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The 2018 Mazda cx-5 is a car that really outshines it is competitors.

I am really a fan of the vehicle I currently an leasing. The 2018 Mazda cx-5 handles like a dream. I honestly have never driven a car that turns on a dime and that just feels this good to be in. I love that the car has sensors for other vehicles that are on my right and left. They are sort of like blind-spot detectors and the car give a non-distracting small beep when there is a car on either side of me, which helps tremendously when merging. The model I have, has a sport mode, which honestly just makes the car handle so much smoother. This car is such a dream to be in and to drive. I am able to connect my phone to the car via Bluetooth enabling me to manage my music and also make telephone calls as well. I am honestly driving my dream car.

- Olivier B

The cruise control is awesome!

I really like the vehicle I especially love the cruise control feature that moderates itself. I no longer have to slow the vehicle down and resume speed myself. The pick up is great and the safety features are wonderful. The only 2 downfalls for me that I don't like is that I no longer have a CD player. I was told they no longer make them with a CD player and the front seat position is a little hard for me to find the perfect spot because its titles back when raising up the seat and then you can't move the seat back too far.

- Kathy Jo C

Overall great buying decision!

My Mazda is amazing. I just got the cx5 at the end of July, and previously had a Mazda 3. I love the feeling of being in an SUV, and the cabin is incredibly quiet. All of the safety features are great, too, but the auto braking has created some issues along with the lane assist. The lane assist beeps even when you are far away from the car in the next lane and the auto brake comes on when I try to get around a car that is turning in front of me. Overall though, great decision!

- Jennifer S

New Mazda CX-5, Better than most!

My first new vehicle and I love it! I mean let's be real, any new car is nice and we are spoiled so there are a few things I've noticed. The a/c works good but with only 3,000 miles on the car sometimes it feels like it doesn't blow as cold as most times so I turn the knob to the heat setting and turn it back and it goes cold again. The radio works however if you turn the station there is a noise glitch that it makes before hearing it normal on any station that's chosen.

- Deena G

My lights follow the curved roads.

I love all the safety features on my car especially the lane assist and backup camera. The headlights are also very bright and actually move when you are driving on a curved road. The leather seats are not as comfortable as the regular seats, but I do really like the seat warmers and that you can electronically adjust the set position. I also live the way my car looks and the pearly white paint soaked in the sunlight.

- Gail R

It has the Driver Assist for lanes, breaking and cars beside you.

I was looking for a quieter car and found this in my price range. Mileage is not bad for city driving (I drive very short distances) at approximately 21.5. I like the in dash navigation. About the only thing so far I don't care for is the amount of sun/heat through the clear windows let in, so in turn it takes a bit longer than I thought it would to cool down. Otherwise so far it has been a good car.

- Michele P

Driving assistance is actually more distracting than helpful.

My Mazda cx-5 is a very nice car. It gets good gas mileage, is comfortable and can hold a lot of cargo for its size. Drawbacks are the visibility through the windows are not great. The break assist is a good idea, but startles you when it engages, which makes you not Focus on the road. I also do not like how it will move the car automatically if you are too close to the center yellow lines.

- Lisa H

Reliable and comfortable!

I have had my cx-5 for a little over one year now and I love it as much today as I did when I bought it. I have had no issues with it whatsoever. The car is super comfortable and has so many great added features - I love the heated seats and heated steering wheel. The car handles well and has great safety features, like lane-keep assist and blind spot monitoring. Highly recommend!

- Lauren S

2018 Mazda cx-5 review- definitely worth it.

Comfort is great and it is extremely fun to drive. Also lots of safety features such as smart cruise control. I also appreciate the AWD that I got on my vehicle, as we take the vehicle to Tahoe quite a bit. I would definitely suggest going with the mica blue color as it is dark, but does not show dirt much. Also the touchless, speak navigation is fantastic.

- alex W

Repeat Mazda buyer - love it!

I just purchased my cx-5 pre-owned after having traded in my Mazda cx-9 after 11 years. The cx9 was purchased new. I love the Mazda's drivability, especially the turning radius. I also love the visibility. I "downsized" to the cx5 as our family no longer needs as much carrying capacity, but didn't want to sacrifice the wonder drive I get from a Mazda!

