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The functional and reliable GMC terrain.

I have had minimal problems with my 2010 terrain. It is been reliable under regular local commutes and a few cross state travel trips. The gas mileage is unbeatable for a SUV, being that it is only 4 cylinder, but it does not have a ton of get-up, which is fine for my needs. It has a spacious back and the back seats slide forward and back for either added leg room or added cargo space. It is the first car I have had with a backup camera and it really helps, even with checking the parking lines in a parking lot. It is currently 8 yrs old and has been into the dealership for mostly complimentary maintenance and oil changes, with a few maintenance repair visits. After 8 yrs I had the original battery replaced. Overall I am pleased with my purchase and would consider GMC and terrain again in the future.

- Chris H

Basic ride with some nice features.

The terrain is a compact SUV. Although billed to accommodate 5 passengers in reality only 4 adults can fit comfortably even if smaller in stature. The front seats are very comfortable but the back seat is blocky and too short in the base to provide much comfort. There are several nice features such as back up camera, power heated seats (driver side only power) and power liftgate. You are able to lay down the back seat to transport larger goods which may appeal to those that want hauling capability but do not want to be stuck with a pick up truck. Handles very well in the winter in snow but slightly rough ride in summer.

- Deborah H

This SUV is the smoothest and most reliable SUV that I have owned thus far.

My terrain currently has over 100, 000 miles on it and so far I have not had any difficulties or problems with it. Along with the vehicle being reliable, I also enjoy the way that it drives. The car runs so smoothly and the interior is comfortable as well. The leather of the seats is very durable and the technology in the car (so far) has been nothing less than perfect. I highly recommend this make and model to anyone who is in the market for a SUV. I have driven other SUVs but this one by far is my favorite and I am looking to drive it until it cannot run anymore.

- Holly H

It is a very nice looking car, but...

I love the look of my car and the interior options. However the dependability of my vehicle is awful. In the past 3 years I have had to get a new engine, both front wheel hub assemblies, new tail light bulbs, new transmission, new brakes, stabilitrak serviced. It is one thing after another and my car is not even worth the money I am spending to fix it and it is a 2010! Not only did these things happen to my terrain but also to 2 other people I know that drive the same car as me. If there were no problems with the car I would drive it as long as possible.

- Andrea B

Transmission bad on 2010 GMC terrain but otherwise good vehicle.

I love my terrain. Very comfortable, very stylish. Grandkids love the DVD player that is installed. Great gas mileage. Easy to move in and out of traffic. Easy to parallel park. Only thing I do not like is the transmission has gone out twice. First time I had to pay almost $5000. 00. Second time repair co had to fix it because of their warranty. Same part both times. Arcadia same year same engine and same transmission had a recall but not the terrain.

- Debbie T

Wonderful SUV, with power, decent gas mileage and fits me perfect.

My car is easy to drive. It is reliable and trustworthy. I enjoy driving my car. The features are easy to use and I still learn new things each day with my car. The color is charcoal gray and I love the interior as well. I enjoy that I can charge my phone while driving or listen to music via phone. Gas mileage is ok, but lots better than the car I had before. It is American made which is the first time I have had one of those and I love it.

- Allison S

My GMC terrain is very reliable. It is suitable for people of all ages.

My GMC terrain is a very comfortable and suitable four door sedan. The only problem that I have with the truck is it uses a lot of oil. I have to get an oil change quite frequently. As far as reliability, I love to take this truck on long road trips to the beach or even just a day trip with some friends. The performance is great! The gas mileage is great as well and the heated seats are a plus. I would advise anyone to get a GMC terrain.

- Britney H

Lots of storage comfortable and easy to maneuver rear-view camera.

My vehicle has a lot of problems I bought it about 2 years ago and I noticed that it has problems with an oil leak that causes the vehicle to sputter out and sometimes the key does not like to turn and the defrost does not work so well I heard that a lot of people have a lot of problems with the starter and the track stability on the vehicle as well as I have had.

- Nina P

Front seat great, back seat not so great.

This vehicle is a compact SUV, the front seats are very comfortable (heated/adjustable) but the backseat bench is only average in comfort and is a very tight squeeze for 3 people even if they are not larger built passengers. It does offer several nice features such as power lift gate and back up camera but is a little rough in ride comfort.

