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Great car just needs some getting used to.

The car has been a great first vehicle for me. It is big enough to fit all of my things. When I was in college, I moved around quite often so the size was a big help. The car is not hard to maneuver so it makes it great for new drivers. Some downfalls include the major blind spot. One thing you have to get used to is moving the mirrors around often in order to help you see the large blind spot on the car. I have been driving the car for over five years now so I am used to the blind spot. Another issue is the transmission. Mine is currently going out. Because of this I will most likely have to get a new car. However, the Nissan Rogue has lasted me a good five years and 130, 000 miles.

- Sara E

The Rogue has it all. Fuel efficient, stylish design, Very roomy inside.

My Nissan Rogue is the perfect. Size SUV.. Not too big like a Yukon or too small like a Kia Soul. The Rogue styling is sporty, inside space is more than sufficient when I need to put the seats down and load the car up when I am at the home depot. This vehicle has all the bells and whistles like cruise control, sunroof, music system, cup holders and lots of storage compartments for maps, flashlights and emergency gear. My favorite feature is the navigation system. I do not think I will want to do without this feature in any car I own. At this point in time, my plan is to purchase a newer rouge in the near future. I am a big fan of this vehicle.

- Sue H

A product of efficiency, the Rogue.

An extremely efficient car, both in space provided and gas mileage, it really has it all. A comfortable, smooth ride, whose only issue is that it can take bumpy roads fairly rough. For almost the entire first one hundred thousand miles it had no issues with fairly easy and cheap routine fixes. The amount of space has to be its best feature for its gas mileage, there is enough room for anything from kids and groceries to luggage space for a road trip. The stock speakers are of decent quality, as is the general layout of the dashboard and radio area. Not the fastest ride you'll ever own, but that is not the purpose of buying this car.

- Ryan B

Best vehicle I have ever owned.

Drives supremely, excellent handling, sturdy and I have absolute confidence with my vehicle's performance and reliability. I have driven over 30,000 miles in just over a year in my rogue, and I have enjoyed every one of them. I love the smooth ride, relaxed feel, the interior and cargo space, and the excellent gas mileage. The only issue I have noticed is a small blind spot on the front passenger side where the frame is for the windshield/passenger door. I had an xterra for almost 300,000 miles and loved it, but this provides a much more smooth and comfortable ride. Fantastic vehicle.

- Sarah S

It is a white Nissan Rogue.

My car has been in so many freak accidents! The exterior of the car is damaged. The number is coming out, and the license plate in the front is falling off! Not to mention that I was in a hit and run so there’s a big black hole in the front of the car. The interior is just as big of a mess. It is stains and crumbs galore! The connection for the radio is terrible and you cannot use an AUX because it broke inside of it. Last thing, when you reach 60 mph on the car it makes a loud grinding noise but stops after you going over 60, cannot wait to get a new car.

- Sheila D

The fuel economy is good for an SUV.

My vehicle has been extremely reliable for the 150, 000+ miles that it has been in action. It is comfortable and economical. The only complaint I have is the blind spot at the back corners of the vehicle. My vehicle has taken my family on long vacations and everyone has been comfortable. It is good for transporting dogs in the back. The back is also good for daily groceries and stacked suitcases. I have had no major mechanical issues. It is quiet and I can hear my music well.

- Nicole B

The best thing about the nissan rogue is it is a smooth ride and gets excellent gas mileage

I love my Nissan Rogue. It runs very well and has been very reliable. I have the S Krom edition, so I have lots of extras like sunroof, bluetooth, keyless entry, backup camera. With routine maintenance it's never broken down on me. The only thing I had to get used to was it has a different type of transmission. I believe it's called a CVT transmission. It just takes a minute to pick up. Sort of feels like it is downshifting but once it goes it picks up!

- Kelly Z

I like the knob to where I can control the level of light on the projection.

I drive a 2011 Nissan rogue and have yet to have any major maintenance problems other then having to replace a headlight bulb here or there. The model I have is fully loaded with heated leather seats which are nice in the colder months. The navigational system is top notch for its year and has been updated recently. It's a very smooth ride on long trips and doesn't make you feel like you just got beat by a sack of baseballs at the end of it.

- Garrett R

Super safe, reliable, and it gets amazing gas mileage.

I would have rated my car 5 stars, but it has a few issues that need repaired that I can't afford to fix right now. I love the color/look of my car, it runs great, and is very reliable, but the AC is out, there's a dent in the back from someone hitting me when I was parked at work, and a few things don't work anymore. I've had the car for a while now though, so it's probably just the usual wear and tear. The A.C. not working sucks though.

- Kate H

My rogue is reborn and I am excited to have it back. Rogues are the best!

I totaled my 2011 rogue and rebuilt it. (never go thru salvage title process-just junk it) I love my rogue that much. I had a minor accident and my air bag came out. My rogue is extremely comfortable and easy to drive. I have also had tire issues yearly which never happened with my other car. Regardless of its little issues, I really enjoy everything about my rogue and have no problem keeping it until its dying day. (we are at 44k miles).

- Jane D

I do enjoy my Nissan. I am very satisfied with it is performance.

I am very satisfied with its performance in the rain and snow. Very dependable. I am not happy about the many warning lights that randomly come on, when the outside temp gets to 30 degrees the tire light comes on and I am now having issues with the check engine light coming on. Computer testing shows it is the gas cap which has been replaced but the check engine light continues to randomly come on. I do appreciate the roominess inside.

- Mary R

My Nissan Rogue has been a great car for the last 7 years.

My Rogue has been very efficient for the several years that I have had it. It drives smoothly and gets pretty good gas mileage. I really love the color of it and how comfortable the seats are also. The back of it also has a lot of storage. One thing that I do not like about Nissan is the list of recommended services and when to do them - if I were to follow that list, it would be so expensive and time-consuming to keep up with.

- Sarah T

Runs smooth, good on gas.

It is going to be almost 3 years I had my car. I bought a new alternator, replaced the axles and bought a new battery. It runs good I am happy with it. I just need a tune up. The car is good on gas. I have not added any antifreeze. I change the oil once or twice a year. Compare to my other cars in the pass. My other cars I was always adding antifreeze. When the tires need air a light will go on. I am very satisfy with my car.

- Nil R

Nissan Rogue, a reliable vehicle in all kinds of weather!

I love that it is 4 wheel drive. I never have any issues with driving in the winter. It has good visibility and adjustable side. It gets good gas mileage especially when I use cruise control. Would recommend it to friends and family. My son also drives a Nissan Rogue because he liked mine so well. The back seats fold down for hauling larger purchases, which comes in handy when you do not drive a truck.

- Faye Y

My Rogue is my beach ride.

My Nissan Rogue is super comfortable for long and short car Journeys. I added the Nissan roof racks so I can throw my surfboard up on the car and drive to the beach. I have driven on the beach with my Rogue and never had issues. The only major problem I had is that the air conditioning broke in 2015, but seeing as I live in Florida and it is used all year, I am not too upset that it needed replacing.

