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Toyota Camry far exceeds expectations.

I love my Toyota Camry. It rides very smooth, gets great gas mileage, handles very smoothly. . Rides excellent and never needs repairs. I feel Toyota Camry far exceeds my expectations and is by far the best midsize car on the market today. My family all love driving in it and riding in 4it as a passenger. We choose to take this on day trips and longer trips over the other vehicles available in our family. When we need another car we will be buying a Camry again. We have been researching vehicles and the ratings of the Toyota Camrys are the best in the car size it is. It also lasts for 250000 miles plus on average which is a plus for us also because we tend to drive our cars until they wont drive anymore and until then we don't but a different car. Toyota is so well liked by our family that we have 3 other Toyotas in our family i.e. one other car and two trucks. They all have this excellent performance. . Lots of miles and still going strong and very minimal repairs required from any of them. Again there is no doubt that I will be purchase g another Toyota Camry when need a new vehicle and I am so glad we discovered bow great Toyota is because it has decreased the stress of frequent vehicle repairs. . Way less frequently that we have to shop for another vehicle and excellent value for %e coat of the car. Thanks so much Toyota Camry for such an awesome car.

- Ruth P

Quiet, comfortable, best looking car around.

I love the Camry. It had comfortable seats. Roomy in front seat and in back seat. Even when front seat is back you still have leg room in back seat. The trunk is very large compared to some. I liked the looks of the 2009 Camrys. Easy to drive, dependable, have never had any problems with the car. Even though it is a 2009 we still get good gas mileage have only changed the brakes twice. Have about 156,000 miles on it. Hard to believe we still get 30 miles per gallon. Drives down the highway very quiet and a smooth ride, takes corners very easy. Radio, and CD player works great. We have had Toyotas for over 20 years and loved all of them. Have never had any problems with any of them. Even when 3 people ride in back seat, you do not feel cramped. Even though the car is 9 years old you do not hear anything rattle or noisy. Drives like it did when it was new. I think the Camry had as much room as an SUV. I liked the color selection.

- Carolyn K

You will have it for a long time well kept maintenance.

My Camry is 2009 bought it new I love this car it is great on gas love soft cloth interior good gas mileage the color is metallic gray which is cool show hardly any needs wash ride smooth added wood grain to dash and doors outside window shields added and tinted windows with a bow tie tint on upper front windows CD player plays 1 CD a time with 4 speakers front and back. The best I like the dash give warning signs when something need attention such as low tire pressure, fluids are low etc, seat belt will ding until belt is locked in place. Adjustable steering wheel, the back seats fold down, truck is spacious, built in antenna and console in the middle were gear shift back seat have fold down cup holder, power lock, windows, rear window defroster. The best car drive in the winter where I live.

- Barbara S

Love the reliability of the Toyota Camry.

This vehicle has been dependable for the last 10 years, only needing basic maintenance. Nothing major has occurred in my time of ownership. The drive is very comfortable and the vehicle picks up speed seamlessly on the highway. It also has great mpg, around 32, which is good for a car with a v6 motor. I love the extra features: like the heated seats, the automatic start, the sunroof and automatic features. This car is a great car for those wanting a luxury feel at an affordable price. Another, feature to love is the Toyota name, it has stood my all maintenance guarantees and warranties, giving you the extra assurance of reliability. I would highly recommend a Toyota car, especially the comfort, style and dependability of the Toyota Camry.

- Michele F

A comfortable car with good mileage.

It has a lot of room. It has good gas mileage. It has worked for almost 10 years and works very well still. It drives smoothly and has a good sound system. The leather seats are comfortable, but there are no seat warmers. You can use an AUX cord in it, but there is not USB port. You can charge your phone in the car however. The air condition as well as the heating system works very well, but it does not tell you the exact temperature to set it to. The trunk is an average size. The rug or mat in the car is easily stained. The gas tank can hold up to 16 gallons. You can adjust the seat with ease and there a good amount of legroom in both the front seats and backs seats. It locks automatically, which is very convenient.

- Victoria O

Brief review of my Toyota Camry - a car I got for free at my grandpa's expense.

I currently drive a white, 2009 Toyota Camry. It was given to me by my grandfather, who has unfortunately reached the point in his life where driving is no longer feasible because he is 93 years old and suffers from dementia. My car is pretty standard, no bells or whistles, but I like it because it gets me to work and back, and it was also free which is probably my favorite feature. I couldn't tell you about how much horsepower she's pushing or anything like that; I am not that big of a car guy. What I can say is that it has beige interior, cup holders, and a set of tires that are as bald as my great uncle. Hopefully that will suffice for this review. I pretty much hit all of the highlights.

- Alex L

Comfortable car with lots of great features such as seat heaters, dual temperature control, and moon/sun roof

My Camry in a fully loaded hybrid. I love driving it most of the time but it has some small issues. It wears through tires fast which gets expensive and the Bluetooth does not play music on my phone and it doesn't always work great for calls. The Nav system is out of date so we don't use it much but I like having the map up to see what the next street is. I like the moon/sun roof even though I don't use it often. The leather seats are easy to clean and I love the seat heaters. The dual temperature control is great as I'm often cold while my husband is hot and the dual controls solve that. The backseat is pretty roomy. The trunk houses the battery and is too small.

- Arlene G

Very dependable, safe, comfortable, easy to drive, plenty of room & with simple & easy maintenance lasts a long time.

It's a really good car because it looks good but also it's very dependable, it don't use a lot of gas, had a very smooth ride. As long as you take good care of this car by doing regular maintenance on it line checking & changing the oil, keeping the right air pressure in the tires, rotating & changing tires & things like that & not driving high rates of speed (even though it can & will go fast when needed) the car will last a long time. And cosmetically it's a really nice looking car & has comfortable seats with plenty of room, a big trunk & very nice & loud stock stereo system & speakers. I really love mine & highly recommend the Toyota Camry!!!

- Kimberly H

Toyota Camry. Not just a family car.

My car is 9 years old and has 165, 000 miles and I have never had to have any major repairs on it. I keep up with all of the oil changes to make sure the engine runs well. I have gotten new brakes on the car, but I do not consider it a major repair. I did have to get new tires on it as well, but once again I wouldn't consider that a major repair because the tires lasted for at least 2 years since I bought the car. I love how the car looks. It is not a sports car, but looks more sporty than a family sedan. I was able to have the windows tinted and since they are tinted, it also makes it look less like a family car!

- Clay B

This model Toyota eats oil and even though the dealership checked this problem (and there was a recall), they did not show me the results and now there is nothing to be done but continue to feed it oil monthly.

I love my Toyota because it gives us enough space for two children and a car seat in the back. I love the ample space in the trunk. I love the baby blue color of my car. I love that it gets decent gas mileage and if I make sure preventative maintenance is done it gives me little trouble. I love that the interior is not black and does not absorb the heat when I use a windshield. I hate that it only has one key! And that when the buttons on the key stop working I can only open the car from the drivers side. I hate that it EATS OIL! I put in over a pint of oil each month just to maintain where is should be.

- Linda B

Toyota Camry: my favorite car I have ever owned.

I love my Toyota Camry!! I drive a lot for work so I really appreciate the great gas mileage. The upholstery is really comfortable and pretty easy to clean. The speakers are amazing for when I really want to turn it up and the AUX and car Charger ports are easily accessible. I live in Minnesota where we get big winters and big summers, and one of my favorite things about my Camry is how well the heating/cooling system works. The ac or heat can kick in at full gear within 10 seconds of starting the car, and in the winter, the back window defroster works like a charm. 10/10 would purchase a Camry again.

- Kirsten W

Mostly dependable; only 1 complaint.

The visors are terrible. The one on the drivers side slowly works its way out of the fixture that holds it every time you lower or raise it. So when you turn down a road and now have the sun staring you in the face, your visor might just fall in your lap while you are driving when you go to pull it down. It also does not extend, so me being of moderate height (5'11"), this does not block the sun from the side, since I have my seat back a good amount. Aside from that, it drives fine. It does not seem to have many maintenance problems or anything like that. It is reliable for the most part.

- Ryan D

Comfortable, reliable and even attractive.

Vehicle has been problem free from day one. Has very roomy interior, good trunk space, drives smoothly. It is low mileage, because I drive mostly around town, but it has made several long trips. I service it every 6 months or 5000 miles, so it is always in excellent condition. Has excellent stereo radio. Almost all repairs have been part of routine maintenance. The exception is the struts had to be replaced, probably at least in part because at one point the car sat for a prolonged period. I am very happy with the car and would definitely consider another Toyota in the future.

- Susan L

How great the air conditioning unit is.

I really like how stable and secure the car is. However, it seems like the brakes wear out way to quickly and the oil needs to be checked constantly. The air conditioning in the car is amazing. It is very cold when placed on cool and well hot when on heat and gives out a lot of air. The build of the car is very nice and it is not to small or too big. When pressing gas, it goes quickly and does not need too much time to start. Overall, it is a wonderful car, it just seems like I put to much money into checking and or changing the breaks and other materials within the car.

- Mary J

Camry is cool I guess, check it out.

My vehicle has been given to me by my parents who have been driving it for many years. Although it is getting quite old and all, it still works well and is in decent condition whenever I drive to school and back home. This car has a lot of space inside and is comfortable in my opinion. Too me, there is not much to complain about other than some occasional break issues I had in the past, but after getting it fixed, it has been alright to me. Also, compared to other cars I have driven, this does no require much gas and I do not have to fill it up every other day.

- Lily N

Front wheel drive and heated seats make this car optimal for winter.

My 2009 Toyota Camry hybrid is the perfect commuter/city car. The gas mileage has saved me a substantial amount of money since changing from an older Mercedes (I now get at least 34 miles to the gallon for freeway drives). The car is quiet, smooth, and breaks with ease. It is more spacious than a Prius with better visibility, but the same eco-benefits. It is comfortable and easy to drive; my family lives 300 miles away, and I often drive to visit them. My Camry makes those car rides quick, affordable, and comfortable. I cannot recommend this car enough!

- Mary O

It is a very reliable and safe vehicle with good performance.

My car has been dependable, reliable, and generally family friendly. I have two children so having a safe vehicle that I can trust is a top priority in buying/owning a vehicle. So far I haven't had in major issues with my car and I've had it for approximately 1 plus years. Doing work myself on this car has been very manageable as well. So its service friendly. I also here Toyota stands by their products so any major issues I can depend on them to take care of. All around I love my car and hope to stick with Toyota for all my families vehicles.

