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Hyundai Veloster won my heart!

My Hyundai Veloster was a replacement for my beloved Toyota Celica. I chose the automatic transmission even though I really prefer manual. This has made it an easier car to manipulate on longer trips. Mileage is good. Only problem I have had is with one of the low profile tires setting off the tire sensor. Replaced the tire and the problem disappeared. Design wise it is very attractive. The exterior black and interior gray is very attractive. The 3 door design is unusual, but with only 2 riders, the back seat really gets used. I love the rear camera display for backing up.

- Laura S

I bought this car for my dog.

I really enjoyed my Veloster. Surprisingly spacious! Although it is a four seater… it is a very roomy cabin as well. I have completed many idea trips in this tiny little roller skate without issue. Getting my nieces and nephews car seats in and out of the car is not difficult either. I feel like it would be a good car for a small family of four. I currently do not have any children but I have a dog who absolutely loves the little window that rolls down in the third door. It is perfect height for her to stick her head out and do dog things.

- Bridget P

Good for cities, small spaces, and commuting.

The things we like best about our veloster are its really great mileage, the third door (for getting friends and gear in easily), how small and maneuverable it is (makes parallel parking even in tight spaces work), and how flexible the space inside is. The downsides are that it can be expensive to get parts and tires, taller people can have issues with the back seat ceiling being too low, and not so great visibility out of the back. It is a great car for city and commuter driving, and good for our monthly budget.

- Morgan C

Do not performance tune the car as the wires on it are cheaply made.

I have recently purchased the car at 63, 000 miles and I am already having to replace ignition coils. Other than that it has been very reliable and I have loved it. The seats are so comfortable. I have the turbo and it is pretty quick on both the interstate and from red lights;). The weird third door is an accessibility feature that I and guests in my car enjoy. The hatch is really handy for moving things as well. Overall its sporty yet practical and a college student cannot ask for anything more.

- Zack C

Nice to look at but lacking in power.

My Hyundai Veloster is a nice vehicle. However, I do not like that it feels like it is losing power when I accelerate up a hill. There is a touch screen radio system which would be a perfect opportunity to have a back up camera, but there is no back up camera. I have a remix edition of the Veloster which I would assume should have added features but it does not. I do not like how I feel like I am sitting on the ground when I get in it. I like the look of my car though. It is sporty and cute.

- Caitlin K

Cutest little, most comfortable little car I have ever been in!

The comfort and sporty feel of the car is amazing. The interior of the car is very updated for an older model car. I was surprised to see the car had a push to start button and also such updated apps on the radio itself. The seats are comfortable for long trips. The only thing that I am not super stoked about the car is the ticking in the 2013 model engine. When the car is running, there is a constant tick that is quite obnoxious and hard to look past.

- Aspen P

Hyundai Veloster turbo: great car, minor problems.

This car handles really well; I really enjoy how quickly I can get up to speed, especially since I drive a turbo. It also has a lot of cargo space for a hatchback, especially when the back seats are down. However, the back windshield is nearly impossible to see out of, especially at night; the side mirrors help, but only so much. Another small complaint is that it needs very specific tires, which can get expensive when it comes time to replace them.

- Rae H

Sharp little car, fun to drive

I love my Veloster! It's a fun car to drive and gets good gas mileage. The third door is a plus for getting my grandkids in and out. Even though this is a small car, there's plenty of trunk space and the back s acts let down for the times I need extra space.plus, this little car just st looks sharp. I've had many people stop and ask me about it. My only complaint is the speakers haven't held up, and I had to replace them.

- Kat K

My Veloster. Looks great with 3 doors sporty, drives well has had compliments.

The car runs really well, it is responsive as a stick shift should be. A couple of problems now with some of the parts showing their age, shifter top worn, a visor got stuck to roof with the heat and broke when I put it down as I normally would. I find it comfortable, and I love the GPS and rear back up camera which are standard in the vehicle. I would buy another one if I need a new car.

- Lynn J

Good 2 car who want some luxury items but for a good price & get good gas mileage.

