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Amazingly reliable car for the price

To start off my Elantra has approximately 270,000 miles on it and it's a 2006 model. I've owned it for about 2 years and it was my cousins before that. At some point it used to be a hospice care car but even with all the wear and tear of its many owners driving it around it's still running well. When I first bought the car from my cousins one of the belts to the a/c was busted but it was a relatively cheap and fast fix. I have had both headlights go out and the license plate light but they were replaced. The alternator did need to be replaced in around march. As far as comfort the inside is semi-roomy. Not spacious but comfortable. The interior has held up pretty good with minor staining. The factory speakers that come preinstalled are pretty good and the sound can be quite loud on the radio if you want it to be. The factory-radio is outdated in 2019 but there is a CD player and radio so not too bad. The thing I mainly LOVE about my car is the gas mileage and it's a little fast thing. The main drawback is the safety, I've been in some very minor car crashes/ fender benders and the exterior ripped right off the bumper. Every time I get in a small car crash the other car comes out fine, minus a few paint scratches) but my car comes out looking MESSED up. It drives quite well, my only complaints being that it is not a smooth ride above 65 (any interstate) and the wheel shakes horribly and sometimes feels a bit loose, wobbling from side to side. It might just be the mileage on my car but that's been my experience. Overall a great car, nothing extravagant but it's pretty good for the price!

- Emily W

Reliable vehicle, runs long, wears slow

The car is a good, fuel-efficient daily driver. Features are straightforward and functional, and reasonably discrete--not overly integrated into other vehicle systems. For example, I can replace the stereo head unit without affecting the functionality of the door alarms. Today, this is a huge benefit. The seats are upholstered with a durable cloth, and are comfortable for driving and riding for short to moderate distances. I have not driven more than 300 miles at a stretch in this vehicle, so I cannot comment on seat comfort on long trips--other than to say that, if you find yourself tired while driving, there is no comfortable position in the vehicle for catching a nap roadside or in a parking lot. Trunk space is plentiful for a car this size, and the back seat folds down to accommodate larger items. The car has experienced significant wear and tear over 12 years of use, and is (for the most part) still a reliable vehicle. There is a problem with the headlight switch where, if the headlight switch is left in the "on" position when the vehicle is turned off, the headlights will sometimes turn back on, resulting in battery drain. I am researching repair options for this issue. The pad atop the dashboard has a split in it near the center, and the padding on the top of the steering wheel is deteriorating (both understandable after 12 Alabama summers). I plan to repair the steering wheel with a rubber repair product, and add a steering wheel cover for added protection. Overall, I am very satisfied with the 2006 Elantra.

- Russell H

2006 Hyundai Elantra. Basic functions of a car.

My 2006 Hyundai Elantra has been pretty reliable as far as a car that has had its maintenance kept up with. Any issues that I have had with my vehicle have all been expected, such as having to replace parts that are too old to hold up well. I have had to replace the timing belt, another one of the belts (not sure which one), my radiator, etc. Now, it needs a new catalytic converter, new spark plugs, and a basic tune-up done. I have never had any issues with my car that weren't expected and haven't had issues thinking my car was junk. It is comfort is fair as far as it is age is concerned. It is not high tech or anything fancy, but it is very comfortable for a being my first car. It has all the basics of a car with a CD player, radio, simple cruise control, but as far as advanced features, it does not hold up to the cars of today. It has a decent acceleration and the breaks work just fine after having been replaced. I am not a car expert, but it is done its job as a car just fine and I am happy with it as far as functionality is concerned.

- Megan N

reliable sedan, good storage and gas mileage.

I like the small turn radius, because I lose my way often, and have to make lots of u-turns. I like the gas mileage, since I drive for my job. The clutch has had to be replaced already, and a few other things have gone wrong, but overall a very reliable car that I would recommend to anyone. The backseat is large enough for adults, and the trunk is larger than it looks. I love that the front seats are slightly wider than other vehicles ( since I'm slightly wider than other people). I really like the lack of distractions on the dashboard, just the rpm/speed/gas/engine temp indicators. No screens or random buttons.

- Karen E

2006 Hyundai Elantra Review - It�s a good car!

I think my car is very reliable, it makes me very happy as it was given to me by my grandmother and I have had it over nearly 10 years. I have not had any major issues other than the air conditioning going out on me multiple times in the heat of the summer. Providing you do regular standard maintenance the car runs very well, gets great gas mileage especially for its age and is a very comfortable car. Only other downside being it does not have any type of audio jack to hook up your phone for music, so you will have to retrofit or find alternate solution.

