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The Honda odyssey is safe and comfortable for my family.

My Honda odyssey has been a great car. The only issue I have had so far has been the alternator and battery. Since replacing them I have had no more issue. This car has ample room for my two children and all their equipment. The seats are leather and easy to clean and very comfortable. This model includes a DVD player that has been priceless on long road trips. We utilize this feature often. This car handles many different weather conditions well. I have just spent a very cold and snowy winter with it and am very pleased at how well it handled the ice and snow and below zero conditions. The automatic slider doors on both sides are really convenient for getting children in and out. And the automatic hatch door is great for groceries. I love being able to fold the third row seats down to create more space. I have been able to move large items with this car and easily carry bicycles. The front seats are heated and this feature has been wonderful in the freezing temperatures. I feel very safe driving this car around with my family. Air bags, the great handling in all weather, and great breaks all create a very safe feeling car. This car is very comfortable. At times I have had 6 passengers and everyone was very comfortable. I have driven this car on multiple toad trips and have loved the experience with this car.

- Rachel G

Perfect soccer mom van with ample storage and enjoyable for all riders.

This van has been very reliable for us. We have taken multiple 2k mile road trips with this vehicle. It is also the ultimate soccer mom vehicle. I put it through the pick up and drop off lines every day. My husband said he would never drive a minivan, but when he picked this up for me his tune changed. He very much enjoyed the trip to pick this van up for me. We enjoy the dual climate controls up front. The bun warmers are great in cooler weather. The seats in the back are easy to maneuver and fold down. I wish there was a spot to mount the middle seat cushion for when we buy the cup holders down. Having the TV and DVD player in the back is awesome for the kids. And they like using the wireless headphones as well. This allows us to listen to the radio up in front. Sometimes I wish I had a later model so I could have the included vacuum. At times it has been quite expensive to get fixed at the dealership. Luckily a few of the issues we have had were part of a recall, so that didn't cost us a dime. There are a few things that I currently need to have fixed, but there are 120, 000 miles on it so that is to be expected. Overall, I love this van and would take this over my husbands SUV any day.

- Laura O

Honda Odyssey-great for families on the go.

The Honda Odyssey drives really smoothly. I like the automatic sliding doors and automatic opening back hatch. The automatic doors greatly helps when you have young children. There are five people in my family and there is plenty of room for all of us. We have plenty of room for friends or sports equipment. I like the removable center seat in the middle row. This gives us room for 7 passengers plus a driver. The back row seats fold down flat. This gives me plenty of room for big items. I have bought a larger chest of drawers and a desk and those both fit in the back of the van with the back seats folded down. Even though the van has plenty of room on the inside, it is not too big on the outside. It is easy to drive and park. The back up camera really helps in backing into parking spaces and checking to make sure no children are behind me when I back up. The van is very reliable. I have no worries hopping into my van and going anywhere I want to go. We have driven it on long trips (over 1000 miles) and not had any problems. My van has leather seats. They are easy to clean up any spills my children make.

- Kelli A

The honda odyssey car the best comfortable vehicle ever.

My vehicle is perfect in all..... There are no problems at present..... It goes smooth through the long distance drive..... It is for sure reliable in every way..... Until now i have experience this model the most comfortable car for long travelling..... It has such good seats that are helpful in resting when travelling to a distance..... It has heaters under the front seats..... It has cruise mode which controls the speed on the highways..... Also it has the feature of sticking the tires to the roads on uneven roads..... this car is a 8 seater car..... the back seats can go down folded whenever required..... it is so big in size that we can buy any furniture and bring it in this car itself by folding the back seats..... we can even buy the sofas and bring in this car..... this car is helpful in many ways..... windows lock..... child lock..... self control switch for ac in the back seats..... i love this car most of all other one's..... unless and until i don't get any problems i will for sure stick to this car only till a long time..... my best car ever.

- Shweta P

Odyssey #4, feeling safe and enjoying the ride.

This is my 4th odyssey. I love it. I finally got rid of my last odyssey once my kids were grown, downsized a bit to an SUV and missed it so much, I traded in for another one. Safety and reliability would be on the top of my list. I like that the lights come on as a warning, but will blink if it is something that needs care immediately. 2 features I like are rear cameras and parking sensors. A beep will sound when you get too close to an object. The closer you get, the faster the beep. It has great pick-up, runs forever ( we always do all routine maintenance). A few issues we have had: we had to replace the rollers on the sliding doors. This was expensive and something I felt wore out too soon. The headlamp covers needed replaced. They were fogged up and dimming the headlights. Most everything else has been routine maintenance.

- Lori W

2010 Honda Odyssey - solid van, nothing super special.

We own a grey 2010 Honda Odyssey. It is a basic model, but how power windows, doors, etc.. We bought it used and it has had several problems, but I do not think this is common in Honda's - we just got a dud car I think. I would buy another Honda Odyssey, but would prefer to buy something that is better on snow, and would want the next one to have DVD players and other features to make family travel a little easier. I do like the air controls in the back so the kids can adjust their own air/heat when necessary. Trunk space is very good and there is a compartment under the floor for extra storage as well. Overall, I like my Honda Odyssey.

- Heather R

Great reliability and impressive cargo space.

The safety, reliability and space were the main reasons we bought our odyssey. It has been very low maintenance for us. I love the flexibility of the space in the car. It has plenty of space for family travel and the seats are easy to move and fold down to accommodate various cargo. I have been impressed with how much I can fit in it and still be able to fit the whole family. I also really like the simplicity of the controls making it safer to make adjustments to the radio, heat, a/c etc. While driving. We do not have a backup cam, and really wish now that it had one. Would definitely recommend one.

- Laura B

I would buy this car again!

My Honda odyssey is a great car and I would buy another one. Although it is nine years old, I have had little difficulty with it. I did have a problem where the rear passenger side door would not close electrically and that was a very expensive repair. In addition, there were a few years where I was having to take the car in for service every other month with a clunking sound when I turned the steering wheel. After about a year of this, they finally found out what the problem was and fixed it. I've had no problem since then. It is easy to handle, comfortable to sit in, and has a smooth ride.

