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Comfort and Spacious for the Entire Family

The Odyssey is excellent. It was large enough to carry my family (2 kids) and go get my husband on his RAD when the tire popped. No other car, besides a truck can do that. It is super comfortable. The grandparents come to visit every few months and they are in their 70's. My family of 4, plus the grandparents all fit in the car and everyone is super comfortable enough for when we go on road trips or travel on vacation together! I also took the car on a road trip from Atlanta to Maine with the kiddos and dog and it was a god send. When it rained when we were camping, it was spacious enough to pack everything quickly and not feel soaked in the process. The rear entertainment is the best! I love being able to listen to my music when the kids are watching a movie. The car has been extremely reliable and I love all the water bottle holders, the pockets for travel books and coloring pencils and all the extra outlets, including a spot to plug in my vacuum when needed! The van is large, but goes fast and breaks evenly. I do wish the gas mileage was better, and it feels like the car is made for someone taller than my 5 feet, but I really like it! Two features I would love to add is air conditioned seats since we live in such a hot weather climate, and a remote starter! Oh, another feature I love is the automatic trunk and the amount of space in the trunk. It's amazing what we can fit!

- Pamela L

The many things I love about my Honda Odyssey.

I love my Honda Odyssey. I do not need to pull out my keys to get into the vehicle, which is key with two children. The keyless start took a little getting used to, but I really like that I never have to take my key out of my purse. Traveling is great! I love riding as a passenger and driving this vehicle. We do not worry about packing lightly when we go to the grandparents, as there is plenty of space. We can also take extra people along, even with two car seats. There are numerous spots to put things up front, and the cooler box is really helpful for keeping a few beverages cold. There is a built in small garbage bag holder, which is handy. The turning radius is impressive for a vehicle of its size. I like being up a little higher when I drive, but I do not feel like I am driving a big vehicle. I love the camera that shows what is to my right when I use the right blinker and the backup camera. The sensor that lets you know you are coming up on something a bit too fast is also very handy. I love our minivan and am not afraid to tell my friends we own one, because I love it so much!

- Lindsey M

This vehicle is designed for comfort and convenience for any driver.

My Honda odyssey touring is the top of the line family car. It is designed for comfort and entertainment. It has all the bells and whistles you would ever need. Each And every seat is designed for comfort as you can adjust them in many ways. It also has a wide screen monitor for viewing movies or playing games or even both at one time on a split screen. It even has a 12 volt plug in the rear. The one downside I have found is that it does not have enough charging ports in the front but that is easily fixed with a couple of adapters. . I have found this van extremely reliable as long as I keep up with the maintenance. It drives so smooth and is so quiet that I sometimes don't even realize it is running. Since my kids are grown now I use it as a truck to transport things. All I do is pull down both seats in the rear with one pull each and there is an enormous amount of room as the seats fold into the floor. It is also relatively fuel efficient at 18 miles per gallon on city streets. I highly recommend this vehicle to anyone!

- Cassie P

Honda odyssey great family van!

I am a mom to a baby and caregiver to my sister in law with special needs. The automatic doors are a lifesaver when I have two kids to put into the van. Being only 5’2, I love that I am able to adjust the driver seat forward, backward and upward so I am at a comfortable height to drive safely. The functions are easy to navigate and have a safety feature which limits AUX functions to only when vehicle in stopped. The chairs are comfortable, easy to remove and slide out of the way and provide plenty of space for groceries, car seats, strollers and other equipment. The gas is economical when maintaining constant speeds and great for long distance trips. Easy to drive, smooth ride and has great features like right turn and rear camera. We have the van in the gray color which hides dirt and mud but cleans nicely. With different climate controls in the different rows, everybody is comfortable on hot or cold days. Very pleased with the purchase and recommend to others with families.

- Mary P

Odyssey for growing family

The Honda Odyssey is a great can for any family. The back seats fold down flat with ease. The second row as a removable middle seat, which makes for an easy in and out for passengers in the back. The navigation screen and Bluetooth system has some minor issues. It's difficult to reconnect to the Bluetooth once take off. Siri doesn't link up with the Bluetooth of the car. I have also noticed that when I am connected with my phone, getting driving directions that the audio for the directions won't play unless I connect my music as well. We had some issues with the car alarm going off randomly when the car was locked then manually unlocked, it was difficult to get it off again and led to some embarrassing situations. Our issues have been minor, the car holds our growing family of 5 comfortably and the automatic sliding doors are perfect for kids.

- Amanda R

2015 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite with built in shop vac!

I have a 2015 Honda Odyssey Touring Elite. I have owned it for a couple of weeks now. So far we have had no performance issues or any problems. All of the seats are very spacious & comfortable. I have lower back & sciatica issues & I am able to drive comfortably in this vehicle. My favorite features are the lane departure warning, being able to spread out the 2nd row seats, the middle seat can slide closer to have easier access to a child in a car seat, the built in vacuum, the cool box & the DVD player. So far my only 2 cons are that it does not have a digital speedometer like my previous vehicle & the navigation system is not very easy to use. I'm sure it will get easier with practice but I am used to a touch screen to input addresses whereas this one has a dial to turn to select each letter/number.

- Crystal J

It is a good reliable vehicle and also has great safety ratings.

I love the features of the van. I love having a backup camera and a side camera on the passengers mirror. I love the ability to put car seats in any spot in the second or third row. I love the doors that open automatically for me if I have the fob on me. I love the power liftgate. I do wish that I could just put my foot under a sensor and the liftgate would lift automatically if I did that and have the fob on me. I wish I could do the same thing with the doors that there was a sensor and I could just stick my foot underneath it when I have the fob on me and they would open on their own. I do also wish that I had the automatic start on my van.

- Renee S

. Roomy, stylish and up to standards to have a large family moving in style.

I have never had my van leave me down and out. I have always kept it on a strict schedule. For oil changes etc. The couple things I have had problems with is that the tire sensors seem to be touchy. So when the weather changes it will say mt tires are low when they are actually not and the second problem is that the first week after bringing it home the headphones for the DVD player just stopped working, So we still are just not using it, Lastly, I wish all the seats folded flat instead of having to remove the two center seats when I go on dog trips. Other than that perfect car for a large family that likes to move in comfort.

- Katie D

The Honda odyssey is safe, comfortable and affordable for moms on the go.

The Honda minivan is comfortable with lots of space. It is reliable and has experienced no engine problems or performance problems. We took the whole family to Disney at Christmas and the Honda minivan made the trip comfortable for all. We were able to transport 7 people and luggage over the trip. The back door pops open easily when my hands are loaded with groceries or other shopping items. It has a smooth ride and handles well in rain or ice. For a mom, special features like numerous cup holders helps make life easier. The safety of the Honda minivan has been excellent. My van alerts me if I get too close or cross the line.

- Mitzi B

I thought I was too cool for a minivan, turns out it is cooler than me.

I am a mother of two who admits I fought against driving a minivan. What a fool I was! Of all the cars I have ever owned, from coupes to sedans to SUVs, the Honda Odyssey is without a doubt my favorite vehicle. The side doors open and close with the push of a button! So does the rear liftgate. The 3rd row seating folds flat with a simple pull I can do one handed. The leather seats, especially the dual heated front seats are remarkably comfortable. And the back up camera is not only a wonderful safety feature it makes driving in reverse, and parallel parking as simple as can be.

- Laura R

Dear Parents: It's worth it

Great for parents of little kids! Amazing cargo space options. I've been able to get a tandem double stroller, a single regular stroller, and groceries in the back with the third row down. My husband used it to pick up some monster tires and got 4 in the back without taking the middle row out. The sliding doors have been a lifesaver because I don't need to worry about kids slamming a car next to me. Also great for tighter parking spots because you don't need to open the door far to get out. I think the only drawback for me is towing capacity. 3500 doesn't allow for much.

- Emily W

The Honda Odyssey is a perfect family car, providing you with comfort, reliability, safety, luxury, all in one package the whole family will love.

I have a silver minivan that I have grown to love more and more! While I was apprehensive about getting a minivan after having an SUV for years, I made the switch for all the amenities it offers. Our minivan is perfect for our family. It is able to fit everyone comfortably, it is a very comfortable drive, and great for storage space when we need. The kids all love the ease of getting in and out with the power sliding doors. It is super convenient and ranks high in safety and reliability, both important qualities that I look for in a vehicle.

- Stephanie L

2015 Honda Odyssey the perfect family vehicle.

The Honda Odyssey is an excellent family vehicle. We've taken it on road trips with ease. There's plenty of room in the trunk for everything we need to take or pick up while out and about. The seats are adjustable in configuration with the car seats thanks to latch anchors in every seat in the middle row. The seats fold down and flip out of the way as needed. The center seatbelts coming completely unlatched when those seats are not in use is an excellent feature since they come from the ceiling and could really be in the way.

- Susan V

Odyssey: all for fun, and fun for all!

My odyssey is amazing. It has dual climate control and seat warmers. There are front, side, and rear air bags. It has the in car entertainment system with rear DVD player. I have the third row seats that fold down completely into the cargo area. Leather seats with a removable middle seat in the second row to go from a bench to captain's chairs make travel possible for different arrangements. The rear area of the van has its own adjustable heat, air, and climate control. It is supremely comfortable for short and long trips.

- Curt M

Awesome for family road trips.

