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Love my Hyundai Tucson! Three years and going strong!

I have had my Tucson for 3 years now and I still love it just as much as the day I got it. I bought it used and the only issue I have ever had with it is the tire pressure sensor stays lit at all times. I have had it checked, tested and replaced (under warranty) but it is still there. However, this is the only issue I have had since day one. It rides smooth, gets decent gas mileage (about 25-28 mpg) and is a car I can grown into seeing as how there's enough room for up to 3 car seats in the back. My favorite part? The seat warmers.

- Trisha D

A smooth and comfortable ride.

I'd say that the breaks and engine are very sensitive, which takes getting used to. However, it does make me feel that it is a safer vehicle. The only problem I experience is with the Bluetooth; my phone takes a long time to connect and sometimes it will simply shut off. The seats are very comfortable and the car is good for going on trips. I really enjoy that it is like a regular car and a hybrid all wrapped in one. It has great performance and is an easy and smooth car to drive.

- Lauren C

If you unlock doors and are delayed getting in car, doors automatically relock.

My Hyundai Tucson is a very reliable car. I bought it in 2015 new and have had no problems other than wear and tear. I. E. Brakes, oil changes etc. It is a good size for me with lots of room for anything I want to transport. The back seats fold down for additional space if needed. It gets good mileage also. I wouldn't get the cloth seats again because they show stains. The car rides a little bumpy but not a bad ride at all.

- Ann D

The Hyundai, Tucson is great!!

I love my Hyundai!! It's very reliable , had it for 3-4 years and only the routine maintenance, like change of oil and rotation of the tires. Mine is cherry red, which I love very much, get a lot of compliments on the color and this model it's also Gas saver, and easy to drive, very spacious. What I like most of the Tucson Hyundai is that is a family car but can also be good for a couple I recommend this beautiful

- Maria C

If you want a vehicle to take long trips without gas bill, this is the one.

I love my vehicle, it is awesome on gas, handles nicely on the roads no matter what kind of weather. Do not have to worry about getting stuck in the snow, has a lot of room inside so it is comfortable for myself, my husband and my service dog who is a saint Bernard. We have driven 400 miles one way on a full tank of gas and had no worries. I recommend this car for a small family. It seats 5 people comfortably.

- Tammy V

It has heated seats, a leather steering wheel, and an excellent turn radius.

The Hyundai Tucson beat out both Honda and Toyota on safety ratings in the year 2014, which was a big reason why I purchased this vehicle. It handles well, has a very tight turn radius (extremely helpful on city streets), and has more leg room in the back than most vehicles its size. It is not quite as fuel efficient as advertised, more along the lines of 19-22 mpg city, 27-30 mpg highway.

- Savannah B

Looks right, drives right.

I love the sleek look of the design and the dashboard is appealing too. I greatly enjoy having the seat warmers and the seats are comfortable. The drive is smooth and handles well on highways and windy backroads. Slightly difficult seeing through back to reverse in camera could be bigger. Had problems with side passenger door lock malfunctioning but other than that I am really happy.

- Simone R

Got to love this car, all of it!

I love almost everything about my car, it has an economic mode and gas consumption is reasonable. If I had to complain about one thing, it would be that the window is up a little high for me, but that could have to do with my height also. However, for short people, that would be a concern. Warranty cannot be beat either with this make of car, though. It is phenomenal!

- Erin C

don't be fooled by the 5 year bumper to bumper warranty.

I don't like the fact that it is almost entirely made of plastic. I couldn’t hide a key under the back bumper because I needs something metal for the magnetic key box to stick to. I didn't appreciate the advertising “5 year bumper to bumper warranty” and it has not covered anything that I needs stating “that’s excluded in the 5 year warranty”.

- Kimberly H

The heated seats are definitely the best feature.

I like being seated a bit higher up while I drive. I wish my car had a sunroof. I love the heated seats and the tinted windows in the back. It is also nice to have 4 doors. I love having air conditioning and automatic windows. I do wish the pick up was a little smoother and I would like brighter lights because it is very difficult to see in the dark.

- Kathleen J

A perfect mid size SUV to take you anywhere.