- Joann B

My Honda is VERY dependable mechanically and I am a satisfied owner!

My vehicle is VERY dependable mechanically. I take the time to do regularly scheduled maintenance work and it has never failed me mechanically. I have had trouble with some of the sliding door mechanisms and this has done the most frustrating feature of the vehicle. I love the Honda brand and have had over twenty years experience as an owner of various Hondas. I will probably pick a Honda next time I buy a car, but will look for one without sliding doors.

- Danette P

Best family car, with great value and longevity.

Love that it can seat 8. Love the stow and go seating. The automatic doors, locks, and lift gate are great. Awesome vehicle for people who need to be able to move multiple people. Tons of space. Being able to move the middle seats in different configurations is a huge plus especially when you have people in the back row. I feel like it is very easy to see the blind spots and over the hood. Very good visibility. The back up camera is also really nice.

- Adrian D

Details I like about the 2010 Honda odyssey.

Great family vehicle. Has sun shades in the second row of seats, plenty of room for car seats. Great headroom for tall passengers, great leg room too. Has a steering wheel that adjusts both in and out and up and down, perfect for anyone with long or short arms. Sometimes, or maybe even a lot of times, do not even need a truck to haul something because you can put third row of seats completely down and the second row can come entirely out.

- Lindsey H

Reliable and comfortable!

I love the van over all, easy to drive/park. Very comfortable on long rides, great for the kids (my 4 are between the ages of 10 & 15) and very spacious. Little to no work needed other than regular maintenance. The only thing I can think of that is somewhat of a negative for me is a couple of blind spots up front around the side mirrors on the inside of the car, which have been fixed in the newer models.

- Allison C

Great family friendly vehicle.

Great running car. We have not done any major repairs to it except for the regular maintenance. Comfortable and practical for our large family. My husband enjoys driving this van- it is very comfortable for his larger frame. I am a petite woman, as is my newly driving daughter and we both have a hard time parking it and seeing over the hood at times. Overall a great vehicle and would purchase again.

- Rebecca W

Room for a big family and all their stuff

Minivans are not the coolest cars, but mine is perfect for my big family. I have four boys and with seating for six passengers, plus the ability to add an extra seat, I have room for all their friends too. I love doors that will open and close for me with my car remote. All the cupholders help too. Plus, all that room, and I still have a giant trunk to put all of our luggage in for long trips.

- Mackenzie E

A great vehicle for the whole family.

It is very reliable and runs well! It has a great DVD player and two automatic side doors. The back trunk is deep and holds soccer equipment plus all your groceries. It has good power when it drives. The seating is comfortable for all people in the car. The dual radio allows the back seat passengers to listen to the radio while the front seat passengers are able to Focus on the road.

- Mom H

It drives smoothly and can easily fit a lot of car seats. I love driving my mini van!

I like that you are at an elevated driving level (van compared to car). I love having automatic sliding doors especially in tight parking spots. It is much easier to load and unload my 4 children. I like the built in DVD player (at some point it would be nice to have dual screens and bluray). The eighth seat option is also a plus but I with it could be car seat compatible.

- Rachael V

Honda Odyssey - cannot resist.

I love the room that the Honda Odyssey gives my family. We are a sports family and it stays loaded down. My van has a lifetime powertrain warranty and we have had to use it. Honda was right on having to replace the transmission without any hesitation. The only reason I give it a 3 is because I am honestly ready for a new one. I would not hesitate to purchase a Honda again.

- Leigh P

Handles well in and out of snow.

The Honda Odyssey is very comfortable, can carry up to 8 passengers. With passengers seats removed and folded down, you can fit full sheets of 4x8’ plywood or drywall in the back. Drives and handles like a dream. Backup camera is very useful. Keeping up on the maintenance has allowed me to put over 170, 000 miles and still going strong. Resale of the vehicle is high.

- Dan B

Lots of space for a growing family.

I like how the Honda odyssey is a safe family car. It is trustworthy and also has plenty of room. It is comfortable and also the rear camera helps with backing up. It is a smooth drive and my favorite car for the family. The DVD player helps keep the kids distracted in long car rides and there is plenty of legroom for all on long car rides which is a big plus.

- Cassandra B

My smooth and comfortable ride. I love that I can seat 8 people in my car, which I often due. Love the automatic side doors, especially helpful if you have a child in a car seat.

The Honda Odyssey is comfortable, fits 8 people. Seats are adjustable, reclined and take off if needed. Has a DVD player for entertainment, especially helpful if you have kids, keeps them entertained. Most important very reliable, I've never had any engine issues. We just keep up the maintenance in the car up to date and it rides smoothly. I love my van!

- Lourdes v

I think the Honda Odyssey is a great family vehicle!

I've really only had problems that relate to wear and tear. So far I've had to change my fuel pump, shocks/struts, and brakes. My lock on the driver side door is starting to go on me. It locks but only partially unlocks and makes a very loud noise when I try to unlock the door. Nothing else really. This is my first Honda and I think it's a great brand.

- Alexis M

The 2010 Honda Odyssey is a reliable and functional family car.

It has been very reliable. It gets about 23 mpg. I initially had to replace the battery 3 times but have not had any issues with the battery in 2 years. This vehicle has been the most functional and comfortable of all of my cars. The back bucket seats are easy to remove but are heavy. They are built with a lot of support and are comfortable.

- Lori P

Love my odyssey. Nothing better in the market for the price.

I haven't had any problems. I have done all maintenance on time and haven't had any big repairs needed. O wish the were more updated technology such as GPS, but it is still a great vehicle. I'm at 100,000 miles and wouldn't trade it for anything right now. I have thought about switching but cannot give up my sliding doors or reliability.

- Hanna M

Parking blocks can get hung up on the bumper and pull it away from the car.

I have been very happy with my Honda van. It has been very comfortable for me and my family on many occasions. The ride is very smooth and the sound system is great for trips. The only problem I have had is that the front end is very low and sometimes the parking blocks in parking lots get stuck under the front bumper and pull it loose.

