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All of the features you didn't know you needed, and now can't live without!

I love my Sorento. It's easy to find parking spots that I can fit into, yet I have four wheel drive when I need it and it has a sporty SUV look. Dual sun/moonroof, heated and air conditioned seats, heated steering wheel, third row seating, reliable engine and gas mileage, and an Infinity sound system. I can retract my side view mirrors, program my seats, program garage door openers, and subscribe to Sirius Satellite radio. There is a pull down center console in the back seat for drinks and plenty of storage in the front center console up front, as well as, sunglass storage overhead and Bluetooth and GPS. The battery is easy to replace in the remote and the optional rubber floor mats are incredible for keeping the mess at bay. The seats are easy to fold down for hauling furniture. I fit 5 full size dining room chairs in my car just last week. I shopped for a new SUV on a whim when I took mine in for an oil change, and didn't even want to part with my Kia. It's hard to find other SUVs with heated steering wheels and retractable side view mirrors, not to mention all of the other things that spoil you, without them being aftermarket add-ons at incredible mark up!

- Kristina P

Underwhelming 4 cylinder Kia

We bought the car used directly from a Kia dealership. At the time it was most likely the most SUV vehicle we would buy for our money. Hindsight is always 20/20 and if given the opportunity to do it again I wouldn't purchase this vehicle again. It's a 4 cylinder and great on gas which is a plus for us. Another plus for the features is the heated front seats! But lacking in other features one would normally find in a vehicle with heated seats. As with all 4 cylinders it doesn't have the 'get up and go' that I would prefer to having with a 6 cylinder. It handles well on the road, but the steering can feel tight. It's also not the best for comfort on longer distance driving, but fine for moving around town. A plus is that it can be versatile in hauling smaller to a big bigger pieces of furniture (if the seats were folded down) It a fine vehicle for a smaller family or someone with no kids and perhaps just wants to use it as a daily driver. But again, I would t purchase this vehicle again.

- Angela M

Kia sorento a true family SUV.

My Sorento is a good vehicle. It has heated seats, dual air control, and GPS navigation. I wish the navigation updates were included in the cost of the car. We have not updated because it costs upwards of $100 to do so. The paint has held up well except for the rock dings here and there. The sorento has powers seats which are nice. However, be very careful because ours came off on the driver side around year 3 and it is expensive to get them fixed due to all of the wiring. Kia has been very great at notifying us of any recalls and getting the problem fixed. I bought it to haul around kiddos and it has served me well. The main issue I have had is getting the seat to release and fold for access to the third row seating. Also, the third row is truly meant for kids because of lack of legroom. After 5 years it is starting to show some wear and tear but it is still a very comfortable and dependable vehicle. I would definitely consider upgrading to a new Kia sorento for my next vehicle.

- Michelle F

I love the panoramic sunroof. The 3 row seating all have access to the sunroof.

I love my Kia Sorento. Great drive ability and panoramic sunroof. The seats are made to fit close and Kia offers plenty of legroom along with optional 3rd row seating. All electric with built in dash screen for media and navigation. Engine is clean, and fast. The response in the throttle is amazing. I love the sleek design style unlike any other SUV. Comfort and class all in a great safe package. I bought my Kia new and have loved every mile I have driven. I have not had any accidents but the other owners reviews if my Sorento are positive. My Kia does excellent on long trips across the country. I even drove mine down the pacific coast highway from the redwoods to Mexico camping along the way. And in my Kia. The seats move to allow me to lay a memory foam pillow top. I could camp in the back as if 8 had a mini van. I love everything about you and SUV. I'd never drive another one.

- Amber E

I love my spacious Kia Sorento

My Kia Sorento LX is a great vehicle. It seats 5 comfortably and has a nice amount of space in the trunk area. I can fit both of my children's car seats, with another passenger comfortably. The only con to this vehicle is the amount of gas that it consumes. I took a 500 mile trip to Ohio and had to fill up 4 times one way. If the car is maintained, it provides a smooth ride. A great pro is that you can connect your phone via Bluetooth to access music and utilize cell phone god systems. Another pro is the black interior, black is just an all around great interior color. The exterior of the vehicle is silver/feet which I love. I haven't had and mechanical problems since purchasing the vehicle. The vehicle is a 2013 and the brakes were replaced just before I purchased the vehicle. This vehicle is also great for ride sharing.

- Wendy M

Reliable and comfort with extra perks

My Kia has been a wonderful vehicle. We bought it used and it came with a great warranty. We have had very little problems however with the few the warranty has taken care of them right away. The radio display had some lag time starting up and was replaced. Then there was a recall and issue with all of the warning lights staying on due to an axel concern. Again this was replaced and we have had no issues. It is great on gas mileage and has never left me stranded. Having two small children we have found this car to have plenty of room and is very comfortable with two car seats. We love having the third row, it folds down nicely giving up the option for extra cargo space or room for extra people. This is a fantastic family vehicle and I would highly recommend it to others.

- Bob P

Four door super Kia Sorento.

I love my vehicle. My parents bought it for me over a year ago and I have been happy with it every day since. The reason I got a bigger car was so that I could transport things back and forth to college and since being in college I am thankful for the bigger size truck. One thing that I wish I could change about my car would be that I would prefer to have leather seats than cloth due to the fact that cloth stains easily and the stains show up and are visible. The only problem that we have had with the car is the battery died one time and had to be replaced, but other than that it has been perfect for me. I highly would recommend this car to anyone if they are thinking about purchasing. You will not be disappointed.

- Anna T

A reliable vehicle great for family trips and so much more...

My Sorento has been extremely reliable. It seats 7-8 with third row usage. It also has a built in navigation system, rear camera with beeping indicator if you're too close to hitting something. Also great on gas mileage. As I purchased it as a used car it was in very good condition. I did have an issue with the car breaking down once but the local Kia dealership and Kia Consumer Services took care of everything. The car was repaired with no cost to me and an additional extended warranty was added for the work that was completed. If you're looking for a family vehicle but can also be used to carry large loads I recommend the Kia Sorento.

- Tonya F

Great family vehicle has excellent mileage and performance at a midrange price.

I have been very happy with my 2013 Kia Sorento. The seats are both comfortable and cleanable, an important feature for a mom of three boys. My engine performance has been faultless, and I am up to 91,000 miles now. Gas mileage is excellent for an SUV, as is the tight turning ratio, allowing me to park in small spaces and turn around easily. The only problem I have had is an electrical issue involving the airbag system, where my airbag appears to be turned off on the drivers side, and an error code displays on the dash. Overall, I have been very pleased with this vehicle.

- Charlotte B

Great family car, very roomy with nice features

I've owned my vehicle since 2015. Very comfortable leather seats, with heat and air condition control on the driver side and heat on passenger side. Navigation is fine - you have to pay for a subscription to update the map, so I usually use Google Maps on my phone instead. Sound is great. 3rd row seating rarely used but nice to have. Roomy trunk. I've had issues with my doors where the pins to keep the frame in place have broken. Engine blew up in 2017 due to a manufacturing issue where they recalled many vehicles and had to replace engines. Otherwise it's been a great car.

- Chelsea P

Best car I've owned: Kia Sorento

This car is really wonderful! I've taken so many long distance road trips with it and it's very comfortable. It's durable, and even though it's only a 4 cylinder, it can get me up some pretty steep passes in Colorado. The stereo is great, easy to navigate. The only issue I have had since I got it was locking my keys in my car, it took almost 45 minutes to have security at my work jimmy the tool in the window to unlock my car. The whole time he kept saying 'It's like trying to get into Fort Knox! This is crazy!' So this car is built very well, no one can going to break in!

- Jacqueline S

Impeccable space with great gas mileage!

What I love most is the miles per gallon. I could go all the way to West Palm Beach, FL on one tank of gas. There is a lot of storage space in the trunk. I have 4 beach chairs amongst many other things in the second compartment under the trunk cover. My trunk appears empty but it is far from it. The maintenance of the car is very inexpensive. I actually had the original breaks on the car from October 2012 to 2018 without any problems. It drives very smooth and great speed. I love the heated seats in winter and the ability to connect my phone and iPod.

- Octavia H

3rd row seating definitely helps!

My 2013 Kia Sorento is great! For having a v6 engine, it is really great on gas. I can go roughly 400 miles on a full tank. The interior is well lit and comfortable. My vehicle model has the third row seat, so the SUV itself is just a tad bigger than the regular Kia Sorento. The third row seat folds down easily when not in use. Having the third row seat also makes it helpful when I take trips with my kids, they can each have their own space. Or if we take a day trip and they each bring a friend along. There’s plenty of room for everyone!

- Kara L

Durable, reliable crossover with great features.

I have owned my car for about 3.5 years. I bought it used. I haven't had many issues with it at all during this time, except for a minor problem where a part was recalled and I needed to get it replaced. It is comfortable and has 3 rows of seats, so it is great for kids or hauling a lot of stuff. The features are fairly basic, but it comes with a satellite radio, CD player, Bluetooth, and auxiliary inputs. The controls are user friendly and I rarely have to look at what I am pressing when I am driving. It is a very safe and reliable car.