I love my Odyssey! It drives smoothly and has a very roomy interior; this has been key for the many road trips we've taken. My favorite feature is the automatic sliding doors. These doors are a lifesaver at school drop off and pick up. I also love that I do not have to worry about my kids opening them and denting other cars. We haven't had any problems with it. My only complaint is that it seems to have a lot of noise coming in through the front doors (especially on the highway). It could use better door insulation.

- Michelle P

The Honda Odyssey is a very comfortable vehicle for a family to travel in.

I love our Honda Odyssey. The van is roomy for our family which makes travel very comfortable. There is plenty of cargo space for a family of 5 with all the seats in. I also love that each seat in the middle row can be removed individually and the two outer seats can be adjusted slightly side to side when in place. It is very easy to install child safety seats even fairly tall rear facing seats. There lots of cup holders and small storage spaces that you didn't know you needed until you have a vehicle with them.

- Rae B

Honda odyssey - a great family car.

The Honda odyssey is a highly reliable family vehicle. It is great for small families with only one child and for larger families that need lots of room. The middle row has an optional middle seat that can be taken out for easier access to the back seat. It can also fold down and provide additional storage space for cups and small toys. One of the things that I like most about the Honda vehicles is that most of the options are actually standard, which makes the purchase process much easier.

- Stephanie S

Perfect family van by a reputable company. Cannot go wrong with Honda!

Most reliable vehicle I have ever owned, comfortable, easy to drive, great options and upgrades. Perfect for our active family of five. Plenty of space for dogs and children. Honda service department is always quick and efficient. No one else I would trust my van with. Decent towing capacity for a van. Can easily tow a small trailer or pop up. Great for camping. Lots of storage for all your camping gear. Very comfortable on long road trips as well. All around a great buy!

- Jasmine H

Perfect design family car.

My vehicle is made for a mom with multiple kids. Perfect for me. Enough space, comfort, convenience, I have everything. My kids does not like long rides but with my van we make it. Because there is everything we need in it. Including trash areas and vacuum. . USB for the game console and more than one phone Charger. . It is comfortable for all the family members including toddler, kid and teenager. Also I can pick up my children’s friends too. . We always have room.

- Hale O

Honda Odyssey, all around great family car!

We had to take it a couple times for window malfunctions or seat malfunctions but other than that it is a great car! Good for a family with around 8 people!! Good trunk space, rear view backup camera that beep, and not too bulky. Pretty decent on gas and is all around a great car. I would recommend to families - not super ideal for just one person. Very spacey and my dog love it for that. Good for long drives especially out of town trips and things like that.

- Bree B

This minivan is worth every dime.

I have no complaints about my Honda odyssey. It is a smooth ride every time. We have a large family and everyone fits comfortably in the back rows and there is plenty of trunk space for all of our things. The added DVD screen, charging ports, cup holders and seat pouches are all extra bonuses to add to the comfort of this vehicle. It has only needed its normal maintenance and 1 windshield change (thanks to a random rock on the highway!).

- Jennifer K

Perfect family car! The vacuum is a game changer!

The Honda Odyssey is a perfect family car. I love the flexibility of this car. I can put the rear seats in the back down and load up a ton of stuff like a truck or I can load my family and friends up and have 8 people comfortably seated! I love that all the back seats can move or be removed to allow whatever space I need. One of my favorite features in this car is the vacuum. We have 2 small children and the vacuum is a huge bonus!

- Leah C

Just what we needed. . Love the movie screen and rear view camera.

We wanted a safe vehicle, a comfortable vehicle, and one with a great sound system. This was all very important as my husband was dying of cancer, and we were on the road lots, going for treatments in a different town. Now that he is gone. I feel very satisfied and am happy we chose this Honda. I love the extra space to carry large items. I have had 2 safety recalls, but that has not stopped me from enjoying this vehicle.

- Holly R

It is really helpful when you have young children. I never have to worry about them opening the door and hitting a car parked next to us

We recently bought the minivan because we had a kid. The fact that there is a button on the key that slides the door open is extremely helpful when loading the kids in the van. Also, the car recognizes when the key is next to the car and will unlock automatically so I don't have to fumble in my pocket while holding the baby. I do wish that the trunk and a way to open automatically though. I still have to do that by hand

- Aimee B

An interesting detail is the mileage.

A problem is that it is not sometimes hard to turn around corners because of its size. It has amazing performance as I only need to lightly step on the accelerometer for it to work fine. It is very reliable because I use it for trips too. One thing I would change is sizing- I would make it more even. The back 3 seats have less space and the middle row has too much leg space. If this was fixed I would give this car a 10.

- Maria T

It's amazing and super spacious. It has enough room for everyone and everything. The eighth optional seat is wonderful!

I love my Honda Odyssey. It has plenty a room for me and the three kids. I am also able to put softball stuff and stroller in the back window. I don't like that it does not get as good of gas mileage as it used to. When I first purchased a Honda Odyssey I was getting up to 30 miles per gallon now I'm down to about 17.9 miles per gallon it's very frustrating. I was hoping for better gas mileage than that.

- Aleece A

Safety, the engine is very good.

I think the seat are not wide enough for big people and the space of leg are too narrow. I wished the second row seat can collapse underneath the floor. So sometimes I can have more room for my kids without having to take the whole seat out. The performance of the car is pretty good, the whole winter I didn't have any problem at all, I love it. . I love all the functions, camera in back and side. But on.

- Brandon P

Not as pretty but more compatible for families.

I have always sworn I would never get a minivan, but here I am with three small kids and a minivan that is pretty amazing. I love the middle isle feature the most, and the trunk. You don't get that when you get a SUV. It's also much better on mileage. We recently went camping and loaded up the roof with a TON of stuff, drove it up a mountain full of snow with 7 people in it, and it did just fine.

- Eli J

A Great Van for a Family with Lots of Kids

We really enjoy this van. We have had no maintenance problems. The interior is roomy enough for all 4 of our children. I like the sliding doors as I don't have to worry about fingers getting stuck in doors. Also the sliding doors are great when parking in tight spaces. I don't have to worry about the doors hitting other cars. I also like having control at the driver's seat for the doors.

- Christina S

A family car for growing kids. Perfect for a family always on the go

It is very comfortable. The only thing that I don't like but is a safety feature is I cannot use the navigation, as in I can't input an address into the navigation while the car is moving.. It would also be nice if the Honda came in all wheel drive. Front wheel is nice but in Upstate NY, all wheel would be better. Love that I can control the doors and rear hatch from the driver's seat.

- Paula R

The most important thing to know is that it is safe. It has high safety ratings which drew me to the van in the first place.

I absolutely love the trunk space in my van. I can fit a double stroller and a car full of groceries. I love the seating flexibility of the van. The van can actually comfortably fit 8 people. It is extremely easy to install car seats in the odyssey. It would be nice if the middle seats slide forward more to get passengers in the backseat, we usually just have people climb through the trunk.

- Ashley A

Safety, comfort, reliability, and plenty of room for the whole family!

My van is comfortable, spacious, and reliable. It is the perfect vehicle to transport my kids and their friends to sporting events. We can easily fit all the kids and their equipment in the van. The ride is comfortable and the extra features like sliding side doors, rear entertainment systems, adjustable climate controls, and multiple safety features make this my favorite vehicle to date.

- Kelly D

Why I love my Honda Odyssey

My minivan drives beautifully. The seats are very comfortable. The automatic doors and trunk opening feature is really useful. There is ample storage and room for passengers. I really love the heated seats in the winter time. The sunroof is wonderful for warm days. The sound system is good. I like the cooler feature in the front where I can keep drinks and snacks cool on drives

- Jacqueline P

The Honda Odyssey: a very family friendly vehicle.

This car is great. It has fairly decent gas mileage and comfortably fits six people. I have had experience using this car in a pinch to move furniture and luggage to and from place easily. It does have a few little things that are not ideal. For example, the base model does not have the luxury of power doors. If you park on an incline, door can seem heavy to open and/or close.

- Luke K

Comfort and style for travel.

Other than recalls there have been no problems with this vehicles. We have driven across the country 5 times and everything worked perfectly. The seats and the ride are very comfortable. There is a 115v outlet in the rear and on long trips we carry an older igloo portable refrigerator. It is a little difficult entering addresses in the GPS, but the guidance is outstanding.

- Thomas T

It is spacious and great for families.

Smooth ride, spacious interior and trunk, great for kids, m to hop in and out of quickly and independently. My model has light grey seating with backup camera, right turn lane camera and a full pilot like dashboard. It is smooth to drive and handles curves and all types of roads well. Great for commuting long and short distance and good on gas when driving in eco mode.

- Mary M

Van is great for a large family with plenty of room for everyone to spread out.

I love my Honda Odyssey. It sits 7-8 people. The middle sit in the second row is removable which makes it great when we have an extra rider. It has a built in movie system which keeps the kids occupied. The van is also much more spacious than other vans I have looked at. The lane departure warnings are great as well as the backup camera and warning system.

- Elizabeth F

Great family car for an active group.

Super comfy and easy to drive and the turning radius is amazing it can do better than our fiat sometimes comfortable for long road trips with brothers and sisters thanks to the 60/40 back seat split we can put the kids in 2 rows while still having enough cargo space for luggage for 5. Multiple cameras make it feel easier to drive and safer than other cars.

