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Wipers review. The headlights come on when windshield wipers are used.

The Sorento is excellent for 2-4 family members. The interior is roomy enough that you don't feel cramped even though it is not the largest SUV Kia makes. The ride is good and the rear loading space is very large compared to others in its price range. It also has some storage space under the mat in rear. The back seats fold forward to allow more cargo room and the seats front seats adjust to fit individual preferences. The console is easy to navigate and you can program to open your garage door. The back seat has 3 seatbelts for easy use. The console pocket is room and has a Charger port for easy access. This vehicle rides well and its get good gas mileage. The gas tank is opened inside vehicle making it less apt to be tampered with. The rearview mirror automatically dims rear bright lights at night making it an easy transition to night driving. Over all I really love my Sorento. I have had no repairs or breakdowns.

- Renee R

Has everything I need, room, back up camera for safety. All wheel drive. Perfect.

I am currently driving my third Kia Sorento. I have owned quite a few cars and I have fell in love with the Kia Sorento. It is a great design, provides a lot of room and is such a comfortable drive. You cannot beat the safety rating and I feel safe and solid driving the Sorento. I have never had any major issues or minor for that matter with the Sorento. I keep up with oil changes and normal maintenance and that is all I have ever needed. People ask me why I drive a Kia. I tell them take a Sorento for a test drive and you will not look back. It is a great solid affordable car and it has all the bells and whistles you would find in a more expensive vehicle. The warranty you cant be, but even more so you cannot beat the safety rating. I love this car and will not be shopping for any other vehicle. I am a lifelong Kia customer.

- Cindy M

Kia Sorento all around good vehicle.

My 2016 Kia Sorento has been a great car for the last 3 years. One of my favorite things is the gas mileage, I get around 27 miles to the gallon on a normal day. I enjoy all the features that come with the car. The backup camera is clear and easy to see out of, and the warning beeps when I get too close to something come in handy. I have the third row seat option in my car, which is great, but when the 3rd row is up there is only about 5 inches of space available between the seat and the rear door. This does not leave much space for anything. As far as the control of the vehicle goes, the ride is smooth and comfortable. The car has tight steering creating an ease with the control of driving. It does have a lot of power and I am able to accelerate quickly when needed.

- Crystal O

Once a poor product, but no more! Kia is a must have vehicle for your family!

I love the features on my new car, even though it is not a fully loaded model. Very well appointed. Rides very smoothly. Minimal road noise. Handles superbly. Heated seat warmers, XM satellite, driver’s side automatic seat, reading lamp, and, steering wheel controls are just a handful of the many features that make this model feel like a luxury car for a not-luxury-price. We've owned a Kia many years ago, and swore we'd never purchase one again: the quality was so poor: horrific road noise; cheap, plastic everything; handled like a toy car. It was awful. I do not know what’s happened since then, but Kia has completely overhauled their product and their image. I have no reservations about purchasing Kias now. In fact, our household now owns two! We love Kia!

- Jessica C

All the bells and whistles for a much lower price.

I love my Sorrento because it has all the things I want in a car for a price that is relatively affordable. I'm a nurse in Massachusetts, so for having to get to work even during a blizzard my list of must haves were: remote start, AWD, and heated seats. Any other SUV with these features were much more expensive. It handles well, comfortable seating, and has excellent safety features. The only problem I've had is for some reason if I plug my phone in to charge it will lose the Bluetooth connection to my phone altogether, and also for some reason also the CD player. This lasts days to weeks and eventually reconnects but I don't know why since everything I try to do doesn't fix it. So I don't use the USB for that reason and am very happy otherwise.

- Kim W

Great vehicle but no third row tether.

I love the stability and the smoothness of the ride. It drives much like a luxury SUV. The middle row has a split bench which is convenient for getting into the third row, which will comfortably hold 2 full grown adults. The cargo area is small but since the two seats in the 3rd row are split also, we keep one down at all times to allow for more storage. The largest downfall for our family is that the third row does not have top tethers for front facing car seats. Having small children, this is a challenge since we cannot fit three across in the middle row. Overall this is a great vehicle, I may buy another when it's time but because of the tether issue, it will depend on where my kids are in the car seat journey.

- Kelly J

Our Sorrento offers a very useful scheduled maintenance readout on dash display.

Our Sorrento has been a pleasure to own. Reliable, comfortable and does well on fuel for a SUV model. Seats fold down easily for hauling items from home improvement store and are easily returned back to upright position for passengers. It drives very well in snow conditions and has great handling. AC works great and maintenance readouts on dash display are very helpful. The car has had several recalls and these have been handled promptly and thoroughly by the dealer. This is our second Sorrento and I would consider purchasing another. Highly recommend the Sorrento for anyone looking for a versatile SUV with great carlile driving feel. handling, and fuel economy.

- Steven L

Kia Sorento: The Gun Rack Enabling Trunk

I've had my Sorento for a couple months now and I've been extremely happy with it. When driving with it in the 'ECO' mode, it gets around 28 mpg highway, has decent acceleration, and rides smoothly. 'SPORT' mode tends to eat gas so I don't use it. The 4 wheel drive worked fine when I took it mudding. The heated seats are great, especially when my back is hurting. The cream of the crop is the trunk area. The first part that is a great feature is the storage under the removable floor. Able to hold my hardhats and EDC. Next is the dimensions of the trunk. Was able to install a gun rack to hold my rifle and fishing rods. Would recommend this vehicle.

- Tim M

The car with flair - Kia Sorento. Your kids will love it!!

Kia Sorento 2016 has just the right amount of bells and whistles for me. Cruise control, air vents for the passengers in the back seat. The back seats also lie down for comfort on road trips, as does the front passenger seat. Gets fantastic gas mileage even in the city. Has CD player and has the option to have Sirius XM satellite radio (reasonable rates too). Four doors with lift tailgate. Tinted windows a plus for hot summer months. The back end has ,so much space for groceries or your sports equipment, whatever you need to load. Wonderful family vehicle or for someone like myself. Safe, dependable sports utility vehicle!

- Kimberly M

Driver seat comfort is the best.

The Kia Sorento was the most comfortable of all similar size SUVs for my back. You are able to reduce the lumbar pressure all the way, this was most important for me. There is a blind spot in the front around the windows where the rear view mirrors are. When at a stop sign there have been a couple of times I did not see a car at the other sign due to this issue. I have not had any major problems or issues with the Sorento. I just wish I could have afforded the higher model up in order to have the driver memory seat settings. I think that should be a standard feature on all vehicles.

- Martha A

Versatile SUV with lots of convenient options.

We love our Sorento. We did a lot of research before buying and knew exactly what we wanted. We were looking for a safe reliable SUV but something that wasn't too big and had great gas mileage. The Sorento fit the bill. We upgraded to the v6 so we could have towing capabilities. We have had zero issues with it and we've owned the vehicle for almost three years. We also love the option of third row seating and the ease and convenience of converting the seats to extra storage is super easy. One flip of a lever and you have instant room for extra hauling.

- Sam S

Amazing car, best decision ever.

I purchased my Kia brand new off the lot. Ever since that day, I have not had a single problem with it, unlike other cars that I have owned in the past. I purchased this vehicle because of the third row seating. I have three children and three car seats just do not fit well in normal cars. I love that I can pull up the back seats and I have an extra two seats in the back. It is very good on gas too. I can get by with a full tank of gas for over two weeks of driving my kids to and from school and grocery shopping in between. I absolutely love it.

- Ashley M

Great family car, our vehicle is not equipped with a third row seat.

Purchased this vehicle mainly for its leg room, both front and rear, which adds so much to the comfort. To your trips. The 4 cylinder provides ample power as and is good on gas, mpg avg 28-30 around town and we have gotten as high as 34 on the road. I currently have 20, 000+ miles and have had no issues. Seating is very comfortable, gauges are easy to read both day and night. Steering wheel controls are user friendly. Visibility is good very little blind spots. Handling is excellent, easy to park. Vehicle is equipped with a backup camera.

- Joe A

The car gets really good gas mileage.

I really like the look of the car. It is very spacious and has a lot of cargo room. It is very easy to drive and has all the bells and whistles of a luxury SUV. I like the dash and all the information it has to offer. The backseat is spacious and has climate control. I like how the backseat folds all the way down so you can fit larger items back there. I do feel that there is a blind spot in the front of the cars when the seat is down. You need to push the seating of the driver's seat all the way up to see out the front of the hood.

- Amy P

I like that it is spacious and it has plenty of room.

I have had many issues with the lock of my trunk it locks and they have fixed it before but it messes up again and we cannot open it. Also the locks on the front doors the passenger and driver's side always messing up it makes a weird noise when we lock it and put our alarm on this as well has being taken to dealer to get repaired and the problems comes back continuously. We had an issue with the back camera as well where it wasn't working for a while the screen was pitch black for like a week then it started working on its own.

- Jessica Z

Has a key port in the department when u can turn it on with button.

The problem with the Kia is the button key if because sometimes the brake will get hard and u cannot turn on the car since u have to push the brake and hold the key button at the same time and are unable to do that if the brake get hard.Another issue would be the gear because it has plus and minus and sometimes people do not know how to do that and is confusing it was at the beginning so it would be on the wrong gear and can really messed up your car which is no good but overall I really like it is a good car and reliable.

- Monica L

Bad pickup but great overall

I personally really love it. The size is great and gas is great. It is a very reliable car. I only hate the pick up that the car has. It can be really slow to get to a certain speed which is hard on highways. I think there were a few recalls on the car but that is expected when buying a Kia. SUVs are my favorite compared to sedans. The SUV has heated seats which is great for winter time. The air conditioning takes about a minute to get cold. It has three rows of seats which is good when having to drive family around.

- Joyce A

It's a top rated SUV right now because it's safe, reliable, cute, and has great storage in the trunk.

I really like the outside look of it because of the grill, and that it's a nice sized SUV with good safety ratings. The gas mileage is also good. I don't like that it doesn't openly show how many miles I have left when my gas light comes on like my Honda did, and I don't like that it doesn't have an armrest for my right arm like my Honda did. I also wish the middle seat in the back was larger because no one can sit between my kids two car seats, and I can't put one in the middle due to the size.

- Heather R

Looks good and rides great.

I love my car because it is a gas saver, and rides smooth. It has a 4 cylinder that runs like a v8 with lots of power. Seats 5 people good safety features. Great gas mileage 23 city 30 on the road. The steering is as good as a ford, Chevy or Lexus. The nice sporty look with power of the big v8. I am able to go Wichita falls and back and have a quarter tank of gas. I want the 2019 Kia Sorento. At first I didn't like the Kia just because of name. My coworkers like it because it looks great. .

