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Perfect family vehicle with lots of hauling room and flexibility.

The Honda pilot is a great family vehicle. I have 2 children so I rarely use the third row, which provides me with a lot of space for hauling. . When I do have more people with me, it is easy to raise up the third row to seat up to 8 people. There is plenty of legroom for everyone. I particularly like all of the cubbies for storing small items. . I do wish I had upgraded to a higher model as the lx is very basic. It is small items such as a compass, outside temperature, heated seats, etc that I wish I had. However, they are small items that would not prevent me from buying another pilot in the future. . While it is a bigger SUV, I do not feel like it is too big. I do not have trouble finding parking spots or going down narrow roads. . I like the 2013 model as it still has the boxier appearance. I get all of the features of a minivan without the appearance. The pilot handles well, especially on highways. In town gas mileage is not great, but what you expect for an SUV. Interstate gas mileage is excellent and I frequently get 22 to 23 miles per gallon while taking long road trips. We have taken many long trips in the pilot and always have plenty of room for our whole family, including our two large dogs. Overall, I am very happy with my pilot and plan on getting another in the future, although I feel like my current one will laat me many more years.

- Melissa J

Comfortable and roomy vehicle! That acts as a vehicle to fit up to 8 passengers.

Biggest problem with the Honda pilot 2013 is the paint job. I understand there are similar complaints of peeling paint job, this is peeling down to the metal. Mine happened in year 4 on the very top of the car above the windshield. Also, the leather interior is cracking, ripping and tearing in year 4. This is on the seats, front driver and door handle that is leather covered. The reliability of the vehicle has been great. I have had this vehicle serviced regularly and have not had any problems or extra expense except for maintenance, such as, new tires, brakes, spark plugs and recommended timing belt replacement. I am now at 207,000 miles and the vehicle has proven to be very reliable. The vehicle is very comfortable, roomy, with added comfort of seat warmers for the winter in the front seats. The very back seat folds up for an extra row of seats for extra guests in my car. The very back seat is a split seat and you can fold up 1 seat only or an entire row. The back 2 rows of seats fold down to carry large items. This is a very handy, comfortable car for a single person or a large family.


Dependable Trustworthy and gives me feeling of safe arrival to my destination.

Comfort and dependable. Very costly when needs servicing. Pretty good gas mileage for an 8 person SUV. Wider and less compact than my previous 2004 pilot. Liked the way my 2004 drove in comparison and had better gas mileage. Love the standard features that now come on the 2013 pilot models because I had to pay for them on my previous pilot. Bought an extended warranty with my previous pilot but only used it twice in 9 years so did not bother buying one on my 2013 model. Wish I had cause it has been in shop 6 times since I bought it new in 2013 that I have had to pay for costly repairs and this is in addition to my 30/45/60/75/90/105/120 preventive maintenance service packages these are also expensive cause the 15/45/75/105 miles service packs run around 200.00 each while the 30/60/90/120 mile pkgs are more inclusive and run around 400.00 for each service. However the preventive maintenance service packages are worth it and keep it the dependable transportation I need. Other than a popped or flat tire I have never had either pilot break down unexpectedly.

- Anita W

The driver have many height and comfort options making it easier to see out.

My husband and I love our Honda pilot. We bought this car because we often drive our grandchildren to and forth to their after school activities. We also love the way all six of us can travel in this SUV in comfort and still have room for my wheelchair. Although this car is an SUV, we get decent gas mileage so we do not hesitate to use this car in and around town. This car is a 2013 with all the bells and whistles and we owned this car personally since 2016 without any major malfunctions or motor problems. We like the way it handles in messy and snowy weather especially on the backroads of Maine. The backup cameras and GPS truly add even more safety features and would recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for a, safe SUV and with many upscale comfort and a classy appearance. ,

- Janet H

I LOVE MY 2013 Honda PILOT

I really like my 2013 Honda Pilot. It's great for road trips. I love the spaciousness with the third row seat option. If you fold the third row down there is plenty of storage space. It's great for my family of four and with extra room for others to join us. It's a sturdy SUV. I feel really safe driving it. I wish mine had 4 wheel drive for all road conditions but even without it it's still really reliable. The Bluetooth is very convenient. You can put on music make and receive calls making it hands free. The eco drive is ok but when it's in between that mode you can feel a transition on how it drives. I did by the car certified used so it may be something I just need looked at. I like the front seat warmers, and I like how the back seat has the ac controls for them.

- Antoinette M

Easy third row, but too wide.

It is a great car very functional and versatile for a growing family. The third row is easy to put up and down with just a handle. You can also put just one seat up in the third row and us rest for cargo space. I also love that the back door has a button to open so when your hands are full of groceries you can just press that. There is a button on the back to automatic close. The only thing I don't like about this model is its width. It gives the optical illusion that it is a smaller suv because it is lower to the ground, but is actually just as wide as a suburban or truck. I prefer the width of the older models similar to jeep grand cherokee because the width of mine makes it harder to park and thus not as zippy of a car. So far so good other than that.

- Gina G

Cup holders galore/3rd pilot in a row.

This is my 3rd Honda pilot. I love this vehicle! I love that it has the Honda name behind it. They are reliable, they perform well, granted we do not test it is full capabilities. We do go into the mountains, off-road, camping, pull trailers, boats, bike trailer with 30+ bikes. It is comfortable for up to 8 people, either kids or adults. We use this car for scouting expeditions, family vacations, and more. We love our touring pilot with the navigation system, plus the DVD player to keep people in the back entertained. There are plenty of cup holders. I love the "secret" storage in the very back (behind the 3rd bench).

- Beth H

Great vehicle for traveling with family

The Pilot is roomy, comfortable, and has 3rd row seating. It turns surprisingly well; the turn radius is significantly smaller than my old Honda Odyssey. It's great for long road trips and gets pretty decent gas mileage for its size. The major downside is that there's very little cargo space with the 3rd row of seats folded up (you can fold down 1 or 2 seats of the third row, which helps). Another thing I've noticed that if only one window is opened it creates a weird chuffing noise in the car. Overall, I love this car; it fits all of my kids and most of their stuff and I don't have to drive a minivan.

- Alyssa E

Pilot-good choice for the right family!

I love my Pilot. It stands up to some of my rough and tumble driving and keeps on going. Gas mileage is pretty good for a vehicle of this size. Although it seems like the older the car gets the less great the gas mileage is. A few other cons of this car. It's noisy. You can't hear well on the Bluetooth sometimes because of the outside noise coming in. It also is not as roomy and comfortable for my backseat passengers-especially with a car seat. And the third row requires the person sitting back there to sit to the side. All that said, it is a good car and has served our family well.

- Alexis F

2013/2014 amazing Honda pilot review!

The vehicle has very good seating and fits many passengers. Good for road trips and big family outings! However the vehicle can get easily scratched, so make sure the paint and skin is durable. The vehicle is old but looks like new! The performance on the vehicle is very satisfactory and it is reliable to get you to where you need to go. The vehicle is very comfortable as well. Features include seven to eight passenger seating, an aux cord, fully functional radio, CD player, and air conditioning. Also has a pull out cup holder on middle row. Very good vehicle!

- Emma H

Touring model is perfect for kids.

I love almost everything about my SUV. The newer models just look so close to a minivan so that is why I decided to get an older used model because I prefer the look. We have the touring it is great for the kids with the DVD system and TV. I just wish they made it with bucket seat. When my car is got a lot of miles on it. I will either get another pilot new as long as the shape is more boxy otherwise I will look into another brand of car with bucket seats and third row. Performance reliability and comfort or all great for this SUV.

- Sarah H

8 Passenger Honda Pilot Gets All the Family to Where They Are Going In One Trip

It seats 8 with plenty of legroom. Back seats fold down to allow for more cargo area. Racks on top of car allow for transporting more items. Has leather seats and seat warmers which are great in the winter. Nice looking body with tow hitch. Automatic locks and back gate opener on key FOB. This allows you to open the rear car gate while walking to the car and closing it as well. Backup camera is very good to have especially useful in busy parking lots. Love this car. Great for the family and is good on gas for long distance travel.

- Susan D

The perfect Pilot by Honda

I absolutely love my Honda Pilot. I have owned the car for almost 6 years now and I havent really had any issues with it. I take it for scheduled maintenance as suggested so it's reliable and well taken care of. The Pilot has lots of room and is spacious inside. You are able to put the third row of seats down to enlarge the cargo area of the vehicle which is what I tend to do. If I need that third row of seats, I just lift them up and it's very simple to do. I would recommend this vehicle wholeheartedly and enthusiastically

- Lisa W

Nice looking vehicle with wonderful accessories to help you travel in comfort.

