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I would recommend it to a friend.

My car is very reliable! I have been driving it for eight years (57k miles) with no major problems. The main issue I have dealt with is that the batteries on the keys do not last long and need to be replaced, which is a total pita. It performs well, though it is not as peppy as a sports car, but it speeds up pretty quickly. There are no issues getting to highway speed on a short merge ramp. I get decent mileage, usually around 17. 2 mpg (average of 250 miles per 14. 5 gallon tank, city driving. ) There is a good range of temperature from the air conditioning and the controls allow you to get the temp and air speed just right. I really like that there is an AUX port so you can listen to your phone while driving, though there are not any controls. There is a lot of space in the car. I am able to fit camping gear to last a week in the back of the car (and I am not an efficient packer. ) The car is not luxurious, but it is very comfortable and rides well. Overall, I would recommend the Nissan Rogue to a friend.

- Courtney D

It's a fantastic family car if you aren't quite ready for the "minivan" and it is extremely reliable.

My vehicle is very dependable. It is 8 years old and I have been very fortunate to have only had one accident in which my car held up very well and was fixable when others may have been totaled. The transmission is slowing down however, but that is likely to happen when your vehicle reaches almost 10 years old. Its roomy enough for 3 car seats in the back seat (which I have done on more than one occasion and I have 2 permanently). I feel safe while driving and can see the road so well in the height of the SUV.

- Darrian P

Rogues do not have to be a rogue.

The biggest problem has been the transmission. This model year had a faulty one, and there are a number of hoops you have to jump through to finally get it replaced. Other than that, it is a good car. I average 24-25mpg, more highway than town, but still considerable in town. The road noise is not bad, it is noticeable, but not bad. I have really only had to have 'normal' wear & tear things fixed, an axle boot, oil cooler, tires...The things that normally need to be done on an 8 yo car with 112k miles.

- Robin L

Love my crossover vehicle.

The size is perfect. It is a crossover so it is not too big but has plenty of storage. It has decent seating. I love the color (it is red). It has optional all wheel drive so it handles well in bad weather. I drove it through one of the worst winters in Syracuse, NY. My only complaint is I'd like some of the safety features to be a little more intuitive. Sometimes they do not come on when they should and I have to switch them on manually. I would also like the option of fog lights.

- Amanda W

Comfortable road trips in a Rogue!

I love my Rogue. It rides very smoothly, and is very dependable. It has gotten me through many snowstorms safely as well. It is easy to handle in any type of weather. The one thing I do not like about the vehicle is the rounded back windows. It makes it difficult to see when backing up, however, the body styles have changed a bit over the years and Nissan has added a backup camera as well, making this vehicle even better than before! It's roomy and comfortable inside as well.

- Andrea V

Perfect vehicle for anyone who has to haul anything—kids, friends, pets, groceries, yard sale treasures, sporting equipment.

I love the size of this vehicle—its height for ease of entry and exit, its passenger room front and rear, and its cargo space. It has all the right features for me—moonroof, heated leather seats, fully adjustable vents, BOSE speakers. I dislike the placement of the antenna on the roof—it interferes with putting a kayak on the roof rack. I am in love with the CVT—it provides plenty of power on acceleration and is so smooth driving through the mountains.

- Michelle B

The reasons why I love my Rogue.

I really like this car. The extra perks is that it has a sunroof and heated seats. It also comes with Sirius xm radio and that has been pretty awesome. Another perk is that it gets great gas mileage. I can fill it up once a week and I drive like crazy. It is been a very reliable car. I have to drive quite a bit for my son and I have not had any mechanical problems. I have been very happy with my car.

- Katherine G

Good vehicle for a small family

I have had no problems with my vehicle. The performance is good for being almost 9 years old. It is reliable, I have not had engine problems in my 4-5 years of driving it. It is comfortable, good size vehicle for a family of 3. It has a back up camera and has basic entertainment with minimal bells and whistles (radio and CD player with an auxiliary jack, cruise control).

- Kaylee L

Not satisfied customer of Rogue.

2. 4 liter is too small of engine for the Rogue. No power nor torque. Did well in snow last winter. No 2nd row vents and no cab lights in rear hatch. Overall nice vehicle easy on the eyes, but I wouldn't suggest a purchase for anyone nor myself. Also the stereo is not very efficient and has to redo a/c twice. My friend owns a 2013 she also had to fix a/c compressor.

- April W

I love my reliable sleek white Nissan.

