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2012 Honda Civic EX Coupe - Same Honda Quality with a Sports Car Feel

2012 Honda Civic EX Coupe

This vehicle has the great Honda quality with the sporty and sleek look. It has driven over 1,000 miles at a time, and it did all of that on a little over 4 tanks of gas which can hold around 11 gallons at a time. The Honda Civic EX Coupe has a sunroof, easy displayed speedometer, and a spacious trunk. It also has a radio with a CD player as well as a place for an auxiliary cord and a car charger to plug in. The car is easy to drive, however it sits very low to the ground so the ride is not as smooth as other higher sedans or Honda Civics. Also, the backseat is very small, so unless the driver and passenger are shorter and can sit further towards the front, there is not much leg room in the back for an adult passenger to sit comfortably. It can fit up to 4 adults, but it will not be very spacious. The media display area makes it easy to check the oil level, which is helpful for deciding when to take the car in for an oil change, and it also makes changing the clock and adjusting the audio levels easier and more accessible. Some parts of the media display level can also be adjusted from buttons on the steering wheel, which makes the driver able to change settings without taking their eyes off the road. Even after 100,000 miles, this car has not had any major problems, and the parts have been pretty easy to acquire from vendors or from Honda themselves. This car is trustworthy and comfortable for short commutes or long distances, which makes it the perfect car for someone who is single or does not have kids. I would definitely purchase this vehicle again.

- Meredith C

Great first car with very little complaints.

2012 Honda Civic

The 2012 Honda Civic has a number of wonderful features. I do not have very many complaints. This car gets great gas mileage, especially on long road trips. Sometimes I have reached 50mph on long road trips. Driving in the city I get probably 25 mph on average but I live in a place with a lot of mountains. The seats could be more comfortable but it is not a deal-breaker for me. I enjoy the digital speedometer to really keep me from speeding. The display is easy to navigate and read. There is a neat option to put a photo of your choosing, whether it be a photo of your family, your pet, landscape, etc. The trunk has way more space than I would have anticipated for this size of a car. I never have a problem with storage. This car is so easy to handle and drive, I believe anyone could drive a Honda Civic with ease. This was my very first I had ever owned and I believe it is a great car for a beginner driver. The price also is pretty good- I believe I paid just under $20, 000. I have the lx model, so nothing too fancy but it gets me around just fine. One complaint I have is I think the tire pressure monitoring system sensor is sensitive because mine seems to break often. Luckily, it is not a crucial part of the car, I just make sure to check my tire pressure often. Some states do require the sensor to be working in proper condition in order to pass an inspection.

- Nicole D

Best description of my car. My car is a very reliable, easy to maintain car.

2012 Honda Civic DX Coupe

The problems I have had with my car is the air conditioner going out it seems like every summer, keeping the tires aligned. The performance of my car is awesome I get 433 miles on a full 12 gallon tank. My car runs and rides very smoothly. It is very reliable the only time it has not run is when I completely ran out of gas. I have never been stuck on the side of the road needing a tow. The only time I have ever been stuck on the side of the road to change a tire. It is very comfortable with lots of legroom for both front and back seat riders. The seats are very comfy. All features are electric except the door locks, has a CD player, a gage for the motor rpms even though it is an automatic transmission, running lights that come on as soon as you start the car that is very interesting to me because this is the first car I have ever had that had that feature. The speedometer is digital which I really like because I do not have to guess at the speed I am going. The middle console is also a storage place. It came with easy to wash removable floor mats. It has power windows. The gas tank locks with any easy push button release. It is grey with a grey interior. The seats recline so you can sleep comfortably and can access the trunk through the backseat.

- Sue Ann R

It is reliable, it's efficient and comfortable.

2012 Honda Civic

Lots of features that were present on older versions of this care were taken away or made as add on packages. The quality at this time as far as bluetooth and compatibility and interface with smartphones was completely disintegrated, which wastes the whole display the car comes with. Car otherwise meets expectations for Honda's maintenance schedule, runs efficiently, and is not a CVT which is helpful because there is less maintenance. This car is OK to service on my own and I feel comfortable doing most of my own service and maintaining my vehicle. I can't emphasize enough how bad the integration between audio bluetooth and smartphone is as the car does not work with ANY android device updated past 3.0 to display album artwork which is frustrating as the car needs a software update for this and Honda has no plan to fix this.


That customizable display though.

2012 Honda Civic Base Hybrid

It is very customizable with the display, and the control center, to suit your likings. I have had only one problem with the car, the display wasn't displaying the mph, gas tank, or the temperature: with a quick unplug and replug of the battery it reset itself and went back to normal. The car is super roomy, very nice to seat both me and my family with plenty of legroom. The seats are very cushiony, really comfortable, but still sturdy enough to not sink into them. The car has good gasoline mileage, allowing me to make long out of town road trips with only one or two fill ups. Not only does it have good gasoline mileage it is a pretty powerful car too, performs very well in daily driving. The trunk has a lot of space surprisingly for a car this size. It is a great car I totally recommend it.

- Josh B

Great reliable fuel efficient car.

2012 Honda Civic

This is a very reliable car. I bought it new and have had no issues other than a flat tire. The vehicle displays when maintenance is needed. It has not only a dc outlet but also a USB port which for me is important. The sound system is nice. I listen to loud music often and the speakers still perform just as well as the day I bought it. The seats are comfortable and reasonably adjustable. The trunk is spacious for the size of the car and the back seats fold down if needed. The gas mileage is very good. I often make long road trips on only one fill up. The only downside in my opinion is that the windshield wipers do not have and adjustable setting. Sometimes they are either too fast or too slow. Over all I love this car and will own it until the day that it dies.

- Sarah J

New Honda design reinvents the dashboard and makes it all about the driver.

2012 Honda Civic

This design of the Civic is very different from the previous models. It seems bigger and the dashboard is like almost like a cockpit. The driver space is rounded making everything angled toward the driver. The speedometer is on a second level of the dash and is digital. At first this seems okay, but then I realized that it is actually kind of annoying because the top of the steering wheel often completely blocks the speed. You have to adjust the seat in order to see it better. The passenger side dash is ridiculously large. It is like a table over the glove box. Not entirely sure of the purpose of this but there does not seem to be much passenger side space because of it. Overall it is a great car though, like most Honda's!

- Veronica M

Near perfect, lifetime of happiness.

2012 Honda Civic EX Coupe

I based my car buying decision on my experience with owning an assortment of different beaters, and that this time I was going to buy something new. Out of all the beaters I have owned, Hondas always got the best gas mileage, were the cheapest to fix, were easy to sell. If you read the bashing reviews for the 2012 civic, you'll notice the gripes are mostly about the cheap interior plastic and road noise. If you compare the reviews to other competitors like the 2012 focus or Elantra, they are having serious issues involving the transmission, and check engine lights coming on recent to the purchase of the vehicle. That should tell you something. No car is perfect, buy Honda seems to get close.

- Craig J

It gets really great gas mileage and holds up really well for traveling.

2012 Honda Civic

I have a silver 2012 Honda Civic. It has held together nicely on many long road trips. One downside is that it takes full-synthetic oil which can make oil changes pricey. It drives nicely, gets great gas mileage and is easy to use. It doesn't fit child car seats all that well. The front seat has to be pushed up a little too far for someone to sit in the passenger seat comfortably (Britax brand). When I first bought the car, I didn't like that the radio/dashboard area faced the driver, but now it has become second nature and causes no issues. When the Econ button is on, the car doesn't speed up all that well but it's an easy fix - just turn off Econ until you are up to speed.

- Liz M

The sleek and efficient machine.

2012 Honda Civic

The Honda Civic has a very sleek, clean design with four doors and carpeted seats. There are lights that surround the speedometer that change colors. It is very comfortable and the backseat is large enough for three people to sit comfortably. The radio has a nice design, as it faces towards the driver's seat. The Civic has an econ mode, so that gas can be saved with every mile. It also has very good gas mileage. I would say it averages about 35 miles per gallon, which is great. It is very reliable. I have not had any engine problems with mine since I bought it. The only complaint I have is that it does not come with the feature of automatic lights.

- Abby H

Minor issues don't really detract from this great car

2012 Honda Civic

I love my car and find it to be a fun and sporty ride, especially since it has a manual transmission. There are only two things I don't like about it. The first is the headrest. I had to turn mine around because it pushed my head forward at an uncomfortable angle no matter how I adjusted the seat. The second is the fact the USB plug in will only play music from Apple products. As an Android user, I was quite upset when I figured out that was why my music wouldn't play. Besides that I really have no complaints. My Civic has decent mileage, is reliable even in the cold, snowy winters, and has done me well.

- Danica S

Sporty, Dependable, Good Value for the Price

2012 Honda Civic EX Sedan

Reliable engine Comfortable seats and spacing Cloth Seats Clean relatively easily Relatively good gas mileage Cloth seats a bit fragile durability wise The engine has been very reliable, quick and easy solutions to any problems which have been very few Easy to adjust and fold down seats Able to transport medium sized items Mirrors are also easy to adjust leaving a negligible blind spot Large truck, cab and glove compartment storage Inexpensive to maintain & service Interior console wears easily, making need for paint touch ups Smooth ride, cab is slightly noisy

- Andrea T

Reliable car, efficient, with nice features

2012 Honda Civic EX Sedan

Car is very reliable, haven't had to put much money into repairs. There are some costs for upkeep. Good fuel efficiency, gas mileage. Computer on dash will tell you how many miles you have remaining per tank of gas. Bluetooth allows me to listen to music or podcasts from my phone on the car speakers. I can also talk on phone over car speakers. Computer on the dash updates maintenance reminders. Some Honda recommended maintenance is programmed, so the dash computer will recommend maintenance sometimes before you need it. Car drives well, not super fast but reliable..

- Chris C

Perfect car for zipping around!

2012 Honda Civic

I love my Honda Civic Si, it's the best car I have ever owned. I have owned multiple Honda's and this one is my favorite, the six speed transmission is smooth, the steering handles well. The only issue I have had is a paint warranty that I had to have fixed twice, although I didn't have to pay for it the second time I took it in for a different area then was fixed originally, it took almost two weeks and they had to provide a rental. Overall I love my extremely happy with my vehicle and the only disappointment I have is with the actual dealership near my home.

- Ashley C

Plain Jane surprises you!

2012 Honda Civic

It runs well, is very comfortable and gets excellent gas mileage! It has a lot of bells and whistles although it looks like a plain Jane from the exterior. It is black with almost no chrome; personally, I like a car that looks real snazzy but I chose this one because of its additional features... Leather seats, GPS, cell phone hook up, power windows, key lock system, mileage and more. I have had no problems with it... The only negative is there is more road noise than I like but I found that true in a previous Honda I owned. I would rate this vehicle a.

- Rebecca S

Great dependable car for anyone.

2012 Honda Civic LX Sedan

I love my car. I haven't had any actual issues with it and it is my daily car. It's great on gas too. Even when gas is at it is most expensive it is still less than $40 to fill the tank and that includes when my car is at 1 bar of gas. Super comfortable for me and I love how the dashboard sort of faces the driver. I also love that the volume and options are on the steering wheel. Everything is also digital which definitely helps. I do wish the car came with a GPS but it is not too much of a flaw for me since all phones at this point have one.

- Karla O

It is a very good car with great mileage.

2012 Honda Civic

I love the great gas mileage. I get an average of 35 miles per gallon. It is also a very reliable car. I have had little or no repair costs. We do routine maintenance such as oil changes and tire rotations. I have had to replace the battery several time. I do not like the tire pressure maintenance light. It goes on every time there is a change in the weather. It also does not let you know which tire is low. It would be nice to be able to turn this feature off. The car sits very low to the ground and I feel like I am rolling out of the car.

- Lisa K

Chaotic life with our Honda.

2012 Honda Civic LX Sedan

I love my car it is reliable good on gas and a great family car. It is also my commuter car. It looks good and drives great. Maintenance is not as expensive and all my maintenance is done at a Honda dealer. My car is affordable in every sense. My car is leather interior which is great with spills from my kids. Moonroof is a awesome added feature that the kids also enjoy. The seat warmer has been great during those cold mornings. I have not had any major mechanical problems or accidents. We really enjoy and love our Honda.

- Diva A

My Honda Civic is white and its a 4 door sedan.

2012 Honda Civic

I love my Honda Civic. It drives great! It is white and has less miles on it. It's a gas saver also. This is my first time ever driving Honda Civic. The Civic is truly all things to all people. For the practical, budget-minded driver, it is cheap to maintain runabout that can be depended on for years to come. And for everyone else in between, it is probably exactly what you're looking for. So if you own, have owned, or know someone who owns a Civic, you probably have fond memories of the car that put Honda on the map.

- Morgan M

Great Car for any Family or Individual.

2012 Honda Civic

I love the Honda Civic line of cars because of their proven reliability, low cost to operate, and safety record. Even though my car has over 215,000 miles and is a 2012, it still operates like a new car. The gas mileage my car gets is very cost effective considering I put about 35,000 miles per year on my car. Repair costs are very low and my car has yet to need anything besides regular maintenance like oil changes, tire rotation, and coolant and transmission flushes. The Honda Civic is a great car for any family.

- Rhonda B

The Honda Civic: a very dependable car.

2012 Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is a very reliable car! We haven't had any major issues with it! Everything is still running smoothly, and we just bring it in for the regular maintenance. It gets pretty good gas mileage. The ride is mostly comfortable, but could be a little more smooth and sound proof. Our only complaint would be that it seems the doors and trunk door could be sturdier for a crash. However, I believe they do well in crash tests even with their lighter construction. Overall, we highly recommend the Honda Civic!!

- Rebecca M

The main thing of my car is probably it's practicality.

