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I have owned 2 Hyundais. A 2005 which is still running.

I have not had any problems with this vehicle except a sensor light going on when the gas cap wasn't on properly. It was actually a good thing just hard to figure out. The only thing I was quite distressed about is when I had a flat tire. My husband went to change it and there was no spare tire! Only a can of tire fix stuff and an air pump. So, we did that and got it to our mechanic. He told us that because we used the can of fix it he would not be able to fix the tire we would have to buy a new one. This was upsetting because when you buy a car, the question of whether or not it has a spare does not come up. You just assume it does, especially when you are my age. So, my advice is to ask for sure and if your vehicle does not come with a spare that you buy one immediately so you are not without if you have a blow out. Performance is top notch. I can rely on this vehicle. Even when the battery gave up the ghost by being to old it did it in a parking lot of a Walmart and the automotive department was able to bring the battery to the car and put it in! The car is very comfortable on the inside, and has a smooth ride. It comes with cruise control, which I like immensely. The stereo has great sound. I like the rearview mirror because it shows me what direction I am going. Air conditioning and heat have never failed me.

- Donna W

Overall I am pleased with the car's performance and its style and would recommend.

Well the o lt real problem i've had is the overall lack of power. But it does handle very well. It does handle well and is extremely good on gas consumption. It has a fair amount of room. And I really like that it has a fair amount of power for a 4 cyl e under car. And handle pretty good. The interior is specious. And comfortable. And I really like it does not use a whole lot of gas. But the sound system really leaves a lot to be desired. But the interior is clean and somewhat spacious for the overall size of the car. And it is extremely good on fuel consumption is fairly good and handles ok. It has more power than you would think or really expect. I. Do WIsh the material used as the fabric.Is of poor quality. But overall I am pleased with the style and overall performance. I really have enjoyed the vehicle as a whole. And it does need more power. But I am happy with the purchase and would consider purchasing another one in the future. Just improve the power and style and people will be happy owning one.

- Linda S

I would not recommend it to anyone unless they want a cheap car that they don't plan on having for many years.

My car is only 6 years old but I have had many (smaller) issues with it in the last about three years. I have had to replace many parts, the controls started acting funny when it was only about 3 years old and I was told I would need to replace the entire electrical system in the car to fix the issues. There are other mechanical parts I have replaced one or more times. The car gets me from A to B but it definitely isn't made like my older car I had before it. It will not last for years to come without putting a lot of money into the car, which it was only a cheaper to average car to start with. I also had to recently put two carseats in the back of it and although they fit fine, there is room for nothing else. Just to fit a jogging stroller in the trunk or car is a tetris puzzle. If a car seat is rear facing and is not able to be in the middle seat (such as having two carseats in the back), the person riding in front of the rear facing car seat does not have a lot of legroom.

- Kristin R

My car is super reliable and speedy with fantastic maneuverability.

I love my vehicle! I have yet (knock on wood) to have any real major issues with it. Aside from a battery, brakes, and new tires I have not had to spend a huge amount of money in repairs for this car. I does, of course, tremendously help when you keep up with the daily/monthly/annual maintenance. This has been one of the most reliable cars I have ever owned. I can depend on it to start in any kind of weather; 99+ degrees or even in a blizzard. I live in New Mexico so we have experienced both in the past 9 months or so. Comfort level is great, the bucket seats in front are comfortable and the backseat is plush and easy to nap on. I don't really have any special features on my car except for electric windows and, of course, an alarm. I do have the option of having XM radio, but that really does not interest me. This car provides perfectly for my personal, individual needs.

- Adrianne M

It is reliable and spacious.

So far I didn't have any major problems with my elantra, I do regular oil changes. I love my car because it drives very smooth and it is very reliable. I changed the tires on it for brand new tires and it drives very well on snowy roads. Even though it is not a four wheel drive, it is very reliable during winter and I feel safe driving it in the snowy and icy roads. My car is also very spacious. My husband and I are both tall and we love that my car is high enough not to hit our heads on the roof when driving over a bump. Also it has plenty of legroom in the front and back, even when the driver's seat is moved all the back. When we take family trips we can easily fit 2 toddler car seats in the back and fit a 3rd passenger between the car seats. The trunk is very spacious as well, we can fit our entire week worth of groceries and two full size strollers.

- Tk T

Hyundai Elantra gls is dependable.

This car has not ever been a problem. No matter what season, it performs as expected. The ride is smooth and enjoyable although road noise can be annoying. It always starts right up without fail. It's a very reliable and dependable car that would please most families. The Elantra has a very comfortable interior with plenty of leg and headroom in the front and back seats. The controls of the car are pretty intuitive. Comfort controls are simple and easily accessible. Gas mileage is better than one would expect of a midsize car at an average of 28 to 32 mpg for someone driving with a lead foot. There are horrible blind spots where the windshield pillars are on each side of the car. There are similar blind spots in the back on each side of the back window but mirrors pick up anything missed in the back. Overall, it is a good dependable car for anyone.

- Kathy B

It does gets cramped up on long rides, over an hr.

I love the features of my car because I am a busy mom. The leather seats are easy to clean. The GPS helps my get to places without worrying where I am going. And the sunroof makes a nice addition when my kids and I are singing along to songs and the wind in our hair as we drive to the beaches. The Bluetooth connection allows for my phone to sync with my car each time I enter it, which means I do not miss an important call or when my family calls. I just talk straight to the speaker that is right above my seat. I also enjoy the keyless entry and push to start buttons. I don't have to fumble to get my keys while I am getting the kids in and out of the car. I can Focus on them and make sure they don't run into passing cars or just putting on their seat belts before I drive.

- Maggie A

Very dependable ,cheap car.

Hyundai Elantra Touring GLS. 98,000 miles. Had to replace both rear wheel bearings before 60,000 miles.Replace right front tie rod end at 75,000 miles.Run 5w-30 full synthetic oil, change around every 10,000 miles.Still original battery. Car is a little noisy at highway speed depending on type of tires and condition. Semi rough ride almost sports car like.. Get around 32 mpg avg..I like the seating potion, 6'-1 " can drive all day without to much discomfort.Car has a starting glitch ,simply will not turn over at random times.Small jump starter pack will start it every time. Other then that it has been a very reliable car. Plan on driving it to at least 200,000 miles.I do all the maintenance myself. Oil, brakes etc.

- Scot S

Review of 2012 Hyundai Elantra limited.

Absolutely love the interior and controls. The exterior has a sporty appearance. As my car is the limited trim, I have leather seats as well as a sunroof. I am very confident with the braking performance, when I need to suddenly brake. I wish my Elantra had a camera for when I backed up for parking. The shape of the rear windows makes a blind spot, the height of the rear end is too high to easily see while backing. Even on high beam, there is not much distance or light. High beam looks like dim compared to my previous vehicle. Although I drive at night often, I always have to wear my glasses to be sure I am clearly able to see.

- Grace L

I love my Elantra! Fuel efficiency and reliability at its finest.

This was my first big girl car I bought for myself after my high school car I loved the way in looked but I didn't go into the dealership looking for this exact one I went in looking for fuel efficiency and reliability and that exactly what I have gotten over the past 3 years I drive about 45 minutes to work every morning and back home every afternoon and most time I only have to refill it every week and a half too two weeks for one 25 bucks max I started my family with this car and this is the reliable car we use to cart us around smooth quiet ride and very comfortable I love driving this car!

- Darcy S

Hyundai Elantra, great little car for an affordable price.

My Hyundai Elantra is a great little car. I used to drive a 2006 Ford ranger and it was difficult to transfer from a truck to a car but this little car has been great for me. There’s a lot of room in the car(similar to the Hyundai Sonata) but the car is much more compact than long, so it feels similar in size inside. Outside it is much better. It is very easy to maneuver and park. Visibility is not as great as I had hoped but I was used to a truck with fantastic visibility. Overall the technology inside of the car is minimal but still great. Bluetooth, aux, and USB capable.

- Nathan B

It may be small but it is a perfect size and Its not hard to drive into a spot.

I love Hyundai my first car was a Sonata, but now I drive an Elantra and I love it even more than the Sonata I had! I have heated seats (front and back) a must, Bluetooth capabilities, a sunroof and a big trunk for lots of room to store all the baby essentials. It is gets me from point A to B. I love traveling in my car it is pretty comfy. Super easy to find everything on the dash unlike some cars that are super confusing good base stereo and sound system wish it was a better stock system because I love to blast my music when I am on the road whether short or long distances.

- Alexandria F

2012 Hyundai Elantra: Amazing Gas Mileage!

I purchased my 2012 Hyundai Elantra used in 2013 with about 17,000 miles on it. I still drive it today and have had no problems at all. I am good about taking it in for routine maintenance and oil changes but there have been no issues with the engine or anything else. The car drives well and gets great gas mileage! My only complaint is the interior is a light beige colored cloth and it stains very easily, even with just water. So the inside has spots on it from anytime the cloth has gotten wet or if anything was spilled. Other than that, I really love the car!

- Lauren S

I love the Sirius XM feature available as well as the sports/technology package.