- Alex P

Dream vehicle: my type of odyssey.

My Honda odyssey is the best vehicle I have owned. It is not only comfortable for long road trips as well as the day to day errands it is also functional. It has more than enough space for my family and pets. Road trips are truly enjoyable as the kids can spread out and watch a movie on the entertainment system. I would highly recommend this vehicle.

- Rebecca C

Great family car with plenty of room! Provides a smooth ride and gets good gas mileage.

It fits my family with plenty of space and actually gets good gas mileage for the size vehicle it is. We didn't choose to purchase a higher-end model and I do wish we had the automatic sliding doors, even though those would just cause more things needing to be fixed at some point. The rear view mirror also seems rather small for the size car it is.

- jenny j

Safe, fun, reliable family vehicle.

My Honda odyssey provides all the necessities and luxuries that my family enjoys. I have had minimal issues with the vehicle itself, and most of those issues have been user error or accidental. While keeping up on maintenance, the car has great gas mileage, is comfortable, and has great entertainment value with the radio and DVD features.

- Vicki F

Reliable, comfortable, safe!

The Honda Odyssey is comfortable, safe, good-looking, great on gas, and most of all...reliable. Ours has a camera to help with backing-up, and some other auto-assist safety features. It also has XM radio built in, a movie screen with headphones, and an extra seat in the middle back row that can be taken out if needed. We love it!

- kirsten m

There is plenty of room for my entire family of 5.

I like my vehicle for the most part. There is enough room for my family. I have three kids, and they can all have their car seats and boosters safely installed. But, it is difficult to clean all area, especially reach the third row. I wish it came with a vacuum installed. And, I feel like it is big and sometimes difficult to park.

- Meredith A

Comfort all the way, gas takes you a long way!

Very reliable, seats up to 8 people and is very comfortable. It's great on gas mileage. My family has done many long road trips with this vehicle. It's never had any problems with the manufacturer and rides smoothly. The leather seats are a problem during the summer time as it draws in more heat and same with the steering wheel.

- Ashley B

It is a dark grey Honda van with three rows of seats.

It had a problem with the battery. It is a great car though it is very use full to the family it is a good family car it's better than the old ca we had and is a great addition to the family. There were very little issues with the car we had got it from the dealership after we traded out our older expedition for the grey Honda.

- Kiah W

Nice space and gas mileage but could be a smoother ride and easier to clean

It is a great car overall. There is a lot of space for both people and large instrument transport. Also it is nice on gas. One concern is that it is not a very smooth ride. You can feel every bump in the road in this car. Another concern is that it is difficult to clean. The material on the floor really holds onto dirt.

- Maya V

The Honda odyssey is a safe and tech savvy vehicle.

The vehicle drives very smooth but I wish it was a little higher off the ground. The undercarriage of the front of the van scratches the curb when pulling into my driveway and when I pull into parking spots. I also wish the lumbar support on the drivers side seat came out more and was available on the passenger seat.

- Nick G

It has lots of features and extras that make it great for families.

I love it. We will always have Honda vehicles as long as it is affordable for us. It is versatile and the perfect vehicle for kids. We go on several 10+ hour road trips a year and it is perfect for travelling. I can fit two high end car seats in the second row and still have room for my older daughter to sit there.

- Janelle M

The space is amazing and it rides great!

I love the space my Honda Odyssey has. It fits my larger than average family perfectly inside along with one extra large dog and a medium sized dog. It rides great on the interstate. Has amazing fuel mileage. I love that I can take out the middle row and fold the back row of seats down to fit large items into the van.

- Michelle B

Moves like a car space for 8 adult passengers and easy to maintain

No problems by keeping up with maintenance. Maintenance is minimal. I love the feel of driving a car with capacity for 8 passengers and their belongings. I wished it had self opening tailgate door and rear windows capable to lower. I wish we could turn off all outside lights when van engine is on or only switch is on

- Alex F

Family car that can fit a family of 5 and still be fun!

Haven't had any problems with it yet. Got it brand new with 15 miles on it and now it is got 56, 000. Love the space for my family of 5 for road trips and everyday use. It is still sporty enough to get up to speed at a decent rate. Looked at other minivans and went with the odyssey because I have had other Honda’s.

- Libby P

Dependable family van with so many extras! Great for busy families!

I LOVE my Honda Odyssey EXL! Along with being dependable, other features have been so helpful! USB chargers in front and rear of vehicle. DVD player so helpful for little ones. Automatic sliding doors opened from driver side have been great for school carline pickups. So much room for this family of 5. We love it!!

- Jodi F

My van has enough room to fit my kids and their friends- it is any moms dream.

I like that my van is reliable and that I can fit all of my children and their friends in it. I feel safe when I drive and I also like to have the rear view backup camera. I didn't use it in the beginning but now I rely on it every time I back up. The heated seats are an added bonus and I use them quite regularly.

- Jessica C

The Honda Odyssey is mainly a young family van. I can't see us keeping it for more than 10 years.

The Honda Odyssey is a great family vehicle especially when you have young children. It's spacious, comfortable and reliable. My complaints would be it struggles a bit to go up steep hills quickly within our neighborhood and the front end is so low that it scratches over parking stumps. Otherwise a great minivan.

- Demecia L

Doors open electronically, it is child safe with a lot of space for the family.

The doors get stuck sometimes, do not open or close. The car is great because there is a lot of space for driver and passengers. I like that it is electronic but wish doors did not get stuck sometimes. Love the screens and all the features and sunroof, child safety. I think this model should have a GPS build in.

- Ella H

Automatic doors are a must with children!

I had a Pilot at one time and then a Civic but after having another child the automatic doors sold me on the van. Love the convenience of automatic trunk latch too. Smooth ride. The wide screen DVD player is awesome for my kids and we even used the ps4 plug ins on a long trip. I would highly recommend to all.

- Carrie W

My fav car. Ease of sliding doors on both sides for loading and unloading.

My car is very reliable, has never failed to start even in the coldest weather. Seating is comfortable and easy to adjust. Heater and a/c both work well. It is convenient to have the seats that fold down in the rear and are concealed, also with the split rear seat different things can be loaded into the back.

- Jim P

Honda odyssey roomy and reliable

It rides comfortably. It has enough space for my 4 children in car seats, plus has room in the back for a stroller or suitcases for when we travel. My only complaint is the cable opening one of the sliding doors broke and Honda still only replace the whole motor not just the cable. It is an expensive fix.

- Tracey M

Minivans rock and are perfect for kids and sports.

Has great gas mileage and perfect for a family with multiple children. I love the cool box for water and the DVD player for the kids are long trips. Indo drive a lot so the tires need to be filled quite a bit and it is a bit shaky when I brake. Overall the vehicle is a wonderful and family friendly car.

- Katie M

Minivan is good car for family with kids (especially young kids).

I am liking the fact that the inside is very spacious. And you can remove seats is also helpful. Also, I can get stuff that is in the trunk without stopping car while my husband is driving so we could save time too. I have 2 young kids so holding 2 toddler car seats and having multiple people is a plus.

- Jina W

Grandchild transporter and trip taker.

Love the roominess to haul grandkids and go on trips. Love the comfortable seats. Love the rear and side cameras. Love ease of getting in and out (I am 5'1") and adjustable driver seat height. Doors swing out a little far for me. Would like to be able to raise and lower hatchback with button inside.

- Jan M

Minivans are great for families with kids!

Great for families of young children. Sliding doors that are controllable from the driver seat are an excellent feature. Plenty of cargo room in the back, and the ability to lower the back seats makes for even more space when needing to transport a lot of things. Comfortable for the whole family.

- Karen W

Honda Odyssey Favorite For Mom of 2

Good on gas mileage, easy to fold and remove seats, cargo area easily holds groceries, stroller, luggage, etc. 2 car seats fit nicely in the 2nd row with ample space. DVD feature is a bonus! Rear view camera, sensors, parking and lane change alerts, and blind side camera are great safety features.

- Celeste R

Perfect vehicle for a family

The 2015 Honda Odyssey is a perfect family vehicle. It is spacious and fits 8 people comfortably. A variety of car seats fit in this vehicle. The odyssey has a very smooth ride and gets pretty good gas mileage. It took me a long time to transition to a minivan and I wish I had done it way sooner!

- Nicole F

Great family car. Drives well and gets you where you need to go.

The car drives great. Love the control adjustment capability. The only annoying part is the air pressure sensors constantly tell me I need to fill up my tires. First car I have had with tire pressure sensors. Great when they work, annoying when they fail. Already had one replaced under warranty.

- Michelle S

Best Travel Vehicle - perfect for road travel! Great family van!

I absolutely love my Honda Odyssey van. I drives very smooth- even 5 years later! I have 2 children heavily involved in sports so we travel a lot! It is the perfect traveling vehicle! There is plenty of room for our luggage and equipment with plenty of room left for us all to be comfortable.

- Amy M

This is a great family vehicle

It has been very reliable and comfortable for our family. It fits 3 car seats in the middle row with plenty of room in the back with the 3rd row collapsed down. Also has a ton of space to move or haul things with all seats removed. It does go through tires faster than normal due to its weight.

- Brian C

A van is not just for soccer moms!

