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Great vehicle until about the 5 year mark

Let me start off my saying that I absolutely love my jeep. I have a 2009 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited X 4-door automatic. I bought it brand new off the lot with only 7 miles on it. At about the 5 year mark, (kept up will all maintenance) the problems started. First the spring in my gear shift broke...no biggie...cheap to fix. Then I had to drop $1500 to repair the death wobble that developed. It was so bad I almost wrecked several times (4 years after that it came back). The heater core went out and was spewing antifreeze on my passenger side floor. The radiator took a dump, and I’ve had several blinker issues. The most current issue is that the passenger side front and back blinker do not work and the passenger side front running light doesn’t work. Also my hardtop seals have gone to crap .....sooo water leaks when it’s raining. Sigh...again I absolutely love my jeep but the issues are overwhelming.

- Sarah Trovini

Jeeps are reliable and dependable

It's a gas hog. It's a very reliable vehicle if you take care of it. The doors are very easy to take off when you want to and the soft top is easy to take on and off. When driving it's a little loud if you don't have stock tires. It's super easy to clean because it is made to go off roading. They are great for the snow and I feel completely safe in it at all times. It's great for families of four or five and you and your kids will love how cool you look in it!

- Taylor A

I love the look and the ride of the vehicle but don't keep it long.

The Jeep wrangler is a high performance vehicle that can get you out of certain situations. But one of it is biggest downsides to me is a problem called the death wobble. This problem will cause the vehicle to shake uncontrollably while driving a speeds over 45mph. This problem is very expensive to fix could cost thousands and some say that even after they had everything replaced they still had the problem with their car.

- Nikki B

Love the car, but can get a little noisy.

Love the car and all of the little perks that come along with it like the Jeep wave and all of the looks and comments people give you for driving a Jeep. I do not like how expensive soft tops are and I wish they were a little cheaper. I also do not really like how loud the car can get when you drive, for example when riding around in a soft top the noise can get very loud in the car and it gets pretty annoying sometimes.

- Alexa A

Safe and reliable in snow and winter weather Great family car and fits car seats well

Great for Wisconsin winters Hard to get into if your on the shorter side but since it sits high up you have great visibility while driving Not the most comfortable seats in back but does fit comfortably two car seats If you own a jeep you are kind of in a club People throw up a peace sign if they see you driving and they are in a jeep as well Family friendly car and feel safe while in and driving

- Jessica J

Fun enjoyable and amazing recreational ride.

Jeep is extremely reliable. It's good on gas and comfort. It's a fun and dependable. The only downfall of the jeep is they don't end to have some suspension problems. But nothing that cannot be fixed. But overall a great and reliable vehicles. I do recommend a jeep to buy weather it's the jeep wrangler or the Cherokee both in my opinion are awesome cars.

- Janet H

"Love to ride with the top down in summer"!

I really love my Jeep wrangler. Best little SUV I have ever had. It handles great and is rarely in the shop for any repairs. Of course I take good care of her. I have regular maintenance and oil changes. I is fabulous and a joy to drive. I love letting the top down and enjoying my day. The ease of top removal is great. I rarely need any help and do it myself.

- Beverly F

Jeep is pronounced ( heap ) in Spanish.

This vehicle is pretty reliable considering it has 197000 miles on it. Not paid for yet and frequently putting extra maintenance money in it. The alignment has been done twice in a year which makes the tires wear faster than normal. Oil leaks are popping up more and more the older it gets. Heater core is going out now. Expensive vehicle to buy and own.

- Larry M

When you purchase a Jeep, Don't forget to wave!

I love my Jeep, I've always wanted a Wrangler and I couldn't wait to get one when they came out with the four door. I have kids and there is so much more room, plus being able to not just roll down the windows but take off roof too!! The engine is always good as long you keep up with proper maintenance, it will last a very long time!

- Brandis A

High Terrain Road Vehicle : Yellow Jeep Wrangler

The miles per gallon is average but always reliable. Sometimes, the vehicle doesn't start but if you pull the start plug and then replace it, it works. Its an older model so there aren't many technological advances in the jeep but it is my favorite car. There are bumps and dings from random things but its normal for a wrangler

- Chancey S

2009 2 door Jeep wrangler, black with chrome trim. V6 4l engine, 4 wheel drive.