2012 Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is a hybrid so it always did really well on gas but they did something on one of the normally scheduled services where they switched the battery and now it does not get as much. It runs well other wise and is very reliable. Another thing is that when you are stopped like at a light for too long it basically shuts off and can take some getting used to accelerating immediately after, but all in all it runs well and the sound system is pretty good and it's pretty comfortable, even on longer drives.

- Joseph G

Keeping up regular maintenance I haven't had issue with vehicle performance.

2012 Honda Civic

The vehicle has normal wear and tear. I have gotten all oil changes and maintenance a the dealership. The car does not have a coin holder, you can turn the volume down when you receive a call (with phone connected through the Bluetooth) with the dial, you have to use the steering wheel controls. The Pandora app only works when the phone is connected via USB to the car. Sometimes it does not work a all. Sometimes you have to disconnect and reconnect the USB for the car to recognize your device and play music.

- Erika B

Low maintenance vehicle that is great on gas mileage!

2012 Honda Civic LX Sedan

I have experienced no problems with my 2012 Honda Civic. I bought the vehicle as a certified pre owned car in January 2015. I have added nearly 60,000 miles to the vehicle since I have owned it. The vehicle is extremely reliable and has excellent gas mileage. The only negative aspect would be slow acceleration as with most cylinder vehicles. The Civic handles well and turns on a dime. It is relatively comfortable for a compact car and fits two car seats in the back seat. The trunk is very spacious as well.

- Heather G

Great on gas, but be sure to keep at least 4 bars of gas.

2012 Honda Civic Base Hybrid

This car has proven to be amazing on gas mileage although I noticed when it gets to 3 bars of gas it drops rapidly, so it is best to maintain at least 4 or more bars of gas. The steering wheel has controls for the radio and cruise control, but using the cruise control so rarely, I think would have been useful to have the thermostat controls available on the steering wheel. The screen for the speedometer, etc took some adjustment but since I have adjusted I much prefer being able to see the exact speed.

- Catherine G

What I like about driving my 2012 Honda civic si.

2012 Honda Civic Si Coupe

I enjoy my civic. It is fun to drive while also being able to get great mileage out of my drive. Surprisingly roomy for a coupe and very comfortable. Handles very nicely and I forget that it is a smaller car and able to be parked anywhere. I wish I had the upgraded stereo with touch screen that would be one downfall to this years model. The engine is very responsive and if you need to go the vtec kicks in and she scoots. Good size truck with the ability to let back seats down for even more room.

- Eric T

Comfortable, economic efficient, smooth.

2012 Honda Civic

drive is very smooth, very little maintenance has been needed. I keep up with the regular oil changes. Car is incredibly comfortable, sleek and has a good sound system. Honda has definitely stepped their game up with their vehicles. It is also environmentally with high gas mileage and allows you to monitor your speed with the dash changing color to show you when you are maximizing your gas mileage. Saves you a lot of money in the gas department. The drive is smooth and gas mileage is great.

- Maya V

Loving our distance runner!

2012 Honda Civic LX Sedan

We love our civic, especially for long car trip. There is plenty of space for our supplies and our dog! We typically average over 40 mpg highway miles and about 30 mpg in town driving. The only issue we've had is when we switch the tires from winter to summer. Our low tire pressure sensor has trouble reading the true tire pressure on our summer tires. However, it is not a big deal for us because we take many long trips during the summer and always do a maintenance check before we travel.

- Monica C

Comfort and cost considerations.

2012 Honda Civic Base Hybrid

The car is comfortable, but does not have a large trunk. At initial purchase the gas mileage is really good but as ware on vehicle occurred cars mileage goes down considerably. The repairs on the vehicle are higher than other vehicles because of the hybrid status. I would recommend the vehicle for someone on a monthly budget due to gas but if someone is unable to maintain overall maintenance of vehicle, should be cautious because that increase cost over other vehicles for maintenance.

- Jackie F

Reliable car with great gas mileage.

2012 Honda Civic EX Sedan

My Honda civic has had no problems, it is highly reliable and comfortable for the price paid. The miles per gallon is a huge selling feature as it can be over 30 miles to the gallon, which saves a lot in gas money. It has the digital speedometer which is useful in knowing exactly what speed the car is going. Further, in the 2012 model the radio/buttons are slightly shifted in the direction of the driver to make it safer and easier for the driver to adjust the radio/thermostat/etc.

- Lori K

Looking for a great reliable car get a Honda.

2012 Honda Civic EX Sedan

Well I bought my 2012 Honda civic with 78000 miles on it about a year ago and haven't had any major problems at all just simple things like and oil change and stuff like that.It's awesome on gas and a smooth ride either on the highway or regular roads. I have been a Honda fan my whole life and in my opinion there is no car more reliable than a Honda. I have a cloth interior and it is pretty comfortable and everything else is just the basic edition but I am very happy with my car.

- David B

Good on gas and reliable, safe.

2012 Honda Civic

I have owned my vehicle for three years. It is a 2012 Civic and nothing has broken or given me problems in this time. I feel safe in my vehicle and find it to be comfortable and enjoyable to drive. I have been in more modern luxury cars that offer a smoother ride, but for the price I am very pleased with my car. One of the best features is the gas mileage. In my previous car, I was refilling my gas tank much more often. My Civic is cost efficient because of how good it is on gas.

- Emily C

I enjoy how my car gets me from point A to point B.

2012 Honda Civic

My Honda Civic just does not have the get up and go that I want in a vehicle. The seats are small, narrow, and uncomfortable to where my butt hurts after driving periods of time. I drive a lot so this aspect is large for period. My gas cap in the winter gets frozen shut. The way the windshield wipers go are bother me as well. Small backseat and gas tank. No sunroof and no Bluetooth abilities. When changing oil, it is position in the most awkward spot and hard to get to.

- Casey M

Great car for commuting to work or college.

2012 Honda Civic LX Sedan

This car is reliable and is great for commuting. Does great on gas and provides plenty of room for a daily driver if you are by yourself or with someone. I personally would get a bigger vehicle if you have a family. Has eco mode but I never use it because I like to accelerate quickly and merge into traffic. I am 6 feet tall and the seating is comfortable for about an hour after that it starts bothering my back. I do like how the dashboard display is. Very user friendly.

- TJ G

Hard to see out the back of the Honda Civic when parking

2012 Honda Civic DX Coupe

The Honda is good on gas that is a perk. Its relatively peppy enough. I can move when I have to. The one thing I really don't like about it is that I can't see out the back well enough. I have to rely on the video cameras. I am used to relying on mirror- I drove some box trucks. But it's too hard to truly see when parallel parking. Even the angle of the side mirrors aren't great. It's not easy to see if I'm close to the curb or not. I guess I prefer my jeep wrangler.

- Samantha K

Dependable Honda Civic with great gas mileage.

2012 Honda Civic

The mpg is great. I get between 35 and 37 mpg whenever I drive. I have never had any service issues with the car but did have to take it into the dealership to replace a recalled airbag. They made the replacement painless and did it in under thirty minutes. They also gave me a gift card for bringing my car in, which more than covered any fuel and inconvenience I had getting the car there. I have been very impressed with this car. It is by far the best car I've owned.

- Christopher M

It has a menu button that easily allows you to change the clock/time.

2012 Honda Civic

It gets really good gas mileage. It has a good CD player, & pretty good radio. Wish there were speakers in the back or surround sound. The cruise control is very easy to use. The trunk is pretty spacious, & the back seats hold three adult passengers easily. There is a little fold down drink holder for the comfort of back seat riders also. I chose the royal blue color civic, & it really sparkles when it is clean. It has a good amount of pick up and go too.

- Tina M

A reliable and affordable car with great gas mileage.

2012 Honda Civic EX Sedan

The Honda civic is a great car. It is incredibly reliable with regular maintenance. This car is made for everyday travel and has a good amount of storage for a vehicle its size. I wish the engine had a little more get up and go, but I am satisfied with the quality of the car. This car gets wonderful gas mileage making it a vehicle that most people can afford to run and maintain. I have had several Hondas and have never been disappointed by what the vehicle promised.

- Crystal C

If you like to have a ride that is easy to handle this is it.

2012 Honda Civic

The car is amazing with the use of gas, it lasts very long. The car has not given me any problems, such as breaking down or any of those sorts of things. Also, it is very comfortable and I have been able to travel a great distances with it. If you are looking for an inexpensive and reliable car, than this is it. I am a student a university and I also work part time so I am very busy, so this car lets me do all of that and does not give me any problems whatsoever.

- Natalie S

You cannot go wrong with a Honda!

2012 Honda Civic DX

I love Honda and especially my Honda civic. It looks really good and has plenty of room insure for a smaller cal. What I like best is the dependability and the gas mileage. I am retired so I do not drive to work every day but I used to and I never had a problem with it. I believe this would be true for anyone as long as they keep up routine maintenance. Now I only have to fill the tank one a month and it sure saves on gas. I would recommend a Honda to everyone.

- Michaela T

Pro’s and con’s of a Honda Civic.

2012 Honda Civic

Pros: quiet engine, gas efficient, energy saving option (econ), smooth ride, cheap to maintain, digital dashboard. Cons: easily broken in to, small, big blind spots. Overall I love my car and know it will last for a long time. . It feels very reliable when I drive it long distances, but it is not the most comfortable to be in for longer than 2. 5 hours. Since the quality of the vehicle is so good, I can also get a good selling price for it if I upkeep the car.

- Ashley N

The color only came out with 200 or so for that year.

2012 Honda Civic

My car is a 2012 Honda Civic exl which means it has leather seats, it comes with an adjustable sunroof, a very spacious trunk. Comes with a good sound system and stalk subwoofers in the trunk, heated seats, cruise control, Bluetooth, even has an econ feature to help you save gas. No real problems with the car after two years of driving it. Lights come on whenever there is a problem and you can see the mileage you are getting most the time it is 29-37 mpg:).

- Ayana E

My Civic is my baby - my first and most beloved car!

2012 Honda Civic Base

Overall, this is an excellent car. Gas pedal reacts quickly but smoothly. Especially great for city driving and parking. I've barely had issues with this car. In the 6 years since I've had the car, the only repairs I've had to have done are a few tire changes and one battery change. My only complaints are small features that have been updated in more recent Civic models (for example, Bluetooth audio connection, more charging ports, sunroof, etc.).

- Liv R

Honda Civic- durable despite squirrel damage.

2012 Honda Civic

The vehicle has had consistent minor problems since it was purchased used in 2014 (at the time 2 years old). I have had to replace the alternator and battery. I also had an issue with the transmission caused by squirrels. The car is very comfortable, the ability to connect a smart phone via USB is a nice perk. The car maneuvers well and is surprisingly good to drive in the snow. The car also gets very good gas mileage, and is generally reliable.

- Caroline K

Maintenance minder system.

2012 Honda Civic

Rather than using a static table of time and mileage to keep track of maintenance, the maintenance minder™ system on the Civic calculates service needs based on how the vehicle is driven—not just how long. It checks engine operating conditions, such as weather extremes, stop-and-start traffic and frequent short trips and helps coordinate oil service dates and other maintenance check-ups to minimize your trips to the service department.

- Constance T

Reliable, convenient, spacious.

2012 Honda Civic

Has been reliable since I got it. Has only needed the regular maintenance such as oil changes, tune ups, etc. It is great on gas so I use it to drive everywhere instate and out of state, even out of the country. Also, it is very spacious inside and in the trunk which is great with passengers being comfortable and shopping needs met. I can put anything from groceries, Costco sizes paper products, and even shovels and rakes from home depot.

- Sarah M

Great starter or commuter car.

2012 Honda Civic

My car has had zero performance or reliability issues. At the time of purchase I did ask one of the tall salesmen to sit in the passenger seat as I wanted to assure my 6"4 son and 6' husband would fit in the front passenger seat. Unfortunately, he said it wasn't cramped, they disagree and grumble every time they are in the car. It is a great commuter vehicle and I am happy with my gas mileage since I drive 110+ miles per day for work.

- Joy L

Great gas mileage and a good looking car too.

2012 Honda Civic DX Sedan

My Honda civic is a great car. My favorite thing about it is that it gets amazing gas mileage. It is inexpensive to maintain and in the last 4 years that I have owned it I have never had a breakdown. The car is compact and easy to maneuver but still has plenty of room to comfortably get around with my two children. It also has a clean look and smooth feel. Parts are also affordable when they are replaced for regular maintenance.

- Cassandra J

Affordable, family-friendly car.

2012 Honda Civic

This car is great for me because I have a far drive to work every day. I usually end up averaging 35 miles per gallon so I not only have a reliable, comfortable, and safe care but it is also very efficient and affordable. As an expectant mom, I am very comfortable at the thought of driving my new baby around in this car. I would highly recommend it to anyone in the market for a cost-effective, safe, family-friendly vehicle.

- Meagan M

It is reliable and required little maintenance outside of regular oil changes.

2012 Honda Civic

I like that my vehicle is dependable and has required little maintenance over the past 6 years. It has good gas mileage (approx. 30 mpg) and the a/c and heat have never had any problems. However, because it is 6 years old, it is starting to seem a bit outdated when I compare it to others’ cars. Many newer cars have Bluetooth, GPS systems, push button start, remote start, back up cameras and motion detectors in the mirrors.

- Jackie N

Owner review: 2012 Honda Civic - Bluetooth notes.

2012 Honda Civic

Since I have purchased my 2012 Honda Civic, I have really enjoyed driving it. There are a lot of features I really enjoy, including the moon roof, auxiliary features, Bluetooth, and space. One thing that is a little inconvenient or a bit of an annoyance is that the Bluetooth delays on the speakers. When my phone is connected and playing music and I skip to the next song, it delays for a few seconds before changing the song.

