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The GMC terrain handles like a dream and has important features for drivers.

The GMC terrain handles extremely well and is very comfortable to drive. There is no pull at all when handling the vehicle. It handles sharp turns well. The seating is comfortable and the front driver and passenger seats are heated. The backseat is also comfortable but not large enough to hold a car seat, and two booster seats. The backseat could be viewed as cramped if two children plus a third child in a car seat were seated back there. The leg space in the back seat is comfortable, even for an adult. Trunk space is okay and can fit a stroller and other items. The rear view camera is very helpful in backing up. The size of this vehicle is very nice and I haven't any issues with blind spots when changing lanes. The terrain is equipped with Bluetooth capability which makes it easy to make calls and listen to music. There are buttons for hands free calling on the steering wheel which is convenient. I also love the display screen on the driver’s console which allows touch screen functions. You can make calls and hang them up this way.

- Angela H

I love my GMC terrain and I think that you will too!

I have had no issues with my terrain thus far. I purchased my 2015 terrain in 2017, it has been a great and reliable vehicle. It came equipped with navigation, SiriusXM, heated seats, leather, power windows, power doors, leather. I love that the back seat bench moves forward and backwards to allow extra trunk space. The trunk has been a life saver. Trunk opens and closes at the push of a button, there is also the option to have to trunk door open fully or 3/4 of the way. I like the 3/4 because I am short and it makes it easier for me to push the button on the back of the door. Equipped with all wheel drive, great for driving in the snow. It has never failed me, easy to get kids in and out of the car. Dogs are also able to get in easily. Back bench also folds down for more room. I absolutely love this vehicle and would purchase a newer model.

- Stephanie D

Country woman’s work truck - comfortable, classy and totally gets the job done.

I love the material the seats are made from, they are a stain resistant fabric. Most all of the bells and whistles. I am pleased with the performance. Very comfortable ride and handles extremely well. I can fit my fur crew of 3 large breed pups comfortably. Mechanically she is sound, I've had no problems. Gets pretty decent gas mileage. I really enjoy driving this car. Ac is cold, radio rocks and the remote start and heated seats in the winter are the only reason I do not mind going to work on cold mornings. I live in the country and I haul a lot of items around. Love the wagon style. I am short and I like the fact I do not struggle to get cargo in or out of this vehicle!

- Kelly C

GMC terrain has everything I need and want!

My GMC terrain is one of the most comfortable vehicles I have ever had. It has just the right amount of luxury to it and enough tech to keep me happy. Seat warmers, leather seating, plenty of cargo room, and it is powerful enough to pull my smaller camp trailer. I like the backup camera as it helps me line up perfectly when attaching my golf cart trailer or the camper. It has a lot of go power, great acceleration, is very quiet, and has places to plug in all the cords for my tech. Bluetooth capabilities and it reads my texts. OnStar is available and I use the my GMC app to monitor, start, lock or unlock it. Love it!

- Becky N

Great on gas, affordable SUV

It doesn't get up quickly when merging on the freeway, but I anticipated that going into the purchase as it's a 4 cylinder. I've had an issue with the bushing on the wiper, but that was an easy fix I could do at home myself. It's pretty good on gas which I appreciate as I live an hour from work. It's moderately spacious, but the trunk could be a bit larger for my liking. My model does not have any automated trunk opener which can be a bummer when picking up groceries. Overall I've been very happy with my purchase for my needs, but I think my next vehicle will be something a bit larger.

- Breanna C

The gas mileage on this truck is great.

I purchased a black 2015 GMC terrain, equipped with a backup camera and Bluetooth capability. I love the space and plentiful storage in the rear area. The terrain gets great gas mileage and I have had no major or minor mechanical issues with the truck. It runs smoothly and I also like engaging the Ecoboost feature when I am driving on the highway. The terrain in my opinion is very reliable and comfortable. The one issue with the truck is that there maybe a factory issue with the tire pressure sensor, because it is always alerting that the front driver tire pressure is low.

- Sweet J

For the price, it is a very reliable and nice looking SUV.

There has been many compliments from family and friends about the appearance of our SUV. I like the gas mileage, the easy & smart touchscreen, and the overall feel while driving (for the cost). The only 2 negatives have been seen in the seating material, as it seems to be eroding in the back seats (we were told it was leather seating, put it appears to be some sort of "semi-leather"). . . And the other negative is with the electronic tire pressure display. It has not been off since the first month we purchased the vehicle regardless of how much air & pressure we put in.

- Bob A

Affordable and fun first SUV.

Vehicle is great for winter driving. It does have blind spot issues though and the location of backup and front facing cameras are less than ideal. The rear back-up gets coated with dirt and ice easily. The front camera is way too sensitive and will randomly go off. Sometimes the entertainment console is non functioning and the controls on the steering wheel have to be used. This may be due to age. The leather seats are comfy but not ideal in terms of being able to clean efficiently especially with a toddler. I love the sunroof and the remote control hatch.

- Trisha W

Quiet, perfectly sized family small SUV.

I live my terrain. It is big enough for my family of 4, but not too big. We wanted something that we would fit comfortably without feeling like I am driving a bus but also something that sits a little higher than a regular car. It drives very quietly and smooth on the road. Very easy to navigate the digital screen and all buttons. I only wish we had found one with heated seats and a air vent that blows out of the middle console so our kids could get some air blowing directly to them in the back seat. Other than that I absolutely love my car!

- Tiffany P

It gets pretty good gas mileage when I use the cruise control.

The turning radius is not as good as I am used to. There are no heat or air conditioning vents in backseat area. I do like the buttons for the memory seat positions and the way they move to your setting when the door is unlocked with the key fob. I love opening the trunk with the key fob also. On hot or cold days I start the car from inside the house. We live in two different climates so it is either hot or sometimes 0 in the other state. I will buy another terrain or a canyon in the next two years, but not from Bradley in Decatur al.

- Shirley C

Terrific terrain offers great looks and dependability.

Love the SUV style. Not too big. Great trim package. Nice ride. I bought it used as a demonstrator driven by dealers wife so it was well cared for. The style is very classy and definitely reflects as an upscale vehicle. Have received many compliments on it. Warranty has provided great service. I take it to dealer regularly and have only had to pay once for tire rotation. Interior is comfortable and attractive. I like the three seats and ability to put them down flat for hauling. Reclining seat is ultra comfortable.

- Anne L

The size of display for radio and backup camera is great.

a first I did not thing I was going to like it because the air seemed to go out but apparently the computer needs an update. Other than that I have really enjoyed the car. I did not thing I was going to use the backup camera but I really like it and the size of the display is great. I wish it was more wireless with phone features or had apple play. We also own a Ford which has the buttons on the outside for the locks which is really great. This has an app with an unlock button but it does not always work.

- Melissa S

Luxury SUV without the cost! Great deal for what you get!

It drives really smoothly. Stops well. The back seat is roomier than the other SUVs I looked at. The leather seats seem very sturdy and I have had no rips or scratch's. The trunk isn't as roomy as some other SUVs because of the wheels. Also when you lay the back seats down they don't lay flat. It does make it harder to load thing into it. The electrics have had a few bugs. Sometimes the radio doesn't come on or the screen is just black. It's a really nice car other than the few issues I just mentioned.

- Sarah H

Great family vehicle with comfortable room for traveling.

The good: I love the way it sits higher than that of a car. It runs and drives smoothly with no problems. The vehicle has spacious room for children. Added space in the back for luggage,groceries, sports equipment. Folding seats for ability to fit bigger items in. OnStar availability. Hands free bluetooth pairing system. Backup camera. . The bad: blind spots in the front on both driver side and passenger side from the angle between the windshield and front windows. It doesn't have 4 wheel drive.

- Alicia K

Environmentally versatile and roomy..