Very comfortable spacious riding vehicle. Handles well on the road. Big enough that other vehicles pay attention to you on the road. Wonderful features- heated seat, rear air conditioning, cruise control, manage back seat heat and air from front and back. Many of my guests thoroughly enjoy riding in this vehicle and have had several ask details because now they are considering purchasing a Honda Pilot. Have stated it's a sharp looking vehicle. Also, gives lots of details on dash including miles range, oil level remaining.

- Barbara L

2013 Honda Pilot Review on the vehicle after having it for 6 years.

My 2013 Honda Pilot has been wonderful. We have had no problems other than maintenance: oil changes, brakes, and tires. Just hit 100k last week and it still drives great. It is safe and reliable. It is awesome in the snow as well since we do live in the snow belt. I would love to get another one however we just need a little more space in a vehicle for a family of 6 with 3 boys playing hockey. Those bags are just too big for this car. I would highly recommend this car to any person or family looking for an SUV.

- Hayley R

Honda pilot for your big family and beyond.

This Honda pilot has served us so well. We can fit our family of 8 people in it at the same time. I drive it regularly for work and it is so reliable. I quite literally have not had any problems with it mechanically. I have performed routine maintenance and no more. I like the technological aspects of the vehicle, which are accommodating but not overwhelming as I am not incredibly tech savvy. The technology provides me with ease of use without having to ask my children for help figuring out how to use it!!

- Valerie H

My husband always comments on all the cubbies the pilot has.

My pilot is very comfortable. I feel very safe when driving my pilot. It is large enough for our family and all the stuff that goes with that. We have a speed boat that the pilot easily pulls. I have had a problem with it making a chirping noise when changing gears since I purchased it but Honda does not have a fix for it yet. It is a very reliable car and the features (navi) are great. I had to replace the lumbar system recently but my service agreement paid for it and a few other things in the past.

- Heidi S

Great SUV for the entire family!

Our Honda Pilot has been a great family car because it provides the space we need, the reliability on the road and the overall performance. The back row seat folds down for more storage space when needed but also if you have additional people riding it's easy to pop up with additional seat belts. The other feature we love is the DVD player! For long road trips our kid loves watching shows! I would buy a pilot again because of the style, comfort and enjoyment of the extra bells and whistles!

- Joy S

Reliable family vehicle with room to grow

My Honda Pilot is amazing and has been wonderful for our growing family. The only thing I wish was different is my trunk. I was hoping for a lot more room when I ended having to put the third row up because our family is getting bigger. The reliability is one of the main reasons we wanted to go with a Honda and it has definitely not disappointed us. Maintenance has been minimal and affordable so far without having to so to much besides an oil change and/or yearly maintenance.

- Sara H

2013 Honda Pilot EX-L Review

I bought my Honda Pilot 2 years ago and it has been a great vehicle. The three rows makes it very spacious and comfortable for driving around town. The ability to fold the third row down creates a large storage space when needed. It feels very open and doesn't feel over crowded even when all seats are being occupied. It drives smoothly and I live the leather heated seats and sunroof. It's a great car that I would buy a new model of in the future.

- Tina O

It is a vehicle to fit my life. Whatever I want to do, it fits in my pilot.

The vehicle is nice and big, which I like. It runs well and has been very reliable. I have only had minor problems that will simple to fix, except that they did not put a topcoat of paint on it initially. So now it is peeling on the roof and will not come clean completely. I was upset that they didn't fix it. We didn't notice it until after the war ante was expired so they wouldn't paint it. Overall I have loved the car, just not the service.

- Tanya P

Honda pilot for our family of five.

I love our Honda pilot. As a family of five with two car seats and a booster we were looking for something we could fit in. The fact that it has latch attachments in every second and third row seat is what sold us so we could take our nephews also if needed. The middle left seat moves for easy access to the back row and the cargo area in the back is sufficient even with the back row in use. We even pull a small camping trailer with it now!

- Nicole M

2013 Honda pilot - an errand runners dream!

I love my 2013 Honda pilot. It drives well, it is quiet and I feel safe in it. I have the touring edition which my kids love since it has the DVD player in the back. The thing that I love the most about it is that they can watch their DVD with their headphones on and I can still listen to music. It makes the long drives to and from places so much easier as they are occupied watching their favorite shows and I can get more stuff done.

- Annie S

The basic model is all you need to keep your family safe and comfortable.

The Pilot is a sturdy SUV that gets us where we need to go! I like that I have a vehicle; I don't like that it's all electrical. I like that it comfortably fits myself and three kids, and groceries plus anything we may need for the house. I dislike the headrests, the loud cabin sound, how the engine skips if you're driving exactly 60 or 70, and how the oil percentage gauge only drops below 80% once a year, making it unreliable.

- Mel D

I'm in LOVE with the Honda Pilot

This has been the most reliable vehicle I've ever driven. This is the PERFECT family car. It seems to have every feature a parent could want'easily installed car seats, compartments everywhere, great gas mileage and looks cool. I've owned this car for 3 years now and I keep falling more and more in love with the features. Big enough to haul furniture, easy to parallel park in a city. Great handling, drives like a car, not a truck.

- Kimberly M

Great purchase, safe, reliable.

Has been very reliable. Leather interior is a plus, as is the rear entertainment. I do wish that you could watch the TV in the back without wearing headphones so we could use it for younger children, but otherwise it works well. The navigation is helpful as well. The plug in the center console is perfect, as I have had to not only charge my phone, but also curl my hair while sitting in the passenger seat. Very happy with the car.

- Kathryn S

Pilot has lots of legroom

Pilot is a great vehicle. I selected the pilot because the third row actually fits 3 people in the back. A little tight, but everyone fits, especially if they are children. Other SUVs have a third row but there is very limited leg room. I have been able to fit 8 people, 4 adults, and 4 children with no problem. Has a tow hitch and pulls its weight with no issues. Have not had any issues with it so far. I would totally recommend.

- Angel P

It is not a bulky SUV it drives well and does not feel like you're in a huge car.

This is an amazing vehicle. It has three rows that are spacious and comfortable. It is a smooth ride and easy to handle vehicle in all conditions. Regular maintenance of course is important to keep your car in good running condition, we have owned this car for 5 plus years and would buy it again. It has satellite radio, phone hookup for hands free talking, separate heat and a/c for the front and rear. An all around great car.

- Maria L

Honda pilot is so very kid friendly.

So far this car has been reliable and great on gas for the size. It is comfortable and spacious, perfect for kids. I have 3 kids, 2 are still in bulky car seats and I regularly have a several of my nieces or friends with me and they all fit, with wiggle room. The DVD player is an added bonus as well, they all ride contently. We went for big to have room for all the littles I have with me and I think it was the right choice.

- Jessica M

I would buy a Honda Pilot!

I really enjoy driving my car. I like the fact that it is boxer in shape and that there is lots of room for comfort. My car has leather interior, which is great in order to help keep it clean. The trunk is large and spacious. The car handles well, and is fairly smooth. This car has great features and lots of them. (Warming seats, gps, can store music, watch movies on long trips, etc.) I would recommend this car.

- Melanie D

The Best Family Car EVER!

We have loved this car and have nothing but good things to say about it. We're going on year 5 of owning it and are just now starting to have to repair things' we just did a timing belt a few weeks ago. This car is the most reliable and low maintenance that we've ever had. I was in an accident two years ago and didn't think it would be salvageable. But it kept me safe and came back to us, good as new.

- Megan M

It's reliable! We haven't had one problem with this car yet, and it makes puts me at ease knowing I don't have to worry about it!

I absolutely love our Pilot! It's very spacious and fits anything I ever need to put in. I have three kids under the age of three, and our middle row fits all three car seats! I like having the option for the third row seats, or leave them down for more room! The back up camera is awesome! It would have been nice to have a sunroof, heated seats, and included navigation! But all in all I love our car!

- Paige W

3 car seats fit in the middle row

We really love our pilot. We had 3 kids in 5 point harnesses and the Pilot was a great option to fit them all in the car without getting a something giant or getting a minivan. We also love that all the kids can fit in the middle row and the dogs can still be in the back. It's been very family friendly and very reliable. We've only had to do general maintenance. We plan to own it for a long time.

- Katie B

It gets great gas mileage for a mid-size SUV.

