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2007 Kia rio, dust orange in color.

Seeing as my car is a 2007 model, there are no particularly special features like newer models of cars have (i.e.; automatic windows, a button to start the car, pressing a button on your key to lock all the doors in the car, a way to detect when there is an obstruction/other car too close to your own), however, these are all things that I do not mind dealing with. I would prefer to have a newer model of the same car so I could have those fancy features, but I genuinely enjoy my make and model (Kia rio). It is a perfect size for a petite person like myself, it drives very easily, and the mileage is fantastic. I pay far less than anyone else I know when I have to fill up my tank. The only reason I didn't rate it 5/5 is just the fact that it is a 10+ year old car and therefore does not have the bells and whistles that newer models have.

- Caitlin D

Reliable comfy vehicle everything works perfectly such a stress reliever!!

I personally don't have any vehicle problems with this car at the moment except for just a few plastic pieces needing to be replaced, also windows need sealant to keep water out, other than that this vehicle I had recently purchased at a used dealer to get to and from work so far it's been running amazing. It's a lot different from the previous vehicle I owned which was stick shift this car is automatic so it took a few days to get readjusted but I did. The vehicle drives very smooth, it feels really comfortable to drive and there's plenty of room in the vehicle as well. It's a very dependable car it hasn't let me down thus far.

- Arlene S

I would have to say that the performance of this 2007 Kia is of high quality.

I bought my 2007 Kia brand new off the dealers lot in 2007 with 13 miles on it. Here in may 2019, and 210,000 miles later my little Kia is still rolling around. Only thing I had to change was the water pump and that was 100,000 miles ago. I maintained its great gas mileage by doing regular maintenance on the engine as well as keeping the engine compartment oil and grease free. This is the greatest little car I have ever owned, and will keep it when I purchase my next new car.

- Alvin D

Kia warranties are good to have.

I bought the car used from a rental place so it had some mileage on it right away. Seemed to run great for the first month and then the first sensor went out that controlled the air and gas mix. This meant that when I pulled into traffic in front of a large semi with plenty of time to cross, I only chugged slowly into the street instead and would have been hit if the truck had not slowed down. 2 other sensors went out in the coming 4 months. Thank goodness for warranty.

- Barb W

Used Kia with sensor issues now works great.

This car was originally a rental and so when I bought it, there were already 50k miles on it. Seemed to work great at first and then I had 2 sensors go out in less than 3 months. The failing of one of them almost got me killed. I am not a fan of sensors and would rather have an older version of a vehicle where I recognize parts of the engine. Other than that the car has worked well and I do hope that continues. I bought the car in 2009.

- Barb B

2007 Kia Rio, pros and cons.

I change my oil every 3, 000 miles and I have had nothing but normal wear and tear maintenance issues. This car gets awesome gas mileage, 32 mpg. If I were to buy a new vehicle it would either be another Rio or a Soul. The only thing I do not like about it is, when it rains all the water goes into my trunk and the seals around the doors tend to drop making it sound like air is coming in.

- Sue P

It's a good, basic. compact vehicle. Repairs are usually reasonable.

This is a basic model, no power windows or doors. I like that it's compact and easy to drive. I do feel a little bit that it's made of plastic. The car is older, and has many clunks and clatters that go with an older vehicle. Weather stripping and window seals are starting to come off. When it was in it's prime, it was a very enjoyable car to drive.

- Kelyn C

Kia Rio: the small person's ideal to town car.

Overall, it's a very nice vehicle. It is a little small if you are a large person though. I had issue with the window lining though. I had to replace them. The seats are only good for short car rides, add extra cushion for longer than 2 hours. The carpet and seats are very easy to clean though.

- Hannah H

It is a cute car. I like that it is a hatchback.

We bought my car for $500. It didn't run. We have put over $2000 to make it run. It had $800 of tires on it. No power anything. The ac does not always work. The windshield is cracked. The black rubber around the windows is coming off. The belts squeal. The belts need tightened every 3 months.

- Jeannette D

I am not a big of Kias in general.

Well, the car didn't run when we bout it for $500. We have put thousands of dollars into it. Since we got it running: we have to tighten the belts every 3 months, it has overheated twice, the ac has stopped more than once, the black around the windows has come off. Not happy at all.

- Jeannette D

Everything about my car love it or hate it.

Check engine comes on. And when I get gas the car wont start right away. Comfortable for road trips. Mine is just the basic but the CD player is louder than the radio which is a great feature to have in your car. I wish mine had power windows. My color is red and it's a stick shift.

- Lindsey J

It is a really good car amazing in gas mileage:).

The car was given to me so I am not complaining lol. It is pretty nice and runs well. It is great for a first car. It is royal blue and has black interior. Four seats with ac and radio. It is overall a really cute and comfortable car. Oh yeah and it is also amazing on gas mileage.

- Amber S

10 years owning a Kia rio.

This car is good for zipping around town. The ergonomics are not the best if you are on the tall side, but okay for local driving. The small engine means it is hard to gain speed and things like the ac really drain some of the cars power. All in all not a bad car for what you pay.

- Jennifer W

Love my Kia. Has been very good to me.

Great performance. No issues with the performance. Biggest problem is with I.E. Windows. 2 back windows fell in. Motor needs to be replaced. Always has great pick up. Have not had any issue with the performance. Problems have mostly been. With small items like the windows.

- Miriam S

It's not fancy but it is very reliable and will get you where you need to go.