Electronics (aux) has to consistently be fixed. The controls do not memorize my programmed radio stations. Most trouble has been with fuses having to be replaced frequently. Everytime I get an oil change, the electronics breakdown or need to be fixed. Also the car does not recognize the oil changes and has to be rebooted each time. Replaced car battery three times since purchased in 2015. I have purchased the top shelf batteries and the vehicle continues to die after about 6 months.

- Michelle S

Comfortable and reliable!

I love the size of the vehicle. It is comfortable and has a lot of room in the back seat. It also has a big trunk. I have had this vehicle for 4 years now and have had very little problems with it. No major issues up to this point! The only thing I am not a big fan of is that fact that there are no air vents in the back seat, which usually means the front seat is freezing while the people in the back are hot at times. It does help if you blow it on the floor though.

- Brittany H

Decent SUV not a lot of frills.

I enjoy the terrain well enough. I looked at a lot of cars when shopping. I like the size of the screen for radio and for backup camera. It is comfortable and sits higher than a car but not as high as a truck. I wish it was more compatible with my iphone. The USB plug does not always connect when plugged in and takes a few times to plug in and out. I also do not like the fact that it drops calls from vehicle to my phone and you have to pick up phone.

- Melissa L

This SUV has remote start which allows me to start while getting ready for work.

My GMC terrain handles well. It looks great. There is plenty of legroom for my husband who happens to be 6'5". I have lots of room for my grandson's car seat and all his toys and stroller. I can easily shop for large items and just fold down the rear seat. This SUV is excellent in the snow and ice. The gas mileage is excellent as well. I would definitely recommend this SUV to others. It's not too big and it's definitely not too small.

- Teresa B

Minor adjustments for maximum comfort.

I love the size of the vehicle on the outside. The inside could be more roomy. Wider seats and better vent placement. I would like it if there were a rear air condition vent for people or pets in the back as well as height controls for the front passenger side seat. The console graphics are great and the back up camera is very clear. It feels good driving and is great for an active single person or someone with one or two children.

- Autumn M

Very comfortable and smooth for many long drives!

The Terrain is the third compact SUV I've had and it is by far my favorite. For the size class, it feels very solid, heavy and safe. The seats are very comfortable. I'm often driving a lot to work and to visit family and I am never uncomfortable. It runs smooth, the ride is smooth, and it's surprisingly not terrible on gas for an SUV. So far (knock on wood), I haven't had any major issues and I've had it for about 2 years.

- Danielle S

Has a 6 load CD player, which is rare in newer cars.

This car is super simple to take care of, just keep up with the scheduled maintenance and all will be well. It is very comfortable, spacious for longer trips. For a larger car it gets really good gas mileage. My terrain has about 60,000 miles and so far I have not have any major issues whatsoever. They only thing I wish the vehicle had was a little bit more pick up, other than that I am very pleased with the vehicle.

- Kimberly L

Good vehicle but needs updated. A update it needs is AC vents in the backseat!

I love the space and comfort of my car. I dislike that it does not have any AC vents in the back seat and the AC from the front does not circulate good to the back. I dislike that it doesn't have split AC. I dislike that you can't play music through Bluetooth, only by plugging in your phone. The dash is also spaced far away you have to sit up to reach It. Other than that it's a very great vehicle.

- Alison E

Smooth handling, does good in the snow, fun to drive!

I like this vehicle. It is comfortable and fun to drive. My only complaints would be the trunk/rear is too small and the heat does not distribute well throughout the vehicle. There do not seem to be any heat vents in the rear so for it to be warm in the back you have to be almost dying in the front. Non issue if I am traveling alone. Stereo system is great. Upgraded to the XM radio and love it.

- Heidi P

It drives like a truck! It's comfortable and you can feel how heavy and sturdy it is. My toddler fits perfectly into her seat in the back

I wish it had a bigger engine. It's a pretty heavy car for a 4 cyl. I love the look and feel of my car. It drives like a truck and I love that. I had a Nissan Rogue before and the GMC is much heavier and feels better made. I love that it has WiFi and I can listen to all my favorite music. Plus it is perfect size for me, my husband, our 2 year old and large dog but more than that would be hard,

- Laura M

It is a great reliable family car.

Needs better gas mileage. That is pretty much my only complaint. Other than that I enjoy it. It is very spacious as well as reliable. It is a great family car and wonderful for having kids in sports. I wish you didn't give a little bit better gas mileage with as much driving as I do, but I do not want to own anything smaller than an SUV so gas mileage is something I will have to live with.

- Veronica B

2015 GMC Terrain Excellent, dependable vehicle.

Other than routine maintenance on my Terrain, I personally have not had any issues of major concern. The passenger side taillight is holding rain water, but I have ordered a replacement and am sure that will correct the problem. I am very satisfied with amount of space I have inside as well. Very roomy. I would definitely recommend this vehicle. and would personally purchase one again.

- Melissa C

In conclusion love the car, it is reliable and I always feel safe driving it.

Problems: *the hazard sensor sometimes turns on and there's nothing there. *the seatbelt sensor goes off if I have small items in seat *there's no air vents in the back seat Performance: *drives smoothly *very sturdy in wet conditions *seat is very comfortable *voice control for phone call is fidgety . Have to repeat myself multiple times *love the gps navigation easy to follow

- Carla C

GMC terrain 2015. My reviews and experience.

The car is does it jobs. GMC cars makes good quality vehicles. It does what it says. I've had my terrain for 3 years now and have driven at least 100 thousand miles already. But I have to made some part replacements this couple of months most probably coz the car is getting old and needs frequent maintenance. Otherwise it's still working good. Engine is fine and still working well.

- Loups L

It has a lot of room & space for the price.

I love the ride, room, feel of my terrain. I have not had any major problems with my SUV. Just maintenance stuff. It is a wonderful SUV for the money. Has many features on base models. I would buy another 1 in a minute but they changed it from square to more round so I will buy something else instead. They need to leave a great thing alone instead of trying to be like everyone else.

- Jessica H

Great cargo/passenger space for the money!!

I love my 2015 GMC terrain!! The 4-cylinder motor is great on gas mileage and still performs decent for a smaller motor. There is a lot of room in the backseat for extra passengers and it is nice that the seats go down for extra cargo space. The radio, climate and bluetooth controls are easy to use and are within safe reach. This is a perfect smaller SUV for what we use it for!!

- Mary P

Great family vehicle and value.

We purchased the vehicle when our son was born because it had more space and safety features than our other vehicle. It has been very dependable over the past 5 years. We have put 100, 000 miles on it and haven't had any issues with the vehicle. There were a few factory recalls, but our local GMC dealership was able to replace those parts within a day. We are highly satisfied.

- Jennifer R

Spacious and great for kids and pets

The SUV is really spacious, drives smooth and it's really quiet, I like the touch screen we have on it with all the fractures it comes with and it's great if you have kids and pets. The only thing that could make it better it's to have AC on the back. The trunk it's big and you can fold the seats down and fit extra groceries or things you need when you are on a road trip

- Ally B

2015 terrain good and dependable SUV.

So far no problems with this SUV, it runs great and gets great gas mileage. I would recommend this to others who are looking for a dependable SUV and who wants one that gets good fuel mileage. The one I have does not have a lot of bells and whistles. The only thing negative I can say is it has a blind spot that you have to get used to, so I make sure I use the mirrors.

- Terri S

Never felt safer in a vehicle.

I replaced my Toyota Camry with the GMC terrain after a run-in with a snowbank after my move north. I could immediately tell a difference once the terrain was on icy roads - it felt like the wheels hugged the asphalt and I'd never felt safer. The seats are comfortable and roomy, there's tons of space in the backseat as well as the 'trunk'. The sound system is amazing.