- Clinton M

My Camry runs great, with minimal maintenance.

My Camry has always ran well, with very few issues. I maintain the car as best I can, keeping up with oil changes and other maintenance. It rides really smoothly and quietly, and I find the interior nice and comfortable. I really have no complaints about my Camry. Also, the heater and air conditioner perform great, and I live in an area where both are needed throughout the year. The trunk space is another feature I really enjoy about my Camry, as it is wide and deep. The spare tire is easy to get to, but I have never needed it.

- Eric M

The front part of the vehicle is shaped oddly and has scratched on higher curbs.

It has over 130, 000 miles and has not had many problems. I did purchase it used about 3 years ago (when it had around 100, 000 miles). With regular maintenance, the car has been extremely dependable. I will note that I do have a problem with the AUX cable input but instead of replacing the electrical unit with the problem (which would have been over $300), I purchased a simple Bluetooth-radio connector from amazon for about $20. That was the only major issue I had with this car in 3 years.

- Jenny K

Have car, will travel. Has done well at sea level and in mountains at 6, 000 feet.

Easy to drive, good handling, have regular oil changes, but very little other work needed. One brake job around 100, 000 miles, transmission flush also done at that time. Bought car in Seattle area. Around 100k miles moved to rocky mtn. Area and since have lived at 6, 000 feet elevation. Occasionally make trips to higher elevations in mountain. Has done fine, one complaint is that I have a larger size dog and dog has to be in back seat. Not so practical for dog.

- Lisa C

I feel safe in this car and it has been a trusty friend for nearly 10 years.

For a sedan, it does not have a quiet ride and the auxiliary cord jack does not work 85% of the time, but performance wise I am satisfied. I have been driving this car since I bought it new and it has been safe and reliable. The trunk space is impressive as is the backseat, I am able to fit three car seats safely in the back. I have kept up on my routine maintenance and haven't had to have any major work done. Just simple belts and filters being replaced.

- Emily W

Others should know that Toyota Camrys are super reliable and make a long lasting family car.

I have a black Toyota Camry 2009, I bought it used and had to do a lot of cleaning but it turned out nice. One thing I love about it is how reliable it is and I'd consider it to be a family car. There are only a few things that I can think of that I dislike; 1.) No Bluetooth option and 2.) The seats are ruined from the previous owner burning cigarettes on them. All in all I would highly rate this car and look into a new one as my next car.

- Abigail C

It's good ol reliable but everything can be very pricey.

Having to drive places for work gas gets very expensive and it sure does feel like I can do better with maybe a car that can just get me there and back and also repairing the car is a arm and a leg as well as replacing tires, etc. The comfort is splendid it can get very warm and the air can cool everything down in seconds and it is really roomy so it does have its perks of being a really good car especially when being with friends.

- Leticia R

That it has been really reliable.

I really liked my vehicle a lot when I first got it! I liked the color (candy apple red) a lot when I got it, the style of the body, and it had a blue light that surrounds the stereo that I liked. I like the light a lot, but it was cheaper to have that, I would have rather had the built in navigation screen model instead. That was around the time when cars started to come with the built in navigation screen systems.

- Heidi Y

Good machine. . The auto was as good as it could be.

Bought the car brand new. Currently I have 100,000 miles on it and I have had zero issues. I drive mostly highway, very little stop and go. Out of boredom I changed the spark plugs and the pcv valve at around 80,000 miles. Been changing my own oil since the 50,000 mile mark. The only issue is the oil consumption. From the 50,000 mile mark to now the car would consume 2 quarts out of the 4.5 I put in over 5000 miles.

- May A

They last forever! 215, 000 miles and still going strong.

Very reliable car. Great gas saver stills runs great even at 215, 000 miles! Love the space and comfort it has. It is a little slow when you want to get up and go. However it gets you from point A to point B safe. I love the AUX feature minus the location of it. It's hard to put the cord in place. I love the hands free option on steering wheel. I can change the radio without taking my hands or eyes off the wheel.

- Whitney Z

It gets good gas mileage and is reliable with regular maintenance.

our 2009 Toyota Camry XLE is a good car for us. We are retired and don't drive too much, so our car has less than 40,000 miles on it. We get the oil changed at least once a year. The Michelin tires that came with the car wore out after only 2 years, but otherwise we haven't had any major problems. We have a 6-cylinder engine but still get good gas mileage. I would buy another Toyota Camry. It's a pretty good car.

- Laura K

Overall it is a very nice and good vehicle.

I love my vehicle, it runs very well if I maintain it properly. But over time some things to fall off if I do not maintain it. Needs regular check up and oil change. I drive it to long distance sometimes but prefer not to because of minor problem that my vehicle have that needs attention which I cannot happen to find the time to. Regular maintenance is a must. Take care of your car and it will take care of you.

- Mohammed H

Over 200,000 miles and still drives as good as the day I bought it.

The stock radio will have to be replaced after a few years. The CD player has stopped working and the auxiliary port has a shortage. Its rear seats fold down allowing for lots of trunk space for anyone who needs to haul items. It truly is an excellent car with minimal issues and one of my favorites thus far. Despite it being an older car with high mileage(over 200,000) it has never given me any problems.

- Gigi G

It gets great gas mileage.

If you are looking for a great dependable car then the Toyota Camry is your car. It gets great gas mileage and it has good get up and go. I like Toyotas because you can drive them forever. I have over 200, 000 miles on mine and it still runs great. When our daughter gets out of college I will probably get a new Toyota of some sort. For now, I am very confident that this one will last another 3 years.

- Sheila E

One of the best cars in the market!

It is spacious, comfortable, is also easy to keep a good mechanical maintenance, I feel safe in the road knowing that it will take me anywhere without problems, the gas mileage is better than my past vehicles and the peace of driving my car without worries gives a beautiful feeling of joy, peace and the trust that I have in my vehicle performance, I would recommends my friends to buy a Toyota Camry.

- Cruz I

Our home vehicle that got us from ma to Florida for our relocation.

This vehicle is very reliable, it got us from ma to Florida when we relocated, great on gas being a hybrid. Love it. We have a radio with CD access. We have two young grandchildren and have put in 2 car seats in the back. There is also room for another person to sit in the middle of the car seats. We also have dual airbags and side airbags. The tires are good winter up north and summers down south.

- Denise O

Toyota, above all else, is extremely reliable.

Over the years my vehicle has stayed reliable in performance. Of course problems have arisen considering it is at this point a 10 year old car, but the problems have been minimal and the overall functionality of the vehicle still holds up well. I have had a couple problems with the a/c in the past 2-3 years, but other than that the vehicle has held up very well. Toyota is reliable, if nothing else.

- Bradley Y

Cherry red Toyota Camry is one hot car!

This car is roomy and very comfortable. There is a huge trunk. I love that the engine rolls down on impact so it cannot come through the firewall. There are airbags everywhere. Curtain airbags too. I love that it is red! Good on gas. Smooth ride! The back seat folds down to transport long pieces of wood, etc. It is very safe for car seats and has the car seat hooks built in to the rear dash.

- Sharon G

The air conditioner is amazing.

The only problem I have had with my car is the gas mileage. I drive quite a bit so I put about $80 a week in gas. Performance is great, it has a lot of power. It is very realizable and comfortable for me since I am small. I really enjoy the a/c, it is great and works fast. Especially on those really hot days, the a/c is so well sometimes I need to turn it off cause it gets cold.

- Julianne C

It is a very safe, reliable, and fun car. I can rely on the car to get me absolutely anywhere.

I really like this vehicle. I do wish it had a sun/moonroof. My family's 99 Toyota Camry has that feature, and it's so fun. I also wish the speakers were upgraded. The seats aren't as comfortable as I'd like them to be. While I do believe that these seats would prevent me from having a lot of whiplash in a car accident, they aren't particularly comfortable in day-to-day driving.

- Ella G

Toyota cars are like the energizer bunny. They keep going and going and going.

It is a great car. It is required maintenance to keep it going and a few repairs. Gas mileage is good, it has a nice ride and I love the sunroof. It is got 177, 000 miles on it and keeps going. I liked the Honda I had before this but this has been a much better car. It is got more leg room and head room. I would definitely buy another Toyota. They really are great cars.

- Brian R

The only brand of car I would consider buying. Reliability & comfort.

Love it. Have never had any problems with it. I bought it used - the water pump had been replaced by former owner. Also had the dashboard replaced free of charge by Toyota und re r a recall. This car runs perfectly. Ideal for my needs and I would purchase the same vehicle again. It is my 4th Toyota so far. I've kept each one an average of 10 years, loved them all!

- Kathleen D

2009 Toyota Camry se: undeniably trustworthy.

My 2009 Toyota Camry se has been an extremely reliable vehicle, it has only required regular maintenance and has cost very little to keep running well. It is not a luxury vehicle, but it is a comfortable, and fairly quiet and smooth, ride. If I you were looking for a dependable long lasting midsize vehicle, of middle level luxury, and that is safe, go with Camry.

- Robert V

Good car. Reliable. Money saver. Family car.

We have no problems with our vehicle everything works fine and we use it for everything work, persona and some time to take trips. This model is one of the best if you are on a budget and trying to save money on gas. Also if you have a family it is one of the best cars to have. I recommend this car to all first time parents and people that are always on the go.

- Melvin M

This vehicle drives like a dream.

This car has taken me very far. I have had some issues with my transmission in the past, but that was due to my axle seal being broke. I currently have a slight leak in my power steering line. Recently had to resurface the whole vehicle due to animal damage. Auxiliary connection (not actual cord) does not work after having whole front end redone in 2017.

- Emma M

This car is dependable and you will have it for a long time if you maintain it properly.

I love my Camry because it has proven to be a dependable car. It has had excellent gas mileage, easy maintenance and little to no problems. It offers a comfortable ride for those in the front and enough space in the rear for my children. My only complaint has been the radio; the radio has failed over time and can be sporadic in how well it operates.

- Mary D

An overall reliable car with hardly any troubles.

My Toyota Camry is a very reliable car it takes me everywhere it is a 2009 model which is a little old but it is lasted a while the only trouble so far is the air conditioner sometimes feels like it is still on even after I turn it off but I believe it is just the air filter that needs to be changed other than that it is been such a good reliable car.

- Samantha E

To summarize my vehicle it is a very reliable dependable car.

