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2002 Mitsubishi is still a great car!!

My car has lasted me a year and 1 month so far. It is a really good car, easy on maintenance.. The only problem I have with my car is the fact that it is small and my family is growing. Mitsubishi's are pretty nice cars if you ask me. I wouldn't mind getting another one just a newer model. I have driven my car from Illinois to Indiana multiple times. Because my car is the year 2002 it does not have many features to be excited about but I adore my little car.

- Dee A

Great gas mileage-- economical.

This car gets excellent gas mileage. . . Up to 32 mpg. It has a large spacious trunk, an dc even though it is a small car, my family of 5 does fit inside comfortably. We have had to replace tire rods, rotors, and brakes so far, and we have had it for a year, but overall it has been a great car for our needs. We drive about 50 to 60 miles at least round trip to work twice a day and we need some economical and comfortable. This car has fit the bill so far.

- Amanda C

Great on gas. I love the fact that gas goes a long way.

Most common problem as of right now is that the vehicle overheats when in idling for more than just a few minutes. Other than that the car is pretty reliable, really great on gas, especially on the highway. The car is comfortable however more on the smaller side. The trunk is pretty big however the backseat is more on the smaller side.

- Julia K

I have read about having to replace the ignition switch! But it is a easy fix.

I love my car! It is a great gas saver! And is really easy to work on if something is wrong with it! I have only had to work on it one time since buying & it was so easy to fix! This is by far my favorite car I have ever owned! Out of all other cars that I have owned, this one is the best! I definitely recommend.

- Elizabeth M

Insurance companies will charge you and arm and a leg for coverage, because others use them as race cars.

My car is a beast! It has been through 3 owners, the hot Florida sun and the wet Georgia winters and is still going strong. It is roomy, stylish and great on gas. The insurance is high on it though because some people turn them into race cars. I have not done that to my car, but still pay the higher price.

- Ali N

Easy to drive and great gas mileage.

My car gets great gas mileage. It is easy to drive. It is very reliable and has a comfortable ride. All features are easily accessible. So far I have had no problems mechanically with it at all. The trunk is roomier than I thought it would have and it is easy to work on should it need it.

- Gary A

Very comfortable with good gas mileage.

This car is very comfortable with decent gas mileage. It looks very clean. It is very light weight so if you go too fast (above 75-80) it almost feels like it's going to fall apart and can be more difficult to control. It is a great first car to have and receives a lot of compliments.

- Dahlia H

High efficiency with low maintenance!

This is one of the cars people modify a lot. Very fast and the maintenance is great and not expensive. This car is powerful and super fast than most new model cars. I love the way it looks. The trim is cute and makes it stand out among other cars. You cannot go wrong with this car.

- Daniel O

Perfect little family car.

Nothing is wrong ac and heat works great engine is great tires are ok look ok ride ok seats great I'd let it go for 2500 but no less than 1500 if you may be interested please feel free to contact me for a test drive today only serious buyers only thank you.

- Ashley C

Reliability of a Mitsubishi lancer.

My 2002 Mitsubishi lancer has been very reliable over the years I have owned it. I feel like Mitsubishi is a great brand and they build long lasting cars. I am looking for a new car but only due to the old age of mine and considering another Mitsubishi.

- Paula M

My Mitsubishi Lancer is getting too old.

My car is comfortable to drive with great features for a 2002 model. But, it has been giving me a lot of problems lately. I've spent nearly 1,000 dollars in repairs in the last 6 months alone.

- Jose R

Good car that runs even after 10+ years

Car has good acceleration; however, it uses a lot of gas though. Generally a very reliable vehicle compared to other Mitsubishi sedans. Parts are usually affordable and readily available.

- Pamela T

It is good on gas. Great mileage.

Smooth easy drive. Good on gas - no complaints. Just the right size for me. It is a cute car. Maintenance is cost efficient as well as time efficient. So far so good. I love my car.

- vicki D

It was built to last a long time.

I do not have any complaints other than it is old and starting to squeak. I would also prefer to have remote start and seat warmers. It has proven to be a very reliable car.

- Sarah T

Great on gas, nice small car.

It's a small car that will get you from point a to point b. It is easy to maneuver and real good on gas and when taken care of will last you a long time.

- Karenia S

I have air conditioning, the insurance isn't to expensive since it's a bit older

Although my vehicle is a bit of an older model it's runs like a champ never gives me a problem, great on gas, small so could pretty much fit anywhere.

- Alberto G

It's still in good condition for how old it . Has not needed much work.

For how old the car is, it is still in decent condition. It still runs great. I would like to have another car, so that I could get around.

- Courtney T

It's 100% reliable and great gas mileage, and has room for 5 people

It gets me where I'm going reliable every time I go out. I'd like to get some body work done and fix the AC. Aside from that it's amazing

- Curtis N

Well I don't really think there are any highlights about my car. The only one I can give is that its reliable

Overall it's a great car the only problems I have had is the starter. But the car get good gas mileage and has been very reliable

- Tasha R

If you are buying one for yourself, that it's the next best thing to a Honda.

I like that it is pretty good on gas. Also that parts aren't too expensive to buy when needed. don't really have any dislikes.

- Makayla A

Good on gas. Easy to drive. Low mileage..

Still in great condition. Easy to drive. Great on gas. Low mileage. Overall it is all good. It does need a new paint job...

- Theresa B

The Cat converter was recalled, so I would not buy a used one unless you know that it was replaced

I like that I have had to do very little maintenance over the last decade other than oil changes and it still runs well.

- Melissa S

Fun and safe to drive!!!!

Mitsubishi Lancer is easy to drive, comfortable, and convenient. Have driven for 14 years, no major issues or problems.

- sydney r

Well older cars use to be simple and worked great. The newer cars are more expensive and complicated and expensive to fix.

Well it does not have air conditioner. Its old but it still looks good.The car still works. It's easy and cheap to fix.

- Nikky T

Good car love the Maker of the car.

It's a good car had no problem with it so far and it drives good I think that it has been the best car I ever had.

- Damoreal W

Long lasting vehicle that is easy to maintain.

Long lasting vehicle. Smooth handling. Easy to drive. Good gas mileage. Compact four door sedan. Spacious inside.

- Eileen M

It is loaded with safety features.

I like that it is a stick shift. I do not like that it has a small center cubby. I love that it rides smoothly.

- Dakota S

It's a good car if took care of. But if sat for awhile be prepared.

Old car that sat for awhile before we bought it. Has a lot of issues with the egr values and steering column.

- Cindy B

My car is great on gas which makes it good for traveling

I like the way my car looks. I like that it is a four door. I dislike that i am going to need a new car soon

- Selena O

Silver mitsubishi lancer with obvious dents on passenger side

Needs fixing brakes shocks suspension some dents oil change new tires new headlights. It takes you places.

- Catalina G

I'm Still Loving My Lancer

Overall, it has fantastic performance after all these years. It still is very stylish and modern looking.

- Michael R

It was the best car for me to learn on.

I love my car it is fun to drive. Good gas mileage snazzy looking and it is fast. I have no complaints.

- Minnow W

Yeah gas mileage is awesome. This car will get you where you need to go

I love the gas mileage. I don't like that the transmission is starting to go out.

- Ashley Q

My care is very well maintained and it gets great mileage.

It needs some body work. It gets great mileage. The motor is in great shape.

- Gary A

There is a service engine soon light and the fuel empties really fast and the AC doesn't work

It is old and there are some problems but overall it works well

- Priyanka P