I do notice that the car can sometimes have an issue with startup after a little while but my issue is electrical since I have a push to start vehicle. This vehicle is otherwise incredibly reliable, it handles well and acceleration is relatively quick. I do get great gas mileage as well, usually about 260 miles in the tank unless I am on the freeway then it is more. On the highway I have managed to squeeze 35 mpg out of the tank which is perfect, the cabin is spacious and the hatchback is spacious.

- Zoe M

I love my 2012 Hyundai Elantra!

My 2012 Elantra is great on mileage and rides super smooth. The interior of the car come with an updated radio which includes Bluetooth and a USB and auxiliary port. The seats are cloth which is great for hot and cold weather. The backseat and trunk are both very spacious as well! I moved into my apartment recently and was able to fit a very good amount of boxes into my car. I truly have no complaints about my 2012 Elantra, with the right care the car will should give you no problems at all!

- Sydney W

The warranty does not cover all that much when it comes time to bring your car.

Vehicle was great at first. I drive the limited sedan. Leather seating looks cheap after a few years. Car jerks when accelerating and shakes when reaching 50 mph speeds. Not the most comfortable ride, you can feel every bump and pebble in the road. Dashboard looks a little futuristic and is hard to adjust knobs when sitting in driver’s seat. Truck space is moderate. Very narrow windows in the backseat, feels crammed.

- Stephanie A

2012 Elantra review. Great car!

It is a very reliable car; I am very impressed. I take it out on the freeway every week as I know it is good for it to balance out all the city driving I do. I bought the car when it was 2 years old; it had only 16, 000 miles on it. Performs good. The one thing I noticed lately was the CD player does not work as well as it used to. It also has buttons on the steering wheel for music & volume, I really like that.

- Sandra G

Hyundai is the best car for our family.

We absolutely love our Hyundai Elantra. We have only had a few minor problems with it in the short 4 years we have owned it. The tire light is always on even though our tires are fine. It seems to be a malfunction of the vehicle and the auto shops cannot fix it. We just replaced our battery and we have changed tires twice. Otherwise the car runs great and is very reliable in harsh weather including the winter.

- Noel P

My car is incredible and fantastic!

My vehicle has lasted incredibly long and it runs great! I have had no problems so far with the running of my car and it is extremely reliable. I am at 130, 000 miles on my car and it is still in tip top shape! It comes with Bluetooth and it has seat warmers for the front and back. The cooling system works very well and the heating system works well too. The car is very comfortable to sit in and drive.

- Kaitlyn J

Overall great reliable efficient car.

The car gets good mileage and has been extremely reliable thus far. The only complaint I have is that for certain kinds of turns the angle of the frame around the windshield awkwardly blocks the view for taller people (I am 6ft 1in). It does not have great noise isolation from the rode but it is not a luxury car. The air conditioning also fails to keep the (blue) car cool in 38+ degree c weather.

- Tim S

It is long lasting with little wrong, even after 7 years and over 150,000 miles on it.

I love the shape and look of the car. I love the gas mileage and very little in repairs so far. I had some issues with the Bluetooth technology and I also had a hole in my a/c that had to be fixed. Unfortunately, I will probably have to get a bigger vehicle soon because I am pregnant and the backseat has a low ceiling...I always hit my head and that isn't something I want with a carseat.

- Francis R

Warranty not sufficient..

Up until last week, I would've said it was great. Currently, my vehicle is in the shop after I took it in for a rattling noise. Turns out the timing chain needs replaced at 80,000 miles for $1400. I think the warranty on the timing chain was not sufficient. Also the dealership labor is crazy expensive. Now, up until 80,000 miles I had zero problems. The gas mileage is my favorite part.

- Marie G

Others should know that it's small inside. It's a compact car and that could either be good for you or not.

I really like my vehicle. It's small and has a back up camera which makes us easy to park backing up or parallel park. It has a sunroof which I rarely use so I'm indifferent to that feature. It wasn't too expensive to buy but it has a nice look to it. My only complaint is that it doesn't drive really fast. It takes longer to accelerate and it doesn't have that power that I would like.

- Laura R

Basically the main highlight that I like about my Hyundai is its appearance.

There were a few problems with the front steering where we needed to take it to the dealer actually 2 times because they didn't fix it the first time. Also currently 2 of the warning lights have been appearing on the dashboard panel when there is not anything wrong with the part that it is connected to. Our Hyundai does not really have any power when I need to pass another vehicle.

- Oliver A

Good storage in the rear with this hatchback. The car gets good gas mileage.

Windows in doors stop functioning at 80 thousand miles. Car frequently needs alignment. Air conditioning failed at 40 thousand miles. Steering went out at 35 thousand miles. The steering is a problem in this model. The molding on the roof rotted at about 85 thousand miles. All this occurred over a six year period. I bought the car new. . Car is fairly reliable other than that.

- Jam S

4 Doors sedan with a sporty look without the power, and liability.

This a great car on fuel, the seats are very comfortable which is a plus for me, feels like a soft cotton, this is a FWD car so if your looking for performance then this is not the car, but the car sounds good when you put your feet down on the petal, it is a four door sedan so I would say it is right between a small, and mid-size sedan, it drives smooth, with great handling.

- Daniel W

Perfect car for a single gal!

I love my car! I have had it for over 5 years and have had minimal problems. Oil changes are relatively cheap. I have only had to replace the tires once. Great on almost all terrains - even in the snow! Very comfortable to drive in - I use it for daily commuting. The Bluetooth connection is awesome. Perfect heat and ac. All electronic parts work perfect. Comfortable seating.

- Jenna G

Chic Friendly Hyundai Elantra

Black Hyundai Elantra 2012 with tan and black Interior. At first I thought it looked like an old lady car on the Inside but started to love it. Non leather seats make it very comfortable. Not very reliable in snow unless new tires applied. Great driving capability, easy use in city and for long drives. I love the ECO friendly feature to save gas. Also great sound system.

- Auryn K

Hyundai overall is a great purchase.

Bought certified pre-owned in 2014. Gas mileage is amazing, only $25-$35 to fill. Drives great, like having a smaller car to maneuver on the road with. Love the automatic start! Definitely a must have. Dealership is decent too. Recently took it in for some service because the airbag light was on. Covered under warranty and also fixed a recall that I didn't know about.

- Emily J

Lisa, where do I start. Let's start with her eyes. I mean headlights.

My car is really comfy has been through a lot and reliable and a nice size. I love it so much, it makes me so happy. I am in love with my car that I actually am thinking of marrying it but America won't let me because they said it's not right and we all know that the church and religious people are going to have a field day with this! What I found love let me have it.

- Lisa F

It has voice command, Bluetooth, cruise control and a digital gas gauge.

I love my Elantra! It ranges from 35-45 mpg on the average. I love my features which includes calling and ending a call from the wheel, voice command, and cruise control. I have a digital gas gauge and a regular speed gauge. I do not have a rear view camera but I do have less blind spots in my car which I love. It is small and lightweight. Definitely cheap to fill up.

- Alyssa A

I love that my car had a satellite radio option already installed.

Great warranty when I purchased the car and included Hyundai assurance which helped me when my battery died without any charge. Overall upkeep of the vehicle is pretty simple and haven't experienced any sudden issues with my car so far, so very reliable. Sensors that have malfunctioned have been fixed with recall from Hyundai but other than that great performance.

- Brooke B

Great gas mileage // comfortable drive.

I have had the car for 4 years and other than regular maintenance, I have had no issues with it. I love the cart! It drives smooth and I feel safe. Gas mileage is great as well! I commute through city traffic each day and have to fill up about once per week. Be careful with food and drink in the car as even water can stain the interior. Easy to remove!

- Marc M

It's a perfectly adequate car. That's the best I can do, because I'm not in love with it but it's fine.

I had to buy in haste after an accident so I didn't really get to shop around as much as I wanted, but this car is a good car. The engine stutters sometimes when I'm not accelerating fast enough to make it happy, and the speakers don't sound great. But it handles well, is pretty comfortable, gets good gas mileage, and is an all-around acceptable ride.

- Jennifer M

Easy to drive, comfortable to drive, and attractive.

It is a very comfortable car, and easy to drive! It gave my confidence back, and I feel blessed driving it. . My vehicle didn't have any problem for the first 4 years. After that, it started peeling off the painting, and the tires cannot manage in the snow. . However, the warranty that I got, allows my car to be fixed anytime if something goes wrong.

- Naomi M

Why I love my Hyundai Elantra.

I love my Hyundai Elantra because it is reliable and gets great gas mileage at about 32 mpg on the highway. In the last 6 years I haven't had to do much maintenance. I just recently replaced all the brakes at around 70, 000 miles. My biggest complaint is with the dealerships in Arizona. They customer service is awful. They are rude speak down to you.

- Maggie W

Big blue gets you where you want to go.

Mostly good. Airbag on passenger side does not work. No significant repairs otherwise. Overall, the best car I have owned. Good gas mileage, dependable, well-designed and accelerates well. It is comfortable to ride in, and is good in wet conditions. I really like Hyundai and would strongly consider buying another car from this company in the future.

- Joshua K

An affordable car, comfortable to drive.

It is a very comfortable, affordable car with leather interior. There have been some minor recall issues, but all under warranty. I commuted in this car for 2 years before retiring & it served me well. Despite some minor hiccups, I would say it is a very good car. I have to believe the bugs have been ironed out & the newer models are much improved.