- Sam B

Definitely worth the investment.

I hands down love my Sorento. Starting with the legroom, spacious interior, trunk space with the ability to lower both rear seats for added room. Excellent fuel economy along with cool air conditioning and runs beautifully. I haven't had any mechanical issues. Windows are tinted which helps with cooling in summertime. Mine came with SiriusXM installed and that was a plus. The radio and factory speakers are excellent. Really like my rear view camera which is very helpful when backing out at my local grocery store. All in all a great buy.

- Jacqueline A

Cargo space. Fantastic room for huge dog bed.

Very comfortable, seats four passengers nicely. Fold down back seats gives way to great space for camping equipment, dog bed and grocery shopping. We are antique lookers and have been able to bring many large purchases back in the cargo area. Great gas mileage. Several trips to the coast and into Oregon have proved very nice riding. The reason I said I didn't love my car is this particular model did not have a sunroof and temperature gauge or directional gauge. My previous car had these extra features and I missed them.

- Norma C

Great car for my growing family.

Only problems I have had with car is that it recently had a faulty temperature sensor light and had to get that replaced, the brake light keeps going out (prob bad wire connection), the middle seat got stuck once and had dealer to fix, and battery had to recently be replaced. But car is a 2013 so small stuff is expected. Bought new. I love it overall, great family car, gets great mileage, been on several family trips with plenty of storage room. Will probably buy another Kia.

- Carrie J

My Kia Sorento; I love it.

I love my vehicle which is a SUV, ; I do not like cars much, because I think they are too low, I like being up high, I like the ride and the look of my vehicle, it gets me where I need to go, didn't really have any problems with it as of yet, my Kia Sorento is nice to me, like the sound of my radio, I have a backup screen that I like, I have heated seats that I love to use in the winter time, and the seats are very comfortable to me, my vehicle also is Bluetooth compatible.

- Cynthia T

Has a 10 year powertrain warranty! Factory installed tires when properly maintained last a long time!

My white Kia Sorento is a very reliable, cool running, low mileage suv. It has a 4 cylinder engine that is strong enough to go up hills with plenty of power to keep its speed! It has a good air conditioning system which when on doesn't heat up the radiator here in Arizona. Very good mileage is attained while better mileage achieved on longer trips. Neat and clean look with plenty of space! The only thing is it has a tire doughnut instead of a full sized spare tire!

- Milan S

Reliable vehicle, but has stacked up quite a few recalls which makes me uneasy.

Continue to receive recalls on my vehicle, but has been reliable up to this point. It's large enough to fit myself and 3 children (one not in a car seat). Back-up camera is hit or miss on when it wants to work, which is very inconvenient. Trunk is large enough to fit what I need (double stroller) and certainly has plenty of storage underneath. It would be nice to have the extra add-ons like a DVD player, but for the year and purchase price, it was expected.

- Chloe M

Kia is small n compact but strong and powerful.

It's great on gas mileage with enough power to pull a trailer around town. Great upkeep from Kia themselves. I'm a fan of Kia bc they are an innovative company and as far as i've researched they are good to their employees as well which provides for good communication between buyer seller and or owner. The Kia is small enough to fit into tiny spots but strong enough to pick up scrap and things like 100 bundles of shingles. I am just a big fa.

- Carol F

Love this car and all the space and tech features!

I just got it in February and I've already had to get it jumped off twice. It was used when I purchased it. I love the spacious trunk. It's decent on gas, not much of a gas guzzler. I've been on so many trips this two secret compartments in the trunk where you can hide things and store things. It has aux cord, Bluetooth, and USB capability. I have two children so it's big enough for all of our stuff on their car seats. I love this car.

- Ashley D

Safe car for you and your family .

Simple car for the family of Mom ,Dad,and two maybe three kids. Very reliable,and very huge plus gas savier. Big size trunk with landing forward back seats ,you can feet in there even a bookshelf . For almost 5 year i don't get any major problems .Change oil on time and take care of simple maintenance . Audio system it's alright ,but if you not fan of loud music the regular system will be ok for you. My opinion it a nice family car .

- Kirill S

Love it, comfortable like a van but size is perfect except luggage size is small!

I love my car, the only downside is the backup camera is not great and I wish I could read text on the screen while I drive and when you have a incoming call you have to accept it and it delays the whole answering process and the person has to hold while it switches to the car! However I love my car compared to comfortable traveling and steering it is amazing however I wish it was easier like other vehicles with those other things.

- Michelle P

I can travel more than 4 hours with only 1 full tank before filling up again.

I love the space from front seat to back seat no one feels cramp. It has Bluetooth connection to electronic devices. Plenty of charger cord ports, heated front seats, back seat vents, cloth seats very comfortable. Also has engine startup perfect for warming the car in winter. Trunk space if perfect, has a extra space compartment for storing extra jackets and grocery bag. Best of all it has a rearview camera for perfect parking.

- Sa A

Full size spare tire is great.

I have had the Kia for a few years now and have never had any problems. It has always started, never lets me down, always gets me where I am going. There are no blind spots and it has great gas mileage, comfortably seats 5. It has a net for catching groceries in the back, I use it for shopping for plants that I don't want knocked over, love this feature. Also, the spare tire is full size, not many vehicles have this feature.

- Rosemary P

It is the best vehicle, I have owned!

I keep up with check ups and oil changes, so it has been great to maintain! There is an occasional upgrade, otherwise it has been a great vehicle! It is easy to park, the backup screen is a great help, getting in and out of tight places. The air conditioner works great to cool on those hot days! When it is cold, I love the seat warmers, rather than the heater! I have lots of to haul my grandchildren and friends around!

- Eleanor S

Nice & comfortable it will meet all travel needs, in the city or on the highway!

Overall I love my vehicle. I purchased it certified used and haven't had many issues with it. I have recently had issues with the radio, but I do think this is because I need to replace the fuse. Other than general maintenance of keeping the oil changed and fluids full it has been enjoyable. It always performs well especially on a road trip. It is very comfortable and has more than enough room, especially in the trunk.

- Kr G

Great comfort and reliable vehicle with good gas mileage.

This SUV is versatile and can be used for several different uses. Kids, big groups, furniture hauls, and groceries. It has been super reliable and have had no issues whatsoever. The interior leather seats are so comfortable and even the third row backseat is comfortable. The sunroof feature great in the sun. There are two of them, one retractable sunroof for the front seats and one non-retractable sunroof for the back.


The Kia dealership said "they don't like curbs"... so be careful driving and don't hit anything.

When I first got my vehicle, I absolutely loved it! It was roomy, fun to drive.. etc. I hit a stump a couple of years ago and it bent a strut... now my vehicle has never been the same. It just does not run so good anymore. We have had to replace the battery twice, the A/C makes the car vibrate horribly. Over all though..I can't lie, I still love my vehicle, I just wish I did not have the issues with it.

- Crystal f

My Kia is a fun to drive car, with an outstanding air conditioning system.

This car is a good value. It has been very reliable. The seats could be more comfortable. The pick up could be improved. But it is a great car for traveling. It gets excellent gas mileage. I really like the appearance of this vehicle. It still looks new. The interior is holding up quite well. I like how the direction you are traveling is indicated in rear view mirror. This has been a great purchase for me.

- Karen M

Good Warranty. Good gas mileage, spacious

I brought my vehicle used, 3 years old, it ran great until August of 2018 with no major mechanical issues. Because of a defective recall part my engine had to be replaced at no cost to me. It runs like a new car and I'll be keeping it for 4 more years. I will be buying another Kia Sorento when I'm ready to purchase again It has good gas consumption and handles really well for a large vehicle.

- Cynthia B

Kia still offers the most car for the least money!

I love my Sorento. It's roomy, reliable, and has all the bells and whistles including, Sat Nav, backup camera, folding mirrors, heated and cooled seats - the works - all for a great price! Plus, who wouldn't a 100 mile warranty? The only complaint I have is that there is no 'assist' on the tailgate and it's pretty heavy. The older I get the harder it is to lift. But Kia didn't even offer it.

- Amy M

A very comfortable and driver friendly vehicle.

My vehicle is very comfortable, I like how it is easy to read all the Gauges. I like the fabric it is very easy to clean. The seats are very easy to move. The gas mileage is very good. The vehicle rides very good & is very quiet. The paint is very nice & easy to keep clean. I have a third passenger seat and is very convenient. I love the convenience of the SUV and is good for snow or rain.

- Sharon S

Easy access and storage, just needs more space in the front.

I have two small children and my SUV is easy to load and unload both children. The trunk space is great and stores my double stroller with ease. The only complaint that I have is that up front the room seems to not be very spacious. I am tall as well as my husband and when I am in the passenger seat, I feel cramped in. Since we have two car seats in the back, we cannot move our seats back.