- Diana K

Despite Its outward appearance, which is dinged here and there both inside and out, the car will get you from A to B safely and cheaply.

I've had this car for more than 10 years. I've found it to be reliable, fuel-efficient, peppy, and has a low cost of maintenance. Lately as it ages the cost if maintenance has gone up, but that's not surprising. What I dislike about it (other than the general aging process) is primarily the lack of features that are standard on newer cars of today and were not uncommon on cars contemporary with my Elantra -- things like keyless unlocking or radio controls on the steering wheel. Little things that are convenient but not essential.

- Michael M

Very reliable and comfortable.

The most common problem with this car is the flex pipe rust out but it is an easy and relatively inexpensive fix. I have not had any other problems with this car. I love the way it handles. It is very reliable and has never let me down. I find it comfortable to drive even for long trips, it has really good gas mileage as well. It is a compact car but I can still fit my great Dane in the backseat. This is actually my second Hyundai Elantra I have owned. I would definitely recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for a new car.

- Victoria P

Compact yet spacious and simply fantastic!

I love almost all aspects of my car. It's small and compact yet with the back seats down, can carry tons of cargo! I was even able to get a dresser in there! It gets great gas mileage and just has a very cool look to it. My main complaint is that it takes a bit to take off. I love driving a standard vehicle because of the full control of speed but find myself feeling very sluggish until I reach 3rd gear. Other than that this really is a great car and I feel very comfortable with my 4 year old in the back seat.

- Liz P

Nice peppy economical car.

We have a 2006 Elantra. Nothing fancy but very dependable. The car is very economical and drives like a little sports car. Basic stereo system that gets the job done. Plenty of room in front but not so much in the back. No problems with this vehicle. But like any if you maintain them they last. The alarm that comes with the car works great but sounds like a little bird when setting. The ac blows cold and strong which is nice. So the only downfall would be legroom in the back. Overall a great spunky little car.

- Donald D

Fuel efficient Hyundai Elantra 2006.

My vehicle, is a small car. I do not mind it being small because I do not do much but take it to work, school or to run errands. I like how I do not spend much money on gas. I only put like $20-$25 on gas a week or about $30 every two weeks. When I do head out a lot, I'll probably spend $40 max on gas weekly. A problem I am having right now is that I have to get the brakes done because it is starting to make a squeaky sound. Other than that, everything is great, I'll drive through i-95 without a problem.

- Patricia A

2006 Hyundai Elantra Review

The car has worked pretty well for me. It has automatic windows and locks on the car. It has A/C and heat that works which is great! It has a security system built into the car, which is great too! I also like that it has a button to open the gas tank. It has driven very well for me and I have had the car for a few months, bought it used with 120,000 miles on it. The only problem I have had is that the window on the driver's side front, comes off the track very easily and is a pain to close sometimes.

- Brittany C

Good not great car that gets us around.

This car was great until it hit about 130,000 miles. Then we started really running into problems. It squeaks, we have had to replace the brakes, transmission and many other small things. Headlights go out often and all the fuses have blown. Good car and is still running but I really cannot wait to get something a little bigger and sturdier. I feel somewhat unsafe after my husband totaled our much larger car and was pretty badly injured. If he had been in the Elantra, he would not have made it out.

- Ashley W

Is terrible material, the interior is ugly, outside looks a.

Is good but is too cheap and always have something, with the air condition or engine or the belt always have a problem, but the car is no bad but the material is really bad if you have a accident that car do not protect you at all. My car is too tall and is terrible for the snow because the tires are terrible but I have to changed for something else this is something that I have to say for people that need information or review about this car.

- aeron N

The gas mileage is amazing! The money for one fuel up is only $29, $30 when gas prices go up.

The gas mileage is wonderful. This is my second Hyundai and we got so many more mills on it than any other car I've had. It's very quiet when It's running and if It's maintenance is done like It's suppose to, the car lasts forever. I like the hatchback and the style of the car. I don't have but one or two blind spots. It's easy for me to reach the pedals because I'm short and that's hard to find in other cars. No complaints.

- Starla W

Plastic parts need to withstand heat better.

Very reliable. I think it is very comfortable. Living in Arizona, I think the outside paint has some sun damage. The clear coat is peeling. The interior of the car has some staining on the seats. The handles on the front inside doors have had to be replaced, because they broke due to heat damage. Both the mirror doors on the visors have broken, too. The plastic that holds the metal pins have broken due to heat.