I love the style. It is easy to maneuver. It has plenty of room but also compact. I love the fact it is a small crossover. It is very reliable. My family own two Nissan vehicles and I have never had any major problems. The brand is easily to maintain and affordable to repair. It is durable. The sleek design is eye catching. I love the heated leather seats.

- Laurie F

The Nissan rogue is the perfect all around vehicle.

I love my car it is very comfortable and drives very well. It gets great gas mileage. If needed I can lay down all my seats and use it to transport large items. It has been awesome as a single person car and now as a family car and great to get a baby in and out of. It is safe and has few blind spots. I would highly recommend this car.

- Reeves R

I like the fin on my car it is a sports body style!

My car drives good and is great on gas I can get approximately 29 miles to a gallon. My 2010 Nissan Rogue is good for a long trip over 200 miles it drives great and the brakes are in great condition it is great car for driving short or long trips. The only problem that I have had with my car is the gas paddle! My car is very reliable!

- Patricia F

The 2010 Nissan Rogue very roomy and high tech, reliable vehicle.

My Nissan Rogue is very fuel efficient, no problems with this vehicle since I bought it in 2010, always servicing the vehicle when necessary and always checking tire air pressure to make sure is at the normal level. It has a very smooth engine and if I have the opportunity to buy a new vehicle will be another Nissan Rogue.

- Maria C

I still love my 2010 Nissan Rogue after all these years!

I love the Nissan Rogue. I have had very little problems with it. We bought it new. I love the leather seats and the car is so roomy. It has 137, 000 miles and it still rides so smooth. The only thing we have had to replace is the front wheel bearing. We are going to buy another Nissan roger in the next few months. . .

- Renee P

That it is a very easy car to drive and is a amazing quality car.

I really like this car. It was the first car that I have ever had. It is a great car for people starting out with driving. Also, it is good for kids / family because it is spacious. The back of the car also has a lot of storage for anything you need to store in your car. The car drives really well and is easy to drive.

- Mariah C

Great trunk space and neat hatchback feature.

My Nissan Rogue has a lot of space in the back and I love the hatchback feature. The only downside is that it struggles to maintain speed when going up an incline. The amount of seating is perfect and it has the anchor attachments for my daughters car seat. There are couple holders in the backseat for spare drinks too.

- Samantha T

It's very easy to drive and fits easily into most spaces when parking.

I love how high it is off the ground for optimal viewing, with exception to how small the windows are toward the very back of the car. The rear part of the car is angled quite a bit which might be good for aerodynamics, but you can't fit as many things in your car as you could if the roof was more elongated.

- Carol W

The Nissan rogue is a solid reliable car that will not nickel and dime you.

The car is rock solid. The only money we have spent for car maintenance is the things one normally does with regular car care; like oil changes, tire replacement and the like. It is comfortable and drives nicely. We like to take long car trips and our rouge has been very reliable and a pleasure to drive.

- Lisa D

AWD perfect for the New England weather.

I love that my vehicle is AWD with luxury heated leather seats, Bluetooth, Bose stereo and has a sunroof. The vehicle since purchasing has mad kind of a loud noise when accelerating which they are having trouble figuring out the issue. I love the amount of space in the back and the sound system too.

- Jacqueline Q

Nissan rogue great value!

I have a problem seeing beside the vehicle, there is a blind spot. I am not sure if it is me or the vehicle, but I have a hard time seeing to pass other cars. That is the only thing I have had an issue with. It is very reliable, drives great in the snow, comfortable, has everything else I want.

- Chris R

It is reliable. After 150, 000 I still have not had any major issues with it.

Limited features and boring to drive. It also has poor rear visibility. It has been very reliable however. I have had no major issues with it and it now has nearly 150, 000 miles on it. I am not interested in purchasing another Nissan. I am looking for something more fun and with more features.

- Emily P

My car handles great driving it even on long distances.

My vehicle drives great and handles well over the road and my vehicle is a 4 wheel drive 360 all tires are constantly turning when driving, the only problem that I have had with it was the gas paddle I had to replace the gas paddle after the 3rd year of driving it, otherwise it's a great car.

- Patricia F

The Rogue is a nice mid-sized SUV.

I purchased my car used from a dealer when it was about 6 years old with 75000-80000 miles on it. The car tends to make a lot of noise, mainly coming from the rear of the car. There seems to be some "lag" when driving it as well and this has been going on since not long after I purchased it.

- Theresa F

Great SUV with great mileage and low maintenance!

It is a great SUV with lots of. Room. It drives very smooth! I take it up to. The mountains all the time and it drives very good. It is also very low maintenance. The only thing I do not like about it is it does not have a big stereo system. It is definitely not the loaded version.