- Erin G

Love it with minor drawbacks.

We have only had it for a month, but it is great! Roomy and comfortable. We moved cross country and it is exactly what we needed to get us safely here and to help haul things to furnish our new place! I do wish that blind spot alerts came standard. I love the telescoping wheel. I am shorter than my husband so it helps to be able to adjust that aspect so easily.

- Ella S

Great car, handles nicely performs great. Comfortable and roomy.

It is been very reliable. I like that it gets up and moves when you need it to. It does not have all the features I would have liked but it is got most of them. It's got plenty of room for everyone to be comfortably. Drivers seat is power everything. I really like the heated seats. I had to install a DVD player and it makes long car rides less frustrating.

- Lisa M

I would say gas mileage. It is not as good as they say it is going to be. Also, I have the 4 cylinder so it does not have much power. Takes some time to get use too.

I love my Terrain. I went from a car to the small SUV. I like sitting up higher and for my job, I sometimes need to transport furniture. I'm able to put the seat down and have room easily. The main thing I dislike about the Terrain is the gas mileage. I only drive a few miles every day in the city so it normally averages about 20-22 on good days.

- Carolyn j

Great snow handling, we've had lots of weather this year.

Very comfortable, handles well in the snow, no issues or concerns. Lacks a little on space in the back but I came from a larger model. The technology provided such as hands free calling is a nice feature. DVD screens on rear of headrests for back seat viewing is great distraction for kids on long rides. Overall a good performing AWD 4 door vehicle.

- Martha L

2015 GMC Terrain incredible sound system satisfies with concert-like experience

My 2015 GMC Terrain has great gas mileage and the ride is very smooth. My vehicle has never broken down for any reason whatsoever and has never left me stranded. The sound system is incredible, the AC/Heat is very good and always works well, even in the hottest/coldest environments. The cylinder engine has plenty of power, even for a small engine.

- Peter D

Sleek, affordable family SUV.

The performance of the vehicle is great. I like how roomy it is and all the features it has to offer. I feel its a very safe family vehicle. Great for long trips. Very comfortable. Mine features a sunroof, heated seats, remote start, leather interior & a hydraulic tailgate. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a sleek yet affordable SUV.

- Heather K

2015 GMC terrain; color red; very good gas mileage and drives smooth.

Just bought this car not too long ago. I love it so far! Clean slick look and drives nice! The cabin stays pretty quiet. This car gets pretty good gas mileage as well and had a great experience at the dealership. I would definitely suggest for anyone to get this vehicle. I have it in a nice red color and the stitching for the seats is red as well.

- Jeff K

Lots of trunk space, no important complaints

I have not had any issues other than that the rear left light collected moisture so I had to drill holes in it to keep it dry. I have had some complaints that riding in the backseat can feel bumpy but I think it depends on the driver. I really like that the back seats fold down to be flat with the trunk which gives tons of extra storage space

- Erin S

All wheel drive, sunroof Bluetooth.

We love how it drives. It's all wheel drive. Gets good gas mileage for a SUV. The body style is rugged looking and has all kinds of options that come with it. We really like the Bluetooth technology. It has traction control that is nice in snow and ice. It has driver memory driver seat. Factory tinted window and pretty nice chrome wheels.

- Rick L

Fantastic gas mileage and great body style

I've always had a Chevrolet or GMC Either car is my preference over all makes and models. The terrain is my favorite. This is my second terrain. The only reason I have not traded this one in is ai do not care for the 2018/2019 models. My Terrain gets the best gas mileage for an SUV. Has all the bells and whistle you could have on a car

- Fran W

Great gas mileage, great comfortable vehicle to drive.

Sits up so I can see well while driving has back up monitor that adds to the safely of backing out of my drive or elsewhere. Seats are easily adjustable, great on gas mileage. Great in winter weather easy to handle. Great for short or long distance trips, fits several people and great storage area, sleek seats and are easy to clean.

- Deb H

the ergonomics of this vehicle are set up very well.

The main issue I experience is transmission issues. It's not very often, but once in a while it is clear that the vehicle does not want to shift up gears. It happens so rarely that the dealer has not been able to replicate it. The other issue is that the 4 cylinder variation is very underpowered, maintaining 70 mph can be difficult.

- Amanda F

If you should have one of these be careful in wet weather.

I love my vehicle. I like that I can bluetooth my phone to the car and talk hands free. I like that it shows me how much many miles per gallon I get and tells me when my oil needs changed. The only complaint I have is that when it is raining or the roads are wet, this car is lighter than my last car and has a tendency to hydroplane.

- Brenda R

Get through the 1st year, then you'll love it!

Within the 1st year of having my Terrain I had to replace the alternator, battery, starter and start cables. I have had no issues with anything regarding performance, reliability comfort or features. Occasionally the Radio/Navigation screen takes a while to respond or will randomly turn off, but that is an annoyance, not an issue.

- Amanda E

It has been a very reliable car. I haven't needed any repairs.

I love my GMC Terrain, which I have had for three years now. I have had several vehicles and my Terrain is by far my favorite. It rides well, sits up high, and runs quietly. The fact that it sits up high is a little bit of a negative to me as I have to open my door if I need to pick up something at a drive through window, etc.

- Linda L

Love the prestart & heated seats.

I like the space you have but it is not to big. It is very good on gas mileage. It runs very quite and smooth. I love that on a cold day or a really hot day I can prestart my vehicle from inside the house or even in the store. The my heated seats. It is amazing in the winter time but it amazing in your lower back year round.

- Miranda C

Great family SUV with everything you need except great gas mileage.

The GMC terrain is a great SUV with lots of room and space. Great for our growing family, we can sit comfortably in the back seat with our daughter and not feel cramped. The back has plenty of room to haul things and is perfect for family trips with all the luggage. The gas mileage is not great and that is my only complaint.

- David M

Basic car, but a reliable car.

Overall the car is a really good car for the money. I feel like it is pretty basic though. It has Bluetooth, but the Bluetooth in my last car was better. The engine on mine does not have much get-up-and-go, which is surprising to me. But, it gets you from point A to point B just fine, and the car looks nice while doing so!

- Melissa G

My 2015 GMC. I like my Car!

I like this car. It gets great gas mileage. The back up camera is great. It does not ride as smooth as I would like. You can feel the bumps in the road more in this car than I have felt in other cars. It has lots of room. I would like for it to have a trunk button in the front to open the trunk. But, it doesn't have that.

- Chris H

GMC Terrain-The Most Bang for your Buck!

I really love my Terrain! It's a smooth ride and my family feels safe in our vehicle. We love the XM Radio and the OnStar feature. We have young children so the Wi-Fi feature is a hit with my children as well! I will always be a GMC customer now! I have had no issues with the motor, brakes or other aspects of my Terrain.

- Dorothy O

The Terrain is Terrific!!

I love my GMC Terrain. This was my first adult purchase on my own after college. This SUV is convenient and great on gas. The terrains are reliable cars. While the terrain isn't the most comfortable car ever, it still has a home like appeal. Minor problems with my car are the paint job and small legroom for passengers.

- Krystal R

Great car. Will serve you well with no issues or worries.

Very reliable. All I have done is oil changes and tires. I recommend due to the great reliability and tremendous gas mileage. Driving the car is a dream. Love the factory sound system. Handles the road well. You can use this car and take it anywhere. We took it to Memphis and it was great. Very smooth and quiet. Solid.

- Mary T

Great car, not great on gas.

My car has no problems. It drives nice, handles well. Turns like a box but that is my only complaint. Sound system works very good. Miles to the gallon are not great and requires a lot of fueling. The interior is nice red and black leather. The seats fold down and give you plenty of room in the back of the car.

- Brooke R

It is a very reliable and versatile car. Versatility can be very important.