This vehicle is so convenient in hauling grandchildren, rollators (2), coolers, umbrellas, sports chairs, etc., all at the same time! It rides smoothly with less road noise than an SUV. It gets great gas mileage. The dual air is wonderful for driver and passengers. Love auto seat adjustments.

- Mary E

Great handling, but a monster!

This vehicle has relatively smooth handling, but is very large! A lot of the time it is rather awkward in tight situations, such as going through a drive through or finding a parking space in a completely packed lot. If you don't have a problem with driving a bigger cat it is a great vehicle.

- Judith T

The minivan drives very smoothly. It's a great family vehicle.

I have 4 kids under the age of 6, and the minivan is the perfect Mom vehicle. There is lots of room. Easy for the kids to get in and out. The tv is great for long trips. The kids have their own space. The trunk is nice and deep. Great that kids don't swing open the doors. Great Mom van!

- Laura D

Honda van, family friendly. Reliable, safe and definitely a great value.

I have not had any issues with my van. It is been reliable and consistent. I love that my family can all fit comfortably. I wish I had opted to get the vacuum that is offered. I do have captain chairs and love them. I would buy another for sure when I am. Looking for a vehicle in the future.

- Lauren B

Family van with nice features

It gets decent mileage and has pretty good storage. I like sitting higher up, and I love that 3 car seats can fit across the second row. The console is removable, but then you only have one cup holder so that isn't ideal. Would also like multiple outlets for chargers, etc to be plugged into.

- court D

Hondas are dependable and last for years!

I love the keyless push-to-start feature, and the convenience of not having to dig for my keys when getting to my vehicle. The doors automatically unlock as you approach it. The automatic sliding doors are great too. I can open the doors for the kids without having to get out of the vehicle.

- Carrie D

I really love my Honda Odyssey.

My vehicle performances very well and is comfortable. I only have the standard features but that is all that I need. The car is really great on gas. The acceleration is good as well. The vehicle is good for traveling with a family including luggage. This is actually my second Honda Odyssey.

- Nita R

Overall good buy. Would definitely buy another.

Love the amount of room that it supplies. You can take seats out and put them back in as well as fold them down to make even more room. I also like the technology included. The windshield cracked very quickly after buying, and a couple of cosmetic things have constantly needed adjusting.

- Adrian H

Love my odyssey! It is a fantastic family van.

I love my Honda odyssey. It has plenty of room, great features, and good on gas. The sliding doors are controlled from the driver's seat, which is convenient for school drop-offs. Also, the sliding doors are a must with kids in parking lots; they will not hit the car parked next to you!

- Laura F

The Honda Odyssey...an Awesome family van

Our family loves our Honda Odyssey van. The seating 8 allows room for friends to tag along with us. There is ample room for luggage when traveling. The seats stow very easy when not needed. We especially love the little cooler compartment. The van has given us no problems at all!

- Rachel B

Nice amenities, missing necessities

The transmission is not ideal. Needs firmware updates that are never available and it does not accelerate smoothly due to this. Also the lack of four wheel drive in a vehicle this large is frustrating. Pulling out in high traffic situations is often scary and makes the wheels squeal.

- Kim K

Great, roomy, versatile, family friendly.

Great performance, roomy, versatile. Easy to get in and out of. Serves to carry many people or can be used to move large loads of items. Great safety features, love the retractable shades on passenger windows. Love that have 4 removable seats. Love sunroof, storage, freezer box.

- Tara M

Odyssey is the perfect van for busy moms.

I love my Odyssey! I love that the back row folds down flat. I use that area to keep baby stroller and still have plenty of room for my groceries. The automatic doors are wonderful. I do not have to worry about my kids hitting the doors on other vehicles when trying to get out.

- Lindsey B

There's a lot of room and comfort in the odyssey. I would highly suggest getting the 8 seats, so you can remove it if needed, but that you always have the space for it as well.

I love my Honda odyssey. I love the room it has and that the seats can fold down. My dislike is that my electronic doors have stopped working and they don't shut easily. Which is frustrating during bad weather and everyday activities to worry that my door is still left open.

- Dave M

Honda, love this great vehicle.

I love my Honda Odyssey. It is a great vehicle. It is easy to drive, easy to see from, especially when backing out with the rearview camera. I like how reliable it is and how safe it has been rated, how roomy it is for my family and all of our things when we need to travel, .

- Marissa M

IF you have a family, this is the vehicle for you. I will solve all space problems.

I love this vehicle because it is big and holds all my stuff as well as my families stuff. We go on several car trips a year and this van gets us to our destinations with no issues. I have an infant and it allows me to get to the back seat when necessary to tend to my child.

- Michelle O

It has a push to start feature.

I like that there is a button on the key to open the side doors. It really helps when I am putting the kids in the car seat. I also like how easily the seats move around. It makes it really easy to pile in. However, I wish there was a button to automatically open the trunk.

- Amy B

Everything you want from this model is there

I never have a problem. Only normal service. Its roomy and runs great and good on gas.. I will not trade this If I have to by another vehicle it be from Honda if you go on long trip this is what you want because you have lots of storage space and great leg rooms also.

- Amar S

Long road trips. Dependable, reliable with plenty of space.

Great vehicle for large family or for a small family looking for space. Very dependable van. No major issues in the years we have owned it. Would buy another. Did have two recalls but fixed quickly. Our van is simple, no bells and whistles. . . Still a great choice for us.

- Nicole M

Good overall vehicle. Storage is great.

Roomy and comfortable. Wobbles while driving and had breaks checked ect. And it is not the issue. The TV and power owlets are great. Nice to be able to remove seats or put the third row down for extra storage. The cooling box is great in the summer. Overall a good vehicle!

- Erica T

This car keeps the kids quiet!

It works well, it has a lot of cool features. Gas efficiency is not great. Kids keep quiet with the tv. Vacuum is useless. Great car for camping and long trips. I like that the seats in the back fold down all the way for more storage (Ikea trips). Seat warmers are useful.

- Andrea Z

Reliable, Effective better if it can easily integrate to apps and other devices

Honda Odyssey is a super-reliable car. It's made especially for my growing family. I love the technology and the fact that I can fit as much as 8 passengers in our minivan, plenty of room for family and friends. Wish I could easily integrate it with other apps and Alexa.

- Brenda C

The keyless entry is the best I can unlock the door without getting my keys out.

I love my car! It is very dependable! I have never had a problem with it at all! It has backup camera, which is an added plus as well as many cup holders! I would highly recommend Honda to everyone. I have had good service with the car as well. The car runs very well.

- Kelley L

My Honda odyssey review. Love it!

Love that my odyssey can hold up to 8 people. I have three kids and another one on the way. So it is nice that it can also hold lots of car seats. The sliding doors are convenient period and the fact that you can switch the seats around in the middle row is helpful.

- Amanda D

Rear view camera for safety purposes.

This vehicle is perfect for hauling kids! Three car seats fit across the second row. Great gas mileage and all the bells and whistles. Built in vacuum cleaner is an added bonus. I love that the side doors can be controlled by the driver, along with the hatchback.

- Hope H

It can hold my kids, grandkids and all their groceries!

I love my Honda Odyssey, it seats 8 people and has plenty of room. It a camera for when I am backing up which is a great help in parking lots. It gets good mileage and is a very comfortable ride. I cannot think of anything I have a complaint about with this car.

- Janice P

It is really practical and has lots of room for people and stuff.

Like how it feels when driving - does not feel like I am driving a van. I like the fold down of the last seats when we're traveling or need more space. I dislike how condensation gets on the side windows and mirrors and the defroster does not seem to help those.

- Sarah M

Spacious, easy to drive and great gas mileage!

The Odyssey is a great family car! Both of my kids play travel team sports and because of that we go on a lot of road trips. It's spacious, easy to drive and gets great gas mileage. I also love Honda's performance record- I know this minivan will last for years!

- Cindy C

My kids love the DVD player.

I love the Honda odyssey. . It is very spacious and the trunk space is surprisingly large. I love the way it drives. I thought it would feel heavy and long but it drives just like any other car I have owned before. Great on gas and does very well on the highway.

- El D

It is super comfortable! Everyone who has ridden in it comments on the comfort of the seats.

My 2015 Honda Odyssey is fantastic! It can comfortably seat 8 with plenty of legroom, even in the 3rd row! The center console comes out so that you could put a cooler there for road trips. And there is a deep well behind the 3rd row for maximum storage space!

- Heather H

Why do the windows open when I open the doors with the keypad?

When you hold down the button to open the side doors to long the windows and sunroof open. This has happened to me more times than I want. Especially when it is raining. There is also a sensor that is malfunctioning causing a few system failure. Very annoying.

- John Roth J

We never have to worry about the kids causing door dings on other vehicles!

This is my 2nd Odyssey - I wish I would have bought this car sooner! It is such a help with two small kids and so comfortable. I also know that my family is safe in the vehicle. The leather has been amazing for spills. No major problems and SUPER reliable!

- Natalie C

Backup camera very helpful in parking.

Really good to drive. It is keyless vehicle meaning u do not need to use your key to start the vehicle instead just carry with you. You have nice color to choose from. It has rear view camera as a default feature help parking. Very convenient feature to have.

- Gee D

I love my Honda! Best minivan on the market.

I love my Honda odyssey! Drives smoothly, comfortable and very roomy! The heated seats are a treat when it's cold, and the separate climate controls are perfect for our family. Plenty of storage for a family of seven to drive to Florida for a weeks vacation.

