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Great looking car that's fun reliable and safe.

I have a Lexus is 250, I have been driving it for couple years and it's been a great car. Hardly any problems, acceleration is great and speeds up quickly. Which makes my driving experience fun. The interior of my car is leather with wooden look in the front. It's very comfortable and my car heats up fast and seat warmers too which is great during the winter time. I also have a moonroof which is useful for my dogs when I leave them in the car. The only thing I do is oil change and maintenance every about 20, 000 miles at a dealership. I drove my car to Oregon and back, I drive a lot actually. Mainly if you do basic maintenance and take care of your car well your car will last for long time. I also really like the exterior look of my Lexus compared to other cars but that's just a bias. You know they're reliable because they are luxury brand from Toyota. I will say that the yearly license is quite expensive like $200 a year in Washington or maybe that's the norm everywhere else. But I assume for 2006 car the cost would be a lot lower. The traction control is good for slippery roads, it has saved me a few times especially when driving on curvy roads on rainy days even when I am just going 30 mph. So its a safe car and I am glad the car is able to detect when the car is losing control and tries to get you back on track instead of you naturally doing it yourself. I feel safe with my car. It Bluetooth to phone calls only. Resell value is also great.

- Susan K

It is durable and reliable automobile that is also affordable.

It has extremely good engine. Very smooth driving and the size of the care is roomy. I am very comfortable driving the car. It is also good on the gas mileage. I take it everywhere and I put a lot of miles in it. Mine is now over 200k miles but it is still running great. It serves my long commute like no other car has. It has a strong engine so I do not have to crawl up the hill and hold up the rest of the cars behind me. I love it! I think my next car will also be another Lexus.

- Courtney D

Is a luxury car and no matter how old it gets is beautiful to look at and great.

Beautiful car great engine great transmission good on gas just love everything about it my kids fit comfortably in the back the trunk is spacious up to know only things I have to put in has been the oil spark plug filters tires the leather is great but the door panels are bad and sticky other than that is a great car to have and is visibility of the car is beautiful.

- Edwin I

One of the most important things others should know about my car is that my particular year or around the 2005 2008 models had a carbon buildup issue that has to be maintain so the issue doesn't get worse in the car will drive even worse

I really love body design of my car I love that is rear wheel drive. I love the interior the driver seat and passenger see how it feels like a cockpit and how the back seats in the rear of the car is slanted. I really enjoy the headlights in the LED parking lights were driving lights has a very nice clean aggressive look

- Emmanuel D

Lexus is 250 short ownership review.

The 2. 5l is great on gas. Great luxury car for a cheap price. I have over 100, 000 miles only have done routine maintenance on the vehicle. The leather seats have no rips in them whatsoever, just regular wear and tear. Only takes premium fuel, if you put regular gas the vehicle will throw up some codes.

- Matthew D

Super nice leather seats with heated and cool seats.

I love my car. It rides smoothly, never has many problems, super comfortable, has a nice sunroof, and I have very minimal complaints about it. The mileage is decent but my only issue is that you have to use premium gas in it which can add up quickly.

- Barbara P

It does not have good gas mileage.

It is a small car. I cannot fit an adult in the back seat. It does not have good mileage for gas and runs through a tank really quickly. Also requires premium gas so it is more expensive to fill up.

- Ashley F

That it is fast and reliable.

I love that the car drives really well. It also has heated seats which makes the seats not so cold when you sit in them. But sometimes it does shake a little. Other than that it is great.

- Anna O

It gives a smooth ride and is comfortable.

The car is luxurious and sporty. The car is fast and reliable. The only problem I have with the car is when it needs repairs it cost at least one thousand dollars.

- Frank P

For its age, it looks very modern and if not better than most brand new cars today.

It gets me to point A to point B. Very modern look for the age of the car. The only downside, it muzzles gas if not driven on the freeway.

- James S

I believe others should know that my car is very reliable.

I like the fuel efficiency of my vehicle. I do not like the very small size of my vehicle. I dislike that my vehicle is not very fast.

- Emmanuel T

check your vehicle and buy comfortable car

if you trying to buy car looking for car just check the vehicle check engine and driving test everything vehicle is not toy!!

- tuguldur Z

It is a Lexus and a small sedan that is pretty fast.

Not in the best of shape. I like it because it is still a nice car. And it is black. I like that too. The interior is warped.

- Maureen E

The rims leak. You have to replace them.

I like the look, the comfort, the quality. I do not like the tires because the rims leak, causing tires to have problems.

- Susan C

It is a luxury car and it is a 2006.

I like that my car runs smoothly. I like that my car has a good sound system. I don't like that my car is gray.

- Daysi R

That my car is safe and reliable when driving around

None, I absolutely love my car! I wouldn't trade it for anything

- Tara G