- Ara W

Hyundai Elantra, solid car

My Elantra has been quite reliable. I haven't had any major mechanical problems, aside from what's to be expected since it has almost 170K miles on it now. Some small issues with the electronics, but that's been more of an annoyance than anything. It's comfortable and easy enough to drive, nothing special. I do wish it had higher clearance - steeply ramped driveways are a problem.

- Rachel S

Great family vehicle! Great gas mileage!

Easy to maintain as long as regular tune ups are done. Great family car very spacious. The only problem is there is too much power in the engine so if the road is wet or there is snow/ice the front tires don't get any traction so the tires lock up and your tires spin for a minute. My Elantra was my first car and has been a great form of transportation for almost 4 years.

- Taylor K

I loved my Hyundai so much that I bought a second one.

Twelve years old and still running very well. A bit of rust and lots of dings but a good wash and wax and it looks pretty nice. I have had to put tires and an alternator on of course and fixed brakes. I have had it road checked and put on a lift before a trip of 1,500 mile 4 times. I only have 8,000 and I really cannot complain about much. Love my Hyundai!

- Gloria A

My vehicle has a lot of character and comfort.

It handles well and is very reliable. It is a used car, so it has a lot of miles on it, but it is in good condition considering that. With proper maintenance, it could eventually get back to reasonably new condition minus the mileage. The only downside is the lack of AUX jack/cassette deck in the radio, but that is easily fixable with a replacement unit.

- Megan G

Wonderful, dependable automobile!

I love our Hyundai Elantra! We have had this automobile for 12 years now, and it has been so reliable! There have been very few issues with it, except for the sensor in the passenger seat. We had to replace the entire bottom section of the seat. But, we have had very little maintenance and problems otherwise. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone!

- Debbie M

Great car, great price, do not regret buying it.

Great commute vehicle. Very reliable and economic. My car is stick shift and it drives great for a small car. Inside color is light tan not my favorite but unfortunately this car maker didn’t have many options. Performance is great when you keep up with maintenance regularly. I have had to replace the clutch and radiator once in 12 years.

- David C

Nice car. Not fancy but does what it needs to do

So far I like my car. It gets good gas mileage (around 22 in the city and 30 on the highway) and it is easy to drive. Super easy to park and feels pretty zippy when just driving around. Not a ton of leg room because its so small but otherwise pretty comfy. Overall a nice basic commuter car. Nothing fancy but it works for what we need.

- Rowan R

Good car but some issues!

I bout this vehicle about a year ago. It has been holding up but I've been experiencing some problems with my alternator belt. It has blown off twice and they aren't very cheap to replace, because of labor cost for the mechanic. The position of the alternator is in a bad spot, it's located near the passenger side of the vehicle.

- Justin A

My vehicle is reliable and cheap and oldie but classic vehicle.

My car is very reliable. I have had it for over a year and it has not given me many problems. The breaks work well and I spend about $30 a week in gas which is not bad for all the traveling I do. However, because it is an older version I have been having problems with the trunk not opening and the doors.

- Jacqueline E

Well-loved Hyundai Elantra, 2006.

My car is very reliable but has small wear and tear issues. Currently the check engine light is on, but the vehicle runs just fine. It features a standard radio with a CD player, but does not have an AUX jack, Bluetooth audio, or a navigation system. The driver side headlight was also recently replaced.

- Megan G

Longevity of a Hyundai Elantra.

Due to the fact that my car is 13 years old I have to say I am grateful it is still running and has cause me minimal motor related issues. Only normal wear and tear or accidental damage has caused any real concern esthetically. Brakes, oil changes, & tune ups are considered normal wear & tear.

- Nicole H

Easy on gas, needs good tires for the snow.

It sits pretty low which can be annoying for my husband because he is tall. It is a smooth ride and mostly comfy. We've never had anything major go wrong. It absolutely needs a set of good winter tires or you can't go in the snow at all. Otherwise it is a pretty good little car that is easy on gas.

- Stephanie M

It kept my boyfriend safe when he ran it under the back end of a pickup truck.

I love my car. I fought hard to get my grandmother to give it to me, once she was deemed too blind and ridiculous to drive. Unfortunately, my boyfriend crashed it last year and she'll never be the same and I can't afford to get her properly fixed. I am glad, though, that she kept my boyfriend safe.

- Karley B

My Hyundai Elantra rocks!

I have not had any issues with my car. She has been perfectly reliable for the past 13 years. Performance is beyond expectation, including load capacity. The car is comfortable and has everything I need in order to make me happy, whether it is just tooling about town or heading out on a road trip.

