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Honda Civic 2013 sedan lx.

I have a Honda Civic 2013 sedan lx. When I did my test drive on this vehicle I already felt that it was the one. It was simple, comfortable, and responsive. Safety is my priority and I instantly felt it with this vehicle. I got my car as a used condition at 2016. Mileage was decent, the price was reasonable, and it was in good shape. All I did was to have the car serviced and replaced the wipers then everything was a-okay! I do not do much long driving. The most I did is 2 hours. During those times it never crossed my mind that I was uncomfortable in my seat. No matter if I am sitting up straight when concentrating or slouching when I am driving lazy I always feel comfortable and safe. My car’s version does not have leather seats or seat warmers, but I do not mind. I personally do not need to spend more money for those extra features. I was first skeptical in buying a used car. Safety is my priority. Checking the brakes was the first I checked during my test drive. The brakes are not too sensitive yet responsive. I love how it smoothly slows down when putting the right amount of pressure on the breaks. I hate when I borrow my sister’s car cause her brakes are too sensitive. With just slight amount of pressure on the brakes the car stops abruptly. I had to adjust to it and my legs get tired faster. Yet, with this model I have no complaints. Car warnings are on point too, which I appreciate a lot. Overall I love this vehicle. The features are basic but useful. Also, sunroof! The link below are the specs for this vehicle for more information. Https://cars. Us news. Com/cars-trucks/Honda/Civic/2013/specs/Civic-lx-automatic-sedan-356545.

- Kg G

So safe and reliable, I would give it to my kid as their first car. Love it!

I own a 2013 Honda Civic. I bought the car used so I didn't get to pick the color or interior. The car is black on the outside and inside. The black outside stays pretty clean and nice looking but in the hot summer months the car is extremely hot. However that mainly depends on the color you choose. The interior is very spacious and comfortable. The seat can be adjusted in many different ways which helps to customize the seat for different drivers. The fabric is soft and comfortable as well as easy to clean. The dashboard is large and can get dusty but overall it has a great appearance. My favorite features are the Bluetooth and the backup camera. After having these two amazing features in this car, I don't think I will be able to buy a car in the future that doesn't have these features. The Bluetooth in the car is an absolute lifesaver and the voice control works perfectly. The backup camera is extremely helpful. It helps me park and feel safe while going in reverse. The trunk is a good size for the car as well and fits a lot. I wish the headlights were a little brighter and I wish there was air conditioning in the back row of the car. But other than that, this car is absolutely perfect for me. It has speed but not too much l, it is extremely safe and reliable, and it is sleek and looks great. This car makes me want to drive Honda for the rest of my life. I would definitely buy a Honda for my kids because I trust this brand and feel safe and comfortable with it.

- Jenny G

I love everything about the Honda Civic!!

I love driving a Honda Civic. It gets great gas mileage, and definitely gets me where I need to go! I hardly ever have to take it to the shop, making it low maintenance! It has never broken down on me, and the seats are so spacious and comfortable! They lean all the way back which is a definite bonus. The back up camera has saved me so many times, and the dash changes colors based on how efficiently you are driving. The faster you drive, the lights start to turn blue meaning you are accelerating too fast! I love that the computer has a maintenance reminder for me. So whenever I have a service due, it remembers for me so I do not forget to service it! I will never drive a car other than a Honda Civic as long as I live. It also accelerates fast, making you sound like you are driving a sports car. I like that the very base model of this car came with all of the bells and whistles that would cost so much extra with other types of car! I would absolutely recommend someone shopping for a car to check out and consider a Honda Civic!

- Kelsey M

Sporty, compact, zip around town car. Excellent gas mileage!

My Civic is extremely reliable, in fact we just moved back from Europe and it proved to be quite reliable as we crossed several borders and traveled to many vacation destinations. The gas economy is particularly excellent with the si model, and given we have a two-door model it fits our small family perfectly. We purchased a manual edition and we do not regret it! We find we get better gas mileage versus the automatic version. The interior is quite nice and very sporty. The racing seats can be deemed uncomfortable over long distances but we've never had a problem. The dashboard is laid out quite nicely and we use our rear backup camera without fail. The sound system that came with the vehicle is excellent and in the three years we've owned it, have experienced no issues. My kids are young so they do not complain about the space in the backseat but truthfully, the car can fit three adults in the backseat it is just a little cramped.

- Callie S

Love my Civic. Good performance and great in gas. Never breaks down.

My car is good on gas, but still has some decent power. I have the si version of a Civic and its a manual transmission. The gear shifting is very smooth and there are plenty of places to store things in the car. I am not too tall, so the only negative thing I can think of about my car is the leg room. Does not matter to me, but to taller passengers, it does. The car may not be expensive to buy, but the parts are, and because I have the si model, the brakes, oil and gasoline are all more expensive than the regular Civics. I have never had many issues with Honda's. The mileage can get very high without any major problems. I have owned one that got almost 400, 000 miles on it and was still running fine. I was told because I had a manual transmission, so I would suggest that if you want your car to last longer, on top of the long life Honda's already have.

- Brian O

I save money with the gas mileage. I feel safe & secure.

The Honda Civic coupe that I currently own is absolutely amazing on gas. I haven't had any issues with major parts such as the transmission or brakes. The dealership that I bought the car from allows free oil changes and car washes for life which is super convenient. I enjoy the Bluetooth so that my phone automatically hooks up through my car speakers. This also serves as a safety feature since you do not need to touch your cell to talk on the phone. The trunk is very big for this size car which is a plus for me. The back up camera is also a plus. One area on the vehicle that I think serves as a visual restraint is the area on the outer sides of the windshield. Sometimes this inhibits my view of the road. I do believe they have since changed this on the newer models of the car.

- Tara D

Sporty, but practical car, that is dependable and lives up to the Honda standard.

The Honda civic is a great and reliable starter car. I have driven the car across the country twice and use it for daily commuting. I have had minimal issues and the car is still in very good condition with regular maintenance. The car did have a few maintenance issues, that were a part of a known issue with Honda civics, and required the early replacement of the brake pads. This was a significant cost within the first two years of ownership. The brake issue also resulted in uneven wear on the tires and they also required an early replacement. This issue aside, the car has not required any additional significant maintenance. I would recommend this for any first time car buyers, or as a starter car for young adults, given the safety, reliability, and easy management of the car.

- Simone B

Compact Civic: cute, comfortable, communicates, careful with the blind spots.

I like that the speedometer shows your exact speed in numbers, rather than pointing to your approximate speed. I like the radio stations I can access. I like that my car is compact and fits easily in tight parking spaces. What I do not like about my car is the transmission. It accelerates very slowly. It doesn't travel fast uphill. Its gas consumption isn't great either, the tank doesn't hold enough gas. Another problem is the blind spots, it is very hard to check before switching lanes, which can be dangerous. Making left turns can also be scary in this vehicle. Overall it is a comfortable car and I am happy with its performance at getting me from point A to point B comfortably. The camera feature helps me back out of garages and parking spaces safely.

- Zee S

My Honda Civic is a solid reliable and affordable car.

Generally, the Civic drives great and I haven't had any big problems with it except that before I purchased it there was an accident that caused it to have some body damage and had damaged the parts connecting the tire to the axel, like the strut and control arm on the drivers side tire. But the dealer hadn't told me and I didn't notice it at first so then I got into an accident because the strut broke (it was already damaged) when I hit a pothole. The good news about that was all the parts were inexpensive, another reason I like Honda's. It does not get as good of gas mileage as I would have liked. It gets about 27mpg when I was hoping for more than 30 mpg. Also, not the smoothest ride, can be bumpy and the wheel feels a bit loose sometimes.

- Kimberly K

Casper the friendly civic... My ride or die.

My vehicle is pretty reliable. It has not given me any problems. I do work to take care of maintenance in a timely manner as to keep the car in good condition. I wish the Bluetooth setup was a little better. Sometimes I have issues connecting my phone. I have had the car for a while now so I could understand age being a factor, but my rear view camera glitches a little bit and I am afraid that it will give out one day. The car is just the right size for me since most of my commute is alone, but once I bring passengers it starts to get cramped. I doubt the mileage is as good as advertised. I do not see the difference the ecoboost makes. My car gets me safely where I need to go and that is what's important.

- Joanna T

Honda civic, the car for first-time car buyers, and long-time drivers.

My vehicle is very reliable. I take long drives between cities and have not had any serious maintenance issues. Despite it being a coupe, I can still fit two to three people in the back quite comfortably. It is a great car for young adults, extremely economical when it comes to mileage. There is also enough room in the trunk to pack luggage, groceries, and boxes. I am very satisfied with Honda, and because of their record on reliability, I have continued using their product and have recommended it to friends and family alike. One thing I would like as an improvement is the acceleration. Better acceleration would help when changing lanes or entering the highways.


If you need a car that is reliable and good on gas.

The things that I like about this car includes the distance of mileage that I can get only on one tank of gas. The body style of the car is also a feature that I enjoy. It almost looks like it is a sport vehicle only by the way it looks but it is not considered that. Another feature that I like about the car is the color. The vehicle is black and I like the color of a black car due to the fact that dirt does not show up as easily as a white car would. The only dislike that I have on the car is the wheels. Right now the wheels that came with the car were hubcaps, and sooner than later I want to change them to alloy wheels.

- Robert K

Honda Civic is a gas saver and dependable car.

I use to drive a Nissan frontier for 10 years but I sold it due to engine problems, so I got a Honda Civic to save money and gas. I believe the Honda Civic is very reliable and easy to maintain! It is a smooth ride and it cost me $50 in gas from the inland empire to Vegas and back! My truck that had 100, 000 miles would've cost me $100 round trip just on gas alone. The interior in a Honda Civic is very slick and comfortable, the sound system is great and the rear view camera is easy to use and makes reversing a whole lot better. I highly recommend a Honda for those who want a dependable car and wants to save money on gas.

- Chris L

Detail of the vehicle so I got lowing spring as front 2. 0 rear 2. 5.

We have to diagnose it which is there’s will the found codes and there’s a lot of bunch of problem of situation that we have to look it over. There's most of time to top off the fluids and rotate and mount balance the tires and even safe for drive in highway, we able to repair some of engine job and stuff like making pulley noise and driveshaft and replace the engine if there engine check light on and we have to be able to diagnose it and see if there's any code and able to repair or replace the parts, for the brake job which is we have to change below 2 mm sometime 1mm and able to rescue and replace the rotors.

- Mohamed T

My Honda Civic is reliable and comfortable for a couple with no kids.

I bought my 2013 Honda Civic, in 2014 and now in 2018 it has given me minimal problems. I do a regular oil change every few months I think a little more regularly than others because my spouse and I love to travel to different cities in Texas. We've had to maintenance the tires a few times for that exact reason. We do have a coupe Civic so it is more ideal for a couple or person who does not have children only because it's kind of hard to get into the back seats at times because of small it is back there. But besides that I love my Honda it is been able to take me from one place to the next without an issue.

- Jennifer F

The Civic is known for its RELIABILITY, and that has been the case for me as well.

My wife and I are employed at two fairly distant places, so we live somewhere in the middle and I drive 45 miles to work (one way) every day, but my Honda Civic has been nothing but spectacular. The only maintenance I've had to do was regularly scheduled things like changing the oil and rotating the tires, but everything else has worked like clockwork with no diminished performance since buying. Great gas mileage and has dealt with the snowy New England roads better than I expected (for a two-wheel drive car, that is). Overall very impressed, will probably get another Honda after this one.

- Tim K

The best family-friendly car.

For starters, it is a very reliable car, as I have never had a single issue with it since I bought it two years ago. It drives pretty smoothly as well. I have driven other cars that are smoother, however, it is still at a pretty high level of smooth driving. The gas mileage is pretty awesome, especially if you drive it on the freeway. Filling up the tank does not break the bank which is definitely another huge plus. If I had one complaint, it would be that the paint around the radio system does chip off, which is a fairly minute detail but still wish it didn't occur. Overall great car.

- Alyssa D

Overall great value but poor tire pressure gauge.

The 2013 Honda Civic has been a great reliable car in the city. It has all the features I was looking for such as leather seats, seat warmers, a sunroof, great gas mileage and an overall sleek look for a young female. The biggest issue I have had with it is I do not drive it enough living in a city so as many cars do it seems to not function as well if not ridden. Also, this model seems to be very sensitive with tire pressure and not have a very good indicator as the light has been on majority of the time I have owned it but does not tell me what tire is low on pressure.