I have had the car for about 6 years now 7 years I have only had to do minor maintenance change the water pump oil and that is about it. It is a very reliable car runs smooth and very comfortable. As long as you change the oil and do the minor maintenance the car will run forever. I currently have about a hundred and eighty thousand miles on the car.

- Stefan H

Very reliable car with nice features.

Car body feels really nice; seats are nice and comfortable; the car has Bluetooth features, which work really well with my phone as well (sometimes the Bluetooth connectivity is not as fluid, but it still works well). Very reliable on the road, does not do too well on snow but that is alright; all in all, it is a great and long-lasting car to get.

- randy R

Beautiful, reliable, and trouble free Camry. Proud to drive!

I wanted a Camry, preferably blue. When we went to the dealership the first car we saw was this same car at almost the price we wanted. Got it for the wanted price. It is so pretty, comfortable, well engineered, stable & smooth driving. Everything you could want without any repairs besides basic maintenance for 3 years now. Exactly what we wanted!

- Laura H

Comfortable interior and sharp looking design.

Great interior, very comfortable. Easy to access everything. Has been reliable so far. Popular and stylish. Has a big trunk. Great sounding speakers. Has plenty of power and quick for only a 4 cylinder engine. Handles great on the road. Very soft and nice fabric for seats. Toyota holds their money value. Has 150, 000 miles and runs like brand new.

- Jessica O

If you want a reliable sedan, please buy yourself a Camry.

I bought this vehicle used in 2011 with 49, 000 miles on it. I had a 1998 Camry prior to the 2009. I have had such great history with Toyota, so. It was one of those "I gotta have it, when this one was listed. Leather, great jbl speakers. I am very pleased with the Camry. The Camry has much more room than any sedan out there. Great car to drive.

- Thierry L

It's a really good car and it looks good.

My car is very reliable, but it is getting old so it is having some issues. I have about 183000 miles on it at this point. Other then that the car runs great! The stereo system is amazing! Car is big in side and has lots of room. Its an 09 so it doesn't have a lot of features it does have the ability to use an AUX cord to connect to my phone.

- Michelle M

Toyota is a great car value.

The Toyota Camry is a very reliable vehicle. It performs quite well for a four cylinder automobile. It has plenty of pep on the highway. I would definitely select Toyota for my next vehicle. The interior is very comfortable and spacious. Being able to fold down the back seat allowing for using the trunk and back seat for longer item storage.

- Boot S

It is a hybrid. It uses gas, like yours. I does not need a special outlet.

I love the color of my vehicle. I love that it is so quiet when it is on is fun and the fact that I can save on gas because of the hybrid engine is a plus. I do not like that I hear too much "road noise"- the doors are not sealed very well, and it is hard to hear somebody in the car when they are asking me a question or responding to me.

- Jennifer R

Dependable family vehicle

Great car and has enough space to move around without issue. Rides smoothly and accelerates with ease and takes curves well. Toyota has notified me of recalls and I have multiple issues addressed by them with absolutely no fuss. I have had this vehicle nearly ten years and it is still a reliable vehicle and I get compliments frequently.

- Andrea G

Huge trunk space, comfy seats, smooth ride,

I just purchased a 2009 Toyota Camry with 87,000 miles! So far it runs amazing it feels just like a new car! The a.C. Is ice cold. The seats are electric and even has electric lumbar support which is very comfortable! The ride is smooth and quiet! I love also that it is safe with 6 airbags. The radio system is nice. Trunk space is huge.

- Danielle R

Very reliable and low maintenance costs/mechanical problem costs.

My car has been very reliable for the past eight years that I've owned it. I have had no major mechanical problems. I like that it gets decent gas mileage. I also like the heated seat feature and the interior cosmetic design. The one thing I've noticed and come to dislike is the difficulty in seeing out of the vehicle when backing up.

- Kristi K

That it is a very reliable vehicle if you keep up with regular maintenance.

It's been very reliable with routine maintenance. At almost 103,000 miles it has withstood New England's frigid temps and the stifling heat of south Florida. All with the exception of the plastic ceiling console and the interior coating on all surfaces. Those did not stand up to the heat and have cracked away or peeled away.

- Robin D

Love my Toyota Camry- comfortable and quiet ride!

Love my Toyota Camry. I have the hybrid and get great fuel mileage. Have never had a mechanical issue (owned the car 10 years). Only performed routine maintenance. Super comfortable to drive. This is the quietest vehicle I have ever owned. I drive 4-5 thousand miles a month (mostly freeway) and love the smooth, quiet ride.

- Michael G

Very dependable, reliable beauty that will be sure to get you to and from.

My vehicle is very dependable. So far we have had no issues with it. It has gotten us to and from out of town and back definitely runs super smooth on the highway. It also is easy on the gas if I fill take up on a Sunday gas will last almost the whole week. My kids also love it for the looks it is nice inside and out.

- Christina R

Comfortable easy to handle low maintenance car with a reasonable price.

Very comfortable, very reliable. Does well in the snow with winter tires. Low gas mileage easy to handle. Have only had to put minimal work into the car such as oil changes, front brakes and a new battery. Basic design on the unsaid, would recommend this car to anyone. It is a great starter car for a reasonable price.

- Megan W

My 2009 Camry le has extensive trunk space for such a compact car.

My vehicle is a 2009 Toyota Camry le and I have no complaints in all honesty. My car has been very good to me and has given me no problems thus far, I have enjoyed this vehicle so much in fact that I will only be using Toyota vehicles from now on. The interior is very comfortable, and the exterior is very attractive.

- Elizabeth R

The amazing Toyota Camry!

My vehicle is very reliable and always gets me where I need to go. It has all of the accessories that are necessary for my long trip. It plays my CDs easily and has a very good sound system. The seats are very comfortable and you sink right into them. I would recommend this car to anyone as it has never let me down.

- Leah D

It is a basic good gas mileage sedan but lacks excitement!

I bought it used. It gives me good gas mileage but I do not like the lack of room for transporting large items in it. The car handles well but it is older so it makes noises. It is a basic sedan and does not have a lot of toots and whistles! It is comfortable traveling on short trips but not a long distance trip.

- Andrea T

Decent car for work and light travel

I actually like my car for the most part. It's a little older but I think it runs okay. I don't have an up to date navigation system that I'd like and sometimes I feel that I don't get as many MPG as I'd like. Other than that, it is a good car for travelling to and from work and getting errands done and what not.

- Sha M

Reliable drive & perfect for all drivers!

It is a great car and very reliable. Pretty good on gas mileage, but could always be better too. Sometimes the tire light comes on with weather change, so that is one annoying feature. So if I could change anything, that would be one because I cannot tell if my tire pressures are actually low or if they're okay.

- New T

Stylish, reliable and comfortable.

I have had no real problems with my vehicle. It has just reached 45000 miles last week. I am and have been totally satisfied with my car. It drives very well, great safety locks, very comfortable with automatic adjustable driver seat. Many other functions are enjoyed in this car. I am very satisfied with my car.

- Carolyn R

It's a very reliable car with only the basic maintenance required.

I like the way the vehicle handles, steering, brakes, acceleration. It has a roomy backseat for the overall size, and plenty of space in the trunk. I dislike the amount of noise in the cabin while driving, especially on the highway. I also wish the back seat would fold down to increase trunk space when needed.

- Elizabeth H

Smooth, reliable Camry for any customer!

No vehicle problems! I would recommend a Camry to anyone! Even my mechanic said he wouldn't see me very often because they rarely have problems! Routine maintenance is the only thing I have had to take care of on this vehicle! When I trade in, I am definitely considering same vehicle--obviously a newer model!

- Jane H

This car will last you a lifetime as long as you care for it and maintain it.

My car runs really really well. It does require heavy maintenance once a year other than that I love the way it runs and the comfort of it all. All my friends love my car and I've had it for years now, so many memories have been made with my car and I intend to use it until I absolutely need to get a new car.

- Casandra a

Toyota- a magnificent and reliable car.

So easy to drive and good on gas and it is reliable and pretty much maintenance free but it is getting old. I am now looking for a new Toyota as it is very safe and great prices and I think Japanese cars are great. I used to have a Celica which got stolen and it also was great on gas and also very reliable.

- Sheri J

The trunk and back seat are very spacious. It comes in handy when shopping, traveling, moving

I like that it is comfortable and has good gas mileage for road trips. I love that when parts break down replacements are easy to find. I like the technological perks of being able to know how many miles are left in my gas tank and being able to see the mileage difference from street to highway is helpful.

- Morgen F

The Camry is a comfortable and dependable vehicle.

The Camry is a very comfortable car. With routine maintenance, I have had no problems. I have had to replace tires and battery but have had no major issues or repairs. It has plenty of trunk space and the backseat is roomy and comfortable. I enjoy driving the Camry and will probably purchase another.

- Lyn B

Camry upgrade from a hatchback to a spacious four door sedan.

We went from a mini cooper hatch back to a four door Camry. It was the best decision we could have made. Our family of four loves the space, reliability, and smooth drive. The trunk space is also large enough for a two seat stroller and more. The sound system is also wonderful and is loud even at 10.

- Samantha P

200,000 miles and still no major mechanical problems.

I have almost nothing negative to say other. I would have preferred black leather interior I guess but the ride is smooth, the SE model with a body kit looks nice, I have 200,000 miles and it's still reliable. The only thing to watch out for is the engine oil burns faster than normal at this age.

- James N

2009 Toyota Camry sedan review.

I do not like that oil changes cost more for Camry's because of the oil that it uses and that it takes a lot to speed up. The car seems to trap heat and moisture on the windshield when it's cold. However it is a good commute car and has been reliable. It is a spacious sedan with a good sized trunk.

- Arlene B

Low maintenance and spacious!

It has very low maintenance cost and times that it needs repairs and regular maintenance. It has comfortable back seats but not the front seats. There is a spacious back seat area with good legroom in front seats. The purchase cost is affordable also. I continue to buy Toyota Camrys over the years!

- Eileen S

Good value and reliability.

I like the fact that it is very reliable and gets good gas mileage. It is also comfortable and quiet. The styling is also classic with sufficient storage in the trunk. About the only thing I dislike is that there are blind spots that require some neck craning to make sure I can see everything.

- Julia B

The color is nice. It is silver.

My is car very reliable, good on gas, and not too big to drive. I have not had any major problems with my car. It very easy to maintain. I enjoy driving my car, is very easy to maneuver, not too big and not too small. My car is easy to clean. I have offers from Toyota to buy my car, but said, no.

- Mary W

Very reliable car that will take you to your next adventure.

