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Mazda 3: a reliable and safe drive.

My 2013 Mazda 3 is a reliable car for me due to its low maintenance which makes it highly reliable compared to other cars I have owned in the past. I fit comfortably in the seat and feel like it is made for someone short like me. The performance in terms of acceleration is exceptional, along with a comfortable steering wheel. But, the speakers in the car are not satisfactory. In fact when music is being played at a somewhat high volume the speakers in the front vibrate making a very loud and unpleasant sound. So if a quality speaker system is something you are looking for in a car, I would keep in mind my low quality experience. I have never had a problem with my a/c, but one light has gone out in the front of the car above the center console since 2013. I keep up with my oil changes and battery changes and I have never broken down or had any unexpected issues. My tires have been changed a total of one time. Overall, the car has a smooth ride with a somewhat sensitive gas and brake pedal. I also feel as if I have a very good view of the cars around me through the rear view mirrors. I always feel safe in my car and that I have full control over it. If I had to use one word to describe my 2013 Mazda 3 it would be reliable.

- Jessica M

2013 Mazda 3, featuring skyactiv engine and Bluetooth connection.

I love my Mazda 3. It has a skyactiv engine, which (as explained to me, being the best feature), means it is not necessary to spend 15 minutes warming up the car first thing in the morning on a cold, snowy day. It also had Bluetooth, for hands free calls, and steering wheel volume and channel control, which is my favorite feature. The back seat folds down in 2 sections, in case I need to haul something large that will not fit nicely in the trunk. This is a very comfortable car, and I have needed to do very little maintenance in the last 3 years that I have owned it. I have 3 kids to drive around, so my car gets a lot of use, but they do complain about the need for more room in the backseat. Leg room is about average. The drivers seat also have a height adjustment which comes in handy. This car also gets pretty great gas mileage, both in town and freeway. I would highly recommend this car to anyone who is considering buying one!

- Stacey K

Mazda hatchback is an easily driven, comfortable ride.

This car was a used car in excellent condition with only 60, 000 miles on it when I bought it last June. . My last car was a 1996 Mazda Miata. Which I had for 17 years. I did have to replace the tires this September. The biggest problem I had to begin with was learning what all the dashboard lights were for and getting used to how everything was controlled (wipers, air/heat, radio etc.). The car practically drives itself and is comfortable and spacious. I enjoy all of the storage space after having the Miata which had very little of it. The info on the dash (especially in relation to gas mileage and air/heat temperature) is very helpful. I even found that the head supports are more comfortable than ones that I have observed in different rental cars I have driven. I also like the sound and lights when another car is in my blind spot on either side--never had this in any other car I have driven.

- Rita G

My experience owning a 2013 Mazda 3.

I love the Mazda 3 in some ways. It is very reliable. Not once has it broken down nor have I had any problem starting it up. I can make it from North Carolina to Florida (7 hours) with only one stop at a gas pump! Great gas mileage. It is very comfortable for me to drive in traffic as well because of its small size. If you are over a certain height, it may be hard to enter and exit the car, though. I am 5'4 and it is just right for me but my brother(6'0) has a hard time. The seats are very comfortable for long rides as well. The only problems I have had with my car is a button for the windows is broken, and two of the tire pressure sensors are going bad.

- Kristen N

2013 Mazda 3: the good, bad and ugly.

This car has been very reliable, gets good gas mileage and was available in standard transmission option which was a big selling point for me. The trunk is specious but the back seat is very small. I bought this car before having children but I would not buy this car as a family car. Luckily my kids are small enough now but once they're out of car seats I see this being a very uncomfortable car for them to travel in. There are a few issues with the plastic interior around the dashboard. It appears to be coming apart/lifting from the base which of course is undesirable. The only modification I have made to the vehicle is the addition of cruise control.

- Tara H

It's the sport's car of the average sedan world.

Like: I really, really enjoy how it handles. It's fast, has an excellent turn radius, stops almost on a dime and has pretty decent acceleration. The interior is more likable than not, because it's pretty comfy and well-designed. I also enjoy how it looks, as it looks sleek like a sports car even though it's just a bit nice than your average four-door sedan. Dislike: There has been a lot of recalls. The sensors are garbage and often indicate that literally EVERYTHING is wrong with the car. The interior is very cramped if you are taller or bigger than average. If you have a tall passenger, it's not so great.

- James S

Mazda 3 - kind of for me, maybe for you.

Love the agility, standard drives well in snow and allows for optimal power control. The seats are comfortable for me being an average size female. The back seats fold down and the car fits a lot of things. The windows are automatic and that is nice. The driver side interior mirror is junkie and broke. The radio control buttons are also junkie and broke. The bumper is plastic and cracked on icy snow. The wipers are ok. The muffler is ok. The back seats are ok. The seatbelts work. The headlights seem to go frequently. The seats are hard to clean. The interior is not easy to vacuum.

- Emily T

Mazda3: great gas mileage and spacious interior.

I really love my Mazda3. I recently got it a few months ago and it drives like new. I got an older model and it has held up really well. The sound system is amazing, as well as the comfortable seats. The cupholders are very functional, unlike some cars I have seen before. The trunk size is very spacious and held almost all of my stuff when I packed and moved to college, and the back seats lay down which extends the trunk space even more! The gas mileage is amazing and it is only around $25 to fully fill the tank. Overall, I love the Mazda3 and would recommend that car to anyone.

- Grace W

Mazda reliability is unmatched. Parts are easy to find, replace, are affordable.

My Mazda 3 has been extremely reliable. I have never had any problems with any major components and as long as you take care of the vehicle and follow a semi-regular service schedule, the vehicle will continue to exceed your expectations. The only issue I have ever had was a sensor issue where the engine check light would come on even though there were no engine problems and the tire pressure indicator would frequently come on when the weather was cold. The hatchback is my favorite model because it allows for much needed extra space for groceries or transporting large objects.

- Trevor C

Gas saver and reliable in performance.

I have had my car for four years now & I never had a problem with it. It is great with performance and great at gas. The only thing that inconvenience me at times is that it takes only synthetic oil because that is a little pricey but that is for personal reasons the car is reliable I can see it lasting longer it does not take much money to fill up my gas tank. It is a foreign maker which I like because those cars tend to be simpler it has a push button start as well. For the car to be small in size it has a decent size trunk as well.

- Trina W

Mazda 3 is the Best car ever

My car is very comfortable to ride in and to drive. It handles easily on the road. I drive a lot everyday and have even taken long road trips. I love that I can put the seat all the way back and take a power nap when needed. It has great gas mileage and the trunk is very roomy. The back seat small so you can't put large teenagers back there. I do wish it had a Boise radio system as the road noise can be loud sometimes. This is my second one and I plan to get another in the future.

- Sondra F

Great on gas and dependable.

