O

My car is not new, but it works great, gets good gas mileage, and the AC/heat work quickly.

My car is used, so it's a little rusty in places. The AC/heat work amazingly! It's been a great car for me even if it's older and I really haven't had any complaints.

- Rebekah M

It runs forever! Very low maintenance and reliable.

It's not my dream car, but it runs very well. It's very roomy and I am able to easily get my kids in and out. I would love to have more trunk space for the stroller.

- Jessica K

Loaded with electronics, mirrors and windows, for a 2003 Taurus.

Very reliable, good gas mileage, handles great and with 6 cyl. Engine has great pickup when you need it. 160 k miles and still running great with little maintenance,

- Joseph T

Ford Taurus (2003) very dependable vehicle for a daily driver.

Dependable car that gets from point A to point B with no problems, will take on many miles without issues and is good on gas, may not look the best but drives good.

- Rosella P

Runs well but the body rusts

The car runs really well but the body of it rusts really bad and it shakes for no reason. We have had everything looked at and still can not figure the shake out.

- Jayme O

It has been versatile and reliable for years.

I like that it's fairly roomy but not too big. I like that it has been pretty reliable for years. I like the good experiences I have had while driving it.

- Vivian D

It still works well 15 years after it was made.

I like how reliable it is. It can be a pain to keep it in a decent condition, but it gets me where I need to go. I really enjoy it's great gas mileage.

- Nathan A

It always starts right up ,so it's dependable and I feel safe driving it

I have owned plenty of Fords.F150 trucks mostly.This is first regular Ford sedan I have owned and I like the smooth riding and dependability of it.

- Mike G

It gets very good gas mileage

it is so roomy, i love the size of the car. the interior is also very comfortable, however the windshield is too slanted for comfort when driving

- joshua T

Silver, few dings, factory tires, engine runs good condition, heater works, air conditioner works. All in all it's a good car

It is made by Ford. Silver 2003, v6 3.0 liter . Has a water pump issue that I'm going to get fixed here soon in the next week and couple of days

- Javarius D

It seems it's dependable and will last a good while.

I like it's comfort, the smoothness of the ride, mileage seems to be fine . Had to replace the fuel pump twice and it could get better mileage.

- Mary M

It is very reliable, and rarely has issues.

It is reliable, it is older and has low gas mileage. Leather seats are nice and the air works well. However the mirrors on the visors fell off.

- John K

Comfortable and easy drive

The Taurus gets great mileage. I like the way it looks and drives. I am able to listen to podcasts and audible books using my Bluetooth device.

- Paulette G

It is older but pretty reliable.It was built with quality more so then I think some models are today.

The motor is good.It was built well and it is a faster car (SE.) model which is good.It is old and time for a change minor problems beginning.

- Tana H

it gets me every where i need to be.

It's been a good car.dislike the color.but i have not had to have a lot fixed on it other than to put new belt and tires it still runs great.

- shirleyJ V

The car that keep on going. Reliable.

Car is too low to the ground making it difficult to get a in and out. Otherwise it is a great car. Lots of miles and it still keeps going.

- Linda K

It is dependable and has lots of room.

It is a wagon, so it has lots of room and I can fit 2 carseats in it for the grandkids or haul things. What I dislike is the gas mileage

- bernice l

It is easy to drive and is well built.

I have problems with the air conditioning. The car is very comfortable to drive and ride in. I like the how well it was put together.

- Elizabeth B

This review details my cat and why I had to get rid of it.

I love my Taurus. I had it for a few years but I had to let it go. Because of a blown head gasket. It was a real good car otherwise.

- Marquita S

I'm not really sure, it's a great car.

I love how comfortable the seats are, the smooth ride, and how spacious it is. It is great on gas. I do not dislike my car at all.

- Dina M

It is old model from 2003 but still runs well.

It has good features with plenty of room. I dislike the fact that it is old and needs occasional repairs. This can be expensive.