- Dee A

A dependable Hyundai Elantra car.

The Hyundai Elantra is a good performance car. It is very reliable, it is good on gas, and has very low maintenance costs. The interior is comfortable, for both short and long trips. It is an economical car to drive. Good and sturdy and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants a good car.

- Audrey J

Small comfortable form of transportation.

It is a 2006 Hyundai Elantra hatchback. It takes very little to fill the tank. Very comfortable with 23 miles to the gallon. The vehicle does not take long to warm up. Has leather seats that are able to be reclined. It uses little gas when accelerating with tires that are very durable . .

- Lowell G

Great everyday use car. Good on gas.

My car is a good car for everyday use nothing really wrong with it except at times it struggles to shift when picking up speed. Sometimes the steering wheel shakes when picking up speed too. I use my car everyday to travel to work never has a problem starting up. It is great on gas also.

- Alicia V

A great Ride for any man or woman

Love my car it drives smoothly has great gas mileage. Is a great color and has lots of room to store things. Very reliable and has good seat covers love the light gray color. Easy power steering and the windows are perfect tinted. A great family car or perfect for the single person also.

- jessica P

It came with alarm and I like the color.

I like how it drives and keeps on going. I paid for the car in 6mo performance is great. Ran into a car front end is wrecked. The car still run good. There is a problem with alarm cause lost my keys. That is a bummer I like the color of my car. Would like a truck next time I buy vehicle.

- Janet W

Very Dependable - Great Car

I purchased my 2006 Hyundai brand new. It's been very reliable. The only 'major' issue I've had with the car is the air conditioning unit died, but that was at 170,000 miles. Other than that, only normal wear and tear has happened with the car. Considering purchasing another Hyundai.

- Terry C

Easy to handle, very reliable, highly dependable,

I purchased this car new with only 25 miles on it. The odometer currently reads 105010 and I still love it. I have only had to replace the radiator about 3 yrs ago which I feel is very reasonable. The interior still looks great too. When ready will definitely consider another one.

- Teresa T

I bought the car used - it has been reliable thus far. I am 6 months in and haven't really had any issues. The most alarming thing is a loud squeal when I turn the car on and turn the wheel. . I plan to ride this vehicle out until it dies. So far at 88k miles and going strong!

- Tyler Y

Runs smooth and has great mechanics.

Very reliable car, however the inner mechanisms do have some problems unfortunately. As for mechanically this car is a champ. It rides smoothly and almost never has issues with the engine, etc.. The exterior paint has seemed to fade a decent amount, but it gets the job done.

- Brandon B

My Elantra is my livelihood it gets me everywhere it holds a lot of memories

It's very gas sufficient and gets great mileage I would definitely recommend this vehicle to others. The seat belt icon lets you know when passengers or you aren't wearing the seat belt which helps with small children. The airbags also have a sensor so you know they are good

- Brittany B

The car is very low maintenance.

4 door hatchback. Stick shift. Very few features. Pretty basic. Still runs well and still using the original clutch. Plastic on doors has cracked. Too small for my husband to drive. Wish the back doors would slide open like a minivan. Heats and air conditions well.

- Lisa M

The best sedan out there.

My car is been through a lot of wear and tear but it has still been going. Maintenance is not too hard to handle and can take a lot before any problems come up. It can take a lot of miles as well. It's very reliable and comfortable and though small can still be efficient.

- Gabrielle G

A reliable car but not the best if you want good gas mileage.

It is a great car for getting around. It drives smoothly. Lots of space in the trunk and back seat can fold down to provide more space for transporting large items. On the other hand, gas mileage is not the best and the acceleration when going uphill is not that great.

- Grace T

My thoughts about my 2006 Hyundai Elantra vehicle.

Vehicle is very reliable, great on gas, low maintenance. Very comfortable on long trips. Pretty roomy for 4 people. Could put 3 small in the back seat. I have had it for about 3 years and have not had a single issue except I did have to change the power steering pump.

- Evelyn V

The vehicle is a manual which is old school and still fun to drive.

Manifold gasket is acting up but it is extremely difficult to get to so even though the replacement part is cheap the labor is not even close to being so. Other than that the vehicle has been a good vehicle for just getting from short distances of point a to point b.

- Jamie H

I love the shiny silver color on my car. It blends well with other cars.

My vehicle is really awesome but I have leather seats and I live in Florida so my bottom gets burnt a lot. Other than that, my vehicle is very good on gas and it gets me where I need to go. I like that it is small but not too small and it is an elegant looking car.