My terrain has electric adjustable heated seats. The body style is attractive. It is the perfect size because it is not too big or too small. It has video screens in the back and a built in nav system along with satellite radio option, pandora, internet option and Bluetooth. It drives well and is very dependable.

- Holly P

GMC Terrain extras, the best and the one miss.

My terrain has never had any issues. Overall it's a great car. My only complaint with the terrain is the turning radius is less sharp than some other model SUVs. Interior is great, love the back up camera and the extras that the newer model has. My favorite is the weather app and alerts that pop up on the screen.

- Kayla S

The little things do matter.

I love the screen size and having a backup camera. The windows have a nice tint to keep sunlight and a lot of heat out. Like being able to check my fuel mileage and tire pressure and oil life all from delivers seat. Also love the cubby holes. Would like to be able to have my windows go up with one pull on button.

- Jenny M

The greatness of owning a terrain.

I love my GMC terrain. This vehicle is the best vehicle that I have ever had. The terrain has lots of room to get in and out especially with little kids. There is plenty of room for in the cargo area and this vehicle is extremely great in the snow it rarely slips when the roads are icy and it handles great.

- Laura H

GMC Terrains are priced the best of all comparable vehicles and has the most attractive look.

I really like my vehicle. It feels the most spacious of all the midsize SUVs that are in its class. I purchased it because of all the comparable SUVs, it was priced the lowest, but was the most roomiest and had the nicest features. I do feel that the gas mileage is a little worse than other comparable SUVs.

- Allison W

Amazing performance and comfort

I love the look and the way it drives. It handles well in the snow and rain. I have yet to have anything major fixed. It is also very good on gas mileage. The sound system is great and I really love the ability to use hands free calling and satellite radio. My friends love the comfort of riding in my car

- Julie A

GREAT SUV, would highly recommend.

This is in general a great family car. I've been driving this vehicle for a few years and it's been reliable.It's usually good with gas and I haven't had maintenance issues since I got it 3 years ago. It has never broken down nor given me problems. I would definitely recommend this vehicle for a family.

- Maria C

It was a really great deal bought it used for 13,000 was worth every penny.

The only problem I have is it could use a third row seating. The things I like. One back up video cam, two the smooth of driving, very comfortable to ride in. The color blue is really pretty. Like how you can change anything from the steering wheel also BC I'm short like how driver's seat goes up.

- Michelle C

Hey roomy for adults to fit comfortably.

It is very roomy. 5 adults fit no problem. Comfortable for this trips. Air will blow you out, amid its a little loud blowing. Heat works great cannot have it all the way up. Controls are easily accessible. Drives great. Feels more like an adult car with all the room it has. Absolutely love my terrain.

- Sheila F

Compact SUV yet spacious.

Smooth ride. Handles well in all weather. Comfortable seating with lots of legroom. Well designed interior with stylish features. Easy to use technology. Spacious back seats and cargo area. Seats fold down for extra cargo space. Power adapters located in all area of the vehicle along with USB ports.

- Wendy S

The terrain is a great dependable SUV.

This is the perfect SUV for someone who likes room, but doesn't want a huge vehicle. This vehicle does not have 3rd row seating. It holds 5 people total. My favorite feature is the backup camera. The screen is a very nice size and works very well. I also love the touch screen features for the radio.

- Danielle K

Amazing all around! Best car for its price!

It is a great car with an even greater feel. I got mine in white and the dirt comes off like its nothing! It handles like a Benz and drives like a Chevy! The speakers are great, the lights are perfect, the seats are comfortable. I couldn't ask for a better car for the price! 10/10 would drive again!

- Darin B

Wonderful, safe car, super easy to drive.

I love the terrain, it's so easy to drive and feels super safe. The warning systems are great, lots of safety features, etc.. The pickup is great, braking is responsive but not so sensitive that its jerky, etc.. The only issue I have with it is that the GPS/console system is not very intuitive.

- Abby V

Positive review for 2015 GMC terrain.

Very comfortable and spacious. Smooth riding with not alot of road noise. Gets pretty good gas mileage on the highway for longer trips. I really don't have anything bad to say about this vehicle except you have to buy an organizer for the back because stuff slides around on the plastic cover.

- Julie B

This vehicle is classy & reliable.

I haven't had any issues at all with this vehicle, I use it as a daily driver and it is been amazing. It has plenty of space for a family of 4, and I am very impressed with the gas mileage. It rides smoothly and the interior is very classy. I would definitely recommend this vehicle to anyone.

- Becky L

Reliable and very spacious.

My terrain is very comfortable. It drives like a car and also gets wonderful gas mileage. We recently took it on a several hour drive on vacation. We had plenty of room for the three of us and all of out stuff. It is a smaller SUV so I do not feel like it would be right for a large family.

- Kate S

Great vehicle, great investment.

I love my Person, due to the fact that it is great on gas and it is very roomy. I had a Cruze before it had to get bigger vehicle due to my son getting bigger. The back seat slides forward and back to adjust the comfort to the people on the back seat. The trunk space is very roomy as well.

- Sophia R

Reliable, economical, and looks nice too!

The GMC terrain is a good vehicle, however it lacks engine power when trying to get speed. I own the 2015 2w drive, and it's been a reliable vehicle for our family. I would recommend this vehicle to a small family, that does not require much room other than the typical day to day shopping.

- Debbie A

Love my GMC Terrain wouldn't trade it for any other SUV

I love my 2015 GMC Terrain. It is perfect for a small family vehicle! It drives nice and smooth. I love the space it has and the capability to lay seats down if you need more room in the back! I have not had any problems with my GMC Terrain to this day have had my vehicle for 3 years now!

- Carrie F

Great car to travel in or use on the daily

This vehicle has been my favorite of three that I have had so far. Each different makes. The seats are extremely comfortable and there is a lot of legroom. The trunk is big enough for me to fit a lot back there and if I need extra space the back seats lay down and give me plenty of room.

- Riley W

Good size SUV. Good safety features.

It is only 4 cylinder. No pickup. Good in snow and rain. Gas is average. Has navigation. Air control. The car is roomy. Gas satellite radio. The car let's u know when it needs service. Excellent safety features. Has nice size trunk. Tell you how many miles to the gallon milk monitors it.

- Kim F

The OnStar is very helpful and that backup camera

Great on gas, very comfortable, plenty of room and storage, for a 4 cylinder it's very peppy, you definitely don't feel cramped and plenty of headroom, very good turning radius, at night the headlights are bright and have no problem seeing, love the backup camera and the automatic lights

- Wade R

2015 GMC Terrain SLE Model: Color White

I have really enjoyed having my Terrain. Aside from a sensor needing to be replaced, I have not had any serious issues with my car in the four years I have owned it. Additionally, I really like the ecoboost button. It allows for great gas mileage. The terrain is a very reliable vehicle.

- Jennifer A

The GMC Terrain Is a great SUV with a luxury look and feel without the price.

The seats in the Terrain Denali are so comfortable it's like driving around in your favorite chair. The SUV drives smooth like a car and gets really good gas mileage for a V6. The Denali has a beautiful trim package and the distinctive honeycomb grill that gives this car a luxury look

- Jill T

Bright slim and sporty.. I.

It's been great for my family of five.. Would buy another. Looking for buy a new one in a few years. Trunk is great for our double stroller and all the extras. The middle row slides so you can give extra room for leg space or trunk. Drives really nice. And we got it for a great price.

- Chris R

Large front seats. Smaller middle bench with an as well trunk area.

Love this vehicle, good gas mileage and very reliable. Would like something with a little more room and a third row. With that being said I love GM vehicles because that are extremely well built and the customer service is second to none when we are getting routine maintenance done.

- Zachary K

Overall good valued vehicle.