I bought my first Jeep wrangler in 2013. It was used and only had 19, 000 miles on it. The Jeep was very well maintained and I haven't had any issues with it. The gas mileage isn't great, but when it comes to a wrangler, there's nothing else like it. I wouldn't trade it for anything, except for a newer Jeep.

- Jacob D

Jeep Wrangler Sahara 2009

I love my Jeep Wrangler. It's a car I've always wanted and finally was blessed with. I have had no problems other than of course getting a nail in my tire or wreck. The air kicks in right away and so does the heat depending on where you live I have a t top which is easy to take on and off when you want.

- Nicole C

Always having people look at your car because the Jeep is so eye catching.

In the Jeep the oil light always comes on when the car gets turned on, but the car never needs oil. You can easily turn it off but it is very annoying. Another problem I have is the car is to slow and needs a better quality engine than a v6. But overall the Jeep is so beautiful and smooth with riding.

- Rocco S

It is a great vehicle all the way around.

The only issue I have with my Jeep Wrangler is its not great on gas. I've never had any mechanical problems with my Jeep Wrangler. It runs great. It runs very smooth. It is very comfortable to take on road trips. It is very reliable on the road. You will not be disappointed with a Jeep Wrangler.

- Jennifer W

I love it. I never realized I was going to be a jeep person

death wobble. I love the space in my vehicle, but would like more options for modification to a 2 door jeep as opposed to a four door which has way more mods. I really enjoy the height of the stock version, I have never really needed to lift it and I feel like those who do only do it for cosmetics.

- nick L

Jeep wrangler - worth it!

My jeep requires routine maintenance due to the age of the vehicle and mileage, however it is worth it! There is truly nothing like having a jeep and being able to take it off-roading. I have a hard top which is easy to take on and off, and plan to buy a soft top for even more convenience.

- Samantha H

Great wheels and smooth drive

No out of ordinary problems with my jeep. Decent gas mileage. Great in snow and during inclement weather. Love the interior and accessories. Handles much better than expected. A Jeep Wrangler has been my dream car since forever and I am not disappointed. Great for weekend camping trips.

- Lindsay C

My favorite part is the idea of it looking like a beast.

By far, the 2009 Jeep Wrangler X is the best vehicle I have ever owned. I've always wanted one and when I finally got one the wrangler was everything I expected! If you have any doubts, I hope this cleared them all. Once again, the Jeep wrangler is awesome and a very good looking.

- Sahara H

I love my Jeep Wrangler!!

I love my Jeep Wrangler. I have driven it across country and have never had a lick of problems with e. I would buy another Jeep Wrangler again and again. I live in the backcountry in Montana where 4 wheel drive is a must! The short wheel base gets me in and out in bad weather.

- Lisa C

Don't buy a Jeep, they are lemons.

It has been a lemon. We had to replaces, engine, clutch, brakes, and 4x4 cable. My Jeep had low miles and never been off-roading in it. I would ever buy a Jeep again. It been a problem since we bought it brand new. Off the lot. Don't waste your money. Don't ever buy a Jeep.

- Pamela G

No top in the summertime.

I live my Jeep. I can go almost anywhere. The best is in summer when top is off. Overall no serious mechanical issues. Minor things, but really a solid vehicle. Plus I live on a dirt road that gets to be like 4 wheel drive road in winter so having a 4 wheel drive is great.

- Tina T

I love my car! Wouldn't trade it for anything!

I do not have many problems with my car. The only issue I had with it was a problem the people before me caused. They put a aftermarket system in it. That interfered with the starter. So it didn't start sometimes. I love my car. It is very dependable. Great everyday car.

- Becky G

They are reliable. The version with the manual transmission is very doggy in first gear so it can take a little bit to get up to cruising speed. It's fun to drive, but the ride is not always really comfortable.

I love the look of the Jeep Wrangler. I like the image it presents for myself. It is reliable and easy to maintain and I love that i am able to get around in bad weather. The only complaint I have is that I wish I would've bought a 4 door. but, that is my own fault!