- Marvin C

Safety features for the airbags & pretty good size trunk.

So far I have had my vehicle and there has not been any issues. Acceleration seems to be pretty good when you are taking off or going up a hill. During the winter all-wheel-drive seems to get the job done. Only have touring model vehicle does have backup camera. If you want to get add-ons you sure can you can add navigation or heated seats it just depends on your preference on what you need to have added on to the vehicle. This way you can customize the vehicle to your standard.

- Jay K

It has great gas mileage. It is safe and dependable.

I really love my Kia! It gets awesome gas mileage 36-38 miles on the interstate. It is very comfortable to ride in and will hold seven passengers or the third row will fold down for groceries etc. The only things I dislike is 1. The passenger seat sits much lower than the driver's seat and is not adjustable like the driver's seat.2. The second row is high and the third row has no AC vents so it can get hot. 3. The texture of the interior seats can make it hard to clean.

- Krista M

Perfect for family road trips.

I think this car is perfectly suited for a lot of people. The performance is wonderful. Just had to check my tires for them squeaking very loudly, but turns out it was just the weather change. I would love to see the number pad from the Escape but other than that I really enjoy this car. We go to san Diego from the bay area every year and instead of having to stop for gas around 4 times, we only have to stop once about halfway. I am very pleased with it.

- Dixie M

Kia Sorento is the best vehicle by far looks good and drives good!

I've haven't had any problems so far, Drove to Arizona a couple of times and back. Good gas mileage! Plenty of room Loved the reclining seats. Also The phone connection to Bluetooth sure helps when you're driving. Love the body style looks sharp and the daytime running lights look awesome. The back seats lay all the way down for hauling Large items. Next vehicle will be the same just wanted to add a tow package and it would be perfect!

- Cherie E

Family Vehicle with leather seats and hands free calling.

Love the leather seat and heated seat feature, however for a family car with two or more children this vehicle can run a bit small. The gas mileage is decent considering the size of the vehicle. It goes about 22 miles per gallon on highway, and 12 in city. The vehicle also features Bluetooth with hands free calling. Acceleration on the vehicle is smooth and easy. All in all the amenities you get in this vehicle is well worth the price.

- Kayla S

Kia Sorento SUV 5 passenger

Got my 2016 Kia Sorento in 2018, needed a SUV with more headroom and legroom for my husband who is 6'3 and our son that is almost 5 foot tall being 7 years old. This SUV had it both. We have room in front for my husband to ride and drive while my son is not squished in the back seat. We drive in the mountains and hills quite a bit visiting my in laws and this SUV handles the hills and curves like none of our previous cars.

- Cheryl G

Lovin' my 2016 Kia Sorento EX

My 2016 Kia Sorento EX is amazing. I love how spacious it is and how smooth of a drive it has. It gets around great in the winter time and has been very reliable all year round for me. I am a 5'11' female and I have plenty of legroom in my Sorento. This is something that I didn't have in other SUVs that I test drove. I would definitely recommend the Kia Sorento to anyone looking for a spacious, dependable SUV.

- Michele M

Only one issue came for me.

I haven't had many problems, any problems I had I got taken care of right away with taking to the service center. I had an issue where the steering wheel locked into place and no one not even the tow truck driver was able to get it out, they had to take it into the nearest service center, while it was there they also fixed the recalls and topped off my levels without me even asking them too. 100% satisfaction.

- Antoinette S

Check out the seats before buying, they have a curve in them that do not fit all types of figures.

There are a lot of technology things that are very helpful. I hate the seats - first they are not comfortable and they are some special type of leather and white which our salesperson told us would not get dirty - he was wrong. If I sit in the passenger seat in the front on a hot day, it is not very cool. I love the shades that are on the back seats to block the sun - could use something on the front windows.

- Carol R

All the safety alerts makes it the perfect family vehicle.

The car drive extremely well- handles great especially in winter conditions when traction control kicks in. Heated seats are perfect for cold days. The ac and heat both work very efficiently. I like the large trunk however I feel like it should have came with grocery dividers because being so full of space they tend to roll everywhere. I feel like the stereo system could be much better quality.

- Tamar N

Kia Sorento- family friendly with lots of storage

We bought our Kia Sorento as a certified pre-owned and we love it. Smooth ride, lots of space, big area in back for groceries camping gear etc. Lift up the flap and there are more storage compartments underneath. It is our favorite vehicle so far and would not hesitate to buy another. We will definitely be sticking with Kia because their warranty is the best out there right now.

- sharon t

Great vehicle highly recommend

Had engine unknown engine issues and they replaced the engine without letting me know what the problem was. However, it was replaced for free and the provided me a rental car for the time my vehicle was unavailable. Had one time where the gas sensor did not pick up the level of gas I had put in it which meant I got to guess for a few days where I was at before I filled up again

- Kristin C

It is a great vehicle if you need a larger vehicle to transport groceries.

The only problem with the car is that short people might have trouble stepping up into the car. It is quite high off the ground. It performs well and is reliable so far. We have only had it a couple months but we love it. The car is very comfortable, you could probably even take a nap in the back. It has a rearview camera and ours came with a trial subscription to Sirius radio.

- Megan R

If you're buying a Kia Sorento, upgrade to a higher trim package.

I love the reliability of my car. No problems. The Kids dealerships in my area though are terrible. I do wish we could get better service. My car is not the top of the line but still rides comfortably. The features are sufficient for my needs. The A/C blows cold. The cover underneath the car is flimsy and the cover over the trunk area bends easily and is not sturdy for my use.

- Brenda H

Kia Sorento - reliability and fun.

I love our Kia Sorento for it is reliability. It is great in all driving conditions, particularly winter driving. I really like the fact that I have the option of automatic all wheel drive or I can manually put it in 4 wheel drive. It also gets decent gas mileage for an SUV. I would highly recommend this car to anyone looking to purchase a dependable car that is fun to drive.

- Mary F

The Kia Sorento is a great vehicle at a great price.

The Kia is a very reliable vehicle. It has a comfortable ride. We get great gas mileage both in the city and on the open road. Some features we have are the heated seats, which are great in the winter time. We also have remote start. It has the trip features to help with your navigation. We have airbags at all door areas. All in all the Kia Sorento is a great family vehicle.

- James T

Loving the ease of Kia Sorento Ownership

My car has the best fuel economy. I drive a minimum of 40-50 miles a day and I pump gas every other week. I handles great, is a super comfortable drive and I love it. I just bought it and so far no major issues. One thing I will say is that the body does ding and dent super easy. I park in a lot every day and my car is already full of dings and dents from others doors.

- Rosemary Z

Excellent warranty and great all around family car because of the size.

Have had no problems with our automobile. . We love the size. Plenty of room, but not huge. Also because of size we feel safer in it. The warranty is excellent. We would possibly like more features on it like heated seats, {we are from Minnesota} and a backup mirror. One of the reasons that we purchased this car was the customer satisfaction rating in consumer digest.

- Anne P

Kia Sorento is a great Family car

I love my car. The gas mileage is great and the comfort is perfect. The options that are available are a fantastic bonus. The Kia Sorento has plenary of space in the second and third row that you are not cramped. The heated and air conditioned seats are so useful in the different seasons. The second row having heated seats is a great option in the winter for my kids.

- Jen M

I love the space, and the price is no so expensive compared to other SUVs.

I have to small kids, so the space is amazing. It has 3 rows so I can fit extra people. Plus is very comfortable. I love the fact that it has heating features so when it's very cold I can turn on the heater. Plus I can put down the third row in the back and I get plenty of space for storage, specially when I'm out doing groceries or even space for my kids toys etc.

- Ana R

Why Kia Sorentos are "liked now. " The GPS is a must have.

Kia Sorentos ate very sleek and luxurious. Third row seating is a bonus with when traveling with family. The titanium color is beautiful and looks tan in the sun. Heated seats are a plus in the winter along with driver and passenger individual temperature controls. Bluetooth hands free is a great feature, as is the GPS. The computerized features are user friendly.

- Ronnie H

2016 Kia Sorento lx AWD 3. 3l engine.

My v6 AWD Kia Sorento is by far the best vehicle I have ever owned. There’s plenty of space and seating. Drives great and handles great. And for the price and engine size it sure beats out Chevy, GMC, and ford. Do not get me wrong I still love those brands but the Kia Sorento has all the great options and warranty that those brand offer at half the price.

- Taylor W

2016 Kia Sorento ex touring 2. 0T.

The 2016 Kia Sorento ex touring FWD 2. 0T is a very good vehicle with modern design inside and out and a well-engineered platform that is both rugged off-road and comfortable on the street. It has many modern safety and driver-assistance features along with many comfort and convenience features that make it very competitive in the midsize SUV segment.

- Mark B

How nice-looking this car is my highlight!

We love our car. The look is sporty, very good-looking car. Runs great, never had one problem with the car since buying in 2016. Runs so smooth, we get loads of compliments on this car. Ours is fully loaded, and we love it. We plan to replace our older car in a year or two and we will definitely be buying another Kia. Very reliable for a decent price.

- Linda C

Awesome family car. Roomy and great safety features

Awesome car for families. We have two young ones and we need a lot of space. It fits two car seats perfectly. The trunk has a lot of space. The backup camera and the motion sensor are cool safety features. Plenty of places for charging electronics and very reliable. It is very roomy, but it is great because it doesn't feel that big when you drive it

- Mia K

Bigger SUV without the feel of a Huge car

I love that the Sorento is a bigger car without the feeling of driving a huge car. It is a smooth drive and I haven't had any driving performance issues. Especially in the winter time, I can rely on my Sorento. I enjoy the extra features such as the sunroof, heated front seats, and all the safety features. I plan on keeping this car for a long time!

- Anne K

The Kia Sorento runs smoothly.

The Sorento runs smoothly. I love having the 3rd row seat option as well as the backing feature. What I would change is more of the color of interior and exterior. I feel as though the black tends to show dirt more easily. The interior I would prefer to have a different material for the seating as well as a different color for the lighting display.

- Kristin M

Very safe & very nice vehicle

I recently bought my Kia Sorento after my old car was totaled. I was considering two other makes and models along with the Sorento. Being a mom, the safety features of the vehicle was the most important factor when replacing my car. The Kia Sorento has great safety ratings! I have an sx and absolutely love all the features that come with the trim!

