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I like the leather seats and voice command.

You know you love a vehicle when in the process of buying an Xterra (to replace a recently totaled collision, :() you stumble across a pristine Rogue you absolutely cannot walk away from. My "new" gem is a 2008 Rogue SL, one-owner vehicle with 77K miles on her and loaded to the hilt with all kinds of little luxuries (the ONLY way to buy a used car in my opinion), like Bose Sound System, the crazy CVT transmission that lets you change from Automatic to paddle-on the wheel shifting, Bluetooth, Cruise Control, Sunroof, and let's not forget the 17" upgraded Alloy Wheels! I LOVE THIS CAR! In fact, if I'm not careful, I'm going to find myself holding some speeding papers she's got such a sneaky Get Up and GONE performance. You will not regret purchasing this vehicle. My only complaint is the 21 mpg but I'm willing to look the other way for everything else my "Fiona" offers. (Yeah, I did. I named her Fiona. What of it?) Drive one, and I dare you not to fall in love too.

- Randy L

Multidimensional family car.

I love my Nissan! One of the reasons I bought it was that after test driving several other SUVs, I felt the safest driving the rogue. One problem I have is that I often drive too fast because it is such a smooth ride that I do not realize how fast I am going!! In the 10 years that I have had her I have had to change the brakes twice. My transmission had an issue once but the dealership covered the repairs under warranty. It is spacious, a good height off the ground, and is a great family car! We use it for road trips, to haul supplies for DIY home projects (including 10 foot long pipes/wood), and daily trips to the store, etc. I know one day I may have to get a new car... But I'll be shopping for another Nissan rogue!

- Nicole B

So spacious and big that you can fit seven people in it very easy.

No problems, very good and reliable. The car only broke few times in more than 10 years. It takes a while to start liking it, because at first you may think it starts too slow and that it doesn not have enough power. However, as you get used to it, you will definitely start loving it. The air conditioning work really well, it gets hot or cold in less than 5 minutes. So you do not need to enter the car 10 minutes before you want to drive in order to get the car ready. The only problems that I had were with the breaks, because they need to change.

- Tatiana E

The style is what got me to purchase this vehicle. It has nice lines and is not too big for me as the single driver!

I love the small but sufficient size of the Rogue and it is decent on gas. It's a nice style and the seats are sporty black cloth which don't show stains. A Bose sound system makes for nice music listening and I enjoy the Bluetooth option. Great storage in the rear. Sunroof is so nice and the all wheel drive makes me feel safe for those snowy days. I do not have any dislikes or complaints. I would buy it again!

- Patti D

Nissan rogue 2008 sl AWD blue.

I got this car a year and a half ago used and I have had no issues with it. I have done maintenance to the car (e. X. New tires, suspension, brake pads, rotors) and I drive this car over 50/100 miles a day between the commute to work, then to school, and around the neighborhood. It is very reliable, and the gas mileage could be better but it does hold a full tank a lot longer than any car I have had before.

- Oliva K

The size is amazing! It has a lot of storage space...Large trunk space!

My car is really good for Minnesota winters. It drives very well in the snow and have never gotten stuck. It is dependable. . Haven't had many issues with it/zero big problems. I have an older model so it does not have the nicer upgrades. I wish it had heated seats, which is my biggest complaint as the heat does work quick enough but not as fast as other cars. . Mainly I think because it is ten years old.

- Michelle W

Nissan Rogue SUV affordable, efficient, and great performance with minimal issue

The Nissan Rogue has been a reliable transportation vehicle the past 10 years. It has great performance with great MPG making it affordable with gas prices. You really get your money worth with the vehicle. It's drives smoothly with comfort and has basic features. There has been several small problems with the vehicle that were able to get fix without an issue.

- Marcos D

Take pride in your vehicle.

2008 Nissan Rogue has been a very dependable vehicle. I bought it Dec 2007, have kept the maintenance consistent, keep it in the garage and keep it clean (interior and exterior). Most people comment “this looks brand new” when I reveal the “age” of the car. I am the original owner and plan to keep it at least 2 more years. It has 102k miles at this writing.

- Susie G

Nissan Rogue SL - Durable and Reliable

The Rogue is amazingly reliable, dependable and gets great gas mileage. It is considered a cross-over so it's not as huge as other SUVs, yet still has the feel of one when driving. My model is older, so it doesn't have many of the features that the new ones do. I plan to trade mine in soon and will definitely be looking into another Rogue!