- Anita H

Its practical and a great model.

I feel like this model is very practical. I like how easily the back seat goes down so I can fit large loads. My kids love the DVD player. The only complaints would be that we have had a few issues with the automatic doors. And I wish the back seats were large enough to fit car seats. Its a 8 passenger van but only 4 car seats will fit.

- Liz B

It is reliable. It has excellent gas mileage, and It's faster than most vans. It's also very comfortable on long road trips.

It's a minivan with leather seats, sunroof, and has the extra storage. There was a recall on it for the eco boost system it has on it, and honda will not honor it. I will not recommend or purchase Honda vehicles again after this. For us to fix will cost a couple thousand dollars. They know It's a problem and refuse to honor the recall.

- Lisa M

A Honda odyssey review. What to know and what you should know.

Our Honda odyssey is reliable. It has not needed any repairs so far. I would recommend it to anyone who has kids. Or just needs a minivan. It is great for long road trips because of the space inside. Not to mention the great gas usage it has for the vehicle. The only problem the it has is the back wipers but that is usually just dust.

- Finnan W

The Honda odyssey: the family car. Fits eight comfortable.

Reliable great for family and running errands. Has plenty of car space for eight people. Sits everyone comfortable. I have always felt safe in the car, and never worried about being hit. It is hard to park at times, because it is boxy. The seats are very comfortable, even in the back row. Radio and entertainment is good quality.

- Allegra T

The Honda odyssey is really reliable and it's great for kids

We bought the van from my parents a couple years ago who were the original owners on the van. They didn't need a van anymore and helped us with our fast growing family. We wanted a Honda because they are really reliable. We have had no problems at all with the van and it's been such a great car especially being a mom of 4 kids.

- Mandy H

Awesome family vehicle!!!

I absolutely love my Honda Odyssey! It's roomy enough to fit all of my kids, their equipment and car seats, my husband who is over six feet tall...it's also built solid so I feel very safe. I love all the bells and whistles. Everything is automatic and makes my life so much easier! Especially when juggling groceries and kids!

- Bethany W

It's reliable and safe. It is excellent for families and extremely comfortable to ride in.

I love that it is large enough for my entire family. It is comfortable for all of us on long trips or even going around town. It has been very reliable and has only had minor normal wear and tear type issues with it. It's also spacious enough to haul/move things. Many times I treat it like a truck moving furniture, boxes etc.

- Christina A

Glowing review for odyssey.

I absolutely love my odyssey. It is super comfy. It has a great ride. I have not had any problems whatsoever out of this vehicle. I would definitely recommend a Honda odyssey to anyone looking for a reliable, durable family minivan. The middle seats come out pretty easily. And the back seats fold into the floor. Amazing.

- Katie Z

Great family car with great storage and versatility.

Large trunk, side doors that I can open with a button from the front, stow and go seats in the back row, removable middle seat in the middle row. It can seat either 2 or 3 people. Rear air system with its own controls. Rear ac port, key fob to open all doors. I wish I could open the trunk with the key fob but I cannot.

- Stephanie K

Old man odessices dream van.

A used Honda that shifts in and out up and down for doing 30 miles per hour and the shirts are very noticeable to me / the van has leather interior. I hate leather seats.A lot of paint chips and tiny scratch in the paint. This has electric sliders and back door movies for the passengers to much stuff. I'll never use.

- Curt S

I have owned this car for the longest and I love it!

This vehicle has never given me trouble. I have gone on multiple road trips, multi state and cross country. It has a luxurious finishing, comfortable leather seats, and I was fortunate enough to have the option of a sun roof. Besides changing a few bulbs in the headlights, this car has required minimal maintenance.

- Arianna A

We love our Honda odyssey!

I love my Honda odyssey! It is the most reliable van we have ever owned. It is 9 years old and we've never had any major issues with it. Our door are not automatic, so sometimes they get stuck. We just grease the track and the helps. The a/c has gone out, but that was a quick fix. We just needed to replace a fuse!

- Ann W

Dependable, safe, and attractive transportation.

I received my 2010 Honda Odyssey from my son and daughter-in-law. The vehicle had been detailed and serviced right before it was gifted to me. The only things I have done are routine oil changes, inspections, and tires. The van is so dependable and attractive. It meets all of my requirements for transportation.

- Sharon B

Honda odyssey: a decent family minivan.

I like how my van drives like a car. It is very smooth. I like all the room I have when I fold down the 3rd row. The GPS is kind of terrible. It tries to get me lost all the time. It is okay on gas mileage. I haven't had too many major repairs to do. I wish the latch system for car seats was easier to get to.

- Ch N

It is a large vehicle, but handles well and great for families.

Excellent road-tripping car with kids! Love the sliding doors. . . My kids do not hit other cars getting out, it made it so much easier to take car seats in and out, great in car rider line to open/close doors, and extra security. No problems other than regular maintenance issues. It is a great family car!

- Jane R

It is incredibly dependable and reliable, and the gas mileage is good.

I really enjoy it actually. It is old, and it is showing signs of wear and tear, but honestly I've been very happy with how it's held up considering I don't know how roughly it was treated before we bought it. I like that it's easy to work on and maintain, and I like the longevity of all Honda vehicles.

- Sheri S

Honda Odyssey massive Oil Consumption

During long road trips our vehicle will automatically shut down while driving. We've brought it in numerous times for repairs. Turns out the vehicle burns a heap load of oil when on long road trips. So we no longer use this vehicle for long road trips because we feel it's not reliable or safe to drive.

- Gloria S

It's rated one of the top vehicles by Consumer Reports for safety.

I love how the back doors and trunk door all open/close on my key fob - makes life with kids much easier when it's raining, snowing, windy, cold, etc. I love the DVD system for the kids, the sunroof, the leather seats -- so easy to wipe clean with kids! I love it all the way around, no complaints!

- Sandy S

Great, low maintenance family vehicle.

