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Reliable car but a little tight on legroom for tall people.

This car has been very reliable with very few mechanical issues. The front seats are comfortable but a challenge for my very tall husband and son to get the seat back far enough to be comfortable. The leg room in the middle row is good but the third row only has leg room for a small child. I do like the versatility of increasing the trunk space by putting the third row down but able to transport extra people if needed. The trim I have does not have seat memory for the driver which is something I definitely miss from my previous vehicle. It also does not have Bluetooth but I was able to add it with an inexpensive one that plugs into the adapter.

- Kristin L

The 2007 Hyundai Veracruz is a death trap!

This vehicle has multiple engine failures that have not just been dangerous, but also life threatening. It stalls while driving, oil leaks into the alternator, fails to change gears, fails to get gas, and much more. The engine has overheated without warning to the point of nearly catching fire. The cosmetic issues go on for days. There is no sound in the turn signals, the gas tank button is now inoperable, the door panel sticks and has caused me to rip off my driver side door handle, the radio has static. There are many more issues.

- Brittany S

Large SUV that feels like a mid-size with how it drives.

Car has been very reliable overall. There was a past issue (which eventually led to a recall and a refund for past repairs) regarding oil leaking on the alternator but the issue was fixed with a recall. I have experienced no major issues during the time I have owned the vehicle (9+ years). Some interior issues like warn trim panels, a stuck rear latch (easily fixed) I have had to deal with but I am fairly convinced that Hyundai makes a reliable vehicle after owning this Veracruz.

- James B

Great vehicle minus the electronics issue.

This car is great on gas. Because of the age of our vehicle and we purchased it used, it is just now starting to have some electrical issues. Repairs are easy to perform without the costly expense of a mechanic. The paint color is perfect, no fading, cracking, or peeling. This vehicle is a comfortable, smooth ride. Biggest negative would definitely be the electronics.

- Carol W

A beautiful and good car but not so great.

My car is cute car but not so strong. When you stop at a traffic light, it takes time to pick up speed. The esc off light is always coming up. Other than that, the car is good, doesn't develop faults a lot and its spacious. It has 3 seats but you have to collapse the back seat to get enough room in the trunk. Its uses a lot of gas too but it's an SUV so. . .

- Catherine T

Great family car, however not the best for highway or long distance driving.

Has very good cargo space considering it doesn't feel like I am driving a necessarily huge vehicle. I wish it had acceleration as I feel like it is always difficult to rev in multiple situations. Overall it is a good family car and perfect for getting from place to place.

- Lauren P

It's a great and spacious vehicle.

I really loved my Hyundai Veracruz. It's more than 10 years old but it's still working great. It's an SUV thus its great especially if you have kids. I think it's a safe vehicle if you have small kids too. It's easy to drive and manipulate. It very spacious.

- Cheng C

It has issues with oil leaking where it shouldn't and is susceptible to breaking down.

I like way it drive as far as being comfortable and easy to drive. I feel like it has decent spacing for cargo as well. However I have had many mechanical issues which is frustrating and I wish it had more pick up.

- Lauren S

Reliable and great on gas.

This car has been running smoothly since 2007 without any major problems. It is great on gas and drives smoothly. The car needs to be updated for better Bluetooth technology and gadgets.

- I V

It has comfortable third row seating. My teenage sons were able to sit in the third row for long car trips.

I love the third row seats. The engine has enough get up and go for me. There is plenty of room for hauling groceries. The only negative has been the recall on the alternator.

- Vicki C

The vehicle is comfortable for long trips and has good cargo space.

I love the features of my vehicle. It is the limited series. It was my father's vehicle who has since passed away, which gives it a lot of extra value.

- Jennifer m

Veracruz is a really nice vehicle

Third row seat could use a little more leg room. Also storage space becomes really small after 3rd row is engaged.Otherwise really good vehicle

- Donna T

It is cheap on gas. It is very spacious for long leg kids.

It is small, but hesitates when gas is used, so if you push on the gas pedal to fill it hesitates for a second before it does,.

- Crystal A

Very reliable, like the space inside

Even do is an old model, have no issues with it on motor or transmission, but I would like to change for a new model year

- Iram A

Seven seater SUV! Great for families!

My vehicle is very reliable. The seats are very comfortable and it rides very smoothly on the road. It also seats 7.

- Ariana V

Rides smooth and has lasted for over 11 years now.

My vehicle is 2007 and has been very good to me. Some minor issues but overall very good. Hyundai makes great cars.

- Dion T

Dependable, handles well in all weather.

I do not like how the door locks are on it. I do not like the gas mileage. Other than that, it is great!.

- Bridget O

Very comfortable and lots of room. Can haul large items when seats are down.

Love the Hyundai Veracruz. Very spacious. Love the 3rd row. Trunk area is huge when not using 3rd row.

- Amanda M

Great engine very smooth transmission also smooth

Cosmetically falls apart way faster than thought. Engine is great. Door handles and lock break easily.

- Michael M