- Glyn B

Great car, great comfort options.

The Hyundai Elantra limited rides smooth and is sporty looking. Has good gas mileage, heated leather seats, navigation system, back up camera. Tilt steering, abs. Although it's only front wheel drive, it goes pretty well in the snow. If I had to change anything it would be a few blind spots that it has. Other than that for me the car is great. .

- Lisa T

Well traveled and reliable.

It is reliable and does great on gas. I am just now having to replace my tires after getting the car in 2014. Had to replace the brakes but other than that the car is still pretty much the same after all this time. And I travel in it a lot. Would recommend to those who do not need anything fancy but still want a good looking car.

- Deja F

Reliable vehicle with good gas mileage.

I love my vehicle for the gas mileage and compact size. It is been very reliable with very few/minor issues that come with owning a 7 year old vehicle. This car does not perform well in the snow because of it is lightweight but snow tire make a world of difference. I'd recommend this car. I plan to drive my car until it dies.

- Stacey S

Her name is ceca. She has Bluetooth and the ac works amazing.

When I first got this car it was having problems starting. Mainly happened in the rain. You would have to step out the car and activate the car before you can step back in and start the engine. But now I love this car. It runs very smooth. This gas last about a week and a half. I do not have an problems apart from my tires.

- Vida B

The active eco feature that allows me to limit the gas intake of my vehicle.

My Hyundai Elantra is reliable, low maintenance, and cost efficient. My average mpg is 31. 3 And even though there are 146389 miles on my odometer, my car runs like a dream and the leather interior is wonderful for any season. Everything in my car still functions (buttons, radio, sunroof) although it is a few years old.

- Harley S

My 2012 dependable Elantra.

My car is very dependable. The best I have ever owned. It uses very little oil. The gas mileage is not what I expected though. When the oil is changed synthetic oil is used and lasts much longer. One drawback is the seat comfort is bad. Especially the driver's seat. Also the shocks are bad. But overall I love the car.

- Shirley H

It is a great vehicle and I would purchase another Hyundai in the future.

Overall I like my vehicle. It gets excellent gas mileage. The only problem is I purchased it new from a dealer over an hour away from where I live. It is not always convenient to get to the dealership for repairs or service. It has had some recurring issues with idle problems especially when using the air conditioning.

- Debra B

Hyundai Elantra— best car ever!

I purchased my 2012 Hyundai Elantra in 2015 and it was my first car. It has worked without major issues since I have had it. The only issues I have come across are maintenance such as dead battery or headlights going out. Other than that I have had a great experience and will likely be driving this car for a long time.

- Amy L

Good things are it has plenty space throughout the whole car.

The car is too light weight, when making turns even slowly if feels as if the car can tilt. A few months after purchasing the vehicle it would accelerate on its own or to quickly when given a little gas. I believe the clutch was getting stuck I am not sure as the problem stopped after the car kept revving on its own.

- Kim H

It is dependable and will last for a long time if it is well taken care of.

I like that my car is dependable, in 5 years, I have never had a problem with the engine. I dislike that my car is one of the basic packages and did not include bluetooth for connecting to my phone. My car gets amazing gas mileage, which is amazing when gas is over $3 a gallon and my car gets 40 miles to the gallon.

- Melissa W

Elantra touring - a great car.

The vehicle is comfortable to drive and very reliable. As a senior citizen I appreciate that it is economical to drive. I have the touring model and love the cargo space that I have. The leather seats are extremely comfortable to sit in. The a/c and heating are great. The dashboard is easy to see and to understand.

- Joyce Y

It is a safe car. It has airbags everywhere, traction control for when your car might get a little out of your control, it has great working seatbelts (no jamming)

I love the quick blinker feature. I love that it has bluetooth but also connection ports for USB and an AUX cord. It has AMAZING gas mileage (compared to the jeep that i was driving before). The A/C does make it jerky and takes some power away but that is just normal (although i would like for it to not do that)

- Amber C

High quality and get the most for your money!

I have enjoyed driving it and I haven't replaced anything but tires, and a battery since I have owned it! It is comfortable, seats 4 people quite comfortably. I like the idea of having side airbags as well. I wouldn't think twice about telling people to purchase one. High quality for a very reasonable price!

- Mary R

Hyundai Elantra gas mileage and reliability come out on top

My favorite features of my car are It's gas mileage and color. I wish the heated seats heated more of the seat (it's rather localized). I also wish that the ride were smoother and quieter, but that's what you get at the price point of an Elantra. The car has been very reliable in the six years I owned it.

- Kathryn B

My vehicle is very reliable-I travel more than an hour to get to and from work.

My vehicle has great mileage and is quite reliable. It is great for people who commute to work a great distance. It drives smooth as well. The car has problems though. It is quite small and does not get around well during the winter months. The interior is nice-it has heated seats and hands free Bluetooth.

- Haley D

It's much bigger than it looks!!!

My car has so much room and it's so comfortable, front and back seats. I love the storage compartments and the cup holders. It's a small wagon, so the back holds a lot of things, such as suitcases or camping equipment. It also fits up to four people very comfortably, or five people a little more snuggly.

- Renee B

A vehicle you would like to buy.

Love my vehicle great feature ride smoothly but some time have a strange odor coming from the air condition no one can explain. Ride smooth on the highway great traction in the winter defrost window quickly , nice stereo system large trunk area, cloth seats lots of room to seats everyone comfortable.

- Barbara S

Loving the gas mileage, but not a comfortable ride.

The car is a little smaller than I would like. It does not seem to ride smooth, in the passenger side it feels a little jerky. There is also blind spots when driving where the windshield curves around to the door. The tires are very small. We once hit a pothole in the road and it destroyed the tire.

- Diane B

My car now has cruise control and Bluetooth capabilities which is really nice.

I really like my car. For the most part I do not have any problems with how it drives. Other then it sometimes takes awhile to get up to speed. This car is bigger than my last car so that is nice. When I have other people in the car everyone has enough room. Other then that I really enjoy my car.

- Nicole O

Elantra. Reliable and economical transportation.

My Elantra so far has been a reliable and very comfortable mode of transportation. I have owned many vehicles over the years, Chevrolet, ford, GMC, etc. And the Elantra is definitely one of the finest. The gas mileage is very good and it handles very well especially in rain and winter conditions.

- Jay F

Low to the ground, comfortable but very light weight. Lots of storage.

Car is extremely affected wind, other vehicles and bumps in the road, causes loss of control momentarily, noticeable shaking. Comfortable to driver of than that. I have had issues with the doors locking automatically with the keys inside, always have access to the spear key in case this happens.

- Martine B

The ride was extremely superior.

My car is very good on gas mileage. The ride is very comfortable. I have enjoyed the reliability of the car. There has been very little maintenance problems for it. The car is very strong when trying to fast other cars on the main highway. I have never driven any other car that was so powerful.

- Gary D

Great car. Great deal - minimal maintenance keeps it running just fine!

I have an Elantra Touring - I love the size - it's like a small station wagon - it runs great and gets good gas mileage - I put at least 50 miles a day on it. I don't like a couple of minor things: cup holder placement and I wish the vents for the A/C moved a bit more for better positioning.

- Marilyn R

My Hyundai Elantra is a light grey with a wing on the back end.

I love it. My model has heated seats and boy do they come in handy in the winter!! I also love the way the stereo sounds. The car is perfect for me and my little family. It has also been a very reliable car, no problems yet! Shout-out to CarMax for helping me get my beautiful Hyundai Elantra!!

- Sydney P

The most important thing is that is it is great on gas.

The only problem that I have is the tire pressure light will not turn off. I have even taken it to the dealer. Not much of an issues for me. The seats are extremely comfortable. There's Bluetooth radio, controls for the radio on the steering wheel, and even in car phone calls. Lots of space.

- Rachel S

I really like the gas mileage!

I like everything about the vehicle, except for the dark windows and small rear views. You look through the back window and in the side mirrors and it is hard to see if there is a car around your vehicle at times. I have gotten use to it, but I would definitely change that in a new vehicle.

- Braxton N

Great car for mom's needing a well designed reliable car.

I think that the Hyundai Elantra is a great little car. I love the design and the features that my car has. The Bluetooth capabilities and the little storage compartments are fantastic for a single mom that is always on the go. I am also please with the warranty that comes with any Hyundai.

- Stephanie D

2012 Hyundai Elantra limited.

The Hyundai Elantra is very reliable. I did buy a spare tire which is not included with the new car. No major mechanical issues. It came with a sunroof and heated seats. The headlight bulbs are a little difficult to replace as you need to remove the drivers side headlight itself to change.

- Kirk R

That for the most part that it is a fun car to drive.

I like the vehicle because it is relatively small and easy to handle I like the cargo feature I like the color I like how the vehicle runs. I dislike the cost, I dislike the interior color, I dislike how some of the interior features are not so durable and I dislike the age of the vehicle.

- Oliver T

Interior space issues but the trunk has plenty of space!

It is very reliable and efficient on gas, but it is lacking in interior size. We have two small children and a 10 year old and they are cramped in the backseat. As they get older it is only gonna get worse. The trunk space is awesome as I can fit a double stroller in there with no problem.

