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The Jeep commander is an all around vehicle. Get groceries, vacation or off-road.

This is the first Jeep I have owned. I am very happy with it because it is beyond dependable. I have only had one major repair issue in 177, 000 miles. That was the water pump and I replaced it myself in an afternoon. It was the easiest repair on any vehicle I have ever worked on. I had to replace shocks and struts recently. It was a difficult job but not impossible. It has third row seating which was a requirement for my wife. It is a very comfortable vehicle for short trips to the store or for long vacations. The seats offer plenty of room for seven passengers. You can also fold the last row of seats flat for extra storage. My model has the 5. 7L Hemi so gas mileage in town is not very good but highway mpg is average and acceptable. This is to be expected out of a four wheel drive vehicle. The four wheel drive system is very strong. I have never been stuck even though I have been in situations where I would have been. It is the limited version so it has chrome everywhere exterior and interior. It has leather seats with warmers and adjustments in every direction. It has the tow package and tows any trailer like a dream. It has a luggage rack on the roof for extra storage. It drives and rides more like a sedan rather than the classic bump you around Jeep. I have worked on many other brands of vehicles but have found the Jeep to be easiest to work on. I will find it difficult to consider any other manufacturer in the future.

- Michael C

In conclusion my 2007 jeep commander is a nice and efficient vehicle.

My car is a 2007 jeep commander. It is a dark blue color and has silver trimming. The problems I have the most tend to be with the coolant and occasionally the battery. I am not so sure as to why my vehicle has these problems but they have been pretty easy to fix but unfortunately a little costly. The performance of my vehicle is exceptional. It gets me from place to place effectively everyday. It is a very reliable car it's able to be used for multiple instances and occasions. It has a lot of space for passengers or other items to be placed in the vehicle. It has a nice sunroof that is easily retractable. It has leather seats that have a luxurious feature of heated seats for when the colder months are around.

- Lily G

Easily maintained, solid Jeep with a classic body style.

Has been a very solid, reliable vehicle. Handles very well in the snow and rain. Haven't had many issues other than regular maintenance and expected issues such as needing brakes and cv joints, etc. For a large vehicle, it has a pretty tight turn radius and rides smoothly for an SUV. The windshield is less angled than most vehicles and I believe it's a target for rocks and debris...have had 3 repairs/replacements due to cracks from rocks. I love this Jeep and will drive it as long as it'll run!

- Jennifer E

Jeep commander, great car! Make more:).

Jeep commander is a great car, people always ask what model is it. You can do pretty well with a tank of gas but I live in NYC so driving is always a little pricey. There’s a lot of legroom in this car especially for someone with a bad back like my father it is a good height to get in and out of. It is a 7 passenger with two seats in the trunk which is quite large, great for long distances. Sturdy car great feel when driving. Great traction, I wish they still made this model.

- Michelle C

Jeep commander used by a family of six.

Vehicle problems: steering wheel material that covers the horn is going bad that can be easily broken or teared away. Performance: good. Reliability: alright I have had to purchase new belt headlights and fix the sunroof because of leakage. Comfort: third row of seats has barely any space for the legs. Middle seats do recline a tad bit which is nice. Features: clean and has a luxurious design and details.

- Irene Z

2007 Jeep Commander All Wheel Drive with 170,000 miles

My vehicle is quite old and has over 170,000 miles on it. It has a cracked windshield, a broken power-lock motor on the driver's door, the speakers are blown, and it stalls between third and fourth gear. Besides that, it runs well. It has remote start and heated seats. It has a 6-disc CD player and both AM and FM radio. It does not have an aux input. It is all wheel drive and has four-wheel drive low.

- Meghan J

It's great at the beach roll down all the windows on the roof window and it's just awesome with the studio full blast it the greatest thing.

It is great jeep/4x4/it has three seat it fits 8 people. It is a great vehicle, I haven't had to do much to the engine. I change the oil every 6 months and have a tune up every year the most I have purchased that was the 4 tires it's a great vehicle. If they made a truck I would really really purchase it. There's nothing bad or negative to say about my Jeep Commander. It's awesome.

