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Ride in style in your luxurious Ford Taurus!

The car is great very spacious and it runs awesome! There are very few problems with the car for example, I got mine second hand and it didn't come with a remote key which you will need if you do not want your car's alarm to go off all the time. Another issue I have run into is the catalytic converter had to be replaced and it is not really cheap. My mechanic told me he suspects it is because the previous owner used the cheapest gas possible. So I strongly encourage you to use 93 gas. This car is very expensive to maintain. The back tail lamp for example costs about 1, 000 dollars to replace unless you buy a used one online for a few hundred so that is something to keep in mind. As far as performance goes, it is a great car. Rides smooth you do not feel every bump you go over as opposed to a smaller less luxurious car. The heat and ac work amazing! The seats are very comfortable and you have a lot of leg space as well as your passenger they will always be comfortable. As far as features go there is a pin on the side of the car that you can enter in case you left your key in the house and just want to grab something out of the car quickly. There is an AUX port and a place for you to charge your phone. There is a CD slot. The driver's seat moves electronically in all motions and there is cruise control on this bad boy.

- Indonesia M

Ford Taurus, why it is an amazing car.

This car has great features, it has push to start and you can start the car from the key fob while inside the house or walking outside from the grocery store, you can also pop the trunk with the push of a button on the key fob, also it has leather heated electric seats, Bluetooth touchscreen radio, a large trunk and a very nice large back seat with air vents in the back. It is very comfortable and has a nice fast take off.

- Chelsea D

Surprisingly, my Taurus gets well over 20 miles per gallon of gas.

I love that it was manufactured less than 100 miles from my home at the factory in Chicago. I love that there are not that many on the road so it's unique. I ordered this vehicle with all the bells and whistles so there isn't much not to like. I guess I don't like how dirt accumulates on the back bumper as it washes off the trunk. They could have made a better design to divert that water flow.

- sue b

Spacious, comfortable, plenary of luxurious features!

So far we've only had one issue with our Ford Taurus, the throttle body needed to be replaced. Which was covered by the warranty. It has been very reliable. Features that we love are the trunk, it is huge! We love the heated and air conditioned seats, the massagers inside the seat are very nice as well! Overall it is a great car, very spacious and roomy, and a very comfortable ride!

- Danielle J

Ford Taurus is a comfortable, slightly better than average sedan.

It is a full size sedan which is a perfect size. It fits everything, but not too big where it is difficult to maneuver around. It does have a few more issues needing repair more than other cars I have owned, but the repair and parts cost is reasonable and readily available at most shops, and even junk yards. I wish this car was more fuel efficient and for more miles to the gallon.

- Marina B

5th Taurus that I will drive and for 250,000 miles plus with very few issues.

The set up in the front seat it cramped but the rest of the space is huge. Truck space is great. Rides great and has all of the bells and whistles. The material on the seats whips off nicely making it easy to keep clean. The mirrors on the outside have smaller mirrors inside them making your blind spot seeable, they also break free in the car wash limiting damage.

- Sheila H

Large, roomy, powerful and well appointed.

The Ford Taurus is a full size sedan. I like the styling and the handling, the plentiful interior space and the large trunk. My model has 270 HP and accelerates nicely, although I wish it downshifted faster. It has a built-in navigation system that is somewhat finicky at times, but mostly reliable and has good features. Overall, I'm happy with the car.

- Michael B

Quick stylish family car!

Fun to drive. Handles great in the snow. Quick family car. The backseat does not have a lot of room. The trunk is huge! Very reliable. Love the backup camera. Love the heated and air conditioned seats. The kids love that the back seat is heated. Love the remote start but it doesn't go through the shed. Have to be fairly close to start it.

- Rosie M

Gotta love my Ford Taurus.

I love this car and everything about it. When I bought it I thought I was crazy because I thought I'd never use all of the features, but I use them all the time. I wish it got just a little better gas mileage but it is really not bad for what the car has to offer. It is sharp looking and is rather comfortable for all passengers.

- Erin R

Sturdy and reliable Ford Taurus.

The car is sturdy and very secure. The car also has a lot of very great features that make it enjoyable to drive. I would prefer if the windows were larger. The speed and the acceleration of the car is great. The engine is very powerful and strong. Maintaining the car is not too hard. I like how high it sits on the road too.

- Sarah B

I love my ford Taurus except for the cup holders. None of them properly hold cups.