- Gloria S

Best vehicle I have owned.

It is a very smooth riding vehicle that gets great gas mileage. You have enough space inside to transport things if you need to. It is an all-around fun vehicle to drive. The extras it came with come in very handy also. Bluetooth connectivity is great for phone calls or playing your media from phone. Have not had any real issues with this vehicle.

- Bill R

Why you and your family should invest in a Kia

Nothing disappointing so far. Let's me know when I get in the car how many miles till my next service, and I can hook it up to my phone to stay updated. The interior is so nice and sleek, with the faux wood detailing. The seats are light and have yet to stain and water just sits on top so you can clean up the mess, without immediately soaking in.

- Ashlyn B

Kia Sorento is a vehicle with plenty of room, and a very nice ride!

I love my Sorento! It has everything that I want in a vehicle, it has 3rd row seats so I can transport people comfortably, never had any problems with it, and drives smooth. If I bought another vehicle it would be another Kia Sorento! It has a CD player, leather heated seats, alloy wheels, plenty of room so no one is sitting on top of each other.

- Pinky V

It has a very smooth ride and I still fun to drive.

It is a midsize 3 row V6 SUV. I like how it drives and the seats are comfy. It has a good amount of room in the front and second row. The air conditioner is great. I don't like how small the 3rd row is, and the lack of storage when the last row is up. I'm not crazy about the design of the radio/dash area. The gas mileage is unimpressive.

- Anna O

Kia Sorento great for families!!

Car drives very well. It is a great vehicle for my family of five. Third row is awesome for if we have visitors from out of town we can fit everyone in it. Gas mileage is not terrible with about 20 miles per gallon. The car is able to tow a U-haul trailer across the country with no difficulty. We have no ran in to any issues with this vehicle.

- Alyssa N

Quality vehicle with issues from the warranty.

This is my second Sorento and I have really enjoyed them. This 2016 is a little more troublesome though. The trim has fell off the outside leaving the bottom of the door to be exposed to the elements. I have also had problems with parts. I bent my control arm and I can only get the part through Kia and they are charging an exorbitant amount.

- Rick O

Great for flexible family

I love the height of my Sorento as I am 6' y'all. I love my third row for when I need it. Panoramic sunroof was a must-have. This was one of two mid-sized SUV's I was considering and the Sorento kept winning on all aspects I was looking for. I've only had it since October, but seems to be reliable so far. Very comfortable and easy to drive

- Alex H

Easy to drive and very comfortable.

Easy to drive, comfortable. The dealer is very easy to deal with. There have been no major complications with the car. The heated seats are great! It was very easy to connect my phone via Bluetooth and listen to Netflix or music from my phone. As well as Hulu or YouTube TV. The air vents also allow for multiple types of cell phone holders.

- Jessica L

Smaller SUV needs a bit of work.

It feels a bit small inside even though it's an SUV. The blind spots in the front are pretty bad. The very front of the vehicle, inside by the driver and passenger seats is a bit narrow. IT does drive very well and I like the body of the car. My only real complaints are that the interior is much smaller that it depicts from the outside.

- Simone S

Great vehicle, prepare for the expenses.

I got it because of the nhtsa crash test ratings. Very comfortable ride. Decent on gas. I drive an hour to work everyday so about $30 to fill up at half a tank. Would recommend to prospective buyers. Remember if you get the all wheel drive models that all 4 tires have to be changed at once. Full synthetic oil change runs about $70-80.

- Rob H

Great affordable family vehicle. Third row seating easily folds.

The back hatch got stuck shut and was a recall. I love that the third row is easily place up or down. It would be great to have an SUV this size with bucket seats in the middle to avoid a minivan or large SUV but have that amenity. It nicely fits two car seats in the middle row and an adult can still fit in the middle seat if needed.

- Lindsey R

Safety & back carrying capacity were & features we wanted in a new vehicle.

I love this vehicle! We bought it for its high safety rating but so many great features like great mileage, so much room (I can fit 2 fairly large dog crates in the back!) And physical comfort for all passengers! The only drawback is not every new Sorento does not come with a back-up camera automatically. As I said I love this car!!

- Patricia E

The vehicle is very dependable. The company stands behind it is product.

Very reliable and comfortable. I have a number of issues with my back and need a car with seats that sit you up high. The Sorento is very dependable. I recently received a new engine as part of a recall. This was done at no cost to me. All I needed to supply was a new alternator. This minimal cost gave me essentially a new vehicle.

- Fred T

Kia is a trustworthy vehicle to purchase.

I have a Kia Sorento 2016 that I purchased 2 years ago. This vehicle runs well and it is very roomy. I have put a lot of miles on my vehicle and it gets great gas mileage. The only issue is the passenger side door handle had recall and was replaced and still it does not work properly. In all, I would purchase a Kia vehicle again.

- Pam A

The little big car, more than you expect from most cars.

This vehicle drives smooth and feels small for its size. Vary nimble and sure footed like a smaller car but still large enough to fit some furniture for moving. This car is also wonderful in the snow. The light weight in combination with good sized tires make getting stuck a thing of the past. We really have no complaints at all.

- Eric N

Very good on the road handles extremely well on all road conditions.

I love Kia Sorento, great stereo system, comes with Bluetooth connectivity, no internet connection, very good road handling and comfy ride, great heaters, very reliable SUV, bought it when it was low miles, went about two hours from home to purchase it, well worth the trip, very pleased with the car and they're very roomy inside.

- Frances S

This vehicle is a great value and looks awesome.

My car is awesome it is fuel efficient looks great and drives great has a great warranty I love all the little extras like the Bluetooth, voice assistance, side turn signals, storage in the rear, color is awesome I love the interior design, the wheels are perfect, the headlights are very bright, the rear wiper is very helpful.

- Debby H

Does not need to be serviced a lot.

No problems. Works great and reliable. Best car I've ever had. Much better than the previous car I had. don't need to change parts as much as other cars and gas mileage is fantastic. So glad I made this purchase. Much better than the other car I have now as well because it once again does not have to be serviced near as much.

- Kass S

Very reliable car. I can go on vacation and not worry about having a issue .

I have bought Kia for the past ten years. They are very comfortable vehicles especially on long trips. They handle good get good mileage. They hold their value very well. I have never had a issue with any of my vehicles mechanically. They are very reliable. They have everything that you need in a car. The warranty is great.

- Dawn M

Lots of speed, power, and control

A smooth ride with a lot of power and control behind it. You can't go wrong with just a badass and awesome ride. Everything works greats, despite the tiny screen in the front of the car when used to back up. You can do lots of traveling, hiking, fishing, and camping with this SUV since it has lots of space and a huge trunk

- Tyler W

Reliable, speedy and attractive vehicle

Comfortable and easy to drive. Affordable and reliable. No real mechanical problems yet. Good on gas Back up camera could be larger. Easy management on the road. Good highway and inner city driving. Only needed to change brakes after 3 years of driving. Reliable service technicians near by and reasonable priced parts

- Angela B

Everyone that gets in my car loves when I open the sunroof.

The only thing about my car that bothers me is that the view is a little blocked when driving and looking out the front window to the right. There is a bit of a blind spot at that point. My rollers on the sunroof have been replaced because they were going bad. I was thankful to have purchased the extended warranty.

- Angela F

2016 Kia Sorento ex touring.

The 2016 Kia Sorento ex touring 2. 0t is an excellent vehicle that performs its intended functions very competently. The design and engineering of the vehicle is near the leading edge of its competitive set of vehicles. The balance of performance and efficiency is excellent. And the utility is more than sufficient.

- Gary F

I love my backup camera and hidden trunk storage.

The SUV has plenty of room for ball games. It does much better on the snow than my last SUV because it is heavier. I like the storage in the trunk under the board, it is great for storing gear and for vacation packing. My trunk pop does not work on mine which is frustrating I wonder if it is a common problem.

- Kelli H

Very comfortable vehicle without a huge price tag.

The Kia has a smooth ride. It is very quiet when stopped at a stop sign and when you are traveling at 70 miles per hour. There is a good amount of storage plus it has a third seat if you need it. The front seats are comfortable for a long ride. The third side window gives good vision for moving into another lane.

- Dee B

Luxury vehicle at an economic price!

Quality of the build is excellent. It really feels luxurious. I have no issues with it and have 60000 miles on it. I get lots of compliments on the looks. It averages 23 miles per gallon and I do a mix of highway and city driving. The panoramic sunroof is amazing and the heated cooling seats work really well.

- Curtis F

This is a great family car!

I love the amount of storage. Plenty of cup holders, roomy center console and I absolutely love the 'hideaway' storage in the back. The kids like that they each have a power source in the back seat. It is very easy to link my phone to the car, which comes in handy for hands free calls or turn by turn directions.

- Bret F

Love my Kia Sorento highly recommend

My car is super comfortable. I haven't had many issues with it. The only issue I've had is my passenger side handle broke and I have to roll the window down for passengers to get in. I've also had one incident where the backup camera froze and I was driving around with a picture of my driveway for about an hour.

- Jessica M

The Kia Sorento is ok - it about what the normal standards are any more.

Poor interior - stains even from rain drops- other than that all is ok. Drivetrain mileage gas mileage etc. all seem to be about standard. Some blind spots making lane changes a little difficult without assistance from passengers. I have no more words to say but it will not let me post without adding more words.

- Michele H

One of the smoothest rides I've ever experienced

We haven't had any major problems yet. It has really good performance with three different driving modes. It is very comfortable on long drives. It has plenty of storage for anything we need to take with us. So far, it is the most reliable vehicle I have owned. I cannot complain. I would but it again, for sure.

- Josh K

The Kia Sorento, keeping families safe!

My Kia is great ! It has heated seats, Bluetooth, traction control, cruise control, automatic start, and keyless start button. The gas mileage is 23 mpg. It has backseat built in window shades. Nice and comfortable to ride in. It won me over on the safety scale too in the crash test. Best car I have ever owned.

- Lisa Z

I like the style it's really nice

I have Kia Sorento its black things I don't like about it is it is very small I do like this SUV but it is very small. I love how it has power windows and locks it has good gas mileage.it's a good car. But next time I will definitely get a bigger vehicle I don't like that I barely have a trunk in this vehicle .

- Charity E

my sharp ride. Kia makes good looking dependable vehicles.

my Kia Sorento is a very good looking sharp car one that I am proud to be seen driving. My Sorento has very comfortable roomy interior lots of space, good handling good on gas. My Sorento has the backup camera, touch screen information center, digital and analog speedometer, that's right has both I love it.