- Alex G

Great gas mileage. Very nice car to handle.

Car has been great. Have had no problems other than ones I have caused. Nothing other than general maintenance has had to be performed on the car. The gas mileage is very good. It is smooth and easy to drive. It is doing very good on oil. Switching to full synthetic oil next change.

- Skyler B

It is experiencing numerous annoying and costly problems after 8 years.

We bought the car as used and it is 8 years old now. The front passenger door does not open from the outside. The heat shield makes a terrible noise. The AC has gone. The car is good in the snow, although being an older model it lacks a lot of fancy features. It does have Bluetooth.

- Jennifer L

Pushing car battery forward.

The only problem I have had with this vehicle is with my battery. I started having the problem barely after 6+ years. One of the cables keeps on coming loose or if not my car will not turn on and I have to push my battery forward so it can start. That is the only way it will start.

- Angela B

The most important thing is that the Rogue is reliable.

It has been reliable. I love the front and back seat cup holders, large console, tire pressure sensor, and spaciousness. I don't like that it has no back up camera (very dangerous due to blind spots) and the roof antenna deteriorates/crumbles just after the 5 year warranty expires.

- Karen S

Nissan - I love the rogue!

I love this vehicle. After being in a bad car accident, this was a good transition. I feel safe and it is reliable. I also love the space I have and it is good for camping and road trips. Gets good gas mileage. Not too big, but not too small. Space, safety and reliability are key.

- Stephanie W

2010 Nissan Rogue review white.

Had to replace transmission, gas is very good and very spacious. I love the way it drives. The gas mileage is still very consistent and it is very fuel efficient. It is perfect for me in size and space. The transmission had to be replaced which was expensive but it works fine now.

- Beth W

2010 Nissan rogue reviews.

Great vehicle, I have lots of space all over! Haven't had any issues with vehicle since I brought it. Very comfortable, only downside is there is no ac vent in the back. Wish there was a sunroof as well. The ac does blow cold but takes a while to hit the people in the back seats.

- Joann E

My vehicle is used up 5 year already but still working good.

My vehicle is so reliable and helpful to me. There is no problem in it. I used it for work, school, and go out. It help me the most especially when I want to visit a friend. My vehicles is large and comfortable. Not only for myself, but I can also take care of my friend.

- Lian M

2010 Nissan Rogue review by jesska.

I have 2010 Nissan Rogue and I love it. I have driven it for about 5 years and it is never given me any trouble. It is great on gas and the seats are very comfortable, so it makes for a great road trip vehicle. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone with kids or pets!

- Jessica P

Mixed review on Nissan Rogue.

Problem with tpms. And tires that came on the car. Runs great. Comfortable, especially on trips. Had to change all brakes and rotors with about 15, 000 miles. Rotors rusted badly in a short period of time. Mine is the krom edition and does not look like a normal Rogue.

- Larry D

My Nissan Rogue has a name, that's how you know its worth driving.

Love the gas mileage, and how it handles, comfortable, roomy and all around one of the best cars I have ever owned. Have no problem with reliability, cheap in price but not cheaply made big enough for a whole family to take a trip and not so big to take up much gas.

- Tammy D

This vehicle is amazing and I will always want to buy.

I love the drive and handling of my vehicle. The drivers seat with 3 select comfort and position. Online media for camera and maps(GPS) and Audio. The room on the inside. I do wish it had back seat air/heat controls. The jack for changing the tire is not adequate.

- Cynthia F

Love Love Love almost everything about my vehicle other than road noise

I absolutely love my Rogue. It is a great vehicle with enough space for my small family. The only complaint I have about my vehicle is the road noise. Some of that has to do with tires but some of the noise comes from rattling of the door panels, console, etc.

- Kinsley R

Be prepared to have a lot fixed!

The transmission had to be replaced but at least it was still under warranty. The paint started to look like it was speckled after about two years. I also needed to replace the whole undercarriage. I felt like I was always needing to fix or replace something.

- Kristin F

Do not buy older nissan rogues with the original CVT engine

The vehicle has poor horsepower and on hot days when driving for more than 20 minutes the CVT engine will overheat and enter power saving mode, thereby causing a drastic decrease in acceleration. This is both dangerous when on the highway and frustrating.


2010 Nissan rogue -- buyer beware.

I bought this car used 10 months ago, within the first 6 weeks the ac compressor went out and needed replaced then about 6 months later the transmission went out ( had no forward gears) and was replaced. Car is currently acting like it wants to stall out.

- Gini H

Very roomy and smooth driving!