My ford taurus is a dream to drive. It is also. A smooth ride. The interior is leather and has power seats that are adjustable. The car has a bix six cylinder and has plenty of pep. The only thing I don't like about the car are the cupholders. They just don't properly hold the cups of today. Ny water always seems to spill.

- Cheryl T

Taurus- love the features: ambient light, Bluetooth radio, adaptive cruise.

I have never had any problems with my Taurus. I have owned two different body styles of them and have never encountered any major concerns. I love how reliable they are while also having very up to date features that are easy to use. The Taurus is also very spacious and comfortable which is a huge bonus!

- Michaela T

Good car, steady as she goes nothing flashy, extremely dependable and reliable.

It gets good gas mileage is easy to drive, comfortable to ride in and has plenty of legroom in back seat. Large trunk. Nice looking exterior. Very reliable. Radio sounds good. No Bluetooth. We have had very few maintenance issues and the car has 130,000 miles on it. Seems to go through brakes quickly.

- jan S

Great vehicle, very reliable, comfortable, does not have big problems!

The 2015 ford Taurus is a good vehicle for gas mileage. The back seat is a little tight with three people, but is comfortable with two. Sometimes key is undetected even when it is in your hand or console. Sometimes Bluetooth glitches but overall great. Very reliable vehicle and has good features.

- Jennifer G

Ford Taurus rocks. Timeless beauty.

Love the way this car handles and it is so comfortable when you ride in it for long trips love it is timeless classic look it is a sleek ride and so comfy and so fast too when needed love the comfort of the seats. Love that is has keyless starter and it is just an all around amazing ride.

- Stacy L

The best thing about Ford Taurus.

This has been one of my most reliable cars. Rarely have I had to do any maintenance to it besides routine oil changes and changing the battery once. The trunk is very large and the backseat can hold 3 car seats which is important for a family of 5. The gas mileage is great as well.

- Amber B

Body integrity is poor, otherwise reliable.

The body integrity is poor the way the panels are clipped to the frame. Any song breaks clips and body shop repairs do not permanently fix the problem. Other than that the vehicle has been very reliable. Too bad Ford is dropping the model. The styling and interior is very good.

- Hal H

Poor body construction when involved in a very minor body collision.

It is a great looking vehicle, but the body integrity-is poor. My front bumper and rear right hand body has required numerous repairs as a result of one collision in a parking garage. How the body is assembled is extremely poor engineering wise. I am a agreed engineer.

- Hal H

I love my 2015 Ford Taurus.

I had to change the radio because a disk got stuck in the CD slot. But other than that this car is great and comfortable, it also has a nice shade of blue that shines in the sun. This car also does not take a lot of gas and it has a lot of mileage for a 2015 model.

- Jalen B

It's very luxurious and it rides very smooth.

Love the luxury of the limited model and the MPG is great if you are a mixed driver. Sadly i've been having a few repairs for it so that's a downside, but It's some normal wear and tear. Parts cost a little too much. Replacing brakes is a very expensive bill.

- Matt L

Its fast and a blast to drive!!

I love how fast and smooth the vehicle runs. I love the interior. I dislike the wheels because they look like flower petals. I wish it had power side mirrors to fold in when I park the car. I would rather have a Harmon Kardon speaker system versus a Sony.

- Nicole C

Not to mix the fuel, with the E85 with you can use either or just can't mix the two fuels at no time. E85 is cheaper but burns a lot faster.

I really like my Ford Taurus I has been a very reliable vehicle it's good on gas, it handles the road really well. I like the lighting instruments and control panels..the one thing I struggled with was changing the brake calipers. Overall I love my car.

- Harvey R

The sync system. Has navigation and hands free capability phone.

Love the backup camera and the sync features. It rides very nice. Like the heated seats. Haven't driven it on snow yet. Purchased vehicle in November of 2017 but have a second vehicle which is a 2004 Ford Explorer and it is four-drive.

- Rhonda G

Reliable, little to no maintenance over the first 100k miles.

Very reliable, smooth driving, wish it had a backup camera and the side system that alerts you to somebody being next to you in your blind spot. I have had 4 Taurus’s and would recommend to anyone interested in a sedan.

- Mark S

Great on gas....only have to fill up once a week….and travel long distance for work

I like the roominess of the car, its good on gas mileage and the cost was reasonable....the only thing I don't really care for is that I think the headlights aren't as bright as I would like them to be

- Velvet W

It is a push-button start. You have to have the key in your pocket to start it.