- Kim O

Great safety features. Good in gas.

Automatic brake system in it. If you get too close to a car it will notify you to break or it will break itself. Which can be a little scary but saves accidents. Great sound system. Air conditioning from and back if you have any kiddos. A lot of trunk space. Seats lay down. Great air conditioning controlled temperature for both driver and passenger.

- Amber M

It has a feature that will stop your car if you do not brake in time.

I love the look, the feel and the comfort of my card. It is a smooth ride, with many available features like brake hold (useful when in traffic). It also has a wide and clear back up camera and sensors such as lane assistance and beeps if you put on your turn signal and a car is next to you. All and all I would highly recommend my car.

- Sarah D

Best small SUV on the road!

This is my second cx-5 and fifth mazda vehicle! The cx-5 is very comfortable, incredibly reliable and well built. I love this car. I have it in red and they happen to make the nicest color red on the road, imho! . The heated seats get warm very fast and I use this feature a lot! . I haven't had any issues with this cx-5. Great car!

- Jill F

Cx 5 is a great ride! The car rides smooth with upgraded technology.

The car has operated well for the past year. The car runs smooth and it handles well. I love the upgrades and technology in the car for the price, such as navigation and traffic warnings system. The car has a quiet drive. There are two things I would like to have added to the car, which are remote start and a larger gas tank.

- Nancy S

Smaller crossover is surprisingly luxurious and spacious.

The car is very luxurious considering its size. The trunk/cargo area is fairly spacious. The charging port between the front seats is not very powerful--it takes a bit of time for a phone to charge. The pick up on the car is not very powerful. The sound system is good quality. The navigation/infotainment is easy to use.

- Laurie S

We love our 2018 Mazda cx-5!

We have experienced no problems with our Mazda. We have owned three Mazdas, and this one is our favorite. It is comfortable, sporty, peppy and fun to drive. It also has some great safety features, including a backup camera, multiple airbags, lane correction and a flat tire alarm (that we have already used). Great SUV!

- Christine K

It has the newest technology available, comfortable riding

Love the new technology in my Mazda. A very sporty,fun car to drive. The cargo space is just right for 2 people. Love driving my new Mazda. No complaints at all. It was a beautiful red color that really shines in bright sunlight. Has navigation system that I love. I believe it is the coolest car that I have ever owned

- Judy D

Fun and sporty car that could be better on gas.

New car, so no problems. Wish sport trim level came with leather seats. The gas mileage could be better too as this is an everyday use car. The pick up is impressive and the car is smooth and comfortable to drive at high speeds. The car's handling is responsive and the look of the car is sporty and sleek.

- Marc O

The Mazda CX-5 is super fun to drive and has great handling.

I really like my vehicle because it is fun, sporty and fits my family. It is easy to drive. My only complaints are that it can be a little "quirky" - for example, sometimes you can't open the back lift gate when the car is running. But sometimes you can! And I can't figure out the rhyme or reason to it.

- Bryanna R

Overall a great standard vehicle.

Very comfortable and spacious. Technology features are great. Navigation does not seem to be up to date. A lot of addresses are not recognized. Great smooth drive and not too loud on highways. Sport mode is a great driving feature. Great safety features like blind spot monitoring and lane departure.

- Haley M

Best SUV for travel in and out of town.

Haven't experienced any problems so far just got the car in may. Very reliable and comfortable. I travel and it's a great SUV for that. Traded my car in for this SUV. Lots of room. I keep finding new things the car can do. Love the navigation, easily to read and directions are better than my phone.

- Lynda T

Wonderfully comfortable and affordable luxury SUV

I love the look and the simplicity of my Mazda. I love how easy everything is to use. There are tons of USB ports for iPhone, charging etc. The Sony speakers are fabulous as is the navigation system. I do not love the way the accelerator sounds when changing gears, especially when starting from 0.

- Gillian T

Safe for families. Very good gas mileage.