- Shane W

I still enjoy the sharp dark red color.

Knock on wood best car ever. No real problems to date. Fun little car. Nice sunroof. Handling it is mileage very well with up to date maintenance. Great shape. No rust. Just a few dings. Still receiving plenty of compliments on the shape of the car and durability.

- Lauren B

Reliable and long lasting.

I really enjoy the Hyundai Elantra. It is my second Elantra I own. My husband even bought an Elantra. It is a good car for the price. Long lasting and reliable. I plan on giving this car to my daughter when she drives and will purchase another Hyundai brand car.

- Michele K

Long lasting car. I recommend Hyundai to everyone

Battery doesn't last very long, always buying a new one. Very safe to be in during an accident. Has lasted me thirteen years and still going. Great for traveling long distances. Very spacious in the trunk. Paint still in great condition. Very easy to drive.

- Dee Anna D

Manual 2012 VW bug review

Love my beetle since it's manual I feel like I have more control and I like that's it's a turbo as well. The drive is smooth and the seat warmers are perfect for the winter time. Very reliable as well as good gas mileage. Does not have a sunroof but that's ok

- Meg L

My reliable average little car

My Elantra is a very good stable reliable workhorse of a car. It seems to take care of me even when my funds are low. The comfort of the car is very average. It is neither comfortable or uncomfortable. It is a very good little car as far as cars go through.

- Sheryl W

Great little sedan that could.

It is a good car that is lasted for years with minor issues. Maintenance is not hard to keep up with. It is been durable and been through some wear and tear but is still a good car. A lot of miles are not good for the car but it can last for the most part.

- Gabby G

I have already summarized my vehicle.

I have a Hyundai Elantra. Not many problems. Good performance. Car is very reliable and fairly comfortable. Overall a good automobile, has never left me stranded for the twelve years I have owned it. I would highly recommend a car of this make and model.

- Kimberly K

Things made years ago are made better and more are reliable.

I like my car because it is reliable and I can count on it. It is a basic car with no frills, but then again that is less things to go wrong with the car. The vehicle gets good gas mileage and it was cheap enough where I never had to get a loan for it.

- Sharon L

Great car, not so great windows.

Drives great in the snow. It is comfortable. Good gas mileage. It is quick. Only problem I have had is with my windows. Every one of them falls off the track. The driver window shattered in my boyfriend's face while he was driving. But I still love it.

- Michaela B

My car is not very interesting. Basic but good.

I like my vehicle. It is a Hyundai Elantra, 2006. My car is reliable and has never left me stranded. Not many problems, at all. My automobile drives well and is very reliable and comfortable. Features are basic but it gets me from point A to point B.

- Kimberly K

Are you ready for a very smooth ride

I have rarely had any issues where it needed work which is extremely important to me. The gas mileage is great and it's a very smooth ride. I'm able to fit five smaller adults inside no problem, so if you want to take your car, it's rarely an issue.

- Eric S

My car was a junker and has had a lot of work done on it.

My car was purchased in late August of 2017 after a horrible accident. I do not like red and I was not interested in buying a new car but after searching for weeks I found my Elantra. It is well made, hardy and looks great in spite of being red.


It is a really reliable car.

I like that it is reliable. I like that it does not have some of the fancy things stuff that comes on newer cars (I am behind on a lot of the technology). I dislike that if I want to listen to my favorite music, I have to listen to it on CDs.

- Tr B

So far it has been reliable for us, even though it now has over 100,000 miles.

It's been pretty reliable for us. It's already got over 100,000 miles on it but runs OK. I don't like that the clear coat started peeling off, and I don't like that it seems to rust easily. I had a Saturn before this with no rust issues.

- Angie M

It really drives and performs well.

It is a small 4 cylinder vehicle. Rides great and great on gas. Accelerates well and drives smooth for a small vehicle. The interior is well designed and has plenty of compartments for storage. Overall it is a great reliable small car.

- Michelle B

300,000 miles and counting!

My car has over 300,000 miles on it, and it still has pep. I love the size, enough room but not too big. I really have no complaints about this car, it's been reliable, fairly affordable for any fixes, and has lasted me a long time

- Rachel S

It is small so if you are tall your legs will hurt a bit.

No problems a all I like driving it. It's great for a 2. 0 dual over head 4 cylinder engine. It great on gas about 11 gallons gets me like 370 miles. Seats are okay they are not the greatest but hey can't complaint to much.

- Michael R

Good and alright, it is got potential.

