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2015 Nissan Rogue all around nice vehicle.

I have always had Nissan cars, specifically Nissan Rogues. I had an '09 Rogue for many years before switching over to my '15 Nissan Rogue a few years ago. Being a newer vehicle, aesthetically it is beautiful. I love the design and the way the paint is finished (mine is navy blue, but looks slate or purple depending on the lighting). The headlights are very bright, but I am told no offensively so, like most new vehicles. Inside I have heated leather seats and a sun roof. The radio system is touch, and there is a CD slot and hookups for aux. I do believe it has the ability to connect to Bluetooth if you use your phone for music, but I have never tried to do so - it does not seem like something that is quick to set up and I have never put the time aside to figure it out. It drives beautifully on the road, I barely feel any bumps and the seats are very comfortable. My back seats fold down if I need to transport something large in the trunk, but I rarely need to do so because the trunk is so spacious. The one thing that I hated about having a newer vehicle was availability of parts. Several months after I purchased my '15 Rogue, I got a flat tire that couldn't be patched. I had to go to multiple (think 4-5) auto shops to try to find the correct tire that matched, which was priced at about $300. And because I have AWD, it was recommended I change all 4 (luckily everything was so new I could kind of get away with only changing the one). Now, a few years later, I anticipate that this is not so much of a problem. Another thing to consider specifically about the '15 Rogue is that it takes a higher grade oil, like most newer vehicles, so oil changed can be a bit pricier than anticipated.

- Sarah E

Comfort meets safety and reliability!

The performance of this vehicle is very good. The rear back-up camera is one of my favorite features and is very helpful. It is also extremely comfortable. I went with a black cloth seat, and it is very soft and comfortable. I also like that it does not stain easily and it is easy to clean. The center console between the driver and front passenger is very spacious and allows me to conspicuously hold much of my belongings. The back seat is very spacious and has air vents that can be controlled by the back seat passengers. The steering wheel has all controls that you would need at the tip of your fingers, such as radio station control, radio volume, cruise control, windshield wipers, car maintenance, car settings, and more. The outside design of the car is very attractive. For an SUV it is not overly large, yet it is big enough that I feel safe driving in it. The car is very comfortable and spacious. I have moved multiple times using my car as a main source of loading and can fit a lot in it but putting the seats down. I have even made a bed in the back seat on a road trip by putting the seats down and it comfortably slept two people. My biggest downside is that the tires that came with the car lose air very easily. I am frequently putting air into the tires. I have never had any technical issues with the car that I can recall and have owned it for over three years.

- Jennifer T

Excellent Car for a New/Pet Family

We love our car storage space in the trunk. We easily fit a 2 seater stroller folded along with other items. It allows for the trunk to be separated into two sections, upper and bottom, so that you can utilize your space more effectively. It gets excellent gas mileage, and over the past the 4 years, we have managed to have minimal car issues. Only within the last years did we need to replace tires and the battery. However, this car does not allow a lot of space for rear facing car seats. We have a rear facing infant seat behind the driver seat, and a rear facing convertible seat behind the passenger seat. The leg room in the passenger seat is so minimal (because we have to keep the seat scooted forward off the car seat) that our knees touch the glove compartment. This car does not allow for you to install a car seat in the middle seat, a safer place for a car seat. Plus as a mom or dad, if you have to climb into the back middle seat to comfort a child, you're going to be very squished in between car seats. I would not recommend this car to someone who has 3 children, two of which need a car seat. We do plan to upgrade for baby number 3. All being said, it has still proven to be a fantastic vehicle. It feels safe to drive, and despite putting 80K miles on the car in 4 years, it has managed to have no issues outside of normal wear and tear.

- Taylor C

Nissan rogue: reliable and affordable.

The Nissan rogue is a perfect crossover for a family who does not want to drive a bulky vehicle! Comes with seat warmers, back up camera (w birds eye view), spacious back seat, touch screen radio, and navigation system. I have never had issues other than something I was at fault for! Runs amazing on full synthetic oil, but regular will do. I have cloth seats and they're super comfortable. Great gas mileage! 28-37 mpg. Bluetooth audio system, CD player, multiple cup holders, push to start, electric hatch. Drives great! Never had issues and always has been reliable and efficient. The performance of the vehicle is great, the only small issue is the screen on the front that tells you your average gas mileage, average speed, total miles, etc will turn on a white screen if the car is too cold! But once it heats up it comes back on it is not big deal. Has many amazing safety features including blind spot indicators, you can also set it so it does not let you go over a certain amount over the speed limit, great for younger drivers. Also alerts you with a beeping noise when you hit solid or broken lines without your turn signal on.

- Parker M

The out of lane warning on this vehicle is possibly my favorite feature.

The 2015 Nissan rogue sv has everything that I need in a vehicle. It is a very sharp car. The rogue has all wheel drive and gets me where I need to go in all kinds of weather. The interior is very roomy. The over 6 feet tall guys in my life have no problems whatsoever as there is ample leg and head room. The rogue averages 27 miles per gallon and has excellent power. This vehicle has a camera that not only shows when in reverse it also allows me to check my surroundings before getting out of the car which is very comforting. The vehicle is equipped with an alarm if I were to drift out of my lane. This vehicle is also equipped with a blind spot warning. The safety features on this 2015 Nissan rogue are second to none in my opinion even when comparing to the much more expensive SUV type vehicles. I feel as if I made the right choice when I decided on this vehicle. This is the first Nissan product that I have owned and I am very pleased with all the features of this vehicle, including the price, which I felt was very reasonable.

- Linda L

Vehicle takes in rain

I would give this vehicle a 0 on the rating chart. I bought it brand new and have had a lot of problems with it. It has a moon roof .The drain tubes are faulty or something because I pay to have them repaired and then I have the same unresolved problem.Rain comes in from the headliner & floors. The floors are saturated and smell moldy. Side windshield columns leak water too. On occasions it leaks in the back seat. Even though this has been an ongoing issue. Nissan dealer and headquarters will not assist me . Dealer told me not to park under trees. Vehicle tire sensors have been faulty since I’ve owned the vehicle. Air conditioner had to be replaced before 15,000 miles. ( I live in a cold climate!) This is the 5th and last Nissan I will ever purchase.My Altima and Sentra both had leaky trunks. Hope my review will encourage others to read negative reviews before purchasing a new Nissan vehicle. I have learned my lessons.

- Debra Lom

It�s a great bigger car to have when needing to haul a lot of stuff in the back!

I have always wanted this car and when I got to drive one as a rental I knew that I would get one soon! It is a bigger car but it doesn't feel like a big car when driving it. A lot of times when driving a bigger vehicle it feels as though you are driving a bus, that is one this I love about this car! The integrated navigation system is awesome to have, although it is bit out of date and I'm not sure how much it would cost to upgrade it. I love how I can connect my phone to my car and be able to listen to my own music easily and be able to talk on the phone hands free as it comes through the speakers. The one thing I do wish this vehicle had the capability of doing was hauling a small camper as my family loves to camp and wants to get a trailer but this vehicle can't tow as much as I thought it could. Overall this is a great vehicle and I love it a lot!!

- Sara T

The aerial camera view is the most interesting detail about my vehicle.

The Nissan rogue is very reliable and comfortable. The aerial view camera is awesome and helps with parking. There is however an alert on the car that does not specifically state what's wrong. I have been searching the booklet and it could be a number of things. It's pretty frustrating. The performance is great. Very easy to navigate. The maps feature will not calibrate to my current location and always shows me somewhere I am not. The hatch has also given me issue. If you press the button more than once, it will close on you and does not have a sensor to stop if something or someone is there. I have had my head and back hit numerous times. It makes a sound however if it is not going to stay up, you just have to pay attention and listen. But that could be pretty difficult to do when you are holding groceries trying to load.

- Ashley R

Nissan Rogue review, great surround sound, great back up 360 camera.

I love the amenities in the Nissan Rogue, the 360 degree backup camera is amazing and really helpful when reversing. The Bose surround system is amazing and you can hear everything clearly everywhere in the car. The leather interior is really nice, and the seat adjustment is really easy to use. The only thing I dislike about the car is that there is no 'get up and go' you hit the accelerator and it takes a while to get up to speed, so not the best when pulling on the interstate. It is a comfortable car to travel long miles in, and there is a lot of trunk space. It easy to install car seats in and has very good safety reviews. It is very reliable car, we have not had much trouble with it at all and we have done over 100,000 miles in it, we keep the oil changed regularly and it is very dependable.

- Megan T

The Nissan Rogue as a Reliable, Affordable Family Vehicle

My Nissan Rogue has been a dependable car for me. This model is very basic and does not come with a lot of bells and whistles that you would get with other models. You get what you pay for. I wish it had a navigation system. The stereo sounds good and the interior is comfortable. I have 2 older boys and they say this vehicle has plenty of legroom for them. The back has a lot of room to carry luggage for our trips and groceries from the store. It's only a 4-cylinder so it does not have a lot of power. I have not had an problems with the vehicle thus far. One feature that would be helpful would be a light in the back so at night if I am unloading groceries I could turn it on to see what I am doing. Otherwise, this vehicle has been a good, reliable vehicle for myself and my family.

- Sheri B

Phone sends automatic messages "I'm driving" once a text message comes in while your phone is connected to the Bluetooth.

It has some good features, it is Bluetooth enabled, must functions you can access from the steering wheel. The trunk space and interior space is decent. The second row is doable and allows transport of large and/or odd shape items. An automatic message goes out when a text message is received while the phone is connected to the Bluetooth, I wish I could turn it off as it is sent whether or not you are actually driving once you're phone is connected to Bluetooth, some people respond weirdly because they don't know it's an automatic message, and it can also be an invasion of privacy. The oil change reminder can be set, and it shows you the tire pressure and gives warnings when low. When filling the tires with air, the horn beeps when you've reached the correct PSI, that's cool.

- Tajae W

What I like about my Nissan rogue.

I really love my Nissan rogue. When I was looking for a car, this is the first car I test drove an bought it. I love that the front of the vehicle is so spacious. I do not feel cramped or crowded while driving. The dashboard radio has big fonts, and easy to use guidance. The truck is very spacious as well and has a hidden undercarriage for storage. The push to start is super convenient for me and my family. I also like that there is a lock/unlock button on the outside door handle. The rogue has a couple different driving settings as well. There is sport mode and econ mode- both are great and helpful. Living in the north the AWD is also very useful. In the last snow storm my boyfriend's ford truck couldn't make it home and my rogue made it through- no problem.

- susan P

Nissan Rogue a good looking and reliable vehicle for a family of 4 or 5.

The car is reliable and roomy. It is comfortable to drive and has good horse power even with the air conditioner on. Back up camera which I find very useful. I enjoy driving it. One of the minuses is it does not have side cameras and there is a blind spot to the rear on the passenger side. You can use the side mirrors to assist with it but I would have preferred either the side cameras or a more visible loose connector in the rear. It has really roomy trunk and easy access to the spare. Mileage is good and at current prices it takes about $32 to fill it up. Good luck with the rear passengers and the front passenger. The driver seat is a little difficult to ask if you are very tall but make sure to have the salesman show you how before going for a test drive.

- Eileen W

Nissan Rogue very reliable vehicle.

My vehicle is comfortable and easy to drive. It has all of the features that is was looking for. Back up driving screen for parking, Air conditioner and heating works well. Defrosting works well. Tells you when it is time to get oil change, tire pressure is low and any other vehicle maintenance needed. Bluetooth operation without having to hold your cell phone. Excellent on gas mileage. Very reliable vehicle. Purchase price was good. Great gas mileage on long trips. Not too expensive to fill up when gas prices are reasonable. There is comfortable seating, with plenty of leg and head room. Would have liked tinted windows. Cannot get Sirius radio in this particular model. I have had this vehicle for three years. No problems so far.

- Jacqueline S

Great gas mileage and a comfortable ride!

This vehicle has been a true blessing. The backup camera is nice so I can make sure no one is behind me when backing up. I have had trouble with comfort in other vehicles, but my rogue has been great. It is very comfortable for trips as this has been an issue in the past with other vehicles. It has plenty of cup holders which is a huge plus! The glove compartment and center storage area are large enough for all your needs (i.e. Kleenex, hand sanitizer, lotion, snacks, etc. ). And I like the door storage for paper trash. Oh yeah, almost forgot the back seats fold down so I have plenty of room for my dogs, groceries, and/or luggage when traveling. Speaking of traveling, it has awesome gas mileage! Just love the rogue.

- Jennifer S

Nissan comfort and reliability.

My Nissan rogue select has been a reliable form of transport. I found it attractive and purchased it used in 2017 and drove it comfortably with my move from Denver to Chicago. As an SUV it provided the room I needed to complete my move. Since arriving in Illinois it is never failed me thru the Midwest winters. I had good handling and sure footing through the snows and slush. With regular scheduled maintenance it still runs like a charm and gives me good mileage in return. There are not too many extreme features on it just the basics am/FM/XM radio, ac and heat are effective, AWD, power windows and door and gate locks. With my height 6'4'' it still gives me ample leg and head room. As my 1st ever Nissan, I like it!

- Daniel C

I love my Nissan Rogue! Drives great, very roomy, comfortable ride.

I love my Nissan Rogue! It is the first SUV I have ever owned. Drives great! Large trunk space. My daughter loves that the back seats recline. Numerous cup holders in the front and the back. I have owned my rogue for 4 years now and plan on my next SUV to be a newer version of the rogue. My rogue has a sunroof which we open all the time. Trunk opens with the push of a button. Great sound system. I have numerous drives options such as all wheel drive, sport, eco, and an option of wet/slick roads. There is also a drive option for steep roads. The air conditioning and heat works great with a dual option so your passengers can set their own temperature. Heated seats heat up quickly. I love my rogue!