- carol S

the car that will take you far

my car is good for families. This car can go for far with not much gas. It has all the essential things you need in a car. Good Mileage, big trunk to carry groceries and luggage. The radio and Bluetooth work well with no kinks. Weather or not you are a single mom or a family of four, this is the car for you

- Belle C

Spacious and comfortable ride

Great gas mileage. Easy to drive and the backup cameras helps eliminate blind spots. Spacious back seat makes fitting multiple people and car seats easy. Being able to recline the middle row makes travel more comfortable. Third row is extremely easy to raise and lower. Big trunk when the third row is down.

- Katherine G

The Kia Sorento gets unbelievable gas mileage for an SUV .

The 2016 Kia Sorento is dependable, reliable comfortable, lots of room and cargo space and is my favorite vehicle I have ever owned. The fabric seats clean up perfect. I couldn't be happier with this vehicle. If you have ever thought about owning a Kia you won't be disappointed. I won't buy anything else.

- Kimberly G

It�s a great buy, I�d buy it again no doubt.

I've only had this vehicle for four months. So far it's great on the appearance, looks sporty (cool mom SUV). The screen where it shows the radio station/backup camera randomly turns off at times but there's a reset button and it always comes back on. Leather seats I love and it's a great vehicle so far.

- Mel O

Kia Sorento capabilities!

Kia Sorento is a great vehicle. The warranty it comes with when purchased is amazing. Very roomy, nice interior, touch screen with backup camera. Options are 3rd row seating capabilities, large trunk area easy to haul large items. Also has a backup sensor to notify you if you are too close to something.

- Ashley D

Kia Sorento is a great car with plenty of room and a nice ride.

The Sorento has been a great reliable and cool car. It is decent on gas and has plenty of room. The fold down seats are great. It has a roof rack so it can carry quite a bit. It is beautiful also. The finish is very deep. I have never had a single problem with this car. I would buy another Kia for sure.

- Tom B

It is comfortable and safe for everyone in the car

I like all the neat and high-tech features included in the car. The screen makes me feel so much better and in control than regular buttons. I like how everyone in the car feels comfortable and safe when the vehicle is driving. I dislike how small the back windows are but understand it may be necessary.

- Jonathan G

Comfortable and spacious easy ride

This car drives great. I love how smooth the ride is the car itself is beautiful. The radio is great the Bluetooth hooks up to the car easy. The car runs well but have had some issues with the car needing oil a lot. The trunk area is huge and love the folding seats. The car is spacious and comfortable

- Leigh M

Mom's perfect car (to borrow!).

My Kia Sorento is the perfect car for my needs. It hauls garage sale finds, travel mobility scooters (I am disabled and cannot walk long distances), and a ton of groceries. My children always want to borrow it when they take road trips around the u.S. To visit their friends. The gas mileage is great.

- Colleen E

Worried about beating the blizzard look no further this car will get you through

Personally really love my Kia Sorento. Has great gas mileage up until 100,000 miles. After that mileage it started to burn more oil. But the seats are comfortable, it's an all wheel drive, that when blizzards hit was very safe to get me home. Easy to use sound system and AC/heat. Overall would recco.

- Alexandra H

Spacious and comfy Kia Sorento!

There are small magnifying windows on the side mirrors that, to me, are unnecessary but it's a used vehicle and are tolerable. I don't have any performance issues. It's spacious and very reliable. Back seats recline just enough for long rides. Trunk is spacious enough for lots of luggage. I love it!

- Robin F

A great priced, well maintained capable vehicle.

My vehicle is a pretty reliable. I do a lot of driving and I have not had any major problems at all except a few wear and tear items. (Tires, wipers), I have taken several trips and no issues thus far. The seats are comfortable and the controls are easy and accessible. It's a pretty good vehicle.

- Ron H

It is a good value for an SUV.

It is not very expensive, it gets good gas mileage, and it is very roomy inside. The seats are easy to adjust (lay down, pull up, slide back and forth). I have inadvertently locked the steering wheel twice. That was a huge inconvenience. It has something to do with me turning the wheel to sharp.

- Cynthia L

Perfect for a large family.

The Sorento is perfect for my family. Nice size, comfortable seats and air vents all through the vehicle. I have had some problems with the brakes but other than that I have nothing negative to report. I would recommend this vehicle to several people. It is a perfect vehicle for a large family.

- Amanda B

To high price for the quality.

For the price of the vehicle not a lot of nice features. Yes it has a back up camera but the rest of the features I feel are just what I would get with a standard SUV and this model was supposed to be the 2nd from the best, the first one was too much money. I wish I had not purchased this car.

- Brooke A

Reliable and comfortable!

There is very little that I don't like about this vehicle. It had been very reliable, comfortable, and it gets good gas mileage. I love the look of it and the way it drives. The only thing that I wish it had was the automatic hatchback opener. Other than that, it is a perfect car for me.

- Karen B

Best money spent, can't wait to payoff,

So far we have not any issues with this vehicle, We love it, smooth ride very good mileage, has the pep for highway speeds, the interior is better than I figured it would be comfortable seats, great cargo room for groceries and what nots. Has a reasonable sitting height an good tires too boot.

- Hugh S

Vehicle is very good on gas - as good as some sedans.

Likes: vehicle is dependable and fuel efficient. Plenty of space. Vehicle comes with standard options at a lower price than comparable models of other makes. Dislikes: vehicle does not hold value well. No leather/heated/cooled seats. Screen is small and display is very simple. No power seats.

- Caitlin F

They should know that it is not family friendly. It has the possibility to compete with minivans, but the inaccessible 3rd row and lack of tether make it not a great fit for families.

Overall, I like the way the Kia Sorento drives. I like the AWD and 3rd row seating. My biggest complaints are that it is NOT family friendly. You can not access the 3rd row when 2 car seats are installed in the middle row. There also is no tether in the 3rd row (for forward facing car seats)

- Kristel I

Newly purchased used Sorento

Recently purchased. Love the increased mpg. Drives nicely, looks good. Three row seating in our model. Seat Belt not rolling up. Dealership ordered replacement and has been extremely helpful. They have been so easy to work with from purchase to maintenance. Good reviews in consumer reports.

- Amy S

2016 Kia Sorento negatives to positives

Oil pressure switch that happens when pistons are warping engine block. Known issue from Kia software programs are being used to monitor pistons for engine warping and cylinder damage. Other than this Kia makes a fuel efficient and cost efficient vehicle. Easy to drive and sleek design.

- William S

All wheel drive has proven very beneficial in winter weather in Michigan.

So far the Kia has been a very dependable vehicle. It is good on gas and has proven very good in snowy conditions. It is spacious for my family and is easy to keep interior clean. The cost was reasonable and allowed my family to purchase new. Great warranty that we haven't had to use yet.

- A N

Good buy for a good price, with a great warranty. This car is the total package.

My car has been very reliable. It is comfortable, nice looking and the mileage is decent. It also came with a great warranty. It is roomy but not too big. It is easy to drive and has good visibility. I like the interior and also think the exterior looks nice. It has been a great purchase.

- Shahana W

Very comfortable to drive

When you are new driving this vehicle, at first it's very heavy to drive but once you get used to it you are going to love this. It's very easy to manipulate and very silent inside the car that you will not notice you are already driving at high speed. All in all,it's a thumbs up for me.

- Donna N

It's cost-effective and easy to drive with a third row that families need.

I love my Kia Sorento. I purchased it because of the third row feature, which is so important when you have kids and want to be able to take friends along. The third row is kind of small, so would be too small for adults but is fine for kids. Otherwise the car has been fantastic for us.

- Libby T

Love the 3rd row seating option

I love my Kia Sorento. I have had my car for 2 years now and have never had an issue. The only time it has been at the shop was for routine oil changes or to have recalls done. I also love the option for the 3 row so when my kids have friends over I have enough room for all of them

- Danielle M

Big adventures family vehicle.

Great car for the price, looks small from the outside but is very spacious inside. Multiple cup holders which if you have kids it is great! Fits multiple car seats with ample room for an adult to sit with them and have leg room. Great on long distance trips and great with gas mileage.

- Ana G

The best thing is that it fits everyone

Never had problems. Great car. I travel far on vacation. I travel very far for work, I travel far on a daily basis and it still runs like new. Great vehicle. It is held together well. Great on gas with the highway mileage. It also is large enough inside to hold my whole family in it.

- Brandon A

I love the cargo space. Perfect for family vacation.

No problems with the car. The gas mileage is great especially as a stay at home and work at home mom. I love how it drives. The only doors that unlock is the driver whenever we turn the car off which to me is great to ensure my little one does not just get out when she feels like it.

- Amy B

My Kia Sorento is a user friendly and reliable family vehicle.

It is a great car. The style is nice and the features are great. The car rides smoothly and it is easy to operate. There are heated seats which are great and the usability of the third row is phenomenal! The entertainment system is also easy to use. I have not run into any problems.

- Kaitlyn B

Minor problems with Kia Sorento 2016.

The only issues I have had has been my headlight. It has blown too many times to count. I think it is a wiring issue. The sounds like the signal click, seatbelt ding and door open sometimes does not sound. It is sporadic. The dealer has tested but it always works when they inspect.

- Indy S

Smooth ride and spacious.

I love how solid this vehicle feels. The doors aren't light and tiny but rather solid and heavy. It's one of the first things I notice when looking at cars. It drives smooth, there's plenty of room inside and it's comfortable. I do wish there were more air vents for the back rows

- Lindsay A

The color scheme and compartment storage is great for travel.

None that have been of note. I had a door lock problem after the first year and the dealer was quick to fix it. The gas mileage runs around 28 miles per gallon on the average. There is plenty of room for seating and compartment storage for travel. I highly recommend this vehicle.

- Sterling S

Main dislike is road tire noise.

Tire road noise. Okay vehicle for money value. Comfort is good. Small while driving, air conditioning hits face at times. Mine has 3rd row seating and it would take a very small person to get into main back seating. Like back up camera and it beeps if something is in path.

- Nora H

Love this make/model/trim

Very comfortable, drives smooth, quiet inside. Love the bells and whistles of this vehicle. Backup and surround cameras help me feel safe. Only odd thing is occasional hesitation in Eco mode. Very comfortable even with 5 adults and a child in a car seat. Third row is even comfy.

