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My ford Taurus, my friend.

My ford Taurus is a great luxury sedan. It has power windows, power locks, etc. It also has several other features including sensors for most possible mechanical breakdowns. Today I was driving down the road and a sensor went off when a weird icon appeared on the dash panel. I had to get the 2014 ford owners manual out and look into the index. It sent me to a chart that had what the icons meant. I found my icon and learned that my tire pressure was low. So I stopped at a nearby service station and added air to all four tires. I then got into my car and the sensor light had gone off. The car also has an interactive touch screen board for the radio, the ac and heat. It also has sync by Microsoft to assist in voice commands that also provide services such as GPS and phone service via my smartphone and Bluetooth. I love my car.

- William T

The amazing Ford Taurus SHO!

I love the Ford Taurus. It has proven to be a very dependable car. It has awesome control on the road and is very smooth. It rides very comfortably for both drivers and rear passengers. The york is very good. It has great maneuverability and never let you down. The power of the car, especially the sho, is incredible. It is great to have such reliable power in a non sports car. It gets great gas mileage also. The way the car looks is very sleek and this sleek design also helps to keep itote aerodynamic. This reduces road noise and when inside the car, there is very little road noise. Overall, I am extremely happy with the Ford Taurus and would definitely want to purchase another one laser down the road.

- Karla B

The fuel pump regulator is located behind the back seat. $60 is better than $400.

The 2014 Ford Taurus is an exceptional vehicle. I personally was never a fan of Ford until this specific vehicle. It is sleek, has plenty of horsepower, along with space within the vehicle itself. The attention to detail inside is exceptional, if compared to a similar model such as the Chevy impala, Chevy did not utilize the class within their vehicle like Ford did. The only "problems" I have encountered was the fuel pump regulator burning out. This is an easy self fix, unless forced to take it to the dealer, runs near $400. 00. Otherwise, the vehicle has 100, 000 miles, yet continues to runs like the day it came off of the lot.

- Leann B

How much I love my 2014 ford Taurus

I honestly love my Ford Taurus! It has been a very reliable car. It is good on gas to be a full sized sedan. I love the power of the engine. Also the car is really spacious for me and my dog. I like the automatic start and remote key start. I also enjoy the SiriusXM radio and Bluetooth options for the radio. It also has a wonderful sound system. Also the trunk is so spacious it fit a whole folded massage table and 50 inch TV in the trunk when I was moving.

- Fan S

Love the looks, feel and space! Hate the seat handle, seek and turn signal.

The handle to adjust the back of your seat up and down is right underneath the seat belt and that is inconvenient. It drives really quietly and nice. I do not like that you have to hold the seek button on the steering wheel down for so long so make it switch stations. I also do not like the turn signal. It is weird how you have to hold it down for it to stay on or it will blink a few times. I love the trunk space and the all of the room in the car.

- Diana S

A lot of space for a family of 5. Drives just as smooth as it looks!

Drives very smoothly, shifts with great ease when its in manual. Comfortable seat with plenty of legroom and the back seat is very spacious for 3 car seats and also has plenty of legroom. Haven't had any problems with the engine, electronics, or the body. Trunk room is also very spacious! Fits our very large double stroller with a lot of room left, it could fit other stroller and luggage. We love our Ford Taurus!

- Kara M

Ford Taurus: good looking, comfortable and reliable car for this family of 5!

So comfortable! Plenty of space, clean looking interior. Very smooth, comfortable ride. Reliable car but heavy on the gas. All electric features, Bluetooth aux player, navigation, heated and cooling leather seats, tons of trunk space. Bought this car and shortly after found out I was pregnant with my 3rd kid, I was very pleased and relieved to find 3 car seats fit nicely! All around a great vehicle.

- Erica C

Lessons about purchasing a car.

This is a solid, nice sedan if you are looking for a larger car that is not an SUV. It is a more expensive to insure and take care of than I had realized and so it is turning out to be more expensive than I can afford. It is only the second car I have ever purchased and so I feel like I learned a lot about the process by buying this car without putting enough thought into it.

- Megan J

The 2014 Ford Taurus is a great option for anyone looking for a large car.

I love the 2014 Ford Taurus. It is larger than most cars which is great if you have children. I have a forward-facing car seat and a rear-facing car seat and they both fit comfortably without moving the front seats forward. The trunk has ample space as well. I usually have a double stroller and several lawn chairs in the trunk and am able to get groceries back there as well.