- Jessica R

Comfortable seating, plenty of legroom a decent amount of storage in the back.

The Nissan Rogue that we bought was used and so far it has been a really nice vehicle. As far as performance it drives well on long trips and in the city. As far as maintenance we haven't had it long enough to really make a determination. The vehicle does have a few blind spots and is a little harder on gas then you would have expected for a vehicle of its size but all in all it is a good car.

- Lamar C

Easy to use. Love how it rides. Love how it does not feel like a huge SUV.

Love how it rides and ease of how to use it. Does not feel like a huge car, great in between car. Keep up maintenance and you will have no problem. I have had it for almost 8 years and have done my maintenance and it still feel like when I got it. Wish it had more storage and the space between the two rows was a little bigger. If you have kids it may be too small.

- Amy R

Reliability at its best!!

The car is very reliable. I use it everyday. Sometimes I feel like an uber driver in it, which I am very comfortable in. I am currently sitting at 143k miles and had no major repairs. It is one of the reasons I chose to get a Nissan over another brand. I have the svn version so it has automatic everything including a backup camera. Overall, I like my car!

- Roland M

The 2011 Nissan Rogue is a great car. I love the automatic sunroof!

This vehicle is reliable, cute, dependable, quick, and it looks great aesthetically. I trust the vehicle enough to let my loved ones drive it and not have to worry about if they are safe or not. The vehicle has a lot of great features and it actually has some controls on the steering wheel itself so that the driver can safely do things while driving.

- Nicolas C

There has been many reports of the transmission going into limp mode. It's where a sensor in the transmission overheats when driving for a long period of time and doesn't allow your vehicle to accelerate. It's doesn't mean your transmission is bad, just the sensor hopefully.

I love the fact that my Rogue has a CVT transmission. It makes my drive very smooth. However I have had a few problems with it going into limp mode due to the new style of transmission when it came out. I also love that it is a smaller SUV but does have a lot of room. If I were to look at my buying experience again, I would have bought a newer year.

- Aliscia S

Good reliable car that gets you from point A to B without the cost of repairs.

Very reliable car and have not had to have any repair work done on it since purchasing it used over 3 years ago. Not a lot of room for a larger family, but ok for a couple of kids and their stuff. Good gas mileage. Only a 4 cylinder engine so it does not have a lot of power when trying to get up to speed. I would go with a 6 cylinder next time.

- Pam H

The Nissan rogue is an SUV for singles or small families.

I like my car. It is my first SUV. It is good on gas. I like the space. My car does not have the backup camera or other features that some rogues have. Just the standard radio and CD player. I do wish I had the backup camera. I do not like that I cannot see as well as my previous vehicles when I look to my when I am trying to merge right.

- Frances L

The Rogue is a great car for a small family that is looking to save on fuel.

I love the gas mileage on the Rogue and how smoothly it drives. It is a very nice looking care that is reliable and can get me anywhere that I want to go. The Nissan Rogue is my favorite car so far. The interior is very classic looking and cleans very easily. Unlike most vehicles it is pretty easy to clean out between and under the seats.

- Casey L

My car, my friend! We always travel together.

I have a silver Nissan Rogue that I have had since 2012. I purchased it used. I have really grown to love my car a lot. It is like we are best friends. We go on road trips, there is smooth ride and gas use efficiency. If I had to purchase another car, I would want one just like this. I have been quite pleased with its performance.

- Amy B

A mid, mid-sized crossover, black and silver.

My car runs extremely well, and even at 112, 000 miles in, I don't see any reason to trade in at this time. The size is perfect for me, and it is the most reliable vehicle I have had so far in my life. It's a very user friendly car, maintenance is fairly simple and easy for someone who does not have that much automotive knowledge.

- Caitlin C

Great on gas, VERY comfortable, and beyond affordable.

My Nissan Rogue was a pre-owned purchase. I've owned it for about 3 years now and it has been very reliable. Minor maintenance has been required, but nothing that hasn't been expected with the age has happened. I expect I will be using this vehicle at minimum until it hits 200,000 miles. Very confident in my choice and purchase!

- Caitlin N

Quality features of Nissan rogue.

I really like the size of my rouge. I can comfortably seat 4 adults but it can hold up to 5. I have enough truck space to be able to carry and transport many things. My rouge drives smoothly and I have not had any problems with it. I really enjoy the sunroof. I have automatic doors and windows and I do have heated front seats.

- Stefanie B

Great small family vehicle

I have found my Rogue to be a VERY reliable vehicle. I have had no major repairs done with regular oil changes and tire maintenance and I currently have nearly 150k miles on my vehicle. If I were to have any complaint it would simply be legroom for back passengers is little tight and I need more parking room in the rear.

- Maggie W

Perfect vehicle for small family with pets.

I love my Nissan Rogue. It is a smooth ride, big for a small family, pets. The seat will lay down to make more room when hauling large items. It has really good gas mileage, especially for a SUV type vehicle. I haven't had any problems with it since I have purchased the vehicle and plan to drive it until it no longer runs.

- Jessie C

My vehicle is just amazing. One interesting thing is the steering wheel.

It drive smooth and the steering wheel is not that big so you have more control. It is a four door so that means if you have a family it would be perfect. Also the trunk is very big and spacious, so it is perfect for shopping days. And if someone in you home has a disability and is a wheelchair it will fit with problem.

- Hakeem D

Car is good for basic small SUV and will get you front point A to B

I like that my vehicle has smart sense and can detect when to use AWD. I really enjoy the little light that shines on my cup holders. However, the CVT transmission sometimes makes me think that my car is not right. I also don't like that I'm a very small person and I don't feel like I have enough room for anything.

- Alisha C

Best highlights is the gas mileage.

I really enjoy driving my Nissan rogue. My Nissan rogue gets really good gas mileage. I have to drive 100 miles twice a day to get to my job, with my car having such good gas mileage I only have to fill my car up once a week. I also like how it drives, it is very smooth driving and I like the appearance of my car.

- Terry S

Tab bit info in the Nissan rogue.

Love the rogue. It is much bigger than it looks. It has been a great reliable car. The new models of the rouge they added more room and adjustable back seats. Which is very great for families with kids. The rouge also has great gas mileage. If you're looking for a reliable small SUV the rogue is the car for you.

- Kat D

Comfortable size, great layout, and room to haul a variety of things!

I love the size of my Nissan Rogue. The only major repair I've had thus far is replacing the drive shaft and was told that's a known issue for Rogues, which concerns me for how frequently that might come up. In my 2011 model, I wish I had a bluetooth connectivity for the radio, but that's all I'm lacking.

- Tia S

My Rogue is ageless. At 8 years old, my Nissan looks very in style.