- Erin W

Gas miser. I am constantly passing gas stations and this gives extra bucks.

2012 Honda Civic

The Civic is very good on gas mileage and very easy to drive, it is a 4 door and can seat 4 comfortably, radio and speakers very good for a more inexpensive car, plenty of trunk space, small motor but lots of pick up, plenty of room for drinks in front seat area, large glove compartment for small car, love the headlights which can be turned on and off, how about the extra large mirror which enables me to check out the back.

- George P

It is a fuel efficient, compact car. A good everyday, there isn't any discomfort.

2012 Honda Civic EX Coupe

I have cloth seats, super cold AC, good gas mileage, it is never more than $30 to fill up my tank with mid-grade gas. My sound system that it came with is loud and works very well with my Bluetooth feature. I often use the eco mode for my city driving so I don't have to fill up often. I haven't had any issues with the vehicle. Maintenance is low, a regular oil change and brake replacement. Wheels aren't needed often.

- Megan E

2012 Honda civic impression.

2012 Honda Civic

I absolutely adore my 2012 Honda civic! I like the econ feature it comes with because this way I save gas, therefore I save money. This vehicle has been extremely reliable for my infant daughter and I; even when I travel long distance (SC to FL for example). The only two issues I have with this car is that I cannot connect my music through Bluetooth and I personally believe there is not much leg room in the back seats.

- Catalina C

Very great a car and ready for anything.

2012 Honda Civic

This is a great vehicle. I have had little to no problems while owning this vehicle so I am sure that it is awesome. Really comfortable to use whenever you'll be on the road for some time. To me, this car has been everything. Very reliable since there are no issues. It handles great. Very easy to drive, it does not take a rocket scientist. I love this vehicle and would definitely upgrade to a newer model and year.

- Jean K

All the conveniences without any unnecessary bells and whistles.

2012 Honda Civic

This is my second Honda Civic sedan and I love everything about it. It has exactly the right amount of space to cram friends and kids in occasionally without having to drive a huge vehicle when commuting alone. The trunk is big but the car can fit in compact parking spaces. The roof is low enough to clear snow off of easily. It's not fancy, rarely needs more than minimal maintenance, and gets great gas mileage!

- Laura m

It's reliable and gets great gas mileage so it's the perfect commuter car!

2012 Honda Civic

I like my honda civic for the most part. It has a built-in navigation system that always makes it easy to get home. It also has Bluetooth and is SiriusXM capable. The only dislikes I have are the fact it's a little too old to have the navigation backup camera. The seat also only moves manually. I got it used so I'm not sure if the Bluetooth calls ever worked correctly but it doesn't work as clear as it should.

- Kaitlin H

I love my 2013 Honda Civic!

2012 Honda Civic Base

My Honda Civic is seven years old. I bought used 2 1/2 years ago, and it has been running great. I get about 35 mpg, and I take it in for regular oil changes. Other than that my car has been fairly low maintenance, which is what I was aiming for when I bought a Honda Civic. My car has a CD player and an auxiliary port so I can play my music and answer calls over the radio. My car has been absolutely reliable.

- Debra B

Honda for life, why I will continue purchasing these vehicles.

2012 Honda Civic

This is the second vehicle I have purchased from Honda. The first car I purchased was a 2002 Accord when I was still a teenager, I did not take good care of this vehicle at all and it lasted me over 250, 000 miles. Purchasing that vehicle made me want to stick with Honda. My Civic is sporty, sleek, & remains great condition. Low gas mileage, affordable to fill up with gas. Very low maintenance costs as well.

- Taylor A

I love the interior and anything my kids spill on it or drop it comes right off.

2012 Honda Civic

This vehicle is extremely reliable, if there’s every something wrong with it I can take it anywhere to get looked at. Parts are easy to find and affordable. This car is great on gas, cost me 30$ every few weeks to fill up depending on much I drive. Insurance is not a crazy price and it super comfortable. I can fit my family in it and it trendy. The color is grey which I love with black leather interior.

- Ally S

It is the perfect everyday car.

2012 Honda Civic EX Sedan

I have had to replace brake pads often, and I am not rough on the brakes. It's always only one at a time which does not make sense to me when I replace both rear or both front at the same time. Love the features of Bluetooth and steering wheel buttons but wish it had a back up camera. It doesn't accelerate well even with econ mode off, sometimes making it difficult to merge when others will not slow down.

- Grace L

Runs Smooth Especially With Eco

2012 Honda Civic Base

My Civic is reliable and drives like a charm. I have an eco-boost button that I almost always have on. I've been driving her for five years now and I would not want to trade her in. Even at 100,000 miles she is just showing me her true potential. I have heard that Honda's are best to drive at this time because you have really broken her in. If I were to have to buy another car I would want another Civic.

- Caitlin O

I love the dependability, the features especially the heated seat, and excellent gas mileage!

2012 Honda Civic

I love how dependable my Honda is. It has all the features I want in a vehicle and the gas mileage is wonderful. My only wish is that I had something a little bigger to haul things or for 2 car seats in the back for my new grandchildren! I will definitely look for a new Honda when I am ready to replace this one. My car is a 2012 and only has 41,000 miles on it. I will have it for quite a few more years!

- Deb H

Highly Recommend the Honda Civic!

2012 Honda Civic

I have a 2012 Honda Civic and I absolutely love it! I've never had any mechanical or performance issues, though I've had issues with the plastic undercarriage pieces breaking in the winter. This causes them to drag on the ground and make large thumping noises. This isn't a major issue, as none of what has broke (at least so far) has caused any damage to my car. It's just rather annoying to deal with.

- Kaitlyn B

Good budget car for middle class buyers.

2012 Honda Civic

My car which I recently purchase is good for beginners. I recently got my license so I want to drive some car which is good at performance. It's been a month and car is good. Mileage is well. We go for long drive monthly once. Car has good music system. It comes with AUX cable. But it does not have Bluetooth. Brake shoe I need to change often as the life of car increases. Tire comes good lift.

- Arjun B

Honda civic eco doesn't disappoint.

2012 Honda Civic DX Coupe

I have not come across any problems with my Honda civic dx eco coupe. The performance is exactly what I need and expected. I do a mix of in town and highway driving. It has proven to be reliable and has not let me sit. The only maintenance is the regular (ie. Tires, oil, windshield wipers). The seats are not automatic, however, they do adjust up and down for peak position and comfortability.

- Laurel K

Safe, reliable budget car.

2012 Honda Civic

It is a very reliable car. It is not luxurious in terms of comfort, but it is also not 'bare-bones. ' a Honda Civic is a great budget car that does not feel cheap and is still very safe. The dash computer being above the steering wheel is a great feature for music and gas mileage -- I like that it is not on the center console so I do not have to dramatically move my eyes away from the road.

- Jo D

I love my Honda Civic - super reliable!

2012 Honda Civic

The 2012 Honda Civic is extremely reliable. I have never been stranded by something malfunctioning on my car. I drive on the highway often, so it is well over 100, 000 miles and all I have ever had to replace is general maintenance. The radio works great, and I feel like it drives well in all climates. I have even taken my car on cross country road trips and was comfortable the whole time.

- Jessica K

Pros and cons of Honda civic.

2012 Honda Civic DX Sedan

The size of the car is perfect for students and commuters. It comfortably fits up to five people and the trunk can fit a good amount of stuff. A full household of groceries can easily for in trunk. The sound system is good and the ar has aux and Bluetooth capabilities so you can listen to your own music. The car is a little low when getting into it, but has plenty of headpiece once inside.

- Daisy P

Sleek design, comfortable car, great gas mileage!

2012 Honda Civic EX Sedan

My car gets GREAT gas mileage and is very comfortable for normal size people (I'm 5'4, so I fit just fine). It is pretty uncomfortable for my 6'4 boyfriend on long trips (he is too tall to be able to extend his legs). I have not had one problem with my car - very reliable. I wouldn't choose any other brand or make for a commuter car. Stylish, comfy, and has the basic features I need.

- Cathy C

Pay attention to drag from the clutch when test driving.

2012 Honda Civic

I drive the is model. It is cute and sporty, though the flywheel drags when going from first to second gear. This is a common issue with this model, which was supposedly taken care of in newer years (2017+). It is a very expensive fix. Otherwise, the car is fun and comfortable to drive long distance or as a daily driver. I intend to purchase a new is eventually, as I do love this car.

- Jennifer M

Reliable, sunroof main highlight, there are concerns.

2012 Honda Civic EX Coupe

Got it in 2012. Brand new 0 miles. Now over 135000. Got all oil changes, every 30000 miles the service needed. Runs okay but needs work. Bluetooth keeps disconnecting-the knobs have come undone. Writing on steering wheel and dashboard where you play, stop..Etc has/is coming off. Do not use DVD player. The black lining outside windows and trim around doors have cracked and sun damage.

- Candice S

The most important thing others should know about Honda Civic is the reliability and safety features through the manufacturer's technology.

2012 Honda Civic

Trust this brand and their technology. It is a safe and reliable car. I enjoy driving it and it uses less gas. The price of the Honda Civic is not that expensive, but it is of high quality compared to some similar cars of different brands. Honda Civic year 2000 model was my first car. It will be the brand that I will buy in the near future. I will recommend it to friends and family.

- Bel S

Honda Civic 2012 - Black, Sedan, no extra features

2012 Honda Civic LX Sedan

Really trustworthy car. I was in a rear end accident and it was able to keep me safe. It has a ton of space in the trunk and drives very smoothly. I wish there were more cup holders, and since it is 2012 there is not a lot of technology that came with it. I also wish the car had a little bit more horsepower just because it seems to struggle a little going up the mountains.

- Lisa I

The 2012 Honda civic is a great car.

2012 Honda Civic EX Coupe

It performs well only one problem and that was the a/c needed service. When I took it to get repaired the labor cost was very low and after it was service it worked like a charm. Other than that I have never really had a problem with the Honda civic at all. Although I did have one cosmetic issue with the car and that was after years of sun damage the paint started chipping.

- John L

It is incredibly reliable and great on gas.

2012 Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is a very reliable car. I have never had to have any work done on it, other than breaks and oil changes. Originally I was not crazy about the car, it didn't have the power I wanted and the road noise was a bit more than I was used to. It is great on gas, and I have learned that less power means less speeding tickets. I would always be happy driving a Honda.

- Tina P

It is very easy to park. Gas is pretty cheap and sufficient.

2012 Honda Civic DX

My Honda civic is very good. It has great gas mileage and I have never had any maintenance problems. The only issue I have is that it is slightly small, and you cannot pack a lot of stuff in it if you are moving or travelling, but it is okay if you are just one person. I also do not recommend if you are really tall too. There is not much leg room for people over six feet.

- Elisabeth J

My Honda is a wonderful car and I would buy it again.

2012 Honda Civic

I love my Honda Civic. This is the fourth Honda I have owned. The performance, reliability, and gas mileage are great. I have never had any serious problems with my Honda. I find the ride comfortable and the. Size just fits me great! Just try a Honda out at your nearest dealership, you will not be sorry. The outside is classic lines and the inside has a sleek dashboard.

- Mona W

Reliable, trustworthy Honda Civic.

2012 Honda Civic

The 2012 Honda Civic is a reliable, trustworthy car that has excellent features. I have not had any problems with it since buying it almost 2 years ago. You can link your cell phone to your car speakers, allowing you to listen to music or to use your GPS to navigate. The back seat is spacious and the trunk is as well. I would absolutely recommend this car to any driver.

- Kelly S

that they it has a faulty clutch system that will make this horrible noise when pulling off. There isn't anything technically wrong with the car, but the noise annoying. I recommend not buying

2012 Honda Civic

I like that it has a sunroof. i like that it is a straight shift (manual), I liked the sporty look that it has. I don't like that the ipod feature in the car is defective and yet they keep on making the same feature in the cars. I also don't like that they knew the clutch system was faulty and yet kept placing them in cars and just recently stopped with the 2018 model.

- Brandy F

My civic has been great and I have not taken very good care of it.

2012 Honda Civic EX Sedan

I have owned my car since it was new. It now has 187,000 miles on it. I haven't had any major repairs. The only repair was a wheel bearing went bad at about 130,000. Not the most comfortable car but if you want to save money I do not think many if any car makers can beat it as far as reliability, mpg, cheap to repair and maintain overall great car for a frugal person.

- Daniel S

Reliable with a slick interior.

2012 Honda Civic

I love the Honda Civic because it is extremely reliable and smooth to drive. This car is also very great on gas. The driver seat can become uncomfortable after very long trips but overall I love the interior design, especially with the digital dashboard. The controls on the steering wheel makes it convenient to change the radio station and control volume up and down.

- Bobby J

Amazing dependable vehicle.

2012 Honda Civic

I have only ever had Honda Civics, and my family always gets Hondas and Acura so maybe I am a little biased, but I absolutely love them. My current car gets great gas mileage, is very reliable, and will probably last me many years to come. When my mom had to replace her 19-year-old odyssey that finally died, she ended up getting the exact same model Civic as mine.

- Melinda D

I have the ex which is more of a sports version of the Honda Civic.

2012 Honda Civic

It is reliable and really good on gas. It normally take about $25 to fill up the tank and that lasts me the entire week. It also features a gas saver that you turn on for long distances. It is very small, not much trunk space so I wouldn't recommend it for someone with a family. It has a nice sunroof with the manufactured tinted windows to give a sporty look.

- Raquel K

Honda civic is efficient in its ability to provide safety

2012 Honda Civic Base Hybrid

the vehicle works well there have been no problems it drives smoothly. I like how it shows the speed you are traveling above the wheel so you know for sure the exact speed you are traveling in the moment. It has an aux input and a charger input which is very nice to be able to play music as I drive and charge my phone when I need to charge my phone when I drive.

