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My first Mazda: the review.

I do not like the way when I turn it takes a while to shift gears from r to d but besides that the performance is pretty good. The seats are comfortable to an extent, long drives are kind of uncomfortable. It has a touch screen with a mechanical knob which I love as its super handy when you want to move around the screen quickly. You get a lot of safety features with this car, this is the main reason I purchased this car. It also has blind spot monitors, rear view camera, and its safety features are customizable. I personally do not mind it for now because I intend to trade in for a model 3, as gas on this car is incredibly expensive. I was under the impression Mazda is supposed to be a gas saving vehicle but unfortunately not. In the end, the Mazda3 is beautiful and it gets the job done. It is not a horrible car, just not the best in my personal opinion. I have my first maintenance appointment coming up so we will see how it goes.

- Karen V

The Mazda 3's safety auto.

The sedan has plenty of leg and seating room. The gas mileage is wonderful and it uses regular. Great sound system and it has a sporty look and feel to it. Quite a few gadgets which are useful if one is driving a lot and also in cold weather like seat warmers and a dial and push button control system in the center part of the car so one can keep their eyes on the road if one has to change the system without looking away from the road to use the main entertainment system. Two of the best features are the backup camera and the side view warning lights with warning beeps that lets the driver know that a car is driving next to your vehicle in a blind spot. The same warning beeps lets you know that you are driving out of your lane.

- Karla S

A decent car with reasonably high in-city mileage, affordable and reliable.

I bought a used 2015 Mazda3 touring, 4 door sedan from gem Mazda in Tallahassee. It was in reasonably good shape when I got it, and the car handles very well. Suited very well for short distances, and I am sure it will deliver even if I took it for a longer drive. The brakes are always something to watch out for, mostly because they are the later paddle brakes and tend to need frequent maintenance and checks. Otherwise, it is a very comfortable car, and affordable to a student such as myself. The mileage is also much higher than my previous car (an ancient 2004 Hyundai Elantra) and has been saving me a good amount of money since I bought it. I would definitely recommend this model to anyone looking to buy it.

- Sarah R

A beautiful, driver-centric machine.

This is my first Mazda and I couldn't be more pleased with it. Buying the top tier package (grand touring) made a difference, as it came with plenty of bells, whistles, and safety features to make driving a pleasure. It is beautifully crafted, too - it has the lines of a luxury vehicle. It handles the road incredibly well (although I wouldn't drive it in a snow storm!) And is very zippy. Mazda clearly crafted a vehicle with the driver in mind, as it feels like you are in a cockpit instead of a utilitarian seat to get from point A to point B. My next car will very likely be another Mazda because of how much I have enjoyed this one.

- Ryan M

Mazda 3 easy to use and a great first car!

I really love my Mazda3! I have around the most basic model and I bought it used, so I think it is the perfect first car for a teenager, or young adult that is just starting out. The cloth seats are very comfortable and despite it being a small car, there is a great amount of space in the back seat. In today's economy, it does not take more than $30 dollars to fill the tank, but unfortunately, the gas does go by kind of fast. There are Bluetooth and navigation capabilities and the cruise control is easy to understand. Most of all, the key fob and push to start feature makes the car overall really easy to use.

- Maya R

Baseline Mazda feels like luxury car.

My Mazda3 is great car. It has had no problems since I bought it in 2015. The gas mileage is great. I drive 30 minutes to work and I have to get gas every 2 weeks. There is not that much room in the backseat but I do not have to drive a lot of people around. At the time, the technology was very cool. It is great to have voice calling so I do not have to use my phone while driving. The touch screen is great as well, it locks up when you are driving so you cannot use it. I wish it had apple play but that wasn't a thing back when I purchased this car.

- Jordan G

Great car that is easy to drive and is dependable.

I have not really had any problems with this car. It has been really reliable, gets great gas mileage, and if very comfortable. The lay out of the dashboard and other controls make it easy to use all of the controls. The back up camera and the cross traffic sensors are very helpful. I use the camera when I park to make sure I am in the lines. The cross traffic sensors help when you back out of parking spaces and you have large trucks so you can not see if the way is clear from the driver's seat. They are also helpful when you change lanes.

- Therese M

If you want a working radio, don't buy the 2015 Mazda 3.

The Mazda 3 is an enjoyable drive and a great car. The sound system/navi/touch screen is awful. When I slow to a stop, if I am using Bluetooth with my iPhone, the songs begin skipping rapidly and I cannot stop it. If listening to the radio, the stations begin jumping around, no way to stop it. There is no on-off switch for the sound system, so if you don't want to listen to anything, you only have the mute button. Touch screen does not respond to touch, and navi sometimes works and sometimes does not. Annoying and distracting.

- Beth E

Good reliability at a low cost.

I have had my 2015 Mazda3 for over 3 years now. So far it has been extremely reliable. In the 3 years I have only gotten oil changes done and one change of breaks. I also think that it is pretty good with gas. I can fill up the tank with $32 (gas in my area is around $3. 15). The only major issue I have had so far is that the steering wheel is losing it is color, but that may be because I live in an area where it is extremely hot.

- Alejandra R

It has been dependable and does not need a lot of gas.

The size of the car makes it easy to drive and park. It has good pick up so you can merge into traffic and I think it gets around 28 miles per gallon of gas. The controls are easy to find while driving so you do not have to take your eyes off the road. The seats are easy to adjust and are comfortable. The trunks lets you store items out of sight. The split backseat lets you to carry large items in the trunk easily.

- Therese M

It is great for 1-2 people. Not a family car.

I do really love my Mazda. The seats are very comfortable. The backseat does not have a ton of legroom but my hatchback is very large. It is perfect for my lifestyle, a college student. The side mirrors have a blind spot detector which is an amazing feature to have. The display and sound quality is really great. The car is sort of loud on the interstate but gets amazing gas mileage highway. Plus it is super cute!

