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My vehicle is reliable, dependable okay on gas. It has some issues but it is good.

My vehicle is extremely reliable, I have had it for 6 years and it was previously owned before me. It is only twelve miles per gallon but it is a older car. I haven't taken it off-roading. I had to replace the original roofing but that was fairly easy. I did it myself. Even now that I am experiencing transmission issues I am still able to drive it around I just cannot go over 45 miles per hour. It is a good brand to purchase if you want something that'll last you a while. It has great turning radius for new drivers who do not feel comfortable with getting in and out of tight spaces. My model Jeep is really small so it fit most places and that is good for street parking. It is not really low or high. It is a two door Jeep so not really a family friendly vehicle but good for high schooler or single man or woman.

- Megan M

It�s Better than a Mercedes!

I love my jeep! I've had very few problems with it. The seats are comfortable and I have aftermarket speakers. There's a decent amount of room in the trunk for groceries or hauling items. Jeeps are known for rollovers however I have not had any problems. It drives a little more rough than other cars that I've had but I think it's part of the jeep experience! When choosing between getting rid of my jeep and getting rid of my Mercedes, I got rid of my Mercedes!

- Cay H

Worth the maintenance, so fun!

I have had to replace my radiator, water pump, heating system, temperature gauge, and several houses. My jeep is a 2004 so all of these things are to be expected. It rides pretty rough and does not have all the luxury features of many new cars. Despite this, I love my jeep wrangler so much and it has been such a fun time. Being able to take the doors off and ride around on the beach using the 4 wheel drive makes the maintenance worth it.

- Bailey K

My 2004 Jeep Rubicon goes EVERYWHERE!

The Jeep is a Rubicon that goes anywhere I chose to drive. It is excellent in all off-road conditions. Gas mileage is not good; less than 17 MPG on the highway and , when off-road in 4WD, gas mileage drops to around 10 MPG. The Jeep is noisy, cramped, and small inside BUT I knew this going into buying it new in 2004. It has over 200,000 miles on it. It is just pure fun to drive. Love it!

- William E

Jeeps are an amazing vehicle for anyone and they will never stop surprising you.

My 2004 Jeep Wrangler really is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned! It's my daily vehicle and my fun vehicle all in one, and it's comfortable so driving long distances isn't an issue for me. With the removable top I can have fun in the summer and then just put it back on when needed. Having the hard top makes it difficult to take it off all the time since it is heavier.

- Maddie B

Be a part of the Jeep family.

Easy to work on. Not extremely reliable, but that is half the fun, so many memories can be made in a Jeep ! Easy to customize and huge aftermarket. Not too many electronics, so you can easily work on it at home without having to pay a mechanic or the dealership for repairs. Owning a Jeep is a lifestyle in which you will never forget, it is a family, a brotherhood.

- Caitlin H

The top and the doors can come off and you can put them on whenever!

This vehicle is the best! I can go off-roading any time and any place! The only thing that is a little frustrating is finding parts for it. The parts most of the time have to be ordered because they usually do not have it in stock! And the gas is a little pricey but if you use it for a summer car then it is a great one! You can take the top and the doors off!

- Taylor R

Great driving experience: I love how this vehicle handles.

I love my wrangler. It gives me a feeling of freedom. The 4 x 4 in this vehicle is awesome. I have never had any issues going anywhere during inclement weather the turning radius of the vehicle makes it easy to park and get into tight spaces. As some point, I will need to get rid of my wrangle, but until that day, I will enjoy driving this wonderful vehicle.

- John H

It is bad on gas, but very durable and dependable.

I love my Jeep. It is an 04 and I am just now having to slowly start working on it. You have to be a certain type to drive a Jeep, someone who’s ok with feeling the bumps in the road and hearing the tires on the road. They are not good on gas, but very dependable. I highly recommend Jeep brand and I plan to also stick with them.

- Connor M

Has lots of room and is comfortable.

I love the extra length that the unlimited brings. It is more functional and looks better as well. Very reliable vehicle! Holds its value very well! Strong, well built and high quality vehicle. Have never had a mechanic problem in the 11 years that I have owned it! I highly recommend jeep wrangler unlimited 2004.

- Sharon N

Aftermarket parts are cheap, but really make it look unique and customizable.

I like that it has zero options added other than a body lift. Simple, reliable and will get me anywhere I need to go regardless of the terrain.I wish the top and windows were easier to take on and off, but it's old so it's to be expected. Plenty of storage space with back seat folded up when needed.

