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Control to move in traffic and feeling of safety.

I love driving my Hyundai Tucson. As a crossover, the size is perfect, not as small as a sedan and not as large as an SUV. The trunk height is perfect, since I can just position my items straight into the trunk. The seat backs move forward so I have been able to fit a large amount of things into the car, including long poles, Christmas tree, skis, and some oddly shaped items. I feel very safe in the Tucson. It is very sturdy, never wavers, and drives consistently. I do not have engine problems, but I maintain my car well at my Hyundai service station. The gas and brake pedals are consistent and work smoothly. The seats can be positioned perfectly for my back. I am able to keep the car clean on the inside. It has just the right amount of pockets and the glove compartment fits what I need. I use the center front container between the seats all the time. I put in one of those purse organizers and everything is accessible right away. The dashboard is very clear and has never made me confused. I use the Bluetooth connection and the buttons on the steering wheel all the time - mute, volume control, Audio instructions. I do not have to turn off my headlights when I get out of the car, since it automatically turns off when I click to lock the car. This way I never forget to turn on the headlights in bad weather or at night. I can easily control the speed of the windshield wipers, speeding it up a little or slowing it down a little, as the weather changes. In the wind, the car feels sturdy.

- Silke D

My Hyundai Tucson is both a good car and a bad car.

The radio does not get reception most of the time. The seats get really static, the car at times felt like it didn't want to accelerate. I would sputter at times. The bumper bent due to how hot it was during summer. During winter it got really muddy and the mud started to discolor the bumper. I really like the light silver color of my car. The light color helps keep the inside from attracting the sun heat too much. The wheel also seems to lock a lot. I have to constantly fight with the wheel in order to unlock it the heater is really good and when I turn it on in the cold to warm it up, it does not take very long to warm up. While warm it up the fabric in the seats to warm up as well. I love how the back seats fold up to make room in the back when I need lots of space. I also really like how the gas switch is on the inside by my foot so I do not have to worry about someone stealing my gas. It's nice to have that little bit of security. I also love that it has a child lock and a window lock so I do not have to worry about my kid opening the door or window while I am driving. The rooftop window is my favorite part of the car. The rooftop window is tinted as well.

- Ruby R

The best car I've ever had!

One thing that attracted me to buying this car in the first place was how spacious it is. I have used this car for numerous moves and it amazes me every time how much stuff can fit into my car. Also, I have had passengers in my car say that there is surprisingly more room in the vehicle than they would have thought. The car drives really nice on most roads. I have not had any obvious problems with this car. One minor issue I had one time that I got fixed was the volume control on the steering wheel was not working. I have not gotten into any accidents with this car. I have driven it on many long road trips across the country and I cannot complain about discomfort. I love the seats and how comfortable each seat of the car is. My car has the remote start feature. I live in the Midwest where winters can be tough so I LOVE this feature. It is so nice to start my car from my apartment and have the windows defrosted and the car warmed up by the time I need to leave. Overall, I would definitely (and have) recommended this car to anyone looking for a great, reliable, efficient car.

- Whitney M

The Tucson is beautiful blue which I get any compliments for.

The car drives very smoothly and has good turning radius. There are some blind spots which makes it a little difficult when backing up or merging. The seats are cloth and surrounded by about 4 inches of leather which is difficult for me as I am vegan. I bought the car from a cousin and did not know. I have covered the driver's seat and steering wheel. The seats are comfortable for my back. I have had the car 2 1/2 years without any problems. .

- Gloria R

Total reliability and comfort.

I have owned my Hyundai Tucson for about 7 years now and it has never needed much maintenance (other than the routine maintenance). It has been extremely reliable and very comfortable to drive for all of these years. The only thing I wish it had was an outside temperature gauge that I could see on my rear view mirror or dashboard. Otherwise, I would highly recommend this car to anyone and everyone looking to buy.

- Ashley G

Hyundai Tucson - very reliable and comfortable!

The vehicle performs very well most of the time. It is very easy to get around in and a very comfortable for long or short distances. It also has Bluetooth set up which is always a good thing. It is also very good on gas to be a smaller SUV. I have had my car for about three years and haven't had any major problems with the vehicle. I would highly recommend looking into getting one for anyone at any age!