- Madison W

The Mazda 3 pros vs cons overview.

The mazda3 has poor responsiveness compared to other vehicles we have and have driven. The handling is mediocre. The gas mileage is outstanding as we take many trips from one big city to another within the same state. Overall features are mediocre, basically, standard features and safety features. Comfort level is okay for a mid-size sedan but depends on how bad the roads are. Definitely reliable!

- Chris W

Features for cost is unbeatable.

I almost wholly love my Mazda. It's zippy, easily maintained, reliable/dependable, sleek, has FABULOUS turning radius, and great value on features (like BSM, backup camera, stereo, etc). My improvement wishes are with the trunk - would prefer slightly larger space (even for hatchback) and there's no open control from front of car (must be in back WITH key). Otherwise, it's zoom zoom :-)

- Sarah A

This Mazda3 has a sleep design with impressive performance. It fits all the basics you'll need for day trips, road trips, and short vacations. It's a very dependable car and easy to maintain and take care of.

The 2015 has a very sleep design without the huge price tag. It's definitely a step up from the 2013/2014 models but still keeps it's small sedan features. I love that it still feels spacious inside even though it's a fairly small car. I do with the trunk door was set a little higher to accommodate items with deep measurements, like ice chests. But not a deal-breaker by any means.

- Paola G

From technology to interior and exterior design, it should perfect for my needs.

I love my car’s maroon color. It is reliable, economic, sporty, spacious, it has leather interior and comfortable seating. It is got a moon roof and can be switched between manual and automatic. It is got GPS and other technological features like Bluetooth and music plus communication features that help make my commute the most comfortable and accessible. I like it is height.

- Liz P

Great car to own but just watch out for the minor things.

I haven't had any real issues with my car but lately I have been having an electrical problem. The system I am not sure whether it is Bluetooth or the car system itself but it has been calling people on my recent call list. The car will access my contacts on my phone which is connected via Bluetooth and will open my call log, scroll down and call someone who’s on there.

- Veronica C

If you are looking for a reliable, safe car with great gas mileage, this is it.

I love this car! I have had my car over three years and I have yet to have any problems. The sound system that came with the car is better than most upgraded systems, it handles great, tight turn radius, smooth quiet ride, and great gas mileage. I love the touch screen display system! It allows me to monitor all my maintenance needs, gas mileage, navigation, and my phone!

- Kirstie L

Great to drive, holds a lot more than it appears, sleek look, wonderful gas mileage, user friendly and high quality!

I love the great gas mileage my car gets, and it is very comfortable to ride in. I use it as my primary run-around vehicle and I have no complaints about it - the trunk is good-sized, holds enough people, I love the sleek look of both interior and exterior of the car. My main negative is that it does not handle well in snow and I feel like I slide all over the place.

- Liz E

Runs smooth, drives fast, and has some of the best gas mileage,

I opted to purchase the Mazda 3 touring model which is a step up from the basic model. I truly enjoy the benefits that comes with the model. It has the sunroof and bose speakers which really helps to provide a positive driving experience. I enjoy that the car drives rather smoothly. The pick up speed is great. It responds very quickly to whatever speed I intend to go.

- Sofia O

The Mazda 3 is a great first car and I always felt safe in it as a new driver.

I love my Mazda, it has been extremely trustworthy and consistent. It has amazing gas mileage and I always feel safe in it. The only problems that I have had with it is that my tire pressure light comes on very often, even when none of my tires are flat or even low on pressure. But I only have to fill up once or twice a month and I have no other problems with it.

- Hope G

Get the manual transmission. This car is very fun to drive!

We replaced a 1999 Mazda with a 2015 Maza. We love the new car so much -- comfortable ride, great safety features (a lot has changed since 1999 technology). The only thing I do not like is that it is easy to lose things if they are dropped in the crack between the seats. This is a very very minor criticism in contrast to all that we love about the car.

- David T

Skyactiv technology really delivers great fuel mileage and engine power.

I like the driving dynamics, the handling and quality of interior materials. I also like the gas mileage and exterior styling. I don't like the fact that the lumbar support in front driver seat is not powered, the right passenger seat is not powered, there is no cooling option for the seats, and there is a lot of road noise that permeates the cabin.

- Jeffrey T

I have had only good experiences with the dealerships and maintenance departments.

I like the way the car handles and drives -it's a fun car to drive. I find the interior and seats comfortable and easy to keep clean. Maintenance is easy and parts are widely available. I do not like the keyless access because there's no way to start the car when the remote battery runs out - this only happened to me once but it was an inconvenience.

- Anna K

Great gas mileage and smooth ride.

So far none I love it! Has great gas mileage. The only thing that I do notice is that there is a lot of cabin noise. I like the console and the radio screen. They should make more color options in the cabin interiors. My Bluetooth does seem to just quit out of nowhere sometimes but again I do not know if that is my phone or just the connection.

- Parker P

Fun reliable attractive car.

I am very happy with my Mazda 3. I like the way it drives, it feels very modern, and it is reliable. I chose it because it had good online reviews, and I thought it was the best looking vehicle in its class. I have never had any problems with it, and I appreciate the safety features, especially the back up camera and the blind spot alert.

- Wendy B

The reliable Mazda 3- family sedan.

The Mazda 3 has many blind spots while driving. Also the radio display of numbers is on the dashboard. When it is sunny you cannot see the display of numbers due to glare. The car is roomy in front and back. Nice size trunk. Has hook up for phone charging/GPS. I have 32,000 miles and have not had one problem - just routine maintenance.

- Mary K

The GPS system I love a lot. I do not need my phone to help me with directions.

The features on my vehicle are mostly electronic. Push starter, radio operated by a thick turn knob. The screen is touch screen and I can get about 450 miles on a full tank of gas. Back seats can be let down from the trunk, and has built in GPS system using a chip that communicates with satellites to give accurate directions.