- Amber N

2013 Honda Civic. Reliable, compact, updated digital features.

My 2013 Honda Civic is a very reliable vehicle. It only needs scheduled services. It is small and easy to get in and out of parking spaces. The dashboard has digital mileage reading which helps to know exactly what speed your going. Also it has a back up camera and display that show when service is needed, what percentage your engine oil is and also has a Bluetooth feature. Some of the negatives of the car is that it is small and if your tall or have long legs you may feel cramped. Also only four people can fit in the car comfortably. The ride is a bit noisy also.

- Elise A

Honda customer for life! Cute, comfortable, reliable.

I did a lot of research before I bought my car and test drove several different makes and models. I decided on the Honda Civic because of its excellent gas mileage and safety rating. The interior is very comfortable and it's very comfortable to drive. I love the backup camera and maintenance reminders right on the smartdashboard. I have had all recommended maintenance done on time and have never had any issues. I have used this car to drive part time with Uber and Lyft and my passengers have all been impressed with the "cool dash" and sound system.

- Michelle K

I love my Honda Civic! It is amazing on gas mileage!

I love my Civic because it is great on gas mileage. It rides really smooth. I love the gas saver button because it helps me be conscious of the environment. I love that it is so good on gas because then it makes long commutes doable. It is reliable. It is also can be a family vehicle. It is very specious in the back seats. The trunk is very spacious as well. I can fit a lot in my trunk which is great because I am an educator. It is my daily driver. I love the seats because they are comfortable to me especially when we are driving on long trips.

- Casey J

Honda Civic is ahead of the curve in standard features and mpg!

The Honda Civic was a great car for me especially because of the gas mileage. I had very long commutes to work, all highway, and I saved so much money on gas after upgrading to the Civic - almost cut my gas bill in half! I also love the standard features which Honda was ahead of the industry in - though my car is a 2013, it already had bluetooth (a must because of the time spent in the car) and a back up camera which I have come to fully rely on. My Civic is very reliable, in fact in 5 years I haven't had a single issue with the vehicle!

- Alyssa W

The driver console is a dream!

My Honda Civic is a very dependable car. It is very easy to drive with it is bright console and large digital speedometer. It has an option to save gas by the push of a button. I love the center console located between the front seats. The color combination is very pleasing. Convenient buttons located on the floor by the drivers side open the trunk and the gas tank lid. Easy to let down the back seat using the mechanism located in the trunk which gives the owner more options to haul items. This car is great on gas. Cool look and style.

- Denise S

Meets Your Needs With Ease

While i'd prefer a different color, I like my car. In the 2.5 years that I have owned it, it has not been serviced for any major repairs. I keep up to date with scheduled maintenance, which makes the car pretty reliable. This car is a sedan with bucket seats, with a rear/reverse camera, USB and bluetooth functions. It's quite comfortable, with decent sized trunk space. The negative, is the lack of lighting on the visors. Overall, the car runs well. It can be great on gas -highway- in which Premium fuel appears to be the best selection.

- Ron B

Metallic gray Honda Civic with a moonroof.

My car is Honda Civic in a metallic gray color. It has good mileage of 34 miles on an average. It comes with a moonroof which adds style and comfort. 5 people can sit very comfortably with great leg space and headspace. The engine power and radius are great to turn around curbs and roar on the road. I have not had much of issues with my car so far other than having to change car tires twice because of nails on the road. I service my car every 6 months for premium oil change, filter change, and tire rotation. It has been great so far.

- Preethi K

A sporty and fun to drive, yet safe and practical small sedan.

It has been a very reliable car the past 5 years and 78k+ miles. The engine has good power and the 6 speed manual transmission shifts smoothly. One of the main reasons I purchased this car was for the great crash rating including offset frontal crash. The fuel economy is also decent, however the si recommends premium fuel. My biggest issue would be that the rear seating area does not have enough room for a large rear facing car seat when I am in the front seat. But I cannot really blame the car for that since it is a small size car.

- Phillip D

Mileage and durability and easy maintaining.

This vehicle is reliable. I have had no problems. It is easy to maintain and costs are minimal. Easy to keep clean and looks great like a luxury car! It's a very quiet running car and picks up from 0-60 in just minutes! I previously had an Acura and when I found out it had a Honda motor I had no idea the two were actually one kept my Acura for many years about 10. Drove it back and forth to Connecticut every weekend. Had 325, 000 miles. Would of still had it but got rear ended by uninsured driver and had to give up. Best car ever!!

- Kathy P

Think before you purchase it you are planning on a growing or expanding family.

I feel like the car is just too small for my growing family. When I purchased the car my son was an infant so getting the car seat in and out was a breeze. Now with a toddler, it is difficult to wrestle a rolling alligator in such a tight spot. Car gets great gas mileage and tells me when to get my oil changed thanks to technology. However, I have had to replace the wipers more often than any other vehicle. Lastly, no issues at all with vehicle that is now five years old other than tires, wipers and normal oil change maintenance.

- Rhonda N

Reliable vehicle for long travel.

This is an extremely reliable car. I travel for work, very far up to 1, 000 miles at a time and my Civic has been there through it all. If ever there is a problem the parts are cheap and can be fixed easily. The rear view mirror camera has spoiled me. The GPS leaves a lot to be desired because it is hard to find destinations unless you put in the exact address, not impossible though and it can be relied upon in times of desperation when phone GPS is not working. It is not the largest cab but it is what it is for a 4 door sedan.

- Gabby W

The Civic-ism to cure cynicism.

My Honda Civic drives very smooth and has yet to have any major problems. I recently had service done it, and the dealer informed that the tires are like brand new. The only issue I do have with the vehicle is that the radio is a little funky. It will not display the volume and sometimes will not cooperate. The Bluetooth is also a little inconsistent, sometimes it works great, but other times it will not connect to my phone. Overall, I'm very happy with my vehicle and am planning to drive it for at least one to two more years.

- Alan J

The most comfortable affordable car there is.

I really like my car a lot. I received it as a birthday gift when I first got my drivers license. Obviously, my parents did not want to get me anything too luxurious, but I was pleasantly surprised to receive such a nice vehicle. It is small, but I do not need a big car. It is comfortable to ride in for the most part. I think the back seat can be a little cramped sometimes. I have not had any issues with it. I keep it up to date and take care of maintenance as needed. Nothing more than the simple care has had to be done.

- Page R

The trunk is somewhat small compared to similar vehicles but the passenger area is spacious.

I love the color and how smooth it rides. My previous cars have all been coupes, this is the first 4 door that I've owned and I love that it's larger but still has that small, low coupe feel. The back up camera feature is awesome. My only complaint would be that I miss having the keyless start up that my previous vehicle had (the button push to start). I just got used to not having to take my key out of the bag to drive. Not a deal breaker but I will definitely look for that feature in the next car I look for.

- Heather K

Has ecoboost which saves gas.

Rides like a full size vehicle. Great on gas mileage especially with the eco boost feature. Downside, the Honda emblem fell off the first year and Honda refused to replace it. Also, service department at the dealer is very poor, have to wait at least an hour or more just for an oil change and this is with an appointment. Also, they are always trying to sell you something you do not need or want and when you take in a coupon sent to you by Honda, they conveniently "forget" to take the amount off of your total,

- Sue F

Best Miles Per Gallon EVER

The thing that drew me to this car was finding out the mpg. On average I get at least 445 miles off one tank of gas. That has been a huge help for me to save money. Something people say when entering my car is that it is bigger on the inside than you would expect. It has a lot of room and 5 people can sit comfortably. Any issues as far as maintenance the display system on the screen tells you what the issue is through letter and number system. Just look at the manual and it would tell you what the issue is.

- Daryl G

A interesting detail of my Civic is that the media center faces the driver.

I love my Civic! It is comfortable, drives smoothly, and gets super good gas for how much I drive. It has Bluetooth. What helped sell me on the car was how the media center is faced towards the driver, therefore you never need to take your eyes off the road if you need to change the air in your car or switch radio stations. The back row fits 3 however it is a tight squeeze so I wouldn't get this car if you are always planning on driving around a lot of people. I love Honda they make such reliable cars.

- Hayley P

Honda Civic: reliable car that is just the right size.

My Civic is a no nonsense vehicle that is reliable and comfortable. It is a great size for me. I do not feel overwhelmed by the size as I would if I was driving a van or SUV, but I have plenty of back seat and trunk space if I need it. The gas mileage is great. I love that I can Bluetooth my phone and play my music or hear directions from google maps. My only complaint is that the dash is a little big/busy. I could do without the large display/backup camera if it meant more windshield space.

- Megan B

Anyone looking for a well-rounded compact car.

The 2018 Honda Civic is absolutely a good car. It is a blast to drive and has a well-equipped cabin replete with high-end materials. Braking power is strong, steering boasts excellent feedback, and ride quality is comfortable. One of the Civics' few downsides is it's tricky infotainment system. Still, that shouldn't be a deal breaker given that the Civic is a terrific value. In fact, its combination of value and quality made it a finalist for our 2018 best compact car for the money award.

- Sammy G

Honda Civic 2013 with spacious room and great audio system

The honda is very reliable and gets me from place to place very smoothly. If you would like a reliable small and great car, this would be the one to get. Seating is comfortable and spacious while also having room in the trunk for various things. Space is not a sacrifice in either part. The only thing I would complain about the car is performance. It doesn't have the best performance when in terms of speeding up and what not but then again that's really not the main purpose of the car.

- Fabian P

2013 Honda Civic- safe, reliable, and high tech.

My vehicle is very reliable and safe. It has required very little maintenance and the maintenance costs on my vehicle have been quite affordable. I have owned my car for five years now and it still operates the same as when I first purchased it. The seats in the car itself are very comfortable and the car has enough room for any and all passengers I need it to fit. I really like the Bluetooth feature on the car because I can connect my phone to play music or podcasts very easily.

- Alex P


I love the Honda Civic because it's so reliable without looking like your parents' car. It had an ECO button to save gas while you're driving around town. But take it off ECO mode and you're zooming on the interstate. My last 2 cars have been Hondas because they last so long giving me the best bang for the bucks. I get all my work/tune ups/tires EVERYTHING from Honda because of their quality and have not had a bad experience with their service center. Best value for a great car.

- Shark W

I feel power and confidence when I drive this car windows down blasting Beyonce

I've honestly got nothing bad to say about this car. It's comfortable to drive and has several features which I really like. The back up camera is always handy. Seamless Bluetooth integration makes it easy to access contacts and music from my smartphone without reaching into my pocket for the actual device. Ecoboost is always a plus. It's easy to service the vehicle on your own (if you know what you're doing). I'd recommend this car to anyone who wants style, and performance

- Jerry T

Honda's are reliable long lasting vehicles, that take the worry out of driving.

I love that my Honda Civic gets great gas mileage. It is a very comfortable ride. I love that is reliable. I do not have to worry about it running well as long as I do routine maintenance for it. I love the car tells me when it needs oil changes and such. I also like that it notifies me if the tire pressure is off. I love knowing that this vehicle will last a long time. I have owned my other Honda for more than 20 years. A Honda is a well built, reliable, long term vehicle.

- Donna S

Civic pride very reliable car.

I love my car. It is very reliable. If I ever had any issues it was due to someone else. As far as technical mechanical issues never had any. I would highly recommend this car for someone that will be willing to put the time and care into it which is very minimal compared other brands. The better you treat your Honda the better it will treat you. I am not the best as far as maintenance goes I usually change my tires later than I should. Aside from that it runs amazing!

- Sherry M

Honda Civic si. Awesome blue - 5 speed stick with over 200hp. Fast and fun!

My car is a zippy fun car. I am disappointed that my year and a few other years the clutch has a defect that makes a groaning sound sometimes when engaging. From research it is not overly harmful not to get it fixed and I do not want to spend the money on it but it is a problem that a "reliable" Honda should have. They need to correct this defect. It is a comfortable ride with nice features. Having the si it has the horsepower to be a fast car which is fun for us.

- Gina R

It is a stick shift so it makes a fun drive.

So far with my Honda Civic, I haven't had any vehicle issues other than routine maintenance. I really love this car. Gas is a lot cheaper than the other cars I have used. This has by far been the most reliable car I have owned. Comfort wise it is amazing, enough room for both my children’s car seats. The features of the Honda include Bluetooth, a/c, heating, automatic windows, hands free talking, volume control on steering wheel and etc. I absolutely love this car.

- Madison W

Sedan for everyday driving but sporty enough to be cute.