- Deborah H

There are SEVERAL large blind-spots. Personally, I've adapted and am used to them and maneuver with no issues--however when others drive my car that is the first thing they point out and seem to dislike.

Love the size and drivability. Looks very nice without being overpriced, has all the options I want. Love the small backup camera in rearview mirror. Have had some issues though with motor as well as transmission, which were pretty costly. Although it may be a 2010, with everything I have replaced It's practically mechanically brand new.

- Amanda Z

Very comfortable and easy driving vehicle.

I love my vehicle because it is a great ride, comfortable driving. It has all the technology that I need for ease of driving. It rides like a car but it is a SUV. Has a trailer hitch for pulling boats and things that I often do. Plenty of room on the inside for passengers and comfortable riding for them with plenty of storage space.

- Alison S

Dependable, good looking, great driving SUV.

The terrain I bought has a lot of extra features. It looks brand new even though it is 9 years old and because of the extra features I bought at the time, the inside looks brand new also. I have had only minor issues with this vehicle. I know the value of terrains has decreased which makes me surprised. It is a beautiful vehicle.

- Stefanie B

The most important thing is how reliable the terrain has been.

I do not have any complaints, but when I bought my terrain, they didn't have a v6 at the time. So mine is only a 4 cylinder, but it is great in gas! I also wish it had backseat air vents. I most like how reliable my terrain has been over the past 8 years. I would recommend it to anyone like a king for a small SUV.

- Christina H

My terrain. Excellent for small families. Aesthetically a beautiful vehicle.

My terrain is a very reliable vehicle. It's a small SUV, very comfortable to drive and very well built. Its features include backup video, air condition, power windows, CD player, am FM radio, and child lock. Good size trunk for grocery shopping or packing for a short trip. Second row folds down for extra storage.

- Griselda B

Average SUV with some nice perks.

Several nice features such as back up camera, XM radio, heated seats, power adjustable seat (front), power liftgate. Front seats are roomy and comfy, back seat not so much. Tight fit for 3 average adults. The back seat does fold down if you have something larger to carry. Rougher ride than a car though.

- Deborah H

The key start remote!!Getting a head start in keeping the car cool or warm.

I love this car! Very comfortable and dependable. Great gas mileage, very spacious for all of my needs without being a large SUV. Love the black leather interior with matching carpets. Seat warmers up front and remote start is great for those cold mornings. I highly recommend the GMC terrain.

- Taylor N

The GMC Terrain is a really nice vehicle. For an "SUV" the gas mileage is awesome and I still have AWD.

Check engine light is on, but the mechanic says it's nothing to worry about. I had to replace a valve on the engine a few weeks ago, now the u.s. a vibrating sound coming from under the hood. It's a smooth drive though and reliable. The inside is gorgeous and it gets really good has leave.

- Katie G

The little engine that could.

My vehicle has no problems. This performance is very well conducted and a nice smooth drive. Is very reliable against me to work I could go from 0 to 100 in about 5 seconds like some grand theft auto. I got a sunroof in the ac works like the arctic circle! I give it a 5-star rating.

- Michael S

Reliable until the transmission blows unexpectedly.

I have loved my car overall. It came with a great 60, 000 / 6 year warranty. However, I did end up with a blown transmission under 90, 000 miles which was not ideal. Aside from this $5, 000 early and unexpected expense, I have not had any serious issues or maintenance problems.

- Jean L

Has heated seats, backup vision in the mirror and very large cargo area.

The car was my fathers. I bought it when he passed. It has only 60000 miles. The car rides great and I get great gas mileage. The only issue I have is that the engine light comes on for no reason. I get it checked when it does. I was told this can be a problem.

- Lynda B

Adaptable and reliable-GMC terrain.

I love the drive of the car. It moves smoothly and gets pretty good gas mileage. The heated seats are a wonderful touch and it is very reliable. We've been having recent issues with stalling when the car first turns on and the wheel locking up because of that.

- Sophia R

My car is reliable, can fit a lot of things (like storage, suitcase, tables, boxes, etc) and good on gas.