- Jennifer B

We love how much trunk space it has, how it rides and how great it is on gas.

We first got our car on a lease but we liked it so much we decided to buy it at the end of the lease. I love the room in the trunk, how it rides, and how it is great on gas. We also loves the convenience of the automatic doors and how roomy the inside is.

- A A

Honda odyssey: a van for moms.

I really love the Honda odyssey! It is super spacious, durable (2 active boys), and it is a pretty van. It gets decent gas mileage for a van. The things I do not like is the side doors are not automatic, and the radio controls are not on the steering wheel.

- Jamie R

The van gets good gas mileage.

The van gets good gas mileage and drives well. We like the backup and the right turn camera. We wish that it had a left turn camera. We do not like that the battery is so weak that the van will not start if you use the radio when the engine is not running.

- Joann B

What I like about my Honda odyssey.

My Honda Odyssey is very comfortable and roomy. It seems to be very reliable as we haven't had major issues. My kids love the rear entertainment system, especially on long rides. There is a lot of cargo space. It has a lot of safety features, which I like.

- Sed D

It gets great gas mileage but everyone has it so it is easy to lose.

I love the automatic doors but I don't like where the controls are located in the car. I love the backup camera it makes me feel better about driving in busy parking lots. I like the option to seat 6 in the back I don't like the DVD player but my kids do.

- Deb K

That it's just an awesome car. Roomy, reliable and easy to drive.

I love our Honda Odyssey. It's very reliable and easy to drive and has all the extra bells and whistles I want (easy to use bluetooth/audio; reverse and right turn camera; tons of cup holders). It's super roomy and easy to remove seats. I just love it.

- Kate C

Very spacious and user friendly.

My minivan is great. It has 3 rows and seats up to 8 people. The middle seat in the second row is removable making seating arrangements versatile. The trunk is very roomy. The back seats can fold up completely flat so the trunk is extremely spacious.

- Debbie L

Enjoy the sunroof and backup camera

I really enjoy my Honda Odyssey based on the room and comfort it has. We have 5 children and it is very roomy for us all and then sports equipment that needs to be stored inside. I enjoy the automatic doors as well and the sunroof is an extra bonus.

- Dana N

This van is really easy and fun to drive with all of its features.

I love the way the seats in the back row fold all the way down when not in use. I love all the little details inside the van, like sun shades, 2 chargers, cool box, etc. I love the cameras that help you backup and switch lanes. I have no complaints.

- Amanda C

Lots of cargo room and great for transporting dogs on family trips.

I would prefer to have more built in storage compartments for emergency kits. I would prefer to have built in floor storage, but having the spare tire there is also nice. Having the middle row fold down as well as the back row would be very helpful.

- Debra F

The lane departure alert and the crash detection warning.

There are two screens upfront. You cannot use the 2nd one to watch what it being played on rear entertainment system. This was possible in our previous minivan, a VW Roatan. It was only available when the vehicle was in park (for safety concerns).

- Eric E

it doesn't feel like a minivan.

I love how roomy it is and yet it is not a large vehicle. the rear view camera and blind spot camera are life changing. I really enjoy how it drives like a small car. It's got great pickup. the trunk space is phenomenal for a vehicle with 3 rows.

- Kimberly T

It is very safe. I was impacted from behind by a small truck and I was well protected.

This car has a comfort level better than any van. The screen for the radio and navigation are great. Steps on how to set up a route could be easier and the ability to save the second row under the van would be perfect just like Dodge/Chrysler.

- oMAR B

Best minivan for families.

I love the space for kids to spread out and have friends The third row still gives a large trunk. This is my second odyssey. My first one was 10 yrs and 300k miles. It had hardly any issues until the last year. It requires little maintenance.

- Deborah V

While the capacity is smaller than the earlier the car handles 6 people very comfortable and a 7th if needed.

The car is roomy, handles well and is comfortable. We have had trouble with the brakes, the rotors in particular. They have needed to be replaced or turned or resurfaced more frequently than any car I've pwned. Our dealer has been reliable.

- Nancy T

It is very family friendly. Especially if you have toddlers it makes life easier.

I like the extra features on my van. I like that the doors open sliding as it is easier with children. I love the auto unlock feature when I get close to the van with the key. I also love the tint of the windows as it keeps the car cool.

- chris s

Eight seats, three boys and always room for bargain finds!

My van gets my kids and I where we need to go safely everyday! It's quiet on the road and drives smoothly. Love the vacuum feature, but have had trouble ordering new bags. We are loyal to Honda, have had great luck in the past 15 years!

- Theresa H

The windshield cracks really easily.

I love the amount of room I have and that the seats come out and are adjustable. It also rises incredibly smooth and I love having automatic sliding doors. The gas mileage is horrible and the insulation on the doors keep coming off.

- Adrienne G

Our family of six fits in it well. Doesn't go very well in the snow. I would explore other minivans before buying an Odyssey.

The radio is not very user friendly. I have had the vehicle for 6 months and still have problems figuring it out. The seats are hard to move for my kids. It seems to shift very hard and I am afraid of the transmission going out on it.

- Jessica D

It does not handle well in bad weather. You cannot drive this car in the snow it will slide all over the road!

I like the space that it provides and how it drives. It does not handle well in the rain or snow and offers very little road traction. It also requires constant maintenance. We've had issues with the sliding side doors and trunk.

- Cheryl S

Comfort on wheels! Room for traveling with kids and traveling in comfort.

I love the comfort. There is leg room in the 3rd row that SUV's and Tahoe's don't have. I love that the seats are removable. It doesn't feel like a minivan, but feels like a large SUV. My kids can easily get in and out without help.

- Haley K

It's very easy with multiple children, their friends and their stuff.

I like how much room my car has and how easily the seats can be folded down or removed. I like the amount of seating my car has but wish it had a bit more of a cool factor. It was the most practical car I could find for the money.

- Jen M

It's a minivan that doesn't feel like a minivan. That is it has a nice style that makes it more like an SUV, ie the tapered back windows.

It has a lot of great features. I love the automatic sliding doors and the ability to open and close them from the driver's seat. I like the automatic back hatch open and close too. It has the right height and ground clearance.

- John D

minivans aren't just for soccer moms

my minivan is awesome! it does not handle like a van at all! I love the safeness of it! and all the cargo/storage room! and the east of getting in and out and around in it in and kids. and loading stuff to haul around. it rocks

- sabrina w

The safety features to me are the most important. The back up camera, side mirror camera, all around airbags, front collision warning and lane change warning.

I love my Honda Odyssey. It's reliable, very comfortable and gets great gas mileage. All the doors and windows are power even the hatch which is a life saver! If you're looking for a new van, you have to check out the Odyssey!

- Deanna R

Been driving an Odyssey for 13 years - the BEST Mom-mobile!

This is our second Odyssey. We bought this one to replace the old one that we drove for 11 years with no major problems. Comfortable, smooth ride. Tons of room. Flexible seating options. Great family vehicle. Highly recommend.

- Sandra C

It's very roomy which helps hold strollers, groceries, etc. and has a place to lay a baby down flat when changing a diaper and has lots of space to breastfeed a baby while in the middle row.

I want to be able to control the following items from the driver's seat on the middle row: raise and lower window shade, and turn on and off the light above the passenger. I don't like the dual screens in the dashboard.

- Renee B

it is super comfortable, whether we spend 20 minutes or 2 hours at a time in it.

We love the spacious inside and the way the middle row of seats slides sideways to fit 3 car seats next to each other. I also love the way the back row folds down. We use the small cooler in the front every single day.

- anne k

It's an outstanding family car for people who enjoy safety, comfort and reliability.

My Odyssey is comfortable and roomy. I have enough space for my 2 kids, the dog, and more, and still we are very comfortable! The car rides like a car, as opposed to being loud and rough. It's a great family vehicle.

- Jackie D

It is simply the best family vehicle I think someone could own. It's comfortable, safe and fun to drive!

I love the van because it reminds me that I now have a family. I look forward to the trips we are going to take and the memories we will create. Also, the van itself is comfortable to drive and has lots of fun "tech."

- Matthew F

Parallel parking just does not work for me. The markings they have on the camera screen don't relate to me on where my vehicle is in relationship to the curb. I'm either scraping my car or I'm too far away & it's SO huge to got back & forth over & over to try to get it right. HATE IT!

The FCW goes off ALL the time. The radio sucks. The air is not ambient. The mirrors are weird. It's hard to park. The fob is awful. Gas mileage is good. The seat belts rub my neck. The trunk is hard to get in & out of.

- celeste j

Need room to grow or room to haul? This is the vehicle for you!

I like having room for 8 people. With the stowable seats I can haul things like wood and landscaping materials. I dislike that the sliding doors have to be unlocked before they can be opened, even if car is in park.

- Dawn B

Very spacious, and great for families with multiple children.

The space inside is great, and I have 3 kids in car seats. Cargo space in the back is also much bigger than it looks. I have had no issues with it in the 6 months I have owned it. A very reliable and comfortable car.

- Katie B

The Honda Odyssey is sporty and comfortable. Love it!

I love the style and comfort of my car. There are a few quirks like it has a kick when the automatic transmission shifts when driving slowly. I also wish it had a hard drive to store music on like my old one did.