We have had no mechanical issues at all, just regular maintenance. We have had to replace the motor in one of the sliding doors and had a minor, inexpensive repair for the a/c. It drives well, easy to handle, but the front seats really could be more comfortable, especially the passenger side.

- Joanna J

Great van for a traveling family.

We haven't had any major problems with this van. Love the features and the way that it drives. Kids loved the entertainment system for the long trips. I loved the headphones available with the DVD system. We have close to 200,000 miles on it and haven't had many issues with maintenance.

- Kate K

The make of the model is practical.

I do not like the way the model looks, it looks very plain. The performance is amazing, it barely has any problems. Therefore, it barely has any problems. The comfort is okay. The seats are harder material. The features are not impressive at all. Also there is no automatic trunk operator.

- Maryam W

Honda odyssey is great. For couples or family.

It is very roomy and the seats are up high so you don't feel like you're on the ground. The climate control is great and it gets cold or hot quickly. It is a comfortable ride and has a lot of storage room in the back. The rear doors slide open and shut. It gets around 20 mpg around town.

- Irma H

Fantastic family vehicle for all.

It is the perfect family van!! As a larger family, we love the removable seat that can make it an 8 passenger vehicle. Honda is a reliable brand and our vehicle holds up to the Honda standard. I drive many miles daily and never worry about my kids’ safety (or comfort for that matter).

- Sarah W

It's so much more than a soccer mom car! Try it, you will love it.

We have had a few problems with the sliding door on one side. The motor gave out. Thevan is ber spacious and it's easy to remove/fold down the seats. There are lots of cup holders and storage spaces. Have a remote key fob to open the doors is amazing with kids or groceries in tow.

- Stephanie J

It is extremely functional for a family. People who have kids and don't have a van are crazy!

My van makes life with 2 small children so much easier. Sliding doors, leather seats, cd changer, heated seats are just a few things that make it wonderful. The only complaint I have about it is that it seems hard to park sometimes. I think the turning radius could be improved.

- Marie P

Family car with seating and storage for all!!

Comfortably seats 7, can seat 8 if necessary. Seats fold down to give tremendous amount of storage. Seats are heated if desired and are comfortable. Have had the car for 8 years and have had only simple repairs done. Love this car, it handles nicely and feels safe driving it!

- Linda W

It has good safety features, comfortable, and low maintenance.

Honda Odyssey is a very safe easy to maintain van that gets good gas mileage. It is comfortable to ride in and provides good storage. The van has very good feature for the year it was purchased. Would like to have the newer sate features that are now available in 2018.

- c N

My Honda Odyssey is very reliable. It has great storage space.

My minivan has been very reliable for these past eight years. It has over 200k miles and keeps on going with minor repairs needed. I use it for travel within Wisconsin for work and to take my children to soccer tournaments all over the state and out of state as well.

- Amaro V

The bumpers seem a little soft. Do not bump into anything or you’ll have a bill.

Change oil and do maintenance. The car needed a new timing belt but it still runs okay. Put oil on the doors or they'll squeak. I've enjoyed owning the Odyssey and it is the second one I have owned. If you take care of it, I think it will last a while. Knock on wood.

- David K

The Odyssey is amazing and should be your next car!

It can seat 8 people, has lots of storage, it is easily converted into no seats and you can camp in it, you can fit bikes standing up, surfboards, dogs, etc. The DVD player is an added bonus, the seats are really comfortable, love the sunroof and tinted windows.

- Cindy H

Amazing speaker system and comfort!

I love the speaker system! While on the road, it is really nice to listen to music that is amazingly and clearly played through the speakers. I also love the comfort that it provides. While driving others, there is no issue with comfort and ease while traveling.

- Sam P

2010 Honda Odyssey: Roomy and comfortable.

I love my Honda Odyssey. There is so much room for my kids and all of their things. It has a smooth ride and gets fairly good gas mileage. I do wish it got better gas mileage but it probably has to do with age. It is very comfortable to drive and ride in.

- Melissa D

Good family van that has served us for over 111,000 mole.

Sliding doors needed the plastic washers replaced and one of the doors leaks. I am having an issue with the radio right now. I replaced the battery and the anti theft feature needs a code to have the radio work. I cannot get the radio to accept the code.

- Amy G

Honda its reliability is present in the odyssey.

Very reliable car. With regular maintenance this car can go over 200,000 miles in mileage. Sliding electric doors are very convenient. Third row seats are easy to lower and raise for extra cargo room. Middle row seats can be taken out for extra room.

- Lily S

It gets decent gas mileage and does provide a lot of convenience and comfort.

I love the storage space and the comfort of the seats. I also love the built in navigation and dvd player. I do not love that it always has something wrong with the engine, spark plugs, etc. We have loved Honda in the past, but this one is a lemon.

- Angie R

Amazing and comfortable!!

Comfort and features are great. Drives smoothly and has all the bells and whistles. The only major problems are the automatic sliding doors that sometimes get stuck and the backup cam is fading so I cannot see behind me sometimes. Would buy it again!

- Alex N

Honda odyssey is very spacious. Great for moving people and things.

2010 Honda Odyssey holds lots of space for those with a large family, and makes moving items and people very convenient. However, the vehicle isn't very fuel efficient, and with 138k miles on it, i am already experiencing frequent engine problems

- Hamzah A

Minimal maintenance required even after 145,000 miles. Service is exceptional.

Love it! Touring model has black leather interior and all of the bells and whistles! Love the navigation system, sunroof, and child safety features! 145,000 miles and still going with minimal maintenance issues! Would definitely purchase again!

- Maureen M

This is a great car for a big family!

I love how much space my Odyssey has for my family. I also love that the doors open automatically and that the back seats are stow-and-go. The only thing that I dislike is that the places to hook the straps for car seats don't fit my car seats.

- Kelly A

This is a great family car!

The Honda Odyssey is an amazing family car. I love that I can move the seats around easily to get my kids in and out. It is safe. It has options for latching and anchoring car seats. Turning radius is good for its size. Decent gas mileage.


The Honda Odyssey is a great family car with plenty of room.