- Irene H

Great family vehicle, very comfortable and roomy.

This has been a great vehicle. Gets great gas mileage, is very roomy for passengers, plenty of room to haul small furniture items, factory 6 disc stereo, have only had to do minor wear and tear repairs, only had one recall issue with ignition switch but was fixed promptly by Jeep certified dealer. Would definitely recommend.

- Heather G

It is black with chrome wheels and tinted windows.

I have had my 2007 jeep commander since august of 2007. That day I drove it off the lot and never had a problem! Absolutely love it and I would never drive anything but a jeep! It handles great in all types of weather. Especially living in the northeast with all the snow we get. Never had a problem driving right through it.

- Madison K

It is a gas guzzler. You do not get many miles to the gallon.

The Jeep is a very sturdy vehicle. It is very durable. It is comfortable as well. The only problem is that it is not reliable. The tires get easily worn down. I am guess because it is heavy. The battery also goes out fast. I would not recommend this vehicle unless you have the extra money for all the maintenance problems.

- Von H

Great vehicle that is customizable.

It is a great vehicle, spacious and easy to work on. It does go through gas quickly, I spend easily $40-$50 a week to fill the tank. It is comfortable, I like that it is 3 rows are all also able to fold down creating more room for storage. It is fairly inexpensive to work on as well, upgrades do not cost much.

- Carrie C

2007 jeep commander. Cruise control, CD player, USB connection, power windows.

I have had no problems with the current jeep I own. It has been very reliable getting 17 miles per gallon. The tire wear is even and gas a smooth ride. Every feature, radio, sunroof, windows and doors licks continue to work to this day. I bought the vehicle since 2015 and am very happy.

- Philip C

2007 Jeep commander, decent SUV.

Bad gas mileage. The vehicle drives great, has excellent space with the luggage and 3rd row area. I have had very few mechanical issues with the vehicle, mostly just a coil pack going out once a year, which is a cheap part to replace. The gas mileage is around 16 mpg, and it is not 4x4.

- Tab C

The best car ever, it will make you feel safe secure and protected when driving.

It is the smoothest ride and I feel like I am safe in it at all times. There have been no times where I was worried about it not starting or getting stuck, it is super reliable. It is a simple car with no touch screen but it is not needed and can perform on all the necessary actions.

- Delaney L

2007 Jeep commander. Great vehicle.

We have had our Jeep for 6 months. Purchased used with around 80, 000 miles on it. We have had to replace the serpentine belt twice due to a leaky oil valve. Other than that, there have been no problems. It fits our whole family and runs well. We are very happy with this vehicle.

- Jennifer T

Reliable awesome family vehicle.

I like that my car is a sport utility vehicle with leather and sunroof, one of my favorite features. It is reliable in all weather conditions/terrain and it has an awesome turning radius. I didn't care for the look of the body (boxy) but the way it drives and handles won me over.

- Miranda M

A huge highlight as I said before is the auto body of the car, I love the boxy figure.

I love my Jeep for the most part. That body of it is nice, I like the boxy figure. Although it does have some issues such as when I am on the highway the wheel shakes badly and I believe it is because of my power steering. It's not a huge concern but It worries me time to time.

- Lexi O

I love my jeep, and I do not want to change it.

Everything is good for a car 11 year old, never broken, never is falling apart. Always it is been good car. It is so tall and I can drive it through the streets. The tires are very good. The engine is always good. Always change the oil. The back door is amazing.

- Hanna A

2007 Jeep commander, drinking until the wheels fall off.

Water leaks inside driver and passenger water lines. When it rain heavily this causes water to drain inside both sides of the floorboard. The Jeep commander is very reliable. I have owned mine for eleven years and have put over 200, 000 miles on it. Very roomy.

- Jess H

Great SUV, Jeep commander limited hemi v-8 4 wheel drive.

The starter has been a problem recently but other than that the car is great it seats 7 and is very much luxury vehicle leather seats electric everything and sunroof has video receiver in the back for videos and movies. I have enjoyed it and love driving it.

- Hillary G

That the computer is temperamental and should be well monitored and checked

It has a common misfire is sure that took months to solve. It was very frustrating to figure out and ended up costing a lot of money. I do like the size of the Commander. It has an optional 3rd row but when it is not in use not allows for a big trunk.