- Lauren H

2012 Hyundai Tucson Limited package with panoramic sunroof

Love my SUV! The all wheel drive keeps the car firmly on the road regardless of the conditions. Active Eco mode is a wonderful gas saver. I get at least 300 to 400 miles on a single tank of gas. The interior is roomy. My family of four, a dog and a weekend's worth of camping gear all fit within the car. The ride is smooth and feels like the car floats effortlessly down the road.

- Jessica P

Tucson Hyundai is Amazing!

As of today, the Tucson has 203,000 miles and is still as dependable as the day we bought it. We have replaced the battery, brake pads and fan belt. That's absolutely it! Air conditioning is still cold and has never had any service performed. Regular oil and filter changes plus all levels checked as required. Vehicle has never failed us for reliability in any form.

- Chris T

Great beginner car! Not meant for long-term adult

Poor acceleration, gas mileage, and no Bluetooth for music or calls. I like the comfort, the AC and heat work great, and the neutrality of the car. There is good trunk storage. I have bumped into another car and the car dents and scratches very easily. It also is very fidgety with the features to open garage doors and compass on the rear view mirror

- Cam C

Reliable luxurious car without the hefty price tag!

Pretty good on gas (although they made a mistake in the real gas mileage of the vehicle but luckily they have a mileage reimbursement program). Pretty luxurious considering the cost. Now I can't live without a rear backup camera! Lots of features and I love the driver seat and the fact that you can move it multiple ways including up and down!

- Elizabeth C

Great car for beginner drivers

It has been all the way. No issues. A few general recalls but has been a great vehicle. I have done the usual regular maintenance. Constantly keep up with oil changes. A great starter car. I would like it to be a little bigger with time the car seems small. If you need more space I'd get the Santa Fe with third row seating.

- Gabi D

The back seats fold down to allow easy transport for big items.

I love the size of my car. It makes it easy to park, get around the city, but it's also perfect for trips to the mountains, or when I go skiing. The speakers are nice, and everything should work as it should. The only feature that I do not favor is the fuel efficiency of the car. I feel as if I am always stopping for gas.

- Fiona B

The Hyundai Tucson and eco friendly car!

I love my car. It's had very few issues a couple were recalls and the other covered under my extended warranty. It drives nice. The seating is comfortable and it's perfect for me. I like that the car doesn't have to get an oil change every 3,000 miles. I also like the eco button which allows me to get better gas mileage.

- Savanna M

This is the perfect car to transition from smaller sedans or two door cars to SUV. I feel so comfortable changing from a compact Hyundai to this SUV Hyundai. The drive is so smooth and I feel in control with ever turn and acceleration.

I love that my vehicle has a lot of room without being a huge SUV. There are a few blind spots that have taken a while to get used to, but I don't think I've ever had a significant issue with that. I wish that it got better gas mileage, but I understand that there is more vehicle to haul compared to sedans.

- Amanda K

Everyone should know that the car is known for having a problem with a thumping noise in the back. I wish i could remember the name of what we had to have fixed right before the warranty expired. Just beware of a thumping sound from the back tires!

I love the heated seats and the Bluetooth phone system. I wish it had a temperature gage in the rear view mirror. I think it has plenty of room for our family of three but it gets a little cramped trying to have four people nevermind five in there. All in all it's a great reliable car for my small family.

- Melinda C

Excellent gas mileage and comfortable seating.

I adore this vehicle! The seats are comfortable and it rides extremely well. The trunk is very spacious and provides a great deal of storage. The gas mileage is superb- I easily get 30 miles to the gallon. The only problem I have with my vehicle is fitting 3 children in the backseat; it gets very crammed.

- Danielle J

Recall, locks, but love the car.

There is currently a recall on my car that they do not know how to fix yet. Also, the locks do not always work with the fob, not sure if this is the makers fault or the fault of a previous owner. Otherwise, I like my car a lot, good gas mileage, good space, runs smooth, gets me where I need to go.

- Megan W

My car is a combination of cute and compact while being powerful enough for my everyday use!

