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Me and my luxury diamond black taurus limited!

My 2016 Ford taurus limited is not only beautiful, diamond black with leather interior, but is high performance. Never had a problem with any systems, fuel mileage is excellent and I love the extra features like heated and cooled seats, great air conditioning which system easy to understand and regulate, navigation is a life saver, whether taking trips to new places or to atlanta, ga, where the living is easy but the traffic is nightmarish. Style, comfort, economy are all the reasons I love my 2016 Ford taurus, limited and did I mention luxury diamond black,

- Dollie P

Great Car for the Price Great in the snow and very comfortable to travel in.

My Ford Taurus is very comfortable. I enjoy driving it. I will say it's not quite as good on gas mileage as our other car, but it is a V6. We recently had to have the touch screen replaced due to it freezing. But other than that, we have had no issues whatsoever with our car. It's great in room and the trunk has enough room for when we travel. Our Ford Taurus is much better in the snow than our other car, too. Overall, I'm happy with the purchase we made. It's a very good car for the price.

- Heather E

Perfect car for. Road trips!

Love the trunk, larger display, back up camera is very clear day & night. All the technical prompts are helpful. Has a great color & interior is easy to keep clean. Looking forward to taking it on the road for longer trips as it has a lot of room in the back seat and the trunk will fit beach chairs, golf clubs, luggage and much more. The front side by side cup holders are exactly what we want giving us more room in the front seat.

- Ad B

Incredibly smooth riding spacious vehicle.

It's an Incredibly smooth ride. The air conditioning is excellent. It's a very spacious car and is very comfortable and reliable. The gas mileage is great as well. I like the rear camera, but I do tend to do my regular turn and look method more than the camera out of habit and being more comfortable with it. My only issue is the kind spots. I'm very short and the longer body gives me more blind spots.

- Alan L

The comfort, the inside noise level is zero and the stereo system is the best.

This is one of the nicest cars on the road the ride is smooth, quiet and very comfortable with all leather seats and all the bells and whistles you could want or ask for. There is plenty of room in the car both in the front and the back which makes it comfortable for those long rides to and from the country. With plenty of room to places enough suitcases in the trunk to last for several weeks.

- Jean C

Good car for people who spend hours on the road

The Ford Taurus has really comfortable seats The ltd has heated/air conditioned seats and is climate controlled. I really like the keyless entry and start. I haven't had any issues yet. The one thing I don't like is my iPhone will not allow me to use apps like navigation on the cars screen. Gas mileage is above average for the type of car.

- Samantha W

We love this car more than anything

There is not really much to say about the car other than how much I and everyone around me love the car. It is really amazing to be in and drive around with considering it is not too small or too big, it fits around other cars very easily, there is no way to go wrong with this car and the way anyone will fit perfectly inside.

- Elle F

Good car with a great inside.

Handles well on curvy roads, is a super smooth ride. The inside features are my absolute favorite, from the back up camera to the media dash. My model has massagers and a/c + heat in the seats! The back seat is also roomy, good for if you have children or car seats to put in the back!

- Kai N

My Ford experience has been amazing and would most likely stay a Ford customer.

My car has not had many repairs but lately I have had to get my tires rotated and my front end aligned which is normal due to wear and tear. The car has a lot of room in the front and the back. The trunk has a lot of room as well and has an extra compartment for an extra tire.

- Alexia W

My 2016 ford Taurus limited. It is a pearl white beautiful car.

I love my car! It has all the bells and whistles I haven't hardly begin to tap into all the things my car can do. It is extremely safe and fun to drive although it is easy to catch myself speeding so I have to watch my speedometer. It is fun to drive and it is a beautiful car.

- Kate G

Ford has come a very long way. I used to hate the ford taurus back in the 80's and 90's. But now I absolutely love this car!

I love the style and comfort of this car. It rides like a luxury car and is perfect for long road trips. It also has a rear camera that is awesome for parking and maneuvering. It has been a very reliable car not to mention it has good pick up as it relates to speed.

- Denise h

Good looking, easy handling.

Do not have problems, like leather, navigation, keyless entry, cruise, ac, seats also have ac and heat, spacious comfortable reliable. Passengers like roomy back seat. Easy to drive, easy to park with rearview camera. L will always drive a Ford. Had a Taurus before.

- Salvatore B

I really like my ford Taurus and in future would buy another. It drives smooth.

Has backup camera. It has keyless start and remote start which I love especially on cold winter days, I start work early in morning. I would say it gets decent gas mileage a full tank can last me almost two weeks driving around town. It has a lot of trunk space.

- Jessica A

The Ford taros do over now available.

Just love my ride and hand free cell phone calls . The entire car is remade. It is so sporty now and the best smooth ride ever not that grandpa look anymore it feels like a Cadillac and drives like one also. For the price is at the most affordable of luxury.