- Carli H

The goods and bads of my Sorento.

Awesome handling, great on gas mileage. Sleek style. Roomy, third row is a plus. Would like more storage room when using third row. Great features. Back up camera is a huge plus. Would like more ac vents, but the 2nd row does have 2. Bigger cup holders would be nice. Radio extras are a nice addition. Some electrical issues but warranty covered all. Kia stands behind their vehicles.

- Nina Q

The Kia Sonata is a fantastic car for me!

I drove a Nissan Xterra for 17 years and I loved that car. It was the perfect size for me and for the uses I needed it for. When I decided it was time for a new car I looked at newer Nissans but when I test drove the Kia, I was hooked. So very roomy and comfortable. I get great gas mileage and have loads of room in the back. I love all the features, especially the heated seats!

- Rachel B

Great gas mileage. Spacious. Reliable.

drives really well and is very reliable. Great gas mileage and has a lot of room for the family. Although I have had it four five years, I have already had to replace the starter, battery(twice) and tires, twice. When I have to purchase another vehicle, I'll probably still get another Sorento. The third row is convenient and the second row can hold three toddler car seats.

- Ashley K

Great car for young family.

This is a great car for a small to mid size family. It fits myself, my husband, my three kids and two dogs (with the back row down) perfectly. It has a lot of get up and go and decent gas mileage. There are safety lock features for the kids which is great. The buttons are easy to navigate and it has a CD player which is nice. There is plenty of storage throughout the car.

- Kayla N

Love my Kia Sorento. So many great features!

I have loved my Sorento. I have never had any issues with the vehicle. It runs smoothly, is very spacious, and there are so many wonderful features. The backup camera, heated seats, and Bluetooth are a few of my favorites. The gas mileage is a major plus! I also find it very helpful to know exactly how many miles I have until my gas tank reaches empty. Very reliable car!

- Abigail P

Kia Sorento-A reliable vehicle

I bought a used 2013 Kia Sorento in January, 2019. It has been a great vehicle so far. This is the first Kia Sorento that I have owned but I have leased 2 Kia Sorento's previously. I have had to replace the brake pads since I have owned the vehicle but have had no other problems up to this point. I am a fan of the Kia Sorento due to the great experiences that I have had.

- Wendy C

Good, reliable SUV for the whole family (including pets!).

Very reliable SUV, big and comfortable for long road trips. I own four dogs and can fit them all comfortably. Some electrical problems with the lights both front and back and the starter. Good radio and sound system, durable. Tall and spacious, has a third row to fit more people so it fits 7-8 people comfortably. Good on gas on highway, okay on gas in the city.

- Jessica K

Fun to drive safe to own.

I love the way it drives in winter there is lots of tom and the truck is so big love to take it shopping. It drives nice. The only thing I wish was better was the sound from the road it could be more sound proof for me. It does good on gas and have had no problems with my car it has been a good perchance. We have 2 teenagers and we have leg room for all.

- Lora D

The best mom vehicle, KIA Sorento.

My vehicle was fully loaded but didn't have the moon/sun roof or heated steering wheel which would have been nice. I also had third row seating which was really nice. Its performance was really nice and drove really smooth. It also was very reliable and very comfortable. I had leather seating. It is by far the best vehicle I have ever driven and gotten.

- Cassandra K

My vehicle is silver and is an SUV, it can seat up to six in the back.

Overall, it is a great vehicle with minimal mechanical issues and is comfortable to ride in. The seats and steering wheel are all adjustable and the car handles well and has good traction in the winter and in bad conditions. The heat and air conditioning both work but the heat sometimes takes a little while to turn on and start really blowing hot air.

- Ellie L

Recall Galore. Too many recalls.

I've had numerous vehicle recalls. This means I've had to be inconvenienced with making appointments for repairs. Sometimes waiting several hours for repairs to be completed. My vehicle also required a new engine. I was given a rental car during that time. I believe the repair took 3 weeks. These are just a few reasons I give my vehicle a bad review.

- Annette M

I like sitting up higher above regular sedans for good visibility.

Carr has been very reliable. My maintenance is only been routine. It has had some simple recalls that I take them to the dealer and they resolve them to my satisfaction. I've driven it about 50,000 miles and I'm very happy with it. My only problem is that I had to replace the radio that went bad with an aftermarket radio better than the original.

- Ed R

The back up camera is nice and beeps of you are close to something.

I absolutely love the Kia Sorento. I love how roomy it is. We have third row seating and we can also fold our second row down in the event that we need to haul something. We have dual sunroofs too or panoramic roof some call it. We have a back up camera and heated seats. The Kia alerts you if the tire is low. It has GPS. It is overall incredible.

- Stephanie S

It is a great vehicle just need more space.

I like my vehicle. I have two small children so it makes it easy for me to load them in and out. Honestly need a bigger vehicle. With the car seats in the car, a third person can barely sit in the back. Since I need a double stroller it takes up my whole trunk space. I am 5'9 and my husband is 6'1 and we do not have much room in the front seats.

- Carli H

The pros and cons of my Kia Sorento.

First off I love my car! It is a smooth driving vehicle and has given me no problems. I also love my interior and it has black wood grain details. The only complaint I have is the paint is chipping on the roof right where the windshield starts so not the top of my car is rusting. I have noticed this happening to other people's Sorrento's also.

- Kelly C

Kia Sorento, great car for a great price.

I currently have no problem with my car. It is good on gas and the ride is smooth. I love the automatic seats and the turn signal lights in the side mirrors. The only thing I wish it had is automatic start. I also like the color of the car, it is sangria. I have never had a car that color before. It was a good buy when I purchased this car.

- Margaret F

Kia Sorento best in class small SUV with 7 row seating.

I love my Kia Sorento, I have a black cherry v6 sx fully loaded it drives great it is really a eye turner. In winter the seat warmer r perfect I wish I also had the heat in the steering wheel, if I had to give it up I would want the same exact one but more updates like steering wheel heat and sensor trunk opener everythings else is great.

- Abby L

I enjoy the way it drives and the spacious leg room. It gets great gas mileage,

My Sorento is roomy and it rides smooth. Thank god I have not had any major problems with is this far. It gets good gas mileage and Bluetooth capability and back camera. I would not suggest buying it from a all-star seeing lane in baton rouge, Louisiana. The salesman are horrible and are not customer friendly when asking questions.

- Jessica I

2013 Kia Sorento 4wd. Under cargo area storage. 2 trip counters.

My Kia is in 4wd up to 40 mph and has the option of 4wd all the time. It is very good in all types of weather. I love the storage under the cargo area. It has 3/4 seat that goes down to expand the carrying capacity. It has buttons to help with going down steep inclines and slippery roads. It has odometer settings for two trips.

- Linda N

Spacious and convenient for large groups.

I have not had any problems with this vehicle besides the back seats getting stuck in one position on two occasions. I took it to the dealer and they fixed it. When the third row is down it is very spacious for luggage and extra equipment. When the third row is up the space for storage is very small. Overall a great vehicle.

- Eve S

Roomy and versatile 3rd row seating.

Bought car used. It has been reliable and dependable. It gets fairly good gas mileage. The 3rd row seating in back is great for the grandkids for lots of extra room. When the 3rd row is folded down it creates a roomy space for items, groceries, etc.. There is lots of leg space and the car is easy to get in and out of.

- Deb S

Echo efficient and very dependable!

I love my backup camera, the size of my car, the echo efficacy of it, and how awesome it rides. I haven't had many mechanical issues with it. I do not like the seating or lack of cup holders for luxury. The seats of very uncomfortable and I have no cupholders in the back of my car. Which is inconvenient for children.

- Kelly T

Great smooth quiet ride, great on gas.

I am short so seats adjust for great vision. Smooth Quiet ride. Large enough to carry large amounts of groceries and other big loads. Great on gas and has been virtually no problems. Just regular maintenance. Our son learned to drive with this car as well and we felt safe with him in a larger size car on the highway.

- Diane O

I feel very safe and comfortable driving my vehicle.

Our Kia is very reliable, smooth to drive, and can accommodate our entire family and luggage when we go away on trips. The one complaint I have had is with the service with the dealership. However, a new Kia dealership has just opened in our town so I will now be utilizing them for any maintenance/service issues.

- chris P

Comfy entire with nice heated seats.

Overall I have been very pleased with my Kia Sorento. It gets good gas mileage, rides smooth, has a nice interior design, and the heated seats are super comfortable. We have had about 3 recall notices on relatively minor issues, but the local Kia dealership has been very quick and thorough with completing the work.

- Sarah S

Kia keeps going no matter what.

Kia Sorento is a very good car. Gas mileage is a plus when driving long distances. It has always started up and ran even in -30 weather, also after sitting threw a whole summer parked. Great hands free commands and Bluetooth is the bees-knees. The car gets high centered in everything though that's the only problem.