- Derrick H

It's a safe vehicle and rides really good.

I love my Mazda. It rides really smooth, is easy to drive, and I love it has sensor blinkers. I like that Mazda really thought out the way they made the car and I feel they really kept the consumer in mind with the bells and whistles t comes with. For some reason I wish the breaks were a little better, but they work fine.

- Darlene l

Mazda3 is safe and reliable vehicle with many interior features.

After a few years of having the Mazda 3, I really haven't experienced any problems with the car. There have been about two or three recalls on certain parts, but it has never affected my car. The car is great on gas, and it is easy and stable to drive. There are various inside features that are convenient and easy to use.

- Christy G

Great car for cruising and saving gas.

I have the space gray mazda3 and it I love the exteriors color, shape, sleekness. As well as, the black interior it also has the technology such as touch screen. The car is amazing on gas and it will last a while and I drive about 70 miles a day to work. The audio in the car is great as well. I really enjoy the bass.

- Allison H

Great value super reliable.

My vehicle works great and always runs smoothly. My vehicle is super reliable and very efficient. My vehicle fulfills my needs to get around town. I never really have any problems with my vehicle because it is a nicely made car of pretty high quality. I would say it is a great value for the amount that I paid for it.

- Lindsey G

Mazda 3 is a great starter car, great gas mileage.

Runs great, gets good gas mileage, heat and air work Accordingly. The oil changes are expensive, and the car sits lower to the ground than I would like. The vehicle is on the smaller side, I have growing kids and it shows its size. I would like to continue with the Mazda family when I can afford a bigger model.

- Stephanie W

The sporty car for any age!

No issues after 3 years with this car! Love the navigation system, sound system, the sporty look of the car, the handling, the size of the vehicle. I love Mazdas! The car seats 4 people comfortably. The hatchback has a good size trunk that was way bigger than I thought. The car is extremely quiet when driving.

- Karen T

Mazda 3! The best detail is the excellent touch screen.

My car has been amazing so far. I have had zero issues with it. There has been no performance issues and the safety of the vehicle is top notch. I believe I will have this car for years to come because it has shown no signs of slowing down. I highly recommend this vehicle for all. Make sure to check one out.

- Mike K

The Mazda is a great car. I promise you!

I love my car. It has all the features I need, good gas mileage and I have not had any problems, except with the tires getting old. I feel very safe. I also like the way it looks and the features such as beeping if a car is next to you. I drive all the time. It is also roomy and comfortable.

- Katherine S

Maintenance Issued with my Mazda 3

I really liked the Mazda 3 lease deal that was going on so I went ahead with it. Aesthetically they're nice, but the maintenance I've had to keep up on the car has been crazy! I've replaced the battery 3 tones gotten new tires and had to go in for recalls all working a 3 year time period.

- Chloe C

Probably one of the best cars to buy, 2015 Mazda 3.

No problems, love the stereo, comfy seats, handles amazing, large trunk space, perfect for road trips. Love the color, its red. Performance wise it's perfect, I don't find myself speeding, I find myself going 1 to 4 miles above speed limit. Great leg room for both passengers and drivers.

- Michael B

I love my mazda 3. It is the best car I ever had.

Good on gas, fast pick up, very comfortable, good price, love the style and the looks of the inside. The car radio is in a spot that I do not like the console in between the seats is not sturdy and the lid can break buy leaning on it. The screws hold the sun visor up keep coming loose.

- Bill C

One of the best vehicles out there.

Love my Mazda 3. Runs smooth & is great with gas. I sometimes have to travel far for work & take my car. Very roomy inside expect the trunk is a bit small but I do not use it much. Maintenance is affordable & it is a perfect little car for a woman who does not like trucks or SUVs.

- Acosta A

Highly recommend the Mazda 3 hatchback.

Mazda 3 hatchback is easy to drive for the beginner lady like me. I do feel comfortable with the size and quite situation, with no big problem for these three years so far. Highly recommend this type of car. In addition, mine is white color, such a lovely color I have ever seen.

- Ying W

Sporty and fun Mazda 3 hatchback.

I love my Mazda 3 hatchback. It is sporty and has good pickup, and it is just really fun to drive. It is spacious and comfortable, even for long-haul drivers. I'd recommend the leather seat option. I bought the car used with 26k miles on it, and have no issues to report with it.

- Jamie L

I really love the Bose sounds system.

My car is wonderful. She runs like a champ. It has good gas mileage, the Bluetooth and stereo system are amazing, and the overall look of the car is great. The color is super pretty. She rides really well. Good size tank. The seats are comfy and the back seat has good space.

- Cary H

A thrill to drive, the Mazda car experience is fun filled!

My Mazda is a great driving car that gets excellent gas mileage. Fun to drive, has an excellent audio system that I plug into Spotify. Great experience to drive on long trips, and will probably stay in the Mazda family for my next car! Also, considering a new Mazda in 2020.

- Howard S

Just what I need for my day to day responsibilities and fun.

Overall a solid vehicle with good mpg, safe and great tech including Bluetooth connection. The variety of colors and additional styles made selecting the car a fun process. Maintenance has been reasonable and no significant surprises have arisen throughout my ownership.

- John M

Love my Mazda! It is the best car I have ever driven and would buy another!

It is the best car I have ever owned. Has minor issue after warranty was up and Mazda was amazing to work with. Drives amazing and love the tech. It looks like luxury car at affordable prices. Gas mileage is amazing. Never had any major issues. Super reliable and safe.

- Felicia B

The car speakers are and radio works better than any other car I have owned.

My 2015 Mazda 3 is the basic model and I love it! There is a USB hookup and cigarette lighter but it does not have a CD player. The material on the seats is easy to clean even with dried up melted chocolate came right out with some seat cleaner! Fabulous car all round.