- david M

For a small car, the storage space isn't that bad.

I love my Ford Taurus. It is a great car. It's reliable and performs good. Each Taurus is different, but the one I have I love.

- Anna E

It is reliable and a good value for the money spent to purchase and maintain it.

It was inexpensive to purchase. It is inexpensive to repair and maintain. It is fairly dependable. It is fairly comfortable.

- deymond l

It is one of the safest cars on the road.

Dependable, good gas mileage it is a pleasure to drive, easy to park. There is plenty of room in the interior and the trunk.

- Julie E

Taurus seats 6 comfortably

The Ford taurus drives nice and rides like a cloud. The only complaint I have is the gas mileage is not that great for a V6

- Jessie S

Nothing. My car is pure transportation. It gets me from point A to point B.

I bought this car used for little cash and have had it for six years. Only complaint is that it is a 2003 car not a 2018.

- Richard W

Highly recommend the Ford Taurus

My vehicle has 93,000 miles on it. I've only had to do the regular maintenance on it. I would highly recommend the Taurus

- Marie R

It has been maintained over the 200,000 miles.

I like the gas mileage. I like the radio system also. My car is very reliable and the cost to maintain it are reasonable.

- Dave R

It gets me where I have to go. Nothing flashy, it just does the job.

I had engine trouble that Ford did not fix. I don't feel they stood behind their product. I would not buy a Ford again.

- Marie T

It has a 6 disc CD player. On the trunk that you operate from the radio.

I like everything except that it is old. Reliable and has a lot of features and my favorite one is the 6 disc CD player.

- Tara S

Greg 4 door great on gas I love my car

I love my car never had any problems it's good on gas all my kids fits perfect in it I have had it for about a year now

- Ashley A

It's mine. And that it's a decent car. It's usually pretty trustworthy.

It has a few maintenance issues, like it's dripping oil and overheats sometimes. And the ACa is a pain to keep running.

- Michelle L

It's a very good car overall. I've had it for many years and have had very few problems.

It has good handling. The car is comfortable. It is roomy and has a decent trunk. It was very good value for the money.

- Tibor E

It has lots of room in both passenger section and trunk.

Dislike - paint peeling. Dislike - poor mileage. Like - lots of room in trunk. Like - comfortable to drive or ride in.

- Bridget M

My car runs extremely well for its age. It requires very little maintenance.

It's color is gold. It has some really nice A.C. I dislike that it doesn't have some auto headlight turn on features.

- Kasey H

Dependable, good truck. Good for 1-2 people only.

It is very powerful and easy to dive.. However, I do not like a color. It is also little bit longer for me to drive..

- Sam T

The fact that it stays shiny all the time and the smoothness

Well I love my car its really good in the winter and good on mileage and a smooth vehicle traveled the states with it

- Eric N

Get Great gas mileage even with an older model car!

I like the way it still rides after all these years. It drives smoothe. Gets great gas mileage. Still looks good too.

- Cindy S

Older car with low miles but not the greatest on gas.

Older car with low miles so it's been a great car with minor problems. Windows doesn't always work and ac blows hot.

- Cary H

it is big and makes me feel safe driving it

i like that it is a station wagon so i have plenty of room. it isn't too bad on gas. i have no complaints about it.

- penelope t

It gets a lot of miles to the gallon.

Sport model edition plus it has the big v-6 engine. Leather seats front side airbags... Sunroof and rear spoiler..

- Michael R

It is a good car overall .

It's lasted us 15 years and is still going strong would highly recommend. And it gets good miles to the gallon..

- Kevin H

Very reliable and cheap to fix.

I like the tinted windows. I also love the way the car feels. I dislike that it doesn't have an AUX cord outlet.

- Samantha S

It is very reliable, great gas mileage.

I like the fact that my car is very comfortable, drive good, great gas mileage. I like everything bout my car.

- James D

Other than electrical system issues, it has many positives. It's very roomy and comfortable. Also lots of trunk space.