My Nissan Rogue drives very nicely and smooth, had a small transmission issue but was covered by warranty. Very easy to use the features. I bought it used but it is in very good condition. Faulty catalytic converter issue now but not covered by warranty.

- Luz C

My Rogue is affordable and dependable.

I like that this vehicle is easy to drive and looks nice. I wish it were a bigger vehicle, now that I am a mom I want more space in my car. I also wish my vehicle had more features like bluetooth capability and a bigger screen for the backup camera.

- caroline M

The Nissan Rogue is a vehicle suitable for a family or for an individual.

I really like my Nissan Rogue. The gas mileage is good and the design is sleek and modern. The seating is very roomy. Lowering the seats for hauling cargo is easy and when seats are down there is much room for cargo. The ride is smooth.

- marvin a

Quality vehicle to drive with no complaint about spending on repairs.

This is the best vehicle. I have had little problems which were basic one. This is a quality made suv which has given me excellent use. I dislike that you have to pay extra for bluetooth this is a need for any vehicle to stay focus.

- Donna T

The most important thing about this vehicle is the comfort.

In comparison to my sedan, this thing is amazing. It can seat 7, both front and back AC and heat. It makes me feel safe because it's and SUV. But it is very comfortable to drive and have driven it on many long 3 hour trips for work.

- Travis B

I travel a lot and rely on my car for my safety but my child's safety too.

I like the space in my vehicle in the front, middle, and back of the vehicle. I have a small child so it allows me to carry around all of her necessities. I do not like how much gas my vehicle uses and wish it had a higher mpg.

- Courtney C

It is a great low maintenance vehicle.

I love my rogue. It is a smooth riding car and very quiet. It is also very classy and sleek looking. I have had this car for about 5 years and have had very little repair done. I intend to replace this one with another rogue.

- Renee P

A Nissan in every garage.

Being our second SUV, we looked into the Rogue and found it to be worth the investment. Size, ease of driving and reliability are all in favor of the consumer. We would recommend a Nissan to anyone who wants a great vehicle.

- Joey T

It is dependable and gets good gas mileage for a small suv.

Overall I like my Nissan Rogue. I get decent gas mileage. The automatic awd doesn't always engage when it should (in my opinion). It is ok in the snow, but not great. There is also a pretty big blind spot when backing up.

- Liz C

Love the size and ease of driving.

I love most things about my car. It is the perfect size for my needs. We did have to have the transmission replaced at 140,000 miles. It is hard for me to see out the back side windows but it does have a backup camera.

- Sherry W

great vehicle for the price and it is from a known automaker

I like the price we got it for, the trunk size is great and it is easy to drive. i don't like how it doesn't fit two car seats with enough room in the middle of the back seat. we need a bigger vehicle for our family.

- Cami S

Don't waste your money buy a different mid size ..

The transmission is going and apparently it is a common issue with the 2010. There is no recall my car will not accelerate or move after stop lights it's scary dangerous and expensive I have less than 100k in miles

- Nikki L

I love the heated seats in my Rogue. I will not buy a car without heated seats after being spoiled with it.

I have over 140,000 miles on my Rogue and it still runs great. It has a blind spot. I have replaced the battery 3 or 4 times but other than that, I have no complaints. I would buy another one without hesitation.

- tracey u

Does not take up alot of gas.

My car is reliable, smooth drive, big enough for my family, it is my favorite color and not that much. Its does not take up alot of gas. Perfect size. Almost paid off. Haven't had any car issues. It is simple.

- Alexandra D

Flexible gas consumption and super reliable.

I like the convenience in gas and the amount in consumes it. Also how compact and reliable it is for anyone to feel comfortable. What I do not like us that it is an older model so things are giving out by now.

- Jessica R

Take care of it early on and it will last you forever

While I love the size of my rouge it does have Its downfall. When I hit 180k miles everything started to go wrong. In a matter of months my a.c. Went out, alternator died, and now the transmission slip. Iam

- Katie S

It's surprisingly spacious for a compact SUV!!!!!!

I like that it drives like a sedan. The backseat is big enough to fit two car seats and a third person. There is plenty of storage space in the back for strollers, groceries, and more. I have no complaints.

- Elizabeth D

Reliable vehicle and comfy for shorter people.

It is a reliable vehicle and fits well for me. I am only 5 feet tall. My husband who is 5'10'' says he feels cramped in it. I also do not like the rim around the windshield. I feel it has a big blind spot.

- Amy B

Very comfortable on the inside and drives smooth.

I love the color of my car and the inside material. I love that it comes with cruise control that helps a lot for someone like me that drives a lot. The car also has low up keep and good with gas mileage.

