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Classic 2009 Hyundai Elantra

The 2009 Hyundai Elantra SE has provided strong lasting reliability in regards to fuel efficiency covering long distance miles. The Elantra has been fantastically manufactured to withstand great duration of time with little to no maintenance; although always recommended. The parts are simple to install and easy to find throughout the majority of auto parts retailers. The standard cloth interior version of this vehicle will stain and can be detailed with upholstery cleaner. Up to 4 passenger could ride comfortably and safely. For passenger 6'0' or taller may find challenges with comfortable leg space. During long distance rides a reduced number of passengers may be a factor for taller travelers for comfort reasons. Features include the Satellite Radio feature that can be purchased via monthly membership payment plan.

- Brian A

Hyundai Elantra This vehicle is four door and gets great gas mileage.

I drive a Hyundai Elantra. I bought this car used from a neighbor who lived across the street at the time. To be honest, this car has done great for me. It gets awesome gas mileage to. I always make sure to stay on top of my oil changes along with filters but besides the normal wear and tear on a car the only real maintenance I have run into was changing out tires and brakes! I am slightly over 150 thousand miles and my car is still running great. I have noticed that the paint is starting to fade in several different areas on the car. Overall, I do feel that this is a great vehicle. The four doors make is easy for my kids to get and out of as well. I will consider looking at the newer model when I go to purchase the next time!

- Kristen A

Hyundai Elantra Review - Extreme Traveler Edition

I purchased my Hyundai Elantra used in 2013. I purchased based on size and comfort of the vehicle. I was traveling nearly 120 miles per day, so a smaller, yet comfortable, vehicle was needed. You can comfortably fit 4 adults in the vehicle, 5 would be a tight ride, but it is doable. I haven't had performance issues with the vehicle while traveling. The only issue I have had is that the airbag light on the dash has been on for over a year, yet no issues with the airbags have been found. The only feature I wish this vehicle had is Bluetooth due to the amount of travel and phone time.

- Jessica G

All the way around a great car.

First problem that I have with my vehicle is the color it black it nice but I wanted red and second problem it not really good on gas. Performance the car drives great smooth ride an great ac and heat. Reliability the cars is great performs is great the car go really fast.. Comfort is awesome and features go with comfort heated seats leather interior sunroof witch I am excited about an child proof locks an it also came with one built in small TV in the back located in the head rest of the passenger seat my kids live that.. All the way around great car.

- Jessica S

Lots of great features, roomy back seat, great gas mileage, USB ports, storage.

It is very roomy the back seat is very comfortable for my kids to sit, plenty of legroom. The car gets great gas mileage, the a/c keeps the car cool and comfortable. It has good speed when the gas is accelerated, great breaks for stopping quickly. It has a room trunk to hold a multitude of groceries. Lots of interior storage for glasses, coins. The USB port is great for charging the cell phone and co coaxial cable port is very handy. Really like the steering wheel button for the radio and also cruise control.

- Brenda A

My Thoughts on the 2009 Hyundai Elantra SE

Just recently fixed an issue with the steering coupler: apparently an issue that occurs with Hyundais often. Performance is great, I got the car from CarMax in 2017 with about 54K miles, and now have 88K. Prominent features of the car include power steering, power windows, and automatic transmission. I've had to replace the windshield wipers and coolant in the AC a few times. The car's stock tires wore out pretty fast, and during colder months, my tire pressure has a mind of its own.

- Elena B

My Hyundai has a very interesting color of blue and back seats lay down

The car is very reliable I got it used last year and other than a few minor details it's a great running car.I would take this car across country. It gets great gas mileage. My kids are too close together in backseat it is a smaller car.it's very comfortable ride and can see the road well.I'm 5'6 and I'm reaching my son's feet tho and he's only three.I have CD player automatic windows lots of trunk space small quiet engine. Add tinted windows and it be perfect

- Kristen S

I love my little car. The turning radius is amazing!

The Elantra runs great. She has been put through quite a lot traveling from Alabama to Connecticut, to Wisconsin, and a whole bunch of places in between. As of late the driver's door has come a bit loose so the reminder that goes off often, and the driver seat belt does not stay in place any more, so we have to hook it around the e brake handle. These issues have been due to the driver's anger more than the car itself though.

- Kelly B

2009 Hyundai Elantra gets the job done

My vehicle is very reliable, and gets great gas mileage. About 37 miles per gallon, the fuel economy of this car is one of the reasons why I chose it. I find that it is very spacious which makes for a comfortable ride. However, the car is old and it is a struggle to drive fast, particularly uphill. For this reason I would recommend this car for city or local driving rather than on freeways.