We love our Honda pilot! It gets great gas mileage for a mid-size SUV. We haven't had any major mechanical issues - just routine maintenance. We have 2 children and there is plenty of room for everyone and storage areas so things are not all over the vehicle. The backup camera has been a lifesaver living in Hawaii where the parking spaces are not very wide. We would recommend a pilot to anyone.

- Ellen K

Honda pilot runs great at 85k.

Bought it used and haven't had any major issues. Oil changes last for 10k miles. Great family size car with 2 car seats fitting comfortable. Huge storage space that turns into 3rd row seating. Air control in rear seating. Great speakers. Love the sunroof. Window locks however lock 3 windows, wish it only locked back 2. Wish it had automatic start. At 85k miles, it still runs very well.

- Nicole C

Best family vehicle when you grow out of a minivan!

The Honda pilot is a spacious, comfortable and reliable family vehicle. Equipped with heated leather seats, third row seating, DVD entertainment system and satellite radio make it the perfect vehicle for family road trips and shuttling children to sporting events. I would highly recommend the Honda pilot. When we replace our other vehicle, another pilot is definitely in the running.

- Sarah M

Great family vehicle if you have kids or pets.

My 2013 Honda pilot has 8 seats which is very convenient. I love how it rides, how it drives, the leather seats, the rear entertainment system, and almost everything about it. The only thing I would change is the access to the third row is not as convenient as having two captains chairs in the middle like some minivans do. Add that and sliding doors and my SUV would be perfect.

- Rachel V

2013 Honda Pilot - Comfortable family vehicle

I like this car. It is comfortable and has tons of storage space and plenty of room for my dog. I have two issues, however. One is the gas mileage. The car does not have great mpg, for me about 22 mpg on average. The other is the noise - this car is fairly noisy especially on the freeway. Lots of wind noise, which can be distracting. But other than that, I have no complaints.

- James W

It is safe and easy to drive. Great gas mileage for an SUV. Very roomy.

Roomy, comfortable, drives quiet and smooth.... I have had too many issues for no longer than I have had it and mileage. I have 42,600 miles currently and I have already had to replace tires last year and rear rotors. The warranty expired in feb and the ignition had to be replaced in may. There is also a recall on the vehicle I have yet to have replaced due to time issue..

- Tanya B

The storage compartment in the rear of the vehicle is awesome for random things.

It is all around a great car! Perfect for my growing son. The built in sun shades on the back windows help tremendously for my son and his little cousin. The built in TV is great on long road trips. The sunroof is a must! Also if you hold down the unlock button on the key it rolls down all windows even sunroof which helps to release the heat before getting into the car.

- Cameron T

The Honda Pilot is an extremely reliable vehicle that you can trust.

I love my Honda pilot - I feel safe driving it with my kids in the car, it's reliable, and I love the way it looks. My only complaint is that when the 3rd row is extended, the trunk space is too small - especially for things like strollers. This is the only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5. Unfortunately, I'll need to trade my car in for a bigger vehicle soon.

- Kate K

A comfortable, roomy vehicle for the entire family.

Comfortable, smooth driving vehicle. Roomy for eight passengers and third row legroom. Enjoyable options including Bluetooth speakers and ability to customize many options. A vehicle that the entire family enjoys driving in. There is enough trunk space for small bags with third row in use and a lot of room for large shopping trips with third row folded down.

- Dawn W

I love my Honda Pilot. I would definitely recommend this vehicle.

I purchased the vehicle used. I've had it for one year and have had zero issues with the vehicle. Performance is great and comfort is excellent. Has a 3rd row seat which is great because I have a large family. It's a very dependable vehicle. It has leather seats, GPS and seat warmers in the front seats. A/C also works great. I'm a Honda customer for life.

- Kimberly L

The Honda pilot is a great family vehicle.

The Honda pilot is not the best on gas, however it is very spacious and great in cold weather situations. It has blind spot issues and does not have much torque or speed. The seats are heated and the stereo system is very satisfactory; there is a DVD player, a third row to flip up which offers a good amount of trunk space, great for weekend camping trips.

- Ashley D

Great car for all your needs. Drive the whole family or load up from a shopping trip there is plenty of room for all your needs.

I love my Honda Pilot. I have traveled all over the country with it and never had any problems. I feel very safe in the pilot. Love the backup camera. Lots of legroom in the second row and enough leg room for children in the third row a bit tight for adults. Only dislike is the newer model cars have better navigation and electronics (better hands free).

- Leigha C

Can haul lots of people, equipment, and a very comfortable ride for long trips.

Fantastic vehicle for hauling multiple kids around and for long trips. Very versatile, changing from extra cargo space to a third row. We've done 4+hour trips with 4 adults, 3 kids plus luggage with no issues. Biggest complaint is the engine shudder that happens when changing from standard to economode (do a google search for "pilot engine shudder").

- Paul G

Comfortable and spacious!

The Honda Pilot is exceptionally comfortable and a smooth ride. The air (heat/AC) can be a little loud when it is turned on but otherwise no complaints. It is a very spacious car with a lot of storage and room for passengers; it comfortable fits 2 car seats and passenger in the middle row with plenty of space for the dog with the third row down!

- Carrie H

Will always drive a Honda Pilot

I have been a Pilot owner for 5 years now and love them. My first pilot is a 2005 and has 270k miles and still going strong. Just upgraded to a 2013 model with low miles and gave my teenage son the older one. I feel confident in the Pilots safety features and I worry a little less knowing my son is driving one. I will always be a pilot owner.

- Sarah S

Very comfortable and safe with 3 rows of seats

It's very comfortable and reliable, but has some issues with convenience or ergonomics. There aren't enough cup holders for driver and front passenger, but more than enough in backseats. The back windows can't be rolled down when car is in motion unless one of the front windows is down without creating a horrible air pressure imbalance inside.

- Erica O

Dependable, smooth ride and nice updated features.

Great gas mileage. , Excellent smooth ride, no maintenance problems, roomy enough to put seats down and transport large items. Leather is soft and durable. Back up camera is a plus as well as XM radio. Best feature is the back trunk with lift from inside by itself, either with hold button on remote. Next to drivers side, and on the rear door.

- Leslie H

I Love to drive it! Very comfortable, feel very safe.

I like the size, interior sq ft and width space between front seats. The back (middle seat) is able to offer tons of room when seats are adjusted for such. The way it looks on the exterior is very attractive. I do not like at all the black "plastic" that Honda uses in their dashboards, etc. Makes it look cheap. But yes, I got used to it.

- Jill B

Love my Honda pilot! It is a great family car.

Love everything about it. It is roomy, comfortable, and easy to drive. The backup camera is large and makes parking backwards a breeze. Have had this vehicle for almost six years and have not had any repairs other than routine maintenance. Love the automatic climate control. Sound system is very good. I plan to make my next car a Honda.

- Joyce G

Great car with a lot of features!

My car has been fantastic. I have not had any major issues with my car- performance has been great, reliability perfect, it is very comfortable, and I love the Bluetooth accessibility where I can listen to my podcasts and music. Also the memory of my car allows me to have up to 20 CD's stored so I do not have to carry around CD's with me.

- Alyssa A

Grate Mileage, Great Durability, Cramped third row, Armrest leather peels

I love the durability of the vehicle, my SUV is over 100,000 miles and I haven't had any problems so far. I like the gas mileage, I like the comfort of the driver's seat. The only problems I've faced, is the third seat is cramped, the leather on all the armrests peels, I had to replace those. Other than that, I really love the SUV

- nicole H

Safest vehicle on the road and best family car ever.

This is my second pilot unfortunately because someone ran into me and totaled my first one. The wreck would have been much worse had I been in another vehicle. My child walked away without a scratch. All safety features worked as they were intended to. The pilot is extremely comfortable and roomy. I have not had any issues with anything.

- Crystal D

Proud owner of a Honda pilot.

The Honda pilot is a great vehicle. It rides very nice, it is so spacious. The option of the 3rd row seat is great, but if you do not need it, then you can just fold down and have extra trunk space. It does excellent on gas. I have had mine since 2013 and have only had just regular maintenance to take care of, no major issues at all.

- Cheryl K

Super reliable and spacious for a smaller SUV!

The leather on the armrests are beginning to come loose. Other than that... I LOVE the Pilot!! Drives great, very reliable and super comfortable. Looks small on the outside but fits 8 comfortably on the inside! If you meet a lot of room for luggage you may want to opt for an overhead luggage storage. Inside can hold 4 small luggage.

- Courtney K

Built to last and still looks amazing after all those years.