The car is very reliable. It has pick up and is easy to maneuver. I would recommend it as a good car for the average driver. Who wants an easy handling SUV that is not a gas guzzler. The back is very useful for carrying many items, boxes or equipment. The back seat also lays down easily for even more space.

- Bonnie G

Reliable and comfortable!

My 2011 Nissan Rogue has been so dependable. I have had no mechanical issues for the last seven years. I love the amount of space I have in the front and the back. I also enjoy the heated seats throughout the winter. Also, having a small SUV is great for those times that I need to haul bigger things.

- Allison R

It's great on gas, so I can't complain.

It's amazing on gas, and as a college student I can afford to drive it! I love how much space I have in the back seat, as well as in the trunk. It does not have Bluetooth inside, but you can easily buy an adaptor from $5-10 and that will work just fine. I have no complaints with this car. I love it!

- Angel A

I have a 2011 silver Nissan Rogue, complete with 4 doors & a hatch on the back.

This car is one of the most reliable vehicles I have ever had; it is never broken down or had issues in the past few years I have had it. The features are simple, but that is the beauty of the vehicle. You do not need a lot of bells and whistles with this car; just the dependability of it pays off.

- Echelle L

I love the style on the outside and how it is designed with the interior also.

I have not had any problems with my car. It is very reliable, the right size which allows me to drive without hesitation. I love how comfortable it is especially the car seats because I have severe arthritis in my spine. I love my car and Nissan vehicles as the drive very smoothly and are quiet.

- Teresa L

Safe and low maintenance vehicle you can count on.

My car is easy to park and fun to drive. It has lots of space and is reliable. I handled wonderfully in the weather and gets great gas mileage! You can always count on this vehicle being safe and comfortable. Has lots of bells and whistles, but not too many to worry about thing getting broken.

- Tamara A

I need to take care of it because she was my first car.

It is runs great but I put lost miles on it that now it is giving me issues that I have to fix and the car does not have insurance from the dealership so it is expensive but I will save money to fix my car and save extra money to buy a car so I do not have to stragglers with my children’s.

- Joanna M

Nissan Rogue is a great family vehicle.

My Rogue is very reliable. I never had an issue until it 150000 miles. Even than it was an issue that was taken care of very easily. The seats are very comfortable and easy for me to connect all 3 of my car seats into. After 6 years of winning the vehicle I never had a single engine issue.

- Richard O

Comfy with all wheel drive. Great car.

My Nissan rogue has not given me any trouble in the 2 years I have owned it. Great in snow, all wheel drive helps a lot. I drive my grandsons around and feel very safe. This vehicle is the best. Comfort was a big factor for me with a bad back and, this fit me perfectly. Gas usage is great.

- Carol G

Money well spent. This is my second Nissan and both vehicle has been excellent.

This is the best maintenance free vehicle I ever had. I had this vehicle since 2014. I only had to change oil on a regular basis, brakes and tires. There’s a clunking noise when I back up but even the dealer is not able to figure out the reason for it. Beside that it is a great car.

- Windsor P

it is a pretty good and reliable vehicle. it has a lot of good features as well.

i like that it has pretty good gas mileage. i like that it tells you when you are getting low on gas and the estimated miles you can go before you run out of gas. i like that it tells you when your tire pressure is low. i don't like that the passenger airbag is not working anymore.

- anthony m

Great on gas and easy to drive. It is very fun.

This car is very good on gas. It also has a sunroof which I love. It is kind of a cross between a smaller car and a smaller SUV. It drives very well and is very easy to park. It is also very affordable. It is also very spacious on the inside. I would highly recommend this car.

- Emily B

I love my Rogue and lab to have it for years to come.

I have had no issues with my Rogue. I have over 100, 000 miles on it. I love it. It is very comfortable to drive long distances. The cargo area is large and it is easy to put the seats down if I need extra room. I have had it since 2011 and plan on having it for years to come.

- Kerri U

That it has been a very reliable mode of transportation.

I like the options on the vehicle. The heated seats are great. There is plenty of room to satisfy are needs. My only complaint is that it really does not have enough pep since it is only a four cylinder. I would definitely buy this vehicle again, but with a 6 cylinder engine.

- glen H

Nissan Rogue - great family car.

Car seems to perform well with regular service. It is big enough for our kid and his car seat and all of the stuff a baby/toddler needs. The driver's seat can be easily adjusted to fit either me or my partner, who is a foot taller, which is one of the reasons it works for us.

- A C

Reasons to buy Nissan Rogue.

It's a very nice car. Great in snow and all winter long. Great gas mileage and runs smooth. Haven't really had any problems with any Nissan I have ever had. Would recommend you buy any Nissan they run good forever if you take care of them. There just kinda expensive to fix.

- Michael T

This rogue is a reliable family vehicle.

I have not had any problems with this vehicle, however, I do a lot of driving and wish it was better on gas. There is a small bad blind spot just over the left side of the driver and the right side on passenger side but it handles great and is very comfortable and spacious.

- Danielle C

I like that it sets up higher than a car.

I like the fact that it is 4 wheel drive. It handles good in snow. The back seats fold down for hauling large items. It gets good gas mileage, especially on the freeway. It has good visibility except looking at the passenger front corner. The mirror arm is too wide for me.

- Faye Y

I bought it because I needed more room. I used to own a small 2 door car, and needed the extra space when relocating. Also it is the perfect height to get in and out of easily. Very good on gas, and affordable. Very low miles also!

It's in very good shape, very very few miles, and is pretty good on gas. I only use it a few times a week, since I do most of my work from home, so it doesn't get much use. Just had to replace the battery after about 7 years, but otherwise it's been an excellent vehicle.

- Nadia Y

A delight to drive and had seat warmers is a plus.

I have never had an issue with it and I got it used in 2013 for Christmas as a surprise. It had all the bells and whistles and I am still in love with it. I would recommend a rogue to anyone. I just keep the oil change and have things checked on it on an regular bases.

- Sharon D

It is safe for driving around a family and it is great on gas mileage as well!

I love the feel of the car when I'm driving. The ride is smooth and I feel safe with my family in the vehicle. I don't like that it gets hot in the car due to it being summer, but that's probably because my car is black. Other than that, great car, great gas mileage!

- Emily W

Mid-size SUV with nice design and interior.

Nice features, and very reliable. Enough space for myself, but not big enough for a family with multiple children. Routine maintenance but nothing too extreme. Comfortable and modern. I like the body style and size of it. Not too big or too small. Easy for hauling.

- Leann B

great car if you can get past the visibility issues with backing up.

I love the all push button wheel drive, it a must where i live. I wish i could turn it on and it would stay on until i turned it off though. Visibility issues with backing up, hard to see around the rear seat headrests. have gotten much better at using my mirrors.

- Janice C

Just great for everyday use.

No problems, works well, gets me to where I need to be. Great engine great air conditioner, great tires ride smooth. Great space for family and groceries. Great navigation system sunroof etc. Just a good car overall for everyday use. 4 door and pretty blue color.

