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Some problems but reliable!

Problems: so far, I have been back in the car shop once a month. I have had to replace/fix 2 axle rods, heat shield for the muffler, several fluid leaks, the gas cap, both speakers and the sensor under the brakes (cannot remember the name) that told the car I was stopping or going. The check engine light comes on often but you just have to tighten the gas cap again, just tighter. Performance: my Nissan Rogue runs well, just loud. The ac pulls from the engine and can pretty loud easily. When stopped at a light or sign, it does not “go” very fast. Do not stop your gas, it is not gonna go faster, you might drop the transmission. Reliability: it has never not started, just been in the shop a lot. Never missed or been late to work for these problems though. Comfort/features: has a nice interior! No radio control on the steering wheel but does have an AUX input. Looks and features are 2009.

- Alex F

Solid and reliable vehicle

I love my 2009 Rogue, S, AWD. I bought it one year used with about 20k miles on it. I have put 130k miles since. I love the smooth CVT transmission. I have only had two issues with the vehicle in 10 years. 1) door lock mechanism failure in cold weather. It was recalled and I had them replaced, but it just happened again last winter. 2) I recently ran into a transmission issue. Not sure exactly what the problem is. It stopped working on the freeway after about 3 hours of freeway driving going up hill. It was like it just gave up, the car ran just fine, but the transmission stopped engaging. We were able to get it off the freeway and into a safe parking lot. Once the car was cool again, the transmission worked just fine again. It is the perfect size for a family of four and a large dog. It has been a very reliable vehicle and a smooth ride (the road noise is pretty loud).

- Michelle U

The reliability of the car. I always feel safe and comfortable in my Rogue.

I needed a taller car after rods were screwed into my spine in 2006. I previously had a Maxima that I enjoyed very much. I didn't want a big SUV bc I had driven a friend's Armada and felt like I was driving a truck. I checked out the other crossovers at the time ( honda cr-v & toyota). However the Rogue was the most comfortable. It also came at the time with the best stereo options at the time ( very important to me). It had a good price. I knew it was extremely reliable due to reviews and previous ownership of my dads used Maxima and my new one. I liked the moon roof and the ease of moving the seat with a button- no way I could have done it manually. For a disabled person ( and non- disabled who can take advantage of off road features) I truly love this car. Eleven years later and only fix it's needed was new tires. Extremely happy with my purchase.

- Barri S

2009 Nissan rouge the SUV of the WV housewife.

We have recently bought out 2009 Nissan rogue with one previous owner. It had one other owner prior to ourselves, and had approximately 63, 000 miles. The performance is excellent, other than getting used to a new (to myself) vehicle and the differences in my previous vehicle. There have yet to be any problems with the vehicle. As for comfort, it is an average comfort level with the cloth like material; the comfort in one would expect for a very well taken care of SUV. There are no special features as with heated seats. Other features include: standard air/heat working ac. Overall for a 2009 Nissan rogue, I am very pleased. On a rate from 1-10, 10, being the best. I would give it an 8.

- Katie N

Great everyday vehicle for family of three.

Love the size, I feel high enough that I can see the road but I feel like it is small enough to manage easily. Good trunk space as well. I like the center console and the interior has held up very nicely. I have spilled lots of things in the fabric seats and they clean well. I also like the way the car drives, very easy to steer. Problems- the back windows do not go work anymore and haven’t for a while and the car makes a rattling/vibrating sort of noise underneath when driving. Other family members with Rogues also experienced this vibrating noise. But there haven't been any major problems and I would consider another Rogue for our next car purchase.

- Kristin V

The sunroof is convenient with it being able to open multiple ways

My Nissan Rogue runs incredibly smooth with little to no issues. It's very reliable and safe for my child to be in. There are no major issues besides a few faulty sensors with the Check Engine light. This car is very easy to shift gears in if driving on Sports drive is your thing. I love having control of my stereo system on my steering wheel. The sunroof is super fun to have with it being able to open more than one way. One way being fully open, and the other way only ajar. The trunk space is very roomy with pop up grocery organizer. I love having the pull over cover in my trunk to keep anything cool I have in the back.