The pilot is able to hold my 6 other passengers comfortably. I have only had to replace tires and the usual oil change. Very reliable vehicle. Good mileage on a tank of gas. Comfortable ride even on rough roads. I am able to haul items with the seats down effortlessly. Still looks like a new vehicle. I am proud to drive this Honda!

- Becky L

My pilot is a fun. Pleasure to drive.

My pilot has not had any major mechanical problems. I change the oil a the mileage indicator on the dash indicates. The scheduled maintenance is followed as described in the manual. I have replaced two tires on the front because of wear and rotate them every 5, 000 miles. The battery was replaced June of this year (2018).

- William S

The vehicle is great if you are someone who does a lot of traveling.

Great vehicle! It has so many great features and the main reason I chose a Honda pilot is because of the gas mileage because we go on lots of trips! Also a TV which keeps the kids entertained on long distances. The seat warmers are great for winter time and it drives smoothly. This car also has very great safety features.

- Abby T

Honda pilot. Great navigation, DVD, stereo.

The battery goes dead easily if an interior light is left on. The gas mileage is not great. It only gets 19-20 mpg on most trips. The engine seems to kick in and out while sitting and idling. Maybe that is normal. I am not sure. It gets mud and snow stuck in the wheel wells easily. Then the car vibrates when you drive it.

- Rhonda W

Built well, for lots of miles and time driving.

Has held up quite well, lots of hours and miles put on it on a daily basis. One reoccurring issue has been coolant levels and repetitive flushing needed. Another would be Brakes wear unevenly (front/back). Other than those, the vehicle had maintained its power and handling quite well for being driven more than average.

- Jay P

My Honda pilot has over 150,000 miles and is still running great.

My Honda pilot has passed over 150,000 miles and is still in great running condition. I use it mainly for local errands and longer trips and it has never let me down. It is spacious and comfortable. I have three dogs and they love it too - especially when I take them on long trips because there is ample room for them.

- Ed S

A great, comfortable SUV!

No problems. Good performance. Very comfortable with leather seats that have multiple adjustment options and are programable for driver's seat and both can be heated. Multiple selections for interior temperature control. Has CD & DVD players. Hard drive that stores CDs. 6 of 8 seats that store to allow hauling things.

- Sherry R

Review of a 2013 Honda pilot.

I haven't had anything really go wrong with this vehicle. I do the usual maintenance on it such as oil changes, new tires and/or tire rotation, fluid checks, battery replacement, etc. I am really quite happy with this vehicle. When I look to purchase a new vehicle, I will be looking at a newer model of this vehicle.

- Camille T

Honda pilot-a good fit for all families.

The Honda pilot is reliable and very roomy. Easy access to the third row and easily fits multiple car seats across. This is a great vehicle for larger families with all of the versatility of a smaller SUV. Overall this vehicle has proven to live up to the Honda name with its durability and long standing reliability.

- Ashleigh S

Honda Pilot: Amazing SUV for all weather and terrain conditions.

Other than the mpg I absolutely love my Honda Pilot. It drives comfortably and has features that help to make it a safe driving experience. The height and the width of the vehicle do not hinder the ability to drive or park. There is more than enough storage space for a large family or for camping and travel.

- Lisa K

amazing with long distance travel. Good for bonding and family trip. recommended

It is really smooth to drive. It's great if you have a lot of people you need to drive often. It fits things in the trunk and even more. The perfect car if you have a family. I recommend you get this car asap. Don't hesitate. It also comes with heated seating which is my favorite when it becomes winter time.

- Jordan P

It has a great power moonroof.

Love this car. It's great. The only problem is the price of gas. This car is not the best on gas mileage. It gets better gas mileage on the highway. The gas mileage in the town or city is not the best. I love the power options this vehicle has. It is better if you use synthetic types or brands of motor oils.

- Jess C

What I hope for newer updated version

I love the eco features, plus the technique. Car is smaller than what we require now. I would like to see updated models have more storage and more room in back seats. Also no charger ports in back is an inconvenience. With young children it would be better for them for more room and access to charge ports.

- Raven R

The Honda pilot us a reliable family car.

I like my Honda pilot. It is very reliable. I have had it for two years and haven't had any problems with it. The seating is comfortable even the third row. The cargo area is small. I would like it if the compartment in the cargo area was deeper. The seat warmers are a nice feature for those cold mornings.

- Monica C

The Honda pilot is very reliable and smooth. It is a very durable car.

The Honda pilot is a very durable reliable and steady car. I love the way the car drives and operates. The interior is very well designed and clean. Have a great sound system and features. The only thing is that the pilot is not as spacious as I once thought. All in all I would rate the pilot 9 out of 10.

- Jerome N

I take flight in my Honda pilot.

My 2013 Honda pilot is economical in both gas cost and repairs. The handling is more like a car than a regular SUV. Visibility is exceptional compared to my past Cadillac SUV but amenities and quietness are lacking. Hey, big price difference, though. The third row seat has been priceless for our family.

- Tri S

Perfect all around vehicle.

The performance and reliability is wonderful. It has the standard features, which is just enough. The legroom in front of drivers seat could be greater. I am 5'10 and cannot stretch my legs out. So far, I have only had to do basic maintenance on vehicle. It handles very well in all weather conditions.

- Jane S

The most reliable and spacious car.

The vehicle is very reliable and its performance is amazing. I go on long trips very often and it I never encountered a problem with my vehicle. It is also very comfortable to use, having very spacious interiors. Its system syncs perfectly with my phone so that I can use my GPS and play music easily.

- Christine B

Top features available in pilot touring SUV.

Individual seat temperature control, multi-level seat adjustments, individual temperature control. Power rear view mirrors, automatic sunroof. Roomy 8 seater. Leather seats, DVD player, adjustable headrest, lots of foot room, big trunk space. Camera located at the back, mirrors adjust when reversing.

- Jennifer Y

An amazing vehicle- the Honda pilot

I have owned a Honda for a few years. The pilot is very reliable and makes traveling comfortable. The seat warmers in the pilot are a great feature for cold days and I live the back up camera even though I don't rely on it solely. My next car will definitely be a Honda. The pilot is a great vehicle.

- Christine M

Smooth riding Honda Pilot

The Honda Pilot is a very smooth driver. It is a medium sized SUV, but doesn't feel big on the road. The third row of seats is very roomy and can fit adults and also kids in car seats. When the third row is down, the trunk is very spacious and can fit multiple strollers, sports equipment, ect.

- Taya W

Honda pilot. I'll never drive anything else.

This car has the works. DVD player with screen, CD, navigation, comfort, reliability, and plenty of space for us to travel with the kids and even the dog! I'll never go back to anything else. I have never had a problem and the leather seats hold up great with kid spills. I absolutely love my pilot.

- Karlie H

Excellent storage & comfort.

My car is close to 100, 000 miles and have had no issues with it thus far. The third row is very easy to put up and down, and the seating is comfortable. The hidden compartment in the trunk space is very handy for storage. The car does great on long distances and has very good braking capabilities.

- Miranda G

Great vehicle for the price.

We love our Pilot. It has lots of interior room with seats that fold down flat. Temperate controls in the rear of the vehicle with air vents all the way to the third row seating. It does well in snow conditions and gets good gas mileage. I look forward to purchasing a newer model in the future.

- Tina H

Great value, great reliability.

Very reliable and performs well. Comfortable to travel in and very roomy. I typically prefer to drive smaller cars, so I sometimes get annoyed at the cumbersome nature of the size of this car. Overall a great car that is reliable, easy and inexpensive to maintain, and retains its value well.

- Rebecca R

I can't see how close I am

Hard to judge distance in front and back even with backup camera. You sit low even with seat in highest setting. It would be nice if the front corners of the car were either angled downward or shorter... the car has a big boxy front end and it is hard to judge how close you are to things

- HP P

Great family car for someone needing extra seating

Very comfortable and easy to drive. Love the seating space. Easily fits 3 child safety seats across the middle row. Only drawback is the lack of storage space if you are using all of the seats. Barely fits a smaller size stroller and nothing else unless you can put some of the seats down.

- Christy B

I love that you can open the hatch window

This car is great. It's large but easy to drive. We have harsh winters and this vehicle will be great driving in the snow and ice. It has third row seating that is helpful but you can fold both rows down for tons of room. Great for families or if you're an outdoor person. Highly recommend

- Ashley B

Excellent family vehicles.

The Honda Pilot is an excellent family car. I love the third row option for carting around larger groups of kids or folding it away for extra trunk space. The Pilot has been a very reliable vehicle with the usual vehicular wear and tear. I will definitely purchase a Honda Pilot again!

- Stephanie C

Great car! Worth every penny!