I can easily carry all my children plus plenty of cargo. I love that 10 ft boards and 4'X8' pieces of plywood can fit in it. I also like that the doors open and close automatically. I only wish that I had the auto lift gate.

- Kate F

Big Red really does the job!

Very comfortable ride. Handles well and takes turns and corners like a car. Love the sunroof and the auto open sliding doors. Tons of storage room! I just wish all if the seats folded into the floor, not just the 3rd row.

- Mary B


The Odyssey is a great vehicle. It has ample space for a growing family, including storage. The rear entertainment system provides hours of fun! The alignment is a known problem of the vehicle but easy to deal with.

- Andrea C

It's the perfect family car and versatile for so many outings.

I love the automatic doors, excellent dealership service, DVD player, back seats that fold down really easily, good pep and maneuvering, controls on steering wheel, removable 8th seat, just about everything about it!

- Amy B

Fold down seats are the best! make it so easy to buy furniture at the store and actually be able to take it home the same day!

Love the sliding doors for kids, minivans are my favorite. Although not as sporty as I would like, we can fit 8 people and haul a lot of things that a Jeep 5 person vehicle can't (which my friend with 2 kids can't).

- Julie R

It doesn't feel like you are driving a huge van! The way the dash is set up and how Honda has designed it, it feels more like a car rather than clunky van.

I love that it fits my whole family of 7. I'm super thankful for the sliding doors, especially with children and a more narrow garage. I like that when I'm driving it it feels more like a car than a big clunky van.

- Shanna K

Honda Odyssey 2010 summary. Love the fold down seats in the trunk

Very reliable! Fits our family of 6 plus dog comfortably! Would buy Honda again! The only problem we had with the van was the rear door had to o be replaced. Mechanic stopped working. It was still under warranty.

- Sara S

Great car for a large family.

Big trunk with plenty of storage, passenger side doors with doors that I can close from the front console, the middle row can seat 2 or 3 passengers and the middle seat is removable. Stow and go rear seats.

- Sue S

Odyssey is roomy and a family van.

It is a comfortable ride. Road noise can be annoying though. I like that we can take out the seats and put some down to haul things. Overall it has a very little issues and been a very reliable family car.

- Lisa D

It's a reliable minivan that is comfortable and spacious for family usage.

I like the Honda brand and I love the spaciousness of this minivan. My only complaints would revolve around it being a 2010 model and thus not having all the new technological features of recent years.

- Kay D

People should know that if they are looking for a good family vehicle then this is the one.

I really enjoy how much space our van has. With having three rows we are able to comfortably fit our two children and their carseats without a problem along with anything else we need to bring with us.

- Haley B

That It's a Honda . Hondas perform well and do so for a long time.

I like the way it drives. I like that it is low maintenance and gets good mileage. I like that a Honda can have high mileage and still perform well. I now dislike a minivan since my kids are bigger

- Karen F

The van gets great mileage for a larger vehicle. The tank is pretty large too!

I love that the van has automatic sliding doors. I love the DVD player too, it's great for long road trips. I dislike the payment, but you get what you pay for and this van has been very good to us!

- Cary M

I didn't think I would be a minivan mom...but it's been great!

It's been a great vehicle. We love that it seats 8, has built in entertainment system, has just as much cargo space as most of the large SUVs, but the best thing is the automatic sliding doors!

- Jessica M

Great, reliable family van.

We absolutely love our 2010 Honda Odyssey! It drives great, gets wonderful gas mileage, has a great entertainment system for our two kiddos, and has been very reliable. We highly recommend it!

- Kevin B

Best family van in a while.

The Honda odyssey is a great family car and is very spacious, so far it has not given any problems and is very reliable. The one I own has a DVD player and can fit up to 8 people comfortably.

- Catalina A

Honda’s are very reliable and get great gas mileage.

No problems very reliable very comfortable great gas mileage would definitely buy another Honda van when I update this vehicle my Honda has over 150000 miles on it and runs like a new car.

- Darlene G

It has tons of space including a hidden hatch in the middle seat section that you can store stuff in.

I like that it has plenty of room and that it has a DVD player so that the kids can watch movies. I don't like that the air conditioner doesn't work and that the seats are a light color.

- Lindsey M

This car is excellent for big families and crowds.

I like that it has a lot of space for carrying people and items around. I also like that the seats can be folded down to make more room. I don't like that the doors are not automatic.

- Christine A

It is dependable, offers comfortable, quiet ride. It offers space for hauling items or people or both. I like that the inside configuration can change to meet your needs.

I love my Honda Odyssey because it is dependable, roomy and offers lots of space to transport items. I like the quiet, comfortable ride.i enjoy it will last for 200,000 miles or more.

- Kate H

It's been very reliable and is very family friendly.

Like that it has seating for 8 people and how deep the trunk is. The fold down seats have been so useful to have when hauling large items. I would like to see the Odyssey with 4WD.

- Ann W

I value it, good pick up speed if needed.

I have no issues, I bought it used with 40k miles. I change the oil every 3-5 months at approx. 3k miles I do not drive a lot. I will do the breaks soon, but that is normal ware.

- Robert L

Reliable van offers comfort, affordability

My van is very reliable. The only problem I've had is needing to replace the battery twice since buying it. My van is comfortable and offers great seating for multiple travelers.

- Jen B

It is beyond the most practical care you could ever own

I love it's size. It's perfect for camping and transporting cargo. I only dislike that because of its size, sometimes it's a pain to park or take into high traffic city areas.

- Teresa A

Great car for families or people with big dogs! Lots of space!

I love my Odyssey. It has room for everything that I need - my kids, all their gear, and even a huge dog in the backseat. We have had it for 8 years and it's still going strong.

- Jen A

Honda's are known for longevity. This is our first Honda and we are very pleased!

I love it! It is perfect for traveling with grandchildren. It is very comfortable for long trips. I would love to get a newer model someday with the rear view for backing up.

- Dana S

The third row folds away and is always available when you get to your destination.

My minivan allows for flexibility in seating arrangements. I can raise or lower the third row at any time and never have to worry about taking out a seat...it just folds away.