- Abby V

I love my light blue Honda civic.

2012 Honda Civic DX Sedan

I love my vehicle! I have never had any issues. It drives very smooth and easy to maneuver. It has comfortable seating and plenty of space in the trunk. My car gets great mileage. I drive everyday yet I need to fill up every other week. I really enjoy the interior features such as the eco gas option as well as having a simple dashboard that is easy to navigate.

- Tatiana P

An economical car for sure.

2012 Honda Civic DX

I have only had it for a couple of months. The brakes sometimes seem to 'click' especially at low speeds; we noticed that not the test drive but it didn't seem to be a problem. Might get it checked at my next scheduled maintenance. It is a very comfortable and speedy car. And from what I understand, it should be very reliable and hold its value. Time will tell.

- Kimberly M

My vehicle is a good starter car, and a good car to get back and forth from work.

2012 Honda Civic EX-L Coupe

The acceleration is a little tough but besides that it's a great car, especially for a first car. I am a college student and I think it works perfect for me. The breaks could be better, although stopping time is accurate as long as you are paying attention. Gas mileage is also a good thing about this car. I can use a full tank and make it last almost two weeks.

- Shelby C

I don't like the Honda Civic, performance is terrible.

2012 Honda Civic DX Sedan

It's a stick shift, I don't like that too much. Sometimes it just cuts off in the middle of me driving, so the performance is not great at all. Comfort isn't all there. Not really much of a reliable car. I had to go to the auto shop multiple times throughout the year. The a/c didn't work for some reason had to pay for that. I would like a new car honestly.

- Jenny K

Most of the new Honda’s have an economic button which is great to help save gas.

2012 Honda Civic

A Honda Civic is a good choice for a first car or even a project car. Honda’s have cheap parts and easy to find if you need to swap out a part or even if your modifying the car for a better look. The car is good on gas and will not break the bank filling the tank. Depend on the model you get there are some different features but I have a standard 4 door.

- Danielle G

Honda Civic 2012: good enough for a city car.

2012 Honda Civic

Good gas mileage, compact and easy to park. Sits low so if you are short it can be hard to see. I wish it had Bluetooth and a backup camera. It is sort of comfy, not for long periods of time though. It sits so low to the ground that the undercarriage has come loose when I drive over speed bumps, potholes, etc. which makes it nearly impossible not to ruin.

- Ang M

It is really safe and I love that.

2012 Honda Civic

There have been no problems and the performance is great for the type of car it has been very reliable it is small but it is comfortable and the features are nice. I think that this is a great starter car but once you begin to have children, the car just seems to get smaller and smaller so I would only get it if your kids a grown or you do not have any.

- Mariah P

Honda Civic: dependable and affordable.

2012 Honda Civic

Very reliable. It does not have a lot of bells and whistles, but I am okay with that. It is now eight years old, so it does need repairs, but it is normal wear and tear. I have had no real issues except having to change the tires and batteries. I like the computer system telling me when maintenance is due. A built in sat nav. would've been great.

- Jacqueline G

Great investment, great gas mileage.

2012 Honda Civic EX Sedan

I have had no issues with my Honda. The gas mileage is amazing and the performance has no comparison. The front wheel drive is the great... Would make this purchase again. The only issue I had was the paint that had a recall but Honda backed this up and gave my car a new paint job. My car is still running just like new after 7 years on the road.

- Tammie H

Medium size car. Great dash display

2012 Honda Civic

The car handles well. I am a smaller person so it suits me well. My husband is a little crammed in the car as he is nearly 6ft tall. Miss having a rear windshield wiper that this car doesn't have. The electronic dash is very good. Let's me know when oil change is due or a tire is low on air. Keeps track of how many miles I have left in the tank.

- Laura C

There are days I get around 40 miles per gallon.

2012 Honda Civic EX Coupe

Most reliable vehicle I have ever had with great gas mileage and very accurate steering. Pretty powerful engine for a four cylinder. Very few repairs but I have it maintained. Does not have some of the more advanced features on newer models but I really do not need digital controls anyway. Fairly comfortable but not like a Mercedes or anything.

- Jason S

Used 2012 Honda Civic review with seated seats.

2012 Honda Civic

My Honda Civic has been extremely reliable. I bought this car with my daughter in mind as it will become her car. It is very safe, has great gas mileage, heated seats, although in Texas they are not especially needed. This car is now 6 years old and I have needed a new battery, alternator, and new tires and that is all as far as major repairs.

- John F

Honda civic: great first time car!

2012 Honda Civic EX Sedan

It is a great vehicle for first time drivers. Great fuel efficiency and filling up the tank is pretty cheap. I love the moonroof and there is little to no sound when it drives. The brakes work well and the radio is great. On top of all these, it is extremely easy to maneuver and I always feel in control when I am driving it. I love my civic!

- Megan B

That it's well thought out designs, well put together, very comfortable on long drives, great fuel economy.

2012 Honda Civic

I love my car. It is well thought put in space design. Very comfortable for long drives. Very good fuel mileage. I also like the fact that it has just basics. No fancy stuff that can easily breakdown or be a distraction for drivers. I especially like the digital readout for the speedometer. No chance in not knowing the speed you are going.

- Kat B

My Honda Civic- my dashboard lights up like a x-mas tree.

2012 Honda Civic

I've had my car for about 3 years now and I haven't had any major work done on my car. This car is very reliable as long as you keep up the maintenance on it. The performance is satisfactory and even though I could use a little more leg room for the most part it is comfortable. The trunk is very spacious so it is an overall good vehicle.

- Stephanie M

Honda Civics have great gas mileage and easy to maintain.

2012 Honda Civic

My car is very comfortable and gets great miles per gallon. My favorite thing about my car is the econ mode that it has to improve gas mileage even more. It is also inexpensive to maintain and the maintenance is relatively easy. It is a good size for me and has great storage space. It is a great car that is reliable even after 100, 000.

- Bailey H

Honda. My car looks great. . It is in great shape, runs smoothly. I love the interior.

2012 Honda Civic

My car is smooth, easy to drive. Since I have bought I have not had any problems with it. I have owned this vehicle for 8 years. It runs quite smoothly and it is manageable to drive. My car is very reliable. I love that it looks nice and it is really comfortable. It runs great, motor sounds good, brakes with ease. I really like my car.

- Marcy V

Reliable for 5 years, it is okay I guess.

2012 Honda Civic

My vehicle has had a couple of problems 00 including overheating, stalling out, and the front light falling off. But, those issues only started recently and before that, it was very reliable. Though small, it is extremely comfortable. Some of the features include the fact it is automatic, a good sound system, and plenty of trunk room.

- Natalya R

It is economical. Not only is it one of the most affordable cars on the market, its gas consumption keeps it affordable for years after.

2012 Honda Civic

I like how good my car is on gas consumption. I also like its smaller size, while still being able to cart around my son and a significant amount of stuff. I dislike how it drives on the road. The shocks and suspension are not ideal, and you can feel every bump in the road. The steering is rough and it is not as smooth as other cars.

- Katherine C

The fact that I save so much money in gas.

2012 Honda Civic

Contrary to what critics thinks this is a great little car. It performs well and gets wonderful mileage. I couldn't be happier I am saving money over 120 dollars per month in gas. The heated leather seats are great and so is the interior. I have driven and seen a lot of high end cars and for the price I completely recommend this car.

- Chan J

Civic 2012 is good for its own time, but very outdated.

2012 Honda Civic EX-L Coupe

2012 civic is a mediocre car. It features eco button, but it does not save that much gas. I drove it for 8 years now, back in the day it was pretty well build, but the older it is the more expensive it is to maintain. This car is not build for speed. If you like to go fast on the freeway, do not buy this car, it will not be stable.

- A T

I like the size. It is not too big but not too small. And it is comfy.

2012 Honda Civic

I really like how good gas mileage it gets when traveling on the interstate. It does not get good gas mileage in the city in stop and go traffic. I wish it would drive more smoothly. And one think I dislike about it is that it is very low to the ground. But besides that I like it. Also, I wish the car speakers would play more loud.

- Alexandria N

Reliable car that is modern and fuel efficient.

2012 Honda Civic

It is very reliable. I have had it all through college and it is the perfect car to drive until you can afford your dream car. It runs smoothly and is very fuel efficient. My 2012 Civic has Bluetooth that works perfectly. I also can make calls which is great so that I can answer calls while I am in traffic or on the road commuting.

- Kira M

The car speaks to me and I am happy to own this vehicle.

2012 Honda Civic

Love the built in navigation, comfortable seating and great feature that tells you if someone is not wearing a seatbelt or if you have not released the handbrake. The Bluetooth is not so great and we've been having trouble getting it fixed. There is also a thudding sound in the rear end when you step on the brakes all of a sudden.

- Mars B

My favorite feature is the handsfreelink.

2012 Honda Civic

My Honda Civic is the most reliable car I've had. I have owned the car for 3 years and have never experienced any problems with it. It has comfortable, fabricated interior and a beautiful moonroof. It also includes Hands free link which is a Bluetooth system. Even though the car looks small, it contains a lot of room for storage.

- Emma O

Honda Civic sedan with sunroof and four doors.

2012 Honda Civic

The air conditioner stopped blowing cold. It is not the Freon. This happened 5 years after buying the car. It gets good gas mileage and is reliable. It has a feature to limit how hard you press the gas pedal to help save gas. I get about 32 miles per gallon if I fill the car up with gas. No other problems besides air conditioner.

- Brittany M

Long live Civic: dependable and reliable.

2012 Honda Civic

I absolutely love my Civic. The dash panels are easy to understand and aptly displayed. It is comfortable for driver and passenger, even on long car trips. The gas mileage is also impeccable for a non-hybrid. I plan on running this vehicle for as long as it will keep going and I am confident I have many more years left with it.

- Ali D

Two door, Honda Civic Coupe. Bright Red with leather interior and heated seats.

2012 Honda Civic

My car is a very reliable car. It will last beyond 400,000 miles as long and it is taken care of, of course. It has heated seats, and a sunroof. It has leather seating and a stereo that will play music from your phone or iPod with an aux feature. It is a nice, vibrant red. It performs well and has been taken on many a car trip.

- Sarah W

The panel is pretty and the car still smells new.

2012 Honda Civic

The car is comfortable. It has a perfect size, the trunk is big and the panel is visually appealing. It is not very big so it is easy to park in tiny places. The gasoline consumption is a bit high because my car is bulletproof, but other than that I like it. The car is a bit heavy, but the steering wheel helps me drive better.

- Sophia B

Do not need a lot of gas

2012 Honda Civic

It is pretty slow but it also saves a lot of gas it has never broke down on me, it is very comfortable does have an AUX plug n three plugs to charge your phone does not have touchscreen or Bluetooth but it is definitely a good car to get around in and it is also a four door and also has the echo green button to save more gas.

- Melissa M

Reliable and low maintenance Honda Civic.

2012 Honda Civic

My Honda Civic is quite reliable. It is also very low maintenance and has lasted me all these years with little to no issues. I have been told by passengers that the seats are comfortable and have good back support. Only thing I wish was the acceleration being a bit faster, but it is okay. Eco system it useful for saving gas.

- Emily V

Impeccable, reliable, comfortable.

2012 Honda Civic

My Civic is comfortable, reliable and I have had to invest very little in it since purchasing. It does not handle perfectly in the snow however for being a small car I would not expect it to but with the correct snow tires it does a good job. I have owned 3 Honda’s now and would highly recommend them to any age and driver.

- Elaina D

There is nothing I can highlight on my car other than she is special to me.

2012 Honda Civic

She drives like a dream and I love that natural car smell she came with, not necessarily new. It is a comfy size for me, it is my first car only thing I do not like is that it is a two door car, I wish it were a four door car. Yeah so that is all I have to say I do not know what else to say I just want to get this done with.

- Jane H

The Civic Hybrid is a very fragile car with challenging maintenance issues.

2012 Honda Civic

I have a Civic Hybrid. While it does get great gas mileage, maintenance on it is ridiculous. I have had to replace the AC 4 times and parts are not easy to get. It rides very low and pieces of the undercarriage are always breaking. No one ever has parts in stock, even a simple air filter always has to be special ordered.

- Rob M

Civic 2012 ex review of interior and mechanical problems.

2012 Honda Civic EX-L Sedan

I problems. Great car. I like the sunroof and it has great fuel economy. However, it is quite loud at times and does not have great acceleration. The sound in the speakers is nice. Overall, it is spacious for the front two seats and a good amount of legroom for the passenger seat. No problems cosmetically or mechanically.

- John L

The simple yet reliable vehicle.

2012 Honda Civic

Overall, I feel that MY car is pretty reliable. Never had much problems with it as long as I did the maintenance when it is time. The drive is smooth and the handling isn't too sensitive. The seating is comfortable and all the features are simple and easy to understand. I would recommend this vehicle for a first vehicle.

- Melissa N

Great Car for Road Trips, Travel, and Day To Day

2012 Honda Civic

My Honda Civic is a reliable, gas efficient car. I've taken long road trips in it and on the highway, I can get about thirty eight or forty miles to the gallon. Our GPS has always been accurate, and with regular oil changes and checkups on the car, it drives like it's still new. I'm planning to keep it for a long time.

- Melinda C

Great compact car, fantastic mileage!

2012 Honda Civic

Great compact car, never had any issues! I do wish the trunk had a wider opening, but if navigates it is manageable. Great gas mileage! It is quite comfortable so great for long trips. Love the eco button option! I do have some trouble with the Bluetooth connection for talking on the phone. But nothing I cannot handle.

- Johanna H

The Honda Civic, a reliable car.

2012 Honda Civic

Gas mileage is superb, highway is close to 35 mpg. Stock sound system is very nice for being stock. While this vehicle is ideal in most climates, it really struggles with even just an inch of snow of the ground. Maintenance is overall really simple, besides regular maintenance I have barely had to fix any major issues.