It is a great mid size SUV great for short or long trips. Spacious for at least four people and a smooth ride. Is very dependable and a quality car that as long as you do your monthly upkeep seems to stay running great. Over all I enjoy the interior and love the black color of mine as well as the Bluetooth capabilities.

- Dalton W

Tucson to go run around town.

My Tucson is grate for a small SUV. The gas mileage is not too bad but she can go pretty fast lol. I really like the sunroof however I wish the back one opened up to the outside as well. The leather is nice but not a must for me. I do wish the seats were cooling seats and I believe the newer cars have those.

- Michelle S

Tucson is simple yet practical.

My 2014 Hyundai Tucson is simple but has everything I need. It gets great gas mileage. I usually get around 30/gallon. My model does not have the fancy features but I have Bluetooth & SiriusXM radio. The trunk provides me with more storage room than I was expecting while still having full use of my backseat.

- Jami D

Great car. Runs well. Very happy with it.

Never had a problem. Decent on gas. Rides nicely. Great heater and ac. Love the bluetooth and heated seats. Very comfortable seats for traveling. Easy to park. Have had numerous compliments in it. Never needed repairs. Just normal maintenance. . Love the backup camera. This makes backing up so much easier.

- Maggie K

It's sporty dad looking vehicle, with enuff guts under the hood to getty up and go if in a tight spot.

It's spacey, looks like it be a hassle getting three kids and out with cars eats. But it's not all. Gets Great gas mileage., trunk very spacious. I have no complaints what's so ever, hell, there are outfits around here that are waNting to buy the vehicle to sell It's a very sought after vehicle.

- Sean B

Excellent overall vehicle recommended highly.

It is a very comfortable SUV. It handles very well and you feel safe in it. The main problem is your gas mileage is not good at all. It has been a very reliable automobile. I would recommend it to anyone. I like that fact that it sits high off the rode. That makes it easier to get into and out of.

- James M

Great car for a large family!

The car runs great, and is very easy to take care of. It is small enough that I do not feel like a big rig on the road but large enough to comfortably hold my whole family of 4 plus room for strollers and luggage. Best car I have ever owned and I will for sure but another one when the time comes.

- Johanna K

It has set warmers on the drivers and passengers side.

I have had this car for 5 months now and I have had no problems with it so far, it is big comfy and roomy has seat warmers, you can put the back sets down for more trunk room, has a alarm nice rims 4 doors comfortable sets has cup holders on all doors I recommend on buying another like this one.

- Elsa K

Fun safe good on gas daily driver.

My SUV is a mid sized vehicle that is fun to drive it is good on gas it is really comfortable. I have had no trouble with it so far. It is got good a/c and heater. It is got leather interior and heated seats satellite radio and CD player electric seats comfortable seating for five people.

- Arthur P

Hyundai Tucson reliable family vehicle.

Our Tucson has done a very good job of being reliable and keeping us safe. It has had some basic maintenance needed since we have had it almost 70,000 miles. I think it is pretty basic in features but it gets the job done. It fits car seats well and keeps us safe on our drives.

- Kim W

Not all it's cracked up to be!

I don't like driving an SUV. I don't like that the cargo is "loose" in the back, there's no graceful way to get in or out of it and because it's more of a sitting position, if I'm stuck in traffic my knee hurts. I can't adjust the seat into a comfortable position for my knee.

- Jody B

Easy to drive and very comfortable.

Very reliable - only problem is master window opener does not work gave out at about 50, 000 miles. Other than that have had no problems. It is very easy to drive, park and sits a little higher so you have good visibility. The heated seats and rear view mirror is a plus.

- Lisa B

Hyundai Tucson's are a great truck.

The truck handles well in the snow and wet weather gets very good gas mileage drives very car like I would recommend if you go to anybody that wants to buy one plan on leasing one with in the next month or so for 36 months then I will buy it at the end of the lease.

- Jack V

Great gas mileage, love car color.

Good car, reliable, good gas mileage. I like the style. I have not had any major issues which is good. I had an ac issue where air was coming out hot but it was covered under manufacturer warranty. I am overall satisfied. It was a good purchase. I have been happy.