- Heather R

Lots of room with the fold down seats and being able to seat 8.

Have only had the car for 2 months. Like the extra space in the back. We have use the 8 passengers seating numerous times. The car drives very smoothly and have had no issues

- Debbie C

Honda odyssey. Love the space, gas tank needs to be bigger!!

I love our odyssey. I do wish it would have a bigger gas tank. It feels like we are always filling it up. I love the space it provides in the back for luggage and groceries.

- Amy B

It have a lot of room, when traveling there is plenty of room.

This is my third Honda van since becoming a mother in 2003. I have always drove a Honda of some kind since getting my license. I plan to buy a new Honda in the next 3 years.

- Cristy W

This minivan is a great value for our large family.

I love a comfortable, dependable minivan for my family. There is plenty of room for kids, adults, sports equipment, luggage, etc. we love the DVD player and sliding doors.

- Diana C

My car is fun to drive even though it's a minivan.

I have no complaints about my van except that it does not get good gas mileage. I like the power doors and liftgate. I like that it quickly cools the interior on hot days.

- Kelly B

Sliding doors are just the beginning

As a mom of two active kids, the van has been great. There's room for sports gear and friends. The leather seats are easy to maintain and adds comfort. It's easy to drive.

- Tracy B

Love my Honda Odyssey....would buy another one.

Aux plug went out along with the sensor in the back for adjusting the weight in the vehicle. Makes an awful noise when starting the van but other than that I love my van

- Shannon D

It's comfortable and gets good gas mileage for a van.

I love that it's roomy and comfortable. I am able to take my dogs when we travel with plenty of room for luggage. I don't like that it doesn't have automatic headlights.

- Yvette G

It is a very reliable vehicle and we would buy another one in a heartbeat.

I have a minivan that takes my family every where. We have used it to go on long trips and take my kids to all their activities. It has accommodated all of our needs.

- Lisa J

I feel safe in my Odyssey. Especially driving in snowy weather. Also great on gas mileage for such a heavy vehicle.

I love how roomy it is. Ease of access for my three kids. Very easy to drive and maneuver. Great extra features such as backup camera, power sliding doors and trunk.

- Jenna W

Its messy because of my children. I guess I could say because I don't clean it enough but it is packed with toys and things to keep them busy

I love how much room there is in the van for my children. It is a comfortable ride. I don't really have any dislikes except I never thought I would be driving a van

- Tasha E

It is comfortable and rides easier on the highway than I had imagined.

I want a bigger car. It is a great car, but I want a new one and a bigger one. It seats 8 people so that is nice in a pinch and the middle seats are adjustable.

- Stephanie K

I love my 2010 Honda odyssey.

My Honda has been the most reliable car I have ever had! This car is comfy and very spacious! Being a mother of 4 I would recommend this car to any mom/family.

- Heather L

It is reliable and is always ready to roll out on long journeys.

Transmission is jumpy. Good gas mileage. Plenty of room. Easy to drive and good for long trips. Reliable is never a question and the van is always ready to go.

- Dustin S

Very dependable, and expect minor problems after 5 years with the automatic sliding doors, and interior lights.

It is comfortable and practical for all kinds of activities, but cosmetically the interior trim and lining of seats began to deteriorate in a couple of years.

- Glx C

I think the most important thing others should know about my car is the automatic door feature that it has. It is very helpful when carpooling with other families.

I love having a minivan with 2 small children. I love the automatic doors that it has. The ride in the Honda, compared to the Ford I used to have is amazing!

- Emily B

Honda Odyssey lets the family get in and out easily with automatic doors and totes just about everything!

It is comfortable and reliable. I like the warning lights like low tire pressure; however the leather seats are totally shredded and the paint is coming off.

- Denise L

It is a great car for families.

Great van for a big family. There is a lot of room for people plus stuff when going on vacation. This is the best car I have driven. I feel very safe in it.

- Stephanie C

Perfect for a family for every day use.

We travel a lot back and forth to our winter and summer homes. It has the perfect loading for all of our "stuff". But it does have the stigma of a minivan.

- David h

A typical minivan. It seats 8, plenty of cargo space.

My Honda has 196, 000 miles on it and has never had any major mechanical issue. All of the issues have been cosmetic or very minor. Very reliable vehicle.

- Dana C

Roomy, comfortable, and drives smoothly

I love the spaciousness of our can. I also appreciate all the cup holders. The only complaint I have is that the automatic side doors sometimes get stuck.

- Kimberly C

Great Family Transportation!

Honda is a great car manufacturer! I am driving my second Odessey and I wouldn't have it any other way! The van is reliable and reasonably priced!

- Lynn N

It is spacious and is a smooth drive.

It's an older model, so my backup camera is smaller than current models. My sliding doors get stuck sometimes. :( I wish it had better gas mileage.

- Thanh S

It is safe. It gets better gas mileage and the insurance is cheaper than a crossover SUV.

I like that the driver's seat sits higher and I can see. It is easy to get in and out of . It is great for hauling loads of stuff. No complaints.

- deb s

It lasts a long time, even with high miles.

I like the gas mileage. I like the comfort of the ride. I like the amenities. I like that it can fit my entire family plus supplies and groceries.

- Iris P

The Honda Odyssey is a roomy vehicle.

I like the luxury of the touring model. I like that it has the possibility to seat 8. I like that it is wide enough to seat car seats and adults.

- Sarah M

It drives really smooth and lasts! It's great for long trips cause it does have lots of room.

The only thing that I don't like is I wish the back seat was wider for car seats. I like the leg room. The back trunk area is nice and big too.

- Kat B

The Odyssey has a lot of cargo space. Rear seats fold completely down and the bucket seats can be removed.

The 2010 Honda Odyssey is a wonderful minivan. There is a ton of storage space and the ride is very smooth. The van's turn radius is amazing!

- Jennifer D

Dependable, reliable, great for families, and great mileage.

The Honda van fits all my family well. It has good gas mileage and it lasts. You can drive Honda's without problems well over 100,000 miles.