I love my car. I think that it has been extremely reliable since I have had it. My car is very comfortable, my car has leather seats, power driver seat, cruise control, USB ports. Everything I need in a car mine has. My car is the perfect size for my girls and I and it fits us super comfortable

- Emma H

Extremely roomy for the size of the car

It's got good gas mileage for an SUV. I can easily fit my dogs, boyfriend, and anything we may need for a weekend getaway in it. The sound system is pretty good for a standard car, but the Bluetooth is very temperamental. I wish it would stay on Bluetooth every time I turned my car on and off.

- Hannah I

2012 Hyundai Tucson AWD an excellent choice for a personal or family vehicle.

The 2012 Tucson AWD has the special added security feature that I truly appreciate — in the event of a front end collision, the engine will drop to the ground so it is not pushed into you. My Tucson drives like a dream, is comfortable, and the AWD makes me feel more secure during the winter.

- Catherine L

Affordable compact SUV with great warranty.

The compact SUV size is perfect as it is heavy enough for snow, but not too overpowering. The style is nice and sporty. Performance is great and it is a reliable vehicle. The only current problem is steering wheel volume control glitches. Overall, I love the affordability and 5 year warranty.

- Kelly B

A great working family SUV that is fun.

I love that my vehicle has a smooth ride. It can hold a lot of stuff when you fold the seats down. It has great traction control and the fuel economy is amazing. It has an eco feature that you can turn on to save fuel. I also like the sound system. It is a great family car but is also sporty.

- Kerri W

best car for me is the Hyundai Tucson. Easy to maneuver and great on gas.

My car was bought used with very little mileage. I also have a good warranty on my car and the dealership gives me free oil changes with tire rotations included. My favorite aspect about the car is the seat warmers and the availability of Bluetooth. I love the color of my car, it's green.

- Elizabeth B

Trusty and reliable Tuscan.

The car is very comfortable and easy to drive. No major motor or engine issues have occurred. However the car is very light and when it is windy the car often veers and is difficult to control. Also tires to replace for the car are expensive. There has been no other problems with the car.

- Emily C

My 2012 Hyundai Tucson reliable car.

My Tucson has been a very good running car. It is reliable and does not require a lot of maintenance. We love the heated seats. It gets good enough gas mileage, not what was quoted on sheet when purchased though. We wished it displayed the outside temperature, which is helpful in winter.

- Nana A

The only drawback is not having any ac vents in the back seat.

Love the style, gas mileage, and overall everything about my Tucson. The only thing that is a drawback is that it does not have air vents in the back and in south Florida it gets really hot for the backseat passengers. The service policy I got with the car was great while I had it.

- Britt R

It is a nice vehicle, it lasted me a long time but I am ready for something bigger.

The seats are narrow; wish they were more wide. I also wish I had more space in the back seat. The heated leather seats are a nice feature. And I do like the way the counsel looks. The trunk is large. The roof rack is beginning to peel off. And the transmission is starting to slip.

- Colleen S

Hyundai Tucson 2012 - amazing condition even 8 years later!!

It has no problems. It has black leather seats, Bluetooth, good on gas, super big back row and good speaker system. Pretty good drive in the snow too. It has ecoboost, good sized mirrors and even a place to put my sunglasses. It offers room for more than the legal allowed limit.

- Alex W

Hyundai is awesome, great warranty.

Very dependable, interior very nice. Has features included that you'd pay extra for in other vehicles. Great warranty. Dealership very easy to work with, very knowledgeable and super friendly. Easy to set up appointments at dealership. Comfortable when driving long trips.

- Cynthia W

Hyundai Tucson review: ecoboost option.

The major issue with my Hyundai Tucson is the ecoboost option where it seems like it correlates with the car having stalling-like issues. Another issue was with the ecoboost option, the gas tank digital reader wasn't accurate by 60 miles and led to me running out of gas.

- Sarah S

Best Hyundai for a young woman looking for reliability.

It has been very reliable for me the past 6 years. I have driven it cross country without any issues. Very comfortable car and has a lot of room for 4-5. Would buy this car over and over again if I could! I love the outside design and the unique color of my Tucson.

- Rachel M

It gets excellent gas mileage.