- Katherine W

It drives great! It handles the road very well. It is an all-wheel drive.

I love how my Jeep Commander drives on the slippery roads. I love how well it has held up without much in repairs. I love the way that it looks. My only complaint is that they stopped making them. It is a little tight on room for extra passengers.

- Sharon K

My vehicle is (for the most part) dependable. I do wish that there was a warning that lets you know when the battery in the key fob is nearly completely used.

The best advantage of having a jeep in Charleston is due to the consistent flooding. I do not have to worry about my family being stuck in the rain. I also like the stadium seats because it makes it easier to assist the kids when there are issues.

- Corell B

It is a great and reliable car with lots of space inside.

I love my vehicle because it is reliable and can do everything I need it too. It is great in the snow and can haul everything I need to. I've moved several times and it holds a surprising amount of stuff. I wish it got a little better gas mileage.

- Taylor B

It has shown to be worth every penny.

The Jeep drives very good on snow covered roads. It can keep going on with high mileage. Lots of warning lights to let you know when it needs serviced or it'll tell you if something is wrong. Very good investment.

- Amy R

It's been a great family car and has the capability of hauling extra cargo or people.

The Commander sits higher up than I would prefer. It's terrible on gas mileage and is starting to have older model issues. The second row is cramped. The third row is made just for small people with no leg room.

- Shannon B

Probably will not total out, but it is a gas guzzler!

It is a very durable vehicle. It is also very spacious. Good for big families. The only problems are the maintenance on it. The tires tend to blow out a lot. It also does not get good many miles per gallon.

- Von G

Jeeps are very dependable and fun to drive.

I love that is is dependable, roomy for the entire family. Great in the snow. I really like everything about it except it is costly even to do maintenance on. I would not own anything but a Jeep.

- sonya n

It is very comfortable to drive and ride.

I love my Jeep. It is spacious enough for my needs. I love that it is fairly efficient with gas. The look of it is probably what I love the most. It looks every bit like a Jeep and it is an SUV.

- Guadalupe G

Terrible Gas Mileage but has plenty of space and seating for 7 people.

My Jeep Commander has plenty of space and a third row if needed. The third row had its own AC controls and cup holders. The biggest thing that I dislike is that it gets terrible gas mileage.

- Colleen C

My Jeep Commander is a safe, reliable vehicle.

I love the color of my jeep because it very rarely looks dirty. I have always liked Jeeps, I had a wrangler before I had kids. I think the transmission has always given us trouble though.

- lori D

on thing others should know is It's fast, It's got a hemi.

I don't mind the Vehicle. It's the problems i have with the vehicle because It's used and old. my tires have an annoying leak no one can find. the electrical is shot. at least it drives.

- Amber N

Jeep Commander review it's a 2007 model

I love the size and room in it but I bought it second hand and it has some mechanical issues. I had to replace axle and other things that are known issue for this model vehicle.

- Heather C

I love my Jeep Commander! Especially the back up rear camera for those blind spots when you're backing out.

I love my jeep. I have no complaints about it besides the third row...I wished it had a little more leg room especially if your have big kids that likes to sit in the back.

- Kimly P

It is a very powerful and reliable vehicle, practical and easy to drive.

It is very reliable and sturdy for the daily use, I've owned it for over 5 years and I have not had major issues; definitely I would consider upgrading to the same brand.

- Dorian P

Although I am a taller person this car is the right one for me

It is a really reliable car to have. It gets me to point to point B without any problems. I've had this car for about 5 years and it has given me little to no problems.

- Mark M

It is a Jeep and everyone loves a Jeep.

it is nice and big. It can carry driver and six passengers. Can be converted so as to carry cargo/groceries. It is high up to see over most traffic. no complaints.

- M A

Windshield gets chip easily. Nice vehicle to drive. Seats high to see well.

I like almost all except the gas mileage. I should have had a NAV. Seats high for me to see easy. Side panel on drivers seat breaks easy. Comfortable to drive.