- Nevin W

It will probably last longer than I'd want to be seen driving it.

2012 Honda Civic

I like that it's cheap, reliable, and has excellent mileage. It's easy to find mechanics that will work on Civics. If I maintain it, it'll last forever. I dislike that I bought the most basic, no-frills model that didn't come with Bluetooth. I dislike the fact that everyone has a Civic. It has very little cargo space.

- Grace y

4 door sedan with plenty of versatility. Great on mileage and fuel efficient!

2012 Honda Civic

Honda is one of the most reliable cars on the market. I love the longevity and how well it is built. I have had little work done on my car since I keep up with the maintenance and it has lasted me 7 years! I recommend this car to any first time buyers, it is so important to have a reliable car and Honda is just that!

- Shay C

Love my Honda Civic: reliable and safe.

2012 Honda Civic

Honda Civic performs great! I always feel safe behind the wheel. I have had it for a little over a year and have not had any issues with it thus far. My only complaint is the lack of special features i.e. Seat heaters, navigation etc. I would recommend spending the extra money to take advantage of these features.

- Katie H

Great gas saving car with a luxury feel.

2012 Honda Civic

I really love the 2012 Honda Civic, EX model. It has warming leather seats, sun/moonroof, rear tinted windows, and econ mode. This car has also helped me to be more mindful of my driving with its current gas mileage gauge. It's a 4 cylinder, but I tend to average 30-35 mpg, even reaching up to 40 mpg on long drives.

- Jason W

Honda Civic is stylish, affordable, reliable and a pleasure to drive!

2012 Honda Civic

My 4-Door Honda Civic is the best purchase I have made in my adult life! It is very reliable, as long as you follow the simple guide for yearly maintenance. The interior space feels roomy- perfect for my friends and family, however still a fantastic compact car for driving and parking in a large metropolitan area.

- Suzannah C

The comforts of a Honda Civic. Good gas mileage.

2012 Honda Civic

My Civic has really good gas mileage. Changing my oil is not as expensive like other vehicles. My vehicle also lets me know how many miles I can drive in a gallon of gas. It also lets me know when it is time to balance my tires. The size of my vehicle is comfortable inside and it does not feel too big when driving.

- Crystal A

The Little Engine That Won't

2012 Honda Civic DX Sedan

It's way too small in every way. The motor doesn't like to go. I could have the pedal to the floor and it won't go above 30, or shift when it's supposed to, for that matter. I always hit my head getting in or out of it, just a tiny car. My mechanics always tell me though that it's a great car and will run forever.

- Leah P

I think my civic is money hungry.

2012 Honda Civic EX Sedan

My 2012 Honda civic is very cheaply made. The plastic undercarriage breaks off and drags. The seats are hard and the seat warmers never have worked and the drivers sun visor broke out in my hand 1 month after buying the car. The only positive thing about it is that I get around 45 miles per gallon on the highway.

- Emily M

Honda: best gas mileage for your wallet.

2012 Honda Civic

It is truly a great vehicle. I love the gas mileage of the vehicle and plan to purchase a newer year in the future. The makers of Honda is something to truly chose from. The quality of the build is something that not comparable to others. Please stop by and take a look at Honda dealers. Com for more information.

- Henry E

Good on gas, very reliable, may seem small but has a lot of room.

2012 Honda Civic

I really enjoy how well my car is on gas. It is very dependable and will know for a fact that it will last my family a long time. It may be small on the outside but there is plenty if room for multiple passengers. Recently I have noticed that my car is not that expensive when it come to keeping it running good.

- Destiny S

Honda Civic do not care. It’ll get you there.

2012 Honda Civic

My Honda Civic is very reliable. I have had it for roughly 3 years and have had minimal issues with it or repairs that needed to be done. It survived flooding and my negligence when it comes to proper car maintenance. It has great gas mileage and great ways to keep track of ways to better your gas consumption.

- Omar G

Fuel efficient and extremely reliable!

2012 Honda Civic

The 2012 Honda Civic is a very reliable and fuel efficient car. I often fill up the tank no more than once a week. Driving to school and work this car has made it super easy so save money on gas. Having taken good care of this car I can say that I really never find any problems with performance or reliability.

- Jesse M

Great economical vehicle, wonderful gas mileage, cutting edge technology

2012 Honda Civic EX-L Coupe

Very reliable, sunroof, power windows and locks. Great gas mileage with many wonderful features. Car runs great, Honda is an outstanding brand of car to buy, the value you will get is amazing. I would recommend a Honda Civic to anyone looking to buy a new car. Great purchase if you are looking to buy a new car

- Ashley K

I love my 2012 Honda Civic

2012 Honda Civic DX Sedan

I've had my car for 6 years and haven't had ANY problems. I've never broken down or had to replace any major parts. I've had to replace the battery, but that's all. I absolutely love my vehicle -- after about 130,000 miles being put on it, I can still say that it works just as well as it did when I bought it.

- Jess E

There are some really bad blind spots due to the shape of the back of the car.

2012 Honda Civic

I love the fuel efficiency of my car - it's great for driving in LA. I don't like that it's really low to the ground - I'm starting to have back problems and it's making it more uncomfortable to get into my car. I'm also no longer crazy about only having two doors - I'd like to go back to a four door vehicle.

- Roxanne P

Very comfortable and happy.

2012 Honda Civic

It is really reliable, performance is amazing, never really have problems with it, very comfortable, it has never broken down on me or done anything inconvenient for me, it always takes me where I want to go with ease and comfort. It is a very good car for travelling far distances because of the gas mileage.

- Molly H

Honda Civic. A truly dependable car.

2012 Honda Civic

My 2012 Honda Civic is very dependable and great on gasoline. I regularly maintain it and it has been very good to me. It has never broken down or left me stranded. It is has an economy feature that save on even more gas. And also has a feature that does not allow outside pollutants and smells into your car.

- Brett S

2012 Honda Civic purchased with 17k miles currently at 117k miles.

2012 Honda Civic

This car has been one of the best cars I have ever owned. It is great on gas and car has needed only normal wear and tear repairs in 5 years. Car is also very safe, 4 deer accidents and the car only sustained cosmetic damage. I have recommended Hondas to everyone that tells me they are looking for a new car.

- Brandon F

Civics are awesome vehicles and everyone should have at least one!

2012 Honda Civic

It is a very comfy vehicle and it gets great gas mileage. It has a ton of room in the front and back seats as well as the trunk. It is perfect for my two dogs to fit in the back seat when I am taking them to the dog park or on walks. It is very reliable, seeing as it has never broken down or had any issues.

- Dana H

Reliable and dependable Honda civic.

2012 Honda Civic LX Sedan

The Honda civic is very reliable and gets great gas mileage. Standard features include power steering, power windows, power locks, cruise control, CD player, USB connection, and eco. The display is great and helps keep you in fuel saving mode by changing colors depending on how fast or slow you are driving.

- Samantha R

Sporty red car with great mileage.

2012 Honda Civic

The cherry red sporty car gets very good gas mileage. It rides smooth and though small can fit 4 people comfortably. Electric locks and windows. The downside is that with being a 2 door it can be difficult to get in the back seat. The radio and CD player is ok. It could be upgraded. You can charge your car.

- Rick L

Has problems, but completely bearable with my income level.

2012 Honda Civic DX Sedan

I bought my car used. Unfortunately, the windshield wipers on the car are very weak. They do not work very well during times that it rains. Also, the mirror broke off at one point because it was loose. I also had problems with the battery when I bought it. In spite of these problems, it is still a good car.

- Kevin R

Reliability and durability.

2012 Honda Civic

I haven't had any problems with the vehicle in the entire time about it. As long as you change the oil regularly and keep it maintained you should not have any problems. That is why I bought a Honda, for its reliability and durability. I have never had a Honda before this but I am almost always had Toyotas.

- Jon A

My car is perfect! It is little but also spacious! It drives so smooth!

2012 Honda Civic

I need a new paint job also I need some new rimes due to overuse! I’d like to also put in a new stereo system just because I love music. I'd love to ring my windows. I need some new breaks due to them making noises. I’d like to put some new headlights in my car because the ones I got are a little dual.

- Sienna O

Definitely recommend the Honda Civic!

2012 Honda Civic

This is a very comfortable car that gets great gas mileage. I love that I do not have to worry when traveling long distances, and get their safely. It also does not take a lot of maintenance if you keep up on the regular oil changes/maintenance. It is been the perfect car for someone that enjoys traveling.

- Crystal H

A Honda is the car for you if you want something dependable.

2012 Honda Civic

I love it, Honda's are typically bulletproof. It gets great gas mileage and the maintenance has been very affordable. It is not the fastest or most powerful car but it does what it needs to very well, getting me from a to b cheaply and on time. I would highly recommend a Civic or any other Honda vehicle.

- William G

It is a solid running safe vehicle that ages well.

2012 Honda Civic

I like how my Honda Civic has stood the test of time with little to no problems. A fracture I enjoy is the digital odometer with green/blue lights to inform me when I'm driving economically responsible and not wasting gas. Lastly, for a sedan, there is really plenty of room for passengers & luggage etc.

- Ted B

It is dependable and it gets good gas mileage.

2012 Honda Civic LX Sedan

It makes loud sounds while its driving. But other than that there are minimal problems. It gets really great gas mileage. sometimes the air conditioning does not work the best. But overall it has been a really dependable car. It has been in a few accidents and the front bumper fell off but it still works

- Jill S

Simple Satisfying Car To Drive

2012 Honda Civic EX Sedan

this car is dependable and reliable in every way. I can think of no better piece of mind for myself and my family than being in our Honda civic. It is exceptional in gas mileage and still remains a stylish ride. If I had a chance to go back and choose a car again I would make the same choice every time.

- Edward H

Safe and reliable car that looks good too.

2012 Honda Civic

Safe and reliable. Great mileage. Plenty of trunk space. 4 door. Moonroof. Automatic safety locks. Eco feature. Easy to clean fabric for when spills occur. Fast pick up and great breaks. Car fits in all park spot spaces. Able to sync phone to car which makes it easy to talk wireless and listen to music.

- Caitlin V

Average car and surprised with Honda's workmanship.

2012 Honda Civic

I feel the engine is underpowered. There are times when I am trying to accelerate to merge onto the freeway and I feel that I do not have enough power to do so. Also, most new cars have a thermometer and I am surprised it did not have one. There's a lot of road noise and I feel the handling is average.

- Jon S

Poor Civic has been through it.

2012 Honda Civic

The alternator has had to be replaced three times. Computer system will be glitchy at times with Bluetooth, etc.. Bluetooth is hard to hear over. Ac blower motor has had to be replaced. Wheel bearings have gone bad several times. Good fuel mileage. Reliable, has been through a lot and keeps on going.

- Katie H

Great gas mileage and reliability.

2012 Honda Civic

Very reliable car with great gas mileage. I drive a lot for my job, and getting from place to place with this car is great because I only have to fill up my gas tank once or twice at most per week. My only criticism is that getting on the highway can be tough because the car does not accelerate well.

- Greg M

Honda Civic- To buy or not to buy-definitely to buy

2012 Honda Civic Base

It gets amazing gas mileage. Is a nice size for my needs. My only complaint is I do not have a backup camera but the newer models do. It has an USB aux input which I absolutely love. I like the display area for the time. The seats are fairly comfortable. It is easy to clean. I like the color options.

- Taylor K

Reliable vehicle! Great gas mileage.

2012 Honda Civic

I love my car. It runs perfect and I never have any issues. It is great on gas, ac/heat works wonderful, picks up speed in a reasonable amount of time. It is a great car and I plan on keeping my car long term. The interior is very nice. Very comfortable, a lot of legroom. Makes for happy passengers.

- Devon B

Great car, would buy another, recommend it to my friends.

2012 Honda Civic

Reliable, in 6 years and 70, 000 miles, other then oil changes and other regular maintenance, I have only replaced the tires, brakes, changed the transmission fluid etc. The car is comfortable to sit in. It is easy and comfortable to drive. It is an excellent all around, all purpose family vehicle.

- Jack M

Perfect Car for New Family

2012 Honda Civic Base

Right now my AC is out and it's going to be super expensive to fix it. The car is very reliable otherwise as long as you keep up with it. I like the color of the car and the space; it really fits my four person one dog family! The trunk is deceptively large and you can fit a lot of groceries in it.

- Casey H

Honda civic an all around great car!

2012 Honda Civic DX Sedan

It is a pretty reliable car. I have had no issues with it at all. It is very comfortable and gets good gas mileage. I like that it reminds you of maintenance issues like oil changes and low tire pressure. It keeps track of how many miles of gas is left. The only thing I wish it had is heated seats.

- Sandy W

2012 Honda Civic awesome thanks Honda

2012 Honda Civic EX Coupe

My care has great gas mileage and has great features it's smooth on the road and has great reviews Honda is one of the best cars I've ever own. It has had no problems with my car in the last two years I've owned it.it's very comfortable to ride in and it has great luxury features in and out the car

- Jessie U

Best car ever for reliability and handling.

2012 Honda Civic EX Sedan

Never had any problems, car runs great and is very reliable. The interior is very comfortable and all the controls are very easy to use. It has a quiet, smooth ride and is very easy to handle. The sunroof is great to have and the gas mileage is very good on the highway and good driving in the city.

- Hans E

2012 Honda civic - best car ever.

2012 Honda Civic LX Sedan

Vehicle is the perfect size for me, easy parking, great mileage and my 4th Honda. I love everything about it but would love to have a back windshield wiper. I have taken my car on long trips and am very comfortable in it and even my passengers remark on how comfortable they are in such a small car.