It gets excellent gas mileage. I have had no problems with it at all. I have only bought tires and brakes I have had no major mechanical problems with the vehicle. It is a very reliable car and drives well in the snow. I really like my Tucson. I would buy another one.

- Kelly W

Good car for someone who does not want to spend fortune.

Maintenance has been low on vehicle. Great gas mileage. Rides well. Roomie. Really a good car for a small family. Roomie trunk for carry large items. You can even carry 8 foot boards in car. Cost of car was good. Was good investment. Inside has held up very well.

- Joyce P

Love that the stereo has an AUX port so can play music from my phone in the car.

Great size, great cargo room, great features, great sound system, great on gas. Fun to drive. The engine is small but powerful, the tires are a good size for off-roading, yet small enough to be easily replaced. Seats are very comfortable with plenty of legroom.

- Maria B

Tucson by Hyundai is a good vehicle.

Bought it brand new. It has been a very good running reliable vehicle. Plan on keeping it until it needs something major. Chose it over Honda because of the better warranty. The all wheel drive can lock in and then it acts as a 4 wheel drive. Very good in snow.

- Miss A

California Tucson drivers

The vehicle has great gas mileage for the type of car it is. The seat are comfortable with the accessory of heated seats. The drive is Smooth but you can definitely feel when the terrain is rocky. I would definitely recommend the vehicle for a start up family.

- Daisy A

Bluetooth, back-up camera and navigation

I love the fact that is has the back-up camera easier to see when backing up. Navigation system helps a lot. I love the Bluetooth it's so much easier when I need to make a phone call when I'm driving. I have important phone calls to make when I'm off work.

- Christine W

Reliable Comfortable Hyundai Tucson

I love my Tucson. It is very roomy, comfortable seating. I love the heated seats and my kids enjoy using the Bluetooth. I also like the hands free phone option... my Tucson has been very reliable and dependable. It rides smooth and gets great gas mileage!

- Sharon S

My vehicle is golden in color and provides a comfortable drive.

The Hyundai Tucson is a very reliable and stylish vehicle with comfortable seats and great additions such as a USB drive, CD/radio, and has so much space! It can be more expensive when it comes to gas mileage but overall a reliable and consistent vehicle.

- Lea M

Hyundai Tucson reliable but has decreased power with eco boost feature.

I enjoy the eco boost feature as far as gas economy goes but from an acceleration standpoint, it does not have the immediate pick up when the eco boost feature is disabled. There is plenty of room in the backseat for 2 car seats. It has good gas mileage.

- Ryan F

Hyundai Tucson: reliable for any person, any age.

My Hyundai Tucson has never given me any problems besides the brakes needing to be replaced once, it drives really well, is spacious, the gas and mileage is not bad, the battery has never died, and it is reliable for getting me from point A to point B.

- Isabelle F

It's a great SUV and one of the safest on the road.

My car performs really well, good reliability. It's very comfortable and I like that its high up. The seats heat up. It has Bluetooth, the ac and heat work really well. I love the way it handles turns. I like using the button to make calls hands free.

- Rosa D

Great car. Good space. Good on gas. And lasts long.

I've had this car for over 4 years now, almost finished with payments. It runs smoothly still, good on gas too. Also great to just drive around or head to the grocery store. Fits about 5 people comfortably, 6 if they're pretty thin. This car is great.

- Christina L

Leather seats, black interior, comfortable seats, good stock sound system

I live in a place where it snows during the winter and it handles pretty well. Stock stereo system is pretty good and my car has leather seats which is awesome. Only thing I would change was purchasing a newer year, but overall it's been a great car.

- Elizabeth P

Best car I've ever owned!!

Good gas mileage, reliable, good value for the money. Easy access to change own oil. 2012 model is kind of noisy inside on interstate trips. Wish the suspension was a little stronger. Good pickup for the 2.0 liter engine. Good legroom in rear seat.

- Michael L

It's been very reliable with minimal costs to upkeep

I wish I had upgraded to include the navigation package. I was talked into 4 wheel all wheel drive which is a feature I have used once in 6 years. The rear doors are pretty narrow, makes for a very shallow backseat with poor legroom.