- Lisa P

Sorento is a great mid-sized SUV with lots of room for people and cargo.

I love my Sorento. I love that you can switch the driving mode from economy to sport. That really helps when you are on the highway and you want to pass others. I am not a fan of all of the red interior lights. Gets great gas mileage. Love all the compartments in the cargo area.

- Jane C

Ambers 2016 Kia Sorento review

Perfect size and drives very smooth , I've had it for 2 years and love it! I'm short and I feel like I fit in it very well for a bigger vehicle. This SUV is also amazing on gas about thirty dollars fills my tank all the way up. I volunteer to take it on all the road trips I do.

- Amber F

That it is a good size and the safety is very good.

I like that I can fit both my kids car seats and all the stuff they require in the back seat. The trunk has really good room and a hidden compartment. I get great gas mileage and I always feel safe driving with my kids. I do wish I had third row seats for when I have extra kids.

- J T

Looking good while going down the road!

Have had no problems with this vehicle. It is comfortable, great on gas, has a great stereo system, and rides very smooth. There are just a few negatives, including a very small 3rd row seat which is very hard to get into. It is ok for kids but definitely a struggle for adults.

- Jean J

Luxury feel without the price.

Never had a problem. Drives smooth and you do not feel like you are in an SUV. Same features and feel as a luxury SUV. Warms up super fast in the winter, cools off super fast in the summer. Great acceleration (I have a v6) in the mountains. Awesome in the snow. I love my Kia!

- Lisa H

Price for comfort there is no better offer. It offers the comfort of a luxury SUV without the price tag, you also get the Kia safety and warranty. Absolutely marvelous deal

I love the comfort of the ride. The safety features and the radio. The quietness of the cabin while I'm driving thru and from work is so relaxing it allows me to leave work on the road before I reach home. Will not trade unless is for something in the same quality or higher.

- Ardys F

Love my 2016 Kia Sorento!

I love that it is very comfortable and there is a 3rd row which we use. The trunk is very spacious. The one issue that I have is that the rear sensor is slightly delayed so you need to back out slowly to give the sensor enough time to start to sense distance to rear objects.

- Esther S

It's a safe and comfortable ride.

I like that it has a good safety rating and I feel safe and comfortable driving. It has a rear camera and some good tech features so you can use the phone hands free. I also like that It has a CD player. No complaints thus far but we keep it well serviced at the dealership.

- mel S

2026 Kia Sorento is pretty good for the cost!

Have had some engine issues, but has all been covered under warranty. Radio did stop working and wasn't under warranty, but only had to pay $50 deductible. Service cost can be quite expensive if at certain mileage. But overall satisfied with it and the options it came with.

- Stephanie G

Plenty of available safety features &. Completely redesigned.

The 2016 Kia Sorento is easy to drive, and its available engines really give it some punch. The Sorento also boasts a sophisticated cabin and offers plenty of advanced safety features. For these reasons and more, it sits near the top of our competitive midsize SUV rankings.

- Julie L

Roomy enough for everyone and also with some cool extras like multiple USB ports

A lot of room that my 6ft husband can fit, but also cozy that i can fit (5'4"). I wish it used less gas, but as SUVs go, it's pretty average. I also like all the USB ports it has and also that it has a 3 prong outlet as well. I love the backup camera and blind spot monitor.

- Judith R

Love it but it has a few quirks.

I am a smaller woman 5 foot 1 inch and when I am in the passenger seat I have trouble seeing over the dashboard. Sometimes when I hit my brakes the steering wheel shakes a little. The ac is fantastic and it's a smooth and quiet ride. It gets great gas mileage. Looks great.

- Hannah S

Great looking highly dependable car I would definitely recommend.

Awesome fun to drive reliable good on gas great mileage spacious comfy roomy great on long trims highly recommended. I would definitely purchase the car again. Great service department and customer service. Great price very dependable. Definitely a car everyone should try.

- Steve B

The car is a smooth and roomy ride.

The car is reliable without any repairs required other than regular maintenance. The car is a smooth ride and is designed to minimize road noise. There is plenty of room for hauling people and/or cargo. The car rides high enough to all you to clear obstacles in the road.

- Brian V

Love my Kia Sorento. My ideal SUV.

My Kia Sorento is a great vehicle. It is very reliable; I have never had any mechanical issues with it. It serves all my needs. It is great for transporting my kayaks and my dog loves it too. I would highly recommend this car to anyone who is active and/or has a family.

- Robert J

I will definitely be buying another one of these in the future.

This car handles beautifully. The gas mileage is unbelievable for a 6 cylinder engine. The seats are very comfortable. I enjoy having the convenience of the navigation system and heated mirrors and seats in the cold winter mornings. I wish I found this vehicle sooner!!

- Jennifer R

I live how the vehicle handles on the road.

Love my Kia Sorento. It is very reliable and I have had no problems whatsoever. I would buy this vehicle again. It is very comfortable and rides very well. I think the size is just right as I can pick up large things but yet handles likes a car. Perfect family vehicle.

- Marilyn P

Perfect Family of Four SUV

The passenger side door handle doesn't work right. We've had it looked at ('fixed') once and it is still a problem. I think the back up camera is too dark (or the screen on the dash needs to be brighter). The trunk is a great size. It's perfect for our family of four.

- Heather K

Work horse. This vehicle is a workhorse. I pick up materials for the house, I am in a band and I carry all the equipment in it. When I have something that is too big for the car I pull a trailer with it. It has never let me down. I will buy/lease another one.

I like this vehicle. It has plenty of room and is very reliable. I would like it to have a bit more power. I have the 4 cylinder and I pull a trailer with it. It works but it struggles sometimes up hills. I think my next one will be a 6 cylinder, if I can afford it.

- Frank R

It has the features and drives like luxury without the price tag.

I love that it has a 3rd row of seats so I can fit everyone. I feel like it drives like a luxury car but without the price. I dislike that there is an odd smell when you first turn on the air and I have taken it to the shop multiple times and can not get rid of it.

- Angel A

Great vehicle, would recommend.

I love my 2016 Kia Sorento! Drives very smooth and quiet, little road noise. Small, tight turn radius for an SUV. Great gas mileage, 28 city, 31-32 highway. Lots of storage room in the back, even under the floor! Seats are very comfortable. Back seats will recline.

- Jennifer D

This vehicle is a Great vehicle

Great vehicle. Size is right for our family. The only thing I wish it had was stronger air flow with the heat and air conditioning. I really like that the third row of seats folds down to allow for more space in the back for groceries or for luggage when we travel.

- Kira D

Comfort for the whole family

The car is comfortable for a family of 3 that travel a lot during the summer with additional family members. Everyone has room and can plug up their devices as needed. At most we have 5 people in the car and can go easily up and down the road with good gas mileage.

- A O

Super comfortable ride with lots of interior space.

I have no complaints about my car. I love that it has more space than a sedan does with more cargo space for luggage and groceries. I also like that the SUV sits up higher than a sedan so when it's raining or bad weather, I can see better. I love my backup camera!

- Dana H

Big enough for my family of 5.

Getting into the third roll is a definite challenge! If I would have noticed that when looking at the car I wouldn't have gotten it. The seat in the front does not go down enough for someone to climb in the back comfortably. Besides that it is a fit for my family.

- Melissa M

Great car! Highly recommend!

My Kia Sorento is really reliable and safe. I love all of its features. It drives super smooth and is very spacious. The size is perfect, not too big not small. It has a very nice interior and is a great car for kids. I really love this car and will not trade it.

- Natalie D

It has plenty of room for my family of 5.

Love it however I've had many issues with my headlights, interior lights and tires. The maintenance shop hasn't been very helpful in resolving these issues and now my warranties are starting to run out. I've had no major issues with it and serves all of my needs.

- Tara G

It is an excellent looking vehicle that strikes the perfect balance between ruggedness and comfort/luxury.

I love the look of the vehicle. I love the 3rd row seats. Functionally it's not as good as my 2013 Kia Sorento (that I traded in for this newer one), the airflow isn't as good. HATE the horn (very tiny meep meep noise when it used to be a lot louder and lower).

- melanie m

Kia Sorento 2016 Model ; Travel

For my family a Kia Sorento works perfectly for us. We purchased it for the sole reason of travel from our home to the hospital which was 4 hours back and forth multiple times a month. Our Kia has never failed us in any way and is a great vehicle for any purpose.

- Raven J

Kia Sorento’s qualities. It is a nice smooth ride with low maintenance.

The car rides great. I have had no problems. The mileage is good. It is 4 cylinders but drives like a 6 cylinder. There is plenty of room. Console is convenient. Radio has a good sound. The heating and air conditioning work great and heat and cool quickly.

- Earl P

Reliable, smooth and great looking.

We were hesitant to purchase a Kia. However, the Sorento we have had for the last two years has been great! It is reliable and the ride is very smooth. It is large enough for our family of 4 and two dogs. Plus you cannot beat the warranty included with your Kia.

- Amanda H

Reliable vehicle-smooth ride.

The ride is very quiet and smooth. I have not had any maintenance issues since owning the vehicle that weren't normal maintenance. The only issue I have had is with the leasing the company when I went to purchase the vehicle. The customer service is not helpful.

- Shannon J

My vehicle is very family friendly with a ton of room.

One of the biggest issues I have with my car is that there isn't any 12v plugs. There are 3 USB ports none of which have enough power to charge anything. I do like that I get great gas mileage but wish my tank was bigger. I also wish I had a better sound system.

- Nicole M

Heat in the seats and then some.

Being from Chicago I love my heated seats. That is my favorite part of my Kia. Ever since I bought it there has been a strange sound from the back but they keep on telling me it is no big deal. It is so disappointing to have a new car that sounds like a old car.

- Kathy M

Ride quality V-6 engine refinement Many available luxury features

This car is very comfortable and spacious. I attend school and it holds all my items including three people. I love this car it really has great qualities and benefits. Its mid-size SUV and it comes equipped with advanced safety features, innovative technologies

- Janet L

Kia Sorento. Best SUV for the money!

Kia Sorento is a reliable, reasonably priced vehicle. Good size for the money. Kia gives a good warranty program. Good comfort and color selection. Very good mpg for a vehicle of its size. 8 passengers seating available. Third Kia Sorento that we have leased

- Paul B

I like it very much easy car to drive and good on miles.

Very good on miles, very comfortable, have no problems, travel , very safe and easy. Lots of space to carry lots things, stable in the road very good. Went to a trip not use very much gasoline, good on gas. When it rain is very good in the road. I do like it.

