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I zip around, dependable, smooth ride. Like I am driving a sport car.

I love my car and I will not sell it or trade it. Great little car, only has 50k there was recall for airbags and they were replaced. I was given a loaner of equal or + for the 6 months it took for replacement. Alternator replaced 4 months ago and speedometer dial light is out. Too expensive to replace by Lexus, installed digital/portable one and that was $89. As compared to Lexus $1600. Estimate. Car has been maintained on a regular basis and is fully loaded w/ exception of electric seat control, which I forgot about when purchased car new. Too expensive to replace. The reliability of this model car considering age is great.

- Lois D

Lexus safety, comfort, and reliability.

I love my primary vehicle because it is very reliable. Unlike other makes, Lexus makes me feel safer, has way less issues, and I drive it more smoothly and comfortably. I also like all the features that included like the control buttons in the wheel as well as in the screen that my brother’s Lexus has. The only issue is that when something needs to be fixed, it is expensive. However, less issues have shown up and every cent spend feels like an investment, not a waste of money.

- Fernando C

Summarizing the problems of my vehicle.

I had some issues with my starter that I had to pay close to $2000 to fix. My headlights connection blew a fuse and the whole bumper has to be removed in order to fix it. There is a recall on the dashboard and the panels for the driver and passenger doors. They have yet to fix them. Miles to the gallon is pretty good. . I would say weekly I pay $30 to fill up the tank. The car is low profile, so mindful when driving over potholes. I have had to change my tires twice this year.

- Felicia H

My Lexus is250s journey with me

My 2007 Lexus IS250 has served me well. Never had any major problems. Although I do have some minor issues like the navigation screen suddenly giving out without any warning. One day it was working then the next day it's just a black screen drawing a blank. Unfortunately Lexus wants to charge me a few grand to replace it so I said no thanks and currently don't use it . Normally Lexus goes above and beyond in service but not this time. Still I am fairly happy with my car.

- Caroline S

It has a very good safe ratings.

I like the look of my car, it has a sporty look to it. I like how smooth driving it is. I like my leather seats, they are easy to clean. I don't like the dash material it is made out of, it is hard to clean I don't like how I can't use the GPS when driving to change things. I don't like the safety mode. I don't like how little back room there is for your legs

- Windy B

You either love it or hate it.

Lexus is definitely a dependable car however it is not a very comfortable ride. The suspension is low and you feel every bump in the road. However all the gadgets are pretty cool in the car especially the updated new technology. However the engine is very durable and reliable as long as you keep up maintenance. It is however quite expensive to fix.

- Sa L

The Lexus is 250 is a very reliable and beautiful vehicle.

The performance on my Lexus is very satisfactory. The black leather interior is complimented nice by wood trim. The pearl white paint reflects beautifully in the sun. I have not had any mechanical or electrical problems which shows the reliability of this vehicle. The touchscreen display is very practical and easy to get used to.

- Harrison F

It has AWD and can handle any and every terrain. It's an inexpensive luxury car with an expensive luxury feel.

The love the size and the class, not too big nor too small. The features of the car such as moonroof, AWD, leather seats, built in navigation system, among other features. I can't say there is anything i dislike, nor do i have any complaints. I absolutely love my car and will mostly likely be upgrading to a new model soon.

- Kerry F

Dashboard melts and glasses making it hard to see when driving.

The dashboard 'melts' and glares on the windshield making it hard to see when sunny out. Lexus will not fix the dash due to the recall being out of date. I did not own the car when the recall was sent, and the previous owner never took it in. The exterior is nice and sporty. The car has power and will get up and go!

- Amber W

2007 Lexus is 250 4 door rwd sedan.

My 2007 is 250 4 door sedan Lexus is very nice, it has heated seats for winter, a sunroof for fall rides in the canyon and along the coast as well as push start making it easy to start up with no issues. My only complaint is that it is not very spacious for my taller friends or sister who complains constantly.

- Roxy D

Safest, fastest and coolest car out there!

I drive the Lexus is300 and it is the most fun to drive of any car I've ever had! It hugs corners, stops on a dime, goes Fast, and it's got a special feature to turn it from an automatic to a manual! When you close the dots you feel completely safe as the car has a solid feel to it like no other.

- Tobee E

The price you pay for luxury.

I love the heated and cooled seats. Perforated leather. Pretty good gas mileage and the reliability is pretty good. I have had a few maintenance issues some expensive but nothing I cannot afford yet. I wish the gas mileage was better though and it has been getting a little worse.

- Francis I

Smooth riding but expensive to maintain.

Love the interior and seat warmers. Headlights are too expensive to fix. Good gas mileage. Drives smooth. Dash lights constantly illuminate and have a hard time with how expensive it is to fix this issue also. It feels luxurious but sits a little to low to the ground.

- Jennifer J

Black pearl Lexus is250 sports.

Low maintenance, expensive car parts and labor, performance wise has some get up and go but lacks the feeling of hugging the road that I prefer. Their is some torque picks up quick. Inside a bit small but good for a single person. Features are easy user friendly.

- Sarah L L

My sporty sedan the Lexus is 250!

