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Mitsubishi eclipse. Sporty, comfortable, surprisingly large on the inside.

My car is very comfortable considering it is a 2 door vehicle that is low to the ground. The back two seats fold down completely flush with the trunk of the vehicle, and being that it is a hatchback, I have used it for moving large furniture and everything in between over the years. My vehicle is completely standard, with no automatic options but that being said the clutch is very forgiving and very smooth. Easy for first time manual drivers, or just for the comfort of it all. Tiny downside is only 2 cup holders. Also my passengers have complained the car seat is way too low, but me personally I have found them comfortable. Also there was no options to easily change out the radio without changing out the entire front area because it is all one solid piece and had to special order the whole front piece just to get an updated radio.

- Marie C

Our Love/hate relationship

Me and my car have a love hate relationship I purchased used a year ago in Texas 87k miles on it had it almost a year and it wouldn't start one day we could've sworn it was the starter or battery replaced both and no finally found out it was the timing and being a single mom my car being my only means for work and I was out in the country I ended up losing my job my rental house and almost my kids finally got it fixed almost 6 mo later and I still am struggling to get back on my feet but it runs again so I guess I should be thankful but I plan to upgrade to a truck soon or a more family oriented vehicle

- Rachel J

Mitsubishi Eclipse is a great, low maintenance car with unique features.

My vehicle is very reliable, only discomfort is the lowness of the car. The Eclipse includes a retractable window on the roof that can also pop up if you do not want the full retraction. The trunk of the car is a hatchback and is very spacious, which is convenient for transporting luggage or other large loads. The back seats can even be reclined so as to watch outdoor movies, etc. From the trunk. It would be great if this car had an auxiliary cord or other easy for of connecting a smart phone to the Audio system because I have had to buy adapters off of amazon to play my own music.

- Lulu A

Mitsubishi Eclipse 2007 in great condition, fully loaded

I love my Eclipse I just wish it was a bigger car sometime. Not a lot of room in one for traveling but good on gas. Love to ride on a cool summer day and put the top back on just go for a drive. Haven't had any problems with this car since I got it 4 years ago. I'm the 2nd owner and it's still in perfect condition with cold air, heated seats, 6 disk changing CD player, power windows and cruise control all work great. Seats are leather and still in perfect condition with no rips, tears or snags in them. It's been a GREAT car for just me and my husband.

- Brandy H

Older the car. The car that refused to give up. Bought very used high mileage.

I would enjoy this vehicle had I purchased it in good condition. When I got my car, it had already been used and ran through by a street racer who had modified the car. The back speaker was removed and the trunk didn't open without manually pulling the string located in the speaker socket. One thing I can say is that I've reliably driven this ran through car for over 5 months and can genuinely say it has treated me as well as she can. Very reliable.

- Julius G

The Sporty Eclipse is sleek and fun to drive with lots of power.

I love my Eclipse it has a lot of power for a 4 cylinder and it is economical on gas. It is a beautifully built sports car with sleek lines and a graceful look. It has a 2.8 L motor and a 5 speed automatic transmission. It has a great sound system with a multi-disc CD player. The seats will adjust up and down as well as forward and back. It has an adjustable steering wheel and an extra storage compartment between the seats.


Its has 160 mph on the dash.

My car is a 2007 Mitsubishi eclipse. It's a burgundy red color with glitter in the paint. It has 160 mph on the dash and its deemed to be a sports car; its the gs edition. It's a pretty reliable car, haven't had any real problems with it and she rides like a champ. Also, very good on gas and it has other features as far as you can switch it to manual anytime you are driving, 6- disc changer, mp3 option, and a sunroof.

- Eclipse K

Mitsubishi eclipse spyder gt.

Vehicle does not do that well on gas. Only take supreme gas and takes about $30-40 to fill out. Vehicle is a gas guzzler. Vehicle is extremely low to the ground so you feel every bump. Not a good car if you are a sitter like me. Vehicle lowkey consistently has something wrong with it. However, vehicle is reliable. If you take care of your vehicle this car should last a long time.