- Stevie G

It's a Kia but it was not cheap! They tried to charge us an arm and a leg for it. Kia's are supposed to be affordable and they seem to keep increasing in price. They are not a luxury vehicle and should not be charging so.

It is a somewhat decent car but there has been a lot of upkeep now that is over 5 years old. We have had to replace the breaks twice in less than a year because a bolt sheared off and ruined them. This was a manufacturing problem. There have been a few recalls as well. The service center is a bit slow as well.

- Yvonne P

the gas mileage is good, I can say, but other than that, no great reviews

just has been a lot of maintaining after having for a few months, needed a new starter. it just has problems starting sometimes, but supposedly nothing is wrong with it. now it has a glitch where it keeps saying no phone connected at random times. it is real crampy, not a good family vehicle. good on gas though


My Kia The third row seating makes it comfortable for all the grandkids.

What I love most is the third row seating The maintenance has been low and the cost for parts reasonably priced. My husband is 6'3 and he does not fill squished when he gets in. I gave had problems with headrests coming apart, the plastic back middle piece got broken within the month. Overall I like my Kia.

- Joyce H

Great vehicle with lots of extras and wonderful gas mileage.

Very roomy. Love the feel of driving it and it feels very comfortable as well. We haven't had any real problems with the vehicle and have the 100, 000 warranty. It also gets very good gas mileage which is a plus too. All in all we really love our Kia Sorento and would probably buy the same model another time.

- Kim S

Be prepared for a headache

It doesn't start when it is cold outside. It's been looked at 10+ times and we don't know why... we can't find what's wrong with it. I have to hold the key in the start position and weight 2-7 minutes until it starts. The ac keeps going out because a piece rubs a belt. Every year it costs me 300$ or more

- Meghan P

The Kia comes AWD and is amazing in the snow, wouldn't recommend a better car

Car has been very realizable. Plenty of power even with the 4 cylinder motor that is in ours now. Excellent fuel economy along with a very smooth and quiet ride. All maintenance needed has been general maintenance and the car has never failed us. We have owned it for 6 years and plan on buying another!

- Austin M

The leather seats are nice and the dual sunroof.

Love my Kia Sorento. I wasn't looking for this SUV specifically but it is the perfect fit for hauling my 4 kids around. I do wish I had more of a trunk space but having the third row makes up for it. We still are able to make it work with groceries so it works just fine for now. Great for the winter.

- Kayla C

It is a gray SUV the best feature of my car is the fact that it has a 3rd row.

So far no problems, my headlight did go out once and my brake light went out and when I first purchased the car the ac didn't work but it was soon fixed. It is a really nice car good on gas and the seats are very warm and comfortable. It is a simple car so there's no high tech features or anything.

- Kayla H

It has push to start GPS and radio Bluetooth

It's a really good car with a push to start which I think is fancy, I wish to update my GPS though. I love the leather seats and how you can cool or heat the front seats. However the only problem is gas mileages since it seems to waste a lot of gas every time I drive it to run errands or go places

- Char H

kia sorento i love it/great performance and durability

i have really enjoyed my kia sorento, i wasn't familiar with the brand when i first got it ,but it has exceeded my expectations. it has given me great performance. i hv very few complaints about it. mostly the warning lights that appeared, like the airbag light coming on shortly after purchase.

- Tarmece d

My amazing Kia Sorento ex.

I love my side to. Leather heated seats. Bluetooth. Navigation system. Drives beautifully and is very comfortable. The Sorento has 3 rows of seating. The back 2 rows easily go up and down. There are racks on top making it easy to transport stuff. My Kia is by far the best car I have ever owned.

- Sarah L

I was pleased to find out that a small S UV but accommodate 3 rows of seats

I bought my vehicle for long distance traveling and the Availability to remove the back seats. This vehicle is comfortable reliable, efficient and I have been very happy with it. I have had a few problems that were covered by warranty. One headlight needed to be replaced due to a faulty wire.

- Janice H

I just like the room for the small SUV.. But wish I had got black..

I like my car because it has third row which helps to take my grandkids. The only thing I don't like about it is the third row seat sat low.. And there not any room to put groceries, diapers, or anything.. It has always drove good.. Never had to do anything to it just the regular maintenance.

- Lisa T

2013 Kia Sorento EX AWD! Getcha one!

I love this car! I had a Lexus prior to purchasing this car and this one blows the Lexus out of the water. Heated and powered leather seats, power windows, doors and sunroof (2 sunroofs to be exact one opens the other doesn't). Third row, all wheel drive, powerful V6 engine very easy on gas!

- Kathy H

It is considered to be one of the safest cars to drive.

Reliable, made top five on consumer safety list, had original tires from 2012 until 2018, get great mileage, the only issue I have ever had in the six years of ownership was the battery. I previously owned Nissans, but my Kia is very comparable to them as far as maintenance and performance.

- Kathy G

2013 Kia Sorento with 140,000 miles.

Have not had any major issues though it has started burning oil I have to add a quart every 1000 miles or so. It is a 2013 and has 140,000 miles. Developing some rust above the windshield. Gas mileage is ok but could be better. Other than that it still runs good I would recommend to others.

- Dominic C

Excellent car good for all purpose driving with family or single adult.

Has been a very reliable vehicle. Love the heated seats, especially in winter. Fits two car seats comfortably and a small booster between if needed. The storage space is roomy and their are back seats for extra passengers. There is an eco feature which saves gas. Gets very good gas mileage.

- Nicole M

Kia Sorento is a great car.

I haven't had any problems with this vehicle. All of the features work as promised. Vehicle is a smooth ride and the engine is quiet. Really affordable vehicle and at the affordable price it still comes fully loaded with GPS, heated and cooled seats, moon and sun roof and satellite radio.

- Casey H

I like the way my turn signals work on the passenger.

My Kia Sorento, drives easy and smooth. The only problem is the running boards bug step in or out. I have put a lot of miles on MT Kia. Drive it NC and it 1as q breeze. I put my phone on Bluetooth worked fantastic. I love my Kia. Plenty of storage space, with the cover to hide everything.

- Donna T

Perfect vehicle for traveling.

The Sorento is an awesome vehicle. We have had only normal maintenance issues and even at 166, 000 miles it stills get 28 mpg. The leather heated seats are comfortable and the back seats are roomy for others. The storage area in the back with concealed storage area is great for traveling.

- Dan T

You must buy the Kia Sorento

Roomy and good for children who are in car seats. Plenty of cup holders and storage room in the back. Comfy ride and would definitely purchase another one. It seems to last well and gas mileage is good. I can't recommend this car enough. It is a must have. I know my babies are safe in it.

- Kelsey B

2013 Silver Kia Sorento SUV.

I love my Kia Sorento. In the 6 years I have had my car, I have had to do very little maintenance on it other than your standard oil check, etc. It handles great in hot and cold weather and all types of road conditions. It comes with a back up camera which helps much more than you think.

- Nicole R

The highlight of my car is a roomy inside with extra room for kids. Good on gas.

Never had problems it a great vehicle roomy for kids in the back and a lot of room in back for, packages. Great in gas, keeps cool in the summer and great heating system. The Kia dealer we deal with is great and the extended warranty covers almost all including car wash and oil change.

- Cheryl M

Kia paint problem and reliability.

The paint is peeling. I have seen other Kia sorentos that are the same color (pearl white) and their paint was also peeling. Other than an engine recall that had me broken down on a major highway I have not had any problems with the reliability of the car and I drive a lot for work.

- Debra S

Fastest most reliable bang for your buck

Has been super reliable. Very comfortable. Is the fastest SUV in its class that year unless you want high end. Comes with bells and whistles. Poor paint quality however, didn't hold up as well as carers in my past. Has some torque steer when you stick your foot in it. Small third row.

- Danielle M

Good value, but not reliable.

The engine needed to be replaced. I feel like you get a good value, but there has been a lot of issues with my vehicle. Luckily it has been covered, but it's inconvenient. Reliability I would say is not well. But I love the look and feel of my vehicle, very good for the price I paid.

- Sierra K

The Kia Sorento 2013 an SUV summary 4 wad seating for 6 third row seat.

It has minimal problems and is very reliable in the long run maintaining it of course as with any vehicle is a definite but overall it is a very comfortable SUV and quite powerful with the six cylinder engine the 4 wheel drive is also very agile in snow and other conditions as well!

- Marty C

Kia Sorento with upgrade package

It has an upgraded package with third row seating, dimming rear view mirror with rear view camera. Bluetooth capabilities for a smart device. It also has tinted windows for rear passengers and rear window. Fold down armrest in rear with cup holders. It only has front wheel drive.

- Dave T

Great pick up and literally flies down highway. Sensor s work great.

One problem since I purchased. Air conditioner failed this month in may. Only other maintenance was normal oil changes every 5000 miles switched to synthetic oil at 55000 miles presently mileage is over 67000 miles. Comfortable to drive and gets over 20 mph. Extremely love the SUV.