- Christine R

All wheel drive which helps people. Like me, that live in the winter season.

I love many aspects of my vehicle including heated seats, air conditioning (which many vehicles have but my last car did not), all wheel drive, Bluetooth connection or AUX cord function that pairs iTunes with my car, great gas mileage, sports car function, rear view camera which helps with parking on a newer level, and the price for it was in my range as well. I dislike the acceleration on the vehicle. I feel it takes a while for it to reach my potential of a sports car when it is in that function but once there it works out wonderfully.

- Nelson N

Versatile and spacious SUV for the on-the-go woman.

Fuel efficient, great space for a slightly smaller SUV. Travels well, fits all of the people I need to bring everywhere and anywhere. Drives extremely well. Had some issues with faulty tire pressure gauge. Had to have my transmission replaced and rebuilt but luckily it was under warranty. My car is an older version and I love it, but the newer Rogues are even more amazing and in the 10 years that the cars have been manufactured so many changes and updates have been made. It really is the best car out there.

- Nicole D

Drives and parks like a car, but has the seating, storage, and room of a SUV.

The Rogue is a great, smaller-size SUV. It is the perfect car for those who have driven smaller cars but need to get something bigger. It's manageable and has plenty of room. It has storage places ALL over the place; I still occasionally find a storage area I didn't know about, or had known about years ago and forgot all about. It's perfect for kids, with a latch system, and great for moving because the entire back seat folds down. I love the heated seats in the winter time!

- Kristin B

I enjoy it but there's definitely room for improvement but especially the safety regarding the blind spots. We're going to have to change vehicles in the next 7-10 years when my kid starts learning to drive as she only has one eye and cannot have that many blind spots added to the one she was born with.

My vehicle is a basic model, so there really isn't bells and whistles. I do like the design of the exterior but I HATE how large the plastic piece is that covers the door seam on the inside. It's HUGE and creates a ginormous blindspot. More than once I've been in near accidents with pedestrians because you cannot see around that thing. The lights are not intuitive either. It's hard to tell when my brights are on vs just regular lights vs just fog lights.

- Dami o

Nissan rogue, reliable and dependable.

My Nissan rogue has been very reliable. It gets good gas mileage. Besides the normal routine maintenance, the only thing extra I have to have done on my car is replacing the tag lights and windshield wipers. There is lots of legroom for both driver and passenger. The only thing that I have found that I do not like about the car is the hatch of the car is not big enough to pack luggage and items for 4 people on vacation.

- Christina K

Nissan produces dependability.

This vehicle has never broken down in the three years I have been driving it. It is a fairly comfortable vehicle. The only complaint I have is that many of the front end parts went bad at the same time. The ball joints, wheel bearings, brake calipers and speed sensors all went bad within 6 months of each other costing a lot of money. This was around 110, 000 miles. Other than that it has been a great vehicle.

- Diane R

2009 Nissan rogue, great space.

The Nissan rogue is a great car that allows for a great drive. The car offers a lot of space and truck space if needed for storage or traveling purposes. The car has amazing gas mileage. The car seems to not have much speed, but can be perfect for a 'family' type of car. I feel like the car is great for any first time drivers and it offers a rear camera. However, there is no Bluetooth.

- A W

I trust its performance on cold winter days!

My Nissan Rogue has warming seats for cold winter days and handles great in the snow. I have found my rogue to be completely reliable. Leather seats are comfortable and adjustable and have back support. I have driven over 100,000 miles with little other than routine maintenance concerns. I love my Nissan and wouldn't drive any other make of vehicle!

- Lisa H

CVT is great if you want a 4 cylinder vehicle with a little bit of horsepower.

This car isn't reliable at all. This is my second owned Nissan vehicle and they are known for transmission issues. CVT transmission isn't worth it. The car would be perfect if it didn't have bad transmission issues. The car looks great, sound system is spectacular and I love the heated seats but other than that... this car needs a lot of improvement

- Akira W

Good car, roomy but compact.