- Stephanie G

It handles extremely well

The car gets Great gas mileage, the car is super reliable and handles extremely well. It sits two adults comfortably any more than that and it's no longer comfortable. The trunk has a decent amount of storage space and it has a spare donut tire under the trunk space. It has a small two point four liter four cylinder that has a decent amount of pick up.

- Robert C

I love Eclipses, best cars ever!

It is fantastic for someone who wants a compact reliable car. I have only owned Eclipses for the last 15 years because they have been so dependable. Regular maintenance keeps the car running at peak performance. In my opinion it is not for anyone with car seat children because only two doors would make it very difficult to get the child in and out.

- Amber H

Ride with pride with an eclipse you'll cruise in style

Its descent with gas, have had no trouble with anything in the 5 years I've owned it and drive it daily. Its small, but seats comfortably, the convertible top is easy to manage, and is a luxury to say the least, the original speakers were beyond exceptional however I upgraded to a small system and being that the car is small it bumps great now.

- Jamie L

Great fun sports car for less

Problems: None Performance: For a GS it is good, solid driving control, great for curvy roads, not good for dirt or not well maintained roads Reliability: Very reliable Comfort: Good for around town, long trips are not so comfortable, low to the ground Features: Aux, solid sound system with subwoofer and six disc CD changer, leather seats

- Katie T

Fast, sleek appearance of a nice sports car.

I love the sporty look to it plus the fact it's a convertible makes it nice in the spring/fall weather. It is very comfortable to drive plus all the interior features such as touch screen stereo system, sound system and plenty of front leg room. It does have a nice high performance engine that I have find very nice and exhilarating.

- Jake D

Requires a lot of maintenance might put more into it than what it is worth.

I hate the fact that I bought a black eclipse with an all black leather interior, especially living in ca. Poor paint job because there is bad oxidation noticeable. It has a poor steering radius and, on more than occasion, it has a problem with idling and picking up on acceleration. These are the major car issues I have run in to.

- Laura N

Great car, not many downfalls. All depends on preference!

I love the car. It drives lovely. My only issues I have had with it have been the pulleys. I have had to replace 3 of them. Other than that it is at 170,000 miles and still running absolutely perfect. It has a ton of room in it. In my opinion I have learned 2 doors are not easily accessible and I'd most definitely prefer a 4 door.

- Madison A

Decent but pricey, next please

Still runs and drives well with over 100,000 miles, but has been very expensive to repair when it needed transmission work. The convertible top has held up well but the seals around the back window have not. It may be an easier and more affordable option to replace the car rather than fix it should anything else happen to it.

- Summer M

My Mitsubishi eclipse spyder is great! My dream car.

I love my car, very little problems. Just had to purchase new tires and get the tire rods replaced. The convertible works great and I just used it this year for the first time. The gas mileage is good. The color is very nice. The engine is good. When I got into a car accident last year it was easy to find parts for it.

- Kimberly F

My Eclipse convertible is hot.

Love design, and convertible, very comfy seats. Has way to many blind spots and the turning radius is way to big for a small car. The color is burnt orange, very pretty. The stereo system is state of the art and the base is quite unbelievable. I have the sports transmission that you can drive either automatic or stick.

- Sandra B

Great Car, Runs Great, Can't Beat it!

I bought it used and it has held up very well, I have only have a couple problems with it but they are the general problems you run into with any car, nothing major, still runs fantastic for being 13 years old, best car I have ever purchased and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to buy a car!

- Kate B

Fun car to drive, looks great and is very sporty.

My eclipse has been very reliable, low maintenance and fun to drive. I have only had to do general maintenance, like oil changes, new tires, etc.. It is a comfortable and the top is still in great shape. Its a manual shift. Gets great gas mileage. I wish Mitsubishi would come out with a newer model.

- Heather S

A great running and fast car.

The only problem that I see with this vehicle is that there is a terrible blind spot and it is really had to see. If you do suggested manufactures maintenance you will not have a problem with this vehicle. The car is very fast and has great pick up good for highway driving. It is also good on gas.

- Susan G

Heat up in summer. Hard to warm up in winter.

Heats up a lot in summer when driving constantly. It does not get warm when driving in rain! It is scary driving on freeway when it is raining as the car shows it is still cold after driving for 1/2 hour! Easily gets dented and paint comes off. The body is made of flex material and not that safe!