Very reliable. It is great on gas. If maintained well it will treat you right. The only reason this review got only 4/5 is because of a personal reason. I am a big person, 6 ft 3 inches and about 210 pounds. It is not very roomy but it is doable. The sound system is great. The features of the vehicle are not bad but newer vehicles obviously have a lot more in depth features. The hatchback is nice and there is a lot of room for anything when the back seats are down.

- Thomas D

White 4 door sedan. Black interior with black seats. Blue interior lights.

The 2013 Mazda 3 - 4 door sedan is a wonderful car for anyone looking for an affordable first car. It has a neat feature called skyactiv that helps keep your car running longer. Its super comfortable and has a great stereo system for those who enjoy listening to music. In the 3 years I have had the car, I have not had any major mechanical issues. I have not experienced any issues and it still runs great. I hope to have this car for many more years.

- Hannah C

It is a great choice, decent mileage without having to pay the hybrid price.

This car is a hatchback and has plenty of room for home projects and carrying larger items as the seats fold down. It is comfortable with a driver seat that raises up ( I am short, this is important. The steering wheel is also adjustable. It gets an average of 32 mpg, I drive mostly city miles and this is what I am getting. It is very reliable, I have had no problems. It has a Bluetooth sync so I am able to get siri through my radio.

- Debbie H

Vehicle to last and endure any season.

Mazda 3 drives very well, very easy to steer, drives fast, child friendly, lots of leg room, spacious trunk, even though it is not 4WD, it drives strongly during winter, easy to clean, it will tell you on the dashboard if something is not right in your car, it gives me comfort driving it, for a new driver this vehicle is highly recommended because it is built to last and as long as you take care of it.

- Lea P

13 mazda 3 i-touring could use more power

Never a problem other than regular scheduled maint. Hatchback, i-touring. 6 speed manual transmission. 2.0L naturally aspirated. Comfortable on long runs. Bluetooth, power everything. It could use some more power on the bottom end of the rpm range. Cruise. Handles well enough to have fun in the canyons. Sound system is decent for a base level system. I have a lead foot and average 32 mpg combined

- Chris M

My Mazda 3 has been the perfect car for me.

My car has great performance. It is a fun car to drive, gets up to speed quickly, and handles extremely well. I have not had any problems with it other than I sometimes wish I had a car with a little more trunk space. (but I knew that when I bought it. ) It is a very fun car to drive and it is great for road trips. It gets good gas mileage in town and on the road. I am very happy with this car.

- Liz J

Mazda3 more like number one.

It is fun to drive, good handles, stylish, has nice features in it like buttons on the steering wheel for volume and Bluetooth calls. Nice display and gas mileage and storage. It has four doors and four wheels a windshield, power windows, side mirrors. You put gas in it, do not try putting peanut butter in the gas tank, that does not work at all. But yea if you take care of the car, it takes.

- Niche M

The most important fact about the 2013 Mazda 3 is that Mazda has had a history of having one of if not THE best motor. As long as you keep up with the oil changes, she will purr like a kitten and last you a long while.

What I dislike about the Mazda 3 is the space you get inside the vehicle, however the compact size definitely makes for a pleasureful ride at the same time. The Mazda motor is strong and I have not had to put in much money/repairs into it since I initial started my lease about a year ago. I would recommend it, just not for big people or big families. The backseat is like a police car! haha

- tina B

Mazda 3, a car that will surprise you!

My Mazda 3 I touring 6 speed hatchback has been one of the best vehicles I have ever owned, extremely reliable-good on gas, and it is very fast. Because it is a hatchback, there is plenty of room for equipment and people! It is never let me down. If I can go back, I would probably get a newer model-but the 2013’s are the only engine with a 13:1 compression ratio. Fast little cars.

- Stefan M

My Mazda is awesome. First Mazda I have ever own but it won't be the last!

Love my car. I have had very little issues with it. Nothing mechanical has ever broken. I had to have the break pads replaced and scheduled maintenance but no major problems. Runs smooth a great car to have. I have leather seats which are great when there's a spill much easier to clean up. Love the seat warmers. Having a hatchback is ideal to help haul kids dance and sports stuff.

- Sarah C

I told you my car is great. Go buy one now.

It's good. I love it clean. Its beautiful and it comes in different colors. The radio is great as well. Hello there I told you it was fine stop asking me to write more. You want me to write even more junk on here when I told you my car is fine and everyone will love it so much if they decide to buy one. Please go out and buy a Mazda you will not regret it. I promise you that.

- Kristina T

Simple. Well priced. Reliable.

Mileage has not been what was advertised. I was told 33 mpg but am only getting 29 mpg. Dash is separating from the clock display. A recall has been issued for that problem. Car runs well. No issues with the mechanics. Very simple layout. No Bluetooth. CD player and AUX input. Stereo control on steering wheel. No cruise control. 5 speed automatic. Plenty of trunk space.

- Pablo L

Mazda 3 car review with comfort and drive.

My car has not experienced any problems. I have had to oil my tires quite often but I reluctantly admit to behind a hard breaker. The drive is very easy but there is more noise than I would like because the car is so low to the ground. The comfort of the vehicle is amazing but I am small in stature so for someone who is larger, that have a difficult time with the room.

- Lauren H

Which car should I drive today...

I am disabled and my Mazda is comfortable to drive and alleviates the concern of getting in and out comfortably. Reliability gets high praise. I know when I am ready to go it starts right up. If there are possible issues coming up or I am low in gas, my dashboard keeps me informed if something is needed. I own several cars and I choose the Mazda as my daily driver.

- Emily H

The car has Bluetooth, navigation system, and heated bucket leather seats.

My vehicle is awesome. The only problem I have ever had with the vehicle is that I rain over a construction screw and had a hole in my tire and when I went to get it fixed I never got a tire key so I had to go back to the Mazda dealership and have my locks removed and have bolts put on. But other than that I have had no other complaints or problems.

- Ashley G

A smaller white sedan, with black rims and a fin.

It is the best car I have ever driven. I have gotten into a couple of accidents and have never felt anything. It seems like the car was built for impact. I have never had any issues with the engine, transmission, or anything. It is a fast little car and I love driving it. I would never want to give it up, and it is the most reliable vehicle.

- Caroline C

Sporty vehicle, easy to drive and handle.

This vehicle is good for someone who does not want a lot of bells and whistles. Very reliable and comfy. No cruise control. Automatic transmission and great control on the road and highways. I haven't had any problems with my vehicle and I have owned it for 1 year. I love the interior, it looks very sporty without being hard to handle.

- Annie W

2013 Mazda 3, the car you see everywhere.

This car gets good gas mileage, about 400 miles to a tank. It has a comfortable, quiet ride. Have had a problem with the headlights flashing brightness randomly but it was covered under recall fix and only took about 30 minutes in the shop. The backseat does have a lack of foot/leg space but it is a compact so that is to be expected.

- Katie V

This car does really well on gas. This is very convenient.