The Camry is a very reliable car, very spacious, and handles well. All the controls are very self-explanatory. Love that the driver seat can be risen up since I am a short driver. The headlights are not as bright as some of the newer cars. The backseat has a middle section that will hold drinks.

- June T

Not to hit it with their own, or at minimum to wildly well insured should they choose to do so.

It's so reliable. It's roomy and has some heft to it unlike my spouse's Prius C which scares me to death. Easy to maintain, unlike some newer cars that you can't figure out how to change the oil and can't even put air in the tires because they use a specific gas rather than just plain atmosphere

- Nunya B

Low maintenance and high mileage about 500 miles per tank.

Low maintenance, high mileage, full size car, quiet, small trunk space, limited advanced technology (aux, no touch screen, no camera), backup notification, great for long distance travel, performance feels like driving a regular car even though a hybrid. Dealership provides great service plans.

- Natasha T

Nothing wrong about the details that I wrote.

There is no problem with the car and runs great. The seats is very comfortable and give you legs more room. There buns warmer (butt), moonroof, cup holder for two. A/c are in front and back. Front and back defroster and needs to get use to automatic transmission gear (steering wheel). Loves it.

- Vicki C

Play with your Toyota now!

My car has reliable gas mileage. It's a great sizer for traveling. My version is older but still has some new features. It is also a great size, not too crowded when you are carpooling. I would recommend to anyone to get a Toyota. It is a great car for anyone that is looking for a reliable car.

- Sydney M

For the price I paid for the car, it's probably one of the best deals out there to be had. Many similar style cars cost much more money.

I've had my car for 10 years now and I've had no major problems with it. It's very reliable, comfortable to drive, and performs now as if it was still a new car. It gets good enough gas mileage and when it comes time for me to get a new car, I will probably get the same make and model again.

- Scott G

The Toyota Camry is made with reliable quality and is made to last the upcoming years you'll be spending with it.

My Toyota camry has been with me since I started college in 2011. I really like that it is reliable with working air conditioning and has not broken down on me. I don't like that the console is outdated, as it does not have rear-view parking assist or bluetooth connectivity for smart devices.

- Vien P

My Toyota Camry - I love my car.

My 2009 Camry has almost 170000 miles on it & we have never had any major repairs needed. We always have our regular scheduled maintenance done on time. My car is reliable, comfortable, easy to handle, has plenty of room for 5 people & a roomy trunk. My next car will also be a Toyota Camry.

- Linda S

High quality that lasts for years.

In the three years I have been driving my Camry it has been extremely reliable. I bought it used and it still works great. For being almost ten years old the performance is great and it still drives smoothly. I recommend getting an oil change often to keep it working in its best condition.

- Erika S

Toyota Camry: the best and cheapest car ever made.

Toyota is great. Always reliable, never had any major problems. It is very comfortable, and it gets great gas mileage. The engine runs well and this car will easily go 300, 000 miles if taken care of. I love Toyota. The car has nice stock speakers and nice seats. Very roomy for a family.

- Tyler W

The car is a hybrid so it's great with gas.

I love driving the Camry. It is great on gas and is a safe car for anyone who is a beginner at driving. For being a 10 year old car, it is running great. The only problems I have had are minor or recalls that Toyota ends up fixing. Overall, I love the features and the comfort of the car.

- Amber A

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it has great gas mileage.

It's reliable and has great pickup. It is roomy, has great air conditioning and tons of trunk space. It gets good gas mileage and it's all around awesome. I would not get a black exterior next time because the car gets very hot in the sun and you can see all of the pollen and dirt on it.

- Alyse W

I love my Toyota Camry hybrid!

I love my Camry (hybrid). The mileage is great - about 35 mpg both on highways and on city streets. It is got a luxury feel with the trimmings and have power when you need it. The best part is that I have driven it for 80, 000 miles and there have been no expenses beyond routine things.

- Julian Z

Well built and very reliable

It is a hybrid and gets good gas mileage, although not as high as I had hoped for. It has been very reliable, with very few repairs. Other than oil changes and putting gas in it, I have spent very little on it otherwise -- including AMAZINGLY never having to even replace the battery!

- frank G

Great 2009 Toyota Camry XLE with minimal problems

The 2009 Toyota Camry xle has a problem with the auxiliary plug to play your music. They have to be replaced a lot. Easy installation for car seats. Moonroof feature is great on nights that aren't too hot. Smooth drive with a nice jbl system. Great mileage and overall great vehicle.

- Kandi W

2009 Toyota Camry has great gas mileage!

The 2009 Toyota Camry that we have at our house is very reliable and I swear could last forever! Plenty of trunk space which is always good cause we are constantly picking up packages for our dog and the back seat is comfy and spacious which is perfect for road trips! Love this car!

- Tori R

Great automobile and great performance.

The Toyota Camry is a very reliable automobile. I have had no problems with the car. It performs great on the highway and gets pretty good gas mileage using the lower grade of gasoline. I would definitely purchase this model again in the unlikely event something happens to this one.

- Mike T

09 Camry review on features and reliability.

The Camry is very reliable smooth driving and spacious great mix between performance and family has great features good bass when listening to music easy adjustable mirrors 3 seats in back and very tuff built interior still new after 4 kids very respectable and recommend a 09 Camry.

- Liam W

2009 Toyota Camry spacing.

The only complaint I have about my vehicle is space. It seems cramped sometimes. I would prefer to have a taller vehicle with more space. I also have trouble parking the vehicle due to its length. It seems very long for a sedan, and I often find myself having issues when parking it.

- Courtney F

Happy Toyota Camry owner!!

This has been one of the best cars I have ever owned!! My car has always been reliable and the maintenance has been so easy to keep up with, I have never had any major issues at all. Since my car has been so reliable we bought another Camry in 2016 and it has been terrific as well!

- Lisa L

Fuel consumption. Sticky dashboard.

It is the best car I ever wanted. Fuel consumption is very low. Larger capacity, environment friendly but a problem that I face is that its dashboard got sticky due to heat. But otherwise its performance is remarkable and I never want to sell it. I have this car for almost 9 years.

- Rizwan N

Amazing car for new drivers.

All I have is pros for this car. It has enough space for the typical family. It has great mileage, rides smooth. Alerts you when seatbelt is unbuckled and if any doors are opened. Alert lights for any issue that may arise with the car; low tire pressure, low gas, check engine, ect.

- Morgan B

Color gold and leather seats. When charged up really has some get up and go.

Loses charge if I do not use it at least every other day despite new battery which is very frustrating because mechanic can find no cause for battery dying?? love my leather seats but which I had paid extra when buying new for having them heated. Really like the size of the trunk.

- Rene E

My car is reliable it gets me from point A to point B but also can go the distance

You can change the setting of your chair to how you want it but if you share the car than it's a constant hassle switching back and forth between different heights of the chair. It is a pretty fast car than what I was expecting, I feel like I'm going faster than normal most times.

- Sarah H

It is amazing with lots of storage space, gas mileage in town and on highway.

I like the car. It just has some electrical malfunction that has not been discovered yet. It has great gas mileage. The air conditioning works well. Could use better tinting but that could be done myself. It has a lot of legroom and a huge trunk. It has electric seats and windows.

- Lisa M

This car is super reliable with a good cost to own

My car has been great for the past 6 years that I've owned it. And it's nice to have it paid off. It's obviously dated compared to my husband's new car but has been really reliable with minimal extra maintenance. It's safe with a big trunk and has been through many miles with me!

- Jessica P

I bought the standard silver/grey color and mistakenly went to other vehicles thinking they were my car.

My Celica is very comfortable and seats 4 adults comfortably. It handles the road quite well, on straightaways and curves. The gas mileage is good, not great. I have had issues with the breaks, which I contacted Toyota about with no result. I also had issues with the sun visors.

- Phil S

Hassle free car - easily best to maintain.

Minimal problems. Easily maintenance. Front underneath panel tends to get caught on parking spot apparatus. Good gas mileage. Great car for getting around town. Good longevity. I have had my car for almost 10 years. No big problems that I have dealt with. My favorite car so far.

- Christina W

Toyota Camry, 2009, runs great, pros and cons.

I do not like that the break is on the bottom, like a truck other than that, everything else is perfectly fine, car runs perfect. I love that it has a sunroof and it opens both ways. I do not like that it does not have Bluetooth. The ac runs great! But the trunk is really small.

- Esmeralda V

This car will last me many years.

2009 Toyota Camry. Some red. Some body. 4 doors. Owned for three years and very satisfied. Regular oil changes. Runs like new. Electric seats work fine. Adjustable steering. Electric windows. Roomy trunk. Great gas mileage. Gives a smooth ride. Am/FM radio and preset stations.

- Terri M

09 Camry, awesome gas mileage, great work car.

Just got hit pretty bad with hail damage, still runs great though, so even though it was totaled by insurance I decided to keep it since I mainly just drive it to work. 250 Characters is a lot, so I guess I'll just ramble on until I get enough, it is starting to get cold here.

- Casey I

Good Toyota Camry 2009 red.

I love it. The car is great. It runs great and drives great the interior and exterior are great along with the mileage and gas. The tires are great and speakers and radio are awesome. Everything runs really well and I never have any issues. It always does really well for me.

- Madison B

Great reliability and endurance.

I have owned the car for 3 years now and she still runs like a beauty. I have taken her across country and she is still going strong like the day I first got her. She is definitely the most reliable car I have ever owned, mainly because she is the only car I have ever owned.

- Caitlin M

Toyota Camry -- the best car you will ever buy.

I have had very little problems with my Camry. The only problem I had was when my car was about three years old. Toyota had to rebuild part of my engine. It was under warranty. I have had no problems whatsoever with my car. I would recommend to anyone buying a Toyota Camry.

- Deborah M

Dependable, reliable and great gas mileage for the price.

Outstanding reliability, fantastic gas mileage. Over 120,000 miles and outside of routine oil changes, new tires, looking to replace with newer model. Highly recommend this vehicle for people wanting a nice sedan that is aesthetically pleasing and a very dependable vehicle.

- Wendy O

Camry: very dependable vehicle. Very spacious interior.

It is an older model car and I'd rather be driving a newer model vehicle. It is a large spacious vehicle which is what I like about it. However, because it is a larger vehicle it does not pick up very fast and the car bounces when I drive it. Other than that I love my car.

- Donna Z

2009 Toyota Camry, second owner.

My car sometimes runs very rough, especially when the air conditioning is turned on, and it is burning oil at a rate of 1 quart every 1000 miles. Otherwise I have been very happy with the performance and reliability of my vehicle during the six years that I have owned it.