I have not had many problems out of my car. The only complaint I have is, for some reason my battery has seemed to die faster than other cars, but that could have been the battery I had. This is a perfect car for anyone needing a small sedan to just ride around in everyday. It gets great gas mileage! The front seat is roomy enough for average height people, but taller people may be a little uncomfortable. I would recommend a civic to anyone!

- Emily F

Reliable and sturdy 2013 Honda civic.

The only performance problem I have with the car is while driving with ac on. It feels like I have to push the car to get it to shift out first gear. It is not the sport trim but it becomes difficult to shift while ac is on. Otherwise, I absolutely love the car. It is reliable and easy to drive. I think the back seat could have a bit more room but it is not a pressing issue at all. I will most likely keep this car until it dies.

- Rosalie R

A comfortable, reliable sedan.

I love my car. It is reliable and easy to drive. It has a back up camera which is more helpful than I expected. It is compact, but does not feel small. It also tells me when I should check my air pressure or get an oil change, which is very handy with life being so busy. It is been 5 years since we bought it new from a dealer and I haven't had a major problem. It gets good gas mileage. I would highly recommend this vehicle.

- Shannon H

Holding on to my Honda civic.

I wish it picked up speed a little faster for merging lanes on the highway. USB port requires some playing with to get music to play. Regular Bluetooth works fine. Overall very comfy and good mileage. I like the colors Honda has, it was hard for me to pick but I am very happy with the one I got. I like that I can put a photo on the screen in my car, wish I had the side view cameras on the mirror like the more recent models.

- Ka A

The gas mileage is great and the it's very low maintenance. Well worth the money. Very reliable.

My vehicle is good looking and gets great gas mileage. I love the bluetooth as I commute 45 minutes each way to work. It has been relatively maintenance free aside from oil changes, battery change, and new tires. i love this car as I really need a reliable, low maintenance vehicle. My only complaint about this vehicle is the inability to adjust the height of my seatbelt as I am short and it cuts into my neck sometimes.

- Romy G

Absolutely love my Honda Civic

My Honda Civic has rarely given me any problems. It has great gas mileage, it's reliable and it doesn't appear to have any mechanical problems, as long as we change the oil rarely. The only negative thing that has ever happened is that about a month ago, after closing the driver's side door, the glass in the rear view window inexplicably shattered. It was fixed the next day but I couldn't understand why it happened.

- Lauren S

Stylish, fun audio system. Bluetooth is fun. .

Car handles very well and feel very safe and secure going on long trips. The Civic is stylish and really appreciate the audio system, Bluetooth and ability to take phone calls hands free and listen to my iPhone podcasts and music. The computer reminders that it needs regular maintenance is a little annoying, but can be turned off. The alert that my tire was low on air when it ha a nail in it was extremely helpful.

- Brian S

It has tons of room! You can see so much better out of it.

I love it, Honda is my favorite brand, good gas mileage and reliable. I enjoy the sound system, the Bluetooth and the model. I had a Honda before and had gotten into an accident and it literally saved my life because it had looked like someone died in it yet I came out with some bumps and bruises. Very dependable brand, great customer service from the Honda store I got it from, no complaints thus far.

- A F

Pros and cons of my Civic.

I like my Honda Civic, but I feel like I should have gotten something just a little bit bigger. The back seat is very small and it is hard to I have passengers that are tall. Sometimes when I am slowing down and then give it gas it sounds like it wants to stall out. I have taken it back to the dealer and they told me that is typical for the transmission that I have which does not make sense to me.

- Patti W

Pros of a 2013 Honda Civic.

My car is very reliable. It is great on gas, cheap to repair, and it gets me from point A to B. I have never had any major problems with it, and it is a very comfortable ride. I was hesitant in the beginning because I thought it would have been too small and too tight. however, it was the complete opposite. It could be tight for some back seat passengers, but for the front riders, it is perfect.

- Rocco G

It has great fuel efficiency it has the option to run eco which is supposed to help increase gas mileage.

I bought the car off a lease due to going over mileage. I recently had a child so it's a bit smaller then I would have wanted when I had my first child. I was hoping to have a bigger sedan or SUV. This is the longest time period I have ever owned the same car for. I decided to go with the ex package but kinda regret not getting the ex l leather is a lot more easy to clean cloth not so much.

- Lena H

The Most Durable Car on the Market

The performance and reliability on my car are superb. Very comfortable and surprisingly spacious in the back for a smaller sedan. The only non-aesthetic feature I'm not too fond of is the front hood design, it kind of mimics a spaceship. Other than that, the only issue I've ever had with my car - (mind you it's a secondhand purchase) - is that when it rains there is a tiny leak in the door.

- Diana D

This car has its quirks, but is a great fit if you've got personality.

I love that my car drives well and feels safe. There are a few oddities about it (the dashboard setup is a little odd, no back wiper, and I can never see the front of my car), but the back camera is pretty nice, and it syncs well with my music (though I have to switch the aux settings depending on if my phone is charging or not). Overall a nice, stylish car with personality and performance.

- Abby M

Rearview camera is helpful.

Vehicle is economical to drive. Also, gives good mileage even around town, usually 30. 3 per mile. Not the most comfortable to car to get in and out of vehicle for both driver and passengers. The dashboard is too deep making it difficult to clean and clean windshield from inside. Also, cannot find sun visor that will fit properly. Therefore have to drape towel over dash and steering wheel.

- Blanca S

Extremely reliable vehicle that'll take you far.

One of the only issues I have had with the car is that the tire pressure sensor is broken, which happened almost right after my warranty was up. It is expensive to fix and since I have yet to do so, I have to refill my tires with air about twice a month. I love the gas mileage of the car, the specific service alerts that I can follow with the manual, back-up camera, and the eco features.

- Lea G

Your dash had a digital mph display for mpg averages.

Love the eco button and great gas mileage. Still holds up despite being considered an older model nowadays. Windows are tinted which is especially helpful in the Texas heat. Learned to drive in a civic and was thankful when I finally had the opportunity to buy one, even used. I have had the car for over 2 years and have only even recently needed to change my tires and brakes.

- Dylan H

Car is compact, yet stylish. Goes approximately 400 miles on full tank.

This car is very fuel efficient. I can go approximately 400 miles on a full tank. It also offers ECON. Car is very reliable, I've had no issues in the last 2 years that I've owned it. It drives well and is comfortable and offers back-up camera. Only downside I've experienced is no cup holders in back seat for passengers. Other than that, the car is still wonderful for a 2013.

- Christina Z

The one most important thing about my car is that I adore it, and I take really good care of it. It is well taken care of and maintained regularly.

I really like that my car has a eco friendly button which saves me from using too much gas. I also love that my car runs at about 35 miles/gallon, so I don't spend too much on gas weekly. The car is fast when I turn off the leaf mode. The only thing I dislike about my car is the space. It's a perfect car for a single person;however, for a family it gets a little tight.

- Navneeta M

This car is built well and is very reliable.

This car is very efficient when it comes to gas mileage, and has been very reliable so far. The backup camera feature is very useful to increase visibility behind the car. I have not had any problems with it, and I have driven many miles in it so far. The bottom of the car is rather low to the ground, so keep that in mind if you live somewhere that gets a lot of snow.

- Lindsey G

2013 Black Honda Civic with grey interior

This Honda Civic is extremely small. There is hardly any space on the inside. It also has very little storage space on the inside. The glove compartment and armrest storage spaces have very little storage. This car takes a while to pick up speed as well. I have often needed to merge or get over quickly, and found it difficult to accelerate as quickly as I needed to.

- Cherish R

Honda civic - a reliable car.

My 2013 civic is incredibly reliable. I have only had one issue with the battery in the nearly 6 years I have owned the car. Other than that, no maintenance issues. I do keep up with regular oil changes and standard maintenance. The sound system is the car is great and the Bluetooth feature is really helpful for listening to content from my phone or answering a call.

- Britt G

The most important things other should know about my car is probably that it's been holding up surprisingly well for a second hand car.

To be honest I'm not really a car person and I bought it second hand from the dealership with the help of my family. From the top of my head I know I've had to change one of the cylinders in it as well as the brake pads but mainly have just done regular like oil maintenance, tire balancing etc. since. It's decently comfortable but I mainly got it since it's reliable.

- may m

Honda Civic, a great car for couples and families!

It is an affordable, reliable compact car that can fit a lot into it, even a standard door! We love the fuel mileage, and the backup camera is a big plus! It handles well in the eco mode, I only turn it off to pass someone really fast! This is a great highway driving car, too, as it is comfortable and does not have blind spots. We'd pick a Civic over and over again!

- Jennifer N

A Honda civic is the best vehicle for a person who travels a lot.

My Honda civic is extremely reliable, I have taken it on multiple drives across the country and the car has kept up with it all. It gone through so many floods with me living in Louisiana and has absolutely outstanding performance. Not to mention it typically costs me $25 to fill up and gets 35 mile to the gallon. I absolutely would buy another Honda in the future.

- Haley B

Good reliable vehicle that won't let you down

I really enjoy the reliability of the Honda Civic. It has lasted me for six year with no major problems. It is comfortable to drive and ride in. It has great gas mileage. The version I purchased does not have Bluetooth equipped, which I will make sure is in my next vehicle. I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone that is looking for a good reliable vehicle.

- Brian W

It has relatively good fuel economy (40 mpg).

I really like my Honda Civic Hybrid but it is very low to the ground, which makes it difficult to travel in some places. The interior is also very tight/small, especially when you include a rear-facing car seat. The air conditioning is not as powerful as an American brand vehicle, like a Ford. I would like my next vehicle to have air conditioning in the back seat.

- Mel J

It is a 4 door and white. It is in great condition and still looks very new.

Great on miles and gas and is very reliable. Great for long distance because it has an economy button. Not extremely spacious but still a great size and very comfortable. Blind spots are a bit more dangerous. Great for short people because there is a side but to make the seat go up to look above the steering wheel. Comfortable steering wheel and it is automatic.

- Melissa U

Like new 2013 Honda Civic.

The car I drive on a daily basis is very reliable. It only has 20, 000 miles on the car. Even though it is a 2013, the condition of the car is brand new. The car is grey with a dark grey cloth interior. It is the basis model of this car so it has a smaller radio system and no navigation. The car is very comfortable to drive and gets me where I need to go.

- Lea R

My car is the perfect small, safe, and comfortable car.

I really like my car because of the way it drives, and how safe I feel driving it. I haven't had too many issues, and it is been stable so far. One thing I really enjoy is how the entire dashboard is faced towards the driver so it makes it safer and easier to make adjustments while driving. It is not too sporty, but it is perfect for me as a college student.

- Alyssa F

Long lasting, never ending reliability.

Honda's are extremely reliable cars. They get great gas mileage and you do not ever need to take them in except for oil changes and routine maintenance. They last for years, and can run perfectly fine well over 200, 000 miles. They are also one of the only cars that hold their value. They are not the fanciest cars, but they are affordable and very reliable.

- Meredith L

2013 Honda civic is extremely reliable and long lasting.

This car is extremely reliable. There is good gas mileage, especially for commuting (about 29 mpg). I have not had any issues with the car and it was purchased in 2013. Both the interior and exterior have held up very well. Overall, if the car is maintained with oil changes and services it hold us very well and is a great commuter, family, or everyday car.

- Lauren F

Best car ever! Great mgs!

I love the great gas mileage. It is easy for commuting to my college and it only cost me around 25$ for about 500 miles. The econ mode is a lifesaver for highway driving. On a long distance trip I can almost get 40 mpg. The only downfall I have on my car is that I think that it takes a little getting used to driving because it accelerates at a slower pace.

- Olivia C

This car is so reliable, but boring.

It has all modern convenience features I could want. Backup camera, Bluetooth phone and Audio connectivity, power moonroof, etc. It is not as comfortable on long trips as our 2014 Accord, but is satisfactory. I think it is somewhat underpowered, but gets great gas mileage, and has been very reliable through the first 43, 000 miles. No problems whatsoever.

- Shane P

A small, but reliable vehicle.

So far it has been extremely reliable. The only 'problem' has been replacing the battery, but most batteries need to be replaced after a few years anyways. It is comfortable for me, but for those who are over six feet tall, it may be a little small or tight. It has a rearview camera that is very helpful and the car handles very well and rides very smooth.

- Ashley A

Fuel efficient and packed with standard features

I prioritized safety and fuel efficiency and this vehicle meets my standards for both. I like that it has an eco mode, since I commute to work nearly every day. I like that it has a built-in Bluetooth receiver and backup camera, which my previous car had neither. I have no real dislikes about the car, since I would have had to pay more for a better one.