- Jennie B

The 4 cylinder starts to make noise after awhile but it does save on gas.

I don't like that it's four cylinders it makes weird noises when going up hills. I was reading it's because of the four cylinder engine. I like that we save on gas and I like the way the vehicle looks.

- Monica H

It is a nice comfortable ride.

Love my Rogue. Nice size SUV that is not too big and not too small. Our family of 4 fit nicely inside. The hatch has nice storage area for strollers and such. It handles well in all kinds of weather.

- Kim K

It has been a very reliable vehicle. We liked the first so much we bought another for our second car 2 years later.

Very reliable. comfortable. roomy (legs and head)comfortable seat. like the way it handles and drives. good control of the road. con: bad blind spot on both sides makes changing lanes uncomfortable.

- Philip S

Nothing interesting. But nice attractive ride.

Doesn't switch gear at correct rpms. No rear cab interior light, no heat & a/c vents in 2nd row seating. Transmission slipping. I wouldn't suggest this AWD except during winter due to its low gears.

- April W

It has a white interior; you can wear shorts and not burn your butt on the seats.

I do not like that it does not tell me the temperature outside. I love the gas mileage and the way it handles when driving. I love that the back seat folds all the way down so my dogs can both fit.

- Ashton H

It is not very good I should just get a new car.

The engine has been giving me problems and I've taken it to a mechanic many times and there's still problems. V4 engine makes it a struggle to get up hills. Plenty of room for groceries and stuff.

- Larry L

decent mileage for the size of the car

It's a boring economical car, does the job & gets you from A to B. The pick-up is slow, but thats because its 4 cylinders which is small for its size (crossover). Decent mileage - about 25mpg

- Craig P

It gets good miles per gallon.

I like that it's good on gas and it has a decent amount of seating. It is also a low maintenance vehicle. I don't like the height because I prefer to be able to see over the cars ahead of me.

- Goedenmooi M

It is very low maintenance and we have had very few problems with it.

We have had very few problems with the Rogue. We actually have 2 Rogues because we have been so happy with it. It has pretty good gas mileage. It is a smooth ride and is very low maintenance.

- Brian M

Nissan Rogue 2010: a great car for suburban middle class.

The vehicle gets excellent gas mileage when everything is running correctly. The steering could be smoother but the engine is reliable. Axle problems will occur if you overload the back.

- Geoffrey G

Very safe driving SUV to get around in, gas mileage is good.

I pretty much love my vehicle. It has been a really great car for me. It just does not have any extra bells and whistles. I wish it had a sunroof and Bluetooth connectivity to my phone.

- Angie W

It is a AWD great in the winter.

AWD, reliable, maintenance parts are affordable, only issues seats are not electric adjustable. You can just move the seat forward and backward and the backrest forward and backwards.

- Katherine A

The Rogue is very reliable and comfy.

Our Rogue has been very dependable. It gets good gas mileage and fits our family well most of the time. There have been a few times when more cargo capacity would have been great.

- Tamie K

This car has served me well for over 4 years, I got it used and it has been great. No issues with it.

I got this as a second hand vehicle. I wish that it had a sunroof. The storage space is OK. I like the bluetooth connection, XM radio hookup, 6 disc cd changer. Drives great!

- Maureen S

Overall a very reliable car that will get you from point a to b with ease.

Over all it is a nice sized vehicle. Trying to perform your own work is not always possible but that goes for most newer vehicles. Can fold down seats to make more cargo room.

- Paul O

100,000 mile warranty. The dealership offered very good services. Also a good deal was given for tires.

I like the and some of the features that came with the car. The warranty and mileage on the car. The services offered on the car. I should have added sound on the backup camera.

- Shirley S

It is roomy but still a small compact car with good gas mileage.

It is a great car I haven't had any problems with my car it is dependable and gas efficient I have tried other cars and none can compare to the performance of the Nissan rogue.

- Maria B

My trusty Nissan Rogue...

My Rogue is great on gas and durability. I've had it almost a year now and It's just as clean as the day it was purchased and to be honest the space inside is beyond words.

- Fallon N

Mileage is great for economizing and good for small families.

I like the mileage to had ratio. I do like the suv idea. I dislike the small trunk space. Would prefer ample room in second row seats. Would like ac vents in back too.

- María A

Maintenance can be pricey.

The gas mileage could be better. Very reliable, very few problems so far. I have bought new tires once in the 4 years I have owned it. The air conditioning runs well.

- Amber M

It rides smoothly and is fun to drive. It is comfortable to sit in and runs well.

