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The Lincoln town car. Comfort, performance, sophistication, and style.

The Lincoln town car executive is a great luxury car. It is spacious, and elegant. It is a very quiet and smooth ride. It was said to drive like a boat over water it is so smooth! It has quite a number of miles on it and it still performs wonderfully. The only problem I have experienced is the window's motors have made it impossible to go up and down. I keep them up all the time. This is fine because in summer I need them up for the air conditioner and in the winter to keep the car heated. So I can live with the windows up. I will get them fixed. Also being a big luxury car, it takes more gas to operate. Overall, it is still a great car.

- Lois M

Lincoln Town Car: only make and model I drove until Lincoln stopped making them.

The Lincoln Town Car is THE premiere luxury sedan. It seats 5 adults very comfortably; plenty of legroom. Because of the superior hydraulic system, the ride is as smooth as riding on a cloud. It handles well. Its features include heated driver and passenger side exterior mirrors, driver settings memory, large glove box, rear windshield tray speakers, rear windshield defrost system, front exterior side lights for sighted turns and many other extras. I have driven a variety of Town Cars through the years. It was the only car I drove until Lincoln stopped making this model.

- Laura P

Good car. Does need lots of work probably after 160,000 miles. Always have to make sure you go over speed bumps, potholes, anything like that very carefully.

I love my Lincoln but I have had to put a lot of work into it. Including new power steering pump, cooling fan, rack pinion, valve cover gasket. It's still currently leaking power steering fluid. As of right now still have to put another 700$ in it maybe more. I'm actually trying to invest in this car and rebuild is slowly. Unfortunately it's extremely expensive. Everytime I put something new into it something else seems to go wrong.

- Alexis W

The real Lincoln experience.

The car gets great gas mileage. Smooth ride and handling especially when you are driving long distance. I love the interior of my car. Really roomy and has heated seats as well. The stereo system is excellent. Trunk capacity is quite large. I don't like the armrest that is in the front seat. I would like for it to be a different design. The coin holder does not keep the coins in place.

- Sheila H

Tinted windows the gas mileage is good it is a good church car traveling car.

It drives good the sear are comfortable. It power brakes, had some trouble with my air compressor had to buy whole kit first time I have had the carsense 2013. My power windows is fixing to go out having some trouble, for it to be a big car it does will good on gas I love my car though. It is dependent able. The car of my car is white the sears is light brown.

- Cheryl S

Thermostat and volume control for both passengers.

Its is the first car I have had that feels like luxury. I can fit 1 or maybe 2 carts of groceries in the trunk and 2 kids in the backseat and still have legroom to spare. It's the smoothest ride you know everything from suspension to shocks are superior. Amazing for trips that were cramped and crabby; now you can stretch out relax and enjoy the ride.

- Lindsay L

Overall, it is by far the best car that I have had.

I love my car. There is a lot of space, it drives really smoothly, and it is reliable. The seats are leather and are more comfortable than any other car I have had before. The heated seats are really nice and the cushioning is comfortable. The steering is very smooth and the radio buttons on the steering wheel are also really nice.

- Amy B

Runs good. Nice looking. Lincoln 2002.

Drives pretty good I guess. It is not the best car but it works. One time we were stuck in the mountains for a long winter camping trip and a bear was chasing us, but we got in the car and drove off pretty quick. So I guess it is pretty reliable. It is also very comfortable. The features is a seat warmer, some mirrors, cup holders.

- Kat S

My Lincoln is like a plane on wheels. For better and for worse.

The Lincoln town car has always been reliable to me. I have had it for 5 years and the engine is still going strong. I have had problems with the air suspension but overall it is a good luxury vehicle. Plush leather seats along with the air ride is the closest thing you'll get to floating. Downside it is a very big build of a car.

- Javier I

My Lincoln All in all I enjoy this car very much.

My car is a navy blue 2002 Lincoln LS. Great luxury features inside, heated bucket seats, dual side heat and air conditioning. Leather seats. However bought this car used windshield cracked first winter I had the car. Passenger side window keeps breaking, will not stay up power button or switch keeps breaking.

- Lorna S

Despite the many things wrong with it my Lincoln still has a good motor.

My Lincoln sometimes will not start and when it does it revs for a few seconds before starting up, it overheats badly and I continuously have to put water in it, does not have central air or heat, looks badly in shape, windshield has a big crack from a hurricane that caused a big branch to fall into it.

- Terri T

Smooth roomy ride with radio sound quality.

It is very comfortable and roomy. Has great sound system. And good acceleration. It could get a bit better mileage but it's not terrible. The windows in it seem to be poorly made or the clips that aid in it moving up and down they have broke four times and they are not cheap to replace. Smooth ride.

- Julie S

Ease of handling, gas mileage, great smooth ride very comfortable.

I have had my Lincoln town car, for fourteen years now. I have had only a few repairs. No major issues. I love the way it drives, the ease of handling. Gets good gas mileage, smooth ride on any road. Short trips or long trips. The leather seats are very comfortable. I just love my car. . .

- Helen H

Lincoln town cars are a good investment if they. Are not old.

My car is 16 years old. When I first bought the car it ran like a gem. It was very smooth riding, quiet, seats comfortable, etc. What you would expect for a new car. But now that it is old the engine is still running good. But the ride is not smooth anymore you can feel everything.

