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Honda Insight, amazing MPG

2019 Honda Insight EX

The best part of this car is the technology and the gas mileage. I got this car to improve my fuel efficiency and it has not disappointed. I have not gotten less than 52 mpg driving mixed city and highway miles in 4k miles. This is driving mainly on eco mode. Apple carplay is a great feature however it drives me crazy that when my phone is plugged in and connected to car play it will not let me listen to my XM radio without bumping me over to CarPlay. I have not been able to figure out how to get that to stop other than disconnecting my phone from apple carplay. The seats are also not the most comfortable and could do with more lumbar support.

- Kaitlyn D

A Civic-like Hybrid with good, modern features.

2019 Honda Insight EX

I like the Insight a lot. It doesn't 'feel' like a hybrid when driving, it is responsive and peppy. The gas mileage is not as good as advertised, it performs worse in the winter because the electric won't kick on if the engine is too cold or if the cabin is being heated. I have been driving it for about 6 months, late November to currently mid-June, and my gas mileage is currently 38.0. I'm really enjoying the features of the car. I have the EX trim and the remote start has been great. I also enjoy the array of different sensors and indicators. Lane Keep Assist has helped me from drifting when checking my mirrors to make a turn.

- Kris S

Dependable and comfortable automobile at a good price.

2019 Honda Insight Touring

The car is great. I get a minimum of 48 miles per gallon. It is comfortable to drive and is reliable. I have owned six Hondas and have never been disappointed in the last 16 years of Honda ownership. The trim level is the Touring version and has all of the features one would expect. All of the features include a different level of electronic technology just now being used in other cars.

- Curtis B

Eye-catching and comfortable Honda Insight review

2019 Honda Insight EX

The hybrid feature is great. LED lights and trim make it great to look at. The back up camera angles and notifications work wonderfully. The Car Play and audio features are easy. No lumbar support but everything else is very comfortable. The handling is very smooth and air flow is much better than other hybrids.

- Corey C

Great fuel mileage! Limited gas station visits!

2019 Honda Insight LX

Nice leather interior. Love the all around cameras, very nice navigation system, comfortable seats with heaters. Adequate trunk storage. Very inexpensive to drive, mileage averages about 45 per gallon so I don't have to fill up but once a week! I purchased this car on a whim and haven't regretted it at all!

- Kim C

Most stylish hybrid on the road today

2019 Honda Insight EX

MPG is great, however size is difficult with car seats. Overall it is one of my favorite vehicles I have ever owned, and I am currently getting 48 MPG on average. I can fill up for close to $20 and drive almost 500 miles. Great car and people are always asking me questions about it when I pull into gas stations

- John M

I Don't Have Any At This Moment

2019 Honda Insight EX

Just The Gas Mileages I Save From Other Cars N It's Very Smooth Ride Like No Other Car I Have Driven Be From And Also It's Is An Incredible Good Looking Car. I Had The Car For At least 6 Months And Haven't Had Any Problem With The Car It's Very Reliable To Have If You Just Wanna Get Around For Good Price

- Ethan C

A nice hybrid with luxury details in affordable price range

2019 Honda Insight EX

The Insight is a really comfortable ride with low gas needs since it is a hybrid. The cabin is comfortable and quiet with luxury trim. It is stylish and a good value for the price. Having the Honda reliability is nice as well. So far no problems or issues

- Lyn H

Gas mileage

2019 Honda Insight

I bought the 2019 Insight because of the advertised 50 mpg.The best I’ve ever got was 42 and currently I’m getting 35 mpg. I took it in to service and was told there was nothing wrong and 35 was within the correct range. Very disappointed in Honda.

- Peggy

Honda Insight perfection review

2019 Honda Insight EX

5 star safety, 55 mpg, beautiful sleek design, I honestly love my Insight EX. The apple CarPlay screen is big, bright, and clear, the odometer options are fantastic, and the car is speedy and sporty overall but doesn't sacrifice fuel economy to do so.

- Matt S

Performance and great savings at the pump!

2019 Honda Insight LX

Excellent vehicle for my food delivery job! Sport mode is sweet! Does great at the pump ,without the headache of a turbo!

- Matthew Murray