Overall, very reliable. Seems to be considerably more road noise than expected even with new tires. Comfortable seating especially backseat bench that adjusts. Biggest complaint is that back seats don't fold flat when down to expand back storage. Good gas mileage and sound system.

- Mike P

Stylish for men or women, good gas mileage, plenty of storage.

I have enjoyed my terrain very much. A four door vehicle with a large cargo bay. Four cylinder engine with more power than expected, comfortably seats four, yet seats for 5. Easy access rear hatch, rear seat folds down for more storage. Good gas mileage, and great for commuting.

- Bret A

How well it drives. And it has no issues at all. It handles real well.

I love the way it drives. It has a lot of room in it. It'll get up and go fast. I wish it had a sunroof and I wish it was AWD or had 4-wheel drive. It does has FWD. And I wish it had multiple CD changer in it. It does have a lot of things that I don't know how to even use on it.

- Chastity L

Annoying issues with my 2015 GMC terrain.

Great car, back seat lays down. However the screen goes in and out inside. Also the navy blue sapphire I chose has chipped on the top in 2 places. I touched it up only a year of having it. Very annoying. Also the engine light recently would come on and go back of for no reason.

- Laurin L

The smoothest and most enjoyable ride: the GMC terrain.

I haven't had any problems with my GMC terrain. I love the space and room that this vehicle provides. The seats are heated and has easy mobility. I love the Bluetooth capabilities that the car has. The gas mileage is not too bad also. The seats come down and makes a big trunk.

- Caleb Y

Good car if space is needed & worth the price!

It's a good car. Easy to drive and use. It has a great amount of space. It was good for using to load supplies for work. It would be nice if it had more technology advancement and I wish it had a little better gas mileage. But overall, it is a good car and does the job I need.

- Katie P

GMC terrain good economy/ lacks storage capacity.

Great gas mileage. Own the 4cyl model which is fuel efficient but vehicle is very sluggish when trying to accelerate. Also, I previously owned a Ford Explorer and the terrain has much smaller storage capacity. Overall, vehicle is good but will not consider purchasing another.

- Anthony D

An opinion on a GMC terrain.

I love the room it has in the back seat for people with long legs and car seats I love the options it gives you I do not like the way it shifts. Sometimes it shifts more than needed and others it shifts very hard. Over all I am happy with vehicle very roomy and comfortable.

- Regina A

I was attracted by the size and design, first time I saw one I was sold.

Bad battery cause the vehicle to shut down. No warning had to be towed. Trim fell off while cleaning of snow last winter. Boots bad after three years. Accelerate while driving. Drives great on highway using cruise control. Uses regular unleaded gasoline. That is a plus.

- Jodi L

GMC Terrain Denali- a great, roomy, SUV.

It drives smoothly and is a quiet ride. Very spacious back seats and back for hauling numerous items. Love the leather interior. Very easy to clean. Best car that we have ever bought and if something ever happens to this one, we will buy another Sold on GMC products now!

- Trina D

Luv my terrain great gas mileage, easy to drive.

It is comfortable, easy driving. Love the backup cam. Back hatch is easy to operate. The GPS is a must. On star n Siri is a great add on. Great gas mileage. It tell you when you need to change the oil and let you know when you have a low tire n what air pressure it has.

- Lisa T

Great SUV for everyday travel and family vehicle.

The radio panel sometimes does not turn on when the car is started. Also, the Bluetooth has problems connecting every once in a while. It fits a car seat well and trunk is a nice size. No overall complaints about the car. It has leather seats which are nice with kids.

- Heather H

The Terrain is not a comfortable ride. But the price is good.

I like the vehicle for the price. But I dislike because I would like truck instead. Which I am in the process of getting a new truck. The Terrain is just so low when driving on the interstate. One also feels every bump in the road and it is just not comfortable ride.

- Joel K

Wi-Fi available, great gas mileage,

It's a good car. Great on gas, drives good, a lot of space in the back., Drive good and not rough, heated seats, The only thing I don't like, is no air vents in the back seat. Not a lot of room in back seat if someone tall is driving. Great car for a smaller family.

- Cassandra M

Great for a small family SUV.

Great vehicle for a small family. Drives really smooth. Great on gas. If you are looking for something simple but with updated and modern features and on a budget this vehicle is a great option. This smaller SUV has so many features that are already part of the car.

- Amber L

My first SUV that I would choose again and again.

My terrain is black. I love having an SUV. It is high off the ground. It drives very smooth. My backup camera is my favorite part about the vehicle. The seats are cloth but I wish I would have gotten leather. I also wish they would have had a pearl color to choose.

- Patricia K

Reliable car. Great in Colorado for the snow.

Performance is great. V6 engine. Good dashboard, radio, and speakers. Very reliable. Good gas mileage. No issues since purchase. Good in snow and in the mountain. Love the body style. Great value. Body style and paint are unique. Heated cloth seat. Lots of legroom.

- Ree K

Great looks and style, almost perfect performance.

Absolutely love my Terrain! Comfortable. Plenty of room. Perfect size for an SUV. High quality dash and controls. Beautiful leather interior. Although it mostly handles well, sometimes I feel it lacks a little power, but other than that it is a pleasure to drive.

- Marianne C

A very reliable car, would buy again.

Issues with GPS navigation system. Other than this it has been very reliable. The leather interior is comfortable. I wish it had climate control in the backseat though. I would also like cooled leather in addition to heated. Overall, we have been very satisfied.

- Christy G

Problems with screen black out and paint chipping.

The GMC terrain SUV car inside screen goes blank sometimes but comes back if turned off and on again. . . Very annoying and paints chipping on the outside which I have had to touch up. Only three years old too. I do like the interior and chairs, seats comfiness.

- Nicole L

Perfect family car for those who travel

Car is comfortable to drive and dependable. Interior cabin is spacious. Onboard computer does have some issues where it goes out from time to time. This is a known issue with the manufacturer. Gas mileage is great. Love the extra storage areas. Great for kids.

- Elizabeth B

Gm makes very reliable cars and this is one of our favorites.

Love the style. Sleek style very comfortable to drive. Does really good on gas. Seats are adjustable, , lots of room in the back for us. Very reliable. The design in the interior is very well laid out and accommodates those riding in the back. Lots of legroom.

- Debra H

2015 GMC terrain slt package.

No problems, good gas mileage for an SUV on the highway and in the city traffic, lots of space, easy to clean interior, plenty of legroom, back up camera with large screen, multiple radio options and on star, affordable upkeep, comfortable adjustable seating.

- Cass F

Smooth ride definitely. The truck has been awesome as far as gas. It was purchased certified pre owned with only 40,000 miles. I do enjoy the Bluetooth feature for phone calls. Automatic lights are strong.

Performance has been great so far, my only complaint is that we aren't able to Bluetooth anything other than phone calls. Sometimes the aux cord isn't as loud and in order to use the USB cable, you have to download music versus just playing through YouTube

- Keashia D

Great interior room for the size of the vehicle.

It has great legroom in both front and rear. Drives great. Great features and affordability. Big enough for what I need but not too large that it's hard to park. Goes good in the winter. Wish it got better fuel at times in the city but great highway miles.

- Jayme D

Terrain, good affordable car.

Small cup holders, but drives very smooth with good power. I like how comfortable the seats are and the user friendliness of the instrument panel. I would recommend this car. The gas mileage is favorable, it is easy to drive with little to no blind spot.

- Chris G

Excellent everyday vehicle.

Great vehicle to drive. It is very comfortable as a driver or passenger. It drives great in inclement weather with All wheel drive. For a SUV it gets pretty good gas mileages, however it does not have much pickup. I would purchase a GMC Terrain again.

- Karen F

Very comfy, even if you are sitting in the backseat there is plenty of legroom.