- Leah L

Spacious, Quiet-running, Dependable and Comfortable

We love our Ford Taurus. We bought it used one year ago and it currently has 30,500 miles. It is roomy, which is important to us since my husband is a big man (350 lbs). It runs quietly, has plenty of storage space inside (6 drink holders in front, sunglass holder, etc) and in the trunk. All in all we are very pleased with this car and plan to keep it for a long time.

- Tuner E

Great car worth the money.

Great car, runs great. It is very reliable. I have owned it for over a year and have no issues. Gets good gas mileage. It gets easily 28-30 on highway interstate and about 20-22 in town. And is easy to drive. Very sturdy. It is a bigger car but you do not notice it once you are driving it. I would highly recommend one..

- Jeff D

Taurus - a great family car- comfortable and spacious.

I have enjoyed the Taurus it is very comfortable to ride in, even for my 6'3 husband. It handles all both on highways and in the city. I have had no issues other than regular maintenance. It gets around 16 miles in city and 24 miles on the highway. It has a very large trunk and I would recommend to all my friends.

- Mary H

very comfortable family car

well built car that feels safe while driving. The options are very good my favorite is the backup camera I like that it is powerful enough to gain speed to keep up with traffic while entering a interstate. The only problem I have had with the car is the brakes and rotors wore out at only 43,000 miles

- Terri S

I love my car and I wouldn't trade it

Great performance I love the fact that it's AWD the front seats are comfortable however the back seats are uncomfortable. But that being said my car is a retired police interceptor and had the police back seats. There is so much space in the trunk but vision out of the windows and mirrors is hard

- Katie H

The wonderful ruby red color.

I love my Ford Taurus! It is not a luxury car but it definitely feels like one. The heated leather seats, sunroof and overall comfort of the car make you feel like you are in a luxury car. Plenty of legroom as well. I haven't had any problems with the car, it runs great and gets driven everyday.

- Kim J

It is very dependable. However, the company plans to discontinue this model.

I love the interior space. I like the spacious trunk. It is quiet and runs smoothly. It has great pick up My only dislike is that I do not have a full size spare tire because of all the regulations about required gas mileage. However, I have not had to use it so it hasn't been a problem.

- Mary K

The Ford Taurus is fantastic.

What I love about my 2014 Ford Taurus is that if I have any problems with the vehicle I can take it anywhere to be diagnosed and repaired. I have yet to have any problems with it though and that has been wonderful. I also love the comfort of the electronic features and the backup cameras.

- Danielle S

All the extras and such a great family car!

While it has had a few recalls, I absolutely love my car! It drives like a dream. I have the sel which has leather seats, large touch screen on the dash for radio/heat/ac controls. It also has navigation which is so helpful and easy to use. And a sunroof with two different settings!

- Megan M

The Ford Taurus is very comfortable car with a lot of room.

I love my Ford Taurus. It is one of six cars I own. It is a full size car that gets 26 mpg highway. Is comfortable traveling. Has all the bells and whistles. I replace a Ford Edge with this Taurus I only had the Edge for a year and hated it. No complaints about the Taurus.

- david m

Cant even hear it running.

I have had a great experience with this car. The only thing I have had to do is change oil brakes and tires. It has been a very good car with only minor but I wish the seats heated up. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone. Young or old. Single or family. Rides smooth.

- Teresa G

A true sleeper...no one realizes the power this car has under the hood.

I have a Ford Taurus SHO. I love all the power it has and the all wheel drive. It's probably the fastest car I've owned. It has plenty of room inside as well as in the trunk. It's loaded with features for comfort, safety, and convenience. I would definitely recommend it.

- Thomas R

fine to drive but probably not something I would buy again.

The car is very comfortable however the gas mileage is not what they claim and the way the car is put together allows dust to enter the inside. Also they started out with a maintenance program on the car and after 4 years they discontinued it which is very inconvenient.

- Sheila C

Dependable and Attractive Vehicle

This car has been very reliable and dependable. It is attractive and drives well. After five years there are some chips in the paint and I wish it was a little better on mileage but overall I am very happy with it. I will keep it as long as it is practical to do so.

- Leslie L

Dependable car with no exciting features.