I have not had any problems with my Nissan Rogue since I bought it a year ago. It runs smoothly and nicely, it is comfortable to drive, and it has been very reliable.

- Jade S

It is comfortable and a great car for long drives.

It has a lot of space that I truly enjoy but while driving I noticed two huge bling spots that do cause issues when I am trying to merge onto the highways sometimes.

- Lauren F

It is a reliable and safe vehicle that works perfect for our family.

I like the brand Nissan - they make quality cars. Our car has enough room for our family. But we wish the trunk was a bit bigger. Overall It's a great mid size SUV.

- Cory K

The gas mileage is very good and the car is very reliable.

I love that I have had almost no problems with it in having it for two years. It is spacious and gets good gas mileage. I don't believe I have any complaints.

- Brooke P

Extremely reliable, versatile, fits lots of things and people.

No issues with vehicle functionality whatsoever. My personal vehicle needs some cosmetic work, but nothing that was a result of a faulty function of the car.

- Sydney J

It has quite a bit of spunk when I need it, such as passing another car.

I have never had any problems mechanically with it. I have no problems getting through snow with the AWD. I feel very safe and confident driving it anywhere.

- Candy B

It is reliable, and great on gasoline.

Good on gas. No mechanical issues, so far. A/c works great. No complaints. Well, actually, I do have one complaint; I am not happy with the color, silver. .

- Patrick C

Auto braking is a great thing to have.

Car runs great. 120000 miles very few problems. Bought a new one, 2017 like all the new features on the new cars. The car is very comfortable on long trips.

- John V

Primarily that it gets very good gas mileage, and thus I do not have to gas up very often once I have put gas into it.

My Rouge has been good to me for the year of it and the miles, almost 88,000. I don't have to drive far in most cases, so it remains in very good condition.

- William C

Engine makes a buzzing sound, which I read is normal for this engine.

Engine loud, not very comfortable. Not real good gas mileage. I like the all wheel drive. It is also very slow compared to other vehicles that are similar.

- Jeff F

It's a really great vehicle. Large enough to fit items in when you go shopping, but small enough that you can easily drive around in the city.

It's a grey nissan rogue. I haven't had any major issues with it for the 6 years that I've had it, which I really appreciate. It's always been dependable.

- Laura Q

That all wheel drive handles great in the snow

I like the all wheel drive for the winter roads. I downsized from a GMC Yukon and really am happy with the size of the Rogue. I have plenty of cargo space

- Julie S

It has been reliable, only issue was the washer pump going out

The vehicle is comfortable for all the occupants. It has a high enough tow capacity for my needs. It would be nice to get better city miles per gallon

- Jim L

Low maintenance but high quality.

Love the size and how it handles. Has been good for repairs-standard for the age and mileage of the car. Drives smoothly and interior is basic but nice.

- Christina F

very little repairs have been needed. Just normal upkeep these last few years

A very comfortable ride. I'm high enough to see around traffic. No gps navigation system on 2010 model. this is a feature that would be helpful to me

- nat l

Easy to handle and the gas mileage is good.

The mirrors are small which makes driving a little more difficult. The gas mileage is very good.The check engine light keeps coming on needlessly.

- James S

It's a great car for the price level with good gas mileage.

It's had some service issues that are more specific to the make/model. Also, the Nissan tires I purchased with my car are no longer manufactured!

- ELizabeth M

It's a great 4cyl family vehicle

I love this vehicle it drives well and has good handling. The acceleration could be better as well as the known issue with the stop light switch

- Jen D

That it is very dependable. Nissan puts out good cars.

I've had Nissan's in the past and have never had any major problems with any. I love my Rogue the ride is smooth, good on gas and comfortable.

- Gina M

It is a reliable and safe car.

Runs great. I think the 2010 is ugly compared to the new 2018 models. I don't like the interior. Had issues with the key fob in the beginning.

- Lesley R

Great gas mileage for an SUV. Lots of bells & whistles included with the Nissan Rogue. Drives great!

I've only had the vehicle about 4 months. So far it's great. Never had an AWD before so will be interested to see how it performs in winter

- Linda K

Best I have ever had in a car.

It is a very reliable car. I have had very few issues. It gets relatively good gas mileage. The folding seats help with loading large items.

- Amber M

Handy all-around vehicle.

The space is great. I like the fact that I can put a lot of things in my trunk. The car is also great on gas for its year, make, and model.

- L R

Last a long time, made with sturdy material and it has a back up camera which is very surprising considering how old it is.

My car starts very slowly, and it makes a weird noise when driving if i did not sit and let it run for a while. Great on gas and spacious!