It is a good first car but not a good family car. The mirrors on the sun visors have fallen off and it is all carpet in there so it is no fun to clean. However, it is nice to ride in and I like it as a first car.

- Sarah M

Others should know that the Elantra will have some body work that will wear out. I have had to replace a ball joint and slider pins for my caliper bracket.

I love how compact my Elantra is, but also how much storage it has. I travel for work and can fit an entire portable massage table in my trunk. I also love the controls and the sleek look of the vehicle.

- Rhiannon S

My car is big enough to fit a number of other people but small enough to parallel park easily.

It is a nice vehicle and smooth ride. I like that i can control all the windows and locks from my drivers side. I dislike it because it used to be my moms and she always acts like it is still her car.

- Ken G

Best car ever. Gas mileage is based on YOUR driving and the number of stoplights.

Over 200,000 and only had to change light and FRONT brakes. If I don't get caught by stop lights and the weather is right(windows up, no A/C, No heater fan, etc), I have gotten 65.01 AND 65.23 MPG!

- Will B

My old electric blue baby.

The Hyundai Elantra is a safe car. It has great acceleration and does well on gas. Brakes are good. I have no complaints other than that my car is getting old and squeaks whenever I turn the wheel.

- Jessica G

It doesn't have a standard lock/unlock button. The locks are operated by switches on the actual door handle. The only way to lock all 4 doors at once is by manually locking the driver's side door by hand or with the key. Otherwise, you have to manually switch all locks. Very inconvenient if you have multiple passengers.

It is very gas efficient. The ride is smooth and it very easy to drive. So far, minor repairs such as headlights, oil changes, etc. have been simple and the parts seem cheap and readily available.

- Bethany F

Not a lot of legroom in back seat for passengers.

Not enough legroom in the back seat for passengers, drives smooth, handles easily, plenty of trunk space, rear seats fold down, plenty of window area to drive and see surrounding lanes easily.

- Charlene H

It is great on gas especially with the super high gas prices now and days.

It is really great on gas and it has been running strong since purchasing this used car. Parts aren't super expensive if a repair is needed. Also its in my favorite color red which is a plus.

- Karena S

This vehicle has been very dependable ,not only around town , but also has been on several 400 mile plus road trips

This vehicle has been very dependable.. has plenty of pickup and enough room in the back seat and the trunk to accommodate my needs...no trouble with it at all , and I bought it used

- Jerry D

It's very fuel efficient, makes over 30 miles to a gallon.

I like that it is fuel efficient. I wish it were more up to date, heated seats would be nice. Some of the features have started failing, but it's made it over 130,000 miles so far.

- Jennifer D

How to change a tire, check your fluids, basic car stuff.

It gets me from point A to point B. It is old, and nothing fancy though. The alternator recently crapped out and I had to replace it because my car wouldn't start without a jump.

- Lana T

It is awesome when you have to transport a child and everyone's stuff.

I just use my car for transportation not to live in. I have everything I need in my car. The more stuff you have in your car that is "fancy", the more that can go wrong with it.

- Mike M

It is a very good car for the price.

It has very comfortable seats. I do not feel like I am sitting too low in the vehicle. It fits a comfortable five people. Only thing I do not like is the built in sound system.

- Nick S

Make sure you keep your car serviced.

Great on the miles, . It runs pretty good like that everything works the sunroof, heat, air, radio. Because it is a very, very small vehicle, I can about park almost anywhere.

- Terry G

It is roomier than it looks. It lasts a long time with little maintenance.

It gets good gas mileage. It is small enough to fit in anywhere but roomy on the inside. I don't like that the headlights get a filmy substance on them that doesn't come off

- Winann P

A reliable vehicle at a decent price with a good safety and repair track record.

I bought it used, and the ABS has always been overactive in hot weather. It's otherwise been very reliable, and given me no problems that weren't accident-related, like flats.

- Kathy M

This car is very durable and dependable and will get you wherever you want to go.

The vehicle gets great mileage. The car has been owned since 2006 and driven constantly and in 2018 is still going strong. It is very durable and still maintains mileage.

- Elena M

It is a comfortable ride even on long distances.

I like the style and comfort. It is a good performing car. I really do not dislike anything except that is really light weight so it would crumble in an accident.

- Jacqueline K

It's reliable, fun to drive, stylish, and so roomy! I love that the seats fold down.

The car has a smooth ride, great sound system, and cool look. I love the hatchback design because I can fit so much in the trunk. I also like the fuel economy.

- Michelle D

That she is long-lasting and dependable.