- Joanne E

Dependable, long lasting, will buy one again!

Very reliable vehicle, have had no problems in 4 years. Interior is a plush fabric, comfortable to sit on, controls easily accessible, and this car is rated highly on dependability. Normal maintenance will keep this car working for many years. I highly recommend this car!

- Jackie C

Travel with Camry! Smooth to groove!

There's no problems with my car other than regular maintenance. Reliability is great and great mileage. Comfort is good. Features can be better but I have a lower model so it is doable. It operates smoothly and gives a smooth ride. It is very roomy and great car overall.

- Yer T

Its four a four door automatic car, it's a great size for the gas mileage.

I just recently bought this vehicle and so far I love it. I haven't had any problems at all, it has leather seats and the size of the car as well. Over all its extremely comfortable and great on gas. I would give it 4 out of 5 stars. Over all it is a great reliable car.

- Jessica P

Overall very good and reliable car.

Overall good car, no major problems. Good on gas, drives really, smooth ride. Comfortable, spacious. Looks good on outside, nice size and nice looking. Even with high mileage no major problems, just keep maintenance up. If get another car it will definitely be a Toyota.

- Monica S

Great seats and display features.

Comfort is excellent, has adjustable seats, and a very nice mixture of leather and fabric. The display is also very helpful. Allows you to monitor the tire pressure, change Audio source from radio to Bluetooth, and even allows you to make hands free calls from your car.

- Savanna C

It's very comfortable and easy to drive.

It is a dark grey sedan. I like that it is easy to drive and the driver's seat has a lot of adjustments. I like how it looks from the outside and 4 doors is much easier with children. The only thing I don't like is that it is hard to see beside me when changing lanes.

- Angie S

The make and style has always been a leader in the car industry.

I got my first Toyota Camry in 1986 and have loved it ever since. The car's style and performance has always been a leading in it is industry. It is safety and reliability has never failed me then as well is now. I would recommend this make and style to anyone that ask.

- Ellen B

The back seat belts will randomly lock on the people using them.

I would like my car a lot more if the seatbelts in the back wouldn't lock up on people when riding with me. I also have an odor in the car that I can't figure out where it is coming from. So I have to use car freshener so it doesn't stinks. It drives fine otherwise.

- Nancy w

Trunk and service of a Toyota Camry.

This car drives well even after owning it for almost ten years. When I do not get my car serviced within a one to two weeks time period, gas does leave quicker. The car has a lot of room in the trunk for bulky things (boxes, clothes on hangers, cages, and terrariums).

- Lauren Y

It is good highlights I love it.

Strong one good one I like it so much my kids love it so much comfortable and excited it is big inside have 3 car set in good way if we plane to go long trip it is very good for the kids they can take rest I riding feel boring in riding long times and long distance.

- Rita R

Quick and smooth ride makes it fun to drive.

Great gas mileage, smooth ride, plenty of legroom, minimal maintenance, no major repairs at 98000 miles, quick acceleration, good stereo, heater warms interior quickly, air conditioning cools interior quickly, stylish exterior, good stereo, defoggers work quickly.

- James P

Reliable, long-lasting, low-maintenance.

My Camry is extremely reliable. My brother and I have shared it throughout our time in high school and college, and it has been reliable even in winter weather. Gets good mileage and has had virtually no problems! It has also done really well with long road trips.

- Sam S

Gas saving Toyota Camry hybrid.

My Toyota Camry is a hybrid, excellent on gas mileage with plenty of room inside, and trunk space, have had 0 problems in 3 years, highly recommend a Toyota. The quality and affordability make the hybrid an excellent choice for any one, or family of five or less.

- Debra R

It is a good looking comfortable car.

Well my vehicle has a crash title so sometimes the transmission acts up and it starts funny but most of the time it works great. I love the car, it is comfortable and good looking in my opinion. It gets pretty good gas mileage and it performs to my expectations.

- Preston P

Reliable and good value for money.

Camry is very reliable. Only issue I had since I bought the car was water pump breaking down, but it was covered by warranty. This is my 5th Camry. I totaled my second Camry but I didn't get injured at all. Overall, Toyota is very reliable. I would buy it again.

- Willow S

Toyotas runs great, last a lifetime if taken care of and maintenance.

I have had my Toyota Camry for over 10 years and still drives great like I just bought it! The interior is a thumbs down, both visors had broken off over time naturally. The lining on the ceiling of the car in the back seat starting peeling off and hanging down.

- Christy K

My Toyota Camry get the most with very little!

My Toyota Camry is dependable, it get over 400 miles to the tank around town and over 450 on the open highway. The turn ratio is very good as I can U-turn on most roads without backing. The repairs that I have made or minimal and I am proud to own this vehicle.

- Dwayne C

the camry is comfortable and good value for the money

It is fairly comfy but the cupholders are removable and i lost them. Its held up pretty well for awhile but now is starting have some problems. I have leather seats which is nice. The mirrors don't go in which is annoying. There is a nice amount of trunk space.

- Bob F

It's super reliable, comfortable and dependable well worth the money

Super reliable! I've only had to change tires and put a new battery in it, in ten years!!! Of course I've kept up with routine oil changes and basic maintenance! And there are no complaints! We're a Toyota family, we've literally purchased 5 with no complaints!

- Kathie C

The speed and performance is greasy.

It is a new used card and it runs great. It keeps us up and is very good to get us from one place to another. I have been struggling to find a car and I came across this one and immediately we were accepted and received our vehicles. We love this car very much.

- Veronica F

My Camry is very reliable!

I really enjoy my Camry. It has been very reliable for the past 3 years and it rides smoothly. All of the sensors are very touchy so it is easy to quickly notice if anything does go wrong. I want to drive my Camry until it is no longer able to drive, I love it!

- Breanna L

Get the most out of your dollars. Vehicles made to last if taken care of. .

No major problems with my vehicle, I had to get a new water pump and tires other than that, drives well, good on gas etc. I wish it had some other updated features like a moon roof navi system and a little larger but will look for on my next vehicle and color.

- Desi F

I love Toyota Camry hybrids.

This car is efficient, quiet, simple, and there is great gas mileage. I got this car in 2008 when gas prices were higher and it is great at saving money. Also, I think this car is very safe since I have gotten into a few accidents and have no physical damages.

- Christine L

It is comfortable and reliable.

It is an older car but super reliable. I haven't had any issues with it beyond basic upkeep. The gas mileage is very good. The engine has not had any issues. The seats are very comfortable even though the previous owner made everything manual instead of power.

- Roseanne S

I like the look of my Camry, great color. Plenty big enough for my family.

The car burns gas too much and it has a lot of, interior problems..Like things breaking. The dash when in the heat is messing up, its gets so sticky. Which causes small chunks to come out. It burns a lot of oil also. I would want to buy another Toyota Camry.

- Kim C

I've owned several Toyota Camry vehicles over the years, and I've never had a major repair. They hold their value, they have a stylish look, and they consistently get 25+ miles to the gallon.

I like the get up and go of the 6 cylinder. I like the sedan size because it's easy to parallel park. I like the stylish color and interior. I love the fact that it has never needed a major repair - only general maintenance, and it holds Its value over time.

- Rebecca K

It's a great road-trip car. Very roomy and comfortable, with plenty of legroom for taller folks and a big trunk for any bags, etc. you want to bring with you.

I love my Camry because it's large and spacious. My daughter can fit in the back seat in her car seat without causing the front passenger much leg room. It's a 2009 but it still feels like we're bringing our living room with us on the road! Very comfortable.

- Becky N

Safe and reliable! It's affordable to maintain but has been an amazing car for the past 10 years.

I purchased the car in 2008 (it's an 09 model). Never had any major issue with it. Car has 160,000 miles and I've been driving 3 hours per day, 5 days a week. The maintenance is minimal and car has been very reliable. Bought it brand new. No complaints.

- Brian G

Reliable car that didn't cost too much and is easy to drive.

I have owned 3 Toyota Camrys and I find them to be reliable, easy to maintain and long lasting. I might purchase another Toyota in the future if the price is reasonable or if not I will probably purchase a Honda Accord which I owned before I bought Toyotas.

- Su R

Toyota Camry's exceptional acceleration.

I recently bought a 2009 Toyota Camry. I owned a sedan before this, but this is a full sized, which is larger than my Ford Focus was. I really love how this vehicle drives. Accelerating is very easy, the pedals are somewhat sensitive but I love driving it!

- Chelsea L

The most reliable car on earth.

The Toyota brand is reliable in general. I like the durability of the engine of my car. The power is sufficient to meet my needs with highway and local driving. The legroom and trunk space meets my needs. The seats are comfortable and the car handles well.

- Nathan S

Toyota Camry 2009 pre-owned from dealership 41k miles.

I bought my car pre-owned from dealership so it didn't have any problem. I like Toyota because they are pretty gas-saving and calm, meaning that when you step on the gas it does not go up to 70 mph in 5 sec or something, at least it fits my driving style.

- Katy C

Absolutely reliable vehicle.

Love my Toyota Camry le! It has the basic features, very reliable. As long as I do the basic maintenance it will last for many years to come. This is my second Toyota Camry, I recommend this make and model to my family and friends all the time when asked.

- Cathy D

General facts about this car.

This car has never broke. Nothing. Only basic things like brakes, tires. That is it. Smooth ride. Big back seat. Super comfortable easy to drive. Feel safe in it and driving it. Heats up fast in the winter. Cools off fast in the summer. Is ok in the snow.

- Andy R

Great value, strong durable vehicle.

Great 6 cylinder vehicle. Goes fast and extremely durable. We have had it for a long time and it is still good. We have traveled in it to Canada. Drove hundred thousand miles. The interior is very comfy. The parts are affordable in case anything happens.

- Asma L

It is so safe! I have been in a couple accidents and I have never been injured.

I love how smooth my car feels as I drive it. Also, I have been in a couple accidents and I have been kept very safe in my car. It gets great gas mileage and holds a lot of gas at one time. I do not like that the car does not have Bluetooth capabilities.

- Taylor P

My wonderful amazing car.

I love the gas mileage on this vehicle and the smooth quiet ride. It handles great on snow and ice and allows for the passengers and driver a feeling of safety. The seats are comfortable and warm. The maintenance on this vehicle is low and inexpensive.

- Joan M

Reliability of the Toyota Camry.