My car doesn't accelerate as quickly as I wish. When entering the highway, I have a hard time getting to a fast enough speed in a short time on the ramp at times. I also dislike that the front of my car, above the radio is falling apart. After doing some research, it appears that this happens to others as well with my model car.

- Sky W

2013 Mazda 3 highlights and accessories.

My Mazda 3 has amazing gas mileage. Although it is a base model, it is easy to maintain a certain speed without cruise control. The locks and buttons are easy to understand and to handle. It is easy to read the dashboard lights and to maintain. The car is small enough to fit in tight spaces and accelerates relatively quickly.

- Marianna G

A fun, fast, and souped up Mazda.

My car drives very smoothly and speedily. I feel like I am driving a sports car, honestly. The only problems I have had so far are that there is a current recall for it. Nothing serious, I honestly do not even know the full extent of what it entails, but Mazda sent a slip in the mail for all the people who have problems.

- Kate T

It has SkyActiv technology, which makes it both fuel efficient and very environmentally friendly emissions-wise.

This car has amazing cargo space (hatchback) and still gets great gas mileage (30 around town, 40 on the hwy) after 4+ yrs. It also has a surprisingly roomy interior. If it only had towing capacity, it would be nearly perfect. Only drawback is it has a bit of a blind spot, so you have to be careful changing lanes.

- Sherrie R

The Mazda 3 is inexpensive, sporty, and all around fun car!

It's got great mileage and fuel economy. The assisted manual transmission is very fun and means I don't need to know how to drive an actual manual. The car is fast with great pickup, braking, and handling. It's not a huge vehicle but the seats do fold down in the back and we can fill it with quite a bit of luggage.


Would get this car again!

It rides very smoothly and my only issue with it seems to be the rubber on the door always comes off but that might be my fault I am not sure. Seats are comfortable and adjust well, enough cup holders for everyone. Seems to be a little small for people over 6ft even with seats reclined all the way but not too bad.

- Cheyenne B

Great hatchback. Reliable. Roomy

The mazda3 is very reliable. I put in about 20 thousand miles on it a year and it only needs regular maintenance for it to keep it running smoothly. It needs an oil change every 5 thousand miles instead of 3000. Plenty of rooms that comfortably seats 5 adults and it's a hatchback, so there's plenty of cargo room

- Than C

Great, but definitely for single guys.

Comfortable for driver, but could use some more room for back passengers, pretty nice stereo and audio features. It is good with gas mileage, but lacking cruise control which would probably help a ton for the mileage on highways. I like the way it handles speed but it slightly sluggish with acceleration.

- Gregory D

The adventures of the speed 3.

It is a great small hatchback which looks awesome and drives amazing, has no major problems so far! Have owned it for a few years now and still in good condition. I have modified it a little just to make it even a little more better and faster. Would definitely recommend it to someone looking for a car.

- Lucas S

The pros and cons of a Mazda 3.

My Mazda 3 is a great car. The only things I do not like about it are as follows: it does not have an automatic Bluetooth setup, the only auxiliary port is in the middle compartment and the car in general is not big enough for a family. For a couple it would be perfect! The car is great on gas mileage!

- Kelly J

Super gas efficient, has amazing performance, it is very reliable

Of which the vehicle has problems not at all have I had one issue and it's at 75k miles. The car is very well rounded and performance is amazing whether you want to save gas or haul it. Has been very reliable and comfort level is the extreme. Has many capabilities such as bluetooth, cruise, and sport.

- John C

Great car but small. Too small for kids.

The car itself is great unless you have a kid. It is way too small to have two car seats in the back let alone one. The truck is also very tiny for a stroller. With my child in the back seat you have to have the passenger seat all the way forward it is very crammed. But other than that I love the car.

- Kelsey W

Speedy, sporty, and good mileage.

This car is fast, fun, and sporty. It has tight steering which makes it fun to drive but is also very comfortable for long trips. It also gets good gas mileage and the hatchback makes it easy to carry and haul bigger items. The Bose stereo system is also a plus as it gives off great surround sound.

- Amy N

Mazda 3: a reliable choice.

I like the turn radius. It fits me well as I am petite. I had issues with cruise control not working initially. I brought it to the dealer and they fixed it. Has been reliable with low maintenance. The dealer was not pushy and were easy to work with. My dealer was Anderson in crystal lake Illinois.

- Michelle C

Love my fun comfortable car!

Love my car. Super comfortable, rides like a dream and fantastic on gas. The hatchback carries a lot more that it looks like it should. Very sporty- people are always looking at it and saying how much they like it. It is easy to take care of and to keep clean- even with my dog jumping in and out.

- Jackie S

Love my Mazda. My first one had a moonroof and I kept it open most of the time.

This is my second Mazda 3 and I like that I get such good gas mileage, 38 around town and 40 highway. Also, the seats are so comfortable that I do not get back aches as I did with the cars I had before I bought my Mazda. My daughter also bought a Mazda hatchback because she like my car so much.

- Lenor L

263 horsepower, 280 pound-feet of torque. 100 percent stock.

I love my vehicle. It's equipped with a powerful turbocharged engine, but because it's a hatchback, it flies under the radar. And it has a stick shift, which many people can't drive, and therefore no one asks to borrow my car. Haha. Only thing I dislike is the navigation system; it's terrible.

- Beverly B

Fun, reliable, entry level car.

Very fuel efficient, reliable, and comfortable. Not very fast but still corners and drives well. It is cheap enough for a college student like myself to afford, with cheap gas and still fun. It is also large enough to carry everything I need on long road trips and can fit 5 people in a pinch.

- Troy T

I really like my Mazda3 a lot.

I love how the car handles. It's really fun to drive and is especially good at handling turns. It's comfortable and reliable and suits me well. The interior and extra features are what clue you in to it being a cheaper car but it definitely drives like a nicer car which is what I care about.

- Sara P

Mazda 3 pros and cons year 2013.

The Mazda 3 it is not that comfortable and it has small back seats. I always hit my head when trying to put in or out a car seat. Not really a family car. Good for far distances, good on economy. Not that smooth either, you can feel everything. So you might want to invest in some good tires.

- Jessica N

My mini almost mighty Mazda.

It is very small, but has good gas mileage. It is a little noisy on the inside and the seats could be more comfortable. I also wish it had a middle console, there’s nothing but cup holders. It runs well and does not seem to need a lot of maintenance. The features are not very impressive.

- Becky M

Amazing overall vehicle for everyone.

Dependable great for long or short drives with confidence, comfort. Great gas mileage. Handles will in most environments. Does not like climbing hills or mountain at a fast speed. Great family car for all age groups. I have over 100, 000 miles and have not had any issues with the Mazda 3.

- Elizabeth P

Gray Mazda with a sport type style.

Great on gas. Has a great sleek look with a large spacious back seat. Great trunk space. However, it does scratch a bit easily and with the one we have it does not have an automatic seat recliner, it is manual. The acceleration is pretty good, when it gets good momentum it is pretty fast.

- Lenzi O

The 2013 Mazda 3 has a great design and spacious trunk.