- Claudia H

Hyundai Tucson dependability.

The Hyundai Tucson is a reliable car that has very good gas mileage and is dependable. I use this car to travel to and from school and it is very comfortable. This vehicle is spacious. I wish it had more features, such as a touch screen and/or back up camera.

- Kimberly J

Great fuel efficiency and storage space.

This is a great car. It has great fuel efficiency, excellent brakes, convenient setup and quick acceleration. The hatchback really allows you to not worry for space. Overall I'd definitely recommend this car to someone who's currently on the market for one.

- Devin S

Great car! Would definitely buy again.

It is a great car, drives well, very roomy. Have had no problems with it and would highly recommend this car to others. It handles well in bad weather and is easy to maintain. The standard features on this vehicle are great as well. Would highly recommend.

- Kathy J

It's a reliable and safe car that I would recommend to everyone.

I like the reliability of my car - in the four years I've owned it, I've never had a major issue with it. I also like the entertainment center in the car, although I wish it had Apple Carplay. Overall, I'm very happy with my car with no major complaints.

- Caitlin G

It has good pickup and handles great.

Love the looks of my 2014 Tucson. It handles like a sports car and has great pickup. I don't like the front bucket seats, they are difficult to get in and not real comfortable on long rides. Everything else is great. I get good gas mileage on long trips.

- Joseph R

Is excellent, comfortable, economical.

I have no problem with the moment and I am very satisfied with my car. It is very comfortable and stable on the road, it is very economical in gas, especially on highways. When I can buy another one of the year ahead I would buy it. I love mine is brown.

- Melba A

My vehicle is very reliable and I love it.

My car is very reliable. I live in the northeast so winters are tough. It's really good in the snow. Love the seat warmers. It is not the greatest on gas, but I drive a lot. It holds a good amount of storage in the desk. It handles well on the highway.

- Heather B

They should know it has a ton of positives but it has a little road noise to be aware of.

I love my car. I love the size and think it is perfect for me. It is midsized and the tank isn't huge, mileage is surprisingly good, and I love that I can pull down the seats and get a lot of trunk space. It has a back up camera which I utilize often.

- Kassidy C

Driving with ease and comfort while feeling safe and secure!

I love it because it gets great gas mileage and drives very smooth. I have had very few issues with it the past couple years and feel safe whenever driving. It is a great size and not too big, making parking extremely easy. I would highly recommend!

- Drew T

Excellent Bang for the Buck, Fabulous Mileage, Practical and Cute!

I love the size of my small SUV. The gas mileage is absolutely amazing (I average about 28 MPG in the city and a little over 30 MPG on the highway). It's also still very cute. I have never had any issues with it with regular routine maintenance.

- Tiffany R

The safety of the car! The power train warranty!

I love the comfort and the size and the color of my car! I also like the way it handles and the features of the car! It has the backup camera which is a blessing once you get used to it! Also the dealer is helpful! The one in old saybrook CT!

- Judy C

The vehicle has a very good safety record.

It offers a lot of room for when I need to bring home groceries. The vehicle also drives well, and I find the backup camera useful. If I had to list one thing that I dislike, it would be that I don't get better mileage per gallon of gas.

- Daniel M

It was all I could afford at the time.

I like my Hyundai because it drives well, seats are raised and easier to see out. The thing I dislike the most is the blind spots when looking to the sides and back. The defrost system could be better during. Heavy rainy. Weather.

- Betty T

The comforts of Tucson. Would not change my car great SUV!

It's comfortable. The air condition vents in the back are great. I control it. The rear seats unfortunately are very upright. it would be nice to be able to be able to recline seats a bit not as much as the front seats.

- Lourdes M

Good car for everyday running around.

It serves the purpose but is lacking in some features such as compass and temp reading on rear view mirror. Driver side ac vents are blocked by steering wheel. But drives well and no mechanical problems the first year.

- Karen C




The Hyundai Tucson is a great car for someone on the go.

I love my car! It has a rear-view camera which is nice and safe when backing up. It also has seat warmers which is helpful when it's cold. It's big enough, but still small enough to park in compact spots.