My vehicle drives quite smoothly and is always reliable. I have had no issues with the Camry at all, but I do wish that it had Bluetooth features; I am sure the newer models do. I have been in four accidents and the Camry has kept me safe on the road.

- Taylor P

Elegant reliable family car.

We have had this vehicle for a little over five years and bought it second hand runs great . Quiet and smooth. Family of 4 is very comfortable enough room for everyone. Trunk space is plenty luckily we had no problems since we have bought it in 2014.

- Lena M

Camry, as reliable as it gets.

I consider my car very reliable and have had no major mechanical issues with it since purchasing it. This car is very well built. It is comfortable and reliable. I will definitely consider this vehicle when I am ready to buy a new car in the future.

- Faith M

Great car, can't change the battery on your own

Our Camry has been very reliable! The only real problem we've ever had is when changing the battery. After changing the battery, the CD player stopped working. From what I've heard you're supposed to take it to the dealership... kinda inconvenient.

- Kevin B

Great running vehicle very few problems!

It's been a great vehicle in terms of space and comfort. Some of the problems incurred were problems with air conditioning. A/C never seem to get cold air to last for more 20 minutes at a time. Other than that i have no problem with the car.

- Frederick T

Although we've had it for almost ten years, it still has very low mileage.

I like my vehicle in that it has lasted me almost ten years. In addition, I like the color, the size, and the looks of the car. I dislike that it started to come up with more and more problems. No complaints other that the problems however.

- Vincent D

Durability. I have been driving the car for over 9 years now and it shows now sign of slowing down.

I have had the Toyota Camry for over 8 years now and still love it. I am getting close to 100,000 miles and have never had any mechanical problems with the car. It still runs great, and is very comfortable and has had a great performance.

- Mike S

This car gets great gas mileage and manages well in all kinds of weather.

I like the gas mileage I get on the Toyota Camry. I also like the size of the vehicle. It is easy to drive and manage. There is not anything I dislike about this car except that it is aging now and I need a new vehicle in the near future.

- Leslie C

Watch your speed. This car drives so smoothly on the road and putting it into overdrive makes the engine run so quietly that it is super easy to find yourself driving 20 miles an hour over the speed limit without even noticing it.

I like my Toyota Camry very much. It gets excellent gas mileage, accelerates quickly when in passing gear and the suspension is very smooth when driving over rough roads. I honestly haven't found anything to dislike about this vehicle.

- jean c

A reliable vehicle by Toyota of great quality. No frills, just function.

There are not any problems aside from having to do typical maintenance required of any vehicle you buy. Most repair shops are familiar with the type of car I have. It is easy to drive, reliable and comfy. Would be nice to have more room.

- Abigail L

Hybrid saves an incredible amount on gas, I've taken extended road trips of upwards of 8+ hours and not needed to stop for gas even on the way back. Love the mobility this provides.

Hybrid variant, very economic on gas. Aux cord functionality, always a plus, as well as a powerful ac unit and well made stereo. Enjoy the handling, though the all black and leather interior make summer weather highly discomforting.

- Chris H

It is very reliable and gets good gas mileage.

I like that it gets good mileage and has been relatively maintenance-free since I bought it. I like the way it drives and hugs the road. I don't like that it sits so low and sometimes hits bottom when traversing curbs and potholes.

- Barry O

A perfect car for moms of two or less kids

My Toyota has been a great car. The trunk is roomy enough to hold groceries, a double stroller, and anything else I want to carry. It's also been incredibly reliable. I never worry that it will leave me and my children stranded.

- Carolyn N

We have over 100,000 miles on our car and still drives like new.

This is our 4th Toyota, a very dependable car. comfortable to drive and rid in. Plenty of room both front and back. Trunk is very large can handle about anything. A car that is handle high mileage would not consider another brand.

- Theresa H

Not much, really. It's simply a reliable workhorse for simple and solid transportation and will carry a family without issue and get good gas mileage doing so.

No real problems with the car. It works well as a commuter with no real major issues to speak of and puts on plenty of miles without complaint. Not the most fun vehicle to drive but serves the role of a commuter car rather well.

- Private I

It is reliable car and Toyota is known for quality.

Toyota's have proven to be very reliable for me. I have purchased one every four years, but I have kept this one and it is in great condition. The most I have done is replaced a battery. It is a well built car in my opinion.

- Lucille C

My car is a Japanese car and it is one of the most popular cars in the USA.

I like Camry. I wish it had a better way to release the back seats so I could fold them down. There is a release in the trunk but it doesn't stay released like my last car did. Also,I like the MPG my car gets on the highway.


It runs great! No problems and the highway miles are really good.

My car is a used car, it runs like a new car. I like the beige interior and also the color. The sleekness of the outer shell, I love. It makes it feel more like a new car. I do not hear any noise or anything under the hood.

- Steve M

Camry, the best bang for your bucks! Period.

My Camry is amazing, it never lets me down, has over 200k miles and still drives as though it was new. Very hard to beat these cars. And if I were to need to go get another new car, it would 100% be another Toyota Camry.

- Zachary S

In 10 years there has been little maintenance on the car.

The ride is very comfortable. We have had little issues with it. It has basic features like cd player with am/fm radio. The air conditioning has worked perfectly since we purchased it in 2009. We would buy another Camry.

- Debbie M

It is in good condition, it has a very clean interior and I get it maintained on a regular basis.

I have a 4 door black sedan. It is very reliable and comfortable to drive. It would be nice to have some of the newer features such as bluetooth and GPS but I have low mileage on the car and will continue to drive it.

- Barbara C

Its fuel efficient, very durable and reliable.

Even though Its a V6 engine it is fuel efficient. Its is very solid and reliable. We bought it and have been driving it for 5 years with no issues. This make of Camry I would say is the strongest Toyota has made so far.

- Martha U

It is easy to drive but the regular 5000 mile tune ups can get expensive.

I have never had a problem with my car. I take it to the dealer every 5000 miles for a tune up. The most serious difficulty I've had was a spider creating webs around my gas cap necessitating me purchasing a new one.

- Angela M

My car is very reliable and easy to drive. It is functional and practical.

I bought the car used so there is some damage to the interior of the car. I love the reliability of driving a Toyota. I like the practicality of the car and the look of it. One of my favorite things is the sunroof.

- Breanna F

Toyotas are extremely reliable cars and will last a very long time if you take care of them

My car is a rebuilt salvage so I got a great deal on it. I love the charcoal gray color and it is big enough for everything I need, but still easy to maneuver and park where I need it to. Also Toyotas last forever

- Riley H

The Camry is just a classic car. It's perfect for couples or small families.

I like that my vehicle is a sedan. It's roomy enough to hold the driver and four passengers, plus there's space for luggage. I like that it has reasonably decent gas mileage. It's also a safe and reliable vehicle.

- Liz H

Toyota's are reliable and awesome.

Reliable fun car to drive, maintenance is easy and the gas mileage is good for a older car. Around 28 mpg. The inside of the car is roomy and the trunk is huge. The only problems I've had are replacing the brakes.

- Stacie S

Its an accident car(salvaged).

I like how it drives smoothly. Hardly ever encounter any issues. The aesthetic is also very nice. I dislike however that it doesn't have a Bluetooth connection. However, I can use an AUX cord to connect my phone.

- Elizabeth O

My Camry uses oil too often.

The vehicle is great. It gives decent mileage, is very comfortable. I connect my phone to the stereo and play my own music. The only bad thing is that is seems to use oil. I have to add a quart every month or so.

- Jim L

It is one of the most reliable everyday vehicle available.

I like that it is very reliable as most foreign vehicles are. I like that it is a nice ride. I dislike that it is older and not as equipped as it should be. Most people would enjoy owning this type of vehicle.

- Michael B

It is a hybrid car, so the engine isn't always running.

In general I like my car because of the good gas mileage, however it's a bit large for me and now that it is getting older some things aren't working and I have to think about replacing the battery pack soon.

- Chris S

It's reliable vehicle. No major problems. It's dependable

It's roomy. It gives a smooth ride. Trunk is spacious. No problems at all. I hate the tire pressure light. It stays on no matter what even when the the tire pressure has been checked and tires are full

- Charlene G

Very reliable car well made

Water pump had to be changed three years after I purchased the car but it was covered by warranty. Never had other problem otherwise. This is my fifth Camry and I wouldn't buy any other car. Very reliable.

- Willow K

My car is low maintenance with a comfortable ride and plenty of interior space.

I like the interior space and the trunk size of my car. It has been reliable too. I dislike the color; it's aloe green and there are too many on the road in that color - I'd prefer something less common.

- Leslie C

It is very spacious and rides really well.

I love that my car is still running well after all these years for the miles I have on it. My car rides very well, smooth not a bumpy ride. I dislike that some of my paint off the front hood is chipping.

- Eve B

The Camry is a comfortable and reliable car ideal for any kind of trip.

I love that my Toyota has been reliable, since it hasn't broken down. I also love how fuel-efficient it is. However, the only issue is that my model does not have premium features like Bluetooth or GPS.

- Star G

Hassle Free Toyota Camry!

I love my car. I love that I've had it for over 2 years and have never had to have any major repairs on it. Just tires and brakes, which any car is going to need eventually. It drives smoothly as well!

- Clay B

It is a reliable vehicle. As long as the regular oil change etc maintenance is done, it does not give any problems

It is reliable, but comfort wise it could be much better. like the color, it would have been nice if the radio told me the details of the song. There is no bluetooth connectivity to the sound system

- Bessy J

Easy to repair! Drives well. Reliable. Safe. Good cost for value.

AWesome car. Very reliable. Few repairs needed. Only repairs needed after 3 years of owning the car were replacement struts and steering column hose. Drives well. Decent gas mileage. things work well.

- Ali B

Quality and dependable vehicle. Comfortable and reasonably priced.

I like most things about my Toyota Camry, however this is my second one and I've had the same problem with the window motors burning out. And it's been the passenger side which I hardly ever use.

- Marie L

Comfortable and quiet ride. A safe vehicle.

My drivers side visor broke. It burns oil. It's a reliable car. Its comfortable to drive. All in all it gets fair gas mileage. And runs very well. Toyotas are known to run for years and years.

- RHonda H

It may not be the fanciest or prettiest vehicle on the road, but it gets me where I need to go.

I dislike the interest and monthly payment. I like the fact that it gets me where I need to go. I hate the fact that it is too old for the free repair of the oil issue known with this vehicle.

- Quincey S

It gets great gas mileage. I can fill up once every 2 weeks!