- Bobby L

Love my Elantra—spacious and great on gas.

I rarely have any problems with my Elantra. It is great on gas. The trunk is spacious along with the seating area in the car. The only complaint is with the 4-cylinder engine, it is difficult to accelerate quickly if you need to. I would buy the same car again with a more powerful engine.

- Asia B

Great car! Good gas mileage, and low maintenance costs.

Very few problems; great gas mileage with already 115, 000 miles. Put on 2 sets of tires, and I have had one tire sensor light go bad. If I am to purchase another vehicle for everyday use, it will definitely be a Hyundai. Overall it has been very reliable, and virtually maintenance free.

- Judy T

I do like how my mirrors are attended when car lights behind me are too bright.

It does not get as many miles to the gallon as it was promoted to. The handle has come off, I have needed new ball bearings, and the trunk is very small. I do like the sleek look and the shape of the car. But it is too tiny for my liking and I wish I would have bought a bigger vehicle.

- Amanda J

It is great on gas, and a very reliable car.

This car has been amazing! I haven't had any issues with it, it is great on gas very reliable! My favorite feature on the car is the radio and connection via Bluetooth the Bluetooth the way it is displayed is a great feature! The seats are extremely comfortable. Overall amazing car.

- Lindsay S

If you are looking for a new car, buy this one!

Performs pretty good, live in a snowy state, so right after the first storm hits we need to put on snow tires, as without them the car does not do well. Very comfortable, and perfect size for me. Stereo sounds great and as someone who loves to blast my music the bass is wonderful!

- Sue H

2012 Hyundai Elantra: reliable little car.

Pros -- reliable, easy to maintain, smooth ride, Hyundai is easy to work with, no major issues after almost 100, 000 miles put on, works well in winter climates (front-wheel drive). Cons -- some minor issues (radio problems, tire pressure sensors broken), no spare tire standard.

- Adam H

Love my Elantra! Bought used- still in great condition.

Purchased the car used, but it has been reliable for the past 3 years with no issues at all. It's comfortable to drive (I'm a small person) and ride in (even for tall people). Heated leather seats, Bluetooth and MP3 integration, and great mileage are other features I appreciate.

- Emma F

2012 Hyundai Elantra, just like new in 2018.

Overall, my vehicle performs great for an economy car. She's reliable, comfortable, and has all features for the low price we paid. As long as you keep up with the maintenance, which is not that expensive or often and respect that it is an economy car it will last for 6+ years.

- Rebecca E

Very decent vehicle, no problems so far, but it's not super luxurious either.

I have found my Elantra to be quite reliable. I bought it used from a friend when it had 89,000 miles on it. I have had one flat tire, but that was entirely my fault. It was quite difficult to find a matching tire, none of the major carriers were able to help me out very much.

- Joel L

Large trunk but small price.

I love driving this car. Great handling, controls easy operate while moving, seat warmers in front and back. The a/c is super cold and cools off the car quickly. This is great for our 115 degree days. The trunk is huge. We have had 4 large suitcases in it without any problem.

- Marsha N

Great gas mileage and cargo space for a small vehicle

I love that it gets great gas mileage. It's great that it can carry so much in the trunk or backseat even though it looks so small. It is reasonably stylish but not as much as I would like, and sometimes it's difficult to maintain a pleasant temperature inside the vehicle.

- Jill P

most popular car for 2012

I like that it has good mileage. I don't like that it had electrical problem that the dealer could not solve. The vehicle was taken to the dealer on multiple occasions for a year, no solution. The problem was only solved after taking the vehicle to a different repair shop.

- Maria M

My perfect little white car.

We have not had any major repairs since we have purchased the vehicle new in 2012. It is comfortable and gets good gas mileage. The only main expense we incurred was to purchase new tires at tire kingdom because of a nail which caused a flat tire which was not repairable.

- Marsha H

Dependability and style have lasted nearly 7 years with this car

I have always had great luck with Hyundai cars and the ease of maintenance. The cost has been minimal, and the reliability top of the line. The only things to complain about are the original misrepresentation of gas mileage, steering sensitivity, and no spare form of tire

- ClaudisM M

Perfect starter car - Hyundai Elantra.

My Hyundai Elantra is the perfect size for me. Spacious trunk- it has taken many trips to the jersey shore! I haven't had any issues with the car. I have done the regular updates oil changes, new tires, rotors, brake pads, and windshield wipers. I have had my car 4 years.

- Danielle M

Hyundai is a very reliable car.

I love this car because I am hard on cars and this car has stood the test of time. It is a great value for the price and I have all the features that I want in a car. I have leather seats a rear-view camera and Bluetooth technology. This is the best value for my money.

- Toni M

Reliable vehicle that has stood the test of time.

Has been a reliable vehicle. Minimal maintenance and fortunately no major issues as of yet. Appearance has stood the test of time and still looks new and modern. I hope to continue to drive it for another couple of years. Over 116 thousand miles and still going strong.

- Kaitlyn F

It's a good small family car that has good mileage.

I like all of the features on the vehicle such as the Bluetooth and heated seats. I do wish there was a backup camera and built in GPS. I like that it's a four door car and has good gas mileage. I wish there was more interior room but the size of the trunk is nice.

- Reneda C

Great on gas, reliable until warranty expired.

The car has been good for about 3 years as my daily commuter. Once it hit 116, 000 miles started having issues with it cutting off. Changed the coils and plugs but it is still cutting off and transmission getting stuck in a low gear, not sure what the problem is.

- Jessica W

Improvements my car could have.

Had parts recalled pertaining to the fuel, not great in snow- slips and slides, does not accelerate as quickly as I would. Like especially on hills- may need more horsepower. The low air tire light stays on even if tires are full. Had it reset and still does it.

- Nicole P

Affordable and dependable family car with good mileage and safety features.

My car is a great sedan for commuting and day trips as a family. It's not very fancy, it doesn't have GPS or a high tech stereo, but it does have bluetooth and USB ports. It's somewhat comfortable, and has very high safety ratings. It was also very affordable.

- Kim R

Great gas mileage, affordable, comfortable, reliable featuring many extras.

Really enjoy all the added features-sunroof, GPS, heated seats in front and rear, Bluetooth compatibility. Never had any major issues just normal wear and tear. I find this vehicle to be very comfortable, it has a smooth ride on the road and great gas mileage.

- Nicole A

Good middle of the road car.

The Hyundai Elantra is a nice car. Drives somewhat smoothly and is comfortable. The major issues I have with the car are the gas mileage is pretty bad for such a small car, it does not drive well in the snow and the plug in to charge my phone stopped working.

- Randy M

It rides nice and smooth and it has a lot of features inside.

I like the look of it, it's a little sporty. I like the different features that are in the car. The one thing I don't like about it is that it gets bad gas mileage for some reason, and it sits a little low to the ground because it came with low profile tires.

- Rob S

It gets good gas mileage and is a comfortable ride and runs on 87 octane.

The brakes do not feel sturdy. If putting on brakes while going over a pothole or bump in the road, the car somewhat slips forward. There is also a design issue with the windshield - blind spots are there. Other than those things I have had no major issues.

- Yvonne L

Good reliable vehicle highly recommend.

Not big enough. Reliable car but not a family vehicle. If you do not have children I highly recommend. My husband loves the car other than the size. Comfortable seating and attractive to look at. I recommend highly. Nice trunk size and affordable vehicle.

- Stephanie C

If you are looking for a really fast car, this is not the car for you.

I like it because it gets me from a to b. The car is in great condition and runs smoothly. However, there are some things that could be fixed up. It is older now and the engine sometimes makes noises it shouldn't make (even though there's nothing wrong).

- Alexa F

Okay car for the price. Look at other makers before making decisions.

I have the limited trim and the appearance has definitely worn out quicker than anticipated. The leather seats are very worn from simple everyday use. The Bluetooth has started to become choppy. Paint has started to chip and rust underneath body of car.

- Stephanie A

Small compact ideal for first teenager car.

Small, not ideal for car seats. Good on gas, features AUX connection, however, no Bluetooth connection, no satellite connection, no rear camera or power seats. Am/FM radio with single CD player. Nice trunk space for a small car. Ideal for teenage girl.

- Jackie L

I love this car because it's a 6 speed.

I love my Hyundai Elantra. It's very quiet on the freeway. It handeos well on turns. It has a wonderful airbag protection. The only down is they liked about gas mileage. I average 29-30 miles to the gallon. I still recommend getting a Hyundai though.

- Tiffany N

Ideal Car for Single Driver

It's lightweight and handles well. The Coupe has a comfortable backseat- seats 3, but is ideal for 2. The trunk has plenty of storage space. The rate of acceleration isn't the best. While there is a repair kit, the car does not include a spare tire.

- Lauren B

Great features and a great fun ride at a good price

There are really only good things to say about this particular automobile.Great acceleration,easy to drive, no blind spots,terrific A/C system, great factory sound system.Just change your oil every 5000 miles or so.P.S. The mileage is very good

- Lance C

That it's needs work to it and a new sway bar

I like the good gas mileage it get and how It's not a bumpy ride. I also like the speakers and how fast the ac and heater works. However I don't like how the gas cap broke on It's own and how difficult it is to change any light bulbs for it

- Jessica S

Pay attention to the transmission because it craps out pretty quickly.

