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My Dream Car: Lexus IS300

2003 Lexus IS

The IS300 was my dream car the moment it was released. I have a 5spd. Stock it has enough power and torque to be spirited and fun to drive while being good on gas. The dash is prone to deteriorating from sun exposure but that's really been the only downside. Ample trunk space, great audio, and great options most people look for. It's a great platform for those who like to modify cars too, just expensive to do so. I only have to do basic maintenance, slightly more annually than my previous Honda, and just a bit more expensive. I would prefer not to have leather seats, but that's really my only gripe.

- Evan S

A college student's dream

2003 Lexus IS Base w/5-Spd Man

It's just a really comfortable car for me. I'm small, don't need to travel cross country, and if my friends and I need to go somewhere then it gets us there. The gas mileage isn't awful and the interior is super easy to clean. Beyond a few maintenance issues with the engine, I love my car. Plus it drives pretty smoothly.

- Hope C

At this point, it might be a classic! But seriously, it's a solid, comfy point-A-to-point-B machine. Very happy with it.

2003 Lexus IS

As someone once told me about a musical instrument he loved, it's not that I need things to be fancy-- I need it to work. Very reliable car. The reason for getting a '03 is that it predates heavy computerized brain age. I like my car to be a car, don't need it to be a computer.

- Don Z

The brakes are incredibly touchy! Be careful.

2003 Lexus IS

I like that it has a lot of nice features and looks sporty. However, the CD player doesn't work so it makes road trips long. The sun roof is cool because I can watch the planes fly over.

- Tiffany p

It's a reliable car even for its age.

2003 Lexus IS

I purchased my car new and it's been extremely reliable, still looks new. I love my car and don't want to get another one to have to make payments again.

- MaryJane D

Has extremely gas mileage.

2003 Lexus IS

No problems so far and I have had it going on 5 years. Very reliable. Small, yet comfy. Good gas mileage. Drives amazing.

- Ashlyn M

it has the smoothest feel a great engine and it is reliable.

2003 Lexus IS

i like how smooth it drives, it has good horsepower. i hate the cd player doesn't work. i hate the dents in it

- james d

That it runs good. That it is a 5 speed..

2003 Lexus IS

Love the suspension, handling and comfort dislike the gas it uses and the money it requires to maintain.

- Katy A

It's a super reliable car so it's a great starter car

2003 Lexus IS

Even though I have a older guy it's in pretty good condition. Very reliable. A brand I trust

- Janelia B