- Jamie S

The Nissan Rogue is safe, reliable, and cost efficient.

The rogue has approximately 93,000 miles. The color silver really helps hide any dirt which is important because it sits outside 90% of the time. Due to being in the direct Florida sun, the roof rails have some bubbling in the plastic after over 4 years. Mostly highway and have only had to purchase routine maintenance items. Great gas mileage. Large enough to be able to transport large items and seats fold down. The only downfall is that I find the seats hurt my back on drives longer than 3 hours, and the gas tank is on the passenger side. The automatic locks, unlocks, and trunk opening is really helpful because you don't have to have your keys at your fingertips, and can be kept in your bag.

- Emily L

In general it is a great ride.

The 2015 rogue makes for a great drive, smooth and reliable. The features are great including the automatic seat mobility, dual-temperature gauges, reclining back seats, CD player, HDMI ports, double compartment center console, and more. It is very spacious for a small SUV. The trunk has many cool features itself such as a shade to cover or split items you are storing, hidden compartments, and again a lot of space. My one issue with the rogue are the speakers, they are soft and the music/bass/treble sound does not play smooth, it almost sounds like they are blown out. I plan to get new speakers once I have the extra cash because it is a big problem to me since I love music and drive a lot.

- Samantha F

The open/close feature for the rear door is on the fob and it�s wonderful.

I absolutely love my rogue. It's comfortable and perfectly sized for me and my 2 year old. There's plenty of space, storage, and versatility. I owned a 2012 model and then upgraded to the 2015 model after two years. It has the best rear/side/top view camera which was the main reason I stayed with this make and model car. The features are great because it's not too complicated but definitely has a slight Luxury feel to it and the factory Bose sound system/speakers are fantastic for any rides taken in this vehicle. The prices can be a bit high depending on the model but I plan to stick with this car for as long as possible even if that means upgrading to a newer model again.

- Cordy M

2015 Nissan Rogue Review- I LOVE this car!

I have had this car for about a year and a half. I absolutely love it! I plan on being a rogue owner for life. I have had no problems so far (about 30,000 miles on the car). The seats are comfortable and the car has many great features! The speakers are great, I easily connected my phone to the car so that I can play music from my phone. I love the navigation system, the map is easy to follow and my favorite feature is that I can see the speed limit from the screen. The car uses push start which means I can warm it up in the winter without getting out into the cold which is such a life saver. I recommend this car to everyone I meet, it's the perfect size and great on gas!

- Angie F

Nissan rogue select review.

I think the car works well and is a good fit for a young family. Plenty of room if you have one kid but will get tight beyond that. It was a CVT so I find it to be somewhat loud when changing gears. It has great feature offers and can come with navigation and entertainment packages. I think it has a smooth ride and is comfortable for a smaller sized SUV. The trunk space is adequate but as mentioned it can be tight with more than one child. So far the car has been reliable and had minimal issues. I would recommend the car but I do find that the body style is not that unique. So if you are looking for something that stands out then this might not be for you.

- Angela B

The Nissan Rogue is luxurious with space and technology.

I like that the Nissan Rogue is comfortable, has a little get-up-and-go, and has a lot of leg space as well as space for moving items if needed. I like that it has a navigation system installed however, I cannot use it because it needs to be updated (I bought it used). I know is sounds stupid but I wish that the speedometer had digital numbers, I kind of like that feature on other vehicles I have driven. The number one thing I absolutely hate about this vehicle is that the gas tank is on the passenger side and not the driver side. When pumping I constantly feel unsafe as well as the higher probability of my vehicle getting stolen.

- Amanda M

The Nissan Rogue is a very comfortable car with minor annoyances.

I love my Nissan because the seats are comfortable and the car is very spacious. The windows are my favorite as well because they are large and I feel like I can see very well. As far as performance goes, I like that I have the options of driving it on the eco, sport, or normal settings and the drive is pretty smooth. So far the only problem I can think of is that the headrest on the seats are too forward and promote bad posture. I feel like my head is pushed forward instead of being in a neutral position. Also, the shifter moves really easily and I've accidentally put it on neutral while driving because something slightly hit it.

- Brenda G

The amazing Nissan rogue!

I love my rouge! I wanted one for forever and I finally bought one! It's very dependable on gas. I usually have to fill it up once a week and it's usually around $30 which is awesome! I have two child who sit in car seats and there is still plenty of room in the back. I have leather seats, backup cam and the 360 came which is amazing! I have the front and side detectors as well which really come in handy! I will never buy any other car. I will definitely upgrade to a newer rouge at some point but the one I currently have you could never tell it's a 2015 it still looks brand new. I have nothing negative to say about my vehicle.

- Sarah C

Great features, handles with ease, feel safe, comfortable, great vehicle

Suits my needs. Love how it handles. Fuel sufficient get lots of miles to the gallon. Style of car is nice looking. Love how the seats all fold down for more room. Many pros as this car meets most of my needs as it have good safety features such as automatic front and reverse breaking(also alert), blind spot detection, lane keep assist. It also does have heated seats, apple carplay, android auto, and other great features. It drives very smooth with steering is also smooth. Car heats up very quickly. Auto lift rear trunk, can hide some stuff in your trunk with partitions provided. One cons is it lacks acceleration power.

- Amy S

Fantastic safety features: a perfect width and length to fit in parking spaces.

My Nissan Rogue is just the right size for my needs. I can fit in a fold up wheelchair and put it in the back seat or in the hatch compartment at the back. It can carry a full bale of hay and a full week's worth of groceries with the driver and four passengers inside. . I love the backup camera feature. I it has saved me from backing into careless drivers that do not see me backing out or the cat in the driveway behind the car. It is easier to park and back out of difficult parking places. This year, make and model are just what I need. It makes me feel more confident to drive a vehicle I know will keep me safer.

- Betty D

Good size vehicle and good gas mileage.

I love my car. It is medium size which is nice in the winters and it has all wheel drive which is also convenient in the winter. It is bigger than a car but smaller than a pickup so it is easy to drive and park. The features in the car are really nice. It comes along with a backup camera, Bluetooth, keyless entry, push start, and Sirius radio if you are interested. It seats five people. Drives very nice and is pretty quiet on the highway. Gets about 36 miles to the gallon on interstate and has cruise control, volume, seek buttons, and call buttons on the steering wheel for easy access when driving.

- Kennedy R

The best feature I have in my car is how spacious is feels inside.

I love that I was able to get my Nissan Rogue in my favorite color, which is red. I like that it comes with an AWD (all wheel drive) option. So it makes going to the mountains or paintballing easy. There is so much space in the trunk, I have been able to use my car for ever soccer game, road trip, and outdoors activities. I love the black interior, compliments the red body. It drives so smooth and had an eco and speed option. It's very spacious and even when I have 5 people in the car, we are all comfortable. The Bluetooth feature is amazing, always connects immediately once I get inside the car.

- Maria C

Dependable with excellent safety features.

Quiet, holds road well, great safety features which include all-round camera, side collision warning, lane change warning, has heated front seats, and lots of leg space and cargo space. Good head room and lots of cabin storage and cup holders. Seat fabric which is light cream color is very easy to keep clean and feels soft and smooth. Bluetooth and navigation systems work well. Negative is that exterior is easily dented and blind spots are rather large (so glad I have cameras and warning signals). The Rogue design is appealing and the vehicle has a bit of luxurious appearance inside and out.

- Linda L

The Rogue: reliable and Versatile.

I have experienced no major problems with my vehicle. The all-wheel drive function makes this vehicle very safe for my family, as we live in an area with harsh winters and seasons in general. Features, such as programmable reminders for tire rotations, are very convenient. Trunk space is ample and the passenger spaces in the front and back seating areas are comfortable for people of various sizes and children. I have kept up with all maintenance and recommendations for the vehicle, which may impact its reliability, but the vehicle is durable and can take rough driving conditions well.

- Trina L

Limited back seat room for adults.

It is very small. It sits close to the ground. I do not like those qualities much. It gets ok gas mileage. Comfort is just ok. Not much leg room especially in the back seat. Forget about comfort in the back middle seat. It has been reliable. With my grown family, we cannot invite our boys to ride with us anywhere. My twins are 6’4” and 6’5”. They couldn't ride in the back seat at all. Maybe with young kids it would be ok. I cannot ride in the back. I have had two knee replacement surgeries and it is so cramped I hurt if I have to travel more than a mile or two.

- Jeane A

Great drive and comfort !

Problems - Transmission Issues. Incorrect Fuel Gauge. Canister Purge Valve. Engine Noise at Startup. Performance - It has adequate acceleration in most situations, but it struggles to get up to highway and passing speeds. Reliability - Rogue comes with Average predictable reliability. Comfort - Good (3.5/5) Features - Every 2015 Nissan Rogue comes with a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine rated at 170 hp and 175 pound-feet of torque. A CVT is standard, as is front-wheel drive. All-wheel drive is optional. In Edmunds testing, a Rogue SL AWD hit 60 mph in 9.0 seconds.

- Carolina R

I love the fact that I can see all around my car!

When I purchased the vehicle I loved all the features it came with; I got all around views when backing up for assistance to see what's around the vehicle. It's got heated cloth seating. I have had great gas mileage with the car, I drive to multiple locations for my job so mileage is a huge thing with me. It's a very comfortable ride for long trips. It's got Bluetooth connectivity and USB ports to charge your phone and to use apple products (I have Samsung so that wasn't a buying point for me). I love the touch screen capability to it as well.

- J T

Versatile and spacious vehicle.

I adore my Nissan rogue select. I had never owned and SUV before this car and I will never go back. The ability for space in the car is wonderful the back seats easily fold down and when you are done it is a piece of cake to put the seats back. I wish the Bluetooth for the phone was a little more efficient to use, you have to go through several steps to even make a phone call which is a little annoying. Otherwise the car is comfortable and versatile, I will definitely consider purchasing another Nissan when it is time to replace this car.

- Christina L

Nissan Rogue is a very reliable SUV. A good size and decent room.

I have not had any issues with the Rogue since owning it. The only thing I have had to replace is the battery and the tires. It has always been reliable and never let me down. I am not completely comfortable with the auto 4x4 though. It feels as if it doesn't kick in when it should. However, that may be me and not the vehicle as this is the first time I have had auto 4x4. It is relatively comfortable for this range of price. The placement of the radio could be higher though as it isn't the height to just reach over. it is a bit lower.

- Gwen B

Reliable with lots of cargo space.

I have owned my Nissan Rogue for almost a year. It has proved to be an extremely reliable vehicle for me and my family. In this year, I have added an additional 40, 000 miles to the vehicle, and it still runs without issue. My vehicle takes approximately $30 to fill up from empty, and will go over 300 miles on that tank. There is also a large amount of cargo space in the vehicle, and I have been able to tote things as large as a full size gun safe when laying down the back seats, the vehicle can fit three car seats in the back seat.

- Elizabeth D

Great family car. Perfect size. Great performance.

The only problem I have is that it has a blind spot. I have to check twice before I change the line. But that could be because I am a petite person. My husband does not have problem with that. Otherwise I am very happy with our choice. Our model does not have navigation system, but USB port and Bluetooth option allow me to use navigation from my phone. Bluetooth also allows me to talk on a phone hands free, and even listen to a text. Our car holds the road very well, and has reliable brakes. I would totally buy Nissan rogue again.

- Olga M

I like the color grey it is. Nice and shiny and sparkles when washed

I like this model. It drives smooth, has a camera for backing up. Computer system that displays the radio and songs. Bluetooth for talking on the phone, and it has plenty of outlets to charge devices. Trunk space a nice, I can fit my 80lb dog back there comfortably. Computer system also tells you when to service your car if you forget. Only downside for me, is to play music off of my phone I need a cord. I have seen older model cars automatically hook up to the Bluetooth and play music, this car just allows you access phone calls.

- Selina R

Great vehicle! Pros outweigh the cons

Pros: Very spacious. The interior is large and so is the trunk area. Power windows and tinted back windows and back trunk window. Back window wiper. Accurate gas mileage as well as good gas mileage. Great radio system. Can hook up to your phone through bluetooth. Cons: not a lot of storage space up front. Only has the center console and 2 cup holders. Air vents are hard to direct straight at you (but the vehicle does cool off or heat up very quickly). Does not have heated mirrors for the winter time, which can be annoying.

- Samantha P

This is a very nice family car. It has plenty of room for 2 car seats.

I love my rouge. It drives and rides nice. There are a lot of features like, sport and traction control. It is Bluetooth ready and I still have a CD player, for all you 90's kids that's still have a collection! The back hatch area is large and fits many groceries. It has 2 removable and re position panels to make shelves in the back. The backup camera is really invaluable. This is a smaller SUV so it fits better in our smaller garage. The back seat is roomy for our toddlers car seat, and another if we want to add.

- Augusta J

Nissan Rogue: Dependable, Affordable Comfort

I have been continually impressed by this vehicle. I am 6'3' and love the headroom that it provides. The car handles well and has an easy-to-use interface. One has the option to upgrade or downgrade the car to add or reduce the number of features present. I have the downgraded version, which is still extremely functional. The speakers, AC, and heating system all work very well. The car is robust and comfortable and great for long trips. I took it from Virginia Beach to Tampa, FL and back with absolutely no issues.