- Brianna C

The transmission works differently than most cars.

I love the way it drives and how easy it is to accelerate. I don't like the curves on the car. It makes it difficult to pack for a trip.

- Caitlin M

they are most reliable cars.The performance is good

Nissan Rogue is a compact crossover SUV produced by the Japanese automaker Nissan.he Nissan Rogue is ranked #10 in Compact SUVs by U.S.

- meghan c

It has good gasoline mileage.

It drives well. It gets good gasoline mileage. It has all wheel drive. That is good. I do not have any dislikes about this vehicle.

- Clarence H

Nice crossover vehicle. Handles well. Drives well in the snow.

Seat height doesn't adjust. Like the camera in the mirror. Decent gas m up leave. No mechanical problems so far with 150k miles on it

- Michael G

It is a great car for any type of family.

I like the shape, color, and interior. I do not like how the air conditioning recently went out, which is common for this make/model.

- Hannah D

It has lots of room for kids and pets! It is a durable and reliable car.

I love the color (white). I love the way it drives and that there is so much storage. I don't like how it has problems accelerating.

- Kelli C

My car is safe and spacious.

I like the space and hatchback trunk. The interior is nice. I do not like that the transmission went bad the month we purchased it.

- Brittany R

I love my vehicle and have since I got it brand new. It has had hardly any problems and has nearly 150k miles on it.

I am told it is a very desirable year and model to consumers in the market to buy a used car. It is very spacious and drives well.

- Mary H

The most important thing they should know is that it is my car.

Like storage size. Like that its fits a taller person, over 6 feet tall individual. Dislike underpowered for me. Would prefer v6.

- Carol M

The body and shape of the vehicle looks good.drives good and quiet....

Good car and no problems.....it's a good car to have..color gray is a pretty color.....it's an SUV ..it's gives good gas mileage

- Evelyn S

It is a good car to get around town with and seats at least four people comfortably.

I like the way it looks. It is roomy inside. I am not thrilled with car performance. Mileage is not a great as I had hoped for.

- Fram G

Nissan Rogue - before it was a favorite

No problems with vehicle at all. Love the ability to transport lots of stuff in the back. Has held up well through the years

- Debbie B

Nissan Rogue still going strong after 8 years.

The Rogue has almost 100, 000 miles, and I have never had any problems. It is reliable, gas efficient and very easy to drive.

- Jennifer G

Roomy but very easy to drive.

I like that I am sitting higher up than in a small car. I like the roominess in it and yet not too big. Love the cargo area

- Pam C

It is great on gas! The mileage is close to a cars!.

It drives smooth, has a lot of space, has a lot of miles and no major problems. I do not have any complaints about my car.

- Amanda M

It handles great and is a luxurious ride.

I love the looks of my car. I really like the way it drives and handles. There isn't anything I don't like about my car.

- Robin R

It shudders when it is idling but there's nothing wrong with it.

I like that I got it used for fairly cheap. I would like a car that has Bluetooth features - mine is a bit too old for it.

- Jessica L

Great car to own I will purchase another one because it's an amazing car

I love this vehicle its performance is amazing it goes great in the snow the seats are very comfortable and it's reliable

- Melissa C

It is old with high miles.

I have no digital features, and the trunk is small the vehicle is more round which makes things hard to fit in the trunk.

- Jamal P

I just fixed the ac in my car. The shift is now attached by a rubber band

I enjoy the size of my vehicle. I also enjoy the radio and how it has 6 CD players. I like the leather and the red trim.

- Stephanie R

It has been very reliable for me so far and I am happy that I chose this vehicle.

I like that is rides smoothly. It does not have as much power as I would like. It is very sleek interior and exterior.

- Stephanie V

Good, reliable car. Just keep up with maintenance.

Few issues with the mechanics, just now had to change the serpentine belt. The suspension is not that smooth, though.

- Jennifer B

It has affordable price and easy access entry keyless.

It has a 360 degree sensor. A rear view cam. Keyless entry. It also has a gps on dash, including radio and Bluetooth.

- Joey C

It is pretty low maintenance.

I like that it has plenty of room for my children. I do not like the cargo space if I have all of my children in it.

- Alicia S

Subaru outback's are all they claim to be.

Love the room, comfort and affordable, easy on gas, great for trips, low maintenance not much that I do not like.

- Tammy D

It's roomy and it was very affordable. It's one of my favorite cars that I have ever owned.

My SUV is very comfortable to drive. There is plenty of legroom. Sometimes the transmission is a little touchy.

- Melissa R

It is a great family car.