Love this car! It is my second one and I drove the first one into the ground! First Honda pilot lasted 12 years and would have lasted longer had I not totaled it. Car is very comfortable! Rides like a car not truck! Great storage space even with back row seat up. Lots of cup holders.

- Jen U

Great versatility and utility every day vehicle!

My Honda Pilot is very versatile and reliable. I can put most anything I need in it to transport materials for my projects. It is roomy for 4 to take on vacation with luggage and gear and is comfortable for all. It gets great gas mileage. Everyone always comments on how useful it is.

- Gene C

Great gas mileage and lots of storage.

This car is very family friendly. It has lots of room and storage compartments. It also gets great gas mileage. I like that it alerts me when there is a problem in the tires, oil, etc. We have the rubber mat that goes in the back and it is a life saver when putting the kids gear in.

- Lacey W

Very reliable 3 seater 2 wheel drive.

The features is a three seater 2 wheel drive with Bluetooth and with lots of room. Very comfortable especially when you have kids to drive around with. Very reliable when it comes to driving since it is just 2 wheel drive I do not suggest to use it as a vehicle to pull big trailers.

- Sarah D

Plenty of comfortable space.

Roomy interior, handles well, seat warmers, heat and air are excellent. Plenty of room in back for teens. Rear entertainment system is a plus. Interior cleans well. Plenty of compartments in the front passenger side. Enough cargo space for gear, home improvement, and grocery hauls.

- Mary L

Great option for a large family!

I find more pros than cons. The 8 seater option is great and the space allowed in the 3rd row is useful to even accompany adults. Headroom is great as well and the car is wide and gives space. Large trunk space with 3rd row down. Not the greatest on gas for frequent, long commutes.

- Chelsea F

It is very high off the ground which can make it either easier for a person to drive since they have a better view or harder if they are not used to this type of vehicle.

I like that the car has a lot of space and that there are a total of 8 seats for family and friends. I also like the style of the car, but it does a little boxy. I'd say my favorite feature is the heated seats in the front of the car, but I wish that they were in the back too.

- Jessica G

Great for any distance and road.

Works good. Runs well and never gives problems. It is been really reliable through long distance and short distance. Took it on an eight days drive, through highways and rough roads, it was just perfect. I love it. It is really great to have a car to depend on all the time.

- Nana A

It is great in all types of weather situations. The optional 4 wheel drive is great in the winter when there is snow.

My Honda Pilot is a very reliable and convenient vehicle for myself and my family. I like the option of the 3rd row seating and the optional 4 wheel drive for bad weather. I have owned it for 2 years and would purchase another one in the future when a new vehicle is needed.

- Rebecca D

The most important thing others should know about the Honda Pilot is that it is the perfect size to fit a family or just to use as a personal car.

I like the Honda Pilot because it is a reliable car. My family has used Honda's for a long time and they have always been dependable. It is a big enough car to for everything into when we go on trips, which has been really nice. So far I don't have any complaints about it.

- Brynn P

Great truck, looks sleek and yet rugged

I have a Honda Pilot and love the sturdiness of the vehicle. I also love that it's 4 wheel drive and it holds the road. I love the roominess inside the cabin as well as the trunk space. It's pretty good on gas and the look is sleek but yet rugged. I would highly recommend

- Susan S

Very roomy and comfortable.

I love my Honda pilot, it has seating for eight. That keeps the kids separated. I can lay the seats down and use it as a truck, I love doing auctions and always have enough room for my finds. Very roomy seats and comfort. I truly love the backup camera it is a life saver.

- Dora P

I'm not giving up my Pilot!

I love my pilot. It has been extremely reliable. It comfortably seats 8. We are a family of 4 and take it on beach vacations every year. This is my 4th pilot, I love how it drives in all weather conditions. Many of my friends have purchased pilot's after riding in mine.

- Jamie K

Recently acquired Honda pilot.

We have only had the vehicle for one month. We have had no issues with the vehicle for the month we have owned the vehicle. The vehicle has been reliable and drives smoothly. I would recommend this vehicle to another person. It is a comfortable car to ride in as well.

- Sharon N

So many Honda pilot out there, because they are awesome!

I always wanted a Honda pilot. Drives like a car. Small turning radius. Couple of recalls other than that love it. Honda service has been really good. I have 102, 000 miles. Very good gas mileage. No rust. Comfortable. Good in the snow. Normal wear and tear repairs.

- Fran G

Handles great, love this vehicle.

I love the room the pilot has. Great for picking up all my garden supplies. Handles great in snow and rain. I wish it had just a tad more power for acceleration. I feel safe in this SUV. I have the older model which is boxier which I like better than the new model.

- Marcia C

Good gas mileage, functional SUV.

It is very reliable. Good gas mileage. Very comfortable for long distance driving. It handles well and does well in all weather. I love the looks of it and can store a lot of stuff when not using the 3rd row. It has a 3rd row which is great for an expanding family.

- Brittany W

This car has a sunroof which is nice

This vehicle is very nice when new. It has nice comfortable seats and can hold a total of 7 passengers at a time. Apart from that, you can fold the back seats for extra room in the back for supplies, groceries, etc. It is a very good spacious car, total family car.

- Andy E

very good for a large family. sporty car. good towing capability

i love how it can fit my whole family and still is not a HUGE suv, i love that we can safely tow a camper and go on family adventures. I hate that there is minimal trunk space and every time i open the trunk hatchback everything falls out. that is very frustrating.

- jennifer k

Great family car. Very roomy and comfortable.

The Honda Pilot is roomy. It holds a lot for out of state trips. It is very reliable as long as regularly maintenance is done. The seats are very comfortable for long or short trips. Braking is good. Acceleration is very good when needing to get out into traffic.

- Alison S

Very reliable and convenient family SUV

The Honda Pilot is a very reliable and roomy car. It has 3rd row seating which is great for family vacation. The gas mileage is okay for a car that size. We enjoy the pilot, just wish it could be a little more gas efficient. We haven't had any problems with it yet

- Jessica S

All wheel drive, towing, DVD player.

I do not have any problems with it and loving it so far. It is roomy gets good gas mileage. It is just big enough that I do not feel like I am driving a huge bus. Easy to handle. Has all the options with DVD player, all wheel drive. Towing ability. Cruise control,

- Ashley D

Honda pilot. Best SUV. Great family vehicle.

Love my pilot the only problem we have had is with the alarm every now and then it will go off when driving have to pull over to shut it off. It is very reliable, the comfort is great seats everyone very comfortable. The radio is great. Handles great in the snow.

- Sandra F

Durability plus: the Honda pilot you can put a 100, 000 miles plus & not worry.

The Honda pilot is the perfect family vehicle, 3 rows of seats if you need them. The back two rows fold down almost flat and gives you almost as much hauling space as a pickup truck. Great over the road vehicle, plenty of room, handles well and has lots of power.

- Carl D

The pilot: reliable, spacious, and great on gas.

The pilot is reliable, easy to maintain, spacious, and great on gas to be an SUV. Honda’s speak for themselves in service, reliability, and overall resale value. This is my primary vehicle because it fits my family and is comfortable for short or long trips.

- Lauren B

Wonderful family vehicle!

Great family car! Plenty of room for all 7 of us. Never had any issues since we got the car, very reliable and safe. Would buy it again! Lots of places for the kids to charge their phones so no one is fighting. Air conditioning works great in the Texas heat.

- Lindsey E

Excellent family car, highly recommend it.

I love my Honda. It runs smoothly. I have been in several trip up to 8-9 hours long and had no difficulties. Gas per mileage is excellent. However, recently I had difficulties with opening a door with the key. We fixed it by putting oil in the key entrance.

- Yolanda S

Drive a Honda and see the USA.

The Honda has many safety features and theft deterrents which saves on auto insurance premiums. The Honda is also fuel efficient and drives very smooth on the open road. The Honda pilot set 8 people very comfortably. The cost of a Honda is very reasonable.

- Frances A

Honda’s hold their value — much better than average.

Very reliable, good resale value, comfortable road cruiser. Roomy, able to hold plenty of cargo. Will hold 8 people. Good features, including ability for rear seat passengers to enjoy movies. Adequate pick up and handling. Wished I had purchased AWD model.

- Greg N

The Honda is very reliable.

The Honda pilot is the perfect over the road vehicle. Plenty of room, power and is easy to handle. I made a 2600 mile cross country trip in it 3 months ago. The best feature is the back two rows of seats fold down to give you a great amount of cargo space.

- Carl H

It is kind of high to get into for older people.