- Erin M

2009 Hyundai Elantra - A super reliable well balanced car!

The 2009 Hyundai Elantra really is a great and reliable car! It's served me very well for over 100,000 miles with no major issues at all, would definitely recommend for the reliability! Also is a very sleek looking car, and despite its age quite modern looking. It even drives well in snowy conditions, as well as the many times I have taken it down sketchy dirt roads, great balanced car!

- Caleb B

Compact, reliable and economic.

I bought my car new 9 years ago and I have enjoyed owing it the entire time. I have had no major mechanical issues with my car though it does have a small quirk on the passenger front door does not always lock or unlock which is a minor annoyance. My Hyundai drives very smoothly and gets great mileage though it is a v4 so it does not have the acceleration of other cars I have driven.

- Naomi M

Reliable, Economical, and Comfortable

I have not had any issues with this vehicle. In the 10 years I've had it, I have only put on 50,000 miles but I have never had to get professional repairs done. Just some regular maintenance that I or family have helped me complete. The interior and exterior holds up well and the seat are comfortable, not to mention the back seat has plenty of leg room for even adult passengers.

- Jen T

It's great quality for the value. The newer models are assembled in the States so it's supporting local economy to purchase Hyundai.

I like the gas mileage, the size, the color, how low-tech it is, and the size of the trunk. I dislike that the paint seems to be peeling, that the middle console can't support weight (when people use it as a support place for their hand when getting into the car or shifting their weight after already sitting in the car), and that their is very little leg room in the back seat.

- Sharon L

Great Option for Young Adult: Clean, Reliable, & Drives Nice

Overall, I am happy with this car for the price I paid. It gets around 25 mpg and has a 13 gallon tank. The car drives nice and seems to hold up well. The only real problem I have had with my car is a faulty rear passenger door handle. I have a very basic model' cloth seats, basic radio, no sunroof, etc. I bought it as a commuter for college and am very satisfied with it.

- Indigo I

Good, reliable ca for commuters and for young couples.

We are at 64, 000 miles on this car and so far no problems. We bought this car salvaged so that may affect things. We have told that we may need to fix the front val bearings soon but have not taken it in yet. The car is comfortable but a little small in the back seat. It has a basic radio system, nothing fancy. The car gets usually 30-35 mpg on highway and 25 in city.

- Kristen R

Car is very well built and runs like a champ.

I have never had a day of trouble with my car my van on the other hand I had to get rid of because it was in the shop almost every week, it finally broke down completely on me and had to be towed to my house. My car on the other hand I have never had a day of trouble with it. I have not had the oil changed in two years, no fluids added to it and it runs like a champ.

- Phyllis P

The advances of the Hyundai.

I had a Sonata first and I loved it. The Elantra gets better gas mileage, but I miss the extras that come with the Sonata. The Elantra has plenty of comfort and extras. I was impressed with all the airbags and the extras that were added since I had bought the Sonata. I wish I was financially able to buy a 2018. I can only imagine the advances added since my 2009.

- Jo Ann S

My Hyundai Elantra 2009- runs but issues.

The car has a lot of mechanical issues. It stalls out sometimes and it makes sounds. I had the alternator replaced recently and it only has just over 100k miles on it. The radio also recently broke. The wiring must have a problem. I replaced the fuses and it still will not work. I read on reviews that it has issues and I will probably be buying a new one.

- Sidney D

Deep blue metallic sedan gas saver!

Important to have snow tires on the front end...Slid without them, going down a small incline. Performance is good, is reliable, very comfortable, easy to do u turns, uses very little gas yea!...Pretty blue metallic color, room for three extra people, bothersome locks though...The back doors stay locked when you unlock the front driver's side.

- Lynn M

My car's size is a good size for a 5ft. Person.

My car has low mileage. Only 106,350 miles on my 10 year old car. My transmission is failing at such low miles. It should last more than 106,000 miles. The 4 cylinders are not big enough to run and pick up speed as needed. My car is starting to squeak and rattle a little. This can be expected with an older car but not one with low mileage.

- Beverly R

The gas mileage is the best thing about the Elantra.

I have had this Elantra for about 9 years and I am very satisfied with it. Excellent gas mileage, beautiful two-tone interior, and sporty exterior. The only problem that I have noticed was the stall of the window motor on the passenger side. Besides that, I don't have any complaints. My go-to vehicle for trips and reliable daily driver.