- Patricia P

Good family of 4 vehicle.

It's comfortable for a family of 4. Even though it 3 rows nobody can fit in 3rd row. But with seats down does give nice trunk area then. I love how it drives. The blinker seems to be pretty loud but i've gotten used to it. Love the window shades for the kids

- Becky H

Kia Sorento the sport edition.

Has heated seats, power seats & windows, rides smooth. Tire pressure monitoring sensors. Push start engine. Blind spot sensors. CD, radio and Bluetooth hook up lets you know how many miles you have till you are on reserve tank and when it's low on fuel.

- Amanda C

Comes with a great warranty.

It rides a little rough but that is because we got the sport package. Also my phone doesn't link up real well. It has real bad blind spot. When I hit the trunk button it does not automatically go up. Yet I like the style of it and the air works real well.

- Deborah J

Kia Sorento is a pretty good car

It's a pretty good car. Seats my family of 6 with two five point car seats and a butt booster. Backup camera and Bluetooth work great. Plenty of room in the third row for the older kids. Problem I came across is only the middle row has car seat tethering.

- Ethan P

Best SUV for a busy family.

The car drives so smooth, with no jerking in between gears. The cabin is extremely comfortable. The navigation display is well designed and there’s no outside noise. There is a ton of leg room even in the third row. The storage in the back is plentiful.

- Deb C

The SUV made for you to drive.

I love my car. It is very convenient with spaces for everything. It is very reliable and I have had no problems with it. The gas consumption is very good as well. I would recommend a Kia Sorento to anyone looking for a sporty, fun, sport utility vehicle.

- Michael P

The storage is phenomenal, especially the under storage.

My Kia seems to have a lot of problems with its tires. I have had several issues with wear patterns and needing work on alignment more than any other vehicle. But, other than that, I love my Kia. It gets great gas mileage, is roomy and comfortable.

- Heather W

Kia Sorento, Sporty and Classy

My Kia Sorento is the best! It's comfortable on the inside, user friendly, and technical! The outside is just the right size, sporty, yet classy. It handles like a champ and has never let me down mechanically. This is my third Kia and I am in love!

- Sharon H

Ideal for families on the go!

Love the size, gas mileage, overall appearance. The third row seat is easy to fold down, but difficult to get in and out of as a passenger. The technology is average. Maintenance costs so far have been affordable. Would consider purchasing a Kia again.

- Marianna B

2016 Kia Sorento. Cincinnati Ohio

Very comfortable vehicle!! Rides well and seats are great!! Lots of legroom for the back seat. Trunk space is great in the 2 row seats. Gas mileage is very good. Overall I have been extremely happy with the performance of the car and would buy another

- Erica P

Our first new car for our family of 5

This vehicle was bought brand new in 2016. The buying process was made as easy as possible by the Kia dealership. My Sorento drives good, has all the modern amenities and is really good on gas. I have the third row seat which folds up and down easily.

- Sherry J

Very fuel efficient and comfortable.

My vehicle is very comfortable and has plenty of room considering it is a mid size SUV. We really like the third row option when the additional seating is needed. I am very impressed by the great fuel mileage and dependability of our 2016 Kia Sorento.

- Heriberto V

Black on black Kia Sorento.

Love my SUV nice black seats also they heat up also love my rear camera makes parking easier. Nice big space for groceries or big boxes also come with privacy curtain to cover your items. Its four cylinder it saves lots of gas it has ecosport option.

- Angie D

It is a safe, reliable vehicle that is good for families

I like that it is very easy to handle/operate. With it being a relatively recent model year, I hoped it would have more standard features. Some features I think it should have are heated seats, power adjustable passenger seat, and rear AC controls.

- Aysha H

It has more room in the cabin area than other SUVs which is great for the driver.

It gets good gas mileage very roomy inside well built and is a very good ride. It has a good sound system backup camera turn signals on the side mirrors Bluetooth handsfree phone rear seat climate control and is available in 4, 6 and 8 cylinder.

- Don S

Kia Sorento is an excellent family vehicle for daily travels and road trips!

I love how spacious my Kia is. There is plenty of room in the back seats for two large carseats, and the back of the vehicle fits all of my groceries, a stroller, diaper bag, and more! It is enjoyable to drive, and it makes sharps turns easily.

- Angela H

My Kia is a silver 2016. It doesn't have third row seats like many, but the room in the back is so spacious. I love the storage that I have underneath and the back mat. My heated seats work amazing, like no other car I have had. It is great on bumps and every day drive. It has Bluetooth and and a back up camera which are very convenient.

As of right now my Kia Sorento is my favorite car I have had. It is great to travel with, is big and very spacious for my family. I have not had any problems with it so far. I feel so safe in it and love all my extra features that come with it.

- Michelle J

Electronics no longer work

I used to love it until everything on it stopped working. There is something wrong with the electronics part of the car that Kia refuses to recall/fix. The backup camera doesn't work, the steering wheel buttons don't work, cruise doesn't work.

- Staci A

Dependable with many tech standards.

The Kia Sorento is affordable and has a lot of features that come standard. Love the 360 cameras, the blind spot warning, the cruise control. It is a good size for a large family. Seats 5 adults comfortably and 2 children. No problems thus far.

- Sonia B

It is not four wheel drive.

I currently have no issues with my Kia. Engine runs great. Interior is nice for the price I paid. Plenty of room for storage. I do not like that there is no third row seating. Also, there is no button inside the SUV for the trunk to pop open.

- Rebecca H

This car is cute, stylish, functional and accommodates everyone!

I love the color, it has 2 sunroofs, leather heated seats, and an optional 3rd row! It fits everyone plus friends, feels like a mom car and looks great! I've never had a problem with it, but I wish it had a DVD player for my kiddos!

- Sarah B

reliable and convenient car to have.

I like my sorento because I can carry a lot of people or cargo. I am comfortable with the way I sit in the car as I am not sitting in a low position. I would like more on my dashboard (GPS,car info radio combo) other than the basics.

- Jonathan R

Kia Sorento is a nice drive with a lot of room

The Kia Sorento is a great family SUV. It is very spacious and a very smooth ride. I have had my car for 2 years and not one issue with it. It is a v6 but the pick up in it feels like a sports car. I'll never go to any other car now.

- Kaila M

Top of the line Kia Sorento 2016 awesome SUV.

It drives really smooth and the seats are super comfortable and the SUV is fully loaded like a fully sunroof and all the windows are automatic everything inside this SUV is high tech and this SUV top of the line for 2016 model year.

- Andrew O

It is the perfect size for a SUV, with great gas mileage and room!

I absolutely love my Sorento! I have 4 children and while the older ones do not enjoy riding in the very back, the younger ones are perfect for it! I wish there was a bit more storage room but I definitely make do with what I have!

- Alexis V

My car is dependable. The gas mileage is very high per tank.

I do not like that it white but the dealership only had white with the heated seats like I wanted. It also is an all wheel drive car which I do not need however again only one with all the options I wanted on the lot at the time.

- Cassie R

It's one of the top SUVs rated for safety and it rides so smooth

I like that I can fit up to 7 passengers but it's not huge like a minivan. I love how it's one of the most safe SUVs out there. And I love that I am able to fold down the seats so I can fit anything I'd like to lug back there.

- Jazmin O

It rides smooth - and is a great vehicle aside from the small windows which cause blind spots.

I love my Kia Sorento. It is the perfect size, I have the extra row of seats in the back that fold down to give me more trunk space if needed. Windows are a little small and cause blind spots. Otherwise it's a great vehicle!

- Tara H

Great on gas around town or on the interstate.

My Kia Sorento is a great SUV. It's great in gas around town or in the interstate. Its big enough for friends to ride with us and to pack for vacations and trips. Definitely would say one of the best cars I have ever owned.

- Tracey P

The most outstanding thing you should know about a Kia Sorento is it is very good on gas.

I like the size and seating capacity. It it very good on gas, in addition to being very quiet. Even though it is a SUV it drives like a car. Has given me very few maintenance problems in the three years I have owned it.

- Jocelyn E

It is very comfortable for long trips - has lumbar support.

It's very comfortable for long trips and gets pretty good gas mileage. The only complaints I have are the small screen for the backup camera and not very good visibility because of the design of the front door posts.

- Gail m

Super safe reliable Kia sorento

There are no real problems with this car, it is amazing. I use to own a 2005 model of this same vehicle until I got into a car accident and I went out and got the same car but newer because it really did keep me save

- Rayna D

Great, comfortable ride, with many great features.

Right now I am having a couple of small issues, but they are battery related. Love the comfort of the seats, we traveled 6, 000 miles this summer, it was great. I love that it has a digital and analog speedometer.

- Vicki G

It is built very well and safe to drive.

We like the back up camera in the car. We also love having the GPS system built in the car. It is so nice to have the Bluetooth in the car so we can converse better and safely. It is very comfortable to drive.

- Sandra G

It's a red very reliable Sports Utility Vehicle, that is fun to drive on all terrains.

I love it since it has all the features that my GMC Jimmy had in it's design. It can carry a lot of stuff like the Jimmy. It has a very good sound system like the Jimmy. I was sad they discontinued the Jimmy.

- Dean A

Safer than most other cars out there.

Great warranty, gas mileage, dependable, and great safety rating! Lots of room inside and very comfortable. Love the cloth seats that can be cleaned with a damp cloth! Great feature when you have kids or a pet!

- Kay P

SUV with 3rd row seating which helps when traveling with family.

The only thing I do not like about my car is the seat belt buckle rubs on the side of the center console leaving a mark. The automatic tailgate sometimes sticks as well. other then that i absolutely love my car

- michele c

It comes with a ton of family friendly options as well as extras that make the vehicle fun to own and drive while still being reliable and safe

I like the safety features in my vehicle that well as the AWD. I also like the amount of truck and storage space that makes brining all of my child's things around easier. I love the sporty look of the vehicle.

- Meaghan C

Not happy with the performance.

The ride is very rough and it sounds loud. I took it to the dealership and the didn't seem to think anything is wrong. My husband has a Nissan pathfinder and the car is a 1000 times better overall than my car.

- Johnny F

It is powerful and you do not have press hard on the gas to speed up.

It is a large and comfortable car. It is equipped with several different and modern technology for example-sirius radio and the capability to talk on your cell phone with no hands thru the system in your car.

- Karen W

My car is more metal than any other car ever.