- Edward L

Dog friendly comfortable vehicle.

Perfect amount of room, good features for it is year, comfortable to drive. I take road trips of 1, 000 miles and take my dog and it fits his crate, my suitcase, ice chest and some extra room. Bought it fully loaded but would like a new one that features additional safety features.

- Kim L

Has not yet let me down very dependable comfortable easy to get in and out of

I have had no problems with my vehicle l am very satisfied with the performance of my KIA my car does not have many features it is a basic model no powerseats no heated seats has been very reliable for the time I've owned it. Basic maintenance oil changes tires and front brakes

- Larry G

It is a safe, reliable vehicle. In the 5 years I have owned it, I have not had a single issue with it. Basic, routine maintenance and it will be good to go

My car is very comfortable for both driver and passengers. For an SUV, it gets great gas mileage. It is easy to maintain. I like to DIY my vehicle maintenance and have been fully able to do that on my own. It also ranks high on safety features which I find very important.

- Amy T

Amazing Family SUV with great Mileage.

I love my car, I love that it's a good size for my family of 4 and 2 large dogs. This car is also good on mileage. I like that while it does have enough size for my family it is also compact enough to navigate through tight spaces. I also like that this vehicle is affordable.

- Breanna R

Spacious and comfortable car

My husband Really likes this car. It's a great car that has very comfortable seats. It is quite spacious but the seats get stained pretty easily. It has a large trunk and movable seats that were able to put down to put our two bikes. It was second hand but in good condition.

- Geoffrey P

Good size/Multiple fixes I enjoy being high enough to see over traffic

I love the space I have with the Sorento. It enables me to travel with my family and store luggage. However, there have been multiple recalls which is very time consuming. I have also had both outside rear door handles fall off; costing me a good chunk of money to repair.

- Mar B

Lower cost SUV for the average driver.

Tire sensor is very temperamental in extreme cold weather. Door handles are basic and not of durable quality. However performance has been consistent. Maintenance is minimal. Has needed features, like Bluetooth, ports for all types of electronics. Cargo space inefficient.

- Sherry W

Great, and reliable vehicle.

Comfort, great gas mileage, large trunk space, smooth ride, good protection in crash. Only some minor electrical problems with fuses in beginning. Very reliable. Great company with least recalls and good roadside assistance. Many and cheap options and upgrades available.

- Frank D

Great family vehicle! Fits up to 8 people.

No problems. Very good on gas, very reliable. Comfortable. Great engine, economy car. Seats 8. Every recall has been done and quickly. The Kia company is very good with notifications for this. Great, sturdy ride. Only maintenance is oil changes so far. Extremely pleased.

- Jennifer O

Kia Sorento is an unlikely fantastic SUV.

I feel like the Kia Sorento is very reliable and comfortable. I love the way it drives, the way it looks, and the storage capacity. The only slight downside is that I wish it had better gas mileage, but it's not that big of a deal. Otherwise, it's the ideal car for me.

- Kevin B

Great all around vehicle for all seasons.

SUV Sorento. Very comfortable. Smooth riding. Great sound system/Bluetooth. Good gas mileage as well. A wonderful all around vehicle. We live in the northeast and the Sorento drives well in bad weather. We will more than likely purchase another Sorento in the future.

- Marc M

Kia Sorento: not the best option.

It is not good on gas. (the salesperson claimed it was) there've been multiple recalls. (that came too late and caused me to pay out of pocket) it drives like a minivan(not a good thing) it is roomy and has some cool features. . . But overall not the best SUV choice.

- Jessica H

We love our Kia Sorento, all the space and reliability.

I love my Kia Sorento, it is like having the comfort and space of an SUV but driving with a feeling of a sedan. The back cabin turns into an additional 2 seats giving us flexibility to take extra passengers. It is also very gas efficient, it helps keep us in budget.

- Liz G

You can change the interior light color by clicking the button by the floor.

She drives really smooth, the only bad thing I can really say about this vehicle is that it costs a lot of money to fill the gas tank up and it doesn't last very long before you have to fill it up again. Very nice features and good steering, high up off the ground.

- Leah S

All of my windows are tinted.

I have cotton seats with black interior. Love the fact that I have a large trunk. My SUV sits up high. I can drive through small puddles and little street floods with no problem. It's a smooth driving Kia SUV, my engine it still great after 4 years of me having it.

- Erica G

Kia Sorento is a great mid size family car

I love my Kia Sorento, the third row seat is a great bonus for grocery shopping when not in use I just pull a strap and the third row disappears. Maintenance is easy. Very spacious and reliable vehicle, it's definitely a great gas saver compared to other 3rd SUV's

- Isaac L

We love our kia. we have over 100000 miles on it and it's still awesome!

I thought this car wouldn't be that great given the brand, but the car has really surprised me. It has performed well and we love it! I have had to repair minor things here and there but overall it is a good car. We will be only buying Kia cars from this point on.

- Lori H

Powerful and Economically practical

the Kia is an extremely powerful car. It has plenty of room for me. It is not the prettiest vehicle but it is not an ugly vehicle. It has good gas mileage and is economical . I would not describe my Kia as a dream car but it is extremely practical and affordable.

- Jessica B

Mom's review of Kia Sorento.

Great gas mileage. Very roomy. So far no major problems with the vehicle. Love the third row seating. When not using the third row lots of storage space in back. Great in snow. Love controls on steering wheel. Lots of places to plug in car. Chargers. Looks great.

- Kim D

Lots of power when you need it.

No problems 50, 000 miles on it. All wheel drive with four wheel capability with just a touch of a button good gas mileage 24 mpg on freeway seats 6 third row seating lots of power going up hills rides smooth back up camera great radio speakers nice upholstery.

- Tony G

Love my car. It is fun to drive.

I love my car, it's fun to drive and it gets great gas mileage and it is cute. I have had to replace both headlights repeatedly. That has been the main problem I have had. I have put a lot of miles on this little ride and it just keeps going and going and going.

- Sam R

Roomy and very economical to drive. Great pickup speed.

Great for 4 people. Very economical to drive. Great pick up and easy to park. Headlights need to be brighter and they seem to focus down instead of up. Great warranty program. Love the color. Staff are friendly and helpful. The back is great for carrying things.

- John J

Kia is very good about taking care of any recalls that the vehicle may have.

I like the features that the kia has such as the back up camera and hands free phone. It is a roomy vehicle and has plenty of room if traveling. The kia is a reliable vehicle. The only dislike is that the heated seat option quit working and is expensive to fix.

- Tonja B

5 to 7 seater. The back 2 seats can be pulled up to accommodate 7 people.

I have a black Kia Sorento that seats 7. To have more trunk space you can lay the 2 back seats down. Power windows & door locks, 4WD, luggage rack on top, airbags, CD, AUX & USB outlets, CD player, am/FM radio, Sirius & Bluetooth. Ac/heating. Low mileage.

- Pamela G

We love our 2013 Kia Sorento

I've had an issue with the AWD turning on while I'm driving on the highway, also it was burning oil bad when we first purchased it 4 months ago. Other than those two issues the vehicle drives well, it's a very comfortable and reliable vehicle. We love it!

- Crystal M

Kia Sorento great family car.

I currently have to take it into the dealership because it is having an electrical issue. This is the only time in the 5 years I have owned it that I am having a serious issue. Overall it is done a great job getting me and my children where we need to go.

- Ashley P

That is not a measure of my personality. It is a mode of transportation.

I like the pickup when you step on the gas pedal. The sight lines are ok, they could be better. I thought I would like the third seat option, but it's useless to me. I don't like the way the middle seats fold down. The interior could be a little roomier.

- darren R

Overall great family vehicle

I love the sleek look of my Kia. I have heated seats and a back up camera. I don't have the third row seating but I really like the spacious leg room. The seat material is nice you can clean it easily and it doesn't get too hot or cold with the weather.

- Amber C

Looks nice, drives great and comfortable.

The deciding reason for this car was how comfortable the driver's seat is - 99+k it is still just as comfortable. The car is very rarely in need of any mechanic work. It drives great and again has the most comfort of any car I have owned and/or driven!!

- Nancy S

It's a great size, not so big that you would have problems handling or parking it, but big enough to haul cargo and to make you feel safe driving it.

I have no complaints about my vehicle. It is a good size for me. It does well in winter weather. The cargo area can hold whatever I need to haul. I like that it sits up high, but yet is easy to get in and out of. I've had no major problems with it.

- Julie G

Love my Kia, very stylish and dependable.

No problems, great gas mileage. Very reliable. Love the space inside the SUV. The interior leather of the SUV still looks new, even after 3 dogs. Like the fact the back can fold up allowing 2 more people inside the car. Love the black cherry color too.

- Jo F

The roomy and cute Kia Sorento.