- Martha M

Great fuel economy on highway but terrible fuel economy in stop and go traffic situations.

I think the ride and creature comforts are the best features. Unfortunately, I have had problems with Chrysler addressing problems following a recall repair.

- Tim R

Its reliable, solid vehicle.

No complaints. I'm an SUV lover and it had 3rd row seating to accommodate my family. My only dislike is the next to none "trunk" space when 3rd row is up.

- Jessica P

It's used but new to me, it fits me and I got a great deal

I have had my jeep commander for only 2 months. I have no complaints. It is a limited with many additional options, I bought it used and I am in love

- Lisa E

Great reliable family vehicle...

Great vehicle, very reliable, great for travel and perfect for family use... I dislike the V6 engine, wish I had gotten one of the V8 options...

- Randy E

it is very dependable and comfortable of a vehicle to drive

I ke vehicle. I like the fact that it sits higher than most cars. I also like that it has the third row of seats that can be used when needed

- Frederick G

How it goes and how it moves.

It is paid off. It runs well in all weather. It is very reliable. I do not like the amount of gas it uses. I like that it holds 7 passengers.

- Danielle D

It is a tank and not to risk a crash with this beast.

I like that it is high up from the ground, I like the hemi engine that it has and I like the safe feeling I get when I am behind the wheel.

- Ann H

Not enough room in the front!

It is a really great vehicle. There just is not a lot of room if you have the 3rd row seat up. There is not a lot of room up front though!

- Ashley T

Jeep will take you there!

No major problems other than a sometime issue with the reverse lock-out switch. We have driven for more than one hundred thousand miles.

- Stewart W

It has great features jus ride rough and leaks water when it rains.

I like the space. It lacks being roomy although it has more pros than cons. I dont think it's a smooth ride but feel semi safe in it.

- Brandi S

is a great family can and is very safe

lots of room and has been super reliable. interior handles break a lot. that's the only thing that could keep me from buying another

- ian M

It gets me where I need to go safely

It's white. With the third row seat removed. It's mostly used for recreational use. It has over one hundred thousand miles

- Tanisa B

Spacious Vehicle, and a perfect family SUV.

Very dependable vehicle, only con is the seats aren't too comfortable and there's not much leg room on 3rd row seating.

- Katherine C

It's great on gas for its size.

I like that my family is safe. I feel the vehicle is strong and reliable. I dislike the headrests are not removable.

- Sara D

Great highway mileage great performance easy to get in and out of.

It's a great family car I've traveled out of the country with no problems and its great gas mileage on the highway.

- Gracie R

It is a great Jeep love it.

Love it has three roll of seats. All three has its own vents. I really do not have anything I do not like about it.

- Irene H

Jeep Commander - Why I will always drive Jeeps

Love my commander. She keeps on trucking - Even after multiple 1000+ mile moves. Reliable and attractive, too!

- sarah c

Third row seating that folds down! Also has a towing package and ability to shift manually

love it, so much seating, gas mileage is not great. Plenty of room for things and also has a towing package

- jen B

Dependable and reliable family car.

Very reliable, third seat allows for 7 passengers. Drives well in winter. Does not get good gas mileage.

- Katie K

It is very comfortable and has been a reliable car.

It is roomy and comfortable. It is nice and does not look like a mom car. It fits my family comfortably.

- Elizabeth T

The roomy size of the interior and the ease of access in and out of the car.

How high up it is. Open windshield not extremely slanted. Wide seats. Blind spot on sides.

- Cheryl m

It goes well in the snow and uses a lot of gas daily.

It uses a lot of gas, but is good in the snow. It doesn't have much interior space.

- Amanda J

The car is a reliable car.

Great car runs smooth. Bad on gas. If the car needs work the parts are expensive.

- Brianda F

I love my Jeep Commander! I wish they were still being made. I love the small SUV with a third seat.

Commander is a Small SUV with 3rd row seating, great for families

- Samantha W

The is enough room with third row seating. Leather seats.

No complaints. No dislikes. Is room enough and good on gas!

- Lauren S

it's slows down sometimes and it makes it hard for me to move

It's somewhat broken, the back windshield wipers don't work

- Alison D