- Kyle M

Nissan Rogue: Reliable and Fashionable

I really like my Nissan Rogue. It's a 2015 but its features are current enough for me. I don't really care much for all the technology in a vehicle- it has a CD player and also the Bluetooth capability to make calls hands free. The only 2 things I don't care for is the black interior and the spaces between the seats and console. It seems like I'm always dropping items in the cracks! I feel the performance is up to par. I haven't had any major issues. I like the body style. Its sleek looking and luxury combined.

- Sheryl N

Check out other SUVs if mileage is your priority.

I am really pleased with my rogue with the exception of 2 items. 1) it was only offered with two interior colors. I was afraid to get the light one because I will have children passengers. The dark one is too dark. I have had grey interiors on previous cars, this is black. It shows the lint, dirt, etc. and makes the interior extremely hot even with the tinted windows. 2) the gas mileage on the rogue is not what I expected. I was really disappointed that even on my first road trip I didn't get more than 27 mpg.

- Pat B

Nissan helped cover repair work.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my Nissan rogue. I have only had two issues with the car that has been a little stressful. One my key fobs managed to get unprogrammed causing my car not to start & having to have it towed into a Nissan dealership. I also had a belt break to my air conditioner which caused over 1k worth of repairs. However, Nissan was amazing & discounted everything to where I only paid $200. Other than that I like the way the car drives & it has good gas mileage. It is a great family car.

- Nicole H

Nissan Rogue sv compact SUV review.

I really love this car!! Got the third row option which is really convenient for a compact SUV. There when I need it. Gone when I do not. The Rogue is extremely roomy considering its size and the gas mileage is some of the best I have seen. With a smaller engine(4 cyl) i'll be honest, I was worried about performance. I was wrong. This thing will get down if you get in the gas pedal. Needless to say, this vehicle delivers on power, performance, and practicality. All around win for my family and our lifestyle.

- Jason W

2015 Nissan Rogue- Review

The car is very comfortable. I bought it over a sedan because my kids are getting older. They love it. The backseat has enough space for both of them (one is in a booster seat, the other is not) and all of their things. It rides very smooth and the front seat is very comfortable with enough space. My biggest complaint would be that tall people do not fit very well. I am 5'9' and have my seat all the way back with just enough leg room. The front windshield does slop a bit, too and can be a little in the way.

- Emily B

Room for everything and so much more. Family, pets, etc.

My family and I love our Nissan Rogue. It is actually our second one. We love it so much that my mother in law also purchased one. We love taking it on trips. Our first Rogue was purchased because we owned a great dane and wanted to have a big enough vehicle to fit the whole family. It was perfect. Since then, we have expanded our family and it is still perfect. My daughter is involved in sports and it holds all the chairs we need. We also use it when we go to the drive in. It is our go to vehicle.

- Tiffany R

Love the Nissan GPS system.

Easy to get in and out of. Comfortable ride. Great GPS system. Great stereo. 360 degree cameras. Indicates if you get too close to something. Indicates if you are too close to lines on the road. Great storage. Great headlights. Separate fan and temperature controls for driver and passenger. Heated seats with separate controls. Good power for a small engine. Bluetooth connection for phone with voice activation. Also receives text messages and reads them to you. Best car we've ever owned.

- Ronald G

Love the hatchback feature.

It handles really well on the road, very comfortable on a long trip and also on short trips. Gas mileage to, fits up to 4 adults and the a/c works well in very hot weather. All round great car, the only thing is it does not have cruise control for long trips which is a minus, you would expect a 2015 to have that feature. Radio is great. The seats are comfortable but could be a different color. Ease at parking in little spaces, turning radius is very tight which is a good thing.

- Deborah R

Overall good SUV for small family

Great on gas, plenty of passenger room limited on cargo space. Economy mode is great for long trips but not so good for city driving. Downhill descent is a waste unless you are towing something. Battery in key does not last long and electric start sometimes has trouble reading the key. All wheel drive is a nice feature but you have to change all 4 tires at once which is expensive. Backup camera is great it does not have the 'fish bowl' view and the screen is a decent size.

- Stefanie C

Comfort, class, and compact!

The rear camera is an incredibly useful and practical feature. The Sirius XM radio is fun and so easy to use. The back seat is spacious which is so nice to have when you have multiple adult passengers. I wish the glovebox was capable of being locked. I like the ease of putting the rear seats down to make extra space. I wish the rear window was larger as there is quite a bit of a blind spot when you have to change lanes. Ac works very well. Heat is not as effective.

- Aubrey H

Very comfortable and reliable car. Good for a family of 4.

The Nissan Rogue is a nice size SUV. It has a nice interior and a large trunk that can be transformed into two additional seats. The driver's seat is comfortable and the features are easy to use. The two additional seats are rather small, not very easy to access. The paint peels off very easily if scratched around the trunk door. The back passenger floor features a dip that goes under the front seats, causing kids' belongings to constantly roll under.

- Mary L

The Rogue is stylish inside and out and it has many very good safety features.

My Rogue is comfortable and quiet. Pick up in eco mode is a bit slow. I had to replace rear brake pads after only 30, 000 miles. The cargo space is well designed and spacious. The safety features include lane change warning, cameras front, sides and rear and are excellent. Gas mileage is good. Getting in and out of the vehicle is easy and comfortable. Interior is well arranged and attractive. Heated seats are wonderful and dual temp controls are great.

- Linda H

Functional and fun SUV in a small package!

My vehicle is very reliable and dependable, the backseat is roomy even for tall people and that it can lay completely flat is convenient for my many road trips. I also like how safe it feels with the all wheel drive, I have driven in heavy rain, ice and. Snow with minimal issues. I have had some problems with my hood rattling ( the company does acknowledge this as well ) and the windows have already had some catches with the auto function.

- Crystal H

2015 Nissan Rogue sl, every riders dream!

This vehicle is amazing. The tan leather interior compliments the black trim. The eco feature helps with gas mileage and the navigation system is a life saver. It is a mid-size SUV which means its perfect for a small family and even a pet. The trunk offers great storage space and the Bose sound system takes the listening experience to a whole other level. The panoramic sunroof makes backseat riders feel just as important as the passenger.

- Tori S

360 backup camera lets you see all the way around for the safety of everyone

Heated seats back up camera enough space auto lights leather seats great radio awesome speakers wish it had a heated steering wheel and needs to come with windows that are actually tinted. Live the sport button to go faster and also the eco button for when I need and or want to save gas. Needs more cup holders also it would be great if it came with DVD players. Also it needs to have where the navigation that automatically updates itself!

- Ashley W

It's a very reliable vehicle. Ours has about 45000 mile on it, and the only problem we had was a battery. It died one day and couldn't hold the charge. Local Nissan dealership took care of a problem the same day.

It's a perfect size vehicle for our family. It has large room on a back, so it meets all my needs for loading large items for my hobbies (gardening, home improvement) This SUV has all the features I was looking for when we purchased it, including Bluetooth and backup camera. It also has very good speakers. There's nothing I dislike about my Rogue, I just wish it was Hybrid. When the time comes, Nissan Rogue hybrid will our first choice.

- Olga C

I love driving my Nissan and would like to get another one

I have really enjoyed driving this vehicle. The blue color and comfortable seats have made it a pleasure to drive. It handles well and navigates hills in mountainous areas well. The trunk space is adequate but I would like to have a little more room in the trunk when traveling with more people. I appreciate having the backup camera and nice stereo system. This is my second Nissan Rogue. It was reasonably priced and worth the money

- Cheryl K

Grey & black. Back up camera. Seats go forward, backwards, and fold.

The Nissan rogue is all around a wonderful SUV. I have had my car almost a year and it hasn't given me any problems. It is reliable, roomy, up to date in its technology for its year, and drives amazing. The only downfall is that I have a third row that folds up/down and due to that I lose all of my trunk space. Not only am I losing trunk space the third row finest have that much leg room for adults but work well enough for kids.

- Marissa B

Rouge lightens load for busy mom

Bought my car for my growing family. My absolute favorite feature is the keyless entry. I am able to open the door and hatchback with a press of the button without having to dig through a diaper bag or purse to find my keys. This is especially helpful while loading a toddler, car seat and bags into the car. I also love how my Rouge handles, I have always felt very safe traveling on wet slick roads to icy and snow covered roads.

- Sarah O

My vehicle has a beautiful color combination of navy blue and beige.

I love my car performance. It has not had any problems for four years all I do is keep it maintained and up to date and it's quality is top notch. The only thing I find to be a problem is my leather seats it get very hot in the heat but that's bearable it's only for a while. I love that it has dual air so if I want it a little warmer and the passenger is hot we can have it different and I also love that it has seat heaters.

- Genesis M

love it! only 1 problem with it

it drives really nice and is super smooth. The inside of mine is so pretty and the air and heat work very well. It is easy to learn about and has a lot of great features like the stereo and mine doesn't have keys. Only bad part is the fob doesn't work as well when it's cold and says 'key not detected' but you just rub it against the button to work. I'm short and it's a great size for me. Trunk is big and back seat is roomy

- ashley F

Small but still have the four wheel drive, the inside is roomy

I like that it's not too big, but it's still a four wheel drive vehicle. It does well in the snow. I haven't have any problems with it. This is my second rouge and my fourth Nissan vehicle. I really like the look of the Rouge. It look compact from the outside but plenty of room in the inside. My main reason I like the Rouge is that it never give any issues during the bad weathers. It's a very strong vehicle for its size.

- Wendy S

Perfect reliable, comfortable, luxury feeling car without paying a hefty price!

The car rides very smoothly, has great safety features such as blind spot detection, backup camera, 360 camera, and alerts you if you are crossing your lane line. The car has a great amount of space without feeling too big. Being able to open the trunk from far away is a great plus. There are so many luxury feeling features with the rouge but without a high cost. I cannot imagine buying a different car in the future!

- Katt B

A dependable and reliable vehicle that will always be able to get the job done

Granted my car is still very new (in my opinion) I really like this model because of the larger back window compared to the previous year and now smoothly it rides. It's the perfect size for me and makes it through tough MN winters which is important to me. Honestly haven't had any issues with my car since purchasing, just routine oil changes. Definitely would recommend this vehicle for reliability and dependability.

- Jenna E

Terrible SUV with blind spot issues.

I do not really enjoy driving this vehicle and wish I had purchased something else. I enjoy the way it drives for the most part and the great gas mileage. Otherwise I do not like this vehicle as it has terrible blind spots. It is hard to drive during the day with the blind spots but at night it is nearly impossible to see other vehicles. This causes a lot of danger and I do not feel comfortable having people in it.

- Kate C

Fantastic 2015 Rogue! Great ride, no problems.

Great performance. Smooth ride, roomy backseat. Comfortable front and back seats, lots of room in the back for groceries/luggage. I have had the car since 2014 and no problems so far. It gets pretty good gas mileage. The display screen is a good size. My favorite feature of the car is the front and rear camera. You can use the front camera to make sure you are between the lines in a parking spot. It is wonderful!!

- Allison L

Love this vehicle- I highly recommend it!

I love this car. It easily fits the family and we've take. It on road trips. Lots of storage and leg room. Great dependable vehicle. It gets great gas mileage. The seats are very comfortable. The back up camera is wonderful. The back storage space is great and I love how you can divide it or make shelves. It makes it very easy to change from grocery shopping to having luggage in the back. I would highly recommend.

- Sarah H

I cannot emphasize enough of the excellent gas mileage.

Great SUV, have had zero problems since I have purchased the vehicle. I have it serviced as recommended so it runs quite & smooth. Has excellent gas mileage. Comfortable enough to drive around town or even a long road trip. Safe for the whole family to ride in. At the time I bought this vehicle I had grown teenage kids. I was in search of a vehicle with great gas mileage & plenty of room for my long legged boys.

- Francine L

Expandable cargo space a plus!

We enjoy the features on the rogue like the backup camera but our's does not have the automatic headlight features so we have to manually turn the lights on and remember to turn them off. We also only have one key point in the driver door which can be annoying since we do not have the smart key to unlock, lock, arm and remotely start the car. We like being able to put the back seat down to increase cargo space.

- Karen S

Had to replace the transmission due to a small connector piece going bad.

My boyfriend purchased the car for work purposes only. He has used it once outside of work. It is a 2015 and he has owned it for about 6 months. A month ago a connecting piece for the transmission went bad and because it was connected he had to replace the whole transmission. As a fairly new car that is not even used every day this is unacceptable. Other than that the car is good. Decent size and decent on gas.

- Alexa D

2015 Nissan Rogue: fancy yet affordable.

My vehicle is a 2015 Nissan Rogue, and it is a very comfortable car. It feels like you are driving a spaceship. The leather seats are very comfortable, there is a lot of trunk space, and it includes several high-tech radio and Bluetooth features. It is not as safe as other mid-size SUVs, which is sometimes a concern with two teenagers in the household. However, it drives very smoothly and is overall reliable.

- Daniel A

I wouldn't say there are any highlights.

My vehicle is reliable - not the most comfortable but gets me form a to b easily without a worry. I wish it came with a back up cam because there are too many blind spots. I enjoy the speakers & the way the car drives through. The seatbelt speaks from time to time and that is really annoying but I am sure it is something either I or my husband could fix easily. Only negative feedback is the blind spots.

- Lauren W

Rogue ready: my thoughts on my Rogue.

When it rains, if the window is cracked open in the slightest, all of the rain droplets come pouring in because of the shape. I have a glass roof and my back screen is often affected by a horrible glare from the sun. I have an issue with my front windows making a popping sound and for some reason they just cannot seem to find out what is causing it and fix it, even after the entire door has been rebuilt.

- Virginia R

Great dependable vehicle in all weather.