I love my vehicle. I got it a little over a year ago from my parents and I cannot complain. It is a cute car and has lots of room. The reason I got it was so I would have room to transport stuff back and forth from college and the trunk is very roomy.

- Anna Kathryn T

This vehicle has an easy, smooth ride with good gas mileage, easy drive, and dependability.

I really enjoy the ride and style of this vehicle. I do feel as if I will be needing something with more space soon, however. I love the color, interior, and feel of the vehicle. I wish I could have the same vehicle just a little bigger for my kids.

- Megan A

The Kia Sorento is a very reliable and good car.

The vehicle has always been comfortable and looks good. It has been reliable for both short and long trips. The only real problem I had was that I had to replace the brakes earlier than expected. Other than that, it has been a very good vehicle.

- Jacob B

Rides smoothly, awesome white color. Kept clean and fits a kayak.

Great safe car. Enjoy driving it. Vacations far away or to work, driving errands, going out with friends it is an awesome vehicle. My favorite car I have ever owned. Drives smooth, no big problems to complain about. Comfy to travel near or far.

- Julie C

Value of cat is equal to price paid for it. If you want better quality pay for a better brand.

Gets great gas mileage and has plenty of room for our family. Do not like that there is a rattle in the door that we can not figure out where it is coming from. Paint is chipping and should not be. Does not seem as good as a ford or Chevy.

- Jay W

Be sure to adjust the rear seats frequently so they don't get stuck in one position.

Love the smooth ride, comfort, heated seats, size, window views, and being able to see over most other vehicles because of the height. Not too happy about the cheap door handles and levers to get the rear seats to lay down or go back up.

- Ronda B

I have a small SUV but it has a fair road in the back I think that is the only thing I like about this vehicle.

I have been having problems with my dashboard. I have not received any diagnosed on what the problem is not even the manager at the dealership now is the problem. I contact a lawyer I guess it is called the lemon law, for a legal help.

- Mayra M

Lighting on the Sorento needs work.

The only modifications I have done to it was added led fog lamps because the lights are not bright enough for me at night. I did have to buy a headlight repair cord because the driver's side low beam plug melted and almost caught fire.

- Daniel G

It can hold 7+ passengers. It has lots of space and a third row seat

I like the way it accelerates and the reliability it affords me. It is cheap to maintain and parts are not costly. On the other hand, I dislike the fact that it may not be as durable as expected. It shakes when speed goes over 80 mph

- philip aidoo A

Decent size with 3rd row back seat.

Purchased vehicle used in 2014. Within first day experiences issues with blown gasket. Took 3 trips to mechanic to figure out problem. Had sensory issues with brakes. It was replaced and within a few months the sensory issue resumed.

- Leticia M

Not a dependable vehicle.

I've had a lot of problems with it. Some a couple times, fixed something then fix it again in less than a year. Some issues should be recalled but aren't especially when known by Kia to be issues. Not a reliable vehicle at all.

- Stephanie E

I feel safe in my car and I think that is important when searching for a vehicle

My Kia is red and it has fairly basic features. I like that I feel safe and up high but the seats are easily adjustable for my husband. I wish that it had more rows of seating in the back but, otherwise, I am satisfied with it.

- Lauren R

The 2013 Kia Sorento is a very comfortable and reliable vehicle.

The Kia Sorento is a great small sport utility vehicle. It is very reliable with no mechanical issues to date. The only issue with the 3 row seating option is that the back seat has very little leg room for an average adult.

- Elizabeth F

Review of 2013 Kia Sorento

We have not had any problems with the vehicle at all. It has never been in the shop and has over 130,000 miles on it. Gas Mileage is not that good. The vehicle seats are ok in the way of comfort, not the best, but ok.

- Brian J

Its nice and has plenty of room for at least 4 passengers.

I love the heated seats in the winter and smooth drive and the touch screen for the stereo is nice too. . . I changed the battery and now the sound does not work on my stereo it turns on but no sound comes out.

- Nathan P

Great For Small Families!

I love my Kia Sorento! It is very comfy and just spacious enough for my family of 5. I fit 2 carseats and a booster seat in the back seat very easily. I feel like this is a very safe car that is easy to drive.

- Lauren K

Do not haul heavy loads with the 4 cylinder. It will wear on the engine way too fast.

Great for utility. A lot of storage and easy organizational needs. Decent on gas and has 3rd row seating but would be better with 4x4 or AWD. Engine died at 141,000 miles and was not the 1 of 2 with a recall.

- Ronald M

It is a 7 passenger vehicle without looking huge and bulky. My kids say it has secret seats.

I love that it is a 7 passenger vehicle without looking huge. I love that it is reliable and gets better gas mileage than my previous vehicle. I wish it had a couple more features but no serious complaints.

- Aimee H

I think the brand has come a long way in safety. I feel safe driving my car.

I like that our vehicle can seat a good amount of people. I like the extra storage in the back for long trips. I like how the car handles the road in general. I do not like that it does not have remote start.

- Iris M

I love everything about my Sorento.

No problems, very reliable, great performance, very comfortable, even on long road trips. Our 2013 has power windows, driver seat, outside mirrors, Sirius radio, CD player, leather seats, heated front seats.

- Deborah C

The mileage they said it would get is incorrect and I have to get reimbursement from the company because they lied.

I like the overall rude of this vehicle and that I got 200,000 mile warranty on it....driving it until it dies! I hate that a few things have broke on it in the 5 years I have had it, like the backup camera.

- Miranda V

Kia parts generally need to be ordered.

Any problems with car, parts need to be ordered and take days to arrive. Several electrical problems, car charger, radio, tire sensor. Dealer will fix problem only for it to act up 1 week later. Good on gas.

- Debra P

Great cargo space, very comfortable for long rides.

Drives great in any weather, very comfortable, lots of legroom, good cargo space, rear camera does not always function correctly, good gas mileage, air conditioner makes a noise they can't figure out.

- Dawn R

It's reliable, safe, and family friendly!

I like the SUV, It's a great reliable vehicle. I havent had to get really any work done on it & it still works perfectly. The only complaint I have is the seat belts in the back seat get stuck.

- Eva L




Spacious and reliable family vehicle

This car has been very reliable for me. I have not had any major issues so far since I have owned my vehicle. It is very comfortable to drive and operate, and plenty spacious for a family.

- Christina D

The workmanship of my car is very well done. Everything is placed well in the interior.

I like the way that it sits high off the ground. there could be a bit more leg room and storage in the back. I like how the steering wheel has buttons to control radio and bluetooth phone

- Jennifer W

I really love the color a nice dark purple.

It is pretty bad on gas I feel really safe when I drive in it airbags throughout whole vehicle a good amount of cup holders and places to charge devices the sound system is not the best.

- Bilal S

It drives well and smooth over all a nice vehicle.

I like it just think its to small for me and my family. We travel in this car and I have grandkids. I am use to a third row vehicle our last vehicle was a van so the space is different.

- TJ J

2013 Kia Sorento is the best car ever!!!

I love the way my vehicle drives. The breaks aren't touchy and I don't have to push too hard for the gas. I love the color and shape of my car. There is nothing I dislike about my car.

- Kaitlyn H

My car is my partner when it comes to getting things done in my life.

I like how durable the car is. I like the interior of this car. I like how much space that I can take up in the trunk. But I don't like how this car isn't that technologically advance.

- George M

I am pleasantly surprised!

I was pleasantly surprised with the Kia Sorento, it has been super reliable. I haven't had any major problems besides the normal wear and tear from driving daily throughout the city.

- Rene M

The driver seat lifts for comfort level.

I really like my vehicle-there are no problems that I have noticed-it is reliable-performance is great-good gas mileage-comfortable-back up camera which is something I really like-.

- Jane J

Reliability and functionality is the name of the game!

This vehicle is very comfortable and reliable. It has had very few problems and I have owned it for about 4 years now. My favorite features are the backup camera and the bluetooth.

- Maria B

Very reliable despite some recalls.

I like the size of my vehicle, the options it has and the low cost to maintain it. Dislikes would be the recalls and not having the 100,000 mile warranty since I bought it used.

- Ashley B

Vehicle good but not great.

The vehicle itself is not bad. The mpg was quoted to us wrong so that was a disappointment. When the third row is up there is no cargo space. It works well for a family of four.

- Morgan W

It is great on gas, 29 mpg.

I love the comfort of the seats and the height of the seats. It has a backup camera which I adore and it assist me in parking. There are very few blind spots with this vehicle.

- Darlene C

It's an overall sound purchase for the money. I love it!

It's the perfect size. It gets good gas mileage. It has the same features as the comparable Chevy and Ford but was much cheaper. Repair and maintenance costs are reasonable.

- Mindy M

Our Kia Sorento has provided reliable service for more that 5 years.

We really like our Kia Sorento. We have driven it for 170,000 miles and plan to keep using it for at least another 50,000 miles. We enjoy the roomy interior and versatility.

- Mary S

It is perfect for a family.