- Hayley J

A cute, no-frills, dependable car with some quirks but overall very reliable.

I really like my car. It has always been comfortable and reliable. I love the blue backlighting for the radio. The Bluetooth system, however, is definitely outdated and could be better. Also, the windshield has no tint to it which makes the car feel very hot during the summer months unless you put a cover in the windshield portion.

- Liz N

Kinda like it kind of don't

It doesn't shift that great, too small, like a go kart. It does have great gas mileage at the least! I like it but I don't. To small with a child. My driver window went out recently so I can't use it. Had it for 5 years and it was only good for the first year in a half then I started having problems. I have replaced multiple tires!

- Cara M

2009 Hyundai Elantra has amazing audio in car

I really like my car but it has a few issues. My steering wheel shakes when I brake too hard or when I'm going on the highway. The gas cap needs to be replaced so my check engine light has been on for quite some time even after fixing supposed problems with it. The trunk is very spacious and the car itself is really comfortable.

- Samantha D

Hyundai Elantra meets basic needs, is reliable and holds up well over the years.

My vehicle has been very reliable and has not require much maintenance besides oil changes and fixing basic wear and tear over the years such as tires, brakes etc. as well as some cosmetic interior wear and tear. It fits our family of four comfortably with some extra room. The features are standard and pretty basic.

- Kari J

Great reliable vehicle. Has stayed in great condition.

Great reliable car. Has served me well for ten years and I have no desire to get rid of it still. Two different people have wrecked in to me and you would never know because the car still rides smooth and dents were easily popped out. I still have less than 50,000 miles on it and hope to own it for another ten years.

- Dan S

Hyundai Elantra the bad outweigh the good.

Takes forever to shift and is very loud when past 2. 5 rpm also guzzles gas which is surprising. Emission valves go bad very quickly, tire pressure monitor system is very touchy especially with whether change. Car is very comfortable and roomy, auxiliary and USB ports they do not work with apple products though.

- Brandy S

Be aware of potential transmission issues.

It has been very reliable and has not costed me any expensive repairs yet. It is small and compact with decent mileage. Dislikes: it has a hard time changing gears when on the highway traveling on a slight uphill and the coupling in the steering is deteriorated, causing a clicking noise when turning the wheel.

- Alyssa B

Fits 3 car seats in the back so if you have 3 kids, this car might be for you.

It is uncomfortable for anyone taller than 5 ft 3 in. Not a lot of legroom. Back seat can fit 3 car seat though for children. However once your kids hit teenage years it will be a tight fit. It is a lower car, I prefer higher vehicles. No backup assist or cameras. Temperature setting cannot be set to degrees.

- Anita S

2009 Hyundai Elantra review.

This vehicle has no issues as long as you take care of it, ie. Oil changes, breaks, etc. This vehicle is beyond reliable. Road noise is not the best but it is not terrible. Decent stock radio. Plenty of room and a good size trunk and back seats fold down for larger items to fit. Overall an excellent vehicle.

- Ryan M

Elantra dependability and comfort.

The car is comfortable for 4 passengers, 5 passengers is not as comfortable. The car handles the road well and is comfortable. For long car rides. The car is reliable, I have never had a problem with the vehicle. The basic features of the car are nice, cruise control, Sirius xm. It does lack bluetooth.

- Katie R

Our Hyundai Elantra has been very reliable and should be useful for many more years.

This is a basic economy car that is held up well over 9 years and 88,000 miles. I have had no major issues, only wear and tear repairs. The appearance is still good without rust. It is not the most comfortable car and cannot compare to the luxury and gas mileage of modern equivalent vehicles.

- Rick F

The XM radio, bright red color, and tan interior makes for a chick car.

The car runs well. The car has run well for ten years. The car is great on gas. The car runs smoothly. The car is visually appealing. The car has great features. The car has XM Radio. It also has great space, and cup holders. The interior stays clean and the lights have the perfectly brightness.

- Jasmine W

Nice European style hatchback that is reliable and roomy.

This vehicle has been very dependable and runs well. The seats are comfortable for long rides. There were a lot of standard features, like sirius XM. It had a long warranty that came in handy when we had a weird incident with the engine. It could be more fuel efficient, but otherwise we like it.

- D W

The Bluetooth capability. Great car.

It is extremely reliable. I have over 120,00 miles on the car and it drives beautifully. I have no service issues with the car. We just do routine maintenance on the car and have not had to do any major repairs. I love the Bluetooth capability that allows me to talk on the phone hands free.