It is a really great and cute car. Leather seats, three rows. My only problems are that the rubber on the button to open the back is kind of melty and sticky, and the windshield visors do not have mirrors. I have not had a problem with it since I had it. Other than regular maintenance, I have not had to bring it in for anything.

- Mary E

Nissan Rogue: Built to Last

This car has served me well for 10 years! Excellent safety features, and built to last. I have over 150,000 miles and it still runs like new! The inside is very sleek and comfortable. The trunk has a lot of room for anything I'm bringing for a long trip. It's so dependable, that I'll probably give it to my future children!

- Ryan H

2009 Nissan Rogue Reviews

Engine problems, comfy and reliable when there's not issues. I'd really like if there were Bluetooth because most devices these days connect via Bluetooth. However, I do like the multi CD option and how the seats fold down. I'd recommend this vehicle to someone I know, just make sure that you keep up with maintenance.

- Leanne B

The trunk is medium size, fits lots of things.

performance is excellent, all wheel drive comes in handy. it's the perfect fit for me, easy to maintain, not too expensive. Miles per gallon is a plus. When I bought it used, it did have a few minor repairs made, but other than that, I've had it 3 years and have replaced the brakes, rotors, and recently the calipers.

- Chris D

Very spacious 2009 Nissan Rogue.

The Nissan Rogue is very spacious but not too large, gets very good gas mileage, handles very well. Very reliable. Was purchase used, comfortable for 5 to sit comfortably, very roomy trunk space. Only draw back of this 2009 version is the rear window is very small and the blind spot is larger than the newer models.

- Clementine W

It is extremely reliable. The car platform makes it easy to handle but the SUV body makes driving effortless, especially for shorter drivers.

I like the overall appearance and finishes of the vehicle. I love the all-wheel-drive, especially during the snowy months. I hate that fabric items easily get caught in the trunk latch which interferes with the universal car-lock mechanism. I wish there were power supply outlets in the cabin rear of the vehicle.

- Brandace B

Poor quality long term, nice features.

I found that once this car hit around 150,000 miles it began having many problems. The worst part was that the repairs that it needed were very expensive. The good in this car: good trunk space. Drivers easily. I love the Bluetooth and keyless start although this started acting up on me and now won't work at all.

- Chelsea H

Breakable vehicle cannot rely on.

It is a different transmission so everything costs more I have had so many issues with it more than I should have the transmission just went out had to fix a part in the transmission I have had everything possible to fix on this thing I would definitely not recommend this vehicle and wish I could go back in time.

- Haley O

Everyone should know that it has a fantastic gas mileage that can get you vast distances from one tank.

I love how versatile my car is. It's large enough to hold everything I need and more but it isn't as big and clunky as an SUV. I also love that it gets great gas mileage. What I don't like is that sometimes it feels too wide and I have trouble parking in certain places. It also has a very large blind spot

- Larue D

Over 150k miles and still running well!

Isis have a problem with a wheel hub driver side front wheel, I still get a hum coming from the front when accelerating while moving. I also had a/c issues, had it recharged but not as cold as it should be. Other than that I do not have any major issues with the vehicle and I have over 150k miles on it.

- Kathy D

Nissan Rogue review for the 09 model

Nissan Rogue is quite exceptional except it has some minor problems such as blind spots, or how it has some issues with high altitude. Overall drive is quite smooth, very good on gas mileage and comfortably of driving in it, i drove it across the united states twice and i still use it to go to work.

- Kristin H

Wonderful gas mileage and fun to drive.

Brought is used has been a good car nothing but normal problems—great gas mileage - all wheel drive cannot to try it in the snow- lots of space - good looking - drives nice-handles nicely love driving it love the way it handles-enough space to carry in the back everything I need plus the two dogs.

- Lucy T

Hardworking and reliable car

My car is a perfect size. It isn't a huge SUV or hard to drive and park, but it is also big enough to have good trunk space and work hard. It's very comfortable and drives really nicely. Not a fan that most repair issues must be done by a Nissan shop vs local mechanic but its not a common issue.