- Kathy A

Mitsubishi eclipse a car worth buying for the single man.

Bought used so the salesman didn't tell me that it leaks, as far as durability, it runs really well and it is pretty comfy ride for me.. Just not much room for passengers. I love music so the sound system is really nice unfortunately it does not have an AUX cord you have to install yourself.

- Derrick E

Mitsubishi eclipse silver 5 speed.

My eclipse is very dependable. It drives great and is a 5 speed. It has race car shaped seats. When in driving it I feel free. It is silver and has two doors. I don't like it on the rain though, it kind of hydroplanes on curtain water puddles. I love my car. Wouldn't trade it for the world.

- Misty S

Good car with a few exceptions.

Overall it has held up really well for its age. The main problem with the car it that the visibility out of the back windows is poor because of the large support beams. Also, its turn radius is really wide so it's not easy to make u-turns. I like the look of it and how fun it is to drive.

- Rachel L

Like I previously stated the best part is The convertible top

It's a good car never really had a problem. Now I just want to buy a nicer newer car. It's orange and it's a convertible wish I really like because when I put the top down I love it and so does my daughter.it's also very economical with gas. Doesn't require more than 40$ for a full tank

- Maria R

2007 mit. Eclipse. -decent sports car. -goes fast. -handles well.

It is a really nice car overall, but the rims are low profile so I have had a huge problem with getting flat tires do to that structure. It has 150000 miles on it but still runs great. The audio is also top notch. I would recommend it to someone who wants a nicer can on the cheaper end.

- Jeremy S

07 Mitsubishi. Eclipse gs automatic & manual.

My car is the best. Its a sports performance vehicle. Its automatic and you can switch it into manual at anytime(the best feature to me. ) It also has 160 mph on the dash. It's a small/compact car, really a 2-seater. It's really good on gas for local city driving and highway driving.

- Mitsubishi K

The performance is excellent. Style & color is great.

I love the ease of driving my car. I have had no problems with it. All I have ever done is buy tires. The reliability is outstanding and the comfort of driving it is excellent. The performance of my car is wonderful on roads in neighborhoods, as well as on open roads and turnpikes.

- Wanda A

Mitsubishi eclipse spyder.

I love the way the car drives and it makes zero sound while driving. It also has a great base and I love the convertible top. The only issue I have with the vehicle is the convertible top sensor goes off randomly even if you haven't opened the top in a while. It is rather annoying.

- Autumn E

The car has a system in it which beats really loud and I love a system in a car.

I drive a 2007 Mitsubishi eclipse and the only problem that I have had from the car is the timing belt broke and the car jumped time. The car is very well comfortable and enjoyable to ride in the seats are comfortable and the system that is in the car is really loud and good.

- Courtney V

Nice fast sports car that goes fast and I love it

It runs great I have no problems once so ever I would recommend buying one and I also love sport cars. I will also stay in the sports car category because there my favorite type of car brand. I also like chargers and cameras. One day I would like to purchase a truck too

- Keith T

It is still very reliable and comfortable 11 years later.

I have the premium sports package, gt model and it came with all the bells and whistles available in 2007. My car now has over 100,000 miles on it and still runs great with few major repairs. An improvement to it would be the ability to perform sharper turns.

- Eliza S

It is my gateway to freedom.

I like the sporty style, the gas mileage is good, I get compliments on it a lot. Only bad thing is that is so low to the ground it is very noisy. I like that it is cute and zippy. You can also pack a lot of things in this car and that is great for traveling.

- Debra M

People she know that my Mitsubishi is not a foreign car.

My car is reliable and performs very well for a car her age. It is metallic grey and is very comfortable if you don't mind sitting low to the ground. The best feature about my car is her looks. Sporty. As of this time she is running well with no problems.

- Kim M

My exceptionally awesome car.

Only two issues. Has a lot of blind spots. It also has a horribly wide turning radius. It has suede and leather seats that are very comfortable, it is a convertible and is fun to drive with the top down. The color is an awesome burnt orange. That is it.

- Sandra B

Steering on car is made to have a kind of pull to it, it's not just your eclipse.