- Kristin V

It is a perfect size and no problems with it whatsoever!

Great vehicle. I bought it for inclement weather in Wyoming and gas mileage is fair. My husband encouraged me to buy the car as Hyundai has great extended warranty though I haven't needed it.

- Jodi B

Hyundai vehicles give you the most bang for the buck

I wasn't sure about Hyundai, but I'm really glad I bought it. It has lots of bells and whistles for the cost. I haven't had any maintenance issues. It's a great family vehicle

- Lauren C

Great safety ratings. Great in wet or snowy conditions.

Highway and back road worthy. Plenty of room for backseat passengers. No blind spots. All controls on dashboard are easy to reach and use. Seats are very comfortable and sturdy.

- Rebecca G

This car has never had a mechanical problem and it has over 90,000 miles on it!

It is a mid size SUV that meets all our needs. Room to comfortably seat 4 people and luggage. Good gas mileage. Nice ride. And it just runs; never has had a mechanical problem!

- Robert M

It's reliable and looks good on the road

I love the size of this car! I love the storage in the back. I love the look and feel of this car. I wish built in nav came with it. I also wish it had air conditioned seats

- Beth j

Back up camera is included.

This vehicle is a great suv to own. The handling is awesome. Gas mileage is above average for an SUV. Very comfortable and roomy enough for four people to go on a nice trip.

- Chester C

It has a lot of cargo room.

Have had trouble with a window getting stuck and one door that would not open. Both had to be repaired. The air conditioning also stopped working and needed to be repaired

- Karen D

Gas mileage is really good for an SUV/Crossover vehicle.

I purchased the vehicle used, but it is in great shape. I love the Bluetooth feature and the back up camera. Would like to have a keyless entry feature.

- Traci C

The size is perfect for a mall family and gets decent gas mileage.

Like the size of the SUV. A basic model but has all features that I desire. Drives well and based on past experience should be reliable for many years.

- Jerry E

Super comfortable and reliable.

Reliable. . Comfortable. . Space for a family and luggage. Great gas mileage. My husband and I fight over who gets to drive when we go out together.

- Jennifer W

Drives well however engine failure after being only 4 years old is unacceptable

Only thing I dislike was that the engine blew after buying a brand new car after 4 years. And it took them over two and a half months to be fixed

- Brian H

This vehicle has a good safety rating and a very good warranty. It is very reliable, has good gas mileage and handles very well on curves!

Like the style and color. Like the interior colors. Like the size of the navigation screen. Don't like the front seats, they are not comfortable!

- J R

Spacious gas saver! Economy suv.

I love my vehicle because I have had no problems with it. Great gas mileage. Doesn't take a lot to fill it up. Spacious and all around great car.

- Tina R

Dual usb ports. Bluetooth.

It is small as far as space goes in the back seat. I like the exterior appearance at night. The lights are unique. The gas mileage is also good.

- Shirley R

A decent small SUV. Sleek interior.

The car is reliable and comfortable. I find the backseat legroom and the truck space lacking compared to other vehicles in this same category.

- Karen K

Reliable. Low maintenance vehicle.

I live the way it has no road noise. Rides nice at high speeds. I do not think the pick up is too good. Takes a while to get up to speed.

- Barbara O

It has a gaps system that helps you navigate in unknown territory.

It drives and handles great. Goes about anywhere.. Great gas mileage and goes smooth drive anywhere I dislike I do not brave a 2nd one..

- Richard L

It is good mileage and small.

The vehicle is simple, small, easy to navigate. It has a good back camera with approximate distances however it does not have GPS.

- Jen D

The car gets really good gas mileage. The seats are heated!

I like everything about the car. Leather is not my first choice but I am getting used to it. Good gas mileage and comfortable ride

- Brigette K

It is used quite frequently. Over 25k miles a year.

The car is dependable. It has built in navigation and leather seats. I wish it was bigger than it is. Has barely any power to it.

- Jared B

I feel very safe in the car!

No complaints, this is the second Tucson I have owned and I probably will purchase again the next time I need to replace my car.