- Rachael S

It gets great gas mileage and is low maintenance. Great ride!

I was sceptical at first when I first saw the Rouge. I just knew it was a gas guzzler, but it is not. It sits up higher than a regular car and that make it easier for me to get in and out of. I would have liked a different color, black is just too hot here in TX. Overall I am a satisfied owner.

- Jo M

My car get me to point A to point B.

My AUX input broke while putting a cable bin and Lia Nissan would not cover it even though I had less than 500 miles on the car. I also do not like how it makes some whistling sound since I've owned it and According to the dealer all Nissan make it. Other than it being outdated it is a fine car.

- Scott R

Smooth, comfortable but do not delay transmission maintenance.

The Nissan rogue drives smoothly and is very comfortable. My only complaint about this vehicle is that I wish I knew it had a cut transmission. These types of transmissions can not be rebuilt. If the trans starts to go you are forced to buy a remanufactured/new one which costs $4, 200 easily.

- Vanessa G

It was rated # 1 in safety!

I love that it is a smaller suv but we can still fit a bunch of stuff in it. I like the way it handles on the road, it doesn't make you feel like you will tip over like in bigger SUVs. The only thing I don't like is that we got an edition that has parts that are more expensive to replace.

- Kieran S

Love my Rogue - 100, 000 miles and still going strong.

I am very happy by Rogue. I haven't had any problems with it and I have 104, 000 miles on it. I have kept up with the recommended maintenance. I am planning on driving it to 150, 000 or more. The paint and upholstery have held up well. The upholstery has stains but no rips or tears.

- Penny H

Perfect size and spacious trunk; no accessories.

The car is a great size. You can fit into most spaces you hope to all while having a spacious trunk and room to put large objects. The vehicle drives smoothly for the most part but does not have as many gadgets and accessories as I would have liked. Most standard accessories are missing.

- Alyssa B

Good midsize car with decent fuel economy.

Very reliable car. Mine has a 4 cylinder engine so it does not take off very fast. Decent fuel economy. Great interior and sound system in the car. A good midsize car. Have had it for a year and a half and haven't had any major issues. Trunk space is a decent size, not too small.

- Samantha F

Space for kids and transmission needs

Had to have the transmission redone. Thankfully it was just before the end of the warranty, so it was covered, but could have been a huge expense. It is fine for one child, but feels cramped when we have to have multiple car seats in the back seat, let alone bring our dog with.

- Starr K

My car easily fits a bulky stroller in the trunk.

I love almost everything about this car. It is comfortable, and extremely reliable. I haven't had any major issues with it except the ac stopped working and needed to be repaired. There is a large blind spot so a back up cam would be helpful, but it is not a huge issue for me.

- Aly F

My vehicle has great gas mileage and is very dependable.

I have experienced no problems with my car. It is comfortable to drive and very dependable. I have a very simple version which means that there is very few things that can break. The gas mileage is great as well. I have a lot of people compliment on how much they like my car.

- Alicia M

Comfortable driving short and long distance.

This car is a very comfortable car to drive and travel in. It is very roomy for up to 5 people and has adequate space for luggage and other items. It is a very comfortable on highway and secondary roads and it very good on gas. It is a very reliable car with low maintenance.

- Michele R

Nissan Rogue SUV, model 2009.

I love my Nissan Rogue. I'm driving it from last 3 years but still it was in great condition. I love SUVs. . My next car is probably Nissan Rogue latest model. In fact I refer to my so many friends, who currently using Nissan cars. Hope to get a chance to buy a new car soon.

- Mona A

My 2009 Nissan rogue all black with sunroof.

It has struts problems. Other than that it rides perfect. It has over 250000 on it. Working heat and ac. Its reliable.Sunroof, original car stereo. All black. Clean inside out. Needs new tires, and horn does not work. Rides smooth and very reliable. Black and grey interior.

- Tim C

Where�s the sunroof on my rogue.

No major problems. Very reliable, good on gas . Love the features, am/FM radio. Aux port do music from another device can be played . Don't like seatbelts I am back seat of vehicle, no guard rail, comfortable seats, big mirrors on vehicle. Cup holder in back of vehicle.