- Sherwin K

Reliable, comfortable, and economic.

Comfortable seats, large truck, great gas mileage, easy handling, low maintenance costs. This is my second Honda Civic and it is great. I would say the two things that need improvement are the brakes which are not as responsive as I would like, and my line of sight to the dashboard readout of rpm and other data are blocked by top of the steering wheel.

- Lynn F

It is a Honda, and it is my 3rd Honda.

I really like the fact that my car is a 5 speed stick shift. I feel like I have more control when I am driving a manual transmission opposed to an automatic. I like Honda in general because I feel like they are very dependable and as someone who goes to school in the evening as well as working full time I want something that will last me for a long time.

- Amy R

The overzealous tire pressure light.

I love my car, but it has it is faults. I have never had any major structural problems with it aside from the tpms light. It seems to come on every 3 months even if the air in my tires is appropriate. I have pretty much just take my car in for oil changes and has otherwise been reliable. I did need to buy a new battery within the first 4 years however.

- Jessica R

Honda has it all I cannot say enough about hands free calling.

Love rear view backup camera. But would like camera to have warning noise if you get too close to an object. My seat actually rises so I can easily see out. I am very short and this helps me to see much more clearly. Cabin is comfortable and roomy. My leather seats are awesome. Love Honda reliability. This is the 4th one I have owned in last 20 years.

- Pamela M

My honda civic. used but drives like new.

I love my honda civic-it is a beautiful white in color and drives like a dream. I bought the car used and have had it for two years. Since that time I have only had to buy tires and have the oil changed. At one point I did notice a slight problem with the alignment but after purchasing new tires the problem was handled. My car gets great gas mileage.

- janice w

Overall, a good car, with a few minor design flaws.

Has been reliable so far. Certain things, however are in my opinion,poorly designed. For example, a burned out headlight cannot be easily replaced, and must be replaced by the dealership., the front end seems too close to the ground, which can make parking a challenge when a curb is in front of the parking space.Otherwise, I have been happy with it.

- Laura M

Great car for shopping and transporting of kids to activities.

I enjoy driving the CR-V around town. It comfortably fits 3 but 4 is a bit tight if adults. The trunk space is very large and good for storage. The car come standard with USB port and sunroof. The exterior paint on the roof did oxidize after less than 4 years when sitting parked outside most of the day in az. Happy with gas mileage and reliability.

- J Z

Save gas with the Honda Civic.

Easy to park. Plenty of room in front and back seats. The trunk is pretty big too. The civic gets great gas mileage. We regularly get between 37 and 40 miles per gallon. Our civic is gray which is a very popular color. The seats are comfortable and there is plenty of space for loose change and drinks. We have a USB connection which comes in handy.

- Dee Ann M

Wonderful 2013 Honda Civic.

My vehicle is awesome! It is very reliable and runs wonderfully! I did have some battery issues, but a change of batteries fixed that easily. Otherwise it has great a/c and heat drives great on the highway and in the city. Gas mileage is awesome on highway, but very different in city driving, though still good! Overall, best car I have ever owned!

- Carolina M

Our 2013 Honda Civic has been a great road trip car that runs well.

I have owned this car for about 2 years and have put on around 71, 000 miles in that time. My partner and I have taken a lot of road trips in this car and it has served us well. This car seems like it will last us for years to come. Although, Honda had a safety recall on the airbags for this vehicle, we have had no other issues with this car.

- Diana H

Reliable for city and long distance drive. Not recommended in mountains.

My favorite thing about this care is its great gas mileage and reliability. I have had this car for almost 5 years and have not had any major problems at all. It is not the most comfortable car for driving long distances. I would not recommend driving this car in the mountains; it sounds like it is struggling going around the mountain roads.

- Rebecca R

Dependable with the speed to get you there!

The car is great to drive, comfortable seats, adjustable steering wheel, and location of extras (stereo, cup holders, shifter). 6 speed manual allows for vtec mode and the car gains speed quickly. Fully loaded, excluding heated seats which is the one feature I wish it had. Sporty car that is dependable and has low maintenance requirements.

- Joni N

2013 Honda Civic has less power then 1993 Honda Civic.

It does not have much get up and go. My husband's 1993 Civic has more get up and go! Part of the issue is all the extra weight of the safety equipment, mainly all the airbags. The backup camera is fantastic! I can parallel park with only one try. The ac could work better but the heater is great. Overall not a bad car, very reliable.

- Bec B

About my Civic si. My Civic si is a really good reliable gas saving car.

The car that I have is a Civic si. There really is not any problem with the vehicle. It is just the two front seats is just a little uncomfortable due to it hugging you. No problem with the performance. apparently no problem with reliability. Its takes me places where I need to go and it's a gas saver. And the features are not bad at all.

- Jasmine A

I love that it tells me when something may need fixing or needs to be changed.

I bought my vehicle brand new. I would still rate it a 5 because I have been in 2 accidents and it still runs amazingly, I don't have any issues with Honda. It still runs great. It tells me when I have something wrong with from m my oil needs go be changed to my tire being low. And the eco saves me gas on the highway and the normal roads.

- Natalie N

Good interior and comfortable but few problems over the past few years.

Problems with the front end and underneath carriage; if I go over even a small bump in the road, I get a rattling sound coming from underneath my car. I have brought it in a few times- they "fixed it" twice but sound came back. I brought it back and they said they do not hear anything. I still hear the sound. The car feels really shaky.

- Megan B

I love life in my Civic is.

I have a 2013 Civic is and I love it. Not only does it get fantastic mileage for a sporty car, it also is comfortable inside and have not had any mechanical issues since I bought it. The seats are soft, there is plenty of legroom, and I love the feeling of power when I step on the gas pedal. Life is such a fun experience in this car.

- Jean E

Honda Civic review while I am saving for my own.

I really enjoy driving, it is a really fun car and I have had no issues with it thus far, the maintenance at the Honda dealership is very reasonable and they are always nice and helpful, I have decided when I go to buy my own car I will go get me a Honda Civic, and as far as the inside they are very nice and very well put together.

- Dusty E

Sleek, stylish, and functional.

This car gets great gas mileage both in the city and on the highway. It has a great sound system, no reason to upgrade anything. For a coupe it's actually quite roomy, including in the trunk. The built in Bluetooth connectivity is fantastic. I also like that I can check my oil usage myself to see when I need to go in for a change.

- Kiki M

The Honda Civic Si is as reliable as all Honda's but with a fun, Sporty twist!

I own a 4-door civic si that I bought 3 years ago. I highly recommend this car and all Honda cars in general for their reliability. I have not had a problem with the car in the three years of driving it. It is one of the sportier civic models but nothing too aggressive and the extra power just makes it a bit more fun to drive.

- Ian S

Low maintenance car for a woman who has no idea about cars!

I had this car since 2013 and so far I have not had any problems. It is really economic in gas and besides oil change and tire replacements I have had any other issue with the car. I would have to say that is a really reliable car low maintenance. I am really happy with the car I would definitely recommend this car to anyone.

- Jennifer P

Best 6-speed coupe on the market.

I love my Civic sir coupe so much that I bought it when the lease ran out. It is a sporty 6-speed manual with excellent fuel efficiency and power. It is a reliable and a joy to drive. The car I had before this was a 2009 Civic sir coupe. Everything I need and want in a car that makes a statement about the kind of driver I am.

- Roni J

White 2013 Honda Civic with no aftermarket features.

I bought my car as a commuter car. It is very reliable! I love the hands free Bluetooth feature and use it on a regular basis to stream my Spotify. My mpg are what I expected and appreciate that, maintenance has been low cost and the car overall meets my expectations. The only thing I wish was that it were more comfortable.

- Kaitlyn H

Love it but not as a family car

It is a little small for my child and I but I love that it helps me save gas. I am also having issues with the ac and the tire pressure that is the only negative thing I have to say. It is a reliable car that I would recommend But not as a family car if you have more than 2 children since only two car seats fit in the back.

- Miri G

Camera in the rear. Sensors and warnings. Oil change reminder. Bluetooth.

The car right now is perfect except for the remote car switch keeps coming undone. The best vehicle I have ever owned. It has sensors literally everywhere that tells if something is wrong. For example, out of nowhere my car told me to check my tire pressure. Also, the best part is the camera in the rear of the vehicle.

- Michele P

Overall a great car with some fun features.

I love the gas mileage and the great safety features. I like that I can see on a minute-to-minute basis what my average gas mileage is. I love the reverse camera - it makes backing in and out of places so much easier! I do not love the fact that it seems to need repairs more often than other cars I have owned in the past.

- Evelyn C

If you are looking for a trustworthy and reliable car.

It is my first car so I do not have much to compare it to. The size of the car is perfect for me and maintenance is not too difficult. I haven't encountered any problem too challenging with the car. If I had to change anything I would wish that the back seats could go down, in case something didn't fit in the trunk alone.

- Alexandra R

Cheap and affordable and gas expenses are really cheap.

A lot of miles per gallon and really inexpensive fill ups. Body is made of mostly plastic so not good for accident prone drivers since it is not easy to fix cosmetically. Reliable and economic. Kinda small but good for long trips. Seat headrests are awkwardly positioned and are uncomfortable. Heats up quick in the winter.

- Jackson F

Like a CR-V with a sedan body, the Civic is a comfortable and reliable car.

The Civic is comfortable and reliable; my mechanic said that as long as I keep the oil changed regularly, it'll last for a long time without any problems. I like the backup camera and the dashboard displays. I had a CR-V before this and I do miss the height of that, especially living in an area that is prone to flooding.

- Lynne K

I feel others should know that it's long-lasting and easy to drive.

I like its reliability, backup camera, and sound system. I also like the vehicle's IMID screen, which allows me to keep track of vehicle maintenance and warns me about potential problems with the vehicle (such as low tire pressure). I wish there was a warning light or sound when you are backing too close to something.

- Maria A

It is a nice car with nice features that meets the needs of probably anyone.

Low horsepower, good safety features, drives pretty smoothly, pretty roomy, fits more that you would expect. It looks nice, has a good radio/ AUX system. Also has USB port that you can use to charge your phone. Sometimes you have to press on the gas pretty hard in order for it to reach a good speed going up a hill.

- Jane F

Honda Civic pros and attributes

It has very safe features and good seating. The way the car runs is very smooth and it doesn't fool anyone at all in terms of quality and survival. This car's design has sleek colors and aerodynamic angles that make the car go as fast as possible. Heated seat cushions and cup holders everywhere is a big bonus as well.

- Jeffrey A

Fun car to drive. Good buy for the money spent. Low insurance rates.

It is a trustworthy car mechanically but cosmetically it has not held up very well. The rubber trim around the windows has all cracked and the pain on the roof has faded in a couple spots. It is great on gas and is a fun car to drive. With keeping up with the dealers recommended up keep it is been a very reliable car.

- Jeanette V

Honda Civic: quality assured.

Good, reliable vehicle. Gets decent mileage -- 35 mpg on average. Low maintenance. . . Oil, gas, tires, brakes and that is it. When I drive it, I am always confident that it will get me to where I want to go without a problem. Only complaint is that it is too low to the ground. Have to watch out for rocks on the road.

- William J

The car has 55,000 miles on it.

I love everything about the car, I primarily use to go back and forth to work and it more than serves its purpose for me and my family. It is very reliable good on gas and easy to park. I would only buy Honda; I am team Honda for life now and wouldn't have it any other way. The car already does not owe me anything.

- Andrew J

Reliable Honda, no surprise.

I like the Bluetooth connectivity and back up camera. The heated seats are also nice but living in a hot climate for most of the year makes me want vented seats which this car does not have. However it is a very reliable car. It does not accelerate as fast as other cars I have had but it gets me where I need to go.

- Hannah M

Meh, it is ok. I mean... I have had worse and better.

I have always had Honda's and they're usually reliable but this one has given me some trouble. I think it is more the dealership lying about the quality of the car but within the first year I had break issues, door issues, and battery issues. It supposedly only takes synthetic oil too so it is expensive to keep up.

- Maya D

Honda Civic is reliable and has great gas mileage!

I really enjoy my Honda Civic. It gets great gas mileage and is really reliable. I have had this car now for almost two years and have not had any issues with it. I only take it in for routine oil changes. I love that my car has the Bluetooth feature, so I can answer calls through my car. Highly recommend this car!

- Marcia V

It is very reliable and amazing on gas!