- Patricia G

Great reliable car that will last a long time.

2012 Honda Civic

The only two cars I have ever owned have been Honda Civics, but I would be content with driving these cars for the rest of my life. My Civic is extremely reliable and gets great gas mileage. Maintenance needs are relatively few and far-between, and nowhere near as expensive as some other brands.

- Mel D

Honda Civic can be a family car of four. Enough space for the whole family to sit back and relax.

2012 Honda Civic

I really enjoy my Honda Civic. Its very reliable haven't had any issues with it since I bought it except that one of the tires just gave out really early on. Just bought a new one and everything else works perfectly. Its eco friendly always a plus. Gets me to where I need to go and saves me gas.

- Samantha A

Best in class gas mileage and reliability.

2012 Honda Civic

I love my Civic. It gets amazing gas mileage and requires nothing more than regular maintenance. It is well designed, with simple and easy to use features and technology. It is a very compact vehicle, but features ample passenger and trunk space. It has an attractive and streamlined body style.

- Morgan L

Honda Civic is a satisfying car for anyone.

2012 Honda Civic

I purchased it brand new in 2012 and have never had any problems other than oil change, tire replacement, changing the battery. I love the Civic because it is also great on gas. It is a very reliable car and a great choice. I would absolutely choose another Civic if I had to choose another car.

- Melissa L

My vehicle is not in the best shape but it gets me where I need to go.

2012 Honda Civic

It makes unusual noises but it gets me to where I need to go the radio is low my speaker below my windows are ok they are not the best but my tail light just recently got fixed but still acts up from heat and there my tire rubbers are burnt out but other than that it gets me where I need to go.

- Justin H

It is a good value buy and has great gas mileage and eco friendly.

2012 Honda Civic

Has good gas mileage. Good warranty. Good smooth drive. Not the smoothest but good. Cheap on parts. Good stereo. Good trunk space. Overall it is a good value buy. It has a good look as well and is aerodynamic. The con is the windshield is not the most effective sometimes but it is good enough.

- A S

Great gas saver for driving round town or road tripping.

2012 Honda Civic

Honda Civic lx econ great gas mileage very reliable car good driving performance and handling excellent road tripping car wish it had cassette player sometimes and more cup holders especially in the rear seating would like to had have an auxiliary plug in the front so to play music from phone.

- Carla C

Perfect all-around drivable car.

2012 Honda Civic

My Honda is the perfect car to drive around town, especially downtown, is fuel efficient, and is sporty looking but cheap to insure because it is a Honda! I love it for long trips because it is economical, and the back seat creates a lot of room for cargo, even skis, even though it is a coupe.

- Amanda N

Honda civic gets great gas mileage.

2012 Honda Civic EX-L Coupe

This car is very small. Great for one person, not enough space if you have kids. The car runs good. My only complaint as far as performance would be that it is sluggish on the highway. Not enough get-up-and-go power. It gets good gas mileage. Haven't had any major problems with this vehicle.

- Britt F

2012 Honda Civic eco style.

2012 Honda Civic

My car is economic. Saves me a lot on gas. Compact but enough space for myself. Easy to wash and keep clean. Overall speed is great. My car is silver. All wheel drive. It was just enough for me to pay it off at purchase time. Honda make very reliable and safe cars. In which I feel everyday.

- Kelli M

2012 Honda Civic is the most dependable vehicle on the road.

2012 Honda Civic

The 2012 Civic is a really nice vehicle. It has a moonroof and a good stereo system. It has ecoboost which helps with gas mileage. The mileage is great and it is a very dependable vehicle. I have never had any mechanical problems. The only problem I have with it is the lack of storage room.

- Mitch D

Average joe car! Good on gas, easy to park, no frills!

2012 Honda Civic

Good on gas, easy to park, love the 4 doors, but not good, comfortable feeling to drive, seats uncomfortable, no great extras, performance is good when passing cars on the interstate, takes special filter so more expensive than a normal oil change, trunk good size, CD player, nothing fancy.

- Joann J

The blind spots on front window.

2012 Honda Civic

I like the size and style, but it has terrible blind spots. Great for getting in small spaces, nice color. Bad pick up and very hard to see out of the front windows because of the car design. I am only 5'2 and the bar on the front windows blocks my view so i cannot see pedestrians and cars.

- Celeste M

Basic reliable car from a trusted company.

2012 Honda Civic

This car is very reliable and gets good gas mileage. I like that oil changes are not the standard three months, but more spread out. I wish there were cup holders in the back seat. I also wish that the intermittent wipers had variable speeds (currently there is only one intermittent speed).

- Jennifer P

Great gas mileage and very affordable.

2012 Honda Civic

It's a nice car it gets me from point A to point B the engine has never given me any real problems and over all very reliable source of transportation. Gas to fill it up is only thirty dollars and I can usually get around 200 miles each tank. Change oil once every month and she runs great.

- Dexter L

Honda Civic. Very reliable.

2012 Honda Civic

Saves on gas. Haven't had any major problems. Is very reliable. Is an eco friendly car which also saves on gas. Great for small families. Save money on gas when traveling long distances, so would be a great company car if you travel or for a vacation car. I would highly recommend this car.

- Brittany H

Gasoline and oil change problem.

2012 Honda Civic

Somewhat reliable but sometimes the car goes through the gas very quick which adds up when putting gas into the car. The car constantly needs an oil change which is not normal for a car to do. The transmission is good, the car has not stopped on me or anything which is always a good thing.

- Mona C

I think one of the best product.

2012 Honda Civic

My car is perfectly working and fully efficiently. I think one of the most interesting products. My car is fully average and power efficiency. I think one of the best product choices I have seen is that possible and not the most interesting products. It is amazing product and good quality.

- I K

My life with my Honda Civic.

2012 Honda Civic

My car has very basic features. It does not have Bluetooth or a backup camera which I would have liked to have. It is very good on gas. It also drives very smooth. There is a decent amount of room and storage in the car. It is very reliable. I have not had an issues yet with my car.

- Kaitlyn M

My vehicle in great detail.

2012 Honda Civic Base Hybrid

The only problem with my car is that when it rains the steering wheel sometimes gets stuck but that might be linked to my tires but other than that the performance of the car is amazing, it does absolutely amazing on gas I fill up every two weeks and it is very nice size nothing to crazy.

- Kelly B

It's an economical car to own. And it's low maintenance, too.

2012 Honda Civic

My Honda Civic gets 29 mpg in the city and 32 mpg on the highway. It's a gas sipper! I like being able to turn on a dime, too. Plus, my car is easy to wash because I can stand on the running boards and get the entire roof shining like a dime! I have no complaints about my Honda Civic.

- Cathy P

Great car with awesome perks, but could use more modern tech.

2012 Honda Civic

The seat warmers help very much in the winter and fall. Though the tank takes a lot to fill up and often needs air in the tires. More oil changes than other cars I've had experience with. Also there's no rear view camera which would be greatly helpful for someone who has trouble parking.

- Ashley E

Most important is how great she does on long trips. I drove her across the country, 12000 miles, and other than the tires starting to go, she was an excellent companion.

2012 Honda Civic

I love my Honda Civic because it gets great gas mileage particularly on road trips. I love the look and feel of riding with her. I don't like that I constantly get a warning to check my airbags, but I don't make the effort to take her in for service because I don't want to be charged.

- Caroline J

I love my 2012 Honda Civic.

2012 Honda Civic

My car is simple. I do not like complicated. No backup camera, no sunroof, heated seats or any of that fancy stuff. The controls are easy to find and the car is simple to drive. I get awesome gas mileage will ecoboost. I have only had to but money into it for new tires wiper blades etc.

- Donna S

It costs less that $20,000. I only paid a little over 19K for a new 2012 civic.

2012 Honda Civic

It's a front wheel drive that doesn't have much power, but can get good gas mileage because it has a system that has the car shift gears at certain points. The car is also larger that older civics. I love how the car gives indications for things like loose gas cap and low tire pressure.

- John R

The Honda civic is a very reliable and gas saving vehicle.

2012 Honda Civic LX Sedan

The Honda civic lx 2012, is a very awesome car. It is very reliable especially on gas. The performance is very well, it is fast enough to floor it. The comfort of the car is very comfortable. And the feature of it is nice and cozy. There is not much problems I have for it but excellent.

- Kou Y

Great car for the long haul. Never fancy, always dependable

2012 Honda Civic DX Sedan

No real problems, ride is slightly uncomfortable and gas mileage is not as great as previously owned Civics (2). Very reliable, love the 5 speed manual transmission, but upholstery in car is difficult to keep clean. Maintenance has not been an issue. Overall, a very dependable car.


Reliable and trustworthy transportation.

2012 Honda Civic EX Coupe

My Honda has been very reliable. I have been on 2 major road trips and I haven't had any issues with my Honda. I have had normal issues like replacing battery but nothing has gone wrong mechanically. I really do enjoy my Honda. It is a perfect car for someone who drives a lot for work.

- Brandon M

Nothing in particular. There is a GPS system in the car.

2012 Honda Civic

I have had no problems with this car in the 4 years I have had it. It is 100% reliable. The only downside to this car is it is 2 door and I have 2 small children but the second child came along after I bought the car. If you keep up with maintenance I am sure this car will run forever.

- Alyssa S

I absolutely Love my Honda Civic!

2012 Honda Civic EX Sedan

I am very pleased with my Honda and all the other Hondas I have owned. With all the Hondas I have owned I have never had a problem or needed work other than normal maintenance. Now, I do follow the maintenance schedule to the letter and make sure the oil is changed every 5K miles.

- Maria P

2012 Honda civic lx - great car for commuting.

2012 Honda Civic LX Sedan

2012 Honda civic is a pretty reliable car. I have had it for 4 years now with no issues. I bought it used with about 36k miles, now at 150k. The car is great on gas mileage. I have only had normal wear and tear issues that required preventative maintenance as normal for the mileage.

- Gabby G

Comfort Honda, reliable long term cars.

2012 Honda Civic LX Sedan

Your not going wrong ever buying a Honda. This car is great on gas and all I do is the regular maintenance for having it last longer. It is great on gas for city and long trip, easier to deal with the higher prices on gas. The car is very comfortable to drive long distances as well.

- bobo D

Great mileage for a 2009 Honda Accord.

2012 Honda Civic

I like it, a lot of miles as been put on this car and it is still running really well. I would get a newer version if I was looking. It is comfortable and spacious. I also paid it off rather quickly. Wasn't as expensive as other brands. Overall I love my Honda and wouldn't trade it.

- Victoria D

Its a 3. 5 engine and works so great no problems at all drives smooth.

2012 Honda Civic

My car is the best thing to me every time I can depend on it for transportation. It takes me from point A to point B its gas mileage is vary low and cost efficient and it will be in the best price range, if I was to buy a car I would buy a next Honda Civic its so nice pleas get it.

- Brian L

This is the next car you will want to drive every day!

2012 Honda Civic DX Sedan

Very reliable, have only had one issue in the 4 years I've had it. One of the computer systems stopped working but Honda worked with me and gave me a great deal on fixing it. The only complaint I have with this car is that it is noisy when driving even with the windows rolled up.

- Rosie D

Perfect car for a frugal working mother.

2012 Honda Civic EX Sedan

It is incredibly reliable. I have had it for about 4 years and it is never needed any major repairs in that time aside from changing the brakes. It is good on gas and it is comfortable too. It is spacious enough so that my two kids in car seats do not feel crowded in the back seat.

- Sara R

Good first car, but some problems.

2012 Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is a great little start car. Its small, but still effective. The only thing I have a problem with is that if you need to travel in heavy snow (which I do since I am a nurse), it is not a good car. It is a small car, so c as r seats are hard to get in and out of it.

- Sara S

Practically indestructible and with Bluetooth!

2012 Honda Civic

I love that my car is very reliable. I was in an accident and the front bumper was basically hanging off but the car still turned on and got me home. My Honda is comfortable and reliable and I am very glad I bought it. I also like the Bluetooth feature so I can listen to spotify.

- Erica Q

The Civic si: a wonderful daily sports car.

2012 Honda Civic

I own an si sedan. Love the performance. The clutch is still buttery smooth and acceleration is deceptively quick. Couldn't ask for a more fun car for the budget I was looking for. Cannot wait to see what the 11th generation will look like. Not a huge fan of the 10th's aesthetic.

- Samuel R

The Honda Civic is a reliable car in fuel-efficiency.

2012 Honda Civic

This car is very fuel-efficient. It does everything I need, including a usb-outlet for me to plug my music device into. I like the digital speedometer and screen. I also like that it alerts me of any maintenance needs. My only complaint is that I would like more space in the car.

- Ai-Ha D

The grey Honda civic has a sleek and attractive exterior.

2012 Honda Civic DX

Not being able to get parts easily due to it being a Japanese car. Runs a good enough distance on a full tank of gas and back. Slick features, had a grey color. Seats could be a different material. Tires last a long while. Problems with mine was the battery failing me on and off.

- Lisa S

The color is powder blue.

2012 Honda Civic

I have a commuter car and I like it because I do not have problems with it often. When it snows I think my tires need more grip. I have slipped a few times no accidents. I also wish the roof had that clear glass so could see above but that is more of a preference than a problem.

- Jennifer B

Hondas have the performance you would expect from luxury cars, without the luxury car price.

2012 Honda Civic

I like my Civic because it gets great gas mileage. My Civic was both affordable and is very dependable. Hondas in my opinion out performs any domestic comparable model. Finally, the dealership has been very honest as far as needed continuing service with reasonable pricing.

- Eric N

Reliable and efficient car

2012 Honda Civic LX Coupe

This car is great on gas mileage. It is very reliable and good car for long commute to work. The USB port and auxiliary port are an added bonus and can plug my phone in for music, GPS, and hands free talking. Honda's have always been very reliable and cost efficient for me .