I love the car it is very safe and my first family car. We get a little over 30 miles to the gallon. Navigation is not included when you purchase the car. You are expected to pay an extra 500$ just for the navigating chip. I believe we you purchase a brand new car those things should be included.

- Jessica P

Best fuel economy in an SUV.

The vehicle's acceleration is not great, as to be expected from an SUV, interior design is nothing spectacular and leaves a little more to desired, it has great fuel economy being that it is an SUV, it really grips the road as you drive, it could be a little more roomy inside, great trunk space.

- Mariah P

Highly recommend this vehicle.

I love the safety features of the cx-5. I love the adaptive cruise control, and that you can see your speed and the current speed limit reflected into the front windshield. It is a smooth and quiet ride as well. I like the Bose stereo system, which is excellent. I highly recommend this vehicle.

- Amy L

It's so safe! The CX-5's preventative safety features were what led me to buy the car.

I absolutely love my new Mazda CX-5. For less than $30,000, I bought one of the safest vehicles on the market, yet it still gets great gas mileage and has great features like dual control climate control, seat warmers, etc. I own two Mazdas and recommend this manufacturer to everyone.

- Bridget B

It is a very safe car that has the skyactiv feature. It helps you drive safe.

My Mazda is so comfortable and roomy. The car has a smooth drive. I was impressed that the basic model already had awesome features like: heated seats, push to start, a sunroof, a touch screen navigation system, etc. I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend others to buy it.

- Elise N

People should know about the automatic braking and lane sensors. When anyone asks us about our car, these safety features are the first things we talk about.

We have only had the car 3 weeks but I love all of the safety features such as sensors when cars are in the blind spot, automatic breaking, a monitor for reversing, and lane stay. The only complaint would be how small the back seat is since we have to fit two carseats in the back.

- Courtney E

Great trunk space. Held a lot moving and only had to fill up car 4 times.

Huge trunk space, great leg room in front and rear. 6 cup holders. Great on mileage. Tracked all the way across state and only had to fill up 4 times. Great navigation system. The side of door bumper fell off very easily though. Perfect speaker. Deep console and glove department.

- Marissa C

Mazda cx 5 unique features.

It is super reliable. Love the interior, back up camera, and blind spot monitoring. Feels very safe and comfortable with heated seats and automatic brake and slowing based on distance from other vehicles. It also causes steering wheel vibration when you drive over the centerline.

- Brittany B

The best small SUV out there.

The Mazda cx-5 runs great and is a reliable vehicle. It has a backup camera, great stereo, comfortable seats, and push start. The stereo offers am/FM radio, Sirius radio, Bluetooth, aux plug in, and USB plug ins. There is also GPS capability. I would recommend this car to anyone.

- Kristen F

The comfort of the Mazda cx-5.

My Mazda cx-5 is very comfortable, has great visibility, and has lots of features that make driving it enjoyable. I love the back-up mirror, the lane change warning feature and dash display showing how close cars are in back of you. Also love the heated seats during the winter.

- Lisa S

It is the perfect car for any age! It has so many features that will suit anyone.

I have had my car for a little over a year and have had no problems with it thus far. It is the perfect size for college or even a small little family. It is very comfortable especially in the winter with its heated seats in the front and back seats and a heated steering wheel.

- Allie F

Feel safe in your own car.

I have had no issues with my car at all. I have yet to drive it in the winter since I only got it a few months ago but so far so good. The only thing that is making me not give them a five is that the gear are slow in switching over. However, besides that I absolutely love it.

- Fran C

Ride smoothly with amenities at your fingertips.

Smooth ride, technology package, great sound system, safety is well rated, comfortable to drive, ease of access for shopping bags and such. My daughter loves it. Smooth ride in the rain. Technology offers ease of use while driving; including radio, phone calls and functions.

- Jamie E

Great value mini SUV, driving with style and performance

The car has good performance and easy to drive. The color of the exterior paint and interior fabric is great match. The exterior paint color is a great shade that is different than other car brand. The car equip with touch screen although I prefer traditional buttons.


Squeaky brakes & still waiting for reason & fix.

Brakes squeak & Mazda cannot figure out why. Mazda tells me others have similar issues but they cannot pinpoint why other cars have the same issue. They noticed a recall but still no fix. They say they will look further into it and then contact me, but have not yet.