I love my Rogue AWD. It is very reliable, has a good amount of pep and great on gas. I am a healthcare worker and it has not let me down yet in the bad weather, always been able to get to and from work without having to stay. The only thing I do not care for is the eco mode, it strips all the power and performance out of the vehicle but I cannot tell that it makes a difference on the amount of gas used.

- Amanda W

She’s been nothing but good to me. - Nissan Rogue.

I tend have minor issues with my 2015 Nissan Rogue. I've had the vehicle for over two years, and have a bit over 165, 000 miles on the vehicle. It's very reliable my daughter goes to school three hours away from home and I drive her there every few months. My car has been nothing but good to me. I love it, and I love the way it drives. Its smooth on the road. It also does well driving on bad pavements.

- Mary B

Nissan Rogue � GREAT gas mileage and comfortable!

I have had only one problem with the AC not blowing correctly and this only happened once and then corrected itself. Performance is great. Gas mileage is AWESOME and is one of the best perks of this car. Comfortable to be in and roomy with car seats in the back. The cabin is a little noisy and not quiet. Very reliable car. Not a luxury car, but it gets me everywhere I need to go without being worried.

- Kristen T

Nissan rogue is the best car hands down.

The Nissan rogue is a spacious and dependable car. It gets great gas mileage and is a very comfortable ride. It is great for families! The Nissan rogue is overall one of the best and affordable cars out there. I highly recommend it! It is great for going on adventures or just going to school or work. You can't get that from any other make or model. It's a car for everyone and everyone should have one.

- Heather L

It is a reliable, satisfactory,durable and comfortable car.

No problem, Performance is great, It is reliable, Comfortable, My car has great features. Since I bought the car,it has never given any sort of problem but has surpassed customer satisfaction. As I can attest, this SUV has been superbly serving me with no hassles and I do engage in three to six months services. It has been awesome using the car as it remains one of the best cars I used in many years.

- Nicole B

The benefits of owning a Nissan Rogue.

The car is eco friendly, it also has a sport mode. Very reliable. It is cheaper to get oil changes through the dealer. The car has a all wheel drive mode that can be easily activated. On the other hand the car does not have enough room for a traveling long distance. The light for the air bag on the passenger seat stayed on since I bought the car, Nissan repaired it but the light never turns off now.

- Karin D

Avery nice little crossover.

It has been a very good vehicle for us. We have had it for a few years with no problems at all. It is very roomy and comfortable, seats are plenty big enough for even the biggest adults. I especially like the lift up back for loading groceries or whatever I may need to transport in it. Over all we are very happy with it and would recommend it to anyone looking for a crossover/small SUV type vehicle.

- John S

This car will change your life!

I love this car! I had a Nissan Rogue in the past and was in an accident where I was hit pretty hard on the driver's side. I was completely ok and felt very safe when the accident happened. I upgraded to the 2015. It gets better gas mileage than I anticipated. It is comfortable on road trips. We even lay down the seats and camp in the back. This is the best car. I will always be a Nissan Rogue fan!

- Julia T

An amazing Nissan rogue review.

Safe. Comfortable. Reliable. Amazing gps features and ipod . Bluetooth capabilities is nice to have but probably with it being a 2015 it needs to be updated a bit . Love the backup cameras. Gas is also good . I love my nissan rogue this will be my second car and have continued to felt the most safe in these cars. I have owned other cars in the past but nothing has compared to this one.

- Jenna L

Unique divide-n-hide storage system.

Great flexibility for storage and hauling using the divide-n-hide system and the fold-down rear seats. Easy maneuverability on dry, wet, or snowy roads. Comfortable seating and excellent legroom for driver and passengers. Excellent reliability, with added peace of mind thanks to standard safety features such as tire monitoring, blind-spot alert, back-up camera, and lane departure warning.

- Lisa G

I love the plural white color in the 2013 model.

I have had the vehicle for 2 years no so far no problems at all. I do wish I would have gotten the year model newer because the gas mileage on the vehicle is not the greatest and I have read some reviews of ppl have transmission issues on the 2013 and older models but so far so good for us. It works perfectly not too big of an SUV and it is more room than we had with our four door car.

- Sarah H

Love it... except one issue

I love almost everything. Bluetooth connection, electric doors and windows. This suv is roomy and great for long drives because it has great gas mileage. The only thing I hate is there is too much noise from the outside. It is not insulated well and the amount of noise coming from your tires on the road is really irritating and a huge disappointment but everything else is awesome.

- Colleen B

I Love My Car but not the color

There's nothing wrong with my vehicle. I love it although I would love to exchange for another color because the color it is now is white. I don't like white because it's hard to maintain it clean.It's comfortable at least I'm comfortable in it.It's my first and best SUV I've had. I would definitely recommend anyone to get it if you can.It's great to travel far and for vacations.

- Catherine G

Front/rear cameras are a lifesaver for parallel parking situations

The Nissan Rogue is extremely comfortable and gets excellent gas mileage. It is very reliable on the road, even in inclement weather. It does well on car trips and has awesome features, such as heated seats, eco mode, front and rear cameras (my favorite feature), and it will alert you when there is a vehicle coming up next to you on either side. I highly recommend this vehicle.

- Kate B

Best minivan, Honda Odyssey.

Odyssey is a nice car. The space is really big, the seats are comfortable. It is so convenient that the seat is able to slide from side to middle of the car when took off the middle seat of the second row. The monitor is big. Remote engine start is my favorite function to turn on the air condition in the summer. The only problem is the car is not fuel efficiency.

- Li Kai C

Good vehicle; no Bluetooth.

Performance is great. The only 'drawback' is the fact that it is not totally Bluetooth capable. I was hoping that I could listen to music/podcasts through my Bluetooth but you can only make and receive calls. That function took me three days to actually get it to work so that was a bummer. The vehicle itself is great. Comfortable, durable. Gas mileage is not great.

- Martha R

Comfortable and reliable Rogue.

I have not have any problems with my vehicle. The upkeep is normal, rotating tires, new tires, oil change, etc. It is great drive for long distances and has always been reliable on the road. The seats are comfortable and allow you to sit up easily. Everything is accessible in the driver's seat, windows, lights, rearview windows, radio, aux, air conditioning, etc.

- Taylor R

Sleek & ready to hit the road.

I absolutely love the Nissan rogue! It has been one of the smoothest cars I have ever driven before in my life. It gets great gas mileage for a SUV and it comfortably seats five people. It is a SUV that could be good for college student or a mother of three. The Nissan rogue is one of the best cars out right now, and I highly suggest that everyone looks into it.

- Brian L

2015 Nissan Rogue - Durable but not Techy

The car works great when it doesn't need to be fixed. I have had bearing issues more than once with this car. The Bluetooth works well, but the screen to access it and the radio are old and there is not a lot of function. I put the car through a lot - driving almost 30000 miles per year. It has been doing pretty good compared to the other cars I have owned.

- Andrea M

safe and reliable for my family especially my kids! I never fear it wont start or will break down on me. getting from place to place with my babies in the backseat is my number 1 priority.

wanted a family car, and this is perfect! the car seats fit perfectly in the backseat with plenty of room in the trunk for storage, groceries, and other things we need to take from time to time. the features are just what i was looking for. only flaw is i can't fit 3 carseats across the back. we will need a slightly larger SUV before we have another baby.


My safe ride, and the love I have for it.

I love this car. I feel so at peace driving it. The backup camera with a scale showing how safe it is to back up has been very helpful. My biggest issue is it is real low to the ground. Helpful hints: bluetooth connection to the radio is preferred over the usb in my car as it plays fluidly. This car is common. It fits into traffic seamlessly. I love this.

- Emily K

The vehicle took it like a champ!

I haven't had any issues with my vehicle since I purchased it brand new. I was rear ended in June 2017 and the vehicle survived with just a few scratches. The police officer who reported to the accident even mentioned the car took it like a champ. My gas mileage is phenomenal for an SUV. I love Nissan and plan on driving this vehicle for many more years.

- Lindsey P

Birds eye view camera is amazing

Overall I love my car. I have cloth, heated seats. The drivers side is automatic seat adjustment the passenger side is manual. I love having the birds eye view camera as well as a camera in both the front and back of my vehicle. Gas Mileage is absolutely amazing. I can make the drive from Mckinney, TX to Houston, Tx without having to stop and fill up.

- Jordan A

Love my Nissan Rogue - you will love yours too!

Sport mode is smoother but green mode uses less fuel. Fairly quiet ride. Love the lane indicators which let you know when you have gone outside of your lane. Also love the backup camera. Very little maintenance required and maintenance costs are not exorbitant. Very happy with Nissan service too. Love this car and highly recommended it to others.

- Jeanne N

Great on gas and that means a lot.

Perfect size, great on gas, easy to handle and very roomy. I bought it new and had to have a transmission put in may, 2017 which was covered under the warranty. I have the oil changer every 5000 miles and everything checked at that time, levels, tires, etc. The navigation is wonderful and accurate, Bluetooth is superb and reliable. Long trips are easy.

- Margaret W

Dependable, cost efficient vehicle.

I have not had any major issues with this vehicle. It rides well and is very comfortable. I like the way it handles on the roadway and in different weather conditions. It gets good gas mileage which is another plus. I also like the spaciousness of the vehicle and the additional features. I would recommend the vehicle to anyone who considers buying one.

- Jennifer C

Quality vehicle with awesome features!

Its roomy for a small family, great to transport things. Rear seats fold down easily. Maintenance is simple and inexpensive. Ride is comfortable and consistent. Speaker quality is excellent and Bluetooth capability is a plus! Car seems durable even in the most difficult weather and ride is quiet. Hearts and food fast in winter and summer months.

- Brittany J

Great midsize SUV for a great price with little hassle.

It is a great midsize SUV. Gas mileage cannot be beat. Great in snow. Never had any issues. Dealers are great to deal with. The only problems I have had thus far is Nissan selling the loan to key bank who is terrible to deal with. This is a fairly easy fix as you can refill. Highly recommend the Rogue. I have had many SUVs this is by far the best.

- Ginger M

The Nissan Rogue is a dependable vehicle that is good for independent drivers or small families.

I have been very pleased with It's performance. It has also needed minimal maintenance despite how much I've driven it. I like the quality of It's ride. I do not have any substantial complaints about anything, though if I had to say something, the driver side seat warmer was malfunctioning straight off the lot despite it being a brand new vehicle.

- Bryan C

Pleasantly pleased with car choice

Safe and Reliable. I've had my rogue almost 5 years with No problems. Never had it in shop other than body work. It's a quiet comfortable ride. Plenty of room. Seats 4-5 people comfortably. My only dislike is that I got a black car with black interior. In Texas. So, it's very hot most of the time. And takes a while to cool off on the Texas heat.

- Mary B

It provides a comfortable and reliable ride.

Overall I have had a great experience with my Nissan rogue. I really like the 360 view of the car and the GPS system. The only trouble I have had has been electronic, meaning the sensor on the back hatch unprogrammed itself, which cost $200 to fix. The rear camera also fell out of place and it will cost $1000 to fix but I have left it unfixed.

- Isis L

The Nissan Rogue is sporty and handles very well. It is fun to drive and is very responsive.

I enjoy the feel and look of the Rogue b/c it is smaller than SUVs and larger seating capacity than the usual 4-door sedan. It looks sleek & sporty from the outside and handles very well. My dislike includes the blind spot, i.e. when changing lanes, the visibility is blocked near the windows in the 3rd row seating. I wish it was better on gas.

- Marie L

My Nissan rogue 2015 is perfect for me.

My rogue is amazing with the gas mileage it gets considering it is considered an SUV. I was able to purchase the top of the line version giving my leather seats that are heating allowing me to ride in comfort and style. Not to mention the backup camera and navigation system that was in included to help me when taking trips with my family.

- Sandy B

Comfortable, quiet ride with good driver visibility.

The vehicle has been extremely reliable - no unscheduled maintenance. The ride is comfortable and quiet. The storage area provides flexible options. The gas mileage could be better. The navigation system does not provide real-time information, so you need another tool to determine the best route for commuting. Color choices are limited.

- Sandy E

The car is very safe, fuel efficient, and affordable.

Very dependable! Goes great in bad weather! I wish it were a little roomier in the front seat. I have had virtually no mechanical issues with the car. The storage area is great. The car has a lot of extras without a lot of inflated price. Handles well. Nissan has taken care of safety concerns with airbags virtually throughout the car.

- Deborah B

It is a great family car with room for every passenger.

I love the amenities that are offered with the package I chose. I have birds eye view while parking, backup camera, integrated Bluetooth that plays music, calls, etc. There are heated seats, power windows and seats as well as a motion lift gate, which is perfect when you do not have enough hands! Keyless entry/start is also a plus!.

- Girl S

It�s a great compact SUV.

Wish it was just a bit bigger. I would like a little more trunk space, but love that the seats fold down easily. Minimum amount of maintenance needed and pretty decent mileage. I never use the 'Sports' feature and sometimes accidentally turn it on because where it is located. It takes awhile for my car to heat up and cool off.

- Ona S

Nissan Rogue a nightmare buy.

It has had numerous problems since initially bought. The front seat make a rattle noise when you drive. The two charging stations in the car sometimes don't work, the air conditioning is not very cold. The gas mileage is nowhere close to what the sellers sticker said. The gaskets in the motor went bad leaking oil at 20, 000 miles.

- Victor C

The Rogue is my extended home. Comfort, reliability, and ease of driving

My Rogue is the perfect size. I've never had any problems. Very comfortable and smooth ride. I average around 26 mpg but on trips I get around 31 mpg. Easy steering, backup camera, GPS Navigation system and Bluetooth capabilities is an added plus. This is my 2nd Rogue and I'm in the market to trade my Rogue In for a newer model.