The car is overall great! It has great mileage and lasts a while between getting gas. The front seat is comfortable and spacious whereas the back has no room unless both the driver's seat and passenger seat are moved all the way to the front. The shape of the car is appealing to look at.

- Rebecca S

It goes zoom zoom zoom for real! It is very reliable!

I love my car because it has treated me so well over the last 5 years and is still going strong. It has required minimal maintenance. The hatch back allows me to carry so many things or all different sizes. I would buy again. My only complaint is that the back doors are a bit small.

- Allison H

Fun, zippy car! High quality, reliable car!

I have the stick shift version. It is zippy and has great pickup. The sting is super cute too! The car gets great gas mileage and it is so fun to drive. Haven't had any major issues up to this point at all. Car feels solid when closing the doors, not light and cheap like dimes cars!

- Nan R

It has a recall on the suspensions on the hatchback.

Like the size to begin with. The gas mileage is amazing. But now that my kids are bigger and want to take their friends everywhere, the size needs to be bigger. And I would like something with a little bigger engine. The 4hp isn't enough sometimes. I feel that a V6 might be better.

- Tonya J

Reasons to love my Mazda 3.

I love my car. I chose this car as my main vehicle because of gas mileage and the size. I have a truck so this is more practical as a commuter car. I like that it can be either a one person or can accommodate any passengers I have. It also looks good, sporty without being too much.

- Amy K

Simple, good performance car.

Mileage is not the best and this car is known for control arm issues. It is a lightweight car so you can see how the car shivers when on highway but nothing good driving cannot take care of. The vehicle is smooth regardless but have to be careful especially with right control arm.

- Pri I

When you need the power, it is there for you every time without hesitation.

The bucket seats are not very supportive for shorter people. The vehicle has very good performance and reliability. Only thing I have ever had to do is change the oil and tires on the car. The HUD is located in a good place in this model, but is not as convenient in newer models.

- Norbert L

Mazdas are the best vehicles to buy.

My car is very reliable. It is easy to fix and cheap to fix. It is a little bit small for a family with older children. It is comfortable. Everything is adjustable. It has a spacious trunk. I have driven across country many times and it has never broken down or had any problems.

- Jen S

I like how it is white but blacked out.

There are no problems with my vehicle. I like the Bluetooth and the sound system. Windows are tinted dark. Blacked out rims. Cruise control is swell. Great gas mileage. The one thing I'd change is how compact the vehicle is, the back seat is small and cannot fit tall/big guests.

- Moe M

Great on gas, rides excellent, very great compact car.

This car is a great car on gas and comfortable, very reliable with few problems. From overall rating I would give this car a 7 out of 10 many people like them it is also a rear seen car. Parts are also not so expensive with this vehicle. Hands down the Mazda 3 is a great model.

- Devon V

Its reliable, fuel efficient, comfortable to drive, and not a money pit

It handles extremely well, better than my dad's mazda6. It also averages almost 32 mpg even with a mix of city and highway driving. I've literally never had to do any repairs beyond oil changes and other basic maintenance measures even though its almost up to 120,000 miles

- Jessica D

2013 Mazda 3 will make you smile.

This is a great car! I've had this car for 5 years without any problems. It has a sporty look and is fun to drive. The seats fit you in well and it has a good amount of trunk space for a hatch. Only problem I have is the left pillar being in the way a bit when I drive.

- shinobu o

Gunmetal gray hatchback with Bose sound system and navigation system.

Excellent gas mileage, comfortable seats with good leg and head room, good sound system with navigation. Complaints; push button start causes fob batteries to drain. Hatch is less spacious than the average trunk so it doesn't haul much if there's anyone in the back seat.

- Myleigh G

The car runs very smoothly.

I don't really know what to say. The car is very beautiful and runs very smoothly since putting on the new tires since putting on new ones last year. The interior is cloth seats and I even added a seat belt holder so it doesn't itch me. I put in new air fresheners too.

- Dorian C

My Mazda 3 in full detail that I can think of myself.

Headlights flash while decelerating downhill, performance is outstanding, problem with battery at the moment, other than battery issue, car has been reliable, seats are very comfortable, I love the cars design and color, car has awesome speakers and radio in vehicle.

- crystal W

2013 Mazda 3 car review!!

The Mazda 3 gets great gas mileage. The car has been very reliable for me and I have no problems at all. I would highly recommend this car for anyone who drives frequently or wants a car that will save you money on your gas cost. Take a look at the car for yourself.

- Garrett M

Great fun and reliable too!

It's been great so far! I haven't had any issues or problems, and its fun to drive. Does the job. I have driven it all over the country with zero issues or problems. The dealerships have been great as well. I would highly recommend Mazda as a vehicle and company.

- Colin M

The Mazda3 is a great family car that is fun to drive.

I like the Mazda3, because it's a good car for getting around town. It's sporty and small enough to park easily, but my kids are comfortable in the back seat. I wish the trunk was better spaced for grocery shopping, but it's deep enough to do plenty of shopping.

- Jenny L

I love my Mazda, best car I ever bought,

My Mazda is very comfortable, it gets good gas mileage, and easy driving, . This is my second Mazda 3 and I will buy another one someday. I like that it gives me the range for gas and I get 36 miles per gallon around town and nearly 40 miles per gallon highway.

- Nora D

It is the best bang for your buck in compact cars, with fuel economy and maintenance fees.

I love the fuel economy, the turning radius, the length, the roominess of interior, storage capacity. I also love that the price was reasonable and it's very safe and trustworthy. I don't like the design of the front bumper it tends to get stuck on things.

- Amber H

My vehicle is the basic model, was fairly inexpensive to purchase with financing incentives (rebates and low interest on my loan). It is economical, with a relatively low cost to maintain and gets great gas mileage.

My Mazda 3i touring car (hatchback) has almost 87,000 miles on it, is comfortable and and has been very reliable for the 5 years I have owned it. It consistently gets great gas mileage, approximately 30-35 mpg, is fairly roomy inside and has served me well.

- Shelly B

White 2013 Mazda 3 4 door sedan.

I like that the car has a setting that indicates how many miles I can drive before I have to refill the gas tank. In terms of performance, in the 5 years I have driven it, I have had no issues. I wish it had more technology features, such as a backup camera.

- Candice C

Black Mazda 3 in great shape.

It is good car stylish and sleek. We have been to many trips in this car and enjoyed the ride. Performance wise it is great. It is comfortable to ride as well for passengers. Basic good features. Good space in the boot. Recommend this car for family of 6 3.

- Ray R

Great quality vehicle affordable to all.

I love the way the car drives, nice and smooth, the set up on the inside dashboard, I have had no issues was repairs, only regular maintenance (tires and oil changes). The staff at the dealership were exceptional. Definitely buying another Mazda when ready.

- Jennifer C

Mazda3: I can look like a cool and crazy soccer mom.