It is a heavier car and drives really well. It also is quite comfortable. And, it is the top model so it has some of the bells and whistles that I like. And I especially think it looks really sharp.

- Don D

Great car for any family of four

This car is very reliable. We've had no issues, drives great and handles well. Get good highway mileage but not great especially in the city. Sound system is awesome with a good all around sound.

- Travis M

The car is reliable and a good practical option for a vehicle.

I like that it gets good gas mileage and it's comfortable. I dislike that it doesn't have the latest technology (no built in navigation or Bluetooth) and that the seats don't recline at an angle.

- Elizabeth Z

It looks like a sedan but is really very sporty. When driving, watch out for that heavy foot!

I like the style, its classy on the outside and sporty on the inside. Of course the front bucket seats. Then there's the spacious back seat and high trunk. It's also gets great gas mileage!

- Trudy L

It is great in the snow and other wet weather.

Its fast and it is fun to drive. I like that it is american made and I like the color. It has a big trunk... It has a lot of power.. It is safe and reliable.... It is too heavy and bad on gas..

- Kara T

it has a solid engine and drives very well

it has a good acceleration pickup. It is good on fas so it's cheaper for me to drive. It has enough room for myself and multiple friends. It is up to date as far as technology is concerned

- justin H

It is a safe car with good mileage.

I like how safe, and efficient the car itself is. The car also gets the job done when driving to places. What makes me prevent from liking it more is how easily damaged the car can get.

- Ethan R

The vehicle's gas mileage is good for the size vehicle it is.

The only issue I have had is that it seems that my blind spot is more obscured than in any other vehicle I have had. I don't know if it is to do with the seat, position or my height.

- Denise C

It's a great car for a family.

I love to remote to start button. I love how roomy the car is for my family. I love the gas mileage. The only thing i don't like is the color but that not anyone's fault but mine.

- dena S

Stylish, dependable and comfortable.

Dependable vehicle, comfortable to use for very long drives. Has a great air conditioning system, as well as music system. Looks stylish and has great power when needed.

- Martha S

It is very comfortable to drive.

My vehicle is very roomy and comfortable. It is easy to get my child in and out of the car. I like the back up camera and the technology that comes with the vehicle.

- Samantha A

Great Car Love the look and the way it handles

Love it. it's classy sharp, has great features, Handles well on the road and in snow and ice. Only problem was a power steering issue that was covered by warranty

- marita h

That it is dependable and has all safety features you anc trust that it will start all the time and that you feel safe in the car

Love that is has a great ride It a tough looking car and is reliable, they only thing I don't like is that there is a lot of wind noise on the drivers side

- Veronica C

I really feel that the appearance is the part I like most about my car.

Lots of options. Sharp body appearance. Does well and gas, but not the best in snow conditions. The 20 inch tires make you feel all the bumps in road

- Rob T

It is really nice and roomy.

I like that our Ford Taurus is very roomy on the inside. I do not like that it is breaking down all at once ?? I also wish it had more features.

- Tiffany A

It has heated and cooled seats, that is a must in summer.

I love about all aspects of it, not including that every cop here has the same one so at night people tend to drive extra slow in front of me.

- Jessica B

Gas mileage is awesome and it drives smoothly

This car is so comfortable to drive. The seats are adjustable so you get to choose your level. It drives very smooth and the milage is awesome

- Shaily D

My car is an amazing car I would buy another car like it

I have no major problems with my current vehicle. I love my current vehicle it drives well gets good gas mileage it's an all around great car

- Tammy H

It has keyless entry, navigation system, heated seats, OnStar and Sirius.

I like that it uses regular gas, and I get great mileage. I like the premium sound system. I have no dislikes about the Ford Taurus sl.

- Dee A

It is well maintained it has always been maintained and repaired at a certified Ford dealer

The vehicle is very nice and looks and runs good but the fuel mileage is a little disappointing and the ride is a little stiff and noisy

- Richard L

Others should know it is good running car that has a lot of nice features.

I like that my car has remote/ auto start, I love that it has a touch screen Bluetooth radio, and I also love that it has heated seats.

- Chelsea D

That it is one of the best sedans that I know about.

It is been a good car.I like the color of it.Plus the car is good on gasoline. I have done a lot of traveling locally with it.

- Mark W

It is comfortable and rides well, the options such as automatic start are great in the winter.

I like the comfort, roomy on inside. Gas mileage is good. I like body style, options of backup cameras and automatic start.