- Anne A

Hyundai Elantra is the perfect size

One of the things that I love most about my care is its size. It is not too small or not too big. This also means that is great on gas. I don't find myself spending an arm and a leg on gas every week. The seats are a light color which means spills can lead to some pretty obvious staining.

- Jessica J

It looks like a mini SUV.

This car is reliable, cute, has seats that warm you in the winter. I did know before purchasing that the noise of the car can be heard in the cabin. That does not bother me. I would recommend this car to anyone. If I had a choice of buying the car in the future, I most certainly would.

- Renee S

My Awesome Hyundai Elantra

I love my Hyundai Elantra! It's small and compact so I can park on busy streets but it's also spacious enough to travel or have 4 other passengers! I also love that its a hatchback. So cute. I would recommend this car to anyone!! Great city car. Plus the ride is super smooth and quiet!

- Brittany A

My Car. The heater & AC.

Vehicle is very drivable. Runs smoothly. I recommend it highly. Features are heating & ac, 4 door, Rides very well. Rides very smooth. Has plenty of legroom & trunk space. Automatic. Not sure of gas because I just got vehicle a week ago. Silver in color. Has a radio, CD player,

- Dolores F

I love my car. Its runs very good the engine is clean and really good on gas.

So far my car has no problem. It's very reliable its drives very smooth. The performance is great its in all areas, in speed which also have anti lock brakes. This car also have back wipers and inside it have a lot of space for your feet. And also the back seats can carried 4 people.

- Sandy F

It' an affordable, quality car that is fairly basic, but will last a long time.

I have had my car for nine years and it's always been reliable. It gets decent gas mileage, came with a good warranty, and has a good sound system. I do wish it had a little more power and it would be nice to upgrade to a car with newer features like bluetooth and a backup camera.

- Kate S

Good value for family car. Great for trips and low maintenance.

It's good as a family car. I like the trunk, it holds everything we need. The back seat is roomy enough for 3 people. It travels well and requires basic maintenance only. The front seats are a bit uncomfortable. And the radio is pretty awful. I don't use any of the tech features.

- Nanette R

Great reliable Hyundai Elantra

I don't really have any issues with my vehicle. It has been a great back and forth from home to work vehicle. If I could change anything I would prefer a 5-speed vehicle to the automatic. The dependability of this vehicle is top-notch. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone.

- Patricia C

Great on gas and mileage while traveling

I love my car it's so reliable and great on gas mileage and I love the fact it just enough room for my kids and I and my sisters kids whenever we are ready to go somewhere. It had wonderful tires and durable seat belts. When we go on long rides we always prefer to drive my car

- Brittany J

This car is awesome- definitely recommend.

I have had very few problems with my car since I bought it. I absolutely love it and will continue to purchase from Hyundai. My car has had it is issues, but had never broken down on me and I have had it for quite some time. It is a really great car. I haven't had any issues.

- Haley R

Great reliable little vehicle!

This car is very reliable - I have done nothing more than routine maintenance and it has never required a major repair. I have nearly 140,000 miles on it so far. The seats are not the most comfortable, but I added a lumbar support and that did the trick. I love this car.

- Shannon C

The trunk size with the back seat going down if needed nice for shopping.

Easy on gas. And good for towing. Roomy front wheel drive. Large roomy trunk makes it great for shopping. Eyeglass compartment added feature. Armrest for storing compact disks or items. Cup holders in front and back bottle holders in doors. Good power and front wheel drive.

- Kim F

09 Hyundai is a comfortable family car.

I got my 09 Hyundai Elantra several years ago. I have always liked this car. I only have had minor problems, replaced battery this year. It is comfortable & easy to drive, can seat 5 people. I like the adjustable drivers seat & steering wheel. Trunk has lots of room.

- Regina D

Great 2009 Hyundai Elantra Car for Travel

I have had my car for several years now. It has over 200,000 miles on it and is completely reliable. It runs great and is comfortable for long trips. The visibility in the car is great and has contributed to me not getting into a car wreck. The gas mileage is also great.

- Amber H

It is a very good balance between a sedan and an SUV on a smaller scale for those who don't want a full SUV but want more storage space in their car.

the warranty is very good, it has been a very good car, I had a problem with the transmission shortly after buying and it was replaced. the storage space is spacious, the size of the car meets my needs. The gas mileage is adequate, would prefer if it was a little better

- Laurie D

Very spacious, gas efficient.

This car is perfect, great on gas and very spacious, very simple and easy to use. I travel long distance to work and $20 fill my gas tank, the interior is nice, this car is mainly a family car and its good for traveling long distances. I do not regret getting this car.