My care pretty nice it has Bluetooth, tinted windows, pretty good gas mileage 24-32 depending on the day. Also has leather seats. The bad thing is that it has many blind spots but comes with a rear view camera so that really helps me. Really good for a 2 person can not to expensive got mine for around 10,000 so honestly really like it. Odd part of the car is it only has 3 doors.

- Kaitlyn J

3-doors and a great sunroof.

The best features about this vehicle are the push to start and the ability to touch a button to unlock the door. I appreciate these features because I hate fumbling around with keys. The reasons I purchased this car were cosmetic (the 3-door option and the color. Yellow) but it has shown to be reliable and has not needed any major repairs in the 3 years I have had it.

- Kristen P

It's a fun car to drive - the turbo makes it at least as fun as my old 6 cyl mustang.

My Veloster Turbo is a great little car! It can zip into and out of traffic, has a surprising amount of cargo space, and has been very reliable. The only problems I've had are when I have more than one adult male passenger (back seat is cramped) and the radio doesn't receive signal when the rear defroster is on. Overall: For the price, it's a great choice.

- Ashley F

Veloster commuting car review

Reliability is the best thing about this car. Compared to many other brands Hyundai has great warranties and trust behind their cars. Comfort isn't the best as it is a small car and the tires are thin. Drives poorly in snow and is overall a slow car. Overall, these reasons make it an excellent commuting car.

- Dins J

The vehicle check is very helpful.

I really like how even though it looks small it is actually very roomie and I love the moon roof it has in it and even though it is only a 3 door we can still travel just fine. Ours has a very nice sound system in it love the hands free and the fact it does the vehicle check for you while you are driving.

- Andrea D

My car is awesome! I love it.

I have not had any problems with my Hyundai Veloster. It runs well, the only thing I would change would be to make it a bit faster. I love the sporty look of it and it is very comfortable and easy to drive. It is also very reliable. It features paddle shifters as well for a manual driving experience.

- Shea S

I love the fact that it has three doors.

I love my car (Hyundai Veloster) it is good on gas, it is good looking, it is safe, and reliable. I can only fit three passengers but its the car I wanted for a long time. I've always loved Hyundai for being attractive yet practical cars. This is actually my third Hyundai ever (I am 26).

- Diana J

Things I like about my 2013 Veloster turbo.

The car has been reliable with no major maintenance issues in 6 years. The car feels roomy for a compact car. The mileage is not super great but reasonable. Not the best handling on bumpy roads, but performs well on general highway surfaces. Has loads of features for the price point.

- Willie R

Would recommend to anyone.

Overall my vehicle has been extremely reliable. I do have a loud ticking noise that occurs when I press on the gas. I have complained several times about this noise, but no one seems to know what causing it. Other than that, I love my car and have recommended it to several people.

- Sam C

Hatchback, sunroof, great radio.

Car had a recall about a year after I bought it, but luckily the warranty was still good and was able to get it taken care of. Car drives great and is very smooth! Love the sunroof and radio, as well as the eco-active option. Overall, it is been the greatest car I have owned.

- Nicole P

Third door is cool feature that is kind of hidden away.

Fast turbo 6 speed heated seats leather loaded great stereo, tint windows keyless entry power everything 3rd door digital dash bad blind spot high dashboard I enjoy driving this car and hearing the exhaust. It's super fun and looks great inside and out. Sporty design.

- Jessica J

A very brief review of a Hyundai Veloster.

It handles well. The pedals are receptive, but not too sensitive. The backup camera is good quality. The seats are comfortable enough. My only real complaint is that it sometimes goes into auxiliary mode when you press the start/stop button as opposed to turning off.

- Erica W

Velosters are reliable cars with great features.

I have had no problems with the violator. Hyundai engines are reliable as long as you service them properly. This car is great on fuel economy. And the comfort features are awesome. I wish the radio screen had a way to stay on the clock when Bluetooth was connected.

- Jeff D

I take a lot of pride that I bought this car at a young age w no help.

I do not like how low to the ground my car is. The aesthetic of it is great but the practicality of a tall person getting in and out with it being so low is not so great. I love the gas mileage game that is available to help make maximizing my fuel economy fun.

- Jamie D

This car is very reliable, fun to drive, low cost regarding mpg, and is purely a pleasure to drive for those who enjoy a more sporty vehicle, reasonably priced vehicle.