- Steph G

Fully loaded compact vehicle surprises owners.

Excellent on gas, drives smoothly, lots of good features. Leather seats, sunroof, navigation system. No problems so far and I've owned it since may 2018. The exterior looks kind of small, but the inside comfortably fits my daughter and I as well as my two dogs in it.

- Ashley M

It handles well when driving, especially in traffic.

It is a fun car to drive. It is very good when merging in traffic. It has power when you need it. The sound system is excellent. There is adequate trunk space. The seats can get uncomfortable when driving on long drives. 3 teens are a tight squeeze in the back seat.

- Sara B

The handling is not up to the standard that I expect.

The electronic devices in the cabin are not well placed. I find the screen to be a distraction when driving. I bought a car from the dealer's showroom and now wish that I had also purchased some other options. I intend to trade it in when finished with the payments.

- Linda N

This is a fun small car to drive!

Team Mazda 3 is really fun car to drive. It is very zippy and quick. So far I have had it for 100000 miles, and have had no major maintenance problems. The only real downside to this car is that it is small, but out of the small sedans, this is definitely the best!

- Nicole R

My car is roomy & can transport multiple people and things with comfort & ease.

I like the size of my car, having a hatchback with seats that fold down, and its high mileage per gallon. I also enjoy the features like the seat warmer and digital console. I am not fond of how low my car is to the ground and can often bottom out in parking lots.

- Monica A

It is sleek and sporty without breaking the bank.

One of my favorite things about my car is it is good on gas. And cheap to fill up as well. It runs smooth. I have had no mechanical issues and I have had the car for almost 4 years. I will probably always buy a Mazda now because of how reliable it has been for me.

- Caitlin P

Mazda 3 is a great fuel efficient option

I love my car. Pros: Looks awesome. Great fuel efficiency. It can average about 40 MPG/hwy. Blind spot monitoring is very handy. Backup camera is game changing. Cons: Seats could be more comfortable. Too much road noise. Paint is too soft and chips too easily.

- Sarah D

Black on black with red trim. Seat warmers, backup camera, blind spot signals.

I love the drive. Very easy handling. The car has nice features like seat warmers, backup camera, and blind spot signals. I enjoy the stereo system. The gas mileage is great and is even better on the highway. It is also the perfect size and is easy to use.

- Julia P

You get a lot of features for the price of the car. It is small and compact but has everything I wanted in it.

I have only had my car for a few months. I bought it used with low mileage. My only issue so far with the car is that the touch screen sometimes freezes. It mostly happens when the car has been sitting outside in the heat all day. Overall, I love my car.

- Emily T

2015 Mazda 3 - I love it!

I love my Mazda3. It's reliable, has great gas mileage, and is fun to drive. I haven't had any issues arise in the past two years that I've had it. It's really comfortable and I love the bluetooth feature. The only thing it's missing is a reverse camera.

- Summer B

The dashboard settings, shows tune ups etc.

Love the car, wish the stereo was better, when you speed up on a highway you can barely hear the music. The speakers do not pick up any kind of bass either. Wish we had heated seats. We love the settings and features that are available on the dashboard.

- Lauren A

My 2015 Mazda is the best and most reliable car ever.

I love my Mazda 3. It is fun to drive and very comfortable. It has a GPS navigation system, Sirius radio, seat warmers, and ability to hook up your phone to Bluetooth. I am always on the road (2 hour commute each day) and I have never had any problems.

- Katherine S

Love it would not drive anything else.

No indications when washer fluid is low. It just stops squirting. That is all I have, I like the car very much. The car is very comfortable. It gets great gas mileage, I have not had any problems with the tires. Good sound in radio. Enjoy the car.

- Terrie P

The gas mileage of this vehicle is unparalleled to another car.

I love everything about Mazda. The gas mileage is one of the reasons why I bought this car, my second Mazda. The only complaint I would have would be the screen for the entertainment system. I do not like how it is positioned on top of the dash.

- Rebekag K

It's a value purchase--for under 20 thou you can get a fun, economical, well-made, and attractive vehicle.

It's a sleek, sporty, and attractive vehicle. Not only is it fun to drive, but the fuel economy is over the top. Literally, as in hyper-mile over. The only thing that would make it better was better noise insulation. It's loud when driving.

- David K

It has very good gas mileage and offers manual transmission

I like the handling, the interior and exterior styling, and the value of quality for the price. I don't like that it has a lot of road noise, doesn't have cooking seats, lumbar support is not powered, and the passenger seat is not powered.

- Jeff T

It's a streamlined and comfortable car to drive, even without many of the bells and whistles.

I like the body style and the acceleration capability on the highway. The backseat is a little smaller than I prefer, but the trunk space is nice. I do wish the braking was a bit more smooth. It seems choppy at times, although reliable.

- Lissa C

It is affordable and very easy to drive and the mileage is really good

My Mazda three is very comfortable and spacious. I really like the fact that it is easy to drive and park. The gas definitely last for a long amount of time I don't have any special features on the car but it is really not needed at

- Jennifer G

Mazdas are very underestimated and not considered enough by most people.

The only thing I dislike is that there could be more trunk space. I like that it accelerates fast and gets good gas mileage. It's one of the few affordable cars available with manual transmission but a lot of nice extra features.

- andrea c

My car has great safety features such as a backup camera and blind spot monitoring.

My car is reliable, attractive, and has great safety features. There is not anything that I dislike about my car, except that I wish it had a sunroof. Overall, I am very happy with my car and hope to keep it for a long time.

- Jessie C

It's going to last a long time because it is well built and it is really really fun to drive.

I like that it is very dependable I love that the acceleration is great I love that it turned out that I got it almost interest free and did not have to pay any tax title or license fees I love that's It's cute and sporty.

- Anita b

It's dependable and its comfortable. It would make a great first car for someone.