I love my car! She has over 168,000 miles and has lasted 12 years. Other than regular maintenance and a few minor issues, she has been a great car to have!

- Kari R

The gas mileage is worth it alone.

I like the size and gas mileage. Dislike the interior of the car. It can be hard to clean. Overall, the car is reliable and I would likely purchase another.

- Kimberly K

Its reliable but leaks like a sieve.

Car has been good to us reliable with 185000 miles on it, and no major repairs, wish it sat higher difficult to get in and out of now gets worse each year.

- Kristina B

This car has very low maintenance upkeep.

Like low mileage, efficiency, low maintenance, easy to read maintenance instructions. Dislike color, dislike radio system,, dislike lack of amenities.

- Diane F

Although it is nothing fancy it has been an affordable & dependable brand

It has been very dependable. Getting older and needing a few repairs ,but nothing major . Don't put many miles on it,so should last a few more years.

- David S

Our reminds me of my old corolla but at a better price point than what I paid for it.

It's great and has been super reliable. It gets good gas mileage which is great. My only complaint is the paint has eroded with rain which is weird.

- Leese P

It is maintenance free, does not require a lot of attention.

I like it does not have a lot of technology to distract me from driving, and it meets my immediate needs, and does not require a lot of maintenance.

- Georgiann K

That it has proven to have some longevity and is a reliable vehicle.

I love the compact design of the body and ease of driving. The ride is smooth a reliable. The vehicle also has very responsive brakes/steering.

- Joshua R

it is reliable and durable and great on gas

efficient, reliable, never had any major problems. great on gas. motor on the wiper went out sooner than expected but otherwise a great car.

- eric H

It's a great ride. It's a smooth ride. It's good on mileage.

I like it's a manual transmission, it has good room. Don't like how they placed cup holders so close to the shifter when put in reverse.

- Laura N

It is the perfect size and runs wonderful! Has everything you need.

I love this car! I bought it brand knew and have had no issues with it and still have it to this day! Has run wonderful for 12 years!

- Jessica M

It is a small car but it has a lot of space for people and luggage.

It is a good car but recently there seems to be one problem after another. Our muffler had to be rewilded twice, we are getting rust.

- Andrea H

Reliable, comfortable, roomy, easy to drive. Live the color inside and out.

Comfortable, reliable. No complaints. Good car, roomy, large trunk, room for 5, fold down seats for large loads. Great little car.

- RC F

Long lasting and dependable vehicles.

Hyundai is a really good and reliable car company. My vehicle is 12 years old and still runs as good as when I first bought it.

- David C

It does all that I need it to do and does it without issue.

White and small, with now over 200,000 miles on it. runs well and does what it's meant to do- get me from one place to another.

- Colton C

It gets great gas mileage and is still steaming along after 12 years of use.

My Hyundai gets great gas mileage but it is getting older, so in a few years I will need to look for another car. No complaints

- Patrice b

It's great on gas, cause even though it has a 2.0 dual overhead 4 cylinder engine. It has plenty of power to get you moving

This car is great, it runs smooth. great on gas. handles like a beast.It's small for a 4 door sedan buts great as a daily car.

- mic r

It is great on gas it has a nice ride and low mileage.

It is 13 years old it has been in an accident about two years since the accident no motor damages just the front of the car.

- Regina W

It is reliable and very easy to drive. I really enjoy driving this car. It is easy to park.

I like that it is a smaller car. This makes it easy to park. It is big enough to buy things and they fit well in the trunk.

- Ann W

I only recently in the past year or so had to start replacing engine parts; very reliable AND good gas mileage - still getting 30 mph on the highway

I purchased my vehicle in 2008 with 10k miles and I'm still going strong 10 years and 250k miles later with minimal issues.

- Karen M

Wreck in front but miles to the gallon is great.

I love my car. I have only had this car a year. I hit someone in the front so it needs fixed but for now it is a good car.

- Janet W

It's really good on gas and so far I had no problem with it.

I like that it runs good and get me where I have to go. It's good on gas. I don't like the color but I'll deal with it.

- theresa k

It is a dependable car that you can always rely on.

Love the car. It has been very dependable and is good on gas. It seldom needs to go to the shop for any maintenance.

- Audrey S

can hold lots of stuff if you need to move furniture or carry lots of packages

gets great mileage can carry lots of stuff in the back heats up quick in the winter and cools down fast in the summer

- Karen B

One special thing is the eco.

It's a reliable car. Has eco system which is good for gas. Also the sunroof is great for hot summer days in Florida.