- Katie W

It runs even though it has lots of issues.

No opinion. I have lots of transmission problems but trying to get it fixed. It's taking a while and its using lots of time and money but it's the only car I have and it gets me and my family where we need to go. It's a lot of work and it's a lot of stress to deal with but we settle with what we got until we can afford to get a new car.

- Holly K

It is nissan rogue and it is suv

I like my vehicle because it's just the right size for me- not too big and not too small. I like the color and it runs good. What I don't like about it is that since i bought it as used car, it started to wear off, like the passenger seat airbag is not working and the flat tire icon is on steadily even the tires are not flat.

- Rachael B

Need to move AUX and usb.

I like the Rogue. Really my only issues are that the auxiliary and USB plugs are hidden in the center console. I'd prefer that they both be visible on the dash. They are in the center console under the bottom. Under all of my stuff. And that the Bluetooth feature is call only. It does not transfer music via Bluetooth.

- Whitney M

Nissan rogue truly reliable.

I can honestly say I would not trade this car for another. My Nissan rogue drives smoothly and is extremely responsive to changes in gears. It is a classic look that even if it is an older model it does not show its age. My vehicle has a sunroof which is one I have always really wanted and everything works perfectly well.

- Ruby U

2008 Great little soccer mom car.

I have owned my vehicle now for almost 2 years. I bought it from a used car dealership and have never had any issues with it, always has run great for me! My car features beautiful grey leather seats, a great stereo system and fold down back seats for lots of extra room. My Nissan has a v4 engine and is all-wheel-drive.

- Veronica B

It is a good car for a little family.

I like that it gets as good a gas mileage as a sedan. I also like that the seats go down in the event we need to get something large home. I dislike that the transmission had problems before it met the 100k mark, but I do love that the issue was covered under Nissan warranty even though I was not the first owner.

- Elizabeth T

It is run smoothly. Spacious and clean.

It runs good, but always have low tire pressure. Have that problem check out so many time but still shows signs of low air pressure. The other problem is with doors, do not open properly. Have to hold on to them otherwise it’ll close. Other then that I didn't find anything else to complain about it.

- Mona S

This is my first car and it is pretty great.

I love my car, have had it for a year but the noise the engine makes concerns me. Sometimes when I accelerate to above 40 it makes this strange humming sound then when I get past 60 it stops. It has a lot of room on the inside and the stereo is amazing, I play my music loud and it plays it perfectly.

- Hope J

Nissan rogue is dependable.

I have had very few problems with my Nissan; I have been very regular in attaining the appropriate car maintenance services and I follow the schedule for tires. I wish there was more light in the back when you open the hatch back. This is the first car I have kept past the 100, 000 mile mark.

- Barbara N

2008 Nissan Rogue, big enough to fit things, small enough to not be a minivan

I like my Nissan Rogue because I can fit a lot of people in it comfortably or I can bring a lot of stuff. It is also generally very reliable. I do not like however, since it is an SUV crossover that it feels almost top-heavy to drive and cannot accelerate very quickly to get onto the highway.

- Brianna B

It's been a reliable vehicle.

I have had this car for more than 7 years and I am barely having small complications with it. It is been a really good vehicle for long road trips! Barely having small problems here and there with a sound coming from an engine. Also started having problems with the steering wheel.

- Angela B

Wonderful investment, family vehicle.

I have never had any major problems with my car! The sway bar needs fixed. But I believe that is something that just happens over time. It runs really well and I trust it to get me from point A to B, and back!! My kids wish it had rear vents and a charging station in the back.

- Maggie F

Bose sound system with lots of bass.

Reliable and great on gas it is very roomy and great audio system. It is great for long trips with family and has foldable seats in the rear and available tow package. It is also great is slippery conditions and available AWD. Available in 4 and 6 cylinder and sports package.

- Anthony B

Repairs are minimal and great on gas.

Great on gas and smooth ride. Also family fits very nicely. My car needs very little repair work. I have only needed basic work done tune up, oil change etc. I am very happy and comfortable driving Nissan rogue and so is my husband. It's a very safe car for me and my family.

- Esther K

Very attractive and dependable.

Very comfortable and reliable. Good gas mileage and adequate room for passengers and items carried. No problems for years and ran great and without trouble starting up quickly in the cold. I have been very happy with this vehicle. Not any complaints and little repair.

- Ann J

Nissan Rogue not a good vehicle at all.