- Susan S

It is extremely reliable!

I love my Hyundai Tucson because it is beautiful, easy and comfortable to drive and is very reliable. This is my second Hyundai. My first Hyundai was a Sonata and because of all the same reasons, I will always be a Hyundai fan.

- Cindy S

It handles well while driving and seems to get good gas mileage

I like the design of the vehicle and comfort of the seats. Since it is a base model it is only equipped with FWD and does not have cruise control. Gas mileage is fairly decent and it is very spacious.

- Sarah G

Hyundai Corporation is very easy to communicate with when there is a problem.

This is my third Hyundai. I love the brand and I've never had a problem with them. I'm very disappointed that they are no longer making them in standard transmission. This will be my last Hyundai.

- nope F

It is very dependable. It has had to have very few repairs in the time I have had it

I love the size of the vehicle and how sleek it looks. I also love how smooth it feels while driving and that it gets decent gas mileage. One complaint is that the visibility is not that great.

- Nicole R

It has lasted quite a while and I have not had any issues with it.

It is an older model so it is not the best, but it is very reliable. The vehicle design for both the interior and exterior are very appealing to me. It is the perfect size for someone like me.

- E S

It has a lot of features deluxe luxury cars have and a fraction of the cost.

I like the size and driving it. I do not like the seats. They seem a bit stiff and the base of the seat is too short for a man my height (6'2") It can cause leg discomfort on long trips.

- Frank S

It's comfortable, rides well and seems reliable other than problems with paint and tire pressure.

Love the reliability and the driving comfort. Hate problems with tires low on air pressure. Really that the top of the car is peeling and looks rusty and no one will help me with it.

- Debbie B

Great on gas. Love the heated seats and the panoramic view and the crossover style.

Love my car. Haven't had any problems with it other than the back up camera. Think it too expensive for a replacement since water is leaking down into it which causes rust build up.

- Sonja M

2012 Hyundai Tucson is a reliable ride!

The Tucson is fairly reliable, though after over 100,000 miles, I have had to replace the air conditioner and the clearcoat on the door handles and rearview mirrors has eroded.

- Steven C

10/100 doesn't cover much. Should by extended coverage if you put many miles on your car.

Really like vehicle until I started having to make major repairs in the last year. Had to replace AC compressor last year. Had to replace engine and suspension this year.

- annette m

That my Tucson is great quality it is and how dependable it is.

My only complaint since Day 1 has been the air vents. I wish they would better direct air towards the driver. I've had my car 6 years and it's been super reliable.

- Vanessa m

Seat is hard to get exactly right for a short person.

It has been a dependable, reliable car. Have had no problems with it and have kept it regularly maintained. Seat is a little uncomfortable for a short person.

- Deb H

Drives very nice. It is very smooth and quiet. A overall nice car

I like the sunroof and the big cargo space in the back. What I don't like is the vents are too close to the steering wheel and that no multi disk CD player

- Andrew J

My car is very functional and reliable.

My car is lots of room. I think my car looks nice for the type of car that it is. My car seats my family's needs and hold my dogs comfortably in the back.

- Lynn T

Good car think everyone would enjoy this one if they had one.

It is very reliable with no costs - how has 57000 miles on it and I just had to replace the battery and front brakes - only cost other than oil changes.

- Joel C

It is very easy to maintain, comfortable interior, and smooth ride.

My vehicle has had very little problems in the 5+ years I've owned. With regular normal maintenance it runs well. I plan to keep it many more years.

- Kim B

My car is roomy and perfect for my family.

I feel like a good quality vehicle for the amount I paid. Good storage. Great for taking 2 kids from place to place. Good MPG. Great warranty.

- Adrienne C

It has more space than it looks like.

It has a lot of space. Holds up great on road trips. Good gas mileage for long road trips - saves us a lot of money compared to our old cars.

- Ashley H

Great family car for a busy family.

This is a very spacious family car that helps me get around. Handles great, I bought this car used. Had a few maintenance things with tires.

- Christine G

Easy maintenance and low car payment.

Like the feel, look, bluetooth,mp3 & size for a crossover. Dislike that the brand does not make a small SUV with 3rd row for a large trunk.