- Linda B

Riding on air and luxury. Good condition.

Ride smooth great on long distance needs new tires car is in good condition and do not have any problems but for tires. Car has had one other owner besides me. Mileage is low air conditioning. Electric windows and seat. White leather seats and is a limited edition.

- Virginia G

Great car. Not for handicapped drivers.

The Lincoln is a great car. This is the third one I have had. It drives great and is reliable for the most part. My main problem is it is too low sitting for a handicapped person. The trunk could be deeper and the backseat needs more legroom. Great stereo system.

- Penny P

Great car. Dependable, trusted, tried and true. You will not be disappointed.

It is a good car. Nice ride good motor and performance. I have had no problems with this car. The normal things changing oil putting on breaks and tune ups. This car is very reliable. It has never put me down. Motor in great condition good mileage great on gas.

- Stephanie E

Love my Lincoln town car. Pure luxury.

Very reliable car. It gets great gas mileage and has a very smooth ride. . The cruise control is a plus and everything in the car is automatic. The seat warmers are also very awesome in these very cold months. You get a lot of luxury for a very good price.

- Amy M

It's big and spacious inside and out!

I like that it's spacious. I like that it's a bigger vehicle to help protect me in case of a crash. I don't like that it's older because it doesn't have the latest technology. Also, little things going wrong with it as it gets older.

- Kenny R

It has leather seats and is rear wheel drive.

I like the electric seats and the air-ride suspension. It has a v8 so has plenty of power. I'm not a big fan of when to shifts gears, it seems to shift too early and doesn't want to downshift making it difficult to get up to speed.

- Steven H

It's very comfortable and extremely dependable despite having significant mileage

I love the body style of this car. It really has been a great car: Very dependable. gets great fuel mileage and is inexpensive to maintain and repair. It is unfortunate they are no longer being manufactured.

- Oliver K

My car is a good vehicle for local and long distance it is paid for.

My car has original miles from one owner it is not a very nice looking car but the air conditioner blows really cold. It runs good on gas recently though it has been creaking also minor repairs to body.

- Brenda H

Lincolns are made for comfort, not performance. Although you can take it on a road trip, just be ready to get something fixed when you get back.

I really have a Mercury Grand Marqui, but I wasn't able to select it. The Lincolns are nice. Not as much get up and go in the town cars as the new zephyrs. Lot of legroom tho. Not as stylish as a cadi.

- Travis D

It is dependable, comfortable, roomy, smooth ride.

Love the size, it has a large trunk for shopping and it gets decent gas mileage for how old it is, the only thing I do not like is that it is starting to have problems do to it is age.

- Judy S

That it is still running like a new car after 16 years.

After 16 years my car has several problems. The shocks are bad and the paint is starting to peel. It still has a great heating, cooling and radio system.

- Linda B

Even Though it is a boat, it's a super nice riding car that is super great for long car rides and to sleep in

I like that it's a smooth drive, I sometimes hate how big it is. The backing assist is broken so that sucks, but other than that I love my car

- Cora S

You cannot close the left side of the door.

What I like about my vehicle the most is that is very spacious. It has a very unique design. And there's nothing that I dislike about it.

- Sam P

Very reliable and makes you feel safe within its confines.

I like the space it has. It handles very well with strong raw power. However, It has a V8 engine and the fuel economy is not that good.

- John P

That it is comfortable for long term driving.

I love my car, it's easy to drive, roomy, big insides and trunk. I have had a few minor spark plug issues but not much other problems.

- Sharon A

It gets great gas mileage for the size of car that the Lincoln Town Car is.

My car is very roomy and comfortable. It gets great gas mileage. It is stout and not a tiny little tin can.I have not complaints.

- Teresa P

Would recommend if was available to get it there a great car all the way around.

I like everything about my vehicle it has a lot of nice features it rides nice has a lot of room and has all leather interior.

- Casey K

It's been giving me a lot of trouble. In the shop now and I pray it's nothing serious. The air broke and it's hot

I bought it used and it has a dent in it the air is broke my window won't go down and it's in the shop trying to put me down

- Christi L

The heated seats and air brakes are my favorite details, such luxury.

I love my car with heated seats and mirrors, but hate it uses so much gas, because a V8 engine, and I drive a lot.

- Charles P

it's very comfortable and for the most part, very reliable

the only thing I don't like about this vehicle is that it is not good in the snow or heavy rain

- maria a

It is reliable and can get the job done no matter what.

I like how the car is reliable even after all these years. I don't dislike anything about it.

- Frank D

dependable, and comfortable, it is very easy to operate

Beautiful car, it floats like a dream, and needs very few car repairs.

- Ellen d

I have a black Lincoln ls V8. I've owned for a year, 2002 luxury vehicle. It has power windows and sunroof. I've had to do regular maintenance on my car such as fluids. The V8 runs pretty hot so water is a must. I had to wire in a toggle for my hydraulic fan.

It's quiet and nice to look at, but very fast without much push

- Gabrielle P

It's comfortable and fun to drive. good quality car

Its comfortable. Low mileage. It was a gift. Fun to drive.

- Amanda N

There is Nothing that others need to know about my car

I love my car. Runs great and I got it for a cheap price

- Kimberly R