The vehicle's transmission is already showing signs of failing and the car is not very old. I like the roominess of the car without feeling like I am driving a semi-truck. I also do not like that the car is having electrical issues already.

- Katie S

Reliability from Hyundai is the key!

I purchased a Hyundai Elantra Touring. I absolutely love this car! It is one of the first crossovers. I have had very minimal issues with my car. Hyundai is a very easy company to deal with and my car is just perfect for my daily needs.

- April K

Set aside $1000 a year for maintenance- oil changes, brakes, tires...

More standard features than my previous 10 year old car. The MPG was not as advertised. Front clearance low for some parking space blocks. Alloy wheels not good in New England potholes; 3 are bent. Limited display for Sirius radio data.

- Wa C

The Hyundai Elantra is a great car. I think this is one of the best investments I have made.

I love the way my car drives and handles. I got it when it was about a year old, and I other than replacing tires and regular maintenance, I haven't had to replace much on it. My car has over 140,000 miles on it and it still runs great.

- Misti F

It was a great purchase after graduating college, it was very affordable and it has been incredibly reliable for the past few years.

Dislikes: road noise (especially on highway), seat adjustments don't allow for programmed settings, Bluetooth connection to iPhone doesn't always register right away Likes: design, size, ease of driving, interior functions and features

- Jamie W

Great Highway Gas Mileage!!

I love that my gas mileage is more than 40 mile per gallon on the highway and around 35 mpg when in the city. Because the Elantra is slightly smaller than other cars it is very easy to parallel park and easy to sneak into small spaces!

- Jolly M

First that it is no longer made as such. Then that the brakes are not the best, particularly in winter.

My vehicle is roomy for carrying things around. The back seat does not fold flat so that is a little issue. I have the Touring model of Elantra which they no longer make. The brakes are not the best and the car is not fond of winter!

- Sue W

Very low mileage -- only 31,000 miles for a 2012 model year.

Very happy with my fuel economy on my 2012 Hyundai Elantra. Drives very smoothly as well. The car sits a bit low to the ground -- wish it was higher. Plenty of trunk space for my needs. Very rarely have any passengers in backseat.

- Stanton C

For the prices and the amenities that are offered it is perfect.

Love that it keeps me going all day from start to finish. It is easy to use and has everything you could possible need in a car and probably more. However, a down side is the push start sometimes and more than normal car repairs.

- Anne P

Hyundai Elantra Review- Must Buy

This car has been very reliable and easy to maintain. I have had it almost 6 years and have not done more than general oil changes and maintenance on it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking at getting a new car

- Remington M

Others should know that my car is comfortable and nice.

I love the small size of my car and that it has several new technologies that are very user-friendly. It is very comfortable and smooth to drive. However, it often needs maintenance on minor things such as sensors and tires.

- Gabriela A

It is very comfortable to ride in.

I love how good my car is on gas mileage. It's been a safe and dependable car for me to drive around. The only dislike I have is that, because it is a car, it is lower to the ground. I do prefer to be higher off the ground.

- April R

Lacking in interior space.

My vehicle is really good on gas and is very reliable. The backseat could be a little bigger and the leg room in the front could also be a little more spacious. However, the trunk has more space then you could ever need!

- Bobby L

Hyundai Elantra great car

It's a great car with great features. It has a sunroof and everything is easy to understand. The handling is smooth. My favorite features are the controls on the steering wheel, the reverse camera, and the heated seats

- Kiara U

It is a good car for the money and with regular care will last a long time.

It has low maintenance costs. It gets good MPG. The ride is okay and comfortable. No real complaints except that a lawsuit against Hyundai for mistating average MPG has still not been settled after many, many years

- Kevin K

This car can reach highway gas mileage of up to 40 mpg. Pretty sweet!

I love Hyundai's warranties. For the most part these are very reliable car that give me few issues. I miss having a newer model with some of the features like Bluetooth calling and the compass on the rearview mirror.

- Colleen A

It seems to be well made. There have been no major problems with it since we bought it.

It gets good mileage, handles the road very well, and came with with many standard features. It's mileage isn't as good as advertised by the manufacturer, and the low roof makes it difficult for me to enter and exit.

- Jed D

It will run well but you will have to do a lot of upkeep.

I got this car from my parents when they upgraded vehicles. I hate the champagne color. It runs well but has had to have a lot of work done. We've had to replace brakes and many many other things to keep it running.

- Stephanie B

My favorite part is the mpg. At 30 mpg is great when gas prices are going up.

Very reliable, never had any issues. Great gas mileage, at least 30 mpg on the highways. Seats are comfortable, and plenty of legroom for a smaller car. Feels like a luxury car with a sunroof and leather seats.

- Troy M

Very reliable and gas efficient.

I bought this car for the gas mileage rating and I have not been disappointed. Not only is the gas mileage great, the car has never given me a minutes problem. Well worth the purchase and would purchase again.

- Tina B

This car gets poor gas mileage and is very cheaply made. The rims bend easily which is a problem if you drive in an area where potholes exist.

I like the fact I can make calls from my car. I love the heated seats. I hate the ride..it's very rough. The gas mileage is terrible for a small car. I expected way better. The car seems very cheaply made.

- Laurie S

Quiet startup, engine is smooth even when you give it some giddy-up.

Great gas mileage. Tan cloth seats stain easily, especially with children. Love the dashboard displays and ability to change radio from steering wheel. Lots of legroom in the back (tall people will love it!).

- Lisa H

The MPG is amazing and i do not have to fill up my car more than once every two weeks.

I love the color as well as the shape. I also like the MPG. I do not like that it can be quite noisy on the high way; it does not have great noise cancellation. I also dislike the inside space as I am tall.

- Steven K

Very dependable car and good on gas.

I have no problem and the performance is great and it is very reliable and comfort for a smaller car. The features could be a little better, but nothing really to complain about. Overall it is a great car.

- Ted N

My car is small but pretty roomy.

Like warranty, Bluetooth, cruise control, xm radio, aux cord, digital led displays, gas mileage..... Dislike issues with cars yah rate sensor not working making the dashboard lights come up all the time..

- Courtney V

It's very comfortable to drive and gets good gas mileage.

I like the handling, mileage and overall performance of the car. I don't like the glare/reflection that the dash creates in the front windshield. It interferes with pulling up close to walls when parking.

- Janet H

The field of vision in the rear view is poor.

I don't like that there are a lot of blind spots in the rear view. I don't like back end of the car is curvy and bubble like. In general, the car looks pretty sporty. I also like the look of the interior.

- Joseph L

Hyundai only major issue noted.

My Hyundai is a great vehicle for comfort mileage and space. I have had one major issue though is that the timing gears from the factor are not up to the quality I expected and are causing major issues.

- Gerald K

The durability, the reliability, and the gas mileage are huge selling points. I've also been amazed at how spacious the trunk is and back seats.

I have been nothing but pleased with Hyundai's Elantra, their customer service, and their 100,000 mile warranty. I recommend Hyundai to everyone. Hope to purchase a Sante Fe Sport in the next few years.

- Maggie V

My car drives well in all weather conditions.

I love my little car! The only thing I dislike is that the gas pedal is upside down but I have gotten used to it if I do not drive other cars. The gas mileage is one of my favorite things about the car.

- Rylee M

Hyundai has a great warranty program. It is a wonderful value for the price.

This automobile is very reliable, low maintenance, and has great styling. I have had very few problems with this vehicle. This is my second Hyundai and I will continue to use their vehicles as needed.

- Tom R

The gas mileage is great!

I like the gas mileage I am able to get. I like the compact size allows me to fit into small spaces. I dislike that it sits very low to the ground. And you can hear a lot of road noise when driving.

- Nicole S

The value and appearance of my Hyundai Elantra was better than any other car I owned.

I love the shape of my Hyundai Elantra. It was not as expensive as other vehicles it's size which is a big bonus. The warranty for the vehicle was excellent. Also, the customer service was on point.

- Kristy D

Reliable small car, great first vehicle.

My car is super reliable. It is pretty spacious for how small it is. A lot of trunk space, and a lot of cabin space too! Car has great mileage as well. No issues with the car yet, seven years later.

- Alicia A

Overall it is pretty reliable.

I like the look, how easy it is to drive, and he mileage I get. I do not like the interiors or the fact that it is starting to have problems. I feel like it is not old enough yet to have problems.

- Stephanie B

Great gas mileage Does not do well in the winter unless you purchase winter tires This car is dependable and low maintenance.

I purchased the car for the gas mileage and this has not disappointed. I enjoy the compact size. I don't like how it drives in the winter in snow but snow tires have improved this problem greatly.

- Stacey S

Hyundai Elantra 2012 Review

Is a great car but you need mechanical help all time and that have an elevate price not accessible for everyone, I like my car because is awesome and pretty, faster too and elegant so much elegant

- Alex A

It ain't a luxury car but it reliably gets the job done when you need it.

I know it doesn't get the gas mileage those hybrids get which is a bummer. But the car handles well which is a plus. But the darn thing gets scorching hot in the summer and the AC is on the fritz.

- Stephen G

This car is simple yet stylish and is a good everyday car for people.