I love how it is great for family and traveling. I love the interior of it. I love the rear camera it helps me a lot. The only thing my model is missing is the dash screen.

- Michelle C

Very good car for the money.

It is made in the USA. It rides nice. I like the gas mileage it gets. It was a good price. Only bad thing it the door had to get fixed 3 times cause the panel clips failed.

- James T

Headlights are an expensive problem with no recall.

The gas mileage is good. The headlight have a national problem but not on recall. I had to pay 900 dollars to have them fixed. The clear coat is coming off the Kia emblem.

- Sherry C

Uses average amount on gas.

Overall it is a good car. However, I would prefer something a bit bigger. I would like it if it had a back up camera. One thing I dislike is it has a lot of blind spots.

- Amy A

My Sorento gets good gas mileage and my friend has one 4 years newer and gets exceptional mileage.

I love the way my Sorento handles and it has been hassle free for the 5 years we've owned it. The remote start and heated seats are a wonderful,perk in the cold weather.

- Deb O

It is a great car for the price.

Easy to drive, good on gas, comfortable ride, good value. No complaints about the car itself but the tires it came with were garbage and had to be replaced too quickly.

- Jennifer C

Comfortable for travel. Has the convenience and drive.

It gets me from point a to b.. The volume control on the steering wheel is cool.. It is weak.. The (automatic)switch from radio to ipod is annoying.. It is squeaky.

- Jessica H

It's roomy. Has 3 rows. Good family vehicle. Does seem to have a lot of issues though.

I like having 3 rows. I don't like the fact that we have had nothing but issues with it and we even bought it off of the showroom floor. It does ride nicely though.

- Erin V

Roomy and gets great gas mileage

I love that my vehicle gets great gas mileage, I also love that it has a High safety rating and the resale value does not depreciate like many other vehicle brands

- Kathy P

Very Reliable Vehicles. We are Very Satisfied with this brand of car.

We are very pleased with our Kia Sorento. We have had no problems with our Kia seance we bought it. We will consider buying another Kia when we need another car.

- Linda W

Haven't spent a lot of money on repairs.

Has lots of extras. Have not put a lot of money into it on repairs. Rides great. Love the fold in side mirrors. Wish it had power hatch and maybe remote start.

- Joanne P

That I get great gas mileage.

I love the backup camera. I like the satellite radio. And I love having a 3rd row. There really is not much I do not like about. I would love it if it had GPS.

- Sabrina S

It is a horrible vehicle. I will get rid of it as soon as possible and never get another one.

Turn signal goes in and out (short in the wire somewhere), airbag light is on, door handle has fallen off and Kia refused to fix it without charging $300

- Jessica S

back up camera and navigation, built in dvd players, gas savers, spacious,

Haven't had any problems. The Suv is a great size for a small family of 4. It is a gas saver, navigation, backup camera. We have been very happy with it.

- yam k

I love the convertible back seat; I don't have children, so I don't use my back seat often, but fold it down to transport items, and it gives my pups a large area to relax when we're traveling.

I adore my Sorento, it is very dependable and allows my family just enough room. I have had the best experience working with Kia over the last 6 years.

- Jaymi W

he lights come on by themselves

it's only 40,000 and it feels like it has no pick up left. the lights come on by themselves and leave u with a dead battery. I like the looks and size

- peggie F

The best mom car that is not a minivan

We first got this car because we just needed extra space for the kids. We soon feel in love with how well the car drives and how dependable the car is.

- Katy E

It has the best of both worlds. It is not huge like a van or truck but is also spacious with plenty of trunk space. Great on mileage.

I love my 2013 Kia Sorento. I am student and this vehicle has been reliable and also very inexpensive for me to put fuel in. It's great on gas mileage!

- Nicole C

This car is Good on Fuel and a comfortable ride it's comfortable for weekend getaways

This is the 2nd sorento I've had I love because you can haul pretty much anything within reason ,I j6st move and it if hauled most of the furniture

- Sandra N

It has decent space while remaining pretty compact.

It has performed fairly well, everything seems to be fine. It could ride a bit smoother but it's okay. Coming up on the 5 year mark it's going strong.

- Travis F

its reliable. no issues with its performance. I have never been broken down and have had to make a major repair when I have brought it to a garage for service. it's very dependable.

I like the style,gas economy and its reliable I get with the kia. I don't like the fact that it's not a good investment and doesn't hold its value.

- Doug d

It has back camera and Bluetooth capabilities and Sirius radio.

I have not had any problems with this vehicle. It runs good and gets great gas mileage. I get my regularly maintenance and have over 115, 000 miles.

- Jessica M

Roomy vehicle feel safe to drive. Fog lights may be helpful.

Reliable car and pretty good on gas. Has had several recalls that were handled without incident. Lower the back seat and lots of room for hauling.

- brad b

It's great for small families. Love that it has a third row!

It's been very reliable. Not any real issues. It always rides smoothly and performance has been great. The company and dealership are top notch.

- Martha W

Great warranty so you can depend on the car and company!

Love my mileage size and guarantee. The company stood behind their warranty when I had engine trouble and replaced it along with loaner car.

- Sandra B

that the mpg is good along with the handling of the car on crooked mountain roads.

I love the make and model, the white color is remarkable, the performance is totally reliable, I really like the body style of the sorento .

- clifton C

The gas mileage isn't as good as it could be for a vehicle of its size.

I like the panoramic sunroof, and the third row seating. The gas mileage could be better. I wish the second row could have captains seats.

- Kelly S

The most important thing about my car is that it can handle tight curves and is very quiet on the highway.

I like that it has third row seating. I also like that it has bluetooth capability and a USB port. I dislike the gas mileage I get with it.

- Molly D

It falls apart after 5 years.

I like the style. It has enough room for my family. It started having expensive repairs as soon as the bumper to bumper warranty expired.

- Mary B

Great in the snow, always reliable!

The ride is smooth, great visibility. Great in the snow. Fabulous warranty. I've had my Kia for 5 years and no problems. Always reliable.

- Kristen S

It's very comfortable. And reliable.

Cannot seem to get the right air pressure in the tires. Brakes wear out fast. The backup cam is not accurate. Other then that it is ok.

- Chanel H

It is comfortable and roomy. It is a nice smooth ride especially if taking long trips.

I like that it is a very smooth ride. It has seats that warm your bottom. It is very spacious room in the back and very spacious trunk.

- Rachel M

the cost of my KIA was Great. We got a good car for a low price.

Problem is the door sticks when we shut it, had to get fixed twice. I love the ride it is smooth. wish it had more room in back seat.

- Kim l

Reliable and gets good gas mileage

I Love it. I have leather seats and a sun roof. No complaints yet other than I wish the passenger seat had the seat cooling feature.

- Christina T

I love my Kia! It's a great car with a great price.

I love my vehicle. It drives smooth and is great on gas mileage. Easy to drive and park. There is nothing I dislike about my car.

- Cailin H

The engine has very bad quality in it. Also the customer service in Kia headquarters is not easy to work with.

I like the room that it offers in the vehicle. But as far as the how the car runs and the quality of the car I really dislike it.

- Melissa W

I think one of the most important things about my car is that it drives smoothly

I just bought this car a few months ago. I have not come across any problems so far. The engine is quiet and it drives smoothly

- Kayla T

Quality of the vehicle and the handling.

Warranty, size of the vehicle, service of the Kia people.. Third row seats, handling, able to seat 7 people.... No complaints.

- Sue E

Third row seating available

I have had no real issues with this car. I love the optional third row. It functions well for my family as well as vacations.

- Krystle C

Great Value and quality product I would recommend a Kia Sorento

Very roomy good gas mileage average acceleration and comfy seating the vehicle is 5 years old and very low maintenance issues

- bob w

It has Great gas mileage the design of the car is cool

This is one of the best comfortable cars I've ever had. The gas mileage is great. The smooth design makes the car look cool.

- Maria E

The Kias come with a great warranty and get great gas mileage

Drives great. Great on gas. Things inside break easily, like the things used to adjust the vents. They all just broke off.

- Neelie G

KIA Sorento 2013..........

I have not had significant problems with the car, I did have to pay to fix a factory defect related to the steering wheel.

- brenda o

It is safe and reliable with incredible extra features.

We love the Kia mainly because of the amazing features you get at a very reasonable price. It is also extremely reliable.

- Christine e

Though it looks old and damaged, it run very well!.

I like the size. I like the roominess. I like the gas mileage. I wish it had more get up and go so my car will go faster.

- Tracy M

It gets great gas mileage both in city and on highway,

My Sorento is value priced and dependable. It has a lot of room and an extra row seat. I don't like the seat covering.

- Cathy b

Good quality and reliability for the fair price. Room inside.

Very comfortable, heat and air conditioning still work great. No major problems with the first 75,000 miles. Ok on gas.

- Maryanne H

2013 Kia Sorento: the best of both worlds.

The Sorento combines the comfort and gas mileage of a car with the added space of an SUV. It is a great family vehicle.