I love my Honda Civic! It is affordable reliable and great on gas! It is got a good reverse camera could be better quality though. The interior is super easy to clean. The only thing I would say is wrong with it is that the steering wheel is not durable when it is sits in the sun other than that it is a great buy.

- Kelsey H

Great car, great gas you will love it..

It is a great car to drive & good on gas. I have drove it all up and down the east coast.. The radio is amazing sounds perfect in my ears.. My kids love to ride everyday.. Even some of my friends love to drive my car around to do things for herself.. I will always love the car never will I sell it or trade it.

- Bernard J

My car is eco friendly and is a preowned.

My Honda Civic is very reliable and it is wonderful for a small family. The gas mileage on the car is amazing and it drives smoothly when on the road. I have had the car for about 2 and half years and I haven't had any problems with the car. The inside fabric is a good choice and it is very comfortable to sit on.

- Dora B

The title is rear view camera

My vehicle is like a tank. It keeps running and doesn't seems to give me any problems. I like the fact that it reminds me of any upcoming maintenance needed and how long I have until a problem might occur. I love using the rear view camera that detects what's in my blind spots before I need to back up any further

- Karen M

My car is reliable, practice, and modern.

My vehicle is comfortable and fairly reliable. The paint job is cheap and has somewhat worn and the interior is not as durable as I'd like. However, the GPS always gets me where I need to go and I like the stereo system. The MPGs are great. I have driven multiple interstate trips and the car has never failed me.

- Tori D

I love this car! It loves to go!

This car is very reliable and economical. Surprisingly, the performance is better than I expected coming from a small car with a 4 cylinder ( drove a SUV with v8). It is equipped with everything I need from power windows to Bluetooth. It is much roomier than I expected as well. There’s enough trunk space too.

- Christy W

Fuel efficient low maintenance cost reliable.

I like my car because it's fuel efficient for a gasoline only type of vehicle. It's easy to drive and the maintenance cost for the car is low too compare to other models of car. The car is reliable, my first car is also a civic and it last more than 15 years. It's a good value to have this model of vehicle.

- Joe c

It is black, typical, built well, good mileage.

It is a good car. Gets great mileage and is safe. Looks good, drives well. Mine is black in exterior color and has grey carpeted seats. I am not crazy about the carpet seats but I live with it. All in all I enjoy driving my Honda Civic very much and am not looking for a new car because I like this one so much.

- Benjamin H

Great car! Low Maintenance

Great vehicle, good on gas mileage. Doesn't need a lot of maintenance, other than routine oil changes. The only issue I've had was a panel underneath the engine that came loose. It was just to keep the engine clean and keep water out, but it was easier to have it removed than to replace for $125. Great car.

- Jami T

Great gas mileage and rear camera.

I absolutely love the gas mileage this car gets. It is consistently over 35 mpg. Love the rear view camera as well for backing up. Dislike that it is so low to the ground. Its shocks are not the best either; it makes for a bumpy ride at times. I also dislike that there's no automatic option for the headlights.

- Simon D

It a good in condition but I think it need more good potential.

The problems are it always be gas and I just bought it 3 months ago and I started having problems with tires the brakes system and I just bought the car. It very tight car and don't have adjustable seat. Also the seatbelt always get stuck on there I don't know why and it don't have navigation system in there.

- Denise T

Resale. The interesting part of my vehicle is the resale value.

Does not have a lot of power to go up mountains. If on cruise will maintain speed but if cruise is off the car has very little power. City gas mileage 24 but highway can be 40. Driving mountains in snow vehicle is disappointing as I have not been able to make it up hills. My tires are good. I miss my old car.

- Sandra R

Honda Civic is very good on gas, that is the reason I purchased the.

I like my choice of a Honda very much. It has been reliable, I drive it 100 miles per day with no issues. I have over 100, 000 miles on it driving it in all kinds of conditions. The cost of oil changes and maintenance is very affordable. I have not had any problems with the car. It fits 4 adults comfortably.

- Patrice M

I recommend Honda civic to all car lovers.

My vehicle is the best car ever! It is a great choice, never I had any problem with it! We have a travel a lot of miles with this car and we are absolutely happy. My family recommend the Honda civic; you will be extremely happy with a Honda civic, it is appealing and affordable. Really no any problem so far.

- Stella T

Very reliable and trusted car.

Very reliable, only having small issues that I can handle myself like adding fluids or changing wipers or air and oil filters. I like to drive my car and I feel secure when doing it. I also like to take care of my car by bringing it for semi-annual inspection at my Honda retailer, like their professionalism.

- Patrice P

Awesome sedan for anyone!

It is very reliable and comfortable. I like the ecoboost feature for good gas mileage. I have the lx trim and the additional stylings look very sharp for a sedan. My only gripes are that the engine is fairly weak and when you fold the seats down, you do not get as much room as you would in similar vehicles.

- Tyler K

Love it with a few exceptions.

Love driving the car. It's my first car with a lot of tech in it like USB connection and Bluetooth and I have been enjoying it so far. Unfortunately the Bluetooth is not compatible with my phone and I cannot make calls which is annoying. Also I am paying more for oil changes than I was with my previous car.

- Martin S

Love my Honda civic 2013!

I got in a head-on collision in my car and the car barely had a dent. Very reliable, have never had any issues with it. Great gas mileage, an incredible car. One of my greatest buys. One of my happiest days was purchasing this car. Durable, does not cost me much money and always gets me where I need to be.

- Morgan R

My Honda is reliable and trustworthy

I love my Honda Civic! It is reliable and trustworthy. Overall an awesome car that gets great gas mileage, always reliable, and comfortable to travel in. A few drawbacks would be the weak ac system especially with a dark color car in summer, the lack of quick power. But outside of those the car is amazing!

- Steven R

Comfortable and reliable car.

This has been a very reliable car. Other than scheduled maintenance I have had no problems or added cost. It is comfortable and economical for travel and always has ample space for luggage. I live in Florida and have noticed the color and shine of my paint has not faded like I see on other comparable cars.

- Donna T

I love how the radio plays music.

It is a great car. The seats are comfortable, it drives smoothly and gas lasts very long. Honda in general just has good cars, and they give you good deals if you just cannot go out and buy a car. It has great space in the backseat, the trunk is very roomy, and great leg space for the driver and passenger.

- Jasmine D

Great for kids, elderly people. Great ac, good with gas, good with mileage too.

Speaker is bad, good with gas though. I don't like the seats, they make me hot. The ac works great though! Good space, and great for kids. Good for elderly people as well because my grandma likes to stretch out. I love my car, I've never really had any real issues with this car. 8/10 would recommend it.

- Valerie M

Perfect car for the 'not-a-car' person.

I absolutely love my Honda civic. It is so user friendly. I get dashboard warnings when it's time for maintenance and oil changes. I am not a 'car person' but Honda makes it easy. I haven't needed any unexpected fixes or repairs. On top of everything, the mileage is great! I think I'll always buy Honda.

- Rachel G

Affordable, reliable and easy to drive. Good buy..

Overall I like the car. It is a basic commuter car and not fancy. I do love the backup camera. I've always had issues connecting my cell phone to the bluetooth in the car, the USB connection is unreliable. The brakes vibrate when driving for awhile going high speed and the braking while going downhill.

- Janelle W

Great ride, luxury for the price!

There are very few problems with this vehicle. It will last forever as long as you fulfill the regular maintenance with oil, tires. And filters. As a Honda it has super cheap maintenance. The luxury options make it real like a much higher quality car than you would think. It is a nice, affordable ride.

- Thomas G

Reliable car great for road trips.

The Civic drives well, and is comfortable. It gets great gas mileage, and is great for road trips. It can be a little sluggish, especially if the air conditioning is running. Routine maintenance is inexpensive, and it is easy to take care of. It is reliable and overall Honda's retain their value well.

- Doni H

I love the stick shift and the fact I sit lower to.

Great control, gas mileage yet able to drive like a performance card, handles well and has few problems,stick shift, slick interior with useful compartments and accessible functions. Fabric but easy to clean, not many hard to reach stops when cleaning, big windows and very reliable in snow and rain.

- rob D

The gas mileage is excellent; I routinely get 40+ mpg on the highway.

My vehicle is a maroon red color with tan cloth seats. It is a 2013 Honda Civic with approximately 120,000 miles. The vehicle is in great condition, as I regularly take it for oil changes, tire rotations, and routine maintenance. To date, the car has been incredibly reliable with no major issues.

- Justin A

Good sound system. Good gas mileage.

My vehicle is nice, comfortable, has Bluetooth and a decent sound system to hear music and the lady talking to you through the GPS. I do no the leather in my car, but I think it is still nice. It is not too much maintenance, just the normal oil change, tire rotations/changes, a filter replacements.

- Rachel V

Bluetooth backup camera eco friendly.

It is the best because it has a reverse camera and eco friendly and it is cheap on gas and big trunk space and it is my size of car. It is 20 to 40 bucks a month and that is not bad right. It is white but it is slow because it eco friendly so yeah. It is a new car and it has Bluetooth which I love.

- Kylie K

Honda Civic 2013 features.

The car drives very nicely. It takes full synthetic oil. It has a sunroof, navigation system, backup camera, and seat warmers. The seats are full leather. There have been no performance problems and the maintenance is very low. It gets great gas mileage and there is an eco setting in the car.

- Sabrina S

I love my Civic. It runs well and handles well too.

My car has very good highway gas mileage and accelerates a lot faster than you'd expect from a Honda. It is a reliable safe and dependable vehicle that I would buy again if given the opportunity to do so again. It is a very comfortable and safe vehicle, with good handling and good braking systems.

- Dylan B

It has a lot of room for a two door car.

The Honda civic is a really nice car and it has been through quite a bit of damages with me. The cost to repair it at the Honda Center can get pretty expensive and it wastes gas pretty quickly. Overall it is a really nice looking car with a lot of room in it, which is surprising for a two door.

- Lauren S

The Honda Civic Hybrid is no longer being made by Honda and this is sad.

I have a Honda Civic HYBRID. I love that it is a hybrid so I do not fill up the gas tank as often. However, the special tires for the hybrid which is supposed to be lighter is not so durable for urban streets. I have already had to replace two in the first three years I was driving the car.

- Sunny k

It is safe and reliable, I do not worry.

It is reliable, I have done routine maintenance and never had issues. It is very safe and has protected passengers well in wrecks. After wrecks it is inexpensive to fix. It gets great gas mileage. It drives smoothly and the steering wheel is not too sensitive. It has an easy to clean interior.

- Daisy G

The 2013 Honda Civic car review.

My Honda Civic is a great vehicle. It fits a family of 4 and a dog comfortably. The Civic has fantastic gas mileage and has a smooth ride. We have not had any problems with this vehicle, only maintenance. One of my favorite features of the Civic is the comfortable seats and the backup camera.

- Pat L

2013 Honda Civic Coupe- basic model. Backup camera, bluetooth capable, FANTASTIC on gas, smooth drive.

I LOVE my Civic Coupe. The only reason why I am getting a new car is because I am outgrowing the two door. It's fast, reliable, and enough space for 2 people. Since I adopted two new puppies and want to take them everywhere with me, I'll be upgrading to the four door. Absolutely LOVE Honda.

- Victoria L

It is used, but good enough.

It does not go uphill for long distances well. I also got my car used so part of the plastic on the bottom is kind of shredded and falling off. I really like the Bluetooth and push down seats. I also noticed that if the steering wheel is very turned sometimes it is hard to turn the ignition.

- Julia H

I love my reliable Civic!

I love my Civic. I am a rather disorganized person and it always alerts me when it is time for me to do a service. That makes it much easier for me to keep track of. I have had my car for almost five years and it has never broken down or left me stranded. Overall, it is a very reliable car.

- Sara W

Compact and eco-friendly with good gas mileage.

I like the fuel economy. I like the eco friendly button to allow for better gas mileage in the city. I like the rear backup camera. I don't like the size, I'm more of an SUV kind of person. I don't like the driver's seat; I have to drive far for work and by the end my back is uncomfortable.

- Alli C

My gas mileage is amazing.

I have had the car for almost 6 months. It has been reliable without any issues. The windshield wipers wear a little quickly. Otherwise it runs smoothly and is great on gas. I like the style of the car and the amount of room on the inside. The Honda dealership I bought it from was amazing.

- Jennifer A

Fun to drive and attractive.

This is my 5th Honda. I love them because they are reliable and fun to drive. They get good gas mileage and have low maintenance costs and they look good, too., and since they go forever, I plan to drive this one for 10 more years. I get many compliments on the interior and the dashboard.