I really like the Mazda 3, it's a solid pick for a car. I have a long commute to work and I drive a lot during the day. It's comfortable and has room for things. Though, pick up is not great and gas mileage could be better.

- Ann D

Mazda3 grand touring sport is made for fun and speed.

I love the leather interior. This vehicle is made for speed and fun. I hate that the vehicles do not come in a bright blue. I do not like the dull boring colors of white, grey, silver, black, or the dull dark blues or reds.

- Jen G

Love my Mazda3 6-speed Manual

I have loved my Mazda since the day I bought it. It is the s Grand Touring model with a 6-speed manual transmission. It handles great, has been very reliable, gets good gas mileage, and makes me smile every time I drive it.

- William D

I think they should know it's a dependable car that's got great mpg.

It's a good, reliable car, with good mileage. The sound system is nice, the steering is good, and it's pretty durable. The paint is pretty but shows dirt so easily. There's always a lot of light symbols I have to look up.

- Danielle E

The car's body throughout makes you feel as if your in a high end sports car.

The features favored is the heated seats, the plush leather, the GPS system and the physical body of the car. The mileage is the best feature it can run on regular for up roughly 450 miles before needing another fill up.

- Ashley P

Mazda is known for their safety features in each of their cars.

Great performance. Great gas mileage. Very quiet on the road. Good acceleration. Amazing sound system, and the bass is phenomenal. Sleek design for interior and exterior. Feels like a luxury car, but is very affordable.

- Delaney H

You can use carplay with your iphone.

I like the color, the way it drives, and the gas mileage it gets. I dislike that I got a hatchback and that it drives funny when it gets low on gas. The cloth seats also stain weirdly and do not come out easily at all.

- Taylor P

Excellent value & ride; very roomy, both for passengers & luggage

Very reliable so far; lots of features; good mileage considering its engine size; a few rattles developing from the trunk; the head up display is great; shame that the sat nav has no live traffic option or android auto

- costas a

It has a lot of high end features for a good value.

I like the size and style of the car. It fits my needs and drives well in the city. It gets relatively good gas mileage and is comfortable to be in and has the technology I desire including the Bose sound system.

- Nicholas L

My car is fabulous on gas. I certainly can't complain about the MPG.

I love my car. It zooms around town so nicely. It's the perfect car to get me back and forth to work. The only thing I don't like is the navigation screen. I wish it were in the dash instead of sticking up.

- Jen d

My first Mazda and I would buy it again.

The mpg, acceleration, responsiveness and comfort are excellent. I'm a little disappointed that the CMU (infotainment) had to be replaced shortly after the warranty expired, but Mazda covered most of the cost.

- Lee S

It is fun to drive and very comfortable for long drives.

It is a very comfortable car. What I do not like are several design issues (the material for the dashboard is difficult to clean, space is I efficiently used) as well as the decision to not offer a CD player.

- Paula S

The good value of my car. It has a lot of high end features without having a high end price tag.

I like the body style of my car. Additionally, I like the features, leather seats, moonroof, seat warmers, etc, for the price. It was a good value. Last, I like the comfort of my car and the smooth drive.

- Sarah P

Great Engine, Great Price, and Top-of-the-Line Features!

The 2015 Mazda 3 is a cheaper but well-performing vehicle. The engine, especially the 2.5L engine, allows for quick acceleration. The Active Driving Display is extremely helpful for speed and navigation.

- Kyle E

It has had 2 accidents, once in the rear, once face on. Still looks good.

My Mazda is a 6 speed manual transmission with the larger engine. It is reliable and fun to drive. I am a huge fan of the quality and comfort of Mazda vehicles and have been loyal for my last 3 cars owned.

- Michelle M

Great value, I really liked the volume control being in the middle of the console.

It's got navigation, heated seats, sunroof, power windows/locks. The car has been comfortable for me, some passengers have felt it was a little low. Over all, it's been a great car so far, no real issues.

- Robert M

It takes me to work and home everyday. Good reliable car.

Not enough storage places inside.. Windshields are more expensive to replace, because they are "special".. Flip up speed detector on dash is already not working.. Video screen is already losing pixels.

- Tamara M

It has good mileage on the highway. Great for road trips.

The car is awesome. It has a good turn radius. It looks nice. Only issue I have with it is that when the windows are down when driving, it makes a noise that sounds like you're going through a tunnel.

- Cathryn T

This is great car for commuting!

I love driving this vehicle. It handles well and drives very smoothly. It is also comfortable for driving long distances. I commute to and from work almost 70 miles a day and enjoy driving this car.

- Leslie S

The Mazda 3 is a fun, fast car.

The Mazda 3 is a fun, nimble, reliable sporty car. The touring package provides extra comfort and convenience. The Bose stereo sounds exceptional. The six-speed manual transmission is fun to drive.

- Thomas M

Great gas mileage and very reasonable maintenance costs make this an excellent buy.

The Mazda 3 has great gas mileage and very cheap maintenance costs. Love the value and consistency it has provided. No problems thus far except for two minimal recalls that I was informed of.

- Joseph H

Digital readings and everything is electric

It's a newer car for me still learning things about it. It has an electric almost everything and there are digital readings in the dashboard and everything can be done from the steering wheel

- Lisa W

Great gas mileage, very dependable. Definitely lives up to the reviews.

Great gas mileage and performance, it not satisfied with the adjustability of the seats or visibility/line of sight of the vehicle. Everything is pretty good otherwise, a really solid car.

- Gregory B

It is super cute and super fast. Plus there is plenty of room inside.

I have had my car since new and have had quite literally zero problems with it. It's missing some safety features I would have liked such as the brake assist, but otherwise a great vehicle.

- Michelle S

The car is fuel efficient and takes regular gas. It cut our fuel bill in half!

We bought this car to be a fuel efficient daily driver. The car was purchased 2 weeks ago. We have not owned it long enough to determine complaints, but the fuel efficiency has been great!