Never had an issue with my car. Only regular maintenance. It is very reliable and roomy. It is easy to keep clean and can carry 7 people. My daughter likes to play in the back seat with her friend. It is affordable and reliable. I recommend it completely.

- Danielle K

It has three rows of seats and rides great! It is good on gas mileage.

I love the three rows of seats. I like the ride and the gas mileage. I don't like how if I lock the windows then the passenger can't put the window down either. I wish there was a way I could hit the lock button of the remote before all doors were shut.

- kit w

It's very good on maintenance concerns. The upkeep is moderate to low.

Very comfortable road vehicle with ample room inside. Gets decent road mileage. Has very good extras such as GPS, Bluetooth connection, rear view camera access in reverse gear. Rear towing capability. Ample storage space and seats eight persons. Love it.

- Ron C

A Great vehicle to own when you have a big family.

It's very comfortable, smooth drive. Love that it's has sunroof and it's very roomy.. many features like GPS, leather interior., power lock and windows. Also it's all wheel drive, two seats in the back with you can pull up if needed. It have fog lights.

- Olga R

It is comfortable to drive and sit in.

The pilot is very reliable and comfortable fits my family of 5. I purchased it because of the 3rd row of seats which is very convenient when we have guests visiting and staying with us. The 3rd row is not the most comfortable, but it gets the job done.

- Sherry R

It's a comfortable, safe and reliable car. It never given me any mechanical issues.

I love my Pilot! It is a smooth ride and has a ton of storage. The cargo box is super handy, but I wish the 3rd row was easier to access. Getting a carseat back there is almost impossible, but I don't want to lose the 3 seats in the second row.

- Jess G

Super functional, reasonable price.

8 seats. Third row fits adults. Does not look like the Odyssey, unlike the current body style. Honda’s are the best. Too bad the new pilot looks like a minivan when they already have a minivan. Super functional for a reasonable price.

- Dana S

Honda’s offer very good resale value, which has been proven in the past.

Car is roomy, could hold up to 8 people, car will hold much cargo as the rear seats fold flat. The rear seats fold into the floor. Ability to play DVD’s entertain kids during road trips. Car is reasonably quiet. Good resale value.

- Greg N

We have had no mechanical problems in the time that we have owned the vehicle.

I love that it seats 8 people and it has been a great vehicle. I dislike the gas mileage and the lack of storage space. I wish it was a little longer so when the 3rd row seat was in use there was a little more cargo room.

- Milayna M

My Honda Pilot is not only attractive and comfortable, it is very reliable.

I love my Honda Pilot. It is very roomy and practical but extremely comfortable at the same time. We have always found our Hondas to be the most reliable of our cars. Customer service at our Honda dealership is excellent.

- Sharyn D

it drives like a car not a large SUV, It's a comfortable ride

access to the 3rd row is irritating when you have kids that require car seats. i love how spacious the car is for a tall person. I love how easy it is to fold down all the seats to get a lot of cargo space if need be.

- Martina J

It's a great car and perfect for a family.

It is very a comfortable ride. I feel like if I were in an accident, I (and my children) would be safe. I prefer the SYNC system in the Ford Explorer for phones, but that's really the only issue I have with my car.

- Angie B

A very dependable family SUV.

Very reliable comfortable car. It has a nice bit of cargo room even with the rear seats up. The only piece I'm not a fan of is the "eco" option as there is a slight jerk when the car gets out of the "eco" mode.

- Kaitlyn S

It is a 6 cylinder and it has good power to run. I use it to travel a lot and it is a comfortable ride.

I have run my vehicle for almost 100k miles and have not have any problems with it. I am able to sit 8 people in the car or 5 with other items in the back. It does have some gas consumption that could be better

- berly c

Everything fits! Sporting equipment, extra kids, luggage, you name it!

We find it to be roomy and reliable. We are a family of four but often carpool with other families so a third row is a must. I love that we can fold the third row down when going on vacation for extra space.

- Colleen S

It is a great car and fits a big family comfortably and safely.

I love my Honda Pilot because it has third row seating and it fits my 3 kids with car seats comfortably. It has a DVD player for the kids to watch with headphones. I really do not dislike anything about it.

- Martha M

Has a third row and is very spacious. Drives with a good amount of power.

Like the size and third row. Don't like how dirty the seats get. Wish it came with more perks like an automatic hatch back Door close. Different seat material that's kid friendly and more sort resistant.

- Leah D

It is very reliable in bad weather and doesn't seem as big as it is. It feels like driving a smaller car.

I love my vehicle, especially in the snow. One thing that I don't like is the that the trunk is slanted toward the back, so groceries tend to roll around and I have to be careful when opening the hatch.

- Steph T

Being AWD I have no worries getting back and forth to work in the always changing Wisconsin weather.

Very dependable, I have never had any problems with this SUV. Honda is a great brand, we have 2 Honda motorcycles and a push mower. Love the fact that I have 2 rows of seating or the large cargo area.

- Kelly G

Great ride sharing vehicle for your growing family.

Love our Pilot. Very comfortable for long drives. Perfect for a young and growing family. Also great for driving part time as a ride sharing vehicle. Wish the radio system could be updated easily.

- Daniel W

It is rated high for safety and is very dependable.

We have never had any problems with our Honda Pilot. Regular service is the only thing we have had to do. It is a very comfortable and dependable vehicle. We have been buying Honda's since 1988.

- Dominick R

The outstanding reliability of Honda's

I feel Honda's are the most reliable vehicles in the industry. They are built well, they last, and very rarely have any mechanical issues. They are built with the consumers safety in mind as well

- Christine G

Pilot is great all around transportation

Handles great. It rides well and holds all my cycling in goods. It performs great in snow, I had to drive two hours to home and lance I got home there was 11 inches of snow. The car did great.

- Lisa M

It's very spacious and drives very well.

I love the vehicle. It drives very nice for an SUV and is very spacious. Some of the technology doesn't work seamlessly and is a little cumbersome. The screen is outdated for the model year.

- Tangi D

Roomy and comfortable with a great sense of dependability.

I have a tall family and all 3 of my "boys" are 6ft and over and everyone fits in the car comfortably which was the first thing on the list we looked for. Car drives well and is dependable.

- Lisa L

Nothing really. It is all good. The car is very light compact and easy to drive.

Great size, easy to steer and cruises excellently. Auto tailgate makes loading and unloading easy. The third seat makes it great to travel with the family. Also hauled a lot for vacations.

- William V

It does not get as good of gas mileage as advertised.

Overall good performance. However to only be five years old, I would not expect that I would have knocking in the engine, transmission problems and a DVD system that no longer works.

- Elizabeth S

The honda pilot is very safe and has lots of room for multiple people.

I like that it is safe. It drives well in the winter time which is something I wanted. It can fit a lot of people or items. The gas mileage isn't the best but that was expected.

- Amelia H

Honda Pilot-great vehicle

Honda Pilot has been a great vehicle. No problems to date, large cargo area, driver and passenger seats are comfortable. Third row not used much but nice to have that option.

- Lea G

It is very safe and easy to drive.

I like how it drives. It is a very safe vehicle. It doesn't have too many blind spots. Love the cameras. Not thrilled that there aren't as many air vents in rear of vehicle.

- Amy L

Very good drivability, easy to handle, and comfortable when driving.

It has adequate room for my family of five. There is enough storage in the back specifically if you put down the third row seating. It's very comfortable and easy to drive.

- Christine E

Honda Pilot: the Ideal Family Vehicle!

A 2013 Honda Pilot is the perfect family vehicle. Spacious, easy to use, great circulation for hot and cold air. The space grey body is sleek and classy. My kids love it.

- Marivic M

Honda are very reliable and very affordable.

I love my Honda pilot it is the only car I will ever own. My whole family owns Honda's. They are never in the shop and they are great to ride in and are very affordable.

- Karen B

The ability to increase the storage space quickly & easily with minimum effort.

I like the comfortable seats, ride and the large storage space. The gas mileage is not as great as I would like on a vehicle. I like seating up higher than in a sedan.

- Lar m

I'm not in a hurry to buy a new car because I like this car and I'm very content. The only reason I would look for a new car is to get new safety features like lane depart, auto parking, etc.

I have had several Hondas. I find them to be very reliable. This is the second Pilot I've owned. I love all the features that came standard with it. It's a great car!

- rita O

Objects in mirror appear better than they are.

Too many issues had to deal with in short time of having it. $800 new starter after 3 years, new tires under 40, 000 miles. Two recalls, now the arm rest is peeling.

- Michelle B

Honda pilot review: great purchase.