I love my car. It gets great gas mileage and is super comfy. Everyone has leg room, even my y'all friends that sit in the back. I've never been worried about being stranded anywhere in my car.

- Elizabeth S

the most important thing to know about this vehicle is that it runs very well especially if you keep it up with basic services.

this car is 10 years old and with over 200000 miles and i just recently had issues with minor things. i liked that it holds up and dislike wish parts were little more cheaper. no complaints

- claire c

This car will run forever

My car is incredibly reliable. I bought it used with nearly 300,000 miles on it and it has still lasted me two years. The only work I have had done on it is an oil change and a new battery.

- Wesley A

My car is an overall good car except for its gas mileage.

The car runs really smoothly and has the right amount of responsiveness without being too loose. The only real downside to the car is its low gas mileage with an average of 23/24 I believe.

- Kathy N

It has 21 air bags to protect you in case anything happens!

My speakers are currently blown and need replacing, as well as the breaks, but besides that I really love my vehicle. It is extremely safe and really affordable for driving and road trips!

- Brandy B

This is a long-term purchase and a SUPER RELIABLE car!

I purchased my used 2009 Toyota Camry XLE in 2011 in great condition and have had a wonderful experience since. I have about 73,000 miles on it and hope to drive it for many years to come!

- Danielle M

Like, but still short of love

I like the comfortable size and the reliability of the car. I don't love the design as it pertains to reaching buttons/features because they don't always feel organic/comfortable to reach.

- Jane K

Reliable with good mileage

I have the hybrid model and I love that it gets great gas mileage and has been super reliable. It seems the alignment gets off pretty easily but otherwise it's been very low maintenance.

- Lauren K

That it is reliable and low maintenance.

I like that it is a very comfortable riding car, that it is low maintenance and that it has a lot of power. I dislike the location of the window frames as it is hard to see my blind spot.

- Connie P

Reliable car with a good price point.

My car is very reliable and roomy for driver and passengers. I haven't had many issues with my car but it can be a little slow when accelerating (probably very similar to all v4 engines).

- Jane T

It is great to get around for running errands and day to day tasks.

It does not do well with minor bumps significant damages do come with the slightest touches. But overall good quality car overall and comfortable interior which makes driving enjoyable.

- Jen K

A Low-slung sporty looking vehicle,it gives the appearance of being a much faster vehicle than what it really is.

My Toyota is a exceptional handling vehicle. It has remarkable pickup and accelerates smoothly. The steering is quick and positive. My only dislike is it does not get very good mileage.

- Alexander C

It feels like it could run well for many more years.

I like that my Camry has been reliable, and Toyota customer service for recalls has been excellent. My only complaint is that it's not a hybrid vehicle. Gas is getting too expensive.

- Davy C

High Resale Value. Reliable, long lasting, easy to resell.

So far, I have not had any problems or performance issues. It was not bought new and the only problem I encountered was my tire which a change fixed. Great car, reliable and will last.

- Ebele A

It has been a very reliable and quality car.

It has been very reliable vehicle.. The quality of workmanship is very good. The car has enough space to carry 5 people and their luggage... It is very comfortable car on highway.

- Himanshu W

It gets you from A to B and it lasts a very long time.

It's a good car that never really gives me any trouble. My only complaint is that it does have a few too many blind spots in the design. Other than that the car is extremely reliable.

- Heidi R

It is what I enjoy and that is why I bought it.

It is the type car I wanted. I usually buy what I wanted and can afford. There was one problem with it when I bought it. The water pump was going bad but it was still under warranty.

- Jason G

Toyota Camry is a reliable and efficient car.

The car gets great mileage. Seating is roomy and comfortable. Added features include Bluetooth, sunroof, CD player. The car requires very little maintenance other than oil changes.

- Linda M

The most important thing someone should know about the car is that even though it's small it fits more than you would think and it is very reliable.

My vehicle is very reliable. It can make it very long distances and up large elevation inclines. Does well in weather. Doesn't breakdown or require too much expensive maintenance.

- Breanne S

It is a solid car. Good I am gas and drives easy.

I like the car. I have a hybrid and it is great o. Gas I find the car solid. Easy to drive. I would recommend this care. I feel it will last along time, with regular maintenance.

- Arlene P

It can fit two car seats nicely.

It is a white car, so I appreciate that as it is not as hot as a darker car. It is quite spacious, especially compared to other sedans I have owned. It has a lot of trunk space.

- Joe B

Toyota a reliable car for anyone

I get good gas mileage and it is a very reliable car. My tire pressure gauge does not seem to work very well, but that is my only complaint. It's comfortable and a smooth ride.

- Kierstin B

Toyota Camry- reliable and spacious.

Love the Toyota Camry! Very reliable and spacious. Only routine maintenance needed. Drives smooth and great gas mileage. Plenty of space for suitcases, friends, or a car seat!

- Renee P

Toyota is a very reliable brand of vehicles. They last if you take care of them and hold their value pretty good.

My Toyota Camry has been a really reliable vehicle. I have been having it for 10 years now and only have had to do routine maintenance on it and change tires. Very good car.

- candy l

That is works well and does not cost of a lot of money to maintain.

I love my car. It is very reliable and works well very regularly. I can count on it to always work well for me and my family. It does not take a lot of maintenance to keep up.

- Elise R

It is very low maintenance. Other than oil changes, etc. I have had to make very few repairs.

I love how it handles on the road. It is a Hybrid and it gets good gas mileage. It has a comfortable interior. I would like to see some improvements on the HVAC controls.

- Janice E

Great working car which requires very little maintenance.

It's a wonderful car which is a hybrid. The gas mileage is perfect. The only negative part is the fact that it doesn't hold very much for when my family of 5 goes on trips.

- Randy H

It is a safe vehicle that gets great gas mileage and is a good family car.

I like that it has great gas mileage! It runs smooth on the highway and has necessary features. I don't like that the tire light comes on constantly due to a faulty sensor.

- Newsha J

The Camry is a reliable car. You don't have to spend a bunch of money fixing up the car because nothing goes wrong on it.

I love the reliability of the car. The interior is very roomy and I adore the exterior color. My only complaint is the way the car handles in the snow which isn't great.

- Vicky C

The Camry is a reliable and dependable car that gets great mileage, has lots of storage space and can be driven to high mileage.

It's dependable. I like the gray color and updated design even as an older car. I like the design. Everything inside is accessible and in the right place. No complaints.

- Mary T

2009 Camry is a great car

Bought this car brand new and it has traveled coast to coast with my family. It is great on gas mileage. Besides regular maintenance, we have not had any major repairs.

- Denise O

Keep your Camry le well moistened and it will run smooth.

It is an Camry le so I like the four door sedan. Runs great with over 80,000 mile on it. 0lenty of trunk place. I keep it well maintenance and it is never let me down.

- Abbe D

It will last you a long time for low cost and very little maintenance.

I like that it is very reliable, has great power and low maintenance. I dislike the blind spot view-the window frames are in the wrong place making the view difficult.

- Connie D

The base model has lots of amenities, such as power windows & locks.

Low maintenance, reliable and good on gas. They are too expensive and need to make the SUV larger. Need to make a model that looks like the corvette or Dodge charger.

- Toni A

Great gas mileage and low maintenance.

I enjoy the great gas mileage for my vehicle. My vehicle also has low maintenance requirements. Finally, my vehicle is small enough that i am comfortable driving it.

- Anna D

It handles very well, it stays on the road and does not lose it on curves.

I like the gas mileage and the dependability. I don't like the way Toyota stands behind their product. I have had problems with the brakes and getting a key replaced

- Phil W

It is dependable and maintenance is easy.

It is a top seller in my area.. It get very good gas mileage on fuel.. It is paid for no payments.. It is a silver color my favorite.. And everything else about it..

- Jackie H

Extremely spacious inside the car and in the trunk.

I love how spacious it is inside the car as well as the trunk. I love the comfort of the seats for both rider and passenger. I dislike that it has many blind spots.

- Elieth V

It lasts a long time and runs great even after 100,000 miles

The dashboard was incredibly sticky, apparently there was a recall on it that I didn't know about until 2015. Besides that though, it's really good and drives great

- Katie R

It's a great little car for traveling to and from work, and daily errands.

I love the size and convenience of the car. It gets decent gas mileage. This past summer I did notice the air conditioning is taking quite a bit longer to get cool.

- Shantel B

The car is just an amazing all rounder and doesn't let me down.

It's a great for getting around the city and traveling between them. It's been reliable for the last decade or so and doesn't have any problems that can't be fixed!

- Andrew N

it's well built, reliable car

it's a black, 4-door, fully loaded hybrid camry. I like the size, its fuel efficient but still has good power despite being a hybrid and has always been reliable.

- ruby m

While the Camry has had some issues in the Pat (brakes), it's still has a reputable value, meaning that it is worth your money to invest in this car.

The driving is smooth overall. What I don't like is that it takes up a lot of gas and you have to press hard on the brakes. Despite this, the car is very reliable.

- Jade S

Minimal maintenance 18 miles to a gallon of gas.

Vehicle is completely reliable--no major problems since original purchase. Ride is comfortable. Great pick up to get on freeway. Able to seat 5 people comfortably.

- Marsha L

Lasts very long and still runs the same as when it was new.

It's a very reliable car and has low maintenance. It gets a lot of miles per gallon. And I can find parts easily for it. Drives well and supports kids seats well.

- Christine g

It is reliable, great gas mileage. Good commuter car

I love my Toyota I've owned a Toyota for 14 years, they are reliable cars. Great gas mileage As long as you maintain the car it will last for a really long time

- Bran W

It has a built-in gps system, bluetooth, and radio.

I like how my vehicle has automatic doors. Sometimes my siblings aren't strong enough to pull sliding doors, so it is a life saver. I have no dislikes for my car

- Xavier B

My old reliable Toyota. A car you can always depend on

My vehicle is great. I haven't had much problems with it, just your average wear and tear issues. Overall, a good car that will get you from point A to point B.

- Nnaemeka I

It's reliable and it gets good gas mileage. Nice color too!

I like that it gets good gas mileage and I Had an automatic transmission. I like the color but I don't like the front fender because it's too low to the ground

- Jill D

It's a reliable car that you will be able to drive for many years.

It is a reliable car and if you do regular maintenance drives like clockwork.It's a hybrid and is very fuel efficient. Finally it is a comfortable roomy car.

- Dorothy L

Great mileage very cheap for gas.