- Trina G

It�s a Jeep Wrangler it�s built to go anywhere

I drive an 04 Jeep because of its dependability and extreme off road capability, the only problem I really have with it is fuel mileage but that's more of how mine is lifted and such then due to the vehicle itself. It's not the most quiet or comfortable vehicle but it'll go anywhere on or off road

- Garrett M

Reliable transportation to work.

Very reliable, but do not like that there is not enough room in the back even with the seat down. The soft top is sometimes pain because you have to unzip the window all the time to get things in it not very convenient. Would prefer a hard top with a full door to open like my old jeep Cherokee.

- Marsha L

Black lifted 2 door Jeep wrangler, runs great.

The car has run great ever since purchased. We've only had to replace the clutch and of course the brake pads. $40 fills up the tank, and its very fuel efficient. We also put a lift kit on the car and new large tires. Its 4 wheel drive and does great driving in the snow.

- Michaela Z

Runs good, pretty blue. Likes sunroof. Love my Jeep.

Runs good great in snow. Bought used put a lot of money into it. Head gasket went, timing belt went, and a few other things. Now I have a new Jeep. Should get a few more years out of it . Jeep is a vehicle . At this moment in time would not trade. Jeep is a good vehicle.

- Sophia. C

My jacked up beach buggie!

I love my Jeep! I have not had any major problems with it. Keep your fluids changed oil & antifreeze and you shouldn't have any problems. Tires, brakes and a tune up when needed will be your only expenses. As for comfort, it is a Jeep! I would recommend one to anyone.

- Roger H

Dependable, low cost transportation.

I purchased this vehicle new in 2004. I have had absolutely no problems with it. The only thing I have done to this vehicle is routine maintenance, tires, oil change and filters. In the winter it gets me through the snow with no problem and I live on a steep mountain.

- Gregory M

Great vehicle for the summer season! Take the top off and go for a drive.

It's amazing in the summertime. I love taking the doors and top off. It can be chilly in the winter, but overall I love it!! Gas isn't cheap, but you know that going into it. You can easily spend a lot doing more to a Jeep (upgrades). It rides rough, but it's a Jeep.

- Donovan M

Tough, fun accessories, good in bad weather.

Had for two years, just had brake job and ball joint replaced. Some typical rust, as we r longtime jeep lovers. Not meant to be luxurious, more fun utility vehicle. Good in snow simple to drive anywhere. Tough. Love soft top option, half doors interchangeable parts.

- Debra A

Dependable, tough, will never let you down.

Dependable, no repairs only routine maintenance. Comes in handy in the snow in the mountains where I live. Would definitely buy another one. Has adequate power and strong power train. Aftermarket accessories are plentiful and available from numerous companies.

- Greg M

2004 yellow Jeep Wrangler sport.

This vehicle is very stylish, very reliable (I already have 175, 000 miles and it works wonderfully) the seats are very comfortable and the exterior of the car is very tough and hard to damage. Still has roll down windows which I adore for safety reasons!

- Hannah M

Wrangler is a two door and 4x4

Vehicle runs smoothly as can for a 2004, has a lot of trunk space, not very reliable since it's old it does occasionally have to have parts replaced, comfortable to drive due to the amount of room it contains, 4x4 feature makes off-roading much more fun.

- Blanca C

It is like the ever ready battery..... it just keeps going and going and going. It's classic look never changes!

I love driving my wrangler! It is a stick shift, black, soft top. Always wanted when I was younger so it became my midlife car. My only complaint is I didn't consider space for luggage, food , and dog when going to the beach for a week!

- Frances F

That my car is the only vehicle I can afford to get me to places on time.

I like that is has a manual transmission and 4wd. It has a classic jeep look with all the basics you could need. If were going to change anything about it, it would be an upgrade to its intake and a roof rack for more storage space.

- Nick A

Love my Jeep and would buy it again if I had to go back and do again

Little older so needs more work than a car under warranty. But love modifying the Jeep. I had a few issues to resolve for it to be working properly to my specification of running vehicle, which is higher than most and under a few.

- Shannon R


The Jeep Wrangler is the number one icon vehicle of the United States. It's built to last and to endure everything and anything. Mine has over 110,000 miles (with perfect care and upkeep) and it runs like the first day I got it

- Savannah B

My jeep is amazing for all road and weather conditions.

I love the gas mileage I get from the smaller engine. And it also makes transporting my dogs easy since there is plenty of room with the seat laid down. I dislike the rust problem that seems to accompany all jeeps.

- Leslie S

It's a great vehicles. Parts on it are expensive but it rarely needs work as long as you keep up with the maintenance.

It can get you anywhere. A little rough riding & gas mileage isn't great but has very few problems for the miles it has on it, over 100 thousand miles. Very nice looking vehicle. I get lots of compliments on it.