I like how much space my vehicle has for people to sit comfortably. There is a lot of room for bigger items in the trunk. My favorite things is the back seats fold down to make even more room in the trunk.

- Ira B

It has a great safety rating!

I love my vehicle for many reasons. I love the gas mileage, the third rows, and the size. I haven't had any mechanical issues with it and I also love that it is white because that is my favorite car color.

- Brenda D

It is a very reliable vehicle and allows me to fit sports equipment or luggage for any purpose

The kia sorento is a reliable and comfortable car. It is great for local driving as well as long distance vacations. It is spacious and accommodates my kids and anything that I have needed to transport.

- Mitch G

Backup camera, spacious back.

I love it so much. The seats are gorgeous, the backup camera is so incredibly helpful, and the dark red color of the vehicle is beautiful. It's my first car and I have only good things to say about it.

- Ashley G

The safety ratings on the car.

I like the digital components in the car. I am able to sync my parking location and call out for road service. I also like he optional third row. Some issues with the radio but it's not a huge issue.

- Jennifer R

The 3rd row provides a nice ride if you have kids.

I like my car because it has a 3rd row and is a great size. It gets great gas mileage for a small SUV and has leather interior. It is a very reliable car with minor faults. It is great for a family.

- Lauren G

It has an extremely responsive speed when I want it.

Had a problem with some kind of seal that it took them 3 times to fix it and a recall but it's fixed now. I like the room in my car and I like the fact that the dealership take care of it for me!

- Laura D

It's an excellent value with low maintenance

I love the body style and color of my Kia Sorento. The size of the interior is more than adequate. I dislike the rare occasion that the Sorrento may have a tendency to pull off too quick or slow.

- Leigh W

The trunk is large enough to keep large dogs in it.

Manual and simple, not too much to really think about when you enter the car since you'd have it muscle memorized. The acceleration is a bit slow but once it gets going, it's a comfortable ride.

- Dante F

Great handling, gas mileage, and performance at a decent price

I love the way my vehicle handles and the turbo for extra accelerations. It gets decent gas mileage but could be better. I wish is had a better stereo system and speaker for handsfree calling.

- Dawn s

Good vision all around from the mirrors and the backup camera.

Love the ride, vision, gas mileage and space. Also, the front heated seats and cruise control. The only thing I dislike is that there is no options for plastic sun shades for the side windows.

- Royce M

Very spacious and comfortable.

I love the space of this vehicle. I do not like the manual seat adjustments though. Love the look of the vehicle and the color (black). I do not like that it only gets 21 miles to the gallon.

- Valerie P

Its affordable and comfortable for a 4 person family.

I love that the back seats lean back. I love the dash layout. I don't like the back seat leg room. I don't like that my Heater Air conditioning motors failed after only 2 years of owning it.

- Trudie B

The car can be jerky when accelerating and breaking.

I like where the seat sits on the vehicle. I dislike the way it drives, it can be jerky at times. I like the features that come with the car (backup camera, leather seats, Bluetooth audio).

- Alexis Q

That it had a factory recall on a ball joint!

I like that the vehicle has a lot of room. I also like that it has a 100k mile warranty. I love the fabric of the seats. I dislike that it has already had several factory recalls on parts.

- Casey Z

Kia has an excellent warranty and is a reliable vehicle.

My Kia Sorento is a very comfortable and reliable vehicle. I like its easy handling and roomy interior. I wish I had opted for a third row of seats in order to transport more people.

- Carolyn C

Look Nice Handles Poorly. I would pick again

The vehicle is nice looks wise but it does not handle well in the wind and rain, which we get a lot of and I drive on the highway everyday. The gas mileage is fair but not fantastic.

- kelly k

Has not broken down or required any major repairs. You will need new tires right away though

I like that it has not broken down. I like that it has not had to have any major repairs. I dislike the paint scratches easily and the tires that came with it wore in only 5000 miles.

- nick h

It's a really good car, recommended.

I've had this car for almost two years now and I've had so many good cars before this one but the difference is really obvious and I can see myself keeping this car for quite a while.

- Nazanin H

The amount of roominess in the back seating area.

I love how smooth my ride.. I love how comfortable it is for me when I am traveling.. I love the mileage I get from a tank of gas.. I love the style of my vehicle.... No complaints.

- Eula C

It was a good value and does everything I want it to.

I like the features of the vehicle such as the back up camera and Bluetooth capabilities. If I had one complaint it would be that the gas pedal isn't as responsive as I would like.

- Allison J

It is comfortable, quiet and safe. I am always comfortable putting my children in this car.

I love that my Kia is so comfortable. I always enjoy driving it and it is so quiet. The only thing I would change is to have the more loaded model with a better screen and stereo.

- Maria G

Super Supreme Sorrento love the ride

I love my sorento. It's third row and has plenty of room for my family. It has tons of safety features which gives me great security. It rides great and it super comfortable.

- Niki F

I feel safe driving this car!!

The Sorento is a very roomy SUV. The seats fold down and up with ease and the hidden storage in the back is great!! I have had no problems with the vehicle while I have had it.

- J H

This car is very comfortable and has many amenities.

I love the back up camera, the heated seats, and the lumbar support. It runs very well and we have enjoyed it. The storage space is lacking and that would be my main negative.

- Wendy D

The Kia Sorento is a great car for a family or a single person who enjoys the outdoors! Lots of variety with this car

Very reliable. Drives very smooth. I love the overall appearance as well. It came with two free months of Sirius Xm which was a nice bonus! However, Not the best sound system

- Olivia M

Versatile room to load family and transport sports equipment, groceries, luggage

comfortable seats, seating for 6 was a must, good ride, decent gas mileage. I wish it was a little wider and the car sat up a little higher but those are just small dislikes.

- Marie G

Fuel efficient and roomy small SUV with enough power to climb the highest mountains fully loaded.

I like that it's roomy enough for the family and the dog, but I don't like that it's not roomy enough for anyone extra to ride with us. The cargo space is quite nice as well.

- tammy m

It is quite dependable and cost effective.

Kia is mechanically dependable. Kia has plenty of storage and passenger seating capacity. Kia is fuel efficient compared to other midsize SUVs. Road noise could be improved.

- Thomas D

It has great gas mileage and drives very smoothly.

I love the Kia warranty and service experiences. The car sometimes seems to have some cheaply made parts, but overall I love the way it drives, car setup, and gas mileage.

- Amanda C

Perfect space. Small enough for everyday use but big enough for everything else

I love my vehicle. I like having the 3rd row seat when needed and the space when the seats are down is great. Overall love the look and the size and haven't had any issues

- Cassandra R

Comfortable, room for 5 people comfortably.

My Kia Sorento is a very comfortable riding car. It has plenty of room. The back seats lay down to make a long cargo area. Mpg is very good around town and on the highway.

- Carol H

Reliable, comfortable and efficient.

I really can't complain about my vehicle! It has great gas mileage, runs smoothly and is a comfortable ride all around. I would definitely recommend buying one to anyone!

- Voneta C

It's got high value for less money than its competition.

It comfortably seats 7, drives great & gets pretty good gas mileage and handles great. The only thing I don't like is the seats were more comfortable in the 2012 version.

- Erika F

Huge sunroof opens all the way to the back!

Our Kia Sorento is fantastic! From the heated seats, sunroof that opens all the way to the back, seats 7, back rows fold down, invisible trunk. Best car I've ever owned!

- Kimberlee S

Reliable and its great on gas.

Great on gas, looks good,.. Reliable, I have no complaints, I just love everything about my kea, its my 4th one and it has been good to me so I plan on staying with Kia.

- Diana C

Great family car, handles great in all kinds of weather, makes you feel safe.

Car is great have not had one issue since we got it! Handles great in snow as well! Perfect for our family, backseat still is roomy enough for 2 people plus a car seat!

- Victoria G

The 100, 000 mile drivetrain warranty.

My Sorento is very stylish and rides great. It was moderately priced and has a 100, 000 mile warranty on drivetrain. It fits 5 comfortably and has a large trunk space.

- Nancy L

The seats and the way it drives. Oh and good gas Mileage .

I like the way it drives.The seats are very comfortable for long drives. And I love the size and the looks of the car. I really don't dislike anything about this car.

- Linda K

Drives smoothly. Minimal engine issues. Has 3rd row seat option.

My Kia drives very smoothly . It tells me what and when there's an issue. I like seeing the tire pressure! The 3rd seat is hard to get to. The car is a tad too small.

- Samm B

The SUV feels very safe to drive. I feel comfortable having my children with me when driving.

I love that's it's an SUV, but it's not too big. It drives wonderfully and we absolutely love the Bluetooth feature. We loved it so much that we bought out our lease!

- Samantha H

There is a little bit of extra storage space in the trunk floor.

A lot of space and very comfortable. Great on gas. You can fold down the backseats and you have more room in your truck. Good for traveling and packing for vacation.

- Michelle E

It's a good car for the value, even with just a base model. It's handled well in the winter and is a comfortable ride even on long distances.

It was a base model so it doesn't have many bells and whistles. I wish it had automatic start and heated seats. I also don't like to aesthetics to the radio display

- Katy K

It gets good gas mileage for the size vehicle it is..

I like the way it handles and rides. It gets good gas mileage. My dislikes are that it is hard to keep clean and it has a lot of blind spots from the driver's seat.

- Richard C

that it is reasonably priced for all the features it has. to pay around $200/month leased for something with the features it has is impressive.

i like that it gets good gas mileage and i haven't had an issues with it. it is definitely a bit bigger than i'd prefer, though. overall, it's pretty dang solid.

- Joe W

Great fuel mileage.. Comfortable.. Roomy.

I love my car because it is reliable, runs great, good on gas, reasonably priced to maintain and has a lot more upgrades than my older car (2004 pontiac grand am).

- Jill L

Comes with eco mode, sport mode and regular mode.

I love the style of the car, gas efficiency, and extras that come with the car. I wish it was a little bigger. But for the majority part, I have no big complaints.

- Brian B

It is safe and reliable. Always good to have when you have kids.

It is very reliable and safe. It is a smooth ride. It is very safe for the kids with lots of airbags in the back. It does well on gas. I have the third row option.

- Sarah G

It's very reliable on the road. We've never had a problem.

My Kia is economical on gas. It is very spacious inside. Which helps for our 4 boys and all our bags and equipment. I love how cheap the maintenance is as well.

- Yes D

Right height for easy getting in and out.

Very easy to get in and out of. Great back up camera. Lots of space for groceries or luggage in the back. Comfortable leather seats and good size back seat.