My terrain is very comfy and has a lot of nice features, such as a knack-up cam, Bluetooth and steering wheel controls. What I do not particularly like about it is that it is slow - not a lot of power when I am merging onto the highway, for example.

- Paula U

It is reliable always performs very well easy to drive.

I love the size it is easy to get in and out of. I also enjoy the fact that I have never had any major problems with it. The only thing I do not like about it is it does not come with some of the bells and whistles that the newer models have.

- Michael C

It is a fun and great ride. I have had a lot of fun in this vehicle. It is one that can be taken on long trips or short shopping trips very versatile.

For the most part, I do like my vehicle. It has a few things that i wished I would have paid attention to when shopping for my new vehicle. Storage and vents and streamlining a few of the features would have made this vehicle better.

- sheri k

It is a safe vehicle equipped with multiple air bags.

I like that it is very easy to take my car to a mechanic and they have tools needed to complete repairs and it doesn't require tools hard to find. My car gets fairly good gas mileage and it is comfortable to ride in for long distances.

- Claire L

Great for small families. Loads of trunk space.

I love the look of it and how it drives. The leather interior is gorgeous and it has a lot of great features. I only have it 4 stars because I wish it had built in nav standard and we have outgrown it now with 2 kids in car seats.

- Cortney E

The OnStar package has to be purchased to use some of the features of the car and it is costly each month.

I like that it is not too big but still plenty of room for a family of four. It has plenty of trunk storage. I do not like that the seats are not electronic and there is no navigation without an expensive package with OnStar

- Leslie F

SUV with value added features.

No issues since owning. It drives more like a car than an SUV. It has a lot of trunk space. It is good on gas mileage. It looks nice too. It handles well in winter conditions. I wish it did have more space for small things.

- Rosanne K

It has great safety features and fuel milage. GMC did great on this vehicle

I love the way it drives and handles, how fuel efficient it is, the lights for the dash and intellicenter. i dislike how the seats have the hard plastic molding on the sides so that when you get out you have a hump there.

- Jenny C

Convenience and great family car

Comfortable, runs smoothly but the rotors keep making a sound not sure if it's due to the previous owner but its repeatedly make noise even after fixing twice. Good size and love that it feels like an SUV but not as huge.

- Cristina S

It is stylish, roomy, and drives smoothly and quietly.

I love the look and size of my SUV. It is comfortable and roomy which allows for trips with friends or family. I do not like that I cannot take the satellite radio or the OnStar off the options because I never use either.

- Kelly Y

2015 terrain - great car roomy and economical.

I like that it has OnStar, touch screen for the radio with controls on the steering wheel. Car drives great and has an eco friendly button to save money on gas. It has great speed pick up even when the eco button is on.

- Sophia S

There is no air vent in the back, so if you have children, please always make sure that you cool or warm the car up prior to putting your little one in.

It is pretty much a factory vehicle with no customizations at all. I would like a sunroof and air in the back. It's terrible that my toddler has to rely on the air units in the front of the vehicle. We live in Texas.

- Moniqua T

It's very good in the snow! It just drives right over the snow when the roads aren't plowed. Also drives pretty smoothly.

I really like the back up camera. I don't have any major complaints. The Bluetooth can sometimes be annoying doesn't understand what I'm saying, and connecting to listen to music/podcasts on my phone can be finicky.

- Brittany S

Treat it well, maintain it regularly and it will run forever.

I like the leather interior. I like the color inside and out. I like the shape. I like all the automated stuff. I do not like that it is been recalled for repairs due to some engine issue and stalls when I crank it.

- Misty H

The displays do not always work like they should: The clock does not stay set to the correct time. The rear camera display often is dim, but other times it has good brightness.

Like: Styling and most features Dislike: Rear cargo area cannot be made to go flat. Head rests on rear seats cannot be removed. When seats are down the headrests interfere with using the floor space for cargo.

- Larry W

That it is dependable and reliable plus the body of my vehicle is very attractive.

I love my vehicle..it is extremely room for a crossover SUV. The one thing I do not like is the navigation system with Onstar. Sometimes it is very inconsistent. But other than that, I love my vehicle.

- Susan G

With the car seat you can barely only fit one person in the back seat.

I like how large the vehicle is for putting in groceries. I don't like how easy it scratches. I like the navigation and heated seats on the higher-end model. The all-wheel drive is very nice for winter.

- Jordan E

The GMC Terrain has Great Gas Mileage

The GMC Terrain is really a very reliable vehicle. When looking for a vehicle I knew I wanted an SUV for family and for the dogs. A plus for the terrain is the gas mileage! It is great for a small SUV.

- Lela H

The car overall has great comfort and quality and runs great.

The car has been really good for us. We have had no major problems. It runs smoothly. It has many safety features. There is plenty of space and we never feel cramped. Overall, it is just a nice car.

- Karen B

It drives very well and I feel safe driving it.

I really like the way my car drives; very smooth. I like the space in my car. What I don't like is I have to open the door if I'm at a drive through at the bank because I can't reach. It's too high.

- Linda D

GMC Terrain - Great Family Vehicle

Great reliable car for our family of 4. Lots of room in the tailgate area for bags when traveling. Love that the back seat moves forward so when it's just me and my boys - i can reach them easier!

- Jody P

2015 GMC terrain slt model review.

The GMC terrain is a good vehicle. The slt model is fully loaded and has pretty much everything (except a sunroof). It serves it purpose well for a small SUV but I wish it had more pickup power.

- Celeste M

It is the safest car I have ever driven and with all the time 4 wheel drive you will not complain.

My GMC Terrain has been great. It is a sturdy vehicle that is reliable and very safe. One thing that I do not like is that my fuel consumption or miles per gallon has gotten worse since owning.

- Miranda J

Handles well, fuel economy, size good in traffic comfortable on road trips.

Easy and simple to operate cargo area spacious. Good mirrors for view of all surrounding areas. Sits high off the ground allowing easy entrance and exit. Love the back-up camera. No complaints.

- Joann L

Great family car that is reliable and gets you from point A to point B.

I like that the vehicle is a great size for our 3 person family. However, the customizations are so poor. I wish the car came with a few more amenities like built in navigation and a moonroof.

- Moe T

Great gas mileage for a the size vehicle it is. Great acceleration no delay.

I have not had any problems with my vehicle I have only had to do regular l maintenance on vehicle. It handles and performs like a mid size car but has the space and roominess of a small SUV.

- Monica M

It is easy to drive- and I drive a lot of miles for work.

I like the style and the comfort while driving. I like the built in navigation system and the sunroof. I don't like that it doesn't have a separate air/heat control for the back seat.

- Tara S

There are no vents in the back. Super important when you have young children who ride back there!

Love that it is sleek looking, the backup camera, leather seats. Only thing I do not like is that there are no vents in the back and it takes forever for air/heat to travel back there.


Reliable vehicle that gets me where I need to be and is safe to drive.

I like it's size so that we never feel crowded. I like the reverse camera so I can see when backing up. I like that it drives well. I like that it is newer than our last vehicle

- Brandy S

It shows it is age quickly. Does not keep that new car look for too long.

It shows age fairly quickly, it does not have a luxurious feel. As my previous car. It, does not ride as smooth I'd prefer something else other than the GMC terrain year 2015.

- Ashley S

It has more head and leg room than a keep or chevy equinox

The Terrain is very comfortable with lots of room for 5 people. It has a very dependable built in navigation system. It is all wheel drive and handles very well in the snow.

- Lisa K

It is bulky so it will keep you safe in the event of a wreck. It's also got great steering.

I really like the color of the car (light blue). I also like how safe it makes me feel when I am driving it. I like the heated seats and also that it has four-wheel drive.

- Kenton S

The GMC Terrain is safe and comfortable for small families.