- Sa B

Low mileage for the amount of time that I have had it.

Like roomy interior/ standard equipment. Dislike that it is not as comfortable as previous auto, which was a full size auto..

- Jeffery S

That is has low miles on it.

Poor body fit. When I use the remote start the air does not get cold. Fan only runs. Price was way to high for the quality.

- Di P

Taurus is a great vehicle with lots of legroom, trunk space!

I love the ride, I love how roomy it is and I love all the options on my vehicle! It has a lot of get-up when you need it!

- Christine T

Really ;like the interior layout

Been a very good car so far. Little heavy on gas. Does have Flex Fuel option. Had an issue with Fuel System in severe cold

- Brandon W

It is a very safe Ford vehicle. It provides many safety features and the size of the vehicle is a safety factor.

Like all the safety features on it. The more I drive it the better I like it. I love the fact it is completely paid off!

- Barbara S

Handles great and fun to drive.

Wish it was all wheel drive. Wish it had the Ecoboost engine with more hp and torque. Wish tires weren't as expensive.

- Justin M

It was my first car, I hated it at first, but I hear so many people I know complaining about their cars, and I am happy I do not have those problems.

I've had to replace the transmission twice in the short time I've had it but no other major issues. It's a great car.

- Bianca T

Good drive in all weather and climate.

This car runs good has problems in the winter with snow to light of a vehicle. I love the speed and pick up it has.

- Pat F

It's a very trustworthy vehicle.

It's a great vehicle that I have never had any major problems with. Other than just keep the maintenance up on it.

- Phil D

Love the red paint job on it.

Does not always ride the smoothest but still great. It is the main vehicle I use. I find it cozy and nice inside.

- Julia H

Massaging your drive. Taurus SHO

Taurus SHO 370hp great ride and acceleration. Front seats have heat and full massage. Great handling and comfort

- Polly B

It is easy to get in and out of.

It is reliable, comfortable driving long distances, and decent gas mileage. There is nothing I dislike about it.

- Tina M

It is a great looking car and feels like built solid.

Dislike - seats belts are hard to fasten due to design. Like - trunk space is great and easy to load things.

- Sarah C

So far, it has been reliable, which I value highly.

I like most features. I do not like the sight lines, I find the side door mirrors block view when turning.

- Will C

It's a great car for our family.

It's a beautiful color, it handles beautifully, is sporty, good gas mileage, and good power.

- Cann S

the safety futures great mileage,great smooth ride

love the comfort in the smooth ride great mileage on highway . love the radio in it.

- della w

It has adaptive cruise control.

It has all the safety features available. The size is very large. It is very plush.

- Drew W

it is a safe vehicle to drive it also has a smooth ride

the interior is white. it gets very dirty very easy and the outside is white .

- amanda b

The price was nice and easy on the wallet

It's a wonderful car and gets me to where I need to go without breaking down.

- Jocelyn S

The car gets good gas mileage.

It gets great gas mileage. Car is very comfortable.Car drives very good.

- jean T

Lots of room inside, seats 5 adults comfortably

Full size sedan, lots of room inside, spacious trunk, good gas mileage

- Anthony C

It handles well, and is comfortable. It's Reliable, stylish, gets good mileage on the highway!!!

Very comfortable Handles well Stylish Gas mileage not so good in town

- Joy M

The Ease of Drivability. Well Equipped with standard equipment

Like the roominess of the vehicle. Dislike the comfort of the seats.

- Jeffery S

I love my car. It's better than other cars I've driven.

It's comfortable. Easy to drive. Smooth. I like the way it handles

- Samantha R

It's well worth the money and you will be happy with your purchases.

I like it cause it comfortable. Really drives good. Lots of room.

- KC N

I love the push button start, the heated and a/c seats, how quick the AC or Heat works as it should. The trunk might be bigger than the whole car and holds a lot of stuff. My dislike is there isn't a lot of legroom in the back if someone in the front needs to put the seat back.

The car is good on gas mileage. It is also a flex fuel if needed.

- Lisa C

Handles great, modern design, sleek style, and is all wheel drive.

I love the style of my car. I love that it is all wheel drive.

- Roberta W

Very comfortable ride. More like an SUV than a sedan. Drives great in the snow.

I have a Taurus X which is more like an SUV. Great size.

- Craig A

Roomy and comfortable car

Roomy with good power. AWD is nice. Fuel economy is poor.

- Steve W