- Tracie W

It drives smoothly and handles well.

I bought my car about 3 months ago. It is a lot smoother of a drive then my previous car. I also like the gps system. The oy issue is sometimes the radio does this strange feedback thing.

- Jillian S

Good value for money, gas mileage and fun driving for less than similar cars.

I love the small hatchback responsiveness and handling. Good power to weight, and very comfortable to drive. Some electronics issues have begun, some frustration with electronics.

- Jeff B

It's a sports car without the sports car price !!!

I love the style, it's real sporty looking. It's got great pick up and gets good gas mileage. If I had to redo anything it would be the seats, they aren't that comfortable

- Sean M

It has a lot of features for entertainment and safety.

I like the features a lot; it is pretty convenient with its backup camera, blind spot detection, bluetooth, etc. I think it's a little weak power wise and in its efficiency.

- Derek B

It gets fantastic gas mileage! You can expect to get 400 miles out of $20.

It handles really well. I love the body style. I love that is has an option for manual shifters. It can hug a curve. I wish it had automatic seats and butt warmers though.

- Lisa B

DO NOT BUY. They may be "semi-reliable" but they're ugly and you simply will just not be happy with it.

I like the gas mileage but quite honestly it is a cheap piece of junk. It has hubcaps rather than rims, the bluetooth rarely works, the interior is junk, and it's slow AF.

- Alyssa A

Excellent car with great handling.

Like-- handles well, love the blind spot warning system and backup camera, great brakes, great acceleration. Dislike-- you cannot turn off the sound system, only mute it.

- Katie C

Fun to drive. Amazing value.

Has a lot of get up and go. If I need to stomp on the gas it will GO! Good gas mileage. Fun to drive. Minor cosmetic issues with plastic pieces breaking due to wear.

- Clarissa R

It's a very fast car for a 4 cylinder and drives very smoothly.

I love how it has a built in screen for the radio. I like how quiet the engine is and the look of the car. Only problem is, it has more blind spots than I'm used to.

- Stephanie R

My first big girl purchase that I do not regret.

I love it. Very reliable and have had no problems with my car. It is really roomy and spacious inside. My first Bluetooth car so I really enjoy connecting my music.

- Adrian M

The Mazda is a very dependable vehicle.

I love Mazda vehicles! Very reliable! Looks great! I have owned other Mazda models, loved them too! The other make was a Miata. Service at dealership is good also.

- Deborah K

This car was a perfect first car, with lots of safety features that provide for a smooth drive.

My vehicle is the standard version without the amenities, but it drives very smoothly. I have not had any problems while I am driving, and it is very comfortable.

- Anna R

My car is basic but has everything needed to get from one place to the other without spending extra.

I like that it gets good mileage and is spacious despite being a small car. I would like more of the up-to-date technology. The interior also shows dirt easily.

- Katie d

The Mazda3 has awesome city mileage and handles great!

Love the compact size, gas mileage and back up camera. Dislike rear window visibility and sluggish acceleration. Overall, it's a great car and I'm glad I got it.

- Amy Y

My beloved Mazda 3 is easy to drive and easy on the wallet

my mazda 3 is small and sexy. i like the way it handles. it gets really good mpg. it has 62000 miles and other than change oil and tires it's had no repairs

- Ken B

it has a lot of features that is hands free so that you don't get distracted.

i have bluetooth and can listen to my music from my phone. can make a call without having to pick up my cell phone. the car handles very well and gets good gas.

- robert r

There are plenty of airbags for safety.

It drives well.. I do not like the bucket seats.. I like the body style.. It has great gas mileage.. I do not like the fact that it doesn't have a CD player.

- Stephanie B

New models of Mazda 3 beat old models

The overall performance of my car has fit my needs and I am very happy with my purchase. I had the 2011 Mazda 3 and traded up and I am very happy with it.

- Kortney N

Very reliable requiring little maintenance.

This car is perfect for me, it is very comfortable for my long commute and has a ton of cool features, beautiful interior. It is also very sleek looking.

- Stephanie S

There is hardly ever anything wrong with Mazda's! I never see a Mazda on the side of the road. They are made well!

I like the economic features of the car, I get roughly 35 mpg highway. I also love how smooth the ride is and I haven't had many issues with maintenance!

- Megan R

It has a very high safety rating.

I love the look of my car. It is a very affordable car that feels more luxury. I dislike the infotainment center that has had glitches in the past.

- Alyssa F

the mazda 3 has great gas mileage, its very consistent as far as fuel economy. It lives up to expectation in this area so far (45,000 miles).

love the gas mileage and reliability of the car ...hate the blind spots and how low to the ground it is, as well as the road noise inside the cab.

- greg b

Luxury version is the way to go.

Like sporty, a lot of interior room, good looks.. Dislike: none. It is a great vehicle. I'll probably buy a new one when this one is worn out..

- Michael P

It drives very well has good over all performance. Maintenance and my car Is minimal

My car run very well is very comfortable and I love hands free for talking I have taken many trips and have not had any issues with my vehicle.

- Deborah P

It's affordable, it's a fairly easy car to maintain, it drives well in bad weather, and it's easy to maneuver.

It gets great mileage, it's a comfortable size for me to drive and park, and it's overall comfortable. I wish it was bigger sometimes though.

- Ally K

affordable and good mileage.

I love how it looks, the lane changing safety features, the interior, the sound system. I do not like that it does not have a lot of power.

- Sanaa I

This car has great gas mileage!

Not much room in the backseat. Sometimes have issued linking my phone via Bluetooth. Cools down quickly in the hot weather which is nice.

- Sandra B

Great looking car with sleek, sporty design. Has great pep too

I like the sleek, sporty design of it. I also like the power it has. Only thing I don't like is the seats, they aren't very comfortable

- Judy P

It gets great gas mileage and is very reliable.