It's a wonderful family car, I love the size. Its decent on gas though not as good as cars I have owned in the past. Only complaint would be that it is slow, no pick-up.

- Tara P

Great on gas and it has leather seats which is great for kids.

Love the color of the vehicle being a beige color. Love the navigation system and the leather seats. I dislike the size on the inside would wish it was a little bigger.

- Hayat W

It has a lot of leg space.

I like that it has a lot of leg room so it is comfortable when traveling. It is also has good gas mileage. I do wish that there were air conditioning vents in the back.

- Jessica E

Family friendly suv packed with airbags all over the car not just in the front seats

Great safe suv. Family friendly. Gets hot very fast even when the heat isn't on which I wish it didn't do. I got it a year ago and the paint is chipping on the trunk.

- Allie B

It is equipped with a lot of safety features including back up camera and lane departure and collision alert.

love the size, ride and all the bells and whistles it has. only complaint is that I am short and as I get older it is harder to get in. it door frame is pretty high

- kim d

It has great fuel mileage.

There has been a problem with the powertrain sensor but otherwise I have an absolutely enjoyed this vehicle and with the 4 cylinder it gets really good gas mileage.

- Megan S

It is very comfortable. Easy to drive.

I like the way it drives. I like the interior design. I enjoy the sound system. I like the easy access to controls. . . I like the acceleration when I need it. . .

- Zebedee M

Great Choice would buy it again!

No problems with my Terrain. Only thing I'm short and have trouble with side views backing up. Thank goodness for the back up camera! Very comfortable vehicle.

- JoAnn S

Classy, affordable family vehicle

I like the look of the Terrain. It looks upscale and classy. It drives well and I have not had any problems with it mechanically in the 3 years I have owned it.

- Allison G

It is a family friendly, fuel efficient mini SUV.

The terrain is a sturdy, yet fuel efficient vehicle. It offer enough room for five with storage in rear section. The six cylinder engine has adequate pick up.

- Teresa K

Very roomy and practical! Perfect size with great features!

I love this vehicle! It is very practical with plenty of room. I also like the height of the vehicle. The visibility through the windows is also a huge plus.

- Kimberly E

The GMC Terrain is reliable and safe. I like driving my children in it.

I like how comfortable the seating is. Also, the color is a beautiful pale blue that many people compliment. It is easy to drive in many types of weather.

- Mel J

The gas mileage for this GMC Terrain is much better than our previous Nissan.

I purchased this car as a used car. Previous owner had it for 6 mos. but traded in for a bigger GMC. Love the way it drives , good gas mileage, no problems.

- Delores G

Luxury Car for an Affordable Price

We've only had our vehicle for a couple months. It has really great gas mileage and is a smooth ride. It feels luxurious and comfortable for long drives.

- Julie D

It is just the right size for us and gives us great gas mileage.

We bought another GMC vehicle after initially having an Envoy. We have had the Terrain 3 years and we love it. We love size and also the gas mileage.

- Jeanne H

It is a great running vehicle. It has not ever broke down on me.

I love my GMC Terrain. I have not had any trouble with my vehicle and it works great. I also think it was a great price in which I received my car.

- Jaycie K

It gets great gas mileage and runs very smooth.

I love the way my car drives and the way it looks. I do not like that it does not have a way back seat option. I would like more space in my car.

- Rachel R

GMC terrain. All wheel drive. It is perfect for our family.

So far so good. I have had zero issues with my vehicle. I do have to start the truck and wait few minutes before I can use the air conditioning.

- Derek F

Others should know that it does get fairly good gas mileage.

My terrain in great! It drives smooth and has great control. The heated seats are always an extra bonus along with sunroof. All around good car.

- Danielle U

The heated side view mirrors work amazingly.

I dislike I do not have an auto tailgate and sunroof. I do like the sound system and that the back bench seat moves forward and backward.

- Jen C

That it is comfortable to ride in and drive.

I like that it is a comfortable ride. Also, it has built in navigation, leather seats, sunroof, backup camera and automatic remote start.

- Tarah H

It drives smoothly, seats 5 comfortably and looks sharp.

I love the size of my suv but wish it were bigger. It is a comfortable car to drive. The gas mileage isn't terrible , it could be better.

- john S

That is does have bad blind spots and you really have to learn to watch more carefully when pulling out

overall I really like my truck. One of the biggest issues it that it has bad blind spots. I hope they correct this in the newer design

- Alana K

It has great gas mileage, especially on the highway

Was not interested in this when I first saw it. I now like the car because it is large enough to travel with family. Great gas mileage

- Gwendolyn D

That it is stylish and durable. I like king many different places in it on and off road

I like the features. It gets great gas mileage and it doesn't cost as much to fill up. I got a great deal on it it when I bought it new

- Ben H

GMC Denali all terrain vehicle.

Great drive great highway mileage great local miles. Comfortable luxurious drive great safety features protects my family with on star.

- Miriam S

This vehicle is awesome on gas!

The GMC terrain has lots of room and is very comfortable for the whole family. It rides smoothed, is very good on gas, and looks great.

- Sarah H

It sucks if not it eco mode.

I like the design of it. My favorite is the dash design. Has a beefy look to it. Good backup camera. All models I believe had them.

- William B

It is a great SUV for any size family. I can fold down seats to make more room in the back to haul things too!

I love that the front end is boxy. I like that it has everything I need. I like the back up camera and heated leather seats/mirrors

- Heather B

Very dependable with no worries about the operation and maintenance.

It handles well. Hauls a lot for a small SUV. The ride is ok as far as smoothness. It needs ac vents in back and more cup holders.

- Angela W

That if you have kids, there are no events leading to the rear of the car.

I like most things about it but there are no vents in the back for my kids, so they are hot in the summer and cold in the winter.

- Toni G

Heated seats and is equipped with onstar and XM radio.

I love that it is a small SUV. There is enough room in the back seat for my son to keep from hitting the back on the front seats.

- Lorna W

Good ride and good travel vehicle.

My wife loves her Buick and has no desire to trade or replace it. We have some repairs and expense on it but she still loves it.

- James C

It runs like a dream. It's like a home away from home. Maybe even a little better.

Love all of the features in this car. We have heated seats which are great for Ohio. We also have a rocking stereo system in it.

- Marilyn J

It's a very good brand and model of a car and good for the price

Love the size and color of my car. It's the right size for me and my family. It's good on gas and love the features in my car.

- Teresa R

Has a backup camera, gps system and Bluetooth

Great vehicle to drive. Very economic and spacious. Very comfortable to travel, has a backup camera, gps system and bluetooth.

- Araceli V

It is safe and I like being higher up.

I like the space. I like how a car seat can fit. I wish I had auto-start from my key fob and the trunk would open on its own.

- Leah V

2 wheel drive is not the best for snow!

I don't like that it is a 2 wheel drive. I can't maneuver well in the snow. That's my only complaint. Love the car otherwise.

- Latrece M

Comfy,roomy, seat high and beautiful

Roomy, I like the body style, back up camera, comfort, I wish the air conditioner works better. I love the way I seat higher.

- Gemma H

It drive great, but make sure you get all wheel drive, I didn't and I regretted it in the winter.

I love the way it drives. I also love the size just right for me. I don't like the heating vents they don't position right.

- Lil T

Trunk space is small, a large stroller will not fit.

The trunk space is too small. Sluggish acceleration. Love the backup camera, backup beeper, and remote trunk, good looking.

- Cindy L

2015 Terrain Denali Silver review

reliable fuel economy comfort looks good smooth ride comfort size cargo area power accessories price with rebates loan rate

- peter r

There's a ring when you have the aux and charger in at the same time.

There isn't anything that I dislike about the vehicle however I love the vehicle and have been having no problems with it.