I like that my Kia has been very reliable and does not seem to have many mechanical issues. It has great mileage and I trust the brand. I dislike that that the parts are no longer held at regular Kia service dealerships and I need to wait a few days for parts to come in.

- Conrad H

It's wonderful on gas highlight and it gets me from point A to point B.

My car drives great. I take care of the maintenance. My ac sent out this past summer. I live in Texas and its hot but the car is not worth the money that it would take to fix ac. New compressor and dryer the repair shop wants $900 dollars and I don't have that.

- Tracy N

2007 Kia Rio 5 spd 4-door sedan.

Just had a clutch failure. Power steering pump went out. Valve cover gasket needed replaced. Needed new spark plugs and a coil pack. Bought from a friend at 170k mileage and put almost 10, 000 before it broke down. Other than that very reliable easily driven.

- Abby B

Good work car to get to and from but nothing special.

It is a good car that has lasted me a while. It is very basic though. The only real issues have been some electrical issues where the radio will blast to max while trying to turn it down or the AC cutting off then back on for no real reason.

- Joshua L

You get what you pay for - it is cheap; plastic everything.

It is easy to park since it is very small, but it has no pick-up didn't come with side airbags like the sales sticker stated and the a/c and radio/cd player broke very early on

- claudia h

Low cost low maintenance car

It gets good gas mileage and is low maintenance. I have the lower model so it's manual windows, which is unfortunate but it works. I like the look of the sporty interior.

- Courtney H

Perfect size and kind of car for me.

It is a very reliable car, that does not guzzle gas and has lasted long. The acceleration is not the best, but the only problem that pops up on is getting on the highway.

- Marquise H

Bare bones. It'll get you there but not in style. Good starter car for a kid.

It's reliable and easy to maintain. It has weird electrical problems with the AC in that it just shuts on/off randomly. Things like handles and seals are coming loose.

- nate F

It is good value. It is required minimal maintenance and gets good mileage.

I like that this vehicle is very easy to maintain. It also has a great safety rating and gets decent gas mileage. I do wish we had rear windshield wipers though.

- Megan S

It is very fuel efficient.

I like everything about my Kia. It has been a good car sense I bought it in 2008. I have no complaints about it. I have had only minor problems. Nothing major.

- Karl w

My car is paid for. I own it. I have no car payment

I like that it gets me from a to b. I don't like the fact that it's only 4 cylinders. I don't like the color (black) I like the fact that it's paid for.

- Kimberly A

My Kia is the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned.

I love my Kia Rio. I get reliability, comfort, good gas mileage, a smooth ride, excellent customer service from the Kia dealership. What's not to love?

- Deborah M

They should know that it is fun and easy to drive.

I like that my car is very small and easy to drive. Although, now that it is older, it is starting to fall apart a little bit. Otherwise, no complaints.

- Adriana W

I bought it used in 2008.

I like the mileage I get on my car. There is not a thing I do not like about. It has been a good car. I have no complaints about it.

- Karl A

Small and sturdy. Gets around well.

Air compressor has gone out on it twice. Decent gas mileage. Whips around pretty easy. Ignition could are very easy to get change.

- Julie B

It was cheap efficient and well worth it's value.

Well it runs decently if that means anything.like most cars normal wear and tear . Has great gas mileage but lacks horsepower.

- Dustin G

Reliable and great family car.

Its small, quick & lots of fun to drive. Also, its getting old, lots of miles,& unfortunately, starting to show her age.

- Debra F

It has really good air conditioning.

It doesn't start at first, when you put gas in the car. It takes about 3 to 5 min. for you to be able to get it started.

- Olivia M

the car is very reliable and gets good gas mileage

it is very reliable.i don't like that you have to use a security chip to start the car.it gets really good gas mileage.

- mike n

My car is great and is roomy. It has great gas mileage.

It is very reliable. It nice and roomy. has great gas mileage. Gets me where I need to get to. The handling is great.

- Josh P

It was great gas mileage.

Great on gas and holds Its value it has great space. It is bigger than it seems. And it is has a good sound system.

- Steven T

Beautiful color. Compact size easy on gas

4 door kia rio. Great for a small family. 2 Side mirrors manual lock doors. Spacious trunk. Gold color drives well

- Tashia C

Love my kia would not travel without it

Will the Kia rio is really good on gas..drives really nice as well really had no problems with it at all

- Crystal W

it's cheap and it's a car that gets you to place a to b

I don't like how low to the ground it is and how it can't fit a lot of people. not very safe for a kid

- Nicole m

It is very cheap to fill up with petrol and has really good fuel consumption

It is a great car for running about the city centre,. And is also very cheap to fill up with petrol!

- Kirsty S

I've had it since I was 17 and only had to be 2000 into it in all 8 years. Gas is also amazing as well as ac.

It was my dad's. Though the parts are expensive, if properly maintained, not a problem.

- Vincent V

it's paid for and it's still running. i am not a flashy person and value practicality.

4 wheels. Roof. Radio. And it has a cigarette lighter and gets decent mileage.

- jonathan f

It can fit mostly anywhere. It lasts a long time, as long as you do normal maintenance

I like that it's my size. I can fit in many parking spaces. It lasts long.

- Jess B

dependable runs good and good on gas haven't had many problems with this car

It is a small car very good on gas and real easy to drive and park.

- marian m

It's a Kia and never had any issues. Fill up gas tank and it last for 2 1/2 weeks.

It's a great car. It's small and reliable. Love it.

- Nancy D