- Kristi D

It's spacious for kids and fits a lot of things in the back

Breaks are not great. Not very safe on slippery roads. Small technical problems often. Like ac not working. Or remote control stopped working

- Tatyana A

If you need a reliable minivan to get you to your destination without rattles, this is the one for you.

It is large enough to carry my mobility scooter. It has been relatively maintenance free. My friends are able to get in and out of it easily.

- Sally K




that it is what i wanted and it is all mine and it is the color i wanted

there is nothing i don't like the van is just what i wanted and i drives the way i want it and i can carry all the people i need to carry

- frank w

Perfect for families with kids and very comfortable and roomy

It is great for kids. It's very reliable and never have issues. I love the sliding doors. It is a comfortable ride and fits lots of people.

- Liz D

It has very good reliability.

I am pretty satisfied with my car. I do not have any complaints. The space it provides is good. I wish it had slightly better gas mileage.

- Saeed A

My whole family loves this vehicle!

My vehicle is super comfortable. Lots of room for kids, the dog and all the stuff that goes with a family. Handles easy and rides smooth.

- Kay S

Oil change. Changing the brakes.

I like my vehicle because it is spacious and we do family vacations. Great on gas. What I do not like is the wheels and alignment issues.

- Maria F

2010 Eight passenger minivan.

I like that the van allows seating for 8 where most vans/SUVs only allow 7. The rear seat folds flat making it easy to transport stuff.

- Cara S

It is a good vehicle for a family that has multiple car seats.

There is problem with the glove box opening correctly, but other than that I haven't had it long enough to know of any other problems.

- Julie C

It's a great family car and really reliable for carpooling.

I've had this van for 8 years and it is still very reliable. I don't have any issues except the electronic doors stick occasionally.

- Amber G

There is a lot seating space and storage. It's a great car for families.

I like how much space they provide. The headphones that come with the TV set are very useful, but the power steering isn't the best.

- Madison J

It is a car and I do not care about it.

The two bad things are the blind spots and the gas mileage. Honda Odyssey 2010 it is a minivan so I do not plan on ever buying one.

- Kirsten M

reliability, easy to maintain, fun to drive. a joy to travel in

I like that it has been very reliable. It hasn't been costly to maintain. It is very good for traveling, seats up to eight people.

- andy a

Size and speed come with this car.

It takes a lot of gas. But has a lot of space. It is good for traveling on the road. You can drive in the city but the mpg is low.

- Joann S

Love this car for growing families

I love how much space I have. My kids love the fact that there is a dvd player. It also has parking sensors and a back up camera.

- Skylar C

That it is great for a large family, it offers plenty of seating options.

I love its comfort, the space and hidden storage! The automatic door sticks. That is a downfall. It does get great gas mileage.

- Erica N

It is a van, but rides like an Accord. Very smooth, comfortable ride

I don't really have any complaints.I love the handle since it is on a Accord Chaise. And I think I get pretty good gas mileage

- Rebecca C

Drives easily. Easy to load a lot of things when going on vacation, etc.

I love the room in the back to load things. Easy open doors for the kids. Seating for our family of 7! Not too bad on gas.

- Mel G

Drives very smoothly and fits everything I have ever needed to.

I love my minivan. It has plenty of space for people and dogs. I like having a vehicle that can fit large items if necessary.

- Jennifer B

It is very reliable and I have had almost no problems with it so far.

I like how much room it has. I like how responsible it has been. I would like it more if I had gotten the higher end model.

- kerrie J

Honda Odyssey Lots of room!

We love our van! Room for 7 in the back. The seats can even pop out if you need the space. So easy for everyone to load in.

- Jojo A

It's been reliable, good gas mileage on the highway, and a pleasure to drive

Roomy and good storage with pretty good gas mileage. Safety records good Road noise and no lumbar support on passenger side

- Val C

The Honda Odyssey is a great vehicle. I am able to easily transport 3 kids (in car seats) and 3 adults. I have plenty of cargo room, even with kids in the 3rd row. I love that I can fold down the seats for more room when I need it.

The automatic sliding doors are wonderful but if they break, they are costly to repair due to numerous motors for each door.

- Christina L

Very easy to drive and maneuver.

I like all the extra space and easiness of driving it. Great car for long drives. I dislike the issues with transmission.

- Angela S

It does not have engine issues and is extremely reliable.

Reliable and fits the whole family! Never any engine issues. The sliding doors do have to be repaired with frequent use.

- Jamie L

it serves me well transporting people for church,and also as a way to go to places for vacation.

My vehicle is very versatile.It has room for 7 persons, or a lot of cargo. It has a ride like a Lincoln, or a Cadillac.

- Theodore S

Safety is of highest concern.

Conveniently fits all we need. It can pull a small trailer. Always has an abundance of room for any of our adventures.

- Sam M

Honda odyssey is a great family vehicle

We've only had it for a few months now but so far we love it! It is comfortable, reliable, has all the extra features!

- Shannon S

It is very safe, has side rear & front airbags it's perfect for a growing family.

For it being a newer model with not many miles I wish I had more features like tvs extra mirrors and leather interior.

- Lauren G

The absolute best family minivan ever!

The best!Rides smooth, Vtec engines,great on gas, one of the best family minivans.Great for traveling,very comfortable

- Jeff C

Secret compartment between 2nd row of seats stores small items and even a potty.

It has a lot of room. It handles well on the highways and local driving. Not many repairs needed over the past years.

- Linda W

Convenient to do drop off/pick up at school. Cargo space to haul stuff for projects. Like this model better than recent ones. Don't like that during the winter the backs doors can get stuck or won't close tight.

Sometimes the backs doors don't close tight in the winter when it's stuck if it's not warmed up for at least minutes

- Kerrie L




This is the 3rd Honda odyssey van I have owned!

My van is reliable, comfortable, and has many features that make it a more enjoyable car to use for long trips etc.

- Theresa B

My Honda offers reliable transportation and will last a long time with proper care.

I like the comfort features of my vehicle. It provides a smooth ride and comfort for passengers. It is very roomy.