- Jean H

Summary of my 2015 Nissan Rogue

Great gas mileage. Easy handling. Great in the snow. Great cargo space... I can carry a lot of big items in the back. Has a lot of hidden storage as well for valuables, etc. Lots of options for recharging cell phones, etc. too. My one complaint is the hatch has a leak, so when it rains or we get a heavy snow, I get water inside.

- Ginger E

Smooth ride and gas mileage is great!

Love the size and features of the rogue. Gas mileage is great. Smooth ride and reliable. Two things I wish I could change: I wish the back window lifted up so I could put groceries in the back without opening the whole back and the floor in the back when the seats are down could be more stable for my dogs when riding in the back.

- Michelle J

Very great family vehicle!

My Nissan Rogue select has been a pretty great vehicle for my family so far. We have not had any issues out of it and it also gets pretty great gas mileage. Very comfortable to ride it for long periods of time and also a pretty sharp looking SUV. The dark gray colored Rogue is the color we have and love it. Great family vehicle!

- Alexandra D

Best, most fun vehicle I've owned.

I love the size, maneuverability, look, and feel of my Rogue when I'm driving. It's just high enough to get you above bumpy roads without being too big to handle. I love all the bells and whistles, hands-free phone, bluetooth stereo, navigation, my moonroof. My leather seats stay clean. It's the most hassle- free car i've owned.

- Landa B

I get compliments all the time about what a nice car I have.

For a SUV it gets really good gas mileage. It came so far with a Bose stereo system that rocks. Leather interior, 360 camera, sunroof, and GPS. The price was very reasonable considering all the amenities. I have had no problems with the engine or transmission. The only thing that has needed replacing is a headlight. ($1400. 00).

- Perry L

Roomy and comfortable Nissan Rogue

The Rogue is very roomy and comfortable. We have 3 kids, 2 in car seats and we travel quite a bit. Everyone fits comfortably. There's also an option to put third row seating in. That is what sold me. We've always have had Nissans and have never had an issue with performance or service. Gas mileage is great, highway and in town.

- Sarah M

Extra roomy, very smooth on the road

When I retired I downsized my vehicle from a journey to the rogue, I didn't think I would like my Nissan which I don't I love it excellent on gas, and roomy enough for when I travel with my grands. And the hatch has enough space for groceries. If I ever decide to get another vehicle it will definitely be another Nissan product.

- Tanya R

Drives great, haven't had any issues, would recommend as a dependable all weather vehicle.

If you like Nissan it's great. The Rogue has nice clearance and is spacious, but I don't feel like I'm driving a tank. I'm a small person so I didn't want a vehicle I needed a stepstool to get in. I wish there was a little more room in the back seat. I have 2 car seats which fit great, but I can't get a third person back there.

- Leah M

This car is a great price and value.

The nissan rogue, 2015 is very nice. The interior is clean looking and the seats are very comfortable. . I feel I bought a reliable car that will last for quite awhile. The only thing I noticed is that going uphills, it does not have a lot of power. Where I live, we do not have a lot of hills, so it is not a big concern for me.

- Julie S

My favorite part about my car is the many dashboard features it contains.

My Nissan rogue sl runs so smooth. I have had no problems with the car. Every service to the vehicle is done locally and quick which is very convenient. This car is dependable, and is a very nice starter car. There are many features that help me on the road and with the servicing of my car. It is very easy to clean and keep up.

- Avery T

Does what you need it to do.

I like it but do not like that it doesn't have Apple carplay or any Bluetooth option. The AUX cord option is available but pretty old school for 2019. However it's very durable in snow and does exactly what you need in a vehicle. Gas gets pricey but reasonable for a SUV, I do like that it's spacious and not as bulky as a SUV.

- Erika C

It is very reliable. We haven't had the first bit of trouble with it.

The Nissan rogue is a mid sized SUV with plenty of room for groceries and larger items. We have only had it for 6 months but our 2nd vehicle is a 2006 Nissan Altima. It has over 300, 000 miles and is still going strong so we were confident in our decision to buy another Nissan. Both vehicles are very comfortable and reliable.

- Jacqueline M

Zippy, fun, with a little attitude.

I love my Rogue! Its sporty, is a crossover, which means there is not a trunk. I hate trunks! Its zippy and fun to drive. I love the sport feature, which allows more gas on acceleration. I use it when someone thinks they're going to beat me off the light! If I could change one thing, it would be the silver color. I want red.

- Kelly C

Its driving friendly, comfy, and amazing overall features and accessories.

It's very comfortable while driving, it's easy to maneuver. Love all of the features and accessories. Specially the Bluetooth handsfree where I will be safe answering the important call. The adjustment of the driving is very amazing, where u can select either sports, eco it depends on the speed you want. It's really amazing.

- Megan M

Perfect mid-SUV for growing families

I love my Nissan Rogue. I have not had any problems with it so far and I have had it for almost 3 years. It is a very smooth ride and has been more than reliable for me so far. Air conditioning works really well and it handles nicely in rain and snow. I would highly recommend this car to someone looking for a mid-size SUV.

- Amy R

Nissan Rogue's are reliable, affordable, and comfortable vehicles.

My Nissan is incredibly reliable and comfortable. It runs like a dream and is perfect for every occasion. It has in car calling capabilities, which allow me to talk hands free. It also has AWD and traction which help when driving in severe storms and rain. It also has an XM Radio feature which the driver can subscribe to.

- Tierra M

Midsize SUV that is comfortable and smooth driving.

I love my rouge it is very comfortable, easy to handle, and fits all the stuff I tote around. I wanted an SUV that wasn't too big because I am a little women and didn't want to feel like I was driving a tank and the rogue fit me just perfectly. If you want an affordable SUV that is a medium size the rouge is your best bet.

- Alicia P

A great family starter vehicle.

It runs very smooth. It is a great size vehicle, fits everything I need in it. Great starter family vehicle, fits 5 people. It is a small SUV so for people who want an SUV but not a suburban this is a great option. Has iPod,Bluetooth, navigation, aux included. Has steering buttons to call or change between music stations.

- Destiny B

Nissan Rogue - great vehicle with a few, small issues.

My Nissan Rogue is a fun, sporty vehicle that rides smoothly and gets pretty good gas mileage. The only thing that is not so great is the stereo quality. I also have ongoing problems with the key fob not being recognized by the car even though the batteries are brand new. This issue has been going on for a very long time.

- Dianne L

It is very easy to maneuver in and out of traffic with.

The steering and handling in the vehicle is very easy to use, comfortable, and convenient. Fuel economy on the vehicle is also good for its class. Biggest problem I have with the car is the blind spot created between the windshield and driver's door window. This blind spot makes it somewhat difficult to see when turning.

- Jacob J

The Nissan rogue is a reliable, safe, and comfortable SUV.

It is a 4 door small SUV, which is very reliable. The SUV is comfortable for now, but as my family grows I will need something larger. The only issues I have had with the vehicle is the factory tires, I live in a state where the weather constantly changes. Checking the tires for proper inflation is a must and stressful.

- Ryan C

5 stars: Easy to drive and good on gas

It is very comfortable. Being a college student, I believe that it is the perfect size. When moving out of my dorm it was easy to transport items because the seats in the back fold down creating more space. The Rogue is good for trips. It is great on gas. Also, if there is any issues it gives you warnings on the screen.

- Kayla B

This is my summary of 2915 rogue.

I drive my car a lot so being comfortable is key to me & this car is comfortable. It rides smoothly. Back seats are very roomy comfortable for anyone with long legs I enjoy aux so my kids don't have to argue over radio, car charger in middle console is handy also, too bad there wasn't an additional charger in trunk.

- Rose C

My Nissan Rogue fits need I didn't even know I had!

I love my Nissan Rogue, there’s plenty of room for a family of five love the trunk space in the size and performance. Visibility is awesome I have the back up camera which is great news the only downside I have ever experienced is the front windshield is very large and you can feel the heat since I live in Las Vegas.

- Ginger C

Love my 2015 Nissan rogue.

Love almost everything about it but the headrests on back seat block so much of the back window that it is very hard to see out. Using the camera does not work well in winter because the salt and road spray cover it while driving making it impossible to see. I bought it used and have not had any other problems so far.

- Elaine A

The trunk can easily fit my beach tent, beach chairs, and multiple bags.

I like the cloth seats because they don't get as hot and they're more comfortable. I like that there is Bluetooth calling but there is no Bluetooth for audio to play music and that annoys me. I also like that the buttons to change the station, volume and to audio call are on the wheel. I do like the trunk space a lot.

- Olivia Q

I know longer have to open the door to see if I am parked correctly!

I have just passed the 100, 000 mile mark and have had no issues. I bought the Rogue brand new with very few miles. I love the 360 degree camera. It makes parking and pulling through tight spaces a breeze. I can see how far I am from the curb or if I am between the lines in a parking space. The ride is comfortable.

- Sonya B

It is a quite cheap, but you get what you pay for.

The car is large enough to fit everything I need. The rear window is really small and hard to see out of, but there is a camera in the back of the car that turns on when I reverse. I do not like the design of the car, especially the front windshield. There are too many blind spots which makes it difficult to drive.

- Manny C

The Nissan rogue is a great small SUV with a luxury feel at a lower price.

This car is aesthetically very nice. It drives well and is reliable and safe in icy conditions. Overall this car handles very well and easily accommodates my needs. I use this car for my daily commute and for weekend trips. The gas mileage is good for an SUV but not ideal for a daily commute of 60 minutes or more.

- Marie I

Reliable, Affordable, great on gas. Great family vehicle.

Awesome, reliable, great one gas. Wish it was bigger. The window trim as breaking off when we first bought it. I wish we didn't out some many miles on it but it's a great commuter car. Would highly recommended to anyone with a child. Verisafe. Fits car seats perfectly and the trunk is a great size. Affordable too

- Kate M

Very comfortable and easy to drive.

Blind spots from the driver to the ground. Difficult to park in tight areas. Not the best car on gas mileage. Back seat does not fold down for better trunk storage. On a good note it drives very nice seats five people comfortable. You do not hear anything from the outside. Very quiet ride and handles very nicely.

- Paul W

I love the luxury feel of the Rogue without the price tag.

I haven't had many problems with my Rogue since buying it. I love the Bose system, the leather interior, and the heated seats. The back seats fold down all the way which makes loading things in the car really easy. I also love the trunk area which has different compartments to help you load things like groceries.

- Kate P

Rogue the best for save gas.

The Nissan Rogue has a good combination of comfort high-quality. It has good interior materials and the most it is excellent for fuel economy. I think it is one of few SUVs in its class to offer a third row, it also has plenty of cargo space. However, its engine can be sluggish and its transmission can be noisy.

- Tania M

This car is great for families or people who love to travel.

This car is fantastic! There is Plenty of room for travel, it drives so smooth and gets great gas mileage. This car is perfect for families or people who love to pack up and travel. The cruise control feature allows for easy driving for long trips and I love that the seats fold down so I can fit plenty of gear.

- Sarah T

It's a fun ride with great fuel economy and great looks!

I like the way my Rogue looks - it's a very attractive model. My Rogue also has excellent gas mileage which is a huge plus. I dislike the size of the car. I went from a larger SUV to the Rogue and thought I'd be OK with the size but it is a little smaller than I like. I also wish it had a little more power.

- Liz S

The vehicle is very reliable and has been a great family car for us.

So far in the three years we have owned this vehicle, we have not experienced any troubles or performance issues and we commute to work each day at 100 miles. With the proper care and maintenance, this vehicle is very reliable. The cons of the car is the trunk space, which makes it hard with a child and travel.

- Cat R

Great all-purpose vehicle for most anyone except those with a large family.

For the most part, I really like my Rogue. It fits my lifestyle well, functioning well for my day-to-day commute with plenty of room for my needs. The only real complaint -- the thing that keeps it from being 5 stars -- is that it's difficult to see out of when checking blind spots for backing or lane changes.

- Jason Z

Reliable and affordable. Good value.

The Nissan Rogue has good gas mileage and has been very reliable. The seat get uncomfortable during drives longer than 2 hours. The feature are pretty standard. Radio, CD player. Its an affordable and reliable SUV. There is nothing super special about the Rogue. It seats 5 and has room for grocery in the back.

- Wendy S

Great quality SUV that handles well. Nice options.

Handles well, comfortable. Great options included. Good size for me being a short person, vehicle is not too long. I can see the end of the hood. Nissan had great 0 financing at the time of purchase. There have been a 'few' recalls that concern me. That there are any recalls on a fairly new car is a concern.

- Jaycee C

Can fit 2 car seats no problem.

We bought the car new. We tinted the windows. It looks good. Never had a problem with it until recently. We needed a new battery and will need new tires this year. Rides smooth. We have 2 car seats in the back seat and 2 different strollers in the trunk. Still has some room for more items. Very popular car.

- Christine H

It's a great vehicle with awesome features.the look and feel is amazing.

I bought my vehicle in 2017.It is a used car and I bought it from a dealership.it is a 2015 model and it is wonderful.i love the 360 degree camera feature in rogue.it helps a lot to new drivers and people who have problem in parking in compact spaces.the mileage is also great .it gives me 35 mpg on highway.

- Sumit S

Color Mileage Fuel capacity.

Great vehicle with great performance. Good comfort and reliability. My kid loves the car and it has great reliability. Fuel capacity and mileage is good. The color we got was rare and I love it. Safety for the people in the car is guaranteed. Everything is good about this car and nothing to complaint about.

- Irene K

Cute, sturdy and fun to drive.