Gets great gas mileage and is super dependable. Actually bigger than it looks!! I am able to fit 2 big car seats in the back plus have room for a smaller person to sit in between. The only thing I do not like is the confusing sensor lights on the dashboard.

- Brittany C

My vehicle is cheap and reliable.

The vehicle is very good on gas and I love the interior of the vehicle as well. For a 2013 model, I believe that the vehicle is ahead of it is time and cheap when considering the features it comes with. I do have an issue with the power steering however.

- Joseph B

Small but mighty with intuitive controls.

I love how fast and sleek my car is and though it is small it still packs a lot in. The controls on the steering wheel are helpful and I love that it has a good safety rating too! The skua tov technology helps me get incredible gas mileage even in town.

- Sara S

Great car, would recommend.

The car is reliable, fun to drive, and big enough that you do not feel unsafe while driving. It is great on gas mileage and handles great. The seats are comfortable and the interior pleasingly designed. The Bluetooth works well and the Audio is great.

- Ben M

Bose speaker system and sunroof.

Needs full synthetic oil. Paint comes off the leather steering wheel. Lights dim when the computer system needs to be updated. Good Bose speaker system and steering wheel controls. The back of seat pocket rips easily, other than that good seat fabric.

- Sadie L

It's a comfortable, fast, nice neighborhood and highway vehicle.

I like the vehicle's 0-60 acceleration. I like the vehicle's sound system. I like how comfortable the seats are. I like the amount of legroom that it has in the back. I dislike the air conditioning; it doesn't cover the car as fast as I would like.

- Tyler P

Mazda 3 gets great gas mileage.

I love my Mazda 3. First off it gets really good gas mileage. Drives well in any kind of weather. A decent amount of room for a family of 4. Fits 2 car seats in the back. Very comfortable seats for long car rides. Good amount of trunk room.

- Morgan T

It is a very reliable car.

I have had no problems with this vehicle. I find it to be a very reliable vehicle. It is a very comfortable car, although a bit on the small side. The features of my vehicle include Bluetooth, sound system, sunroof, and keyless entry.

- Shannon C

The Spectacular and Infamous Mazda3

I love this car so much. It's just an all around nice car. It's comfortable and it fits all my friends. I haven't tear up on me once and the car is super reliable. All the features it comes with to just allow me to love it even more.

- Dylan H

That I love it and it is great.

I love that the car is reliable and zippy, efficient with fuel, runs well in all weather, can accommodate my whole family if necessary. The downside is the car cannot take the family on a long distance trip with all our luggage, etc.

- Tara P

My car is in decent shape, but it does have over 100,000 miles.

My car receives good mileage, and drives very well. I've owned it five years, and it has taken me many places without problems other than alternator going out, but that is to be expected. The car has a pretty nice sound system too.

- Meredith J

For an older car, it is still pretty modern a the same time.

Overall performance is outstanding. I have had this car since 2013 and I have yet to run into any mechanical issues. Solid car. As long as you give a little talc, as you should with anything, the car will last you for some time!

- Anthony R

My vehicle has had by far the best MPG of any vehicle I have owned, getting up to 50 MPG.

My vehicle has about 70k miles and I have really enjoyed driving it. I have never had an issue with this vehicle. And is by far the best vehicle I have owned thus far. On a good day, its possible for me to get it up to 50 MPG.

- todd H

It is good on gas mileage. I get an average of 400 miles per tank.

I like that it is good on gas mileage. Recently it hasn't had as much "pick up" while accelerating as it did when I first purchased it. When I test drove a used one, I had noticed this and decided to purchase new instead.

- Shannon L

One important thing others should know about my car is that it is very calming.

One of the great things I like about my vehicle is the fact that it is a hybrid which with saving myself money on gas.... One of the things I dislike about my vehicle is that it at times becomes very hard to keep clean.

- Tony C

My car holds its value very well - 2 years after purchase it is still worth $14,000.

I own a blue Mazda3 with black interior. I upgraded to the nav system which I love! My car has a backup camera that is very useful. I wish that it was bigger and had more leg room for people sitting in that back seat.

- Rebecca C

Safety feature that if you get in a collision with the front end of the car, the engine will drop which protects you from getting crushed

I love that my car is small and lower to the ground. The space is good, features are nice, I can play my iPod through the car and not an adapter that plays through the radio, good trunk space, good style, affordable

- Lori R

It looks small and slow but it does have the capability to be able go fast especially when going uphill and passing other vehicles.

I like that I can stream pandora, has built in navigation, heated seats and spots to charge devices if need be. I wish I could get satellite radio and that I could lower the air conditioner then what it allows me.

- Shannon B

Amazing gas mileage. I can easily get 30/35 mpg.

It does not have the Bluetooth capability I want, and the same model that did was an extra $20. The seats are not comfortable for long driving. I am lucky to get 2 hours before I have to pull over and resituate.

- Victoria M

Dependable, safe, small but roomy, stylish and classy!

I love the dependability. The gas mileage. I love the size because it lets me easily maneuver. I love the hatchback because there is so much more room than a standard trunk! I have no dislikes or complaints!

- Becky C

Never had major problems or repairs.

The car gets great mileage, is compact but has enough space for me, passengers and anything I need to put inside the car. I have never had any major problems with the car. I wish the car came with heated seats.

- Julio a

Its a solid vehicle with good handling and fuel efficiency.

My Mazda 3 is very versatile with easy handling and its easy on gas, which are all huge draws. However, I have not found it to be as reliable as my former car, a Toyota Yaris, as it needs repairs more often.

- Victoria T

This car is reliable. I have owned two over the last 3 years; one was totaled in an accident that caused no injuries, and I replaced that with the same year, make, and model. I have not had issues with either car and can count on them for short and long trips alike.

I have the hatchback version of this car. I love the visibility and the way it handles. It has plenty of space for large items, road trips, and a variety of other activities. It also gets great gas mileage.

- Julie S

It is fun to drive because it is fairly quick and easy to control.

The handling and turning radius is excellent, allowing me full control of my vehicle. It is easy to maintain thus far. I wish it had even slightly tinted windows and that the trunk was a bit bigger.

- Taylor M

That it works, looks sexy and it's very dependable .

I love it because it gets good gas mileage. And also I love the color of the exterior and interior. I really don't have any complaints about this car . I can get a ton of stuff in the back of it .

- shell f

The problems! Need to change car.

The steering wheel shakes a lot while I am driving, and when I stop it the brakes will not break instantly. Other than that I like my car it just a bit old. I have to change it for a newer one.

- Demi E

That it can be somewhat sluggish getting up to speed. This can be annoying at times, and you have to be aware of it getting on to certain roads.

I like that it is a 4-door hatchback. It's easy to drive, and runs very reliably. It is a bit sluggish going from a stopped position to traffic or highway speed. Overall, a pretty good car.

- Lisa S

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it doesn't have power locks!

What I really like about my vehicle is that the motor is reliable especially if I take good care of it. The only thing I do not like about my Mazda is the small amount of room and seating.

