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Hyundai Veloster an amazing car 10/10.

I bought a 2014 Hyundai Veloster used with very few miles on it( about 14 ). I do not drive much, only from home to work & I haven't had any problems. I absolutely love my car. It is a white exterior with red leather seats inside & I absolutely love it. Looks amazing. It is not the fastest strongest car but I don't really need much horsepower. Super helpful in saving gas, very reliable. Everyone who sees my car loves it! It is comfortable for both driver & passengers. I'd definitely recommend any new drivers to this car. Although it does not have a navigation system I find myself using my phone as an alternative & it is fine.

- Ashley D

Why the Veloster is an amazing car.

I absolutely love my Veloster! It is small and compact so I can have a feel for my surroundings better. It also looks small on the inside but it is very roomy. The only problem I have ever had is the tire pressure button is always on and it needs to be reset sometimes. Other than that it is an amazing car! I love being able to go into eco mode to save gas. But when the car is in eco mode it does not go as fast. Small price to pay for saving money. I also love the touch screen for the radio. Overall it is an amazing car.

- Kay J

The Hyundai Veloster is a sporty passenger car that is very affordable.

I have a 2014 Hyundai Veloster turbo with the full audio package and have had little to no issues. I bought it with about 34k miles on it and when I bought it the speaker on the drivers side was rattling. I took the vehicle into a certified dealer after looking over the warranty info and had no issues getting that fixed. So far no other issues have come up. I love the reverse camera and premium audio as well as the overall feel of the vehicle. Only issue I have is the cost of the map update for the built in GPS.

- Jesse R

2014 Hyundai Veloster with Turbo.

I absolutely love it. It has turbo and a six speed manual transmission. Leather comfy bucket seats, xm radio, Sunroof, back up cameras with a sensor. And child safety locks and airbags. Three door, cup holders, fold down seats, it's very reliable. It handles easy and is fun to drive. The only problem I have is the blind spots. Once you get used to the car the blind spots are easily worked with. Oh, and it's not really for the big and tall. Other than that great car, and gas sufficient.

- Nina K

The car itself is great. I am really fond of the heated seats.

I have a 2014 Hyundai Veloster turbo 6 speed. I really do love the car but I have noticed that my radio is starting to take longer and longer to turn on as with the touchscreen. The only other complaint I have is that I never received a recall notice on the emergency brake. This resulted in my car rolling out of my driveway and into my neighbor's house. I reached out to Hyundai and never received a response. Other than that I truly love the car. Fun to drive, and pretty to look at.

- Brandy B

Compact hatchback: great on gas, small on space.

The vehicle is very small and not a full hatchback (putting the seats down does not make the car flat in the back). The car gets excellent gas mileage. It is very close to the ground and somewhat noisy. The car is somewhat underpowered despite being small. The back seat is very small. The cloth holds lint easily. The seating is not very comfortable. There is very little clearance. The headlights seem to die frequently.

- Erin F

An interesting detail about my car is that it is a 3 door hatchback, not a 4 door.

My car is very reliable, comfortable, and comes with a lot of interesting features! It has a panoramic sunroof, a rear camera, Sirius radio, Bluetooth, and is a dual shift. The only problem I have noticed so far is that once it wouldn't let me put it into drive or reverse to move out of a parking spot. However, it did reboot after turning it off and back on a couple of times.

- Nicole L

Veloster-reliable, comfortable, gas saver!

A rally vehicle, that feels like a sports car and a quad at times. Very reliable, rugged and smooth driving. Great handing. Awesome brakes, beautiful curves. Light weight, super mpg, 50 plus often while on the highway. Comfortable seats with support. Rear view camera is literally a life saver, a child was spotted in camera. Excellent car, a definite recommend!

- Crystal M

Vehicle with a good trunk.

The vehicle is my wife's and since we have been married we have had no real problems. I am five foot six inches and dins the vehicle to be a little cramped when driving. There is only 1 backseat door which can be a hassle and the back seat is uncomfortable. The cup holders in the back are in a weird place. There is good trunk space.

- Michael Z

My Hyundai only has 3 doors, 2 in the front, one in the back instead of 4.

I am in love with my 2014 Hyundai Veloster. It is a three door hatchback and it can be very spacious for two to three people. The car can be small on the inside and I do not recommend it if you have children due to the space of the car. Gas tank fills up with $25 and I have not had any problems with my breaks.

- Frances M

2014 Hyundai Veloster turbo. - great vehicle for great price.

A great compact vehicle that is good on gas, loaded with driver friendly features that are easy to use and make task much safer. Bluetooth hands free talk and music as well as cruise control make long trips a breeze. The leather seats are comfortable, yet maintain a stylish sporty look that is hard to find.

- Christopher F

Turbo goes fast! Great ride!

I love this car! They only had a silver car at the time otherwise have a gotten a different color. It has all the features of a new her car! One of the best things about it is it is great on gas mileage $25 maybe to fill it up depending on your location. Just a great car plenty of legroom !

- Kim C

Awesome car and super reliable.

The Veloster gets great gas mileage. Has bucket seats up front. It also has an awesome sound system and comes with a touch screen audio player. Also has an awesome engine and has all different models, the base, turbo, re-flex, r-spec, and rally just to name a few.

- Jena H

The car is comfortable and reliable. The dealer installed an aftermarket radio which has caused issues with the electronics.

The car is fairly comfortable and reliable. The only issue I have is the dealer installed an aftermarket radio which has caused issues with the electronics. Additionally Hyundai is excellent about taking care of it's warranties.

- James P

Hyundai Veloster, Amazing vehicle!

I have had little to no problems with my vehicle. It drives smooth, accelerates quickly, and adds a Eco feature to preserve gas. I love the exterior and interior of the vehicle, the seats are very comfortable.

- Stephanie H

Everyone should know the Veloster gets great miles per gas.

The Veloster is a great automobile, I love the XM radio. The Veloster rides very smooth. I love the third door. The car is very roomy and it looks like a sport car.

- Michelle S

That is has dual clutch. I have an automatic.

I like that my gas last about 3 weeks. I love the smooth ride. It is a very nice sports car. The only thing I dislike is on the driver side it has only one door.

- Tara F

Disengaged transmission, it leaves you rolling into an intersection.

I love the look. I hate that when I slow to a crawl and hit the gas, nothing happens. It is like the transmission does not engage.

- John S

has 3 side doors not 4 or 2 Isa hatchback despite the aggressive look is not a speed burner

Design is not like any other vehicle a head turner the audio system is top notch and modern Dislike the power is only dislike

- Bruce P

It's nice, roomy and drives good..

It is pretty fast. It has really good gas mileage. It is black. It has orange lights. There are not really any complaints.

- Jayden B

It has 3 doors. One on the driver side and two on the passenger side.

Love the way it drives, it is very smooth. Love the sunroof and 3 door look. Great air conditioning and other features.

- Lauren B

It's a lot roomier than it looks and is very comfortable.

It has a blind spot on the left side. Great on gas mileage roomier than it looks. Sporty. Comfortable

- Gary K

It's a great car, he fits in every parking spot in Los Angeles.

I love my car. It gives. It gives me great mileage. It fits in every parking spot.

- Cat C

It is expensive to insure because replacement parts would cost a lot

I like that it is sporty. I dislike that the insurance is expensive for it

- Gina G

I like that it has 3 doors, a hatchback, and is compact. I dislike that it doesn't have a navigation system.

It is fun to drive and reliable and compact and has 3 doors.

- Christine Z