- Jazz W

2009 Nissan Rogue, 4-cylinder.

My Nissan Rogue has heated leather seats for cold winter days and air conditioning for sweltering summer days. It's fuel efficient because it's a 4-cylinder vehicle. It doesn't take long for it to heat up or cool down. I love that it has four doors and a hatchback trunk.

- Donald M

My vehicle miles per gallon.

It shakes at times. At times, it seems as though the miles per gallon goes up and down a lot. I usually drive the same amount of time and use the same route to work daily, but it seems like the mile per gallon average never stays the same. The air conditioner broke once.

- Jaime C

A family friendly value vehicle

Electrical issues but overall a safe and comfortable car. The mileage is decent and this vehicle is certainly a smart value for the price. I would recommend this particular vehicle to families with children since the space and features are applicable to a family of four.

- Natalie D

Great car it is just getting old. Never had any major issues with it. The ac went bad a few years ago but never any major issues. A couple blind spots that little stick on mirrors fixed. Love the car and it has always been very reliable. Pretty good gas mileage as well.

- Shannon P

Very stylish, great performance, roomy and good gas mileage.

I love the SUV model style with top overhead rails. It is comfortable with heated adjustable power seats. There is a sunroof. The trunk is very spacious. I have not had any serious problem with this vehicle. I love the performance. And it gets really good gas mileage.

- Sandra T

there's way too many recalls on it and it does not take trips without transmission wanting to shut down

the performance is good but the problems i've had since owning it for only a little over a year is unbelievable i've had fixed oil leak,2 axles,driveshaft and now transmission sensor went out. more money than i ever thought. should have left it at car lot. do not buy.

- teresa g

Reliable and practical performance.

Very reliable, very low maintenance, comfortable, but gets low gas mileage. All-wheel drive works well, and has gotten me out of several jams. Lots of carrying room for cargo. Uses very little oil. Overall, I am very pleased with its performance and reliability.

- Jonathan J

Great car, very reliable, just busted speakers.

It's a great vehicle, I rarely have any problems with it. However recently the speakers blew on it and my warranty had expired one month before this happened, so I haven't had them replaced. Other than that it's very reliable, I haven't had any major issues.

- Christine S

Nissan rogue good car for first drivers

At 93k miles emissions problems and axel. It does have good cargo space. It's easy to drive. The tire pressure light goes on too enough and had to replace a few times. For the price is good before 90k miles once it reaches that sell it forward to save money.

- Nina P

Reliable and fun car to drive

Great, reliable car! It has over 180,000 miles and it's still running great! Have only had a few minor problems and 1 major problem which Nissan fixed at no charge to me! I would easily have no problems getting another Nissan when mine is ready to retire.

- Diane E

The shape of this car so awesome.

Door jams. Makes a clicking noise sometimes. Other than that it's an awesome car. I love it. The best I've had in awhile. I'd recommend it to anyone that's for sure. Runs great looks great. Awesome seating. Seats fold down for more hailing room in the back.

- Minnie G

A dependable and reliable car that you can count on.

This 2009 Nissan Rogue is one of the most reliable and dependable cars we've ever owned. The only maintenance issues so far have been replacing a battery (this was not expected, as batteries only last so long), and standard lube, oil & filter changes.

- James S

Incredible Vehicle to Own

Very good family vehicle, moves well and sounds nice, it has a very high visibility. Gas mileage and the oil life is incredible and very good for road trips. This is a car that will last 25 years if properly taken care of. Sound system is amazing too.

- Anthony D

It has good gas mileage. It runs smooth. If you have big dogs, they still fit.

When I first bought the car, it was good for the first few months. After that, it begin to act out and I had to keep repair it. Now it is good but I definitely didn't like those months of repairs. Overall, it is a good car. It was good gas mileage.

- Leticia C

This thing packs a mean punch for a small little car. It does wonderfully for work and for family

The only issue I have ever really had was that the sensors for the tires tend to get knocked around really easily so that warning light is always on. I drive two hours each day during the week for work in NY traffic and this suv does wonderfully

- Emily C

It's an incredibly reliable crossover SUV with lots of storage space.