- Tres J

Best car for first time drivers.

The car drives smoothly. It is great on gas. It is very quiet. The car has a great radio it is relatively small. It is very comfortable. It came with heated seats for the winter time. It is a light blue color. It is very reliable. Has 5 seats. Automatic come in handy.

- Sarah K

The spacious of the car trunk and the gas mileage.

Always something with the check engine. It drives great for the miles and gas. It is small so not a family car although the trunk is big enough for a stroller and stuff. Every year maintenance check up on the car and as of now driving well but it is not a luxury car.

- Cynthia L

It has leather seats. And it is roomy

I love it because it is small but roomy the seats are leather. The car itself is great on gas. I can fill it up and 2 weeks later it is barely on empty. It picks up speed quick. I got my favorite color. Red. I wouldn't trade it for another car in the world

- Joyce G

Best car I've owned so far!

I love my car! I haven't had any issues. However I have put money into it. I have gotten a tune up and kept up with replacing parts! It has been reliable. I have traveled many times and never had any issues. Great gas mileage, easy to drive, small but roomy.

- Sara L

Great little car nothing wears it down.

This car has 170, 000 miles and it has only been recently that we have had to have major work done. Up until now it was just regular maintenance. Gas mileage is good for such an old car. The only thing I really do not like is it is a bit to small/confining.

- Lucy L

My 10 year old Hyundai Elantra

Being 10 years old the air conditioning doesn't work anymore and the petals can be a little touchy sometimes. It's a pretty small car but gets me to work and back. There's no rear view camera or anything like that, and I can't hook up my phone to my car.

- Cassandra B

It�s great on gas mileage .

The car runs like a dream but you can't go long distances without the service engine light coming on. The car is meant for shorter people the leg room isn't large. The ceiling in pretty low all Over the car maybe it is meant for kids and a short parent .

- Emily B

The Navy Blue Hyundai- Fun and Easy

We've had this car for almost 10 years and it has never given us problems. It drives great and there have never been problems with the brakes or the engine. There are many great features and the many cup holders for our coffee drinkers are such a plus.

- Aliyah B

It is reliable and has a lot of room. It has a hatchback so it is great for transporting stuff.

My car runs smooth-ish, but is definitely a bit bumpy. You can feel the road a lot. Overall, it is really comfortable and reliable. But honestly, it's a gas-guzzler. I would probably get a hybrid car that gets better mileage if I were get another car.

- Sarah T

Besides being comfortable, it offers an outstanding mechanism for its motor and long drives are no problem.

Everything in the vehicle seems to have been well made by the manufacturer. I have not complaints about the hydraulics. I chose such vehicle as well for its design and comfortable seats. I am glad I bought such magnificent piece of technology.

- Ronald M

That it is a good option for a person with limited income, but wants a reliable quality car.

I actually really like my car. It is a perfect fit for my large body size, it is roomy and it handles well. In the 8 yrs i have owned it i have only had to make minor upkeep repairs to it. It's a really good car for the money. I bought it new.

- Mary S

It's still running and it's 9 years old and it was worth the price.

My vehicle is pretty nice. It has a sunroof and it's been running pretty well since I've had it. It could be fancier in some regards, but I don't need anything too fancy. No biggest complaint would be that it doesn't handle hills very well.

- Shayna S

It is outdated. Does not have updated features.

It has cloth seats, and I prefer leather. It does not have Bluetooth or any updated features. It is small, with not much room in the backseat. It is pretty good on fuel. Trunk space is decent. Not many major problems with it over the years.

- Maria A

This car has been reliable for the past 6 years that I have owned it.

I have a pretty basic model of this car with manual transmission. It has been reliable and is comfortable inside. I do like the various small storage compartments for glasses, etc. I wish it had an air vent in the back for the kids.

- Rose H

Hyundai Elantra is economical to own and fun to drive.

I love that my car is efficient with fuel. It's cute and comfortable to drive. It can fit 4 adults comfortable. It is low maintenance. It is hard to see out the back side windows, and is easy to miss that there are cars coming up.

- Amy B

Zero Complaints For a 9 Year Old Car

It's been great, never had any major problems...kept the oil changed and bought new tires and windshield wipers when needed. I've replaced my headlight bulb a couple of times and bought a new battery once. I've had zero complaints.

- Trista S

My Hyundai is very reliable and long lasting.

Very good car, very reliable. I have had the car, used, for 3 yrs and I haven't had any big issues with this car. I have had to put general parts from regular wear. My car has lasted long after other newer cars that I've had.