Transmission issues, doesn't want to move when I push the gas pedal or moves very slow, drops speed when driving on the highway, had to pull over multiple times and the car dealership says they can't find the problem because they can't manipulate it when they have it.

- Tracy P

Maintenance is the key to longevity.

Comfortable ride with good power in high altitude. Wished it had better gas mileage but being AWD, averages 22-25 mpg. Parked in garage keeps original paint like new. Regular maintenance keeps it running great. I should get top blue book should I decide to sell it.

- Sue G

My Nissan is very reliable and works great.

The car is great and I do not have any problems with it. If I had to pick out something, it would be that my model does not have Bluetooth option for my hand free device. But it is an older model so that explains why. Overall I love my Nissan rogue. Very reliable!

- Danielle M

The best make of cars is Nissan.

So far so good no problems I believe if you take care of your car it will take care of you. My car runs and rides well. I am overall happy with my car. I plan on keeping it for a long time. Nissans are lifelong cars and trucks I believe you get what you pay for.

- Ashley R

Nissan Rogue best ride around!

I have had my car for 10 years, and have not had any major work done on it. It is good on gas, and financially manageable. I will keep this car until the wheels fall off. I only buy Nissans. The miles are good. Insurance for my car is also very low. Great!

- Kimberly C

It has been very reliable for my family and has consistently worked.

I really like that it hasn't ever needed major maintenance. We have only had to do minor upkeep repairs. Sometimes I feel like it doesn't have the "get up and go" like I would prefer accelerating. We have a lot of miles on it, but it still runs reliably.

- Diana S

People should know that the all wheel drive is awesome and the nose radio is great!!

I love my rogue because of the all wheel drive, when it tells you it's icy outside, it's spacious for two car seats from when they're newborns until their older kids. My husband has driven in snowstorms to blizzards in it and it handles like a dream.

- Joy G

It is a very comfortable ride and a reliable vehicle.

The transmission failed within the first 90 days of owning it. So that sucked. It still is giving me problems after having a new one installed. Other than that, I love it. It has performed well in the snow for me, which was a huge concern for me.

- Tracey M

Small review on the 2008 Nissan Rogue

The nissan rogue is pretty comfortable, Fits 5 people easily and has cup holders in the front and back of the vehicle. Mileage is nice, however there isn't a bluetooth audio player in the 2008 model so you'll have to use the aux.

- Michael M

It's all-wheel drive, SRS airbags and has a deep middle console.

I like that it has amazing gas mileage. I dislike that it doesn't show you if you need to have your oil changed. I like that it can hold six CDs and also has an AUX cord. I dislike that there's not enough leg room.

- Payetan A

Tow weight.. Good on gas good for short people. Lots of space for family.

My wife and I like the Nissan rogue so much in fact when we get a new car that's what my wife wants again. My wife is short and this sits high enough for her. Wish it towed more wish it pulled a popup camper

- Nick B

It has been a very low cost of maintenance vehicle.

It has been a great vehicle. Very reliable and drives very smoothly. The only issue has been that it somehow has a problem accelerating from a stopped position after extended periods of freeway driving.

- Joe A

The Rogue is great on gas for an SUV!

My Rogue is very comfortable, as it has soft yet just firm enough seats. Great on gas in town as well as highway mileage. Love the keyless entry and not having to insert the key! Very roomy as well!

- Lacey W

Small family vehicle with comfort and style.

I love my vehicle. I have not had any issues and bought it used. I have only put tires in it, tune up and of course oil changes. I would highly recommend a Nissan vehicle. They are built to last.

- Christy W

That it is roomy but it is not huge like a suv which is great for small families.

I love my Nissan. It is great for families and it has enough room but isn't huge so I am not driving a tank. However we have had problems with the door handles and needed to be replaced.

- Jennifer T

Gas mileage, comfort, reliability, and has air conditioning.

I do love my rogue I have had to replace the steering rack. I have given regular oil changes. It is the most comfortable ride I have been in. Its convenient in size for me and husband.

- Debbie W

It drives very well in all weather conditions.

I would like it to be a little larger. I like that it's AWD. I would like heated and air conditioned leather seats. I would also like it to have a navigation system or backup camera.

- Jordan L

Do not invest in the car if you want a rear window large enough to change lanes

It gets it basic function done well enough. My major complaint is the rear-windows being small and awkward, which makes it difficult to change lanes. I hate driving freeways with it

- Austin M

My car has required very little maintenance, been very reliable, and is a good size.