- Nancy L

So far, it has been a very dependable ride. Hyundai is a very good car maker.

Really like the back up camera. Also like the roomy interior. Not so crazy about the okay suspension and city gas mileage.

- Cris p

It is a four cylinder engine and gets good gas mileage.

My vehicle is very reliable and gets good gas mileage. It has cruise control and is great for traveling on the highway.

- Clifton M

Excellent buy for the price.

Comfortable ride, quiet and handles well. Audio system is excellent. Gas economy is good. I would buy this model again.

- Ray M

That it can drive it the snow. It's a safe car for my son to be in.

It a nice car. It has 4 wheel drive. It has heated seats. It has a big back row. It's a little big. But fits everyone.

- Romulo K

It does well on long trips.

I like the size of the car and how it drives. The gas mileage I get is pretty good. I wish it had more storage space.

- Richard P

Sporty Family wheels in style

It's been a great car, smooth ride and decent power. It is perfect for family and space. The gas mileage is good also

- Aaron V

Great handling and safety features.

It is very user friendly and comfortable. I like how spacious it is. I wish the info button contained tire pressure.

- Kayla M

Great car! Would highly recommend.

This is a great car. I have had it for 2 years with no issues whatsoever. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone.

- Kathleen J

The most important thing would be the gas mileage.

I like the gas mileage it gets, the space inside, and the way it drives overall. I do not like the blind spots.

- Elizabeth H

How dependable it is. The great gas mileage. How comfortable it is.

My Tucson is a great all around car. It's comfortable for travel and even to haul diy supplies from Home Depot.

- Rebecca L

It can do a lot I transport kayaks and a trailer with it

I like that it's a small SUV. I don't like the cargo space. It's too small. There are so too many blind spot s

- Laura B

Decent cargo space and not very expensive compared to other makes.

I like the amount of room in the back and the gas mileage isn't bad either for an SUV. No complaints so far.

- Ray K

Save on gas because the gas mileage is wonderful for this car!

It's good on gas. I wish there was more space because my prior SUV was much larger. It drives very smooth.

- April D

Good gas mileage as well as the space availability wen seats are down

Good gas mileage has space for family trip or small construction jobs I like it because it has versatility

- Adam Q

They would be getting a good deal for the money.

I love the size and durability. There's not one thing I dislike about this car. It is extremely reliable.

- Kelly M

safety being up higher off the ground, sturdy body frame

for a short person the side mirrors are in the view my view of cars when making a turn, they are too big.

- celia r

It is a very roomy car. It rides great especially on the highway.

I like how it drives. I also like that it is easy to get in and out of. I dislike the gas mileage I get.

- Jim M

This is a very roomy suv and very nice for a family.

This vehicle is reliable and comfortable and easy to get from place to place. The back is very spacious.

- Katie A

It's functional, but is very lacking

It's not high quality as I expected. A 4 year old car is not performing as expected for a foreign car

- Kristle T

It has one of the highest accident ratings

No mechanical issues, dependable - the paint is fading quickly and the seats are stained by even water

- Lindsay G

That is the most reliable vehicles we have ever owned,

It is one of the most reliable vehicles we have ever owned. Vey good gas mileage, comfortable ride.

- Sadie S

Good amount of room and good gas mileage. Easy to handle

I can't really say anything bad about it. I do get good gas mileage and it has been easy to drive

- Karen H




It is safe, and comfortable

I like everything about it, the look, the ride, the safety features and the gas mileage

- Glynel G

The SUV get gear 5 gas mileage is on long distance drives.

Is just the right sides for me. I can load things easily. I have heated seats

- Alma S

How much spend in gas if is economic

The air conduct i will like dos spin the air like 360° for more air

- Giselys R

It's great on gas. I only fill up once every three weeks

I like that it's good on gas. Dislike the basicness of it.

- Shelley F

It is great if you have older parents.

It is great for hauling things. The gas mileage is awful.

- Bill O

get good shocks for any hyundai

good price for it, rides smooth, fair gas mileage

- Mark C

Very dependable and comfortable.

- Sharon C