- Lisa W

While the car has good tech for music, it does not have apple carplay.

My cx-5 is a comfortable and fun vehicle. It is automatic, but with the option to switch to manual transmission with shifts on the steering column. It has ample back seat space and a large cargo are in back. The safety features are great and the technology is good.

- Kim M

I love the new 2018 Mazda cx 5.

I love the leather and suede seats - I like the console with the electronics. I really like the lane control monitoring and the front end protection and backup camera. The color is nice, the handling is very smooth and you can set it up to lock once you walk away.

- Anna F

It's well priced! and has great ratings.

Overall I love the car. It's a great size, fun, nice looking, and has great features all while being user friendly. It's not however the most powerful car, and lacks a cd player and the usb ports are at an awkward and uncomfortable angle. Otherwise I love the car!

- Lauren w

My Mazda has amazing safety features.

My Mazda cx-5 is my favorite car I have had. Its size is ideal and its safety features are amazing. It checks your blind spots and alerts you when you drift out of your lane. It can also detect cars in front of you and can stop your car in the case of emergency.

- Danielle M

Mazda cx-5 grand touring is a nice ride.

The vehicle controls very well and has great safety features. The only concern thus far, and may only be my experience, is trouble with the digital displays. The seem to glitch often. Otherwise the design, look and feel, and performance overall is great.

- Bryan B

The best SUV, complete amazing car!

My husband and I, we really love this vehicle! No problem at least. It is so much comfortable, beautiful and very practical. The automatic system is the best. Bluetooth and navigation are good also. It's the basic model, but for me is already complete.

- louis N

The Mazda cx-5 is very elegant but at the same time sporty.

I have not had this car for too long, it has been about 6 months and so far I have not had any issues with it. In fact, I took it for service for the first about two days ago and everything was perfect and the customer service at Mazda was excellent.

- Fran C

It gets me from a to b safely.

I like the size and that it drives smoothly. It is a beautiful color red and is comfortable to drive. The controls are easy to use and navigate. I wish it had the turbo engine like my last Mazda. I wish it had AC in the seats like my old Kia.

- Laura T

The safety features. Mazda takes safety very seriously

This is our 2nd CX-5. There have been a lot of improvements since our first one and most of them are now standard. This means that the price has come down and the ride is smoother, and there is more horsepower. All for a lower price.

- Michelle M

Very responsive handling, accelerates fast, and turns on a dime.

The size of the CX-5 is perfect for my needs. It accelerates very fast and is very responsive. After using the heads up display in it, it would be hard to go back to traditional types. The fuel economy is excellent for an suv.

- Steven M

My Mazda SUV is a great vehicle. It is fully loaded.

I like how it drives. The ride is very smooth. I love the feel of being higher than a sedan. The vehicle has a very unique and grown-up look. This is my first Mazda. I purchased it on 7/28/18. I hope it keeps making me happy.

- Patricia B

It is not a luxury car, but it looks like one. It is a comfortable ride.

The computer software is not very reliable. Sometimes when I start the car, I receive software errors and certain features are disabled. When I brought it to the dealership, they couldn't find any issues with the software.

- Brian Y

It is a good car for the money.

I had an accident 10 days after getting my car so I had a loaner car for 2 months. After driving the Toyota rav 4 I really appreciated my Mazda. It is a solid, quieter smoother ride and changing gears is so much easier.

- Lynne D

Seating in back is tight if you have more than one car seat.

This had been a great car for our family. It easily fits two carseats in the back, but there is not much room to fit another person in the back plus the two car seats. We have AWD and a sunroof and use both frequently

- Elizabeth C

It's a great value. Near luxury class in a lot of respects.

It doesn't quite get as good mileage as I was expecting. The infotainment system as some quirks. It looks great and is quite comfortable. The available features and technology are great. Lots of cargo capacity.

- Jason H

The Mazda CX 5 has superior safety standards according to recent studies.

I love my car. I just got it about 1 month ago but it is my second Mazda CX-5. It drives so smooth. It is sleek and compact. I love having a small SUV that is all wheel drive. This car is very safe and reliable.