- Tracie M

There is lots of room and the vehicle runs great!!!

I love the capacity and cargo space. Love the back sliding doors open with key fob. Wish the cargo door opened with key fob. Love that it is a well run vehicle that does not break down and need a lot of work.

- e r

Love the reverse camera and turn lane camera.

We bought our Odyssey a few months ago. We love it. It is spacious. We also love that the third row folds down flat for more trunk space when needed. The right side camera is fantastic to see on your blind spot.

- Michelle G

Enjoyable vehicle with minor flaws

Most of the van is extremely comfortable. I love the backup and side cameras. I do not like that the drivers side armrest is not level or that the van is hard to vacuum due to all the tracks for the seats.

- Melody H

Boy mom with a 2015 Honda Odyssey.

It is a great family vehicle. Easy for my boys to get in and out of it. It is annoying if the back seats do not lock and move every time you stop or break. I love the space and with four boys it is needed.

- Sharon E

Great Family Car, highly recommend

This is a great vehicle! we just reached 100,000 miles and it still drives like new. Just a couple of mechanical problems with the blinker and radio, but nothing too unusual when it comes to an average car

- Iris D

It is very dependable and roomy. I can fit 8 people in the car and a good amount of goods as well.

I like that it has plenty of room to carry people and belongings. It is nice not having to worry about the doors hitting cars next to us. I don't like some of the traction issues in has in rain and snow.

- Marcia E

It has a fair amount of power for being a minivan.

My vehicle is a minivan with dual sliding doors. I like the size and space inside. I like that it has a fair amount of power. I don't like that it only has one power outlet for plugging phones, etc, into.

- Sue b

It has a very smooth drive and easy to handle.

I like the safety features of the back up camera and right turn signal camera. I love that it seats 8 people comfortably. I dislike the fact that it is not aed capable with the 8 passenger seating option.

- Kelly G

It is reliably durable. Over 200k miles in 2 years with only warrantied Maintenance.

Roomy, handles well for a large vehicle, excellent turning radius, reliable, comfortable for tall passengers. Stutters when accelerating or driving uphill. Excellent factory installed stereo/video system

- Brian W

It drives great, low maintenance, and great gas mileage for a van.

I love my van and all Its features. My favorites are the backup camera, Bluetooth, and built in shades in the rear. The only things I don't like about my vehicle are cloth interior and no heated seats.

- Brittany C

It is very reliable and safe.

I like how reliable it is; it has hardly ever needed any repairs. It is comfortable and fits my entire family well. It works well for daily use, but also for long road trips. We take it everywhere.

- Rick D

This is a Wonderful family vehicle that is very versatile.

I love my van. It has conveniences of automatic doors and hatch. The seats fold down in the back and can be removed for extra storage. Tons of room for extra friends or for hauling things around d.

- Stephanie H

The lx does not have a console which allows me to easily assist my babies in back.

It is an lx, so no bells and whistles, but Honda is reliable and I love having a van for my family. I only wish it had power doors! It is spacious, drives well, allows us room to grow. Love it!

- Megan B

The lane assist and forward collision monitors were new to us but useful!

Our black Honda Odyssey is wonderful for our two kids. The bench seats easily move around and fold down for extended travel or grocery shopping. We love the back up camera and DVD player too!

- Lauren D

Road Warrior - I drove my family from Destin Florida straight to Wichita, KS. A trip of ~17 hours. Excellent comfort, reliability, and drive-ability.

Fit and finish seems a bit lower quality than our previous Honda vehicles. These include a 2008 Odyssey and a 2010 Fit Sport. Technology integration is decent. But no screen for the kids?

- Matt P

Its mine and nobody should try to steal it.

I love my Honda because it can accommodate my whole family with comfort and it is a safe vehicle. It has a great resale value when that time comes. It has the features that I am looking for.

- Crystal G

It is reliable, and great gas mileage!

I love the space it provides for my family of 5! There is also a lot of space for luggage when we travel. The seats are comfortable and are easy to move. The car also has great gas mileage!

- Denise M

It has a high safety rating and is known for being a quality, long-lasting vehicle.

I love the features on our Honda Odyssey. The backup camera is super helpful. The electric sliding doors make life easier. I do wish that the trunk door had an automatic open/close button.

- Robin S

It is reliable and dependable.

I love that it is reliable and safe for my family. It is large enough to accommodate everything I need it to - people, groceries, furniture etc. It is dependable and has had zero problems.

- Emily S

Moms Dream Vehicle For Growing Family

Love my van, it's the perfect family vehicle! Seats are able to easily be added & removed. It has built in dvd! It's a mom's dream, drives like a car & has a deep trunk for great storage!

- Brittney F

Drives and looks great. Very sporty.

I like the larger roomier size and all the bells and whistles. Leather seats that move up and down as well as backward and forward. The back and side doors have automatic open and close.

- Melanie A

The space for people & hauling items.

Room for all grandkids & we take our tandem bike with us when we travel south for winter. Seats are easy to conceal & take out when need for more room. Movement around inside very easy.

- Barbara U

Its safe and easy to get kids in and out of and has ample room for our whole family

Our vehicle is a white Honda Odyssey. I don't like how dirty it looks when it rains or snows. I don't like that it doesn't have in car navigation. OTher than that it is a great vehicle

- Sarah B

If you have babies you will love the back where you can lay your kid down to change diapers.

I dislike that I can't adjust the sun shields on the middle row from the driver's seat, the road noise, and that I can't turn on the lights in the middle row from the driver's seat.

- Renee B

I absolutely love my car and everything that goes with it.

I love the structure of the car, the color, the comfortability of it. It is an automatic car, I love how I can connect my phone to it and listen to my songs and make calls on there.

- Alyssa N

the sound system could be better on the touring elite model

I can't say enough good things about this car. We got the touring elite and with three kids I love it. the sliding doors and 8 seat capacity plus the entertainment system are key!

- Carlly L

The car is the best option for a family with more than one child. It has the space necessary and is easy to access the third row.

The car is comfortable, however it often requires me to come in for recalls, almost every time I need my oil changed. The car drives well and is smooth for myself and my children.

- Ashley D

It is the perfect car for families with young children.

The Honda Odyssey is perfect for my family. My favorite things about it are the sliding back doors, entertainment system, and ample storage space. It also drives very smoothly.

- Kristin S

We love our Honda Odyssey. For our family of seven!

It fits our family of seven with ease. I love the ease of opening doors with the push of a button. I've been pleasantly surprised by the amount of trunk space, time and again!

- Carrie Y

It is roomy and great for a big family! Easy to drive.

I love all the extras, the leather seats, Bluetooth capabilities, etc. I have a big family of 6. Even with the jump seat we can fit in extra friends and family, it is great.

- hailey l

Automatic sliding doors aren't reliable. They break easily and repairs are costly!

There's been issues with the side doors opening and closing. The cable on one door broke which ended up being a $800 repair. The transmission is shaky at times as well.

- Joyce D

It drives way better than you expect from a minivan.

It drives really smooth and handles well for a minivan. It has great features for the kids and seats 8. There are safety features and warning systems to avoid crashes.

- Jen H

I feel like i'm not driving something large and that I can see very well everything around me in the odyssey. Great vehicle for families

Really enjoy the space in my van. Love the back-up camera (probably my favorite). Rear windshield wiper arm broke easily, but other than that a good quality vehicle.

- Brittney C

Very reliable vehicle in any type of weather. . .

Great for large purchases. Lots of storage room on the back. Great on gas. Great stereo system. Great acceleration. Excellent in snow. Powerful heating and ac systems.

- Ivan T

It gets pretty good gas mileage.

The steering had issues prior to 35, 000 miles & had to be replaced by the dealer. It is a comfortable van with many features & is great for road trips & large dogs.

- Missy F

Love the smooth ride, and blind spot mirror

I love the smooth ride and that it sits up higher than most cars. It is comfortable for the driver, and second and third row passengers. I love the blind spot mirror

- Kristen W

It is very reliable and provides us with safe transportation.

I like how it rides and how the doors are atomic. I also like the service department at my local dealership. I wish it had better car play abilities for my iPhone.

- Jill L

Awesome Family Minivan, Great Gas Mileage, Passenger Entertainment

It is black, has entertainment system. Like the quality. Like the gas mileage. Dislike how you interact with radio/entertainment system. Generally really enjoy it!

- Jody W

Great vehicle for families with lots of little kids!

We love our Odyssey! We have multiple kids in car seats, and it's very accommodating for that. It has plenty of room, great features, and gets decent gas mileage.

- Megan H

It has 8 seats and you can pull out the 8th seat.

I love how comfortable it is and how well it drives. I like that it has seating for 8 and that I can take out the 8th seat when needed. I love the backup camera.

- Lucy M

Great family car with plenty of room for car seats.

I love that it adjusts to our needs and size of our family. I love the storage capacity while carrying people in the back row. It is spacious but not over sized.

- Andrea T

Lots of room, lots of safety features and drives smooth.

I have 3 kids in car seats. So the room the Honda gives me is awesome. Love that the middle row middle seat is removable. Love the camera features for safety.

- Todi H

Quality. Support. Value. Ride and comfort.

Honda always has quality care. The van runs nice and comfort is nice. Just had 08 Odyssey check and no rust after 10 years. Can't say that about a Caravan.