Great dependable car and minor vehicle repairs since I have owned the car. Seats are not very comfortable and sound system low quality. Does have electric windows but, safety windows in the back seat do not allow windows to go all the way down. Ok fuel efficiency.

- Shelly V

Fully loaded Ford Taurus sure.

My Ford Taurus is AWD and fully loaded. It has heated seats throughout, power windows, sunroof, USB and a/v ports, Bluetooth capability, auto detecting lights, programmable seat positions, leather interior. It is great on gas miles and very comfortable to drive.

- Sarah M

Ford tough . Small enough for impact car packing.

There is a leak and it smells like mildew. There is a belt on the passenger side that squeaks. There is not auxiliary input. Runs smooth. Heating and air works well. Has a few scratches some I have put on myself. Leather seats. Brown interior and gray exterior.

- Flora C

Back up camera is very helpful, it beeps when you are close to something.

It is very comfortable, it has plenty of room in it, lots of leg room. It rides very comfortable and no noise. It gets up and goes when you want it to. It is very good on gas especially on the highway it has lots of bells and whistles, love the backup feature.

- Dorothy M

2014 Ford Taurus nice inside, and out!

So far we haven't had any problems with this car. It is very reliable, and stylish. It has heated seats and a backup camera. It picks up speed pretty fast so I feel safe merging and such. It is very spacious for a smaller car, the trunk space is crazy big.

- Alexa S

tan on white leather comfort

My car is loaded with sunroof, navigation, and leather seats. I Love it. I like the pick up power with its V-6. I have had no problems with it, Just a battery that has needed to be replaced. I enjoy the backup camera feature and warming leather seats.

- Leda T

it is not expensive, it's good on gas, and very reliable.

I like my vehicle because it's reliable, comfortable and it gets good gas mileage. it was not that expensive and service of it is not very costly. I don't presently have any complaints about the vehicle and I've had it for two years and nine months.

- gilbert l

My car has a lot of bang for the buck. The size of the car, the comfortable leather interior and the smooth ride. All make my car a good value.

I like the exterior looks of my car. The interior is comfortable and has good ergonomics. The four door body style works well for me as a family car. It would be nice if the car got better gas mileage. But overall it has been a good car.

- Tim W

Has been highly reliable car, no unexpected maintenance issues.

full size car makes traveling comfortable. Large trunk and fold down rear seats allow for plenty of capacity to haul cargo when needed. Leather interior feels and looks good. The Ford sync system has some room for better user interface.

- todd d

The six cylinder engine in this model loses gas mileage quickly (27 mpg down to 20 mpg) when trying to use a trailer hitch and rack to carry a wheel chair of just 175 lbs.

I like the pickup when I hit the gas. I like the design both interior and exterior. The only thing we have found to be hard to live with is the extremely bright reflection from the sun off of the glove box covering material,

- bobby W

Beautiful sparkling metallic black..

My car is a 4 door vehicle. Its metallic black. Its very spacious and the seats are very comfortable. It runs great, no problems at all. So its very reliable which is great. Its a 6 cylinder so its got some power to it.

- Jennifer K

It is good for drives in and around town and also a good highway car

It is a full size car but not too big. It has great built in features. I dislike the AC/heat vents. I love the trunk, it is big and I don't get wet when it rains. I love the memory features. I love my Taurus

- sue d

It's safe and comfortable and great value for the money.

The ride is comfortable and quiet. It has lots of room for me and my kids to go on road trips. The features are great, and it's a very safe and solid car that I feel good about transporting my family in.

- Bryan C

good mileage -- about 23 mpg. very nice ride and heated seats

Taurus is roomy, comfortable and has everything but NAV. Would have liked Bose stereo. Every car or truck I have owned always has issues with the interior windshield film -- too hard to keep clean.

- maxine g

Check for known problems.

I like all the extras like air conditioned seats. I dislike that the roof lining is coming off, which is a known problem, yet ford will not cover and fix it under the extended warranty we bought.

- Patricia D

Always gets great gas mileage, has a large tank so less fill ups.

I love that it is very dependable. my car has plenty of room . I dislike that when putting my 2 year old son in car seat ceiling tends to be a little low. always worried about hitting his head.

- Sarah F

Still loving my Taurus. Thanks!

I love the Rear view camera system in the vehicle. The generous size is very accommodating. The vehicle sits higher than must regular full size vehicles which makes for a very smooth ride.