- Eileen P

Affordable, reliable and has a long term warranty.

I love the comfort of this vehicle. The seats and back seats have plenty of room. The back of it is large enough for 2 people to fit back there in a pinch.

- Wanda C

The best SUV on the market. Kia Rocks.

This is my third Sorento. This is the best SUV for the cost. Warranty is above the normal since a large portion of the car is covered up to 100,000 miles.

- Julia H

It is good on gas mileage

Has enough room to fit passengers comfortably. Has four wheel drive which I find very important. I can fold rear seats down to transport some large items.

- jeff B

It's and awesome SUV with lots of room and good on gas!

I like that my vehicle is good on gas and dependable. I do not like that the monthly payments are higher than I wanted and my backup camera does not beep.

- Jessica L

Very spacious and luxurious feeling.

Love the large navigation screen! Never have any mechanical problems. Very spacious! I can fit lumber and all my wood tools easy with the fold down seats.

- Victoria S

Gas mileage, reliable, really good on the road.

Personally I have no complaints to make, this is a great car with great mileage. Drive up and down state of Florida, and was very happy about the drive.

- Nathalie B

It's a very safe and affordable vehicle very comfortable and gas milage on it is great

It has a 3rd row of seating for our large family it rides very smooth it looks good it's affordable good on gas the only long is i wish it had a sunroof

- Chris B

That it is a dinosaur compared to the updated electrical autos.

Just the correct size for my needs, as well as the fuel mpg for its size,... Able to load may yard supplies and not worry as to having too much weight.

- Nick A

Very dependable and little or no maintenance

I like the look, the way it drives. I like the size and the interior. I like the features it offers and the price is great compared to similar vehicles

- William H

It gets great gas mileage.

I like the size and gas mileage of my vehicle. I like that it has a 3rd row. I do not like that it has had several recalls and random things go wrong.

- Sheryl T

Good family vehicle, lots of space but uncomfortable front seats.

I love all the room and the trunk space is amazing. What I dislike is that the drivers seat does not have arm rests and the seats are not comfortable.

- Kerri G

Kia Sorento will take you anywhere.

Kia is easy to drive but is not suitable for bug guys like my husband coz he always complaints about his legs being hurt every time he drives the car.

- Joan S

Luxury feel at affordable prices

Love the interior and pano sunroof. Extremely fuel efficient for Its size. Wish infotainment was better. Sound could be a bit better but not terrible

- Kylie W

That is a very safe vehicle.

I wish I have a bigger radio/camera section. I love the size and the trunk area. I like how it feels to drive and spacious plus added a hitch to it.

- Megan K

The most important thing about the car is the safety score on it is excellent.

Great reliable car. Excellent gas mileage, super spacious and comfortable. Wish it was a little faster but is also very safe and my family loves it.

- Andrew M

The car is very dependable.

No complaints, wonderful car, luxurious, safety features. Leather seats. Keyless entry. Air bags everywhere. Great stereo. On star type protection.

- Irene L

Nice ride! It is very affordable also! I love mine!.

I love that it is spacious for my family and not a van! I get awesome gas mileage and the ride is smooth! I have no complaints about the vehicle.

- A B

The value of the car you get for your money is most likely the best on the vehicle market.

I like the bang for your buck! I love my car and everything about it. I am a 3 time Kia owner now and have no intentions of stopping that streak!

- kevin w

Rated #1 in SUV safety testing and has awesome gas mileage!

I like that my vehicle has a rear camera and a third row, however the third row has very little leg room and makes it only usable for small kids

- Kristen H

The trunk is small, you can lower the third row seat but this can be a issue if you have a big family.

Overall my experience with the car has been very positive. I have never had any mechanical issues. However I do wish the trunk was a bit bigger.

- Alonzo C

It's good on gas, easy to drive and it's actually very cute SUV

I like it, it fits 7 people however when we have 7 ppl traveling the backspace to put in travel items it's not big enough, I do need more room

- Isabel E

Everyone thinks Kia is a crappy brand but the cars actually do last a long time if well taken care of

It's good in the snow. It has good options like a locking differential and back up camera. It is good on gas. I wish it were a little bigger.

- L R

It offers a great value for the money and has plenty of room.

What I like about the vehicle is the value for the money. What I dislike about it is it's only 4 cylinders and not as sturdy as other trucks

- Robert F

It feels luxurious and safe but is not crazy expensive.

I love the way it drives. I like that there is space for lots of people and things but it is not a minivan. The third row option is awesome.

- Monika S

I like this car as a family car. It is roomy for the kids and durable.

Good family car. Room for a lot of people. Easy to drive. Good gas mileage. Good in the winter. I like the rear camera and the music system.

- Melissa L

Spacious convenient van that you can fit everyone and everything you need.

I love the room, and that the middle seat comes out. The trunk has a lot of room even with the 3 row up. I love that the 3rd row collapses.

- Kelly B

One mechanical issue in 6 years which required significant repair around 67000.

It rides smooth, good gas mileage, looks good, radio works good. Seats are comfy, steers good, gadgets are very informative, lots of room.

- Sue H

Lots of Bang for minimum bucks

This car gets great gas mileage. It feels roomy, and has plenty if cargo space. I also has a great warranty. All this for good price.

- Nikki G

It is good on gas mileage and doesn't take much to fill up.

Love the heated seats. Like that it is 4 wheel drive. It is comfortable and roomy. Don't like the expense for insurance and registration.

- Christie H

It works great, and it is amazing for travel.

Gas efficient. Big enough for travel. Perfect for traveling with my dog. Comfortable seats and it has a very good air conditioner system.

- Tania R

Almost everything can be controlled with buttons on the steering wheel.

I love the moonroof. It's great to sit and watch the meteor shower. The GPS is quite handy. It has heated seats for those cold mornings.

- Angie S

Practical, inexpensive option for an SUV.

Lots of storage capacity. Lots of legroom in the passenger seat and the back seats. Gets relatively good gas mileage. Simplistic inside.

- Susu P

The mirrors fold in automatically when you turn the engine off.

It's smooth to drive and has a lot of storage space. I love the sunroof and dash display. Gas mileage is decent, but could be better.

- Miranda H

Not a lot of trunk space that's really my only complaint.

It's really efficient on gas. Never had any issues with it. Not a lot of room in the trunk however. Also the suspension isn't the best.

- Juan C

I like that it seats seven people.

I like how much room there is. I'm able to take my kids and their friends on trips. I don't like the way the windshield always fogs up.

- LIzzie M

It is a good value for the money. Rides really well, fun to drive.

It rides really smoothly and sips gas. It was good value for the money, but i wish it was a little flashier. It is pretty but simple.

- Kerri P

It is dependable and has a smooth ride. I wish I would have purchased this car years before.

I am very happy with my KIA. This car has great gas mileage. This is the third KIA I have owned and they all have been great cars.

- Ann m

It is very reliable and handles superbly for an SUV.

My SUV is exceptional. It is very gas efficient and roomy. It has no problems except regular maintenance. It is a pleasure to drive.

- jesus r

2016 Kia Sorento with all wheel drive!

Very nice suv during the winter! Had all wheel drive. Holds 8 people, and extremely spacious! I would recommend this suv to anyone!

- Jade N

It comes with a 3rd row if you want.

I haven't found anything wrong with my car I love it. It is the perfect size with 2 kids and all their things everything fits well.

- Nicole K

Lots of little things have broken on the vehicle in a short period of time

Lots of thing have broken on this vehicle. I like the size and how it drives. The Kia dealership we bought it at is very rude.

- Katie L

It is stylish looking and handles very nicely.

I like everything about the kia Sorento. Comfort, handling, gas mileage, smooth ride. Do not have any dislikes about the vehicle.

- Debbie F

It handles well and is reliable, but finding quality service is difficult

Have had many tire problems but now with new tires it's fine, biggest problem is finding a reliable dealer to service the vehicle

- Wendy M

It drives really well and holds the road extremely well.

I really enjoy my Kia. It is easy to use and fun to drive. It gets great gas mileage. It is a much better SUV than I expected.

- Lloyd B

That it is a quality car.

I like the comfort, the color, style,.. I like the ride it gives.. Dislike the gas mileage it seem always need to fill the tank.

- Brenda V

My car is good to look at and has a leather interior.

I like the style and size of my vehicle. I love the panoramic sunroof. I dislike the lack of trunk space when the 3rd row is up.

- Megan C

Offers a third row and all wheel drive. It is a great family car.

It has a 3rd row but is not too big. It has AWD. It is really hard to get into the back seat and I very tight, child size only.

- Valerie A

Poorly made. Does not run as my older model. Not purchasing again.

Had a previous Sorento which was a much better riding car. Not happy with hesitation blues. Car starter never worked properly.

- Carol J

That it is affordable with a good manufacturer warranty.

I like the price and the warranty. Not a fan of the lack of noise reducing windows. Also not a fan of the 4 cylinder engine.

- Jeffrey P

It is reliable and it is all paid for and it is roomy and it is.. A chevrolet..

Vehicle is classy.. Vehicle is roomy.. I love it.. Vehicle runs smooth.. I am done.. Please go forward.. This is all you need.

- Barbara W

I'm not sure maybe how safe it is

I like the way it looks and it's a very nice vehicle. It runs great and love that it has a back up camera and it's very roomy

- Patricia C

Safety features and affordability

The price is great based on all the amenities. I love the 360 camera system. Good Gas mileage and I love the 10 year warranty

- Sonia B

Great Gas Mileage for highway miles. Smooth ride. Easy to clean the seats

I had to lease this vehicle so the mileage is too low per year. The car is too small for me. And it is too low to the ground.

- patricia c

Others should know how spacious the car is and how well it drives.

I love how spacious my SUV is. There is plenty of space for luggage when we travel. I love Bluetooth and I love how it drives

- Jessica M

It is a big tank of gas but it does last a while.

No complaints. I love everything about it. It is all wheel drive and 2 row of seats. I would like to get rubber mats though.

- Mandi G

The seats are very comfy and well made.

Its pretty good. Drives well with good handling. don't hear any outside noises. Not much else to say about how my car works.

- Ciaran H

The safety features such as back up camera and blind side assist

Several safety features such as back up camera and blind side assist. It is very stylish and has plenty of passenger space.

- Debbie Y

The color and how safe it is.

Gas mileage it rides smooth and I love the color of my vehicles. Could use a little more room but other then that I love it.

- John S