- Lynda D

It's got a movable break & gas pedal This is the most important thing to me

I like that the break & gas pedal move . If the car seat moved up to the window too much I can move the seat back & still reach the pedals because it's got that button. I'd like the shape of the window more squared I'm not sure of what kind of gas to use

- Lynn M

My Taurus is equipped with the 20' wheels that offer a sporty look to the car.

I love my car. I drive it daily to and from work. It is comfortable, reliable, and most of all safe. I love the V6 engine and the power it provides. I enjoy the heated leather seats on cold days. The sync 3 makes everything easy to use while driving.

- Spencer W

It is very comfortable ride.

My car is very comfortable and easy to get in and out of. You feel like you are sitting in an SUV rather than low like a car. My car handles very well. I love the backup camera. I get decent gas mileage considering the size of the car.

- Cindy K

That the driver is very cautious and takes very good care of it and if you hit me you will pay big time!

Love the color, how safe I feel in it, and the size. I don't have any complaints other than I read they are not making the Taurus in the future and I love Ford brands and love luxury sedans.

- Jackie C

It gets great gas mileage. I can have 5 people in it very comfortably.

Love the backup camera. This car drives so smooth and so comfortable to ride in. The seat warmers are the best in our cold winters. I just love everything about it

- Teresa T

Its dependable and is a solid ride.

My car is comfortable to sit in and has a smooth ride. It has plenty of legroom in the backseat. It has GPS and hands free which is a must.

- Barbara A

very satisfied with car and would recommend

gas mileage is satisfactory for its size, insides are comfortable and has adequate space handling is also good, overall satisfied with car

- mark j

It's a Reliable large sedan that's comfortable and has lots of leg room with a large trunk

Love the heated seats and steering wheel. Like the air conditioned front seats. Very easy to drive and comfortable. Like the large trunk

- Rose B

Roomy trunk. Backseat is kind of small for a midsize

SHO. It's fast. But in parking lots going slow, it jerks and is temperamental but the dealership says they can't get it " to do it"

- Kenda J

Reliable very spacious all around great car.

The vehicle really is a great car not many problems. Very reliable and easy to maintain. Bluetooth and everything works fine.

- Eugene D

It drinks a lot of gas, expensive to fix but looks good.

Love,love my car it is so nice drives well and I really have no complaints all around I believe by far Ford is the best.

- Stacy A

Very reliable, very economical, easy to drive, of great customer service.

Stylish, runs well, easy to maintain, great ride and very comfortable to drive. Hugs curves well, lots of get up and go.

- Carol P

The space in the back seat and in the trunk is enormous!

I like that it is so spacious, but I do not like that it does not have a sporty feel. It rides very nicely though.

- Alexis C

Ford Taurus is a good car! No major problems!

Car is a good car however does not fit 2 car seats well. No major mechanical problems with 50,000 miles on it.

- Kristen H

Looks good and runs good for a thirteen year old vehicle.

My car is very nice, large enough to protect me, and has many features. I do not dislike anything about it.

- Judy M

The most important thing about my car is that it gets me point A to point B safely.

I like that my car is safe. It also has great gas mileage. Also it has enough room to drive with my family.

- Joseph B

It can last a very long time and is a dependable car when you need it.

I like that it has good gas mileage. It usually had some kind of problem with the engine or brakes though.

- Justin H

Ultimately a Great Buy!!!!

Comfortable, great for travel. Drives great. Sporty. Great gas mileage. Has a lot of trunk space.

- Keisha C

It's a big sturdy car that has good power, ok gas mileage and looks good.

I like the size. I like the styling of it. I like the smooth ride and quick response of the pedal.

- mike h

super looking car that is reasonably priced

i like all the extras. it is a nice looking car. i don't like how it pulls to the left.

- kim J

Great Handling and great mileage. Handles wonderful.

Drives great. Has everything I need. Good gas mileage. Comfortable and good looking.

- Marge N

Very good car for its price. Have not had any major problems.

Used car, good condition for its price. Have not had any big problems with it.

- Bryan D


I Love the ride. It us very comfortable. It has a huge trunk. I like the seats

- Mary B

Good family car. Good gas mileage.

I really don't have any complaints. Except for maybe the cost.

- William M

It's a great car. It has great features. Highly recommended

Its safety and mileage. If there's a recall. Brand. Features.

- Morgan R

don't know it's been a good car for me but not real good on gas mileage

no complaints Has lots of power keyfob is going out to soon

- Connie D

it is very safe to drive and good on gas. it is also very roomy and handles itself in all kinds of weather

I have no complaints i love my car very roomy good on gas

- Patrick S

They car just drives incredibly smooth. It is always a good car to go with.

- Jenna N