My auto is comfortable. Has great air-conditioning. Would like a better radio in my car. Has ample room inside.

- Sandra R

It is the perfect size. It is safe and affordable. It fits a family of 5 comfortably.

I like that it was affordable. I also like that it's roomie. I like that it is compact and just the right size.

- Carmela R

Its safe and reliable. I trust Nissan, I was in an accident and i think i walked away okay because of the way my car is built

I wish I had a newer model, but I love my vehicle and when I purchase a new one it will be the same only newer

- Lee S

It does not have a lot of speed or pickup when accelerating. It is small and does not have a lot of storage space.

I have a Nissan Rogue. It has become to small for our growing family. Also have very little power and pickup.

- Kimberly J

This is info on my rouge I love it

it's a very comfortable vehicle that's great on gas and has plenty of room for my family, we love to use it

- rob b

That it has been a very good car.

I have no complaints. It has the right amount of room for me, is good on gas and has been low maintenance.

- Melissa B

It's difficult to back up because of the blind spot.

It's great on gas mileage. It's roomy and has adequate trunk space. Only thing is it has a bad blind spot.

- Diana d

Great gas mileage and a lot of room.

I wish it had more advanced features like touch screen radio. I love the gas mileage and the roominess.

- Sabrina S

Early on I had to take it in for repairs and they finally said I needed a new transmission. Thank goodness for the warranty.

Handles well in snow. Headrest is hard. Had major engine problems in the beginning but is fine now.

- Brendan R

This is a great car and it's pretty long lasting I think.

Pretty good car overall, I've used it for over a few years and hasn't experienced any major problems.

- Alan A

Great vehicle, good reliability, comfortable seats, great Bose sound system. Only problem with the early models is rear and side view range. But we have had no issues with that.

Reliable, have over 100k miles and minimal need for any repairs. only had to do regular maintenance.

- Phil H

It is a quality car. It gets you from point A to point B.

It's been very reliable. I've had minimal problems with it. It handles well in snow, sleet, etc.

- Suz M

Dependability is awesome and safety is very important.

I love how it turns and handles. I love the size. I don't like how expensive the parts are.

- Janet D

The maintenance is very easy and this vehicle handles very nice, it is great on gas too

I really like the room this vehicle has, it handles very nice, is comfortable on long rides

- Judy R

The engine works great. It is perfect for someone like me. And it reflects my personality.

I like the design because it stands out in the road. The AC is cool and it runs smoothly.

- Karen M

Nissan Rogue has lots of room for a crossover vehicle.

The Nissan Rogue is roomy and comfortable. Unfortunately the Rogue has bad blind spots.

- Teri Y

Love the heated seats and the Bose stereo system. Car handles well on our mountain roads and the AWD is nice when it snows.

Handles nicely, good on gas mileage, and haven't had any issues since I bought it used

- Kymee G

needs so tlc but otherwise it is in good condition. runs well and serves Its purpose

reliable, but small for our 3 kids. need a bigger backseat. car is good family car

- monica m

Dependable, affordable, could be better

Good gas mileage for a SUV. Reasonably priced. Construction seemed a bit cheap.

- B K

I bought my Nissan Rogue used, but in what I thought was very good condition. About a month later It was brought to my attention that it had a lot of problems with the transmission and needed flushed. The problem with this model is that most mechanics would not do the procedure due to this specific type of transmission.

This make and model often have issues with the transmission after a few years.

- Jaime B

My vehicle is great on gas mileage. The vehicle has power locks and a anti theft device in it.

I like how it has cruise control. I wish it had more seating in the vehicle.

- Chris B

CVT transmission not for traveling long distances and high speeds

i like the gas mileage , size and overall . i DO not like CVT transmission

- lisa b

Roomy and a great road trip car. Long lasting car.

So roomy and gets decent gas mileage except for when the ac is on

- Kim C

Does great in the snow and rain. Just replaced the alternator on a 2010. Minimal maintenance

Have no complaints. It has been very dependable. Low maintenance

- Carol T

this car handles great in snow. just put it into all wheel drive and go

I like the drive and the size. Wished it had the full roof rack

- wa b

It's great on gas! I have had it going on 2 years and it has been VERY dependable. We have traveled up and down the eastern coast and I have only had to maintain normal wear and tear on the vehicle and I bought it used!

Very comfortable drive and safe! It has great gas mileage

- Telisia P

It's a good car and it gets me where I need to go when I need to get there.

It gets me to and there. It's gray. It's a Nissan.

- Bonnie W

It only has 50k miles and It's a2010.

I love my rouge and I love the make of the car!

- juany r