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Fun car, convertible, in car club.

Love my car, just turned 74, it is difficult to get into the car, I manage, I use to have Eldorado Cadillac's loved them, the hot seats and real comfort, the last Cadillac had many problems, sold it and many years ago I said I would have a Miata one day after driving one years ago. I got my Miata and it will probably be my last car.

- Jan H

Most fun car I have ever driven.

This is the second Miata I have owned. My first had paint problems. My current has had no issues. It has good horsepower and is extremely fun to drive. I had a stick which makes it even more fun. The one click to put the top is great. Though comfortable for driving country roads I think that long trips might get a bit uncomfortable.

- David W

It is a joy to own. The car is mechanically worry free and gets great mileage.

The color combination, a ruby red exterior with a camel colored interior, is always pleasing to see. The handling, speed and overall performance of my Mazda Miata touring car is exceptional. However, the seats become uncomfortable after an hour or two.

- Dan G

It's Zoom-Zoom factor is unbeatable for a sports car!

I love the size and the power of my car. I love driving in a convertible. I don't like the stick shift. I find it difficult to transport large items.

- Kurt C

Fun to drive with the top down and wind blowing through your hair.

Ac went out at 100, 000 miles. No problems with it. Runs good, fun to drive. Terrible to drive on snow or wet roads due to wide tires.

- Dallas G

Leaks when it rains. It is an ‘06 thing.

I love the feel of the drive and convertible! I do not like the ‘06 quirk of leaking water into the floorboards when it rains.

- Lynn N

expensive to maintain and no spare tire

expense to maintain - love to drive it fast - feels like sitting in my recliner while driving - love driving with the top down

- mike w

It is really a great car and affordable to have, and great gas saver.

It is a very sporty car. It can be used for a lot of things but not everyday life. I still drive it everyday though.

- Daniel B

It's fun to drive. It very good at cornering. When it cool outside, you can take the top off.

It's small and quick. Gets good enough gas mileage. No real issue with it, it's a fun to drive car.

- Joe T

It is not for large people. You must be comfortable slipping into it.

Love the feeling of freedom it gives me. It is reliable but fun to drive. No complaints.

- Michael K

The vehicle was great when i first got it, but has car problems. More than usual. Great cheap car, but terrible reliability.

That it breaks down quite often. I have gotten the engine replaced.

- Stonewall H