I've always liked Honda's. They seem to be extremely reliable, labor isn't overly expensive and they hold their value. My pilot is the perfect size for our family.

- Mindy R

I really like my Honda Pilot. It seats up to 8 people, if needed and that's a plus for when grandparents need to ride with us. It looks nice and runs smoothly. I like the heated seats in winter and using the sunroof in the warmer months.

It's a great family car with wonderful features. The entertainment package is fun to have for longer trips. This has helped keep our children busy while traveling.

- Amy G

If taking care of properly, it will last.

I love its durability. I like the size and roominess. I would like all the doors to automatically unlock when I shut off the car instead of just the drivers door.

- Christine D

It is a family friendly fuel efficient vehicle that has plenty of leg room and is comfortable for a group of people.

I like its size and fuel efficiency. I dislike the roughness of its ride on gravel roads, but I do like that I can put it into 4 low if necessary where I live.

- Lori K

They should know that Honda is very reliable and this model and year Honda Pilot is one of the only vehicles left that still have the dvd system in it!

I love that it is so reliable! I like that it has a dvd system in it for the kids. I like that it has a lot of room in it. I dislike that it's an older model.

- Kelly B

It runs smooth and is easy to drive. It gives you space without making it feel too large.

I like all the space for 8 seating. I makes it easy to put the seats up and down. I would like to see maybe a larger trunk area. It gets good gas mileage.

- step c

It was the safest in its class and a fun ride. Very useful

I like that it is smooth ride. Don't like that there aren't enough air vents in back for kids. It can be harder to get kids in and out of back seat at times.

- Olivia O

That it is a great family car. It seats so many people and still has plenty of room to haul goods.

We love that it has a third row. We love that we can fit so many people in it. We like that it had great reviews for the long haul. We love the features.

- Diane P

Honda Pilot 2013 Used Car Review

Large size to carry 7 comfortably along with plenty of storage. Brake rotors are undersized and overheat and warp too easily. No other significant problems.

- Edward K

It is great for large family.

The pilot is a great family car and comfortable. The Bluetooth connection does not connect very well. I would like to have more foot space in the third row.

- Bridget K

Honda is a great car for the family.

I have not had an problems with car. For its size the gas mileage is very good. The Honda has been very helpful keeping the car checked for any update.

- Charles S

My car is very practical and reliable. It has never broken down.

My car is very comfortable to drive and ride in. It has a ton of storage space. It is very reliable. I like that it can hold up to 8 people comfortably.

- Shelby T

Great family car and traveling car for hauling dogs , too

Great size, good cargo space, like the hatch window opening separate from hatch. Easy to drive, park and haul dogs. God amount of storage for traveling.

- Merry F

It's reliable and fits my personality.I trust this car to carry my most precious possession: my family.

I like the roominess and the fact that I have a third row. I wish I had navigation built in but that cost extra. I also love my hitch for my bike rack.

- J R

It's a Honda, and that means it's reliable.

I like the navigation system, the fact that it has headroom, and trunk space. I also like that Honda has a reputation as a dependable, quality vehicle.

- Kim L

It has a back up camera and it's hands free, also has a third row.

I love my car! It rides very smooth. I love that it's hands free and has a reed camera. I have a new baby and I feel so safe in my car with my family!

- Dee P

It drives very well and gets good gas mileage

I love the fact that i sit up higher. I also like thee seat warmers and the way it handles. I do not like how hard it is ti get out of the back seat

- leslie p

It is a reliable car and feel safe when driving.

Can be challenging to get kids into car b/c it is higher up. Kids love the DVD player. Love having the option for a 3rd row. Enjoy the heated seats.

- Nancy S

Low to no maintenance except the usual oil change and tire rotation

Easy to drive, holds 7 people, essentially no maintenance. Good resale value. I have no dislikes with my honda pilot. I would buy again and again.

- rebecca M

It is tougher than it looks.

It has a smooth ride. It is big and spacious with plenty of room. It looks like a truck but not like the new models that are currently coming out.

- Amanda S

My car seats eight. It has not many miles on it so it really isn't that worn.

I love the engine! What I do dislike is how easy to stain the seats! Other than that, great mileage, easy to drive, good repair quality (seldom).

- Liz O

It drives very good, And it is very good with gas, it's definitely not a gas hog

I dislike the leather seats. I like the big screen. I like the review camera. I like the space it has. I like the automatic trunk. No complaints

- Alma M

It has a lot of buttons and knobs and plenty of space for everyone and their things.

I like how it is big enough for 6 people plus some. I like how it lets the kids watch a movie while going places. Haven't found a dislike yet.

- Chrissy M

It drives very nice and smooth.

It has a lot of room and great features. The heated seats are nice but it would be better if the middle row heated to. The DVD player is nice.

- Cristina C

It is very functional for a family.

I love how high the car is off the ground. I like that the car is very spacious. I like that it has a lot of storage. I dislike that is ugly.

- Greg B

it is easy to drive and move around in parking lots

like the size of the suv. would like the front storage area to be larger. would like the second row to be able to move up and stay locked in.

- nan k

It's in great working order. It's very clean. I feel safer in it than in a smaller car.

I'm not into cars. It's a means of transportation only. I drive because I must. I do prefer vehicles that are larger and sturdier than cars.

- Sharyn R

The car is very spacious and offers safety.

It is a great car that offers lots of safety for me and my friends. I love the space is has in it. I also love how smooth it drives as well.

- John S

Great family car for road trips! Lots of cargo space.

I love the size of my Honda. I have 3 children and we can easily take road trips with them with plenty of room. I also like the gas mileage.

- Louanne M

Great car for families gives tons of room and easy to drive.

The vehicle gives us tons of room to store all our kids activities and sports equipment easily. The vehicle is comfortable for our family.

- Brandi F

It is so comfortable and spacious

I love all the space even with third row seating. I love that I can pull a trailer and have all wheel drive. I love the look of my vehicle.

- Adrian M

A little expensive but worth it. Great family vehicle.

I love that is has room for me and my kids and extra people. It is very comfortable and gets good gas mileage. Wish it was 4 wheel drive

- Willie S

It's always on the road going somewhere

I've always owned a Honda. I love the design, the space and technology. It's great for the money and you get a ton of miles out of them.

- Sara N

It is a bit boxy, but not too big.

Really good car, but compared to the 2005 model I would have to say it is just a step below. Still the best out of all the Honda models.

- Emily R

It is versatility- it can transport 8 people or be used to carry large items.

I like the size and its versatility. It is easy transport people and things. I do not like some of the blind spots it has while driving.

- Jason M

It is easy to drive and doesn't have too many blind spots.

I like that it's a Honda and is easy for my husband to fix if need be. It holds up to 7 passengers and a lot of groceries or luggage.

- Elise R

Roomy, comfortable with the Honda reliability. Heated seats and helpful accessories like automatic trunk opener.

Love the trunk opener from the key clicker. Love heated seats Love the room. Not great gas mileage Been having transmission issues

- Becky P

Honda makes a good vehicle. Pilot is big and roomy.

Pilot is a good size for my needs. It handles like a car and gets good gas mileage. It is comfortable and roomy for long road trips.

- Maureen P

Reliable car to drive and my family feels very safe in it

Like that it is a reliable vehicle. Would say that the design of the gear is a very odd spot and would like to see that changed.

- Jean M

That it gets great gas mileage for how big it is

I love how nice and spacious it is. I love that it gets decent gas mileage for Its size. I also love the way it looks and handles.

- Danielle T

I would want people to know that this vehicle is fun to drive. I would also tell them it drives smoothly.

I really like my vehicle. It drives very smoothly. It is my favorite vehicle to drive out of all of the vehicles that I have had.

- Kathy A

It is a very comfortable ride.

I love how roomy it is inside. I am very tall and there is plenty of headroom. The cargo are is great when the third row is down.

- Karen M

That it never has a lot of repairs on it and it is high quality and reliable.

I like how it sits up high and how dependable it is. It gets pretty good gas mileage and rarely have to do repairs on it also.

- Karen S

It is a dependable car that runs great in the snow

I like the size and the amount of people that can fit. I like the third row seating. I don't care for how the seats fold down

- Kim T

Reliable, comfortable ride. Great entertainment system for rear passengers.

Comfortable, plenty of room , smooth ride, good gas mileage.No major mechanical issues, Heated seats, great navigation system.

- Maureen G

It is a reliable and dependable vehicle.

Wish it had the newer features like automatic start and push button start, and turn cameras on mirrors to show blind spots.