- Patrick E

great gas mileage compact

i have had no major problems with this car, other than maintenance no problems at all ,, would definitely buy again

- rhonda f

The interior does not look old.

Small I can get into any parking space. Saves me a lot of money on gas. Great vacation car has enough trunk space.

- Erica A

They should know that when driving it , it does tend to pull to the right.

I like that my car has a sunroof, and great ac! It also has ecosystem built in. The tires do wear easily though!

- Patrick E

My Hyundai Elantra has required minimal maintenance during 12 years of ownership

I like my car because in 10 years of ownership it has been incredibly reliable, while getting great gas mileage.

- Alan W

Hyundai is a very economical car and much easier to handle on the road and in cities

Love the small size, the ease of driving. I do wish it had more technology features. It's very fuel efficient

- Angela B

It has really good gas miles.

To small, have had engine problem, window stopped working, it has an oil leak, the door handle also don't work.

- Elizabeth G

Decent mileage, had a 10 year warranty

Has lasted me since 2007, minor repairs, right now only my window will go up and down from my control panel

- Kathy H

rides good great millage its very roomy and the seats recline

nice ride great quality and drives great good seats and has a smooth ride nice car smell and love my car

- jessica p

Great fuel economy car for highway driving

I love the MPG. Plenty of room with easy 4 door access. It's a four cylinder so it does lack in pick up.

- Susan V

It pulls to the right a little.

I like hat it has a sunroof and ecosystem built in already. I don't like the tire wear and tear quickly.

- Patrick R

It's economical and reliable. It also came with a really good warranty.

It's a good size for city living. It's comfortable and easy to drive. It's been a reliable vehicle.

- Tammy M

If you're looking for something safe for you and your family then I prefer Hyundai.

It's very roomy and comfy. Very safe and affordable and dependable to drive. Extremely good on gas.

- Mickale J

It's a compact vehicle, not the best for space, Good on gas

I like that my car is a gas saver, it's just small, I would like a bigger presence on the road lol

- Jermaine L

The most important thing others should know that the vehicle is reliable and dependable.

I like that it is reliable and long lasting. Has a CD player and AM/FM radio. Dependable vehicle.

- Dawn S

It had an excellent repair warranty on it.

The car has held up with very little repairs. Always starts. Easy to drive. Gets good mileage.

- Marilyn H

It is truly a smooth ride and great on the highway

I love the way it accelerates and the smooth ride also for a older car it gets good gas mileage

- Rebecca G

very comfortable and roomy very good milage

the car is a compact very comfortable roomy car and they is nothing i dislike about it

- Venus B

My car is reliable, economical ..and easy to drive

I like the Size for city living. I enjoy the reliability. My car is very economical.

- Wendi V

Affordable to own and operate.

Good gas mileage. Has been very dependable. Easy to maneuver in downtown traffic.

- Wanda S

Dependable, good on fuel and is easy to drive. This car doesn't have all the thrills but that means least to go wrong

Car is wonderful. Small enough but not too small. Fixing it though is expensive

- Amy W

Its reliable and gas saving. Will get you where you need to go.

Like the color, shape and style of the car. Very reliable and had no problems.

- Erica G

you can have high mileage and it still works very good

it is good on gas. it has a good air conditioning system. it is fun to drive

- Sharon K

it gets me from point A to B safely and was inexpensive

I wish it was sitting up higher Wish it had keyless entry the color is ok

- Donna D

it has a lot of room to move around in without feeling cramped

i like everything about the car It's compact but have a lot of room

- Louana J

It has been very dependable

it has 100,000 miles and still going strong with little maintenance

- Brian B

It is a small, easy to handle, quick little car that with its hatchback holds a lot of groceries or whatever else you need to haul. It's a great car to drive and a not-so-great car to be a passenger in, especially if you're tall. The seats are low. But driving it is fun, and it's easy to maneuver, easy to park, has a decent horn for scolding other drivers....

If you take care of it, it will last you ten years or more.

- Christina S

My sedan is a comfortable, small, reliable vehicle. It lacks certain comfort and convenience features, like leather seats, bluetooth connection, or any current safety features. Overall, the vehicle has withstood 100,000 miles but shows wear and tear (e.g. rust near the fenders). The car has not needed much maintenance thankfully, aside from normal maintenance for an older car. Pretty good gas mileage is a big positive.

It is a simple, reliable, and very much affordable sedan.

- Grace G

Great Millage with the car , handles really well . Starts right up in cold or hot weather .

I like the gas mileage but don't like the small interior

- William O