- Megan D

It is reliable and dependable. It is comfortable to travel in.

It has been a very reliable car with only 1 mechanical failure in 7 years. The only complaint is there have been a couple of recalls on it.

- Kate M

It gets good gas mileage and it does not break down and need a lot of repairs,

Great size, good gas mileage, not a lot of repairs, really no complaints. Have had absolutely no problems with it and it has good warranty.

- David D

The car is a tank! She rides great. The heated seats are great. It is a little cramped when you get 3 people in the back seat though.

The struts are known to be a problem in this car. If you hear a thumping don't wait get it checked! Mine was luckily still under warranty.

- Lance C

The NAV system isn't all it could be. It's actually gotten us lost when we listened to it for directions in an unfamiliar area.

Bought the car new and we've had no trouble with it at all, other than normal maintenance: oil changes, new tires, etc. It's a good car.

- Pam M

The vehicle is great for everyday trips, or long road trips.

Engine runs well, high tech radio and air conditioning unit, comfy seats, I wish it was bigger though. It is good on miles per gallon.

- Alicia M

Very reliable, good gas mileage, sporty, and great features.

I don't like that we don't have enough leg room in the backseat or storage in the trunk. I do like the dependability of the vehicle.

- Jennifer V

Great car for all weather

I bought this car new and have had no problems with it. It is comfortable to ride in and has never been a problem in the winter snow.

- John S

I can't think of an interesting detail, its a car and gets me from point a to b just fine.

The car has been great for the first several years and very reliable but lately the sensory lights randomly come on when not needed.

- sarah r

It rides smooth, but the back seat does not fit 3 comfortably.

I enjoy my vehicle. It rides well. It has gotten a little too small now that we have two children, but overall we really enjoy it.

- Kendal B

goes good in the snow when you lock it in 4 wheel drive

purchased car new, 6 years old and still running good, wished it showed the outside temperature, best warranty at time of purchase

- becki b

It is a great, dependable vehicle at an affordable price.

It is reliable enough to get me back and forth to work. It is dependable, comfortable, and drives well. I gets great gas mileage.

- Angela S

Great on gas mileage and drives great.

I do not dislike anything. It is a great car and good on gas. I wouldn't change anything and will probably buy another Hyundai.

- Kelly W

Comfortable and reliable.

It is a reliable car, I've never had any major problems with it. It's comfortable to drive although it does ride a little rough

- Shaeni M

It's solid and I feel great driving it. It's stable and secure and gets me where I need to go.

It's a great SUV and very reliable.I wish however that the gas mileage was better and more equipped to deal with long drives

- Latresa C

Great little car. It rides a little rough, but it is a great performer and requires little maintenance.

no problems. good performer. it is comfortable and reliable. iT DOESN'T GET THE GET THE GAS MILEAGE IT SAYS IT SHOULD GET.

- Hewett A

It is a reliable vehicle.

Occasionally the transmission slips, but other than that, it is been a great car. Reliable, decent gas mileage, spacious.

- Stephanie S

Reliable comfortable and low maintenance.

6 years old and still running good. Wish it had outside temperature display and built in GPS. Color taupe is still nice.

- Becky B

Tucson great family vehicle for the family on the go

It a nice sport suv.. it's great on gas and comes equipped with all amenities. The stereo could be better but it is good

- Taylor C

They are pretty cheap cars. There is a reason why they are a lot less expensive, because you will pay more in the shop

Everything is falling apart. A lot of little issues are starting to happen at this point and it's starting to get old.

- Kevin L

Was the best purchase I have ever made.

The car very gas efficient & has great gas mileage. Runs smoothly can hardly feel the road. The car is very spacious.

- Veronique L

it is well worth the inexpensive price. Holds the road very nicely

Great no problems only thing have done is replace the oil. service is good and not really needed great gas mileage

- Joel C

It is reliable and affordable for an SUV.

Love the size, color and body style. Wish it had a more powerful engine and better acceleration. It's also reliable.

- Sarah S

The most honest thing I can think of to point out about my vehicle is that it doesn't retain Its value as well as some others.