Very comfortable and reliable for the most part. Lights are difficult to fix esp high beams. May just be me but I definitely have a problem really feeling the speed I am going and tend to go over.

- Jay S

It maneuvers around other big cars and trucks very easily and drives really well.

I love how it drives and maneuvers, and it's the perfect size for me. It sometimes has issues in the heat, which can make living and driving in Florida difficult. But overall I like my car a lot!

- Ashleigh W

It is a great little car, and is great value. Also quite impressed with Hyundai's service department.

It's a sleek attractive, reliable, reasonably priced car that has very nice, comfortable features. Probably the only negative is that it is has a lot more road noise than my previous vehicles.

- Cathy L

It gets good gas mileage and can just run without any difficulties.

It has really good gas economy. I get 30 mpg on the highway and about 25 mpg in town. It's a little higher than compact cars, but it still sits kind of low to the ground so it can be higher.


Handy little Hyundai. And good on gas.

A little small so maybe not a family car, but its reliable. Overall I am content. We've actually driven the car across country a year ago and it's still going. No major mechanical problem.

- Sarah W

Just good enough to get by

The car gets the job done. It was not built to last. It's nearing end of life after 6 years. While the car was cheap, a lot of money had to go into maintenance to ensure safe performance.

- Dan A

It's a nice affordable car. Everything you need. Very nice inside and features

It has everything you basically need, air conditioning, a nice interior, leather seats, sunroof, heated seats front and back. The only thing I'd dislike is some frequent brake sounds

- Diego S

It's really safe and efficient. There are a lot of settings on the car to protect you and your passengers from harm.

I like that it's a very safe vehicle. It has advanced safety airbags. I don't like that it doesn't accelerate really fast. I wish that the sound system was just a little bit better.

- Crystal B

Nice car to drive and gets good mileage but is not good on performance if that's what you're looking for

I like the sporty look to it but it's not over the top. I also like that it gets good mileage. I don't like that it gets stuck in snow very easily and the brakes get stuck when wet

- Sarah H

don't use in severe weather.

Elantra: problems: bulbs need replaced often and are difficult to change, air conditioning fan broke before 60, 000 miles, terrible in snow. Likes: how it looks, no major problems.

- Courtney S

Gray, lots of compartments, small.

I have never had any problems with my car but I havent had it very long. The car is very comfortable and I love the size of the car because I am a small person, it fits very well.

- Misty O

Great fuel economy! Save money on gas and take all the trips you want.

I love how fuel efficient it is especially since the majority of my driving is in town, stop and start, driving. I do wish it was a small suv with awd instead of a sedan though.

- jen l

Amazing car, worth every penny.

I absolutely love it. It gets great gas mileage on the highway, we've got it up to 47 miles per gallon. It ride's nice aND definitely worth every penny. Backseat i's very roomy.

- Jillian C

It's a good value - a reliable car that's not expensive.

I like that it gets excellent gas mileage (over 40 mpg on the highway), and it's roomy inside. I don't like that the radio isn't working - something is wrong with the antenna.

- Anne B

Lots of room for transporting large items and it is fun to drive.

I love my Hyundai Elantra touring. It is easy to handle & narrow enough to get into parking spaces. I like having a small wagon for transporting my plants in the spring & fall.

- Susan M

The gas mileage is great for this size car.

It is a very good car. It has a usable interior that is comfortable and roomy. The gas mileage is great . It is blue with tan seats. I do wish the gas tank was a little larger.

- bob c

Interior fabrics stain easily.

I like that the maintenance is very minimal. We have had few expenses except for tire replacement. This car goes through tires even with keeping the tires rotated and aligned.

- Bethany K

it's very economical but it feels cheap too

it's fuel efficient but it feels poorly made with lots of plastic parts and headlamps that fog up easily but overall quality is ok so I haven't had to make many major repairs

- Hwan S

It was a good deal if you can live with features you may or may not like.

I like the size and gas mileage. I do not like some interior features like the limited cup storage, especially for rear passengers. Also key fob is sporadic in opening trunk.

- Mimi G

Hyundai Elantra 2012 - performance and reliability

My vehicle has had many recalls on it. It has been in the service station many times. Comfort is okay. Performance is questionable and reliability is most of the time okay.

- Pamela R

It's a great car for folks who don't do a ton of driving

Has good gas mileage. Interior finishes are nice and overall the car looks good. Dislike the limited headspace since I'm tall. Seats are very uncomfortable for long drives.

- Emily J

The Hyundai Elantra is a spacious affordable car, perfect for first time owners!

My Hyundai Elantra runs very smooth and is easy for braking and excelling. It is also very spacious. However, I have had multiple problems with the exterior paint chipping.

- Meghan M

100,000 miles warranty. which is better than most other cars

elantra touring car so it is like a small suv. I am SHORT so I can raise my seat up to see over dash..Also like the hatchback trunk. because it is easy to load groceries .

- Carol M

The car has good gas mileage for it is category.

The car has great gas mileage. It is small but not too small. The engine does not accelerate very quickly but otherwise it drives smoothly. I would recommend it to anyone.

- Molly S

my Hyundai elantra touring

it is a hatchback and seats 4 people comfortably. it gets about 25 miles to gallon of gas and has had no major repairs done. it has 72,000 miles on it and still looks new.

- bernie a

My car does not display the amount of miles I have left until e up to zero.

I like how safe my vehicle is. My favorite part would probably be the fuel capacity pricing and mileage. What I dislike about my car is the way it unlocks if I ever park.

- Jay T

It's roomier on the inside than it looks on the outside.

It's a hatchback, so I can get a lot more in than if it were a sedan with a trunk. It's also cute and easy for my parents to get in and out of. I wish it had more power.

- Donna B

Dependable. Reliable. Comfortable and easy to drive.

It's reliable and safe. I haven't had any major issues with the car. I bought it brand new. Only reason to get a new car is now i need something bigger- growing family.

- Allison E

It is a very reliable car. It will let you know if your tires are low.

I have had my vehicle for 2 years. I have had no major problems with it. It gets good gas mileage. I love that it has seat warmers, sunroof,etc. It drives great.

- Tammy N

Just right for a small family.

I like how its small size is very convenient for small spaces. I don't like how the front frame of the windshield is so wide that I sometimes can't see pedestrians.

- Sarah H

Very reliable and economical.

The car performs well. Very few maintenance issues since purchase. Only complaint: when car gets extremely the radio preset buttons disappear and have to be reset.

- Carrie M

It's great on gas and does not take much to fill my tank.

I love that My vehicle gets great gas mileage. It is also a sharp looking vehicle. I do not like that it isn't good in the snow and could use a little more space.

- Brittany M

People should know how great on gas the Hyundai Elantra is.

I love how great my car is on gas and really love the design. Dislike how it's had some issues, but everything has been under warranty so can't complain too much.

- Raechel M

Low maintenance, and good gas mileage.

My Hyundai has 115, 000 miles & has never had any real mechanical problems. I have put on two sets of tires, and keep my oil changed. Very happy with my Hyundai.

- Judith T

Its sturdy and travels great. Very comfortable for driver and passengers too

It's a black beauty, has given me excellent service for the last nearly 6 years. I have not had any engine problems. Only the usual tyre and battery replacements


It gets excellent gas mileage.

I like my elantra because it gets excellent gas mileage. I also loved the 10 year 100,000 mile warranty. I wish it was larger and handled better on snowy roads.

- Debra L

It's functional and gets the job done.

I like the roominess and the gas mileage. It's cute and affordable. Unfortunately, the ride is bumpier than most cars and it's turning radius isn't very tight.

- Pat K

Lots of space! Good gas mileage.

It is a very smooth ride. Has a lot of room for leg space in the back. Seats fold down all the way. Only complaint is that it does not always idle very gently.

- Sarah S

Good commuter car that is great on gas.

Great low maintenance car with tons of features. Gets good gas mileage. Easy to park and drive. Has a harsh ride and uncomfortable seats for a long drive.

- Michael S

Good car for a reasonable price and a 10 year warranty on some things

Vehicle has good gas mileage, is comfortable and you can control the radio from the steering wheel. However, it comes with no spare tire, not even a donut.

- Henry L

It has great gas mileage, and good steering.

Gas mileage is great, but it needs better speakers. The manual shift can be a bit picky sometimes, but overall it is a great car to have. I like it a lot.

- Ryan W

I like to keep it clean inside and out.

I like the fact that it is great on gas. It fits me perfect the size is great for just me. Love the color. No complaints happy to have a good running car.

- Harriet H

My car is nice and was affordable.

My car is very reliable but a little small for my taste. It's great on gas mileage, it doesn't take much to fill it up and last a while in the same tank.

- Candice C

The gas mileage isn't as good as was advertised by the manufacturer.

I like the features like back up cam and heated seats. It's very responsive and has good trunk space. The gas mileage isn't what was advertised though.

- alicia h

Very sleek design, it also gets decent gas mileage

What I love most is that I don't have to use the key to enter the vehicle or start the car. Car runs smoothly and I rarely have issues, no complaints.

- Alexis H

This is an amazing vehicle.

We have had it for several years and it is still going, it is a great car. It is also a very beautiful car and the dealers fix it up whenever needed.