- Alexis S

2011 Nissan Rogue is excellent!

Car has been great the last 4 years. Very smooth, comfortable ride, spacious interior and many options. It does great on gas mileage, and is a good looking fun to drive vehicle! I am very happy with my purchase, and plan to continue buying Nissans in the future.

- Katy L

2011 Nissan Rogue review.

It is the perfect size SUV, not too small or too big. The only thing I do not like is that it is a lower SUV. It is great on gas and super reliable. I love Nissan vehicles. I would like to try the Pathfinder next. The dealership has also been great to work with.

- Lauren D

The totally reliable rouge.

I have owned the rouge for about four years now. The longer I own it the more I like it. This is a first for me with a car. But it the perfect size its extremely reliable & it is great on gas. Even though it is a four cylinder engine it has plenty of giddy-up.

- Lewis R

Easy car to drive, no issues.

When I purchased my rogue I had never considered buying a Nissan car. The roominess of the interior is surprisingly larger than you would think. The AWD does well in Pennsylvania snow and my Nissan has been an easy car for my 16 yr old to learn to drive with.

- Amy S

Perfect size for someone on the go.

For a 2011, it still drives really well. I have had a few maintenance issues but that comes with having an older model. I also only have the basics, so my experience would probably be more enhanced if I had more features. Good size and can fit 5 comfortably.

- Taylor S

Great safe and family vehicle!

This is a great vehicle. It is very safe and very secure. I was involved in a collision and no one in the car was injured thanks to great safety features. It is roomy enough for my needs and not too big to drive for some that struggle with bigger vehicles.

- Jenna H

Nissan Rogue is a Comfy Little Workhorse

The Rogue is fairly peppy to drive, is stylish and has many good features. Other than general maintenance, I have not had to have any work done on it. Leather interior and Bose sound system are great! I vend at craft shows and it can carry a ton inventory.

- lee l

Disappointed in the Nissan rogue.

I have found that the 2011 Nissan rogue has a manufacturing issue that causes it to overheat. This issue has been made known by many rouge owners with no recall or solution to the problem. Unfortunately, I would not recommend this vehicle to consumers.

- Lee B

Able to haul items I need and still have space for passengers.

Fits 4 adults easy, performs very smooth. Reliable takes me everywhere. I am able to uses it to haul items for my garden. The car to take on a vacation along with items for the beach. Easy to drive in heavy traffic to and from work. Also easy to clean.

- Sylvia Y

Best car I have owned in my life.

Super reliable, good gas mileage, have not had to fix other than routine maintenance, good size for my family, helps a lot when moving or hauling large items, handles really well even in snow, GPS built in, good technology, controls on steering wheel.

- Ashley B

Fun to drive, but mileage is not what it was when new.

I like the size of the suv. It handles very well and the s comfortable for long trips. I am concerned that the mileage is getting progressively worse as the car gets older. I am wondering if the transmission is working as efficiently as it should.

- Don c

drives real smooth, and very dependable.

My SUV drives smooth and has so much space, I can fit my grand kids in it with a problem. It also is very good on gas. I have taken it on several trips without any problems. I also love the style of my SUV. Has been a very dependable truck. Love it.

- Annie B

It doesn't get good gas mileage. Otherwise it's fun to drive, vet comfortably, and has a nice appearance.

I've only had it for a few months, so I really can't give my full opinion yet. So far, I like the way it handles on the road, the comfort when driving it, the security of having all wheel drive, and it's attractive. But I don't like the gas mileage!

- Sharon S

Solidly built and dependable

It's nothing fancy, it doesn't have a lot of the options that most vehicles tend to have. I also personally prefer other makes. It's solid though, it gets me where I need to go and hasn't required any unusual maintenance even with 135k miles on it.

- Jessica w

It is a great car for the price that you pay and it is a nice car. Fuel efficient.

Likes: Looks, Efficiency, very comfortable. Dislikes: A big blind spot and I hate that it cuts the engine when hitting a icy patch. Mainly when going up a hill I have had times that I have to back down an icy slope and it is more dangerous for me.

- Lara W

Nissan rogue is a comfortable, easy to drive vehicle that's spacious for passengers as well as hauling sizable items.

I generally like the car, but I don't particularly like the Cvt transmission due to known issues. I'd be happier with a better stock sound system. I would be happy with bluetooth streaming in the vehicle since it has phone bluetooth capabilities.

- Sara C

That if you don't use the car every day the battery goes dead.

I like my rogue. It rides nice and good on gas. I'm starting to have trouble with it. If I don't use the car for 3 days the battery goes dead. I already replaced the battery 2x. It's not the battery and no one can find a problem with it.

- franny S

It drives rugged, it's not a dainty car

I love the way my car looks. I like how rugged it is, it can handle speed and turns and doesn't feel like it will break or hurt going over potholes. The gas is pretty good too. The interface is simple and not hard to use while driving.

- Christine S

Economical winter suv! Great car!

The rogue is a decent car. It is sort of small but good on gas. The seats are very comfortable and the options are great. It rides a little rough. It has some electrical issues now though. The cat has been plugged for a long time too.

- Kelly R

You have to start it every 1 or 2 days or the battery goes dead....

I love my rogue. The only trouble I have with it is if I don't start it every day the battery goes dead. I had it to several garages and they couldn't find anything wrong with it. I get frustrated having to start it every day.

- franny p

2011 Nissan Rogue: Reliable and efficient

My Nissan Rogue gets great gas mileage and drives smoothly depending on road conditions. There is an iPod connector to listen to tunes besides CDs and the radio. The back seat lays down for room to move at least 6 totes.

- Kayleigh S

It is dependable. I have put almost 100,000 miles on it and it still runs well with minimal issues

It was my first real car so I am partial to it. I like the size but the trunk has a narrow opening and then opens more inside therefore it is hard to fit some things in it. It has treated me well for the past few years.

- Courtney B

Reliable, great on gas and the sound system is a Bose.

Economy, great on gas and plenty of room. It is a SUV and I like the color. It is a 4cyl. And automatic transmission. Leather seats, satellite radio, backup camera, Bluetooth, with navigation. Power windows and locks.

- Mary S

Very comfortable and stylish, don't see to many chrome editions on the streets.

The only problem I have with the car is after driving for more than two hours straight or a lot of driving in a day I am general it will start to not rev up past 2000 rpms and can only slowly move up in speed.

- Kevin J

I love the sunroof and backup camera.

All issues are from it being a Used vehicle. The engine makes a strange noise but I have found other vehicles of the same make a model that do the same so maybe it is just Nissan. Otherwise I love my car.

- Danielle S

It's practical. Good on gas and trustworthy. Inexpensive to maintain and fix when there are problems.

I like that it's an SUV size. I wish it was bigger. I trust the engine and mechanical features to run a long time. I feel the interior materials are junky and cheap. I wish it had more luxury features.