- tina c

I will only ever buy Mazda.

I cannot think of one complaint for the 2013 Mazda 3 I own. The gas mileage is great. It is completely comfortable to drive and it looks like a more expensive vehicle than it really is.

- Julia S

If you want a low maintenance, no hassle car with good mpg and has good handling and performance for it's class, then the Mazda 3 is for you.

I like that the car is essentially maintenance free. Outside of normal 30K and 60K checkups, I haven't had to do any maintenance or repairs on my vehicle. It's been a fantastic car.

- Bill L

My Mazda has the most spacious trunk/hatch! We are able to fit luggage for 4!

My Mazda has it all: Bluetooth, multiple USB chargers, and even climate control. I wouldn't mind having a nice HUD with more audio information. Having the hatchback option is great!

- Tony H

It has amazing gas mileage. If I'm taking a long distance trip, I only have to fill my car up once or twice.

I like that it has a super smooth drive, great gas mileage and is all around a very reliable car. I don't like that I do not have a few features like built-in GPS and heated seats.

- Liz L

Good starter car. Vehicle good on gas. Vehicle nice and sleek.

Vehicle drives smooth. Vehicle is good on gas mileage. Vehicle has high tech indicators in mirrors super cool. I wish I had more space. I have been having steering wheel problems.

- Dana A

Small with great gas mileage, but also has large trunk space due to hatchback.

I like that it is small and gets great gas mileage. The car is also a good color and keeps well as it ages. The Mazdas is loud on the highway and does not seem to be sealed well.

- Jordan P

It is a great car. I really recommend it.

I love my Mazda 3. It is relatively spacious for being a small vehicle. The hatchback style gives it a nice sporty look and feel. It drives pretty well and gets decent mileage.

- Audra H

Great car for a small price

I think the car is a great Car and it's good on gas mileage. It is also very affordable for a worker and a couple or family. Mazda has been known to have good reliability also

- Rusty D

Mazda 3 - It'll get you where you're going.

The Mazda 3 is a reliable car. It's comfortable but not too pricey. The road noise is a little loud at times. I've had several Mazda 3's and had very little issues with them.

- Frank L

Great gas mileage! Must have!

I love my car. I never have any problems with it. It is small and compact so it is perfect for me. It gets great gas mileage, I only have to fill my tank up every other week.

- Sandra F

Great car for great price.

I have had no problems with it since buying it. It is very reliable and gets great gas mileage. I have regularly serviced it and it has had no performance issues whatsoever.

- Jessica W

It gets really good gas mileage and it is fun to drive.

I love the gas mileage it gets, the color and how responsive it is. I travels well. I love and hate that it is a hatchback. I would like for it to have a navigation system.

- Beth C

It has good pickup and is fun to drive.

My favorite feature is the manual transmission. I also like the heated seats. The sunroof is a nice touch. My only complaint is that the navigation system is not reliable.

- Jules D

Mazda 3- strong engine, great size

The engine runs well even after time a great acceleration. I enjoy the space if needed for passengers, but also like that it is small enough to be easy to park in a city.

- Ashley A

Great gas mileage with the Skyactiv engine I average around 40 MPG.

It is a great small car, it runs well and feels like a good solid car. Most impressive is the great gas mileage that averages about 40 MPG for me. No complaints at all.

- Joe C

car makes you feel special

it is the perfect size, small and very easy to maneuver and park, a little sporty so it gives me a lift, good gas mileage it doesn't have cruise control,love the feel

- mary f

It is fun to drive! It is also good on gas mileage!.

I love how zippy it is and that it is a stick shift. Super fun to drive! There's really nothing I do not like about it except it has automatic windows but manual locks.

- Nancy R

I think Mazdas slogan says it best...zoom zoom!

I love that It's both sporty and gets great gas mileage. It has everything from paddle shifters to bose surround sound to a moonroof. I wouldn't trade it for anything

- Michael C

I don't have to search for my keys in my purse because it keyless entry.

I like the Bluetooth and the keyless entry and it has a sunroof, it is silver it get good gas mileage. It also drives so smooth. I have no complaints about this car.

- Linda M

Mazda 3- red and sporty looking.

I really like our Mazda, we have had minimal problems with it and it drives very nice. It has gone through teaching two teenagers to drive. Has 90, 000 miles on it.

- Kerry G

The Mazda 3 is one of the best cars I have owned.

This is a very good and reliable car. No problems and have not had to take in for repair in 5 years. Changed the tires, did routine maintenance, no other problems.

- Barbara K

The traction control works well, I consider it necessary here.

Several engine control parts have needed to be the wipers squeak. The windows do not roll down. I was looking for a manual transmission model, but could find one.

- Sven R

If the sensors by the tires go out the car basically shuts off.

The thing that I do not like with my car is small and the things that I like with my car is so cute and has a big compartment where I can put a lot of groceries.

- Candy Wilson W

It has great gas mileage and looks great when I'm driving it.

It is a 6 speed automatic and I love driving it. It gets great gas mileage. I don't like the black interior so my next vehicle will have a lighter interior.

- Annette L

It's great on gas mileage!

I've had my car for about five years. I love it! I've never had any major issues. I commute to and from work. I also love the hatch back. Has plenty of room.

- Kasey T

I like it a lot and it's fun to drive.

Its reliable and fun to drive. It gets good gas mileage and its versatile, it's sleek looking, did I say it gets good gas mileage? Cause it does that too.

- Nice M

It gets very good gas mileage. And it takes off pretty quickly.

I like that it gets good gas mileage. It drives fast. I dislike how small and low to the ground it is. I also dislike the interior everything shows on it.

- Jennifer R

I'm grateful to have a vehicle that gets me safely where I need to go.

It is my dream car! I have wanted a Mazda for years and happened to find this car used at the last minute. It functions well and has unique body features.

- NaBich H

It has nice features for a basic model.

My car is nice. It has bluetooth and other nice features. I just really want a different vehicle. My Mazda was all I could afford at the time I got it.

- Jericha F

The amazing gas mileage is what I tell everyone about.

I love the pearl white color. The size is perfect and the gas mileage is amazing! I don't have any complaints at this time. I've owned it for 4 years

- Melody J

It has a navigation system and entertainment system that works very well.

I like the size and gas mileage. I dislike that all the plastic components of my car have and are falling apart. I like the dependability of my car.

- Andrew V

Others should know that Mazda's are great cars.

I love my Mazda specifically because of its gas mileage. I also love the fact that it looks like a sports car. On top of that, it is super reliable.

- Michaela W

My car has four doors and four wheels. It uses gas to run.

I like the fuel efficiency and the way is drives. The car has good storage in the rear. The hubcap fell off the tire after I hit a hole in the road.

- Marc F

My car is gas efficient and reliable. It's styling is attractive for the car size.

My car is very comfortable and gas efficient. I really do prefer to have an SUV or van next time I purchase a vehicle as my car is cute, but small.