What I like is the color, it's a nice brown. Love the space in the backseat and storage area. Seats are comfortable. Leg room is great! Dislike, just one..have a sensor issue with my tire pressure so the light will blink but no tires are actually going flat.

- Jennifer P

If it was built with a 4 cylinder engine, it will be hard to go anywhere in the mountains!

I love the size of my car, but I think it was built with an engine that's too small, so it's really hard to get up hills. I also wish it got a little better gas mileage, but understand it's a bigger vehicle. It's really comfortable and good for road trips!

- Rachel T

Gas mileage is only approximately 18-21 mpg.

I love my terrain. It has heated leather seats. The hatch opens easily in multiple ways. It is aesthetically pleasing, roomy and drives nicely. It has a sunroof and the back seats fold down completely to create a very room space through the hatch.

- Annie W

Spacious interior, plenty of cargo room.

The terrain is roomy and comfortable, plenty of cargo space. I have no complaints as far as styling and interior. We had to have our transmission replaced before 100k miles because of a manufacturer problem. That is my only real complaint.

- Chris T

It has excellent gas mileage.

I have had my car for 8 yrs and it is been very reliable. I have rarely had to take it into the dealership for repairs and it gets great gas mileage for the size vehicle. I love the sliding backseat that adds extra storage space.

- Chris H

don't purchase a model 2010-2014 I believe is the years they had issues.

I purchased the terrain the first year they came out in 2010 and there were found to be known timing chain issues. $3000 later after GMC paid half of the bill my car has a new timing chain. Other than that, I love the car.

- Alyssa S

The gas mileage is not supreme.

The vehicle is slow mostly because it is too heavy to move. The space inside the SUV is super small. At first it seemed large but you can 'tell there's not enough space after you're in it for a while.

- Jackie H

Comfortable riding. Easy to drive little maintenance.

Beautiful ride. Great mileage 29 on the highway and 24 in the city great interior every convenience. It has little to no outside noise. Lots of legroom both for driver and passengers.

- Maria A

It's great and reliable and makes me feel safe to put my family in

i love my terrain It's red and sporty and holds my family we are going to be adding to our family soon so we will need to upgrade soon i don't have any complaints

- katie k

Great on gas mileage. And family friendly.

Had timing chains done and had engine rebuilt under gm special coverage. Also had catalytic converter go bad which was also covered under gm special coverage.

- Joseph J

Gas mileage is great but there are no air vents in the back seats.

I love the way it drives and the gas mileage is amazing! I wish it had air vents in the back seats. I have a toddler and it gets pretty hot in the back.

- Samantha P

Comfortable ride, feels very safe. Gas mileage very good.

My favorite car ever. Smooth ride, good gas mileage, very reliable. Only problem is had to replace timing chain 2 times, but have 130,000 miles.

- Deb H

Backup camera is not right in distance.

I like the backup camera from a distance, but not up close it is off on distance. I like how roomy it is. I dislike how boxy the back end is.

- Donna H

It is a very safe and reliable car.

I like the size of my car. It holds 5 passengers which is perfect for my family. I receive great gas mileage. The car is easy to maintain.

- Jennifer V

Overall it is a great vehicle.

Heated leather seats are great. For Its size it has a lot of room. Mine has all wheel drive. haven't spun out on snow or ice yet.

- Kevin M

I like the size. It's great for having a family and carting groceries around, etc. I can easily fit sports equipment in it like soccer and hockey bags which are large. It has very nice interior and it's been reliable.

I guess that it's been very reliable. I would recommend this type of vehicle to others in the market for a family vehicle or SUV.

- Gina G

its a 5 person car with actual air conditioning and heating

i like it but it makes me car sick whenever i'm in it. i don't know why but i think it has to do with the height of the windows

- Caden L

It is great on gas, comfortable, and all around great.

My vehicle is very easy on gas. It is extremely easy to drive. The AWD goes through the snow like a champ. Very comfortable.

- Alyssa Z

Easy to drive. Seats 5 comfortably.

Drives a little rough wish it was better on gas. It is roomy seats easy to fold very bad on gas if air conditioner is on.