- Lorri R

The blind spots are huge and can be potentially dangerous.

I like the aux cord and the number of outlets for charging. However, the blind spots are large considering the size of the car, and the rear window is small, causing me to have to constantly adjust rearview mirror.

- Ruth t

It's important to know that it's a safe and reliable car, but can be pricey to repair.

I like that my car is for the most part very reliable. It also is very affordable to fill with gas. I dislike that it seems to always be making a weird noise and that it is expensive to fix when there is a problem.

- Sam G

The most important thing is the fact that it's great on gas. I had a Jeep Grand Cherokee before the Elantra, and the change is amazing.

It is a very solid car. It has everything I need, while being simple in design. I prefer larger cars like SUVs though, because I know I would feel safer. The best part about the car is it gets 34 MPG.

- Chris R

Good on gas. I have kept the up to date.

Great car. Satisfies my needs. Plan to keep it till it no longer runs which I hope is a long time from now. I bought it used and it has been a good car for me. Now that it is paid off I am happier.

- Marcia A

Elantra a nice car for a small family.

I like the features that came with the car including the rear view backup camera and GPS. It is the perfect size for me and my son. The lights had a short that shouldn't have occurred already.

- Val L

Low cost, easy maintenance vehicle.

It is an easy to maintain small sedan. It has good gas mileage and general maintenance costs are low. Overall, it has no amazing features, but it has over 130k miles and drives well.

- Trama T

It is great on gas, both highway and interstate.

I like that the car is great on gas and has a good engine and transmission. The biggest thing I dislike about the car is that it does not have a lot of room for passengers.

- Brittany N

It is great for small jobs or trips.

I like that it is economical and maneuverable. I like the smallness and the compact design while performing all duties. I dislike its comfort, especially on long trips.

- Ann U

That it is comfortable and has great mileage!

I like the smooth ride. I like the comfortable seats. It has great mileage. A few problems: the passenger side window doesn't work, and button for opening trunk broke!

- Laurel b

It gets great gas mileage.

I love the gas mileage I get as well as the way it runs & the sunroof. I also like the fact that in 10 years of ownership, I've never had anything major wrong with it.

- Shelley O

One of the most reliable cars out there.

I absolutely have no problem whatsoever with this car. I carefully researched before buying it to make sure. Now i'm actually thinking about getting a new Elantra.

- Dilan P

Good and reliable family car

I have not had to do any major repairs or work done in the 7 years I have owned this car, which is a huge benefit. Very tight turning radius. has great gas mileage

- blanca m

good reliable car with decent gas mileage

reliable car with fairly good mileage. approaching ten years so only time will tell how durable the car is compared to known longevity brands like toyota and honda

- Emma G

Low operating cost on an inexpensive sedan.

No unusual problems. The vehicle requires regular maintenance and is very good on gas. There are no luxury features, but for the cost, there is a lot of longevity.

- Biagio T

It's been a great town car.

I really haven't had any problems with my car, everything works great, the only thing I can think of is I need to get new windshield wipers but that's about it.

- Sarah A

It's a nice smooth car. Great on gas. And super classy.

The car is good quality. It has been reliable for me. Has helped up through the years. I like the way it drives. I don't really have any complaints on the car.

- Alicia W

I have been driving it for 10 years, still looks great.

Handles well and has great features for small car. Fold down back seats, height adjustments for driver seat. It gets great gas mileage, and is very dependable.

- Rosemary H

2009 Hyundai Elantra Review

My car gets great gas mileage, which is the main reason I got it. I typically drive around 40 miles in a day for work. I don't like how it is cramped feeling.

- Cat H

Never have had a problem with the car at all.

It gets great mileage. Well built. Runs well. The paint job is not up to par as it should be. It is a small car would prefer to have a slightly bigger car.

- Patsy R

Reliable beyond expectation.

It is a reliable, economical workhorse of a sedan. I;ve commuted to work for 19 years in this car. It has shuttled three kids to their various activities.

- Tom D

For the money the car is the best value on the market.

Travis beautiful handles beautiful and all the amenities very happy I get good gas mileage could wear and tear on my tires and it handles extremely well.

- Robert M

My vehicle is a used 2009 Hyundai Elantra, it is a charcoal color and I'm not entirely sure how many miles it has. It has relatively good gas mileage

I bought this car used so there were some minor problems but the main one I encountered was a problem with the engine which has since now been fixed.

- Sydney P

Very reliable and runs very well. Good for the price.