- Jherica F

I do love the car. It's like a boat and it does take me where I need to go; work, homeschool, modeling gigs. It takes me everyone. The downside I guess is due to the tinted windows and it being a black car, people assume I am an officer and drive slow for no reason. Other than that no complaints.

It's a big car. It definitely has a lot of power under the hood, nothing compared to a Mustang but can definitely keep up with it if properly tuned and is kept a good maintenance routine.

- Lani R

Pre-Owned 2014 Ford Taurus Review

The interior of the Taurus is very attractive. I have not experienced any mechanical issues and found it to be a very reliable vehicle. It drives very smooth and has a modern look.

- Peter T

Overall the vehicle is a family car it's very safe to drive around in

Started off driving perfectly smooth, then out of nowhere, my check engine light came on. Found out it was because I needed a gas cap but this model doesn't come with a gas cap

- Christina R

It is a safe driving car.

I like the roominess of the interior. The trunk space is extra large and I like that. It would be a lot handier if the console in the front was designed to have more space.

- Joel D

Sporty 4 door car with lots of options!

My car is very roomy. The trunk is very large, especially for luggage. It handles the turns great also! It comes with navigation and a rear view camera with sensors.

- Denise F

Great for long trips as it is very comfortable and fits 5 people well.

The comfort and ride of this vehicle is great. There are excellent features as well. Definitely needs to have a tire sensor that tells you what tire is low though.

- Ashley M

The gas mileage is good and I just love my heated seats.

I love the way it rides, all the "bells and whistles". It gets good gas mileage. I am disappointed that it doesn't have gps and the cost to put it in is ridiculous

- Chris B

When you step on the gas you really go! Might be a little too easy to speed!

Love the style it's a SHO and very sporty. So comfortable to drive. The interior is beautiful. My only complaint is the gas mileage is poor since its an AWD.

- Laura J

dependable low maintenance costs will last a long time can be fixed other than ford dealerships on most cases. Rust in the lower extremities the big downer

I like the front wheel drive and the fact it is reliable. I like the mid size but could be a little higher for ease of getting in and out. this is my 3rd Taurus

- melinda t

The driver's side of the car is very uncomfortable and there are other cars that are as large but much more comfortable.

The car seating is extremely uncomfortable. There are issues with sight with the side mirrors. And there is minimum room for passengers in the back seat.

- I F M

It was my Mother's that she bought a month before passing away and enjoyed it sooo much.

It is very reliable. It is a good family sized sedan. It is an attractive vehicle & we really love it. The only complaint is the car using so much gas!!

- Kerri A

It gets good gas mileage - close to 30 mpg

It's a reliable vehicle - we've had minimal issues and it's treated us well. Not fancy, but it gets the job done. Working AC, power windows, CD player.

- Clark P

Taurus best Ford ever made for a family.

Very comfortable for travel. Dependable. Great handling and safety. Backup camera makes parking easier. I am sad they have stopped making this model.

- Debra D

Very comfortable to drive, stylish and a great amount of storage.

I love the trunk and the pick up of the vehicle. Also there are many storage compartments which are very helpful. I really don't have any dislikes.

- David G

It's a well-made, comfortable vehicle, which I feel safe driving.

My car is comfortable to sit in and offers a smooth ride on long trips. It was affordable and gas mileage is pretty good. I love the backup camera.

- Donna S

It is difficult to get in and out and to see to the rear.

I like the size of my vehicle. It is comfortable to drive and ride. I dislike the gas mileage and the size of the windows which block vision.

- vera m

Big and sporty. I love the size and the speed of the sedan.

The car is big and fast. I have always been a fan of how the center console of the Ford Taurus Solely because it feels as it molded around you.

- Matt F

Awesome car, everyone should have one! Safety is also a great feature in this vehicle. Very roomy, lots of space!

I love this car. It is sporty, luxury and pretty fast. very sleek look, and the inside is very comfortable and lots of gadgets! No complaints!

- Angie M

A reliable, all in all easy maintenance car.

Has been dependable, runs smooth, no problems. A good vehicle with no major issues, have kept up maintenance oil, tires, brakes pads, etc.

- Alice W

It's kind of fast and light so it takes off fast.

I like the rearview camera, I like the interior, I also like the speed. I do not like that one if my tires although new is always low.