It is a 6 speed, love that I get 32-33 mpg. It has been very reliable, perfect for my needs in terms of transporting almost anything I need, and the service is great at the dealership. I really have no dislikes or complaints. It's a perfect vehicle for me.

- Nancy E

It is good on gas and great on traveling.

It is a good on gas and it has 3 doors. It is small so it is convenient and it is great at fitting in small spots. It is not a sports car but it will get you where you need to go. The audio is not very loud which is good for kids and the interior is cloth.

- J W

sporty styling but with a third door making it practical.

I like that my Veloster has a unique style, The three-door design makes it sporty. I also like that it has traction control in the winter. however, my favorite part of the car is how it looks because it looks like a much more expensive car than it is.

- Tyler Y

For a middle class individual, this is an extremely economical car. The upkeep of it is minimal.

This is my first time purchasing a Hyundai. I have been extremely pleased with this decision. Repairs, feel, and maintenance are extremely affordable. The only drawback on this is the stereo speakers. They are of less than favorable quality. Lisa

- Joseph H

It is reliable and good on gas. The biggest problem it does not take bumps well.

The veloster 1 is sporty, it does not handle bumps well and the ride is rugged. The turbo model is good on gas. I have 150k miles and have not had any major problems. I use synthetic blend oil only and change it every 4k-5k miles.

- Teresa S

Sporty hatchback oddly lovable!

So far I haven't had any problems with my vehicle. It's a very fun sporty hatchback and it is very unique. It only has 3 doors compared to most vehicles that have 4. But on the drivers side it only has the drivers door! I love it.

- Alexandra W

The car is pretty much reliable. It is a fun car to have.

The Hyundai Veloster is just ok. I think it is because I got it at a Toyota dealership and they were really bad. But it is an ok car. It is fast and sporty. Not to well with kids because of the angle of the backseat.

- Margaret M

It has great gas mileage and is very comfortable to drive.

I love my car because the interior is very beautiful. It is also very comfortable to drive. It is a beautiful car that I'm proud of and happy to own. I plan on purchasing the make and model again in the future.

- Chloe A

It is economical and really fun to drive.

It is a turbo so it is quick. Handles beautifully, and is pretty good on gas. Was affordable, and maintenance is very easy. The dealership I deal with is great. I love driving, and this car fits the bill.

- Donna V

It has a back up camera and beeps when something is behind there.

I love the car. The only thing that I do not like is that it did not come with a spare only a pump to fill in the tire with air and a green slime. Should have a regular spare tire in there.

- Louis S

One downfall to the car is that the speakers mess up pretty easily. Would be worth investing in a better brand at of speakers at some point.

My car has a great design inside and out. The car also drives pretty smooth. As small as the car looks, it actually has a lot of space in the front seats. It is also pretty good on gas.

- Esteban B

It is not what it appears to be. We have had several problems with this car like cruise control going out, paint peeling air condenser going out, liftgate getting stuck. All under 50,000 miles

It's the service center I hate. Everytime I take my car in for whatever reason, I always have something else go wrong with it. Nothing ever seemed to be included in the warranty either

- Debbra C

Great for short or long rides.

Constantly needs tires. Great on gas mileage. Three doors but roomy inside and can fit 4 comfortably. The technology is well advanced from any other vehicles at this size and year.

- Danielle W

Perfect commuter vehicle with good gas mileage, compact size, and a sporty look and feel.

I love the size, it's really easy to park in the city and navigate parking garages. I also appreciate the power of the car with the added turbo. Its economical and still fun.

- Lauren S

Hyundai is involved in a class action suit which includes this vehicle and many others, going on years now, because they misrepresented the fuel economy.

My vehicle has good gas mileage and good acceleration. I enjoy having the storage space of the hatchback, but my seating space is somewhat cramped, especially in the backseat.

- Kyle M

Known for trunk latch issues, and the number of blind spots.

So many issues. Trunk latch stopped working, constantly having to change out my headlights and brake lights, and there are a lot of blind spots when driving the vehicle.

- Rachel O

The most important this is that it is a reliable nice small car.