- Kyle A

It has a very great way of taking the beating the road can throw at it.

It is a Jeep Wrangler, they ride rough you will have to do maintenance on them. It is easy to get to work on though. Many of its areas of concerns are when it is on really rough roads but it is a 4 wheel drive so it rides nice over the bumps and potholes in the city.

- Pat L

Great on the road and off the road.

My Jeep is great on road and off road, works well in the snow and on the beach, fun to drive. You can do anything with the truck, it is really cool to drive it when it is all striped down, go fishing all the time with my Jeep, I park it on the beach and fish.

- Robert D

This Jeep is a very reliable sporty vehicle

I love my vehicle but I've had a lot of electrical issues, with it being an older model. The features it has is very awesome, I get a lot of compliments on it for the year it is. The gas mileage could be better but overall I love the Look and performance.

- Sarah L

Great off road vehicle, less than great commuter.

The Wrangler is the premiere of reading vehicle, with unrivaled off highway performance. While the Wrangler comes with a long history of performance, the JK models have at times struggled to live up to the quality standards typically associated with Jeep.

- Ryan O

If picked up early will last you a long time. Certainly get your monies worth.

A ton of space for whatever various needs. Certainly a comfortable vehicle. In the past have had problems with turn signals, alignment. However, most of these problems were few and far between. In most cases this is a reliable vehicle.

- Josh S

The value of the Jeep does not go down that much on them.

2009 Jeep wrangler pros good for recreational and to have fun in perfect for summer they are a very customized vehicle cons motor is very liable but would of been better if it had the 4. 0 liter in it gas mileage is not the best.

- Nathan H

It's dependable, fun and goes anywhere!

Like the looks, the handling, 4 wheel drive, the 4 doors, the durability and versatility. It's fun to drive and can be driven anytime, anywhere and in any weather. It could use a little more horsepower, but all in all, I love it!

- Bobby W

Outdoor fun exploring god's green earth!

My Jeep gets me everywhere I want to go. We spend a lot of time in the mountains and it is perfect for hitting those off the pavement trails and roads. My only real complaint is it is not a quiet ride. It rattles non stop.

- Mark K

It's great for off-roading.

I like that I can take the top off. I like that it holds its value. I dislike that it's actually kinda small inside, loud when driving (can't hear my kids talking to me from the backseat) and poor mileage for its size.

- Tiffany A

Their is insanely high maintenance on wranglers

I like that it's a manual transmission which saves on gas. I love that it's a lot smaller than my truck was so I can park anywhere. I dislike that I don't have any haul space anymore and the maintenance is high.

- Laura N

Jeep Wrangler - fun in the sun!

We just had to replace the transmission, only 130, 000 miles on it. But we love it, despite the major repair. It is very easy to customize and really make it what we want/need. So much fun in the warmer months!

- Crystal S

If you are a frequent driver long distances, it is not fuel efficient.

The Jeep wobble around 55 mph can be pretty bumpy, but it is all part of the Jeep. I wish it got better gas mileage, but nothing beats taking the top off and off-roading during the summer.

- Paula M

Has useful safety features.

I like everything but the gas mileage I do not like the Chrysler is making it I like the four-wheel drive setting high and you can take the top off it is easy to work on myself.

- Pat F

Jeep Wrangler. It is a Jeep thing.

Love our Wrangler! It is so much fun in the summer when we remove the soft top and let the sun warm us. The Jeep community is very welcoming. . . It really is a Jeep thing.

- Crystal S

It is not good for long trips. It gets uncomfortable after a while.

I like the 4 wheel drive. I also like that I can take the top off in the summer. The appearance of the vehicle is also ok. I don't like the gas mileage or suspension.

- Jessie M

It's a good vehicle. It will not lose it is value, ever!

I love my Jeep. It gets me to work and around town. I love the visibility with the top. I do not care for the gas mileage. I spend a lot of money on gas each week.

- Natalie G

The maintenance is not cheap.

I love the durability and how it can go almost anywhere. The only thing I dislike is how hot the inside gets during the summer and how long it takes to cool down.

- Shannon J

Fun going topless in a Jeep Wrangler!