- Martha B

The car has good gas mileage, is comfortable, safe in a accident.

I love this car. It drives very well and is very comfortably. The car is very roomy both front seat and back. It has a large truck.

- Linda W

Safe and reliable to drive and sit in on long and short trips.

Love my vehicle. Runs great. Love all the features. Especially the back-up camera. Very comfortable to ride in and drive.

- marie j

It is a dependable automobile. I have had very few mechanical issues with this model.

I like the taurus because it is a dependable automobile. I have owned three taurus's. I had very little mechanical problems.

- kim w

Great gas mileage and rides smooth.

No complaints yet. Just purchased it. I like the heated seats and the gas mileage. It's also updated compared to my old car.

- Kayla L

Great ride & good gas mileage.

The Taurus has a great ride. Very good on fuel per mile. Low maintenance. Still has style look. Roomy for a mid size sedan.

- Phil D

Taurus is extremely reliable.

Taurus is very reliable. Does not eat a lot of gas. Very comfortable. Does not make about noise from engine. Runs smooth.

- Mary P

Ford Taurus has a lot of problems and defects. These problems may cost you a lot extra.

I love the interior of my car and all the additions it has to it. I do not like that it regularly needs work done to it.

- Olivia M

It is very gas efficient. Helps with the fluctuating prices.

It rides smooth. It's very reliable on gas. Not too big and not too small. Can use flex fuel. I'd just change the color.

- Anthonette s

My car gets good gas mileage and looks nice. The sunburst orange color sometimes looks red.

I love my Ford Taurus, it has all the bells and whistles, the only thing I wish it did have would be sun/moonroof.

- Tammy H

Drives like a luxury car.

I like that is big and spacious. Even though it is a big car it isn't overly big. I like the design that it has.

- Juliana C

It's trustworthy and dependable. There isn't really anything that is bad.

I love the fuel efficiency and durability of the vehicle. I don't really care for the lack of unique features.


the most important thing is that it runs well and is reliable

I have had some minor problems with the brakes but other than that everything has run smoothly and it is good

- julian r

it is safe for my whole family and i have never had any problems with if

i have had a ford taurus for a few years now and i can honestly say it is one of the best cars i have owned

- val b

It's mostly awesome, except the dash which makes me, a Ford girl, want to sell it!

I love the gas mileage. I love the paint job I LOVE the HUGE trunk. I HATE the way the dash protrudes out

- Alethea M

It is very spacious and roomy, good for a family or big group.

I like the space of the car. I dislike that it does not get better gas mileage but it's a good family car

- Stephanie Y

The car is very comfortable to drive. Plenty of space.

I love everything about my vehicle. I love the space it gives me. I don't feel cramped. It rides smooth.

- Rhonda H

It very comfortable and has a nice ride. The back seat is roomy and has read a/c vents

The seats are comfortable and heated. It has an excellent engine and suspension.A SiriusXM radio also

- Charles W

It's one of the best options.

I love how safe my vehicle is. It's so nice and sleek and new. And easy maintenance. It's perfect.

- Joanne C

My car is very easy to drive and is a wonderful car.

My car has many nice features. My car is very comfortable. My car is easy to drive.

- Melissa D

I have a great car. It looks good.

The best car I have ever owned. The car handles well. Good gas mileage.

- Royce w

It has great gas mileage and it is very comfortable.

It is very comfortable. The windshield wipers mechanism is very strange.

- Roberto S

Dependable car and comfortable ride. Easy drive with a .it of power

I love the ride, I like the weight of the car, I love to drive the car

- Janelle H

Its great! No complaints. Great gas mileage. Smooth driving.

We have had our ford Taurus about 1 1/2 years now. We love it!

- Jennifer M

Gets good mileage and I like the color. Also, I like keyless starter very much!

I like back up camera ,I dislike the tires due to rough ride.

- Linda L

This ia a great sporty style powerful car.Not a plain jane looking Toyota,Honda.

Great sporty style.Good power, handling.Average reliability.

- tony d

I love that it's very spacious. It feels very reliable and looks good on the road.

It's a safe family car that also has a sharp appearance.

- Hannah T

It is safe and the mpg is about 23.They gave me a 5,000 dollar rebate

Great car. Nice size. good mileage and a good price

- Steve A

It is a very dependable, solid car. It is a great car for business.

The car is very dependable and roomy inside.

- Robert P