I like the features for the price and so far it's realizability. I do not like my experience with the dealership.

- Christopher B

It runs great and size is great!

No complaints. Love everything about it. Size is great, runs great, it is roomy, love the color. Its comfortable.

- Jessica L

Reliable Trustworthy SUV!

My Hyundai Tucson is 8 years old and I've had no major problems. It is super reliable and has great handling.

- Lauren G

It's dependable and reliable. No major issues in 6 years.

Great gas mileage, reliable, comfortable. Being a 4-cylinder, it doesn't have much power, but it handles well.

- Todd F

Good gas mileage. Even after 150,000 miles.

Good gas mileage. Room for everyone. Easy to repair. Engine is big enough for this size. Dislike it is white.

- David E

The usb will only play music and not charge your phone.

I love this car. It's the perfect size. Compact enough to park in the city but big enough to travel with me.

- Emily P

It is a good car and I like the color and the radio and the design.

Too big and a great color great radio and good seats I like riding in the car it is spacious and inviting.

- Rm M

very reliable car. would buy another one if I were in the market.

no problems, runs great, nice little car, just changed the filter to a k & n to ck for better performance.

- patti t

My child loves to have both a sunroof and a moonroof

Leather seats, sun and moon roof, good gas mileage on eco, great for family with 1-2 kids. Classy look

- Chasity W

It has been well maintained.

Good on gas, plenty of room, fun to drive, great safety rating for my small child, looks very sporty.

- David P

Very reliable and good on gas.

Not the I wanted but it runs good and good on gas. Never had a problem with my car. Very reliable.

- Cynthia K

great family car!!!! my son and step daughter love the available room and so does my boyfriends family

love the available room for a smaller suv - wish it had better headlights! they are terrible

- Michelle K

Before I bought the Tuson . I had a Hyundai Sonata and they are both excellent cars no problems with . And i have driven it everywhere . I will be purchasing another Hyundai in the. Near future.

Great car for the price , The card and SUV are made to last after there ten year warranty.

- Dekose A

Reliable and nice appearance

Value, low maintenance Below average gas mileage Air conditioning gives out on long trips

- Rose a

Affordable and great on gas but for a foreign vehicle it's pretty nice

I don't like the AWD in it. It is a peppy car. I loved my truck but can't afford a truck

- Amy O

Great storage area. Good hands free calling system.

Can be difficult to figure out the extras. Too many owners manuals. Good gas mileage

- Will E

I like to be up higher off the ground in a vehicle. It is pretty good on gas, which I like. I dislike how they made the back of the crossover because you can't see out the back good enough. I dislike the outside mirrors. They are so big I can't see good passed them when making a right turn

The gas mileage is pretty good and it rides okay. Hard to see out back window.

- Linda B

It's reliable and comes with a long term warranty.

I like the size of the vehicle. I don't like that I have too many blind spots.

- Kristy C

Comfortable and economical to drive.

Attractive and comfortable to drive. Gets good gas mileage. Decent cargo room.

- Rich S

Dependable. Very little maintenance. Lots of room.

It rides nice. Gas could be better. nice interior there is nothing i dislike.

- Patti R

it is great I have just had to maintain it and it is been so good to me

I love my car it has been a great car . I have had no treble with it at all

- katrina m

safety is great and reliable. good riding and smooth.

It's nice and handles well. has lots of options . runs great in winter

- nicike k

Don't slam the doors, I don't want it to ruin the car.

I love it. It takes me from point A to point B and. I can't complain.

- Shelly S

It's reliable, safe, and gas mileage is pretty decent

I like that it's tall but hate that it can't accelerate that well

- Alex g

it is a great car it will last long and have a good feeling

it is great it's fun and it dependable I love driving it

- katrina m

reliable,low cost maintenance, good gas mileage, rides well

it is reliable low cost in maintenance, easy to repair.

- bruce p

The smallest stone will badly dent your car. Exterior materials are tin like.

Good repair record. Gas efficient. Tin like exterior.

- Cynthia W

I don't like that it's not a 4 wheel drive. I don't like it's small. I do like it's a gas saver.

Not a 4 wheel drive!! It's not handy in snow weather

- Luz R