I really like how smooth my vehicle rides, as well as the height at which it sits. It's extremely easy to enter and exit the vehicle. My Rogue does great in winter weather. My only complaint would be the transmission is not always smooth.

- Corey N

It handles weather conditions very well and drives nice

I like the size. I like the gas mileage. I dislike how the hands free feature stopped working and will cost $900 to fix. The car is old but not THAT old. It shouldn't cost that much to fix, and it shouldn't have stopped working.

- Amanda G

A car that offers power as needed through its CVT transmission and smooth riding making this car a great mid-range SUV.

The Rogue has the power I need for my driving style. It has a roomy interior with great leg room. Easy access controls and buttons. However it uses excessive plastic parts in the interior making the car looks cheap.

- Beyond C

It has all-wheel drive and will keep you safer in the winter months.

I like that it is all-wheel drive and reliable. I do not like the height of door (ie, window is too high), that some views are kinda blocked, and the lack of space for personal items next to driver's seat.

- Lisa W

The Nissan Rogue is the perfect average family size vehicle.

I love that my vehicle is all-wheel drive, is extremely affordable and looks sporty. There isn't anything I dislike. In fact, when it comes time, I'll probably buy a newer version of the same car.

- Jess K

Comfortable, reliable car with great gas mileage!

I love this car!! It is stylish, comfortable, and good on gas mileage. I have 170,000 miles on it and have no had any major issues. It is great in the snow, and I really love the key fob option!

- Jess A

Affordable, easy to drive, comfortable ride.

Great car! Easy to drive and maneuver. The visors bed to be re-addressed as a tall person they are too low into the viewing area. Rear air conditioning vents would be a beneficial addition too.

- Ellen H

Even though I bought it used, it has come a very long way and I am happy that I bought it.

I like that it can hold my family without feeling cramped. They are comfortable and enjoy the car. I don't like that it is getting older and I have to fix so many things on it at this time.

- Keane A

The most important thing others should know is that it is reliable.

My vehicle was bought used with high mileage. I do not use it every day so I have not used it much. The mileage now is good relationship to the year. The vehicle is very good otherwise.

- jean c

The Nissan Rogue has a lot of air bags which I appreciate.

This vehicle is very reliable. It has amazing gas mileage, and is easy to maintain. The parts aren't usually too expensive when it needs repairs. It doesn't have much for blind spots

- Joseph R

Family friendly crossover SUV.

Our car was a great upgrade from our previous used sedan. We love the extra space and clean lines design. We like the hatchback trunk opening and the rearview window wipers.

- Megan O

this vehicle is easy to drive/steer, and gets pretty good gas mileage.

Small platform, but still an SUV. I can tote and carry high volume or larger items while driving a small manageable footprint. Can sit up high and see everything/everyone.

- ann b

The Nissan Rogue is a great, fuel efficient vehicle that is comfortable. It heats up and cools down quickly too.

The Nissan Rogue is very fuel efficient as a vehicle. It's a great vehicle to drive around our local town. It's also great to take to visit relatives in the general region.

- Rodena M

It is reliable. Comfortable, and stylish.

I love the Nissan rogue, but as my car is getting older it is starting to have normal wear and tear issues. The next vehicle I purchase will be another Nissan.

- Renee B

It's a great car. Fairly easy on gas, roomy enough for a family

No major issues. Sometimes a noisy ride. Things are needing replacement light bulbs. Just replaced the tires but hope to get at least 2 more years from the car

- JoAnna B

Still works well after 120000 miles.. All feature are in good working condition.

I like the compact size.. Still looks good.. In town or highway gives great economy.. Why this is silly -- the car like me is getting old I need a new one!.

- David W

Trendy Nissan Rogue review

This car is very reliable. I've never had an issue with it. We take this car everywhere from grocery shopping to out of town trips. Very spacious and trendy

- Sarah L

It's all-wheel drive, which is safer for the environment I live in (ie, hills and curves).