- Margaret H

Compact, fuel efficient, great mileage

Have not had any issues with my vehicle. It has always been dependable and has good mileage. The vehicle is shaped weird in some places and at times things fall in the cracks and it is hard to get while in the vehicle. The back of the vehicle is compact, hard to fit multiple car seats in.

- Ashley L

My 2013 Honda Civic coupe. It’s a great car for the roads!

My Honda was first a lease but then I decided to finance it and purchase it. I love the way it looks. It is sporty and gets excellent gas mileage. I get about 30 mpg. I keep it maintained and have had no major problems. My Honda handles great! Especially driving these Arizona freeways.

- Susan K

Acceleration is smooth and easy.

It is amazing, very easy to drive and the breaks are fantastic. I have never had an issue with my car, and it is very smooth. The interior and seats are very comfortable. If I could i'd buy another one but I cannot. It is a four door and it is very roomy, a lot of space in the trunk too.

- Vincent M

Very reliable with little to no maintenance.

This vehicle is very reliable. I drive for a living and have put 200, 000 miles on it in 5 years. Over that period of time I have not had to do anything besides routinely get oil changes. It was well worth the money. It gets very good mileage on gas and little to no maintenance required.

- Brian D

Honda Civic offers reliable, transportation in an attractive body.

My Honda Civic has never needed more than routine maintenance. It starts when I need it to, it has comfortable leather seating, a GPS, Sirius XM radio, and plenty of trunk space with additional back seat fold down when needed. . It is comfortable on long trips, and fairly fuel efficient.

- Sandra L

The 2013 Honda Civic is a functional fuel efficient option to your daily travel.

The 2013 Honda Civic is a wonderfully efficient option for those who seek and desire a fully functional and fuel efficient option in terms of high mileage travel, as well as standard day-to-day travel. The comfort and features meet my needs and then some! I 100% recommend this vehicle!

- Ryan P

Nice Bluetooth equipment drives smooth.

Tire problems and tire pressure problems small car for kids would like something bigger for my son needs upgrades don't like fabric want leather needs better access to cleaning the cracks, not good fabric for children no seat warmers like newer models gets messy easy shows everything.

- Kylie H

The Civic is practically bulletproof.

We purchased this vehicle for my wife because she was driving an hour each way to work every day. The car has been extremely reliable and stable. We have put 102, 000 miles on it in the last 5 years and, with regular maintenance, we have never experienced a major problem or breakdown.

- Joe F

The gas mileage in the civic hybrid is good. Once we got 45 mpg (Las Vegas).

This car has been very reliable. The only time it has been taken in for service is for things like an oil change and new tires. I would highly recommend Honda for you want a car that is dependable and inexpensive. They base models come with everything that you need and a little more.

- Marcia W

Honda civic si is the best car 2019.

I absolutely love this vehicle. It has an electric dash, GPS built in, an auto lock system, and a backup camera. It has great features that I feel are not even necessary but make the car feel luxury. It also has plenty of cup holder space which is great when having guests in the car.

- Shy H

Good gas mileage, and great features such as back up camera and sunroof.

I have problem with the fan, but I it very reliable. It give me pretty good gas mileage and has lovely feature such as Bluetooth and a backup camera. It is very comfortable and has lot of trunk space. The back seat it somewhat small but I am never back there so it does not bother me.

- Jasmine A

My 2013 Honda civic and it is attributes.

Great gas mileage. Responsive. Easy to maintain. Easy to clean. Sporty. Maintains look. Runs like a top. Still gets attention. Cheap to maintain. Serviceable. Easy operation. Great for traveling. Easy of operation. Great trade in value. Can get 300 thousand miles. Still looks new.

- William C

2013 Honda civic review very positive!

Overall I am very happy with my Honda civic. The gas mileage is amazing, it is reliable and it is easy to maintain. I take care of the engine and it is maintenance regularly. The only issue I have experienced is the driver's window mechanism broke around 80,000 miles unexpectedly.

- Kate E

It is reliable and affordable.

Reliable. I have not had any issues since I purchased. It is great on case. It is comfortable and safe. The price was affordable. It is great on gas. It is cheap to maintain and repair (but I have not needed to repair anything). Drives smoothly. Stock vehicle is still really nice.

- Jessica W

I like the sporty look Honda created with the coupe.

My car has been very reliable, however it has begun making a very loud noise when I hit between 48-58 miles an hour. This could be due to an accident I had a few years ago. My car is a coupe which can be impractical. I do think Honda is a great brand of vehicle, just not my style.

- Elizabeth W

Great for families and trips!

It's great for road trips and very reliable. I never had an issue with this car and it is safe for families! It doesn't run out of gas easily and can last for long trips. However, the size of the trunk is too small for me to put all of my clothes and belongings to take to college.

- Maria G

Why I bought a civic and not another car.

My civic is very reliable. It has never given me any problems or issues it drives better than other higher prices vehicles. Another reason is the fact that it is very economical. With rising gas prices it is really great. Does great gas mileage which is the reason I purchased it.

- Mia T

Great on fuel efficiency and maintenance!!

I drive a Honda civic. It has great gas mileage and is low maintenance. Knock on wood but it has not given me high maintenance problems. It comes with the Eco feature which helps with the gas mileage. Despite its small appearance, it is very roomy. It has plenty of compartments.

- Tamara B

Honda: a reliable, safe and happy brand.

I love my Honda. It is a reliable and honest brand. I would recommend a Honda to everyone. They hold their value and just a great reliable company. I have always liked the Honda brand but never owned one before now. I will continue to buy Honda's and recommend them to everyone.

- Rapheal G

Cheap gas, no issues, small car for a bigger guy. Would recommend to anyone.

Great gas mileage, very small backseat though, hard to get onto. Would recommend to someone who's looking to be fiscally responsible when it comes to gas and maintenance. Haven't really had any issue with it at all besides the size. ( was used to sport utility vehicles before).

- Cory B

My Honda Civic, reliable yet economical.

It is reliable yet economical. Bluetooth is great, allowing me to take calls hands-free while driving. Haven't had problems except battery had to be replaced. I am done with the car payments, so the only cost now is gas and maintenance. Plan to drive at least another few years.

- Christine S

I own a Honda Civic, all in all it is a very nice vehicle.

Very good gas miles. Very spacious. No mechanical problems. I have owned this vehicle since it was made, and I have not had one problem with it at all. As long as you change the oil regularly than you will have zero problems. Needless to say I am absolutely happy with my car.

- Tyson L

2013 Honda civic sedan ex.

The car has worked very well so far. I have no had any issues. The car has a CD player, backup camera and sunroof. It is good in gas and works well in the snow. It is front wheel drive and also has automatic locks and windows. It has been. Reliable car and I have no complaints.

- Jo K

I really love my Honda Civic.

My Honda Civic is very reliable. I have had it for two years now and it has not required any maintenance other than the typical tire rotation and oil change. It is a very comfortable car, and the dashboard is angled so that the driver can clearly read everything on the screen.

- Meghan P

My vehicle is comfortable, performs wells and get good mileage.

I keep my vehicle well maintained and it does not give me problems. My vehicle is comfortable, reliable and performs very well. My vehicle get very good mileage. My vehicle is ideal for me. I will buy another of the same kind of vehicle as soon as I am able to. I love my car.

- Na N

Honda Civic Makes Bluetooth A Priority

It doesn't get very good gas mileage, which is a problem for anyone with a decent commute to work. The car has great hands free features, but they're not really well integrated with either android or ios, which is disappointing. The interior is comfortable but hard to clean.

- Emma A

An affordable and reliable fun drive.

I really like driving my civic. It is comfortable and fun to drive. I like the maintenance features that tell me when I am due for service. I like the Bluetooth hands free features and the backup camera. I just wish it had more power when trying to accelerate. Love my Honda!

- Melissa C

The brown bean road runner.

Reliability is excellent. I have only had to replace the battery one time. It gets 35 miles to the gallon on the highway the vehicle has plenty of room including leg room for taller people in the front seat the trunk is spacious. I love the color. . . It is a metallic brown.

- Mary Louise R

We Love Live our Honda Civic!!!!!

We live the Honda Civic car. This is our second Civic we have owned. It's been a super reliable vehicle. We bought our first Civic with 100 mileson it in 2005. We got rid of it in 2016. We live Honda so much thaT now we are considering either the Honda Pilot or odyssey.

- Desiree B

Perfect for to and from work.

I wanted a smaller vehicle after 15 years of SUVs and trucks. This one fits the bill. No problems as of yet. Performs just how I need it to. Primarily to and from work which is about 10 minutes from home. I like the Bluetooth audio probably the most as I listen to podcasts.

- Chris D

Great extra features like heated seats and sun room.

Overall is this car a lot. I love the heated seats and the ability to connect my phone to the stereo via Bluetooth. The backup camera is the best. The sunroof is fun too! Gas mileage is good. I just wish the car had more power. It does not accelerate as quickly as I'd like.

- Molly W

Smooth drive and great feel.

My Honda Civic has been the best car I have ever owned. I love the smooth drive, and the feel of the car. The gas meter and reminder is a great functionality. I also love that I am warned when my tire pressure is off, I just wish it would tell me which tire needs attention.

- Lauren R

It's easy to drive, easy to care for, and easy to love.

I chose it primarily because it was affordable, but I love the design and especially the interior. The console / dash is unique, and the seats are comfortable. It's fuel efficient and easy to maintain. I wish there was more storage space in the trunk, but overall I love it.

- Emily W

That it gets really good gas mileage.......the car will last a really long time if taken care of

Compared to the 1999 Toyota Corolla I had before this car, the gas mileage is a lot better and the ride is a lot smoother. The only things I don't like about it is the fact that sometimes the windows fog up too easily and the bluetooth sometimes doesn't pair with my phone

- Steven B

The perfect high mileage midsize car!

This is the most reliable car I have ever owned! I drive a lot of miles for work and have never had issues. I keep up on the basic maintenance and it has never let me down. The gas mileage is great! I feel comfortable in it. I would not hesitate to purchase another Honda!

- Sherry G

My metallic silver baby that runs great.

My Honda Civic is a metallic silver in color. It has a good mileage, turning radius, good speaker set. It has a moonroof. Performance is really good. The car services are not very expensive, and so are the car parts. I had to only change tires twice as they got punctured.

- Preethi K

Honda civic si! Coolest car around!

I love it, its fast, nice, and very fun to drive! Also does great on gas! Very light and small, turn great. Also very comfortable for its size and great for teaching a teen how to drive, etc. Sporty look comes in two and four door model. Wouldn't trade it for another car!

- Abraham A

Great gas mileage! Love the rear camera to help me back up in tough spots!!

I love my Honda Civic lx, it is great on gas! 10 gallon gas tank and is normally about 20-25 bucks to fill it up, driving 3 hours only uses about a little less than half a tank. . . I do have to admit it is really low to the ground comparing to driving a truck for years.

- Samantha E

2013 Honda Civic, black exterior grey interior

My Honda Civic is very reliable. I have had no major problems with it. It drives comfortably and is easy to take care of. The one issue I have is with the fan motor it sometimes doesn't work and won't blow any air. I have read that this is a common problem with this car.

- barbel s

I can always depend on my Honda

I always buy Honda cars. They are my favorite. I like the Civic because it is affordable, economical and safe. I have had 3 of them that I have driven over 200,000 miles on with relatively no issues and no major issues. It also gets great mileage and is a great ride.

- Jana C

Very reliable and affordable.

My Honda civic is very reliable. It is great on gas and I have very little problems with it. My only complaint would be that being a smaller car there seems to be more road noise while driving. I feel that the drive could be smoother. I would recommend a civic to anyone.

- Tiffany K

Practical car if you don't have kids

Good reliable car. Has a hard time accelerating when on Econ setting. Would not recommend for traveling especially with kids. Good gas mileage but small gas tank. Wish the seats adjusted higher than they do. Overall very reliable and easy to drive. No serious complaints.

- Ane S

I love that my car is a hybrid.

I love my Honda. I love the gas mileage it gets in the city and on the highway. It is very spacious in the back as well. I have had car seats in the back and it is easy to get them in and out. I have never had any issues with my car and plan to drive it as long as I can!

- Emily H

Civic is reliable and safe!

Bought my car used from a rental place a few years ago. I haven't had a single problem with it. The back up camera and Bluetooth phone set up were top on my list and these two features are wonderful in the car. Another plus is good gas mileage. It is safe and reliable!