Very reliable, basic but good/necessary features. 100,000miles with no mechanical problems. Only repairs: ac blower replacement. Some alarm issues.

- Macaulay E

This car will last you a long time. I bought this car brand new and it still runs like new after almost 10 years

Comfortable to drive. Never have any issues with the car, only maintenance has been normal wear and tear even though it is almost 10 years old.

- Jennifer M

That I have children so I have car seats in my car.

Because it is a reliable car! It is very spacious and there is room for everyone. It also has cruise control. And it has great gas mileage!

- Kathleen D

great highway gas mileage between 28 and 32 especially when gas can be expensive. roomy car too

this car is good on gas mileage. care is not too big. car has comfortable interior (seats). it serves its purpose for what I need it for.

- kathy g

It is the smallest vehicle that can fit three car seats in the back.

No legroom. It is just not very comfortable. But it gets me there. It is the smallest vehicle that can fit three car seats in the back.

- Anita S

It has been a very dependable car for over 10 years.

Car has been very good to me. Has needed few repairs, nothing major. Rides well. Does what I ask of it. Enjoy having Sirius XM radio.

- Anthony M

that the reliability of this brand is outstanding.

I bought this car because of the exterior styling and the reliability. I would buy another Elantra when in the market for a new car.

- Tony S

The gas mileage is a very efficient aspect of this car.

The ride is very comfortable and the gas mileage is very efficient. Maintenance is very easy as well. I love the air conditioning

- Jeremy P

It is very reliable and requires little in the way of maintenance.

It is reliable and has not required too much service. It gets good gas mileage. It is comfortable for the driver and passengers.

- Barbara W

It is quite big but also does well with gas.

Rides very well, lots of space for storage, can put the back seats down. Overall really nice looking car and very drivable car.

- Guadalupe D

My car is well equipped for the road. I always feel safe driving it.

I like the size of my vehicle and the way it drives. I don't like the maintenance it requires but it has been a reliable car.

- Whitney H

It is reliable and does not have a bunch of miles.

My car is very reliable it is comfortable clean an smells really nice, it is just old and does not fit me I have outgrew it.

- Sylvia K

The gas mileage is great. I usually fill up the tank every two weeks

My vehicle is great on gas and very low cost in maintenance. I would like the trunk space to be a little bit bigger though

- Fe L

My vehicle gets me from point A to point B and has always been good for me. I purchased this vehicle new and the only complaint that I have is that it's not a hatchback. Also, the AC doesn't get too cold anymore.

It gets very good gas mileage. I only have to fill up my tank once a week and I work about 30 minutes away from my house.

- Michael F

The Hyundai Elantra is very affordable and comes with a great warranty.

I love my Hyundai Elantra. It's affordable, good on gas, and has many features like heated seats, sunroof, and bluetooth.

- Lisa G

This car is great on gas, and cheap to fill the tank up.

This car is great on gas. Has never given me any problems. Great size for my family. Great car to get your family around.

- Serena H

It's a decent car, but you can probably do better

I like the design of the car. I like the gas mileage. I dislike how noisy it is. I don't like how it steers around curves

- Daniel V

It is very reliable. It will last a long time if we'll maintained.

It is very comfortable. I have had it for 9 years and it still runs great. I dislike that some of the paint has chipped.

- Jessie C

I am the original owner and the maintenance has been done on time.

Easy to drive. It has lots of room inside compact on the outside and it gets great gas mileage. No mechanical problems.

- Kathy C

It gets very good gas mileage.

I like that it is a small/ medium sedan. I like the dependability of the car that I bought. Good on gas, leather seats.

- Candace T

Dependable and efficient!

Smooth ride, reliable, good on gas mileage, trunk space is decent. Could use more modern features such has USB port etc

- Kandice V

It gets great gas mileage.

I don't like the color. I like the car that I had before better. I prefer my saturn but they went out of business.

- AnnaMarie G

This car will last you 10+ years and it gets good gas mileage.

This car requires very little maintenance and it just keeps on running. It's comfortable and gets good gas mileage.

- Yolanda W

Amenities of a luxury car yet economical to run

Has all the amenities I need and some over and above. Is a smoother running vehicle. It is relatively economical

- Wayne T




The most important thing others should know is that it has good gas mileage.

I love the color and the speed. It is a great car and there are no problems with it. I do not have any complaints.

- Alyssa S

Very long lasting. With regular maintenance car has lasted for over 250,000 miles

Perfect size, all around great car. It has over 250,000 miles on it and it's still going strong with no problems.