Good gas mileage. Great in snow. Has had transmission issue. Has good power and acceleration. Has done well on long cross country trips. So far I enjoy it very much. Lots of room for storage and packages. Big windows provide good visibility. The backing camera is very small, however, and does not help much.

- John L

Great car - nice size for a family or young professional!

I really enjoy my car. It drives really well, does not guzzle gas, and is very comfortable. I like that I can fit up to five people, or just take my dog on a road trip! The only thing I don't love about it is that parts are expensive, so any small fix is going to cost a lot of money, including oil changes.

- Lauren J

Great features on a reliable vehicle.

The Nissan Rogue offers the feel of driving a car with the space of a small SUV. The sunroof is amazing! I really like the factory warranty. The birds eye view cameras help in tight parking situations. I wish the back seats would lay flat even with the rear cargo hold to make a level surface. Great value!

- April S

Best SUV! Perfect size for my kiddos too!

When I saw this car, I fell in love instantly! I have had for over a year and my only complaint is the poor performance I get on the interstate. The car was bought used, so I may just need to get a full inspection done to see if it is the fuel pump. Other than that, this is the best car I have ever owned!

- Victoria G

Nissan rogue, family friendly vehicle.

Nice sized vehicle. Good for family trips, roomy and comfortable. Not very good on gas, but drives smoothly and is very reliable. I would definitely recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for a decent sized family sports utility vehicle. I would give the car a 3 in a half stars rating. Would buy again.

- Victoria W

Perfect car for the winter months

The Nissan Rogue is a great family car. It has a very nice trunk space and the heated seats are an added bonus. We live in Nebraska and the Rogue does very well in the snow. We haven't had any issues with it getting stuck in snow or sliding on ice. I have nothing but great things to say about the Rogue!

- Danielle S

Reliable & comfortable w/ great features!

I have great features in my vehicle that cater to my needs for music, phone charging, and backup camera. It runs reliable and I can use high mileage oil which lasts a long time. I have taken several road trips with the vehicle and it is reliable! It has a eco mode and I'm not sure how effective this is.

- Anna R

My non-luxury “luxury” vehicle.

My Nissan Rogue is an upgrade from my last car! It is features such as the dual moonroof, navigation system, heated seats and electronic key make it feel like I am driving a more luxury vehicle. It is a smaller size SUV but still has all the space that I need. So far it has been a very reliable vehicle.

- Erin B

Nissan Rogue, the best car there is.

No problems, it runs great, its ok on gas, drives good, I haven't had a problem out of it since in bought it and I got it used. I would recommend getting a Nissan Rogue. They are good cars. It is the best car I have ever had, there is plenty of room in the and it has a huge trunk with plenty of space.

- Elizabeth H

Comfortable, spacious, and stylish!

My Nissan Rogue is a great car. It has a spacious interior with plenty of room in the trunk. It gets reasonable gas mileage for an SUV, which is important to me. I feel safe in it since it has multiple airbags, a reverse camera, and all wheel drive. I also think it is pretty stylish and modern looking.

- Liz V

Great features, lots of room.

Safety features are awesome. The blind spot warning is the best thing I have ever used. . The inside is roomy. There is plenty of legroom in the back for 3 passengers. The cargo area holds a lot especially with the seats down. The sound system is top notch. It's so loud on 7 you can barely go past 10.

- Cassie M

Awesome Nissan rogue for a family.

It runs very well. It is very good on gas. The dealership is a good place to get the car serviced. I would rather have snow tires than all wheel drive. I also would rather buy a car used with cash than lease. The car does make some strange sounds. I am consigned that it will last me another ten years.

- Jason B

Great SUV at a reasonable price!

I really love my Nissan Rogue Select. I find the ride very smooth and the interior comfortable with plenty of legroom. The only thing I have found is some sluggishness when coming up a steep hill. I haven't had any problems with my vehicle at all and have only needed to have general maintenance done.

- Phyllis L

Excellent midsize Nissan rogue.

I love the performance, reliability, comfort, and features with the exception of the third row seat. The third row/seat does not provide sufficient leg room. I would also have liked it if it had a sunroof. I would help if the rogue also came with a jack as mine did not. A car jack is very important.

- Elmer O

Great gas mileage. Sporty design.

Overall I like the rouge. It is a nice clean look. Trendy great gas mileage, comfy. The handsfree system is nice. Works well for a small family. Large carriage area. I wish I had purchased something bigger. More seating, legroom. I like the 3rd row seating just need something bigger as my kids grow.

- Heather W

Great car, comfort, reliable,

I like how it looks. It rides nicely. I haven't had many problems with the car but when I did it was covered. The gas mileage is great. I do not have to spend fortune on gas every time. The seats and ride are comfortable. The features are nice. Love the four wheel drive. It's great in the snow.

- Tracy G

The car rides nice though and is really good on gas.

Some of the features are useless to me and things that I would never personally use, such as seat warmers. I know that they can be useful up north but I live in the south so, not so much. Some of the dashboard features are hard to access such as the number of miles left on the current amount of gas.

- Nicole S

Review of the 2015 Nissan rogue.

I absolutely love the size of my car for my lifestyle. I live in Minnesota so I love that it is bigger than a car but a truck will fish tail in the winter. I currently own a dog and we travel very well in this vehicle. I would definitely recommend this car to people who have pets and a child or two.

- Brie F

Nissan Rogue Review: Highlights

The Nissan rogue is an extremely comfortable ride. Plenty of legroom in the back for your tall friends, and plenty of trunk space for any road trip or any home projects that require some home depot trips. The dual climate control is an added bonus, and it's great in all weather, especially the snow

- Emily S

Great car with few flaws!

The 2015 Nissan Rogue is a great vehicle. It is great on gas mileage and is slick looking. I have done very few things on top of the basic maintenance so it is very affordable. The only negative thing I can say about the car is it could be larger and the car vibrates more than some cars I've driven

- Bryan J

Great sporty sports vehicle.

Comfortable great on gas love the heated seats love the mirror lights alerting you on a car next to you I love the push button to open the back latching also like the movement of the seats well maintainability of the vehicle the back is are high up so you can see better to the sides and the front.

- Rosa R

Very dependable vehicle, standard maintenance and no other work on it.

I have had no issues with my vehicle, just the standard maintenance, oil changes and tire rotations. It has handled well in the snow. It is AWD, so it has been dependable getting through the winter months. I love the automated tailgate which helps when your hands are full of groceries or children.

- Heather M

The seats are really comfortable.

I love the interior comfortable seats and cup holders to drivers hands, how ever I do not like the power of taking off I have to really ramp up my rpm's in order to get going. My radio is not touch I feel that even in 2015 most vehicles were already standard with this in my level of car mid range.

- Sherry R

The Rogue select. Great pick-up and comfort to drive!

The Rogue select is a fun car to drive. It has good pick-up, handles very nicely and is comfortable. The only two gripes I have is gas mileage generally averages about 23 mpg, which I would like to be better. Also, there is a large blind spot due to obstructed vision in rear view and side mirrors.

- Nancy S

Great interior and exterior that catches your eye.

Nissan Rogue's are nice looking, comfortable, and drives well. It gets pretty good gas mileage, picks up well in speed, and does well in rough terrain. I like the colors and style of the SUV, as well as the room available in the SUV. The interior has a very durable material that is easy to clean.

- Dd L

Things that I am not all that happy with.

I like my car however I bought it used. Has a lot of vibration in it and they tell me that's normal. Really? I have had problems with the air and it doesn't have very good pick up. Its an SUV but I was told it can't tow anything. Not happy with that at all. For an SUV the cabin is a little small.

- Susan K

Nissan Rogue 2015 Road Trip Machine!

I love my Rogue! It is great in the city and awesome in the mountains. It is spacious and seats five comfortably with lots of space in the back for luggage/groceries/sports equipment etc... It is great for road trips as the seats fold down and there is enough room in the back to sleep two adults.

- Margaret Z

It has a land gear which helps for any land other than roads.

The reliability is amazing. I feel more safe in this car than I have ever felt in any other. I do not have to worry about winters because I know it is going to keep me safe on the roads. The sound system is amazing as well. I believe that Nissan is an amazing company to work with & buy from.

- Abby L

Rogue for the road is the way to go.

My vehicle drives very smooth and it is very user friendly. The controls are easy to manage. My heating and air conditioning unit work very well and begins to work very quickly. I have the vehicle for a few years and have yet to have a problem with it. I love it and would recommend it to anyone.

- K B

Nissan Rogue - I really like the size and the material inside the vehicle.

The only problem I have had is - if you push on the accelerator hard from a stop - it takes too long for the automatic transmission to shift. Other than that the small SUV is really a great vehicle. I should have driven more different vehicles before buying this one. I really do like it though.

- Margaret F

Black SUV with black interior

I love how roomy and comfortable my car is on the inside. It drives super smooth, you don't feel every bump in the road. It is very classy and slick looking and it is perfect for transporting large objects or going to the beach or on road trips. I love this car and would recommend it to anyone.

- Taylor P

Overall, this car is great.

I over all like this car the only thing I wish my model had was a sunroof. I haven't really had any issues with it. All the features are great and I use them almost all the time. My favorite features are that it tells you how much gas mileage is left, the pressure of your tires, and Bluetooth.

- Sav C

Loaded vehicle with just about everything you need.

I love pretty much everything about my ca, I just wish I could afford a newer vehicle, but it has the back up camera which love and the locked gas opening it drives very well and it is very comfortable driving car I also like the panel on the car it shows a lot of information needed to travel.

- Karen H

2015 Nissan Rogue - Great Mom Car

I love the third row seating option in the vehicle. I wish it were a bit bigger, as I have 2 dogs and 2 kids. I enjoy how the vehicle drives. I do find there are some blind spots when looking in the mirrors to switch lanes or turn. I wish I had gotten the upgraded navigation system in the car.

- Allison D

Great gas mileage. I get over 32 miles to the gallon, great for a SUV.

Smooth riding, easy handling, great pick up and great gas mileage. The only negative is that the engine can be a little noisy at times. Fortunately the noise is not a constant and does not interfere with the ride. I really like the back up camera and the height above the crowd my SUV gives me.

- Michael W

Rogue is the best compact SUV

I really like my Nissan rogue. I have 4 years driving it and has given me zero problems so far. What I love the most is the 360 angle camera, that you can open the trunk door with your key and the proximity sensor. The space is good enough for a family of four. Quality and design incomparable.

- Gabriela D

I love the great mileage in my family friendly Rogue.

I love my Rogue. Mileage was really important to me when buying a car and the Rogue gets pretty great mileage for a SUV - I think my best trip is over 35 mpg. This is a very family friendly car - easy to clean, lots of space to lug things around. It is fun to drive. I feel safe in it as well.

- Ruth C

Great car and great value.

No maintenance issues. Love how it drives and also the ability to hold larger packages or groceries. The safety features are also a plus. Great car for the value. The leather interior is luxurious and the heated seats are nice during the winter. The sunroof is great during the summer months.

- L W

Good midsize car. Good to haul things with.

I find the seats in the Rogue uncomfortable. The Altima is more comfortable. The Rogue feels like my shoulders are being pushed forward and it hurts my back. I also wish I could just open the back window at times rather than having to open the whole door. Sometimes things shift and fall out.

- Sherry B

The rogues blind spots are a major drawback to this car.

I love the backup cameras and navigation system. I like the heated and power seats. I also like that it is high enough off the ground that I don't feel like I am sitting/riding on the ground, but not too high that I have to climb in. Only thing I don't like is that the blind spots are huge.

- Angela P

Great vehicle not a lot of room in the for more than one rear facing car seat.

This is a great car for a small family. I love the back up camera feature in this model. It is great on gas mileage. The only thing that I can say negativity about the car is that if you have 2 small children in car seats then there is not that much room for rear facing behind either seats.

- Nicole C

Never ending perks on this vehicle!

The only problem I've encountered is the blind spot lights go off sporadically when it rains. But otherwise an all around great vehicle. Enjoy the features the most - sunroof & moonroof, camera that shows all sides of the vehicle, navigation, tire pressure monitor, gas mileage monitor, etc.

- Amanda S

Nissan Rogue: The back up camera at first I didn't know what to look for.

Had the car since last February. It's doing good it's also good on gas to me it is. Very big have a lot of space also, I have two dogs a big and small so that's good for them, so they won't be on the kids or me. Even though my small dog stay up front with me. Love the backup camera love it.

- Rosa D

Great mileage, great looks and comfort all rolled into one

We had a Nissan Altima for about a year that was a great car, but I needed one I could climb into instead of sliding down (bad knees). The Rogue was perfect. It is a taller vehicle as well, so I could see everything better. It gets great gas mileage-28-32 on the road and 26-28 around town.

- Marsha C

Amazing fuel-economy and exceptional comfort.

Overall, my Nissan Rogue sl is a smooth ride but still feels safe to me while I drive it. I love the features and trim that come with the sl. I am the second owner of the vehicle and there have been no major issues. The fuel efficiency is the best part of the car for being a mid-size SUV.

- Erica S

Comfortable, good gas mileage.

Has plenty of power for a 4 cylinder. Comfortable ride and good gas mileage and fits my family of four comfortably. As of now I have had no problems with my rouge. It has on board navigation system, Bluetooth capabilities and heated seats. Overall, it is a good vehicle for the price tag.

- Shannon O

2015 spacious Nissan Rogue with sport mode.

Took a twelve hour road trip in this car, it was very spacious and reliable the whole way there. I have never experienced any problems with this vehicle. I enjoy the sport mode feature. Wish there was a way to play music through Bluetooth, but that is the only downside to owning this car.