Generally it is a good car, but the window is too high, there is no space for my "stuff," and other little things like that. The headlights are very good.

- Lisa C

It's been pretty reliable. It gets decent gas mileage.

It works well for most of what I need it for. It's generally big enough for my family, yet it gets decent gas mileage. I'm not in love with how it tows.

- Angela M

The awd is very important on slick icy roads making it so reliable

Great gas mileage. Very reliable with almost 210000 miles on it. The ad is great for trips to mountains in winter time. Not a whole lot of back seat room.

- Cody R

The vehicle is small but can hold a lot.

Windshield is cracked, heater does not work very well, and there are leaks from the engine. The car runs well though, and gets from point A to point B.

- Kiley K

Great comfort and excellent gas mileage.

Love my car. Ride and gas mileage is excellent. The only issue I have had is the air conditioner compressor stopped working but I had it replaced.

- Janet S

I like that its spacious with children and not big like a minivan.

Roomy, not too big, good on gas, very reliable, extremely comfortable and smooth drive wheel drive, cruise control, rear window wiper, fog lights.

- Kay M

2009 Nissan rogue drives like crap

My Nissan rogue has 150,000 miles and it drives like crap. It leaks oil Has cracked windshield And transmission is going bad Horrible ride

- Sean F

It has a long lifespan if maintained properly.

Good on gas and easy to operate. What I dislike is it is low tolerance for cold weather. The censors for the locks and remote malfunctions.

- Angela C

It is the perfect size for extra safety but not too big that you have a hard time navigating.

I like the seating inside because it is comfortable. The dashboard in front of the driver has a weird, rounded shape that gets in the way.

- Sara C

It is very safe - I feel like it is big enough without being huge.

Sometimes it has a hard time climbing hills. I feel like it takes a lot of time sometimes to accelerate. Love how easy it is to drive.

- Madeline B

Does not require to put a key into to ignition.

It works great, the only thing I would make the backseat a bit more wide for comfort of 3 passengers. Trunk space is great and stereo.

- Judith C

The truck is huge and the seats can

This car drives great. Since it is old It does have some problems but that is expected. It is very comfortable and has a lot of room

- Ashley S

It has AWD, good gas mileage and I can take it up into the mountains.

I like that I have AWD and can get up into the mountains with my car. I get good gas mileage. It's just the right size for my needs.

- Teri Y

It is safe because it is bigger than sedans and has anti lock brakes.

I like that my car is safe. I like that it has 4 wheel drive. I like that it is comfortable. I dislike that the color is silver.

- Sara C

It is reliable and drives very smoothly

It has leather seats, and drives smoothly. I don't like that it doesn't have turn by turn instructions. I like the color silver

- Tara T

Runs great and is a great size car. I do wish the back of the car had air vents.

One of my speakers on the passenger side blew, but for the most part I've had no major issues. It has been a great car so far.

- Elizabeth H

It's great on gas. I don't feel bad for driving around by myself since it has good gas mileage.

I wish it had a navigation system and a rear view camera. I like that it is spacious and quiet. Good on gas. Very comfortable

- Elisabeth R

Nissan Rogue is strong and easy to maintain

I love Nissan Rogue 2009 because it is portable, rugged and strong. It is cheap to maintain and the insurance is affordable

- Olaoluwa O

It is a piece of junk because it is loud and squeaky. Ride is bumpy not smooth.

Makes noises when backing up and weird noises when driving. Is not a smoother ride, or is bumpy and loud. Embarrassing car.

- Doreen D

It is dependable and has given me no issues.

I like that it has a sunroof. I like that it has power steering and power locks. I like that it get 22 miles to the gallon.

- Sara M

U can't see out the back very well bc of the way the body is built

Had it 5 years love the car color everything it's reliable and great on gas safe for family kids love it very comfortable

- Felicia T

It's a reflection of me, versatile,small/compact but fun to drive with a fun sunroof to show the fun side of me.

I like the size of it and easy to drive but wish the seats folded down flatter so I could carry more items in the car.