- Kathleen K

Great car for a lifetime.

All around amazing car! Not crazy expensive to maintain. Great fuel mileage. Easy car to learn and to drive. Very solid car that lasts a lifetime if kept up with. Honda Civics are all around a solid car to have. I would recommend buying any Honda to family and friends.

- Jessica L

Honda Civic hybrid is great vehicle to get from here to there.

The only downsides to my car is that it is pretty loud inside and the back seat does not fold down. It is hard to talk to people on my Bluetooth because of the road noise. Otherwise, being a hybrid, the fuel economy is great. There haven't been any maintenance issues.

- Michelle M

High mileage and high performing.

Very reliable. Beautiful design. Cruise control. Heated leather seats and strong ac. Good gas mileage. Small on the outside but spacious on the inside. Over 150k miles and still runs like new. I will drive it for as long as it runs and that may be a decade from now.

- Di W

A car with great gas mileage!

I really enjoy my car. I bought it for the gas mileage, which has been amazing. It has a surprising amount of room for being such a small car. Comfortable to drive. Not easy to fit infant car seats into. It has not needed any maintenance besides regular oil changes.


It has a sunroof and Bluetooth.

I love my car. It gets great gas mileage. It has a sunroof and Bluetooth. It is very reliable. I have never really had a problem with it. The seats are nice. I just do not like how they show dirt. But, I chose to get a car with dark seats. So, that is my own fault.

- Cassie S

Safe and reliable Honda Civic. Good aspects of my car. Winter driving. Great sound.

Nothing love my car. My car was bought with used tires had horrible grip in winter bought new tires was wonderful in winter. Does everything I would want it to do in a car stereo is great sounds great. Drives good. Seats enough family and friends. Is safe for kids.

- Jennifer M

Reliable, good on gas and low maintenance.

This car is very reliable and very low maintenance. This car has features such as Bluetooth, backup camera and door sensors. The inside of the car is very spacious I do wish that it had a different interior other than cloth but then I would have to make an upgrade.

- Celine M

The intermittent wipers only has one setting, and it's often too fast.

I like the interior - a budget car without a cheapy feel - (My last car - a chevy cobalt seemed cheap) I like the gas mileage, and the blue tooth phone. I don't like that the intermittent wipers only have one setting.. my last car, the chevy - it was adjustable.

- Diane W

The Civic is great for those looking to save money.

There have been no real problems. Keep the oil changed and gas in it and it goes. Great on gas. The interior is kind of small but it is great for one person. The technology is current with Bluetooth and hands free. It runs smooth and quiet and the upkeep is cheap.

- Dora W

What's not to like in a Honda?

My car is the perfect size for my uses. It has a moonroof, leather seats, current technology. It drives like a dream. The steering is tight, very European, not loose like some steering wheels. It is extremely reliable. All I have done is get oil changes. Love it!!

- Sandy G

Awesome car! Should get one!

I do not have any issues with my vehicle. The make and model is a great car and has lasted me on many journeys. I am hoping it lasts me for along time. I will more than likely purchase another vehicle that is the same make and model just newer. Honda all the way!

- Nicole P

A car for all seasons - great price, product!

A great value for the cost. I especially like the rear view camera, the non-skid brakes and the cruise control. The car has good mileage 29 city, highway since purchase. Great stereo and comfortable seats. . I also think it is the best looking Civic of the 2000s.

- Rob B

Perfect for a small family looking for an economical car.

Great small car. I love the fuel efficiency and the back up camera. It sits a little low for me, but it runs great. Lightweight but sturdy. The seats are comfortable and easy to adjust. The drivers window has an automatic up and down function what is very handy.

- Tiffany G

How reliable It's is and can get me from one place to another with good gas mileage

I like how good the gas is on my honda civic it does not require that much money for gas. I also like how good it is on gas i can travel long distances and places and get good gas mileage. I dislike how It's not as fast and smooth as other vehicles in Its class

- Carlos s

It is very affordable. The mileage and the amount of gallons you can drive in freeways and highways.

I like the mileage on my vehicle because it's very cheap to fill the tank up. I like the size of my car because it's not too small or too big. The only thing I dislike about it is that it takes forever to cool once I get inside it. The air never seems to work.

- Andrea R

Very reliable, great performance.

Very reliable, no major issues. My 3rd Honda over 20 years. As long as you do the normal maintenance and upkeep, the life of a Honda could be endless. Handling is great, I never liked the way a Toyota feels, Hondas feel like you have more control over the car.

- Karen L

Will not sell my car to no one I will be keep it.

I do not have any problem with my car I like it a lot and it get me around the way I need it to be so I will not be sell and I will not be buying a car no time soon I like my car a lot and get me to work and back I love my car I like just the it is it my car.

- Crystal S

Honda Civic: reliable, fun, but do not be thirsty!

It works great and is a fun, reliable basic car. Good fuel mileage. It needs more cup holders. I also struggle with regularly needing to put air in my tires, but I think that is more user error. I enjoy the rearview camera, Bluetooth, and notification system.

- Meg C

Eco friendly, comfy seats, very reliable.

I love my car. It has comfy seats, it is eco friendly, very reliable, and has not broken down on me since I bought it. Tires are still in good condition and lots of trunk space. It is easy to drive and seat adjusts up and down, back and forth to your liking.

- Vanessa B

Awesome first car for a teen.

My car handles really well and is very easy to drive. The seats are relatively comfortable and I enjoy the Bluetooth audio. I do wish that the car had more settings for the windshield wiper speeds as well as apple carplay or some sort of built in navigation.

- Reilly M

The mpg is awesome 40-44 mpg!

I have a hybrid, I average anywhere from 40-44 mpg. It has a sleek design and comfortable inside seating. With the screens inside it also feel like driving a spaceship. Driving on long trips is not hard a all in this car. Plenty of room in the trunk as well.

- Kat E

2013 Honda Civic coupe 1-10 I would rate it a 9.

I really enjoy this vehicle, it is great for a first car. It doesn't fit well for someone planning on starting a family or moves a lot. There is not much room in the coupe form. But it is easy to maintain and is really good on gas and easy on cost of owning.

- Rachel C

Sensors don't go off on tire pressure as well as there are many blind spots.

One problem that I personally experienced with my vehicle is that the sensor doesn't go off on the tire for the tire pressure and it stays on the screen. Also the car also has a lot of blind spots while driving as well as the windshield is huge and enormous.

- Kelly H

It is extremely reliable. I have never had a problem with my car breaking down or having issues.

I love that it is reliable and comfortable. It's a little loud on the freeway and not as smooth of a drive as some other cars but it's safe and I love Hondas. I also like that it is a common brand and can get it fixed anywhere because parts are easy to find.

- Sarah D

All around reliable and comfortable car.

Reliable, driver-friendly interior, beautiful exterior design. Would prefer a hatchback, but only newer models have the hatchback option for the civic. Bluetooth feature is good, but not great. Plugging in my charger requires that I reactivate the Bluetooth.

- Sadie R

Love my Civic! Great features!

My Honda Civic is very reliable and does not require very much maintenance. For a base model it has a good amount of features to make driving easy and comfortable. Back up camera is great. Interior is durable and has held up very well in the past five years.

- Jade C

Honda is great to its customers.

Honda is extremely reliable. It gets great gas mileage and can go months without an oil change. Adjustable seat height allows for great comfort while driving. Honda takes great care of their customers and always has discounts to offer when service is needed.

- Megan L

It provides quality and reliability at an affordable price.

The Honda civic is a reliable easy to drive car. With regular scheduled maintenance I have had no auto breakdown issues. It is also gets decent gas mileage. I have over 80,000 miles on the odometer from driving extensively as a traveling physical therapist.

- Luis V

The Honda Civic is fuel efficient. It keeps up with the mileage on the dash and converts is to overall miles per gallon.

Great vehicle, no problems in the years I have had it. No complaints. This vehicle design is great and safety is obviously a consideration in design. Design of the seats and ability to lay the back seats down when extra trunk space is needed is also a plus.

- Cynthia M

I love how easy the car is to navigate and how safe I feel driving my car.

My car is very reliable. I drive about 40,000 miles a year and the only problem I have ever had was the gas hose came loose. Other than that just standard maintenance. This car now has 120,000 miles and still runs very well. I feel safe driving this vehicle

- Shannon N

Color is very calming light blue. Has wonderful interior.

I love my vehicle it is safe and reliable. It's great style and has a calm color blue. The manufacturer has come up with great designs for Honda. Comes in variety of sizes. Small to medium to large vehicles great for single people or families with children.

- Katie S

My Honda Civic - a reliable but economic choice.

Love the Bluetooth so I can be on the phone safely while driving. Mileage is not too bad. Not fancy but comfortable. Haven't had much issues except getting a new battery. But I try to take it for maintenance every six month, so to be sure that it runs good.

- Christine S

The gas mileage is really good.

I like that it gets great gas mileage, handles easily, and is comfortable. Also, for a small car it is fairly roomy and has plenty of trunk space. The only dislike is when there are 5 people in it, there’s not enough console space for drinks, purses, etc.

- Shannon H

It has a sunroof and four doors. There are many blue civics on the road...be sure to find the correct one in a parking lot!

I bought it certified used. It was a bargain and has been a terrific car. It is getting older, so some things need monitoring or repair. The A/C may need to be redone soon...the driver side sun visor is broken. But, overall, I've been very happy with it!

- Nicole C

It is lovely and amazingly wonderful.

There is really no problems with my vehicle. There is no terrible reliability. My car is perfectly comfortable. The only feature I wish my car had was a sunroof. My tires do need changing just the front two. All my seat belts work along with all my lights.

- Elizabeth P

My Honda is small and unique for me.

I have no problems with my civic, I love that it is gas efficient and low maintenance. And affordable for me. Everyone in my family has a Honda. I would recommend a Honda for anyone looking. They have a car for whatever you need. There selection is large.

- Dagmara H

It has touch screen navigation built in.

The Honda Civic is a great vehicle for a college student like myself. It is small enough to fit anywhere and big enough to hold what you need. It has great in-vehicle features to make driving enjoyable. It drives smoothly and does not have many problems.

- Katherine T

My Honda Civic is great on gas!

It has great gas mileage and it is the perfect car for my commute. Small enough that it makes city parking easier. The back up camera really only helps with direction not how close you are to what is behind you. Big truck, but tight space inside the car.

- Emily M

Mainly that its a stick shift vehicle so make sure that you know how to operate a stick shift

I like the style of my car i've always likes sports cars. Another reason I like it is because its a gas saver I don't have to waste much money on gas. I also love the fact that my car has cruise control since it is stick shift long drives can be tiring.

- jennifer b

Honda Civic: Reliable & Affordable

I enjoy the gas mileage of my car! I have not had any issues with it the past couple of years I have had it, despite driving it extensively. It's extremely comfortable and a great size. There is also plenty of small storage to keep everything organized.

- Bailey M

An interesting detail is that it has a backup camera.

Its small and compact, very economical with gas, and I get great mileage,.. It's perfect for Amy College student who needs a first car, it is affordable as well.. I haven't had any problems with my car since I have had it.. Easy to handle while driving.

- Yasmin A

You get about 300 miles per tank of gas! There is a green option that makes your car even more gas efficient.

I love my vehicle mainly because it gets great gas mileage and is reliable. I also love that it has features to connect to my smartphone for music, hands free calls, and GPS through the speakers. It is simple and gets me and my kids where we need to go.

- Tabitha C

Honda happiness in Howard Ohio.

Good mileage, base model - not luxurious, comfy enough. Back up camera that I use intermittently, do not like the eco feature, maintenance costs are reasonable, electric windows a plus. Do not love the auto-locking passenger doors. Plenty of trunk room.

- Stacie R

Great driving car, performance, gas mileage. I highly recommend Honda.

This is a great car. I have only had to do normal maintenance and new tires. I get great gas mileage getting 32 to 35 miles per gallon. This car is very comfortable to drive. I highly recommend Honda as my wife and I have had several and are very happy.

- Cary R

Best car I have ever owned!

I have no complaints in regards to my Honda civic. It is a 6 speed and maxes out at 160. Can get up and go. Even my sons car seat fits perfectly in the back seat even being a two door. I have never had any problems with my vehicle. I absolutely love it!

- Amanda E

Like driving a toy car you owned as a kid.

Beautiful interior and exterior. Great gas mileage. Reminds me of a toy car, smooth and light. The trunk is spacious. Not a race car but nice for long drives. Does not have proper cup holders and the interior is similar to the Accord which is not ideal.