- Cate T

Exceptionally comfortable SUV.

I enjoy my vehicle. It handles quite well. The internal design of the seats, legroom, headroom is exceptional. The hatch offers a great deal of cargo space that is quite spacious. The front seats are true captain seats that provide great support for the upper body and bottom of the body.

- Nicole J

Great car, but kind of generic.

Drives well and is peppy. Excellent in snow and rain with AWD. Comfortable seats for long drives and quick climate control. Lots of interior storage room. Biggest complaint - everyone drives one, so it feels generic. But everyone drives one because it is a good value for a good vehicle.

- Sonia P

Great car with upgrades and amenities.

My car has a smaller gas tank causing you to fill up more often on long trips. It does have an upgraded package in it but still not as nice as a service like OnStar. Smooth riding and comfortable to drive and ride in on short or long trips. Wished it had more than 1 air vent in the back.

- Danny J

Very slick body style and still very modern looking

I feel like my vehicle is a very safe car. It also holds its appeal and is still a very stunning car to look at. I have yet to have any maintenance issues and it runs very well. It's also a very comfortable car to drive in and highly reliable. The car possesses state of the art features

- Geisha N

This year model has a v8 engine. Most other sedans have a v6.

I really appreciate the rear camera on my vehicle, because as someone who is short the camera helps me see behind me. I wish my model had break assisting as I sometimes have slow reflexes. Overall I am very happy. It is very comfortable to drive and take long road trips with the family.

- Ashley P

Nissan Rogue. Made for family by day and a social evening out for Mom and Dad.

No problems, very dependable, and looks sharp. Great drive in city and highway mileage. Very comfortable seating. Family of 4 can travel comfortably. Large back for shopping packages and/or luggage. The outlet in rear allows usage with a stereo speakers making tailgating A breeze.

- Martha C

Rogue is safe, reliable, and efficient.

Reliable, efficient, good gas mileage. Reasonably priced. Smooth ride. Almost 30k miles and yet to encounter any problems. Ranks among the best in the competitive compact SUV segment. It boasts an upscale-yet-practical interior, above-average reliability, and respectable safety scores.

- Mike R

Fun to drive with great use of technology.

The Rogue is a great SUV with options including brake assist, blind spot detector and Sirius satellite radio! Fun to drive and great gas mileage - I have gotten up to 36 mpg! Keeping the oil changed regularly and doing the other scheduled maintenance has kept my Rogue in tip top shape.

- Andrea W

Comfortable seats great for long distance trips Great on gas!

My Nissan is an extremely reliable car. It is great on gas and comfortable. It is decent sized with a lot of trunk space. My only problem is there are no air conditioning vents in the back and my passengers can get hot easily. Power seating would have been nice but overall a great car.

- Tabby R

My Rogue is a comfortable ride.

I had problems with the sunroof leaking. I brought it in to dealership and they finally changed it out after 4 or 5 times bringing it in for the problem. Other than that, it has bee. A wonderful car. It is the right size for me and I love the cameras, heated seat and the way it drives

- Barbara G

Silver Nissan Rogue that gets great gas mileage

In the 2 years I've owned my car I have not had any problems with it. I've been very satisfied with how it drives and am impressed by the gas mileage. The backup camera is the best feature. The truck is on the small side, however for a single person or small family it is workable.

- Stephanie T

I will not change my vehicle for another. I like everything about this car.

I love the color of the car. The comfort is very good. This car will get up and go. It is a family car and have a large back so we can put a lot of groceries or if we need to haul something bigger then we will have room. This can is easy to drive easy to park. Great sound systems too.

- Anita E

I am happy with it. Great winter vehicle.

Good on gas. Great in the snow. Could use a little more horsepower. Adequate features. I love the rear view camera and the auto lift hatchback. Comes in nice looking colors. Wind noise is adequate. Not too sure yet on the cvt transmission, sometimes I feel like I am driving a go-cart.

- James B

Love the led running lights.

Love the handling love the Bluetooth and tailgate button closes it for me also like the key fob do not have to find it in my purse and the push button start along with Sirius radio gas mileage is good also a lot of room in the back for passengers electric everything seats windows etc.

- Maria S

I love my family sized vehicle.

I really enjoy the cargo space in my vehicle as well as the room for my car seats. I would like the car a little more if there was more air vents in the rear for my kids. The backup camera feature is great, but could be improved with a sensor for when you get too close to an object..

- Kiwi W

I really appreciate the high profile feeling of this vehicle.

No problems to date, Performance is extremely good, it is reliable and dependable. It is very comfortable and has good high quality features like seat warmers and auto defrost on windows. I would recommend this vehicle to all my family and friends. Good quality vehicle for the money.

- Carol R

Best purchase I have made, excellent mileage per gallon, beautiful and.

It is a beautiful and comfortable vehicle. Very efficient speaking of gas usage. Excellent fit for families, for the price is such an awesome investment, I would recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for a cost/ benefit balance. The mileage per gallon of gas is almost unbeatable.

- Lillian D

Really nice SUV that drives like a sports car.

Very nice SUV. Has all wheel drive that handles bad weather like a champ. The Rogue has on board navigation and rear camera that comes in very handy when parking. The Rogue also gets very good gas mileage and it drives like a car. The Rogue has a really nice stereo and sound system.

- Troy B

Good economical car for the price.

I have not had any mechanical issues since buying. I do however find their are pretty bad blind spots. Also since its a 4 cylinder, not a lot of power when entering a highway. It does have a lot of legroom in the back seat and lots of cargo room. I find the seats comfortable enough.

- Deb K

Great little SUV crossover

So far my car has proven reliable and a great purchase. It has a lot of space to store plenty of things and is very comfortable. Mine has a sunroof, heated seats, and 360 view cameras which is amazing. I have only had minor problems with the navigation display screen but that's it!

- Rachel R

My car and why i love it!

I love my Nissan rogue. I am a mom and it is very practical and convenient. I place carseats and strollers in with no problem. Love the space in rear of car. Love blue tooth phone ability. The key malfunctions sometimes and is not recognized for push start, but overall great car.


Not the typical mom car. Good for the trendy mom.

Does not have enough engine power for me. I would like a little more giddy up to it. Engine has a weird noise always and it takes a while to get up to speed. Very comfortable and great features. 360 camera, back up camera lane assist are all wonderful. Love the moon roof as well.

- Corinna R

My favorite feature in my car is the eco option, back up camera, and Bluetooth.

My car is really reliable, gets awesome gas mileage, and is easy to travel in. It is the perfect size between a truck and a car. It handles very well in the winter and is nice and quiet on the highway. It has up to date feature including a back up camera which is very convenient.

- Kennedy R

This is my Nissan Rogue review.

Space between seats and console is too narrow. If anything falls down there, it is impossible to retrieve. Other than that, the features are nice, comfortable riding car. Good vision. Replacement tires are expensive. Very roomy back end. Do not like the remote entrance and start.

- Claudia H

Nissan Rogue sport and family friendly back seats sit high kids don't get sick

No option for electric start ignition by manufacturer. Loud in the backseat. Pulls to the right. Back seats sit high which is great for my daughter. No temperature control in back or even vents for the back. Center storage sits too far back. Hard to clean because of many crevices

- Lisa B

Comfort and great all wheel drive.

Rogue is the perfect size for 4 people and lots of room for shopping or traveling. Seats adjust for comfort and back seats fold down easily for extra room. It is all wheel drive and handles well in all weather. The sport button helps with a boost up my snow packed hilly driveway!

- Jan Z

Nissan for live. Best cars on the car market!

I bought this car 2 years ago. My Nissan car was Versa 2008 and I had that baby for 9 years. I love Nissan. I would recommend Nissan's car. I did my research before buying a new car. I almost went with Subaru but after a test drive -I have changed my mind. It did not feel right.

- Yulia N

I think it is great that the Rogue has an eco mode which allows you to save gas.

My Rogue is very reliable. It is great in the snow and is very spacious. It is comfortable for my 2 hr+ daily commute. It is pretty gas efficient for an SUV and has great storage. This is the first SUV that I have owned and I think it would be hard for me to drive a sedan again.

- Jamie B

Mom with a Rogue using it to tote the kid around.

I love the car! I wish the back seat was a little bigger for a rear facing car seat. My husband is tall and says there’s a huge blind spot but I do not see it because I am short. The trunk storage space is great. Fits a stroller. The back up camera is a great feature as well.

- Alyssa P

Nissan Rogue - Reliability plus!!

I have been very satisfied with this vehicle. It has been resilient, reliable, handles well in all types of weather, and is comfortable. The gas mileage hasn't been great, but not much below what I had expected. I would recommend this car to others if they asked for my advice.

- Robert H

It is family friendly, is comfortable, and gets good gas mileage for a crossover vehicle.

I love this car. It is comfortable and has a smooth ride. It can comfortably fit 5 adults and is family friendly. The only thing that I am not fond of is the hood. It often visibly shakes when driving into the wind at high speed or when passing a larger vehicle on a highway.

- Ashlee C

Smooth riding vehicle, sits up high, good view.

Really like this vehicle. The only problem is that it is noisy on the highway. Also, when the vehicle is stopped, say at a red light for example, it vibrates a lot, to the point where my son’s portable DVD player, which is on the back of the passenger seat, starts skipping.

- Katie C

For the basic model, Nissan Rogue its a good vehicle.

I like my Rogue. Comfortable ride, has high mileage and continues to be reliable. Handles well in the snow and rain. I wish it were a little quieter can hear the road noise. The mpg is just ok, around 24 highway. It seats five adults comfortably, with seat belts for all five.

- Rosanna R

It has enough space for my camping gear and for me to sleep in.

I truly Love the size and the feel of the Rogue. It helps me a lot since camping it's my hobby. Can't beat the space it offers for the price. The only dislike I have for the car is that you can feel the road. It is as fast away from a smooth drive as I have ever experienced.

- Orlando A

Nissan rogue select review.

Really I haven't had any problems with the car. It has been reliable just done oil changes and purchased tires. One thing I do not like is the transmission it appears to be functioning but at times it takes a while to shift gears. I would recommend a later model to purchase.

- Frank R

It is reliable, Never had an issue mechanically in the few years I've owned it

My Nissan Rogue is perfect for me. I really enjoy having the built in navigation on a large touch screen as well as turn by turn on the steering dash display. The all around or birds eye view camera is also my favorite feature it is really handy when parking in tight spaces.

- Nelida R

Absolutely love this car!

I absolutely love this car! Just bought it a few weeks ago. Excellent gas mileage, even when it is not on ECO mode. It connected easily to my phone with the Bluetooth system and the clarity of calls through the system is amazing. I would definitely recommend it to a friend!

- Brittany C

Efficient, economical and elegant.

Drives very smoothly. Technology options are great. Very sharp looking vehicle both inside and out. Especially love the headlights! The drive-assist feature is new to me, and so helpful. Some people do not enjoy the beeping noise with this feature but I find it so helpful.

- Kass G

I love my vehicle and would recommend it to anyone.

I bought my Nissan rogue in November 2017. It was 2 years old and in excellent shape. I have not had one problem with it and I love it. I would not have bought any other vehicle. I would recommend the Nissan rogue new or used to anyone who is looking to purchase a vehicle.

- Michele F

The eco-friendly mode and sport mode are nice features.

Very good gas mileage and very comfortable. I like how quiet it is inside while driving. Does not accelerate very quickly without straining the engine. It is slightly difficult to park front first because I cannot see in front of me since the car is so high off the ground.

- Nikola D

Sporty mom car, good gas mileage and reliable. Easy to work on.

I love the simplicity of the radio. I have never had any problems with the car the three years I've had it. I think the windshield wiper speed could be better. The seats are very comfortable. I like that it tells me tire pressure and how many miles I have left till empty

- Jessica L

The best car I have ever owned!

The car runs great. It can drive up to the mountains with any problems. It's very comfortable and has lots of space in it. I like that the back seats move forward and backwards for more leg room or more storage in the trunk. I've had no issues to be fixed as of right now.

- Gwen L

Great family vehicle for large family.

It has great gas mileage and is very comfortable. It is a great family vehicle and is not too big. I wish it did have a large cargo space for luggage. It is great during bad weather as well. It is all wheel drive. It has a great backup camera. Should have tinted windows.

- Emily B

I Love the Nissan Rogue! Best car ever!

The Rogue runs smooth, is good on gas, and is very comfortable on long trips. It has a lot of room in the back seat and trunk which has a lot of storage. I love the way it handles in snow. It is a great car for a family. This is definitely the best car I have ever owned.

- Cindy C

AWD all the time is Andy's world is what I would title this review.

So far vehicle is solid. I like the gas mileage but wish I had a bit more power to tow a boat or a trailer. I really enjoy the AWD in the car. So far I have not had any problems with the car other than keeping it clean as I like to take it on fire roads in the mountains.

- Andy C

Positive Rogue Review- 2015

Gas mileage is not as good as my Altima. Smooth ride and cheap oil changes. Love this car! I love the technology and Bluetooth connection in the car and it's not as expensive as other cars! The car's interior and exterior and well designed and looks expensive! Very safe!

- Olivia F

I really love the backup camera.

This car is really nice I love a lot of the features that it has. The keyless start and stop is really nice to have and the backup camera is one of my favorite things. I sometimes wish we had a three row and a little bit bigger because it can be tight with two car seats.

- Jessica P

Comfortable and spacious car!

This vehicle is a great family car. I have 2 kids both in car seats and still have room for one more person in the back. The trunk space is absolutely amazing! I got a double stroller and much more! Super comfy car. Traveled 16 hours and it was a smooth comfortable ride!