I love the style of the vehicle. I do not like how when you fix one thing, another thing breaks. I also do not like how easy it is for someone to jerry-rig the engine and workings of it. I do love how easy it is to fix though.

- Summer H

that it is very reliable car to have if you want some that is going to last a long time

I love my car. I got it 6 years ago and it have been a very reliable car to have. the only thing that I don't care for now is that I have a 3 year old and they are not much room in the car

- Samantha B

It is reliable and you won't have to spend a lot on repairs.

I like it because it is sporty and gets good gas mileage. I also like that it is a convertible. And I like that I have had to do very few repairs to it, since I have owned it.

- Lisa S

The Mitsubishi eclipse is a nice little coupe for those who are on a bit of a budget

I love my vehicle because it is the perfect combination of sporty and economical. The only complaint I have is that it has a 5 speed transmission instead if a 6 speed

- Tyler H

I love my car it is sporty looking and I am a sporty person and I love fast cars

The only problems I have had with it is that I had to replace the transmission and the alternator but other then that it has been a great car

- Amanda S

Fun car to drive, that handles well in all road conditions.

Small basically 2 seat car. Manual transmission, I like the way it drives. I like the sound system, I don't like that some fastenings fail

- Vince T

It works great! I hardly have to do maintenance on it except cosmetic.

I like the vehicle because it has fit my needs very well so far. It never breaks down. However, it is extremely small and that will get old.

- Hannah H

I've had it for over 10 years and it's been a very durable and reliable car.

It's a sporty car that I enjoy driving. It gets good gas mileage too. I've owned it for 10 years, and it's been very durable and reliable.

- Ben H

The most important thing others should know about my car is that the gas mileage is very good and it is a cheap car.

It is a little small for my taste. I love the gas mileage the car gets. I love the overall look of the car. I am just tired of a small car.

- Ryan R

The engine is very reliable.

I like the size of the car. I have not had any major issues with it. Only the AC doesn't work. I wish the back seat was a little bigger.

- Sam M

Haven't had any mechanical issues with it. Everything about it is nice except the small space in the backseat area.

I like the style and look. It drives easy. I dislike the lack of space in the back seat. There is no leg room for passengers in the back.

- Natasha m

The upgraded stereo system. Comes with the GT package

Good gas mileage. Rides low to the ground. Takes nice tight turns. Sunroof is nice. Pain in the ads reaching the downstream O2 sensors.

- Phillip B

Car is extremely reliable

I have had this car for 5 years and have had no mechanical problems so far. I get the oil changed regularly and take good care of it.

- Kyle K

Not a lot of space good for a single person not a family.

to small, but very reliable, decent on gas, very comfortable front seat. No room in backseat. Big trunk and awesome features.

- Chantelle V

It doesn't have a back seat whatsoever. The two front seats are great and comfy.

Quick, reliable, and comfortable. Looks amazing and runs great. No problems so far. I don't really hate anything about it.

- Richard G

It's a very well made vehicle.

Love the color and look. The moonroof is my favorite. Only wish it was a standard. Definitely cannot drive it I the winter.

- Kristen P

Make sure u change the timing belt after 65000 miles.

My car is very good on gas mileage. It runs great just had to put new tires on it and I have owned it for 3 years.

- Heather W

I love it very much very sporty and fast love it

I have had to change the alternator and put in a new transmission but other then that it has been an awesome car

- Mandi S

The style and design is awesome. Speed and engine is strong.

I like it because of the style. It is sleek and sporty. The engine is strong. I don't like the lack of space

- Marvin C

Mitsubishi is a very good brand

It is very dependable. It is comfortable. It is stylish. My only dislike is it is too small

- Dedra H

It's a convertible and is a Spyder. I loved the performance comfort and features. It has AC, power windows and seats and an awesome stereo system. The only problem is that the timing chain snapped today. So, I am looking at an expensive repair bill.

It is great on gas, so that will save you money and trips to the gas station.

- Lisa H

I love the look and design of my car. I love its sportiness. I really like its features. I like that it's an internally well built car.

It was built with a great engine and other overall motor specific items.

- Kim D

It only has room for barely four people can fit in

stick shift,coupe, dislike cheaply made plastic in

- Yailin S