- Deanna C

It's so gorgeous! This car is beautiful inside and out. It has the most beautiful red color, and great styling.

I love that it's fast and responsive. I like that it's large and feels very safe. It has excellent safety features, and I feel like my family is safe in it. I also love the color; Mazda makes the best red!

- Sonia C

The safety features that protects me when I get too close to another vehicle , it tells me to put on brakes!

I love that my 2018 CX 5 has more safety features. It gets better gas mileage. It has heated seats. All around better handling. It speaks to me when driving over the speed limit. Assisted driving also.

- Cynthia P

All safety features are included in the sticker price.

It is a very nice SUV with a lot of safety features. It has a smooth and quiet ride. Very comfortable. I don't like that you have to pay $800 to activate XM radio and I would like more trunk space.

- cheryl a

It is the most reliable car on the road and you never have any problems with it .

My car is one of the most reliable cars on the road. Not Only does it ride well gets good gas mileage and has good pick up . It has all the latest bells and whistles and is very comfortable to drive

- Bill C

Rides smooth, lot's of high tech features.

I like the look of the vehicle, I also like the technology features. I don't like how there wasn't an automatic or keyless open option for the trunk on the mid-level trim that I purchased.

- Tiarra W

My Mazda Cx-5 is perfect for my family of 4.

I love my Mazda Cx-5. It drives like a small car, but still has room in the back seat for my growing teenagers and all their stuff. The cargo space is also big enough for all our needs.

- Christine M

Love my Mazda cx 5. Looks and drives great!

I have leased 4 Mazda SUVs, I love this SUV. It looks great, drives great. It has really good safety features, has really good trunk space. I love grey so I always lease grey ones.

- Bonnie H

It's actually fun to drive. It doesn't feel like a typical SUV. It's sporty and handles great and has a lot of pep and power.

This is my first Mazda and my first Crossover/SUV. We needed more passenger space and cargo space. The CX-5 got the best overall reviews, so we picked it instead of a Honda CR-V.

- Betty W

Once you go Mazda, you won't want anything else.

What I love most about my Mazda is that even though I have the base model, it doesn't feel like a cheap vehicle. The parts are high quality, it runs well, and it's fun to drive!

- Sarah B

It is a fantastic design and style.

So far I love this car, it rides like a dream, with many features for comfort and safety. I love the safety features like the blind spot warnings and the lane cross warning.

- Summer D

It's super comfortable, fun to drive, and I get a lot of compliments on how it looks!

It looks much more sporty and stylish than other vehicles in its class. It drives and rides smooth and its quiet. Only complaint is that the bluetooth is sometimes static-y.

- Jill G

Fun to drive yet modern sleek and safe!

I love the styling, the hood is unique. I like the power of the engine, for an SUV it drives more like a sports car. I like the safety features, it is very next level safe.

- Alyssa H

That it is dependable, comfortable yet luxurious.

I love the leg room and comfortable interior. I enjoy that it is a family vehicle yet sporty. It is a safe vehicle with blind spot detector. It does not spend too much gas.

- Jessica N

It is surprising fuel efficient and compact despite its size.

I like that the vehicle is an SUV but relatively compact. I don't find the interior very comfortable, particularly the passenger seats. It gets reasonable good gas mileage.

- Andrew V

It gets up quick and can cause speeding if you are not paying attention.

I like how my car is safe and reliable. It has great gas mileage and is super smooth on the road. The only thing I dislike about my vehicle is there are no heated seats.

- Lindsay R

Cool safety and technology features! I feel so safe when I drive this car!

The car is extremely sharp looking. It has a ton of cool safety features. I have had two of the same model before and love the changes they make with each new model.

- Debra L

It is the perfect size SUV. It is the perfect combination of sedan and SUV.

The vehicle drives very smooth. It has automated breaks in case you get too close to another car. I am in love with my rearview camera. The car is also very spacious.

- Kristin V

Mazda puts the fun back into driving.

This car is fun to drive, it has very good power and handles like a dream. The car is a Grand Touring model and has all accessories available and is very comfortable.