I really like the size and features of my vehicle. I've had it for several years, and it requires very little maintenance. It has been reliable, and I have no complaints about it.

- Kelsea H

It's a great size for small families. If you have 2 small children in car seats there will not be much room in the back to fit any other person, that's the only downfall.

I have not had any issue with my Nissan Rogue since I bought it 10 years ago. still working good. only now that I have 2 children I would prefer a little more space in back seat.

- val r

The safety rating is the most important thing they should know

I like the fact that my car is taller than sedans. My car is easy to maneuver and quite easy to navigate. The only thing I dislike is that it feels too long. Especially the front

- Genesis G

Great family car, fantastic storage space

It's a great car. Gets really good highway gas mileage. The only problem i have really had with it was the ac system has crapped out but other than that it's a really good car.

- Chris B

Runs fairly well but the engine sounds odd.

Sometimes it makes some odd noises although they cannot be diagnosed by technicians. It does not have mirrors on the visors which is annoying. Also it is rusting in some spots.

- Kelsey G

That for an old car that it's good on gas mileage. I also like that it's an SUV

I haven't had too many issues with my car except that right now it is a little old and doesn't have much pick up. However I do like that it is fast and has high gas mileage.

- Sergil C

2008 Nissan Rogue is great!

I love the car! It is comfortable and reliable. The only problem that I had with it was the CVt transmission, but it was covered by Nissan’s extended warranty. I.

- Cynthia S

It has a lot of power for its size and it runs very well even after 10 years.

I like that it is AWD, has a sunroof, Bose Radio, good gas mileage. I do not like that it does not have a backup camera or built in navigation. No complaints.

- Gina M

Very safe vehicle, reliable and a perfect first car for teenagers

I love that my vehicle is all terrain. I'm one of the few that enjoy a worn in car, where the breaks aren't too touchy. As well as the incredible sound system!

- Leia R

It's a good car to drive. I like my car. That only thing it has now, it's making a noise

Since 2007 I had my car, I like it so much. It had low miles on it when I moved from Hawaii, now it's not the same anymore wi the mileage. No complaints at all

- Jenny B

It's important to know that it gets really good gas mileage

I like the size and space, I don't like the steering on the car. I haven't had many problems, but don't like that it is an older model. I like that it is safe

- Elizabeth E

It has great gas mileage!

It had issues with the transmission. Luckily, it was still under warranty and I was able to have it replaced. Otherwise, it has been a very reliable vehicle.

- Emma E

Very reliable, only minor repairs, very, very good SUV !!!!

I love my Rogue. Very dependable, plenty of room, handles well on the road, and in the snow. The trunk has a lot of room, back seats easily fold down.

- Eileen G

It is a safe and reliable vehicle with plenty of space

It rides nice. It is good on gas. There is plenty of space. It does not do well in any wet weather (rain/snow) no matter what type of tire you put on

- Lisa G

It's grade A. I hardly have to spend money to get it fixed and it runs very smooth.

Love how it handles and the phone connection in the car to prevent accidents. The seats are very comfortable and I live the heated seats and sunroof

- Melissa H

It's spacious as an SUV but it's compact enough to be easy to drive and park.

Love everything about the rogue, especially the size and smooth driving. Big without feeling big. Transmission, however, a problem with these cars.

- Jessica M

My nissan rogue car's review

The car is driving smooth. I like 4 doors, compact. My car is black. The interior is black and I do not like it because it is easily get dirty.

- Phuoc T

Style and quality as well as price are important.

I like the gas mileage of it and also I love the interior but I do not like how everything on it falls apart and the sensors are messed up.

- William N

It's gas mileage isn't as good as some others.

I like the 4-wheel drive. It's a robust car. I feel safe when driving it. I wish it had air con controls for the rear seat passengers.

- Cynthia K

I guess just the storage capability.

For a small crossover there is a lot of space. you can fit large items when you put the seats down. gas mileage is just ok though.

- gustavo h

It has great mpg. It looks very awesome too.

I have taken consistent care of my car and it has remained reliable, my car has over 100,000 miles and has been easy to maintain.

- Barbara N

I am happy with it and would purchase another one.

It's comfortable. I wish the trunk was bigger. I love the stereo system. I wish the vehicle would pick up speed faster.

- Kimberly M

I like the fact that this vehicle gives me more mileage for the buck. It is a durable SUV, very spacious and smooth driving. It does not take much to upkeep the interior or exterior aspect of the car.

