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It's an SUV and has lots of room.

My vehicle is black and used. It has its problems including the transmission. My rodeo cannot reverse so I have to put it in neutral and manually push the car out of the parking spot because the reverse gear is not working. The ac never works and the driver seat does not work. It is powered not manual so I'm stuck in a very uncomfortable position while driving.

- Marisa S

It's an SUV!! That sums up the interesting detail because it fits more people

I recently purchased this vehicle used, so not really any problems to talk about just yet. It's a very comfortable ride and I feel completely safe when I'm driving. The radio isn't the best, but that's not too big a deal. It also doesn't have a whole lot of get up and go in them, so I am not a fan of pulling out in front of people.

- Sabrina P

Rolled and still running.

My vehicle runs fairly well. It has 170k miles on it. It was rolled in an accident so the whole front end is dented. My rear window won't release due to the release mechanism being broken. It is a very comfortable vehicle to ride in.

- Cameron H

Practical but unexciting car: Isuzu Rodeo

Reliable, no frills SUV. Clutch is unusually long and can sometimes require more force than you expect to push it down and start the car, etc. Comfortable seat, spacious back seat, very practical trunk.

- Maddie S

that it was not my idea to get it, that it used to be my moms and that's why it looks like a mom car

recently i got into a minor accident by hitting the curb with my from right wheel. after that it needed axle work and a bunch of other stuff. i wish it had more torque.

- Jackson C

This is a very safe reliable SUV.

My vehicle is very reliable. I have not had any major problems. It is very safe. The only major things I have done with it is tune ups brakes. It saves of gas.

- Kim B

It is the perfect size, not too big and not too small. It is also reliable.

I love the size of the small SUV. It is practical for my everyday needs. It's not too big, but it also is big enough for moving large items.

- Megan P

The import vehicles are worth the money. Isuzu is underrated compared to the domestic vehicles.

I like the size of my vehicle. It's mid sized but a capable suv. I wish I had more leg room. The vehicle is very reliable.

- Calvin J

It's all about dependability. If you want a car that is just tough, rugged, and ugly, this is your car.

It's not the best looking car, but it has been very dependable. Maintenance for it has also been very low in cost as well.

- Sam S

Very good suv performance

The vehicle performs surprisingly well, and is a great car for the price. The seats are comfortable and it drives smooth

- Isaak H

It is old but reliable and will handle good in snow.

I like that it is four wheel drive. I like that it get 20 miles per gallon. I do not like it has a small gas tank.

- pam L

Built to keep going and going!

I love it! It's sturdy! It's reliable! But mostly it's always ready to keep up with me!

- Amber J

It is very reliable. I had no real problems. It took me to and from work.

It is reliable. It keeps going. Can't figure why reduced power is on

- Kim B