It has had electrical system issues--windows don't always roll down & up. Interior lights don't always work.

- Brynna M

Check everything periodically.

Car is affordable. Car is also reliable. I like that it gets me from point A to point B. Good gas mileage.

- Ben B

Easy to work on, has good reliability.

Fuel pump issues. Reliable, comfortable, fuel efficient. Great trunk size. Not good with air conditioner.

- Lynne P

Very sleek design and nice finish

Very reliable car, AC sometimes goes out. Metal bars on sides may peel off and require adhesive to fix.

- Shawn L

Power steering power windows power door lock. Reliable transportation.

I own a Ford Taurus it is all power locks and windows very reliable and still going strong at 134, 000.

- John B

Ease of driving on the highway.

I like the way it drives on the highway. I like the roominess. The trunk could have been a bit larger.

- Shirley M

Tires use nitrogen and not air.

It is paid for. Roomy, smooth riding, spacious interior, good gas mileage. No complaints at this time.

- Misty H

American made. Reliable good gas mileage.

Mid size is just right. Haven't had but one problem and that was recently. Just a great car! Reliable.

- Janet W

Drives very well, and has been well designed, it has great gas mileage.

I love the leather seats. It has wonderful air conditioning. It drives very well. It's easy to upkeep.

- John K

It is reliable and very sturdy and I enjoy the way it drives.

It handles well, it has given me little or no problems. I perceive it as safe and economical

- Francesca G

The car is very reliable and dependability with getting around.

Contains a lot of heat and has no air, but other than that it has been pretty dependability.

- cherish l

It may not be in the best condition but I love it.

I dislike the gas mileage on my. I love how well my air conditioning and heat works though.

- Amber O

It's fast and is tough. Helps me get where I need to go. Have very little trouble with it.

Like the color. It gets me where I need to go. Just the right size for me and my family.

- Jason P

It has a lot of safety precautions on it

i love that it's great on gas, is very roomy and safe. I hate that it's so old

- Deb o

Comfortable and built well. I feel protected when driving it.

I like it, it's comfortable and mostly reliable. My other car doesn't have AS

- Candy C

It's durable and affordable and last a long time

It's durable vehicle that has giving me a little trouble in the 14 years

- Jennifer O

It is an old car but dependable

It is a dependable car and needs little upkeep so it is very affordable.

- Rosalyn A

That it has been taken care of. It has a new battery and a new starter on it.

I like my ford because it has lots of room and it gets good gas mileage

- nell b

It's a very comfortable car with a lot of room and it's very good looking car on the outside

I like the look of it and how it runs well I don't like the gas mileage

- Robert M

older car from a relative, nothing fancy about it, gets me from point a to b and back again, reliable no frills vehicle

makes wide turns, so i have to take that into account when i drive it

- Marge H

It runs. I just bought new tires and brakes for it.

It's okay. I prefer an SUV. I like to be a bit higher off the ground.

- Denise T

Runs well little if any repairs over all these years.

Had very little problems all these years...It has a lot of miles now.

- Kathryn E

reliable and safe. great family car. fun to drive.

good safe car. high resale value. trusted company. good gas mileage.

- morgan g

It feels safe to drive in and takes you where you have to go

It's a heavy car has lot of get up and go It's an older model

- Trish H

I like that it gets great gas mileage. For the year it is it has very low original miles so it was like a brand new car. It is very roomy

The Ford Taurus gets very good mileage on the hwy and in town.

- Stephanie T

Well taken care of, it will continue to ride with you.

A relaxed comfort interior. Wish seats were more elevated.

- Kim R

15 year old car with less than 100k miles.

Great dependable car. Poor gas mileage. Low maintenance.

- James A

There is a vacuum line that has to be replaced often

It is getting old and hard to keep up the maintenance.

- John N

It doesn't matter how expensive your car is

I love my car because my sister gave it to me.

- Christina s