I like that my vehicle is small and easy to get in and out of parking spaces. I do not have any complaints. I like my radio and the fact that my vehicle is reliable.

- Whitney F

There is a 3rd door in the back and it is not just a 2 door car.

It is a wonderful car with some great acceleration! Once the turbo kicks in, it puts you in your seat but also it gets 30 miles to the gallon. Cannot beat it.

- Collin B

It is roomier than it looks.

I love that it is fun, compact, and roomy, I do not like that it does not have a spare tire and that is the only thing that I do not like about it.

- Angelique B

I make the most of the sound system and tend to blare music.

It is peppy and can get up and go. It is comfortable to ride in and drive. The sound system is excellent. It has very good gas mileage.

- Emily B

It was inexpensive and has a lot of features compared to other cars.

I love that my car is so technologically advanced. The gas mileage is excellent. There really isn't anything I'd change about my car.

- Philip B

It is a Korean made car, but it is awesome! I just wish I had gotten an automatic.

The one thing I don't like is it has too many blind spots. I love that is is great on gas, and it doesn't take much to fill up.

- Jeanne R

I love how small and fuel-efficient it is. It's very comfortable and responsive to drive. The only thing I dislike is the small tires. I've had to replace them many times.

It's definitely a car made for driving on well-maintained roads. Potholes and bumpy roads can easily pop the low-profile tires.

- Emily B

Runs great and gets great gas mileage.

Looks sporty and runs great but now I am older I wish it was higher off the ground. . It makes it hard to get in and out of.

- Joy J

3 doors, remix edition, good sound speakers

it's the remix edition so the sound system is lit. also its red which is my favorite color. what other car has 3 doors?

- Raul L

Change the rear shocks to aftermarket.

Vehicle has been great. Have around 90k on it. Have changed rear shocks and 3 coil packs. Other than that no problems.

- Kyle W

It looks very sporty and fast but it is a actually underpowered and slow

It looks very sporty and unique. It gets great gas mileage. The speakers are bad and have been nothing but trouble.

- Charles G

It is a super fun car to drive.

I like how it has three doors. I like how it is sporty and fun to drive. I like how i can change it to sport mode.

- Fina H

It uses a lot of gas. Even just small trips.

Dislike that the AC does not work. Like the look. Like the hatchback. Dislike that it won't be good for children.

- Kier S

That my car is kind of old and still has to many miles in it.

I like the look of it cause its a sports car but do not like the fact is has no power when you step on the gas.

- Tamara M

Its is a 3 door, and it's a good daily driver for the money. And the turbo is nice.

I wish it had better suspension and more horsepower. I also wish it had a bigger fuel tank and better mpgs.

- Yosup H

it has some problems with the radio and bluetooth but has good mileage

I like that it is a hatchback and has three doors. Only complaint is the bluetooth goes in and out

- ashley h

It handles well. The seats are kinda low, which can make it difficult to see the front of me car. The rear view window is impossible to see out of at night.

It has a major blind spot, especially at night, which can make it difficult to drive in traffic.

- Saraya H

It has an electric key and push button starter. it would be easy to get out of car and leave it running.

Very sporty with great gas mileage. It is a little small and somewhat hard to get in and out of.

- Lindy W

Zippy car. Small engine, very fuel efficient. Comfortable and stylish

Parts are really expensive. The local dealer I have to use for warranty issues is horribly rude.

- Emily G

I have a 2013 Hyundai Veloster Remix Edition. The car is fantastic - I think my only real complaint is the slow acceleration (it's not the turbo version). Passengers have a little trouble getting in and out of the back seat, but not a huge deal. Car has been reliable and good on gas.

Get the turbo version because the standard acceleration is pretty poor.

- Kimberly M

It gets 40 mpg highway per gallon.

It has great gas mileage. It doesn't accelerate fast enough.

- Kristin K

My car is great. It gets awesome gas mileage. It is a turbo.

Love my car. It is a turbo. It gets great gas mileage

- Sasha V

I like that it is unique and stylish. I dislike how it handles in the winter. I also wish it was more fuel efficient.

It is reliable and can actually haul a lot of stuff.

- Brianna M