Jeep Wrangler is a fun reliable vehicle with 4 wheel drive and a lot of options whether you want to go topless, or just t- tops off, soft top, or hard top!

- Cynthia F

The good ole faithful of cars.

Comfortable vehicle that is steady more than anything. Investing into a Jeep I feel like you really just get your monies worth in terms of durability.

- Joshua S

I have been driving it long distances for 5 years and it never gives me a problem,

Will last a long time. It is fun to drive, especially when I take the roof off. However, it burns gas quickly, and water gets inside when it rains.

- Leanne R

Jeeps Wranglers can be driven by nearly everyone!!

Have never had any problems with my Jeep. Runs real good, burns lots of gas and will drive over nearly anything! You gotta love four wheel drive!!

- Jonquavious N

I have never taken it off-road but the Wrangler is still absolutely FUN to drive.

I love the Jeep Wrangler. I like the ability to have the top down and get through bad weather. I don't like the lousy gas mileage quite so much.

- Greg Y

The roll over rate is higher than most cars, and it's kinda cold in the winter

I love my Jeep. It's red and has two doors on each side. Jeeps have a higher rollover rate than most cars but I really don't mind

- Alex G

My car sits high up and it is a gas guzzler especially with these gas prices it's hard to keep up.

I really love my car, my car is Blue and it is 4 doors. Also I have a hard top on my jeep and I have 2 wheel drive instead of 4.

- Karli J

It is a very fun car to have. The city gas mileage is not the best

Don't always like the gas mileage for city driving, but I love everything about the car. It's great for all weather conditions

- Katie P

It handles great and works well for cross country trips.

Love the removable top. Love the color and handling of the vehicle. Love the look of the jeep. Wish it had better gas mileage.

- Joshua K

Fun, dependable, and always in style. Also, you can so many accessories to the vehicle.

My Jeep has been very dependable. I have enjoyed driving it for short trips. The maintenance has been very inexpensive.

- Anthony C

That a jeep is good for off roading.

I like the high clearance, way it looks, off roading it can do. I hate how often parts go bad, death wobble, gas hog.

- Lucy B


Love the style, the 4 doors that are removable, durability, dependability, warranty, versatility and much more!

- Bobby G

It's a very durable vehicle to own, it withstands a lot.

Like that it's very easily fixable and customizable. Works great in the snow. Has some minor issues with age.

- Will L

Is lifted. Bigger tires. Great condition. Looks great

Gas mileage is poor.. Runs well. Does not have any mechanical issues. Lift kit. 37' tires. Added accessories

- Jae C

It is a good car that can get you to the places you need to go.

I have not experienced any of the serious problems. have not had any quality or reliability issues with it.

- Atara P

Great warranty. Fuel efficient.

There are no complaints about it. I love my vehicle and am happy that it has held up for almost ten years.

- Serena T

My fun time ride!!!!!!!!!

I have not had any problems with it except normal wear and tear. But I can say it is not a family car.

- MaryAnn M

Jeeps are awesome and I recommend them to everyone.

It's awesome, it has a 2 in a half lift, 35 inch tires and 12x22 wheels. It's the best vehicle I own

- Deneea C

The versatility of the vehicle. Go anywhere

Love the versatility top off or on doors off or on sitting up higher wish it had more storage space

- Mark B

It was Hubby's choice of vehicle. He's always wanted one.

I love the ability to go places most rigs can't, however, it's a pretty rough ride getting there.

- Tonja H

Her name is Missy and she has been great for traveling

I love my jeep it has started to have the "death wobble" and i don't know how to fix it

- vicki T

exceptionally reliable and fun to drive. i love that there is a part of the top that goes on and off very easily. i do have a problem with my emergency brake and a dent on the front drivers side

this is my favorite vehicle i've ever owned. it's fun to drive and reliable.

- rebecca p

That jeep people are cooler than other people are.

I love everything about it. It's a fun car. I like the way it rides.

- Colleen B

it's reliable dependable and fun to drive seats four comfortably while still giving you storage room

easy to tow behind RV seats 4 with storage room fun to drive

- Ken T

Best Off roading vehicle of the decade Gives best mileage compared to other off roading vehicles and trucks

good vehicle for off roading Nice model for road trips

- Saranya R