- caitlin p

Large carrying capacity and easy access.

Easy to put down seats for a lot of carrying capacity. Reliable and easy to get into and out of. Very comfortable.

- Laura S

It is built for traveling or active families. A family can road trip comfortably.

I like how roomy it is. Huge trunk space. Lots of cup holders. I dislike how easily the tires become misaligned.

- Emily K

Worked well as our family has grown and the children have grown.

The van has performed well and has had the usual issues. We have the tires replaced, air-conditioner recharged.

- Edward P

At 200, 000 miles, it has not required any expensive repairs.

Model has lots of room for passengers and cargo. Dependability. Good mileage. It handles all weather well.

- Ruth J

It is fast. It gets good mileage.

I like that it fits many people. I dislike that it has so many problems. It keeps needing new spark plugs.

- Fe A

I would tell people that while the van is louder than I would like, it is a very reliable vehicle and just keeps going.

I like the room the van gives us. I like the gas mileage too. I don't like how noisy it is on the highway.

- Jen D

It is a great family car for traveling around town or for taking on family trips.

I like that it's roomy. I like that the seats are removable and easily adjusted. I like the sound system.

- Rita N

Honda Odyssey- the vehicle for Families

I love my Odyssey! It's the perfect vehicle when you have kids- it has plenty of room and nice features!

- carly F

It has WIFI and it connects completely to my phone.

Super comfortable, reliable, and cheap to fix. My odyssey has almost 180k miles and runs extremely well.

- Susan S

It drives super nice. It's accessible for kids. The storage is great

I love the gas mileage. I love the space. I love the automatic doors. I love the storage in the trunk.

- Jennifer L

It can go through anything!.

Large vehicle. A lot of storage capacity. Easy to get in and out of. I wish it was better in the snow.

- Laura A

Spacious Honda Odyssey Van

I love the foldable seats in the back. It has really helped us through moving, traveling, sports etc.

- Melissa W

Great Family Vehicle! It has seen us safely through many road trips.

I like the size and the cargo capacity. it has been a reliable family vehicle with good gas mileage

- Anne P

It is very roomy. It can hold 8 people and have enough room to hold other things too.

I love the space and the amount of people that can fit in the van. It is also a very smooth ride.

- Michelle S

There is lots of room in the vehicle

I love the space it provides. It is a very reliable vehicle. My children love the vehicle as well

- Alice A

Holds a lot of people and stuff. I can fit 5 car seats

It's a good fit for my needs (5 kids). Drives ok. Nothing special but dependable and decent

- E H

It is very comfortable. Has Lots of room. And does well on long trips

It works for our family. I don't really like vans and prefer SUVs. But this van is great

- Aly O

Great truck space, and the sliding doors are awesome!

I love the sliding doors. I love the middle row captain chairs. I love the trunk space.

- Dani S

It easily holds six dog crates and all of the dog show paraphernalia I need.

I love the roominess. I like the design. Love the features. Not crazy about the color.

- Shelley C

It is very comfortable and a great family car.

I love the comfort, the space and driving capabilities. I do not like the gas usage.

- Natasha N

It's comfortable to travel in. It rides smoothly. It's a great family vehicle.

I like that it holds everyone in my family. I like that it's easy to get in and out.

- Leandre A

It has a lot of room in the trunk. It has leather seats. It has a trunk button, with a remote.

It has been working well for us. hold our children. and hasn't needed many repairs.

- Diana S

I really do love my van. I had to change from a car to a van in order to accommodate a lift for my wheelchair. I have not had any major problems with my Honda. The warranty covered any problems that I have had. When I have passengers with me they always make comments about the comfort and the many features available. Being handicapped, reliability, performance, and comfort are extremely important.


- Joyce C

Great for families. Lots of room on the interior for car seats.

I love the sliding doors and automatic door in the back. It's a great family car.

- Kelly J

It has a bad engine. Every week or so, the car breaks down for one reason or the other.

It is very important to my family. However it is old. Overall it is a good car

- Seth O

It's a great family car. You can put more than two car seats in it.

I like that it has three rows. I wish there were more automated features.

- Jennifer B

Dependable family car that is stylish and has extra

Dependable, stylish, family vehicle, good service Dept, I like driving it

- Jana M

It's a minivan, but it's nice

There is plenty of room. It is a quality made vehicle . It's dependable.

- Emily H

I like that my van has automatic doors and liftgate. I like that it drives smoothly with no worries. I really don't have any complaints.

My van is reliable and easy to maintain without being too cumbersome.

- Kelly B

i have no complaints regarding this vehicle. I like that is big enough for the whole family plus you can put a lot of luggage

nothing really important .Just that is very functional and spacious

- Zornitsa V

It's very trustworthy and great for driving on the highways.

Extremely practical and has a lot of room. Gets good gas mileage,

- ken p

Good family car roomy and good on gas. Love the gps and leather seats

Very roomy i love that i can fold my seats back for cargo space

- Kira R

Dependable car, roomy, comfortable. Has a DVD player

It is dependable. Large. Comfortable. I have had it for 8 years

- Sarah M

It's very roomy and reliable. I don't like the navigation system and wish it could be updated

It is roomy, and very comfortable to drive. The kids love it.

- Leah B

This car is a well made, reliable vehicle

Reliable, Has features I like and need, high quality vehicle.

- Tom B

Easy to drive. Easy to purchase.

Like size. Like gas mileage. Like accessories in the Odyssey.

- Dawn J

I love driving it. It is great to go on vacation because we need room for eight people and room for luggage.

It carries eight passengers. Great for carrying luggage.

- Eileen N

it is the safest car. There are lots of room. It's fun to drive.

i never had any problems. I feel safe. It was expensive.

- miho W

It is a Honda. They are very good cars and reliable

It is very reliable and has lots of room for my family

- sarah t

It is a big vehicle- lots of room but not sporty or easy to park

Car is very reliable, roomy, comfortable

- Gary l

I trust this van with my life.

- Brenda E

My 2010 Honda odyssey. Lots of power and storage space.

- Armand P