- Larry M

Has the latest safety features which is why we bought the 2018 model.

Like all the safety features. Handles like a car. Love the color. Only thing I don't like is the answer back horn when locking the car - can't lower the volume.

- Linda s

Comfortable drive and electronic gadgets make me feel safer

Very new to me just figuring all this technology stuff. Like that don't like that it is do sensitive to things like bugs on windshield then I get error messages

- Debbie M

It is a small SUV, that would be best for a young couple with no kids.

The Mazda CX-5 is a fun sporty little SUV. It drives great and has awesome gas mileage. My wife and I just wish it had more room in the back seat and trunk.

- Anthony D

Interior and infotainment systems better than comparable models by other makes.

It has a cute and sporty exterior, luxury feeling interior, great infotainment system, all wheel drive, tons of cargo space, and is fun and easy to drive.

- Michelle A

It's comfortable and stylish. Driving is so much fun.

I love the comfort of seats. I like the way it drives and handles. It works for the size of my family. It has a spacious back area for lots of groceries.

- Melissa W

That it works for us and we're enjoying the audio system as well.

I purchased it because my husband could not get into lower vehicles due to hip issues. I enjoy the drive, the space in it and so far have no complaints

- Jody M

This vehicle is great for the family and is very comfortable.

I love the extra space that the vehicle has. I like the highway gas mileage the vehicle receives. I like all the bells and whistles that come with it.

- Darene P

I am not really 100% sure what the question is asking.

I love everything about my car. It's top safety rated, it's easy to get in and out of, it has plenty of room. I could go on. No complaints so far.

- Bryn G

Handling is superb and safety features are amazing.

Love Mazda's nothing bad to say. Purchased the fully loaded. Only thing that it didn't have but said feature is coming is the air conditioned seats.

- Sandy S

That it has not had any accidents.

It's just the right size to navigate city streets and park. Electric seat adjustment. Strong engine if I want to use the sport mode. Love the red.

- Linda L

It's a great vehicle. It has a ton of safety and convenience features.

I like the style and the price. Very affordable given all the options on the vehicle. It was involved in an accident and it was very safe as well.

- Amy H

I love the Mazda cx-5. It is the perfect size and has a sport mode.

Great handling and compact in a way that it is easy to maneuver. Great picture quality on the back up camera and I love the blind spot indicators.

- Jason H

Looks great and has all the features of a modern car.

This vehicle is a smart car that is quiet to drive and gets almost 28 miles per gallon. It has all the safety features that almost all cars have.

- Michael C

Review of the 2018 Mazda C-X5

Excellent performance. i-stop feature is a gas saver during traffic. Very stylish as well, looks good without breaking the bank. No major issues

- Marissa M

Full of extras - fun car to drive

Smart smaller SUV. Has plenty of room to carry everything I want and need. Very comfortable for long trip. Great on performance and fuel usage.

- Mary M

Its comfy and drives very well compared to other cars.

The comfort and driving is great although you cannot type in navigation once driving which makes it hard to add a destination mid way through.

- Amy F

Drives very smoothly and has many useful features

Drives great, handy lane change assist and in-lane driving assist, alert for backup is useful. would like it if it had defog for side mirrors.

- Tiffany J

It has a wide variety of built-in safety features that help lower car insurance.

It is a nice smooth ride. I love that it has a sunroof. Many upgrades are included that I don't usually have. It is a visually appealing car.

- Becky K

Great family car with plenty of storage for our busy lifestyle.

The car is extremely comfortable to drive and has all features right at my fingertips. The sound quality is very good and the ride is smooth.

- Katherine M

It has the most up-to-date safety features.

It's one of the nicest cars I've ever had. It has the newest safety technology and is very quiet. It has excellent performance on the road.

- Sandi H

They should know that Even though it is an SUV it handles like a sedan. It is fun to drive and has a great look.

I really love the car I drive. I got it a few months ago and it handles very well. It has a sleek design and it has been amazing to drive.

- John P

Premium car in a non premium price. Don't think anymore go and get one.