Good gas mileage, very reliable. My kids hate that there is no leg room in the front or back seat. Maintenance is affordable because it is a Toyota. I love the fact that it is a four door sports car!! I love my is 250. Will be purchasing another newer model soon.

- San B

Comfortable and dependable car

Very comfortable with nice styling. Reliability is great with Lexus being one of the most reliable brands on the market. Car is underpowered compared to similar luxury cars and 2007 lacks some of the technologies in modern vehicles (back-up camera, Bluetooth).

- Christopher M

Rusting Issues with Lexus models IS and ES before 2012

I had this car for 11 years, The major problems i had was Rims started to peel apart after 5 years and exhaust pipe started to have holes and cuts after 9 years. Everything else motor wise and internal no issues.

- george k

Still living my Lexus after all this time.

My 2007 Lexus is250 is still a dream in 2018. I've got over 150,000 miles and it's going strong. The only major issue I had was the recall of the dashboard melting. It was taken care of quickly.

- Dawn C

Maintenance costs are high.

I love the luxurious assets my vehicle has. I also love the body style it has. It has a variety of safety features. This vehicle will literally run forever if you keep up with the maintenance.

- Karma D

The car gives a smooth ride and it is very reliable

The car is fast, sporty and luxurious. It gives a smooth ride and looks sleek. The only thing I do not like is that every time I bring the car for service and costs a lot of money

- Frank B

My is250 isn't only reliable and comfortable with good mileage, but the styling holds up so much that I still get compliments on my car 11 years later.

I like the interior. It's sleek and the seats are comfortable and relaxing. It's reliable and fast. It's great in the snow. Loaded with options. Good on gas considering v6 awd

- Joe F

My car accelerates quickly. It is too easy to drive over 80 MPH without realizing you are speeding too fast.

I love how my car handles corners. It's easy and fast. I love that I have bluetooth for my phone for music and phone calls. I don't like that it's over ten years old.

- Aimee W

If the body could hold up like motor has it'd be a great car.

I am very shocked at the quality of Lexus and how quickly the car just seemed to fall apart. I can say this though they do have good stout motors with lots of power.

- Kayla V

Great handling, great mileage and run very smoothly during all types of weather

This car is now 11 years old and has very few problems. always reliable and running great. Wheels for the model year are defective however and rust like crazy

- david s

it's a smooth, safe, and fun ride

it's a smooth ride, has great acceleration and an awesome turning radius. I wish that the back windshield was slightly different, with better visualization

- Allison A

Is built for average to smaller size occupants. Large persons (taller than 6 feet & heavier than 200 lbs) will be uncomfortable.

Great car, comfortable to ride & drive, has good navigation system, air conditioning. Don't like different tire sizes between front and rear. No complaints.

- George H

Pearl IS 250 AWD riding it until the wheels fall up! It's a 07 and it's 2018 and it still looks and rides great!

It's reliable, cute, performs well and comfortable. IS 250 AWD I've had it for over 5 years no issues; just keep up the maintenance

- Danielle M

The quality is not what it use to be.

Too many recalls. Interior gets sticky when hot. Plastic did not hold up well. Very comfy and stylish. Difficult to use a car seat.

- Jenna S

My Lexus is reliable! It has lasted long.

I love my car and never have problems! I have had it since I was a freshman in high school and I am now a junior in college.

- Hannah W

The most important thing is performance.

The ride is smooth. It quickly accelerates to the speed you want to go. It turns corners nicely. It is a nice looking car.

- Maureen M

It is very reliable to take in long trips.

I love how smooth and reliable it is. I also do not waste too much money on gas. I do not like the color of the car.

- Liz M

It is a smooth ride. Very comfortable and reliable.

Lexus is the best. It is comfortable, zippy and does not have many issues. It has all the creature comforts I need.

- Alex C

Great on gas, and very roomy.

I like my vehicle very much and not much to complain about. Great on gas, luxury, and nice leather. Great color.

- Jerry C

Very dependable vehicle when preventive maintenance is adhered to.

Rides smoothly. Handles great. Routine maintenance. Knowledgeable dealer. Very reliable and dependable vehicle.

- Tye B




Lexus - reliable, comfortable

Good reliable car. Comfortable for city driving. No problems since day one. Standard features in base model.

- Florence M

The car isn't flashy, it's not fast but it does everything I need it to do.

Lexus/Toyota are very reliable cars. Good in the snow and efficient enough to be my daily driver.

- Eric C

She's been a great car for over ten years and still runs like a champ.

I like that she is 255k miles and still running like a champ. She still has all the amenities.

- Jen C

It's a car, a mode of transportation. Nothing else.

No complaints. Car gets me from a to b. Heat does not work, but I rarely drive at night.

- Julie B

That the maintenance is low.

I like cars that don't cause me too much trouble. The features it has is cool too

- Fran B

I think the car is pretty great on gas mileage and also safety

No dislikes, no complaints at this time. For the majority I always enjoy the car

- Starla B

It's a great car, reliable if taken care of properly and maintenanced.

I like the power and feel of the car. It's okay on gas but could use a high mpg.

- Kristie I