- suzie r

Wonderful mix between new and old.

I really enjoy my Jeep wrangler, it is a good mix between an old car but also works like a newer car. The only problem I would say that I have with it is that it is not made for long road trips.

- J I

Back pocket will soon be empty.

Jeep frame was broke get stuck in creeks front end needs work fun to drive, pain in the butt having to take off and putting on the top, be ready to get your wrenches out.

- Sissy C

It does not get great gas mileage and a soft top can be a little bit noisy with the wind.

It is a little smaller than the older Jeep Wranglers. However, it has been very sturdy and durable. I enjoy having a soft top and taking it off in the summer.

- Tim H

It's rugged, dependable, and easy to maintain. The customization options are endless.

Wranglers are not great commuter cars, especially the older ones. They're noisy and uncomfortable and lacking in power and refinement, but I still love mine.

- Brian J

The most important thing about my Jeep is that it is reliable.

I like that my Jeep is able to go off road if I want to do that. I dislike how sometimes something goes wrong under the hood. Overall, I love my Jeep.

- Cassi B

It's not a comfortable vehicle for long drives and getting in and out could be problematic for some people.

I love my Jeep! I love how it can turn on a dime and is easy to maneuver. My only complaint would be that it isn't very comfortable for long drives.

- Anne B

That if you add any tires and lift it will make the gas miles go way down.

Wonderful machine. I love my jeep. I recommend one to anyone who likes t o get away from it all! It pulls my boat and four wheeler with no problem.

- Jason G

The most important thing to know is if it is right for you.

I love my car because it is easy to drive. It is also easy to park in any spot. It gets great mileage. It is also amazing to drive as it is smooth.

- Quinn Z

It is a great car in excellent condition for how old it is and home many miles it has on it.

I like that I can take it off road and onto the beach easily. I like that I can take the top down and doors off. I don't like how much gas I use

- Brody S

That it is very versatile and sporty.

I like that it is sporty and I can take it off-road. But I do not like that it has little room, bad gas mileage, and is rough on the roads.

- Jason L

It looks great on the road or in the mountains! And it's all mine.

I like that it sits up a little higher than other vehicles, for better visibility. I like that it has 4WD. I wish that it were a 4 door.

- Tamara N

There are few places it cannot go.

2004 Jeep wrangler Rubicon. . . A sought-after model amongst Keeping communities for its durability, capability, and performance.

- Kristen V

It is a great all terrain vehicle and I really do not have any problems when it comes to snow I just kick it into 4 wheel drive and go. The only real problems are that to take it's top down it is done manually and if your drive is less than 20 minutes this is almost not worth the effort seeing as that is about as long as it takes to put it down and then put it back up. Also when it rains a lot and I am out running errands in it getting in and out of my car. I end up with a musty smell in my car for a few days. The gas mileage just sucks.

Just drop the top and you can enjoy the ride to anywhere, and if you start to get stuck just kick it into 4 wheel drive and go.

- lisa d

Manual transmission and bright red.

Never had any problems, loved driving it with the tops and doors off especially after a day a the beach. Best car to have.

- Avery W

it goes anywhere you want to go

I like being up high in the vehicle and being able to drive through anything. I don't like the rough ride sometimes

- william i

it's good for off roading if you need it to

it's a door door soft top I like that you can take the top off in the winter and that it's fun to drive in the snow

- aaron s

It is not a good car if you never go off-roading.

It is a very versatile vehicle. With tons of aftermarket support. Although it is not the most comfortable vehicle.

- Jacob M

it's one of a kind and it runs like a horse i wouldn't trade it for anything

i love my jeep it runs well but i don't get good gas mileage it red lifted with 33 tires it is my pride and joy

- and a

It is fun, fun, fun to drive.

I like the freedom having doors off in the summer. I dislike the fact that taking off the top is not automatic.

- Camilla P

My 2nd wrangler, love them!

No problems, handles great, totally customizable. Good mileage. Great in all weather. Fun, great off-road too!

- Bill M

Love my jeep, it is a great car.

It is an amazing car. The only issue I have had encountered is if you drive 55 mph, the steering wheel shakes.

- Becca B

I love my car very much, I would never trade it for the world.

Very reliable, has good seats, has good a radio, it has a good steering wheel, it has a good engine, love it

- Trevor D

Very nice to drive. Easy to get into small parking spots. Fun to go off road and mudding in

I love my Jeep. I've owned 7 Jeep products. Six out of the 7 have been Wranglers

- Terry C

5 speed, leather interior, soft top, lifted.

- Christopher D