- Lisa S

2013 Honda Pilot Customer Review

Dependable, roomy, peppy, good for trips, lots of storage room, lots of safety features, but door locks are aggravating!

- Jennifer B

Seats everyone in the car comfortably with room to spare.

My Honda rides very smoothly. I have the touring edition and it works great for my family and fits everyone comfortably.

- Christine B

The vehicle has many safety features.

Hondas are well made vehicles. The safety features reduces insurance premiums. The vehicle has theft deterrent features.

- Frances A

I think that others should know that my car is reliable.

I like that it's an SUV with 3 rows. I feel safe when I am in my vehicle. I also enjoy the luxury features it offers.

- Bethany H

The very spacious Honda Pilot

The Honda Pilot is great for hauling around kids. It's very spacious yet doesn't have the clunky feel like most suv

- Kelly F

It does not have standard size tires, so you spend over $400 each time you get a flat.

I love my mommy mobile. Lots of seating. Drawbacks are access to the third row. Easy for kids, difficult for adults.

- Charlene P

It's a very dependable & efficient vehicle that gets you where you need to go no problem.

We like the 4 wheel drive. We like the spacious 3rd row seating. We like the interior leather seats & heated seats.

- Nathan E

I love it! It is stylish and it is very safe and rides well.

It makes me feel very safe. It is stylish. It has many safety features that I like. It's very good in the snow.

- Mia M

The Honda pilot is very reliable and gets great gas mileage.

All wheel drive good mileage and handling, great steering.. Backup camera improvement, socket in back is lacking..

- Earl H

Comfort and reliability at its finest.

Performance is excellent. Quiet on the road, comfortable, good gas mileage, sits high off the road for visibility.

- Lesley B

The rear door must be opened manually. There is no unlock button in the vehicle.

I like it because there is a lot of leg and head room. The back hatch opens easily. It is easy to drive and park.

- Diane Y

It's comfortable without being super expensive

i love the feel of how it drives. it handles great for a bigger vehicle. It's spacious and i love the look of it.

- Amy p

I treat it like my baby. I call it my mom mobile since it has everything you need as a mom

I love the amount of room I have. I love the way it drives. I only with I had captains chairs in the second row.

- brit h

That I have had it for 5 years and I have enjoyed it.

I regret choosing navy blue color. I like it because Honda's a very dependable car. I like the shape of the car.

- Samuel R

The Honda Pilot is a well made vehicle that is spacious and a quality ride.

Rides very well. No problems. A very reliable vehicle from Honda. I would highly recommend the Honda Pilot.

- John S

To change tires, oil change, it is always important to things about your vehicle.

I like everything about my vehicle, everything is great!, there's not a day where I do not dislike my vehicle.

- Shay J

Madewell, little maintained required, drives well and is safe.

Like the third row seat and the suv feel of sitting up higher. I dislike the gas Milage and the storage space

- Teresa M

I like my seat warmers in the front; air vents all over the vehicle; ability to control air in front and back; usb outlet as well as plug in outlet; moonroof. I wish there was a cup holder on the door in the front as well as where it is now in the console. I wish the back well were a little deeper but I love having that feature to hide Christmas presents! I really have no complaints about my vehicle.

My car is roomy and is able to hold 8 people. There are lots of nooks and crannies for holding small items.

- Donna G

Reliable and comfortable. Tons of room. Best investment

I love it. I was looking for a car with the 3 row of seats. I can fit tons of people and stuff comfortably

- Jessica f

Even with the three rows up there is a decent sized trunk.

It handles well, three rows are spacious, gets good gas mileage, does not feel like a huge oversized SUV.

- Jessica J

It hasn't had to have any car trouble, maintenance is easy and has been very reliable

Love all the free extras my car has. The rear view camera, leather seats, sunroof, heated seats, reliable

- Linda M

the care is Reliable and safe

The navigation system is not that great - send me in crazy routes. Voice technology is not easy to use.

- Natalie C

The most important thing is that we have a safe vehicle for the family.

My pilot has been the best choice of vehicle that I have ever purchased. It has had very little recalls.

- Greg S

It rides great but needs a bigger engine.

Love everything about it. More technology would be great and side rails included would have been a plus.

- Gail A

It has great gas mileage and a lot of room to get groceries.

I love the miles I can go on a tank of gas. There is plenty of room for all 6 of us. It drives nicely.

- hannah G

It has very low mileage for a 2013 model.

Love that it is a boxy style. Like that it sits high up from the road, but still has great stability.

- Shannan R

Gas mileage and economy boost.

The gas mileage is great and the car rides beautifully, maintenance is simple and the car is spacious.

- Melissa M

Best SUV on the market. Love it

Love it. It is very spacious with lots of storage. It gets great gas mileage. I will always buy Honda

- Kamber B

It does not have very good gas mileage.

I love the shape. I love the space. It is very comfortable. It can accommodate to our family needs.

- Nicole P

The third row of seating can be up or down or half up and half down. You can use as many seats needed

I like everything. I have no problems with this vehicle. I have the enough space for my family

- Adriana R

It is reliable and trustworthy and never runs out of gas

I like the cd player / hard disk drive. I also like the turning radius. I like the seat warmers

- Cecil G

It is reliable and it runs well. Its comfortable for the family.

Great family car. I love the features, and the way it drives. I wish it had better gas mileage

- Leah j

It is large, but rides nice and smooth!

I love the size. It is great for our family. It travels well. It has wonderful amenities.

- Jessica H

There is room for a large family. There are compartments for extra storage

It seats 8 people. There is a DV$ player to keep kids busy. There is space for my family

- Holli M

The car is very reliable and trustworthy. Also, has a lot of space for travel.

This vehicle is very reliable and an amazing family vehicle. No, complaints about it.

- Kelsey V

This car is useful for long distance trips, large shopping trips, trips with an animal; but guzzles gas like you wouldn't believe.

I like how it can hold 8 people, but I don't like how it requires a lot of gas.

- Lauren S

Good fuel economy. Roomy for the family. Fits eight people.

It is roomy. The children love to ride in it. Good deal for the price paid.

- Jennie T

It can stop on a dime. The driver is 80 years old.

There are too many buttons. It is very easy to drive and quite comfortable.

- William G

I like that it is roomy, gets good gas mileage and is very practical. I don't like that it doesn't have leather seats. Also, the window controls are maddening with children since if you lock the controls you no longer have access to them either.

The most important thing to know about a Honda Pilot is that it is durable.

- Quinn H

Honda is reliable and they last a long time. It is a quality car and it serves my family well.

I can rely on my car. It runs smoothly. It is great on long road trips.

- kate M

It fit everything you need to load in

Love that it roomie. Nice ride. Love I can fit all my dogs and grandson

- Sylvia F

It has a lot of miles but is running quite well. Im happy

Room for kids and their belongings. Comfortable and luxurious feeling.

- Jennifer B

It is safe and efficient.

I like the size.. I like the gas mileage. I like the comfort level.

- Leah s

the gas mileage is really that efficient compared to other cars at this type.

It is comfortable on road trips. It fits 8 people. It is durable.

- Rene A

Holds 8 passengers and seats fold down to carry large items

I like the size and the look of the vehicle. Not great on gas.


Good quality, good performance.

The best feature is that I can open the back window separately.

- Herb k

Seats 8, good trade in value, dependable, good family car.

Lots of room. Good gas mileage. Reliable. Good trade in value.

- Keisha S

It is a safe car and makes for a great family car.

I like that my car is roomy. It sits high. Its a quality car.

- Merv S

I wish the second seat folded all the way up for kids to climb out of easier. I wish the paint held up better to scratches

I love this car and would most likely by this same car again

- LaCee B

Love that the interior is spacious including the 3rd-row seat but at the same time isn't too bulky to drive. The DVD player is an added bonus for the kids. And the air conditioning all the way in the back is a must now.

It's got a spacious third-row seat that can seat 3 children.

- Dina M

the safety features for children

Nice amount of space. But it doesn't have running boards

- wendi d

how reliable it is..........

I love the amount of space it has and the way it drives

- samantha M

I like the comfort of the vehicle. I don't like parking it, because it is so big.

It is very easy to drive and very comfortable inside.

- Alli K

I love that it has the room to carry all our stuff. I like the ability to tow stuff. I like the way it drives and is simple. No bells and whistles. The only complaint that I might have is that it is a pretty wide car and that it makes it hard to take kids out of small parking spot

It is a reliable car. It is very family friendly car.

- Jessica N

Has the eco feature for gas

Roomy. Good gas mileage Could have better audio

- Joe R