- Lisa R

is one that think they would enjoy very much and has an overall very good value (money, room diving feel, etc). unless have a big family this vehicle would do you well.

Like the overall look and the height at which can just get in without stooping down or stepping up. like the way it drives and has been very mechanical sound. don't think really have any dislikes about it.

- dennis G

It gets fantastic gas mileage and is extremely easy to handle.

I love the fact that it has hands free phone connection, that it has a built in NAV system and the seats can fold down. I do wish it was a little bit larger so that when we travel, we have plenty of room.

- Elizabeth S

It handles dependably in all weather conditions.

I like the shape of the body. I like the controls for the Audio system integrated into the steering wheel. I dislike the seat fabric (not very easy to clean). I dislike how small the rear windshield is.

- Beth P

It's a decent SUV that is safe and good on gas. It would be nice if there were more space in the back.

It drives nice and is decent on gas. I haven't had any major problems with it. I wish the back window was bigger since it's tough to see out. I thought there would be more space. I feel like it's safe.

- Holly M

There is always something wrong with it! The turn signals blow out all the time

I like all the bells and whistles, the Navigation system and the dash that tells me what's going on with the car. THe heated seats are awesome too. I don't like that there is always a problem with it

- Beth M

The car is great for moving or traveling with the space in the back.

I like my vehicle. It's comfortable. The back seat folds down for more storage in the back. It has a backup camera. Seats fold back to lay down when not driving. However it is not very comfortable

- Robin W

It's a very smooth ride and will get you where you need to go.

I like the size and color of my vehicle. I don't really dislike anything about it other than I wish it was a little bit more updated. Only complaint is that the tires seem to go flat very often.

- Izabella M

This vehicle is the best on I have ever owned.

I have had no problems with this vehicle other than maintenance like tires. I will need new brakes soon. It is comfortable and the perfect size. It rides smooth. The stereo is a Bose and is great.

- Sandy C

The most important thing that others should know about my car is that it has been reliable.

I really like my Rogue so far. I have tried to keep up with maintenance and have not had any major issues with it. I do wish the interior materials used to cover the seats were of better quality.

- Amy B

The most important thing to note is that this vehicle is a good family starter car.

I enjoy the general size of the vehicle. It's not too big but still large enough for family outings including the child and dogs. My only complaint would be that the mileage isn't as promised.

- kim b

Wonderful small family car.

The only problem with the car is that it has began to sound like it is stalling out when you come to a stop. I love the car for my family of three and would buy it again if giving the option.

- Elizabeth S

It goes anywhere! Small, yet big enough for my family.

I love that it is big enough to carry all my junk. It goes anywhere I need it to. Has 4 wheel drive for winter and climbing hills. I don't like that its smaller for my now older teenage boys.

- Heidi C

It's a very reliable car and has not needed many repairs.

It's a very reliable car. It has not needed a lot of repairs and has over 100,000 miles. It is very good in the snow. There is plenty of room for myself, my son and all his sports equipment.

- Kristin L

It's a rather comfortable car BUT it's very problematic. Issues with transmission one too many times

people should know that this car is problematic with transmission. My model was at the cut off of the recall but due to my personal issues I strongly feel it should've been included as well.

- Eduardo B

The gas mileage is outstanding for a daily driver!

The rogue feels roomy but has a sleek sporty design. The design of the inside is spot on. I only wish the trunk was slightly bigger. Other than that, I cannot complain. It rides so smooth.

- Makayla M

That it has been very reliable, despite the huge variations of temperatures that it endures in the state of Wisconsin.

I like that my car is roomy yet considered a small SUV. I also like that I have not had any major problems with the engine/transmission. I like the color and the styling of the car.

- Debbie A

This vehicle gets great gas mileage.

I have not had any problems with this vehicle. I really like it. I get great gas mileage. One issue that I have is there are a lot of blind spots so backing up can be a little tricky.

- Laurel S

I would have to say for anyone, the most important thing is reliability, this car has that.

Never had a issue with it. Drives smooth on wet and dry days. Very reliable in any weather.very comfortable for both driver and passenger. Easy navigation. Sound system is very nice.

- Darinda K

The sound that the engine makes sometimes. It is annoying but I don't feel that it affects the performance

The transmission makes a wheezing noise which is annoying and I hear is very common. Otherwise it's a great crossover. Wouldn't buy it again if I had know about the noise it makes

- Stephanie W

Very roomy and reliable and low cost of ownership.

I like the comfort of my car and its roominess. I like that it's dependable and has very few issues mechanically after 5 years of ownership. I like the gas mileage for an SUV.

- meredith B

It's very reliable! I've never been in a situation where my car broke down on me or let me down in general. Very safe!

I love the leather seats, and the way the entire interior is black. The speakers are amazing, and the GPS works really well. It's also very spacious and comfortable for travel.

- Sloane G

The trunk space is perfect for a family of four.

Its roomy. Pro - good trunk space. Pro - its a Nissan. No complaints. Through dealership we bought it from was awful. Our next car will be the Armada. We are a Nissan family.

- Rachel F

None of the buttons on steering wheel works.

My car does not have any features. The car broke from outside and inside. It does not run well and get stuck in the middle of the road. The car is lesser value than of waste.

- Rizwan R

The Rogue is a sturdy and easy to manage car. It is not too big or small, I feel my presence on the road.

I LOVE my Rogue!! The gas mileage is manageable for my student budget, and I find that (during a normal workweek) I filled up every other week. Good acceleration and brakes.

- Abby K

The Rogue is great on gas and roomy.

My Nissan Rogue has been a very reliable car for the last 6 years. I have only had to do routine maintenance on it. To be a smaller SUV it is pretty roomy and great on gas.

- Amanda R

Nissan Rogue for Families

I love my Nissan Rogue. It drives great and fits comfortably a family of 4 and a GSD. I have had no problems with the dealership and get regular maintenance on the vehicle.

- Brittney J

More room than you'd ever believe!

Very reliable. . Driven daily. . . Ver very few problems with it. Long and short trips. Much more room than you would ever think. . Even brought a recliner home in it!

- Deb S

For the money, it is a very good investment.

It's very economical to drive. It handles the road easily. It is easily maintained. The size is perfect for my needs. I can fit quite a bit of stuff in the cargo area.

- Jane G

Nissan Rogue,problems with that car

Only 70,000 a lot of mechanical problems,,, a lot of money paid to mechanic.Changed a/c , problems with front end ,problems with speed control unable to fix it...

- guillermo N

It fits my family very comfortably.

I have had no problems with my vehicle. I was always told as long as I kept up with the oil changes and filter changes, it would run great. So far that is true.

- Cassandra W

It is a Great little SUV crossover that provides good gas mileage and an easy drive.

I like the size of the vehicle. It is very comfortable. However, it has very basic features and finishes. For my next vehicle, I will look for upgrades quality.

- Katie S

The car handles wells and is easy to drive. There are no real blind spots.