- Nina J

Going rogue for about five years

It was a great car for the first few years. Now she has some issues. The sunroof leaks and the motor stopped working.

- Dani T

Toyota is a dependable brand.

It has bad blind spots. The pedals are too sensitive. It gets good gas mileage and has not needed any major repairs.

- Tyler G

It drives well and has plenty of space.

No recent problems, car drives well, very comfortable car to drive in. Good sound system, and overall easy drive.

- Dara W

Very convenient, good for price, long use.

Love everything about my vehicle. Not too big, not too small. Do not have to put much of gas. Never breaks down.

- A R

Great gas mileage— all wheel drive.

Drives very nice. All wheel drive. - comfortable . Very good gas mileage. Rides very well -easy to drive.

- Lucy A

I like the safety of an suv. I I like that there are minimal blind spots. I dislike that a 9 year old car has as many issues as it does

It's a bit snug for an suv. I would make sure you have enough space that you need (like in the backseat)

- Nielle S

This car is such a pleasure to drive.

Drives quite well, handles curves great. Hardly had to make any mechanical fixes since I bought it used.

- Lois F

I think safety is most important things than the other things. All the time when using it with my child i feel safety.

?t is very comfortable, easy use, high performance, and huge inside. High performance engine And less

- Halil G

It looks brand new, whomever had it they kept it in good condition

I have an Nissan Rogue SL and I bought it used in very good condition! I was very surprised about it!

- Shawna W

It runs very well and has never had any major issues that needed to be fixed

Four door hatchback with spacious seating, comfortable seats, very good radio and spacious foot room

- Scott L

Gets hot inside quick. And is great on gas. Makes odd sounds

I have only had it for a week it makes funny sounds when it switches gears I like the smooth drive

- Ashley W

You should be aware that some of the Rogues, especially the older models, may have transmission issues.

It's the right size for me. The gas mileage is pretty good. I do not like the transmission.

- Warren G

It's a safe car, and great for road trips! It's good for country or city driving.

I like how safe I feel in the Rogue. I don't like the center console design, or the MPG.

- Flora F

It's dependable and low maintenance have not had any problems

In winter the door gaskets freeze and it's noisey I do not have any other complaints

- Pam B

I feel very safe in my car. I don't worry about driving it with my family

It drives well. It's the perfect size for me. It handles well on interstate driving

- Shanna R

I feel comfortable in my car and it is a reliable car.

I like the way it drives. I like the room it offers. I like the gas mileage I get.

- Nena T

It's reliable and big enough to haul what I need.

It's newer than I've ever had. It suits my needs for my kids and it was low miles.

- Ally M

love it! So great in the snow

no real big issues with it at all. It has been great in upstate ny winters!

- Margaret W

My Nissan Rogue has been very reliable. I perform routine maintenance regularly, but only change the oil every 4,000 miles. The only issues I have experienced were a belt needing replaced, a leak in the air conditioning and needing to replace the front axles and ball joints. The ball joints and axles were mostly my fault as I had hit curbs at some point in time on both sides, but did not repair until I noticed issues about a year later. I have taken the car for many long trips including through mountains and camping. The roof rack has come in handy as I was able to use a roof top carrier and a saddle bag we placed on the back .

Nissan Rogue is not too large, but still able to carry many large items.

- Sherrie F

very safe car. Gets great gas mileage and is very stylish

stylish exterior and interior. Great riding car. Gets great mileage

- Cathy S

The drive is good, you feel in control, gets good gas mileage

like: look, drive, feel, how high you sit dislike: no complaints

- bev y

Has been a reliable car for 170,000 miles

The car is easily swayed on the road due to wind. Loud road noise.

- Sara S

suv , not big but at least comfortable, fuel efficient, can only fit 2 car seat at the back. no major break down so far

price was reasonable back to 2009 , I maintain every 6 month ,

- lisa l

It's just the right size for me. Very dependable. Drives nice. Comfortable for everyday and long distance travel.

It's dependable and low maintenance. Quality vehicle.

- Amy S

Good for singles or couples with no children. Great turning radius!

- Riss P