- Joseph D

The one most important thing is it is good on gas.

I like the size of my vehicle as well as the way it handles. I like that it is excellent on gas usage. I do not like that it is difficult to park at times.

- Vee R

It is spacious and can comfortably fit an entire family.

I like the van because of the space inside the vehicle, including trunk space. I do not like the vehicle because it drives as if the engine isn't the best.

- Scott B

Honda has always held up over the years.

I like the size as it can carry lots of stuff. It is reliable. It is easy to adjust the seat configuration for more people or more material. rides well.

- michael C

My 2015 Honda odyssey. Is comfortable. Has Bluetooth. Camera in the back.

The Honda odyssey is very comfortable. I like the 2 sides doors in the passengers sit. It can sit 7 to 8 people; the back sit can take any growing adult.

- Price J

It is a great car for transporting older people. There’s room for walkers, etc.

It is comfortable to get in and out. Easy ride. It is now too big for me. Pretty good on gas. I like it except I do not need to carry passengers anymore.

- Sharon C

A wonderful and perfect family van.

The odyssey is a great van! It is the most comfortable van in it is price range and with the most features. The ride quality is great. Quiet and smooth.

- Corey B

Plenty of room for kids getting in and out easy.

I like that it's very roomy. I like that it's easy to get in and out. I don't like that it sits low to the ground. I don't like that it's not an SUV.

- Allison F

that it's been worth every dollar I paid for it. Highly recommended.

This van has been a blessing, perfect for our family needs, not too complicated, barely gives me any problems, durable and great looking, white color.

- Dale P

It is used for business use primarily. carrying antiques or packages to the post office.

it has a lot of cargo room. There is plenty of room for my family when we are in it. Great for long rides. It takes care of itself most of the time.

- michael c

It is great to travel in. It is very comfortable and the seats make it easy to take a snooze.

I love my honda. This is my second one. It is comfortable and can transport many people. Love the way the dash is designed and I have 4WD on it.

- Val r

It is a good car with no issues

I like the size and ability to transport a lot. I like the siding doors and backup camera. I like the navigation and bluetooth system in the car

- Carrie B

Minivan for the win! So much room!

I used to hate minivans until our honda! I have fallen in LOVE! I love that we can fit up to 8 people! Leather seats are the way to go with kids!

- michelle g

Great Family Car - reliable, comfortable and versatile!

Incredibly reliable. Great family car. Comfortable to ride in and drive. Plenty of legroom. And I love the convertible middle seat and back row.

- Rebecca M

I know minivans aren't "hot" cars to have, but they are so much easier with a few children and for long car trips.

I like the gas mileage and the space for my 3 kids. It's not quite as quiet as the Sienna I had before. I love the way the inside is situated.

- jennifer j

It has 8 seats and yet is not a huge gas guzzling vehicle.

This is my third Odyssey, and I love it. This one rides like a dream, it has enough room for all of my children and it is very dependable.

- Andrea A

Safety. Storage. Comfortable

I love my van. There's lots of room for the kids. We have enough storage for vacations and all our belongings. It gets good gas mileage.

- Dana F

My car is comfortable for one to seven or eight passengers.

It has lots of room for my family and all our sports stuff. It drives nicely. I like the cameras for backing up and making right turns.

- Tiffany R

How smooth the ride is and how good on gas it is.

I like how good it is on gas. I love my sunroof. My kids love the DVD player. There is not anything I do not like about the van so far.

- Amanda S

It is very spacious and easy to change the configuration of the seats.

Love the back up camera and the interior buttons for opening doors. Wish there was a left hand camera when turning on the turn signal.

- Sara J

It has automatic doors which can close on a person if not careful.

We have kids so a van is nice to have. It has back up and side cameras. It has a manual lift gate which makes it difficult at times.

- Hope G

Luxury for the whole family in addition to the safety and reliability of a Honda

I love the perks that come with the van, including keyless ignition, cool box, dvd player, wireless headphones, and automatic doors.

- Christina O

It is very comfortable for traveling because it has great space and it is a smooth driving vehicle.

I like that it is great in safety features and cargo space. It has nice technology features as well. Very dependable. No complaints

- Shannon E

The Odyssey is a safe, reliable car with pretty good gas mileage.

easy to drive. roomy. i don't like that the side mirrors don't have a defroster and that there are no usb ports in the back seats

- alyssa j

Is very spacious, comfortable.

The only thing I don't like about my car is that you can hear the noise from the tires while driving specially if is a bumpy road.

- Martha D

The 2015 Honda Odyssey is safe, comfortable, and great for families.

Great safety features (rear and side cameras), comfortable, food for kids, easy to lower third row seats to increase trunk space.

- Cynthia L

Wonderful family car! Very roomy!

Great performance. No problems. Only take to shop for routine checkups. Great gas mileage and wonderful family car for vacations.

- Deb P

Drives well and seats 8 people comfortably lots of legroom

Love that it seats 8 people. Do not like that it only has 1 TV. Wish the seats folded with power. Wish the middle row folded flat

- Kayla R

It drives well and is spacious

I like the space it provides, along with the vacuum and entertainment system. I do not like how to cabin is loud when driving.

- Loren G

Vacation fun with Honda odyssey.

Love the Honda odyssey. Great for trips with the kids. Performance and reliability is great! Would not like any other vehicle.

- Dee S

My minivan is easy to drive and very versatile seating.

It drives well. It is easy to get in and out of. When extra seating is needed, it works wonderful. It has good trunk space.

- Judith J

very comfortable and roomy

love the ride and gas mileage on the highway don't like Honda's recommended service for transmission fluid, brake fluid, etc.

- Flo L

Safety. I was involved in a serious accident where we hit a large deer, and the police office said that we were lucky to walk away from it without injuries.

My minivan is great for carrying multiple passengers and cargo. It's perfect for vacations. It's a safe and reliable vehicle.

- Cheryl Y

Family time spent enjoyable

Minivan with smooth drive and excellent mileage. We have spent great family time with our car we have used it for long drive

- Arthi R

It's great for a road trip. We can fit all the kids and their stuff comfortably.

I love the safety of my car. I also love the way it handles. One big complaint is there are no arm rests in the middle seats.

- Chrid H

It is a safe reliable vehicle.

Nice features with TV and leather interior. I do not like how overpriced the vehicle is. Warranties weren't worth buying new.

- Ashley M

Very comfortable to drive and roomy. Seats our family of 5 very comfortably. Technology is very up to date.

Love the user interface. For a minivan, it's very fuel efficient. However, there seem to be excessive recalls on the vehicle.

- Meredith D

Room for tall people in the middle row.

I like the roominess of the vehicle but I don't like that it is still a van. Also it looks like every other van on the road.

- Erica L

It is a push start vehicle, so the keys don't need to be inserted.

I love that my kids can easily get in and out of the vehicle. I love the space and storage. I love the built in DVD player.

- Jennifer S

It has great safety features. Side turn camera is great.

I love my van. It is comfortable, has room for all our family plus friends. Love the auto lift gate and side sliding doors.

- Sheleste S

It last a long time with very little repairs. We have a 2004 also.

It's easy to get in and out. Good gas mileage. Plenty of room if you need to haul something. Great leg room in all seating.

- Terry S

It is reliable and safe for both town and country driving. Great turning radius.

Seems to shutter/ stutter when accelerating out of a turn or going uphill. Very roomy. Great family vehicle for road trips.

- Brian W

Uses a lot of gas, but it has a lot of room especially when traveling with 2 small children.

Very comfortable interior. All of the options are great. Very reliable car. No performance issues. My kids love the van.

- Nicole L

Great and Reliable Car for Families

It's great. Very reliable car. We have had no maintenance issues so far. Honda has been great about fixing any recalls.

- Erin B

For a fairly large minivan it gets good gas mileage if you take the foot off the gas.

I hate the button you have to push to disable the crib transmission. To confessing console specially when your driving.

- Sharon T

It's so easy to drive! Minivans get such a bad rap but the really are so great for families.

I love the sliding doors & the space. I wish it had the option to open the door using my foot. Otherwise, I love it!!!!

- Desiree S

A great vehicle for any family.

The Honda odyssey is spacious drive smoothly and gets great gas mileage. It is easy for my family to get in and out of.

- Stacey P

Comfortable and very cheap

It's good on gas I have a very comfortable to drive and maintenance is very cheap Very spacious and I love it very much

- Nardia M

It fits a lot of people. My Honda Is like a van and can fit up to 7 people at once.

I like the breeze that goes through the top of the slider. I also like how the door slides open to a larger interior.

- Kevin Z

It is great on gas. It is feels like a luxurious SUV on the interior.

I like my van because it runs well, has automatic doors that open/shut and it is roomy. I also like the way it looks.

- Julie H

there has never been a fatality in any of the accidents the vehicle has been in

the safety aspect of it, the miles per gallon and how many gallons it holds. do not like the pickup on the new model

- Mom D

Comfortable inside and while driving and riding in it

Love the smooth ride,and the amount of space in the van. The van handles poorly in the snow even with winter tires.

- kelly f

Large comfy vehicle that drives like a medium sized car

Very roomy but still handles and parks like a sedan. Love the extra side mirror for the passenger side blind spot.

- Caroline W

It gets great gas miles and. My color stays clean everyone would love it.