I like that it is similar to an SUV but handles likes a car. It does fairly well on mileage. Until this year, I have not had any major issues with the vehicle.

- Katie S

That this car is perfect for the average person in snowy/ icy climates. It is very modestly priced but provides superior performance

I love that this vehicle is All wheel drive I love that I get 25 mpg on average I love the durability of the Nissan product Only minor flaw is rear visibility

- Paul W

It is a very reliable vehicle.

It is very family friendly. There's a lot of trunk space, which is helpful with transporting my toddlers stroller. But the window is a bit too sloped to see.

- Alexia M

It is great for traveling.

I love everything about my vehicle. I would recommend the Nissan rogue to anyone looking for a SUV. It's got space, its stylish and I love the gas mileage.

- Cynthia F

Reliability. I hate repair bills. I haven't had a Nissan product in the shop ever in my 14+ years of ownership.

4th Nissan I have owned. 85K with no shop time or major repairs. Only wear items have been needed: brakes And tires, and, oil changes. No negatives ever!

- phil c

It's an amazing and safe car.

I love everything about my car. Its reliable and dependable. Its comfortable enough for my family, and big enough. I have had no major problems with it.

- Cassandra W

The concern with the transmission.

Comfortable to drive, sporty looking, back camera,.... Gas mileage needs to be better, worried about transmission problems expensive to fix for repairs.

- Terry S

Worry a lot less about maintenance

I love that it gets great gas mileage and has very few maintenance issues. I'm not too thrilled that the AC struggles a lot in the middle of the summer.

- Christi C

It is no longer made so if you want one you have to search for a used one.

I like that it's all wheel drive. The gas economy is good. Has been very dependable. I do not like I have to purchase updated maps, should be included.

- Kari R

Reliable Small Family Car

I love my Rogue. It drives great, never has any problems and has been amazing for over 80000 miles. The trunk is very spacious and suits my many needs.

- Carrie H

Smooth easy driving with large trunk capacity. Top of the line safety.

I love the trunk size. One of the downfalls is that the backseat is a little small. The third row is very small, especially once car seats are there.

- becky c

SUVs and crossovers are slightly higher up than sedans are. It's a slight adjustment if you're making the switch, but you do adjust rather quickly.

I am more used to sedans. The pickup is not as good as a sedan, since it is a crossover. It also does not have a trunk. It has more of a hatchback.

- Craig K

Dependable vehicle & good gas mileage as long as you take it in for the regular services

The Rogue is very affordable as well as dependable. I currently have 110,000 miles on it & hope to get many more. Only negative is narrow back window.


I like the size and room.

I like the size and gas mileage. I dislike how it has not aged well. I like that the seats fold down and it is very roomy. I like the backup camera.

- Olivia M

It gets really good gas mileage and a little more space than a standard car.

It is reliable, I drive far distances often and it does a great job. The front and back seats are comfortable. Great car for single, small families.

- Alexandra D

The name rogue says it all!

I truly love my Rogue. I have had no issues with it. I bought it when it had 200 miles and now it has over 100,000. It is a very safe yet fun ride!

- Lisa M

Strong performing vehicle

My Rouge is extremely reliable and well built. I do not have any issues with it. It's performance is top notch. I highly recommend this vehicle.

- Jennifer M

It is a well built vehicle that is good for people looking for a crossover type car.

It is a crossover vehicle. I like the way it drives. It is reliable. It is a little small for my needs. I would rather have a extended cab truck.

- Michael H

It's easy to drive and take care of.

It's not too big or small. I can easily maneuver in parking spots. It's stylish and sporty. I don't like the color because I didn't pick it out.

- Cheryl S

The gas for a mid size suv is nice but that it doesn't have much more advantage than a sedan size car

I like the gas mileage. But, the cabin space could be more. I have also had to replace many parts that aren't normal replacements at 75000 miles

- Jaquita M

Love my sporty Nissan Rogue Krom

Love my Rogue! I'm at 145,000 miles and it has given me very minimal issues. It's a great crossover vehicle that's comfortable for long drives.

- Tiffany K

Very great gas mileage almost 30 mpg even in city driving.

I like the gas mileage, very economical. It is also low maintenance. Very few issues and nice and roomy without being too large of a vehicle.

- meredith b

The transmission goes out a lot in these vehicles.

I like the body style, it is comfortable. I do not like the cut transmission, wish it had more room. Seems to loose power when air is running.

- Jessica V

Its baby blue with a sunroof power steering. Seats 5.

For the most part is really reliable but definitely better if you purchase it new because once one thing goes wrong everything goes wrong.

- Quinn W

Who am I to determine what others should know about my car? Are they interested in a particular aspect of it?

I like It's size for my growing family. It hasn't had many big issues that needed repairs. I do wish it got better gas mileage, however.

- Christian S

Comfortable ride, love the heated leather seats

Good running vehicle, enough leg room for 6 foot guy. Only issue is AC compressor has gone. Traction control in winter is ok, not great

- Gary L

Variable speed transmission sucks! I would not purchase again.

I like the size. I like that is all wheel drive. I don't like the variable speed transmission. I have had to repair a lot of things.

- Lori W

I love Nissan l would definitely pay another Nissan car.

I haven't had any problems but the problems cars give you like: brakes, oil change, tires, mine alternator went l had to get a new one.

- Jean M

The excellent gas mileage.

Likes: definitely spacious for our family of 5. The gas mileage is excellent. Dislikes are very few. Really nothing to complain about.

- Debbie R

It has a lot of miles on it but is still a good car.

I like the car. I wish the gas mileage was better. It has over a lot of miles and still runs well. It is a good car for traveling.

- Donald H

It gets great gas mileage, easy to. Handle in bad weather.

Love the size, color, durability and the way it handles. Disappointed in the fact the service technician at Nissan are ill equipped.

- Tracy F

The speed when you are trying to pass another car.

I like the speed. I like the color. I like the height. I didn't not like making a car payment. I do not like how hard it is to park.

- Mat F

Buy IT, but the new one is bigger, go for the sport

No maintenance issues, good mileage, up to 29-30 mpg on the highway. Good transport for trailer hitch and bicycles. Very comfortable

- James E

The experience with the Rouge

It's isn't super on gas and I love the space that has to fit all my stuff , the looks , the performance in the free way is fantastic

- Connie B

The most important thing to know about Nissan rogues is they're very comfortable.

The rogue is extremely comfortable to travel in and has great gas mileage. Very reliable and usually only needs routine maintenance.

- Anna B

2011 Nissan Rogue owner and love it

I have had my car since 20111 it sill rides and looks like new to this day. I have driven it on many long trips with zero problems.

- David B

Spacious SUV, drives smoothly.

I enjoy my Nissan Rogue. It is very spacious and drives nicely in all weather conditions. I have never had any issues with the car.

- Gina L

It is dependable and easy to maintain.