- Amy S

leather seats heated, cruise control, hands free phone, steering wheel controls.

Vehicle is too big for my needs. Steering is too loose. Switched from sedan to SUV. Less than a year owning it and tie rods had to be replaced. Plus is that it is a comfortable ride for all. Could use a sunroof. Storage capacity adequate. Seating is moderately adequate

- Brenda D

The highlight of my car os all my windows are tinted as well as my front.

Drives smooth and very reliable. Very good on gas. Have never had any problems with it at all. I would never buy another brand of car. Always was a Chevy fan until I bought my Nissan which is a 2015 Nissan rogue. I highly recommend Nissan. They are reliable cars by far


Good and reliable vehicle.

I haven't had any problems as of yet and I have had it 3 years. It is a very comfortable and smooth ride. The controls are all in reach and the seating is very cozy. The gas mileage seems to be good as well. It does not have controls for volume on the steering wheel.

- Tara G

The Nissan Rogue handles like a four door sedan.

Handles well in all weather. Comfortable ride has plenty of space, seats four adults comfortably although it can accommodate 5 adults safely. Has a lot of highway miles and is still very dependable. I wish gas mileage was a little better. I think that comes with AWD.

- Rosanna T

Why I love my car since I have her.

She is very lovely!! She comes with me all the time. I love her rear camera. I also love her red color and all the comfort she provides me. Has a speed control and a back seat to my dog. Also has an indicator when the tires need air. Conclusion: I love my little car.

- Margaret P

Easy to load and great on gas. Does not cost 60. -70 dollars to fill.

There is a blind spot when backing, I had to put a new transmission in car. However it was under warranty. I have enjoyed driving this smaller SUV. Just pop the back and load without bending. Great gas mileage. Easy to handle and I would recommend without hesitation.

- Maggie W

An interesting detail is the gas mileage.

I don't find it comfortable at all. The letters on the screen are too small and close together so you really need to look when you are driving and can only read what the screen says when you look at it head on. The oil change comes on too soon so you waste your time.

- Brooke D

What I love that makes my daily commute easier.

Smooth drive, good gas mileage, Bluetooth technology, maneuvers well, got a backup camera, can easily strap in child safety seats, lots of trunk space. Maintenance is fairly effortless, I was able to add 22 inch tires and rims. I love the sunroof and I can use a mp3.

- Cindy S

Great vehicle for a pretty fair price for anyone looking for a small SUV.

The Rogue rides comfortably for short and long distances. However, I purchased the Rogue with 4 cylinder engine and, if I could do the purchase over, I would get the 6 cylinder engine for a little more power. But, I am satisfied in the Rogue's ride, look and style.

- Stanley A

Smooth ride, extreme comfort, great family car

It's a bit loud on the outside when I drive it. It's mainly a smooth ride but I rather not hear the cars around me. Love the backup camera but I wish there was a navigation system. Seats are very comfortable and easily adjustable. I would recommend this car to anyone

- Naomi W

The perfect in between of small and large.

Very reliable, with the Bluetooth system was more up to date. Like that it is a crossover - not too big or small. It is spacious, clean and meets all of my needs. It is very comfortable. The seats in the back can be put down which is nice for moving/ road trips etc.

- Dylan T

My vehicle is push start and it also has neon led lights in the front.

I have had my car for three years and I love it. My family takes it on trips because it is very comfortable. I haven't had any major problems with it. I have had a few recall but took it to the dealership to get it fixed. Overall it's a great car and it's very safe.

- Ashley F

Good price good ride good looks.

It is sluggish and tinny but the price and dependability is great. I use it for my daily commute and while it keeps pace with traffic if I have got 4 adults in the car hills can be a struggle. It is fairly good on gas and gives a moderately quiet ride for the price.

- Karen J

The rogue is a great SUV for the money.

It is a nice SUV has everything on it but it is not made as well as my Toyota highlander. Not a lot of pep. I think it is good for a small family. Great for around town driving but I drive interstate every day love the Bluetooth features and the radio. Great price.

- Theresa M

Nice small SUV with good mileage; best for 2 people small backseat area

Very reliable although Bluetooth difficult to operate, Roomy trunk lift back but rear seat room not comfortable for adults. Fairly good mileage, Nice handling. Some issues with brakes and squeaky steering. At 35,000 miles was told battery won't last much long nger

- Lisa N

Many blind spots, however good, economical small SUV

I love the size, the way it handles and the gas mileage. I wish I had the option of FT 4wd. I wish the screen was larger. There are many blind spots, which is very annoying. Overall I like the car. Good reliable small SUV. However probably would not purchase again

- lynn K

I think it drives well. It handles really well and it lacks blind spots.

I enjoy how it drives and the access to all of the technology is easy to handle, especially when driving. I wish the navigation voice recognition was better as well as a safety feature could turn off to use navigation when someone is sitting in the passenger seat.

- Nicole C

Good vehicle and good gas mileage

Had Cloth seats, leather with a seat warmer would be nice. Needs an automatic button to close the back hatch. It's hard to close when you're hands are full with stuff. I like that mine has a third row but you can't fit an adult in that section. It's was too small.

- Dan N

It drives just like a car and handles all roads and weather great!

I love that it is a small SUV with lots of legroom. I love that it drives smooth and handles curves like a car. The space in the back is large. I also like that the spare tire is inside & not underneath. I do not like that the console is so large by the leg area.

- Jill B

The Rogue Rules! Why you should buy a Nissan Rogue

I love this car, it is roomy, comfortable to drive and gets good gas mileage considering its size. It has great features for the trim level I have, including a backup camera and Sirius XM radio. I haven't had issues with this vehicle since I purchased it in 2014.

- Gracie N

My Rogue is very reliable.

My Rogue is very reliable. It is good on gas in town and on the highway. It is comfortable and just the right size for me. I haven't really had any problems with my Rogue. The only thing I do not like is it is a 4 cyl. The inside is very roomy. Rides very smooth.

- Selma H

I love my rogue! Best car I have ever had. Reliable and comfortable.

I love my rogue cause it is comfortable and it drives through snow. I like the features it comes with too with the back up camera and side light for lane changes. It also is very roomy and fits a lot of stuff in the very back. It is a great size. I just love it.

- Margaret S

Reliable and stylish small SUV.

This car has been very reliable. I have never had any mechanical issues and drives very smooth. It is comfortable and has enough room for a small family. For more than 2 kids, it is a little small. It has a large trunk space that holds whatever you may need.

- Esther H

Nissan Rogue 2015 - safe!

No problems. Reliable. Very comfortable. Large interior. Large trunk space. Smooth ride. Handles turns well. Smooth steering. Backup cam. Keyless ignition. Bluetooth connect. CD, aux, am/FM radio. Bright interior lights. Strong brake system. Under trunk storage.

- Jackie C

Nissan rogue nice family car

Nice car. Would like the inside to be bigger. Have 2 kids and it already seems cramped. Hard to fit groceries and a full size stroller in the back. It is good on gas I drive 20 miles a day and only have to file up every 2 weeks. The headlights could be brighter.

- Jessica B

Has great safety features and is dependable.

I like its safety features such as 360 cameras. Would like it to be more fuel efficient. It is spacious even with kid seats. Like the controls on steering wheels for calls and radio functions. Really like the low cost maintenance. Dislike that it is had recalls.

- Gloria H

Reliable, family car that everyone will enjoy.

Have not had many problems with my car. It's a very reliable car. I drive about two hours a day, really good on gas and rides comfortable. It fits my family of four perfectly. I also have a big dog and she fits perfectly in the back of the car. We love our car.

- Ana R

The Nissan rogue has great gas mileage, my average is about 30 miles per gallon.

I love the amount of room/space in the car. The backup camera is very helpful. The trunk has a panel that can be removed and turned into a shelf in the trunk to create more room/storage. The blind spot is much bigger than my old car and was difficult at first.

- Allie M

Good mom car. Will get you, your kid, and all of their stuff where you need.

This is a good “mom vehicle”. It is spacious, a lot of room for strollers and diaper bags. Back seat is somewhat spacious and elevated, so you will not get car sick as easily. The car is only a 4 cylinder, so it cannot get up and go like some vehicles can.

- Cassia S

My Nissan Rogue is a fantastic vehicle.

It handles extremely well. Has a sharp turn radius. It great on gas. Easy for my elderly parent to get in and out of. The inside is very roomy. Rides smoothly. The heating and air conditioning works good. Really fun to drive. It's a great looking vehicle.

- Karen P

Nice smooth ride. Cabin is relatively quiet.

Has a hesitation problem going down hills. Does Not have the horsepower that I am use to. Inside cabin is nice and enjoy the sleek appearance. The gas mileage does okay. I drive approximately 400 miles a week commuting to work. Gas normally last about a week.

- Adrian H

Nothing. I would not buy another Nissan.

Doors do not unlock unless keys are out or you hit the unlock. Heat was broken had to be replaced. Luckily covered under warranty. Was freezing cold in the middle of winter was not working for two days had to use blankets when driving. That is all I can say.

- Sherry S

Blind spot in the Nissan Rogue.

I have really enjoyed my 2015 Nissan Rogue. It has all the features you could want on an SUV. The only thing I do not like about the 2015 Nissan Rogue unison that it has a terrible blind spot in the left and right rear side. I find this to be very dangerous.

- Michelle F

Dependable SUV with plenty of room.

I haven't had any problems with it yet. I did notice it is awful on gas though. Its passenger side blind spot is a little strange sometimes it appears there is a car there and there isn't. The only thing I really don't like about my vehicle is it isn't 4WD.

- Amanda D

Rogue - A pretty good small SUV

The Rogue is comfortable, comes with a few bells and whistles and has decent power. The gas mileage is okay. The third row option is nice but really only suitable for a child. We haven't tried the all wheel drive yet but it is reassuring to have it there.

- Karin P

Nissan Rogue is roomy and reliable.

I have had no issues with my vehicle. It does very well in all weather and is very reliable on long trips as well as driving around locally. The vehicle is comfortable and has a lot of room in the trunk and back seat area. I enjoy the backup camera as well.

- Andrea M

All wheel drive that is excellent in the snow.

I love the space i have in my car, that my car hooks up to my phone, it has all wheel drive, and it is great in the snow. I wish it had more power when going up hills etc. There was an issue with a part when i first bought it that was replaced three times.

- Denise B

The best vehicle I've ever owned

The car is amazing! It has everything I want: leather seats, seat warmers, and amazing backup camera. I love driving it and it makes me excited to go out and drive places. It has a lot of room in the backseat which is perfect for my son who is 6 feet tall.

- Jordan F

A review of the Nissan Rogue 2015.

The Rogue is comfortable, realizable, gets great gas mileage, and fun to drive, could improve on factory radio though, all wheel drive is great to have in bad weather conditions. I would recommend someone car shopping to give the Nissan Rogue a test drive.

- Christy P

2015 Nissan Rogue with cloth interior.

I drive a 2015 Nissan Rogue. . I drive to several places daily for my job and this vehicle gets amazing gas mileage. The vehicle also has a very smooth ride which I did not find to be true of other SUVs that I test drove. I would highly recommend this car.

- Donna B

Roomy, good storage space, reliable.

No problems at this time with the car. Have great reliability I can get where I need to be. Very comfort and the features are great, have enough room for a car seat and people. There is enough trunk space to put a lot of groceries and still have some room.

- Heather M

Great family car for road trips!

The Eco mode is great, but you'll feel the slowdown in torque when you press the gas. The miles per gallon Im getting is between 25-27 miles per gallon. This car handles well in snow and in cold weather. There is plenty of legroom for back seat row.

- Francis L

Needs more room to n trunk and backseat

Trunk is a tad small for a double stroller. I can only fit 2 car seats in the back and only a small person can fit between the seat. Car runs amazing well. Seats are extremely comfortable. Extra car charger spot in the middle consult always comes in handy.

- Kristin V

The hand controls on the steering wheel.

My Nissan rogue is perfect for me. It is high enough visual for me to see in front of me and behind me. I love my back up cam because it helps me with parking and backing up. The hand controls on my steering wheel are really handy especially for the radio.

- Elizabeth Kelly K

Great handling, tech and fuel economy.

Reliable vehicle with smooth handling. Love the ability to easily connect my iPhone via a USB cable and Bluetooth to use my phone hands free. I also like the fuel economy for a 4x4. The look of the car is also boss. I like the handling in the snow and ice.

- Nick H

Nissan Rogue: dependable, practical, and safe.

The window does not roll down on drivers side. I love the back seats as the are stadium seating. The vehicle feels very sturdy. I feels safe and secure. I wish the car came in more colors for that year. Overall I love this car and it is great for a family.

- Jill D

Reliable, efficient, not comfy

Good car, drives well. Do not like the fabric seats. Could be more comfortable inside, the backseat is surprisingly high. Very clear visibility out of both windows. Gas mileage is pretty good. Overall satisfied, just not super comfortable. Would recommend.

- Caitlin W

Be ready for Repairs! Although very fun to drive and cute things that needed replacing sooner than I would've expected.

Seems cheaply made had to replace a transmission after 14,000 miles and bought the car new. Have already had some minor things needing replacement such as motor in the window and heat shield under the car. Driving is great very fun sporty and comfortable.

- Cheryl Hollis H

It's a nice ride since it is relatively quiet and the driver has a good view of the road.

I like the functionality of an SUV since I'm usually hauling stuff for the house or transporting animals. I like that it sits high so I have a good view of the road. I wish it got better gas mileage and came in more color. Navigation system is not smart.

- Sandy H