I like my average mpg. It's a reliable car. The car looks nice and stays in good condition. Does not fit three dogs and two adults well.

- Samantha S

It gets great gas mileage and is a decent price for the quality.

It gets great gas mileage, but doesn't have as much power as I'd like. It looks okay. The screen for the dashboard sticks out a little.

- Brittany H

Excellent gas mileage. Great features for a good value.

Great gas mileage. Many features on basic model. Comfortable for the most part, however would like a little more leg room. Great value.

- Flint H

Good value for the price. Great fuel mileage. Excellent handling.

I love the styling. The roomy inside is great. Sound system & navigator are excellent. I don't like the fact there is no remote start

- Gemi W

It's solid well made car.It has so much room in the back of the trunk!

It's made to last! It's been a very good car for me and my daughter. She wanted something that was solid. That seems to be solid!

- Ceebs M

It gets very good gas mileage city and highway.

I have no complaints about my Mazda 3. It's dependable. it drives crisply. It's safe. it handles well and gets good gas mileage.

- Ken d

It has great pickup and is reliable.

It runs well, and is affordable to maintain. It performs excellently. It is a very well made vehicle, and I will purchase it again.

- Christine B

It is fuel efficient, is very safe, and drives extremely well.

It is fuel efficient. Has great safety features. The driving experience is great as well. It also offers many technology features.

- Michael M

handy and durable, fitting for what it's worth

real nice, pretty high power for a midsize car, good on gas, excellent sound system and navigation, really comfortable and durable

- james D

It is a good value for the money.

A bit small for me. Doors lock when I do not need them to. Like the acceleration onto the highway. Good cargo space for the price.

- Scott S

It has a tendency to hesitate when accelerating at a low speed.

like it's reliability. Dislike the speedometer. Only shows 20, 40, 60.mph. Also prefer to fill the tank on the passenger side.

- patricia g

Great, reliable, and good looking car.

Super reliable! It has the top technology even for a car made in 2015. The interior is super nice and drives really smoothly

- Anna M

Great family vehicle, very pleased

This vehicle has really proved to be reliable and comfortable for my family. I have had little issues with it. Good purchase.

- Amanda H

One of the most important things others should know about my car is that it has great gas mileage

I love my car! It is amazing! It has Bluetooth audio setup and built in navigation. only thing is sometimes the windows stick

- Chris M

It runs well enough for daily use.

I like the reliability of my car and the appearance. I also like the efficiency. I do not like that there is not a sunroof.

- Chelsea P

the gas mileage definitely. The way gas prices are now its either electric or find something like what i drive

I love the car i drive, the gas mileage is amazing, the quality of the drive is great. it pays for itself in my opinion

- Nickolas M

Mazda3 - Great car for the price

Reliable and easy handling. Not particularly responsive when accelerating, but smooth running once it gets up to speed.

- Glenn L

That the blind spots are very difficult.

The car is amazing the only issue with it is the blind spots but it runs smoothly and has great interior and exterior.

- Lily L

Mazda 3 small bit of info

No downside, just the fact it depreciates fast... lack of a navigation pre installed when buying but no other issues.

- Justin L

Great gas mileage and cheap to fill up

I like that it is small and compact. I do not like that it is standard and that the technology has issues constantly.

- Stephanie J

The vehicle is too small. Adults will be uncomfortable sitting in the back seat.

The vehicle runs smoothly. It is too small for my liking. I haven't had any problems with it. I would recommend it.

- Elizabeth R

That it's fuel efficient and safe to drive and ride in.

I like the style of the exterior of the car. I also like the radio that comes with it. Also, it has a smooth ride.

- Tammy D

That it looks sporty and is stylist.

Air conditioning for back seat is nonexistent. Lights leave a little bit to be desired. I love the way it handles.

- Kathryn S

Seats 7 the back seats fold down to make more storage.

I love the turn radius, ease of use, and smoothness of ride. The gas mileage is awesome. Has not broken down yet.

- Kay W

Affordability. The price is great.

I have no complaints about my car I love it, I like the technology in the car, everything is so easily reachable.

- Jasmine B

gas mileage. 41 mile per gallon makes it very good.

very reliable and convenient. perfect on gas mileage. I love it. looks like a small car but comfortable inside.

- kavy k

I like my vehicles push-start because i don't have to constantly take out my keys in and out of my bag

The car is reliable, & I feel a safe. I don't like the radio setup because it is difficult to use while driving

- Jessica A

Great price for what you get. Very dependable.

Great handling, gas mileage and comfort. Great pick up and sound system. My kids are always asking to drive it.

- Jennifer H

It is really fun to drive.

I love how fun it is to drive and how it handles. I really like the sporty design. I hate how expensive it is.

- Kristin R

Great car, all features good and reliable

High performance vehicle, love to hug corners, smooth ride, very reliable for the last 3 years, gas efficient

- Dori Z

1). Great gas mileage.. 2). Dependable.. 3). Long life 400,000 + miles.

I love my car! Love the friendly radio and user screen. The only thing I dislike is not having a back up cam.

- Christopher M

It gets 35 miles per gallon on average.

I like that it is sporty & has excellent gas mileage. It has some nice extras but not a top of line vehicle.

- audra R

good fuel economy, stylish, comfortable, handles really well on the road

Love all the added options of onboard NAV, BOSE sound system, great gas mileage, comfortable leather seats

- Brad N

Very Reliable, all types of families would love this car.

I love my car I just wished it was faster. Mazda has been really great to me and my car runs really well.

- Tamra H

Awesome car, comfortable, fun to drive

This is the best cross between a sports car and a hatchback. Fun to drive, great gas mileage, looks good

- Rich S

It is great on gas, I think.

Dislike that it is not bigger so that I can haul equipment such as canoes or kayaks. Love how fast it is.