Comfortable ride, enough power, easy to maintain. Good size. This is the second rogue I have owned. It has been dependable vehicle.

- Susan R

Good vehicle for the price. It is comfortable and versatile.

It need about a 1 more inch opening in the back. I haul a lot and I am often times just 1 inch short of being able to fit things.

- Patty H

It is an awesome vehicle to drive.

I love that my vehicle is a light SUV because I get all of the comforts of a car with some of the hauling capabilities of a truck.

- Mary L

I like that there's a radio and reverse camera.

The air-conditioner makes weird squeaking noises. In the winter, if the car is not heated before driving, it makes a whiny sound.

- Nadia A

It is a reliable, safe and economical car.

Love that it is comfy, spacious, not too big not too small. Do not like how much gas it requires. Great size for my small family.

- Lisa B

That it is dependable and starts every time that I use it

Rogue is comfortable, dependable and durable. Had a recall. Clear coat and paint needed to be repaired. Heat is not the best

- Ellen G

It was a great buy because of it is mileage, you can go far on $20 dollars.

It is a family sized car. Does not cost much for gas. Its great and drives smoothly. It is a little small. Otherwise I love it.

- Cherie J

Nissan Rogue is quite nice quilty. over time age will be ok.

I enjoy it because it works well for my needs. All things good. Does have age problems but why does not come with age problems.

- Jol K

The gas mileage is great.

I love the size-not too bulky but can haul a lot. I love the pearl white color. It gets great gas mileage. No real complaints.

- Jaycee T

All around good car. Wish it was a V6 though.

The bluetooth menu for making calls is not very good. I believe the issue is it has a hard time recognizing a southern accent.

- Brian W

Great gas mileage and safety features.

This vehicle is reliable and is very great on gas mileage for a small SUV. It is also safe, and just an all around great car.

- Jennifer S

It is a very dependable vehicle.

I like almost everything about my vehicle, would like a newer model and a different color, other than that it is a great car.

- Stephanie B

It has a cvt transmission which is not common.

I like the space it has. I like the steering it has. I dislike the transmission because it is expensive and difficult to fix.

- John S

It has very low mileage for a 2011 vehicle and is good on gas.

I like that it sits higher off the ground than a regular car. It is comfortable to sit in. The back window is a bit small.

- Vicky G

It is very dependable even though it has high mileage.

I wish my back up camera was larger. Other than that I love my rogue! It is a very dependable car. It has good gas mileage.

- Patricia P

happy I got a nissan rogue

the heat/ac takes awhile to get going overall good in the snow in terms of steering and control would recommend to a friend

- megan m

Great on fuel, very economical with low tax band. Good for families

Good on fuel, plenty storage for family, comfortable, good accessories but could be better built as some parts wear easily.

- Chris M

Handles well in the winter weather. Traction is very good.

I love the trunk space in the rogue. I like the amount of room for car seats . interior leather is a breeze to keep clean.

- Jennifer H

Nissan is Safe Dependable Good on gas legroom yay

I like that it's good on gas. I like the leg room. I like the camera and leg room. There is nothing I dislike about it.

- Jamie Z

Great everyday vehicle for me

It is grey. Bought used. Had good leg room. Love the size. Comfortable riding in. Bucket seats, airbags, rear defroster,

- Shelley S

Reliable, comfortable, good fuel economy, plenty of room.

It has been a very reliable vehicle. I get good gas mileage. It has enough room for most of my needs. Comfortable ride.

- Cassie R

It's a great car and I would buy it again.

I love the style and color and smooth ride of my car. I dislike the fact that it does not have updated safety features.

- Liz B

It has good gas mileage and is very nice to drive.

I like gas mileage and AWD. I would like more comfortable seating and I would like the lights to automatically come on.

- Debbie J

Good economical choice of vehicles.

Excellent overall vehicle, great gas mileage. Comfortable, easy to drive. Versatile, fairly cost efficient to maintain.

- Tessa E

It has a lot of miles but is still mechanically sound.

I like that there is room for things in the back & it is comfortable for trips. I hate that it does not drive smoothly.

- Katie H

My Rogue gives a comfortable , quiet ride. It is dependable and has room to haul large items.

My Rogue is comfortable to ride. Gas mileage is ok. Seems to have quite a blind spot when driving in a lot of traffic.

- Marsha S

Check engine light goes on due to pressure not being correct in the gas tank.

I like the size. I would like to have heated seats and mirrors. I would like to be able to seat my whole family of 6.

- Connie I

It is a great reliable car and has great gas mileage.

It is reliable and I love the seat warmers in the winter time. I like the gas mileage as well, very good for an suv.

- Jenni S

Never had any car troubles since purchasing in September 2018.

I have had this vehicle since September 2010 and I have not had any car troubles besides new tires I love this SUV.

- Thelma M

Great Rogue SV. woo nissan

the catalytic converter is starting to rattle. besides that it is like new. it is very reliable. great fuel mileage

- Jerad C

The rogue feels like a car but sits higher to offer increased visual field.

It's compact and sporty with a roomy interior. It gets terrific gas mileage. The cargo space is everything I need.

- tia S

It can fit a ton of people when traveling plus the trunk has a lot of space

the sound and radio system are not the best, but I like the size of the car and how much space I have in the back.

- darcy m

The heat shield on this vehicle is known to vibrate and create a terrible noise.

The vehicle runs great and looks nice. However the car makes a terrible metal vibration sound at only 66000 miles.

- Jeremy F

It is reliable and it drives well if also lasted me a long time.

It is very spacious but the air conditioner does not work and the blind spots are very poor. It is a reliable car.

- Jessica R

It's good on gas and mileage, it has a nice body style.

My Rogue is a 4 cylinder it rides slow. I like how roomy it is. I don't like how when I accelerate it jerks back.

- Victoria M

The gas mileage on my vehicle is excellent.

My vehicle is dependable. My vehicle looks expensive even though it is not. My vehicle has a lot of cargo space.

- Carolyn G

Good car but had computer problems.

I had to replace the computer chip that was very expensive. Other then that it has been very reliable vehicle.

- Melissa a

That's it's the safest vehicle and most affordable small suv

Very comfortable, great gas mileage, awesome body style, great control through all types of weather conditions

- Kristen R

I love the sunroof and the Bose stereo system that it came with.

It gets good gas mileage. It's roomy for a smaller SUV. So far it has been very reliable and easy to drive.

- Jennifer L

Reliable. Smooth ride. Gas efficient. Leg room; the safety standards.

I love it runs great. No issues. Enough room for passengers and luggage. Need a roof rack and towing package.

- Maria A

Nice car but too expensive.

The vehicle I currently drive is my favorite, there is nothing to dislike and I have no complaints of my car.

- Styles P

It is a fine and reliable car.

It is a fine car but nothing distinguishes it from any other. It does not have personality. It is a nice car.

- Kelly L

7 years old and still running.