- Judi M

Its dependable and handles winter wear the great.

I like the dependability. I like how it handles in the snow. Do not like that I didn't get navigation and back up alarm.

- Lynn T

It is a good solid car that performs well with reasonable mileage.

The truck is roomy and the ride is smooth. There have been some warranty and maintenance issues in the first 80k miles

- Ray B

It's a great size and gets great gas mileage for an SUV.

I wish it had a few newer features: connect phone via Bluetooth to play music, books, podcasts; in console navigation.

- Ami B

How reliable and how the mpg is in it.

I don't have any complaints. I love this vehicle. Everything is awesome. Would buy again. Hope they continue it.

- Christian C

It's older but it's great

Drives great great on gas air works very comfortable enough room for car seats love the blue color very clean

- Taylor P

It is a great solid American made vehicle.

No complaints at all, love the way it drives winter and summer. Gas mileage is great. And plenty of legroom.

- Nancy W

It is good on gas. And dependable.

I like the gas mileage but wish it had more space. More cargo room would be nice. I like the color of white.

- Lori B

Good size vehicle to be comfortable.

The vehicle is comfortable. Very spacious. Drives well. I have not had terrible trouble with it. I like it.

- Alainah M

Great sounding all terrain vehicle

Make car is very great. I love taking on long car rides because it runs very smoothly on the open road.

- Mark M

It's a great vehicle not too hard on gas and it has excellent features

I like the style of my vehicle I like the Brand of my terrain And I enjoy the performance of my GMC

- Stanley B

Spacy, good vehicle for family and travel for short and long distances

A lot of the sensors need replaced; I wish the back seat had vents, it can get stuffy back there.

- Stephanie S

It is a great car to drive.

I wish the suspension was fixed on the dashboard. I wish it did not pick up animal hair so easy.

- Rachel c

it has good gas mileage and it fits my personality

it stores a lot of stuff in the back. it has good gas mileage. it gets me where i need to go.

- tammy m

I own a 2009 Pontiac Vibe and this survey does not have it on the list

I don't own this type of vehicle but mine was not on the list and I needed to pick something

- Theresa S

It is a very reliable vehicle for family trips and for work. Drives smoothly.

Mileage is good both in town and on road. Great for a small family vehicle. Smooth driving.

- Janelle M

To roll the windows down the button is not on the doors

I like that my vehicle gets good gas mileage. I don't like how the sensors go out easy.

- Amber H

The Terrain is very comfortable. I will probably buy the newer version when it is time to buy again.

I love the comfort of the vehicle. The shifting is a little hard when it starts out.

- trish b

Gas mileage it's easy on gas and very efficient excellent family vehicle

I really like the space in jt. I have enough room for my children. Very economic

- Shannon S

Great for families. It fits everything we need it to, including a car seat and plenty of storage in the back.

Love the size and look of it. I dislike that it does not have air in the back seat.

- Katy D

The vehicle runs very nicely. Good amount of room. The only problem is that the timing chain, yes chain not belt, went and screwed up my engine. Thank god for a warranty because the whole engine had to be replaced and I could not afford $8,000 in repairs!

The vehicle hands very well in the snow especially if you have the right tires.

- Tiffany G

It's made in America and is well made with beautiful styling.

The style is beautiful and it gets great mileage. I don't have any complaints.

- Jen B

There are no vents in the back seat

Love the gas mileage. I do not like how there are no vents in the back seat.

- Gabrielle A

Great gas mileage, very comfortable ride but several electrical issues

Electrical Failures in dash & console Electrical failures in drivers seat

- April W

It's a safe vehicle. It's a very comfy vehicle. It's easy to clean.

I like the color. I like it's a suv. I like the interior.

- Kamilah S

comfortable for passengers. good room capacity. could be bigger. could get better mpg

its red, 2010, gmc, terrain, gets about 22 mpg, gas hog

- stephanie m

great ride for the size if vehicle it is

no real complaints. just wish I would have went bigger

- jennifer M

The truck is the right size for me.

It is big enough for 4. It gets good gas mileage.

- Ray M

It's an awesome car that drives and handles very well.

It drives and handles great. Has plenty of room.

- Tracie S