- Lily E

My reliable Honda 2013 Civic.

I have had no problems at all with my 2013 Honda Civic. I bought it new and I get it regularly serviced. I have only had to replace the battery once this month after five years of driving this car. It has always been reliable and decent on gas mileage.

- Sarah M

It is very easy to drive on all sorts of terrain - windy roads, back roads, highway, country roads

I have a silver Honda civic with enough room for five passengers to fit comfortably. Driving is smooth for the most part but bad roads can be felt. It's a nice interior with carpeted seats. No issues with power windows and my car has never broken down

- Kaitlin W

Best car I have purchased yet!

It gets really great gas mileage, smooth to drive, seats are very comfortable for a long drive. Good trunk space. No problems with my car as of yet. Although it does not do very well in the rain or snow, which is to be expected for that size of a car.

- Kale W

The car has great fuel economy, expect to fill up less than ever before.

It is very comfortable, I don't have many complaints. I'm not the pickiest about cars. I guess you could say the touch screen UI is kind of clunky, and it's annoying to repeatedly disconnect and reconnect phones in order to play music over the radio.

- Trentin W

My car is extremely reliable. But if you want good mileage in a sedan do not purchase the Honda Civic EX sedan

I like the dependability and reliability of my Honda Civic. I also love the white paint color that always looks clean. I dislike the mileage the car gets. It's rarely over 20 miles per gallon. My last Civic got 28 mpg around town. What a difference!

- Jillila B

It is reliable. Well made.

I have difficulty with seeing out of the back window. I find it difficult in judging distance when parking and also backing up. I have used a pillow to sit on but it does not help. The seats are not the most comfortable. The performance has been ok.

- Judi K

It gets good highway gas mileage, which is worth knowing.

I like the good gas mileage, and I like the digital screen that I can read to see and keep track of my gas usage. I love the rear camera that helps me see behind me. The car sometimes seems like it is struggling to accelerate, which I don't love.

- Evelyn H

Looks good and feel very safe travelling long distances.

Very reliable and good fuel efficiency. Handles very well, small steering wheel was a little weird at first. Constant reminders of service on the screen can be annoying. Useful alerts like tire low on air avoid flat tires when a nail was stuck.

- Brian S

Good quality make of car good for the price fantastic gas mileage

I think Hondas are very good cars it's a nice size automobile I like the interior very easy to drive why did you not like it's that my car is getting older I need to purchase a new one and I believe it still will be a Honda very good quality car

- Paul H

It's customizable so everyone can have he style they want.

I like that everyone has parts and paint, for Civics because they are so common. My car is reliable and small and gets good gas mileage. I had problems initially with my moon roof but it was handled professionally and quickly and works fine now.

- Melanie g

Dependable car and well worth the money.

My car is reliable. I have had it for three years and have only had to replace the battery once. I am hard on cars and this Honda has survived my bad driving. It is dependable. It gets great gas mileage and it is roomy and comfortable inside.

- Kelsey K

It gets great gas mileage and drives very easily

I love the great gas mileage my civic gets. It's comfortable to drive. But it is a little too small for me. I sometimes have trouble getting into the car with my arthritis and I can't always fit what I need to into the car if It's too big

- Jo F

It costs half as much to drive as my former car, no repairs in 2 yrs.

The only thing I do not like about my car is that it does not handle the snow very well. I slide all over the road in my car in the winter. I do however love how spacious the cab of the car is, as well as the trunk. Hondas are great cars.

- Lauren R

Although we bought it certified/pre-owned, it is definitely the nicest and most expensive car I have ever owned, and worth every penny!

I love my Honda, it is cute, nice shape, and awesome gas mileage, I only have to fill up twice a month. I would've preferred a different color than black, but could not pass up this car that only had 18,000 miles on it when we bought it.

- Patricia D

It has an economy feature to help you use less gas.

I love that my car is small, but yet roomy enough for my family. I appreciate the amenities, including the air conditioning, radio, back-up sensors and navigation system. I have always bought Honda vehicles before I consider them safe.

- Tricia A

The Honda Civic is a reliable car for a small family.

I like that my car is reliable and gets good gas mileage. I wish my lights were automatic and that it was just a bit more spacious in the back seat. I also do not like that when I put it in park, not all the doors unlock automatically.

- Tara T

The gas mileage is great!

I like that it gets great gas mileage. It is roomy enough for both me and my wife. It has many of the options I desire in a vehicle like backing camera and cruise control. Finally, the Honda brand has one of the lowest TCO of any make.

- Tony C

Love my Honda Civic! Perfect size!

I really like my car. The size is perfect for me because I didn't want anything too big for me to handle. The rearview camera really helps me as well! The only thing is my car is really low to the ground and I worry about scraping it.

- Bri L

It seems safe. And it has enough room for a family. It.

I like my vehicle. My dad bought it for me and chose it for me. Only problem I had was in the winter I kept sliding everywhere but it was because it had lousy tires on it. I don't have any complaints about the car. I enjoy driving it.

- Jennifer M

Small car but plenty of room!

I love my Civic hybrid. It is a small car, but extremely comfortable. I have no trouble fitting a car seat in it. I love that it tracks my gas mileage for me, and because it is a hybrid, I do not have to fill up my gas tank as often!

- Anna R

Honda Civic 2013 - Automatic

I love all of the features of my car, and it is very reliable. It doesn't often need service. The alerts for preventive maintenance are helpful and make sure I keep the car in good condition without having to think too much about it.

- Melanie M

It is a tight with quality wheels and services. It is a bundle of joy.

I like that the Honda is gas efficient. It has road assistants. The audio is clear. The design is clean and professional. The interior is spacious and has leg room. I have friends who appreciate the design and sleek appearance.

- lily s

That it gets very good gas mileage.

There's nothing I dislike. It rides very smoothly and is very good on gas mileage. The features are nice and overall it's stylish. If I had more money I'd get a more expensive car but there's nothing I dislike about my current car.

- Eli T

It is a tough, reliable car.

The thing I love most about this car is that it is reliable and has lasted for so many years without a problem. My main issue with it however, is that when something goes wrong, it really goes wrong. Repairs on this can be costly.

- Melanie L

Honda Civic 2013 - A hyperactive vehicle

I totally love Honda Civic. The vehicle is simply so easy to use, and has many informative screens. The one of the only cons would be it does not have any external button to open the truck. Besides, it's a pretty economic vehicle!


It is great for a single first-time owner.

Comfort is great. I like the small size for a grad student like me. I feel safe in the car; however, recently the brakes have been very shaky. They've been like that the last year, and I have only owned the car for two years now.

- Stephanie S

No Frills, Dependable Civic

I have the basic honda civic model. No sunroof, no heated or leather seats, no rear air vents. It's dependable, gets pretty good mileage and has basic features I need. Perfect car for a college student or young professional.

- Taylor D

That it will save you hundreds if not thousands on gas per year.

I like that it is great on gas, and the interior is of very high quality. I dislike that it doesn't have as much room as I would like in the back seat, though the trunk is pretty big. It is a very well made and reliable car.

- Halle O

I guess that it is overall compact and also very fuel efficient. Like 35 mpg so I only usually spend money on gas once a week

It is small but feels big inside. It is fairly stylish. It gets me from A to B. I like the technology but wish the Bluetooth worked better and wish that there were more safety features (obviously that comes with newer cars)

- Alex K

It has Bluetooth and can seat 5 people comfortably.

I like that it is small, but comfortable. I like the Bluetooth and hands-free system. However, the check tire pressure light always comes on and it can be annoying to always have to stop somewhere to put air in the tires.

- Candace V

It works well and it gets good gas mileage. It is definitely a great first car and a good car for a high school or college student.

This is my first ever car. I got to pick it out with my mom new. It gets good gas mileage. The size is not too big or small. It does have a hard time speeding up though. It definitely does not go from 0 to 60 very fast.

- Gabby J

That it is a standard transmission.

I love that my car is made in a standard because it makes me focus more on driving. I do not like the fact that it is a coupe but I picked my car very quickly. The radio is also premium so I do really like that as well.

- Molly B

Reliable and easy to drive.

It is super fuel efficient and easy to park in the city. It is comfortable for long rides and can seat 5. It is a little short and I have to be carefull getting in and out even though I am an average height man.(5'11")

- Adam R

Great gas mileage and easy to drive! Compact with power.

Our car is great, it is compact and easy to drive. It has an amazing back up camera that makes parking a cinch and we get amazing gas mileage. Only dislike is that it is small so we can't always fit everything we need.

- Lexi L

Reliable and easy to maintain vehicle.

Overall pretty reliable and easy to maintain vehicle. The only complaint I have is the air conditioning it is not that strong and went out recently so I had to get it fixed the positive thing it wasn't that expensive.

- Mari B

That it is fuel efficient, comfortable to travel in, and reliable

A Honda Civic was my first car and I love it! When my first car was totaled in an accident, it kept me safe and I went right for another civic. They are safe, reliable, get good gas mileage and are a comfortable drive

- Nicole S

The gas mileage is great and the car has great acceleration even in eco mode. The interior is nice too.

I love the gas mileage the Civic gets, and the dashboard. I dislike the auxiliary port for the radio being in the arm rest and not on the dashboard. The Civic hasn't had any mechanical issues since I purchased it.

- Chris W

Safe handling, comfort and nice style.

I like everything about my civic. I wish I had the blind side alarm. Have no complaints. I have no idea what else you want me to say about my car. I love it and have no complaints. Hope this is long enough for you.

- Maggie H

It's a reliable car that is fun to drive. It will last for a long time.

I really like the way my vehicle drives. It's a fun car and it's reliable. It gets good gas mileage. I do wish it had more interior room. I've had a few warranty claims but for the most part it's a great vehicle.

- Linda M

It is reliable and does well with gas.

I love the back-up camera. The speedometer is digital for convenience. There is Bluetooth activation included. I do not like that it does not let me know what my tire pressure is when it says they are low on air.

- Julie G

The Civic is One of the top rated cars for It's model year.

The Civic is a fuel efficient, easy to drive coupe. Early (2013) advanced features include back up cam and USB inputs. I'd prefer a hybrid or electric vehicle and will explore hydrogen as well in the future.


The auxiliary cable component for listening to music on an iPhone.

Super reliable and safe. The interior is comfortable and the care has great gas mileage. This is a great commuter car and a great all around car. It is great on the back roads, around town and on the highway.

- Sara L

It is the best car ever: it looks great, drives well and wastes no gas!

It is reliable, fun to drive and looks great. It uses very little gas compared to similar vehicles. I wish Honda continued with the 2013 design - newer vehicles are different inside and are not as comfortable

- Ksenia O

That a Honda Civic is one great car. I purchased this car at a very reasonable car. My Honda Civic is wonderful on gas and mileage. The warranty that comes with this well equipped car is up to 100,000 miles.

I love everything about my car. It has so much room for me and my dog and very great on gas. The sunroof is the best with the cool weather. I love the color and the rims on my well equipped 2013 Civic Honda

- Ann C

It is cheap to operate, comfortable and incredibly reliable.

It is comfortable for a very tall person, which I am. It gets incredible gas mileage. It is a stick shift, which I really enjoy. It has steering wheel Audio controls and Bluetooth connectivity. I love it.

- Michael N

Honda Civics are Great Cars!

Have never really had any issues with my Honda. Has run well since I've gotten it. If I had only one complaint, it would be that the tires are often leaky but I don't think that's the fault of the car.

- Patrick T

It's affordable from maintenance to filling up the gas tank!

I like that the Honda Civic is reliable, affordable, safe and I don't feel like I"ll be taken to the bank if there are repairs. It's also fun and comfortable car to drive that gets excellent gas mileage.

- Tammy P

It's safety feature like when accident happen , most likely it will not crash cuz of the safety feature built in the machine/engine

I like backup mirror, built in navigation etc. I think it is a safe car and I can save on gasoline. The only complaint I have is oil change is pretty expensive cuz I have to use 0W 20 full synthetic oil.

- Fay C

The car is nice but has some issues

I love the comfort and it is not crowded but I do not like that it does not pick up speed fast enough (this might only be an issue with mine). The car makes a constant loud sound and shakes when parked.

- Christina C

The car is ideal for running errands by yourself, but would not be very comfortable for road trips for a family.

My 4 door civic is very easy to drive and gets good gas mileage. You sit much lower to the ground compared to a van or suv. It is also a compact car so a taller person might not have enough head room.

- Kay C