Bose is the best experience and the overall feel is premium and luxurious. I would say Mazda is a semi premium brand For this reason

- Sangeetha N

It has a comfortable quiet ride with a more leg room in the back seat

Feels like you're riding on a cloud. Very quiet and comfortable. The lane assist and automatic windshield wipers are great benefits.

- tess f

Very reliable and good family car.

It looks beautiful and drive smooth. It is roomy inside. It has seat warmer and dual control air. I wish the back seat was bigger.

- Caitlin G

Because of the many safety features it is safe to drive and for the passengers.

It is beautiful, stylish, roomy and versatile. It is quiet. It is fun to drive. It has many safety features and a hud feature.

- Josie L

Beautiful car inside and out.

The driver and passenger seats are very comfortable. Beautiful car and wonderful red color. All the alerts make driving easy.

- Christine O

Child friendly vehicle for safety and room

Safe and reliable. Very roomy In back seat for child seat. Big trunk for easy storage of equipment. Good highway gas mileage

- Ashley B

Love my CX-5 zoom zoom mini SUV

Great safety features and very comfortable inside. Feels like a luxury car. Easy to use system and handles the road well.

- Nicole C

Upgraded to great performance

Quality features!! Great ride ability!! Upgrading from a 2015 Touring to the 2018 Grand Touring was a great decision.

- jen m

It is a smooth quiet ride.

I like being high off the ground and the smooth drive. I do not like cloth seats. I really like the way the car looks.

- Brock B

Great gas mileage and a very sharp vehicle to look at.

I love the features. Good gas mileage. Looks sharp. Don't like that's it's only 4 cylinders but helps on gas at least.

- Cassie D

Love all the features in it.

We love the power lift hatch and the click wheel and display are easy to use. It has a very comfortable ride overall.

- Masha S

It drives smoothly. And is comfortable.

No Sirius am or apple play. Only ok pick up when accelerating..... I like the body of the vehicle it is very stylish.

- Erica F

Overall it is a good vehicle for the money. It has many good safety features.

like gas mileage, safety features, comfort don't like some of the convenience features e.g., location of cup holders

- John L

A top notch choice for families.

All around excellence. Low maintenance, handles great, superb comfort. Much more room in the back than expected.

- Michael R

This car is loaded with safety features.

I have no complaints. I love color exterior and interior. The safety features are great! The car drives superbly!

- Angie C

Reliable, compact, carries a lot.

The car is very reliable and easy to handle. It also is the perfect size and can hold a lot but is also compact.

- Julia R

The heads up display will show your navigation on the windshield.

Love the heads up display and navigation system. Also really like the great gas mileage and the nice quiet ride.

- Kristen N

The one most important thing about my car is that it functions well.

My vehicle has absolutely no problems and performs very well. It is very comfortable and its features are good.

- Brandon G

My car has auto drive and everyone should get it.

I love my car. I have no bad feelings toward it. It's perfect. I am leasing it but I plan on buying future on.

- Kiwi K

Mazda CX-5, new driver opinions

Very reliable, steady, fuel efficient, nice heating built into the seats, nice leather. Steering feels heavy.

- Anna L

great small suv for the price.great gas mileage and has a lot of pep for a 4 cyl

like the body style, interior design and comfort. the tech of the car is superior great suv my first mazda

- chris K

I like the design of the car.

My car is good on gas but I do not like that the act is only in the front the back seats tend to be hotter.

- Alyssa L

It's very reliable, and fun to drive! The heads up display allows you to see your speed without taking your eyes off the road.

My car has all of the latest safety features. Performance is good and gas mileage averages about 30 mpg.

- Mary C

The CX-5 is a solid choice!

My CX-5 is a nice vehicle overall. It's looks really good, gets decent gas mileage and is comfortable.

- Krista S

SUV with great handling and nice interior for a great price.

The CX-5 has a great handling. Also, the interior is very upscale. Mileage is ok for this kind of car.

- Alexander B

The heads up display is fantastic. It tells you everything you need right in front of you.

I have no complaints at all about my vehicle. I love everything about it. It is designed very well.

- Laura N

It is safe, easy to drive, and a great family car.

