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The ins and outs of a jeep commander.

Vehicle has been reliable. However, since hitting 160,000 miles I have experienced a few problems. The check engine light came on and repairs were done based upon registered codes. Then a couple months later check engine light returned. So, I went to get it checked and it is registering some of the same codes that were fixed months ago. The vehicle has been good for short and long distance travels. The gas mileage has been good. Comfortable sits seven individuals including the driver. The vehicle has 3rd row seating; which is a plus for with children. The features are awesome. Sunroof, remote start, which is great for cold or hot weathers because you can heat or cool the car prior to getting in.

- Washington M

Jeep. A gas guzzler with no space at all with two kids.

It eats up a lot of gas. Does not have as much space as I would hope for with two kids. Check engine light comes on frequently even though I have had it checked by a mechanic several times. It does seem reliable however I have had to buy a new battery twice in the past year that I have owned it. I really like Jeep however I wish their vehicles were more fuel efficient.

- Brian T

The car is comfortable and is a nicely sized SUV (on the smaller size).

While the car gets me to where I need to be, it is terrible on gas mileage - having to refill my tank every week (or sooner). I do not drive long distances either; typically going to and from work (15 minutes both ways) as well as I'll go out 2-3 to run errands (20 minute drive to). Additionally, it seems that every other month something needs replaced/fixed.

- Alexa T

Jeep Commander 2009 Model

I like my jeep, but it requires a lot of repairs, on the passenger side there is a leak in the carpet whenever it rains, tires pop a lot, it uses gas very quickly, but it drives nicely. What I like about my jeep is that it's big and can fit many people, Although I do wish there was a little bit more legroom for the backseats. overall I like my jeep.

- Amanda R

I can hook up my iPod and iPad.

This Jeep commander has been a very reliable vehicle. The a/c rarely works if at all and we have had it serviced several times in different states. Other than that it is a comfortable ride, allows a lot of cargo and in a pinch seats 7. The gas mileage is fine for us. It handles responsively and the alarms tell us when something needs attention.

- Tammy S

Great family SUV, great for car seats and has 4WD!

Great SUV! 3rd row gives us a lot of extra room, but leaves us with virtually no trunk, so we do not use it often. 4WD works great. Does not get great gas mileage (of Jeep does though). A great family vehicle. Plenty of room for car seats, lots of cup holders. Child locks on doors and anchor for latch system.

- Sara H

2009 Jeep commander has been a very reliable, enjoyable and good looking SUV.

I have had no major issues with my vehicle just basic maintenance. I love my commander, I am disappointed that Jeep decided not to make them anymore, I wish they would strongly reconsider. It has been very reliable and comfortable for my family. I love the size and the room it has afforded me and my family.

- Harold L

Great dog mom car, fits everything you'll need!

Has an issue with the speed input sensor on the transmission, goes into limp mode frequently. Pricey fix for relatively low miles 89, 000. Very comfortable, drives smooth and handles all weather really well. Gas mileage could be better, I get 14 mpg in the city and 16 on the freeway.

- Rebecca H

It is drivable but not a luxury car.

There is Bluetooth in the car but the Bluetooth only lets you call and talk to people you cannot listen to music on your phone it is kinda slow and something is wrong towards the back of the car and it is makes a huge annoying noise and I cannot figure out what it is.

- Anthony A

Reliable, safe, good size.

I love the size of the vehicle. We need to use it for packing a lot of work equipment and it always does the proper job. There have never been major repairs needed and it feels very safe. The only negative is that it does tend to go through gas fairly quickly.

- Shannon S

3rd row seating. Sunroof and double roof windows in the back seat, roof rack.

The car itself is very nice and mine particularly has a lot of upgrades. The one thing I would recommend is to not have the hemi engine. The only thing that I dislike about my car is its mpg, and the hemi engine only adds to that problem.

- Leslie L

It feels small, it does NOT drive like a large SUV. Which I think is a good thing.

I like all of the technology that it has for being a relatively old car. It gets good mileage for an SUV. It drives great on the open road. The only dislike is that the trunk space is a little small for such a big car.

- Stephen s

It's a great car that will get you safely to wherever you want to go in comfort.

It's a great vehicle! I love the size of the Jeep and the third row is very useful. I have no complaints but one, I wish they would still make the Commander!

- Mike K

It's totally reliable. The gas mileage is not bad. It's a roomy and comfortable.

I like it because it's an SUV and has enough room to meet my needs. It's got a hemi in it. It's got back up camera.

- Teresa S

Jeeps are not that great and are overrated.

It is not very reliable. I like the size but there are lots of problems with the car. It gets okay gas mileage.

- Autumn T

Third row seats. Great car. Reliable. No hiccups in the 6 years I have owned.

I love that it has third row seats. Compact but has enough space to fit everything you need when traveling.

- Vanessa L

Very reliable and comfortable.

Great in the snow. Powerful, comfortable ride on road and highways. Wish it was a little better on gas.

- Liz B

That it is very dependable

Great vehicle with lots of innovative features. Rides really smooth with great gas mileage.

- mike F

I love the cargo space it has. I wish it was a little bit more modern.

It has been dependable for the past 4 years. Gas mileage is not the greatest though

- Heather H

They don't make them anymore

I love everything about it from it's size to it's comfortable interior

- Mike M

It is a very comfortable ride. There are very few problems with it.

I enjoy my Jeep. I like driving it. I wish it was a little quieter.

- Steven S