- Kathleen F

It's a hatchback. Which is great.

2012 Honda Civic

It is a very quiet car, it works well. The gas is a little sensitive while the brakes are a little harder, but other than that, it's a good car. Very roomy, I can fit my dog in the back seat so if I ever were to travel, my dog can come with me. I like my car, it is a nice car.

- Andrea V

Great gas mileage, cute car! Heated seats.

2012 Honda Civic

I love my fully loaded Civic. The navigation system is so helpful, the heated seats are a real treat in the winter! It gets great gas mileage! And has a an eco boost button to help. It is quite roomy for a small car, with a lot of room in the trunk. I absolutely love this car.

- Candace D

The si is a fun compact with good performance.

2012 Honda Civic Si Sedan

The performance is pretty good given its power to weight ratio. The cabin of the vehicle is somewhat mundane with cloth and plastics everywhere. It does feature a dated Bluetooth system but overall the sound is good. The clutch and shifter are both very smooth and comfortable.

- Devin S

Good car. Have always been happy with Honda.

2012 Honda Civic

I like Honda vehicles. They have always performed well. I get good mileage and performance. It is a safe car. It holds resale value well. It handles easily. I have not had any difficulties with the vehicle. This question expecting a minimum number of characters is ridiculous.

- Coni W

Awesome comfy 2012 Honda civic.

2012 Honda Civic EX Coupe

Easy to maintain drives well. Inexpensive. American made. Good reviews. Lasts a long time. Very comfortable and reliable. Electric windows. Easy to maintain and drives well. Inexpensive and reliable. American made with great reviews. Lasts forever and very reliable and comfy.

- Tiffany H

It's very reliable and gets great gas mileage. And it's pretty cute/sporty.

2012 Honda Civic

I love how reliable it has been for me. Hondas have a pretty good reputation for being reliable, so I guess I'm not surprised. I also love that it gets good gas mileage. And I love the sunroof. No real complaints other than sometimes I wish I had a larger vehicle like an SUV.

- Cassie S

This is a good car for the money.

2012 Honda Civic

Acceleration is slow. Good body and gas mileage. I like the color and the upholstery. It is a Japanese car, so it is probably going to last. Needs little maintenance. Rides a bit rough, but it is ok. It is not my choice of brand, but it has served me well. Insurance is cheap.

- Lynne O

Do not buy the 2012 Honda Civic LX model. Worst model year of all Civics so far, my opinion.

2012 Honda Civic

First automatic transmission in 27 years and first 4-door car. Like no major issues in 7.67+ years since bought new. Dislike average MPG should be higher, enabling ECON mode makes no difference, and digital indicators washed out during the day when headlights are turned on..

- Richard S

Transmission nightmares story.

2012 Honda Civic EX Coupe

I have had transmission problems with this car ever since I bought it. I love the car but hate the problems and cringe at the thought of how expensive it will be to fix. The car has a great stereo and great gas mileage. It is also an attractive car. I have the 2 door coupe.

- Rebecca K

It is extremely reliable and drives like it will last forever

2012 Honda Civic

I like that it is a very reliable car. The engine runs like it will last forever. I feel it could drive better in the snow. I wish there was more room in the back seat as I have kids so I will likely have to get a larger car otherwise I would use it for many many more years

- Jaclyn B

Great little commuter car.

2012 Honda Civic

I have had no problems with this vehicle. It is easy to drive and good on gas. Not great in the snow but could probably be better with better tires. Does not have many bells and whistles but is a great commuter car. Has ac and power windows which is all I really care about.

- Sue M

It is a great model and has a lot to offer.

2012 Honda Civic

My car is slow to start in certain weathers due to the engine choice I made. It performs very smoothly on the road. Reliability depends on the weather and wheel choice. Also engine choice. Very comfortable insides like seats and car functions. Features depend on car models.

- Carol F

It is black, has black light. Comfy, spacious-ish. Fast, affordable. Smooth.

2012 Honda Civic

I just love my car, and especially that it is standard. It is easier to fix because it is not automatic. And I am sorry to say, but most people will not ask to borrow your car because they cannot or do not know how to drive standard and it is very convenient. It is awesome.

- Chelsea G

2012 grey Honda civic issues.

2012 Honda Civic DX

The brakes tend to be pretty squeaky and the bass booster does not really work. For a while I had a problem where I ran over something and it caught on the metal piece underneath the car and it would drag on the roads so I eventually had to pay to get it removed and fixed.

- Hope T

My True Queen of Reliability

2012 Honda Civic Base

This car is very reliable. I have been in two accidents in this vehicle, and I have not been injured at all. I like the computer system within the car as well. I wish the car had a sunroof, but this might have been an option for a new car, while I bought mine used in 2015.

- Olivia B

I love my 2012 Honda civic.

2012 Honda Civic

I bought my car three years ago when I turned 16. I have never had a problem with it other than when it was due for scheduled servicing. It is really reliable, and I have loved driving it. Because it is a Honda, I do not see myself trading it in for another 100,000 miles.

- Erin E

Reliable steady economical.

2012 Honda Civic

My car is really reliable and gets me from point t o point b really well. I drove from my home in Webster Massachusetts to Brookline Maine on one tank, the car is gorgeous, my only complaint is the light interior with 3 kids it gets messy quickly and has a ton of stains.

- Christopher O

It's an average performance car but can fit most budgets and serve you well with very little maintenance.

2012 Honda Civic

It's a good economy car that gets me from A to B. Good gas mileage. Doesn't have much power, I'm still missing my prior car which had a V6. It's been a good value and overall happy with the purchase. Next car will have more power and be more of an upgrade from the Civic.

- Stephen B

Honda civic-reliability and comfort rolled into one.

2012 Honda Civic EX Coupe

I haven't had any major vehicle problems so far other than getting new car batteries, my key fob stopped working and my front actuators do not anymore either so I have to manually lock my car. I car is very dependable and safe. I would definitely buy another Honda civic.

- Na S

It is not a hybrid, but it is a he so it is high efficiency, it saves a lot on gas.

2012 Honda Civic

My car is known for its name, Honda, it is a reliable car but unfortunately it is a small car for a family of 5. And because it is the basic version. There are no bells & whistles here. It is very basic and no add ons. But it does run smooth with no major issues to date.

- Victoria A

Great reliable small car, perfect for people who live in the city.

2012 Honda Civic

I love my civic, it is extremely reliable. We have not had an maintenance issues in the five years we have owned it. My only complaint is that it is small, but in the city that is also an asset. Very easy to park and maneuver. The backseat is a bit small for a car seat.

- Katherine L

Great drive and value for your money.

2012 Honda Civic EX-L Sedan

Drives great. A bit noisy on the inside but normal for civics. Leather is smooth and car is speedy. Blind spots are a bit problematic sometimes on the sides for shorties but no other issues. The eco button definitely saves on gas but needs to be off to merge onto roads.

- Sarah D

My Honda civic is a beautiful ride for any individual any condition.

2012 Honda Civic LX Sedan

The Honda civic is a very reliable vehicle that can stand the test of time it is good on gas and the mileage and performance is great. It is sturdy strong car with is good for any type of weather. The Honda civic trunk space is very spacious. Holds more than you expect.

- Anna F

Honda Civic - I should have waited to find a better fit for me

2012 Honda Civic

it is reliable and relatively fuel efficient, but i do not like the shape, space, and general driving feel. the color annoys me, as does the overly optimistic fuel-range indicator, the fact that the back seat does not fold down, and the lack of a key-hole for the trunk.

- kel l

Great car & great gas mileage!

2012 Honda Civic

I absolutely love my Civic! This car is my daily driver. My favorite things about my Civic is that it gets great gas mileage and is very dependable and reliable! Have not had any major repairs or problems. It is my daily driver and even fit three car seats in the back!

- Chelsea S

Fast, comfortable, reliable.

2012 Honda Civic

I love driving a Honda. It is comfortable, quick, and reliable. I never have to worry and if something does break down it is a fairly common vehicle and mechanics are familiar with it. I put a lot of miles on daily and I have yet to have any major issues with my Honda.

- Michelle O

Honda Civic 2012. For the first car is a very good car.

2012 Honda Civic

It actually has been very good. It has not had any problems and I am aware of it. The price of the gas is very reasonable. It has features such as a cruise control and a ecosystem. The only problem that it has is the motor is not very powerful but that a minor problem.

- Jorge A

Review of 2012 Honda civic.

2012 Honda Civic LX Coupe

The best commuter car. Great on gas. Reliable engine. Its agile. It looks good and it has power. It's comfortable. It has a sunroof. Power windows. Plenty of trunk space. It's smooth. It looks good. Sound system is decent for stock. CD player. Aux hookup. Am/FM radio.

- Marcos G

The great Honda Civic hybrid.

2012 Honda Civic

Awesome vehicle! The Honda Civic hybrid has great gas mileage and runs very well. I have had this car for a few years and have never had any huge problems. The seating areas are spacious and roomy. Additionally, this car is wonderful for long or short distance drives.

- Olivia D

Auto review of the Honda family of cars.

2012 Honda Civic DX Sedan

I haven't had an major problems with my car as of yet. It is reliable, good on gas and is comfortable ride. It was also reasonably priced when I purchased it and would highly recommend it. Honda cars are well built and known for their reliability. I'd buy another one.

- Tony V

An all around great car, and very reliable.

2012 Honda Civic

I haven't had any problems with it. It is great on gas, it is very comfortable and pretty spacious. The trunk space is big which is nice. I like that the speedometer is digital, and it shows my oil life. All in all, it is a really great car and it runs really smooth.

- Bailey K

it has great gas mileage, it is a very affordable car to drive.

2012 Honda Civic

I really like the gas mileage, but it is a very basic car. I wish they had more of the bells and whistles, such as bluetooth, electric seats etc. I also wish they had worked a little harder on the design of the interior. But other than that it is a good reliable car.


Best economical car in the world.

2012 Honda Civic Base Hybrid

My civic is hands down the most reliable car in the world! I got mine for a great price, I've been driving it for about a year now and have saved so much on gas within the time. Plus it's super comfy and cute. Will forever continue to by Honda's for me and my family.

- kristin B

2012 Honda Civic in perfect condition.

2012 Honda Civic

Car runs great! I have no problems with it and I have been driving it for the last year. Oil changes are done regularly at home. Air conditioning and heat both work perfectly. It's been in one fender bender where the bumper came off, but it has been fully renovated.

- Sarah W

Should have requested what was missing to be added.

2012 Honda Civic LX Sedan

My only complaint is that it did not have the rear view camera nor the option for hands free phone. That was easily taken care of by purchasing aftermarket products. No cup holders in the rear seat. Cup holders in the front do not adjust to different drink sizes.

- Linda D

Plenty of space and great gas mileage.

2012 Honda Civic

My Civic drives well. No problem in the snow with snow tires on. Great gas mileage in the city and on the highway! I like the space inside (I have a four door) and in trunk. I am a very active person and can transport my skis & bikes with my Civic without a problem.

- Meredith S

Good, safe car for a young driver.

2012 Honda Civic

Has very basic features. Nothing exciting about it. Slow pick up. Easy to park and easy to adjust to. Easy on gas. Has an eco function which “saves gas” but do not see the difference in using this vs not using it. Decent sized trunk and backseat for a small car.

- Sylvia P

I love my 2012 Honda Civic!

2012 Honda Civic

My Honda Civic is incredible! So comfortable, great gas mileage, and easy to handle. The anti-whiplash headrests do take some getting used to, though. I was rear ended at a red light and my car is still working and I was nowhere near as injured as I could have been.

- Rebecca C

My Honda Civic is the best.

2012 Honda Civic

I have no problems with my vehicle. It is a great car. I wouldn't want another car but the car I have now. The car I have no is perfect for me and no one else. My Honda Civic is a great car. It has comfortable seating, good heating and air, and it is a small build.

- Taylor J

Civic is a great car for anyone from teens to family.

2012 Honda Civic

My Honda Civic is a great car. It gets tremendous gas mileage and is fun to drive. It is a somewhat compact in the interior, although it is comfortable and needs to be quieter on the highway. I would recommend this car to anyone as a family car or just for driving.

- Frank P

The most perfect car ever made.

2012 Honda Civic

I love this car because it is a comfortable car for the passengers, as far as the size that it is. It also has great sound, with aux, CD, radio, and Bluetooth options. It gets great gas mileage, which is especially a plus with gas prices being as high as they are.

- London C

Great on gas and minimal. maintenance needed.

2012 Honda Civic

Excellent on gas! The only repairs I have needed since owning this car for the past 5. Years were. New breaks. Never have any issues. Very reliable car. Good even in the snow. I know three coworkers who own the same car and haVE the same reviews. Highly recommend.

- Alicia R

Reliable and gas friendly.

2012 Honda Civic DX Sedan

Not a lot of problems with the car. It is very reliable and is great on gas. It is very easy to drive and the size of the car is perfect for anybody, whether you are single or in a relationship or have kids. Definitely dog friendly too of any size. Easy to clean.

- J S

The best car I have ever owned!

2012 Honda Civic EX Sedan

My Honda is a very reliable car. I have never experienced any type of breakdown. I like the fact that the Honda is roomy and comfortable and that the mileage it gets is absolutely amazing. I have to say that our next car will be the same car but the current year.

- Natalie H

The Honda Civic is great on gas and very economical!

2012 Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is a great car! Honda's in general last (just about) a lifetime! It is great on gas and does not cost an arm and a leg to fix. However, it is extremely small inside. It is good for a single person but putting a car seat in the back is a real pain.

- Bridget L

Roomy SUV 4-door hatchback.

