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Practical and affordable SUV.

My Kia is very reliable. The most maintenance I have had done is routine and a headlight bulb replaced in ten years. It is great on gas and the seats are amazingly comfortable. The features are limited. No controls on the steering wheel or built in GPS but it has everything it needs to be practical, like folding rear seats, power windows and windshield warmer to melt ice. No four wheel drive but if your not going far in the snow it is not too bad. Only real problem is fitting a car seat in the back with a passenger in the front.

- Danielle M

Love my Kia Sorento! Great car for a family

I've had my Kia for 10 years. It's been a great car with no issues beyond maintenance oil, tires and battery. Decent ride, a bit rough and needs better shocks. Some wind noise but overall, love my Kia. The gas mileage is decent at about 27mpg I've not had any major problems and will probably buy another one when I am ready to purchase my next vehicle

- Leigh C

Kia review, likes and dislikes.

Great warranty, but bad gas mileage for a smaller vehicle the only problems I have had are the mileage per gallon, as for comfort it is ok. Love the 4 wheel drive this vehicle has Easy to work on, nice leg room in both front and back seats. Tows my boat very easy, but it is only a 18 foot alum. Bass boat.

- Dale M

Traction control works amazing on slippery roads.

Great car hardly even broke down. Great mileage, heavy duty, rugged, great pick up and safe. Had it 4 years now and plan to buy another one shortly. Kia builds very safe and reliable car, many features to make driving very easy. 4x4 for the winters is the way to go, handles great in rain, snow and ice.

- Jeff A

Gas, comfort, room, and radio positioning.

I feel like I have to refill my tank constantly. I also have replaced my headlights twice for I had to do it once on the other car. The car is very comfortable and is very roomy. I love a seat adjustment and how the radio is positioned. My next car I buy will probably be a Kia.

- Shereen A

My Kia love it because it is reliable.

Love the way it drives and it has seats that heat up when it's cold the rear view mirror has a back up camera in it its 4 wheel drive good in snow can seat 7 people. Has remote starter in the keys. Seats in back go down so you have more room in the back for more to carry.

- Teresa W

Great value for the price paid.

I have had no major problems with my Kia Sorento. I have had to get the air compressor replaced about 2 years ago. It's the only time I have had something fixed under the hood. Vehicle rides smooth. Basic features with the interior. I am really happy with my vehicle.

- Rick W

2011 FWD Kia Sorento - lightweight mid-size SUV.

The last car I had was a 2003 Ford Taurus. Even though that was a sedan and I currently drive a SUV, the Taurus was much better in inclement weather. My Sorento is FWD, is light weight, handles absolutely terrible on wet and snowy roads and is bad on gas.

- Jake M

Great height and wonderful size for a single mom.

Love this car! It is reliable and safe for a family! Have not had any issues with it and believe it is a great one to purchase! If you keep up with the maintenance and keep the car clean it will last forever! Love the height of the car and the size!

- Melissa P

The steering can be jerky and hard to handle on rough surfaces.

Overall, this car is a smooth drive with very few mechanical issues. General maintenance is practically all I have had to do. However, the steering can be jerky and hard to handle on rough surfaces.

- Kelly F

Not bad but not something I would buy again

This car is mostly reliable but I have had a lot of small issues with it. My windows have quit working, my door handles have fallen off, and my headlights flicker. I personally would not buy again.

- Ashley G

Stylish 2009 Kia Sorento

I have a very nice and stylish 2009 Kia Sorento that I absolutely love.it has solid towing capability and is available four-wheel drive which is great when our family travels to the mountains.

- Kelli H

They should watch out for the door handles breaking on the outside.

I dislike that the door handles broke and the air conditioner. I like that it is a SUV and the fact that it is high off the ground. I am happy with the make and model of the car.

- Erica S

It's a great vehicle but it does take a decent amount of gas to go places

I love my vehicle, I haven't had any problems out of it yet other than the fact that my low tire pressure light randomly goes off and sometimes flash and act crazy for no reason

- Keirsten N

Other should know that the car is a great SUV for small families.

I love the size of this vehicle. It's easy to transport groceries, kids, etc. It's also not too big. However, I do experience electrical issues and trouble driving in rain/snow.

- Ashley L

I love my car! It is safe and reliable. It's not too big or too small.

I like the car but since I bought it used it doesn't have lots of bells and whistles. It drives beautifully. I would love to have heated seats and air vents in the back.

- Cristina B

I guess I'm not sure. Like I said, it's long-lasting and has been pretty safe. Both good pros

It seems like a sturdy vehicle that has kept running for a good long time without having to upkeep too much, but it drives like a truck--in that you feel every bump.

- Callio S

You get what you pay for.

It's not a smooth ride. I had the differential go on me and it was a costly repair that they said would not be under warranty until i complained and had it fixed.

- bill c

Great for towing equipment, plenty of interior room as well.

This vehicle has been great with moving equipment around. There is plenty of room even for our dog. The towing capacity is really good. Very reliable vehicle.

- Ron E

It is great on gas. No major problems.

I have not had any major problems with my car. It is good on gas. I plan to drive it as long as it will go. When I do. Up another car it will be a Kia.

- Paula A

I don't feel the need that others need to really know about my car

It gets great gas mileage, so far it's been very dependable with very few problems. It's comfortable easy to control all the controls in the vehicle

- Ashley L

It is a very safe vehicle that has protected us from a couple of accidents.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my Kia. It has been through several wrecks and has kept us safe in every one. I would buy another one in a heartbeat.


Kia takes a lickin and keeps on tickin

Car has been reliable with next to no issues for almost 10 years and a ton of miles. The only real issue was replacing the drive train last month

- Sarah F

It is powered by a small nuclear device.

I generally love it, I do wish it was a little bigger and that the gas mileage was better. The 4x4 is very nice to have where I live.

- Karen H

Great little Car for what I need.

It's a great little car. No issues at all. Runs good, great gas Mileage. I have it wrapped for my business so everyone recognize it.

- Chip T

Another good SUV if the reliability is of your concerns.

It's reliable with a truck frame for a SUV. It's very roomy and durable. We have not had any issues with the vehicle.

- mara n

I like the fact that my car is very spacious.

I liked the four wheel drive. It is very spacious. The exterior lights. I hate the middle seat belt in the back.

- Jennifer T

It has been a reliable car with minimal repairs over the years.

My only complaint is that it has started to rust. I have never had this problem with any other vehicle.

- vic M

It is dependable and very comfortable to drive with a big cargo space.

We have had this vehicle for almost 10 years. It is fun to drive and hasn't had any major trouble.

- Becky S

It comes with the best warranty in the market . Tows a boat with out not effort, has nice room in the back seat area

Otis easy to drive,gets ok gas mileage. Has the best warranty out today. Tows my boat very well.

- Dale M

It's very dependable and easy to drive and has a big cargo ares

I like that has had very few problems. It has a big cargo area. It's comfortable to drive

- Don S

It is spacious and can offer good, basic amenities.

It is fairly large. It is reliable. It is nice in the color that it is currently in.

- Norm K

how universal it is. can load groceries when the seats are folded down. can load 6 people with the seats up.

i love the visibility.i love the fold down seats. It's roomy and useful

- nikki m

Its dependable.not that much gas is used.

It was used works well. but no bells and whistles. Its dependable.

- Lauren P

It handles very nice. The cargo space is very good.

It has lasted a long time without having any problems.

- Becky S