Safe and reliable. This is the second CX-5 I have had and will continue with them at this rate.

- Morgan H

Safety!!!! It is built with more than 30 airbags

It's so safe. This is my 4th CX 5 due to it saving my life every time I've had a car accident.

- Jamie A

The safety features on the car are amazing. The convenience of size and space it great too.

Smooth ride. Love the lane departure notifications. Really comfy inside too. Color is awesome.

- Alex D

It is very safe and not expensive

I like the color navy. I like to size of the truck. I like the gps. I like the way it drives

- Ann M

It doesn't get the gas mileage they say it will get.

It looks good. It rides good. It does not get as good of gas mileage as they say it should.

- edna r

Adaptive cruise control is the best thing you could possibly get in a car

Likes: Adaptive cruise control, safety features, looks. Dislikes: dashboard user interface

- Karen S

Like: backup camera, auto adjust windshield wipers Dislike: lack of sensors on the side of vehicle, navigation system seems outdated (doesn't link up to phone)

This car drives very smooth, has lots of bells and whistles, and is great for young adults

- Chelsea T

It's very comfortable and has high safety ratings.

I love the additional features it has. I like the safety factor! And I love the look.

- Brittany M

People should know that this car is a great value

I like the cargo space. The gas mileage is also great. I enjoy the amenities as well.

- Lindsay L

I love everything about the car. It handles wonderfully along with be very comfortable. The only thing missing is a heated steering wheel.

I would think great gas mileage along with style and comfort make this car wonderful

- lori m

It is very smooth riding and it speeds up and slows down well

It rides very smooth and it looks good. It has a great sound system. It's roomy.

- Stacey D

It has great safety ratings and it's very comfortable.

I love the color, I love the dashboard, i have no complaints about my vehicle.

- Ivonne M

The safety features are amazing

I love that it has awd I love It's safety features I hate the low gas mileage

- Gary G

It's roomy for a small suv a s drives like a sports car.

It's brand new. I dislike the transmission feel. The gas mileage is not great

- Kimberly H

It's pretty and drives well.

The design is sleek and modern. It has a lot of features. The drive is good.

- vanessa G

The Interior of the car is as nice as an expensive vehicle.

Love the newness of the car, rear view camera and the size of the vehicle.

- Diana L

modern and sleek design has nice drive control

i like how it drives. the radio is awesome. and the style is new and great

- gurbuz D

Like most things. Don't like the automatic headlights setup as brights don't stay on. Would prefer to have automatic seats, but can live with it.

Comfortable ride & easy to get in & out of the vehicle with a bad knee.

- Linda B

i love mine. it runs great & looks really nice. i love all the colors

cute and comfy... i would like more power but it runs nice. its clean

- erin l

quality made in Japan and style with comfort and easy drive

style milage japan back camera included nice easy drive and quality

- tom z

Excellent safety features, passing lane warning, lane assist and front collision prevention

Good mileage, quiet on the highway, great tech and safety features.

- Michael D

The safety features and the styling and gas milage

Beautiful car and fantastic safety features a great gas mileage

- Ron M

I love the bright red color and the design of the car

It takes awhile to accelerate the speed. Car feels lightweight.

- dena a

My favorite thing about my car is the color of the interior. I like the look of it and how it drives in the rain. Sometimes it can be jerky when driving though.

It has the look of a luxury brand car but for a great price.

- Emily B

Love the styling both inside and out. Fit and finish is very nice. The list of standard and available features is perfect

Great value for the price paid compared to similar vehicles

- Dean G

my Mazda is down to earth, elegant, innovative, safe, modern

my Mazda is affordable, fuel efficient, comfortable, safe

- Barry S

My car is very sporty and fun to drive. It handles great.

I love everything about my car. No complaints about it.

- Beverly F

It's comfortable and it has many safety features.

I like the way it drives and the features. No complaints

- Em S

Drives great, has all the things you need in a new car

No complaints. Love the camera when I'm in reverse

- Alice C

fun to drive, and so much technology it makes you feel really safe.

love the way it handles and looks, dislike nothing

- Barbie T

Mazda is the future for comfort and affordable luxury.

- Honest Review P