2012 Honda Civic LX Coupe

I own a 4 door SUV hatchback. It is roomy with a large cargo capacity and comfortably seats 5 individuals. It gets good gas mileage and the back seat can fold down to allow additional cargo capacity or provides enough space where you can lay down and fall asleep.

- Steven S

It is powered by natural gas, which is cheaper and cleaner than gasoline.

2012 Honda Civic

I own a 2012 Honda Civic Natural Gas. I love that it is so cheap to fill up. I pay on average 25-35% less per gallon equivalent than gasoline vehicles. Plus, it runs very cleanly, making it cheaper to maintain and allowing me to go further between oil changes.

- Zachary O

Gets great mileage for a hybrid. I highly recommended a Honda Civic hybrid.

2012 Honda Civic

Great on gas and mileage. Never have to take it to a mechanic for repairs other than regular maintenance such as oil changes and such. I have a hybrid. The car runs very smooth and is a great family car. It is great in all types of weather a great year round car.

- Sandra J J

Great car overall and I love its dependability!

2012 Honda Civic

I love my cars reliability and sound system and it is gas mileage is great! I love the comfort of the car and how great it fits everybody! Without the sound system I wouldn't use the car as much as I do and it does not feel like an old car at all. I love my car!

- Isabelle D

A good buy for the money. The car is economical and fun to drive.

2012 Honda Civic

it's a small car, but I like it. One thing I don't like is when I push on the accelerator it takes a second for the acceleration to kick in. The Honda dealership told me that was normal for a Honda. I doubt that. I like that it's good on gas. Body style is nice.

- Lynne D

Reliable, great gas, inexpensive comfortable car.

2012 Honda Civic

Great running car. Over 135000 miles and never had any issues. The paint job has oxides which makes it look very worn out. You hear road notice but very nice drive and roomy inside. I would buy it again since I have never put any money into it for major repairs.

- Michelle D

The heated leather seats are amazing. The sunroof is as well.

2012 Honda Civic

My Honda Civic gets amazing gas mileage with an ecoboost button as well as gets even better gas mileage. The heated leather seats are like heaven in the winter, and sunroof is amazing during the summer. The backseat is quite roomy, and has a large trunk as well.

- Candace D

Relieve comfortable family car.

2012 Honda Civic

I have had this car for the past 8 months, despite that it is got only 50. 000. I had never have had any issue at all, I just wish it had more room in the back seats and the car was not so far down cause it difficult to get up sometimes overall a great purchase.

- Valeria H

There are lights around the speedometer that tell you how much gas you waste.

2012 Honda Civic

My car is a gas saver and it is gray and it is a Honda Civic and it is very fast. People always try to race me but I always beat them. These hoes cannot touch me. I dare anyone out there to try to beat me. I have had it since high school and it is very reliable.

- Gabrielle C

My Honda Civic performance.

2012 Honda Civic

I like the color of my vehicle. It is overall performance is very good. Till now we didn't face any major problem. We are 2 adults and one kid for us it is sufficient. If it is more people it is not convenient. If we have more baggage also it is not convenient.

- Rachel G

Overall great car, minor problems.

2012 Honda Civic EX Sedan

No major issues in the past 6 years of ownership. Minor changes such as tire changes and new tire sensors. Good gas mileage. Comfortable. Complaints would be the car does not block out sounds so it's not very quiet while driving fast and not enough cup holders.

- Shannon K

It gets really good gas mileage. It's a great commuter car.

2012 Honda Civic

Overall, I love my Honda Civic, but it does feel a little cheap and chintzy. The doors and trunk are all super lightweight and it makes the car seem cheap and maybe not super safe. But it gets great gas mileage and it's pretty comfortable. I LOVE the color.

- Amy B

2012 Honda civic sedan review.

2012 Honda Civic EX-L Sedan

Love the exl features of sunroof, heated leather seats and navigation. Great mileage per gallon. Car still running great at 100,000 miles. Added a remote starter and mud flaps. Would definitely buy a Honda civic exl again - but a newer model in the near future.

- Diana T

That it is nothing fancy, but is perfectly functional and, without being a hybrid, is easy on gas. It remains in good shape. Last week someone knocked on my door asking to buy it.

2012 Honda Civic

It is a simple car without many bells and whistles. For examples, you have to use a key to drive it. I like how it handles, but don't like how it is not acclimatized to where I live, which makes a mess of the rubber gaskets and linings. It is about all I need.

- Jerry Y

The Honda civic is a compact car that is reliable, cost effective, and fun.

2012 Honda Civic EX Sedan

This car has great reliability. The car is very low cost on upkeep. This car is easy to maneuver and has exceptional turn radius.The car is great on gas mileage. It has a large trunk. . However the car has lots of wind noise. The car is slow to increase speed.

- Sue C

My experience with the 2012 Honda civic.

2012 Honda Civic LX Sedan

No problems, highly reliable vehicle. I have driven this vehicle across the us, from freezing cold to very warm/hot conditions with no breakdowns. If I had to purchase another vehicle and this one was one of the options, I would purchase it again without fail.

- Brian B

2012 Honda Civic SI 4 door Sedan

2012 Honda Civic Si Sedan

Transmission problem once in a while with transmission not wanting to go into second gear. Reliability is great. Comfort is very well for it being pretty basic. Favorite feature is the vtec shift light. Car performance is amazing. One of the best vtec motors.

- Mikayla H

2012 Honda Civic customer review.

2012 Honda Civic

Great reliability, I have never had any mechanical issues since owning the car. Good amount of room in both the front and back seats. No outstanding features but a great, reliable car. The only thing I do not like about this car is how it handles in the snow.

- Kayla A

There's Aux port and CD player.

2012 Honda Civic

IT is a very nice vehicle. It rides smoothly, it has amazing heating and air, an aux port, $20 will get you almost a full tank. It's an overall nice vehicle my only problem is space is the driver's seat. I have wide hips so it can get uncomfortable at times.

- Coretta H

Interesting detail about my car is that it is economic.

2012 Honda Civic

I have a Honda Civic 2012. My 1st bought car and I love it. I have not had any major problems with it whatsoever. I have let my parents use it and as well have had no problems and they travel a lot. I am very comfortable and the performance on it is amazing.

- Ana L

It is gas efficient and reliable

2012 Honda Civic LX Coupe

I'm not a fan of the fact that it's 2 door and very low to the ground. I can feel every bump going down the road. It's very low in the front which makes it hard to pull into certain driveways. It is a reliable car though that's a little small but comfortable

- Sal J

My reliably comfortable car.

2012 Honda Civic EX Sedan

I have not had any problems with this car, it has been reliable and comfortable to drive. It has a smooth ride but it is getting up there in miles and does not have the pick up it used to. This is my second Honda civic I have owned both cars were bought new.

- Margaret W

My car is a great size for someone beginning to drive and is easy to maneuver.

2012 Honda Civic

I like that my vehicle is easy to drive and a good small compact size. Despite that, it still has plenty of space in the trunk to fit everything necessary when moving to and from school. The only complaint I have about it is the cloth seats, which show wear.

- Melanie V

Its compact and cute, fits anywhere.

2012 Honda Civic

It is a great car if you do not have a family. My kids are older teenager, who I constantly need to take places with friends or pick people up, so it has no room for that or barely any. Also for a family of four, and taking long road trips is not very ideal.

- Rose M

Honda civic 2012 review regarding pros and cons.

2012 Honda Civic EX Coupe

Excellent performance, some problems with temperature control and ac is not the best but very reliable and comfortable. Features Bluetooth calling, CD drive, really nice interior and great music controls. It has smooth driving features and has skid control.

- nadia Z

Dependable and great gas mileage.

2012 Honda Civic EX Sedan

I purchased my 2012 Honda civic used in 2016. It has been a great car and I have had no major issues mechanically at this point. It is mainly the vehicle I drive back and forth on a one hour round trip to work. Currently, I am averaging over 30 miles a gal.

- Shawn H

Honda civics reliability when you need it.

2012 Honda Civic DX Sedan

My car is reliable and holds it is valuable. He has great gas mileage. I like the way it looks, it is small so it is very easy to park. For a small car the trunk is spacious. The only negative is that the bucket seats in the front are not very comfortable.

- Michelle G

Honda Civic ex 2012 review.

2012 Honda Civic

Car is very reliable, great on gas and very affordable maintenance. Has power locks windows and anti lock brakes. Was good in winter in New York which is a huge plus. Only negatives are kinda small and not as appealing on the eyes compared to other models.

- Jay S

Sleek and sporty, Honda Civics.

2012 Honda Civic

This is my second Civic and I love it. Honda makes quality cars that supersede safety regulations. Civics are economical, yet sleek and sporty. My car’s interior is modern and cutting edge with a digital speedometer and lights to indicate gas efficiency.

- Whitney M

Too small to enjoy paint wears easily.

2012 Honda Civic Si Coupe

The car is pretty reliable and gas is cheap however the interior is very tiny and the backseat seats 3 small people or two normal sized people not very comfortably. After 5 years the paint has began to oxidize and rub off. Parts and labor are pretty cheap.

- Sean H

200, 000 Miles and still going.

2012 Honda Civic

This vehicle had an alternator issue at 60, 000 miles and it was a pain. But, it is been good since then. I've had to do routine care like get a new battery, change the oil and get new brake pads, but otherwise it's been good. It's almost at 200, 00 miles.

- Nancy G

Econ button lowers gas mileage.

2012 Honda Civic

Econ button safes a ton on gas. Bucket seat are like being hugged. Drives smoothly. Spacious trunk. Allows oil to be change at 6000 miles instead of 3000. Would like the rear facing camera that the new models have. Very low maintenance. Great gas mileage.

- Christina E

Flaws & Features: 2012 Honda Civic

2012 Honda Civic CNG Sedan

This car has consistent alternator issues! Flickering/dimming lights especially. It is so lightweight I can barely hit 80 on the highway without flying away. Air conditioning is also pretty weak. Nice interior/seating. I really love the radio features.

- Sean L

My Honda Civic is simple to drive, comfortable, as great gas mileage.

2012 Honda Civic

Problems: acceleration is kind of slow and it does not handle hills well. Built in GPS may need an upgrade. Performance: does what I need it to do, good fuel conservation, easy to drive, comfortable interior, built in GPS is effective if a little dated.

- Sean W

2012 Honda civic review of pros and cons.

2012 Honda Civic DX Sedan

It is reliable and drives well. My car is efficient with gas and is a good size. No real problems with my vehicle. Has econ button to save on gas mileage. Truck could be bigger. Has a CD player and maintenance indicators to remind you of needed services.

- Melissa M

2012 Honda Civic - very reliable and economic.

2012 Honda Civic

It is very reliable and economical. The interior is comfortable. The only downside is that the car is rather loud in the interior when driving on the highway, road noise seems rather high. however, the mpg is great; close to 36 or greater on the highway.

- Robert B

Reliable, low maintenance.

2012 Honda Civic

I haven't had any bad problems usual maintenance. Very reliable and easy to drive. Had a problem with wheel bearings but it was covered under warranty so there was no issue there. Everyone at the dealerships were really nice and helpful every time I go.

- Vanessa H

The trunk is also spacious I was able to fit two full size tents

2012 Honda Civic EX Coupe

I really like my Honda Civic. It has great gas mileage and I haven't had any issues. I keep up on maintenance (yearly and monthly) to keep it in good condition. I wish I had gotten the 4 door for added space though but the 2 door looks better/ sportier.

- Anne T

2012 Honda Civic performance and service.

2012 Honda Civic

Honda has been a good car requiring minimum repairs. It does not have any luxury features but has everything necessary. Honda was my first choice when I bought my first foreign car 15 years ago and have owned 3 Hondas since. I will buy another one soon.

- John M

It is super easy to park and get through in busy streets!

2012 Honda Civic

I love my 2012 Honda Civic! It has a great speakers, and a good stereo system. It drives smoothly and so far I haven't had a problem with it. I've traveled with it and it's really good on gas as well. Totally plan on getting another Civic in the future!

- Destiny Y

Great car at a decent price.

2012 Honda Civic

Very decent car. I bought it brand new. I haven't had too many issues other than 2 wheel bearings having to be replaced. The transmission seems a little off and I have complained about it several times but no real issue has been found. Comfortable car.

- Denise C

A great, reliable car with excellent gas mileage and little maintenance needed.

2012 Honda Civic

This car has had very few problems. We purchased it 4 1/2 years ago and the "worst" it's needed were new tires and a new battery. The gas mileage is excellent, it handles well, and it's roomy without being too big. I can't recommend this car enough!

- Anita R

It gets great gas mileage, with currently getting 38 miles to the gallon.

2012 Honda Civic

My Honda Civic is great on gas, getting 38 miles to the gallon. It rides great and is easy to maneuver. It's comfortable to ride in. I just miss driving a vehicle that sits up higher and has more room for putting stuff inside, as well as passengers.

- Anna H

If you want new floor mats Honda charges almost 300$ for them.

2012 Honda Civic

Amazing car. I have had it for almost 6 years and have not had any mechanical issues. The only thing I have had to do is change the oil, rotate tires, buy new tires. Which is normal maintenance for any car. I wouldn't want to trade my car for another.

- Justin M

There is more to it than you would expect in what might be considered a very basic vehicle.

2012 Honda Civic

The Civic is a very standard car from the outside. However, we found it does have some useful integrated technologies (plug for iProducts). We've enjoyed good mileage and have driven it both as a commute car as well as a vehicle for longer road trips.

- Robin A

Honda saves you a lot of gas I swear.

2012 Honda Civic

I love my Honda Civic because it saves a lot of gas. My car is reliable, there haven't been any maintenance problems ever and it is a 2012, second owner. It runs really smooth. The only thing is I wished it had a back camera already, or a seat heater.

- Kayla N