I do not dislike the vehicle, I just wish I had a newer version. I am grateful to have a car though. It has great ac, speakers, and the seats are comfortable.

- Marianna B

This car is very dependable.

This is an affordable and dependable car. I haven't had an issues with this car. The air is super cold, the seats are easy to clean, the engine is wonderful.

- Jasmine R

I think that I will be able to drive it for many more years without any issues.

My car is solid, smooth, handles relatively well, stops in a straight line and the seats are comfortable. I would like that it gets a bit better gas mileage.

- E J B

Hybrid is great gas mileage and makes this car invaluable

The extras. Hybrid is really nice. Leather interiors are easy to clean but difficult in extreme temperatures. GPS system requires CD to update. Very annoying

- Brenda J

Safe and reliable car that's attractive and has good gas mileage.

I like the look and feel if it. It has been very reliable. A dislike is that it isn't as quiet inside as I'd like/hard to hear everything people are saying.

- Laura L

Very few repairs. Totally reliable.

My vehicle is great! It gets very good gas mileage--around 40 on the highway--25 in town. I love Toyotas because they go a long way before needing replaced.

- Cheryl J

It's a great vehicle that's very economical

I love that it gets good gas mileage and is quite safe. I'm not a fan of the incredibly low clearance that makes me scrape ramps as I go up them sometimes.

- Scott P

It has excellent storage while seating eight.

My car is high in mileage with over 100,000. There are scratches on the doors and it seems like the brakes wear out fast. And the amount of my car payment.

- Kim D

It is held it is value well and had no expensive problems a all.

It is going strong a over 100, 000 miles with no major repairs or problems, great gas mileage, very reliable, powerful, feels safe, roomy and comfortable.

- Summer L

It is very reliable and it's reasonably roomy. It fits four easily and five with just slight discomfort. The boot is large and the opening is not cumbersome.

It is very reliable and needs very minimal service. I change the oil regularly and it's given me almost no problems. It has more than 150,000 miles on it.


My Camry is reliable, low maintenance, long lasting, wonderful car

I love the feel of my camry. The speed, the slick design, the beauty of her. I love how well she does on the road and off. Low maintenance and great car.

- Jessica F

It runs well for its age.

There is low maintenance required.. It gets 30 miles to the gallon.. It looks classy.. It holds it is paint job well for the age.. It is paid in full...

- Cheryl M

The most important thing others should know about my car is that there are problems with the catalytic converter eventually.

I like my vehicle because it is spacious, and has been reliable. Since this is the first time owning a Toyota, Im having to really get to know the car.

- Daisy C

Has not needed many repairs.

Easy maintenance and few repairs have been needed. Adequate leg room for me,.. Problem: not a good setup for my large dog. Dog has to sit on back seat..

- Lisa C

Almost maintenance free! Take care of your car and it will take care of you

I have no complaints at all about my Toyota. Aside from regular oil changes I have not had any issues at all. Mid size cat perfect and very Comfortable

- Deborah W

It is dependable and user friendly.

My car is dependable i have never had any issues with it. All i have ever had to do is maintenance. I cannot think of anything that i don't really like.

- Jessica I

My car is an automatic driven.

I love my car because it is gets great gas mileage and drives very smooth for being 9 years old. It is also a very modern looking car despite its age.

- Tyler K

Very reliable and very low maintenance costs.

Toyota Camrys are very reliable, have low maintenance, and costs. Only drawback are uncomfortable front seats. Back seats are very comfortable though.

- Eileen C

It picks up speed very well on the highway. Gas efficient.

I love my Camry sedan. It is very roomie and the interior comes in cloth. I love the fact that it has high highway miles and is a very nice gas saver.

- Shawn M

Toyota Camry. A real review of what's actually important

The car I drive is super reliable. Has a large gas tank which is nice to not have to fill up too much. The car drives well. It's not good in the snow!

- Isabelle M

I think this car is best for long trips and highway driving.

My car is fuel efficient and has a lovely interior (i drive a Camry xle). It is quiet and i haven't had any issues with it, ever. No complaints here.

- Cece J

It is always a go to car. It has decent mileage and I haven't had a problem with it at all

It is a very smooth ride. It is reliable and I have taken it out of state many times. My friends like when I drive because of how nice my vehicle is.

- Jordan W

It is reliable and dependable.

I like the size, comfort and reliability of my vehicle. There are no dislikes it just has some age and I want to experience some of the new features.

- Ben C

That it is a good car overall!

I like how well it drives! It is good on gas. It is very roomy! I like the way it looks! The only thing I do not like is that the rotors warp easily!

- Kari K

I think the most important thing about my vehicle is that it is very spacious.

Despite its good reputation, the vehicle required a new transmission at 101000 miles.. The vehicle also required a new AC condenser at 110000 miles..

- Jane D

My Toyota Camry is mechanically sound and reliable.

It runs beautifully and is reliable. It's red, which is my favorite color. The only thing I dislike is the placement and tilt of the driver headrest.

- Heather L

It is very good on gas and has lots of trunk space.

Our car has a small exhaust leak so we can't get it inspected. We did buy it from original owner and we were told it was very reliable and ran well.

- Angela T

It has been very useful over the years. I don't know where I'd be without it.

It works well for me. I've had it for years now. I've only had a few problems with it. Also it's basically the family car, so it means a lot to us.

- Steward H

This car is reliable and trustworthy

Toyota makes reliable cars. I have had this car for close to a decade and have not had any issues. I feel like this car could go another 10 years

- Kevin N

It's definitely a reliable car to have, they will get you from a to b

I love my camry, This one particular though is kind of big for such a small girl as my self, but i love the way it drives I've never had a problem!

- melanie v

It has good gas mileage, in town and on the road.

I had always wanted a Camry. And it has not disappointed me. The only thing I do not like about it is that it sits too low. I like to be up higher.

- Teresa R

The great Toyota Camry of 2009.

Great car. No major problems. Only minor everyday repairs. Gets great gas mileage. Car is very roomy and no comfort issues. All around great car.

- James C

This car is comfortable and roomy but it also has some get-up-and-go!

I like that this car is big and roomy. It gets pretty good gas mileage. I can comfortably fit 4 people. I feel safe because it is not a tiny car.

- Faith B

Reliability and fuel economy.

It is mechanically solid and reliable. It has some extras to put glasses and other things in. It is not very fast and the interior is too light.

- Jennifer M

Fast car- I am able to switch to sport mode.

It is reliable. No complaint s so far.It is very spacious. No major work needed to be done. The things I dislike is how easily the paint chips.

- Annie R

Engine is a very important thing

The car is of good quality, But Engine leaking oil For a long time. The company of Toyota fixes it as free. So I think It's very good services.

- Xiaobing S

Old, in spite of regular tune-ups, and tire rotations frequently breaks down.

Have lots of mechanical issues. Had to replace motor two years ago. Also water pump and coils. We are currently having problems with front end.

- Betty H

Reliable, workhorse, well built, I have not had any issues with the car.

Love it, very reliable, great car. No complaints to speak of. it is a great car, this is my third Camry. I have had great luck with the car.

- Ann D

It has a low cost of maintenance.

We continue to only purchase Toyota Camrys because it has a classy look, a smooth drive, great low maintenance, lasts for over 200,000 miles!.

- Ann S

Good durability and power

My camry has a lot of power. I can easily move through traffic. The handling is great as well. The interior has held up well to wear and tear.

- Chris A

It's a reliable safe vehicle and great on gas.

I like the color of the car. Drive well and is good on gas. My only dislike wish it was a little bigger and had a sunroof and xm sirius radio.

- Des F

Very nice family car but still has class!

I don't really have any issues for this car! If you take of regular maintenance and care on a Camry this car will be with you for many years.

- Nicole L

Toyota's seem to last a long time.

It has over 100,000 miles and still runs great. This is our second Toyota and will probably buy Toyota next time. It gets good gas mileage.

- Alana J

It is made well and I know it will last me a while.

I like that my car is good on gas, I like the color, and that it has a lot of room. I do not like that it is not up to date with technology.

- Ashley A

It is totally reliable and gives me maximum mileage on gas

i have no complaints. my vehicle starts up every morning. it is reliable and never gives me a problem. it gives me maximum mileage on gas

- maryanne g

It is very reliable, never had any problems with it.

It is a very reliable car. It gets better than average gas mileage. Has plenty of room inside and in the trunk. It is a great commuter car.

- Dominick G

This is a fun car to drive and I feel safe in it.

I like that my car looks nice but I dislike that because it is almost 10 years old there area lot of little things that are breaking on it.

- Faith B

It's a push button start, so you have to pay attention to where your key fob is

It's a well built car from a trusted company. Feeling the different components of the hybrid engine turning on and off is kind of annoying

- Sarah C

It is dependable and can be very good on gas.

The tire pressure sensors are annoying they're too sensitive and malfunction constantly. Other than that it is a very dependable vehicle.

- Bradley B

I like the security alarm.

It is a smooth ride and very reliable with routine maintenance. It seats 5 people, which is convenient. Low mileage and I like the Camry.

- Linda R

It lives up to the Toyota brand as a reliable car, however it guzzles gas.

I enjoy this car, but it is a very large car. It runs well, and picks up speed well. I have had problems with the audio and front lights.

- Tier Y

It's all wheel drive and it's a nice looking car.

Great on gas. Very safe and efficient. It is easy to handle. It is sporty and I love it. Got it at a decent price and is easy to drive.

- Sheri J

It is a very reliable vehicle.

Bought new and still runs just fine. Great on gas, it is a hybrid. All paid for and due to retirement I will not be able to replace it.

- Carol S

This is a very reliable car. There would be no problem purchasing another one.

Great gas and maintenance. I have had no complaints about this auto. I have owned this car for the last 9 years as I purchased it new.

- Barbara W

My Camry it is really good car

I really enjoy to drive my camry it is very spacious and comfortable, and even when I like the model, I really want to the new model.

- Isabella C

The fact that its simple to use and I don't have to refill the gas as much as I thought I did.

I don't have any complaints. I do enjoy how smooth the vehicle goes as I'm driving and how easy it is to maneuver the steering wheel.

- Layla A

Reliable, low maintenance, not a lot of bells and whistles but a decent car.

Reliable, lasts for years, third one I have owned, never had any significant issues with any of them, would purchase another Toyota.

- Susan R

It is reliable and you do not have to worry about breaking down.

I like that it is reliable and runs well. I dislike that it does not have any new technology components, such as rear back-up video.

- Laura D