- Samantha B

Don't buy an Elantra. They're not worth the money.

I like it ok but it's had a few problems since we bought it. Plus my daughter wrecked it and it needs body work.

- Karen Johnston J

It's the perfect car with drivers of any experience, young and old alike!

I like the dependability of my car; gets me everywhere that I need to go. Wish it was just a little bit bigger!

- Laura R

My Hyundai is still running fairly well after having it for 9 years. I am very hard on my cars.

It's a good running, nice looking car. It gets good gas mileage. I got robbed on the purchase from the dealer.

- Jane S

It's not flashy, but it'll get you from A-to-B without any worries.

Great gas mileage. Comfortable. Easy to drive. Very reliable. No problems with parts or drivetrain. Spacious.

- Kevin S

The Hyundai Elantra gets excellent gas mileage and drives very smoothly.

Love it. Great car. Drives smoothly. Great gas mileage. Extremely reliable. Would highly recommend to anyone.

- Mon M

The horrible hyundai 2009

Timing belt went, the a.c. doesn't work that great. The trunk button broke, the shift is absolutely horrible.

- Celeste L

To not make a mess and do not scratch anything.

I like the color, the size, and the comfortability. I do not think there is anything I dislike to be honest.

- Su B

Great gas mileage and drives very smooth.

A good car but minor things start to go pretty quickly. Good on gas, gets me where I need to buy, good size.

- Samantha F

Great gas mileage and very reliable

My vehicle is very reliable. Very few mechanical issues over the years. Great gas mileage. Good family car

- Rachel L

I can park it where a lot of others cannot.

I love my Hyundai. The car is smooth and drives well. I wish it had a rearview camera and heated seats.

- Beth R

There is no temperature gage to show whether car is going to overheat.

There is No temperature gage. The windows won't go up and down by drivers door. No outside temp thermo

- Cheryl B

It's a great car to drive. It has plenty of room for a smaller car

I love that it's a hatchback. It has plenty of room for a smaller car. Nothing I don't like about it.

- Sabrina Y

The quality is not very good.

It was very affordable and nice at first but as it has aged it has deteriorated significantly.

- Bobby H

i never had a problem starting my car

in winter it takes a long time for the engine # to go down. it's black so hot in the summer

- jen S

It gets us where we want to go and is easy to drive.

It's reliable. It gets pretty good gas mileage. I like the overall design and ease of use.

- J B

It is a solid, well built car

It is a very economical car with good exterior styling and a very comfortable interior.

- Adam W

That it is very very very reliable. I have not had any major issues with it I take care of my vehicle and maintain it so it will last me a very long time. That's what other people should do instead of being lazy and once a car starts to go is get a new vehicle.

I love my car. It is fuel efficient. Runs great. And I still have low mileage on it.

- Jay G

It is a very reliable car! Great deal for a great car !

LOVE THIS CAR! I have over 200 thousand miles and it's still going just fine !

- Gabby S

Very reliable, you don't have to spend a lot of money in It's maintenance

Very reliable, very good on gas. Don't like that it is almost 10 years old.

- Vanessa V

The AC doesn't work too well, and the brakes squeal.

It has held up well for many years. Would prefer an SUV with a roof rack.

- Kevin F

100,000 mile warranty is fantastic and very important

Love the warranty. Love the gas mileage. Love the low maintenance

- Jo E

It's good mpg. that is all really

It's just an easy to use car with good mpg. nothing bad about it.

- anthony L

I really like my Hyundai Elantra. It has been reliable and have had to do very little maintenance on it in the almost 10 years I have had to own it. It's a small car but it feels like a mid-size car inside.

It is a very affordable and reliable car that I love to drive.

- Nancy H

good mileage for gas purposes

pretty good transportation. Fairly cheaply made. looks good

- b M

It is easy to handle, it is great on gas. Minimal repairs over the last 8 years. I don't have any dislikes.

It is a great city car and gets above average mileage.

- tammy c

I love the fact that it is a dependable vehicle. I have had it for 9 years. I have not had any problems. I love it.

My Hyundai is a reliable vehicle and I love it a lot.


You have to drive this car gently or the transmission will not last you as long as it should.

Very small, compact car. No problems. Great on gas.

- Robert h

Compact, lots of trunk space, good on gas, goes great in snow

Goes great in snow front wheel drive & good on gas

- Michele L

When you are hit from behind, the car takes the brunt, keeping the passengers safe

my car is easy to drive and park, easy on gas

- Vicki C