- Sabrina S

Great space and rides comfortably. Handles very well.

Great size for an adult, good enough cargo space. Rides very well. 6 cylinder has great acceleration. Gas mileage is OK.

- Brad M

It is a great car for any one

It has reliable gps and I like the way it drives. It has everything that I need in a car and that is what I love about it

- Jason R

It gets pretty good gas mileage, especially on interstate highways.

I drive a midsize SUV. I like the look of it and the accessories. The only complaint I have is the design of the seats.

- Pam S

it is a well built vehicle and requires little maintenance.

It's a well built vehicle and i have had very little repair work. It drives very smoothly. It does require a lot of gas.

- Sam s

How well it does on gas and mileage. Especially when traveling and how well it saves on gas.

My GMC runs well and it good on gas. The car is very roomy, the only complaint would be the tires are noisy on the road.

- Sonnia C

This car is loaded. It is the SLT model. It has a premium package.

I like the backup camera, the leather seats, the automatic lift gate, the Navi and stereo system, and the remote start.

- Deb S

Great gas mileage. Easy handling. Very dependable. Low maintenance.

I love my Terrain! Not too big. Not too small. Smooth ride and easy handling. I receive compliments on it all the time.

- BJ C

Is a good SUV. Nice ride. Never had problems with it. Ok on gas.

Its a 4 cylinder. Didn't realize it. Good in snow. AWD. Roomy. High up. Navigation good. Air control. Satellite radio.

- Kim F

A good interstate driving car and gets decent gas mileage.

Wish it had keyless entry and dual climate. Sometimes wish the wipers would go faster. I like the way the body looks.

- Kathy R

It is a good size and has a good amount of room.

It is big. It is spacious. Sometimes it makes weird noises but overall it is a good vehicle and I would recommend it.

- Gia C

Space is great and roomy. Drives well.

Perfect works very well. Had it for a while. Wouldn't trade it for anything! Takes a little bit much to fill up gas.

- Amber C

quiet, great gas mileage, comfortable, love the back seats slide & adjust.

I absolutely love my Terrain, the only way I would get rid of it would be to get something with a third row seating.

- Misty H

Its own by me.. It's a GMC terrain model Im really comfortable driving it

Its family friendly Smooth Easy to learn and drive It keeps breaking down lately and have to change the transmission

- Luke V

Watch out for the screen to go out, navy blue paint chipped after a few months!.

Only 2 complaints. The radio screen goes in and out and the paint came off on the top of the car in a couple spots.

- Nicole L

It's a very attractive comfortable and affordable vehicle

I love this vehicle, it is spacious and really very comfortable.i get good gas mileage. It is a really smooth ride

- Jay S

It is a safe vehicle and affordable to drive.

No complaints it is all amazing. Handles well good gas mileage, roomy safe everything is nice. Would buy another.

- Mary K

It is absolutely perfect for families with children.

No complaints at all. Perfect size for my family. Great on gas mileage and runs smooth. I absolutely love my car.

- Jennifer H

Runs great and American made, good gas mileage....

Great options, good gas mileage. I have had an issue with the sunroof drain getting clogged, but pretty easy fix

- Christina B

Love the feel of driving it.

The vehicle is to large for my taste. The breaks are not smooth. But i'd do like the look of the car and style.

- Scotland M

That it is a great size for traveling with children.

I love my car and the size of it. I am a nanny of 3 and can fit all the girls and their sports stuff in the car

- Meghan M

My vehicle has many safety features such as many airbags, child window and door locks.

I like the heated seats, remote start and larger engine. Dislike gas mileage and would like a little more room.

- Johnna S

Reasonable price and many luxury items.

Smooth ride, quiet while during. The terrain is very comfortable. It has a great sound system. No complaints.

- Jan S

Decent gas mileage, seats 5 people, good storage space in the back.

comfortable, reliable, good performance, nice qualities, no issues with the vehicle, heated seats and mirrors.

- Tara P

It is very fun to drive.

Wish it was a little bigger with additional seats. Would have liked a sunroof with the rest of options I have.

- Julie D

Get the bigger engine to avoid some sluggishness

I love the interior. I love the exterior style. The vehicle is slightly underpowered with the engine I chose.

- David S

My vehicle drives well and is dependable on a regular basis.

I like that it is roomy. I like the color. I hate the location of the air vents. I like the reverse camera.

- Brandy S

The safety is the most important. The vehicle has many airbags.

I like the SUV type of vehicle. However, it does go through gas quickly. I also love the safety features.

- Tonya M

It is amazing and I would get it every day

I love this vehicle. The way it looks and the way it drives. Gas mileage is good and the truck is quite.

- Derek B

It is reliable an we have had no issues with it.

Does not turn tight. Very comfortable, lots of legroom. Lots of room for storage. Great backup camera.

- Toni S

it is dependable and drives well. The gas mileage is approximately 30 to 32 miles per gallon on the highway. Has good pick up and moves when needed. Has solid safety features

has heated seats, navigation, bose stereo, power seats, 4cyl but runs great and has good gas mileage

- andrea g

It handles great under fully loaded weight. Awesome!

I love the size of my car. It is perfect for everyday use. I have never had a SUV before only cars.

- Tanya H

it is a spacious and comfortable ride

it handles well, comfortable ride, spacious. the pick up is a little lacking for the 2.4 engine

- amanda c

It's a reliable vehicle. Comfortable to ride in and to drive.

It rides very nicely. Very comfortable and reliable. Doesn't get very good gas mileage.

- Glenda K

Great gas mileage for the size of the car. Touch screen is great and very spacious.

I love the amount of legroom. I wish the trunk was bigger. Everything else is great.

- Tim H

it's very comfortable and it's a good family car and reliable.

Comfy and quiet ride. Has plenty of room. Only dislike is the terrible gas mileage.

- gabby z

It is dependable and gets good gas mileage and a nice size

I like the size, the gas mileage, navigation system, easy to drive, no blind spots

- Vickie K

Drives great and handles well in all weather conditions. Gets really good mileage for an SUV.

All wheel drive, handles very well. Great on gas and good in the snow.

- Method V

It is a very well built safe car

I like the size. I like the safety features. The interior is nice.

- Angela L

It was reasonably priced and is nice to look at. Thanks.

I like the color. I dislike how low it sits. I like the gas mileage.

- Melissa B

the suv is reliable mid size vehicle is 4 cylinder and are selling fast

it's a great suv and 4 cylinder and saves on gas and very reliable

- Pleashette H

The car has great quality for the price. No complaints so far.

No sunroof is a dislike. Drives smoothly. Poor pickup. Good size.

- Caleigh G

26 miles per gallon for a SUV is good

AWD with lots of features that fit my personal and family needs

- Dennis L

Is a compact SUV reliable transportation is AWD good for winter driving

no complaints. Is a good vehicle. Comfortable and plenty roomy

- Valerie S

Great family size suv for people on the go good gas mileage

great SUV no problems. Just the right size. Good gas mileage

- ken r

Great gas mileage for Its size

Just the right size. Great gas mileage. Good for long trips.

- Conrad S

I like that it's roomy on the inside for hauling, small enough to fit into parking spaces with ease and great on gas. Only dislike is that the steering wheel doesn't tilt up at all.

Stylish Looking with great functionality and fun to drive.

- Teddi S

My terrain is a very reliable vehicle. It is not the most comfortable car, seats are a little hard.

The Terrain is Very reliable and great on gas, for an suv!

- Susie G

Great on gas for the amount of space you get and the overall size of the car

It is a smaller suv which is nice for gas and parking.

- Amanda M

Use your brain, don't refrain, buy a gmc terrain. Economical and low maintenance.

- Loretta P

Nothing like the GMC terrain.

- Vet G