- Dee D

An economical mid-size sedan that drives and looks like a luxury car.

It drives like a sports car, but is just a sedan. It has good safety features and was not too expensive.

- Brett a

It is really compact and easy to park.

I got the car as used and the only major problem I have ever had is that the stick tires were terrible.

- Bailie A

Mazda3 review highlights mileage

Great guess mileage, like the way it handles, would not recommend the grey seats they get too dirty ok

- Pamela O

It is a blend of the best technology and safety features.

I like the way it handles. I like the technology inside. I like the look of the car. I like the color.

- Brooke J

The car is safe and easy to drive.

I love the look of the car and how it drives. I dislike the small backseat. I like the color as well.

- Hannah M

It is safe and reliable. It has good pick up. It is quiet.

It's convenient, pretty, and saves money on gas. It is environmentally friendly. It drives smoothly.

- Paul G

fuel economy and fair handling with good safety technology features

the fuel economy is good, handling is fair but the problem is with the tire alignment and pressure

- Jackson P

It is great on gas, I only have to fill up about once a week and it only costs about 22 dollars where I live.

I like my vehicle. Except I have been having trouble with passenger tire. It won't stay aired up.

- Odelia C

It is so comfortable. The seats are comfortable. The car rides smoothly.

I love how smooth the ride is. Maintenance on the vehicle is easy. Gas mileage is phenomenal.

- Alicia B

It is very good and reliable car great value and loo

so reliable and good on gas mileage. Style looks great too. Holds the road like a dream.

- Dominik G

It's a good size car with great fuel economy.

It's a good size for my family. It gets great gas mileage. It looks pretty stylish too.

- Sundi R

Very great value for the price of the car and high quality.

I enjoy the feature options. The fuel efficiency is great. Handles well and is reliable.

- Jacob C

it is value for money as the car is considering safe with safety features and good fuel economy for our environment

good exterior design, good fuel economy, good handling , good safety technology features

- Jessica W

Great gas mileage for the cost of the vehicle and available in manual transmission.

Like good gas mileage. Like handling. Like adequate power. Dislike navigation system.


Amazing feel, sporty and the best deal for you money. Luxury car without the luxury price

I like the hatchback. It has a really sporty feel. Perfect for dog and road trips.

- Daron C

I love this brand, it's a reliable brand and I'm satisfied enough

Me encanta esta marca, es una marca confiable y estoy suficientemente satisfecho

- Jhon J

It's a very comfortable ride and has great safety ratings

It's got one of the best turning radiuses around. It's stylish. Super reliable.

- Pam B

It a great car with its looks and features it has.

It gets great gas mileage. Has all the features I want. And is fun to drive.

- Michael R

It gives off a higher end feel for a cheaper price o the market.

I love how it drives, very smoothly and doesn't give me any issues at all.

- Mi N

how reliable it is. i haven't had to put any money into it for repairs

it looks good, drives well, is very reliable, and gets great gas mileage.

- tom L

It is in excellent condition.

It was reasonably priced. I get good gas mileage. It is small and sporty.

- Mary V

It is safe and reliable car to drive.

I like the comfort of the seats. I like the gas mileage, and the stereo.

- Tammy M

The car is easy to handle. It's stylish. It's comfortable. I wish the windows were a bit larger though.

It feels very powerful when driving. You really feel you are in control.

- Carlos A

Reliable and fun to drive. Great buy! Highly recommend to anyone.

I love that it's manual. The features are great and it rides smoothly.

- Neil F

My car, Mazda 3, is dependable. It's nice and sporty. Roomy.

Sporty car. Nice color. Drives well. Nice on the inside. Cool stuff

- Tori E

I like that my car is good on gas and has a monitor for easy radio use. I do wish the monitor came equipped with a backup camera though. I also wish the car had better acceleration.

The most important feature about my car is its great fuel economy.

- Nevin P

Very fuel efficient with sufficient power when needed.

Sporty. fun to drive. Very fuel efficient. No mechanical issues.

- Phil m

It is not that powerful. However, it is great for city roads.

The Handling feels amazing! It is affordable, and cheap on gas.

- John S

It's fun to drive, very reliable and gets good gas mileage.

Like how it handles. Like the gas mileage. Very fun to drive.

- Gerald M

It's very dependable. It doesn't break down.

It is dependable. It has great technology. It drives smoothly.

- axel G

My car is fuel efficient and accelerates very fast. The seats are comfortable but the cabin space is small. The trunk is also very small.

Do not purchase as a family car. This is a car for one person.

- Omar R

Its reliable and gets great mpg and drives well sound system sounds good

Its dependable and gets great mpg. But it rides a bit stiff

- Jess M

It is the best car in the world, it has everything that I like in particular its model

I like my vehicle because of its model and its ease of use

- Gabriel G

watch shifting into third. first 20k miles it was sticky.

fun car to drive. good technology package and music system

- Jay V

I really haven't had any issues with my car. This is my second Mazda to own and I love them. I upgraded this time to a sunroof, leather heated seats. My lease is up next year and I will either keep my current car or look for a new Mazda.

It drives very nice and smooth and has great gas mileage.

- Amanda G

technology owns our lives the brand of the vehicle is very important

I really like my vehicle, very safe, beautiful and modern

- raphael d

The car itself runs very smoothly and is able to handle very rough roads with no problems. The interior is very nice and the speaker system is good. The only problems I have found is the blind spots.

It is an amazing, efficient car but has bad blind spots

- Lily C

it is really well built for the price that it costs

love the reliability and gas mileage that i am getting

- dom g

My car has always rode reliably, even with the 91,000 miles it has. I have kept up with maintenance, but there has been no unexpected problems other than a flat tire. It is an incredible car. I feel safe in it, as my last Mazda kept me safe in my last accident.

The Mazda 3 rides smoothly and keeps its drivers safe.

- Chris K