- Faith W

It's got front wheel drive which I love

It's smaller but comfortable and it's my first sedan from Hyundai. Smooth ride and high quality. My last car was a Buick and hardly made it past 100k

- Anjelica L

Great comfortable midsize car, fuel efficient, 203, 000 miles.

Great comfort & spacious for a midsize car! I am 6�4� & have plenty of room! Good gas mileage. Currently 203, 000 miles with regular maintenance!

- Jarrod H

It's very reliable and never breaks down.

Great car, runs like a charm I couldn't ask for a better car. I love that is a Japanese car cause I know they are long lasting and will run forever.

- Jonathan A

Integrated Bluetooth is awesome.

I like how it handles. Trunk space is good size. Integrated Bluetooth is great... Not enough leg room for my 6?5? Husband and our growing children..

- Jennifer A

Good four wheel drive. The vehicle can go from FWD. to four wheel.

I love the room that the car has... I love that it heated seats that I can use in the winter... I love the gas mileage that it gets on long trips..

- Martha H

How often to do required maintenance

I like my vehicle because it is safe and reliable while being good on gas. It has features where I can plug in my phone or iPod and I like that.

- Sondra J

Despite its size, it is actually quite roomy and I can fit a lot into my car.

I really like my Elantra. It is reliable and gets great gas mileage. My only complaint is the alarm will go off randomly so it becomes annoying.

- Paige J

It doesn't have as good gas mileage as I was told when I bought it.

I like the style of my car. I like the way it drives. I like the color. I don't like the small dent in front, but can't afford to get it fixed.

- Shannon H

Hyundais are reliable and stylish.

This is my second Hyundai and they have both been very reliable cars. Have had very few problems with them. Like the styling and the comfort.

- Tom R

It has great gas mileage.

It's very good with gas mileage and it's pretty comfortable. It's just not very big and the engine is not super powerful. I wish it was newer

- E H

I like my vehicle in that it gets me where I need to go and does not have any major issues. My vehicle tends to have issues with the tire pressure monitoring system and the gas mileage is not always great.

My car gets the job done and is easy to work, however it is not a heavy-duty car. It is small and you have to be relatively gentle with it.

- Angelique G

That the transmission is not so good and the dashboard indicator light continues to Go bad. I've had it fixed three times.

Runs great. Has held up fairly well with regular maintenance, but I had to put in a new transmission.Not a good experience at the dealer's.

- Tom K

Pretty dependable in bad weather. Can be very unpredictable here in new england.

It is old and a hand me down. It does hold the road good. Gets good gas mileage. Roomy enough for our needs. Has good trunk storage space.

- Shirley N

It is very safe and great on gas!!

I love the safety features. The gas mileage is great! I do not like that my car has no arm rest. I do not like all the sensors in my car.

- Charlie L

It get about 34 miles per gallon when driving on a highway

I really enjoy that it gets good gas mileage. It also rides very smooth. The one negative is that my speakers are scratchy in the back.

- Abby H

My car has been very reliable for years, even commuting long distances.

I like the gas mileage and size for my commute. The car also fits my kids well for errands. The trunk is big enough for our stroller.

- Siobhan M

Great Gas Mileage. Great Car.

My car is very roomy, has great trunk space and can carry three in the backseat, for a total of 5. The vehicle gets great gas mileage.

- Fiona S

2012 blue hyundai elantra gls

I like it. It has all the bells and whistles. I like the heated seats, and the abs system. the hands free phone option is really nice

- Anita C

This car is reliable, if not a bit boring. I've only had a few issues in 7 years

My vehicle drives easily. I enjoy the appearance of the vehicle. My brakes needed to be replaced prematurely. It has enough features.

- Kelsea Y

It is the best car, everybody should have one.

Initial cost,and mileage are very good. I dislikes no cruise control. Also, it has no air conditioning. There is to much road noise.

- Matt M

It is the most reliable car I have ever had. I plan to buy the newest model when I purchase a new vehicle.

The elantra is a very reliable vehicle and a gas saver. You definitely don't spend much on gas. It is very spacious and comfortable.

- mimi r

It is reliable. It is easy to use and drives well. It can be expensive to fix.

The frame is a little cheap. It gets dinged up pretty quickly. It's easy to use. Runs well. Fully functional. Nothing I wish I had.

- Stephanie R

Gets decent mileage yoray

None to the date which I've had the vehicle None to the date which I've had the vehicle None to the date which I've had the vehicle

- Ken T

doesn't take much to fill it up.

Good gas mileage. Small. Easy to drive. It is black. Comfortable. Newest far I ever had. Hatchback is convenient. Storage is good.

- Julie T

It does not get as good mileage as advertised. Most cars do get a bit less, but this is very noticeable.

It is a good car for the price. It does have a bit of a rough ride, but it was relatively inexpensive, so that is not unexpected.

- Chris T

Overall good vehicle but excited to get something new.

Car seats get worn easily. Paint chips near windshield and becomes rusty in no time. Seats rattle when car is going over 45 mph.

- Steph A

It is got easy upkeep and great gas mileage. So it is good for your wallet, too.

I like how easy it is to pair devices for the Bluetooth or aux cord. I dislike how the material of the seats is easily stained.

- Robert R

My car has Heated seats in the front and back of the car and it's a compact car that offers a lot of legroom

I get great gas mileage, which I like. I like the backup camera. I like the navigation system, but wish it was more up to date.

- Breana F

It's one of the greatest cars I've ever had to date.

I like having navigation system. I also love the heated seats in the wintertime. It's one of my favorite colors and rides nice.

- Amy W

My car is very comfortable to drive and gets great gas mileage

It gets great gas mileage. The only problems I've had with it are electrical problems in the fuse box while using my Bluetooth

- Deb M

40 miles per gallon fuel consumption. That saves a lot of money.

Like: Bluetooth, satellite radio, fuel economy, reliability. Dislike, simple control panel. Cannot do what many new cars can

- Larry S

It is extremely good on gas.

Our Hyundai is great on gas. I do not like that the car has leather seats, and it is quite small. Other than that it is good.

- Rachel J

The gas mileage is outstanding!

The gas mileage is fabulous. It's easy to maintain. It's cute. I dislike the silver paint coming off inside on the a/c knob.

- Peggy B

It gets pretty good gas mileage when driving on freeway.

I like it's good gas mileage. I like that it was affordable to buy. I like the warranty. I dislike how it performs in snow.

- Bryan M

It is a dependable car! It is a quality car.

Some of the plastic molding has come loose over the years. The esc light goes on sometimes. I feel the tires bald easily.

- Joseph H

It is very reliable and practical.

Easy to drive.. No problems with it.. Its blue.. Nothing I dislike about it.. It suits me.. Rides nice.. So that is it..

- Beverly C

The car is a good value for the price in comparison to other cars

Gas mileage isn't as good as anticipated. Roomy interior. Quality of interior material not build to last. Nice colors

- Sti M

It is a very reliable car!

It is got great gas mileage. It is easy and fun to drive. I do not like that it small, hard to go on long family trips.

- Alena W

The most important thing about the LEnatra is the great gaas efficiency

Great reliable car with amazing gas mileage. Wish it was a faster car but it is very safe and a comfortable drive daily

- Andrew M

it runs very well and it looks good

it is a good size for us. I do not like the sight lines that it has but it runs well and it gets the job done for us,

- Doug s

It's a solid, comfortable, efficient, dependable car that will last!

It's incredibly reliable! Very comfortable and efficient. I have 135k miles on it and I've never had any major issues!

- Caitlin W

Reliable car at low cost maintenance

It is a very low maintenance car. I love its reliability. It is an excellent vehicle for getting around at a low cost

- Larry M

Good starter car for a teen.

Very reliable car, but has some problems such as brakes wearing out quickly, and gas mileage varying with the weather.

- Daniel M

It has good gas mileage. I only have to fill up once a week.

I like that it has good gas mileage. I don't like that I sit so low to the ground. Sitting low makes it hard to see

- Lauren D

It is a great car and I love it. It is a great value for the quality of car you receive.

Love the gas mileage. It handles really well. The light indicator for my tires is on and none of my tires are low.

- Cj R

great gas mileage. ok to drive

I like the gas mileage and th style. I don't like the suspension . the car is ok but a little stiff when driving it.

- Jon K

has a sunroof, and tall roof racks, and it's a station wagon (not a hatchback)

i have the elantra touring, the last year they made these. very roomy in the back, lots of options, and low mileage

- david p

Limited edition version with leather heated seats, navigation, sunroof, rear view camera, and touch start

Limited edition sedan with touch start, built in navigation, and rear view camera. Smaller car that is dependable.

- Jennifer N

Great mileage on highway.

Great mileage and good amount of space. Vehicle is getting older. New models are different. Great for commuters.

- Alex P

Bluetooth is definitely my favorite thing.

Great reliability and the gas mileage on it is really good. I always have my eco button on to save me with gas.

- Jordan O

It drives well, looks good and the model has hardly changed in the past 6 years.

How it looks, the simple lines it has. The GPS system, air conditioning and that it has held up thru the years.

- Betty R

There's a eco button so you can drive more efficiently.

Drives very nice and the interior is very smooth looking. Love my heated seats even in the back seats. sunroof.