Like the number of seats, and features. Do not like some of less durable features that have not held up over time.

- Ruth B

It holds a lot of people and things.

A lot of room. Too noisy in cabin. Kid friendly and hold a lot of cargo. Price is fair and engine will last long.

- Donna O

Best minivan for the money

I really like my Odyssey. Very reliable. No issues or concerns with it. I like how much room there is, it's safe.

- Cindey T

Despite its size, it is very easy to drive.

Ease of driving, size. Can fit kids and groceries and luggage. Lots of room. No complaints about this great car.

- Katherine H

Honda Odyssey is a great car and I would recommend it for anyone with a family.

Really the only issue was a couple of recalls but the dealership handled it very professional. We love our car.

- Kelly T

It's actually fun to drive my minivan! I enjoy it and it is comfortable and easy to get everyone in and out!

Seats for 8. Automatic doors/trunk for when my hands are full. Push start so I don't have to dig thru my purse

- Kiley D

The Honda Odyssey is a van made for mom's on the go. With power sliding doors, power lift gate, plenty of storage space, the ability to fit 5 car seats or 6 passengers in the back, navigation, rear air, seats that are easy to lay flat, an excellent backup camera, a dvd system, and even a built-in vacuum, there's very little to be desired. However, the van does not have the ability to show the PSI for each tire, which I find crazy in today's time. Also, I wish a remote start came standard on the Odyssey. It would be nice to get the vehicle going and cooling before loading kids into it. Overall, the Odyssey is an amazing vehicle with something for everyone to love.

It's worth the money. While a minivan is not a fashionable vehicle, it's the most practical one on the market.

- Catherine F

Room for everyone & everything

smooth drive, tons of room, trunk is more than enough space, easy to park, lots of features, great on mileage

- pat p

It rides well but can hear road noise when on pavement

Love having room to carry wheelchair or other mobility walkers. Hate not enough legroom for front passenger.

- amarda K

Screen to see your right side of vehicle

Very reliable, driven all over the USA without any problems. 3 years old and it has over 60,000 miles on it

- Debbie G

It's very safe and good for a family vehicle. It's very dependable.

My vehicle gets very good gas mileage and rides very smooth. It has a lot of room and great safety features.

- Dakota B

It's comfortable and family-friendly and is economical.

I love the features and the room. It's very sleek and seems to be well built. It's also drives very nicely.

- Missy H

It's an awesome car, I recommend buying it guys. good car

This is a great car. I really love the space and it has three rows of seating which is great for families.

- Shea H

Spaciousness, handle and reliability

Great and spacious. Great handle. One of the best vehicles I have owned. It is reliable and safe. Awesome

- Richard C

It is safety rating and smooth ride.

I have no complaints. This is the third one I have owned and no complaints or problems with any of them.

- Marilyn M

It is a great family car and it is extremely comfortable.

It is reliable. I love the side and rear cameras. I wish it came in more colors. It is easy to drive.

- christine g

It is great for bigger families who do not want to feel crowded in there vehicle.

It is roomy. It gets good gas. Mileage. It has a smooth ride. It is low. It is easy to get in and out.

- Scott P

It fulfills a lot of my needs - passenger size, storage, and tons of cup holders.

Love the sliding doors and how easy it is for the kids. I have lots of room in the back to haul stuff.

- Sophia F

The room is outstanding, and the gas mileage is perfect.

Wonderful, great mileage, rides wonderful with great room for the children and luggage for traveling.

- jenny r

Safe ride for my wife, kid, dog, grandparents, kids friends, and sister.

Smooth ride and all the bells and whistles. Very long vehicle. Kids love the space. Good gas mileage.

- Kevin E

It is very efficient. It drives super smoothly and is great for carpool.

I love the roominess. There is a ton of space. Our model has two video screens and a built in vacuum.

- Tab B

reliable, comfortable, ease of riding and easy to get in and out of for older people

very reliable. easy for aging parents to get in. comfortable. like backup camera. easy open doors

- teri w

The car is very convenient with multiple helpful features

I love the space. The convenience. The electronics. I dislike the gas mileage, how big it is (wide)

- Tara f

It has a good safety rating.

I love my minivan, my only dislike is that it has too much technology. Touch screens and push start.

- Joy G

That it is family friendly and a all around great vehicle to drive in.

I enjoy all the features that comes with and the the color is a compliment to the vehicle as well.

- Sue L

comfortable and reliable and flexible

i like it's versatile to carry persons and/or majority of size of load, there's nothing to dislike

- david F

it's a great car, safe and gets me where I need to go and fits all the kids things

I think it's safe, fits enough people and travels well. I like it so I guess it's the one I wanted

- cylina w

It gets great gas mileage, I only have to fill the tank once a week.

I love the gas mileage. The gps often can't find the road I'm on. I love the sliding doors too.

- Julie R

I really my van. I was never going to be a person who drives a minivan. But, it won me over. It drives like a car. Has great features, I love that I have video of the right turns. It has a sunroof. It has built-in window screens. More than enough cup holders. It is a great van. I just feel like it is a little big for me to be comfortable parking in small spaces. But, it handles well and is a great family vehicle.

It is a very comfortable and a smooth ride. It has plenty of room for everything and everyone.

- Meredith B

It fits my whole family and that is what we need

I really like the safety record it has. It is big enough for my family and it looks nice too

- cylina D

Safety is important. I want to know that my van will get everyone to places safely

I love my van. It has room for all of my family and some friends too. It gets great mileage.

- Marsha D

Vans aren't for everyone, but if your looking for extra room, a van is the vehicle to get.

Easy for my kids to get in. Lots of room. Like being able to open the doors from my remote.

- Kelsey S

It's reliable car that has a great design in body style.

I love everything about my car. It's a fuel efficient, comfortable, reliable, and safe car.

- Nicole N

It is a good brand and doesn't need much gasoline

It is perfect for a big families but I wish it was more spacious especially in the trunk.

- Helen W

The Honda Odyssey is a very dependable vehicle for my family.

The car is spacious. It is good for transporting my children. I've always loved Hondas.

- Ned B

Comfortable and roomy. Perfect for trips.

Very easy to get in and out. Comfortable and roomy, making it great for trips. Gas hog.

- Mike C

Dependable transportation. Can carried cargo or all my grandkids in comfort, Get for vacation as its seats can fold down to carry everything. Plenty of drink holders for everyone.

Dependable with great gas mileage. Excellent for kids and cargo No service problems

- Ruth H

It's a honda so it should keep its value for a long time.

The car uses lots of gas. It is a gas pig. It costs a lot to put gas in the tank.

- Sandy T

It is a must if you have more than 2 kids. plenty of room for everything you need

I like the features. It's very roomy inside. I like that I can take it the seats.

- Tracy T

LX model does not have all the extras; make sure you get everything you want

Smooth drive and great on gas. I got the LX which did not come with power doors.

- Amanda Y

This is a fabulous family vehicle. I have two in car seats, so the extra space is very handy. The seats are easily adjustable, and there is an abundance of cup holders. I honestly can't think of any complaints.

This car can hold THREE rear facing car seats side by side in the middle row.

- Amy P

It's got one of the best safety ratings. Also you can fit an entire Christmas tree in it.

I like the amount of room and storage. Also, the second row seating is nice.

- Jamie C

lots of room and great gas mileage. the color and this is crazy

Lots of space. Plenty room for the kids. Great gas mileage. Love the color

- Jason A

Built well. Extremely safe. Expect to get many more miles out of it

Very comfortable car. Lots of legroom Lots of room for extra passengers

- Barbara B

It is awesome!! Lots of room, very comfortable. We love it.

The van has lots of room!! The rear seats can come out or stow in the

- Jay K

It's great for for families. There's plenty of storage.

I like the extra space. I like the third row of seats. No complaints.

- Courtney D

It has great safety ratings.

It is a smooth ride. It is spacious. It has great safety ratings.

- Bonnie T

It is dependable for your family. It has a lot of room. It makes traveling easier.

It fits my family. It hasn't had any problems. It is dependable.

- Barbie D

It is really great for a family with young and old.

Family vehicle. Very roomy. Great visibility. Good gas mileage.

- Laura L

It has Good gas mileage. It is very roomy. Automatic doors are nice

The room. Comfortable. There is enough room to carry everybody.

- Lisa W

They last a long time and there is a lot of room. for a van they good gas mileage.

Like just about everything, except the front bumper is to low.

- Ella W

Convenient, versatile for everyday needs, perfect for families

Convenient, versatile for everyday needs, perfect for families

- Bryan C

It is easy to use and navigate the features.

Love how much room our vam has. Takes a lot of gas though.

- Jenn S

It is great for big families

Smooth ride is what I like. I dislike how much gas it uses

- Alexis G

Very spacious car. Good for family and traveling.

Space. Comfort. Tv system. Cameras. Rear air conditioner

- Jenn L

Great gas mileage. Very safe.

I love all the room and the DVD player for the kids.

- Sarah w

It is a great minivan. Extremely comfortable, has a smooth ride and has great storage space.

It is roomy, comfortable and has a very smooth ride.

- Nancy M

It's gets great gas mileage for being a van

Doesn't have DVD player, no moonroof or remote!

- Ashley F

The power and capacity of the engine

I like the comfort and comfort style my car

- Scott M

Even cool moms drive vans.

- Jennifer L