- Susan Z

Practical and conventional.

Good gas mileage. Great for highway driving. Spacious. Practical. Conventional. Good sound system. 7 passenger seating.

- Rhonda H

It is mine and I do not owe anything on it. I paid cash for it.

Like third row seat.. Dislike nothing.. Like easy to get in and out.. Things that are too expensive to fix not covered.

- Renee C

Kia is a great buy and it's worth every cent and it has a cool shape.

It's fun to drive and its really good on gas and has a lot of room and I like the hands free phone and the back up cam.

- Molly D

Fun to drive and stylish.

I love my Kia, it is fun to drive. I have had no problems with my Kia. I have two sunroofs and use them all the time.

- James C

It has a moonroof and has a 3rd row and it great on gas.

It has plenty of room for my family of 6. It has the 3rd row you can let down. It has a moon roof which the kids love.

- Heather S

It is safe and reliable and has plenty of room.

This car has been extremely reliable. I drive over 170 miles per day and I highly recommend it to friends and family.

- Kim M

It's reliable and I have never had any issues with it. I would highly recommend Kia.

It is reliable, easy to maintain and good on gas mileage. It's big enough for 2 car seats and has plenty of storage.

- Elizabeth C

It is a great vehicle for the price.

My vehicle is pretty spacious for its size. It has really great gas mileage and I like the Bluetooth accessibility.

- Ashley A

Great handling and fuel mileage for a car of this type.

Best car I have ever owned. No problems, just basic maintenance oil, filter and tires. I love driving this vehicle.

- George G

The vehicle is affordable.

Rust spots came on pretty quickly.. Seat warmer not working.. Kia maintenance and customer service is so lacking.

- Vicky H

Drives great and gets good gas mileage. Doesn't take much to fill my tank

Drives easy and great on mountains. Gets me back and forth to work using little gas. It has been very reliable.

- Lauren A

it has a option for a 3rd row seat and is very comfortable

never had problems with my car. is a great Suv and the fact that it has a third row makes it that much better.

- eri m

That's its comfortable and roomy. Lots of safety features

Very few problems and always friendly service. Great gas mileage. Roomy. Dealer quick to deal with recalls.

- Melissa S

Reliable for every day and long trips. Fuel efficient and comfortable

Cost effective, easy to understand controls, handles well, minimum service required, service is inexpensive

- Thomas K

It is not the fastest or the coolest but its beautiful, efficient, and safe.

Good on gas mileage, vehicle has no mechanical problems but does not have the greatest ride for comfort.

- Diane M

Make sure you have an extended warranty.. Kia has a good 10 year warranty..

I like the way it looks inside and out. It's kind of loud at times. Its making a weird noise right now.

- Michelle R

She is durable, dependable, and endures.

For a midsize SUV, she is a beast. Has travelled the country, north south east and west without issues.

- Kyung H

Versatile with third row seating.

Very reliable. I am a busy soccer mom. I rely on my Sorento for carpool and out of state soccer games.

- Brandy S

very economical and great warranty with 100,000 miles.

I love the size for smaller suv, and the gas mileage. is a little light weight so has some road noise

- jam J

My only complaint is that the paint on the roof in front of the sunroof is chipping badly and my car is past the warranty for paint.

For a cheaper car they are very reliable, aside from the paint I have had no issues with the vehicle.

- Jaylee T

How well the engine is made and runs.

I love all the options on it. The way the dash and inside of the car is great. It handles well also.

- Doug B

great on gas mileage, smooth driving

smooth driving, love my sunroof, good on gas mileage, like the 3rd row seating, heated leather seats

- Jamie b

The gas mileage is great for being an suv

I love how much my car can hold. I love the style and color. I love that it has lots of room inside

- Brad F

interior stains way too easily but drives great in snow!

Sorento has great gas mileage! It also drives amazing in the snow. I no longer get stuck or slide.

- Aimee D

It is a Great family car.

It is roomy and fun to drive. Easy to transport large objects. Tires are expensive for this car.

- La G

People should know that my car is dependable.

I like how reliable it is. It has been good with kids. I have liked how easy it is to drive.

- Kim f

It has and they come with an awesome warranty.

I like that it's and. It's roomy. It's comfortable. I don't like that the warranty is done.

- Billie J

It's compact but powerful. Gets good gas mileage. Is a great family suv.

I love the size and the third row as well as the storage space. It gets great gas mileage.

- Dana P

The Kia Sorento is a safe sports utility vehicle. I would recognize one and buy a newer model in the future.

The Kia Sorento is safe. The Kia sorento is modern. The Kia sorento has a backup camera.

- Jordache D

My car is very dependable and reliable

i love everything about my vehicle. There is a lot of room and it drives very smoothly.

- mike B

Safe car, great space for kids especially rear facing multiple car seats

Love it! The space is good, drives nice, no major issues. I don't have any dislikes

- Sheena M

It is great on gas, runs well. I have had it 5 years with no problems

My Kia is just what I need in a vehicle. There is nothing I don't like about it.

- Mary b

It's okay. Has room for the price.

It is cheap and has a big trunk. It is good for car seats. It doesn't last long

- Olivia K

Dependable and versatile family vehicle that seats up to 7.

I love my car, especially the remote start feature. I do wish I had a sunroof.

- Crystal B

The safety features. The track record of recalls that it may have.

I like the durability. The overall features. I also like the low maintenance.

- Stafford K

It is very reliable> it has great durability and safety features

A very innovative brand. Has great safety features. Great maintenance wise

- Stafford g

Safety rating is 5 star and that's important to me

The stereo is awesome!!! I love the full sunroof and I love the warranty!

- Jennifer L

It's great for a small family

I like everything except that it's hard to get into the third row seating

- Me V

It's all-wheel drive and handles great in the snow

I love how it handles in the snow. I wish it got even better gas mileage

- Patricia B

Good traveling car for family. Decent gas mileage and quiet

I like how it drives. Like three rows. Don't like had a lot of issues

- Carissa C

Few repairs have been needed.We have gone for oil changes and new tires as well as recalls but that has been it.

Like the room and how it handles. The rear camera good be more clear.

- Mark G

Vehicle provides a smooth ride and easy to use controls.

Love the ride and backup camera. Wish radio/backup screen was bigger.

- Andrea G

My SUV is roomy and comfortable and very dependable

It has plenty of room. It is dependable. It's the best car I've had.

- Tracie M

It has wheels and goes. Good gas mileage

It ok. Windshield keeps cracking have had to replace it three times

- Melinda P

The KIA Sorento is a reliable and comfortable mid size suv

Likes: Comfortable, Low cost, Rugged Dislikes: No power front seat,

- bruce o

Rough riding vehicle on the road even on the highway

It is a rough driving vehicle however, it has a great radius turn.

- Tracey W

I like the space and storage available. It is not too big.

The Kia Sorento is a great SUV and I love the extra storage space!

- Cara W

very reliable, well put together vehicle. Lots of nice features. fun to drive.

Very reliable. Lots of nice features. Gas mileage could be better.

- john d

Dependable and great gas mileage. Comfortable and handles well on the road.

It's comfortable. Handles well. Great gas mileage. Dependable.

- Gala H

It has a third row option which is nice but not standard on all sorrento's

I like the third row. I love the size. I love the gas mileage.

- Meghan S




No complaints. My engine blew and there was a recall so I got a brand new engine in a 5 year old car!

It gets good gas mileage and they take care of their customers

- stacy w

It has the extra seat in back

I like the comfort and size is perfect for me. No dislikes

- Joann C

It has been a good car and it's a comfortable ride.

It drives well. It gets good gas mileage. No complaints.

- Angela H

To date, I have never had an issue with vehicle and have changed the oil once and rotated the tires. The vehicle is very reliable.

It gets me from point A to point B, and that it is an SUV.

- Austin S

I like the reliability of my Sorento, Kia offers one of the best warranties. This vehicle has really up to date features as well. However, a smell of mildew comes out when I turn my air conditioning on.

100,000 mile/10 year warranty is offered on Kia vehicles

- Kate B

good gas mileage and very roomy can get in and out of very easily

It is roomy. Has great gas Mileage. and very dependable

- Neil S

servicing the vehicle can be expensive

ac broke, wheel joint broke, servicing is fairly costly

- kevin K

People should know that it has had engine problems

I really like the car, but it has had engine problems

- Jane Y

I like the fact that is comfortable. It still runs good and never had a problem yet

It has good viability and its very spacious and roomy

- Amanda P

lots of room can get it with a third seat

don't like the color of the seats,and no rain guards

- char w

Seats seven people, great for long rides

Very roomy. Rides nice. Bad gas mileage though.

- Bobbi N

not many bells and whistles

decent gas mileage, not comfortable, low tech

- Rob H

It is an SUV, so there is a lot of space!

It has no power, so it does not go that fast

- League G