- J Q

Not happy at all. Will never buy a hundred aga

Engine rebuilt. Poor service. Very hot. No tinted window ac is fair mpg is not good. Not many options at all

- Jim K

The Hyundai Elantra is a great car. It is very comfortable, has great miles per gallon and is very reliable. Love the car and would buy it again.

It is very comfortable, stylish and very reliable. You can be confident that it is a safe car for your family.

- Anna P

Do your homework on whatever car/truck you decide to buy.

It is not as fuel efficient as I had hoped. I like the color and features. I don't like the cost of new tires.

- Terry M

Make sure to get all season tires to prevent the poor snow driving.

I love my car. I have had zero issues thus far. It could perform better in the snow but I knew that going in.

- Andrew G

It has a backup camera so i can parallel park very well

I like the NAV system and the backup camera. It also steers smoothly. I wish it had a bit more storage space.

- Mat O

Picks up speed fast and can feel very smooth even at 90mph!.

Easy to drive. Love it. Rented one for a trip. Bought one afterwards. Rides really nicely. Good gas mileage.

- Sharon D

Economically friendly but not luxury.

Like the fuel economy. Also the ride is smooth, the warranty was good and the purchase price was reasonable.

- Michael S

It gets hot in the summer.

I like that I have a car, but I wish it were newer with Bluetooth capabilities for safety and entertainment.

- Angelique K

There is nothing interesting about this review

i have had no real problems with the car. Normal wear and tear items that needed to be replaced or changed


reliable and comfortable ride.

I love the styling ,reliability,and ride. I dislike the noisy transmission which the dealer will not fix..

- william m

Sporty 4 Door Car That You Will Enjoy

I like how it handles. I don't like the color. It could be more roomier. It did not come with a spare tire.

- Tom C

I love my Hyundai Elantra! It's spacious but not oversized. It's sleek and reliable. It accommodates all my travel needs-commuting, road trips, errands, etc. It's comfortable and I love all the extras-seat warmers, sunroof, leather interior. The only thing I dislike is that sometimes the transmission doesn't jump to the next gear smoothly.

It's a great, safe, reliable car for commuting and road trips, great for one passenger or the whole family!

- Ariana H

Car is a great value--very economical.

Love the in-dash nav system. Like that car is comfortable and fuel efficient. Also, nice exterior design.

- Dan k

It's great quality for the price. Great warranty and trustworthy.

I love the ride. Nice interior and radio system. Input wish to get a newer Hyundai once I pay this one off.

- Nicole C

It is dependable and comfortable.

I like that it is very good on gas. The car runs pretty smooth. But I do not like that it is not that big.

- Jasmine K

the car has a 10 year warranty or 100,000 mile

The car has a 10 year warranty, high reliability, very good mileage, is comfortable front and back seats.

- Henry T

This car has a good gas mileage and it is very reliable, so does not cost you much.

Reliable, Affordable, and has a good MPG. However, this car has some defective car paint work on the top.

- James P

It is s very affordable and high quality vehicle .

I like the roominess of the vehicle and the features that it has, I wish it had a little more horsepower

- ebony c

it can carry a lot luggage and gets great gas mileage.

i have no complaints. it is easy to get in and around town. it gets great mileage and is easy to drive.

- smity W

Easy ride and built for small family. Legroom in back for adults but not large adults.

Lost air conditioning but overall the car is great. Nice ride, color, and affordable. Nice body design.

- Kim B

My tahoe is old and almost has 200,000 miles and is super reliable.

It has a comfortable ride. It is economical. It is long lasting. It does not have a spare tire or donut.

- Timothy D

Blue color. Great condition.

It is in great condition. A little small, but great mileage. It is quite comfortable, and looks great.

- Thomas B

You can rely on this vehicle in all weather conditions.

This car is pretty reliable performance and maintenance wise. It is very eco friendly with saving gas.

- Melissa S

It's a great car for the price, I would buy one again.

It was well priced. Has lasted several years with little problems. This car has proved to be reliable.

- Amanda P

The 2012 Hyundai elantra explained

The vehicle is great it drives smooth I love the inside colors and i love the fact that it saves gas.

- Timothy C

Great gas mileage! Excellent smooth ride. Love the style.

good gas mileage. comfortable ride. nice looking it has started leaking around the passenger door

- diana c

It's a good car and very cost efficient. It's family friendly

It's a good compact car that's good on gas and gets me from point A to point B but is nothing special

- Megan H

The car is very spacious.

My vehicle is a gas saver. It runs smooth. It has plenty of room for my legs and lots of trunk space.

- Dana J

It needs some new tires so don't speed down the road too much

I like all the bells and whistles it has. It has a nice backup camera. It is a bit noisy at times.

- Richard M

That it's mine and I like it a lot. Its a tan color has tan and black interior

It a four-door sedan. I like that it has a course. The only thing bad about. the tires cost to much

- Judith G

It's a basic sedan but it does its thing. Nice that it includes satellite radio and Bluetooth capabilities. It's been easier to install our child's car seat than our last car. Drive is smooth and decent enough gas mileage.

If you're looking for a decent car that won't break your bank account, this is the one to roll with

- Emily B

Good storage area in the trunk.

I wish it was a little more fuel efficient. I like the value of the car. I like the trunk space.

- elizabeth H

It gets good gas mileage.

It gets good gas mileage and is easy to handle. It has cloth seats that are hard to keep clean.

- Rebecca t

it is great value for It's cost

I am not very particular about cars but it gets me where I want to go reliably and efficiently.

- Barry B

Hyundai vehicles are very well built and dependable.

I like that Hyundai cars are dependable. I like the looks. I don't like the light interior.

- Heather E

The Hyundai Elantra is a dependable vehicle with a great style.

I like the overall style of the car. The interior is comfortable and has a clean look.

- Shannon T

good gas mileage. comfortable to drive A little bumpy

from a good company that is becoming very popular and you see a lot of these cars now

- Patsy K

Good car, that has served me well

Great little car, only complaint was there was some recall issues that were resolved.

- Glynis A

It sits very low to the ground so it is easy to scrape the front end.

My car has a great turn radius. It doesn't get the mpg that it was supposed to get.

- Jennifer C

It's just a work car. It saves me gas versus my 2008 Chevy Silverado

It is just a cheap cat that I use to get back and forth to work. It is a gas saver

- Steve K

It's a reliable and safe car to get you from point A to Point B

It is reliable, economical and stylish. I do not like that there is no spare tire.

- J A

This is an economical car with very good gas mileage

it's a small vehicle Good gas mileage not current on amenities such as bluetooth

- Paul F

It's a sensible car that looks more expensive than it is

It is a great and fun car to drive. It gets great gas mileage. It feels sporty

- Sarah K

I like the color and make and model of my car.

I like the make and model of my car. There is nothing I disliked about my car.

- Amita l

It is very a practical car, purchased at a good price.

I like my car. It was the most popular car for 2012. It had the best warranty.

- Maria w

it is good on gas, good mileage which saves me money

I really like my car. The only thing that bothers me is the high drivers seat

- Jennifer B

It has a great warranty and great on gas

It is great on gas It has a great warranty It has been dependable Thus far

- Karissa G

It gets great miles per gallon . It is a four door.

It has plenty options and came with a cheaper price in comparison shopping

- John V

It always shows up when you need it. Have nothing bad to say about this car

Runs great. Dependable. Good on gas. Always gets me to where I have to be.

- edward s

Cute, compact. Fun to drive. Very fuel efficient. I hate that there is no spare tire though.

I get at least 30 miles to the gallon even with a ton of in town driving!

- Trisha S

Fuel efficiency of the vehicle is the best thing about this car!

Durable body frame. Wish the seats were better adjusted. Love the style.

- Stephanie M

that they are light to drive no hassle and i love my car

i like it easy to use or drive light car and it's my first car i love it

- rose D

I don't like how small it is and how low to the ground it feels. I would prefer a full size sedan or an SUV

It does great on gas. It tends to last which is a good thing with cars.

- Brittany M

it pulls a bit to the right. It had an issue of never starting on the first try

it has some loud road noises at times. Had a couple of factory recalls

- rich m

I love my car. I love my heated seats. I love that it ride good. I love that it gets good gas mileage.

My car has a lot of room to sit four people and the car has a sunroof.

- Martha W

It's an affordable car option without breaking the bank

It's comfortable. Good on gas. It simple but up to date capability.

- Tiff B

It's a great value for the money

I like that my car is very roomy and spacious and is good on gas

- ebony c

My car is in a very good shape and quality and everyone likes it.

I don't dislike anything. I like my car and its make and model.

- Amita S

That the doors unlock when you put the car in park.

Good reliable vehicle. Have not have any mechanical problems.

- Thomas G

Great gas mileage and great to fit 4 people.

Great runner car and very affordable for what it comes with.

- Noe B

Customer service is great as dealership. And it gets great gas mileage

I like that my car is comfortable and gets good gas mileage

- Debbie M

Great gas mileage and low maintenance with high mileage

Great gas mileage, it's very low maintenance. It's compact

- Linz B

The older models have the better design inside, far prettier than the newer models.

Love it, Perfect for me! Heated seats, nav, xm, sunroof...

- Debbie S