- Jennifer F

That it is very powerful. It is a turbo engine and not like the regular Mazda 3 since this is a Speed 3.

Love the power that the vehicle has. Enjoy driving the vehicle. Do not care for the Bluetooth system, have been unable to connect it to my phone.

- Cheryl K

Mazda 3 gets Terrific Gas Mileage

My Mazda 3 gets terrific gas mileage, 35.4 mpg. Recently we had to jump the battery. Since then it runs like crap, changing gears is very jerky.

- Marguerite c

It stands out in a crowd.

Good gas mileage and dependable. Easy to park and easy to operate. The price for the car is well worth the service I receive from this vehicle.

- Ricky A

Driver feel and handling are far better than comparably priced vehicles.

The Mazda 3 drives like a pricier, sportier, more expensive vehicle. While power is not quite as strong, the handling and driver feel is great.

- Michael W

It gets really good gas mileage and is dependable.

It rides a little lower to the ground than I like. It gets great gas mileage and has been REALLY reliable. We've had very few problems with it.

- Robin S

You can't fit too many passengers in the back seat comfortably.

I like how quick it's acceleration is. It isn't a good vehicle for lots of passengers due to no leg room. It has been low maintenance so far.

- Keith H

Replace parts with high quality parts. The standard equipment is generic and break easily.

My car is good on gas. It easy to handle and is compact. I dislike that some parts are cheaply made and break easier than most that I've had.

- Joshua M

No one drives it but me. It is mine.

It is a reliable and nice looking car. Gets great gas mileage. It is got good safety ratings. I wish I had more space, would prefer an SUV.

- Amelia C

The great gas mileage and skyactiv technology that give you the good gas mileage.

My Mazda gets great gas mileage and has the space to fit my small family but I need more space and 4x4 would be nice and a spot for my dog.

- Kelly P

Car has proven to be very dependable. Has only needed routine maintenance.

Mid Size car with comfortable seats, adequate options and very good fares mileage. Has ok acceleration. Wish it was a little wider inside.

- Daniel W

It's great on gas and has a good engine.

It's small and low to the ground so It's a bumpy ride which is hard on a long trip. I don't have much room. it draws a lot of attention.

- mack Z

It runs, and has never been in any accident. It's clean.

Has a lot of problems with the brakes and the motor. The car is also super loud and the dash is sticky from the material its made from.

- Jordan W

The gas mileage is pretty good and it is a smooth ride.

I love the ride and range of leg room. The front panel is warping, unfortunately. I feel cramped when there are others in the vehicle.

- Jessica B

It's great on gas and is fun to drive.

It's very fun to drive. It also gets great gas mileage. The only thing I don't like is that it's a little cramped in the back seats.

- Cody G

Drives incredibly smoothly for not being a luxury car.

I really like the mileage I get even doing mostly city driving. I like that it's small, but holds a lot. I wish I had seat heaters.

- Renee H

It is the basic model. It goes well to work and back home.

I like the size. I had issues with the cruise control very quickly with the car. I think the turn radius and gas mileage is great.

- Michelle C

It is affordable and very practical with gas.

The Mazda 3 is cost effective with gas. It is very economical as well as affordable. I do not have any complaints about this car.

- Michelle S

The one most important thing about my car that others should know is that this car is well made and gets great gas mileage

I love that this vehicle is great in the snow with great gas mileage and easy to drive. There are no complaints of this vehicle.

- Lara D

It has a plenty room however it seems small.

I like the color. It's comfortable.. I do not like model. But I really like size of the car is not too big and is not too small.

- Mana M

It is good on gas and it can comfortably seat people and I have very little problems with it.

It is very reliable and if something does go wrong then the cost of repairs is very practical and doesn't set me back too much.

- Galina s

It's the best! I can't say enough good things about it

I love it, I've had it for 5 years and had now problems. It gets great gas mileage, drives great and has a great turning radius

- Kelley W

my car is very fuel efficient and has good pick up.

I like that it is compact, so does not use a lot of fuel. I like that it does have some zip when needed even with only 4 cyl.

- Elaine S

My vehicle is very fast and has a good skyactiv engine. Would recommend.

It has a little slow pickup speed, otherwise good. Seats are black so very hot in car but still very good car to mainly use. .

- Bom B

It is comfortable and gets good gas mileage.

I like the look of my car. I like the fuel efficiency as well. I do not like the color very much and the lack of heated seats.

- Jack L

It gets great gas mileage and drives smoothly.

This car was a great value for price. It also gets great gas mileage and has a decent looking design. No concrete complaints.

- Patrick G

The gas mileage is ridiculously good. I get around 450 miles per tank.

The gas mileage is phenomenal. I like the way it handles. The road noise is a bit much and the navigation system is terrible.

- Ann W

Great lifespan and enjoyment of driving for price

Very reliable, love the small size - makes it easy for parking in a city setting. Handles in various weather conditions well

- Janine P

the best thing about my car is that it is safe and gets great gas mileage

it gets great gas mileage and looks really nice. the only real downside is that it isn't the most comfortable for long rides

- jaci w

Gas mileage is great for a long drives.

Love the gas mileage, great gas mileage. Not a big fan of the interior construction not well insulated from exterior noise.

- Cathy C

a great and reliable hatchback

it's a great hatchback. plenty of seatings for 5 adults and plenty of cargo rooms. just change oil on the regular and drive

- tuu c

Low maintenance low gas mileage.

Mazda is a great car. Keep up the maintenance and very seldom will you have a problem. Low gas mileage. Low maintenance.

- Robin S

great handling on curvy roads; roomy for sedan; price is reasonable for standard features

nice handling; but consistent problem with serpentine belt that dealer brushes off; gas mileage is great; premium sound;

- Marlene o

It's very reliable and dependable, sporty and fun to drive and gets excellent gas mileage, especially on road trips.

I love the easy way my Mazda handles, the great gas mileage that I get.....there is nothing about my car that I dislike.

- Jerri J

The dashboard is beautiful!

I like the torque on the vehicle but I do not understand why it does not have cruise control considering it is a 2013.

- Summer R

I love that I have a hatchback

Love my mazda, no mechanical issues at all, very dependable cars and comfortable, reliable. I have not had any issues.

- Tania R

Its sensitive sometimes. When treated well it runs well,.

I like that it saves gas and it is small enough for me to park anywhere I dislike that not that much room in the back.

- Silvia H

A very reliable pickup...

It is compact but not too small. I get great gas mileage. Its attractive and comfortable and suitable for my budget.

- Constance B

It's a good reliable car!

Stick shift is fun to drive. It's got lots of room for luggage. It handles really well and gets great gas mileage.

- Kirsten D

It's reliable and it's very good on mileage.

Initially I liked that t was compact but now I have 2 kids so it's a bit tighter. But it's great on freeway mileage.

- Vanessa R

It's reliable, low maintenance, fun to drive and a good car for the money. I wouldn't drive anything else.