Love the comfort level. Sitting higher off the ground. Room. Mileage. Blind Spitsbergen very. Easy to drive.

- Dianne K

The Rogue is great! Would definitely buy another one!

Love the Rogue! It's been great! Comfy, rides nice, and overall a great car! Would definitely buy again!

- Kim N

There is a lot of room in it. And is really good on gas.

I love that it is roomy and still stylish. It is great on gas and drives smoothly. It is also very safe!

- Kari T

Easy to get in and out of. Enjoyable.

Comfortable, good on gas, small cargo space and rear seats are not adjustable. Has been very dependable.

- Elaine H

It's a great car for families and very spacious and has great AC

I love the car it's very spacious. The only problem I have is the gas. Other than that it's a great car

- Ricky R

Nissan Rogue great and dependable car

Have had no problems. The only thing I've had to buy is tires. When I bought the car the tires were bad

- Darla C

gas efficient and affordable car that will take you point a to b in the city

gas efficient but needs more power. makes sounds sometimes, it's not as sound proof. it is a good price

- din c

Handles in the Snow and storage

Have not had any major issues and handles well in the snow. Lots of storage, seats fold down quickly.

- April C

Great car for an affordable price

The size is perfect for my family. There's plenty of cargo space. The seats are comfy and heated.

- Heather D

It's reliable. Gets decent gas mileage. Is a good size.

I dislike that it has black interior. The transmission sounds weird. Other than that I like it.

- Lisa H

It's great on the highway for gas mileage! My dealership pays my oil changes!

I like my Nissan because it's roomy. I have a great air conditioner! I do wish I had a sunroof.

- Alicia S

The transmission shifts so smoothly it is unnoticeable

I like that it sits up high. It is dependable and requires little repairs. However it is noisy

- Mary R

a good vehicle. good for small families. decent amount of storage.

It is a good and reliable vehicle. It is a base model. would be nice with more features.

- rodney v

USB connector to have my music and books in the car

No major problems. CVT does drone somewhat. Not sporty. Gets me from point a to point b

- Robert J

It is the very first car I ever purchased on my own.

Gets good gas mileage. I dislike the color. I would like it to be a little bit bigger.

- Diana W

It's reliable and has great safety ratings

No complaints! My car is very reliable and I'm very happy with the car choice I made

- Alicia J

It has a different type of transmissions than most cars. It never shifts

Has great gas mileage. Plenty of space for my kids all their crap Great speakers

- Trish H

It's a great choice. Try it, take care of it and will take care of you.

It's still in very good condition. I love and there is nothing to complain about.

- p s

Gas efficient and affordable car for everyday use in city

Gas efficient and affordable but the power esp brakes are weak and not soundproof

- Di C

The Rogue rides smoothly on all types of roads and gets very good gas mileage.

It is comfortable for longer car trips. It doesn't have very deep trunk space.

- Laura S

It gets excellent gas mileage and has been a dependable family vehicle.

The Nissan rogue is very affordable and dependable. It gets great gas mileage.

- Cory A

It's great on gas and plenty of room for the family

I love my Rogue I don't have any complaints and will probably buy another one.

- Donna H

It is Easy to park and safe! I can always find it in a parking lot

Love the size, and features, comfortable. Dislike the gas mileage, and color

- Pam M

It is very reliable and fun to drive and very good on gas mileage

I love everything about it except the air doesn't seem to cool like it should

- Monica S

A lot of problems for not such an old car. Taking it to the mechanic constantly and being overcharged

Dislike weak exhaust system, constant issues I like the way it drives, smooth

- Jagoda S

It's more safety. It has more room. The back seats go down for bigger items.

It's more bigger than my other car. It has more room. It also has my detail.

- Ally B

It drive nicely and is reliable. I would like it to be a bit wider.

It drives easily and is comfortable to ride in. It has a nice cargo space.

- Kimberly P

I like the space in the vehicle and that it has AWD, but it is not a smooth driving car.

Not a lot of mechanical issues, has high miles but is in pretty good shape.

- Kathy H

It has leather seats. It has sunroof. It has nav system. Drives smooth.

A dependable small family vehicle. It drives smoothly with good nav system.

- Donnalyn F

It gets really good gas mileage and has a good sound system

It is the right size for the family. I wish it had a 6 cylinder engine.

- Matthew C

Plenty of space. Good gas mileage. Seats 4 comfortably. Good family suv.

Spacious and roomy. Wish it had Bluetooth but otherwise a good vehicle.

- Yvonne J

It is very dependable and great on gas. Sunroof is great. chargings ports are great. speakers are great

It's great on gas and fun to drive on the highway and can really move

- Bobbi R

That this is the last car we will ever buy. We are getting too old to be driving.

low gas mileage good air conditioner easy to drive & easy to pump gas

- christine v

The car is completely paid off.

It is dependable. It holds a lot. It does have terrible blind spots.

- John D

The power is not as strong uphill but its fuel efficient and has good a/c. Good value overall. Sometimes noisy but not bad

FUel efficient so it is best for city driving on smooth flat roads

- Diane C

It is very reliable and goes very good. They are very good..

I like my car for the most part. It gets me from here to there.

- Scott C

I love the color, it fits me and is my favorite color

Its an older model, the rode noise, the paint is not as shiny

- Roseline T

I really love my 2011 Nissan Rogue! It gets really great gas mileage! In fact, it gets better gas mileage than the smaller vehicles that I owned previously! It's also very comfortable and very safe!

My Nissan Rogue gets great gas mileage and is extremely safe!

- Genna H

It's a quality made vehicle

I love the style. I love the interior. I love the quality.

- Mike C

cd player, keyless entry, rear wipers

no sync or sunroof and no heated seats or a lot of storage

- Jeff C

Roomy for its size. Descent gas mileage. AC not cold enough even though it's completely charged.

Highway gas mileage is good. Comfortable car for travel.

- Cynthia C

dependable and reliable. good for a small family. efficient.

its too small for my family but its a reliable vehicle.

- ashley a

My car is reliable. It gets me from point A to B. It also is good on gas.

Nissan is a great quality of cars. They are built well.

- Jeanine R

does not get the gas mileage they promise, blind spots are dangerous

Like the ride. Too many blind spots, poor gas mileage

- Clyde H

It's a nice size SUV for 1 to 2 kids running errands good on gas and easy to fix. Good trunk space. Sometimes seat belts stick.

Only good for 1 maybe 2 kids otherwise it's too small

- Heather S

Fuel efficient car that's affordable too

Lack power good ac and mileage. Looks stylish enough

- Diane S

It is a very good and reliable car for a small family. The trunk is large but not big enough for carrying large items or big family vacations. The seat color is a little light so I would pick the darkest color possible.

the set color is too light and picks up everything.

- Chris J

it feels smooth to drive. enough for groups.

it seems nice. i like how it drives. nice car

- ally V

Great last car to own as I enter retirement.

- Carol Y