The Nissan Rogue is very manageable when driving in bad weather conditions (i.e., snowstorms, heavy rainstorm, etc.)

- sacha c

That it often shakes when idle.

It is been very dependable! No major problems in the 2 years of having it. Just wish it was a little better on gas.

- J H

It is safe and reliable. It makes you feel comfortable and have peace of mind

I like that it is a small suv which is easy to drive and feel safe in. The love the style and comfort it provides.

- Kristi O

Good gas mileage for highway driving.

Easy to drive. Low maintenance. Dislike leather seats. Good gas mileage. Comfortable ride. Excellent stereo system.

- Ree J

Great in the rain or snow

It is a very gas efficient vehicle with great control in the rain and in the snow. It is very comfortable to drive.

- Bajista C

It's great on Gas!! Plus very affordable for a car its size.

I love my car. It's great on gas. It never leaves me stuck in the snow and runs great. There is nothing I dislike.

- rich a

How great it rides and how large the back seat is for size

Handles great Nice size back seat and great storage Been very little mechanical wrong with it Too many blind spots

- Shannon W

The amount of people it can sit and the comfort of it.

The rogue is the perfect size. A lot of room in the back seats so adults can fit comfortably. Great gas mileage.

- Kia T

It's all wheel drive, a must for Vermont weather.

The height is perfect, seats are comfortable, the trunk is big. Everything works and its paid off no complaints.

- Amanda M

Spacious car, good for family

It's very spacious and comfortable. It has good speakers and I feel safe in it. I can fit my whole family in it.

- Alma S

It's really clean. It's reliable. And it got a good mileage on it

It's in excellent condition. It doesn't have a lot a mileage on it. Now it's making a noise when i' Up on a hill

- Jenny c

The safety features are excellent. I also love the acc.

It has been very reliable and even after ten years the only real repair that has had to be made are the brakes.

- Julianna S

It's safe. It's reliable. Good on gas. Family friendly

It's really good on gas mileage and it's very roomy. Very reliable vehicle. Can't go wrong for the price.

- Julie F

The stereo system is amazing.

The car's stereo system is amazing. The car constantly needs body repairs. The engine sounds pretty bad.

- Frank H

It's higher up than a compact car but not huge either

I love this car, even though we bought it used. I wish it had a sunroof and Bluetooth capability though.

- Samantha T

Good buy, great mileage for an CROSSOVER

Great performance good speed, reliable, very comfortable, no day running lights good truck space agile.

- rob k

It is older--just like me.

I like it because it is reliable and safe but I want a newer version of the Nissan or a Nissan murano.

- L H

2008 Nissan Rogue, blue, AWD

Have not had any major problems with it. I bought it used 5 years ago and it has been very reliable.

- Nicole E

It is very safe for an infant two toddlers to adults.

Size, durability, dependability. I love the ease of driving it. The hauling capacity fits my needs.

- Su G




Rogue's transmission works best in highway cruising

The engine runs so smooth It is excellent in snow and winter weather It is a great fuel economy

- Lionel Jospin B

There is a blind spot in the drivers left shoulder but easily fixed with a small interior mirror

I love that my car is a crossover. It drives like a car but is the size of a small SUV.

- Rose B

It was a pretty good car before the transmission went out

It's a good size, roomy and comfortable. Having expensive transmission problems now

- Dale K

I wish it had heated seats. It also has a pretty impressive blind spot. I like the lights, the low beams are like a high beam, and the high beams are like daylight!

Does not have the third row of seats! Should have checked that before purchasing...

- Amber R

It's dependable and i enjoy driving. Gets good gas mileage

Roomy. SUV style. Comfortable. Dependable. Not small but not large

- Kay R

I have had it for 10 years and still runs as well as when I got it

Like the look and the way it runs. I like the size of the trunk

- Brad A

reliability and luxury. well built

I enjoy driving my vehicle. It is well built and reliable.

- Ruta D

Very reliable, not expensive and looks great. It is fuel efficient

Reliable, fuel efficient, great looking model, great value

- Lana M

I like the gas mileage. It's roomy. I don't like the issues with the CVT transmission.

It's a comfortable ride, good for families, good storage.

- Kevin M

Love it. No complaints. Like the way the seats feel. Plenty of room in back to haul just about anything

It drives good, has pep when needed, plenty of room.

- Linda G

It's a good car to drive and come for table

I love everything about the car and no complain s

- Pam D

Gas is good and compact enough to fit in small places

Gas mileage is good. Wish back seat was wider.

- Krystle L