It's very reliable, good on gas mileage, excellent acceleration and low maintenance. It's fun to drive. A good buy.

- David C

Small back seat, so not much room for kids.

Performance and reliability are fine, however the space is very limited. Would not recommend as a small family car.

- Christina J

its versatile and convenient and reliable and i like it

my car runs great, has a great relationship with the dealer gets good gas mileage, stylish and fits my personality

- Nich M

Safety features, rated top overall. Great features!

I love the size,compact so I can easily park in tight spaces. Feel very safe as I've had accidents and been okay.

- Audrey P

It's fun easy to drive good gas

Had two recalls but mazda fixed it for free. The dashboard and a trunk part. It's a great car. Good gas mileage

- angela w

The model is good gas mileage in town or on the highway.

Good on gas mileage and easy to handle. Its small in the back seat and cramped. Great for getting around town.

- Jeff F

Reliable vehicle with a Sports car feel

Fairly new ca, very reliable, lots of bells and whistles, roomy, good as mileage. Love the electronic features

- Kim T

Great handling on any type of road. Very tight steering is a joy to drive

Great reliability. Very good gas mileage. Excellent handling versus other automobiles from Honda, Toyota etc.

- Grant U

I like that it's a hatchback, is cheap to maintain and has great handling and acceleration.

It has a cd player which is important because new cars don't have cd players anymore and I love to play cds.

- Meredith B

2013 Mazda mazda3 awesome

It's a really good car I really love it it's gets me everywhere I wanna go and it doesn't waste a lot of gas

- Heriberto V

Vehicle review. Save fuel.

She is a very touch car. Low maintenance and fuel efficient. Good for city use. She is worth than her price.

- sophia l

It is a great car to drive.

My Mazda is comfortable to drive and I never get back aches on long drives. And it gets great gas mileage.

- Lenor D

The Mazda3 is a smooth ride. Fun to drive in a manual transmission - as long as you're not stuck in traffic! Decent gas mileage and reliable.

I never understood the zoom zoom commercials, until I had my own Mazda. you have to drive it to believe it

- Jules F

Most interesting detail of my vehicle is the storage space

My car gets a nice 40 miles to the gallon on the highway which is extremely useful for commuters to work.

- Shane S

Value due to low purchase cost, durability, good mileage.

Very basic, good value. Manual transmission and everything else. No fancy tech. Wish had remote locks.

- gordo b

This car is reliable. It won't cause you problems and will do what you need it to.

My car is amazing! It's perfect for me, and has caused me very few problems. I love everything about it.

- Mackenzie H

It has a great safety rating and it lives up to this safety rating. It is a quality car at a reasonable price.

It has good styling and it is fun to drive. It is also gas efficient and has very good safety features.

- charles F

Lowest maintenance gas car around.

I love my Mazda it is very safe and reliable with very low maintenance. I will be with Mazda for life.

- Shayla G

It gets good gas mileage.

It gets good gas mileage. It drives well. I feel safe. I wish it went faster. The battery dies easily.

- Jordan R

It's a little quick car that gets good mileage

it depreciated quickly. I love that it is a manual transmission. I dislike hot bumpy of a ride it is

- Vincent E

It's easy to drive and very reliable

It gets pretty good gas mileage. It isn't the nicest looking car. It doesn't have a rearview camera.

- Judy A

It is the car is Safe and has good mileage

I like it because it is gas saving. I don't like it because it had some problems in the five years.

- Calvin C

Fuel economy is great and handles well on all roads.

I like how fuel efficient it is. I don't find the seats particularly comfortable. No complaints

- Debbie W

Dealership is excellent for service and sales

Mazda is the best; family has purchased and referred 16 sales and purchases; love the dealership

- Wm F

It's reliable and safe. It gets good gas mileage and it's fun to drive

I like that it is reliable and safe. I don't like that I don't have Bluetooth or cruise control

- Tegan D

A fun car to drive around town and on freeways.

A bit smallish but zippy. Easy to park because of Its size. Economical in terms of gas mileage.

- Chris M

How good on gas it is and that the better mileage it gets when taken care of

I like that it does not use a lot of gas and I dislike it because there's no power door locks

- Enoch C

It's fun to drive and great on gas.

I love how easy my Mazda drives and handles, love the great gas mileage. No complaints at all.

- Jerri M

The mazda3 has great gas mileage and at a good cost.

It gets great gas mileage. There is plenty of cargo space. Not much road noise cancellation.

- Brandon S

Great mileage, I never have to pay too much for a full tank of gas.

I love it, I have had it for 5 years, bought it used, and have had minimal issues with it.

- Morgane D

It's a decent car for the price. Handles pretty well.

I like the MPG. I don't like that it's less than the sticker. I like it's price.

- Aaron F

It drives smooth and reliable

It drives well and hasn't given me any issues. I've driven many miles with it!

- Anthony D

Great performance is what you get with a Mazda 3 car.

It handles great. Gas mileage is good. It is comfortable. No complaints.

- Jim H

That it is a good car but it needs power locks

I love the size of the car.. But I don't like not having power locks on it

- Donna h

I love the gas mileage. I use the car for work and only need to fill up every other month. No complaints

I do regular maintenance. I have had no problems with the car. Looks new

- Mary w

Get you oil changed very frequently and it will work well.

The car is reliable. It kind of bumbles around when you sit at a light.

- Sam H

Runs great but the body is not in great shape.

The body is falling apart. Dashboard is warped. Runs great. Good MPG.

- Bob r

great performance and a comfortable ride

I like everything about the car and there is nothing that I dislike

- mary K

reliable commuter for work, etc

like it for fuel economy dislike because it was second best choice

- ramon L

economical, otherwise great on gas. does get 40 miles per gallon on highway

mazda 3.. great on gas. more pep then needed. holds the road

- raymond b

that the care and service provided by Mazda is in my opinion in the best in its class

I like the handing that this brand provides for its vehicles.

- Harrison P

great mileage, good performance, and low maintenance

great mileage, good performance just needs more interior room

- Kristi C

It's very reliable, no problems as of yet. I recommend.

It's a very reliable care. Good gas mileage. Drives smoothly.

- Gabby T

It is fun to drive and gets good gas mileage.

Two wheel drive is bad in winter. Otherwise it's a good car.

- Sahar M

It's fast and reliable. Uses very little gas you can take long trips and be comfortable

Great car Reliable Never any issues has never broken down

- Denise D

It's a very reliable car no complaints 4 door vehicle

I love my car got it brand new from the Mazda dealership

- Sam C



- Megan T

Continental Mazda. Reliable. Comfortable. Wish it was taller. Bluetooth, bose sound system, car assistant

Fuel efficient. Hands free phone system. Auto start

- Eric A

It does not have cruise control.

It is easy to maneuver and has little issues.

- Emily B

Mi car have a excellent reliability

This vehicle is very good and easy to drive

- Pedro B